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01/09/2012 01: PM 

Chance Industries

 Chance Industries:Chance Industries is the result of five generations of Eamon clan family investments and is owned currently by it youngest member, Cian Eamon. This company was created to be the worlds leading private developer of weapons technology. It is a government contracted company who works in conjunction with the government and has many other contracts with countries and global peacekeeping organizations throughout the world including the UN and NATO. This company falls under the Irish banner and also designs,builds,and funds the operations of several foreign organizations. It employs well guarded but respected research labs in various nations all over the world and allows them to bypass regulations and governmental oversight. In this manner Chance Industries broke technological barriers of most leading developers.Chance Industried was originally founded in 1752 by Ian Eamon as a Naval Gun Foundry. Until five years ago, it's head engineer, inventor, and CEO had been Sean Eamon until various mental disorders caused his fall from power.Over the years Chance Industries product line has moved beyond machine guns and tanks and now includes nano-scale technology, directed energy weapons, and force barrier defenses. This is a listing of weapons products which include:*AGP (Anti Gravity Pods)* Cloaking and Teleportation Technology * Networking Technologies• Time Dampeners* Molecular Reducer/Enlarger* Weapons Research and Production for Military


01/09/2012 12: PM 

((Characters I will be roleplaying...

....from this profile...this is a work in progress so please bare with me. ^_^ They will be written into story lines but I wanted people to know what the characters are all about and who they are. They will be added here as they are introduced. All of these characters are my creations in rp, just so everyone knows.))Name: Cian Eamon. Cian Eamon was born somewhere in Austria in 1988 to wealthy aristocrat Aletha Mekshir and Sean Eamon, one of the leaders of the IRA sanctioned organization, The Saints. Sean had been part of a so called humanitarian effort to bring medical supplies to the natives of the city, but was in truth there setting up a drug smuggling arena. His mother and father split up shortly after with Cian remaining in Austria and his father returning to Ireland. He was a normal child during this time until he reached his teen aged years. The first sign of his gift arising was when his mother caught him sleeping while levitating above his bed. Shortly after, she relocated with Cian to Ireland where she believed he could get the help she thought he needed.When they arrived, it was soon known that Sean wanted no part of Aletha although he was infatuated with Cian's gift and knack for electronics. This was the time when Cian learned of his father's loyalty to his country and Sean's image as a hero to the unspoken cause. Sean's numerous missions were kept a secret from Cian though. His mother only let Cian around his father in the workshop where Sean usually focused long enough on various projects long enough to keep his sanity. In the meantime, Cian was treated as Irish and was soon made a citizen due to his father's heritage and wealth. He was also considered the chosen one because of his gifts and a strange birthmark he had, one that many of the religious factions within the IRA considered the brand of God. His training was done by operatives within the Saints but his mother was always nearby to oversee his care.Sean Eamon was killed during a hiatus in the United States a few years later, and Cian, now of legal age was the benefactor of his wealth and inventions.  The actual murderer of his father has been kept a secret from him but during the funeral, his meaning and anger was evident in his voice although many did not understand his old Gaelic tone. Shortly after, he found out his father was not dead but in turn was in a coma and volunteered for a special process of his father's design, a dna transference to digital brain impulses. DNA was gathered from several historical figures, Napoleon Bonaparte, Grigori Rasputin, and Bennet de Paris to name a few. The process was a complete success and he picked up the experience and knowledge of the subjects. However, there was a catch as his father's mental implant was included as well at Cian's request. His thought was that his father would live on in a way through him. He was right but not in the way he wanted. Cian has been dealing with multi personality disorder ever since and it is being dealt with by hypnosis to keep his father's consciousness at bay.  Cian has said he is going to avenge his father's death and promised to focus on his training. He has taken over the business that belonged to his father and has made it a prominent name in technology again in a few months. Now, he is staying close to his new mentor Dominic Lyncoln and his personal instructor, Alana.Powers & Abilities:Cian is a psionic with unlimited potential but lacks the training. He is more instinct at the moment. However, he is a technological genious like his father and has all of his inventions at his disposal. The most important being teleportational devices and weaponry. He has a premonition ability that seems to be a second sense but allows him to see things a few seconds before they happen.

Akasha~The Divine

01/08/2012 10: PM 

|Connections Needed|

EnkilKhaymanAzimMaharet MekareMariusPandora - filled.Lestat


01/07/2012 01: PM 

Happy endings...sorta.

"I thought that pain was something completely familiar to me, like a counterpart to my soul. Lost in the levels of itself, comfortable in the well known and remembered swirls of it. I've lived with pain for so long that I never thought it could affect me again." She told me to go. Find out where my head was and come back at least with my head high or my heart finally free. That was a tough one for me. I mean really, how could I give up someone that I had literally given my entire heart to? That in itself is a contradiction when it comes to someone like me. I'm a flirt, a but I'm a lost cause when it comes to love. Some women are always walking through life looking for that prince, I on the other hand have always looked for that one I could call my princess. Unlike some however, I found mine and lost her. Jessica knew that, no matter how much I sweet talked her and flashed her that Clint Barton smile. She hadn't been in SHIELD just for her amazing good looks. No, she was a hell of good read of people, especially men with psychological episodes. She was right though. If I was going to put anything together for the future, I had to at least attempt let go of some of my past. I owed that much myself to see where I stood with Bobbi...just one last time. Jessica told me that she would be there regardless, as a friend if things went well, or as much more if it went bad. How could a man refuse a woman that was that understanding? On the other hand, if I didn't go, she'd probably go all Spiderwoman and kick my ass. Which led Clint Barton to this moment. He sit on the edge of a hotel bed, night sand next to him and more booze than he needed. He was wrestling with himself. Call her. You need closure at least. Why make it worse? As always, in a man's head at least, there was the other voice that chimed in. Don't call her. There's no reason to set her off and make things worse. Give her time. Then again... Call her. And again.. Don't call her. Finally, he came to unconvincing conclusion and simply mumbled out. Shit. Clint had to go. He had promised Jessica he would. Still, a little drink wouldn't hurt first and he eyed the liquor bottle near him before finally grabbing a bottle water next to it. It wouldn't have helped matters to show up drunk that was where Clint really wanted to be right now. No, Niesa had always taught him that it was an easy out and he usually stumbled into more trouble that way that he helped solve. Still, it was a temptation he didn't need.  Instead, he slowly reached over to the phone, pressing a few numbers on the key pad. It immediately went to voice mail after he lifted it to his ear. He attempted to leave a message but wasn't sure what to say. He just lowered the phone and stared at it, trying to put into words the frustration, anger, and betrayal that he'd felt for the past year. It was a mute cause of course and he knew it. Clint hung up the phone and grabbed his keys. Over the phone wasn't the best way to handle this anyways. No, face to face. It wasn't long before he was on the road, his hair blowing through the bitter cold night air as he made his way on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. His ear buds blared from him iPod in his head, playing a type of music he didn't listen to very much these days. Country. The song was Josh Gracin's "Let You Go." The lyrics echoed through his head. I said I'm over you and that we're you should just move on..Cause I don't need and I don't want you and I don't love you anymore.' The words touched his heart and his eyes began to tear up. A rare sign of weakness for the archer. He fought the tears back though until the wind finally gave him the help he needed. Then the end of the song came and he broke down completely, slowing the motorcycle to a stop on the side of the road, his right hand lifting to cover his eyes. ' Well I still love you and I'll always need you. I know I'll miss you now that you're gone and now I know I'm not the best you'll ever know...cause I loved you enough to let you go' He lowered his head, even as the song came to an end, speaking in light but cracked voice. "How do I tell a woman that showed me how to love again that I don't love her anymore....especially when it's a lie. I do love her. I just can't do this anymore. God damn am I supposed to do this?"Part 2 When he arrived, Clint found her in the WCA lab. She looked up as he entered and he flashed her a half hearted smile, just as her face brightened and she stood up. His facial expression changed to more of a frown when he saw her smile. In return, Bobbi's did as well. Many years together had taught the other what such expressions meant, even when most would not have noticed. After an awkward moment of silence, Bobbi spoke. 'Clint? What's wrong and don't tell me nothing.' "We need to talk Bobbi." The moment the words left his lips, he could already see her barriers going up. She responded in a way he expected. 'That's it then isn't it? ' Clint responded in a light but remorseful voice."Yes...but..." 'And you being the morally correct person you are Clint had to come and tell me in person.' 'You know you could have just sent me an email Clint but no..not you. You always were a gentleman." "I'm not feeling much like one..." Bobbi turned as she let her hand drift to her waist, yet her eyes told him how she was feeling. Bobbi cut him off again. "It's never easy Clint. How many times have we been down this road. How many fucking times?!?" Her voice broke up some and she turned around again. "You said it go...just leave me alone." Clint shook his head no and walked over beside her, closing down the screen to the laptop with his hand.  "No Bobbi...not this time. You're not going to do this to me again. I'm not always the one that screws up..not this time." Bobbi lifted her arms and crossed them across her chest but still would not turn to look at him. Clint took a deep breath and moved back from her laptop, then continued. "Stop pretending to be someone you're not Bobbi...the woman I..."Bobbi snapped back quick, cutting Clint off again. 'Is this where you tell me you love me Clint? That I am the only one for you and your soul mate? Your full of sh...' This time, Clint cut her off. "No. All I ever wanted was the woman I fell for..the one that came to me when I needed something to make me believe again. Damn it Bobbi! You proposed to me!" Clint stopped talking, his eyes tearing up again as he choked back his words. Bobbi in turn took the opportunity to talk again. 'Clint...we both know I wanted a divorce before I was kidnapped and drug off to that God-forbidden hellhole of a Skrullworld. When you were there when I got back...' Her voice cracked this time as she spoke. '..and you were there to hold tell me everything was going to be alright...I thought maybe...just maybe. Here was my knight in purple armor. I thought what the hell...maybe we were worth a second chance. I was wrong. You were wrong. We both changed and now it's time to move on...your right.' "It's ok Sport. I'm a big girl and I understand. I know you love me and I will always love you. We just don't work well together outside of a bedroom right now." Clint smirked this time, rubbing his thumbs against the top of her hands."Ditto Moxie....." Nothing else was said as their eyes met and their lips greeted each others in a soft kiss. Closure was what Clint wanted but what he found was something he lost that he valued the most in her, a woman that understood him the way he understood her. His best friend....closure. //Relationships come and go in life but the love for a true friend will always remain.//

Haruhi Fujioka

01/02/2012 02: PM 

The Keyblade Wielder

Name: Kuuron Nickname: Kuu-kun, Ron Gender: Male Age: 16 Birthday: August 19 Blood Type: A- Hair: orange Eyes: light orangeSkin: peachOrientation: Gay (seke) Status: single Occupation: keyblade wielder, student Family: N/A Favorites: adventure, spicy food Fears: N/AWeaknesses: N/A

Haruhi Fujioka

01/02/2012 02: PM 

The Model

Name: Toshiro Ikeda Nickname: (anything you can think of) Gender: Male Age: 20 Birthday: March 3 Blood Type: B- Hair: blonde w/ purple highlights Eyes: light purpleSkin: peachOrientation: Gay (seme) Status: single Occupation: Model Family: Akihiko Ikeda (father), Ami Ikeda (mother, deceased) Favorites: outdoors, spicy food, being with friends Fears: N/AWeaknesses: N/A

Haruhi Fujioka

01/02/2012 02: PM 

The Angel

Name: Skyler Engel Nickname: Skye Gender: Male Age: Looks to be around 16 Birthday: December 26 Blood Type: O Hair: light blond (looks white) Eyes: baby blueSkin: pale peachOrientation: Gay (pure uke) Status: single Occupation: Student Family: N/A Favorites: snow, sweets, helping others Fears: thunderstorms, spidersWeaknesses: N/A

Haruhi Fujioka

01/02/2012 02: PM 

The White Tiger Demon(s)

Name: Rai Yamazaki (human); Byakko (demon, means white tiger)Nickname: (anything you can think of) Gender: MaleAge: 18 (Actual 218)Birthday: Not telling Blood Type: AB+Hair: human form: jet black; demon form: white with black stripes Eyes: human form: dark crimson red; demon and complete form: blueSkin: human: pale peach; demon: white with black stripes; Complete form: Looks like a white tigerOrientation: Bi (seke)Status: singleOccupation: StudentFamily: Shizuko Yamazaki (younger sister); (parents deceased)Favorites: Skyler, the colors red and black, snow, BDSMFears: Skyler getting hurtWeaknesses: Skyler and ShizukoOther notes: Rai has two demon forms and his human form. One is where he looks like a human but has white hair with black stripes, ears, and tail. And his actual demon form where he looks like a white tiger. Name: Shizuko Yamazaki (human); Yukitora (demon, means snow tiger) Nickname: (anything you can think of) Gender: Female Age: 14 Birthday: Not telling Blood Type: AB+ Hair: human form: black; demon form: white Eyes: human form: black; demon form: blueSkin: human: pale peach; demon: pale peach, sometimes white with black stripes; complete form: looks like a whiter tiger cubOrientation: Bi Status: single Occupation: Student Family: Rai Yamazaki (older brother); (parents deceased) Favorites: snow, Rai, music, sweets, adventure Fears: complete darknessWeaknesses: N/A Other notes: Shizuko has two demon forms and her human form. One is where she looks like a human but has white hair, ears, and tail. And her actual demon form where she looks like a white tiger cub.

Haruhi Fujioka

01/02/2012 02: PM 

The Candy Boy and the Candy Shop Owner

Name: Bubblegum Cotton-Candy or Nao Watanabe Nickname: Bubbles, gummy-bear, Candy, Fluffy (any other candy names) Gender: Male Age: 16 Birthday: July 4 Blood Type: AB+ Hair: blue bangs, rest of hair is light pink Eyes: left - blue; right - pinkSkin: pale peachOrientation: Gay (uke) Status: single Occupation: Works in a candy store, student Family: Doesn't know if he has any, but he lives with his boss. Kaoru Watanabe (Boss, father figure) Favorites: sweets, his job Fears: thunderWeaknesses: N/A Other notes: Was found by Kaoru. Doesn't have any memory before he was found. Thinks he was abandoned by his biological parents. Was adopted by Kaoru.Name: Kaoru Watanabe Nickname: Kao-chan Gender: Male Age: 20 Birthday: not telling Blood Type: AB- Hair: RedEyes: GreenSkin: peachOrientation: Gay (seke) Status: single Occupation: Candy Shop owner Family: Lives with Bubblegum Cotton-Candy (worker, son) Favorites: sweets, sex Fears: N/AWeaknesses: N/AOther Notes: Gave Bubblegum his name after finding him. He took the boy to the doctors, who told him that the boy had no memory. Still looking for his parents, but adopted him while doing so.


12/30/2011 02: PM 


o1. I have my courier, and I really don't care to storyline with any others. Sorry, but I've had the same courier since the summer of '11 and considering he's one of my closest friends, I think I'll be sticking with this group.o2. Same for Arcade - I have one, so if any other were to pop up, I'm sorry, but that's too bad.o3. Multi-para minimum, novella preferred.o4. You'll have a long wait time between replies. Don't rush me, or I'll put off your reply out of spite.o5. Colt's a misogynistic asshole. I am not. What goes on in roleplay is done for the purposes of roleplay. I LIKE drama in my roleplays, but that doesn't mean I want it outside of roleplay.o6. I'm female in real life. Honestly, does that surprise you any?o7. Not that you'd want to, but don't steal my shit. Colt was the first courier I used back in 2010 when New Vegas came out and he's since transformed into my little Legionnaire. Come up with your own character and playby.o8. I won't be doing crossovers. Sorry. I have other accounts where we can do something outside of Fallout verse. I'm not here to teach you about the verse, either. I'll tell you basics, but it's up to you to do further research.


12/27/2011 01: PM 

Flashback Part 1
Current mood:  adored

Clint had no idea who had sent him the free plane ticket to return home to Iowa. Lord knows, he had hardly any memories of it. He had only been eight when he left Waverly and ended up in a state orphanage, and what kind of good childhood memories can you get from an orphanage? After that, Barney and Clint had been all over the country when they ran away and joined the carney. Iowa became just another place where the rednecks hung out. Now that he was suddenly a father again, Clint felt an almost irresistible compulsion to go home. He also felt vaguely like a dumbass for even considering it. A big part of human memory is triggered by smell. The smell of alcohol always reminded him of his father, the smell of lilacs reminded him of his mother, and the smell of smoke reminded him of how a drunk man should never get behind the wheel of a car and drive. Sawdust and cotton candy made him remember his carney days; pine trees brought back memories of the months he spent living in the wilderness after Bobbi's death, trying to shake off the grief the way he had shaken off his responsibilities. Only thing was, he still couldn't get away from the feeling that something wasn't quite right. Something was stirring his head, and he thought that it was the weather. Clint grabbed his backpack in his hand and made his way to the door of the plane; then stepped down the stairs to the pavement. It was going to be cold as a motherfucker. There's varying degrees of cold. In New York, cold was to the bone with a foul smell, but he still missed it in the winter. In California, the temperature rarely dropped below 75 degrees but the natives still bitched. Then there is Iowa cold. Going from the warmness of the plane cabin to outside was like putting his face into a cooler that had been setting in ice for the last few hours. Clint tucked his backpack along his shoulder and made his way to airport entrance. His Harley Davidson motorcycle sit just where the travel agent said it would be. Finally, he had a chance to get away from everything and sort his thoughts. It may have been Waverly, Iowa but it was home; and home was what he needed right now the most. The thought still swirled around in his head however with the curiosity of who his benefactor was. It had to be someone that knew him on a deeper level. Something to figure out later though. For now, he wasn't going to complain. He walked over to the bike, lifting his leg over the seat and placed his hands on the handle grips. A quick turn of a key later and he heard the engines roar to life. Music to his ears if there ever was any. He smiled, speaking lightly while he kicked the stand up and pulled off. "Now this is home...hell yeah..."

Shota Vader-The Raven Necromancer

12/24/2011 08: PM 

Character Information

Name: ShotaKnown Aliases: Shota Vader, Alchemist, Raven NecromancerHome world: Yavin IV/ KorribanRace: Near Human, exact race unknownGender: FemaleHeight: 5' 3"Weight: 100 lbsHair color: BlackSkin color: Extremely lightEye color: Purple. Some would say her eyes appeared to give off a light of their own due to their unique color.Profession: Sith AlchemistAffiliations: The Vader family, Serinan Imperial OrderDescription: Shota's known for her curiosity though she usually tries to avoid allowing it to be obvious when it's been sparked. Her loyalties lie with very few as she is very distrusting of those around her. Her strongest bonds are those she has formed with her Teacher and Nikita Vader who she is sometimes known to address as her Mistress. Like most Sith Alchemists she has a strong hatred for Jedi (Lightsiders as she calls them.) Though her tolerance for them tends to generally be far less than that of her Teacher due to her childhood. Because of her physical appearance she has often been singled out and targeted due to various fears by fellow Alchemists, Jedi, Sith, and non Force sensitive individuals. As a result it isn't uncommon for her to hide her appearance by use of illusions, only allowing those she trusts to see her true appearance. Due to her heritage her favored abilities tend to lie along the lines of various forms of Necromancy. 

ѕpαяκpluɢ♃ {GONE}

12/18/2011 11: PM 

My Farewell to you all...

Well as it turns out the rpg I originally made this account for decided to start overand with my life as busy as it is I don't really see use in re-auditioning and keeping this page.As much as I would like to stay with the wonderful friends I've made,I don't see it fair to them that I cannot talk as often as I would like...though I found time to come online as often as I could,it just was never enough I guess...I may bring this account back next year, but I make no gaurentees...if you would still like to keep in touch,you can find me at my siteInto The Twilightyeah not a SM site and not even an anime siteJust ask for Maybelle though <3I know you don't have to use the services,it would just be nice to keep such friends...I wish you all the best of luck in the SM verseand I will promote SM rpers as much as I can...I'd really hate for the verse to die out...):well I guess this is goodbye then...

Daydream {MCRP}

12/17/2011 05: PM 

Jason Reeper

Name: Jason ReeperAlias(s): NoneSex: MaleRace/Species: HumanAge: 20Birthday: October 29thSign: ScorpionFamily: Parents are currently traveling, Talia(Nanny), Eric(Butler)Birthplace: New York City, New YorkOccupation: University student, magicianHeight: 5'10"Weight: 174 lbsEye Color: RedHair: Jet BlackWeapons/Equipment: Various magician tools.Attributes: Illusionist, magician, musician, genius intellectBio: Jason was born into money. He was surrounded by it his whole life and his parents used it to give him everything any child could possibly dream of...except love. Jason had no need for expensive toys, or video games, or high-end electronics; all he wanted, all he wished for were for his parents to give him their unconditional love. But Jason's parents were consumed by their work and need to acquire wealth and status. When Jason came of age, they passed that burden on to him. They sent him to several of the best and most exclusive private schools in the country and expected him to behave as someone in their circle would. Jason was alone. The only real parents he had was Talia, his nanny who cared for him since birth, and Eric, his butler who introduced him to the world of magic and illusions. Eric was a skilled magician before he entered into the service of the Reeper family. To ease the loneliness of their only son, he taught the young Jason all about performing illusions and tricks. Jason took up the craft with great enthusiasm and by age eighteen was performing at various shows without the knowledge of his parents. He had performed many incredible feats throughout his short career, but the one thing he could never do was make his parents love him.Theme Song~ Kiss From a Rose by Seal 


12/16/2011 06: PM 

Christmas with friends and family
Current mood:  adored

 A winter night and call went out to friends and family as the forest seem to light up as one Christmas tree is on a path to a small cottage deep in the forest as the forest itself glow blue as her cottage glow with the Christmas spirit as there was so much food out that she had cook for them. She wore a pretty red dress and Santa hat on her head . As she wait for other to come to a Christmas party for she didn't want alone on this day. The table was all in red and green with drinks and all . She was so ready for this day .As people would come they had to get through this forest. Uploaded with ImageShack.usAs they would come to creak with a bridge and on the other side of that bridge  a cottage is lite up in the Christmas lights.Uploaded with As you come in you see a nice Christmas set home with food and goodys as well as a light up tree and warm fire from the fireplace. Uploaded with ImageShack.usUploaded with ImageShack.usUploaded with ImageShack.usUploaded with This was going to be the best Christmas ever .

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