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Mermaid Christine

09/20/2022 04:12 PM 

Christine becoming human starter

  The day started out normal for Christine. She woke up in her coral bed after dreaming mermaid dreams and headed out of the mercastle. She wondered where everyone had gone but still stayed there hoping someone would return.   She was joined soon by her seal pup Lily and they both went down to the seafloor to dig for seashells. Christine wanted to look for sunken ships to find shinies, but knew Lily was still skittish around that. Suddenly Lily squealed and swam off frightened by something.  “Lily!” Christine cried out forgetting everything else for the moment and swam off in the direction she thought Liy had gone, sending out her thoughts but getting no response.   Then Christine paused. Something was very wrong here. She could feel it. There was some presence in the water that Lily had sensed before she did. However, it was too late as Christine felt a sharp pain. It felt like her tail had been ripped apart.   Suddenly she could no longer breathe. She writhed trying to get to the surface, but it seemed as she could no longer swim. What was happening to her?   Luckily she hadn’t realized that the swirling currents had washed her up on a beach although even with the water running over where her tail used to be were her human legs. Chrisihad no time to wonder what had happened.She had passed out.  

Mermaid Christine

09/20/2022 04:10 PM 

Starter: Caught

   Christine got up from her coral bed in the mercastle and swam out of her room and out the door. She couldn’t tell how early it was ,but she was awake and she wanted to start hunting for seashells early.   She swam for a while and then surfaced and spotted land up ahead.Christine submerged and swam up closer till she could see a beach . It seemed to be deserted. Perfect, she thought. She resumed swimming up toward the sand , but didn’t go completely out of the water.   Right at the water’s edge she started searching the sand also digging in the sand to find some perfect shells. Even though the sea floor might have the best Christine had found several on an empty beach before.   So intent was Christine searching for shells that she didn't realize she wasn’t alone until it was too late. She felt a net falling on her and looked up into the leering face of a fisherman. He started pulling on the net to pull her out of the water. Christine flailed around and struggled, but just became more entangled as he pulled her out of the water.   As Christine was pulled completely free of the water her fin changed into a pair of legs which left her completely defenseless. She started to scream for all she was worth being dragged on the sand within the net. She continued to fight to get free until the fisherman struck her so hard Christine felt a sharp pain and then everything went black.  

detective byers

09/20/2022 09:53 PM 

love doesn't hurt

weekend challenge by road warrior. sometimes a lie is just a fib to get out of an outing but sometimes it's a sentence that can change your entire life. with that being said, what was the worst lie that your muse has ever told? or was ever told? how did they shape who they are, or how did it break everything they were? was it the sparky the goldfish was switched out with a new one when they were seven?trigger warnings: domestic/child abuse."Come on, Joyce, you know that I loved you. Baby, sometimes you just let your mouth get the best of you and I - you just need a reminder, sugartits. I didn't mean any harm with it getting physical, but you have a mouth like your mama. Come on, baby, we have dinner with some friends soon."Joyce Byers looked at herself in the mirror as the blood on the right corner of her bottom lip looked as if it was starting to dry, yet the metallic taste of the crimson colored blood faintly rested on her tongue. From the moment her mother pulled out of the driveway with Jonathan's carseat in the back, Lonnie unleashed the wrath of hell that he's never done before. Joyce was used to him screaming at the top of his lungs and even shoving her, but the way his fist came out of nowhere and knocked the blood literally out of her mouth was something that she never thought she'd experience.After watching her mother go through it for years, she never thought she'd end up in the same situation she was in - especially stuck in a loveless marriage with a child.Joyce turned the water on in the sink before she started cupping some of the cool water in her hands and splashing it on her face. Looking at herself in the mirror briefly once she splashed some of the water on her face, Joyce saw her bottom lip already starting to swell as a defeated sigh escaped her lips. She knew she was falling out of love with him, hell she wasn't even sure if she ever truly loved him, and she wanted nothing more than to just pack up her things and her son and leave. But, where would she go?She couldn't go back home, she made a promise to herself years ago that she'd never go back and live under that roof. And, even though her father was now gone, it was still the haunted memories that would make the nightmares feel more real than they already do that sealed the deal of her never staying there again.She couldn't exactly go to Hopper either, given he was still in Vietnam and probably wanted nothing to do with her was given Jonathan wasn't actually his as they both thought he'd be -- and he made it known how upset he was over it.She felt stuck, she felt broken, and no matter what she did she felt she always was going to be in this situation. But, even though she felt broken to a point where Jonathan was the only reason she would stay on this side of the dirt, she was never going to let Lonnie see how he broke her. Even if she had to spend nights in her car crying for an hour before she walked through the door, he would never see how he broke her here tonight."Joyce, come on. You know I love you"There's a lie he could've kept from telling, but once again she just took a deep breath and kept her comments to herself. They had dinner plans with some friends, and she knew if she opened her mouth and questioned his love as her mama did her father years prior, it would end in similar ways and Joyce didn't have time for that. But, things make sense now, why her mother hated Lonnie so much, yet her father all but worshiped the ground he walked on.She knew, as she shut the water off and grabbed a towel to dry her face, opening this door was accepting what happened earlier was going to be a normal thing in her life because it never happened just once, and Joyce would do anything and everything to keep Lonnie in Jonathan's life. Because, where he always wants to yell and treat Joyce like sh*t, he's such a good father to baby Jonathan, and Joyce couldn't tear that away from her son. She'd walk through the depths of hell to make sure her baby was taken care of, and if it meant she had to live with the devil herself to make sure her son had a stable father in his life - then so be it.If it breaks her mental health for the rest of her life, then so be it, but her son will know a better father than she ever did - hopefully. But, so help her on every God that's listening, Lonnie ever lays a hand on Jonathan she'll kill him on the spot and make it look like an accident. 


09/19/2022 10:14 PM 


Who i owe:Banyan Callaway 09.19.2022Morgan last 09.19.2022Sage Callaway 09.19.2022Peyton Holt 09.24.2022Who owes me: Name here Name here updated on 9.24.2022 

𝙳𝚛𝚊𝚐𝚘𝚗 𝚃𝚠𝚒𝚗

09/19/2022 06:42 PM 

Drabble 002: presenting to the court

The festivities began that morning. All the lords and ladies that were loyal to the crown began to enter King’s Landing. King Daemon Targaryen was looking for a suitable husband for his heir to the throne who happened to be his daughter, the Princess Baela, the Princess of Dragonstone. The festivities were to start with a dinner that evening to present the Princess to the court and introduce her to the lords who have not yet met the princess. The following days over the week were to have a jousting tournament in her honor once a husband was chosen, a hunting trip for the men for the king to better get acquainted with the lords and their sons, and finally a feast for the princess and her new betrothed. Standing at the window of her bed chambers looking out into the distance, Baela could see the sea of colors coming towards the Keep from all the different houses. Houses Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, Tilley, Greyjoy, Umber, Buckler, Reyne, and many more began to enter into the court yard. Baela could see her father below as he greeted the lords of the houses and they were taken into the castle. Rolling her eyes, she walked over to her desk and sat down. Hearing a knock at the door she looked up from the book she had just picked up. “Come.” She said as the door opened to reveal one of the white cloaked guards. “Your highness.” He said with a bow. “His grace has requested your appearance in the court yard to help greet the guests as they greet him.” He said as Baela raised a brow. “You can tell my father that I am not coming down. Not until tonight’s festivities.” She said as she sat back opening the book on Old Valaryian swords and daggers. “Why must you be so difficult, Baela?” The guard asked walking into her chambers closing the door. “Ser Lancel, you have known me since I was a young woman. Correct?” She asked closing the book. “Yes, your highness.” He said as Baela stood up. Placing her pals on her desk she looked at him. “You know for a fact I can make things difficult, more difficult than what my father can. You have seen me kill a rabbit without emotion. You have also seen me almost kill a man for berating my sister. So please Ser Lancel, tell my father I am indisposed, and I will not be down till the evening.” That evening everybody began to file into the Throne Room around the mess hall tables. Daemon sat at the head of the table as Rhaenery sat to the right of him. There sat there conversing as different lords came and went to talk to them. The trumpets sounded as the doors opened. “Presenting her highness, Baela Targaryen. Princess of Dragonstone and Heir to the Iron Throne.” The page announced loudly as Baela made her way down the stairs holding her dress. She was dressed in a custom red and black gown. The dress had a boat neck neckline and the gown went down to the floor. The fabric was a black color with red trim. The colors for House Targaryen. Her piercing green eyes were her best feature. Walking up to the table she stood beside her father as he looked at her and lowered his voice. “You were to meet the lords earlier.” He said with a smile as if nothing was wrong. Baela smiled as the crowd cheered for her arrival. “You summoned for me and I was indisposed.” She said and looked at her father. During the course of the evening, lords presented their sons to Baela as she didn’t seem amused by any of them. She sat back in the chair drinking her wine as a member of House Lannister made his way up to the table. “Ah! Ser Rodrick! How are you this evening?! What can you provide for Baela?” Daemon asked Rodrick began to speak, but Baela interjected. “Save the small take, Ser Rodrick.” She said setting her wine chalice down as she was not amused. Daemon looked at Baela appalled at her behavior. “I am sorry, Ser Rodrick. Please have a seat.” He said and as the man left, Daemon turned to his daughter. “What the seven hells are you doing?! You are meant to find a suitable match to marry! You promised me you would stay and I would train you as long as you found a suitable man to marry, Baela!” Daemon said staring at Baela as she smirked. “I know the promise I made however I don’t want you to pick my husband. I will pick my husband.” She said standing up. Making her way into the crowd she saw a man. She examined him from far away as she made her way over to him. It was Ser Robert Arryn of House Arryn. Baela grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the Throne Room. She walked with him as she spoke. “I have a proposal….” She said as she led him into the maester’s study. Motioning for him to sit down she took a seat behind the desk. “Your highness.” He said sitting down as Baela smiled. “My proposal is that you and I shall wed. You become my husband and provide an heir to the throne. Our marriage will for an alliance between Arryn and Targaryen again.” She said softly looking at him with a smirk. “You do this and you can have as many whores and lovers as you please. I on the other hand will take another lover as well.” She said looking at the man.

'The Wily Fox'

09/19/2022 06:12 PM 


Tell me a story3 Wishes Group SlAtt:  Hayley qυι vιvε & Landon in flammis.  Once upon a time, in a land far, far away.....A thousand butterflies dancing with joy set Kol's heart to hope...Yet why did he feel as if those thousand butterflies were no longer flying, but gnawing silently upon the lining of his stomach as he slowly made his way back to the West wing?Her eyes were the color of the forest on a warm summer's day... Slowly he reached out, gently wrapping his fingers around the brass door knob. The metal felt cool under his touch, shimmering almost gold in places where it had worn smooth from his touch over the years.How could he ever hope that she would love him?Kol's jaw clenched...and he grasped the door knob tighter, feeling the soft metal strain beneath his grip “There’s only one part of the castle you shall not go into, and it is off limits.” Lumiere's voice drifted calmly down the hallway to him. He was showing her to her room...In his mind, he saw her face, those beautiful hazel eyes staring back at him...It was hopeless. A lost cause! Frustrated he slammed the door to the west wing open and was rewarded with disappointment as it smashed heavily against the wall within with a loud thud which echoed out along the long passageways of the house; followed by the unmistakeable pattering of plaster as it cracked the weatherboard wall within the room creating a hole large enough for doors knob to become wedged within. If she wasn't scared to venture towards the West wing, she would be now! She would think he was a monster... Dangerous and avoid him at all costs! Maybe she'd lock herself in her room for the entire time of her visit? Or worse... maybe she'd regret her choice and sneak away in the dead of night!Clenching his lips Kol closed his eyes and stepped into his room. He wanted to scream to cry out in frustration, to lay his fury, his anger at his foolish pride upon anything he could destruct. He wanted to make something feel as shattered as he himself felt ... yet the rooms were already filled with the shattered remnants of his despair.Not a single piece of the furniture within was left whole or intact...Like his heart, they lay shattered in thousand pieces across the war-strewn rooms. Even the bed, once built upon a solid oak frame now resided as a torn mattress resting upon the floor; the blankets adorned by loose stuffing and the once regal shards of the four poster bed...She would never love him!The lump in his throat, appeared from nowhere to catch his breath and trap it. His eyes burnt... Swiftly he reached for the door, yanking it unceremoniously from within the wall, and slammed it shut as he felt the first tear slide down his cheek.  A single drop of rain... to forebode a mighty storm.A single tear to forebode unquenchable anguish...To rock the ground beneath your feet, to bring you crashing down and lay you asunder a slave, a prisoner to the master's named Sorrow and Despair... He wasn't sure how long he'd laid there. upon the hard floorboards... He'd slid down the door as he'd felt the tears coming... And as he'd heard the door pound banging upon its frame in rhythm with his uncontrollable sobs, He'd crawled upon his knees to the safety of the floor. They'd soaked up his tears to stop himself, drowning in his sorrow and when the tears could flow no longer, they'd muffled the sound of his anguished sobs until he'd drifted off into a restless slumber...  The woman with the forest on a warm summer's day within her eyes...It had been but a dream, to walk beneath the canopy of leaves, to feel the sun, the gentle warm breeze upon his face...But in that fleeting dream, that fleeting moment, oh, how he had loved her! And for the first time in his life...He had felt the true meaning of peace. Slowly he stretched, relishing in the protest from his stiff and sore muscles before the tidal wave of fear crashed down upon him...How long had he been asleep? Was she still here? Had he scared her off? ...And if by chance she was... What could he do, to make her want to stay?In an instant, Kol was on his feet making his way over to the door.  It took all he could muster, not to wrench the door open loudly, and march down the passage towards her room. He wanted to know! He had to know if she was still there!He had never stepped so trepidly as he silently made his way up to the closed door of her room, and placed his ear upon the warm wooden panels to listen in fear.  A moment of fear can feel like a lifetime, A moment where your heart falters skips a beat, and rises in your chest to catch your breath within its embrace... It felt like that moment as he listened intently, searching the room for a soft unmistakable rhythm that would signal her beating heart...A moment of joy, so pure and untainted, a moment where your heart soars surrounding you in warmth whilst lifting you to feel as if you walk, float upon the very air within which all life flows... It was how he felt as he silently made his way down the winding stairwell in search of Lumiere! "Lumiere, Lumiere! She's still here!!  Quick, make her something to eat! Something so nice she'll want to stay!" Kol urged Landon, the moment he found him..."What does she eat? What does she like? Did she like her room? Does she seem happy? Did she smile? I bet she has a beautiful smile..." Kol faltered, realizing Landon was looking at him like he'd suddenly lost his mind... Maybe he had! Maybe it was just hope, pure and beautiful hope, that he felt within his heart after so many years... But one thing Kol knew for sure, was that he wasn't about to waste a single moment of it to chance! Breaking into a broad grin, at Landon, he raised his brow excitedly and turned to dash back up the staircase to the West wing...A gift! she needed a gift! A gift she could feel free with inside the confines of the house, of the gardens... A gift to make her feel not as if a prisoner, but allow her heart and her mind to soar with the wonder of what might possibly be...It had to be subtle... It had to be simple... Beautiful but not forceful... It had to set her heart to soar...Anxiously he looked around his rooms... it was hopeless!Everything in them lay broken or shattered into a thousand pieces... except for a single chair and table, upon which a handheld mirror lay.  A magic mirror, his Aunt had bequeathed him, to glance at the outside a bid to make him see what his monstrous actions were causing him to miss out on...Nervously he stepped towards it... No! It was too soon!He wanted her to stay... forget for while, not long for home!  It was only then his eyes rested upon the book which lay beside the mirror... It had become his most prized possession. The one true thing he could not bear even in his anger, to tear or rip apart!Trepid with anticipation he made his way across the room, to gently pick up the book.Its cover was worn, curled at the corners, the pages yellow with age, the ink fading with the many times his fingers had rested tenderly upon the written words within. Wishing only to be absorbed into the magical world it had bestowed upon him...Would she?... Could she?... Love it as much as he did. It was the purest gift he had to give! A window to his heart, to the sort of man he wished he could be...Slowly he opened up the book and reached into his pocket, pulling out a pen. And carefully, upon the insert page, he wrote a small note...'To the maiden with the forest in her eyes,'May this simple book bring you as much joy as it has me.Perhaps one day, we will sit in the shade of a tree where we can read it together and let our hearts set sail to the distant lands written within the pages...Your's... Always and Forever...Kol Mikaelson...Silently he looked down at what he had written... wishing only that he knew her name! Would she think he was too corny for how he had addressed her? Would she roll her eyes?Before he could let his nerves get the better of him, quickly Kol picked up the book and made his way out of his room. The walk down the hallway seemed to take forever. Every step he had to will himself not to turn around and go back to his room with the book in tow.And as he came to stand once again, before her closed door, he paused...Did he knock, say how you doing love? Nice day isn't it, anyhow, even though you are still kinda here against your own free choice, here's a book I thought you might like because it's my favorite.....Rolling his eyes at his own absurdity, Kol let out a silent sigh, there was only one thing for it!... Trepidly he reached up, pausing for a moment before he willed himself to knock lightly upon her door.  And as he heard movement in the room beyond, gently he lowered The Lord of the Ring's book to rest upon the floor in front of her door, before retreating into the darkness of the Hallway where she could not see him...     

ᴏꜰꜰɪᴄᴇʀ ꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅʟʏ

09/19/2022 06:10 PM 

Survival Guide [Rules]

OOC: The writer behind Rick Grimes would like to state that though he enjoys writing he can not and will not be here everyday. If you're expecting an active 24/7 writer I am not the Rick you should be writing with. The writer would also like to state he doesn't profit from the character of Rick Grimes he's owned by his creator, Robert Kirkman and he doesn't claim to know or associate with the actor Andrew Lincoln who played Rick for 9 seasons on the show The Walking Dead.1.  Just to clarify I am playing Rick mostly from the events of the show. I only have a few volumes of the graphic novel series that I begun collecting a couple of years ago.  I can stick primarily to events of the show or go AU pending the preference of who I write with. The time line of storyline can be from any point in the show from Season 1 until Season 9. I can go AU and have Rick be apart of the events of Season 10 and 11. 2. I am a para to novella writer. I rp in comments and messages. I don't mind bantering in statuses and if people would like it, I can rp in Discord. I only give out my Discord upon request though. I will overlook spelling and grammar errors, we all make them. 3. I am staying mostly in character. Unless its OOC in front of it. I am in character. However I am not completely secretive. What you may know about me is that I am the same gender as Rick and well over the age of 18. I've been in the RP community in various forums/rp sites for nearly 20 years. So I am an "old timer" so to speak. 4. Please do not accept a add request or send a request and  if you have don't plan to talk. I don't play the mute game long term anymore. If I reach out to you or try to get something going and you don't talk or its obvious on your end there's no interest there. I will make cuts to this page. I don't want my free time (which is limited) to be wasted. So please don't waste my time.5. The content in my writing is very adult.  The Walking Dead show itsself isn't a kid show. So if you are bothered by themes of violence, gore, adult language, triggering topics and adult themed (sexual) content then I suggest rping with someone else. I am no fluff writer and if you want fluff then I suggest rping with someone whos in the Disney verse.6. So crossovers are very much going happen here. I don't stick to just The Walking Dead and its various spin off shows. So yes Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Last of Us, Z-Nation, Resident Evil, Supernatural, Predator, Stranger Things etc..etc are all welcome to add. I will any add verse really but the RP has to make sense and be warned I am selective of what verses I will interact with. -- I doubt very much I'll rp with someone whos rping from Rick & Morty or anime tv shows.7. Rick is a multi-ship page. I ship with chemistry. Not shipping just to ship. To be clear I will only ship with women -- the character and writer are straight.  I apologize to any gentlemen on my list. Although I am flattered, I don't want to give any gentlemen false hope that I am going to pursue a romantic connection. I'm not.  Sorry guys. 8. So I want to be understood by the women on my list...  Yes I do allow sex  aka smut to occur in storylines. However it's not mandatory thing that has to happen in order to write with me.  If you don't write sex for whatever reason then I won't force it. After all I am here to write in the zombie verse not be going to poundtown 24/7. In the event sexual encounters occur between Rick and your character just two ground rules -- One, I prefer sex to be in private -- either through messages or on Discord if you wish to have it be done there.  Secondly and lastly, above all else anything said or done is 100% consensual. 9. Listen up, RP is a fun place but does have its share of creeps that like to go sexual or obssessive stalkerish OOC. So saying this now. Do not cross lines with me out of OOC in a sexual way. In the real world, I am happily involved and in love with my girlfriend. So unwanted come ons or attempts to get me to do something to disrespect her or my relationship  won't be tolerated and I will delete you on the spot.  Also if you become a stalker, the delete and block will be my best friend. 10. Last but not least, let's keep this place positive. No drama. No elitism. No toxicity. No bullying.  Let's keep the place fun ok?Sign these rules in anyway you so wish. Going on good faith that these rules were read and will be follow. A violation of any of these rules. You will be asked to sign again.

gℓσяισυѕ gℓσяιαηα

09/19/2022 02:05 PM 

Dear Mrs Kennedy... (II)

Elizabeth has been through all kinds of difficult tasks, nailing them time and time again as any strong monarch should. None of them has proved to be as challenging or as draining as taking her eyes off Jackie Kennedy. There’s a small reception before dinner, and after Elizabeth has made the proper introductions, she finds herself looming the first lady like a child too shy to approach a potential friend at a playground, speaking to everyone around her except for Jackie. And she feels much like a child, a young girl again, with all the nervousness and restlessness – and if she searches deep into her chest, a strange type of curiosity and excitement she hadn’t felt in a while – that hearing Jackie make small conversations with the people around her brings. Much like the corridors and halls in her palace, she feels like she is seeing color, after endless months of gray winter. That’s probably why she surprises everyone, even herself, when she jumps on the opportunity when Jackie asks for a tour of the palace.They go alone. No husbands, no bodyguards, no secretaries. Elizabeth is usually one to find comfort away from all those people, alone with someone else, but she finds herself trying her very best to look as composed as always.All while avoiding Jackie’s eyes. “Now, this is the picture gallery” Elizabeth walks one step in front of Jackie, and for the first time, it’s not about protocol, it’s about protection. She wants to keep her face out of view. Not wants – it would be a sin to want that, to have the prettiest face she’s ever seen out of her sight – but needs. She knows all her efforts will come tumbling down if she dares look Jackie in the eye. “this is my great-great-great-great-grandfather, George III, and he bought Buckingham House in 1761 for his wife, Queen Charlotte.” Elizabeth falters, and looks at Jackie, who’s wandered away from her to look at one of the big portraits hanging from the walls. It’s perhaps the first time she properly looks at Jackie, and she looks somewhat different than she did at dinner. She’s still a glowing thing, with a sort of halo of light around her, and it doesn’t fade, but it seems to soften. She would even go as far as to say Jackie looks younger, looking up at the paintings with such curiosity, and it gives Elizabeth a sense of closeness. Maybe she’s not the only one feeling childish at this point. “And who’s this?” she asks, freely. Doesn’t call Elizabeth ma’am, doesn’t even look back at her, and Elizabeth can’t find it in her to be bothered by the lack of deference. For the first time in ages, being alone with someone almost as important as she is, Elizabeth feels like a normal, common woman, like she did before her father died. By God, she sure misses that feeling, and it’s the strangest thing that the first lady should be the one to bring her back to it. “That’s one of the Pitts. The younger.” Elizabeth says, walking a few steps to stand beside Jackie. “Known for something that’s always rather endeared me to him: crippling shyness. Apparently, he could barely look people in the eye. And yet he became our Prime Minister.” “I quite understand. I’m also a shy person by nature.” Jackie responds, still examining the painting in front of her, and Elizabeth looks up at her with curiosity. “Well, you could have fooled me” Elizabeth thinks – and lets slip from her lips – and immediately holds her right wrist with her left hand, putting her arms in front of her body like she’s protecting herself. Even the smallest demonstration of her own character can make her wonder if that’s a step she should take. But Jackie chuckles, her small shoulders shaking in the most adorable way, and suddenly Elizabeth’s at ease again. “I’ve heard that before. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been trying to get the courage to talk properly to you all evening, and yet haven’t been quite able to.” Jackie looks at her, a soft smile on her face matching her voice tone, and it occurs to Elizabeth that this is the first time she does so since they started this little tour. And that maybe she’s not the only one who’s avoiding eye contact. It crosses Elizabeth’s mind to say that she has been in the same position all evening. That she was also nervous and insecure and incredibly curious about the first lady, just as any other man or woman in that palace, and finding herself wanting to get a peek of the woman behind the glamorous persona. But she felt so intimidated by her self-confidence and her beauty that she couldn’t even think of what to say.But she contented herself with saying: “That alone sounds like a brave thing to say” Jackie’s smile widens. “Probably” she pauses, and looks back at the painting. “Thank you, for taking me on this tour”. Even though no one is looking, not even Jackie, Elizabeth feels her face softening into a genuine smile “It’s my pleasure.” The lingering moment, the silence, the possibility that Jackie might look at her again and see her standing there, looking at her with a smile on her face, all make Elizabeth feel so uncomfortable that she finds herself shaking her head slightly to snap herself out of it. She takes a few steps towards one of the doors, in the back of the room, and slips back into character to get herself through the rest of the tour. “Now, you see that door over there? It leads to our private apartments. It’s a shortcut.” Jackie nods, a polite smile on her face like she just swallowed the words she was about to say and is ready to follow the queen’s lead, and follows Elizabeth into another room.

Misty: Chimera Mutant (MRO Lab ex.)

09/19/2022 01:57 PM 


Chimera Mutant! Rules that have to be followed!   Disclaimer; There is no way in hell that I am Misty, if I was a Husky-wolf hybrid, I wouldn't be able to type this nor be able to read. LOl. I only use husky-wolf pictures for role-playing purposes only! The character Misty was created one hundred percent by me, she was created solely for role-play and nothing more. [Chimera Mutant © ][Est September/25/2022 -]I Writing Style; I am a multiple paragraph writer. I do enjoy writing and I usually put quite a bit of detail in everything that I write. I would ask that my writing partners also take the time and be as detailed as possible. Novella is something that I also do, but that style usually takes me quite a bit of time to send out. All I ask for is be creative and use as many details as possible, this really helps fuel my creative muse. One liners format will never be accepted or allowed, they just hold nothing but boredom for me. [1x1s, drabbles, status play]. I write from at least 300 Words or more, depending on my mood. But the least you will see me write ever is 300 words.II Out of Character vs In Character; Now I usually like to keep all OOC in messages and IC in a Group Forum. It is far more easier for me to keep track of everything.  If you want to be rude about it then you can see yourself off my list. I am very OOC friendly, and I will always be kind to those that extend the same courtesy to me. [Personal real life information will never be given, don't even ask. The only thing being given out is my Discord (Firestar#3556).]III Story-Line Discussions; I like to work out all story-lines before I start writing with my partners. I will not tolerate or accept pre-made starters at all, in my opinion they really have no creativity behind them and they usually never spark creativity for me. I always take the time to send a story-line discussion with everyone that is on my list. Also when it comes to swapping ideas I want my writing partners to help in the brainstorming process, if you make me do all the work then I will no longer be writing with brain dead mutes. Face collectors & Mutes need to cease to exist, if you sit on my list for a long period of time and make no effort in establishing something then off. [Every month (1st), I will clean out my list, if this bothers you then you can remove yourself.]IV Relationships; I am not really into the whole role play relationship thing, I mean good for you if you are into that kind of thing. I am here to write, not get my jolly off. If I am to have a relationship it will be with another mutant Dog/Wolf/Hybrid, and never with Humans! (Gross) I am not into Beastiality and neither should you. If you come at me with it, I f***ing block you.V Real Life vs Role Play; Now I do have a real life outside this place and it sometimes becomes very hectic and it will keep me away from role play for random periods of time. Role play is only a hobby for me and it will never be my top priority, if you are expecting replies within a 24 hour period then you are sadly mistaken. If I happen to be absent for a long period of time then I will inform all of those who I write with to ensure no one feels abandoned. Be patient and understanding if that is entirely possible.VI Connections; I do have a few connections but I am always looking for more that are worth while. When it comes to my connections they will always come first when it comes to replies and other things of importance, please do not judge me on how I run my page. If you would like to establish a connection with my character then I ask that you be creative and do not bail on me once we have went through the whole process of setting up a connection [story-line]. I do have trust issues and I am very selective with whom I add as a connection.VII Edits; I only my own edits, and I don't offer to do them for anyone. I am still learning, therefore, simple gifs, (putting two pictures together, is about the only thing I am good at. Lol)VIII Main Verses; I enjoying doing X-Men, Marvel, DC, Spooky and scary rps. I like Teen Wolf, and other Supernatural Themed RP'S. However I am a mature writer, 18+ (That doesn't mean Smut or anything related to Sex), it means I like gore, horror, blood, torture and other spooky themes. Kid accounts (Mutants and such) are accepted! IX Respect; I value this above all else, and in my opinion this place is severely lacking such things. I ask that you respect me and my character, and if such common courtesy is given then I shall extend it to you which will make everyone happy. If you want to be a disrespectful little cunt then you will be removed from my list, I will not tolerate any of the nonsense so just be respectful that is all I ask. Keep your OOC drama to yourself, because I do not care about that bullsh*t whatsoever.X Stealing; Do I really have to go over this, please do not steal anything from my page because that rude and just plain ridiculous. I working hard on everything on page and I will not tolerate some brain-dead ignorant punk take credit for something I have done. LILAC is very responsible for the layout style-sheet, I would advise not stealing from them because honestly I could black-list the hell out of you and things might be just a little bit difficult for you. Be careful who you with.X Autism; I do have autism and at times, I am unable to write. I don't use realy big words in my writing. I am slow to reply but will repl;y when I am able too. Never rush me. I am an adult and I do struggle to write at times, so please be ever so patient as I try my best to reply.X Writing Point Of View; I write differently from most people. I use the First-person as my autistic brain, hates writing in Third-person. This allows me to dive deeply into my character and to express her better. If your not ok with First-person, don't add me. I will not change it for anyone!On a final note I would like to point out that this place is a safe haven for people that want to escape the stress that sometimes comes from real life. This is also a place for creativity and writing adventures, we should realize that all the bullsh*t drama that has clouded this place will slowly strangle us all. We should not judge people on what they do or what character they choose to write as, it is their right to explore whatever the hell they want. We should have fun here and enjoy writing with other writers, I do hope everyone enjoys themselves and just play nicely bringing creativity to a whole new level.[Please sign the rules! Anyway you want!]


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Trouble in Paradise [WP Separation]

ʜᴀɪʟ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴋɪɴɢ, ʙᴀʙʏ

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Alright, you primitive screwheads, listen up!This is my owes list. I don't plan on making you wait for long.IOU9/21Shop smart, shop S-Mart. Ya got that?


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We all reside somewhere, whether we belong there or not. Downtown 0/7 Downtown Vegas is known for Freemont Street. The OG Vegas. Downtown you will find a lot of cute shops, coffee stops, the big beautiful buildings, and then of course, Freemont Street. The Vegas strip that the locals visit. But it does get disrupted at night with tourists because of all of the neon lights lit up. You may even find you a one night stand that you'll never have to see again. So, are you a downtown, cute little apartment kind of person? If so, this neighborhood is just for you. Snag your spot.   Arts District 0/7 Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here.   Summerlin 0/7 Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here.   Silverstone Ranch 0/7 Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here.   Queensridge 0/7 Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here.   Allure Townhomes 0/7 Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here. Rule will go here.   


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1. In which book do you prefer to write Emerie?         --- I don't really have a preferance for where I write Emerie. She has few scenes throughout the entire book series. I feel she as at her best in book 3 ACOWAR. [Note : I have not read all books]2. Do you write Emerie AU at all?         --- Yes, I do write Emerie a little more AU. For example, it is implied that Emerie & Morrigan may form a relationship/mating bond. Implied but never solidified. So I tend to maintain that they have a close bond but never more than friends. I also write her as being part of the inner circle with the others [preferably] I have also toyed with the idea that Emerie's abusive father clipped her wings off entirely and she was discovered by someone and taken to Helion to be healed. BUT I haven't figured out exactly how that might work, yet. 3. If not Morrigan, who do you ship with her?         --- I am honestly open to any possible ships /mating pairing. I prefer to establish those things in rp so it feels natural/organic and not forced. Personally, I am a fan favorite of Azriel or Cassian as possibilities but have no fear, just because I like the potentiality, does not mean I will throw myself at them. 4. What is your writing style?         --- I tend to stay in the realm of multi para or more. I try not to write less than 2 paragraphs but sometime my muse is just having a low-dose day. I definitely believe in matching lengths - because of that I try not to write novella. Just takes a lot out of writers. Please note : My writer is friend & ally to both LQBTQ+ & BIPOC communities. Identifies as she/her and is heterosexual. Please understand, having preferances doesn't make me [or anyone] unsafe. Nothing but love here. NO H8

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Declaration of War
Current mood:  accomplished

After four long, tedious, boring years I have finally done it. High school was finally over. I have graduated. I stared at myself in the floor length mirror in my oversized bedroom, a stupid grin plastered on my face. My emerald green eyes bright in excitement as I stood staring at my reflection. My red academic robe with the golden tassels hanging around my neck, with an extra one more elegant than the standard boring one to represent my title of Valedictorian. I graduated with honors. At the top of my class. My diploma was clutched in my left hand as I stared at my reflection in disbelief. For so many years, I never thought I could do this. High School had always been a smoke screen. A way to seem normal, act normal, sure I was great at school. That was a given. But, I always thought I would die before I got to this point. And, there were times where that almost happened. Times where I may have wished I would have died.My green eyes veered away from the reflection in the mirror to the small picture sitting on the table next to me. It was a picture of Connor, Sam, Alex, and me posing after a Cheerleading competition. Connor looked so proud. His chestnut eyes were shining with pride, and that smile, a smile that could spread warmth through anyone's cold and broken soul. The same smile that had mended my soul over and over and over again for years. Until-my heart clenched at the thought and I clutched the picture to my chest fighting against the angry tears that threatened to spill over. He was dead. And I will never see his smile again. Never feel the warmth of his hug, so powerful it was able to hold me together during the worst of times. So warm it didn’t matter where we were, the cold never touched me. This man was gone from the world, forever. And, it was because of me. “Hey slow poke!” Sam’s high pitched voice shouted from my doorway. This pulled me out of my grief as I looked up into the mirror, seeing Sam behind me leaning on the door frame, a suddenly sullen expression on her beautiful face. I wiped the tears from my eyes. “Oh. I see,” Sam said with a sigh. She walked over to me, motioning to the picture I was holding, “Yeah. I wish they were here too. Alex would have been over the moon with your Valedictorian speech you made, even if it was cheesy,” I frowned at her for the cheesy comment, she tried to give me a smile but it didn’t quite reach her eyes, “And Connor, well, he would have been prouder than any biological parent in the crowd. I can tell you that,” her voice was soft, and tender but she held her own deep sorrow and pain that went beyond what words can convey. “Yeah, I know,” I replied, my voice sounded quiet like hers and I set the picture back down, “I-I never thought I would make it here. You know, I never thought I would graduate,” “Well what did you think was going to happen?” Sam asked, her voice raising a few octaves as she stepped back, going to rummage through my closet. “That, you know, that I would-” “Die?” she said it more as a question as she turned back to me from inside my walk-in closet, a purple tank top in one hand and jean shorts in the other, “cut the crap Adore! You really think you’re just gonna go and die on us? Like hell!” She, with force fueled by sudden rage, threw the tank top and shorts my way. I let myself grin as I grabbed the outfit out of mid air, a small laugh escaping. She then proceeded to pick up a pair of purple vans and threw them my way as well. I decided to dodge those instead of trying to grab them. “Jeez! Violence!” I yelled as the shoes went skittering across the marble. “You wanna talk about violence? Adore! You gotta stop with all this ‘I’m gonna die’ nonsense,” Sam shouted, a rolled up ball of socks batted me in the forehead, “Yeah, your life is screwed up. It’s hella screwed up! So is mine. Not as screwed up as yours, but, ugh, nevermind! My point is, don’t stop living just because your life sucks. Live to make it better dammit!” I was silent as my friend scolded me, an eyebrow was raised in question to her rage. In usual Sam fashion, she composed herself quickly, straightening out her blue tank top and fluffing up her blonde curls before tying it back into a ponytail. “Anyways, we’re all getting ready to go to the airport. I know, an overnight flight sucks. At least we get to fly it in style on a private jet with real food. I’m excited. It’s going to be a whole flippen month in Hawaii with my parents for the first two weeks and we get to celebrate graduating high school. And next year, we get to do the same for Andrew, if he graduates,” she added the last statement in a murmur, “Look, life is looking up. Now we can worry about getting into a good college and getting our lives started. It’s going to be fine,” I grimaced at the idea of a flight. Especially a long one. Nausea rolled in my stomach. “And we have barf bags for you,” Sam added on, I flipped her off, “Get dressed and come down, okay?” “Okay, mom,” I teased, setting the outfit on the bed and taking the robe off as Sam tried to kick me in the shin. I dodged to Sam’s disdain but she left the room and left me in peace. A few minutes later I was out of the graduation attire and into the tank top, shorts, and vans that Sam had thrown at me a moment before. I made my way into the kitchen where Uncle Hiyashi was packing away a few of his favorite cooking tools he couldn’t leave home without. There was a bowl of strawberries out on the granite island and I gratefully helped myself to them. “Can’t you hold off for the damned airplane? We’ll have way better food there!” Uncle Hiyashi complained, trying to swat my hand away with a spatula he was holding. I swatted back at him, “That’s not fair! You know I can’t eat on airplanes, they make me sick!” “Excuses excuses,” he retorted as I grabbed the glass of water I had gotten for myself earlier. I raised my eyebrows and was just about to respond when the world suddenly felt off. Everything seemed to suddenly slow down, and something felt horrible wrong. Like the balance of the entire world was going to come crashing down. It was the same feeling I felt whenever something huge happened and we learned about it on the news later. It was a soul crushing feeling, full of despair and helplessness. Knowing that I was going to be a bystander unable to do anything but watch in horror. Time seemed to slow down and it was hard to concentrate on what was being said when an intense electrical pain suddenly shot up from an unknown source in my body. I gasped in pain, and was forced to drop the glass. The glass shattered into a million shards on the floor as I grabbed for the island, grabbing the back of my neck as I screamed, my nails digging into my flesh trying to stop the pain from increasing. Somewhere, somehow, I registered screaming in the living room. Uncle Hiyashi had dropped what he was doing to grab me so I wouldn’t fall, and then there was Sam. Her high pitched scream cut through the pain. “Adore!” Something was horribly wrong. I pushed off of the island, pushing through Hiyashi stumbling out of the kitchen. I fell against a wall as I made it into the foyer, Andrew and Devin were screaming. Their brown eyes filled with tears as they grabbed at their necks, hair, skin, anything to try and stop the agony that was radiating from our necks into our skulls making it feel like our heads were going to explode. Our skin felt like it was on fire and a thousand needles pounded into us from every direction. Devin didn’t last long before the pain was too much. I saw it in his eyes the moment he caved to the pain, the desperation and pleading and then like a light switch, he collapsed to the floor, unconscious. Andrew, on the other hand, blood was dripping from small cuts on his skin where his nails had dug in. And the youngest of us, Melody, it was hard to look at. She was in just as much pain as the rest of us. Tears streaming down her puffy cheeks, Sam was holding her down the best she could so Melody couldn’t hurt herself like Andrew was. Sam was hysterical too, begging this to stop without voicing it, pleading for it to end as she held Melody as she squirmed and thrashed. I pushed off the wall. It was obvious. The chips in our necks, the ones placed there by the MRO have been activated. If it would kill us, well, I didn’t know their full intentions. I pushed off the wall towards Andrew, grabbing his arms, fighting against him as he tried to push me off. “Fight it! You have to fight the pain!” I pleaded, it was hard to think, hard to concentrate, but I had to. I was the only one who could. “We-we have to,” I continued, my green eyes searching for a tablet. This tablet was connected to the satellite that Devin had access to. The one that could jam the signal of the chips. If I could just get to that tablet-I spotted it on a coffee table the moment the T.V. flashed to life and the pain suddenly stopped. There was a moment of silence as I stood there, grasping Andrew’s wrists with enough force to stop blood from flowing to his hands. We were both breathing hard as our attention turned to the T.V. I shakily let go of Andrew’s wrists, my eyes red with tears. Melody was unconscious and Sam picked her up as we all turned our attention to the T.V. I slowly made my way over to the tablet on the coffee table as a man appeared on the screen. He was older, graying hair peppered throughout the brown, small wrinkles formed on his forehead, and around his mouth. He wore a long white medical lab coat but the most disturbing features were his green eyes, staring out of the screen. Almost an exact replica of mine, but there was a darkness to his eyes. A dullness that made it seem like he had sold his soul and he was just a corpse, a puppet on strings.  The background wasn’t distinguishable, but I assumed they wanted it that way. My hands shook as I picked up the tablet from the coffee table opening it up. I had to check the status of the jamming signal over the chips, and because Devin was unconscious, I had to be the one to figure it out. “Now that I have everyone’s attention,” the man on the screen announced, his voice deep and demanding. It sounded like he was used to speaking to a crowd, demanding attention and even loyalty, “My name is Doctor Banks. I am going to be the one to usher in a new era for humanity. An era of prosperity. A world where sickness and pain has no hold on humanity. A world where the weak are not welcomed, and only perfection is permitted.”It was hard to pull my gaze away from the screen and to the tablet. The tablet was playing the same live recording as the T.V. I let out a low growl and pressed every button I could think of to get out of this screen. Nothing worked. “This is just the beginning. And like with every change, this change will come with pain, and resistance. Our job is to crush that resistance. Force the new era to be born despite the old ways trying to stop it. But, like a butterfly must break out of its cocoon to fly, so will we. And out of the blood, and death, and ash, will come the superior era.” he nodded his head to someone off screen and a small screen blinked to life in the top right corner of the screen. It was a digital globe. And all over the globe, there were tiny red dots blinking. “Some of you may be in denial. However, we already have our forces spread out all over the world. Each one of these dots represent one or more of our people who are ready to fight for our cause-” “Oh shut up!” Andrew yelled, turning to me, “Adore! We gotta get him to shut up! This is bullsh*t!” “Andrew!” I snapped, still fighting with the tablet to get to the home screen, “Finally,” I finally somehow worked my way past the video to the homescreen of the tablet. “Resistance is futile. To fight, is to die. However, I’ll encourage it. The more who die fighting a useless fight, the easier it will be to assure our victory.” I finally got into the program that got me access to the satellite, but dammit. Devin had security codes blocking me. I bit back a scream of rage. I had to get that jamming signal going. I had to stop this, get those damned dots off the screen. Keep our identities and locations a secret. I started punching random security codes into the tablet as the Doctor Banks continued on his rant. “If anyone does fight, anyone that thinks they are strong enough to fight us, we will respond with… appropriate force,” Finally, the background cleared up and there was a young boy, a few years younger than me, held in shackles, his baby blue eyes bloodshot as he stared into the camera, pleading for someone to save him. His blond hair was coated with blood, he had a busted lip, and he was shaking in fear. He sat in his own filth as the Doctor held up a remote to the boy. His eyes widened in terror. I knew this boy. He was a victim of the MRO. He was innocent. He was freed when he was small, and he didn’t even have many modifications to make him seem any more than just a normal human. My eyes widened and my breath caught in my throat.“No, no! No! He’s innocent! Leave him alone!” I screamed, turning to the tablet frantically punching in more codes. Finally, one worked. “Oh my god. He has nothing to do with this!” Andrew screamed as the boy on the T.V. screamed as well. “Stop! Stop this!” I yelled, Sam screamed behind me and I looked up. I wished I didn’t. The boy was reeling on the floor in agony, blood streamed down his eyes, nose, mouth and he sobbed, and cried begging for mercy. I couldn’t breathe. Tears streamed down my cheeks, like I could feel the pain he was enduring as I punched through the tablet. I had to stop this! I had to get to the satellite, jam the signal, I had to- It was too late. “No,” Andrew muttered, his knees giving out on him and he fell to the floor, tears streaming down his cheeks. I raised my gaze as soon as I clicked the button to jam the signal but it was far too late. Baby blue eyes stared into the camera, devoid of life. That once happy little boy I once knew, the one who loved his little sister who wanted to be the best example for her so that she could be proud of her big brother, was dead. I stared at the screen in shock. My body felt numb, foreign. My arms suddenly weighed as much as a ton of bricks, and yet, I was floating above my body. They had killed him. In cold blood. I dropped the tablet, and my knees buckled under my weight as I fell to the floor alongside Andrew. Somewhere behind me, Sam was sobbing, and Uncle Hiyashi was muttering a prayer.“As of today, this June 1, 2017, The Master Race Organization, declares war on the world,” 

MRO, War, Mature (gore)


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