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09/22/2022 01:12 PM 

Autumn Tag CS

Credit to: Early Autumn Tag:1. Favorite thing about Autumn?Maribelle's favorite thing about Autumn is seeing the leafs fall and the crispy cold weather, the ability to bake goods that brings her good memories of her childhood. 2. Spooky Autumn or Cozy Autumn?Spooky Autumn, Maribelle loves spooky season and haunted things and halloween. She loves a spooky autumn, she loves decorating her place, and being able to dress up and give out candy. She loves scary movies. 3. Haunted House or Halloween Party?Haunted House, Maribelle loves haunted houses, she does like to dress up but haunted houses and getting scared is her thing. 4. Carve pumpkins or paint pumpkins?Carve pumpkins, she painted pumpkins as a child but as she got older, she loved carving a pumpkin and making designs. 5. Go apple picking or go on a hayride?Go on a hayride, much more fun and adventureous, she loves adventures. 6. Pumpkin spice lattes or mulled apple cider?Pumpkin spice lattes,she loves her coffee and even though I do enjoy a nice hot apple cider, nothing says autumn like Pumpkin Spice Lattes. 7. What did you dress up for Halloween last year?She dressed up as a cat. 8. Falling rain or crackling fireplace?Falling rain, Maribelle loves the sound of rain, it makes it for a good day to be inside, cuddle up with her dog, Luna. 9. Have  you purchased any fall decor yet?Maribelle has already, she has her usual and always adds new things. 10.Favorite Photo you took last fall?The best photo she took was of her at Central Park with the trees changing colors.11. Favorite Autumn-themed movie?Maribelle's favorite Autumn-themed movie is Sweet Home Alabama and Hocus Pocus.12. Favorite color to wear in Autumn?Maribelle's favorite color to wear in autumn is black and burgudy and orange. 13. Favorite Autumn-themed book?Coraline or anything scary and mysterious. 14.Best way to spend a rainy day?Maribelle loves spending it at home, listening to jazz while reading a book or watching a favorite movie cuddled up with her dog and a blanket.15.Favorite Autumn food?Maribelle loves to bake, so anything with apple or pumpkin. 16.Favorite Autumn quote?"The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves. We have had our summer evenings; now for October eves!" by Humber Wolfe.17.Favorite Autumn Leaf?Maribelle does not have a particular favorite kind of autumn leaf, perhaps the ones that are orange or red are the ones she loves the most.18.Favorite Autumn activity?Maribelle loves going to pumpkin patches and hayrides. 19.Favorite Autumn Scent?Maribelle loves apple with cinnamon or pumpkin cinnamon scents.20.Is your birthday in Autumn?Maribelle's birthday is in Autumn, and hence why she loves autumn so much.


09/22/2022 02:48 PM 

JJ Winchester-Kiss My eyes to Sleep Part 4

JJ Winchester-Kiss My Eyes To Sleep - Part 4 The saying is that things happen for a reason but it still doesn’t explain getting bit by vampires and hellhounds for a child. Lots of people are probably wondering how does a child survive such trauma as the same can be said for a child losing it’s family and how search for that long lost family of theirs.Amusement you can say that my captors have that as they didn’t stop the vampires or the hellhounds from biting and tearing me apart. I’m not sure how to explain but lying on this hospital gurney that I know factors are more then just being bitten by a vampire as I was also injected with vampire blood. The moments I laid there on the hospital gurney as the hounds sat there watching me as I bled out from the numerous bites. The blood flowed out as my arms and legs regrew after the hellhounds had torn the flesh from my child bones. I the conflicted chosen winchester was a chew toy for these hounds for how long I didn’t know but I knew death was there watching but I wasn’t dead either. I wasn’t exactly sure as I knew my heart was beating as I could hear it but I knew too my captors were doing something to me….My thoughts as I laid there were about our father and my brothers as we were all still grieving over the lost of our mother Mary Winchester who was also our father’s beloved wife. Family that I always knew was an important trait to have as well as loyalty because that is how our parents brought us up to have family values and morals. The real me as there are times when I am laying here quietly after being tortured that I wonder who I am but in my mind’s eye that I am always reminded that I am forever a Winchester no matter what is done to me. I knew the voice I was hearing was our mother Mary Winchester as I remember her voice and how she sounded. The words that I kept repeating in my head were our father John Winchester though Mama too use to tell us when we were younger to always remember we are part of the Winchester legacy. The IV that was running through my veins contains not just my blood type but also vampire/demon and angel blood. It was quite a given mixture as usually vampire blood would make you undead but no for me the circumstances were much differently. As a child they had to explain this to me as I would not just understand it on my own. As I was alive with a faint heartbeat that I had always had as that is how I described my own heartbeat because I could not pronounce the big words to describe what was a matter with my heart. Yes I was alive but these different bloods were becoming part of my genetic dna as I knew who was behind it mostly as they told me with their own mouths. So no it true that knowledge has to be learned and I would definiatly say that being experimented on is a learning experience. This blood in my veins was both new and old but also mine and not mine. Eternal youth like Peter Pan came to my mind as I laid there on the hospital Gurney with the hounds of hell watching my every move. This place where I was as I could tell with my mind’s eye that it wasn’t your normal, average hospital because normal hospitals didn’t have hellhounds, archangels,demons or vampires watching you…….. template credit.

⚓️Theseus: Son of Poseidon⚓️

09/22/2022 09:07 PM 

Knowing Theseus

Name: King Theseus Alexandros EstavanAge: 2,358/23 appearance DOB: Autumn, 336 B.C.Race: Demi-godOrientation: BisexualOccupation: King, Fisherman, Blacksmith, PainterEyes: BlueHair: BlondeWeight: 135lbHeight: 5'11"Body: Athletic, lean build. Ivory skin tone.Birthmarks: NoneFamily: Posideon (father), Aethra (mother)Personality: Compassionate, Charming, Clever, Personable, Kindhearted, Wise, Bold, Fearless

Steven Mactovish

09/22/2022 03:53 PM 

Steven vs Kaylee: Heaven is brought to its knees

Kaylee smiled and dropped the wounded Angel off the ledge and Steven narrowed his eyes at her. "You'll regret that bitch." "Will I? Does the Lemurian care about what happens here today? Heaven never cared what happened to Lemuria." Kaylee let her large, black wings spread wide and Steven noticed she had two holes in her cloak for them. "I never thought I'd be fighting another of your kind." She stared in realization. "Novelek's son. This will be a treat. If you get by me you may follow Celosia."Steven ignited Shadow Wrath and his Shoto, the former transforming into its spirit form, becoming solid. A piece of demon scales grew from the side of the hilt, growing and flexing to cover Steven's right forearm to just below his elbow. His demonic aura flared up after his cloak disappeared and his eyes turned demonic yellow. "Your move, Kaylee." Kaylee smirked and raised her Dawn Shredder, firing the minigun at full power. The bullets of dark energy flew at Steven and he was forced to block with Shadow Wrath's flat. He lunged at Kaylee and swung, batting her weapon aside only to have her release the weapon and in her hand appeared a sword. She blocked his follow up swing and gasped as the force of the blow sent her stumbling back a couple steps. "I see how Leah and my other sisters fell to you. You've become strong in a very short amount of time."Steven was about to respond when his danger sense screamed in his mind to move. He threw himself back and watched as blasts of dark energy flew past him. Kaylee's Dawn Shredder was still very much active. He caught Kaylee's swing on his blades and shoved her back hard, swinging again to force her back further. Down the long, golden hallway they battled. Steven spun on his heel and swung Shadow Wrath, pulling back quickly and stabbed his Shoto downwards to stab at Kaylee's shoulder only to have her spin on her heel before flipping away.Steven leaped to meet her, staying on her and continued his barrage of swings, slashes, feints and occasional kicks. All in an effort to keep Kaylee on the defensive. His aura was doing its job of deflecting the blasts that came from the Dawn Shredder as it flew about ten feet above Kaylee, switching to the left or right sides of the road seemingly on its own.He kicked Kaylee in the chin hard and brought Shadow Wrath up to finish her off. Kaylee roared and punched him across the face, sending him stumbling back. Both panted softly and looked at the other. "One minute." Steven said." Kaylee nodded. "Take it then."A minute later the battle commenced and Steven was again on the offensive, only breaking his concentration to follow Kaylee up to the next level. He blocked her swing from behind and kicked her back, swinging again, shoving her against the wall when their blades locked. His grenade launcher was in his left hand a second later and he fired. The resulting explosion of demonic energy sent Kaylee to the floor in a heap and she gasped as Shadow Wrath was driven through her chest a second later.Steven swung and slashed her Ing soul in half when it emerged. The expected explosion he expected never came and instead he saw Kaylee standing there in spectral form. She smiled. "Thank you." 

cries of thunder.

09/22/2022 12:04 PM 

um. love me.

one. 18+ mdni. two. it is absolutely your responsibility to adhere to numero uno. three. multi-para roleplayer. novella writer. four. multi-love interest. this will not change.five. not strictly canon. in fact my zenitsu will be different in every drabble series i write for him.six. ic > ooc. seven. plot discussions are fine and so are random starters. eight. no instasmut pls.discord. inaminute.

ᴇᴅᴅɪᴇ, ᴛʜᴇ ꜰʀᴇᴀᴋ

09/22/2022 12:17 PM 

just a sucker with no self esteem

"Mr.Munson, I've had two teachers complain about you this week." Ms.Kelley lifted her eyes from his chart, revealing a deep frown. Eddie fidgeted slightly in his seat, a blank stare in return. How many times this year would he be called into this damn office, "After a while, complaints turn into consequences and  the next step is suspension. What is going on? Let's talk this out."  A smirk played on Eddie's lips and he stood up, wandering around Ms.Kelley's office idly."What do you mean, 'what's going on?'" his hand brushed against stacks of books, files, paperwork, never once meeting the counselor's gaze. Ms.Kelley scribbled down a couple notes on his chart, "Look, Eddie, I know you're hurting. It's been a rough couple of years for you, and I'm here to help, but if you want to graduate-" Eddie spun around quickly, slamming his hands down onto her desk causing her to jump slightly in her seat. "You know that I'm hurting? I witnessed my mom get murdered by my drug addicted dad a year ago. Where were you then? Where was anyone my freshman year when I missed more school than any other year because my mom didn't want anyone to see what my dad was capable of?" he quirked his head to the side almost mocking her intelligence, his gaze so intense she looked away, "No one helped me my whole life and I don't expect any help now." his voice hitched slightly, and he slowly lowered himself into the seat across from her.There was a silence that filled the room, the counselor writing notes fervently, her eyes slightly glassy. There was a slight shift when Ms.Kelley cleared her throat and resumed eye contact with him, "You've been through a lot, instead of raising our voices, tell me why you've been acting out in class. You were caught fighting with Jason-" Eddie huffed a laugh and leaned back in his chair, reaching into his pocket for a cigarette, however, the look on Ms.Kelley's face made him think twice, so instead, he shoved his hands into his pockets, "He's a prick, what can I say?" This answer hadn't sufficed, and more notes were written onto his chart, "Can I go now? What's the f***in' point of this?" "The point is you not getting suspended for acting out. The point is you getting to walk across that stage this year and graduating. Is that not clear enough for you?" She pursed her lips and Eddie winced slightly at her words, "I'm on your side." Eddie stood from his seat, "I have a hard time believing anyone is ever on my side. Forgive me for not trusting the people who f***ed me over for years when I needed help the most." he glared in her direction, but felt defeated. There was no point in arguing or prolonging this conversation. The verdict was in - he was the f*** up, he was supposed to be over everything he'd ever been through. He was supposed to conform, be less like himself and more like Jason Carver. Toss a football around, throw a ball into a laundry basket, ya know, normal people stuff. "I've seen Chrissy Cunningham around you an awful lot lately. It looks like she's on your side, Mr.Munson." Eddie paused, his brown eyes softening at the mention of Chrissy. Chrissy Cunningham, his biggest weakness, his soft spot, and yet, his biggest strength, "Don't give up. We'll leave it at that. Please don't stop trying."With a slow nod, he turned and left the counselor's office, his smile hidden by his messy curls.  

ℓυηαя gυαя∂ιαη

09/21/2022 10:45 PM 

Protection and Chaos ( Drabble )

It was the night before the inferno of Lunar Village happened and there were going to be things that would change forever for those who would survive the nightmare. Kera who happened walking around the grounds of the village grounds as his optics were adverting to his surroundings along with soon setting sun within the distance miles away. Aya's parents were making their rounds to make sure everything would be alright for the night before they would retire for the night, Her parents were in their mid 40's as Aya and Kera being in their teens at this time. Kera's friend Aya was reassuring her younger sister that everything was going to be alright though both Kera and Aya had their anxiety of feeling that something was soon going to happen and it wasn't going to be good that being for sure.Aya's parents felt like parent figures to Kera as well though he wasn't biologically their son though they thought of him as their son and part of the family and that meant so much to Kera for it was when Kera was 2 years of age and his brother Jerick was 5 was when the both of them lost both their own biological parents though Aya's parents swore to Kera and Jerick's parents that they would take them in if something terrible and tragic happened. Kera's anxiety was going through the roof though by his expressions he was doing his best of hidding it for not wanting everyone else to worry about him when there was more then him to worry about.Hours later the sun was seconds from setting for the night and everyone else besides Kera were settling in for the night and get some rest though Kera's restless mind was on alert for knowing and feeling that he wouldn't be able to sleep tonight that being for sure. It was as soon at the sun went over the horizon within the distance came the odor of burning wood within the distance and the thought thinking nothing of it being nothing more then just a harmless bond fire within the distance though what he or anyone else knew that there was danger coming the direction of the village that would change everything forever.It was the sound of Jerick blowing the danger horn was what caused Kera to turn in the oppisite directon and see a swarm of burning torches coming towards the village the glow of the flames of the torches revealed facial details of those who were carrying them and coming forwards towards the front gate of the village, what he didn't see til it was too late were demonic archers in the back of the line of demons with fire arrows as they begin shooting them as glowing red balls of flames landed on one of the roof of one of the huts as then the roof was on fire and engulfing the in now roaring flames, It didn't take long for that first hut to start burning out of control as screams were heard from inside the hut as those inside that first hut were screaming as they were burning to death.From that first few arrows caused the fire to spread quickly from hut to hut til half of the village was now on fire, Aya, Lilly were able to get out of their hut before it started to be ingulfed into flames as they rushed towards Kera as the three of them stayed together in order to survive this night, it was seconds after that the three of them heard the agonizing screams coming from Aya's parents hut as they were being burned alive, then unexpectedly that crowd of demons who marched through the gate and went right into the burning hut of Aya'a parents as their screams were silenced by the stomach turning sounds of blades cutting through flesh as Aya's father's head rolled out of the burning hut while the flesh remaining was all burned and black from how badly the flesh was burned already. Aya and Lilly screamed bloody murder when they saw this and though Kera was heart broken and very upset he had to be strong for Aya and Lilly and hold in his own tears.Tears stung his optics though he fought the urge of feeling to cry, he was not heartless or anything like that he knew that Aya's parents would want him to be strong of no matter what happened on this night. Jerick rushed over and did what he could to put the fires out though the leader of the demonic clan spotted him and charged towards him and beheaded him right infront of Kera as it was then the tears couldn't be fought back anymore as rivers of tears streamed from Kera's eyes as he watched his own flesh and brother older brother collapse and rapidly bleed out infront of him like this til his last breath.The Demon Leader then turned towards Kera as Kera used his own body in attempt to shield Aya and Lilly behind him and take any hit from these demons as the leader then looked at him and turned his back before slaughtering the rest of the people who managed to get out of the remaining burning houses with just barely some minor burns only to have their heads cut off by these demons. Kera side turned to Lilly and told her when he gave the word for her to run and go hide undetected somewhere safe til it was safe to come out. The youngest MoonLighter didn't want to leave her older sister and Kera though she knew and felt that she was told this in order to survive and knew that Kera was going to tell Aya as well to go run and hide as well as Lilly obeyed and snuck away and out of the village in order to hide somewhere safe and undetected by the demon clan.When Lilly was safely hidden Kera then turned to Aya and gave her a look that told her that she should go hide with Lilly, Aya nodded and as soon as Aya was about to go hide and Kera turned his back to make sure that she was safe it was then a hidden demon grabbed Aya and dragged her away into the night kicking and screaming. When Kera got close enough within the chase it was then all the demons in and out of the village just vanished as the huts continued to burn to the ground.When the flames died down Kera went back to the remains and was greeted by piles of ash and burnt wood slabs everywhere it was then right there that he fell to his knees and screamed out loud in such agony of the sadness that not only did he loose the only biological family he had left his brother Jerick, He lost the two elders whom he strongly and respectlively thought as his parents for they had raised him as well after his own parents died, then right at that moment that he would search for Aya and Lilly no matter how long it took that was his vow to them as a close friend and like a brother to them both.Weeks and months later he had been searching for the sisters and still there were no traces of them of their location or if they were still alive or not, His anxiety told him that they were dead and he should just give up on them though deep in his heart he knew they were alive out there somewhere. He had come across a river within the woods and thought it would be a good place to clean up and wash off the dried caked blood of the home he once knew and was now nothing but ash. It was then on the same side of the river he spotted the exact demon clan king as he then charged him in attempt to tackle and punch and stab the demon though even then there was a barrier around the demon so poor Kera couldn't land a single punch on the other.The demon leader took this chance and sliced his weapon across Kera's torso tearing the flesh open as blood oozed out rapidly as Kera's eyes went ice white as then he suddenly shifted into a unicorn and attempt to stab the demon with his horn. That too was a complete fail and miss for sure as then the demon slashed again this time just grazing him to teach him a lesson as then the demon then vanished without saying anything of where Aya was located or if she was alive or dead.


09/21/2022 07:17 PM 

I want a new life and I want it with you.

'I WANT A NEW LIFE AND I WANT IT WITH YOU' He had never been a morning person, and today was no exception. Closing his eyes tighter than they already had been during his 4 hours of sleep, Harry grumbled at the sound of his alarm echoing through his ludicrously oversized bedroom. He rolled over in his bed to fumble around for his phone on the nightstand, his eyes gradually accepting the sunlight that flickered through the drapes.Although he enjoyed going to Empire State University, Harry would have much preferred an extra couple of hours in bed. It was safe to say, he was now regretting attending another college party which as usual, included drinking too much and experimenting with drugs. He wasn’t proud, far from it, but during those moments Harry could escape the anxiety of his inevitable future at Oscorp and following in his father’s footsteps.A quick shower in his own private bathroom and a change of clothes, Harry was starting to feel slightly more human. He grabbed his phone, wallet, and pack of cigarettes from his desk and left his bedroom.Walking down the hallway, the Osborn home could never be described as warm or inviting, it was the complete opposite. There were no family photos hanging up, unless you were to count the one photo of his mother that sat proudly on Norman's desk. When visiting his girlfriend’s home, Harry always left feeling envious at how comfortable and unpretentious Gwen’s house was in comparison to his.Harry headed downstairs and towards the kitchen. The thought of consuming any food made him feel physically sick after putting his body through hell with illegal substances the night before. Despite having no need to visit the kitchen, the numerous members of staff his father had employed over the years had only ever shown Harry kindness, so he felt the need to make an effort to greet them each morning.As Harry approached the kitchen, he heard a female voice singing a beautiful song, but not one he could put a name to. A smile crept onto his face at the thought of catching the elderly chef singing so joyfully in the morning, something completely absurd in the Osborn household.“I never knew you could sing.” Harry grinned as he pushed open the kitchen door, stopping in his tracks at the sight of a blonde woman with the most infectious smile on her face. Her eyes lifted from the food she had been cooking as her head turned towards him.“Sarcasm, Harry? This early in the morning?” Harry hadn’t moved from the moment he saw her, his brain working overtime at the sight of the one person in the world he had always dreamed of meeting over and over again.“Mom?” His eyes were completely fixated on her. There were a million thoughts rushing through his mind at how this was even possible. “Harry?” Emily mocked his confused tone as she continued to smile at her son, an eyebrow now raised at his bizarre behaviour.As his brain attempted to string some words together to form a sentence, Harry’s father entered the kitchen. Almost as crazy as standing in front of his deceased mother, his father had the biggest smile on his face.“Good morning.” Norman’s tone was cheerful as he patted Harry on the back before walking over to his wife, placing an affectionate kiss on her lips.“Good morning.” Emily stared fondly into her husband’s eyes as her hands draped over his shoulders. “How was your run?”Norman always went for an early morning jog, the only ordinary event of the morning so far. Except he was usually at the office straight after and Harry rarely, if ever, saw him.“What’s happening?” Harry blurted out before his father had the opportunity to respond. Emily looked at Norman and they gave each other a knowing look. She slowly approached her son and gently placed her hand on the side of his face, his head naturally tilting into her warm touch.“Harry.” Her voice was angelic. Harry realised in that moment that he had never heard her voice until today, and it was exactly how he had always imagined it.“We know what you're doing.” She paused, eyebrows knitting together in concern.“Me and your father were never saints, but we both agree that you need to cut down on the partying.” “You have a brilliant mind, Harry.” His father interjected with a kind smile.“We know you’ll get back on track.” Harry’s eyes looked between his mother and father, tears threatening to form. He no longer cared how any of this was possible.“I’m overdue some time away from the office. Let's go out for dinner tonight. The three of us.” Norman smiled, his arm wrapped around Emily’s waist and his other hand gently squeezing Harry’s shoulder. Emily smiled at Harry, her hand remaining on his face.“Doesn’t that sound just perfect?” She replied softly, just as a familiar alarm started to sound.Waking up with his own hand resting on his cheek, Harry slowly opened his eyes as a single tear fell across the bridge of his nose and landed on his pillow. One of the many bittersweet side effects of his partying lifestyle were the vivid dreams that followed.As though it were Groundhog Day, Harry got himself ready in the exact same manner as it had played out in his dream. When he finally reached the kitchen, his heart was pounding at the thought of seeing his mother. With no singing to be heard, Harry slowly opened the kitchen door and instead saw the familiar sight of the grey-haired chef who had worked for his father for as long as Harry could remember.“Good morning, Harry.” The elderly lady smiled at him. Not exactly the infectious smile Harry had dreamed of seeing on his mother’s face.“Good morning.” Harry responded, now noticing the empty plate and mug that were being put away in their rightful places.“Is my dad still here?” He asked, for some odd reason sounding hopeful.“I'm sorry, you just missed him.” The elderly woman had a lot of respect for Norman, but she had carried the burden of giving disappointing news to Harry ever since he was a child.She noticed his posture completely change, as though the weight of the world was resting on his shoulders. Harry’s gaze had dropped to the floor for a moment, but shifted to meet her eyes, a fake smile appearing on his face. "Thank you. Have a good day." As polite as always, Harry left the kitchen and wandered through the house until he reached his father's office. He didn't go inside and instead stood at the doorway, his eyes focusing on the back of the picture frame that sat on his father's desk. Knowing that photo was of his mother, he couldn't bring himself to look at it, not today."I want a new life." He whispered, continuing to stare at the back of the photo.                     "I want a new life and I want it with you."   template credit.


09/21/2022 05:56 PM 

Owes and connections

Owes:I owe:You owe me:Connections: Charlotte:  Charlotte discovers the truth behind Gaia's fathers death.  Lottie and Gaia, have a protective relationship with each other, and find comfort with each other.darcy:  The two are work neighbors,  and support each others businesses. Gaia keeps a watchful eye over her businesses.. 

Bloody Vαleɴтιɴe

09/21/2022 04:24 PM 

The big break ; Trigger warnings

"I told you, you can't hide from me girl." A large figure stood in the doorway of the rickety cabin. He was in shadow as his deep brown eyes scanned around the room. "No one ever does." he practically cooed those words as he took a step inward. A flash off moonlight cut across his face to revel some of his features. He had a large gash across his cheek that was bleeding, and he had the intensity of a hunter written on his face. He took another step this time his boot snapped a twig that echoed through the entire space. "Here piggy, piggy." he cackled and took another step. His large hands were wrapped around an ax the handle stained in crimson. "You know the longer you hide the worse it's gonna be on you girl." The brunette was under the table. There was a chair and a few boxes in front of her, but she had a small view of the room. She placed her hand over her mouth to try and quit down her erratic breathing. Her hair was dry and sticky from caked blood.  Skin dirty and sweaty and her clothes nothing more than a pair of blood stained underwear. She had no shoes and her feet reflected that with their many cuts and scars. Tears were streaming down her face, and her body shook in fear. This was the only chance she had gotten to get away, and she feared what would happen if he caught her. Her blue eyes peered out of the small opening, she couldn't see him any longer had he gone? No, she would have heard him leave. She pulled away and tried to rest her head against the wall. She had a moment of rest but it was followed by excruciating pain. She screamed as she reached up to grab at the hands that were pulling her off the ground by her soiled hair. "I told you I would find you." he squealed in delight as he raised her three feet from the ground and threw her to the wall on the other side of the room. "Now what did I tell you about getting away from me?"  He came closer this time he pulled her up by her arm and drug her out of the cabin kicking and screaming. "No one can hear you bitch." he growled the rage in him now showing. He kept dragging her in the dirt till he came to a large tree. He chained her wrist to a pair of cuffs that hung from one of the branches. He placed the ax on the ground and then went to work hitting her across the face. Each blow making contact and each blow made a spill of blood. When he had enough he went over to his ax and picked it up with purpose. "I'm done with you." He said as he swung with all his might. The ax made contact with her abdomen cutting her body clean in two. A mess of blood and entrails fell to the ground as he walked away.""CUT AND PRINT" The director stood from his chair. "That's a wrap everyone good work." everyone on set began to cheer.  "Cecilia you were great." The director walked over and helped remove her hands from the cuffs. "Thanks." she smiled. "I know that ax is fake but I swear it gets me every time." She looked at an assistant who was handing her a robe which she happily accepted. "Listen Cece, I wanted to talk to you." Frank motioned her to follow him over to his chair. "I think it's time for you to actually be the star of the movie instead of just a victim." He placed a script in her hand. "Howling Moon. It starts shooting in a month and I want you to take the lead." Cece looked at the script in her hands and smiled so wide it could have lit of the night sky. "Are..are you serious?" she looked up at Frank who gave her a nod. "No need for a screen test I already know you are the one I want. So what do you say?"Looking down in her hands once again to look at the script with the name "Howling moon" across it. This was her chance she thought, this was all she had worked for coming true. "Frank." She said looking up. "I'm your girl."


09/21/2022 02:31 PM 

Μιλα καποιος Ελληνικα?

Αν ναι, τοτε παρακαλω καντε με add, θα ηθελα πολυ να γραψω με καποιον στη γλωσσα μου, δυστυχως σε ολα μου τα χρονια δεν εχω βρει πολλους σε αυτου του ειδους τα σαιτ.Ευχαριστω


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Melody's rules

Melody's Rules  ❖ Because there are a lot of sickos, drama queens and toxic people around here, I have decided to make a list of rules that you should be aware of before RPing with me. If you break any of these rules, nothing will happen the first time, if you do it a second time, you will be deleted and blocked. 1.- I am a Para to Multi Para RP and sometimes, I can write Novella, it all depends on how my muse is at that moment. I hope you understand.2.- I love to Banter. It's a lot of fun to do those little PRs in messages when you don't feel like writing big stops. So, banters are more than welcome on my page.3.- Another very important point is the sickos. I don't accept any kind of rp smut or sexual swearing towards my character, she is just a girl, don't be disgusting. I take this rule very seriously, there is no tolerance level for this. If you break this rule, you will be blocked and reported. 4.- I like IC drama but I will not tolerate OCC drama for any reason. I can't stand drama queens or toxic people, so stay away from my page if you are that kind of person.5.- I have my writing group where I keep track of all my storylines and drabbles. I do not RP in messages. In comments rarely but I definitely prefer to RP in groups. I hope you understand. 6.- I don't like people who always criticize when you make a spelling mistake. Please, we are human and there is no need to be so grouchy about it. My native language is not English and sometimes I miss a typo. Don't be Nazis.7.- My verse is mostly based on X-Men with an original twist, so it's not quite canon, so to speak. Melody belongs to a story created by an excellent writer who is my friend but we are very influenced by X-Men, so I could say we belong to that verse.8.- I love crossovers. I think they are very interesting to RP, so they are more than allowed on my page9.- HAVE FUN! 


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The mutants of MRO

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The Not so Innocent Seer

  The Not So Innocent Seer AU from the Group I’m In But Also reflects to how I also see Elain   **Inspiration credit to this TikTok:  **   Elain was in one of the dining rooms of the River House fixing flowers that she had just picked into a vase. These were pink roses, pink roses were one of her favorite roses which meant grace and beauty but with those thorns they were still so dangerous.    Beauty and dangerous.    Words that described her, words that only she and perhaps only N and C knew fit her perfectly.    The door swung open and Rhsyand came in, giving him a small smile before going back to her flowers, figuring he was just walking through the house until he began to talk, causing her to briefly pause in rearranging the flowers.    “I have some questions for you,” his voice was almost accusatory and she couldn’t help bit stand a bit higher.    “I made mistakes and you put your foot down from what I heard,” Elain said, keeping her voice steady, frowning at one flower and snipping off the end of it before putting it back in the vase.    “I’m not here to talk about, Az,” he replied in that whatever manner he tried to do to get what he wanted.    “Then what do you need me for? Dinner will be reading in about an hour, I believe.”   “I need your help,” Rhysand said, waving his hand and leaning on the fireplace.    “With what?,” Elain asked, measuring another stem and cutting it off.    “What do you know about multi-universes?”   Elain kept snipping as he said that. She pressed her lips together as she shrugged, “That they are out there and Nesta’s new sweet friend, Gwyn, has been working on it with the other priestess,” pausing for just a moment, she continued. “I have my own thoughts on it after a few dreams.”    She could feel Rhysand studying her as he said, “We have a visitor and we need help seeing into things. Are you up for it?”   Elain looked at her flowers as her finger pricked a thorn. A flash of white went through her vision before he spoke again.    “Well? Will you help us?” Rhysand had now pushed off the fireplace coming closer to her.   “Oh now you want my help,” she let out a rueful chuckle, “Did you get Nesta to sign off on me getting more interesting?” Elain asked before sucking on her finger to stop the blood.    Rhysand gave her a smirk, “I’m High Lord, I don’t need permission from her, but it is up to you. I know you’ve been wanting to help.”    Elain gritted her teeth some, yes wanting to help, but not helping how she wanted. How she thought it would be best. She put on a black dress that wasn’t even right for her. It drained her and made her feel like she was part of the Night Court.    She couldn’t stomach what the Hewn City was but she went and when she went she realized everyone was playing a game, no one was giving hopes or giving dreams, it was the High Lord’s dream, it was the inner circle’s dream.   Yes technically she was in the inner circle but she was just among it. Making people happy and living in the shadows or being overly protected.    “Of course, I’ll help, Bryce.” she said and as soon as she said it she knew she messed up.    “I never told you her name, Elain…”   “You didn’t?” she asked as she tilted her head a little and looked at him, before gripping the rose in her hand and not caring about the thorns pulsing in her palm.    She didn’t care anymore as she felt the rush of power through the room and the doors sealing shut.    “Oh locking me up like Nesta and what Tamlin did to Feyre, Rhysand? I thought you were better than that,” Elain stated as she tossed the rose to the table and looked at him.    “Surprised that I’m not just what I seem to be? Oh wait…you and Feyre are already peacing that together. One sister at a time wasn’t it?” Elain raised an eyebrow.    N and C had helped her go with the shadows, know how to go with the skills that were ingrained in her.    “You don’t care to really know what is really going on with me for my own sake, just the sake of your court, your High Lady.”  she said as her eyes flashed a little.    “I would say my sister, but I don’t even know what I am anymore. I see her when she just needs company nothing of substance, Nesta didn’t want anything with me, so where was I supposed to go but here with you all, then you bug into the life I’m trying to give.”    Elain took a breath and watched as she knew Rhysand was using his magic to ward things, “I’m not going to be a f***ing doll on the self, a pawn piece. I have my own life. My own life to live and the things I have saw and still see.    All I want to be is in a non dark place, in a place full of spring time, full of flowers, a place full of life, not of restricted life and the way you want, but maybe I should listen to one vision I saw and be the bringer of what he wants,” her breathing racing as she kept her eyes on him.    “I used to hold on to hope. I took the position that my mother used to be for my father, the one to lean on and give him grace. I tried to give hope. I gave Feyre paints because I knew she loved them, Nesta the companionship she had at courts. I held on to hope that things would be better and they were for a moment in time but it was all fake, the love I had thought I had was shambles, my sister’s lost to other members whom they now claim as family.”    She watched as Rhysand started to say something but she held up her hand, “No…you don’t get to try to reason your way out of this. You will not get to sideline me for my feelings, I’m tired of my feelings to be just brushed under the rug and not really matter, but just an inconvenience for everyone.    I don’t even know who I am but I know I don’t belong here, he at least cares even if I’m going against him now.”    Rhysand finally spoke with, “Who is he…”   Elain laughed ruefully, “Don’t worry you will know soon,” and with that she closed her eyes and did something she hadn’t done since the battle of Hybern, since she was in the shadows with the dagger and she winnowed away and out to a place that offered her shelter, offered her a place of renewal, and promise.    Even if it wasn’t what she saw in dreams, of a garden full and ready to open towards her with open arms.    As she got to the lake she breathed out, tears falling down her face as the anger and feelings just all left her. A voice in her head calmly spoke to her as she gazed at the lake.,    “You are safe here. You have come to a place at your own choosing and we will make sure no one else will hurt ou again or make you feel lesser than. Tho you know you have to be punished for not doing as you were told.   Of Not waiting.”    Elain nodded, “I understand,” she said as she breathed to calm down.   “Good, well then, let’s get you ready for your true self, my Wither and Bloom.”    A flash of white happened again and Elain heard the words from Rhysand as he asked her the familiar question, as she was pulled from the vision. The vision that showed her the path she could take or twist.   “Well? Will you help us?” Rhysand had now pushed off the fireplace coming closer to her.   “Sorry, I cut my finger with a thorn and it pulled me from the conversation. It hit an old wound,” licking her lips she looked at Rhysand, the opportunity to be free of the anger and the feelings inside of her was there, but she couldn’t take it, not yet.   He would lock her up like he did Nesta. For a man who hated  it being down to his own mate, he had no problems locking other people up when they needed help, or were just themselves.    “Of course. Lead the way,” her voice soft as she put her flowers down, leaving the shears and following him out.    She would do as the cauldron wanted, be it’s lover as it loved her. Loved her for her innocence and the way to disappear into things. To see all even without her powers.    As she saw Bryce’s red hair, she smiled, if the cauldron wanted her and the horn to be together along with the trove, it couldn’t be bad…could it?    She only flinched and was truly afraid when Bryce talked about a salt bath and putting her under the water to see. That's how her seers could see into things.    Elain didn’t want to do that, not another thing of water, not water and blindness. She knew her face showed fear, but she said, “I’ll do it. After all, I am here to help.”    “Yes, I promise it’ll all be over soon. Think of all that you can share with me,” she heard the voice. The voice she always thought was the cauldron’s who helped guide her and after all, what was she to do after using it where it was destroyed and rebuilt again.   


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