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Deeper Than Blood; RPG

05/27/2011 05: PM 

Moroi Royalty Roles

Royal Moroi Roles. They are are mortal vampires who can wield elemental elements. The five elements are earth, air, water, fire, and the newly discovered spirit. There was a time when Moroi used magic to fight against their enemies alongside their guardians and create miracles to save lives. Now they only learn to control it and don't use it for much. Moroi need small amounts of blood a day to survive mixed with human food. They feed from voluntary human feeders who are addicted to the endorphins from a vampire bite. They tend to be tall and pale. Moroi women tend to be much less curvy, which is why Moroi men are attracted to Dhampir women. Moroi are in charge of the Moroi and Dhampir part of the world. There are several royal families, but only one King or Queen. The oldest son gets the title of 'Prince' and the daughters 'Princess'. They run on a nocturnal schedule, as do their Dhampir guardians for their sake. A lot of sunlight tires them. [OPEN-PENDING-CLOSE]ELEMENT: SpiritAGE:18LOVE INTEREST: Christian Ozera.GUARDIAN: Rosemarie Hathaway.PLAYBY:Teresa Palmer.THE BOOKS:A seventeen-year-old Moroi princess and Rose Hathaway's best friend. Lissa is the last vampire in the Dragomir royal line, giving her the title "Princess." Her family, along with Rose, died in a car accident when she was fifteen, but Lissa unknowingly brought Rose back from the dead, creating a bond between them. Lissa is described as beautiful, with long, platinum blond hair and jade green eyes. Her element is the extremely rare "Spirit" like St. Vladimir's, which is a psychic element that comes from the mind and soul. Before she left the Academy, she was in a relationship with Aaron, who Mia Rinaldi started dating after Lissa left. She develops feelings for Christian Ozera in Vampire Academy and starts dating him later on in the same book. Lissa later discovers to have a half-sister, Jill, by her father and subsequently is crowned Queen. She loses her bond with Rose in Last Sacrifice when Rose almost died but came back on her own, rather than being brought back by Spirit. The series ends with her coronation as queen. OUR STORY: Under construction. [OPEN-PENDING-CLOSE]ELEMENT: FireAGE:18LOVE INTEREST: Vasilisa Dragomir.GUARDIAN: Dimitri BelikovPLAYBY:Milo Ventimiglia.THE BOOKS:He is an outcast because his parents (Lucas and Moira) willingly became Strigoi. He's a royal Moroi who holds radical ideas about fighting against Strigoi. He specializes in Fire magic. His physical appearance is described to be tall with black hair and crystal blue eyes. After his parents were killed, he was raised by his aunt Tasha Ozera. He is left devastated at the end of Last Sacrifice, when it was revealed that it was his aunt that killed Tatiana. OUR STORY: Under construction. [OPEN-PENDING-CLOSE]ELEMENT: SpiritAGE:21LOVE INTEREST: Sydney Sage.GUARDIAN: Anna Howard.PLAYBY:Hayden Christensen.THE BOOKS:A royal Moroi and great-nephew of the queen. He has messy but stylish brown hair, emerald green eyes, and high cheekbones; 6'2 to 6'4 tall. He, like Lissa, is a Spirit user and suffers the same side effects as she does. He numbs the effects by drinking alcohol and chain smoking. He and Lissa start to explore the different abilities Spirit users have. Adrian has the ability to "walk dreams," which he often uses to visit Rose when they are both sleeping. Rose meets Adrian at the ski resort in Frostbite where his feelings for her are no secret. He enters into a relationship with Rose in Spirit Bound, but is broken-hearted at the end of Last Sacrifice, when Rose reveals she still loves Dimitri and is unable to continue their relationship.  OUR STORY: Under construction.[OPEN-PENDING-CLOSE]ELEMENT: WaterAGE:15LOVE INTEREST: Eddison Castile.GUARDIAN: Eddie Castile & Angeline Dawes.PLAYBY: Indiana Evans.THE BOOKS: Jillian Mastrano is a Moroi, a Water user who attends St. Vladimir's. She is 15, has green eyes and brown curly hair. Her mother is a ballet dancer, and they live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She meets Rose in Shadow Kiss, and asks her how to fight the old-fashioned way, but Rose tells her to ask Christian Ozera. In Last Sacrifice, she was revealed as the illegitimate daughter of Eric Dragomir, thus the half sister of Lissa. After dying before the beginning of Bloodlines and being brought back as a shadow-kissed by Adrian, she is anonymously sent away to Palm Springs for her own protection. She develops a crush on Lee as is very shaken when he's killed by the Strigoi. OUR STORY: Under construction. [OPEN-PENDING-CLOSE]ELEMENT: SpiritAGE:48LOVE INTEREST: No set interest.GUARDIAN: None.PLAYBY:Hugh Lurie.THE BOOKS: illegitimate son of Trenton Dashkov and the half-brother of Victor Dashkov. Robert is known to be a spirit user, which is how Victor seems to know so much about spirit. Rose heard that Robert claims he once restored a Strigoi back to life. In the end of Blood Promise Rose plans to find him in hopes that she can restore Dimitri back to the way he was. Rose, Lissa and Eddie help Victor escape from prison and request him to arrange a meeting with Robert. Robert mentions that he has never forgotten Alden, the dhampir he was bonded to. He tells Rose that she cannot imagine what is was like to lose him. Rose asks him if it is true that he freed a Strigoi and he confirms it, saying it was a woman he freed. Robert explains that only spirit-users can save Strigoi and that they need a stake that is charmed with spirit. He also explains that a brought back Strigoi will not be bonded to the spirit-user because their souls have not moved on but linger. Robert wants to show Lissa how to charm a stake but the group is attacked by Strigoi and Victor and Robert escape. OUR STORY: Under construction. [OPEN-PENDING-CLOSE]ELEMENT: SpiritAGE:20LOVE INTEREST: No set interest.GUARDIAN: Simon.PLAYBY:Jessica LowndesTHE BOOKS:A royal Moroi who appears in Blood Promise when her father takes over as the academy's headmaster. She makes friends with Lissa and Adrian and expresses interest in Adrian, but after a while of being in Lissa's head, Rose determines that Avery is out to destroy her reputation by getting her to drink and thin down her spirit powers. Rose also figures out that Avery is a spirit user who wants to kill Lissa and make her "shadow-kissed" so that they could share a bond. OUR STORY: Under construction.

Deeper Than Blood; RPG

05/27/2011 04: PM 

W*hore Code

Our Whore CodeW4W and S4S always a go Just comment us.  <center><a href=""><img src="" width="650"></a></center><center><center><font size="2" face="Arial">We are Based of the writings of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy& Bloodlines series. This is an AU based RPG.</font></center><center><font face="'Courier New'" size="4">Revenge is the keyword here, they want it but will they get it? Don't lose your way now. Lives are in danger. But can they save them? One way to find out right? It's time to fight. With secret unraveling, Family member against family member. Love, hatred, Death, life. Become part of this madness.</font></center><center><font size="2" face="Arial">Join Deeper than Blood RPG</font></center><center><font size="1">[Click picture to add]</font></center> </center> 

✿ Beautiful Destiny ✿

05/27/2011 04: PM 

Powers & Abilities

[These, of course, will only fully manifest once she grows old enough. Powers listing was created by her mother (Karen) and father (Hank) with the aid of the Marvel and DC Wiki Databases.]PowersSize Reduction: Destiny possesses the power to reduce herself all the way down to ant-size or smaller, by means of the subatomic particles known as the Pym Particles passed down to her from her father. The Particles interact with the electrical impulses of his brain, creating an organism-wide "reducing field." Thus activated, the field reduces her entire body at a uniform rate to the smaller size she desires. Strangely, because the excess mass is extended extra-dimensionally, she retains her full human-size strength no matter how small she is.NOTE: Her father sometimes used the Pym Particles to shrink to sub-microscopic stature. When 99.99 + % of his mass was extra-dimensionally shunted, he was sent into a "subatomic universe" or "microverse," one of countless alternate universes accessible to Earth only by the mass-shunting process. It is believed she can do the same.Size Addition: Destiny's DNA is infused with Pym Particles which interact with her brain to enable her to grow to gigantic height. The growth process requires the rapid acquisition of bodily mass, presumably from an extradimensional source. This extradimensional mass fortifies all of her cellular tissue, including her bones and muscles, enabling her to support her increased weight, and giving her additional superhuman strength. The strain can possibly cause health problems if pushed beyond safe limitations, and renders her subject to various limitations on her size and the duration of her transformations. She is currently capable of growing hundreds of feet tall exceeding the heights of even the tallest buildings in New York. Shrink Vision: Destiny possesses what he father calls "Shrink Vision", a unique combination of her parents' powers, which allows her to shrink people and objects by emitting a beam of Pym Particles from her eyes. This only works if the person or object is directly in the path of the beam, and can be enlarged or reduced to the size she desires. The person will stay shrink or grown for 5 minutes. However, doing this prevents her from shrinking or growing herself for at least 5 minutes also to replenish her body's stores of Pym Particles.Microscopic Vision: She has inherited her mother's ability to see extremely small objects and images down to the atomic level.Telescopic Vision: Destiny can perceive objects at great distances. The range of her telescopic vision is unknown, but she can see objects from several hundred miles away. This ability operates independently of normal vision and can be activated or deactivated by an act of will. Bio-Electric Blasts: Destiny is capable of firing powerful, bioelectric energy blasts from her hands much like her father, or making her entire body glow with it to stun, harm, or ward off opponents. The levels of bio-electric energy she can produce surpass her father's power. The more she uses it, the more energy is expended and the more time is required to replenish it. Unless she her powers have been supercharged by a burst of solar energy.Flight: Her ability to absorb solar energy fuels her ability to fly at any height at or below her normal height. She can move herself and lift extremely large objects into the air. Her top speed is unknown but is known to be at least the speed of sound. Her control is highly precise; she can perform aerobatic feats such as hovering, flying backwards, and even lifting great weights while flying. In addition, her altered physiology passed down to her from her father, has granted her synthetic "wasp" wings that appear only when she shrinks below 3 feet tall. They're not so much needed for flight, but instead act more as solar panels to give her the energy for very long flights and to compensate for her lack of body mass (which, of course, absorbs solar energy). Therefore, she can maintain flight longer at a smaller size than she can at normal size.ABILITIESScientific Genius-Level Intellect: Destiny has inherited her father's high level of IQ and capacity to learn.Kryptonian Physiology: Being half-Kryptonian, Destiny's cellular structure is more dense, resilient and biologically more effective than Earth human tissue. However, being half-human, she is not invulnerable like her mother, and can be pierced by sharp weaponry if sufficient force is used, harmed by very powerful blows, or injured by heavy artillery fire. The damage from these things however, would be less than it would on a normal human being due to her half-Kryptonian physiology and thanks to her powers, she is immune to both extreme heat and high-voltage electricity.Solar-Energy Absorption: Like her mother, Destiny's body also actively stores energy within her bio-cellular matrix as an energy pattern that is linked to her body's electromagnetic field. In turn, this aids in rapid production of Pym Particles in her system. This solar energy also powers most of Destiny's capabilities, such as flight and her bio-electric energies. Like Superman, she can sun-dip and supercharge her powers.Superhuman Strength: Her physical strength appears to be half that of her mother's, enabling her to lift 50 tons max and maintains the same strength at smaller sizes. She can lift over 100 tons at her maximum height.Superhuman Stamina: Her body stores and processes solar energy at a rapid rate and for a variety of effects. Her storage capacity is unknown, although being half-human, she requires sleep and rest on a normal basis.Superhuman Speed: Her enhanced metabolic rate, muscular speed, and nervous system, grant her incredible speed. Her bio-electric and solar energy paths that course along her neurophysical structure, along with her half-Kryptonian structure allow her to react at many times normal human speed. Her reflexes are quick enough to allow her to dodge most projectile weapons.WEAKNESSESMagic: She is vulnerable to magic and magic systems. Her half-Kryptonian biology is open to certain radiations, particularly magical energies whose chaotic electromagnetic or extra-dimensional signatures disrupt her body's stability - especially being half-human. Destiny's vulnerability to magic varies on the special effects of the magic. She can be injured and worn down by magical entities.Psionics: Destiny is as vulnerable to psionic attacks as a normal human being. She is subject to mental domination attacks against her. Those whose mental powers are superior to her own have been able to render her unconscious or disrupt her natural thought processes.Green Kryptonite: Since the destruction of Krypton, its remains (rendered radioactive by the explosion) have been spreading throughout the universe as Kryptonite, a crystalline substance whose specific radiation is lethal to Kryptonians. No other colors seem to affect her.Red Solar Radiation: Her powers can be suppressed or weakened by red solar radiation.Anti-Pym-Particle Weaponry: Anything affecting Pym Particles in a negative manner, such as the toxin Monica Rappuchini created to use against Eric O'Grady, can effect Destiny like it can her father. The results are dependent on what it is. Other: Unlike her mother, she is not invulnerable and being half-human is capable of becoming sick, poisoned, or injured in a variety of ways. She is more durable than a human, but has no special healing abilities. She also needs to breathe and eat, though she can go without both for longer than any human. In deep space, she can survive for 5 hours before needing air.

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