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Annabelle Lincoln

09/26/2022 09:45 PM 

Grace & Seth

Blake and Maggie had gone to town leaving Seth and Grace to watch their daughter Katie who was asleep at the moment. Seth wandered the house checking things out, makin sure there was no lanterns left lit or anything out of place. He wanted to see the changes that had been made since their last visit to his Sister’s ranch in Texas.  He doesn't go into the master bedroom or into the study as those were private areas, not meant for guests.  They were in charge of the place for the day. There wasn’t any issues that needed their attention or to fuss over, the ranch foreman was a longtime employee and knew what he was doing. He ran the ranch well and helped to make it a success for Blake. When he reached the kitchen he pours himself some coffee and wonders where his wife Grace is.  Grace was upstairs in the nursery just watching  her niece sleep.  Her inner clock was ticking and she wanted a baby so badly, to be able to have a family with Seth,. Yes she was happy with Seth, he was a wonderful husband but something was missing from their lives. She had kept quiet for awhile because she  knew he was building up his doctor practice  in their home and building his reputation in the town, so she did not bring up her longings  to him. Seth takes his coffee and goes looking for his wife around the ranch and  he finds her quickly enough, moving to stand by her rocking chair she was in.  Taking her hand with his free one, he smiles down at her. She was lovely today and he adored her.  He thought now was the time to share what he had been thinking lately. “We should have a baby., doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl. It would be a  cousin for Katie., your mother might like the idea of being a grandmother again , you see how my mother loves Katie. Maybe it would have the same effect on yours”  He gives  her hand a squeeze, he knew her parents were a source of hurt for her. They had disowned her when she had married a southerner, as they were strong northerners and would always remain faithful to the union. She had even gone as far as to invite them to their wedding but with no response. If he could reunite her with them he would, just to make her happy. “ I love you Grace I want you to be happy,  you know that you make my life filled with happiness. Whatever you want is my desire as well,”  She gazes  up at him into those brown eyes that always saw to hear heart and squezzed  his hand " I was just admiring her its so perfect and precious,,” she sighs and continues “ I know you are busy with your practice  and i would never do anything to get in the way of that..”.. she then stopped having heard his words that he wanted to have children her face lights up in a glowing smile as she is in disbelief " you really want a baby seth ?" He nods in response a smile on his face as well “Yes. I want a baby with you. I know you wanted to have one for a bit now.” He squeezed her hand in reassurance to her worries “  I am not going to take on any more clients. I have enough. We have money and time for us to have a family.” he lets out a soft laugh “ Why should Blake and Maggie get to be the only parents” Grace searched his eyes to make sure he meant it and when she saw the love in his eyes and heard the certainty of his words she wrapped her arms around him tight and holds on with all she has " Seth I love you . I know  your going to make an amazing father "  He smiles down at her holding her in his arms securely “ And you will be an  amazing mother. You don't have to hide anything from me., I want you to be happy so no more holding back “. He stroked her cheek with his hand, that procieln skin of hers “ I know that having a baby will make you happy as well as myself “ He stopped talking and leans down, kissing her a tender kiss. 

๐’ƒ๐’Š๐’“๐’…๐’Š๐’†, ๐’ƒ๐’‚๐’ƒ๐’š.

09/26/2022 11:18 PM 

๐’๐ญ๐š๐ ๐ž๐ฌ ๐จ๐Ÿ ๐†๐ซ๐ข๐ž๐Ÿ.

TW: suicidal ideations, suicide mentionMentions: Abel ( /1749053 )A continuation from: Never Catch Me The world was burning. Or so, thats how it felt. Between the media attention, her friends being worried, and her overall state, Chima was feeling weird. And avoidant. She took her sweet time responding to anyone, opting numbness and indulgence instead. Leaving certain friends on read, while responding to others. Newer friends, those who knew less. Because you got to be whom ever you wanted, when they knew less. It was a bit refreshing. The media storm, she could bullsh*t away. Her baggage? Not so much.She sighed, sitting up on her hotel bed. It was New York Fashion Week. She had been contracted out to walk a few runways, from Fenty to Gap. Playboy. She had her hands in a few honeypots. It felt nice to be an indie artist hanging with elites. And best believe, the elites enjoyed a good party.Her phone chimed off, a new text coming in. This time, from Abel. Following up his scolding for her missing her flight to sending a telehealth therapist. [JUST TRY IT PLEASE.] Eyes rolling before finishing his sentence. [if it will get you off my back, sure ] She shot back her text, clicking the link. She was guided to a health site with a list of practitioners. But there was one who stood out, from the mature salt-n-pepper hair to her pointed glasses. And she had availability within two hours.Chima sat there, contemplating. Rolling a lose benzo between her fingers and thumbs like a marble as she did. Holding off on taking it just yet. She scheduled an appointment for the next available slot.  โณฎโทค โ”€โ”€ โฒ‡ โ”€โ”€ โณฎโทค   ding!   The sound of the zoom meeting rang off, both women just staring at each other. Chima watched awkwardly, nodding through introductions. Dr. Jones-Bryant. Erika, to be on first name basis. Erika sat there, a sharp smile on her face as she leans into the camera.EJB: "So what brings you to us? Anything that's particularly on your mind?"Chima: "Actually, my friend referred me. Offered to pay for it. So..."EJB: gives a laugh "Okay. So you didn't want to come. Fair enough. I mean, since we are here, lets chat a bit. We can atleast do that so we can say you tried. Fair?"Chima: "...Sure, I guess."EJB: "Wonderful. Lets start it simple. Tell me about your day. How are you feeling?"Chima: "Honestly? Annoyed and tired. My friends have been a bit overbearing this week. Its been a long one."EJB: "Okay. Sounds stressful. Why do you feel your friends are being overbearing?"Chima: gets quiet, debating on how to word things. She already knew talks of suicide got you in holding for 72 hours so she kept it simple. "I fell off my roof last week while intoxicated. Yes, I know that level of drinking is not safe. However, I broke no bones and I'm fine."EJB: "Okay. Thats good. Though I hearing a bit of defensiveness. Lets talk about that."Chima: "Because TMZ got a hold of it and is insinuating that I'm suicidal. So my friends are worried."EJB: "Of course. Thats reasonable, they care about you. I'm assuming that your friends know you well. Why would they believe you're suicidal?"Chima: "Because I... I've been dreaming about my son again. My son is deceased. No knock raid."EJB: "Wow. Such a plague in our community. I'm sorry for your loss, Chima."Chima: "...Yeah."EJB: "Do you think you have processed his death?"Here, she had to pause. She already knew she hadn't processed a damned thing, rather compartmentalized. It bled into her thoughts all the time, at any random moment. Certain movies, certain smells. Baby shops. You name it, it pulled her in her head. So in response to such a question, she shrugged.EJB: "So we're approaching time, but I want to leave you with some food for thought. There are five stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Think about where you are in your life. What phase do you think you're on, how do we get you through these phases. Are you experiencing one or are you experiencing all of them? And please try to be honest with yourself. Now. Did you want to schedule your next appointment with me now or later on your own?"Chima got quiet, then said softly. "I'll schedule it myself. Thank you."EJB: "Alright Chimamanda! We'll pick it up then. It was wonderful meeting you."bing!Once again, she was back sitting in silence, pondering over everything told to her. From what she understood, she was definitely experiencing all these phases. But at this point, she wasn't sure what healing would look like. At this point, grief was normal. Her phone pinged with a feedback link, also with the option to book when she desired. She sat her phone down on her thigh, leaning back in her seat.Then, she deleted the booking link after a few minutes, popping that benzo instead.

๐’ƒ๐’Š๐’“๐’…๐’Š๐’†, ๐’ƒ๐’‚๐’ƒ๐’š.

09/26/2022 11:17 PM 

๐๐ž๐ฏ๐ž๐ซ ๐‚๐š๐ญ๐œ๐ก ๐Œ๐ž.

TW: suicidal ideations, suicide attemptMentions: Lili ( /1676191 ) It was time to admit it—Chima was experiencing depression. Had been, if she were honest with herself. It wasn't like this were some grand revelation. Given the nature of her experiences, it was bound to happen. Between standing on the edge of Roosevelt bridge and Malik, dark thoughts weren't new. But definitely compartmentalized. Compensated with goals she often pushed herself to hit, pushing herself too much until it either blew up or went pleasantly well.She told herself, if I could only make this much, or if I could only make this many. Always striving for success, though losing interest once it was achieved. Onto the next one, onto the next distraction. Though she rarely showed it, not intentionally anyway, Chima was tired. You could see the fatigue in her face. On some days, she slept too much. But lately, she was running off two hours tops.Manic. That was the word for it. That was the word Lili tossed around, less jokingly over the past few days. Hard to blame her; with Chima all but locking herself in the studio. The joys of being back in Atlanta was her having a studio in her home, complete with equipment. Littered with various wine bottles. Wine wasn't an alcoholic's drink, after all. It was the drink of the creatives, an ambrosia.  She knew why, but would rather play stupid about her friends concern.Why be accountable when you could live in delusion instead? Chima was on her roof, slurred and writing down whatever lyrics popped into her head. She had filled her notebook up in the past few days, had enough songs written to release two albums. She sat on the roof, looking down at the bustling streets of little Five Points. People just walking along, laughing and carefree. She couldn't help but watch with jealousy."You know you more of an angel than me, right mama?" Malik was standing to her right, staring down at the street with her. She gave this laugh, a sad one. "Nah, even when you were flesh, I was no angel." She stood up, nodding and grabbing her notebook. "Angels got wings." Foot inching closer to the edge, watching the phantom of her son stare through her. "...Mama, what you doing?" Another foot hitting the edge of the roof. "Getting my wings." Then she tossed herself back.  ...So right when I said this, I turned into this... being. This celestial goddess, with a set of wings bursting from my back...Wings large enough for me to get caught in the electric wires. Like a snared sparrow, caught and bound to the city.The people below snap photos, staring up in awe at the spectacle. I get it.And it takes me a moment, but I get out the wires.I'm spiraling to the ground.Til the angel wings in my back brace my fall. Soft feathers lifting me from the concrete.This is one of those times where I land on my back and not my face...      


09/26/2022 04:57 PM 

Skylar Wilson Bio

FULL NAME: Skylar Wilson.NICKNAMES: Skye.AGE: Born in 2001. Age depends where we start.  SPECIES: Human.GENDER: Female.SEXUALITY: Straight.RELATIONSHIP STATUS: SingleOCCUPATION: Lawyer. FAMILY: Daughter of Simon Wilson and Amy Wilson.Younger sister of Liam Wilson and Hannah Wilson. Aunt of Maya Wilson and Rebecca Wilson. PERSONALITY: Intelligent, stubborn, resourceful, passionate, determined, loyal, bold, romantic, trustworthy, kind, sarcastic at times.FACE CLAIM: Britt Robertson.GENRE: Riverdale Non-canon.


09/26/2022 01:24 PM 

Astra Morningstar Bio

FULL NAME: Astra Morningstar.MAIDEN NAME: Astra Blackwell.NICKNAMES: Star, Miss Blackwell, Mrs Morningstae, Queen of Hell. AGE: 1000+ years old.SPECIES: Immortal Witch.GENDER: Female. SEXUALITY: Bi-sexual.RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single.OCCUPATION: Head of Blackwell Pharmaceuticals Los Angeles. FAMILY: Daughter of Julian Blackwell [IMMORTAL] and Vivian Blackwell [DECEASED].Older sister of Adam Blackwell [IMMORTAL], Elias Blackwell [IMMORTAL], Glenda Blackwell [IMMORTAL], Katherine Blackwell [IMMORTAL].Wife of Lucifer Morningstar [IMMORTAL].Mother of Luciana "Lucy" Morningstar [IMMORTAL].SCARS/BIRTH MARKS: Cesarean scar along her stomach, birth mark on her shoulder in the shape of a moon, various scars over her body.POWERS/ABILITIES: Spell Casting; summoning, cursing, hexing, warding, binding, memory manipulation, chlorokinesis, poppet puppetry, astral projection, scrying, conjuration, necromancy, illusion manipulation, glamour, demon trapping, demon banishing, containment, demon exorcism, cloaking, enchantment, portal opening, atmokinesis, hellfire summoning, telekinesis, teleportation, bi-location, potion making, divination, familiar communication, mediumship, mind control, dream walking, telepathy, precognition, levitation, pyrokinesis, resurrection, healing, electrokinesis, longevity.SPECIAL POWERS: Immortality, ability to control the Weather.PERSONALITY: Determined, charming, passionate, witty, stubborn, aggressive, abrupt, charismatic, possessive, resourceful, blunt, honest, loyal, challenging, fiery, creative, courageous, independent, spontaneous, protective, impatient, maternal, loving, romantic, brave, compassionate, can be jealous at times, bad tempered, sensual, adventurous, insecure at times, witty.FACE CLAIM: Katie McGrath.GENRE: Lucifer Non-canon.BIO: Childhood for Astra was never simple like most children got and she didn't have freedom or kindness although her mother was kind and a loving woman but her father was not, he was a completely different person he was consumed with Dark Magic and he had forced Astra to practice Dark Magic, so from a young age all she had known was to be cruel, aggressive, vindictive and barbaric. Though in a deep part of herself Astra was like her mother; warm, protective and kind.Astra is the first Immortal daughter of Julian Blackwell and was the first Immortal Warlock to be created by the Goddess of All Creation; the Wife of God. Even though she hated humanity the Goddess created the Blackwell Bloodline in order to put a kink into God's plans for humanity as he could not uncreate what she had created though even she had no expected this to happen, for Astra to be the first love of the Angel; Samael also known as Lucifer Morningstar. There was nothing sinister about their love, but God himself hated it because he could not control the situation since Astra was not off his own creation.God made it appear that Astra had died when in reality she had been put into a slumber that lasted over a thousand years by a coven of Witches at the order of God since Astra could not be killed.Astra woke again in the 1950's, much had changed but Astra managed to adjust quickly too it, soon searching for the man she loved, Lucifer. Astra found him in New York going in between Hell. She didn't know he thought she had died, but they soon rekindled their relationship and had a good time together being close once again, but Astra soon discovered that was pregnant with their first child. Astra was excited for their baby, while Lucifer had been nervous and hesitant about it until Lucifer first saw their daughter born. Lucifer had been an amazing father, but Luciana's powers began to trigger out of nowhere and Astra and Lucifer soon decided that Astra and their daughter would need to part until Astra got Luciana's powers under control since it was a danger.Astra ended up in a snowy climate with Luciana and one of her sisters Katherine, who is well trained with magic and fighting so Katherine protected them. Luciana's fire powers would often trigger which is why they remained in the snowy climate. Astra remained isolated and was never with anyone else, they had spent over seventy five years away from Lucifer. Finally Astra got Luciana's powers under control and Astra tracked Lucifer down in Los Angeles. Lucifer again thought that Astra had died and the same with their child that he had only gotten to spend a year with their daughter.It was a hard adjustment for Astra and Lucifer because Astra could see that Lucifer was trying to move on with the female Detective that he worked with Chloe. She was doing her best with the situation that they had, and Astra still loved Lucifer more then anything but she was scared that he didn't love her in the way that he had once loved her. God had done everything he could to ruin their relationship time and time again.

Tส€แด€ษขษชแด„ Cแดแดแด‡แด…ส

09/25/2022 08:13 PM 

is this a mugshot? drabble.

Clyde steps out onto an empty stage, lights pouring down on him from above, and a small amount of eyes on him. The theater is empty, save for three people sitting behind a table, with water bottles and clipboards. He has a single photo in his hand, and no list of credentials like the others that came in before him. He holds tightly to what he has, and he tries to stop his knees from knocking as the man sitting in the center chair speaks up.“Good afternoon, how are you?” he says. At first Clyde takes a few moments to untie his tongue, and then he finds it in him to smile.“Doin’ great, sir, how are you?” He asks.“Fine,” the man says, plainly. “Please tell us your name, and the role you’ll be reading for.”“I’m, uh – uhm…my name’s Clyde Thomas, and I’ll be reading for the part of Biff Loman,” he nods his head. He’s about to just roll right into it, but the man in the center chair snaps at him and holds his hand out. At first Clyde can’t translate what he means, butt hen it dawns on him he hasn’t given over his headshot. Clyde quickly hurries upstage, and he passes along the piece of paper he brought with him. Then he takes a step back, and he subtly clears his throat. “Can I begin?” he asks.“Hang on, a minute – is this a mugshot?” The man in the center chair asks, and he follows it with a laugh.“Well, that’s one way to do it then, isn’t it?” Jokes the woman to his right.“Well, yeah – see…I don’t got a lot of money, so…I don’t got a big fancy camera or anything like that…and those were the most recent pictures of me I had, so…” Clyde begins to explain but he’s cut off by the man in the center chair.“Okay, we can begin, please,” he says, very matter-of-factly. Clyde quickly nods, and he takes a step back. He searches for a seat in the audience to focus on and then he begins to sink into the world of Biff Loman. He now struggles with expectations his father has put on him, and he allows himself to be compelled by that motivation. “You know why I had no address for three months?” At first his voice cracks, but he reins in control as he goes on. He begins to imagine Willy Loman sitting right in the chair he decided to focus on – looking dumbfounded. “I stole a suit, in Kansas City, and I was jailed! I stole myself out of every single good job since high school, and I never got anywhere! ‘Cuz you…blew me so full of hot air, I could never stand takin’ order’s from anybody!”He throws everything into that monologue – he paces as he rants, he speaks with his hands, and most importantly, he stays fixed in the same direction. Willy Loman is right in front of him, getting an earful, and he can feel it so within him that he nearly doesn’t notice when the man in the center chair begins to request that he stop. Clyde pulls back, and he tries to find his way back into his reality. He blinks a few times and he waits to be told what to do next. “Good,” the man in the center chair says, plainly.“Don’t call us…we’ll call you, okay?” He leaves Clyde with that, and Clyde can’t help but feel the sting of rejection once more. This hasn’t been the first time he’s been told that, and typically they never call. But he’s not prepared to give it a rest yet. Clyde has it, he knows, and just because this man can’t see it, doesn’t mean no one ever will. He just has to find the people who will finally see it.


09/25/2022 08:13 PM 

stay friends.

Even though the room is completely empty, and the senior kids have just left, Lizzy makes her way in and takes a seat on the ground to start her pre-stretching stretches. She’s always the first one there, because she doesn’t have to worry about school like the other kids do. She can get a head start, so her splits are extra stretched by the time Mrs. Williamson comes in. She sets her dance bag beside her, and she starts to change from her tennis shoes into a pair of ballet slippers and then she grabs a scrunchy to begin putting her hair up. Each time she gathers it up, she misses pieces because it’s getting so long. Her mom won’t let her cut it though, because it’s ‘so pretty’ she always says.Someone else comes through the door, and Lizzy expects it to be Mrs. Williamson, so maybe she can help pull Lizzy’s hair up. She turns quickly, but it’s not Mrs. Williamson – it’s Summer. Right away, Lizzy looks down, and she re embers what her mom told her; That Summer doesn’t like her, and that Summer thinks she’s better. The two haven’t gotten to talk since the weekend, when her mom talk her the truth about Summer. Summer was really sad when Lizzy refused to come over, but she doesn’t seem sad now. She greets Lizzy like normal, and she comes to sit beside her. Just like Lizzy did, she starts putting on her ballet shoes. Lizzy glares at her but doesn’t say anything. She continues trying to mess with her hair instead.“What’s wrong?” Summer asks, but Lizzy says nothing again. She just shrugs her shoulders. “Are you mad at me or something?” Summer presses further.“No,” Lizzy insists, for the last time, letting her  hair fall out of her hands and deciding she’ll have Mrs. Williamson braid it. “Why would I be mad?”“I don’t know – you’re just being kind of mean…” Summer finally says.“You were mean to me first,” Lizzy argues. “My mom told me you were talking about me, and you were saying a bunch of mean stuff about me.”“What?” Summer frowns, turning to face Lizzy. “I never said anything about you!” She insists.“Don’t lie,” Lizzy says quickly. “Yes you did, and that’s why I don’t want to be friends with you anymore. So, leave me alone.”“Lizzy, I’m not lying,” Summer frowns, and she starts crying but only a little. Lizzy looks at her, finally.“Well, my mom wouldn’t lie,” Lizzy says.“Well neither would I,” Summer insists, starting to wipe her face. “Your mom just doesn’t like me, that’s why she said that.”“My mom likes you,” Lizzy insists.“No she doesn’t,” Summer says quickly. She inhales deeply and then she begins fishing through her bag. “Your mom told my mom I was the reason we wouldn’t get first.”“She did…?” Lizzy frowns. Maybe that’s why she’s crying – because that’s really harsh of her mom to say. “You heard her?”“Yeah,” Summer says. Lizzy doesn’t say anything back but Summer reaches over and she puts her hand on Lizzy’s knee, probably so she’ll pay attention to what she’s saying. “I’d never say anything bad about you, Lizzy – even if I thought it. But I don’t – I’m just saying…I’d never do that. ‘Cuz I like you, I think you’re cool. And…you’re a really great dancer.”“You are too,” Lizzy smiles. The smile fades as soon as she remembers she needs to decide how to feel – and how she wants to feel, is not mad at Summer anymore. She wants them to be friends, just like they were when they were working on their duet. “I’m sorry…” Lizzy finally says. “Sorry my mom said that about you, and…that I didn’t believe you.”“It’s okay,” Summer says, quiet but smiling. “Sometimes your mom’s a little crazy.”“A little?” Lizzy laughs. Summer laughs in return, now tying her hair up all the way. Lizzy looks down at her scrunchy and then she hands it to Summer. “Will you help me?” She asks.Summer doesn’t even stop to think. “Sure!” She says. She takes the scrunchy from Lizzy and the two face the mirror while Summer does her hair, just like she did the entire time they were partnered together. She wants to stay friends – even if her mom hates Summer, Lizzy wants to stay friends.


09/25/2022 08:12 PM 

anything but a happy family. // drabble

trigger warning for domestic abuse  It’s 8pm on a Thursday night, and Jacob’s sitting at the desk in his room with his geography textbook before him and Dream On whispering through the speakers of his stereo. The words on his page jump around – they’re distracting and part of the reason he’s been doing homework for the last three hours. With a heavy sigh, and the desire to give up, he leans back in his chair and he just listens to the satisfying screech of the legend, Steven Tyler, and he wonders if he ever struggled so much with his homework. He considers asking for help, since dad’s not home and mom’s probably not busy. He closes his book and he takes it with him across the hallway.When he comes into his parents’ bedroom, Mary’s already there with mom. He stops in the doorway when he sees they’re watching reruns of I Love Lucy together like they always do when dad’s not home and Mary’s not doing homework. That’s usually the only time Jacob feels comfortable even asking for help – it’s that special time they get to pretend to be a happy family. Cindy sits up and welcomes him in with a smile. “You gonna watch with us, Jakey?” Mary then asks and Jacob finds himself smiling. He comes in beyond the doorway and he sits at the edge of the bed on Eric’s side, to Mary’s left.“Nahh, I got homework,” he says and then he looks up at his mom. “Can you help me?”He slides the book between them, and he opens it to the page he was just attempting to work through. Mary sits up then, and she starts to read it too. She doesn’t have the same kind of issues he does – in fact, no one else in the family seems to. No one in the world seems to. But he doesn’t want to wish that one anyone – especially not Mary, because it bugs their dad so much. Mom’s ready to help him, and she takes the book from between them but then suddenly the front door slams downstairs. At first Cindy ignores it, only giving it a single eye roll before she begins reading words off from Jacob’s book. He tries to listen to her, as his heart begins to sink in his stomach. There’s cabinets slamming downstairs and then footsteps stomping up the stairs that now have him and Mary completely distracted.How is his mom so calm right now?“What’s going on in here?” Eric announces his arrival with a loaded question. Mary and Jacob both look at each other, feeling as if they have a reason to be guilty but they haven’t done anything.“I’m helping my kids with their homework, Eric,” Cindy says quickly, and coldly.“Your kids, your kids…” Eric repeats while pacing around the room. He then tosses something silky at her, and because it’s balled up, it gets her attention when it smacks against her cheek. She picks it up slowly and lets it unravel – it’s a shiny, short dress with black lace. She then gasps for some reason and she holds the dress close to her. “Phil told me what you’ve been up to,” Eric says. “Said Charlie told him EVERYTHING!” Eric continues to rant. By then, David had come out of his room, and made his way to the master bedroom doorway. He asks what’s going on, and Cindy tries to make him leave, but Eric stops her.“Nooo, no, I want ALL of you to be right here when I tell you – your mother’s a WHORE, and she’ll f*** anyone that looks at her! That’s it, right? Is that it, Cindy, huh?!”“Don’t talk like that in front of the kids!” His mom yells. Her yelling takes Mary from frightened to devastated and she begins to cry. Jacob straightens up and he puts his arm around Mary, pulling her to his side of the bed and away from Cindy’s. “We’re not going to have this conversation right now, Eric! We’re not doing this in front of the kids – you ALWAYS do this in front of the kids!”“You don’t give a sh*t about the kids, Cindy! Or else you wouldn’t be f***ing around with Charlie behind my back!”“That has nothing to do with them, it’s because of YOU!” Cindy yells back.Jacob’s grip on Mary tightens, and even David starts to get closer now – away from Eric, and over to Jacob’s other side as they watch the two go back and forth with each other. “Oh, because of me – because why, because I put a roof over your head?! I make all the money YOU use to feed these f***in’ kids, and what does Charlie do, huh?! What does Charlie do?!” Eric yanks – for some reason – one of Cindy’s tiny jewelry boxes off the vanity behind him and he throws it at the wall just beyond Cindy’s head. The box breaks, jewelry goes everywhere, and even Jacob is starting to feel horrified tears collect at the rims of his eyes. Mary and David are practically using him to hide, and he’s holding so tight he’s probably suffocating them.“You go ‘head and leave with Charlie then, huh? And I’ll make sure you never see these kids again, so help me God, Cindy,” Eric practically growls like a wild animal. Jacob could swear his eyes were turning black.“Don’t you dare!” Cindy yells.“I f***ing will! I’ll spend the rest of my life making sure they know you’re a f***ing WHORE, and a bitch, and you ran out on all of us!”“I didn’t run!” Cindy practically shrieks. “I’m right here, taking care of MY kids, because you’re never home!”“Oh, and what are you doing, huh?” Eric finally crosses that line, and he comes from his side of the room, to the other side of the room where the rest of them are. He picks up the book from the bed and he starts waving it around. “Helping ‘em with homework, huh? Know how I can tell you’re a sh*t mom? Because we got a f***ing twelve year old who CAN’T READ!” He then throws the back on the ground, and all the kids yelp or gasp.“I’m a hell of a lot better than you!” Cindy cries out, clutching her silky dress to her. “What have you done?! What have YOU done to help any of us around here, huh?! You come home every night, and you’re parked in front of the TV, and the only time you say anything to ANY of us, is when you’re screaming!”“Bullsh*t!” Eric interrupts her. “I’m the whole entire reason these kids have books to read – clothes to wear, someone to take them to f***in’ school! All of that is ME!” he continues to scream and shout.They both continue to scream and shout. Cindy gets up from the bed and she creates space between the kids and Eric by getting in between them. As for the kids – all they can do is listen. Jacob watches everything, while Mary and David keep their eyes closed and their arms wrapped around Jacob so no one takes them away. The entire show reminds Jacob that they’re anything but a happy family. 

Steven Mactovish

09/25/2022 07:02 PM 

Corey & Celina Scene

Corey stood on the pond with Celina as they skated along the ice slowly, each using telekinesis to make sure they didn't slip. Celina smiled and held her arm around his neck, Corey's arm around her waist. "Thank you for trusting me and also for not letting your dad blast me into oblivion when he thought I was...well her." Corey nodded. "You're my true mate. My dad doesn't hate you. Celosia just left a lasting impression on him that's hard to shake."Celina nodded, giggling as he spun her gently. "Things have been so messed up for me a long time. But I feel like with you I truly have my second chance at starting over." Celina smiled and began to sing. "Can you help me find my way. I've been lost for so long. I don't even know where this went wrong."Corey grinned, knowing the song. "Find strength to armor me. To face my enemies. A whispered draining plea. Can you help me find my way? I've been lost for so long I don't even know where it went wrong Can you help me? Can you help me?"The two came together as they sang in harmony. "Ohhh caustic are the ties that bind. Like barbed wire, taut and fine. Tied around the wrists that plead. Crimson for the dark to feed. Caustic are the ties that bind." The two fired a blast of demonic and angelic energy that lit up the sky above them.Celina giggled and squealed as they fell into the snow bank, Corey landing on top of her softly. "You did that on purpose!" "I did not!" He kissed her lips deeply.

'The Wily Fox'

09/25/2022 05:34 PM 

Born in the dawn... to pass in the twilight

Born in the dark... to pass in the twilightHalloween 3 Wishes group slAtt: Everyone in the Haunted house!! Freedom!It means many different things, to different people. It isn't just status or a right. - It is more than that!... It always will be! Most of us go about our daily lives, free to come or go where we please... Free to make our own choices...Unaware we are still slaves but to the modern world... Our jobs, Our debts, and the burdens, we, as adults commit ourselves to in a bid to be seen as respectable- Getting ahead or doing well in life. And one of the worst of the modern slave masters is stress!Day-to-day stress!Whether it's money- Struggling to simply survive beneath a greedy inflation rate- Or time - Not enough hours in a day to get everything done, that is expected of you, at work or at home... Loving, caring, or simply being with your loved ones...We take our freedom for granted, never really understanding what it truly feels like to be free ... Never really understanding it is the simple moments that come in between living...-------------------------  Hooves churned in a steady beat to match the pounding of his heart, as the ground beneath him and his steed swept past in a haze of distant memories...Together they moved in sync becoming one with the air. The wind rushed past, caressing his face, tugging in an urgence, at the edges of the cowl of his cloak and pulling it asunder to flay out around them in a dance of freedom...It felt almost as if he flying... It was one of the only times he ever felt truly free...The soft snorting of the horse's breath, the way its flanks moved beneath him. The way the earth pounded beneath its hooves as they charged ever forward evading the world that silently chased behind them and with its strange metal dragons or turrets of water that sprouted randomly from within the ground to soak the grass green.It did not matter to him at that moment that he had no inkling of the fate which had befallen the Dark Knights Loslorie, or that of Pope Sardian... it did not if their God looked down upon him casting him asunder for the sin of his birthright! God would have to catch him first! And there would always be time for flagellation later!Now, there was only one thing he was curious about... One thing he wished to discover! Who? Or what were the Mikalsons of this strange world that the farmer had spoken of? For it had not escaped his attention that here, wherever this was... the mythical, the magical, the monsters of nightmares held dominion!They moved, running freely from door to door. Their hunger, sated by those held within their lavishly adorned homes: free to take or spare a life as they, so choose!... Pope Sardian would say God had forsaken this place... but he was wrong!  God had not forsaken it...God had fled in fear, long ago!Begrudgingly, Lancelot lightly pulled upon the horse's reins; pressing his knees in unison against the horse's flanks to slow its gait. This new world about him, was like no other he could have ever imagined. And for the first time since he was a child, he found himself inquisitively drawn to its unfathomable possibilities. Could he... would he fit in here? Was this the repentance he had been searching for his whole life, was this home?Impulsively he pressed his left knee, into the horse's flank,  gently turning the horse to follow a constant stream of people who entered and exited through the gates to a large property, a strange castle shrouded by trees upon a hill. Was this where he would find the Mikaelson? Was this where they ruled and held their dominion from?The scream echoing down the winding path from ahead, forbode that he should be alert... that he should possibly fear the formidable mansion cast into a derelict state of disrepair ahead; yet the laughter, the smiles upon the faces of all he passed exiting the property said otherwise?Confronted by confusion, he pulled on the reins and halted his horse to a standstill; as he watched the many patrons, the monsters, the ghouls, the scantly clad fairies, and the misfit creatures he had no inkling of, pass. He was no fool to danger. He was the weeping monk! A name in itself to induce fear, within his own domain. A name to make even the righteous doubt their own moral standing when they stood before him... For he had slain more of his own kind than he could remember, in service of the Dark Knights Loslorie and their God!Silently he turned the horse, urging it into the cover of trees which bordered both sides of the winding path to the castle, and dismounted. Until he knew exactly what he faced...Whatever it was, that a Mikaelson was... and the moral compass of their heart.. . He had to tread carefully. He had to blend in, to be aware of everything around him and everyone! He had to be willing to defend himself at any given moment... Quickly he pulled the nag's reigns across its head, loosely tying them to a low-lying branch. If all would go astray, he needed an exit! An escape that would see him to safety, to freedom faster than he himself could run.Slowly he turned, taking a deep breath.  His right hand reached beneath the folds of his cloak to grasp upon the helm of his sword and he exhaled to the blade's song; announcing its freedom as he pulled it from its scabbard. tentatively he brought the blade before him, grasping its helm with both hands and raising it, before he set off, slowly stalking through the cover of the trees towards the eerily haunted-looking castle upon the hill.He wasn't sure how long he had stood in the shadows of the trees waiting... Watching as the people, the creatures entered, He wasn't sure how many screams or high-pitched shrills of laughter he had heard echo out from within its darkened window panes before he saw some of whom had entered walk around the side of the house departing from another possible entrance at the rear of the building.  And within that time, he was still no closer to knowing, to understanding if the castle, the house that stood before him was a cause for pleasure or pain!There was no choice for it! if he wanted the answer's he sought, he would have to enter it! He would have to search its depths for a sign ... a clue of a fabled Mikaelson! '... Kol Mikaelson... 'That had been the name, he had waged war with, a name he had fought to gain control of his body over! he had to be careful, had he unwittingly sent one of the very creatures he hoped to gain answers from, into the depths of darkness?Trepidly he lowered his head, letting the cowl of his cloak cast his face into darkness, and stepped out from the cover of the trees; making his way to the entrance of the house. The metal dragons, of red and white, the multitude of glowing eyes in hues of reds and blues they did little... they did not even flinch as he passed silently by. Were they waiting, waiting for orders from an unseen master before they launched their attack? or were they simply guarding this possible Mikaelson fortress-like placid pets... it was something he wished not to ponder as swiftly, he pushed passed other patrons to bound the front steps in twos and enter into the looming dark entrance of the building.It was darker inside than he could have imagined. The dull red and green-lit rooms branching off from a narrow claustrophobic hallway gave very light for one to see their way comfortably... Apprehensively he paused giving a moment to glance into each of the rooms where people had gathered giggling or hugging each other in the excitement of a strange apprehensive fear. They seemed to enjoy it!The feeling of fear, to hear one's heartbeat racing, pounding with adrenalin as they drew breath. It wasn't natural. It was not normal... It was as if strange magic had grasped hold of their souls, their minds, compelling them to embrace what they should otherwise dread and fear!Slowly he stepped forward intent on creeping deeper into the house when suddenly he felt a swift firm grasp upon his back, and a roar of attack upon his ears.Instantly he stumbled forward, fastening the grip upon the helm of his sword as he brought it up before him and pulled free of his oppressor's grasp. Swiftly he pivoted upon the ball of his left foot, to face his oppressor and impulsively stepped forward lunging upon his right knee l, his shoulders leaned into the lunge and extended his arms; thrusting the blade with force out before him into the chest of the roaring ghoul before it could retreat!Instantly the ghoul's gleeful roar was replaced with windless a gasp of suprise.  Was it shock, he saw written in its eyes as it glanced down at his blade embedded in its chest.  One thing he was sure of, was the fear... fear of its imminent death as it reached out with its dying breath trying to pull itself free of his blood-soaked blade fore collapsing forward to rest against his shoulder.Suddenly roars of cheering, squeals of terror, laughter, and clapping broke out around him. He had forgotten about the other patrons in the first two rooms, yet here they stood gathered around, acting like they thought it was some sort of twisted plot in a play, A show simply put on by two thespians in reward for their amusement... It did little to ease his confusion!Perturbed, he reached up grasping hold of the dead ghoul's shoulders swiftly pushing, dragging him back into the narrow doorway he had appeared from out of before releasing him to yank his blade free. The room was small, smaller than anything he had ever seen, holding only a broom and a couple of empty pails. Carefully the weeping monk leaned the ghoul's dead body against the corner of the room before stepping back and closing the door upon it.In this place... this strange castle, no matter how weird or fearful it seemed, he knew it would do him no favors to leave the dead, those who had felt the sting of his blade to the chance of discovery... lest he, himself, became the hunted of this realm and not the hunter of the Mikaelsons!....   

Archangel Ariel

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Archangelโ€™s Crossoverโ€™s

Crossovers:1. The Vampire Diaries 2. The Originals 3. Supernatural 4. Dominion 5. True Blood


09/25/2022 12:03 PM 


Movie: HALLOWEENFall was officially upon New York and Illyana was embracing it well. One thing she enjoyed was walking through the park at night, despite the fact it was dangerous for her. Being a woman meant she always had to look over her back, making sure no one was attempting to mug, rape, or abduct her. She wouldn’t allow the male species to make her live in fear though, and she enjoyed living her best life. No one was in the park with her, or so she thought. Sitting on a swing, Illyana began to rock back and forth, feeling like a kid again. Who didn’t love a good swing? After a few moments of swinging, she slowed down, sitting there, taking in the fresh autumn air. The moon was shining bright through the trees, brightening up the night sky. Closing her eyes, she enjoyed the moment, the silence. There was silence, until she heard a leaves cracking. It sounded as if someone was approaching her. Opening her eyes, she turned around. Nothing. Not a soul. Facing forward, Illyana heard the noise again, this time from a different direction. “Is someone there?” She said out loud. There was silence for a few moments. Out of the corner of her eye, Illyana saw someone come from behind a tree. Turning her attention to the figure, there stood a tall man. He had on overalls, and a white mask. Fear struck Illyana’s heart in that moment.“He-hello?” She whispered as she stood up from the swing, facing the man-or what she assumed was a man. The only thing that filled her ear was the sound of his breathing. It haunted her ears as not a word was spoken between the two. “Do you need help?” She asked curiously. Moving slightly away from the swing, Illyana began to back up slowly. That’s when there was a change in the figure. He began to approach her, full speed in her direction. Turning, Illyana began to run as fast as she could. Keeping her hands open, she remembered if you keep your hands balled up, that used energy and could affect your stamina. She had to be quick and smart. Everything was running through her mind of what he was going to do to her. Weaving through the trees that filled the park, Illyana was trying to make sure he lost sight of her. She could hear leaves cracking through the air. Was it from her or was it him still behind her? She was too afraid to turn around to check. Once she felt safe enough, the female moved quickly behind a tree. Her hands covered her mouth to cover her breathing. She knew if she was to scream for help it would alert the figure of where she was. Illyana could see lights in the distance, but she couldn’t tell how far she was from the main trail of the park. It was late, would anyone who could help her even be on it? All these thoughts distracted her and had her slacking. Everything came too when she felt the hand wrap around her neck.Her pulled her forward, and then slammed her into the tree. Her head ringing from the impact. She gasped for air as he strangled her. Everything in her body was frozen and she felt limp. Her vision going blurry. Her hands covered his as they wrapped tightly around her neck. Her body fought back quicker than what she could process. Her hands reached forward, and her fingers dug into the eye holes, pressing into them. She could feel the hands on her throat becoming tighter as she pressed harder into his eyes. Seconds felt like hours, and it was a race- would his pain take over long enough for her to escape, or would her life end?The creature made a man like noise before tossing her to the side. Everything was fuzzy as Illyana let out a gasp for air. She laid there for a moment before her body shot up. She began to run for her life, leaves flying and cracking as she took off full speed. Her body fought to not go into a coughing fit to replace the oxygen it had just lost. Her breaths were deep as she ran though, slowing her down. Looking back slightly, she couldn’t see the figure, but she knew better than to stop. It was then that she came across a bridge that was a walkway over a stream of water that led to a small lake in Central Park. She didn’t think about any possibility other than safety. She made her way toward the water, slipping into the mud. Crawling over, she hid under the bridge, covering her mouth as she waited for any sign that he was passing. What felt like hours was only minutes. Illyana sat there covered in mud, water, and probably bugs at this point until the sun has risen. When the park was full of life, Illyana crawled out from beneath the bridge into the cool air morning. With no sign of life around her, the female took off running across the bridge, looking for anyone kind enough to help her. She wouldn’t know until a few days later that she had survived an encounter with someone whose name would bring terror to many- Michael Meyers. What the female also was unaware of was that as she ran to safety, there stood the figure behind a tree, watching the female run for her life. Making a note to himself about one of the few victims who would escape his clutch. 

Miss Constance Hardbroom

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The End Of Childhood

The End Of Childhood    TW: Mentions of abuse.   Constance Hardbroom’s life has not always been the easiest. Having an austere upbringing during childhood and only allowed something practical for a birthday had to have stemmed from somewhere. It started because of a woman named Mistress Hecketty Broomhead, her maternal grandmother. That vile woman had never allowed her to call her Grandmother. The deputy headmistress of Miss Cackle’s Academy For Witches closed her eyes as she gingerly ran her hand over her shoulder blade, feeling the whip scar underneath.   Memories flashed before her eyes, making her swallow hard. She remembered being shut in a dark, cold dungeon for calling Mistress Broomhead Grandmother. She remembered the whip cracks against bare alabaster skin and how her cries for mercy had fallen on her grandmother’s deaf ears. She trembled as she remembered entering Witch Training College and realizing her grandmother was to be her personal tutor. This was when Constance Hardbroom knew her childhood was over.    Picking up her baby girl Star in one arm  and draping the other around her eldest Constance Persephone’s shoulders, she vowed to them she would never treat them as her grandmother had treated her and her mother before her. As the memory washed over her, tears streamed freely down the deputy’s cheeks as she finally broke down and wept.

๐‹๐ž๐Ÿ๐ญ ๐๐ž๐ก๐ข๐ง๐

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1. If your a one liner, please delete me. I can't deal with one liners. They bring nothing to the table no offense.2. No drama. Pretty simple. Unless it's IC. 3. LI. I am a Multi-LI. Which means that Tara doesn't belong to any one person which allows me to explore more stories with her and relationships if any.4. Smut. I will do smut only if it makes sense between the two characters and there's chemistry. I will not write with smut only accounts. 5. Themes. I love dark and disturbing themes along with blood, gore and violence. I welcome the darkest of horrors. 6. RPGs. I'll only join them if their not so strict on rules. I'm already in Scream, Halloween and Don't Scream. Not looking to join anymore anytime soon. 

serpent parades.

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Writer's Notes.

one. 18+ mdni. serious writers please. two. no instasmut.three. single love interest with chemistry. four. ic > ooc. five. discussions. banter. both are possible here. six. no most adults, i find myself above it these days. seven. it is recommended you take the time to read the biography i have written for my character here. you should find a variety of ideasfor ways in. approaching me with non-romantic ideas is the only wayto succesfully approach me. eight. novella writer. multi-para roleplayer.the interactive storytelling is all i care about therefore it takes precedence toall other forms of muse interactions. plus, i don't have photoshop money to muse visually otherwise i'd love to. good day. discord. insect reflection.#0884

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