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09/27/2022 11:44 PM 


DOCUMENT NAME: james buchanan barnesMONIKER: the winter soldierALIASES: bucky, the man on the wall, white wolfDATE OF BIRTH: march 10, 1917PLACE OF BIRTH: shelbyville, indianaNATIONALITY: americanETHNICITY: white / caucasianHERITAGE: irish and romanian ancestryRELATIVES: george barnes (father, deceased), winnifred barnes (mother, deceased), rebecca barnes proctor (sister, deceased)MARTIAL STATUS: singleHEIGHT: six-feet / one-point-eighty-three metersWEIGHT: one-hundred-sixty-five pounds / seventy-five kilogramsEYE COLOR: brownHAIR COLOR: brownDISTINGUISHING FEATURES: barnes is most noticeable by his bionic arm and long hairENHANCEMENTS: the majority of his physical attributes are greatly increased at enhanced levels including strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, and durability, and healing. as an amputee, barnes' lost arm was replaced with a bionic attachment composed of various features.EXPERTISE: covert-ops training and assassination. he's an exceptional killer and master of espionage as well as adaptable in survival training. he's proficient in multiple weapons and has studied numerous martial arts.IDENTITY: james barnes identity is known primarily to many government agencies including s.h.i.e.l.d. but his reputation as the winter soldier is widely notable in both the superhero and intelligence community.EQUIPMENT: barnes uses a mask with built-in communications, infrared red, thermal and night-vision modes, and kevlar armor that could stop stray shots and point-blank bullets. he uses other types of gadgets and accessories on his missions handed by s.h.i.e.l.d or other sources.WEAPONS: uses a wide range of firearms including pistols, rifles, shotguns, and grenade launchers. apart, he carries explosive munitions like hand grenades or flashbangs. he's had experience in using high-tech alien weaponry and other nuclear armaments.AFFILIATIONS: barnes works strictly for himself, operating alone. but from time-to-time, he assists his friend steve rogers; captain america and natalia romanova; the black widow. he's been connected to a clandestine taskforce, working for a woman named valentina de la allegra. codename is thunderbolts. 


09/27/2022 03:15 PM 

March [It Goes Ever On] |Sample|
Current mood:  adventurous


ғᴇʀᴀʟ ғᴀᴛᴀʟ

09/27/2022 05:53 PM 

happy never after

  The moon was full with minimal clouds covering it as Kitty lay under the tree where everything had started. How long had it been since they had met up here and her whole world crashed around her? It seemed like just yesterday he had walked away from her yet logically there was no way that could be. Her chest felt hollow and there was nothing Damien nor Balthazar could say to make it feel better so they just let her go when she needed some time. Kitty didn’t go often but this day every year she did without fail. It was this day that everything went to sh*t and the blonde had to find a different way to see her world. Wonderland was no longer safe and her future was no longer clear. It wasn’t much clear now than it was back then.The blonde sat up her hair now tangled with leaves and purple grass, tears that had long since dried refusing to come to her eyes no matter the heaviness in her chest. “What if none of this had ever happened?” The question had fallen from her lips before she could ever stop them. The question hung in the empty air with no other ears to catch it, only her own and it made her brain wander. Where would they be now? How would things be different if the White King wasn’t such a psychotic d*ck? So many questions with no answers. Mikael would never answer the questions the people were dying to know. Hell, he was the one killing them just so he didn’t have to answer.How would my life be different? would our lives be different?Gasp. Kitty sat straight up coming out of her dream as someone caught her before she could roll off the branch she had apparently fallen asleep on. “Hey there, kitten” a familiar voice laughed as he pulled her back with one arm against the warmth of his chest. “You may land on all fours but I’m not ready to let go.” Turning her head she was engulfed in the musky scent of forestry and something she couldn’t quite place. “Hayden we’re going to be late!” She protested squirming until she was facing him. The nightmare was still fresh in her mind and Katrina needed to see him make sure he was real. Dark hair and handsome features filled her gaze making tears fill her eyes before she buried her face into his chest and took a deep breath soaking in everything and filling the hole that the nightmare left. It had seemed so real and had shaken her to her core.“Kitty…” The sound of her name on his husky sleep-filled voice sounded worried and unsure. “Princess, what’s going on?” Hayden asked, trying to pull back to see her face but she kept it buried for a little longer before pulling back to see his dark eyes staring at hers. “Yeah it was just a nightmare...and I told you to stop calling me Princess.” Kitty’s voice turned playful as she turned into a puff of smoke and floated down to the base of the tree. She materialized with the classic Cheshire grin upon her face as she tapped her foot against the cold hard dirt. “Come on kitten…” Hayden groaned as he rolled out of the tree and landed curled fist meeting the Earth as his knee touched down taking in the shock of his fall. Slowly he straightened up, stretching the kinks that had riddled his body while they slept. Katrina’s eyes never left him, the nightmare slowly fading to the back of her mind.“Ok if we have to go...then let’s go,” He said, pretending to drag his feet like a child being forced to go somewhere with his parents. “They’re our friends, Hatter” Kitty purred as their fingers interlocked so easily together. The two began walking the whole time Hayden made commentary just to make her laugh. The sun was bright in the green sky lighting all of Wonderland in deep gold that made the land sparkle like a fairy tale. Every once in a while Kitty would bump her hip into Hayden’s making him stumble just for him to return the bump catching her when her footing would give. They played around like this until they reached the portal leading into Halloween Town. Hayden stopped her just as she was about to go through a smile on his lips. “What?” Kitty asked in confusion, her body slowly turning itself towards him wondering if something was wrong. “Nothing...just thinking of how beautiful you look today.” He muttered, causing a deep rose color to paint her cheeks.Hayden Hatter wasn’t one to be romantic but when he was he knew how to make Kitty’s heart flutter like no other. “Come on, stop goofing around!” She said tugging his arm as they both began to laugh and phase through the barrier. The once brightly lit landscape quickly changed to that of late fall and the only light was of the full moon that hung over their heads. The clouds formed shadows making it look as if they moved while the couple walked towards the town. The wind howled as if welcoming them to the spooky neighborhood and there was one time that Kitty would have been afraid of the sounds the world made but now it was like an old friend greeting them. It wasn’t long before the howling wind was replaced with the sounds of laughter, real howling, and music. Paradox was loud and proud that night welcoming back the newlyweds from their honeymoon. Alec and Damien had no doubt returned and how the Town sang about it. “Hayden come on!” Kitty giggled as she finally let go of his hand and ran the rest of the way to greet her best friends.Bursting through the doors, the place was crowded like usual with Balthazar behind the bar while two people stood on top addressing the rest of the party. “KITTY!” The familiar voice of Damien rang out amongst the music, a big smile on the pale male’s face. Happiness filled the blonde as she pushed her way through the vampires, witches, and other creatures celebrating their princes’ return. Before anyone could say much more Kitty was encased in arms hugging her close as she soaked up the happiness within the room. Why was she so thirsty for happiness? The nightmare had apparently done more than she had originally realized. “I’m so glad you guys are home!” She roared to get over the music. The men laughed as Alec ruffled her hair and Damien kissed her forehead. “Yeah, so are we,” Damien said happily as all eyes seemed focused on the trio.“You have to tell me all about your travels,” Kitty mused multi-colored smoke flowing from her as excitement overtook her. Control over her emotions was never something she had ever done very well but looking down at her body all three of them laughed seeing her completely formed smoking. “Hey! This is a no-smoking party, Katrina!” Balthazar called out joining in on their joking. The music started up again as Hayden entered the club but something seemed off that caused the smoke around Kitty to disappear. Stepping forward out of the center of the crowd, Kitty touched his arm wanting to ask him what was wrong but the boys pounced on him before she could. “Eh Hatter!” Alec spoke, slapping Hayden on his shoulder, making the Hatter’s son make a face that Kitty had to cover her mouth to not laugh at him. He never was a big fan of the Son of the Queen of Hearts but she loved how he tried to get along for her sake.The two spoke as Damien leaned in and whispered something into Hayden’s ear causing him to fall silent for a moment. Kitty’s brows pulled together in confusion as she moved towards Hayden again but this time he lifted his arm and placed it around her almost protectively. “What’s going on guys?” She asked her voice, barely clearing the music that pounded around them. Alec and Damien looked at her with a knowing smile while Hayden looked deeply worried about something. The whole thing confused her but no one said a word instead the music slowed and Hayden pulled her back into his arms. They began dancing and suddenly everything in the world felt ok.Kitty couldn’t remember the nightmare or the fact that there was something everyone else there knew and she didn’t. All that mattered at that moment was that Hayden was safe in front of her, his arms around her just spinning on the open dancefloor. If you're lost you can look and you will find me. The music played loud but their eyes only stayed on each other speaking the words that neither of them knew how to say. Words couldn’t begin to grasp the electricity that went between them. Time After Time “so Cheesy…” She giggled which made the smile on Hayden’s lips lift before coming down close to her face. Their lips floated only inches from each other, the warmth of his breath giving her a chill down her spine. “Yeah but it fits so well…” he replied, causing Kitty’s cheeks to warm. If you fall, I will catch you, I'll be waiting. With one fluid motion, Hayden closed the distance between their lips pressing them softly at first before deepening it.They danced for a while longer, both lost in their embrace as they kissed and just enjoyed being with each other until Hayden pulled away before Kitty was ready. A soft pout pulled her lip out as she realized Balthazar had been over his shoulder nodding. Annoyance filled the Cheshire, Daughter, as her violet eyes darted between the two males. “Ok what is going on, Hayden?” she asked, pulling back enough to make him drop his hands to his sides. Instantly they went into his pockets like they did when he was in an uncomfortable situation. Kitty hadn’t even noticed that the music had died down to nothing more than a purr. The lyrics to At The Beginning began to fill the air and the rest of the guests had begun to back off. “Hayden!” She yelled the sound of her voice echoing with the music which made her look around. Licking his lips, the son of the Hatter stepped forward towards her making her take a step back. Hayden knew this was how she’d react and the boys had planned it for him.Damien, Alec, and Balthazar stood behind Kitty, their arms folded over their chests as she turned to look at them. “What is happening, guys?” She asked worry settling into her stomach as Damien stepped forward with a warm smile on his face. He hesitated for a beat before reaching out and turning her around. Cheshire turned to see Hayden leaning down on one knee, his body slightly shaking as he pulled something from his pocket. “Katrina…” The sound of her full name brought tears to her eyes as her brain tried to deny what was obviously happening. “Hayden…” She breathed her voice getting caught in her throat. “My beautiful kitten…” He smiled trying to steady his breathing so he could speak. “You have been my everything for so long.” The words he spoke made the tears spill down her cheeks as Damien brought his hands up to his mouth as if he was praying with his eyes intensely watching the scene before him. “Before you, I was going down a very dangerous are what keeps me…” Hayden paused before smirking “Mad.” The word made them both laugh; Kitty's coming out as a half sob.“I could never see my life without you...and I never want to.” Soft hands pushed Kitty closer to him so that he was only two steps in front of her. Her eyes never wavered from him even when the person’s hands disappeared leaving her alone with Hayden. “So I, with the help of your...our friends,” the change of word pulled at her heart. “I ask you now to make my crazy dreams come true.” Her heart raced in her chest as he opened the box revealing a beautiful ring with a color-changing stone that sparked pinks and purples in the light. “Katrina Wilder...will you…”The scene disappeared in a puff of smoke as Katrina looked around confused and hurt, her breath stopping completely as Paradox, Hayden, and her friends all vanished before her eyes. Soon the smell of Earth and rain filled her nose forcing her eyes to open to the dark night sky. Clouds had covered the moon leaving the tree and Kitty alone in the dark. Suddenly a chill filled the air making her wrap her arms around herself to fight the cold that her dream left her. Tears were uncontrollable as they fell down her cheeks, the hole in her chest bigger than ever. It felt as if the edges of the hole pulsed with every breath pushing pain through her body every time she filled her lungs.***** Her head snapped around viciously praying she was dreaming before the emptiness filled her causing her to scream. “I can’t do this anymore.” The blood-curdling sound of the scream filled the air echoing off the emptiness of the night replaying the words back at her. The dream had shown Kitty exactly what she wanted and she hated it so much. It had been so real that as she lifted herself off the ground, covered in dirt, leaves, and sweat, Kitty looked up into the empty tree that had lost its leaves long ago. It seemed as bare as she felt. Vulnerable and in pain. A pain that no one could heal. Not until this war was over...if it ever ended...even then...could this wound be truly healed? Or was that dream just that? A figment of her hopeful heart. “Hayden!” Kitty screamed just as she had done the night he left but just like that night, only silence responded to her. Dropping her head, her hair for the first time in her life...lost its color and Kitty headed back to Halloween Town.   template credit.


09/27/2022 04:53 PM 

New Forums Section

Currently, in beta, we are introducing the new Forums section of This is a great place to either roleplay together or you can find others who are interested in your roleplay style/interest.


09/27/2022 02:48 PM 

Optional Task 375

1.) “Why do you have that look on your face?”"What look? The look of a doctor that is worried about her patients? The doctor that takes time with her patients? I'm sorry that I care about my patients and their parents...and that I take the time and not rush through visits. When I decided to become a doctor, it was to help others not for the money." she said softly.2.) “What have you done to yourself?” "I'm sorry, I did not realize that I had double-booked myself. It happens sometimes, as some of my patients tend to only see even when I am not here...I try to tell them that they can see any doctor but some of them are very particular. I will stay late, don't worry, I know I shouldn't go over my time but its to help my patients, and that is what matters."  she said softly.3.) “It doesn’t do any good to get worked up.”"It doesn't? What do you mean it doesn't? It doesn't make you frustrated when you have tried everything to give an answer to the guardians and the parents but its still hopeless? How can you tell a parent/guardian that there is no resolution to their child's health problem? That there is no hope or that we couldn't try anything more? Its frustrating, its hurtful and regardleess if its the first time or beyond that first time, its hard every time." she stated.4.) “No, I don’t hate you.”"Are you sure? I mean I ask because I never want to hurt you or have you upset at me, mother. I know I have been busy lately and makes it hard for me to be around but I promise to be around mom. I love you and I do not want you to be mad at me. I love you mom" she said softly.5.) “Looks like I’ll live long enough to make you pay.”"I think that its the mixture of medication and the typical teenager rebel attitude talking Sam. You do not hate me, you are upset with your mother for bringing you in and being seen. You will thank me later instead of threatening me of revenge talking." she stated. 6.) “Did you really think you’d get a second chance?”"I am true believer of second chances, we are all humans who can make mistakes. We make mistakes and we learn from them, I never meant to hurt you or to betray your trust. Please believe me, give me a second chance at this. Let me prove you wrong about your idea about me." she said sternly. 7.) "I don’t understand, why are you doing this?”"Because its needed, because as a doctor I am the advocate to the health of my patients and their families. I know its not the usual procedure but it is needed. I need to find out what is hurt and causing pain to my patient."  she said. 8.) “What makes me so special?”"You are my sister, my best friend. You are only two years younger than me and I feel like we are twins. I am being honest to say that I do not have a favorite sibling we just have a closer connection because we are two years apart. I love you so much Gracie." she said softly. 9.) “You have no idea what I’ve been through.” "You think I don't Hector?! I do! I may be the middle child but I do know what you have been through. Do you think you are the only one who has been through rough patches? Who is going through things? Guess what, you are not. We are all dealing with our own problems but we do not take pity or act like our problems are more important than others" she said softly. 10.) “You really don’t have to do that, not for me.”"I know I don't, I know I do not have to check on you every hour or so to make sure you are okay. I like to, because I want to make sure you are okay. Not because I am a doctor and its my job but because I care about you as my patient, and I believe me I do this with all my patients, not a problem" she said softly.  

ғᴇʀᴀʟ ғᴀᴛᴀʟ

09/27/2022 03:38 PM 

What is love?

  “Have you ever been in love, Kit?” Dormouse’s small voice rang through the darkness unlocking memories that Kit would have rather stayed buried. Tears that had long since fallen down her cheeks began to sting behind her eyelids forcing her to push the emotion down before she could even identify it. The question itself was innocent but even the innocent ones hurt when you have lost everything. The memory that the little mouse of a girl had asked lingered between them like a taunting whisper that dared to break all the strength she had built up over the years.“Yes I was once,” Kit replied as she looked towards the fire a small smile pulling at her lips as her mind wandered about the dark-haired man that had been her everything since they were young.“What is it like?” Mouse asked as the millions of questions swirled around in her dark eyes. They hadn’t really spoken about Kit’s past mostly because Kit had never been ready to walk down that road that would never end in a happily ever after. No, they both know how their past stories would end; death and destruction of everything they had ever known. Still, the young girl held out hope for them both that there were better days ahead of them.“Well it isn’t all kissing and romance,” the woman spoke her voice low and serious as she watched the flames dance within their campfire. “Actually it is a lot like this campfire,”Mouse looked up at her obviously more confused than she had been before the question had been spoken. The very expression on her face made Kit laugh softly shaking her head causing her pink and purple curls to pounce along her shoulders.“Let me explain, dear one.” Kit moved so that she could rotate her torso to face the youngling and take her hands in her own. She wasn’t sure how she was going to explain this but she had to try. Love was such a complicated thing and as much as Kit didn’t want to smash all the little girl’s dreams she also didn’t want her to have the wrong idea for someone to crush her.“The flame is beautiful and provides us the heat we need to not freeze to death but left unmanned and cared for can destroy everything in its wake.” Kit explained hoping she had done a well enough job that the subject could be changed. The idea of love even left in Wonderland was a token of hope she couldn’t afford to have at the moment. They were still very much in danger and it was all Kit could keep them both alive.“What happened to your fire?” There it was the question that Kit had really hoped Mouse would have left unspoken. Her heart beat painfully against her ribs as if begging someone to rip it out so it wouldn’t have to feel anything.Taking a deep breath, Kit turned away from her for a moment her teeth capturing her bottom lip slightly to keep it from shuttering. Even after the two years even thinking of him brought pain to her that she never wanted anyone else to feel. It was one thing to lose someone but to lose them to the point you knew they were no longer a part of the same world…it was unspeakable and unexplainable.“It was put out by some very bad men.” Kit replied softly unable to look over at her as her blue eyes watched the fire dancing before her. As if a damn busted slightly in her mind memories flooded her threatening to break her once more but she couldn’t until she was alone. Mouse couldn’t see her break not now when everything around them wanted to drive them to extinction.It’s ok Kitten… The sound of his voice caught her off guard forcing her to her feet as a tear escaped the corner of her eye.“Time for bed, tiny mouse,” Kit said suddenly clearing her throat and placing a smile on her lips. She wasn’t sure how long she could keep her strength but she knew if this conversation went much longer she wouldn’t be able to hold the grief back.“Awe but Kit but I’m not tired,” She groaned before a yawn overtook her betraying her instantly.Shaking her head, Kit tilted her head towards the tent behind them before picking the small girl up in her arms and rocking her. The Dormouse was the only thing left in Wonderland for Kit to fight for and she’d be damned if anyone took her like they did everything else.As she placed Mouse down in her sleeping bag she found big brown eyes looking up at her so intensely she almost flinched. “tell me Kit, how do you go on after you lose everything?” the question was soft and Kit almost hadn’t heard her.“you take a breath. then another. that’s it. Then eventually you find something or someone to live for” She replied tapping her little nose before moving back to the entrance of the tint. “Sleep well my little dormouse.”   template credit.


09/27/2022 02:06 PM 


 Winnie was born to a cop and a lawyer both involved somehow with the law so when she was younger she really didn't get away with much. Winnie never really liked to follow the rules though when it came to her life and she never settled for less. When Winnie's father would get home from work though he used to beat her and her sister Winnie would protect her sister and get most of the beatings. When Winnie was 16 she wound up pregnant with her first child. However, she didn't wind up keeping her. She knew she was too young so she gave her up for adoption. It was a hard decision to make but she knew it was the right one. Winnie decided when she was older to open up an occult shop to help out baby witches with supplies and other things like that to learn about magic. She honestly loves her job and loves helping out newer witches learn the ropes. She also works on social media as a side job for some extra cash she has a youtube channel called witchy vibes and she shows some of her spells and what she's working on for the shop. Winnie is a pretty down-to-earth kind of gal and loves to spend time by the pool in her home. Right now she is pregnant with her second baby on the way and she couldn't be more thrilled because now she is 26 and ready to be a mother. 


09/27/2022 12:48 PM 

Optional Task #4 (Fall-themed Moodboard)

Fall-Themed Moodboard "Autumn in the air, brings happiness, cozy times, pumpkins and renewal of energy."


09/27/2022 12:23 PM 

Black Widow File

Legal Name: Natalia Alianova Romanova Aliases: Natasha Romanoff, Natalie Rushman, Black WidowAge: 32 YearsSex: FGender: FemalePronouns: She/Her/HersNick Name(s): Nat, red OktoberD.O.B: December, 3rd, 1984Nationality: Russian Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: Assassin for hire, AvengerAlignment: Neutral Personality: Natasha can come off as cold hearted, rude, and distant, as she was trained to be, but underneath all her programing she's a loving, sarcastic and friendly person who is trying her best to find out who she truly is. Pets: Dima (ragdoll cat), Kolya (Russian Blue Cat), Soup (orange tabby cat)


09/27/2022 12:27 PM 

The Very First Time

So very long ago at a ball... it seemed there was a ball every day back in those times but that is memory alone. Weekly was a more accurate statement. Every person in town had been speaking of the new, beautiful and vibrant girl at court. Lively and witty, shockingly she could carry on a conversation. People kept telling him to to and meet her, to see for himself. Everyone seemed to love her, everyone. Curious he had secured an invitation to the very next ball. He was incredulous that she could he that amazing. The day arrived and he dressed in his finest attire, a suit of red and gold with a black mask, before climbing into the carriage just after the sun had set. Of course once he was there he learned she had not yet arrived. This was just perfect. An entrance back in those days was everything. The perfect time to witness her in all her glory, or not, would be as she descended the stairs. As soon as she was announced silence fell and every eye turned to the grand staircase to behold the vision, and my what a vision she was, the lady Claire La Bella. She outshone every promise in appearance alone. She shone like the stars above. Yuuji waited for his chance as he couldn't yet get near her. Silently he  circled the room. He knew the instant she noticed him and like a moth to a flame her eyes kept finding him. He kept his distance as she said her hellos to each acquaintance she met but after a while he got his turn at last to meet the beauty. Somehow she had extricated herself from the hated duke she had been engaged to. From her body language he could tell she found the man odious. He had been caught in her spell as soon as he saw her. Speaking to her only confirmed that they were a match but time would only tell that this match was doomed from its start.Her dress was a simple yet elegant white and gold gown that contrasted well against his red and gold. They were able to share but one dance but there were whispers aplenty about the pair and how wonderful they looked together, elegant like a set of perfectly matched sculptures. Once they parted another meeting was difficult throughout the night as the duke had heard the whispers and wouldn't leave her side. It was no matter, Yuuji would find a way. He had simply had to.Getting to know one another was easier than one might think despite his limitations at the time.  He had established himself as a nobleman in Paris. It wasn't a lie entirely, he was of noble blood, his mother an immigrant but the castle and holdings he presented as his own wasn't that of his father. He was able to easily travel within the circles of high society because good breeding knows good breeding even if he was of mixed blood it wasn't obvious. His family name was an old one and one he could still use passing himself off as a distant cousin. It was the first time he was thankful for what his father gave him. It made it so all he would have to do was throw a dinner party here and there and they'd have to come. Etiquette dictated they must, lest risk insulting the young nobleman.  Over the next weeks he forged an acquaintance which did indeed grow into a strong friendship. In time he began to wonder who was courting who because it was clear they were courting. He could devise a romantic gesture and somehow she would match and sometimes top it. He had no idea how she accomplished it. One time he had purchased a locket with his and her picture in it and she had purchased a matching watch. For more private meetings she would have to sneak out to see him alone which she did gladly. Months went by with scattered clandestine meetings and in time they were very much in love with one another.In time the idea took root and talk began of the pair running away together. Breaking her engagement was out of the question. She couldn't present Yuuji in the duke's place. Despite being of noble blood his title didn't top that of a duke. Running away was the only option. Plans were made and once settled they began biding their time for the perfect opportunity. It came in the form of a ball. Some time in the evening they would slip away but it wasn't to be. Cruel fate stepped in for such things couldn't be carried out in complete secret. Someone had to be trusted and while she thought she chose well one could never fully trust a servant to make such arrangements. The anticipated night came and he arrived dressed in splendor. Once announced he walked into the ballroom just as planned. They would dance a few dances and once enough wine and brandy had been imbibed they would make their escape.  When it came to their turn to dance he smiled down at her. He had a feeling like he had already won. They glided across the floor as though they hadn't a care in the world and once the last notes sounded he walked her towards the terrace door. It wasn't until they were outside that either spoke. "Not much longer now." He whispered at her expression of worry."I know, I cannot help but think it's going far too easy." She whispered back as they paced away from the ballroom."I… it will be alright." He had been about to agree but stopped himself worried should he utter the words it would only jinx them. Haste would make them look suspicious. They must look like a pair taking in the night air. Reaching a corner Yuuji turned and led her down the side of the building at which point he hastened his steps. Reaching the library door he glanced back to see the way was clear before twisting the knob and ushering her inside then pulling it closed behind him.  Before his eyes could adjust he already sensed they were not alone. He heard his breathing, smelled his scent before he even uttered a word he knew they were caught."Going somewhere?" The hated voice asked as the light flicked on. "Oh my, you seem to be absconding with my bride."  "Damien…" Hizaki uttered his name. "Just let me go, I could never make you happy, nor you I." She pleaded. "Oh please." He scoffed. "This is not about happiness you stupid cow.""Enough, we are leaving here together tonight and you cannot stop us. Move aside." Yuuji ordered.  In response Damien's hand went to his sword hilt withdrawing it from its sheath. "Damien do not be a fool, let us go."He advanced as she spoke, grabbing her wrist and raising his sword and plunging the blade straight into her belly. There was not a moment in which either could react.She was there in his arms and then in the next instance she was lying in an ever growing pool of crimson. Yuuji couldn't tear his eyes away from the scene. He willed her to breathe, live, laugh, don't leave him alone. His gaze was torn away by laughter sounded from her betrothed. Maniacal. Evil. The expression on his face was one of triumph. "You see, I always win. The two of you were so foolish to think you could humiliate me and get away with it." His tone was mocking. Yuuji narrowed his eyes, a deep guttural growl sounding as he leapt forward grabbing him before he could even think to raise his sword. Teeth tore into the tender flesh of his neck ripping open his veins and spilling his life's blood all as his grip loosened and the steel blade clattered to the floor. A struggle ensued but Yuuji held fast, his grip iron. It didn't last long however. Indeed not nearly as long as deserved in Yuuji’s mind. Releasing him he tossed his dead body to the floor before taking a few steps towards his beloved.Kneeling beside her he spied her lifeless eyes staring back at him. A soft frown spread as he reached out and gently closed them. "Rest love, perhaps someday we shall meet again." 


09/27/2022 12:15 PM 

Most Wanted Plots

Thought I would lay out some ideas here for reference and so I can remember them! I will add to this as and when I think of more!1 - AU where Aerith doesn't die!2 - Captured by Shinra and having to escape3 - I would LOVE to do an AU ship with Sephiroth - a secret affair kind of deal where there is a lot of sneaking about and high risk of getting caught and the nasty consequences of such4 - Getting blasted off to another world and having to get home/save it5 - AU where ShinRa wins and the world is a post apocalyptic wasteland.


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I thought I would set out some guidelines about how I want to write here, it makes things really easy. 1 - Please be patient, I have a busy real life. 2 - Please don't god mod - I will write Sephiroth how I want to, you do your character how you like.3 - Romance: I write it. I enjoy it, but I won't write smut for smut's sake. I prefer characters to connect and to be invested in a story.4 - I will discuss most plots. I do not need a lot of discussion just a rough idea. I don't like random starters.

[TGH] The Guttural Hellbounds

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19 Nations On Your Side
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1.) “Why do you have that look on your face?” “I’m exhausted! I’m tired of being strong for everyone, I’m tired of pretending that I’m okay when I’m not... I can’t keep pretending anymore. I’m not okay... I’m not okay and I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t know how to help myself. I don’t know how to keep on going. I just want it all to stop. I don’t want to feel a damn thing anymore” she said.2.) “What have you done to yourself?”“I’m sorry. I thought I was passed this. I haven’t hurt myself in a while. I thought I was stronger than this, but I’m weak. You were never meant to see this. Please don’t think any less of me. I would hate for your opinion of me to change. I’ll try and stop again I promise. I really promise I will. I don’t want to hurt myself, it just happened. I’m sorry” she stated. 3.) “It doesn’t do any good to get worked up.”“Well now is not the time to tell me to calm down Katie. That will just get me more worked up. The delivery was supposed to be here today but now they aren’t getting here until tomorrow. We can’t complete the huge order we have. We don’t have enough flowers and we need to be on the road in two hours so we can deliver the flowers to the client in time. If we don’t make it the reputation of Darling Buds is ruined” she sighed. 4.) “No, I don’t hate you.”“Are you sure? The way you’ve been acting lately makes it seem like you do. You’ve been pushing me away and freezing me out of your life. Kind of seems to me like you hate me. We used to be so close and tell each other everything... but now you keep me at arms length. What did I do? I must have done something. Tell me what I did to make you do this. Just tell me how to fix this please. I don’t want to be on the outside anymore” she said. 5.) “Looks like I’ll live long enough to make you pay.”“Wow someone has been watching one too many revenge movies. Make me pay how? I mean seriously, who do you think you are the Godfather? With all those pills you keep popping and the alcohol you keep drinking you’re probably not going to live as long as you’d hope. It was a dumb bet, it’s silly to get so worked up like this. Take a damn chill pill” she said. 6.) “Did you really think you’d get a second chance?”“I guess I hoped things would work out. The universe had other plans for us before, but now we are both in the same town again, I... I guess I thought we could get a do over. Try again. Try and get it right this home and not let anything get in our way. I guess I thought you’d want the same thing, but clearly not. But just remember you’re not the one who go your heart broke. I did” she firmly stated.7.) "I don’t understand, why are you doing this?”“Because I want to feel something. Anything at all. All I’ve been feeling lately is numb, a nothingness. It’s like I can’t rven feel at all, so I do this... I do this to try and feel. It works now and then, sometimes I still feel nothing. I don’t know why I’m like this but I am. If you can’t handle it then you should leave, abandon me like everyone else has. No shame in it. I’m used to it by now. People always leave right?” She asked. 8.) “What makes me so special?”“You get me in a way that nobody else does. I can be my absolute self with you. I don’t fear you judging me. I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not to please you. You accept me for the way that I am and I love that about you. You love me just as much on my bad days as you do my good days. You’re always there when I need you and I can’t thank you enough for that. I love you” she said softly. 9.) “You have no idea what I’ve been through.””Oh I do, trust me. Do you seriously think your eyes her only one to go through sh*t? Newsflash you aren’t. I’ve been where you are so trust me I understand better than most people. What you’ve been through doesn’t excuse your actions though. You had choices and you made the wrong decision. Learn from it. Do better. Be better. I’m here for you” she stated.10.) “You really don’t have to do that, not for me.””I know I didn’t have to do it, I wanted to. Wanting and having to do something are completely different. You are worth it. I love you and I hope this shows just how much I do. I would do anything for you no matter what. I’ve got your back. You don’t need to understand why, or believe why. Just accept it. I’m here and always will be” she spoke softly. 


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Cassandra Kingston Bio

FULL NAME: Cassandra Kingston.NICKNAMES: Cass, Cassie.  SPECIES: Human.GENDER: Female.SEXUALITY: Straight.RELATIONSHIP STATUS: SingleOCCUPATION: Cardiothoracic Surgeon. FAMILY: Daughter Christian Kingston (deceased) and Julia Kingston (deceased).Younger sister of Malia Henderson (deceased).Aunt/Guardian of Jacob Henderson.Sister in law to Peter Henderson (deceased).PERSONALITY: Intelligent, warm, resourceful, stubborn, passionate, honest, friendly, trustworthy, protective, romantic.FACE CLAIM: Sophia Bush.GENRE: Original Character.

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