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09/29/2022 11:33 PM 

I Didn't Know.

@import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url('[email protected]&display=swap'); /* scrollbar properties */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 5px; width:2px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 7px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color: #d3cab8; border: 2px solid #4a3f41; height:5px; width:5px; } h1 { font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif; font-size:35px; line-height:30px; padding:0px 2px 5px 2px; color:#d6a57e; margin:0px 0px 1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bolder; text-align: center; letter-spacing:-2px; word-wrap:2px; } h1 span{color:#d5b4a1; text-transform: lowercase; font-weight: lighter; font-style:italic; font-size:45px;} h1 span2{color:#4d4a4d;} serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins xtra xtra xtra I Didn't Know In your arms, I'm safe and sound You turn my world right upside down But all the hell we've been through had a purpose Together we are chaos and it's perfect Always thought those feelings, they were stories not made for me It's terrifying, but I'm pretty certain it's worth itI didn't, I didn't know what love could, what love could be Until you, until you loved my everything The good, the bad, the in between I didn't know you were something I could need Until you, until you loved my everything The good, the bad, the in between, all of me "I was fine before you kissed me on the forehead" It all began as a place for them to hide, a place where they could communicate about the game and the cult, and where they could be alone without FP or Alice and Polly looming over their heads. Despite what may have occurred inside in the past, the bunker has a reassuring sense of security. It is guarded, kept under wraps, and, most importantly, belongs to them.Sheets are the first item that Betty carries inside the underground shelter after entering there. She retrieves them from the attic, where they have been stored all these years; they are identical twins. Who knows how long the sheets on the cot have been there or what kind of things have been done to them in that time? She believes a bottle of Lysol, together with sheets and pillows, is an absolute must. Betty is spraying every square inch of the bunker with Lysol while Jughead is reassembling his conspiracy theory board that he took from the kitchen of the trailer and hanging it on one of the walls. In particular, the cushions and the bed itself. They don't sleep there, but it doesn't stop them from having fun there by rolling about under the blankets, shutting off the outside world, and getting lost in each other.After a few days have passed, Jughead brings in an old power strip that he discovered in an old cabinet at the Blue and Gold, as well as a tiny fridge that he unearthed at the scrap yard."For snacks," he'd explained when Betty raised an eyebrow as he tucked it into one of the various corners of the confined area, and she'd nodded her head in agreement. "For snacks."She had responded by rolling her eyes and said, "You are a bottomless pit." However, the next day in the afternoon, she fills the little refrigerator with several containers of yogurt and other components for sandwiches.There are now additional phone chargers on the table. Jughead comes upon a hot plate at some point. There is a six-pack of water bottles lying on the ground. Betty manages to find some money and uses it to purchase a WiFi hotspot booster for her phone. She then uses her wits to persuade her mother to upgrade her to an unlimited data plan. Betty is now set for life.She had shrugged and replied, "It will be simpler for us to work if we have internet," before putting up her phone next to the bed and opening her laptop. "It will make our job easier," she had said. It was a leisurely afternoon on a Sunday. While Betty typed away at an essay, Jughead snuggled up next to her, booting up his own laptop and focusing on the most recent draft of his book. Neither one mentions that they aren't contributing anything to the investigation in any way they can.An accident befalls them as they try to sleep there for the first time. It is the weekend after the school rulebook has been distributed to all of the students, and on Friday night, they hole up in a room with Pop's, thermoses of coffee, and bags of junk food. They also have several folders of photocopies from the city archives and all of Betty's organizational note-taking supplies. At some point around three in the morning, Betty nods off while holding a highlighter in her hand. Jughead brings her over to the cot and tucks the covers around her while she sleeps. However, Betty seems to be so cuddly and cozy when snuggled up in the teeny-tiny bed that Jughead can't help but snuggle up to one other, squeezing Betty against Jughead's chest as they drop off to sleep.After that, they begin storing their clothing there, but only "for emergencies" and incidents that are similar to the ones that occurred while they were reading the rule book. The situation rapidly worsens. Toothbrushes, supplemental toiletries, and duffel bags stuffed with various items are stashed under the bed. Books. The typewriter belongs to Jughead. The diaries and journals that Betty kept."When was the last time one of us was able to see our families? " Betty asks absentmindedly one night when she is seated at the table in the center of the bunker, circling sections of the literary homework she has been given. While still sitting on the cot, Jughead takes a little break from his frenetic typing to stare out towards the horizon."I have no idea. A few days? " He makes a frown, shrugs his shoulders, and then resumes to the passage he was reading before."Do you suppose that even crossed their minds? " Betty inquires as her tone of voice becomes more subdued. Then, with a scowl on his face, Jughead glances up and pats the empty spot beside him. Betty climbs to her feet and crawls into bed with him, placing her arms around his waist as she does so."I can't say for sure. And I couldn't care less," he says as he wraps his arms over her shoulders and entwines his fingers in her hair. She leans against him, drawing herself even nearer to him.The silence in the room causes Betty's voice to become muffled as she mumbles, "She told all those people, Jug. She told them everything." about the pointless camera issue, as well as the questionable individual and Chic. She revealed it to Evelyn! It's our school that she attends. Because she attends our school, my mother shared information with her, which not only links us to the murder but also links you to the crime." Betty's eyes wrinkle up, and she clenches her hands tightly as she tries to stop the tears from falling. Then, with a frown on his face, Jughead moves his hands to Betty's and carefully separates her fingers so that he may lace them into his own. He leans in and gives her a slow, tender moment on the knuckles."And she and my dad both have information that could help us, that could help save actual lives, and they won't give it to us because they are so afraid or ashamed of whatever they did in school," he said. "They are free to gloat all they want about how well they are protecting us. However, it is not the point at all." Betty leans in closer to Jughead and places her hands on his cheeks in an effort to calm him down as he furiously wipes his hand over his face. Jughead responds by rubbing his hand across his face, prompting Betty to reach out to him in an effort to comfort him. "Betts, this shouldn't be something that we have to do. We shouldn't be... hiding from our parents in a real bunker, trying to figure out what the hell is happening on in this godforsaken town, all the while Alice and FP maintain secrets and set stuff on fire and," Jughead stops, wrinkling his nose, "fool about."Betty murmurs, "I know," as she softly strokes the side of Jughead's jaw with her thumb. "There are moments when it seems as though we are the ones responsible for looking after them." Her voice barely falters as she says, "But I don't want to, Juggie," and Jughead draws her closer to himself. "My dad is serving time in jail. My mother and sister are members of a cult and have been spreading rumors that are harmful to me, and although I am doing all I can to protect them, the cult members could not care less about what happens to me.""Betty, I'm sorry," Jughead says to her in a reassuring tone. "And I know that doesn't change anything. But I am. And even though I am aware that this would not solve anything, I am concerned. I am here, and I love you, and I promise that I will do everything in my power to protect you."Betty whispers to Jug, her head resting on his shoulder, "I love you too," as she looks up at him with closed eyes. "Far above everything else."When he leans in to kiss her, it brings back memories of when they were sitting on the sofa in the trailer sharing their first kiss. A kiss that was more than simply a kiss—it was a plea for relief and a response to that request. He moves his hands up her hips and up the exposed flesh of her back, causing her to quiver. She weaves her hands up into his hair, which causes him to lose his beanie. Held me 'til the mornin', never imagined

Modern Stories

09/29/2022 03:12 PM 

Holly Day

  Spoiled princess is a term often used to describe Holly. She is doted on by her parents, mom being a fashion designer and her dad being the CEO of some pharma company. She's the spoiled stoner daughter that sells nudes on the internet for fun.

Modern Stories

09/29/2022 03:12 PM 

Faye Winters

Faye Winters is the sister of Ethan Winters though it's unclear as to how old she actually is. Like her brother, she is a mutant trained in military combat. She joined Chris Redfield at some point in her tour around the world, it's unclear as to when this actually happened cause for all involved it was like a drunken haze. Faye doesn't make much of an impression until, you've known her for a while. She has supernatural strength, durability, speed, hearing, smell and some other things. She was sent to Maine to check out a potential B.O.W. but had gone missing for about a year, of course her return was held with some suspicion. She only told them that she had been stranded in a town called Silent Hill during her investigation. Little did anyone know the woman wasn't the same after that, She was no longer worried for her life in fact the dame would come off as cold and unmoved when against bio weapons. When she heard her bother was being placed into protective care, she refused to allow Chris to leave her behind.

feral gold.

09/29/2022 02:12 PM 

a coat of gold a coat of red

At its heart, the basis of nature is nothing more than a game of replication. It is the way Asha stared at the roots of a street and traced the same patterns in the veins in her wrist. The way the colors in the flames she saw burning small villages from reaver attacks were soft and inviting in the sky at sunset.   The way her blade at her hip had the same curvature of a butterfly’s wing but thank the seven it did not have the softness.<br><br>   Her mother had been fascinated with fire, Oberyn had told her. She always had candles burning - even in the daytime. Nothing ever caught fire, but he could remember as a child her father shouting at her for leaving them unattended. <i>aegon and his dragons could not burn down sunspear but let it be known anya of house martell will!</i>. <br><br>   When she saw a castle burn for the first time it did not look like a candle, it looked like war, and war was just another form of fire left unattended. <br><br>  The war camp was quiet, soldiers asleep at their post - how fat and lazy they had gotten in times of peace. Despite her appearance, Asha had been able to stride past them with little conflict, and the little she did encounter was left face down in the mud and bleeding. <br><br>   Blood dripped from her, splashing against a wooden table that looked to be a butcher’s block. She bites the top of a flask off, sloppily pouring herself a cup and mixing the wine with the red of the blood on her hands. The sound of the tent fluttering open did not startle her as she made her way to a chair, depositing herself into it.<br><br>   “Well?” Jaime asks, and she tosses a bag at his feet. He peels it open, and grimaces. “You couldn’t have taken the ring <i>off</i> the hand?”<br><br>   “I could have, if he wasn’t so fat.” She replies, taking a sip of wine. “You did not tell me about the guards.”<br> “You would have been insulted if I had. I know you can handle yourself.” He removes his cape, handing it on a coat hook. “There is a river near by, it’s small, but you can clean yourself up.”<br> The candle glow makes the red splatter across her pretty visage spark, and a smile spreads across her face. “You don’t like it when I wear my house colors, <i>kepa?</i>”<br> “Red <i>and</i> gold, girl. Careful.”<br> “Well i’ve got red to spare, and I expect gold.” <br><br>   Jaime digs into a trunk covered in furs - a bear pelt, a stag skin - and tosses her a calfskin bag that is heavy when it hits the tent floor. “Clean yourself up before you see me next time.”<br> “You send me to kill and the aftermath makes you uncomfortable?” She questions, “Kingslayer…you are ashamed of the title and ignore the blood that came with it?”<br> “Perhaps, when I have the time, Ashara, you can explain to me why you hate me so deeply?” Jaime snaps at her. He raises a hand, “Oh wait…what is it they are calling you here? <i>The Last Shadow.</i>” He states. “Or, what are they calling you in Mereen? Killer of Men? <i>Osseya</i>. You think because you tell me what they whisper behind my back to my face it makes you better than them?” Her expression set in stone. “You think that by returning to me covered in the blood of the man i sent you to kill…that it would bring me shame that I am using my own daughter as a cut-throat? No, what horrifies me is that you continue to accept the work, Asha. Because you think it makes me proud of you.” Jaime unbuckles his sword belt, setting it aside. “Get out. You reek of death.”<br><br>   Ashara stood, closing the space between them. “Oberyn told me when they cut my mother’s throat I was still attached to her. He had to cut me free,” She whispers to him, “So yes, it is death you smell. Always.”<br><br>   Anger filled the Golden Lion’s features, “Out.” He said pointedly. “You carry too much of Oberyn’s hate for your family inside of you.”<br><br>   She paused at the doorway. “Funny. Oberyn said I was too much like my father.”  

Beast Boy

09/29/2022 01:47 PM 

Once a Titan

Being a hero was exhausting sometimes. It did give Garfield some sense of importance. Not enough to make his ego bigger than it should be. But enough to know he was doing well for the world. He was contributing to trying to make the world a better place. Something his adopted parents had done. But boy did it make him tired. As Garfield almost staggered into his room, all he had eyes for was his bed. His very comfy bed that was definitely calling his name softly. Or maybe that was just the exhaustion speaking? He was too tired to try to think about it. Either way he found himself face first, blindly reaching for the covers to throw them over himself. Ah darkness and silence. Perfect combination for him to close his eyes. He was dozing off though when something loud jolted him back to awareness. Just what was that sound. It sounded like ringing. It took more time than it should for Garfield to realize that it was his phone going off, as he tried to bury himself further under his covers. He just wanted to sleep. Was that so hard to ask for? Just five minutes. That’s all he was asking for. Living with the Doom Patrol again after years of being by himself and even longer being part of the Teen Titans was tiring to put it. He loved the members of the ragtag heroes especially his mother and father but they got to be a bit much even for Gar’s taste.Or maybe it had something to do with the breaking of the Titans. They had gone from strangers who barely had anything in common other than being outcasts and trying to prove themselves to the world. Then to strangers once more. But Garfield did not like to think about that. It brought back too many memories. Some good. Some bad. All hurtful. He tried not to think about the others. What they were doing. How they were doing after all these years. If they were safe and sound. Or if they were just trying to make it day by day with no idea in sight. Pretending with jokes and smiles that they were doing great when in reality they wondered if they could have done something different. That if they stopped smiling and joking that everyone will realize that they are just as sad and depressed as anyone else. Barely functioning but still there. Okay maybe that last part was more Garfield then the others. But this was why he didn’t like thinking about the Titans. It got too personal. The ringing stopped. Oops he totally had forgotten that his phone was going off. Silence rang out once more. He really should go back to sleep. Every member of Doom Patrol was either her in the manor or was on a mission that was with a strict no contact unless an emergency rule but they’d call the communicators not Gar’s actually phone. Yeah now he was curious and his brain wouldn’t let him go to sleep until he at least looked at who was calling him.He shifted slightly, huffing gently at the cold air as his hand came up to fumble around the bedside table. Eventually he closed his hand around the object, quickly bringing his arm back under the bed covers where it was warmer. The light was blinding as he flipped it open and it took a few blinks to get his eyes to focus. The name that stared at him, had Garfield quickly forgetting he was trying to sleep. He was wide awake now. Blankets falling to bunch up on his lap as he sat up. One missed call. D*ck Grayson. Three years it would have read something like Bestie with a bunch of emojis but through the years Garfield had not only lost the original phone it was on (and each time since reuniting with Raven he’d have to ask for D*ck’s number once more since she was the only one who he talked to since the breakup of the team and knew she was at least talking with D*ck enough to have a number) and the pain of a lost friendship due to each other’s schedules it went from something familiar to something unfamiliar. Quite like the man himself. It had been three long years since he’d even entertained the thought of what was once a very strong family that ended up cracking piece by piece until the original five was no more. Three years since he stopped trying with the others in that damn group chat he had created and added everyone into years ago.Seeing the name sent a pang through his chest, and had him gritting his teeth without realizing it. Three years and NOW D*ck wanted to get ahold of him? He almost contemplated throwing the phone and letting out the scream he could feel in his chest but he swallowed that urge down. No. Now was not the time to get mad. It wasn’t worth it. Besides a part of him knew that something must be going on. Call it a sixth sense or something. Or maybe despite the years of nothing between him and D*ck, he knew the man enough to know he wouldn’t just one day go ‘Hey let’s call BB as if three years of nothing hadn’t happened’. No he would only call in an emergency. As much as it hurt to think that he knew it was true. Might as well see what his old leader was calling for since he was so kind enough to leave a message. Another clue that something was wrong. His finger hovered over the voicemail image, wondering if he should press it or not. That feeling of something wrong that was quickly growing answered the dilemma for him. He needed to make sure that he wasn’t just being paranoid. That despite all these years he still knew the person he had called his best friend at one point.Please enter your password He almost hung up but his fingers moved across the screen in his four digit passcode without him thinking much about it. No. He needed to see what was so important. Finally the voice he was dreading as much as hoping (even though he knew that it would be) to hear. “Gar. It’s an emergency. Call me back as soon as you get this.” Seriously? That was it? No hey I know it’s been awhile. I hope you are well. Just a ‘This is an emergency’. He pressed end a bit harder then he should have and tossed his phone onto the bed. “Emergency he says. Of course it’s an emergency….d*ck. Why else call me.” He huffed a bit, throwing himself backwards and sprawling out. He was a bit hurt that D*ck sounded so damn professional but he ignored that feeling. Pushed it deep down. Instead he focused on going through a list of villains that would require more than the ex-Titans leader to take down. His old friend had sounded a bit worried. And his words while simple seemed a bit rushed. Not enough for Garfield to not understand what he was saying but enough to know that it had shaken the other male. Slade? No. That couldn’t be it. D*ck could take the man on by himself these days. No way would he need another person’s help. But who or what could have Bludhaven’s resident Nightwing contacting his old teammate for? He almost missed the ding that came from his phone. A ding he hadn’t heard in three years. Oh. This was an emergency emergency. That was not good. He scrambled up to his knees and snatched the phone up. Two words stared at him. Almost as if it was taunting him. He’s back. Who is back? He couldn’t mean? No. It couldn’t be. Anything but that….anyone but him. “Raven.” He almost pressed the call button that would pull up his list of contacts but knew that if it was who he thought D*ck was insinuating then Raven knew already. She would have been the first one who felt it. Or felt something. Besides Raven was a big girl. She could take care of herself. HAD taken care of herself since leaving the team with only a written ‘Goodbye’. She didn’t need BB worrying about her. He knew that. Besides if D*ck called him then she had to have received a phone call herself and they’d be seeing one another again. He tossed back the covers, nearly falling off the bed in his scramble to get up. The team had taken the bastard down once. He was not going to succeed. Raven would not have to go through what she did again. Garfield would not allow it. Of course he knew it was easier said than done but right now he didn’t care. They’d failed once to fully protect Raven. No. He didn’t need to worry himself before it was confirmed on who D*ck meant by he’s back. Maybe he was wrong. He sure wished he was wrong. Should he pack something? A small bag wouldn’t hurt right? What would he need other than himself and his suit? It wasn’t like he had weapons of his own to use. His whole body and ability to transform into other animals was all the weapons he needed. A couple of clothes wouldn’t hurt right? No. He didn’t have time to think about such trivial things. He was needed. He reached for his bedroom doorknob, freezing as he caught sight of a photo that always caused him pain but he refused to get rid of or hide. Five teens. All different. But all outcasts in one way or another. Smiling as if there was nothing that could beat them. He could even notice a slight upturn of Raven’s lips as if she wanted to smile then remembered who she was at the last second but it was too late to change her expression. He kept it on the back of his door. So they were the first thing he saw in the morning. They had given him strength once and he didn’t want to forget that. Doom Manor had never felt like home since his return. The people in it felt like family but something was always wrong. Something was always missing. And now he knew why. Those five. That tower. It was home. It was his family. He didn’t love the Doom Patrol any less but he was a Titan. And as they always said. Once a Titan. “Always a Titan.” It was time to return home.


09/29/2022 01:02 PM 

Owes List


† Cain: First Sinner †

09/28/2022 10:36 PM 

:Get To Know Cain:

Name: Cain EvermoreAge: Ancient. 25 yrs in appearance.DOB: Autumn season.Sign: Libra perhaps.Eyes: BlueHair: BlackHeight: 5'10"Body: Lean, Athletic, Lite Skin tone.Sexuality: Bisexual. No lean.Occupation(s): Writer, Musican, Mechanic, Businessman, Doctor, Blacksmith, Killer, GentlemanFamily: Eve (mother), Adam (father), Abel (middle brother), Seth (youngest brother).Children: Enoch (Eldest son). (I will look to see if there are more, I'm sure there are. lol)Personality: Sometimes he acts good. Sometimes he acts bad. And somewhere in between. He is mostly good and acts like a gentleman. He has mental issues but he is a good person in the modern era. He used to be out of control but those dark days are over. He's learned to live with himself in recent centuries. He is compassionate and generous. Friendly and charming. Sometimes he can be flirtatious. If provoked he can be your worst nightmare!Powers: Telekensis. Invulnerablity. Inhuman Strength. The Likes & Hobby(s): Fixing Things, Swimming, Hiking, Music, Writing, Fishing, Fashion, Dogs, Horses, Men & Women, Exploring, Vacationing, Rainfall, Snowfall, Sailing, Camping, Fireplaces, King sized beds, Leather and Silk fabric, Cologne, Suits, Lattes, Coffee with sugar added, Rocky Road Ice Cream, Chocolate, Cheese Pizza, Red Wine, Whiskey, Vodka, Motorcycles, Children, Nice people, Red, Black, White, Gold, Blue and Green.The Kinks: Kisses to his neck; chest and abs, Receiving Oral Sex, Sucking in his nipples and abs, clawing his back, handcuffing him to the bed, pinning his hands to the bed while kissing his lips or neck, Doggy Style Sex, Rough Sex Upon Request, Spankig his ass during sex, Blindfolding him, Body massages, Stroking his c*ck while kissing his lips.The Dislikes: Heights, Spiders, Black Coffee, Mean people, Villains, Beer, Loud noises, Pink colors and Clowns.  

Bloody Vαleɴтιɴe

09/28/2022 05:56 PM 

The Ugly Duckling - Drabble

The wide and curious eyes of eight year old Cecilia peered out the tinted window of the big black car. She couldn't recall ever seeing so many people in one place before. They were all in fancy dresses that matched her mothers, and she was mesmerized by way the sun hitting the fabric made them sparkle like some sort of magic. "Mama, look." she pointed to all the men taking pictures, a few of them pointed in the direction of their car. "Listen, Cecilia." she snapped her fingers and Cecilia knew that meant to look at her mother. "I know you and Olivia have never been to one of these events before, so I need you to understand just how important it is that you behave. Do I make myself clear?" Cecilia nodded her head and looked over at her five-year old sister Olivia who was nodding as well. "Good, there are going to be a lot of people taking our picture and talking to me on that red carpet out there. If you are spoken too you are to be polite and answer clearly." she sighed "This is such a huge deal, I mean it. Good behavior only." Mommy always seemed irritated or to busy and even though this was a big deal supposedly she didn't seem happy, she just wanted to give her and Olivia orders like always. Looking down at the black shiny shoes she had on she began to kick her feet back and forth a bit anxious to get out of the car that was now starting to get a bit warm and making her legs stick to the leather on the seats. The one thing she did like so far was that she and Olivia got to wear princess dresses. Hers was black just like her shoes, it was fluffy and soft and even had a pretty bow on the back. Mamma never let her and Olivia go to these kinds of things, but she heard her father tell her mother that this was an event that she and sissy should be there for. "Alright, it's time." Mama sighed as the door opened. A man reached in and took her mothers hand and when she got out a lot of people began to cheer and take photos. It was something she was use to, her mother was a movie star and people were always taking her picture. Dad got out next, and he then helped her and Olivia out of the car to the red carpet her mother mentioned earlier. So many people continued to take photos and ask questions of her Mom and Dad. Cece just looked around in awe, and she couldn't help but like the attention, but all the flashing lights were starting to blind her. No one had talked to her or Olivia until they were almost to the entrance of the building. "Cecilia, what do you think of your mom being nominated for an Oscar?" the man bent down and shoved the microphone in her face. She glanced at her Mother who was raising a knowing brow at her. "I think it's pretty cool." she laughed a little. "When you grow up do you think you will be an actress?" Right away she shook her head. "No, Mama said I'm not pretty enough, that Livy is the pretty one." Her answer was soon followed by an awkward silence. The man with the microphone didn't know what to say and as she looked toward her Mother she could see a flash of anger in her father's eyes. Had she said something wrong? Her Mother always taught her to tell the truth, and she told her all the time she wasn't pretty enough to be an actress that maybe if she was lucky she could work behind the camera like her father. The next few minutes were a blur because her father moved quickly to get them inside. Later that evening. Cecilia woke to the sound of yelling, loud yelling, louder than normal when her parents would argue. She slowly opened her door and tip toed to the stairs. She sat down quietly listening to what was being said. "You tell our daughter she is not pretty? What the hell is wrong with you Justine? How could you say that? Our daughters are beautiful and you are trying to ruin their self-esteem?" "I just don't want Cecilia to get her hopes up, I'm sorry but..." She was cut off "Sometimes I wonder what I see in you." That was followed by the sound of the front door slamming shut. Cecilia quickly walked back to her room and crawled back in to bed. She knew that when her mother told her those things that it hurt her feelings, but she had been told them for so long she just believed that was how it was. She sunk down further in her covers as her lip started to quiver. It wasn't until her she heard dad stand up to her mother that she thought maybe she wasn't an ugly duckling after all.


09/28/2022 04:34 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

Alright -- I feel that I need to get this out there. If I have added you and we don't get along and by chance, I add another page of yours --- it isn't because I'm stalking you, it's because I don't know it's you. The simple and best solution to avoid any drama is for you not to accept my request. Everybody's happy -- it's a win-win. But don't bitch at me if you accept and we don't get along again, some people just don't fit together.  It's nothing personal until you make it so and get weird. 

ruby da 🍒

09/28/2022 12:20 PM 

inception of perception.

long term effects of suffering.Dark dwelling in the viper pit, venomous lashing and numbing penetration of inked splotches. Trudging on through a cavernous eternity of nightmarish visuals ever churning in abysmal chasms. Venom seeps beneath the underbelly of flesh intermingling with rigid branches of dull sapphire. Black veins constrict remaining vessels, the end is nigh as a meaningless light begins to fade. Helpless steps toward inevitable demise, flickers of gold emanate from a distant pedestal. Too far to reach yet too close to abandon, the desolate soldier looms closer to eternal reward. Feeble hands grab aimlessly at a shimmering glow of intangible desire. Once in reach the light blinds, severing iris and pupil melting into pools of blood-stained ivory. On His knees, prayers to the golden glow that ultimately damn the disciple to purgatory.The holy gleam is succeeded by unholy rays of cancerous spears piercing through crumpled folds in blacked drapery. Untamed scruff lay against pools of salivated deposits, keeping zombie visage married to threaded cotton like elaborate webbing as the creature rises from an abyss. Bony appendages claw at swollen optics, knees bend over the edge of a cliff, but the giant finds ground. Golden beams guide the lost soul to salvation in the form of a bottle accompanied by a crumpled matchbook. Lucky token buried between ripples of goose feathers, tucked behind the ear on the eve of demise and flattened by a slumbering skull. Trembling digits find parted lips flaked with coarse dead flesh. Spark of the wooden cherry ignites a cancerous glow of solidarity; clouds of poisonous haze expand lungs to a blissful pudge. Gray smoke signals trickle from flared passages, painted fingers desperately cling and strangle the bottle neck as amber delight courses through damaged anatomy. Consuming the head akin to a lover, divulges no resentment as the glass clears of impurity. Overwhelming despair fuels a flame of passion delivering unto the lord a shattering reminder of loss and fleeting moments. Erecting amongst the broken promises and bleeding memories the lost soul accepts penance dredging through tetanus and soothing release. Lying in the bed of His creation until the body resembles that of Christ, takes in hand one final dagger sure to end the suffering of ages. Less than hesitant a jagged blade slings across an eager stem, drawing forth a bath of sanctity cleansing of unforgivable sin.Implicated shadow is fleeting to a disappointed gleam of razor blades and cocaine. The second rising took form as a dazed Ruby rose from the rough. Just as it all seemed to have meaning, He is thrust back into existence against His will. Vomiting medicinal death meant to cure the disease of life, a tarnished soul relents and repents, even circumvents the cranium lodged twixt the thicc. Accepting the pain of another day with a bendy straw pinched between calloused pads, lines them up to knock them down. Temptation to overdose ever looming at the forefront of every free thought." Oh well. Not today. "


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It's Fall, Y'all.

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ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ sᴡᴀɴɴ

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. o w e s .

. i owe you .. you owe me .. connections .        10/02 Flynn - "What have you done" Odette fresh off the lake from transforming is wandering the forest when she stumbles upon Flynn burying an object but the object rises into mid air.  . discord .


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A sampling of my writing.

It was a night just like any other night, the throngs of people flooded the bar and the sounds of chatter could be heard but Jessica was doing as she usually does. Well manicured fingertips toy about the top of a wine glass slowly dancing in an ever going circle. She draws in a deep breath of her surroundings inhaling the scents and flavors of who is around her as she sits there in the dark corner of the bar in a booth all by herself. Crystalline blue eyes flick outward in search of awareness to see what is happening around her. A slow cool smile coils at the corners of her perfectly painted red lips as she looks down then to the glass of wine that has yet gone untouched for now. She muses about the day that she had as she looks at the wine watching the way that it swims within the globe of glass as her perfect fingertip dances along that rim. She's dressed in a black dress that hugs her curves, dips down low in the front to display the ample cleavage that is exposed there and her flesh is pale, almost like the fallen snow. Long dark curls of silken hair spill downward about her frame offering a deep shadowing upon her form. A necklace at her neck draped and rested so perfectly the ruby stone just resting at the center of her breasts.


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Where you can find me


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DOCUMENT NAME: james buchanan barnesMONIKER: the winter soldierALIASES: bucky, the man on the wall, white wolfDATE OF BIRTH: march 10, 1917PLACE OF BIRTH: shelbyville, indianaNATIONALITY: americanETHNICITY: white / caucasianHERITAGE: irish and romanian ancestryRELATIVES: george barnes (father, deceased), winnifred barnes (mother, deceased), rebecca barnes proctor (sister, deceased)MARTIAL STATUS: singleHEIGHT: six-feet / one-point-eighty-three metersWEIGHT: one-hundred-sixty-five pounds / seventy-five kilogramsEYE COLOR: brownHAIR COLOR: brownDISTINGUISHING FEATURES: barnes is most noticeable by his bionic arm and long hairENHANCEMENTS: the majority of his physical attributes are greatly increased at enhanced levels including strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, and durability, and healing. as an amputee, barnes' lost arm was replaced with a bionic attachment composed of various features.EXPERTISE: covert-ops training and assassination. he's an exceptional killer and master of espionage as well as adaptable in survival training. he's proficient in multiple weapons and has studied numerous martial arts.IDENTITY: james barnes identity is known primarily to many government agencies including s.h.i.e.l.d. but his reputation as the winter soldier is widely notable in both the superhero and intelligence community.EQUIPMENT: barnes uses a mask with built-in communications, infrared red, thermal and night-vision modes, and kevlar armor that could stop stray shots and point-blank bullets. he uses other types of gadgets and accessories on his missions handed by s.h.i.e.l.d or other sources.WEAPONS: uses a wide range of firearms including pistols, rifles, shotguns, and grenade launchers. apart, he carries explosive munitions like hand grenades or flashbangs. he's had experience in using high-tech alien weaponry and other nuclear armaments.AFFILIATIONS: barnes works strictly for himself, operating alone. but from time-to-time, he assists his friend steve rogers; captain america and natalia romanova; the black widow. he's been connected to a clandestine taskforce, working for a woman named valentina de la allegra. codename is thunderbolts. 

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