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08/04/2020 01:15 AM 

Maybe I'm just crazy.

Maybe I'm just crazy. Prompt for Eric. Ya can Totally reply if you want. This kind of got away with me. "Maybe I'm just crazy?"The voice rang in her ears as she listened to him speak. Watching him as he paced back and forth, it was the middle of the night, the two lost in the middle of the woods with nothing but the light of the small campfire they had built hours before.Their group had left, just leaving the two alone. Not really wanting to go home  of course Arlene hated staying at her own place for longer than she needed too, so when they all decided to throw a little get together in the woods she was the first one to jump at the idea.The group managing to get booze as they all drank until the world kept spinning. A drunken Arlene laying on the ground as she turned her face now to look at the stars above them."A. Listen. Listen A. Are you listening?"She couldn't help but laugh at the ramblings of her friend now, her eyes closed before she heard the footsteps getting closer towards her, eyes opened slightly to see the short boy hovering over her.Standing as he grinned at her. "Maybe I'm just crazy? Do you think I'm crazy?" The drunken slurs of the boy made her laugh, she hated to admit it, but they both probably were crazy."Why are you crazy E?"She questioned, quickly trying to sit up so he wouldn't have to be leaning over her. Her mistake as the world started spinning.He started pacing again once she was up as her eyes darting at each motion."Don't you think they deserve what's coming to them? Aren't you tired of all their sh!t?"His voice seemed to sound off to her now, eyes closing. "Nothing's going to happen to them, or to us. We're going to just get out of there and sooner or later die."She hated how she sounded, like a wounded animal having to make sure she got out of that school a live on onto bigger and better things. For her she knew she was going to be stuck there for the rest of her life.But not him. Eric was a smart guy, he could do whatever he wanted if he put his mind too it. Dylan too, they were both part of loving families who wanted nothing but the best for them.Arlene on the other hand stood out like a sore thumb when it came to her those two. Neglecting parents, tied down to the dirt in the ground."Those fvckers though, they all think they can get away with what they do to Dyl, you, and me. You'd think they'd find a new fvck thing to bother yet here we fvcking are.""Don't kill the mood Eric." She hissed slightly, she knew how his anger got, not wanting to have to see that anger inside of him when they were having a good time."The mood? I'm killing the mood? You're just wasted, just like your life! WASTING IT HERE."Arlene now flinched from his words, glaring at the boy as she got up onto her feet, stumbling slighty as she felt once again the world spinning."BECAUSE MAYBE I'M CRAZY.But I know I'm going to die here! I know nothing I do will let me escape!"She wanted to hate him, making her feel guilty for things she couldn't control. That they both couldn't control.Arlene wasn't one for expressing her emotions, neither was he. The two were heated always butting heads when they'd disagree on something. While Dylan would have to come in between them most of the time."You want to hurt people? Murder them, well do it to me."The anger seething from her now, before he started laughing, getting her stunned for a moment. "A. You're one person whose probably going to hurt the most after all this is over."That statement stopped her in her tracks, she slumped down onto the ground again, letting out another laugh along with him now."You're fvcking crazy, Eric."


08/04/2020 02:47 PM 

Simply not meant to be.
Current mood:  crushed

Oliver had always wanted a child, but he and his now ex wife of 13 years had let their careers come first. LET... he told himself that it was their choice, but he could still hear her now: Children are a burden, Ollie, an expensive one. Besides, you cant expect me to just drop my whole f***ing life to be a mother. Funny that theyd seen things so differently. Having a child would be life, to him... how had he fallen in love with a woman who didnt share his vision of that? Life? ...but thats how it was - they put their careers first. It didnt change the fact that he still wanted something he potentially would never have.So it went, when the petite blonde bombshell that was Gigi McKenna had sauntered into his office that fateful day to deliver the news that their elicit affair had resulted in a pregnancy - and subsequent miscarriage, he was all but devastated. Torn between his wife knowing hed had an extramarital affair with one of his young... very young at that, 19 and he an aged 43... and the want to be a father, he grew cold. With a stoned countenance and cool demeanor, hed informed the vixen that he couldnt possibly let her stay and finish her tenure at the university, couldnt continue their affair and, essentially, didnt want to see her again.The day had carried on after she had stormed out of his office with a faux smirk of her pointed bow lips, pretending that this didnt affect her... same as he had. Hed gotten in his car, driven home and immediately swept past the ice queen hed married - into the backyard to stew on it all. Thoughts of the potential life lost, even if having it meant his career and marriage would be in jeopardy, hit him. The sting began then; the threat of tears burning so badly at the edges of his ebony lashes that he satiated it by just letting them fall. Huge, rolling salted crystals trickled from his azure hues, crimson cradling the orbs like a boat on the tempestuous sea."Ollie?" it was Sarah, her voice softer than hed known it to be in some time... shed heard him whimpering and come to check on him "are you alright? Whats..." the look at seeing this man cry stopping her words. Peering up at her, his heart broke even more... he couldnt even explain to her what was the matter. He hated her more than he could fathom in that moment, her and the girl whod ripped the only other chance hed had at fatherhood from him. All because she was a f***ing partying college kid... Why didnt he deserve happiness? Why didnt he deserve that tiny version of himself to love and watch grow... why was the universe so against it? Perhaps it just wasnt meant to be. Obviously... it wasnt meant to be.Palm of his hand cradling his distraught visage, he simply turned from her... Destroyed. He was utterly destroyed... and simply cried.


08/03/2020 10:20 PM 

choices music list

Choices jam Russ-Losin controlAu/Ra- Panic RoomChasing Atlantic- Heaven and backNiykee Heaton- Bad intensionsLana del rey- Young and beautifulMadison beer- hurts like hellMarina-How to be a heart breakerPia Mia- Hold on, we’re going homeGabby Barrett- I hopeDaya- Hide awayThey all represent one way or another a choice or even multiple choices. Everything from giving up her daughter, leaving Cameron and her chance to be happy and be loved to now and the choice she made to dip back into old habits and even new. After her and Cameron got back from Italy, she made the choice to start up drugs again. This time it was anything she could get her hands on through mason’s casino. The question now is will she get back on track? Will she face facts about her and Cameron? Who knows but the choices are always there… Run… or deal with them as they come, guess we will have to wait and see? 

S.E.C. Members

08/03/2020 10:15 PM 

August 2020 Drabble

This month’s drabble is a little bit different than previous ones. For August, you will be choosing one word to base your drabble around. For example, if you choose the word “Jealousy” or “Anger” then you have to write a drabble around it. Did something happen for your character to feel this way? How do they react? We would love to see how you bring these drabbles to life by just using one word as a starting point for the overall theme.Thank you to Hope Mikaelson for suggesting this!This drabble is due by Monday, August 31st by 11:59pm EST. 


08/03/2020 08:06 PM 

Chose the tune: Muesday Tuesday

Hate Myself – NFNo Excuses – NFBad At Love – HalseySavage Love – Jason DeruloLet you down – NFPopular Monster – Falling in ReverseThe Drug in Me is You – Falling in ReverseSomeone like you – Ice Nine KillsBreaking Down – I PrevailI don’t belong here – I PrevailThe choices these songs represent are Cameron’s choices in life and love. He feels as if he is a monster to everyone around him. He feels as if he made a choice to hurt Harlow but not being the man, she deserves. He feels as if love will never be a reality for him even though he would choose it over anything. The choices he made in his business to be a part of a lifestyle where love is not possible at this moment. He is far too deep in his own selfish ways that the power he has consumed him. He turns to alcohol and has recently picked up drugs again. Something about seeing her and seeing that her happiness around him affects the people in her life digs at him. Who knew Cameron can actually care? He needs to fix himself before he breaks anyone else again. 


08/03/2020 07:20 PM 

Would You Rather Storyboard - Muesday Tuesday

Dinner will always be my choice, Chinese take out is to die for. Workout clothes because in all honestly they make some nice ass daily attire in work out clothes for men and women. Id rather not do squats in a 500$ suit. Bed, Bed, Bed, and bed. Always chose bed, Its so f***ign comfortable. If I could work from home and live in my ned and function I would. Vacation, Something about traveling relaxes me. Being in a place thats new and different. Its unreal. Cellphone hands down, has all the abilities of a laptop but better in a small compact form anyways. Music, Movies are too boring and constantly dragging, but music can set a whole mood and change a setting, its a vibe its real. Further inland, Like waaaaay further inland, as much as I love the beach I enjoy the seclusivety of a good cabin in the woods. Its also romantic. Dog, I like cats and all but this little pupper max has caught my heart. Love, Money can only supplement companionship for so long. But love having the right person makes it all the more better. Decisions in life and happimess.


08/03/2020 07:50 PM 




08/03/2020 06:35 PM 

LOL JK... wait! (drabble @heretowinbitch)

    @heretowinbitch /714060-002 x 016. buffy paints beth's nails x beth makes a suggestive joke but buffy acts on it. "So what color nail polish do you think would go with this outfit, little Miss Fashionista?" Asked Beth, looking over at Buffy who was sitting across her on the edge of her bed. Today was one of Beth's usual backyard get togethers, the ones she was usually known for. She had been prepping for it all morning, and now with only a few hours till show time, Beth had fixed her hair, found a pretty dress to slip herself into, shoes to match and make-up that made her look like she had straight-up jumped out of one of those pretty vintage pin-up girls magazines. All she needed now was the perfect nail polish to adorn her fingers and bring the entire look together. Beth figured it was best to ask Buffy, instead of trying to figure out which one she liked the best out of the collection of nail polishes that she owned.Beth trusted Buffy when it came to things of that sort, the girl had a good eye for fashion and she was always so up to date with what was in and what was out. Beth didn't really keep up with things of that sort, but she did like hearing Buffy talk about it, and honestly, sometimes Buffy did help out her indecisiveness sometimes when she had multiple ideas of what to wear and found herself with the difficult decision of picking out just one outfit."Hmm..." Buffy pondered, bringing her finger up to her chin, tapping twice. Her brows furrowed a bit and her eyes narrowed, teeth biting softly upon her bottom pout as she thought carefully on what her decision would be. Her eyes scanned Beth from her head to her toes and right back up again, studying every single detail from the jewelry that she was wearing, to the pattern of soft blue vertical lines upon a white background."Well, I think it would be really pretty if your nail polish matches with your lipstick. It's usually what I do. So..." Buffy said, getting up from the bed and heading over to Beth's vanity to the neat little corner where she kept all her nail polish in perfect order. "This shade! Cherries Jubilee, it's like, the perfect red to match the shade on your lips! You know, 'cause there's so many shades of red, you can't just pick any and expect them to match each other. I hate when they don't match when your goal is to have them match."Beth smiled softly at her and nodded her head, "Oh no, of course not. I hate when that happens too. But, that's why I asked you, I know how good you are at paying attention to little details like that. I knew you'd make the right decision." She said as she took a seat upon the bed, outstretching her arms out in front of her, wiggling her fingers in Buffy's direction. "Now, come make my nails pretty. People are gonna start coming soon and I want my nails to be nice and dry before then. I might need you to move some of the food trays onto the tables in the backyard for me once you're done here.""Sure! Whatever you need, Aunty Beth." Buffy said, sitting on the bed next to Beth and grabbing her hand, beginning to paint her nails.( one hour later... )Buffy was just walking around, saying hello to a couple of people that she knew, watching over the whole thing, making sure that nobody was getting out of hand and that there were no strange people attending the get together. By strange, she meant of the supernatural persuasion. After a while, she just grabbed a cupcake off the table that she was passing by and took a seat, crossing her left leg over the other. Her eyes focusing on the sweet that she held in her hand, she took a bite and her gaze rose back up to people watch as she had been doing all this time, and that's when she saw him, standing there across her, looking like a total snack - (okay, pun totally intended because she was eating a snack at the moment). Buffy bit down slowly on the edge of the cupcake and chewed, now keeping her attention on mister tall, not-so-dark-but-very-much-a-jock, and blonde. He was cute... very cute. He had to be the son of one of the people that came here.What did his jacket say on it? UC Sunnydale? Ah, a college boy. Buffy knew they were older than her, but she couldn't help herself. She eyed him, still eating her cupcake and she wondered if he'd eventually glance her way and notice her. She flipped her hair and made sure that it was fixed, just in case he did look over at her.What was his name?And would he even be interested?Oh! There he goes... he caught her staring... and he smirked. Buffy bit her lip and flashed him a little flirty gaze and a smirk of her own. He knew she was watching him now, she could tell from the way he changed his posture - he was standing up taller now, casually side glancing at her whenever he could during his conversation with a short, brown-haired older woman."And if you stare long enough, he'll be able to read your mind and tell how much you'd rather be using your mouth to taste him instead of that cupcake." Beth laughed softly, taking a seat beside Buffy.Buffy blushed lightly, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear and turning her attention to Beth. "I... I'm just looking..." She giggled nervously."Right. You're gonna tell me you're not sitting here thinking about kissing him? I was your age once, Buffy. I know those looks you're giving." Beth responded with raised brows.Buffy stared at her for a moment, before raising her own brows and grinning as if a sudden idea had popped up inside of her head. And in fact, it did! Beth's little joke had actually encouraged her to get up and make a move, instead of sitting around and hoping that he'd come to her instead. "Well... maybe I don't have to think about it, and he doesn't have to read my mind..." She mused."Hm? Buffy..." Beth said with a bit of weariness upon her tone, what did her joke spark within her little brave one?Buffy was standing up from her chair now, leaving the half-eaten cupcake behind in the hands of Beth, "I'll be back!""Buffy Summers! I was joking! You get back here...!" Beth hissed in a low whisper, making sure she wasn't bringing attention to herself from any of the party guests, but it was too late, Buffy was already sauntering over to this boy as flirty as ever.Beth shook her head and sighed defeated, furrowing her brows, but keeping her eyes fixed on the situation at hand. She watched as it unfolded, and really wondered what Buffy was trying to do? Would she even accomplish her goal? Hopefully she hadn't encouraged her to do something too daring.The two teenagers conversed for only five minutes, before Buffy went in for the kill. It wasn't anything over the top, it was quick, it was cute. She had typed in his number into her cellphone and then there was a quick peck at the corner of his mouth. A very bold move on Buffy's behalf, she didn't go in for a full kiss because well, she wanted to tease him a little bit. Have him thinking about her the entire day with that small taste of almost. They'll get to properly kiss on their date tomorrow night! And that was all assuming that nothing crazy would happen where she would have to go into Slayer-mode and her entire date would be ruined. Also assuming he didn't just mysteriously decide to ghost her like a lot of her dates had been doing to her lately... really weird.Buffy didn't get it.Like, who acted so into a girl and then literally just completely disappear off the planet on date night? It was like she was cursed or something. It wasn't fair that the only guy she could seem to count on showing up nowadays was stupid Spike lurking around her backyard like a weirdo. Why did he do that? He really must like getting decked in the face by her.Despite all this, Buffy always tried and now she was excited. She was trying to think positive! She'd go on a date with Brendon (that was his name, she learned) and all would be fine!Smiling proudly and confidently, she almost skipped herself back towards Beth who was now staring at her in amusement, her ruby lips smiling softly."You wild girl!" Beth let out a feminine chuckle, jokingly scolding Buffy by playfully slapping at her wrist."Hey, blame yourself with your little joke!" Buffy replied giggling."Okay, fine. But, now you've got a date, so you're welcome." Beth smiled."And this is why you're the Beth. Aunt. Ever." Okay! So there she went with the puns again. Super corny! But, it was totally an opportunity that she couldn't miss out on. She had to.Pun Queen over here.At least Beth caught it and thought it was funny. "Sit down and finish your cupcake." She chuckled, tugging Buffy softly by her wrist to make her sit on the chair beside her. "And behave for the rest of this party." She handed Buffy her cupcake.Buffy nodded, giving her a two finger salute. "Behaving mode activated, Deputy Mom!" Biting into her cupcake and going back to just people watching.Did that guy just double dip in the guac? Ew, totally gross.Who did that? He had to be evil. Buffy would have to keep a close eye on him.


08/03/2020 06:21 PM 

versace nights. (drabble @brokenasylum)

    @brokenasylum /1257638-014. buffy sees izzy all dressed up."Buffy... I don't think this'll look good on me..." Izzy spoke from behind the changing room door.It was Friday and Buffy had decided that she'd take her new friend Izzy on a girls night out. For Buffy Summers, this included a whole day full of spas, mani's and pedi's, hair, make-up, and shopping for new outfits. They had to look like the hottest girls at The Bronze, they had to turn heads when they walked in through the doors. That's how you usually got free drinks from the hot college guys."Nonsense! I bet it looks great!" Buffy responded, as she stood before a mirror trying on a pair of Versace sun glasses that she had picked up. She modeled before the mirror, flipping her freshly blown out hair, puckering her soft pink glossy lips. Did the sunglasses go with her outfit? She took them off, she put them back on. It's not like she needed them, exactly... it would be dark soon, but Buffy liked to accessorize nonetheless, and like, they were really pretty. She couldn't just leave them behind!"Did you even see the price on this thing, B? It's crazy expensive... I already feel like you've done enough for me all day... I appreciate it, but you don't have to..." Izzy spoke again, her voice trailing off.She liked Buffy, and she knew that she was just trying to be nice to her, but Izzy felt kinda guilty about letting her drop so much cash on her. Maybe it was because she wasn't exactly used to having friends like that? Maybe because she wasn't used to such acts of kindness? Izzy knew practically nothing about designer brand fashion, and she barely spent that much time on her image. She was a simple girl, you know? Still attractive, but in that rough around the edges type of way. Her clothing weren't rags, but they didn't cost six-hundred dollars either. Izzy had never even dreamed about herself slipping into a Versace leather mini-dress, but here she was... at the mall, staring at herself in the mirror, wearing one - her dark brown hair styled in soft curls, her eyes sultry, dark and smokey, her full pouts a deep red that matched the nail polish on her freshly painted nails.Izzy would be lying if she said she didn't like the way she looked. She felt really beautiful, really sexy, in a different way from her usual style. Buffy did a good job at picking out a complete look that still catered to her darker aesthetics. So Izzy still felt comfortable with her looks, even though she was trying out new things with them."No, duh. It's Versace, of course it's gonna be expensive, Izzy." Buffy said, placing her hand onto her hip and smiling at her own reflection. There was a theme tonight, and it was Versace - Buffy's dress was a silver little satin piece, flowy, yet hugging at all the right places, falling perfectly right above her knees. "I know I don't have to, but I want to. You're my friend, and honestly, it's the least I could do. You're always helping me patrol, or filling in for me whenever I'm busy with... other... things." Buffy shifted her eyes.She totally wasn't talking about sneaking off to go see Spike or anything.Nope. Not at all."And you train with me whenever I need some tension releasing." She continued, finally moving away from the mirror and heading towards Izzy's changing room. "I know you never did those things with the intention of getting something in return, but..." Buffy shrugged, "consider this a gift. You can't so no to a gift, Izz. It's, like, totally rude." Her tone was playful and adorned with a soft giggle.Izzy snickered from behind the changing room door and playfully rolled her eyes. "Fine... you got me. Smooth move, B." Izzy smirked. "Got me feeling all sentimental, pretty gross actually." She joked with a chuckle.Buffy grinned. "Good, now, can you come out of hiding already so I could see how fabulous you look? I'm dying from the suspense!""Okay, okay! I'm comin'..."Buffy stood back, watching in anticipation and excitement as the door to the changing room began to crack open, until finally, Izzy was stepping out, dressed up from head to toe... the whole shebang."So?" Asked Izzy, staring up at Buffy with a smirk on her face.Buffy's mouth hung ajar for a moment, and she blinked, simply staring at Izzy for a moment; taking in every single detail. Buffy had never seen her all dressed up like this. In fact, Buffy wasn't even sure that she would've been able to convince her to have this girly day with her, but she was glad that she did.Izzy looked beautiful."Woah..." Came Buffy's response. "You're like, gorgeous."Izzy's cheeks flushed and she flashed Buffy an awkward little grin. "Oh... jeez, B! Stop it! Really... I mean, look at you." Izzy's hand motioned to all of her. "Talk about gorgeous."It was Buffy's turn to blush lightly now; her fingers running through her hair out of habit. She walked over to Izzy then, standing before her and placing her hands on her bare shoulders. Buffy smiled brightly, "I'm totally glad you agreed to do this, Iz." Her hands slipped down Izzy's arms, and her right hand interlocked fingers with Izzy's hand.Buffy tugged gently, "come on, everything's paid for already. We've got a club to go to and boys to drive wild!" She giggled, pulling Izzy along with her as they walked out of the store looking as fierce as ever, Versace bags holding their old clothes within. They'll just make a quick stop at home and drop those off before heading to The Bronze - luckily, Izzy knew how to drive, otherwise, they'd be out of luck because Buffy was a horrible driver and never could get herself a license to own a vehicle."Buff...? Thanks for everything." Izzy uttered as they walked alongside each other, still holdings hands."Sure thing! What are friends for?" Buffy smiled."Friends. I like that." Izzy squeezed gently upon Buffy's hand, smiling contently.


08/03/2020 05:56 PM 

doing it for the buffalo wings. (drabble @versifier)

    @versifier /1570287-013. spike and buffy get mistaken for a couple by someone else.febuary fourteen - valentine's day.It was Valentine's Day and Buffy had managed to be dateless on a day like today. No one asked her to the school dance, well, because by now a lot of the boys were weary of her. Sure, she was pretty, and all that, but was she worth the trouble that came along with dating her? Not to mention that recently, all the boys who had happened to ask Buffy out on dates always ended up mysteriously disappearing and never being heard from again. She wasn't the only pretty girl in Sunnydale High, so it's not like any of the boys had to be forced into picking her. They could choose plenty of other girls that were free of Buffy problems. Was it frustrating for Buffy to feel like she had to struggle in her high school life to land herself a normal date to the very normal high school Valentine's Day dance? Yes, yes it was.Did she enjoy having this reputation of 'cursed' because all of her dates kept disappearing and some of them would show up dead? Of course not. It wasn't fair! Why did she keep trying to be a normal high school girl? She was determined and stubborn, that's why! But none of this mattered now... everyone was at the dance... and she had the option to just go with her friends - Xander and Willow, but she just wanted an actual date, was that so hard to ask? Why! Back in Los Angeles, she had boys lined up at her door to date her! Finding a date was never this hard. Not for Buffy Summers. But, it was a different story for Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer. Sunnydale Buffy. It was either they survived being her boyfriend and they'd end up breaking it off because they thought she was a bit weird, or they'd end up dead... and sometimes actually being the undead and then she'd have to stake them. Very romantic (sarcasm).She didn't want to sound ungrateful or anything, but chocolate hearts from Willow, her mom, and Xander? God... did she feel like a loser.Buffy frowned and furrowed her brows at her frustrating thoughts. Here she was, Valentine's Day, dateless, looking all cute, just to go to the mall and shop her feelings away. That's all she needed. Some new pretty new clothes and shoes and accessories. Maybe, for all she knew, she might even bump into a cute boy at the mall! Hopefully someone new and not anyone who would know her like that so that they wouldn't initially judge her.However... something felt sort of off to Buffy. She kept looking over her shoulder as she walked down the dark streets. It's not like she was alone or anything, there was people out and about, celebrating Valentine's Day, but she felt weird... as if someone... or something was following her, watching her...What it was? She couldn't exactly tell, but the energy around her felt a little off. Buffy picked up the pace, she could see the mall off in the distance, not too far away from her. She slipped herself through a few groups of people, hoping to lose whatever was following her, or at least confuse it so that she could gain the upper hand. She opened her blue Dolce and Gabbana purse and grabbed the stake that she kept hidden safely inside. Buffy knew better than to be caught without a means of protection, no matter what she was doing. She was quick, making a sharp left to hide behind a concrete pillar by the front entrance to the mall. Buffy listened closely, quick footsteps were coming her way, stopping right near to where she had hidden. They were following her. They were looking for her.She didn't give it too much thought before she was jumping out from behind the pillar, smacking her purse as hard as she could right into the stalker's face, but before she could make any other move, the voice that came from the mysterious follower was actually pretty familiar to her ears, causing her to cease any further attack."Bloody hell, woman! Are you insane?!" Spike exclaimed, his hand grabbing onto his nose before checking to see if he was bleeding. He wasn't, surprisingly, with how hard Buffy had hit him with her designer bag."Spike?! Of course, why am I not surprised? Why are you following me?" Buffy asked, brows knitted in confusion, annoyance on her voice.Spike looked at her in disbelief before scoffing, "Following you? You know, you're not the only one allowed to go to the mall. You don't own it, Slayer. Besides, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at some corny school dance in the arms of some pansy? Or did you forget that it was Valentine's Day?"Was Spike lying about not following her? Of course he was, but she didn't need to know that. Was he actually concerned about the fact that it was Valentine's Day and Buffy was all by herself and not at the school dance with some guy? No. Not at all. In fact, it made him feel good that she was here, by herself. This wasn't exactly the way he planned on 'bumping' into her, but here they were.Buffy glared at him, eyes narrowed. She rolled her eyes at his words, before folding her arms against her chest, cocking her hip to the right. "Of course I didn't forget. I just I didn't feel like going." She lied, "as for what I'm doing here? It's none of your business. The true question is what are you doing here, Spike?"Spike's brow rose. "Oh, so I've got to tell you, but when I ask, it's none of my business? You're rich, luv."Buffy was rolling her eyes at him again, "Whatever. It doesn't matter. I really don't care. I'm wasting valuable shopping time right now. Goodbye, Spike. And don't follow me." She said, making sure to bump him with her shoulder on her way past him.Spike took the bump and watched her as she walked on by, amusement etched upon his face; eyes trailing down her body, making sure to get a nice look at her butt in that pretty little sundress that she was wearing. Then he was following her again, and Buffy stopped right in front of the sliding doors to yell at him once more about the fact that he was still there, right behind her, even though she had told him not to follow her anymore."You need to quit following me!""I will once we both get into the mall, you dope! Do you expect me to take another entrance?"God! Spike frustrated her to no end. What was he doing here in the mall anyways? Did he even like malls? Was she going to be forced to watch him now? Make sure that he wasn't here to cause some trouble? Usually that was the case. Oh! Buffy totally knew that he was here to cause trouble! Probably looking for a bite to eat, a pretty girl, no doubt... or maybe one of those stupid looking mall goths that he seemed to pick up so much. You know, the ones that looked like they jumped into a Hot Topic dumpster and came out wearing whatever got stuck to them? Buffy grumbled under her breath, the sudden pang of jealousy had seemed to hit her at the very thought, but she tried her best to push the feeling down. It was already frustrating enough for Buffy that it was Valentine's Day, and she was all alone at a mall, without having to deal with Spike's presence too.There was an exaspareted sigh from Buffy as she stomped into the mall with Spike beside her.... He didn't even have a Valentine's Day gift for her. No flower, not stupid poem... no... chocolate heart. I mean, she'd totally not want any of these things... but...Wait... did Spike just call her a dope?"Congratulations! You two are our hundredth couple to walk in!" The very cheery voice of a woman knocked Buffy straight out of her thoughts. She was smiling brightly and wide at both Buffy and Spike who were both standing wide-eyed before her, extremely confused."Huh? Oh... no, we're not a-!" Buffy didn't even get to finish her sentence before the woman spoke again."It's a Valentine's Day promotion we're doing for Buffalo Wild Wings, and you two are the lucky winners!""But we're not..." Buffy sputtered again."You win this gift card that covers dinner for two!" The woman handed the gift card to Spike, who inspected it."But...""Hm, dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings? How lucky are we, honey?" Spike flashed Buffy a cheeky grin.Buffy was standing there, cheeks red with embarrassment, her face contorted in so much frustration that Spike thought it was actually adorable to see."Now stand together for this instant photo for memories!" The woman was pushing them together now, so very close. Buffy awkwardly shuffled sideways until she was standing near Spike, and Spike well... Spike being Spike really reveled in the moment. His arm wrapped around her shoulder and pulled a blushing Buffy into his arms, grinning for the camera. Buffy was caught with a frown on her face, looking as confused as ever."Enjoy! You cute couple!" The woman called out once the whole thing was over, outstretching her arm to hand Buffy the polaroid photo that she had just took of them.Buffy literally snatched it from her grip and walked away as quickly as possible, not stopping until she had reached the nearest table in the food court. Spike gave a nod to the cheerful woman as a silent thanks, and went off following Buffy, not exactly in as much of a rush as she was. Her eyes focused on the polaroid that the woman had given to her as it began to develop. "Not the most flattering picture..." Buffy groaned, brows knitted."Maybe try to look a little less confused and a bit more smiley next time?" Spike spoke.Buffy glared."Kidding. I think you look fine with your blushing cheeks and all." He stepped closer to look down at the photo in her hand.And now she was blushing again. Stupid Spike with his stupid nice compliments. "Shut up, Spike."Spike smirked, raising his brows. "Right, well... now that that's over, I should probably go do what I was going to do here at the mall and stop cutting into your valuable shopping time." He handed her the gift card, "You can have this, I'll just go find myself a good bite in here somewhere.""And I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that last part 'cause I too want to go do what I came here to do away from you." Buffy responded."Hm. Yeah. See you around then, Slayer.""Yeah." And then, they split.But, suddenly... Buffy was feeling bad. I mean... honestly... it wasn't really like she was here for anything in particular... she was just looking for a distraction. And well... Spike was here... and she didn't entirely despise him... and it was Valentine's Day... and they weren't a couple, but they did do a lot of couple things, right? And, hey! He liked buffalo wings! If she invited him to share this gift card with her, then she'd technically be doing her Slayery job, right? Watching the bad vampire and keeping him from eating innocent civilians? That was the excuse she was gonna use for herself. That's it. It was absolutely nothing else."Ugh... Spike! Wait!" She called out, turning to run towards his direction.Spike stopped, staring at her with a perked brow."The gift card is for two... and I'm... well... I'm one person." Wow, Buffy, really? That's pretty obvious. Her eyes shifted, and she ran her fingers through her hair, flipping it out of habit. "I just mean... I know you like buffalo wings, so like, it makes sense if you're the one who comes with me. Like, we both won it.""Why, Buffy, are you asking me out on a date?" Spike asked in mock surprise, he loved messing around with her.Buffy rolled her eyes for the third time in the night. "Look, don't make this a thing. I'm just doing what makes sense." That wasn't entirely true, but he didn't need to know that. Good thing he couldn't read her mind... even though sometimes Buffy felt like he totally could.Spike stared at her for a moment, eyes narrowed. "Mhm...""So?" Buffy's tone held sassiness within it now."Sure. I don't say no to free food." He shrugged his shoulders, "so I guess I won't be needing this chocolate heart anymore then." Spike said, pulling out a small red heart-shaped box from underneath his trench coat. "Here, you can have it. I planned on using it to woo myself a victim, but with you around, I find that being very unlikely." He continued, handing the heart- shaped box to Buffy.Buffy took it, looking down at it for a moment, before turning her attention back to Spike. "You planned on woo-ing your victim with a V-Day heart box full of my favorite type of chocolates?" Her brow was raised."Oh, look at that, it's a box full of Ferrero Rocher. I didn't even know that's what I picked up. It's your lucky day, Slayer." Did he plan on giving her this box since the start? Yeah. Yeah, he did. Spike was very savvy to the pattern their relationship went in. The ups and downs, the mixed signals. The 'go away's' that were actually never meant. Everything played out exactly how he figured it would. Minus the whole couple fiasco that happened a bit ago. That was just an added surprise that worked in his favor. Good for him.Buffy stared at him, raising both her brows and nodding her head. "Ahuh." Did she believe that it was just a weird coincidence? No. It was never a coincidence with Spike. He always paid attention to the things that she liked - he was here because he was following her, the heart was full of her favorite candies because he bought it with her in mind. He wasn't here for anything at all, he was here because Buffy was here. The annoyance and frustration that she was feeling earlier were now subsiding and being replaced by other emotions. The ones that she usually attempted to fight so hard around Spike - only to end up losing the battle and giving in... like she was doing now.Buffy smiled softly. "I guess you're right... It's my lucky day. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm starving. Come on..." She reached for his hand, her fingers entwining between his own, tugging him along with her. "We've gotta be a couple... for Buffalo Wild Wings..." Buffy shifted her eyes as they walked next to each other, hand-in-hand, towards the direction of the restaurant."Hm." Came Spike's simple response.Buffy licked her lips and gazed up at him. She took in a deep breath and sighed softly before speaking, "Spike?""Yeah?"Buffy stopped them from walking, tugging him down a bit by the hand that she was holding, and pushing herself up onto the tips of her toes to press a soft kiss to his cheek. "Happy Valentine's Day..." She uttered.Spike watched her for a moment; Buffy, forever taking him on a rollercoaster ride... but it wasn't like he wanted to get off anytime soon. Maybe he was just a masochist? But, there was something about this ride that he couldn't get enough of - no matter how crazy it was. Spike's lips curled into a smirk, turning his body to face her for a moment. "Happy Valentine's Day, pet." He grabbed her chin and pressed a proper kiss to her berry colored pouts.Buffy didn't protest. Instead, her eyes fell shut for a moment and she welcomed the kiss. Teeth biting her bottom pout when he pulled away, gaze all dreamy and dazed. She smiled softly and found herself moving closer to him, head resting against his arm as they resumed walking side by side, hands interlocked, both looking very smitten with each other.Like the couple that they totally weren't .


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wizards and slayers. (drabble @undesirable)

    @undesirable /666251-008. buffy picks harry up and carries him over her shoulder. They were surrounded by vampires, far more than Buffy had anticipated they'd be surrounded by. Okay, maybe she got a little carried away and reckless when it came to hunting tonight? She was just looking for some fun! And... well... she was trying to show off her awesome Slayer skills to Harry and impress him. Maybe trying to infiltrate a vampire nest wasn't the smartest of ideas, but here they were - it was too late to change anything. Could Buffy be blamed really? Okay... she could! She was the one with the idea, but she could never help herself whenever Harry would apparate (is that what he called it?) in her room for late night summer adventures. It was the only time she actually got to spend with him before he was off to school in September. She had to take advantage.You know, in between all the kissing and... things that teenagers do. They had to get in as much as they could. Long distance relationships were hard.Both Buffy and Harry had gone in, guns blazing, without a fear in the world - ready to kick some vampire ass, and to be honest they were both doing pretty well. At least for the first half of it all. But, now? Well, it was a little bit of a different story, but they'd get out of it. Honestly, Buffy was impressed. They made a pretty good team, if she had anything to say about it. In fact, he was just as brave and reckless as she was - this is how they had gotten here in the first place. This was usually how they got themselves into trouble, then somehow always made it out alive. Harry would show up in the middle of the night, sometimes he'd show up with his broom and offer her broom rides, which were pretty freaking awesome! Sometimes he'd just tag along with her on her patrolling, but tonight dangerous conversations about vampires nests and hideouts came to light, of course Harry couldn't say no.Was it dangerous? Of course it was. Would Giles yell at her if he knew what she was getting up to with Harry? Oh yeah! Totally. But, wasn't she the Slayer? And Harry a wizard? Did they share a deathwish? That sudden rush of adrenaline that came with putting themselves in the middle of danger sometimes, just to feel alive? Was Buffy speaking for herself? No. They had shared many a conversation with each other about their lives and their thoughts. The golden ones, chosen by destiny to save the world, whether they wanted to or not. Their days were pretty much numbered, weren't they? Death could happen to them at any given time, so why not have some crazy moments like these while they were still alive? Why not be wild?Seize the moment! 'Cause tomorrow you might be dead.They were only kids after all. They deserved the reckless fun. Surely, the adults in their lives wouldn't agree, but no one understood how it felt to have so much pressure put down on you, so many people counting on you to save them all. To be expected to be so perfect with your every move, to be selfless at all like that could really mess with your head, you know? Sixteen and already ready to die.Buffy's back pressed to Harry's, her stake in hand; Harry mimicked her actions, holding his wand up and pointing it at the vampires that surrounded them."We've got to get outta here." Buffy spoke, her eyes darting around to every single fanged face that surrounded them."Yeah, you think so? What gave you that idea?" Harry's voice oozed sarcasm.Buffy rolled her eyes, "Oh. I don't know, really. I usually feel very at home when I'm surrounded by a bunch of bloodsucking freaks." She responded with her own sarcasm."I can magic us out of here, but you've never really apparated. It could be dangerous. Have any other ideas?" Harry asked, his brow raising."Nope! None, but, that's usually when I get the best ideas." Buffy said.The vampires were gnashing their teeth now; grinning, rejoicing. The Slayer and her little friend - what a meal. Maybe they'd torture them first? Oh, the possibilities!"What's wrong little girl, you and your friend bit off more than you can chew?" One of the vampires hissed mockingly.Buffy scoffed, "You clearly have no idea who you're dealing with, death-breath." Even in the face of danger, she was still a little smart-mouth. Even if she was currently panicking at the moment, trying to figure out how she would get them both out of the trouble they've gotten themselves into."Buffy..." Harry spoke again."Alright. Here's the plan... I'm gonna carry you and run. You're gonna dust any of these freaks who get in the way with your magic stick, deal?" That was her plan. It was the best she could come up with at the moment. Where was she running to exactly? She didn't know that yet, but she was just going to wing it - she'll figure it out as she went. All she knew right now for sure was that she'd be taking them wherever she could run to that was vampire free.Harry rose a brow, was he hearing her correctly? She was going to carry him? She couldn't. Could she? Buffy was smaller than he was, shorter, a tiny little thing compared to him. Could she truly have enough strength to carry him and run at the same time? I mean... she was the Slayer... and... she did a lot of things that Harry could never imagine a girl like her doing, but would she be able to pull this off?"You're gonna what? Do you think that's a good- woah!" Harry didn't even have time to finish his sentence.Buffy had already began putting her plan in action, there was no time to think things over. It was either this, or they were going to become vampire chow. She was swift, turning to grab him and toss him up and over her left shoulder. It was weird at first, because he was much taller than she was, but Buffy managed to do her best. There was no struggle whatsoever. She was still able to run quickly, her arm wrapped around his waist tightly in order to keep him from falling off. Harry felt very strange in this position - usually he was the one used to tossing females over his shoulder, not the other way around. However, he had no time to dwell on those things; he had to focus on having Buffy's back and killing off the undead monsters that had almost immediately began to chase after them."Diffindo!" Harry yelled over and over and over again.Buffy could hear the zap of the magic shooting out of his wand repeatedly, followed by blasts of bright light and the sound of painful screeching as the vampires fell victim one by one - ashes began to cloud around them with each vampire that had fallen victim to Harry's spell. Buffy was sure that she spotted a few limbs (mainly heads) flying off around too. She was running up a set of metal stairs now, up and up - towards the roof of the abandoned factory.A metal door stood in their way, and Buffy granted it with a hard kick - causing it to fly open. Buffy quickly stepped out onto the roof, the cool night air brushing against their skin as she continued to run; the sound of gravel beneath her feet crumbled. Buffy didn't stop running until she and Harry were at the edge of the roof top. There was nowhere to go from here and there was still vampires on their tail. What now? Buffy furrowed her brows, thinking, thinking. She needed to come up with another part to her idea and she needed to think fast.She slid Harry off her shoulder, placing him gently back upon his feet."Colloportus!" Harry yelled again, pointing his wand at the metal door that she had kicked open; closing it, locking it shut with his magical spell - but this could only hold them for so long. Buffy turned to eye the door, watching as it shook violently with every kick from the other side, the loud rattle of metal and the muffled sound of the surviving monsters growling and hissing angrily from what could be heard."Glad one of our pointy sticks is magical. Mine's only good for the stabbing part of the job." Buffy joked, grinning over at Harry. It wasn't exactly time to make with the funnies, but Buffy had a habit of doing that whenever she was nervous. It helped her feel less scared in certain situations, and currently, her heart was running a mile-a-minute within her chest. Her breathing was heavy from all the running and the adrenaline that was shooting through her veins at the moment.Harry glanced over at her, his brows knitted, he chuckled and right when he was about to open his mouth to say something to her, the sound of the metal door flying open distracted him. A small group of vampires immediately ran out onto the rooftop and headed right towards them."Nowhere to run now, Slayer!" One of them called out.And Buffy rose her brows, backing up and grabbing Harry's hand within her own. They were now teetering so very close to the edge of the rooftop, one wrong move and they'd slip. The vampires grinned and licked at their teeth, so sure that they were so stupid to run and trap themselves up here, but Buffy had felt something that they hadn't from her place on the roof. There was a rumbling not too far from them, and headlights in the distance that Buffy could see from the corner of her eyes.That was it. That was the next part of her plan. Now all she had to do was calculate the right timing.Harry's hand squeezed Buffy's tightly. He was ready and willing to use magic to get them out of this if they had to, but then Buffy spoke.Three... two... one..."And that's where you're wrong, fang face. Down's an option, adios!" With that said, Buffy grinned, tugging Harry up against her, arms wrapped around him in a tight hug; and falling backwards they went... right off the rooftop."No!" One of the vampires growled, all of them immediately lunging forward, reaching out to try and catch them with clawed hands, but all of them came to a halt at the very edge of the roof."Buffy!" Harry yelled, his breath hitching."Oomph!" The air was knocked out of her, as her back collided with the dirt on the back of a passing truck - just in time. She had calculated it all perfectly too. That was Buffy's luck - Harry would've been safe either way - it's why she had him on top of her, she could take the hit, no matter how hard. It's what her body was built for."We made it..." She groaned, boy was she gonna feel that one tomorrow...Harry stared down at her blinking and fixing his glasses upon his face, "You mad woman..." He uttered, breathing for a moment and allowing his head to fall and bury itself within the crook of her neck.Buffy still held him close, "You need to really learn how to trust my plans, Harry." Her grip loosened on him and he rolled over into the dirt, laying on his back and turning his head to look at her."And tell me, Buffy Summers. Jumping off a rooftop and falling into the back of a truck transporting dirt was part of your plan all along?" Harry's brow perked, a teasing little grin on his face.Buffy bit her bottom lip and glanced over at him, returning his grin. "Oh, yeah. Totally. Since the start." She joked.Harry laughed and Buffy joined in, both turning to look up at the sky, admiring the stars as the truck continued to drive them down the road and far away from the abandoned factory. Harry's hand slipped into Buffy's and she smiled, sighing softly; their fingers entangled."I'm glad we've met..." Harry uttered."So am I..." Buffy whispered in response.Where was this truck even going to? Honestly, neither of them even cared, so long as the night didn't end - Buffy and Harry didn't mind having another crazy adventure.


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[headcanon with bearerofdeath.]

[headcanon with bearerofdeath.]Lavender and Calix both have canid forms, their paws and claws are their weapons. In their human form they feel a sense of closeness and peace when their digits interlock."Hold my hand in the blinding darkness when all we have left is to feel."


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nail polish and exorcisms. (drabble @clairvoyantprotector)

    @clairvoyantprotector /1432746 -002. buffy paints lorraine's nails."You ever thought of taking a break from all the demon and ghost fighting and just having girly time for yourself?" Buffy asked, grabbing the sparkly pink mini book bag that was hanging off the chair at the dinner table. She walked towards the living room and descended to the carpeted floor, sitting crossed-legged upon it and looking up at Lorraine who was sitting on the couch across her.Visible neck bruises could be seen upon Buffy's flesh, a healing gash on her forehead, and a few other bruises scattered about her arms and legs. Lorraine, her husband and Giles hadn't been left unscathed either. They had all been hurt by the violent spirit that had decided it wanted to take Willow's body for a ride. Of course, no one had been hurt to the degree that Willow was, but it was still a difficult task to do. Now, you're all probably wondering how in the world all of that happened in the first place? Well... you see, Willow had recently gotten her hands on a ouija board and Buffy didn't really believe that something sold by a major toy company would really actually contact anything truly evil... but they were both clearly proven completely wrong. I mean, they should've known better, right? They were on the Hellmouth - you pop bubblegum the wrong way in Sunnydale and you might just wake up an ancient evil.Everything happened pretty quick with the whole ouija board thing; Willow became obsessed with it, weird things started happening around them, and next thing Buffy knew, Willow was acting like she was Regan from The Exorcist - minus the whole head twisting owl-style thing, but there was gross green vomit involved; Buffy got some of it on her Calvin Klein t-shirt. Totally gross. Really sad. She liked that shirt so much, and she figured that demon possession vomit must've had something that made it impossible to get out, because no matter how many times she tried to wash it off there was zero progress. Eventually she gave up and just threw it out. However, of course! That was the least of her true concerns. She could always replace her t-shirt, but there was no replacing Willow if something happened to her. Giles didn't know how to exactly go about handling the situation because using magic could possibly make it worse, and Buffy was the Slayer, not exactly exorcist material.Luckily, Giles knew exactly who to call in a situation like this; no... not the Ghost Busters, The Warrens. Buffy explained to them what had happened with the whole ouija board thing, and how Willow ended up the way she had, and they didn't really hesitate to lending their helping hand. It wasn't an easy task to get Willow back to normal - that demon was pretty stubborn with wanting to keep her. It kept talking about how she had so much power inside her and that it had no intention of letting her go. It was a long three days and three nights for all of them, but in the end they had succeeded. The demon had been exorcised and the ouija board was destroyed properly. Now, they were all just taking a breather at Giles' place for a couple of days, just watching Willow (who was currently getting some much-needed rest in Giles' bedroom upstairs) to make sure that everything was truly in the clear with her. Ed was the one that had said it was best for them to stick around for a bit just in case, and Giles was more than happy to let them all stay over. Besides, it was nice to have a man his age around to have a conversation with, he was usually having to deal with very troublesome teenagers."Of course I have." Lorraine responded with the softest of voices, so comforting, so sweet. "I've got a daughter back home, I usually have my girly time with her." She smiled, a smile that matched her sweet demeanor. "She's younger than you and Willow, actually..." Lorraine spoke again, but then there was a moment of silence between them. Lorraine's brows furrowed, and she focused her kind gaze upon Buffy, a soft sigh escaping her lips. Buffy stared up at her, eyes blinking, her own brows furrowed."Are you okay, Lorraine?" She asked, concern in her voice.Lorraine shook her head for a moment, closing her eyes, as if she was bringing herself back from somewhere that her mind had gone to. Her eyes were still shut when she began to speak."You're a very brave girl, Buffy." Her eyes fluttered open, and she focused them upon the young girl, "the whole world on your shoulders. You're so strong. Even when you're scared, no matter what. Especially when it comes to saving the ones you love. You'd do anything for them. You'd give anything." Lorraine could feel the energy bouncing off of Buffy, she could feel the hurricane of emotions that Buffy hid so very well within herself. Even now, she could feel that Buffy was still shaken from the recent events, but somehow she was here, still finding the time to be a teenage girl. Still trying her best to act normal and control how she truly felt. It was impressive.Buffy bit down on her bottom lip and her gaze lowered for a moment. Lorraine's words had caught her by surprise. She was ever rarely an open book when it came to her emotions, especially after the whole Slayer thing. She knew she had to be strong, strong for herself and strong for everyone else around her - didn't she? They all relied on her. It was her job to do so. Buffy took in a deep breath. She felt emotional all of a sudden. Buffy was scared, seeing Willow in the way that she was... but even if she had to offer her body up to the demon to save her friend, she would've. She knew she'd be able to fight it better. Buffy was glad that it didn't come down to that, but she'd be lying if she said she wasn't worried about Willow. If she wasn't scared that it'd come back and attack her. Buffy wouldn't let it. Even if she had to put herself in a dangerous position. Even if she had to suffer."Yeah, it's not easy... I'm just glad she's okay, thanks to you..." Buffy responded, but then she flashed her a little grin. There she went again, swallowing down her emotions. "But you know! As long as I'm up to date with what nail polish color is popular at the moment, I can find the strength to beat the ass of evil." There was her joking, it's how she covered up her true feelings. "Totes can't go fighting the forces evil with last month's color on your nails, you know?" Buffy continued to speak while she made herself busy digging inside the pink sparkly book bag that she had grabbed earlier. It was better than letting herself go and start crying. Buffy knew better than to let that happen, with all the emotions that she held inside? Buffy was afraid that once she began, she wouldn't be able to stop. "Lilac is totally in right now according to Bazaar Mag!" Buffy pulled out a small bottle of Laurel B. Beauty nail polish and reached over to grab Lorraine's left hand. "You did something nice for us, now I want to do something nice for you."Lorraine didn't protest, of course. Again, all she could do is smile softly and simply observe how Buffy was still very much like every other girl her age - despite her calling and the hardships that came with it.Buffy unscrewed the bottle of nail polish and began to paint Lorraine's nails, her brows knitting in concentration - she wanted to stay within the lines and not make a mess. "... And just... thank you for saving my best friend..." Buffy uttered, looking up at Lorraine.Lorraine softly nodded once, "Of course, Buffy. Thank you for always saving us all." She responded, and Buffy smiled softly, before going back to focusing on painting Lorraine's nails.


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dear diary, wtf? (drabble @morningstar)

    @morningstar /1509564-001. buffy discovers luce reading a diary entry that buffy wrote about him."Dear diary, what's new? Just kidding you're a book.Why do I continue to write on your pages when I've got a perfectly good laptop and a perfectly good journal account to do these things on? It's so weird. Do people even have diaries anymore? Outside of school or whatever other sort of work that requires writing - does anyone even choose to pick up a pen and write stuff onto an actual page of paper, instead of type, type, type, save and print? I mean... I guess... me? But, I can't really help it. I like writing in you! It feels so personal... like I share all my feelings with you and it'll always be safe from the entire world. You'd never get hacked into and exposed. You're safe. Hidden away beneath my mattress, filled with my every thought, my every emotion. Good or bad....And now I just feel like I'm rambling. I totally am. I bet I always ramble before I finally get to the point as to why I decided to write in you. I'm good at rambling, I guess. Especially when I'm trying to avoid saying something. Is that what I'm doing now? Avoiding? Why am I asking you so many questions, as if you could write back and tell me an answer. It's not like you're Tom Riddle's diary or anything. Wow, look at me! I made a Harry Potter reference, does that make me a dork now? Do I get honorary dork points?! Willow should be proud of me. Just in case she ever thought I was tuning her out whenever she'd go on her little Harry Potter tirades. I just never knew what to say exactly... not like I know much of anything when it comes to that sort of stuff, you know? And now I'm rambling about something else, wow. Queen of rambling over here.Hey, so, point of this entry... Satan. Okay, that was a weird left turn. Let's try again. I met the Devil. Okay... still weird, ha... but, no. Really. I did. Like... actual Lucifer. Fallen angel. I'm not just referring to a date from Hell. I mean the real deal. Only, he's not what I always imagined him to be, you know? I always thought he'd have a little goatee and be dressed in all red, carry around a pitchfork and all that. Thought he'd go around poking people with said pitchfork and I don't know, setting them on fire and sucking their souls out or something? I've got a fun imagination, can you tell?Anyways, yeah... so... the Devil. You know, would you believe me if I told you he isn't as bad as everyone says he is? Is that a weird thing to say? I mean, of course it is... how many people could say they met the Devil? Okay... maybe a few people before I even thought of existing. Musicians and stuff, right? Whatever. Maybe he's just nice to me? Think he's trying to sway the Slayer onto his side before he gets on with the soul sucking? Should I be worried? He is the prince of lies or whatever, isn't he? Whatever it is that churches say. Hey, is God gonna hate me now? Woah... God's real. So's Heaven? My brain totally cannot handle all of this.I'm just sixteen. Slow down. Slayer birthright, crazy vampire lords trying to murder me, and now... I'm rubbing elbows with the Devil? Questioning my entire existence here. My life is definitely not what I thought it was going to be. But, he's cool, you know?" "Luce! What shoes should I wear with this outfit? These white Gucci platform pumps or... what's that in your hands?!" Buffy's brows furrowed, tossing both pair of shoes that she held in her hand aside and making her way towards Lucifer, who was standing there, as smug as ever with a very familiar flowery pink journal in his hand!"And he's handsome... he has a nice jawline... his singing voice is... just... something else. One time, I took him to a Christmas party, and he called me up to do karaoke with him and it was totally embarrassing! He was all charming and totally doing it on purpose! How dare he, right?! How dare he just show up and be all nice and cool and smooth..." "Aw, I'm pretty sure that's the first time I ever punched. I never thought I'd ever get to say that I punched the Devil in the jaw."Buffy's cheeks grew red with embarrassment. She screamed. "Lucifer! Put that down! I'm going to kill you!!" She was stomping towards him now, but Lucifer stood his ground, a teasing little grin on that face of his.Ooh! She was going to wipe it off!"Is that what you think about me, Buffy?" He asked, amusement painted upon his visage."Shut up! No! You have stupid Devil power things! It's cheating!" She jumped to snatch her diary away from his hand, and he pulled it away, high above her. Lucifer really liked to egg her on. It was adorable, how huffy she got. How quickly he could anger and frustrate her.Buffy huffed and her hands became fists, "I'm going to literally punch you." She threatened through gritted teeth."Oh, come now, this..." He looked into her diary again, reading, "...nice jawline? You wouldn't."Oh, but she would.Buffy's movements were swift, but Lucifer was faster - catching her wrist just in time to stop her from gifting him with one of her lovely jaw punches. "Ah-ah, Buffy, what have I said about violence now? Temper, temper." He scolded her in this smoothest of voices, calm and collected.Buffy narrowed her eyes and glared at him. "I hate you.""Ah," Lucifer clicked his tongue, "your diary says otherwise, shall I keep reading?" He grinned and Buffy growled, roughly pulling her wrist away from his grip.Lucifer didn't bother to hold her back.But, he wasn't going to get out of this unscathed, no. Quick, Buffy brought her foot up and stepped harshly upon his foot."Ouch!" Lucifer bent and Buffy was able to snatch her diary from his grip then."That's what you get for reading my diary!" She turned on her heels, stomping, back to her closet. "Why are we friends?!" Buffy continued to rant.And Lucifer chuckled, regaining his composure again; his hands smoothing themselves against the front of his suit's blazer. "Because you love me and well, who else could you consult about which designer shoes would go well with your outfit? Which... by the way. The Gucci platforms are perfect."Just as the words left his mouth, Buffy gave a frustrated growl and one of the said Gucci platforms came flying at his face; luckily he was swift enough to dodge it. His brow perked as he turned to look behind him for a moment, then right back at a fuming little Buffy."Yes, those." He grinned, and SHE. JUST. GLARED."To be honest, I feel like we've got a lot we could relate to. What does that say about me? I'm not sure... but... he gets me, you know? I'm glad that he's my friend... and I hope he never turns evil on me. I already had to stab my ex in the stomach with a sword once and send him into a Hell dimension. I don't want to have to murder my friend too. Can I even do that? Can the Slayer actually kill the Devil? ... Ugh, lets hope I never have to find out.xo, Buffy."


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Task- 001

“Hear me out, what if I do a ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 days’ column??” Sophia asked the editor in chief of their school’s newspaper. “I mean Kate Hudson’s character got away with it, why can’t I?” She said before letting out a sigh when he said no. “Fine I’ll think of something else.” She slumped back into her seat and swirled her pen between her fingers thinking about what she wanted to write about. “Parker!” She leaned over to the boy. “What do you recommend I write about? I got shot down for the idea I wanted and I’m drawing a blank and need help with ideas.” Sophia said as she propped up her elbow on the table and rested the side of her head on it. Parker laughed and shot his ideas to her; they were solid ones she must admit. “Thanks, P. I owe you one.” As the bells for lunch rang through the room, she stood up from her chair and made her way towards the bathroom. Sophia walked over to the bathroom sink and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked tired. She WAS tired. She had not been sleeping much lately and one could tell. She turned the faucet on and splashed some water in her face a few times before turning the facet back off. Sophia looked in the mirror and noticed a few other girls looking at her from behind. She turned her body to face then and scrunched her nose. “Can I help you?” Rather than saying anything back they exited the restroom. Weird. She shrugged it off and walked out of the bathroom and into the hallway.     As she walked down the hallway towards her locker she noticed and abundance of people looking at it. It was absolutely freaking her out. She couldn’t t tell if she was just being paranoid or if she had something on her face or what. She brough her hand up to her face as if to knock off whatever was on it, however they just continued to stare. She sped up her steps to her locker and quickly opened it once she arrived. She grabbed the books she needed for her classes after lunch and replaced them with the ones from her earlier periods before grabbing her cellphone and closing her locker. People were starting to whisper around her as they stared. Literally what the f*** was going on. “Okay am I being punked right now?” She said out loud with a nervous chuckle. Again. No answer from anyway. “Fine, stare all you want. Doesn’t bother me.” Sophia huffed out a breath of air and b-lined towards the courtyard. Once she noticed a table with her friends, she quickly walked over towards them and sat down next to her best friend, Andrea. Sophia’s heart nearly fell out of her chest when the girl moved away in disgust. “Is this true?” The girl shoved her cellphone in her face for Sophia to look at. She scanned the screen as tears started pooling in her eyes. “I….” She felt her entire body fall in defeat. “Yes, it’s true, but Andi you have to unders---.” Her face started stinging when she realized the girl had slapped her across the face. The girl laughed. “As if you’d think I’d be into you like that. I was only ever your friend because I felt sorry for you. I’m never going to love you.” Andrea started laughing and all her friends around the table started laughing with her. Sophia quickly got up from the table and made a run for it. No destination, just away from there. She ran like she never ran before and when she turned the corner to leave out the courtyard she ran directly into Andrea, who was still laughing at her. Her eyes got dark and before she could even blink, a fist collided with her face.     Sophia woke in a pool of her sweat. She had never experienced a nightmare of the sort like such she just did. She scrambled to her nightstand and grabbed her phone to see if there was any sort of news. Nothing other than a few Instagram and twitter notifications. She took a long deep breath and swallowed the lump that was in her throat, trying not to cry again. She laid back in her bed and looked up at the ceiling for quite some time before opening her phone once more. It read 3:45am. She clicked on the Instagram icon and pressed the notification button; she had been tagged in a photo. Sophia couldn’t help the smile that appeared on her face as she looked at the photo Andrea posted of the two of them that they had taken just the day before. “what am I doing?” She mumbled to herself before pressing the little heart button to like the photo. She locked her phone and set it back down on her nightstand before rolling over and closing her eyes to try and get back to sleep.  


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