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Harley "๐•ฏollface"

11/26/2020 11:03 PM 

๐’Ÿ๐‘œ๐“๐“๐’ป๐’ถ๐’ธ๐‘’'๐“ˆ ๐’ซ๐‘œ๐“Œ๐‘’๐“‡๐“ˆ & ๐’œ๐’ท๐’พ๐“๐’พ๐“‰๐’พ๐‘’๐“ˆ

POWERS:Enhanced Strength Enhanced Heightened Senses Enhanced Endurance   Enhanced Stamina   Enhanced Agility Communication with Sea Creatures Siren Song Tide Manipulation Wish Granting Underwater Breathing Object of Power Wielding Eternal Youth and Longevity Telekinesis     ABILITIES:   Death Sense: As harbingers of death, Banshees can sense when someone has died or is about to die.  Clairaudience The ears of a Banshee are naturally tuned to levels of the universe that only they can hear.   Premonitions: Banshees possess the power to experience premonitions that allow them to sense a person's death, which usually allow them to discern how a person dies, where they die, and/or what will cause the death in the first place.    Astral Premonitions: In some cases, a Banshee's power of premonition can advance to the point where they can astral project themselves into their visual premonitions, allowing them to pause and examine the details of the vision as well as interact within it.   Divination: Banshees are often mistaken for and compared to psychics, due in part to their ability to use various forms of divination as a tool to gain information about the death and danger they are foretelling.    Sound Divination: Using their power of clairaudience, some Banshees can divine for information by using sound vibrations to trigger their ability to perceive supernatural energy. Psychometry: Some Banshees have the ability to discern information about a person's death by making physical contact with a person or with an object belonging to the person in question. Automatic Writing: Some Banshees are able to gain information by going into a trance-like state and freely writing or typing without conscious thought or awareness.   Harbinger Connection: All Banshees possess an almost psychic or telepathic connection to each other and to Hellhounds, who are also harbingers of death, which they can use to communicate with one another, regardless of how far away they are.  Hellhound Connection: At least some Banshees appear to have a similar connection with Hellhounds, who are also harbingers of death and who share some of the powers that Banshees have, such premonitions and being drawn to recently deceased bodies.   Banshee Scream: A Banshee's most important and valuable power is their voice, which they can use to achieve various effects when wailing or screaming. This is a power that all Banshees possess, though some of the specific aspects and applications of this power often need to be consciously learned before the Banshee can use them effectively.   Death Announcement: When a Banshee has either received a premonition that indicates that someone has died or will die shortly, or when they have just come out of a fugue state to find that they have located a recently deceased body, a Banshee will scream at the top of her voice, both as a sort of lament for the dead as well as an alert to others that a death has occurred. Premonition Enhancement: A Banshee's scream can also be used to enhance their power of Clairaudience and auditory premonitions by clearing out ambient noises from their ears so that they can focus only on the auditory aspects of the premonition they are receiving. Concussive Scream: The most powerful use of a Banshee's scream or wail is as an offensive weapon, though this, too, is an advanced Banshee power that often (but not always) requires experience and training to use.   Supernatural Immunity: Since Banshees are humans who access the supernatural rather than fully supernatural creatures who are ruled by mystical forces, Banshees are immune to the effects of many supernatural phenomena.    Telepathy: It appears that at least some Banshees possess a form of telepathy.   Banshee Aura: It appears that some Banshees possess the ability to imbue their environment with an aura that allows them to have unprecedented control over it as well as giving them the power to affect other non-Banshees through it.    Hallucination Induction: One aspect of a Banshee aura is the ability to cause non-Banshees to have extremely vivid visual and auditory hallucinations. Apparition Projection: Another aspect of the Banshee aura is the ability to create apparitions. Psychokinesis: Through her Banshee aura, Harley is able to manipulate the objects in her environment through sheer force of will.   Supernatural Sensitivity: Banshees, as conduits of supernatural forces, can sense, seek out, and identify its energy, though how they are able to do this varies among individuals.  Polymorphism                    

Harley "๐•ฏollface"

11/26/2020 10:15 PM 

๐’Ÿ๐‘œ๐“๐“๐’ป๐’ถ๐’ธ๐‘’'๐“ˆ โ„ฌ๐’พ๐‘œ๐‘”๐“‡๐’ถ๐“…๐’ฝ๐“Ž & โ„ฌ๐’ถ๐’ธ๐“€๐‘”๐“‡๐‘œ๐“Š๐“ƒ๐’น

 HARLEY "DOLLFACE" BIOGRAPHY:Harley Juliette Corlone was at one time just a simple; but beautiful mermaid. But she just wasn't a regular mermaid; she was a Siren; one of the most deadliest mermaids to live. Of course her kind were considered a "myth" because there was NO TRUE EVIDENCE of her or her species actually existing. But humans always believed that fantasy or supernatural creatures didn't exist and that they were just made up ideas of someone fascinated with mermaids. Which was further than the truth. Mermaids were older than human kind. They DID live in secret; but that is because they never wanted to be caught to be killed, exained or experimented on. However humans were the least of mermaids worries, since one of their MAIN enemies were Banshee's. That is because Banshee's would capture mermaids to kill them and eat them. Even though her species were usually hard to find, any supernatural creature can find another either by powers and abilities, or by scent.Something like this happened to Harley; she unfortunately was lured into a cave by beautiful and shiny objects; something that mermaids could NEVER resist. However while in the cave she came across a Banshee. The Banshee tried to kill Harley, it ended up scratching her; and Harley was able to get away by using a special sea shell, and killing the Banshee. After her injury she went to the shore to check her injury and to her surpise she inatantly had legs.Harley realized that she could now live as a human and blend into humanity, since she was now part Siren and Banshee. It took time for Harley to learn how to walk and live in the human world, but once she did, she knew with her powers and abilities that she could do more with her now 'human' life. So she join the military; which was in the year 1948; by this time she was close to one thousand years. She went into the Marine Corps. With her abilites she was able to climb the ranks within ten years she became a Major General. After close to twenty years, in 1970; she left the Marines. She learned how to earn money; and to save it correctly.Harley began to just live a 'normal' life, she became a bouncer at a club, which paid her well. She would save her money; and then put investments into stocks and bonds. In the year 1999; she literally became a millionaire. She decided to leave the job as a bouncer; but then something else caught her attention. She was literally in the middle of a hit on someone, and though these people trying to kill the person; they decided to try to kill Harley; which didn't work out. When this was found out; a Mafia family found out about her; and wanted her to join their family, but as a solider. Since Harley did miss the action from being a Marine; she took the job. Since this time; Harley has continued her life and job as a Mafia Solider; and she would NEVER look back on her old life. 

Harley "๐•ฏollface"

11/26/2020 10:03 PM 

๐’Ÿ๐‘œ๐“๐“๐’ป๐’ถ๐’ธ๐‘’'๐“ˆ ๐’ฎ๐“‰๐’ถ๐“‰๐’พ๐“ˆ๐“‰๐’พ๐’ธ๐“ˆ

STATISTICS OF HARLEY "DOLLFACE"Name: Harley Juliette GottiDOB: Just know I am oldJOB: Mafia SoliderSpecies: Hybrid {Half Banshee/Half Siren}Height: 5ft 9inHair Color: Varies (can change it at will)Eye Color: Varies (can change it at will)Skin Tone: Slightly PaleBuild: Curvy/Athletic Tattos/ Scars: Too many to countWeapon Of Choice: Anything around meMode Of Transportation: Black Harley Davidson, Feet, Teleportation

Kismet (ะบฮนั•ั• ะผั”) แดถแต’โฟแต‰หข

11/26/2020 08:15 PM 

Friends Giving Bxtxhes!

Kismet had the condo smelling like a down South cookout. She had a bit of brains to go with her beauty in the kitchen. One thing her mama, did teach her was how to throw down in the kitchen. In the South, turkey was better deep fried, almost crispy to perfection. Along with turkey, came honey glazed ham; both would make delicious sandwiches when they became leftovers. Dressing or stuffing as other races called it, was Kismet's favorite. She made that and put her foot in it! Every bite tasted like a gravy infused mash potatoe. Along with her main courses consisted of, collard greens, cornbread, black eyed peas and macaroni and cheese. A feast for royalty! Twerking to the sounds of Hamilton, Kismet texted back the few people that did respond; but one text caught her off guard. Her friend Chima, was dealing with this new man, and slowly but surely she was letting out information. "He like robots?... what kinda sh*t-" her sentence ended as her older sister Shy let herself in with the key she had under the mat. "You just want to get kidnapped and killed dont you?" Shy asked placing a pie on the counter and went to see what else was cooking. "Now... I know I told yall, not to bring anything... what is this sweet potatoes pie?" Kismet grimaced. Her sister was beautiful but cooking was not her thing. Her hands were for surgery and when they were younger she would use them to brin g Kismet back to reality. Kismet slid the pie towards the garbage can and opted it was best if it simply fell before it would be included in their feast. "Can we listen to something besides Hamilton?" Shy asked pulling out her cell phone. Such a bougie bitch, she thought but her eyes widened when her cousin Hera came in. The trip squealed. Happy to be amongst eachother. The sisters barely spoke but today was a day to give and get along. They were happy to include their cousin who had been lost in her own world for so long. Kismet went to her bedroom, where her pole had taken residence. "Chima, you can invite Mr. Transformer if you like. Just get yuh ass down here gul! I need to smoke and my sister already irkin my nerves. I got your greens brewing up now. Come save me!" Kismet screamed into the phone when it went straight to voice-mail.

๐Œ๐จ๐ซ๐š๐ฅ ๐‚๐ฅ๐š๐ซ๐ข๐ญ๐ฒ

11/26/2020 06:10 PM 

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving                                                   Features Livewire and Sardonic Savior His life was a mess. Stefan Salvatore was back from the great beyond. Some people would call that a win to be back in the land of the living. It normally would have been if that person was a regular human. Stefan had been human when he died a hero's death. Being reborn as his worst fear was almost like being condemned to hell. His wife Caroline had not removed her wedding ring from a chain around her neck. She still loved him even though he was an out of control Ripper again. She fought to reach through to that tiny part of him that had a single shred of humanity left. Stefan was so thankful heโ€™d been blessed to have a great love as Caroline in his life. She could have said that her formerly dead now alive and a Ripper again husband was no longer her problem, but she didnโ€™t. She had barely left his side. That was a love that Stefan wasnโ€™t sure he deserved. He was going to fight like hell to keep it. Caroline was his everything. On the other hand, was Damon. The first real hero Stefan remembered when he was human all those years ago was Damon. The memory of Damon riding off to war as they were older filled him with pride and an intense loneliness. Stefan was left with an uncaring father and the faint memory of a mother that had left him too soon. Memories of his mother still affected that sweet young heart years later. He also could recall the first real moment that Damon became his hero. He never forgot sitting at that last Thanksgiving table with Damon and their parents as a family before their mother had gotten so sick. Stefan watched as Damon took the blame for a trespass against their tyrant father. From that moment on, Damon was the bravest person he knew. Damon was his rock. Heโ€™d needed his brother ever since that helpless little boy had been so intimidated by the first real monster either of them knew. When theyโ€™d been shot and returned from the dead as vampires in transition, Stefan forced it on Damon. He forced his brother to become the monster he did. By all rights, Damon could have left him to be the Ripper of Monterey again. He could have left Stefan to his Eternity of misery and woe, but he didnโ€™t. Damon was fighting right with Caroline to help him restore his control. His brother was once again his hero. The way his wife and his brother were fighting for him made him more grateful for them and thankful to be alive. He knew he was going to make it. How could he not with Caroline and Damon on his side? Stefan Salvatore had a real hope for the future. The only thing holding him back was the fact he didnโ€™t trust himself around humans right now. The blood lust was more intense than heโ€™d ever felt before in his life. He could also hear the voice of the Necromancer in his head. To break the control of the one who brought him back to live could mean that it could pay the ultimate price. He couldnโ€™t bring himself to tell Caroline and Damon this just yet. Only time would tell if this was going to be a wasted effort or not. Stefan knew one thing. They had to keep trying. Moral Clarity ; Stefan Salvatore;  1607177 credit: james kriet


11/26/2020 07:45 PM 

Every Year I Miss You A Little More

There was a text from his mother inviting him to come to have dinner with her Thanksgiving again this year. He sat back as he pondered the thought of spending another holiday with family. Thinking back on the last holiday he actually enjoyed was the last Thanksgiving that his twin was still alive. If he knew then that it would have been her last one he never would have gone partying with friends the night before. He would have spent the whole night sitting up talking to her about her twins, listening to her talk about whatever she wanted to. The hum of the fan droned on in the background as Draven laid on the bed in his room at his mother's house in Brooklyn, where the family was gathered for the holiday. He was loathed to be there for another one of them, but hopefully with the birth of the new babies thanks to his twin. Maybe Raven wouldn't be focused on her son and what he was doing with his life this year. Kaleigh was married with babies, which should have made her over the moon. Nothing really ever made Raven Wolfe over the moon, she seemed to be miserable all the time the past few years. He could smell food wafting up from the kitchen, his mother had been up since before dawn preparing a feast. Draven would never understand why she cooked so much food when there were so few of them. With the grace of a panther, he was off the bed and at the door of the bedroom. His favorite cat perched on his shoulder, Hera. Hades, his faithful familiar ever by his side as he made his way down the backstairs of the brownstone that lead directly into the kitchen. Letting Hades out the back door he set Hera down on the floor before resting his head on his mother's shoulder. "Something smells delicious Ma! When do we eat! I'm starving!" "Ha! You know we don't eat until three." Raven said as she kept kneading the dough for her rolls. She never even looked up at the tall thin young male standing over her. "I laid some snacks out on the table. I knew you'd be hungry when you finally made your appearance. What time did you come in last night anyway Draven?" The petite brunette asked as she finally looked up at her son as he walked over to the table where the snacks were that she mentioned. Shrugging his shoulders as he picked over the plate of fruit and veggies. "Really Ma? Where's the real food? The stuffing and the bird? Can't we ever eat sooner? I have sh*t I wanna do today.""DRAVEN! LANGUAGE!" His mother snapped as his twin walked into the kitchen carrying a basket filled with various sizes of candles. "You will not use that type of language here young man I don't care how old you are!" Raven almost shrieked at her son. "Ma! He only said sh*t, you are acting like he said F*** or something." Kaleigh said in her twin brother's defense, something about her defending him sent their mother into a tizzy. "Kaleigh! What have I told the two of you about using such vulgar language in my home? There are children in this house...." "Ma! They are infants jeez calm the f*** down." Draven said as he winked at his sister, shoving a grape in his mouth. "You're gonna have a heart attack." Taking a seat at the kitchen table he couldn't help but chuckle at the way he and his twin got under their mother's skin. They say that the pain of losing someone is supposed to get easier with time. Those people lie, every year seems to get harder for him to face the family on the holidays as he sinks into his own abyss. He still blames himself for not being there for her when she needed him the most. She was his other half, even though he knows there wasn't anything he could have done. He always feels like maybe, just maybe he could have done more. If he hadn't been wallowing in his own sh*t, maybe he would have seen that she needed him. Picking up his phone as he texts his mother back. "Nah Ma, I'm skipping the holidays this year. Love you."  


11/26/2020 02:01 PM 

bare it all - s2, e1 (part twoo)

AK: -winces over at Hunter, shaking her head; I'm gonna need a drink or two! But like Jason's all in good taste. It's in a safe, respectful environment and we're all wearing these flesh colored pieces for the most part for a sense of security and to be professional. Editing works wonders and helps elude to full on!   GC: Oh god, Hunter. -laughs, shaking head; But definitely! And I think that is a huge reason why I decided to officially do it as well, because it is done tastefully, and you just feel really safe.   AK: Yeah, the set is closed to minimal people and it makes it easier for sure. We have a great group of people on the show.   AW: -nods; Yes, it’s all in good taste and there’s a reason as to why the character is naked. I think out of all of us, though, Adel is naked the most, which she should be because her character’s a wolf and it makes the most sense.     AK: -laughs; Enough about my ass! What does everyone most want our listeners to know about their character?   HW: Listeners...don’t lose COMPLETE, faith in Stefan. He comes off very strong, He’s damaged goods. Just a bit lost. And more badass than before. -laughs;   AW: -nods; Way more badass. You ladies will have a soft spot for him again, I'm sure. -smiles; Oooh, Grace! Let’s dive more into Davina. I’m sure the listeners want to know what kind of witch she is. Is she good or bad? Is she their enemy or their friend?   GC: I will not underestimate Davina Claire. I think that is what the listeners should know! And I don’t want to give too much away, but there is a fine line between good and bad, and she isn’t the most friendly at first. -grins;   EK: That is very true! -nods to Grace; I think it will be a very good dynamic to see Bonnie and Davina together. People do not know what they're going to experience with these two.   GC: Hell yes! They are both badasses. Definitely interesting with those two.   AW: -nods; I agree. Like I said, the witches run New Orleans, so they call the shots and anyone who goes against them, they get the wrath. -grins; Jason, what else can you tell us about Damon? He’s sort of the mysterious stranger at first.   JN: Damon is so neutral and doesn't care about anything or anyone, so it makes him dangerous because he's not invested in anyone. He doesn't even care enough about his own brother. That's someone who's got nothing to lose and since he has no attachments, it strengthens his appeal to Hayley and vice versa.   AW: Damon is definitely an interesting character, for sure. Caroline hates him. -laughs;    EK: I do love Damon and the whole “I don’t care about anyone” attitude but we all know he does have a heart. -chuckles;   AW: So, this is a question for everyone. What has been your favorite thing about playing your role?   EK: I think my favorite thing is seeing Bonnie grow from this quiet girl who often was sort of in the background who was afraid of magic to become this powerful and strong woman. I think her development was one of my favorite things in Creatures but now as we shift into Fury, I love it even more. Because she won’t be restricted to regular television rules so anything is possible and the way she starts off the show for our first season here is a pretty clear picture of who we will see throughout this series. -pauses; I got carried away but, yeah, developing and seeing her grow is my favorite part. PLUS, being close to my sister who clearly cannot get enough of me! -laughs;   GC: -laughs; I think that I would say the thing that I enjoy the most about playing Davina is just how much of a badass she is. I feel like I definitely learned from her to be more like that in my personal life, and it’s awesome that she and myself are surrounded by so many other badass women. I feel like more of that is definitely needed these days.   AW: -nods; Yes, absolutely! That’s what I love most about Fury because all the women are complete badasses in their own way. Caroline’s known for her sensuality and the way she carries herself, but with Fury, she’s more focused on helping the people around her and since she lost Rebekah, love is the last thing on her mind. She’s a lot stronger and bolder, and I had so much fun playing her.   JN: I think on the Damon front...give the man a chance. You'll either love him or hate him right off the bat, but he could flip that during any moment, or have you flipped again. He's the wild card, but even the wild need a little love.   AK: -nods; Damn. Look at all these powerhouses. With Hayley...I guess I want you all to know that this might be the new Hayley - especially with how she thinks and what she feels currently.  We know she's always been this hybrid bitch, but she's always had a sense of humanity and a love about her. This go-around, she might need a bit of your...forgiveness ahead of time for what she will or won’t do this season, especially the first few episodes. So, keep that in mind!   HW: My absolute favorite thing about Stefan is being able to channel the different emotions. It’s such a fun thing to do. Stefan in Creatures is completely different from Fury Stefan. To be able to play out all these different types of feelings is awesome.   AW: And last question before we end this, y’all. Do you have any funny moments on set y’all can share with the listeners?   JN: My first encounter with the fake blood. I sneezed with the gusher in my mouth and bit down on it in the process, sending snot and blood on some of the crew. I'll never forget that.   AW: Oh my god, Jason! How did I miss that? -laughs and shakes her head;   AK: Damn...I feel like we have way too much fun on set, but I think one of the funnier moments of mine was when I was roped up for a stunt and was supposed to land on one knee, hands to the floor and it took me about 10 takes because I kept losing my balance mid air and was so not graceful on the landing. And it just made me laugh uncontrollably because it was so basic. We've been suspended for years and I just...I couldn't get it. Another one being all vampy faced and when I wasn't in the shot, I kept making faces at Eve when her scene was really serious - Bonnie about to do the crazy headache thing she loves to do, especially to Hayley and Caroline this season. I'm such a weirdo, especially if we've been working 12 hours, you kinda lose your sh*t a bit.   EK: -laughs; I love shooting with Adel but she is ALWAYS making faces or whispers something funny... It's always the longest scenes to shoot. -grins;     AW: Adel, I remember you telling me about that because I was shooting a scene with someone else, and I couldn’t help but laugh. I think I peed my pants. -chuckles; I’d say mine was when we had a break from shooting for about a half hour and this was when I was pregnant, but the ice cream truck came and I ordered four different ice creams. I remember coming back on set holding two in each hand and y’all thought I was being nice and bringing you some, but it was just for me. And I will never get over the looks of betrayal from you guys while I sat there eating all four ice creams. -laughs; Or when I was shooting a night scene and I had been working over twelve hours and I kept laughing because I kept saying my line wrong — blaming pregnancy brain — and I peed myself. -pauses; Literally peed!   GC: Oh my god! -laughs, clapping her hands together; It’s always so fun on set. Always something happening. Most of the time, at least for me, it doesn’t even really feel like work.   AK: You heard her, furies! Aria pisses her pants. The end.   AW: I couldn’t help it, Adelaide! I had no control over it whatsoever and it happened so quick!   EK: I think that one embarrassing moment would be when I was supposed to do the first scene using Bonnie’s powers and I was like tensing up so much I felt vomit come up and I have no idea how I even got there but I’m sure it was the vodka and wings. Never eat much and drink before a scene.   AW: -laughs; That’s so funny! You’re the puker and I’m the pee-er! -inhales a breath; Y'all, this has been such a blast and I'm so happy y'all decided to do this with me. Thanks so much for coming.   ALL: Thanks for having us!   AW: Now, let's go drink and party. Bye, guys!


11/26/2020 02:01 PM 

bare it all - s2, e1 (part two)

AW: Welcome back, y’all, to part two of this Fury special! It’s your favorite podcast host, Aria, along with your other favorite co-host, Adel. -chuckles; Now in the first part, Adel and I took a dive into our characters and what y’all could expect from Caroline and Hayley in season one of Fury, but in this part, we are joined with a few of our co-stars. Adel, care to introduce them?   AK: Hi Creatures and Furies! We're back!  -grins, looking around at the cast; I'm happy to start..with the older sister who's helped work on camera and behind the scenes on our baby, the one and only, Everly Kennedy, who will reprise the bad ass role of Bonnie Bennett! -raises her hands to clap; And another familiar face, Hunter Westin, who is going to dominate the screen as our resident ripper, Stefan Salvatore! It's been a few years since we've seen him, but he's back better than ever. -takes in a breath, grinning; And we've got two new, fresh faces, and new characters...the lovely Grace Chaney, who will be a pretty badass witch, Davina Claire, and last, but not least...Jason Nichols as Damon Salvatore, someone who is going to really test my girl Hayley. -claps again; Say hi, guys! I can't believe we're so close to showing the world Fury!   AW: -cheers and claps; Welcome, y’all, welcome! -dances a bit; I can’t believe we’re all here under one roof, and we still can’t fill up my couch. -laughs;     EK: -smiles clapping as she is introduced; Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be here and back to playing my favorite character ever. I can't wait for everyone to see what we've worked on. -laughs; Aria you will need more than us to fill this space!   AW: Right, Eve? -laughs;   GC: -claps, grinning; Hello! I’m so excited to be here and I am so honored to be able to play the badass that is Davina Claire alongside you wonderful people beside me.   JN: Glad to be here! I've never been part of a fandom before, and I'm anxious to see the fans turn out and show something I'm proud of. It's epic. Damon is ready to unleash onto the world.   HW: Hey everyone! Happy to be here with the cast and I’m so excited to be able return as Stefan Salvatore. He’s ruthless. -chuckles; Such a fun guy to play, and can’t wait for you all to see.   AW: Honestly, I have to say, never have I seen such perfect casting in my life! Like y’all really play your characters so well, it’s amazing. Adel and I got to help with the casting for the new characters and it didn’t take us long to decide that Grace and Jason would be the perfect fit for this show. And it was actually Adel’s idea to bring back Hunter for his role, so we can all thank her for that! -laughs; Because who doesn’t love Ripper Stefan?   HW: A Ripper Stefan is a happy Stefan. -laughs; I agree though, the cast is...phenomenal. Grace and Jason are great additions to the antics.   AK: It was so fun being able to help choose people to add to this world. Our Creatures fans have already been showing a lot of support and excitement for the new characters, as well as the old who are coming back with new stories. -grins; And hell yeah about Stefan's return. Hunter is one of the greatest actors I've ever met, and no one does fury like him, so I'm glad his lame ass decided to come back!   HW: This...IS recording, right? Adel just complimented me and I need it for future reference. -smirks, nudging the brunette playfully; I kid. I am very honored you asked me to come back though. Thank you.   AW: -grins; Yes, it’s recording. -laughs;   AK: -looks to Hunter; Yeah, yeah, don't get used to it!   EK: I honestly have to admit I love this version of our characters more. I think it has a lot to do with how we have so much creative freedom to build our characters.   AW: -nods her head; Yes, and this question is for both Grace and Jason. Did y’all know about Creatures before auditioning for Fury, or were you coming into this blind? And were you nervous?   GC: I definitely knew about Creatures before! I’ve known Adel for years now, so that’s how I pretty much knew. However, that didn’t stop me from being nervous. -laughs; It’s been such a crazy experience. Davina is so different from any character I’ve ever played.   AK: -looks over to Grace; And when it came to this one...when Davina was coming together, immediately she came into mind and I called her, begging her, or, telling her it was time to go to work!   GC: You definitely did beg! I was so unsure at first because of how different the role was, but then I finally went and here we are! And I’m so grateful for the push.   EK: -nods; Listen, Davina is a character I am excited about.   GC: I can’t wait for the fans to see all of us at work. You guys are the best and seriously made me feel so welcomed!   AW: My heart is just so full right now, I’m so excited. -bounces a bit on the couch; Like to think this time last year, I thought this part of my life was over but here we are! -squeals; I agree with you, Eve. I think all of our characters have really changed from the Creatures era and have become darker than what they were previously. Especially since Netflix doesn’t really have all that many restrictions when it comes to content, it really helped us navigate our characters to how we really wanted for them. Speaking of, this is for Eve and Hunter, what can the fans expect from Bonnie and Stefan in this series? I, for one, think Bonnie is a complete badass in this series.   EK: I think our fans will get to see a very different way of Bonnie, more the badass side of her being a witch and not being so dependent on someone else to be able to cast spells. I think definitely will give insight to her history and a lot of more surprises. -laughs;    HW: Stefan is very...dark, this series. Not the soft spoken guy we’re all used to. Last time everyone saw him in Creatures, he was very distraught over the death of his girlfriend, Elena. He couldn’t live with the fact that he played part in it. Now he’s...well, can’t give it away. -chuckles; But I gotta say he’s cold hearted. And sarcastic. It was cool to take on a different approach to the character.   AK: And I think the fans are going to love seeing Stefan work through that grief, which leads me to this guy over there - Jason. Who would have thought our beloved Stefan had a brother? I wouldn't have ever guessed, but we like to spice things up. -looks between the two males; How did you guys approach these two broken characters? All I can say about Damon is - he's a force, a misguided  force with no real direction, what do you think?   JN: That's a loaded question. I think getting into Damon was easier than I thought because he's the new kid on the block, just like me. I've heard of Creatures, I even watched it in the past, but he wasn't in that world, so he can be anything in New Orleans. And add on some brother drama? He can be a bastard, but I think that's his appeal. He doesn't have a sense of family or even morals. He's a loose cannon. -laughs, shrugging; As an actor, a blank page is a dream. And all of you make it easy, and I want everyone to know this is the best group I've ever worked with, but Hunter takes the top spot.   AW: -gasps; Rude, so rude! Don’t forget who gave you a job. -laughs loudly; I’m kidding, y’all, I’m kidding! Damon is, like you said, a bastard, and Caroline instantly hates him. So their dynamic was fun to play into. -chuckles;   AK: And Hayley can't wait to get him into bed. -laughs, grinning;   AW: -dramatically gags; Ew, don’t remind me!   GC: Oh, god!   HW: Damon and Stefan are a weird...twisted version of ying and yang if you will. Stefan still has some of those good guy qualities and Damon is...well, yeah. A loose cannon. -chuckles; But it works. So well. Jason and I off the bat hit it off, and that’s so important when you have a good dynamic with someone on AND off screen.     JN: -laughs; I think Damon shares the same sentiment as Hayley about...letting loose, if you will. Those two are fire on gasoline. And Hunter said it best. On and off screen. Can't ask for more.   EK: Unlike my sister, no one is seeing my boobs!   AK: I feel attacked right now! Yes, there's more frisky behavior going on throughout the show, but hasn't Hayley suffered enough? Girl needs a minute to get her head right. -laughs, falling back against the couch; Let her live! And mind you...we didn't say if it happens, but I will say, you'll need a minute to cool down. And as for Bonnie...what a powerhouse. I think it'll be cool to see her more at the center, but this time with more of a no bullsh*t kind of attitude. She's the one to keep them all in check, and doesn't care who she needs to tell off or set straight.   AW: Ugh, Bonnie is absolutely my favorite character in this series, for sure. She’s so badass, and in New Orleans, witches run the show. They’re a big threat to the other supernatural beings, so I love it. -laughs;   EK: I really do think Bonnie deserves to find love because we all know the last person she loved died so.... I think it's about time we give her some happiness but the world will have to wait and see. -chuckles;   GC: Bonnie is an amazing character! And it’s kind of cool to be playing a fellow witch.   AW: -nods; This series is a lot more mature than what Creatures was, so nudity will be a thing. I, for one, am not participating in nudity, due to...reasons, but who else is doing nudity? I know Adel is, and aren’t you, Grace? Eve isn’t, thank god. At least I’m not alone. -chuckles;   EK: No nudity for me... I wish I had the confidence to be nude on screen.   GC: As for nudity, I am doing it! Yes. That was also such a huge challenge for me, as I’ve never done it before. I’ve never really been that confident, if I am honest, but I decided to just basically say “Screw it.” And go for it. -laughs;   AW: -looks at Eve; You have a great body, girl! And same for you, Grace! In a non-weird way, if you know what I mean. -laughs and shakes her head;   GC: Thank you, girl! I’m flattered. And Eve...your body is amazing!   EK: I guess I have a nice body but it sure does not feel like that... sometimes I wanna just like do it so never say never! -laughs;     HW: Oh — I’m naked. -shrugs, laughing; I agree with Grace. Kind of a “screw it and do it” moment for me too. The name of your podcast is perfect for this, babe. Bare It All. -wiggles eyebrows;   AW: Oh my god, can you not? -laughs loudly; But most of the cast will be baring it all on screen, and what other reason than that do you need to watch it? -shrugs;    EK: Good lord, I do not need to see my ex naked. -motions to Hunter; But I know our fans will love that.   AW: -laughs awkwardly;   JN: All the nudity going around, why not? I will say, it's tasteful. So don't all you at home think it's sleazy. I like our show because there's a purpose, not just nudity for the sake of nudity. Am I right?   AW: But it’s funny because it all comes full circle because you and Grace have actually worked together before on a show called Tell Me A Story, which is currently airing season two on The CW. How crazy is that?!     GC: It’s been so cool to work with this guy again. -gently nudges Hunter’s shoulder; The dynamic between Stefan and Davina and Olivia and Tucker are also so different, so that has made it fun too.    HW: Yeah Grace and Eve are like a little sister and dear friend to me so I can only imagine how they felt seeing me nude. -laughs, shaking his head; It’s fun working with Grace in two different environments, she’s great.


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bare it all - season two, episode one.

AW: Hey, y’all! I’m back with another episode of Bare It All! -cheers; It's been so long since I've released anything new, but don't fret! The time has come, adn I'm so excited to give y'all some goof variety of episodes coming up! -shrieks excitedly; You can probably already guess who’s on this episode with me, but this is a two part episode in honor of our new Netflix series coming out, Fury! Next episode, I’ll have a couple of people from the cast, but today, I have none other than my wifey, Adel Kennedy. Welcome back, bitch.AK: Hey, guys! That's right...the bitch is back, and I'll drink to that. -raises her glass to Aria, then slowly takes a sip of her wine; I can't even believe we've been able to keep Fury under wraps for so long, can you believe the Creatures bomb went off a year ago? -sighs dramatically, taking another sip; AW: -grins and raises her glass to Adel, taking a gulp; Oh my god, I know! Exactly a year ago today, maybe a month or so late or early, I can’t remember, I was fired from Creatures! It’s also when the huge scandal came out. Fast forward to now....not a lot has changed. -laughs loudly;AK: It has been...I remember this time last year, I was filming the last few episodes I owed the network and it was awful...not having you there, having the show end without Caroline in the thick of it in those final moments...I can't even. -takes another sip and laughs, shaking her head; How do we dive in? Maybe telling them that Fury drops the week of Thanksgiving?!AW: Oh, yeah!! Fury drops the week of Thanksgiving!! November 23rd! All thirteen episodes! Y’all are going to love it! This bitch over her is naked for the majority of it.AK: Listen! Yes, Netflix allows us a lot more spice when it comes to nudity and language, but it's all tasteful! We all know my girl Hayley is a hybrid, and we're going to see a lot of that...deep, dark, twisted wolf temper side of her in season one. It's brutal.AW: -nods her head and sips on her wine; Oh, I would have totally participated in the nudity, but ya’s complicated. Hopefully, I can one day. -chuckles; AK: Just as long as I'm behind the lense! -laughs;AW: But yes, Caroline and Hayley are ten times worse than they were in Creatures. The hatred they still have for each other is amazing. The first episode will not disappoint. We also have some old and new faces joining us and it’s been so much fun, especially shooting on sight in New Orleans.AK: -gets comfortable, nodding; They really are intensified. I know they were bad before, but this is much deeper, more extreme. But yes, we and old, I think that's what makes it exciting? We have a lot of fresh faces and personalities, but then there's a sense of home. AW: So much more intensified. These girls are insane, but I loved bringing back old characters and bringing in new characters. It was a total new dynamic with the show and Netflix was wonderful to work with.AK: Netflix really has been the best, it all came together so smoothly...I was so nervous in the beginning it would fall apart.AW: Netflix really let us take the reigns on most things, which I’m thankful for. They were all so nice and accommodating. I can't say say that for The CW. -shrugs her shoulders;AK: We've moved onto bigger and better things, wifey! -laughs; And oh my god, New Orleans was a blast. It's one of my favorite cities now!AW: -nods her head; New Orleans is definitely my favorite, too. It’s also where Hunter is from, so being in his home town was really bittersweet for us and he showed me and my big ole pregnant belly around town and I even met his mom. Y’all, his mom is so adorable. I love her so much. Have you met his mom, Adel?AK: -grins slowly; You two are so cute, the three of you together, the dogs, it's such a lovely site. I got to meet her briefly when Hunter brought her around on set. I'm so happy for you all! You're my favorites. I see...and hear a lot living across the street, yall!AW: Aw, thank you. Yeah, being a happy family wasn’t something I thought I would end this year having, but I’m so blessed. It’s been a tough year. Not just for me, but for you as well. We’ve been through it, girl.AK: You're not lying, this year has been really hard. Sometimes, I didn't even know how I would get through it, but with you and a few others...I'm really happy where I am right now too. -blushes and goes for another sip; And I know it's bare it all, so I'm going to be so real with you...I am so proud of you. You're the strongest woman I know, and I'm damn lucky to have you as my best friend and business partner, my annoying second mom...all of it!AW: -nods along to her words as she sips on her wine; Thank you, wifey. -smiles at her; And you’re strong, as well. I don’t know if I could have survived losing my son without you or Hunter with me, so... that means the world to me. -blinks back her emotions; I know we hit a little bump in the road a few months ago, both of us feeling a bit left out of things, but we got through it and I’m glad we did. That just means we’ve changed so much from those girls we once were. I know I can be a major jealous bitch at times, but I’m working on it. I promise.AK: We've always got you, the good, the bad. -takes in a breath; And we did...our friendship went through a test, and when I look back now...I just feel like I was in a period of tunnel vision and denial and I didn't want to stop...I didn't want to fail. I give so much of myself up for others, in any kind of sense and when it hurts, it really wrecks me from the inside out. I'm such an emotional kind of person that my own emotions just...overwhelm me. And you know more than anyone, when I get in those places, I just shut down and f*** my life up. -blinks back tears and laughs; This is not a good look...but I will say, you're my jealous bitch, so I'm all for it. -sighs, going to pour more wine; Now...what kinda deets do you want to spill?AW: -listens to her and nods her head along with her words; Yeah, you definitely f***ed up your life a bit, but I wouldn’t be a best friend if I couldn’t say that to you. -chuckles and takes a gulp of her wine; Jealous bitch forever. I can’t help it. -shrugs proudly; Wellllll, there’s so many! But I’m so excited about our production company, A + A Productions. We already have a couple things lined up. -claps excitedly;AK: -laughs; Get you a wifey like this, people. She'll tell you straight if you like it or not. And...yeah, A+A Productions, I'm so happy. We're about to really get to work, guys! I can't believe we bought a building, but it's going to be such a nice hub for all the things we've got planned...and a place to work and leave it there. We're even going to be looking to assemble a team, it''s so exciting! -takes in a breath; But...we gotta talk Fury before I burst. What should we spill on season one? Maybe even the pilot?AW: -chuckles softly and nods; Yes! I’m so excited for all the projects we’ll be taking on, and getting a team all lined up. Ugh, it’s going to be amazing! But yes! Y’all won’t know what hit ya with Fury. The beginning of the pilot shows Caroline and Hayley being called to New Orleans by Bonnie, and they’re still linked, so when they’re there beside each other, it get really intense.AK: I think the pilot is the darkest we've seen of Hayley and I think it's also a moment where there's a different light on Caroline. Sure, she shut it off when she lost her parents, but this...this stress of being linked and feeling Hayley's rage and pain on top of it, and her own emotions handling the fall of Salem and losing everyone...yikes. -takes in a breath; I just remember on the acting front...I had to dig deep, let myself go to a dark place in my own life and stay there to get through the pilot, as well as other times in the season.AW: Oh, for sure. Hayley doesn’t like feeling vulnerable, but with her being linked to Caroline, she feels it a lot more. And with Caroline, she’s a control freak. She loved to be in control and her not having control of her own emotions is really getting at her. Not only is she feeling her own emotions, she’s also feeling the rage of Hayley’s emotions as well. It’s really f***ing her up in the head, and the thought of turning it all off is very tempting to her, but she knows she’s stronger than that. So, she’s dealing with it. Her hunger is worse than it’s ever been because it’s double. So the urge not to rip everyone’s throat out is real. -nods; Fury definitely challenges us when it comes to acting and really pushes us to the next level. It’s probably our best acting by far.AK: I think that's going to be really cool to show. Caroline not being in control of herself. And I think with Hayley, she's putting a lot of blame on Caroline. Last time we saw them together, they were looking for Dean in the woods, and then Hayley saving her life after she was bit by the darkness wolf. They worked together for once - they got Dean back and Hayley really believed that's all they needed to survive. To save Salem. And it was so heartbreaking for her to lose him for good this time. I many times did he die or have something weird happen the entire show? -laughs a little; But it coming to light they were going to get married? It just sits differently and I think that's part of why she's on the verge of shutting it off. We'll see that. She loses it, furies! Get ready for blood and violence!AW: A lot of things happen to Dean, but the fact that he’s actually gone...poof, really f***s Hayley up. Ans with Rebekah, ya know? Caroline loved Rebekah. The angst both characters had throughout the show was so...ugh. The both of them really struggling with their feelings for each other and dealing with their sexualities. What they had was so passionate and strong, and for Rebekah to sacrifice herself to the darkness so Caroline could live is emotional and so beautiful. Both girls really lose it in the end, the link changing them for the worst. All thanks to f***ing Kai Parker. -laughs;AK: There really was so much loss, and I think it's going to stay with them for a long time. And Kai! -laughs, shaking her head; It's kind of ironic...Kai being the one. For those who don't know...Kai is behind Caroline being a vampire. Hayley killed Caroline at the end of season two of Creatures, and then we find out the first episode of season three that Kai slipped Caroline vampire blood. He's also the reason Hayley was turned into a hybrid, so for him to link them? Damn. Ultimate f*** you to Hayley. -sighs; Good times, but I can't wait for everyone to see the hatred be next level between our girls again - and the most dangerous it's ever been. And also a lot more wolf temper struggles and Hayley spending the majority of her time in wolf form.AW: -nods her head; Yeah, Kai was the ultimate evil bitch. -laughs; But he was a really good character. I couldn’t help but to love his character. So when Caroline turned, she was like his bitch and teamed up with him to take Hayley down. Those were good times. But alas! -chuckles; You’re also going to see Caroline close to her breaking point because since they’re linked, they feel everything — and I mean...everything. So when Hayley turns, she feels every bit of it.AK: I think that's what I'm most excited to show! These two have to work together...again with so much to lose. They hate each other, but obviously don't want to die. -sighs, laughing; That reminds me...I think I'm about to throw down a spoiler, but there may or may not be a scene where Hayley wakes up naked in the woods and girlfriend takes off running to go terrorize Bonnie and Caroline. -laughs; Okay, that's a lie...her endgame was probably going for anyone she could find and rip apart. It happens.AW: -laughs; Ooof. That is such a good, intense scene because you literally see Caroline at her weakest point and the fact that she has no control of her can see how much she’s hurting and how much it terrifies her. That’s probably one of my favorite scenes in the first season, for sure.AK: I'm really proud! It was a new challenge and I think I found a new passion of mine behind the camera. I also want to thank all the new and old faces who jumped on this journey with us, especially the cast who jumped in and gave new experiences and perspectives. We gain a few bad boys, ladies, so you're in for it! And we also gain more bad ass women who are true forces. I'm so excited for a few furies to  join us here and we all talk at once! -laughs; What do you say, wifey?AW: -nods; I agree! We threw around people’s names and asked if they’d join us again for a new adventure and they agreed. I was so stoked!! Though, I wasn’t too fond of Hunter being back on set, but that’s a story we can save for another time. -laughs; I’m so excited to have a couple of the cast members with us to talk all things Fury, so stay tuned for part two, y’all! It’s going to be a wild ride!


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Intrusion: Private moment

Intrusion while shiftingWhat gives you the right? Everyone everything has a dark side to them. Even if they don't feel it at first. Even if they think themselves weak. There is darkness in and every person. It's their choice how long they wish to walk down the darkening blindness. Madness dwells there, if you spend too much time there, you will never come back, then where will you be?Her skin felt as if it would melt off her bones, she was clawing her skin, screaming as the burning agony only seemed to worsen. The whistling through her body was so painful, She cried in pure agony, her back was a tuning fork. Her spine jarring in waves, left to right. Making her body twist in arcs not meant to do with proper training. Every time her body spasmed this way, her eyes seemed to burn. Tapetum growing at an excessive rate over her eyes. Fortifying against her weaker human eyes. The pain of something growing over your cornea should be enough to want to claw your eyes out. A thin shield growing over your pupil to give you stronger night vision and day vision. Her cones growing, the pain felt like stabbing pains in her skill, vision blurring, as the pain shocks through every nerve driving her to guttural screams. Making Kendra claw her eyes, screaming more, Lifting her head she felt the power breaking the mold of her skull and bone. She felt the pain of it being jackhammered into pieces and seeming to glue together wrong. Bigger, meaner, and stronger. Kendra was tearing up as she fell to her side, after all this time.She still felt the immense pain of the shift. Especially when she was hurt. Her legs kicked out with the pain, not from need. It was as if her muscles continued to spasm. Fingers and body slid belly down, prose and fingers slid into hard soil. SO cool, SO wet. The heating lava pain fought all other emotions. Her fingers connecting with soil, with Gaia. Let her know she was her child too. Kendra grabbed futility at soil and grass. Her fingers burning and itching until they were paws and talonsThis is how galaxies are made, this is how the pain covers the beauty. This is how the horror hides the disgust by smearing it with the twinkling lights. Lights in her eyes. She wanted to run into the light, but all that lay around her was darkness. Back arching in pain she felt the pulling of the chord and muscle of ripping down her spine to tear her left to right as if was a puppet on a string, Her spasms finally stopped, when her bones stopped cracking. Kendra shook out her fur, loving the feeling of the top layer of flesh moving violently left to right and seeming to itch her muscle layer. Softly panting and looking at paws. Looking up, and lifting a newly formed snout to Artemis, Her wolven golden eyes, shining bright as she blinked to the prison that housed, Sin, Rhiannan, or Ixchel. Let Kendra know she was their child as well. A daughter of the Sun and Mockery. Yet she was a child of the moon...Her aunt. Her Uncle...Either way, she was shined upon, yet never spared of pain.Reminded every day, that she exists from blood, broken bone, and soft skin. Fur replacing skin, and showing a massive beast four times the size of the woman that had laid in her position. A massive beast came forth, white fur almost silver. Ran through her body of muscle and fang. Sliding to stand, on shaky legs, the wolf shook out the pain from the last half hour. Half hour, that felt like an eternity on skin and bone. Maw and claw. It was a hard-won ally, the peace that came with the end of the transformation, and the intruder that watched it. The true monster in her world that would hunt nature's most beautiful creature. Who was the man to say it wasn't true? Who was the hunter to kill the beautiful creature nature provided? Who was the man to say, this creature wasn't divine? template credit.


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Relationship Status

Brian: taken Charlie: it's complicated Max: single


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down by the river. cs

clyde noir some people were just designed to be destructive. he flirted with the darkness one night. lit the puff of a cigarette behind the barn before double digits. far too young to know of cancer. far too young to care. he flirted with the darkness in the absence of the sun. at times he wished he had the ability to sleep peacefully and easily, but he is among the few who remain awake with the owls. in the darkness of night when toss and turn is all others know, when the sheep have lost and the wolves have spoken, and the masses drift lucidly and unafraid into the shadow of the moon, he feels most himself.he heard the footsteps of his father’s steel-toed boots, once as a kid, as the man left before the sun had risen and he thought for a moment that he took for granted how hard his father worked. fatigue danced behind his eyelids, but his brain still hummed to the melody of the moonlight. his fists were fueled with the intent of boxing matches and he carried pride for the military on his shoulders. thoughts like these filled his head every time he longed for a smoking session.the boys he fought as a kid used their fists, but now everyone was using deadlier weapons against him. fake disinterest and hidden intentions. tumult. f***ing rage. he never knew mixing words with feelings and fists before conversations could be so infuriating and intoxicating. sometimes defeat painted his face red and cut his eyebrow, later adorned by stitches. other times victory painted his bright red boxing gloves, and he’d stare at the fallen contenders. wondering if they were knocked down or if they didn’t have the strength to stay rooted to the ground. he understood now that some roots were just too weak. he was the perfect balance of empathy and anger. all the ugly colors. a temperamental element. an earthquake. a storm. an alkaline metal but also water. down by the river.

Jedi Master General Plo Koon

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Personality, Skills and Traits

Considered level-headed and unflappably calm, Koon was among the wisest members of the Jedi Order. He is always deeply concerned with every form of life.Master Plo has been said to be one of the best pilots in the Jedi Order and his skills were often praised by fellow Jedi such as Anakin Skywalker when he and Obi-Wan Kenobi crashed on Carnelion IV and Mace Windu when he assembled his team for one of his first missions in the Clone Wars and compared the pilot skills of Rissa Mano to his.The Kel Dor Jedi Master is so powerful that the Sith Lord Darth Maul considered him to be one of the greatest Jedi warriors of his time, though they never dueled one another. This was justified by several reasons.  The first being that Koon is a master of telekinesis, and can move objects without having to face them. The second: he can use a forbidden Force technique called 'Electric Judgment'. (To many Jedi, this seemed to be too close to the Force Lightning employed by the enemies of the Jedi—the fearsome Sith Lords- but when asked if he would continue to use such a technique, the Kel Dor admitted he would in order to continue serving as a peacekeeper.) Koon also has armored talons that are based on a traditional Kel Dor design. (They are used to protect his sensitive fingertips, and are also able to focus and increase the range of his Force powers.)Plo Koon possesses an extensive knowledge of the physical sciences. In particular, he uses his expert knowledge of physics along with the Force to alter the environment. The resourceful Jedi can create small whirlwinds as well as a dense fog over a limited area, freeze tiny rivers and lakes, and raise or lower the temperature of his surroundings enough to incapacitate an opponent.In addition to the Jedi, Koon also belongs to the 'Baran Do', a Force sect predating the Jedi from his homeworld of Dorin, as members of his family had been over the centuries. As such, he is a master of a number of their techniques, such as 'Ayna-Seff'.Possessing great strength, Koon is a master of hand-to-hand combat. He is also a master of the fifth form of lightsaber combat, 'Shien'. Master Plo is considered to be one of the most skilled swordsman in the Jedi Order, and is capable of fending off the infamous Jedi hunter Asajj Ventress, having done so twice while being encumbered by a broken arm. He is also trained in the use of 'Ataru'. According to Anakin Skywalker, the Kel Dor is one of a few Jedi to have ever defeated Grand Master Yoda in a lightsaber duel.Plo Koon also has the ability to breathe and survive in space for a short period of time owing to his thick, leathery Kel Dor hide and re-breather.

The Lion Of The Devils

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Rosario Forest Part 2
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He watches as the poor heart torn girl struggles to attempt to break away from the pull of his power. And takes amusement in the fact she is so determined to be in a world that does not want her. However, he had known his love for his sister did not wavier. And no matter the years that passed. Would any other likely hold a candle to her fame. No matter he knew that he could not control the hand fate dealt him. All he could control was the destiny of his legacy. For that was all he had left now. She then landed before him. Now in the form, she had been when she first fell in love with Caleb. Why are you doing this to me? Why do you even care? Is all this just a joke to you? She said as she now saw herself in the grand mirror that stood behind the Devils Throne of Thrones. That was only here in Devils Landing.  She felt as though her pain and heartache. Had just become a toy for him to play with. And that she wished now she never added any of the POD's in his court. She just wanted things to go back to how they had been. Before she ever met him. He rose up and walked down the throne steps. Though he longed for his father to be the one to sit in it. The fact was it had no interest to any of those who came before him. Nor had any in his court been blinded with the idea of the throne had been what gave a Kingdom power. The Throne was only good for two things a command of respect and to set the laws that prevent chaos. Which it was now clear that being completely free with no law. Could no longer be allowed. And if his brother refused to return to Devils Landing and remain with the Wolves in Devils Snowden. Then he soon would have no choice but to become the King of all Kings. However, he would stretch as much time as possible. Since he truly had not wanted to become the King.  As he reached the end of the steps he then kneeled down. " This who you were. My creation though is what you have now become. The old you was Quite a ravishing look if you ask me. And perhaps the old me would have. In fact, the old me would not have just been satisfied with public shaming of your deeds. But would have likely pulled a card from my sister's deck. And created AU Vampire Caleb Rosario with a James look. So even here you would be tormented with the fact that you could never have your love back. And since your manipulation had once ruined my life. And caused me to lose the love of my life. I would constantly remind you of it. The do It, you bastard!! Do you not think I can not take it. I put up with years of Caleb making my life hell. I can survive ten more with you doing it too. I am used to the pain. At this point, I think that is all that is left that makes me feel alive. She said now feeling that anger within churn. Like a fire that was just fed fresh wood in the furnace. Though her beauty on the outside was quite bewitching. On the inside, she was filled with pain, darkness, sorrow, and despair. A most of all a broken heart that knew not how to heal. Or ever truly love again as she had Caleb. Thus this was what made her never truly be able to set herself free of him. "As I said that was the old me. Now I am something more. Something beyond any here. I can not even put it words. I can only assume the time of great dark awaking may be near. That is why I am becoming what I am now. The current me of this day and age. Actually desires to help you. Though it will not be easy. And this will likely be the first of many trials to lead you finally get to the point. That like myself you will no longer desire to gaze upon worlds that no longer want you. I mean you do get the reason they are there is due you yes? She then felt that cold veil of denial that she was used too. For it had covered her heart and very soul many nights and days before. When she would find her eyes glazing upon Ethen and Caleb.  As though it now set off some trigger shield. That would set up within her. Any time someone had tried to speak a voice of reason to her. That would never let herself accept the truth. And that in fact had been long overdue. That she truly moved on. Let herself not even have the little bit of interest in what Ethen or Caleb had been doing. That point now was now still cleary out of reach. It would not occur overnight. But together they could take baby steps and she would get there. He then pointed look over there at that picture. That was likely the happiest day of my life. I know that I never felt such sweet pure bliss. As I had the day I was with her. But I know those days are gone. And do not misunderstand me. I am not saying you may ever meet another again. You love as much as you did Caleb. For I am certain I shall not ever meet another I loved as much as my Lioness. But I also know she now lives on with new lovers. And I too have no choice but to do the same. And with each day that passed, I never let her memory die nor fade. But I also accept that a day she may return to me never will come. No matter how much I desire, wish or pray for it to be. See life is not like a Disney movie. Not every Princess ends up with the Prince she loved most. Its often we end up with the one we loved second or third most. And as the years go by there may even come a time we do in fact love the one we are with most. But do you see me keeping up with my Lioness and her new conquest? Now I always do my best to avoid it and even the verses I know she may be in. Just simply due to the fact knowing the slightest detail would do nothing but bring me grief. I don't watch them cause I am lost in some dream they want me back. I know Caleb and Ethen will never speak to me again. I just want to know what they are doing and are up too. Cause I miss being Ethen's sister. I just want to be friends again with Ethen. I just want back the parts of my life that Caleb ruined for me. You have no idea how much I have lost over him. Not even a fraction of it. I may know quite a bit more than you think I do Amara. Let us look back at a time the first person in your life realized you were not moving on the way one should. After you and Caleb had a lot of drama one night. And that friend tried to reach out to you. But realized it was like talking to a wall.Does this night now ring a bell to you? You were still freshly wounded then. So, of course, some denial is to be expected. But by the things you said to him. It caused him such concern. He tried to force you to understand. And it then caused a rift between the two of you. Or what about the night you had been asked to leave your family? Due to actions and mannerisms had even lead them to believe that Caleb was right. And you were just not capable of accepting the fact it was over. You see Amara I am not just some person trying to rub things in your face. I suppose I just recall that feeling of what it once felt like being on the outside looking it. And no one can take who you are away from you. But yourself, if you miss being Ethen's sister. Then be his sister. For only you can decide who you are and are not. And in time if you join us. Who is to say Ethen may not come around. I no longer hold my breath for that day. But I am sure someday. He will see the error of his ways. And instead of running from his mistakes embrace them and grow from them. But until then I have my own court and family.  And for many years now. That is all it has been about for myself. I always look forward. And only back when the time arose to do so. So others could be healed from the past. Just as you clearly need to be healed from the past more than any of us PODS do. Perhaps except Ethen since his method to the madness is just to alter it. And never truly deal with it. But he is now out my reach. However, you are not. And you can not sit here and seriously tell me you get pleasure from when you keep up with Ethen and Caleb. You must stop looking. If even it's cutting the times a day you look down until its week. Then cutting the weeks down until its a month. Then the months down until its a year. Make any baby step that you can for taking one is better than taking none. F*** off!! Shut up just shut up!!! There is nothing wrong with me. Just leave me alone. I do not need to be saved. I do not need anyone to try and help me. I am fine just go away please just go away. Just stop trying to hurt me. As if you just want to see my tears and heartache. This is the last you will hear from me. But before I go I will give a list of things I do. That often helps me overcome one. That I can not get over. First, seek out the place above its called brutal Ruthless Manips. The one who rules there too once to had a great heartache as well. Just as you and I both have. Perhaps advice from another woman can even be more helpful than my own.2. Stop watching them as much as you can. 3.Give your story the ending you want with AU realities. Sometimes this helps one realize we truly feel in love with the idea of what our story was. Not truly who was behind the creation of it. 4.Be yourself be all the people you stopped being due to them. Of course, since you cost me the love of my life. I will not rid myself of those I own. Unless my Lionness returns to me. I will however not deny yours into acceptance into the court. And treat you the same as Ethen's other sister Melanie. 5. Always remember the PODs here in Devils Landing are my own, Joanna's or Dra's. Not Ethen's not Calebs. If we want to know what they are doing we will go there. 6.If our father returns take some time to truly get know him. For he truly is one of kind and beautifully poetic. And perhaps knowing the one we all came from. Will help you grow as a person. As our court did.7.Do not feel ashamed or think that something is wrong with you. To seek the aid of therapy or religion.   8.Try to join dating sites as yourself. Maybe the true cure to this. Is finding a real love interest. 9. Rant and rave if you need too. Post bulletins or blogs just let out your rage, heartache and feelings. As much as you need too. 10.Look in the mirror and tell yourself everyday you deserve better than Ethen and Caleb. 11. Do not give up hope. Why do you care so much? If you say I cost you the love of your life with my past actions. That is a question with quite a complex answer. Maybe due to the fact the person I once was. Before I became who I was meant to be. May have deserved it. Often we get back what we put out in life. And that is why I think fate lead us down this common road. However, now it's up to us to ensure what our destiny shall be. I try every day to right my wrongs. But Angelus did not become Angel overnight nor did Faith find her redemption in a short period of time. Thatis why we must never let the past entangle us. For this world shall spin no matter the choices we make. And if one is not careful their entire life will pass them by. And all they will have left is regret. And that is what I fear the most will occur for you. And I hope you heed my advice. And at least take the time to think about twice. And Until we meet again cousin. I do hope and wish the best for you. As I hope the Same for Ethen and Caleb. I shall now return to my normal routines farewell.   

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  The Other Side. Magic. Wasn’t something that Hayley liked to delve into a lot even before she was told that she had it inside of her. Her werewolf and vampire sides seemed to suppress whatever she had left after having her daughter, Hope.Every once in a while she would feel pulls from different areas in New Orleans where the witches were pulling energy from the ancestors, and then all of a sudden everything made sense. Before Shelia helped her back into her body, she told her that there would be times where she could sense older witches doing magic in and outside of the French Quarter, depending on how close they were. Hayley wasn’t an anchor for lack of better term but depending on how powerful the witches were around her, told her how strong the pulls would be and she tried her best to prepare herself for any and every pull she that she would feel. This time around though the power felt different, this power felt evil as if a demon was trying to take a soul from the world like it didn’t belong there. Hayley was sitting in the living room on the couch and started to groan, her chest tightened, and she clenched her fingers over her shirt before coughing a bit and leaned over. “Hayley?” She heard his familiar voice as Elijah rushed over to her side, kneeling down next to her on the couch and placed a hand against her knee. Hayley shook her head and clenched her eyes sh*t and he just kept his eyes on her face, reaching up and tucked her hair behind her ear. “What’s happening?” She shook her head again at his question and wasn’t able to speak much as the burning sensation formed in her throat. “I… can’t…” She breathed out in a slightly raspy tone and Elijah’s face fell, he knew exactly what was happening. “How can we stop this?” His asked quietly, feeling his voice crack just a bit and he was concerned for Hayley’s health and safety at this point. “I.. I don’t know..” She whispered in a slightly calmer voice when the sudden burning sensation in her throat went away. “Shelia didn’t tell me that I was going to be able to feel every type of magic that the witches use. But it felt different this time.” She mumbled looking over at him with bloodshot eyes and fingers of both hands wrapped around one of his, Elijah held onto her hands tightly in return. “I don’t want to live like this anymore, Elijah..” She felt her voice crack knowing that taking this little problem away it would mean that she would have to sacrifice herself again, which was something that she didn’t want to do. She didn’t belong in the prison world, or on the other side, she belonged with her family and Elijah. “There has to be another way that we can fix this. We’ll find it okay?” She nodded her head hearing Elijah’s words and she knew he was right, there was always a loophole in the world that they were caught up in. “Maybe I should call Desi, and check up on her?”Elijah nodded her head and reached for her phone, sitting next to her now she smiled at her and he kissed her temple, pulling her into his lap while she dialed her friends number, holding the device up to her ear and waited for her to answer. When Hayley felt the surge of power rush through her she got flashes of her friend she had just met the other night at Rousseau’s and she could tell off the bat that Desi wasn’t human, that she was supernatural just like her. Closing her eyes and resting her head back against Elijah’s chest she swallowed hard as she listened to the rings go straight to voicemail of her newly found friend. “Hey.. Des it’s Hayley. Listen; I don’t know how to explain how I’m feeling right now and I know we don’t know each other that well but I wanted to make sure that you were okay.”“Don’t freak out or anything but I had a bit of a… vision of you.. and.. I just wanted to make sure that you were alright. Call me back as soon as you can please?” She sighed deeply and then hung up the phone before placing it on the coffee table and then leaned back into Elijah again. He kissed her shoulder gently and hugged her to his chest and Hayley smiled, closing her eyes. He always knew how to make her feel better. Closing her eyes for a second she took a deep breath and then she opened her eyes again and she was alone, “What…” She breathed out deeply, looking around frantically in the empty living room and Elijah was completely gone. “Elijah?!” She screamed out, and her voice echoed through the entire cabin. She couldn’t have been back in the prison world, could she have been? Hayley stood up slowly and shook her head over and over. “No… No, no no!” She cried out again and clenched her eyes shut before feeling hands on either one of her shoulders. “Hey… hey, hey hey, I’m right here, you’re okay!” She gasped loudly and opened her eyes instantly to see Elijah standing back in front of her. “This can’t happening..” She mumbled and trembled before she fell into his chest and clung to him. “I can’t go back there!” She cried out again and buried her face into his chest and held onto him as tightly as she possibly could.“’s okay.. it’s okay you’re safe.” He mumbled quietly, kissing her temple and held onto her tightly in return. Something was definitely wrong. The magic must’ve been tampered with without Shelia’s knowledge and now it was backfiring in very strange and peculiar ways.


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