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11/28/2020 01:47 PM 


September 15, 2005, Athens, Georgia She walked through the house as she sighed. It was going to be another long night before her mom would be home. Sitting on her bed she sighed as she looked down at the pink Motorola razr in her hand. She flipped it open and looked at her text messages. Still nothing from her father. She had tried to be nice and reach out to him but nothing. Ever since he married Hillary and they had Grayson it seemed like Vivian didn’t exist to her father. Looking at the picture frame on her dresser, the photo was of her and her father when she was 5 years old. Right before the affair happened with Hillary. She rarely had any memories with her father since that day. All she could remember was the night her mother came home from finding out about the affair and getting Vivian and leaving. Lillian was able to get a teaching job at the University of Georgia teaching Mythology since she had a masters in History. She looked at the bathroom as she sighed. She stood up and walked to the bathroom. She turned the light on and walked over to the counter and looked at her mirror at her reflection. Reaching out she was beginning to tear up. She turned to the left and began to stop the tub up as she began to fill it with warm water. “He’s never going to miss me nor care about me.” She said as she sighed and watched the water filling into the tub. Stripping out of her pajamas, she stepped into the warm water and turned it off as she sat back against the back of the tub. Looking over, she picked up the shaving razor as she looked at it. Taking it apart, she was able to get the actual razor out as she took a deep breath and began to cut her left wrist. She began to cry as the pain shot through her but it felt good. She wanted to rid the pain she felt by doing this. The crimson fluid flowed down her arm and into the clear water turning it red. She cried as she passed out from the blood. Her mother arrived home a few minutes after Vivian passed out in the bath tub. “Viv? Vivian I’m home! Class ran over a few minutes.” She said as she noticed it was quiet. “Vivian?” She said and began to ascend up the stairs towards her daughter’s room. Seeing the door slightly closed, Lillian pressed the door open and spoke. “Vivian? Vivian I’m home.” She said as she walked towards the bathroom and pushed the door open to find her daughter in a bath tub of her blood. Screaming, Lillian ran to the tub grabbing a towel as she pulled Vivian out of the tub and wrapped her wrist up applying pressure to the cuts as she grabbed the cell phone off the counter dialing 9-1-1. “9-1-1 what’s your emergency?” Dispatch said as Lillian was crying hysterically as she spoke. “I need an ambulance. My daughter has tried to kill her self. She’s bleeding. Please hurry. My address is 1413 North Oaks Lane. Please hurry.” She cried as the dispatch was able to get everything. “Ma’am, do you need me to stay on the line till somebody gets there?” She asked as Lillian was crying and holding Vivian in her arms. “Please anything would be good.” She said as she cried. The first responders arrived two minutes later as Lillian heard some men and women as she spoke. “We’re in here! Please! Somebody help her! She’s only 14! She was diagnosed with depression last year.” She said hysterically as two women wrapped a towel around Vivian as the paramedics set up the gurney and they put Vivian on it. One of the paramedics wrapped her arm up and the other one began to set up an IV in Vivian’s right arm. “She needs a blood transfusion. She’s lost a lot of blood, do you by chance know what her blood type is?” The paramedic asked Lillian as she was trying to think. “She’s um...A Positive.” Lillian said as the paramedics nod their heads begin to take Vivian out to the ambulance as the crime scene technicians were photographing the scene as two detectives were talking outside with two police officers. One of the men walked over to Lillian as he smiled and spoke, “Ms. Edwards, what happened here tonight?” He asked getting his notepad out as Lillian put her arm up over her forehead as she sighed. “Look, Detective Southern, right now isn’t the best time for me to answer questions. I just came home to find my 14 year old daughter upstairs in a bathtub of blood almost dead.” She said looking at him. “How would you feel if it was your son or daughter in this situation and you were being questioned, hmm? How would you feel?” She asked as the detective looked down closing his notebook. “Here’s my card. Call me tomorrow once you have had some rest and we can talk.” He said giving her his card. “This is the third incident in a year since her diagnosis, I want to get her the help she needs.” He said as he turned and walked off to his vehicle getting into the drivers seat of the Ford Taurus. Vivian slowly began to wake up as she was in Athens Memorial Hospital as she tried to move but her arms were restrained to the bed. She began to panic as her heart rate was beginning to pick up as she heart monitor was making some noise as a nurse ran in. “It’s okay Vivian, it’s okay. Calm down, you’re in the hospital. You’re safe.” She said as Vivian was scared. The nurse checked some of her vitals and left the room as a man walked by the room and knocked at the door. “Miss. Edwards?” He said as Vivian looked at him. “What happened, Vivian?” He said as he walked over sitting down in the chair by the bed. Looking at him, Vivian sighed as she felt the tears running down her cheeks as she tried to pull her hand up to wipe the tears away but couldn’t. “Viv, please I want to help you.” He said as he reached his hand out touching hers. “This is the 3rd call I have had in a year since your diagnosis. Every hospital worker is going to get to know you but I think we need to get you some help.” He said as Vivian looked at him and began crying. “Come on, let’s go back to the scene. What happened?” He asked. Vivian looked at the detective and then looked down. “I slit my wrist thinking this time would be the time but no. My mother I guess found me. My father has nothing to do with me. He hasn’t since my fifth birthday. All I want is for him to love me and be the father I deserve but I don’t have that.” She cried as he was writing things down. “I sat in my room thinking I could do it so I went to the bathroom, pulled my hair up and got out of my clothes and into the bathtub. I took a razor apart and took the razor and began cutting my wrist.” She said as she looked at Detective Southern. “Why?” He asked as she shrugged. “I guess I felt like the pain was going away and I blacked out.” She said. “Your mother found you right after in the tub however the water had turned to blood from how much you lost.” He said as she sighed and saw the blood transfusion as blood was being pumped into her. “We can get you the help, but you have to want the help Vivian. I don’t want another call like this but the next time be worse.” He said looking at Vivian. “Okay...I’ll do it.” She said softly as she looked at him. November 28, 2020, Atlanta, Georgia The black Escalade was heading north to Athens as Vivian Edwards sat in the backseat in her IPhone texting her mother. She hadn’t been back home since before she graduated college. She had to fly into Atlanta and then get a vehicle and go towards the mountains. It was almost an hour and a half drive northeast from the airport. Stopping in Dacula, Georgia, she got something to eat from Chick-fil-a to eat. She got the grilled nuggets and a side salad with a water. She saw the sign that read, WELCOME TO ATHENS. HOME OF THE BULLDOGS. Vivian sighed as she looked out the window. So many memories here, more bad than good. She saw the police station and sighed. “I wonder if he still works there?” She said to herself as she sat back in the seat. The car came to a stop outside her mother’s home. 1413 North Oaks Lane. She got out of the vehicle as she saw her mother walking out of the front door. “Ah, my darling Vivian!” She said as she walked over hugging Vivian as she smiled. “Hey mama. How are you?” She asked the woman as she was happy to see her. “I’m well. Retirement is good for me. I still teach every one in a blue moon but hey I love being at home.” She said as the two walked into the home. “How are you? How’s New York?” Lillian asked as the two went to the living room and sat down as Vivian sat on the couch as Lillian sat on the arm chair. “It’s good. Busy and crowed and sometimes I feel overwhelmed and I have to go see the psychologist but it’s good.” She smiled. “How’s Detective Southern?” Vivian asked as her mother sighed. “He comes by a lot to check on me. Since he helped get you the help you needed, once you left he kept a check on me and to this day he still comes by and checks on me. If I need anything he goes to town and gets it.” She said as Vivian nods. “So he’s still with APD?” She asked as her mother nodded. “I believe he’s a lieutenant now over the Detectives from what he said. Or a captain. I’m not sure.” Lillian said as Vivian nods. “Well mom, you rest, I’m going to make some lunch for us.” Standing up she walked over kissing her forehead and put a hand on her shoulder. “Welcome home, baby. Welcome home.” Lillian smiled at Vivian as she smiled and headed to the kitchen.

POD Archie

11/28/2020 01:36 PM 

RP Billie's Place.

Archie walks in trying to find out what was going on to see what was going on. But as soon as he walked in he laughed at the song that was playing. And yelled out Billie are you here? Billie, then he saw a beautiful long sandy blonde girl walkout.   

RP Billies,Place.hanging,With.RP Christie.

Sweet Magnolia MOP

11/28/2020 01:26 PM 

December Roleplay

This roleplay will take place is the discord server You must wait till someone else posts before you do. Points are given per "comment" Your posts must be one paragraph THEME: Christmas Party gone wrongLOCATION: Natchez Country ClubPOINTS: 2pts/commentPrompt: Everyone is feeling festive as the Christmas holiday approaches. The mayor of Natchez has opened the country club up for all the residents to enjoy a lovely Christmas party. While everyone is drinking and mingling with one another, a scream cuts through the joy. Someone was found- dead in the second-floor study. Who is the murderer? When will they strike next? The only way to stop the killing spree is to find the guilty party. No one is safe.

Naughty Doll

11/28/2020 12:35 PM 

Lesbian fantasy & possible love interest SL.

Jordyn has never had sex with a girl before she has so badly been wanting to shes watched girl on girl p0rn she currently lives with her mother's best friend who is 35 and a lesbian shes always had a crush on her moms best friend Jordan as checks her mom's best friend out watching her undress after showering and watching her moms best friend having sex with girls and always imagining what it would be like to have her moms best friend do that to her.This fantasy is also a possible love interest SL .

Naughty Doll

11/28/2020 12:28 PM 

Roleplay fantasy 1.

Step Father & Step daughter fantasy Jordyn is celebrating her 18th birthday she lives with her step father after mother divorced him she doesnt get along with her mother so she moved in with her stepfather whos 50 years old the stepfather knows shes sexually active he had over heard a conversation she had with her best friend about wanting a pink dildo vibrator and a some butt plugs so for a special birthday present he gets her exactly what she wants after seeing the vibrator she gets excited because she wants to try it out so bad so her stepfather offers to help she doesnt say no because she had secretly been wanting him since before her mother married him it eventually leads to him f***ing and giving her anal sex.

POD Archie

11/27/2020 09:41 PM 

Open Parts and premade accounts

Highly Active/Would love to have parts filled/But content writing with myself/So join or don't that is your choice but I am an amazing writer. Just ask all those girls who be hating on me/ Only here to write/Tabitha if you are out there reach out to me. Jojo, please come back. FYI Susan, why would Kit Kat build a temple for herself? I mean seriously I know her beauty is one kind but come on....You must think she is quite vain. But the powers that Be truly nailed it when it came to you. But I sincerely have no hard feelings towards you. I just don't dig you two playing games with me. Not that I may not deserve it for past sins. Perhaps Amara was right when she warned me you truly had not changed. But can we please stop all this hate!!!! I can stand this sh*t and we are getting too old for it. Stacy, you clearly see I have been changing not once do you reach out to me? I could care less if who you date I am not Heidi. I never dated you so we could always be friends yet it feels as now I am just another one of your exes. And Tina I hate myself for loving you and all I did for you. But don't worry babe I will keep our story alive. And I love you Drunkie!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Jess, for not yelling at me!!! Don't worry Heather I am always Team Rae Rae Shelly sorry for the drama with your sister. I know we may never be able to be friends again. But I was your friend before I ever knew her... And I would not mind being friends with all you again. And Beth I do love you too. But if you can't get over Kevin and Laurie. I don't see you ever getting over myself and Tina. But if you want to come to get me. You can at any time. You would like I am a hard-working man. And I'll make sure your baby girl can dress as all the preps do. And if no one wants to be part of my life don't worry I write just fine all by myself. Thank you, Kit Kat, for that blacklist I would never think of taking a chance to discover how amazing this sh*t can be. When it really is just all you. And the unmentioned you can contact me if you care to know. The fact you don't always confuses me. Its why I never return. 


The Awakening MOP

11/27/2020 09:46 PM 

December Newsletter

coming soon.


11/27/2020 08:45 PM 


The rules are very simple.You will have experience, everyone want's to brake the rules to prove oppositve to make a leading mark.  I will play only with those original characthers, can say hello in the stream share the vibes. Know that it takes every fiber of a collective to get toguther in the making beliebe of one story, a reality that is perhaps the only one we have.  Actually, I do read everyone and my time is limited as everyones. My rl is very important so when the times comes to connect with you it takes all my soul to be invovled. Apreciate new and old friend, drama is a friendly song and apreciating the warriors who still run in our blood as the world is, to whom we have become, to be the first getting to have such an avid mind to bind creations. It's already a law that stands by it self, by the heart of writers who palpitate in one single old, ancient realm. That from all the epic realms is the only one who has stand. Apreciate those who welcome you, as if its the first time all the time. One place at time, loving every step of it. Thank you. 

ᴍisᴛʟeᴛoe ᴍisʜcʜieꜰ

11/27/2020 07:51 PM 

Da Rules

I'm not even sure why I'm making these because I don't think people read them anymore. But if you ARE the type of person who reads rules, then keep going. I'll try to keep them short and sweet. I feel like, at this point, we all know how to behave as writers, so I'll try to touch on the things that matter most. 1. I mostly a multi-para and novella writer. I can send you an 800 word response or a 4-page response, it really depends on my level of inspiration and what I'm doing. I usually try to match what I'm given. If I write too much? Tell me. If I don't write enough? Tell me. If you need me to make things shorter, let me know. I don't really care how long my responses are, it's quality over quantity. 2. I work in RL and have other hobbies. I'm involved in a lot of things on here and do a lot of stuff in RP. Which means sometimes I get slow. Patience is always necessary. Don't rush me, I promise I won't rush you. Treat me like I'm a real person OOC and you'll go far with me. If you can't accept that I write with a lot of people and am highly involved with other things in RP, then simply don't write with me. We can still be friends. 3. Shipping. I'm not really looking right now. I'm thinking of multi-shipping, but again, I'm not seeking anything at this time. My boy needs a break from doing romantic relationships. Some criteria though? The writer has to be 21+, very open, and honest (like if you're taken OOC be upfront and honest about that so I know what boundaries to have with you). The character has to be old enough to pair with Misha. My writing partners need to be understanding, patient, open, honest, and loyal. I won't tolerate anyone being controlling or possessive of me or my character, if that's your style, find someone else. Misha isn't something to be owned. Ever. I expect them to show up, show interest, and show commitment and support. If you can't do this, don't pair with me. Be understanding that I'm a high profile account and get busy and involved in a lot of stuff. I will prioritize you but I have other friends and things I do too, that also matters. 4. I prefer to write in comments rather than messages, and will write in a person's group if that's wanted. Just link me and let me know. I'm not usually aware if someone has a group for their writing. 5. I very much dislike OOC drama. I don't mind supporting people and listening, but chances are I'm not going to involve myself in any drama. Unless I see someone being cyberbullied, I'll show up and make a stand. But typically, I don't get involved with people's issues with one another. I don't like gossip. I won't get involved in group hating on a person. If you talk to me about something, I will keep it confidential. I don't screenshot conversations and show them to other people (I think doing this is actually terrible and such a violation of privacy). So this is where I stand and what you can expect from me. And I expect people to respect that I don't do drama. That's it really. The only important things I can think of.  

៚Dark Halo Resources,

11/27/2020 05:25 PM 

Dark Halo | Membership Information

h2{ text-align:center; } .col{ float:left; width:33.3%; padding:8px; box-sizing:border-box; } .price-box{ background:#fff; color:#555; list-style-type:none; border:1px solid #555; margin:0; padding:0; transition:0.3s; } .price-box:hover,{ box-shadow: 0 10px 15px 0 #000; } .price-box .header{ background-color:#111; color:#fff; font-size:25px; font-weight: bold; } .price-box .header.header-green{ background-color:#58D68D; } .price-box li{ padding:20px; border-bottom:1px solid #eee; text-align:center; } .price-box .emph{ background-color:#f4f4f4; font-ize:20px; } .button{ background-color:#58D68D; border:none; color:#fff; padding: 10px 15px; text-align:center; text-decoration:none; font-size:18px; } @media(max-width:700px){ .col{ width:100%; } } Hello and Welcome to our Membership Package deals. If you are interested in any of these all you have to do is message the site with what you ware wanting to have access to. From there you will send payment over and you will be given your login information to gain acess to our all membership page and from there you will need to add the page in order to recieve extra perks, so we can message you over there with your item at hand. If you have any questions or concrents about your membership please message the site and we'll answer you as fast as we can. Thank you and this is in beta mode, meaning everything is under construction at the moment, so bare with us but I hope this will be something that you all will enjoy ♥ You will also get a special card made just for your page, think of it as a membership card ♥ You will place the card on your page, so I can keep track of what membership you bought! Thank you.IF YOU NEED TO SEE SAMPLES OF OUR WORK PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE US OR VIEW OUR CUSTOM WORK BLOGS FOR OUR SAMPLES IF YOU NEED TO SEE THEM BEFORE PURCHASING A MEMBERSHIP THERE WILL BE RULES TO MEMBERHIPS SOON. PLEASE COMMENT THIS BLOG WITH WHAT MEMBERSHIP YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GETTING IF YOU ARE Thank you   Bronze $15 / flat payment for a lifetime or $3 per month. Free 3 extra defaults each year 20% discount off purchaces from main site 1 free writing snippet  Free Textures each month Doorknocker Combo Sign Up Silver $25 / flat payent for lifetime or $10 per month 10 defaults each year 30% discount off purchaces from main site 1 free layout for any account one time deal Unlimted Free Textures Doorknocker Combo Sign Up Gold $40 / flat payment for a lifetime or $12 per Month 15 defaults each year 35% discount off purchaces from main site 2 free layouts for any account one time deal  Unlimited Free Textures, and PSDS Matching blog layouts to your free layouts one time deal Doorknocker Combo Sign Up

azurɛ mɔɔŋ

11/27/2020 04:09 PM 

Memoire 1( Archiviste )

As we walked those narrow corridors beneath the church, as he trod before me, there were so many questions I wanted to ask him.Why do you know this labrynth well enough to set traps in enemy territory? Why and how do you know there is a lab down here?And how? How can you walk with such confidence, knowing there are chaussers chasing us?"Quit making that face." His voice drew my attention from the small of his back to the gleaming hourglass that bounced in time with his pace."I'm not..."A sigh escaped him, this confident, reckless little human stopping in his tracks to peer at me through the low light. A sense of deja vous slid over me- this wasn't our first labrynth, or our first trek on hallowed grounds. But were these catacombs laid out the same as those? Had he memorized this route as well because of his path over the years?"You can't slow down, or that little brat will kill us both, do you want that, Noe?" His tone was filled with a thousand different emotions that never quite reached the chill in his eyes."We can talk to-""NO. DON'T BE SO ABSURD NOE! YOU KNOW IT WON'T WORK! DON'T HANDICAP YOURSELF AGAIN! NOT AGAINST ASTOLFO OF ALL PEOPLE!"The sudden explosion of frustration and spite startled me. I could tell it wasn't me he was angry with, but himself. Himself, and that garbage posing as a doctor. When we had last faced the man, Vanitas had turned into someone I had never seen before- all plastic and cruelty and hard-as-bone. Then the shock had hit him, and he had turned catatonic. Never before had the urge to drink his memories been so strong, especially after Misha had whispered what he had a month ago. Shown me so much...


11/27/2020 01:41 PM 

Brief note about Shipping

I should mention that just because I'm lesbian, it doesn't mean I'll hook up with just anyone. I'm picky about who I'll ship my character with. It's highly unlikely that I'll pair up with any canon Star Trek character. In fact, I just might pair with a NPC of my own creation.

Christian Floyd Freeman

11/27/2020 12:31 PM 

Crown Trattoria Restaurant New Story
Current mood:  accomplished Here is my new fifth project I am working here completely 5 different stories going off and sadly LOS can't have a story like me.


11/27/2020 07:26 PM 


OWES LIST. LAST UPDATED 11/27/2020I OWE:Olivia - Starter – Discord – 11.22Arienne – Starter – Discord – 11.22Sterling – Reply – Discord – 11.22Emily – Starter – Discord – 11.25Svana – Starter – Discord – 11.27You Owe Me:Cora – Drabble Collab – Discord – 11.25Nash – Drabble Collab – Discord – 11.22Edi – Snowflake Prompt – Discord – 11.26Koraline – Starter – Discord – 11.26Amara – Reply – Discord – 11.26Nik - Starter - Discord - 11.25 

Prince Of Devils Asmodeus

11/27/2020 06:10 PM 

Can you guess her last name?
Current mood:  inquisitive

I had a lot of fun trying. So I decided to share with all you lot. If you get it right let me know. I am sure this is an old mate of mine. Who once gave me a free gimp download. Which is similar to PSD. Here is what I tried Her display name, Skolsdottir, Blake, Monster, Her URL in its entirety, Then just the last part loupgarou, songbird and last DARED. And none worked. See if you can find any hint if there even is one to what her last name just might be.    Skolsdottir Nola's Songbird, The Original.[MyspaceBranded]AnitaBlakeVerse|Storyline WriterCrossovers DARED Female34 years old  Last Login:November 27 2020    View: Albums | Blog | LayoutsReport Profile | ♥ Give Premium Gift      Contacting Skolsdottir    RP URL:   Other Members ... 🐾Kylie Halstead🐾 𝘴𝘢𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘥 sunrise,, DJ Chantel Lore Dr. Spencer Reid          



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