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Adventurous Soul

07/02/2020 04:04 PM 

Guidelines. Rules. The Stuff.

I'm going to try and keep this quick and simple. I don't use my blog for anything besides rules. So here goes: 1. My writing ranges from para, multi para and novella. If you give me a lot, I'll give you a lot. If you prefer short writing, I'm game. I pretty much match whatever the person I'm writing with is doing. I write first person as well as third person. 2. I'm always IC. I'm not going to talk about who I am OOC. I don't have a Discord and it's staying that way. If we need to talk for discussions, that's fine. If you want to talk OOC that's fine, but I have boundaries. 3. I'm here to be supportive as much as write and I will support you, like your posts, read your writing. 4. Shipping. Technically he's married. And no, I don't want someone to write his wife's role for me. I'm not interested in shipping him at this time. That's the furthest thing from my mind right now. 5. In my writing Misha is bisexual, into men and women. I may write LI's into his story but don't be surprised if some of them are men. 6. He can be anywhere in the timeline. I'll be writing across his whole life span. 7. His verse is an open one, I can fit him in anywhere, just remember he's human. 8. Talk in messages. Write in comments. I don't use fancy templates and no one else has to either to write with me. Remember it's the writing that matters not how it looks. 9. No bullsh*t, no OOC drama allowed. No excressive negativity and toxic behaviors allowed either. 10. Let's have fun.  


07/02/2020 12:47 PM 

Connection ideas.

Connection idea's These are just a few ideas that popped into my head with gifs I found on tumblr. Feel free to mix and match any of the ideas, or if it sparks something for your own character, please reach out and let me know!credit for the images goes to their owners, I did not create any of the pictures below. Davina & KaiMuch like what happened with Micheal, Davina tries a spell to contact the dead and instead of her mother appearing, Malichai Parker becomes bound to her and attempts to trick her into bringing him back to life.||A story with lots of angst, bickering, and Davina's verbal lashings at her new, annoying companion. Davina & MaliaMalia finds herself in Mystic falls, no memory of how or when she arrived. Davina tracks her down, because of a string of reported 'animal attacks' not too far from the Salvatore school.||Story can go any direction really; friends, foes, Malia could take residence in the school. Idea is that she is innocent and might aide in catching whomever it is attaching the humans. But open to her being the villain if that's your style. Davina & JeremyDavina has decided to turn her curse into something that can help others; since she cannot die, she makes the decision to reach out to Jeremy and become the hunters apprentice. Together, they protect the city from the supernaturals who abuse their power and endanger the secrets of others.|| Connections really open aside from hunting the baddies. Open to ideas on this one to add more to them. Davina & ScottScott finds himself in Mystic falls, no memory of how or when he arrived. Davina tracks him down, following a string of reported 'animal attacks' not too far from the Salvatore school.|| This is the same idea from Malia. Being that Scott can create wolves, due to being an alfa, it can take a whole different turn as well. Davina, Allison & LydiaThe amount of death and supernatural activity in Mystic Falls leads Lydia to town. With the arrival of a Banshee, Davina feels tensions rise to try and figure out why they would have been called.|| Really open to any kind of connection with these girls. Lots of mystery vibes and possible angst with figuring how to solve the problem once they figure out what lead them all the way to virginia. Davina & Sam|| DISCLAIMER! I know absolutely nothing about supernatural.... BUT, would still love to collab with those interested on a story. If you have any ideas hit me up. (This goes for any character from the show not just the one pictured. Davina & Her fatherOC idea (face semi negotiable)- Davina's father returns after being gone her whole life and presumed dead (as told by her mother.) Saves her from a mission gone wrong where she was ambushed by a group (could be witches, vampires, wolves, anyone really since she has plenty of enemies.)|| If you have an oc and would like to fill the role I can totally work around what you already have for your character. Not really looking for anyone to make a page solely for this role as I don't want to force anyone to come up with anything on their own and I don't have any backstory for him. Davina & Edward|| Really no solid idea for what to do so this is open to anything, but I would love any connections with Twilight characters as well. If you need a witch, hit me up! Friends, foes, lovers, ex's, partners, everything is on the table. (Give me something painful.) Davina & Stefan/SilasAfter a few messy kills/feeds, Davina takes it upon herself to make the town safe again and begins tracking Stefan/Silas down. Not very skilled yet she gets abducted by her prey and tries to fight her way back to freedom.|| Again, connection is open to be anything but really is influenced by the gifs from the show Paul and Danielle are in (tell me a story). Let me chase you around with a gun and all that. Lots of twists and turns with this one. Dark themes, and possible triggers, so looking for someone open minded.

RES Family

07/02/2020 01:49 PM 

RES Meeting

RES  MEETING WITH Goddess Lilith..Thank you everyone for coming today. . Today is a meeting Will Goddess Lilith Hellfire and RES.Everynoe knows why we are here except for Lilith.  So I will address the issues at hand.As everyone knows our new Alliance with SKE..has brought light on some subjects that were brought up to meby Empress Shani. a couple of days ago. To say the least they were very upsetting. I spent over an hour on discord with her as she told me of things which I have told as well to Vlad,  Along with Lucy and Evie our new admins to RES.1. Lilith I was told by Empress Shani, that you had told Skullblaka. You were leaving be in SKE. Empress Shani has no reason to lie to me about this. For one you two are not even friends. Skullblaka went to her about this. I find this most upsetting.  I feel this as a betrayal. On our friendship..and RES. I have stood by you, Even taken your side on things. To do this to our friendship..and to something I cannot over look. It is very disturbing to me. When I asked Shani would you accept Lilith into SKE...her response...F*** NO! I will admit our friendship has been harned by well as the trust2. Your status post. About visulizing dead bodies on the battlefield. Skullblaka saw it as a act of war on SKE and Shani. He felt that because he had just said to you that you two could only be friends.  He found you were jealous of Shani and thought they were together.  Shani has informed me. That they are very good friends for years. They have no romantic feelings toward each other.3. The new alliance between SKE and RES has already been threaten because of that status. However, Shani does not want this alliance to fail. She is tired of the bs. And wants to from a friendship between the two groups. It will take time of course..however I feel it can be accomplished. Which is a very good things. Because both sids. (Me included) have trashed talk and bashed each other for long enough., and I agree. Stats talking of war or hate..cannot be tolerated. Let me make myself will not be tolerated..4..These are my issues Lilith. I know there are others here..that have theirs. If anyone wants to speak about those issues...Please do so now.

♥Pirate of Darkness♥ (Married)

07/02/2020 12:50 PM 

Lost in the woods (Drabble)

Dizzy is sitting at her bay window listening ot her uncle Kristoff sing Lost in the woods and she feels lost. Everytime she tries see the good she sees the hard and bad. She feels like she is trying to hard.  She finally had her break down to hopefully help her handle her pain.

fall of rome

07/02/2020 11:01 PM 


Roman was standing in a dimly lit alleyway, hearing the woman before him speak as she told him what had happened. Those words left her lips and a smile snuck onto his face when there should have been panic.  “A baby?” Why was he happy? Shouldn’t he have been worried? Trying to figure out how to afford everything? He was a drug dealer, he made money selling dime bags to people who were down and out, barely able to keep the roof he had. But the thought of a child being brought into this world, one that he could care for and protect, it warmed him from the core of his body. Roman could remember the scent of her shampoo as he hugged his girlfriend, if only he’d remembered that the embrace wasn’t returned as such. Sunlight poured into the room, forcing the dream to fade,  and take in the sound of the busy world. He could hear the sound of cars moving down the street outside, the faint honking of horns on the interstate about a mile away. The smell of the city, sea salt and trash, rushed his nose as it crept through the open window next to his bed, and Roman knew that he was awake, no chance in changing that.  The boy sighed as he pushed his head up from the pillow, feet moving over the side of the bed as he looked behind him, blonde hair sprawled out on the pillow and perfect form under the small blanket. He shook his head, a small smile painted on his face as he stood up and walked across the room, entering the restroom and turning the water on. It was going to be a busy day, he had a few drop offs to do, a few people to see, some money to collect, and then of course had to pick up a resupply and portion that out. But it was worth it, the roof over his head wasn’t going to pay for itself and Scar sure as hell wasn’t pitching in.  Roman went back near the bed, grabbing his phone off of the side table, checking his messages as he went back to the shower, hoping the water had heated up. But then, after looking through that day's orders, he saw it. The date on the calendar. Typically something that he would ignore, or just check if he had something important coming up, but today his eyes seemed to be pulled to it. LED’s lit up the pixels as it spelled it out, July 2nd, and his heart dropped.  He ran a hand through his bleach blonde hair as the world around him began to shift, no longer was he looking at himself in the mirror, instead he was standing inside of a doctor’s office. His hand had moved, trying to hold the woman’s as she pulled it away. Rage still burned in his chest, she wanted to get rid of it? Get rid of the only good thing that had happened to Roman in years? He could barely comprehend what the doctor was saying as he watched them move that...whatever it was called on her stomach. His eyes snapping to the monitor as he saw something, no bigger than a berry, on the screen.  Roman felt a hand reach over, gripping his and squeezing softly, warmth rushing through his fingertips as he looked down, seeing a smile on her face.  “Look what we made…” He shook his head, he was back in his bathroom, stripping off his clothes as he heard shuffling in the bedroom behind him. Roman ignored it as he got into the shower, feeling the warm water rush down his body, his head dropped and eyes closed as he just tried to forget his past. He wanted it all to be washed down the drain with everything else.  It’d only been a year since it had all happened, the memories fresh in his mind like they had all happened yesterday.  Roman pushed his fingers through his hair, slicking it back with shampoo and tying the strings of the cap that the nurses had given him. The shower quickly turned into a room inside of a hospital, the screams of pain from the woman on the table filled his ears as doctors encouraged her to push. Roman could feel her grip on his hand tighten, she was going to break all of the bones there if she went much tighter, but he smiled, squeezing back slowly, “almost there, our son’s almost here.” Roman’s voice was filled with joy and excitement as his child was nearly in the world.  But then the happiness faded, Roman watched as the doctor shook her head and he could hear the apologies, he could feel the tears falling over his cheeks. His son was….Roman screamed, his voice echoing off of the bathroom walls as he felt pain surge through his arm, his hand had slammed into the stone of the shower wall. Again and again he hit the wall, the water pouring down around him as he felt the tears rushing down his face, mixing with the water of the shower as they fell down the drain.  His back hit the tile and he sunk lower and lower down the shower walls until he sat there, the water turning from steaming to nearly frozen as it washed over him. And again, all he could do was lift his head and scream.   


07/02/2020 12:44 AM 


Please, check into the nearest mental hospital before cashing drama.


07/02/2020 03:18 PM 

Meet me at the graveyard.

Meet me at the graveyard, my dear dead boy.Save me.Save me.


07/01/2020 11:30 PM 

Lσsт Mεмσяу's

  "Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together."*******(Roni & Clary)R: When she first meets Clary, "If you want us to be friends, shut up and let me help you."C: After years of friendship, "Sometimes I hate that we're best friends."  

deity, chaos, void, pain, teenwolf, riverdale, supernatural, thevampirediaries,


07/01/2020 11:42 PM 

4th of July Playlist

The Independence Day PlaylistDolly Parton - Color Me AmericaMadonna - American LifeDemi Lovato - Made in the USA Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA Martina McBride - Independence DayKaty Perry - FireworkJessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang Fall Out Boy - Fourth of July Bonnie Mckee - American GirlFaith Hill - American HeartCarrie Underwood - All American Girl

Elizabeth Simms {M}

07/01/2020 11:14 PM 


Married to Nathaniel Simms kids ?

All Grown Up! RPG

07/01/2020 08:01 PM 

The Audition Form

 ❥ O.O.C. Info     Name/Alias:     Age:     Preferred pronouns:     Time Zone:     Activity Level: More than just a number. Possibly explain anything that might prevent you from roleplaying in this RPG.     Triggers: Any triggers that you might have.     How did you hear about us?:     Discord/Other contact information:     Writing sample (it can be from any character and any verse!):      ❥ Character Info     Character Name: Who are you applying for?     Secondary Choice: If any.     Personality Traits: Both positive and negative personality traits for this character.     Short biography of your character:     Headcanons: A few fun facts about your character that haven't been mentioned yet.     Love Interest (if applicable):     A.U. plot/twists:     Faceclaim:     Verse/Cartoon:     Sexual Orientation:     Current Age:     Birthday:      ❥ Anything Else? Anything else you’d like to add goes here!

All Grown Up! RPG

07/01/2020 07:58 PM 

The Rules

The Rules Rules:❥We will NOT tolerate O.O.C. drama. I.C. drama is welcomed and always encouraged. If you are caught intentionally causing O.O.C. drama, you're out of this RPG, no exceptions. We are here to have fun and let's keep it that way.❥Multi-para/novella only. We do not accept one-liners in this RPG. We get that real life gets in the way, or you might have lack of muse issues at times. Do the best that you can do, is all we are saying here.❥Hiatus requests can be allowed but no abandoning! Please do not join this RPG if you plan on randomly deleting in the middle of a storyline. We all have jobs, take online classes, or something. If you are inactive for more than three weeks, your character will get re-opened.❥We will give you twenty-four hours to create your account. If you will need an extension, please let us know. There will be no Activity Checks in this RPG, but admins. will be making sure that you're still active.❥Joining our Discord server is completely optional!❥There is a character limit of four characters in this RPG.❥Playbys/faceclaims are completely up to you. Multiple faceclaims will not be allowed in this RPG.❥If you have any specific triggers, please let us know beforehand.❥We will allow mature themes/storylines in this RPG. Characters can do drugs, drink alochol, smoke, and etc. Sex scenes must be written in messages, not comments. ❥A.U. plots are always welcome. You can choose your character's backstory/childhood, and etc. These rules are subject to be changed later. Members must always check the rules blog in case there are new rules or changes to these rules. Please comment to this blog with your #1 favorite Nickelodeon character, whether they are from a cartoon show or a live-action show.


07/01/2020 10:25 PM 

( 𝟒𝐭𝐡 𝐨𝐟 𝐉𝐮𝐥𝐲 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭, )

SAVY'S GREATEST 4TH OF JULY HITS.  1. Party In The USA - Miley Cyrus - American Women - Lenny Kravitz - Cool - Jonas Brothers - I Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato - X - Jonas Brothers - Born In The USA - Bruce Springsteen - Kids In America - Kim Wilde - Made In The USA - Demi Lovato - American Idiot - Green Day - 10. Cake By The Ocean - DNCE -

⚡Angel ©

07/01/2020 10:27 PM 

The Stupid Prince & The Stubborn Princess AU :Thats what its all about

  She finished writing up her reports and stood up she turned her phone on and it instantly went off..there were at least 30 texts from Brian..he was freaking out she sighed and pushed her chair in and walked down the hall to the elevator and pushed the button. She dialed Brians number and it ran voice mail. She raised her eyebrow and hung up getting on the old elevator and pushing the button for the first floor. She got off and walked outside her uber was waiting she got in and told him the directions. She was recounting the events of the day and he kept popping in her head. Why? It was weird today he wasnt such a prick..he was actually human. She thought breifly about going home and taking a shower and pushed that thought out of her head. She tried to focus on a thought of Brian the man she was supposed to spend the ….well most of her life with...she knew there was going to come a time where she had to sacrifice her body to him and she really didnt want to but if she wanted to keep up this lie it was going to happen. She was trying to build up courage and she had.talked herself into it was going to happen tonight ..just get it over with and then its no big deal right? Yeah people sleep with people that they dont necessarily like but they do it ..mostly for pleasure. She loathed Brian he was always trying to touch her and convince her to do things ..that she didnt want to do. She pulled up outside his door and got out of the car. She walked up the steps and pulled out her key unlocking the door and pushing it open. Shutting the door she took off her jacket and peptalked herself ."Brian? I was thinking that maybe we could…..well I mea. Have se…---"She froze she was standing in the bedroom seeing Brian in a most compromising position with BRANDY!!!! Her breath caught in her throat as Brian and Brandy looked over at her. He fell out of bed and grabbed a pillow hiding himself and ran up to her."ANGEL!!! I didnt think youd be coming over? I texted you and you never answered..this isnt what it looks like." He nodded to Brandy who waved at her. Angel looked at Brian and felt somewhat releaved but somewhat shattered she spoke softly."I was at work...I couldnt ….." She felt like crying for a moment thinking she was about to give up her body to him and he did this...her anger was rising slowly. " what do you mean its not what it looks like Brian..your d*ck was inside of her…"He smiled a little and glanced at Brandy then back at Angel."Yeah maybe but I love you...Angel 2 years and we havent had sex once how do you think I was still around..I mean sh*t..your hot but long could a guy wait? " he said almost convincing her she was in the wrong.Angel shook her head and backed up"She has a boyfriend!!! Who I f***ing work with...BRIAN WHAT THE F***…" she was pissed now and turned walking out of the room. As she walked down the hall she was tipping anything she passed. She paced in the livingroom thinking to herself.. This is all men want isnt it? Just sex thats all they care about ..just a body count..her breathing sped up and she could feel herself having a panic attack. She leaned over putting her hands on her legs and was taking deep breaths. She needed to get out of here. She pulled her phone out and pushed a bunch of buttons and herd it ring she dropped the phone as Brian walked out with Brandy she stood up still trying to breath and looked at them."Angel calm down ...seriously..sweetheart its fine I love you but you should have slept with me to show me ..I dont get it 2 years and nothing ..I mean maybe theres something wrong with you?" He laughed a little and so did Brandy she raised an eyebrow and pointed at her."You have a boyfriend...albeit a prick of one but a boyfriend who you sleep with all the time??? Why Brian??? Why you ruined everything you know that??? It was so hard to do this ...and now you YOU blew it and him" she could feel her eyes sting..she wasnt upset at the fact that they slept together it was the fact that Brandy and Brian just blew her cover her rules..she looked at them again and grabbed her jacked and phone which was still in a call and walked out the door. She looked around and sat on the steps outside and put her face in her hands she was terrified now..she couldn't help but cry she was alone now..she had no cover and it was all because she wouldn't sleep with him..something so simple but something that meant so much to her it wasn't something just to be given away it should be earned she wanted someone to have her that wouldn't hurt her ..that wouldn't take advantage of her ...did he exist ? Probably not as she was learning...and that broke her heart into pieces. She was a failure in her eyes and mind..she shouldn't have been so stupid...she felt her body shake as she cried alone on the stairs ..what was she supposed to do now?

ѕнιρ σƒ ∂яєαмѕ

07/01/2020 09:18 PM 

Role needed

Descendants Characters Mal- Play by (Dove Cameron)Celia- Play by (Jadah Marie)Harry- Play by (Thomas Doherty) (Closed)Hades- Play by (Cheyenne Jackson)Dr. Facilier- Play by (Jamal Sims)Lady Tremaine- Play by (Linda Ko)Mr. Smee- Play by (Faustino Di Bauda)Audrey- Play by (Sarah Jeffery)Belle- Play by (Keegan Conner Tracy)Beast- Play by (Dan Payne)Ben- Play by (Mitchell Hope)Queen Leah- Play by (Judith Maxie)Jane- Play by (Brenna D'Amico)Uma- Play by (China Anne McClain)Carlos- Play by (Carmon Boyce RIP)Dizzy T.- Play by (Anna Cathcart)Lonnie- Play by (Dianne Doan)Fairy godmother Play by (Melanie Paxson)Sons of Anarchy Characters Gemma- Play by (Katey Sagal)Clay- Play by (Ron Perlman)Tara- Play by (Maggie Siff)Bobby- Play by (Mark Boone Junior)Opie- Play by (Ryan Hurst)Happy- Play by (David LaBrava)Lyla- Play by (Winter Ava Zoli)High Fidelity Characters Simon- Play by (David H Holmes)Cherise- Play by (Da'Vine Joy Randolph)LetterKenny Katy- Play by (Michelle Mylett)Titanic characters Fabrizio- Play by (Danny Nucci)Thomas- Play by (Victor Garber)Molly- Play by (Kathy Bates)Thomas *Tommy*- Play by (Jason Barry)Cora- Play by (Alexandrea Owens-Sarno)Madeline- Play by (Charlotte Chatton)Once upon a time Characters Emma- play by (Jennifer Morrison)Regina- Play by (Lana Parrilla)Mary Margaret- Play by (Ginnifer Goodwin)David- Play by (Josh Dallas)Mr. Gold- Play by (Robert Carlyle)Hook- Play by (Collin O'Donoghue)Zelena- Play by (Rebecca Mader)Robin Hood- Play by (Sean Maguire)Ruby- Play by (Meghan Ory)Fa Mulan- Play by (Jamie Chung)Aoura- Play by (Sarah Bolger)Cindella- Play by (Jessy Schram)Ariel- Play by (JoAnna Garcia)Cruella De Vil- Play by (Victoria Smurfit)Phillip- Play by (Julian Morris)Merida- Play by (Amy Manson)Anna- Play by (Elizabeth Lail)Maleficent- Play by (Kristin Bauer Can Straten)Elsa- Play by (Georgina Haig)Jafar- Play by (Marwan Kenzari)

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