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02/19/2021 10:55 PM 

the letter. ( drabble. )

They say there was always light at the end of a very dark tunnel.    But those words couldn't be further from the truth for Aria Winters. Nope, far from it.    After losing her son six months ago, she was starting to get to a place where she could say that she was 'okay' and meant it. The pain was still there, of course -- it would always be there, but she was slowly coming out of the fourth stage of grief: depression. She could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was there, it was calling to her. She knew there would still be hard days down the road, but she was prepared.    But what she wasn't prepared for was what the letter contained.   The letter Jolene personally delivered to her just mere days from her evital death. She had been cleaning out drawers, throwing old papers and knick knacks away when she stumbled upon the letter she so stubbornly shoved into the drawer those eight months ago and never thought about again. Until it was dangling in front of her like a carrot. She wasn't sure how long she stared at the white envelope that had her name imprinted on the front: ARIA. No cursive writing, no fancy penmanship, no indication that the person Jolene wrote this for had any meaning to her life. But then again, Aria was already over-analyzing what the letter would be. Full of sh*t? More of her lies? Or would she actually do the decent thing and actually tell the truth for once?    The truth....was a funny thing. It could bring a sense of relief, or cause more damage to one's soul that was already broken from the start.   The blonde wasn't sure what to expect when she finally managed to tear open the envelope perfectly, making sure it wasn't ripped. She was sat in her living room on the couch, Eden playing outside in the backyard while Hunter watched over her while she did some tidying up. She rubbed her sweaty palms against her jeans as her nerves became more apparent. Why was she nervous? She hated the bitch. But maybe that was the reason. She hated her so much that she was nervous to know what was inside.    She was stalling; she finished off her glass of wine and went to the kitchen to pour herself another -- this time, bringing the wine bottle with her. She would probably need it.    Taking a deep breath, she opened the letter, forcing her eyes to not scan it before reading.   "Aria,   I know this is the last thing you expect me to do, but I'm dying in a couple of days, so why not go out doing the unexpected? There's a lot I could say, a lot of truths that need to be told, a lot of lies that you were made to believe throughout your childhood that I thought you should know before my body was cold and buried six feet down. You're a mother now; a whole lot better mother than I ever was or even could think of being. So, it's time for you to know the truth. Me? Telling the truth? Hell musta really froze over, but although these are the truth, it's up to you to decide what ya want to do with them.    I'm not one to sugarcoat anything, but I have two major things to tell you. They will both punch ya in the gut, which ain't a shock.   I'm not gonna soften the blow on this one, but I thought you should know your daddy didn't kill himself. He was murdered...."   MURDERED?!   That fact ( or lie ) shook her. She was fuming with anger and tears were threatening to spill over. Her hands were shaking and she inhaled deep, shaky breaths. Ever since her thirteen year old self found her father's dead body lying on the kitchen floor with a bullet through his brain in their trailer, everyone told her he had killed himself. And she believed it. She wiped away the hot tears as she continued to read.    "You read that right. He was murdered. Bo fed you this lie that everything was fine, that he was the king of the castle and you were his princess that he would spoil every chance he got. But did you ever think how he managed to get that bike you wanted for Christmas? Or that easy bake oven you annoyingly begged for for months on end? He was in a shady business that you were way too young to know about. A business where if one betrayed the other, it usually ended up in death. That's exactly what happened to your daddy. He wanted nothing more than to make you happy, to portray himself as a good man, one that had to work three jobs just to pay the bills. But he was far from that, A. You ate that sh*t up and it was comical to see. But you were a kid after all, so I guess you didn't know better.    The stealing, the betrayals, and the lying got the better of him. All because you had to have a f***ing bike. He was in a dangerous business and it was only a matter of time before the guys he worked for figured it out. Or...maybe someone anonymously left a tip and it all stemmed from there? Who knows. But yeah, Bo didn't kill himself. He was too prideful for that. He was murdered. Don't believe me? Visit Rusty Rogers the next time you're in Nashville. He's the one who pulled the trigger and blew your daddy's head. But be careful, he's still as dangerous and trigger happy as ever. I'm sure you won't have any problems, though. Rusty has a soft spot for Winters women."   Aria felt sick to her stomach, she could have easily thrown up. She could hear the smugness in Jolene's voice and the taunting way she wrote this out. It made her sick. Her breaths were staggered and vision was blurry; she knew she should stop reading, but what was the point? She already made it this far.   "Now, on to some more tragic news...or it could be happy news! However you see fit, I don't really care. But....SURPRISE!! You're adopted!!! Ain't ya glad I'm not any blood relation to you? You must be relieved. You never liked me and the feeling was mutual. I wasn't made to be a mother. I didn't want to be one. My biology helped me out by not making me able to have kids, hence why I'm dying of ovarian cancer. Which, by the way, you don't need to get checked because we ain't actually related. You ever wonder why there weren't any pictures of you in my belly? Telling you I lost them seemed like the easier option.   Your daddy wanted a kid though and when I told him I couldn't give him any, he hated me. Like it was something I could control? Anyway, he forced me to go with him and act like we were the happiest couple whose lives were over cause we couldn't have kids the natural way and that's when he saw you. Personally, I thought he woulda picked a boy but he picked you. You were only a few weeks old and they had called you Aria, so we stuck with it. It was a cute name. Jane is his mom's name. She never liked me. If you're wondering, no, she ain't alive.    So yeah, you're adopted. I'm not your mom. I'm sure your actual mom is a million times better than me and I hope she is. Ya know....besides the whole giving you up for adoption thing.    If you wish to look into her and meet her, have at it! I shoulda done this sooner. Her name is Caroline Buchanon, used to be Caroline Abbott at the time she gave ya up. From good ole Georgia but I think she lives in New York now. Owns a dance studio. At least that's what my husband's PI told me.    That's all I have for you. Do with this information as you see fit. You can burn the letter, tell me to go to hell ( which I'm probably already there ), and never believe what I just said. But if you do, then I'm not sorry for telling you. You needed to know.    Take care. Give those babies a hug for me.   Jo."   By the end of the letter, all the blonde was seeing was red; nothing but RED. There were so many emotions overwhelming her at once, she just wanted it all to stop. The pain that she had worked so hard through came back full throttle. She couldn't breathe and she was panicking. It was all too much for her.    Hunter came running inside the house frantically after she screamed, the same painful scream that haunted him every day since waking up to it in the middle of that night, blood soaking the white sheets. Hearing her scream like that triggered him, taking him back to that night he so desperately wanted to block from his mind. "What's wrong?! Aria, what's wrong?!" He yelled in a panic, kneeling down to a now sobbing Aria on the floor.    His words fell deaf to her ears, though she could sense the panic in his voice and actions. She felt horrible for making him worry, she felt horrible for screaming the way she did. She couldn't breathe. She kept gasping for breaths and she could feel a panic attack coming on. Between the sobs, the tears, and the trouble breathing, she was surprised she could even find her voice. "That f***ing bitch!" Breath. "I hate her!" Another breath. "I f***ing.." Hiccup, "hate her!"   She wasn't okay. Just when she thought she had approached the light, it was like life laughed at her and threw her a curveball.    "I'm not okay..." she said in between ragged breaths, her boyfriend holding her as tight as she could, shushing her softly to get her to calm down.    Even when she was dead, Jolene sure knew how to make her life a living hell.   She wasn't okay, and she needed help. She was drowning, and she wasn't sure if she would be able to come up for air.   "I'm not okay..." 

The Scarlet Jězě

02/19/2021 10:46 PM 

Feat Iron Heart; Slap

The Sokovia Accords; Wanda grasped the reason behind them; it was because of her, of course. Wanda had merely wanted to support the team and yet she caused nothing but inconsolable sorrow. It had efficiently been a mighty lot for the junior woman to deal with; undoubtedly coming to work with the Avengers after Ultron demonstrated his genuine intentions. Then, because of Ultron, Tony Stark, and Banner; she undoubtedly lost her ancestral home and her beloved twin. She also lost the one-time alliance she had gained with Ultron who seemed to remain the sole thing that willingly accepted her besides Pietro and HYDRA. Nevertheless, she accepted Clint's advice and stood up to her fear and panic to aid the team to defeat Ultron on that day.What did it naturally get her? Even more profound betrayal and considerable loss. She promptly lost the surety of her elite team and surrogate family. Straight away, she was a prisoner and the person behind all of this? Was, of course, the one and only Tony Stark. The bomb that slaughtered her parents, check. The intelligent man who intentionally created a ticking time bomb that realistically was the key reason for imminent death and ultimate destruction, check. The clever man who is taking away her fundamental freedom, naturally causing her fragile mind both pain and unutterable anguish, check. It all led back to Tony Stark.Straight away, they were housing her as a prisoner and using Vision as her jailer. The sole person that seemed to believe in her was Steve who delivered her a pep talk and revealed his caring side. All the others treated her like a bomb waiting to go off, and it continued messing with her, already, fragile mind. It was precisely after the Accords were signed and put into action. Wanda wanted to flee the room and go into hiding in her own personal space; or more like her personal jail. Additionally, as she was escaping the room as well as many of the others; Tony did carefully manage to inevitably come up to her in an apparent attempt to humbly apologize to her. Wanda was beside herself and full of private anguish and rage. All she could achieve was scrutinizing his smug face as he delivered to her; what he believed would be a heartfelt apology but with a caveat that the Avengers and people like them were exceptionally dangerous and needed to be monitored.  Therefore, it was baseless. He suffered no genuine remorse and only worked with her because she had proved herself to the, now, defunct team that she wished to be on their side and help them to avoid another Sokovia incident.It was apparent to see on his face; he was frightened of her potential. Undoubtedly, he still accused her of that nightmare that she planted in his head. But, in the grand scheme of extraordinary things; what she had affected onto them was minuscule in scope to all the things that Tony Stark had done to her; personally. He snatched it all, her family; all of it, her historic home, and now her genuine freedom for the foreseeable future.  Wanda didn't grasp what in fact came over her; it happened organically in a blink of a fierce eye. She stepped in closer to the lankier, older man, and locked her grass-green and amber flecked eyes with his chocolate brown ones. For a precious minute, she stood there as silent as silent could be right before her capable hand came up. With a harsh hiss; she smacked him across his charming face with all the raw power and emotional strength that she could merely deliver with it. Then, in that same silent manner; she promptly turned her back on him and walked away.


02/19/2021 10:24 PM 

Her- A reply for Jasmine Chaudhari

It was hard to believe that Artemis had been in the FBI for four whole years. He had seen one too many episodes of NCIS and Law and Order and decided to put that knowledge to use. Granted, the real life FBI was NOTHING in comparison to what you see on television. In real life, it is much more intense and dangerous. As Alpha, Artemis was used to getting into fights and eventually killing his prey. However, working on the side of law enforcement was much different. In supernatural land, he answered to himself and the Elders. No big as long as he upheld tradition. With the FBI, there is a whole big chain of command which Artemis learned quickly. He LOATHED opening day for the new recruits. To him, it was worse than having to sit in on a briefing. If you asked him, Artemis would rather be out on the field or doing desk work than sit in on all the speeches. That was when he smelled a familiar scent. It assaulted him to the point where he felt dizzy. Her...what was her name? Oh, right he didn’t get her name on that fateful day when they first saw each other. His buddies kept hounding on him, ruining his chance to get to know the woman that this particular scent belonged to. He couldn’t get her vision out of his mind. That dark, brown hair and matching brown eyes. Her flawless skin, beautiful body. Artemis found himself being turned on just at the mere thought of her. He was about to search for her, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Dude, you okay?” Artemis shook himself out of a day dream only to be disappointed. Before him stood a tall, muscular man with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Rolling his own dark brown eyes, Artemis shrugged Bryan off. “Uh, yeah, I’m fine.” It was a blatant lie, and Bryan knew it. “Come on, Art. Spill. What was that all about?” Grumbling, it was all Art could do to keep from rolling his eyes. “She’s here.” “Who? don’t mean…” Bryan trailed off. Artemis looked around to see if she was anywhere in sight. “Yeah, her. The girl from four years ago. I can’t get her scent out of my head, Bry,” Artemis whispered. “So, what are you going to do?” Bryan asked. “You boys heading in?” It was the voice of their commander in chief, Covington. Artemis swallowed hard and nodded. “Of course, chief. We were just heading in now.” Covington nodded and walked into the room before the two agents. That was when Artemis smelled it, but felt it in his core. It assaulted him to the point where he was nearly knocked on his feet. Quickly gripping Bryan’s arm for balance, Artemis steadied himself as he zeroed in on Jasmine Chaudhary. Of course, he didn’t know her name. But, how could he forget her. The two men sat at the opposite end of the row from Jasmine and her roommate. Jasmine smelled of lemongrass and sandalwood and something familiar that he couldn’t quite place. It was very soft and earthy, but for Artemis her scent called out to him. So much so that it kept Artemis from paying close attention to the lecture. Not that he would have listened anyway. When it was over, Artemis packed up his notebook and began to leave the room. They had been busy chatting, when he nearly collided with someone. He was about to snap back when he realized who he nearly trampled. Another wolf...she was a wolf. Now that he was standing mere inches from her, he sensed it. Raising an eyebrow in amusement, Artemis composed himself, folding his arms. His Supervisory Special Agent badge flashed in the fluorescent lighting. Artemis had to admit, he admired her moxy. Truth be told, if it had been just them, he would have taken her right then and there. But, he was on the job and they weren’t alone. A smirk creeped upwards on his mouth when she said she’d been hoping to see him. “Is that so?” He tried to play it cool. After all, he was the officer here and Alpha. He could not show weakness...especially not around her. Wait...she wanted to run together? could he pass that up? His smirk turned into a genuine smile though for a fleeting moment that was just long enough for Jasmine to catch it. “Sounds great. Here’s my card. Artemis pulled a business card with his name, rank, office location, telephone number and email. “Well, Ms. Chaudhari, I look forward to running with you. Artemis Black,” he stated as he gazed briefly into her jade green eyes. “Good luck.” As Jasmine left, it was all Artemis could do to run after her and sweep her off her feet right then and there. Chaudhari...he knew that name. “*t,” Artemis muttered louder than he expected as it dawned on him. “You okay, Art?” Bryan asked as they walked to their next briefing together. “I just realized who she is….” credit

The Scarlet Jězě

02/19/2021 09:31 PM 

Feat Clint; Prompt Bloody

The specific purpose of this fierce fight was clear; Hydra was after Wanda for her unique abilities especially after her considerable time in Westview with SWORD. It efficiently was a large, magnificent display of how the mind stone had melded with her disordered mind and showed just how powerful of a possession she could, indeed, be. Consequently, while she was ostensibly at Clint's home and had overwhelmingly shown him what had happened in her life the past few weeks via his television and then the intense display of her powers. Sure, SWORD and SHIELD had not picked up on her major outburst. Yet, there was one specific group that they had not accounted for. Sure, the notion that HYDRA had been flushed clear but it is accurate; cut off one head and two will instantly appear.It efficiently was a cold winter morning and Wanda was generously helping Clint spotlessly clean up the private kitchen and living room area as they made small talk. Wanda was still reticent to talk earnestly to Clint about what she had been through because he genuinely thought she was only rambling. It was fair to assume she was losing her mind; the sufficient proof realistically was in the pudding after all.Therefore, when the flashbang canister was lobbed inside the smallish cabin through the window at the back by the couch. Clint went right into the direct action by jumping on top of Wanda and sufficiently covering her sleek body with his own. As an added precaution, Wanda manifested a bit of her Hex Magick to cover them with a shield to give them both time to react. The impenetrable Hex shield did nothing to cancel the mighty bang of harsh light and sound which disorientated Wanda for a few moments as her ears were hit with the sound which made her scream as she covered her ears. Clint seemed a bit disoriented himself as he laid on top of her but once they managed to examine one another's eyes; the pair grasped what must be done.Wanda promptly dropped the effective shield and Clint rolled off toward the underneath of the plush couch to grab his elaborate bow and specialized arrows. Wanda naturally made it into the private bedroom as she crawled there to instantly put on a key pair of his oversized boots and a pair of sweats pants; tugging gently on her puffy jacket quickly. With a scarf winded around her face to aid her breathing through the smoke; she came out with another one for Clint and a random jacket that she naturally found for him while she properly dressed."Who typically knows we are here? Do you think...My notable show...The rare tornado?" Clint waved her off and instructed her to be quiet as he pulled her behind him and moved toward the front door as it was suddenly kicked in. Wanda pulled up a ball of her Hex Magick and aimed it at the intruder to push him down hard into the unforgiving wood and soil all the way into the hardened ground below. The distinguished man, dressed in all black with a Balaclava on his grave face and a gas mask could be heard making gurgling sounds as she compressed his chest with so much force that his ribs caved in and pierced his lungs. Clint had already been lining up shot after shot as he strikes three men in a row. The next arrow was a timed bomb that blew up the truck that was parked outside of the cabin that caused the both of them to fly back as the intense light hurt their eyes and made their ears ring. With that distraction, he seized Wanda's hand and began to haul her out of the cabin door and into a run. The following thing she comprehended was that they were both sliding in behind Wanda's rental car that they could use for cover. When Wanda looked around, she noted they were surrounded. With a hiss, she assumed a kneeling position and carefully moved her nervous hands into a rhythmic dance as she suddenly threw those powerful balls of Hex Magick at about five different men; compressing them into balls so that their bodies remain nothing more than meat and bone pudding. Clint was not merely sitting beside her either; he was shooting accurately at armed men in various spots until one of them jumped over the roof of the car to capture Wanda and Clint pushed one of his arrows right into the side of the man's neck. As he did so, warm spurts of flowing blood came gushing out to coat Wanda's lovely face and proper clothing and ran all down Clint's used arm. It correctly was no foolish lie that they were hopelessly outnumbered and surrounded right now. Wanda, in her profound grief, did not think as she stood abruptly and forcibly pulled up so much Magicks that she was able to send one of their helicopters to the ground with a sickening crunch of metal as the people inside screamed wildly in pain and agony. It took, almost, all of Clint's strength to capture the petite woman by the waist and tug her back behind the car. "Do you still possess the keys?" He yelled over the distinct sounds of organized chaos going on around them. "Definitely, they are in my pocket," she indicated as she wrenched them out of her pocket and conveyed them over to him.Clint looked around, looked at the battered miserable heap, and then back at her. "Tell me this is gassed up, at least?" Wanda swallowed with difficulty and nodded understandingly before she properly spoke, "I instantly filled it up right as I typically got into town, why?" Clint then pulled on Wanda and carefully moved to the personal driver's chief seat while he eagerly pushed her into the back of the private car."Get in...I don't know if this will undoubtedly work but we dearly need to desperately attempt to get out of here," he succinctly stated as he promptly turned on the capable car. It sputtered a few times as Clint bellowed at it to persuade it to start. It must have been listening as it puttered to its miserable life and he instantly advanced to slam it into drive and advised her to get down. Bullets were being discharged at the hood of the car in an attempt to disable it. They didn't mind killing Clint, but Wanda is the prize they were looking to take in alive. Wanda did so, but it seemed like a fruitless endeavor. Over and above, Clint has affectionately known these private lands better than she typically did and he took off in a specific direction that genuinely surprised her. "Where are we going?" She asked in an intense and crazed voice, but Clint didn't reply to her. "Are you hurt? Are you hurt, Wanda?" Clint practically yelled at her to make sure he had her full attention. Wanda looked down at herself and jerked her head no. "No, no...This...This visible blood is not mine. Are you?" Clint shook his head as she climbed into the front seat to be next to him.   "Promptly put your seatbelt on," he bellowed the order at her. Wanda did not argue with the man and completed exactly that. "What about yours?" She was frantic now as she promptly turned toward the back of the private car to instantly see that they were being followed.  "They are religiously following us, there is nowhere for us to typically go," she screeched at Clint. He didn't answer, he merely reached out a capable hand to merely put it over her own and gave it a squeeze as he looked her in the eyes for a moment. The comprehensive look was soft and worried, "do you trust in me?" Wanda could only swallow thickly before she returned the same look to him and nodded; "with my eternal life."  "Good, then hold on, I am intentionally going to lose these f***ing guys," He naturally said with steely determination.  Wanda didn't know he was driving to a barn that he had way on the edge of his land where he had all of his weapons and other things that they would need to be stored. As well as another private vehicle. It was set up like this for one reason only; for something like this and it was precisely something he genuinely thought he would never need but Clint was always prepared for something. It really was just the rare kind of complex lives Wanda and Clint lived as Avengers.

Ɛʀ's ɦɛʀօɨċ Ɖօċ™

02/19/2021 07:52 PM 

ERS Heroic Doc Michael Raymond Gallant Guidelines
Current mood:  accomplished

The very 1st & original ERS Heroic Doc Michael Raymond Gallant I will deny other RPGS, Wrestlers, Mafia, MCRPS, Animes, S&L, & O.O.C minors.I deny these faces:  Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, Amber Heard, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Phoebe Tonkin, and Katie Holmes.Proud Member of OUR FAMILY & ALLIES RPG.Absolutely NO SMUT OR SEXUAL THEMES ACCEPTED No bullying or drama allowed

♡ ναмριяє вαявιє ♡

02/19/2021 07:47 PM 

♡ Mrs Paige Elizabeth Mitchell's Rules ♡
Current mood:  blissful


Dark Empathy

02/19/2021 07:33 PM 

Victoria Angel Xavier

Name: Victoria Angel XavierAge: 18-23Mother: Anabelle LeeFather: Charles XavierMutant Abilities: Animal Morphing/Animal Imitation, Empathic Telepathy/Emotional Manipulation, Moderate healing.Physical Description: With raven like hair that extends past the length of her shoulders, she is portrayed with a lithe and athletic build of creme colored skin. Her eyes, a sharp and ever present green that seem to glow when certain abilities are activated-- and when the light kisses them just right. Her skin, however, is not flawless. Baring the scars of life, she holds one on her ankle from where she got caught in a hunter's trap; one on her pelvis from where she had been stabbed; and one  on the back of her shoulder from where she had been attacked. While she does have moderate healing, she still scars if the wounds are intense enough.Personality: As a child and young girl her personality covered a great deal of emotional issues. Her ever pleasing smile, her love to laugh and her friendliness with anyone who deserved it, and her kind demenor hid her troubled mind. Suffering often from depression and anxiety, she could smile as bright as the sun one moment and feel the shaking numbness reach out for her the next. Though during these times she often tried to hide herself away. Now, after all that has happened, she is far less prone to a genuine smile and shares with the world a smirk and a varying ray of emotions from a bit of a snide tease to sarcasm and passive aggressive behavior. Though if you are the right person or find her at the right time, you may glimpse the old hidden Victoria just yet.Victoria was born to a British telekenetic mutant named Anabelle Lee Brishain that met Charles at University and later with her philanthopic work. Although the romance between Anabelle and Charles was not widely known due to Anabelle having worked her whole life to hide that she was a mutant from her family, her and Charles cared about each other very much.When Victoria was born, it was very clear she had naturally strong mutant abilities. Unlike children who began to show thwir powers later in their youth or when a tramatic event occured, Victoria was nearly instantly overcome a mere few hours outside of the womb. Laying in the hospital basket she changed.. shifting into that of a infant black feline.Fearful of being found out, an illusion was placed over the hospital fooling those who laid their eyes on the child that she was still the form of the beautiful infant she was until they were able to return home. Despite this, her mother could not stop crying while she was around Victoria and neither could anyone else. It was an emotional instinct that came over them. The only hope was for Charles to enter his newborn daughters mind and try to convince her from the inside to turn back.This.. was there he found something even stronger. The very reason why all who came near her was overcome with an intense emotion to tear up. She was not born a mutant of one specific ability.. but two. One that neared the ability of her father. She was an Emapthic Telepath. She was upset.. and therefore everyone around her was in distress as well. It seemed she had the ability to put forth emotion into the minds of others and not just feel the emotions others put forth. He managed to subconciously convince her to turn back into an infant but the emotions were growing. While she was calm, everything was fine.. but when she cried, it wasn't long before the entire mansion felt the power and it began to expand in radius of her power.One day, it became too much to bare and Victoria's mother succumbed to taking her own life while she was alone with Victoria. Having found them, Charles had no choice but to block off the powers from Victoria's mind. Still but a baby, he sealed them shut inside of her.. watching for the signs that the dam he placed was about to break so he could go in and ease her mind again.Only few knew of her abilities that were hidden from her. Xavier's close friends; Magneto, Storm, Beast, Logan.. she grew up never knowing what lie beneath. But forever fighting it..until one day.. when the dam broke.Victoria's active power is the ability to transform into any animal. For this purpose Victoria is a vegan. While in the form of the animal, she adapts to their diets, persona's and natural base instincts but wihtthe intellect of her human self. It is only in her human form she partakes only of a vegan diet.She had wonderful skill in training and got along with most of the other crew. She's gone out on missions with the men plenty of times, even having her own suit as she was raised around them and has been made officially one of the team. She does decent in school and is actually quite intelligent though her abilities of observation and to retain most of what she reads the first time around are where she excels. She can be a bit of a mix between whether or not she's got a girly personality or that of a tomboy and 'one of the guys'.Her abilities, however, are not fully like her fathers. While he can communicate telepathically, insert himself into anothers mind, read their thoughts.. Victoria deals purely in emotion. While this does, at times, seem as though she can read a person's thoughts, it is actually due to reading their intent and emotions at the time. She can also project emotions onto others from happiness to thoughts of harming themselves and everything in between. She does not need to make eye contact, she merely needs to be close enough to feel their emotions.Due to the overwhelming build up of powers when they were blocked off, although she was a kind girl, Victoria grew up with a severe depression disorder and was plagued with migraines. Since her powers release she ahs been able to essentially turn off her own emotions and while no longer plagued with headaches, she does often turn to drinking to numb her own emotions when her powers don't seem to work for her.Creator Notes:Victoria can be played in a variety of points in her timeline.I have ideas of course or we can think of other storylines. Crossovers are welcome if they make sense. She is happily apart of the Marvel world in all its forms.While my extent of the comics is limited as there are so very many versions and universes, I have watched the movies, the shows-- from original to evolution-- and I do have a general deal of knowledge from the comics as well.

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Rules, Preferences.. Feels Necessary

While "Rules" seem a bit elitist, over the years I have come to realize that these are considerably necessary. Not only to draw a line against what I will and will not accept but also to hopefully and potentially weed out those who I am uninterested in role playing with so no one, my partner included,  wastes their time.So, here we go.1. I am not on every second of every day. I have a real life and that includes real life responsibilities. I rarely close out of sites that I use often so while it may show that I am "Online" this is not necessarily the case. When I know I have a storyline active, I do try and check for a new post to respond to a couple times a day but sometimes I am just not able to get on. I promise, however, not to disappear for weeks at a time without some form of communication. I ask this from my partner as well. However, because of this, so long as I know you are still interested in our story then I am an extremely patient partner.2. As strict as it might seem, I am not here to discuss real life. I am here to escape said real world into a world of our own so I'm sorry if I don't go into the details of my life unless necessary.3. I am not into the jealousy and drama that often accompanies role players nowadays. I will not stop playing a character with someone simply because I have a story going on with you and the same character. My story lines do not co-mingle so there should be no issue here. I don't take on millions of stories at a time regardless, so really whatever else I am playing or whoever else I am playing with is not anyone's concern but mine and my partners. Let's keep our business to us. So please, no jealousy. In our story line my characters attention is for you, that does not mean I do not play them in other story lines or "universes". Our stories are ours. However, this does not necessarily expand to the Stream posts. Those are open for any and all to respond to regardless of our storyline.4. While I understand that asking for detail seems too much for many partners nowadays, if you can not give me a steady paragraph or more (we are talking 7 or more sentences with detail) then I am uninterested. I will meet or go above my players posts most often but I expect a little effort back. With that-- I understand that typos can occur. I often type too fast and proof-read too fast to capture all of my mistakes. But please make an attempt as I will. I enjoy literate play where, just as a book would, has the detail to bring you into the world and the emotion of the scene.5. I have been role playing for over eighteen years. I have role played many types, genres, characters-- some stories lasting years. I will not mess with you. If I am uninterested in the way our story is going, I will tell you. With either the intent to fix any issues we have, or simply to tell you that as fun as it might have been or we had hoped it would be, it is best if we part ways. Take it with class or don't but not doing so will not get you any further play with me in the future. We are adults-- I would hope-- so please understand that two people and two styles don't always match. I'll accept it if you tell me, please do me the same courtesy. I understand this seems a bit Elitist, but that is where we are.6. I am not against a role play delving into romance or more "adult" situations but I am not here to "Cyber" or participate in needless "Smut". I am here to work out stories, to build characters and relationships and worlds. So let's keep out of the mindless display of erotica, shall we? As well, on the subject of stories and building worlds and relationships-- I expect not to do all the effort in a story and I would not expect you to either. These are co-op worlds. We should work together to make a story work. If you want to take lead-- be my guest-- but it doesn't mean I won't do my best to help flesh out the world and add my bit to it. Visa verse is asked as well.7. When messaging me, please show some effort as well. I agree with many of the role players I have met over the years that "Hi, how are you" and "Yo, want to rp?" shows no effort and pulls no interest from me to respond. While I will respond if I get bored, your message is not my top priority to answer. Show me you have read my rules or my profile or have seen a characteryou are interested in playing with in my albums. Let me know you have some idea and aren't just asking to role play with the intent to leave everything up to me. I am not going to pull a random character out of a hat and just go with it so if you message me-- please have some idea what you are looking for, even if it is not something I am interested in. At least this way it shows that I can trust you put effort into a story like you do a message.Other then that, check back here from time to time-- sometimes things occur to me once they happen and I have to add to the rules. However, these should be basic for now.

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When Good Girls Go Bad-- Sample Writing.

"Cat.."It hadn't originally been her name. One specific beast out of many. Her green eyes, once warm and full of brightness, stared down at the man on his hands and knees. A man who was held in high regaurd by all who knew him and whom she had trusted with her life. She hadn't known any better. She could stare at the shine upon the top of his head as he bowed before her; holding himself up on the arms that remained strong long after the use of his legs had stopped.Her chin, held high as she looked down beneath thick lashes at the man who hid her away.. even from herself. Her gut was in knots and no more did tears fall from the corners of her glistening eyes, but instead they froze. Green eyes shining with a coldness as she looked down upon the man who, for a rare moment in his life, was helpless. He couldn't make his way in.. not anymore. She overwhelmed him to the brink of physical pain. Only a fraction of the sort of pain she had felt all her life.The others were held away by iron bars, kept at bay as the girl seeped into the mans mind like a venom in his veins. Every nightmare, every throbbing of her heart and pounding of her head was replaying in his mind. Still, he could have no idea how she had felt all these years. A freak among freaks and it was all because of him. Hiding away oart of who she really was."That's enough Cat.." an older voice called by her side. Aged, yearly, until it's baraton harmonic nearly matched that of the man on the ground before her. She had found out. She had found it all out from what she was, to what she could do, to the very lives she took because of it. Including her mothers. Her poor mother.. who couldn't take the pain and suffering her own daughter unknowingly caused until she was so distraught that she took her own life."You never told me.." Her voice, as calm as a dark night when even the crickets were afraid to chirp. "You never told me what I did to her.. What I could do to anyone..". Acceptance in the fact that in a world that called them monsters.. she truly was."It..wasn't your fault.. and I was trying... trying to pr.. protect you.." His trembling voice, trying to fight through the utter pain hse was envoking upon him, reaching through."Protect me?" She countered, arching a dark brow. "You made me this way."With a cry, his arms gave out from underneath him as he fell to the ground. Years of emotional stress pounding away at his very psyche until a a hand touched her arm and with a gasp, she was pulled from the dark recesses of her mind to look to her side. There, a man who was like an uncle to her stood, a hand held out as he made sure the iron bars did not give way to those who tried to come to the fallen man's defense. "We will start again. You will come with us and we will show the world that there is nothing to hide. The Brotherhood needs you. We want you. We accept you."Yes.. with them she could learn to change the feelings and thoughts of every nae-sayer against the Mutant race that the world had choked up from its very hell. Her abilities.. hidden from her all these years. The daughter of two powerful psychics, of course. How could she not know there was some of that inside of her. That to change into animals and to moderately heal wasn't all she could accomplish. She was born with the very power that could be utilized to change the world and how they saw mutants. The power of telepathic empathy.. to not only feel the feelings of others and the emotional thoughts they had but to push forth whatever emotion she wanted them to feel onto them. She could change hatred into acceptance, even if it hurt them.. and she would. Her eyes turned back down to the man.. "Goodbye.. Father."She turned slowly on her heal and her boots clicked on the cracked and broken pavement as she walked past the members of the Brotherhood who stood there like sentinels with smirks upon their faces as if they had won some grand prize in the scheme of things."I'm sorry for this, you know. Perhaps if you had listened sooner." The upright man spoke as he kneeled down. Magneto's face looking into the eyes of his best friend, "She'll be ours now. Goodbye Charles." And with that he stood, sweeping his cloak around as he headed for the ship to take flight. A mass of mutants released from the iron confines to run to Charles' side and make sure he was alright and help him back into his custom chair. He looked to the sky as the jet began to rise, it's ramp still down as the girl looked over the edge at them all. Friends she once knew.. a few of them now considered traitors to her heart. "AnimAll" he groaned, being set back into his chair."She's not AnimAll anymore, Professor.. She's BlackCat.." Cyclops watched as the ramp closed and the jet took off."No.." The Professor groaned, "She's Victoria.. and she's still my daughter."

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A Home No More...

Synopsis: Victoria finds out the truth about her blocked abilities, her mother, and is swayed to leave the X-men and join the Brotherhood.~~~~The world couldn't have been any darker then it had been in that moment. Or so she thought..She had been running through the woods, chasing after Pyro who had joined Magneto's Brotherhood, splitting from the battle in the field they had been having against each other. Why she had chosen to follow him was simply luck of the draw. She had been closest to him physically when he took off and the last thing the X-men needed to do was to worry about a forest fire spreading down the mountain side to the waiting city.He was fast.. but as she shifted to a cougar form, she was faster. She didn't know it was a setup. When the X-men arrived, all they knew was that Magneto was planning something and it needed to be stopped. Victoria had been having migraines all day but she had chosen to come. She wanted to do her part.When Johnny got to the clearing within the large oak trees, he turned and put out his hand, a cocky grin on his face as he flicked his lighter, "Stop right there, Victoria, or I swear I will burn this place to ashes.."Leaping over a fallen tree, she skidded to a stop. Her stop started with her as that lithe, feline form but stopped with her in her human form, baring the emblem of the X-men on her chest and belt. Green eyes staring him down as she readied herself from a one-on-one fight. "Johnny.. So help me, you start a forest fire and I will go Smokey the Bear on your ass. Now.. lower the fireball." she frowned, shaking her head, "Come on Johnny.. we had class together six months ago, why are you doing this? What could Magento offer you that you couldn't get at home!?" She still couldn't believe that he had traded sides. That he had chosen power and glory over doing what was right. He had been a friend.. and before he left, they had almost been more. Now, here she stood, months later for the first time, wanting to understand..Johnny scoffed, "Home? He was right.. you really have no idea." That grin of his, charming but like the fire he held-- it could burn.Victoria shook her head, frowning, "No idea about what? Johnny just.. tell me. What is it you're here for? Why did he bring you all out here?" She didn't want to fight him. Perhaps if Iceman had followed him this place would be a battle ground but Victoria didn't want to fight someone who had once been one of their own. Misguided, mislead.."Don't you see?" Johnny lowered his flaming hand and his face darkened some; like he knew a secret and was the one lucky enough to reveal it to her. "We're here for you.."The words cut quick. She took a step back, her boot crunching against broken twigs and fallen leaves as she shook her head, "Me? What are you talking about?"He took a single step forward, "How's your head, Victoria?" he smiled, as charming as ever. "Haven't you ever wondered? Why you've had headaches since you were a child? Why you've had the nightmares.. why your father has kept you away from certain things? Cerebro? Why.. every time you get into an episode of yours, he feels the need to go inside your head to make it all stop?"He was getting closer, and with her heart pounding, she had the sudden urge to run away. But it was as though her feet were engulfed in quicksand right there in the middle of the woods. "Johnny..""Haven't you ever wondered.. what it is that he's hiding from you?" He stopped in front of her, looking down at her with a blaze in his eyes. He lifted a hand, brushing her long dark hair over her shoulder as he leaned in to her ear.. a sensual gesture she knew too well, his voice lowering octaves to a whisper, "Haven't you ever wondered.. what it is.. that he's hiding -you- from..."Suddenly there was a pulse in her head, and she gave a sudden cry, dropping to her knees, her hands clasping her skull and fingers tangling in her hair. Johnny smirked down at her and took a step back, "What is he hiding Victoria?"She felt that pulse again.. "Stop.."He took another step back, "Why can't you ever be happy.. without being so.. pathetically depressed."Another pulse, and this time, it was felt through the air. Johnny grimaced and put a hand to his head, fighting back an overwhelming pulse of fear. He knew it was coming.In the distance, there were voices.'Victoria!''Tori! Where are you!'Johnny looked at the distance and then turned his head to the side, seeing Magneto come from beyond the trees. Johnny looked back to Victoria and gritted his teeth as he pressed on; "You know it's true, Tori.. The pain that your father can never make go away. You said it once.. you knew it was there. A Dam inside your head and whatever is behind it keeps building.. ""Tori!" Storm ran into view and the floating chair of the Professor was right behind her, along with Wolverine, Iceman, Rouge and the others."Wait, Storm, don't!" Charles called forth, extending his hand. She halted as his chair moved forward, keeping its distance behind her.Johnny looked over at Charles and gritted his teeth, "Here's your chance, Victoria.. ask him. Ask him what he's been hiding from you!.. What they've all been hiding from you."Her body trembling as the pain in her head got harder to bare. She looked over her shoulder at him, "Daddy.. what is he talking about?" She cried out again, gripping her hands in her hair as Johnny and the others flinched, their hands moving to their heads or their hearts as a sudden burst of pain shot forth towards those with weaker wills then that of Magneto and the Professor."I don't know.. Victoria come here.. Let me help.." He said calmly. Too calm for the situation at hand. Victoria stood up on shaky legs before Magneto took a step forward;"Tell her, Charles."Victoria halted, turned halfway between her father and the man that, despite their very different views, she had always seen as an uncle."Erik..""Tell her. She isn't a child anymore.. Can't you see she is in pain? You can't keep her hidden from it any longer."Her eyes, emerald green and glistened over with tears that she didn't quite understand, she looked from Magneto to her father once more. "I don't.. I don't understand. Tell me what? What's happening to me?" Her voice trembled."Nothing is happening to you.." He began.. but she could feel it. For the first time she could feel an aura from him. Guilt.. shame.. Was he actually.. lying to her? When his chair floated closer she stumbled away.."Don't lie to me!" She cried out to him, and with a sudden flicker in her eyes, a shift of her pupil for a split second from her own to that of a cat's, the X-men nearly doubled over with pain. She looked at them, then back to her father. "I'm doing that to them.. aren't I?""Victoria, no.." Charles started before Victoria looked back to the X-men, her team members and began thinking about how much her head hurt.. as they cried out and fell to their knees.Magneto stepped forward in urgency, "The dam is breaking, Charles, tell her!"Victoria looked to her father as a tear slid down her cheek, leaving a clean path on a battle dirty face. Charles looked at his daughter, and then lowered his gaze."Yes." He finally admitted. He raised his eyes to her and confirmed once more, "Yes, you are doing that to them. You are condemning them to feel the same emotional pain you feel now.. and you must stop."Victoria, stunned, stared at her father. Quiet a moment, she then gasped as if she had been unware that she had stopped breathing and she felt it.. the Xmen released from her mental grasp as they relaxed and kneeled over, recovering from what had just happened. "H..How?""It is because.." Her father had started but she held a finger out to him, the dark circles beneath her eyes all the more prominent as she stopped, him, "No!.. Nothing from you.. "She looked at Erik, shaking her head, "What's going on?" she whispered.Magneto, passing a glance to Charles, then focused his eyes on her. "You have always been told how special you are, Victoria. To have such developed powers from the moment you were born. But your animal changing.. and the healing that comes with it, are not the only abilities you have." He took a deep breath, "You have a gift. From the moment you were born, your abilities to feel and manipulate emotion have been the strongest we've witnessed. But they were uncontrollable by someone so young."Victoria shook her head, "No I.. I've never had those powers."Erik nodded, "Yes.. yes you did. But something dire happened.. and your father made the decision to lock these powers of yours away inside your head. And instead of releasing them slowly, to teach you how to use them, he has let them build.. and, my dear, I am afraid that you have suffered for years, because of it."Victoria looked down, shaking her head, "My.. my depression? My anger, my.." she looked up at him and he nodded;"All side effects. Backlashes of emotions you could not control or escape from."She paused.. silent for a moment. Her father floated only the smallest bit closer as she whispered, "Is this true?""Victoria.. listen to me.." she turned her head, looking at him with an anger in her eyes;"What was it?" He paused his movements as she stared him down, flinching slightly as she began to work her way inside his head. "The dire event.. What. Was. It."He shook his head, "Victoria..""Tell her Charles, she deserves to know.." Magneto spoke up."Alright, that's it.." Storm stepped forward before Victoria shot a glare at her and had her keeling over again in pain. Iceman lunged forward and Magneto sent him up against a tree from the metal on his belt.Suddenly, Victoria felt it. Heartache, pain, loss.. She gasped, slowly shaking her head as she took a slow step back, "No.. No, No..""Victoria, please.." Her father pleaded with her. "It's not what you think..""Did I kill her?" She raised her gaze fully to her father. "Mother.. did I cause her death?"Charles began to shake his head, "Tell. Me. The. Truth!" And her cried out, closing his eyes tight as he felt pain in his head and heart..He raised his eyes, slowly, staring at his daughter with a sadness in his eyes. "Y..Yes.."Victoria stumbled away and turned her back on them, bringing her hands up to her mouth. She could feel it then..She could feel it from everyone like a tidal wave as the truth was exposed. The guilt, the pity, the sadness, the heartache, the deceit..She turned back around and stared at them, "Some of you knew.."Charles floated closer and reached out a hand, "Victoria, please.. let's just go home. We can fix this.. we can.."Victoria stepped away, staring at him in disbelief. "Fix this? Fix.. me?"Charles shook his head, "Victoria, I made a mistake, this was a mistake.."She nodded, "Yes.." she gasped, "Yes it was.." suddenly, the green in her eyes deepend, and the pain inside Charles and the X-men began to grow more unbearable, some began to cry out."Victoria.. Victoria wait!" Charles tried to fight his way inside her head but at that moment she was too strong. The pain grew, and grew..Suddenly, a hand on her shoulder was there and it snapped her out of the state she was in. She looked to her shoulder, and then to the person the hand was connected to. Magneto.."Causing them pain will not take away yours. Come with us.. Your abilities were not meant to be hidden. You could very well be the answer to the acceptance of all Mutant kind.. I will not lie to you. I will not force you to hide who you are.. Come with us."Johnny walked up to his side and nodded to her, offering that charming smile he once had back at the Institute."Victoria, wait..Don't.. Come home""I'm sorry father.." she turned her head back to him, her voice calm, stoic.. "The Institute is not my home anymore. I don't know if it ever was.."Magneto placed a hand on her back, turning her, leading her away towards the private jet vessel they had been using to get around."Victoria wait!" Iceman called out before Johnny created a large encompassing circle of fire around the ground, knowing it would spread fast so they would need to focus on putting it out.He grinned, "Checkmate, old man." Johnny smirked at the Professor before he backed away.. and disappeared after them into the smoke.One the fire was settled, Storm ran over to the Professor, "We have to go after them! We can't let her..""We have no choice." The Professor added. "What I have done.. what she knows, she can not recover from if we force her home.""Then what are we supposed to do?""Wait. All we can do.. is Hope.. and Wait."


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Please read the rules before you fill and send this, Please send it in a messege. Thank youName:Play by (please give 2 choices.):Age:Occupation:Did anyone recommend you to the group, If so whom?:Are you filling a Wanted role? Line: Your Instagram Handle Did you read the rules? 1 positive and 1 negative trait: Will you have any siblings in the group?Are you joining as with a spouse have children or are pregnant? IF married please have that SO join within 24 hours.Please add here a 3 paragraph, Each sentence must contain 6 to 8 sentences. The topic is of your choice. CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!! 


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Taken Information

FIRST NAME Paisley Wyatt Lincoln LAST NAME  Sinclair Masterson  Beaumont Play By  Candice Accola King nina dobre  Dylan O'Bryan Jensen Ackles OCCUPATIONDoctor - Bell Buckle Hospital- PaisleyMechanic, owner of Beaumont Mechanics- Lincoln 


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RULESIf you would like to be a part of this group I would hope you would follow these.1. Respect others and the way they have their character. Not everyone is going to have the same taste as you. You never know the difference could make a great storyline2. No drama in the group. As we do love IN Character drama, please keep outside away. If you have a problem with another member, PLEASE come to us owners, Since I'm just opening it will be myself until I find another owner. 3. Activity is a must, I will be doing bi-weekly activity checks and they will have to be turned in 24 hours after it is out.  I decided against points because people do have lives and can't be around 24/74. Now that the activity is spoken about you need 4 storylines to remain in the group. You will have a deadline to get the storylines. Now since we are new, I am waiving this rule until we have a decent amount of people. If you read this far answer your favorite tv show in the audition question.5. If for any reason you need to take a Hiatus please send a message to the group and we will get back to you and keep you in the group. However if your inactive 3 days after your hiatus date we will have to remove you. But if you come to us and ask for an extention we will be more than happy to give it to you.6. A Layout of some short is a must in this group with your owes list on your page or in a blog that's linked on your page. 7. Line will be used in the group but it's is not mandatory. We will have a group chat for IN character and out of character as well.  8. When you upload a status please add an Instagram handle in front of it. Unless it's out of character then please add // in front of it.9. Out-of-group relationships are not forbidden but not recommend. I Would like to keep it in the group.  I would like to keep most Storylines in the group as well but I can't tell you what to do.10. We would like you to start off with 1 Profile within the group. After a month and I see you can handle another I will accept it. 11. Relationships in the group, I love seeing them blossom, but I wouldn't want to rush into it. So if you're not coming into the group married or pregnat I would like you to wait a month of writing until you can marry or have a baby with that relationship. 12. Face changes are accepted but I will only allow 1 a month and it MUST be approved by owners. 13. Now since I'm new ill keep the rules short and sweet. So I hope you come to join me on this journey. Since you made it to the end please comment on the rules with your favorite Supernatural GIF


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Tōᴄʜᴀᴋᴜ: Sᴇɴsō ɴᴏ Tᴇɴsʜɪ. ~Sample Writing.~

    Enter: War Angel The Old Domains.Time left before The Fall: Unknown. Drop from the darkness beyond! Heavenly body pierces through the sea of clouds in the later morn of this new world. Rival the speed of sound, this descent! The plummeting piece comes with neither humor nor grievance. If it was not for this gleaming star-forged ensemble enveloping the fleshly allure, pain of the grinding gales and the tormenting trauma from this freefall would be crushing.It, truly a lovely she—peach-fleshed Venus with shadow silk tresses and killer curves. She has been sent here by dire demand to bring the will of Mars. And bring it, she will with stellar zest. Hers. May her advent be timely enough.Past the vast, hazy, white thicket, her Neptunian pearls concealed in an opaque glass-like helm can make sense of the brown canvas below. Little springing dots move about signifying life. Each is acting out of valor, malice or simply the right to live. Voices growled and bellows come with fear or ferocity. Limbs sway to assert aggression or self-defense. Steel and bone clash. There are thousands of them, these dots. Some already fell. Mangled corpses stomped or piled on without rhythm. This has gone for hours. A conflict long past warm words to resolve. In truth, this was inevitable.The shining spot falling down is seen by one who successfully knocks a foe down. The battle around this mindful gent with a sword in hand keeps on raging. Allies around him push back the tide of brutality wielding melon-sized hammers that can break bones with ease or scarlet-soaked swords and spears that can tear through flesh. Humble green eyes are peering up. Glee is brewing within. Hope too. Their exhausted owner knows what this single glimmering strand descending from the high heavens could mean.“R-Raido!” shouted an Elven woman with a stern voice towards the gawking fellow. She gives an Orc-like foe with bad teeth a sharp kiss of her boot, leading to its harsh downfall.“Is that wha... who I think it is?!”It appears she is also seeing what he is seeing.A short bloke of Dwarfish stature and in heavy armor joins after smashing the head of a snarling combatant who failed to lunge with the intent to kill.“What the hell is that?!”Behind a cloth mask, gray as the rest of the rags he is wearing, concealing his vigorous body, pruned lips etch a confident smile.“C a v a l r y .”A few miles above the battle-busy earth, steel-clad Venus is ready to bring forth a gospel. In her nerves, it writhes. The itch to partake in this festivity for the fierce. But with what she brings with her, will there be any left?“We better keep our distance before she stops,” advised the Grey One to his battle-friends within earshot.The She-Elf giggles.“I could not agree more, darling,” she retorted.Both the She-Elf and the He-Dwarf, also a few others, shout with gusto to alert nearby allies.“War-Mates! If you value what is left with your lives, fall back! The Gospel cometh!”They hope that the message can be passed well enough. To their fortune, allies are paying attention even if busy with the vital task of keeping lethal limb-lashing at bay.Raido, the Grey One, turns around. He rushes to use his right shoulder and what might he has in him to meddle with the fair footing of a large thick-hide behemoth now before him. Smash! It falls down hard and squashes a few dregings behind it. This makes better passage for his war-mates to be more distant—hopefully so—before the Cavalry drops. Hearts are pounding. The thrill of what is to come invigorates them, these warriors!The three battle-bred bipeds are fending off what living harm they can while quick on their feet themselves. Breath feels heavy, but the sting of each lungful draw is worth it.“When was the last you had her do this?”“Shy of a decade, maybe.”The He-Dwarf heartily laughs, already drunk in the details given to him while preoccupied.“I adore fireworks! Let her garnish these putrid planes with glorious Star Fire!”“Agreed! But let us make sure all are within the bosom of safety first. Also, gather as much of our foes within a line where it will hurt them the most.”“Right!” Raido’s friends concurred.Roar, wild winds. Inside the immaculate iron, the silent lady ponders on a prayer. It is meant to awaken a well-earned gift from distant stars. A few seconds after her wordless whisper began, a pearl blaze is surrounding her. Right hand opens. So soon, a red-fabric hilt takes form for her to firmly grasp on. Zoom forth to be revealed an oval crossguard and a moonlight-silver blade that come with the gripped tool. Three pairs of wide pale seraphic wings fashioned from stardusts make themselves known behind her back, hovering and dangling as if they are slaves to the troublesome tempest.Minutes had flown by. Raido and the rest are quite confident that much of their allies are away. Hopefully all of them. The battlefield remains populated with many foes. They coral much of them around the massive perimeter of their war-mates. Weapons, limbs and concussive mysticism are used to make sure they stay inside. They are fodders to the Gospel.A long loud choir of whistles fill the air. The plummeting Venus, now just hundreds of yards above the battlefield, fancies a forward twirl or two—maybe three. The feat is meant for the sake of flaunted grace than it is a practical deed. She readies the enchanted edge-craft now held with two hands by the handle. Sword pointed down on the earth below riddled with spilled blood and lifeless corpses. Her breath wafts a bit of her womanly voice.Dash down with the haste of Mercury! A mighty jolt makes the air crackle with a thunderous clap as the speed of sound is broken!Raido and the rest watch from the foe-fending distance a few miles away. The Grey One cannot help but feel... proud.“Hairu, Sensō no Tenshi.” (Enter, War Angel.)Kimiko kisses the battlefield floor—down on her right knee, sword driven down inches past the hard earth and pale radiant wings spread wide. The ground beneath her collapses in a blink of an eye! Her fall creates a nine-yard deep crater spanning a small lake. Nearby foes are knocked away from this vehement descent!FLASH! Within a split second, the nearest star may have just been impossibly close for the sight of all! Under the first second since her descent, all within a given range succumbs to a hyper-violent pull! Even Raido and the rest gets tugged yards forward into this cosmic vortex.“Shiiiiiit!” exclaimed the He-Dwarf as he is pulled in for a bit.Raido stabs his long sword on the ground to bolt himself in place. Green eyes marvel at the power his prized student is about to unleash. War-mates do their very best not to be victims of this great devouring force. A wide waltz of conflagrated colors—blue, rosy pink, violet, white and yellow—explodes out in cyclonic chaos from the epicenter: Kimiko herself!Thousands lifted up in the air cry out in their helplessness. ROAR! A callous choir of a hundred proud dragons gives no room for silence in making the air quake from a thunderous symphony. Storm winds push outward and away to all directions. The effervescent exhibition brings with it... heavenly harm.Long zooming and spiraling sashes of lacerating lights spread out—fast-blooming roots they are, going around and through the lifted horde tugged and then expelled to rob them all of footing. Cries become screams of agony as their insides boil. Nerves feel corrosive acid and scorching rivers of the sun. They burn and turn to mere embers as their atoms are denied the right of integrity to make them what lump of a living thing they are. Not worthless. Simply unable to reject the unchallenged will of cosmic fury Kimiko brought with her.“I would not want to provoke her ire on a bad day,” complimented the She-Elf. Even she feels a bit of dread though the excitement of seeing divine power in action overshadows it.Raido simply nods.The allies keep the enclosing line firm as their foes are incinerated by this swirling storm of celestial scorch. A feat Kimiko can only do every now and then. It may take quite some time before she can perform this.“Truly divine.” snarled a fellow in a silver helm while slowly clapping.This single-party audience is on a mountain top further from the rest of the great battlefield. Only a fool would deny that such plains are not woefully under the influence of astral judgment let loose by a petite lady in star-forged armor. He is a foe of the War Angel and her allies, this spectator. But he is also a fan of her... pernicious proverbs.“You sure know how to breed a beautiful Beast... Raido. Gospel has been spread. The War Angel herself graces the battlefield. Should I die... I know well that it may be within your capable hands. Let us see what else you can do... Kimiko Ikusawa.”A deep breath or two, Kimiko is deserving. Her vitality feels plundered by this single deed to display godly power. The battle resumes with whoever—whatever—is left to do battle on. Glowing ash fills the ground for miles. The smell of hot iron is everywhere, weapons and armors being most of the survivors from the heavenly hurricane that only lasted a good minute. There is barely a corpse to be seen which reeking odor can come from. Rise with grace, War Angel.Make scarce, radiant wings.Sword off the ground.The advent hath ended.Taking part... a must.“...Made it.” 


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