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02/21/2021 03:34 PM 

A Hunter's Valentine SEC Drabble

A Hunter‘s ValentineFeatures: Volatile, Honey, and Daystar Feb 2021 Drabble SECLionheart /1606290The days all seemed to run together when you were constantly on the road.  It was a series of safe houses one by one as the battle against evil monsters never stopped.   Jeremy Gilbert made his way toward a safe house that he had established just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.  There was nothing but farmhouses all around him for miles.   It was usually pretty quiet there.He entered the front door carefully looking from side to side as he did.   His muscles were always tensed and at the ready as a member of The Brotherhood of the Five.   It was just who he was and what he did.  He’d been doing it for so long, that he had nearly forgotten what life was like before.  Once satisfied that his safe house was clear, he plopped himself down into a modest chair made of a blue material that was coarse to the touch.  It reminded him of something that his grandmother had in her house when he was a little boy.Jeremy took a moment and pulled one of the burner phones out of his pocket.   It was a phone that he used to keep in contact with Elena mostly.   Examining the date on the phone, he realized that today was Valentine’s Day.  He leaned back in that chair and snorted a half laugh as he looked at the screen.    He decided to dash off a quick text to his sister.  He had to do that ever so often to let her know he was still alive.   Besides that, if he didn’t Alaric would usually get her up in his face demanding to know where Jeremy was.Happy V-Day.  - JIt was short and sweet, but in his business, he couldn’t afford to put anything out there that could be easily traced back to him.   There were too many big bads out there who hated him and had often tried to kill him.   It honestly wasn’t like Jeremy didn’t know what being dead was like, but that was different now because of being who he was.Jeremy stuffed the phone in his pocket and wandered in to where this refrigerator stood in what used to be a kitchen.  He opened the door locating a six pack of beer inside, an ice cube tray and a package of bacon.  He pulled out a beer and pondered the idea of the bacon.  His stomach growled loudly.   That was that.It wasn’t long before the snapping and sizzling of bacon along with that smell of pure heaven filled this lone safe house.  He was downing a bottle of beer while cooking.   Valentine’s days were supposed to be filled with love and copious amounts of chocolate.  It hadn’t been that way for Jeremy in a long time.   He did remember a time where it was a lot more innocent and fun.~*~14 February 2000The Gilbert Home, Mystic Falls, VAJeremy Gilbert was all of six years old.  The boy with big brown eyes and a head full of messy brown hair was in his room playing with his favorite Ninja Turtles toys making them battle the Shredder for the ultimate victory in the end.  “HAHA!  DIE DIE!”  He smirked as he smashed the toys together enjoying being a little boy and all the things little boys did.He was interrupted by the sound of two little girls laughing.  He jerked his eyes toward the door.  Elena and Caroline were in Elena’s bedroom after school.  There had been a Valentine’s Day party at school and they came home with a bunch of stuff.   Caroline had come home with Elena and they immediately went in Elena’s bedroom and shut the door.   Jeremy tried to go back to his Ninja Turtles, but another bout of laughter came from Elena’s bedroom.   Jeremy dropped his Turtles and headed out into the hallway.He crept slowly down the hallway until he came to Elena’s bedroom.   He could hear them giggling and squealing inside.  The door was actually open just a little.   He was small enough he could slide into the room without them noticing.  Once inside, he saw Caroline laying flat on the foot of the bed while Elena was leaning up against the headboard.  They were just giggling and laughing out loud enjoying being second grade girls.  “Man girls are so yucky!”  He muttered wrinkling his nose at them both.   Elena’s eyes widened.  “JEREMY!  Get OUT!”  She picked up a down pillow and tossed it at her brother.   “NO BOYS ALLOWED!”Jeremy dodged the pillow and moved toward the bed.  By now, Caroline was sitting up and glaring at Jeremy.   “Wow, that’s a lot of candy!”Elena shoved a fist full of candy at Jeremy and then climbed off her bed.   “Take this and GO!”   She led out of the room by his shoulders.  He let her lead him out of the room.  He was grinning because he got what he wanted.   Once inside his room, Elena closed the door behind her and left him to his toys.   Jeremy spread out the loot he’d gotten from Elena and started into his ill gotten gains.  He went back to playing with his Ninja Turtles with a lollipop in his cheek.   Girls were still yucky but candy sure wasn’t.~*~Current day, outside of CincinnatiJeremy chuckled remembering that day all those years ago.  He heard the knock at the door.   He was expecting someone and he was glad she was finally here.   He moved toward the door to open it for her.   His eyes twinkled when he saw her.Anna Zhu was standing in the doorway wearing a hoodie that was dark.  It molded to her body like it was made for her.  “May I come in?”  She asked softly.  Her nose was twitching.  “Something smells really good.”Jeremy smiled at the woman he loved.  He didn’t care if she was a vampire and had recently returned from the dead.  There was no one else better he wanted to spend time with than her on Valentine’s Day.   He hadn’t known about it when he told her to meet him here.  He answered her.  “Anna Zhu please come inside.”   He knew that vampires had to be invited inside before they could stay.   He pulled her into his arms and into a deeply passionate kiss.   “Happy Valentine’s Day Baby.”   He told her.She grinned back at him returning his kiss with all the love she felt for him.  “Happy Valentine’s Day.”   She answered with a look of pure happiness in her eyes.  None of us are gonna make it out of this town james kriet

POD Archie

02/21/2021 03:15 PM 

Threes Company
Current mood:  amorous

 Love                           Makes the world spin                    Archie had never really been in a Throple before. This had all been new to him. All Archie really knew for certain. Was he had loved POD Nate more than he had anything else in this entire world. However, it had not only seemed Nate altered Archies life just in general by turning him into a POD. He now had desired for him and his Angelic friend from over the ages to bond and all become one. As the three of them embrace the enlightenment of love. And dare to take that path of breaking down the stereotypical norms of what defines a relationship.  This all is really new for Archie, So right now he is just kinda going with the flow. Not really knowing where all this may go. He just knows one thing for certain. There is not anything he would not do for POD Nate. There are no ends of the earth that are too far to go. And no oceans on the earth that to deep for him to dive in. Cause Archie was truly and madly in love with Nate. Perhaps Kain's side is more similar to Damian's than they realize. At least in the sense, they both seem to have their secret dark kinks.    Trigger warnings not for the faint of heart, Homophobic, Or thosewho think Throples are gross.  Viewer Discretion is advised It Will Contain adult themes, Possible Twink Dramaand things you would not want to tell your mama.    

Private,RP, Please, Respect, that.


02/21/2021 03:20 PM 


( 𝑗𝑢𝑠𝑡 𝑗𝑒𝑟𝑟𝑦 )

02/21/2021 02:21 PM 

unbreak your soul

- -   All he remembered, was snapping too and everyone was screaming at him. A gasp hit him, memory fickle. His vision, fuzzy. Jerry swayed and glanced around in confusion. Cassie, his daughter held her hands in terror over her mouth while his ex-wife Karen pointed and yelled his way. Jerry realized his fists were up, his knuckles began to pound. But not like, abruptly. The pain slowly faded in as words were finally unmuffled.“YOU COULD’VE KILLED HIM!” Cassie’s eyes were watered, her voice cracking. Jerry stumbled back a few feet as she dropped to her knees over the unconscious man and then Jerry remembered what had happened…He woke, sucking in a breath. His eyes shifted in the dark. It was cold, quiet, foreign. Jerry let the breath go and fog curled above him. Dying embers snapped in the fireplace as it smoldered, defeated by the cold. The logs that encased him in this dreary cabin creaked, withstanding winter’s weight. That nightmare crept in every night, and no matter how many days he was stuck in this nowhere prison, Jerry always woke up so confused about it. How did I go so far? That night was the last night of his life. And now I’m living in hell. When he heard Cassie yell at him the way she did, Jerry felt his entire soul break. He never wanted to inflict harm on her. But he didn’t realize inflicting pain on him would crush her. Ever since that moment nothing felt the same. He lost her. He lost her because he couldn’t let it go.“Get the coffee going.” His dad cooed from somewhere in the cabin. Jerry rolled his eyes and delayed a moment. Getting the coffee going was more than just pouring coffee grounds and pushing a button. Jerry’s dad lived and worked remote in Yellowstone during its harsh winters, clearing snow off the rooftops of vacant buildings to keep them from caving in beneath the weight. No power, no electricity, no communication, except in the radio tower at the top of Bighorn Pass. Jerry exiled himself far away from everyone after ‘the drunken incident’ to the one place he knew he’d suffer. Anywhere near his dad. As much as the two didn’t particularly get along, he knew his dad could use the help during winter. And it was the only place he could get wasted without being nailed to his cross. It’s not like he wanted to continue drinking. He just couldn’t escape it.Crack, crack, crack He dropped the axe and gathered the chopped wood, slipping them beneath the kettle and tossed in some snow. He glanced around and rubbed his hands together before pulling the flask from the chest pocket of his orange parkas. He wanted to go home. So. Bad. He wanted to find Cassie and Karen and . . . Dan, and tell them that he was sorry. He threw his head back and drank.“The only way you’re gonna get out of here is at the end of day ninety.” His dad had told him the day he was dropped off. “So, if you’re too p**sy to stay here through the whole winter, turn back now. I ain’t lookin’ to hear you fuss all winter. And if you want to make a call to anyone, you’re gonna have to climb up to the radio tower for any sort of reception. ”Jerry got the fire going beneath the kettle and took a moment to warm his hands as he stared up at the steep pass. Cassie was just a phone call away. He dropped his eyes from it and tightened his jaw. Just a climb away. But that mountain … that mountain was massive. The snow was so deep up the easy path. If he wanted to get up there, he’d have to climb up the ridged cliff that overlooked a narrow canyon. Jerry took a drink of his flask… “Maybe tomorrow.” He said aloud, fog curling out into the bitter morning.The snow was heavy, but he piled it onto his shovel and strained to lift its weight as he tossed it over the edge of a pantry house. Bending over, he huffed and nearly toppled to his knees. Jerry sat on the ledge to catch his breath and steal a drink from his flask. His eyes were drawn to the mountain that shadowed him and he traced its edges to the top hesitantly.“You’re going to need to be faster than that!” His dad yelled, shaking his head. “Go on inside. Get the fire in the stove. That’s the least you can do.” Jerry never questioned his dad. He just always tolerated him and drank a little more for it. There were a few things his dad had an abundance of in his storage: beef jerky, canned soup, coffee and whiskey. He replenished his flask and started the fire in the wood stove, readied two bowls and poured the soup in a pot. He retreated to his cot where he slid a photo of Cassie from beneath his pillow. Longing eyes glued to her sweet smile. He wanted to hear her laugh.“You didn’t warm the soup up enough.” His father grunted over the table as they ate. “Thought you was some kind of chef back in New York.” Jerry didn’t respond and wiped the juice threading down his growing beard. He ignored him. Instead, Jerry’s eyes seized sight of the mountain outside the window. He took a drink of his flask.Morning came again and he walked past the kettle and away from the cabin. Jerry walked and walked until he stood at the foot of the cliffside and stared up for a long moment. He put his foot on the rocks and took a step up. I can climb this . . . He gripped the mountain and pulled himself up a little higher. A smile found him for the first time in a month or so. A bit of courage sparked in him again and he pulled himself up another foot, walked sideways along a narrow edge to find more footing. He was about five feet up now. But as he got too confident, he misplaced his right foot on some ice, slipped and fell straight backwards into snow…“I saw you this morning.” His father grunted over his bowl that night. “You’re a damn f***ing idiot.” Jerry kept quiet. He’s right. So he took it. “You can’t climb up that cliff. So, don’t try that again. A phone call isn’t worth it. You’ll see them in spring.”The next afternoon, Jerry got a little higher, but a gust of wind caught him off guard and he fell again, this time scraping his knee pretty bad. He drank a lot to kill the pain and passed out early without fixing dinner.“You’re not going to get to the top.” Jerry’s dad woke him in the dead of night, gripping the photo of Cassie. Not while you fill your bones with that whiskey. every day.” He shook his head. “See her face? Forget it. She’s not even your real god damn daughter. Stop it. Forget her. Move on.” He marched over towards the wood stove and tossed the photo in. Jerry scrambled from his cot and tried to catch it before the flames took hold. But he was too late. Jerry pounded his fists into the floorboards and lurched up, grabbing his dad and pinning him to the wall. He reclined his fist back, face pained, but his father was only smiling back at him. “Do it boy. Do it. Hit me like you hit that little girl’s real dad…”Jerry let out a loud roar and threw the punch. But he averted his dad and hit the wall behind him instead. “You can’t escape what you are.” His dad whispered. “You can’t escape the me in you, boy.”Jerry let off of him.“So, keep drinking that whiskey. Keep fogging out them deeds you done. You’ll be me in no time. ”“How proud you must be.” Was all Jerry said and returned to his cot. He pulled the flask from his vest and brought it to his lips . . . but this time, he didn’t drink. He dropped it to his feet. And didn’t pick it back up.Morning crept in slowly, but he was already standing at the edge of the mountain. The pain, the memories faded in too. He reached for his flask, by nature, but it wasn’t there in his pocket. And he started climbing. Your such a loser, Jerry. When are you ever going to grow up? Karen’s voice rattled in his brain. She’s not your daughter. She’s Dan’s. I didn’t want to tell you. But I can’t hang onto this anymore. Jerry slipped but caught himself. Gritting his teeth, he pulled himself up and caught his footing. He didn’t realize tears were freezing to his face. He wanted the voices to LEAVE HIM ALONE. But the whiskey was down below. Down there where he could feel his father’s eyes on him. He growled as he lifted himself up over the bluff, his silhouette greeting the new day. A little more to go. He tripped and scrapped his cheek but hugged against the rocks so he wouldn’t fall. The wind whipped at him violently. But he pressed on. He pressed on past the hauntings in his head. He was a mess as snow flurries smashed against his face. But he kept going, climbing, reaching, and finally he made it to the top. Jerry threw himself down, breath heavy, snow swirling around him. Quickly, he pulled his phone from his pocket, powered it on and smiled when he saw the signal reach three bars. He didn’t hesitate, he dialed Cassie that moment. And it only rang twice before . . .“Dad!?” He closed his eyes and smiled…SONG : THE HOPE ARSENAL – WAVE OF GOOD MUSIC

Justin (T)

02/21/2021 12:32 PM 

Once Cobra always a Cobra (A Cobra Kai roleplay)

Open Roleplay !!!In the 1984 when Walkman radio was all the hype that was also the year Jt turned 16 years old living in Los Angeles,California he was a troubled kid because just when he was 7 he had witnessed his father and mother's brutal murder from an intruder who wanted to rob them blind because the Griffin's were very wealthy but the rober left empty handed except taking the lives of Justin's mother and father. Seeing that scene It could never get that out of his mind so when he was forced to live with his next of kin he went to live with his cousin Ali Mills she was sweet to him though at first he gave her the cold sholder because he kind of stayed in his room if he wasnt forced to go to West Valley High School in the day he wasn't making much friends and at first he was considered to be the loner and was being bullied for that it made things worse for him at this time he felt as if was ready to go do something very dramatic he didn't think anyone cared enough he didn't think there was was a light at the end of this very dark tunnel or shall I say Cobra... One day as he was riding his motorbike from school he spead around the cornor a little to fast not realizing that at the same time on the other side of the corner was a old lady trying to cross the street very slowly as he saw the lady he immediately slammed on his breaks and went flying off his bike sliding into the parking lot landing right in front of Cobra Kai he groaned at the landing as he patted himself making sure he was alright nothing was broken Justin stood up and saw the big cobra on the door intrested he walked in and joined that day on that place changed him for the better he met great friends he was no longer bullied and no longer the loner kid even though sensei was tough he really appreciated the years of being a Cobra .Years flew by and he had his life to the fullest it had been a big 34 years since he had even thought of Cobra Kai but Justin was a tattoo artist in paticular the one who has done all of Hawk's ink but they had never discussed Cobra Kai however there had been a surge of request of Cobra tattoos so this made Justin wonder how the old dojo was doing if it was still up and running so after he took the day off at his job and headed down town driving to the dojo he saw the sign of Cobra Kai Justin stepped out of the car and walked in even when it was a middle of a class walking in brought back all the memories of when he was younger. When Justin walked in the little bell on the door notified everyone that someone entered the dojo they continued their last move which was a unison kick and punch move with a loud "Hee- Yah" at the end they bowed to the Sensei who was now Johnny Lawrence. Justin couldn't believe this was still up and running he smiled in amazement...(The ink that Justin did for Hawk)

Cobra Kai , Karate Kid


02/21/2021 11:46 PM 

npc: brady vallette character study.

december 22nd, 1994. 6:47 PM.the familiar tunes of 'have a holly, jolly christmas' were still playing through the speakers as he came to. he had always questions whether or not the radio would stop playing if a car was ever succumbed to an accident. he never thought he'd be in a situation to know the answer. his head hurt, eyes were blurry. between the sounds of the christmas song playing, he heard the sound of his son wailing from the backseat. his hands moved to his forehead, rubbing the skin, in an attempt to rub the sensation of the throbbing headache out of his head. he pushed the airbag down, flattening out the protective device. when he came too, he adrenaline coursed through his veins, turning to look at his girlfriend in the passenger seat next to him. "allison," he called out, hoping that she would respond, but there was nothing coming from her lips. her lips were closed shut, eyes closed, head leaning against the window beside her. he turned to the backseat to look at his son, who was still wailing away but looked relatively okay. "please stop crying, baby." he said softly, reaching between the two seats to pad his hands over his son's body to ensure he's okay. brady vallette and allison grochala were never supposed to be parents. even at a young age in their relationship, they had decided they didn't want kids. both coming from broken homes, they had come to the mutual decision that being parents wasn't in the cards for them. it's what worked for them, why they were so drawn to one another. at the very moment that allison had declared that she was pregnant, something switched for the both of them, as if they were almost too scared to even process the thought that they could be good parents. so broken from their own experiences, it swayed them from the truth. at the very moment that dominic adam vallette was born on june 4th, 1993 at 1:58 in the afternoon, brady vallette had vowed that he would do everything in his power to be the best father he could be. unbuckling his seatbelt, he pushed the car door open, feet immediately sliding on the ice below him, crashing down to the ground. his eyes gravitated toward the damage, the front of the car wrapped around a tree just off the highway. he stumbled around the back of the vehicle, double checking on his son through the frosted window as he pulled at the door handle of the passenger seat. from the force of the accident, the door was lodged shut, brady using everything in his power to pull against the door, placing his foot on the cold metal to stabalize himself. after one last forceful pull, the door screeched open to expose his worst nightmare. blood had seeped around the entrance of the wound that sported a large tree branch that had been lodged through the front of the car. "allison." tears started to form around the edge of his eyes as he leaned forward to inspect the wound. "allison, please." he gasped, shaking the lifeless body next to him. he wrapped arm around her shoulder and buried his face into her hair, audibly crying out. "please wake up, please." his cries were unanswered as the body below him didn't move.the snow around him started to pick up, falling from the sky painting the area around him into a winter wonderland. the two of them had always joked that the only time snow mattered was for christmas and a white christmas was all they ever wanted. once christmas had passed, they could care less about the snow. allison wouldn't get to see a white christmas this year. knowing that he didn't have enough time to spare, he pulled himself off of his girlfriend. "i'll come back for you," he announced, placing one last kiss to her forehead, before moving to the back of the vehicle. the door holding his son opened easier this time, dominic still wailing. brady leaned forward and unbuckled the small child from the car seat. "please stop crying, dominic." he protested, as he lifted his son from the chair and placed his body against his, zipping his jacket up over the child to keep him warm. he bounced his son up and down in an attempt to rock him into a sense of security. the snow was picking up as brady began walking. he needed to find something warm, somewhere that would protect them from the storm. through the trees, he could've sworn he saw a familiar light coming from a house's window, but as his head throbbed, his vision grew blurry and he couldn't tell if he was seeing things. he stumbled his way through the woods, feet sloshing below him in the snow. as he grew closer to his destination, the sight of a small log cabin with smoke billowing from the chimney. "help!" he screamed out as he stumbled into their front lawn. throughout the walk, he couldn't take the throbbing feeling in his head anymore. "help, please!" he called out one last time before he fell to the ground, dominic still clutched to his chest, buried in the snow.and then nothing.brady vallette would later be pronounced dead from internal brain bleeding. but he knew, with his last dying breathe, as the front door of the log cabin flew open, light spilling out to illuminate the body, the sounds of a crying baby filling the night air, that brady had spent his last moments doing what he promised to do: being the best father he could be.

The Diamond Standard

02/21/2021 10:43 PM 

Sneak Attack.

At long last. The relentless chill of winter had ebbed! Mother Nature saw fit to temper her wrath, letting the thermometer to rise above 'bone chilling' to 'moderately brisk'. It was, in fact, quite lovely. So lovely that Emma Frost saw fit to break out a Dolce and Gabbana sundress. Looking pristine with not a hair out of place, the White Queen had perched herself delicately on the slightly unstable metal chair of the outdoor seating for an artisan coffee shop she rather adored. The city bustled around her and Emma simply drank it all in. Sometimes it was just nice to be in the middle of the organized chaos. The sounds, the smells (even the unpleasant ones), the scenery were all part of its intrinsic charm. And, as only a telepath can, there was also the mental murmur of the residents.Casually sipping her coffee, Emma eavesdropped on the surface thoughts of anyone who crossed her path. If you thought social media was a mess, you ought to casually try listening to an entire city block's thoughts. It was delicious in the same way one might enjoy a soap opera; it was a guilty pleasure. Juicy gossip, scandalous thoughts, emotional turmoil. Her lips curled into a vulpine grin over the rim of her cup when she 'heard' an older couple bickering. Neither could remember just what it was they were fighting about, but they were still quite cross about it. 'Just kiss and make up, you two.' She nudged them to forget the trivial nonsense.Urrgh…The White Queen was overwhelmed by a searing pain in her head. The coffee cup dropped from her grasp, spilling its content on the table. Her hands went to her forehead as the pain intensified. It took Emma a moment to get the cohesive thought through, but the skilled telepath realized she was besieged by a psychic attack. They were strong, that was a given. But no control, no discipline. There was panic and thrill, but a growing realization that they were at the helm of something too great. She could feel them, like a toddle with their hands on a Gatling gun. Raw power was all fine and dandy, but strategy could overcome the most powerful of foe. Gritting her teeth, the White Queen marshalled her own power and pushed back against the assault. Emma maneuvered around their crude psychic shield with rather ease, returning fire with a tried-and-true psibolt with the precision of a veteran sniper. A single shot was all she needed."Enough!" Emma stood up so abruptly, she knocked over her chair.A woman standing across the table from her doubled over, screaming with untold agony. When had she approached the White Queen? Without her knowing?! Had Emma been so distracted that she had missed this woman's clumsy psi-shield? Jacquemus pumps clicked loudly as the now enraged telepath extraordinaire came to stand over the wailing woman. Amateur! Narrowing her eyes, Emma gripped the woman's head and forced her way into the woman's deepest, most personal thoughts. And none too gently at that. Forget finesse, Emma was going straight to the source. The woman screamed louder as the raw psychic force peeled apart her mind; ripping one layer away at a time. Lashing out with all the fear of a wounded animal, the woman attempted to throw Emma out of her mind. Emma, however, merely batted away the attack. Instead, she dove even deeper in the distressed psyche. Taking hold of her hippocampus, Emma pried open her episodic memories."Let's see just who you are."Flipping through the pages of her memory, the White Queen searched for the who's and why's behind her attack. High school loser, lonely, shy and retiring. Text book case of the ugly duckling seeking a place to belong. Easy prey. Approached by a hooded figure, the girl was offered a chance to be someone special. They would make her powerful and everyone would adore her. Tch! But who! Who was it, damn you! Whomever it was, they always kept themselves hidden from this woman. They expected her to fail, she was canon fodder. Not only would there be more attacks, but Emma had no idea from which direction they would come or when. Useless girl!Withdrawing from the woman's mind, Emma looked around. She reached out with her mind, trying to sense whether anyone else dared step up to challenge her. During her Inner Circle days, she was challenged often by ambitious little brats who thought they had what it took to wear her crown. Bloody hell, how soft had she become? No one within the reach of her psi-scan stood out. Either they had shielding or they were overconfident in the capabilities of their little minion. Pursing her lips, Emma ignored the worried looks from pedestrians as the whole ordeal unfolded, opting to erase the whole thing from their memories.


02/21/2021 12:34 AM 

Helium. (Drabble)

  “Cha Min, no! Don’t do it!” How Min was standing on the edge and not falling over was beyond him. There was a cocktail slew of drugs speeding through his system as he stood there, swaying back and forth, his bandmate calling out his name. As he stared down at the street below him, his mind was playing tricks on him. Tilting his head slightly to the side, he could have sworn he saw hyung yelling at him from the sidewalk. Well, that wasn’t possible. Jong-hyun was dead; deader than dead. He was fix feet under. “Go away,” Min mumbled under his breath, the bottle dropping from his hand and rolling off the side of the building. He could hear his sister yelling for him and sobbing, but Min was so far gone that nothing even mattered him to anymore. He felt a breeze nearly knock him even more unsteady than he was. “Woah,” he laughed lazily, under his breath, as if he wasn’t standing here threatening to commit suicide.  Pictures and memories flashed through his mind of his hyung, his smiles and laughs as the picture seemed to fade into his mind. How could JH seem so happy, but then take the easy way out at the first sign of retreat? Anger boiled through Min’s body - why did Jong-hyun take all the burden by himself? They were supposed to be in this together until the last breath. Promises aren’t meant to be made if they couldn’t be kept. Of course, that it was easier said than done, and Min was one to talk. He was standing on the edge of this 32 story building in the heart of Seoul. The billboards in the distance still flashed of Jong-hyun’s smiling face, as if he was right next door, waiting for everyone to come home for supper.  Another gust of wind caused Min to topple backwards this time, back on the concrete floor of the apartment complex. “Fuck,” he mumbled under his breath, dragging himself over to the edge of the building, gripping tightly to pull himself up as he scraped the palm of his hands along the rough pavement.   I’m trying, but I keep falling down…I cry out, but nothing comes now.. Min didn’t realize it, but he was sobbing, as he was screaming his lungs out into the wind in anger and remorse. “Why you f***ing idiot, why!?” The Korean pop singer’s hands were trembling, both from nerves and the cold winter weather of Seoul. He had poured blood, sweat, tears and agony into his training to become someone who could stand next to his hyung and be proud to call him his. As the two stood side by side at one moment in life, now they were realms apart. Min felt as if his life wasn’t worth living if JH wasn’t by his side.  I’m giving my all..And I know peace will come..I never wanted to need someone…  “I’m almost there oppa,” Min sobbed as he felt himself trying to pull himself up over the edge of the roof. He was completely gone, his senses completely washed over with defeat and abandonment. Would JH want him to do this? Why would JH if he cared if he killed himself? He did. He should be happy if people are following him. Min knew deep in his psyche that it wasn’t logical. That’s not how the world worked. His music, his friends, his family, his lover..if none of them were important, why should it be important to anyone that surrounded him?  Your love, lifts me up like Helium...Your love lifts me up when I’m down..When I've hit the ground, you’re all I need.. “I’m just gonna take the wind there..oppa I will just float to you.” Min was delusional and hallucinating at this point and if he didn’t get help soon, it wasn’t going to be the fall that took him, it would be the overdose. He attempted to push himself over the edge of the roof once more, but time was met with stronger arms than the first time. Clutching onto his arms was his bandmate Rocky, dragging him back onto the pavement. “Let go! I have to go see Jong-hyun!” Min screamed at the top of his lungs, kicking and screaming as more arms surrounded him. Five sets of hands kept him pinned in place. The last thing before Min’s eyes rolled back into his head was paramedics making their way to his side.  “I’m sorry, oppa..”


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Punisher Verse Info

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real life I'm in my 30s. I have a full-time job. I have a significant other and much of my time is dedicated to them and their child. Please be understanding that, despite appearing available on discord or this site, I may not always be.writing style Banter is great! One-liners, paragraphs, whatever, all welcome. I admit I don't have the time to dedicate to those novella length posts, but you do you - I'll never turn any writing away.shipping I prefer one love interest. No issues if you're multi-ship, but I would rather dedicate Ward to one woman should that chemistry happen.portrayal By request, I'll write HYDRA Ward; however, I prefer to go the path of redemption. I'll add more to this later (or we can discuss it!).

Bilbo Baggins

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Before There and Back Again

  ://Bilbo Baggins sits at his desk, as he often does when things trouble him. Being that he lived alone, he wasn't always entirely alone. His thoughts could take up a good nine or twelve people from time to time. His thoughts run in and out of his head like restless hobbit children. Right at this moment though, these childish thoughts are in their tweens and he's feeling the beat of his heart harder and even harder as the days go by. This drumming was enough to keep him up at night. Not just one night either. Night after night he was at his study, writing down things and then throwing them away. "At this rate, I would have spent half of my life in thought and in writing and never accomplish anything." His heavy sigh blew his blank sheet clearly off his desk. Well that's good he thought and slumped in his chair. He didn't have to waste that sheet of paper, it went ahead and put itself on the floor.  The Shire...This beautiful piece of land in the middle of the last realm of magic. It would be the only place to contain such creatures that are beyond the very thought of humanity in it's finest. Hobbits. Now Bilbo found his way down to the Bywater Inns where most hobbit lads seek refuge. The pubs where a safe place. A place a celebration sometimes. A place of drowning in sorrows sometimes. Nevertheless, it was a place many often went to. Perhaps it was because of the spirits that were there. Or perhaps it was because of the company that was there. For Bilbo, it was because it was here where he could see, gaze upon and dream of, and wish.  He wasn't much of an ale drinker. No, not at all. His favourite was a special blackberry windyards that Rosie had to go get from the cellar. It was during this short tour he took with her down old stoney steps in the great secrets of Green Dragon that he took to heart the most every so often. It was during these times of rich conversation and gentle play art that made him unsure of his own thoughts and feelings. Was he being too descriptive? Why was her presence so warm and haunting? Never before did he want to write all this down, but for the sake of life, the very fragileness of it, he wanted to write it all down for her to see one day. One day, maybe?  Rosie was her name.A graceful flower that bloomed in the middle of the tavern. How could it be so? Bilbo was in absolute awe of her. She wasn't just a pretty face, no. She was a presence. A strong presence. Stronger than even Smaug himself in the caverns of Erebor. Rosie was a touch of grace. A joyful, hilarious, witty, touch of grace. He was humbled by her. Yet she was almost a ghost, a good memory, a wish. Whenever he was around her, he went into a zone. She took him to all the places he ever wanted to go. He was patient with her. Yet he did want to pick up the pace. Every time he sees her, it was hard to behave. Yet a part of him felt he did not deserve her. No. She was a touch a grace that only a warrior could tame.  Bag End.A home he had made himself. Years and years of collecting and fine tuning. A place where he could call his own and never really need anything else ever again. It wasn't going accordingly though. Not with thoughts of her in his head. How could he tell her? How is it that he could feel her all around him, yet she was not even there. She had never been here, but he could see her here easily. Cleaning about, making things perfect as women do. A touch of grace. Bag End needed it or was it Bilbo who needed it? Needed her.  Perhaps an adventure would help him clear his head.Did he want his head cleared though? He could never describe this agony to anyone. A part of him wants to go on and live his life calm as he had always done. The other part of him wants him to become a hero. Not become a hero just because, but for her. At her presence, he wanted to conquer mountains. Learn Elvish. Teach defense. Raise children. Dance. All those things he suddenly wanted to do. He finally cleared up that clutter of maps by the fireplace. To some, this might be a simple task, but for Bilbo this was BIG. He also mounted his blade and was proud of it. Small things like that made him feel more worthy. Sounds silly. It was small steps to be better. He wanted to be better.://Bilbo took this parchment and almost, almost crumbled it up into a ball to throw it with the others, but this time. He didn't. 


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sinfully, ѕнy

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And so it begins...

Shy looked out the window of her personal jet and found herself lost in thought. She couldnt believe she was going back to do the same thing, she fought so hard to get away from. With 4 million dollars in donations; you would think the young doctor was set. The hospital was built; most of her staff was new and unexperienced so she paid them literally what they were worth. As promised, the donations were to go towards the American Medical Association and hospital expenses and nothing else. Shy needed money but she wasnt quite down on her luck yet. But... Shy had just purchased a home in California to be near her hospital. She also never sold her penthouse in New York; so that was two mortgages to pay. She had purchased a new cars, because what doctor always takes an Uber? Checking her text messages she quickly replied to David, letting him know she would be sending his family a care package for the kindness they shown her while she worked for them, and their generous donation.Celebrity clients like Michael Jackson, Prince and Beyonce paid a pretty penny to be seen and get advice from the doctor. Through her sister, Kismet; ShyAnne became close friends with Chima X, who through her talents raised funds for the hospital often. Hiring a new friendly face, Bree was Shy's newest employee and she was eager to help her out of the situation she was in. Also at the event, Shy made aqaintances with a clinical psychologist, Rakim... he was sure to bring in profits for Mercy West Coast with his great mind. If money determined how Shy slept at night; she'd be sleeping like a baby. The problem was that she wanted more; she wanted so much more. With Pablo out the way, she didnt have to so many jobs... one body went for a good $250,000 if it was filled with the right items. The problem she had now.. was getting more bodies. Shy had connects in New York, she had most of the police in her pocket. As the jet landed, shaking her from her thoughts.Shy eyed the building for a moment before stepping in. It had been years since she visted her father; and rightfully so. Its not like he remembered her, dementia was cruel like that. He remembered he had a daughter, just not Shy. Kismet seemed to the sparkle in his eye; although the stripper dropped out of law school to blog. Signing the sheet, Shy smiled at the nurse and looked around at the group of old people. "God I'd kill Malcom if he put me in a place like this.." Shy mumbled to herself as she waited on the staff to bring out her father. Shy figured since she was going to be in New York for awhile, she'd see her best friend, Jon.  Before she could send him a text,  "Miss Navarro... we apologize. He seems to not remember you today, we dont want to upset him... you know how last time went." the owner came out and apologized. Shy barely blinked an eye; she was mostly irritated to be reminded of her maiden name. She didnt legally change it to be reminded of the weight it carried. "Thats fine, we dont want an old man to break another plastic plant in a rage of fury." Shy said reaching into her purse for a card. "I... relocated to California for the time being, if you cant reach me at the hospital here.. you should be able to get a hold of me..." Shy trailed off as she watched staff roll a body out in a body bag on a stretcher. LIGHT BULB"If you dont mind me asking... what do you guys do with the bodies? I... own a hospital and we need bodies for learning experinces." Shy said turning to face the older man.Writers I tend to talk to everyday or inspired me to write are as Jackson-


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Journal Entry. [cs]

Journal entry.Saturday February 19, 2021Locaction: Coral Gables HospitalTime: ...does it even matter?The day I said today I said goodbye..The moment I walked into your hospital room, it was like the breath was taken straight from my lungs. I couldn't move, left completely numb and motionless as I stared at your chest rising and falling. Your labored breathing broke my heart as I thought of all the belly laughter emitted from your throat. It felt like just yesterday.. you were so full of life, how did it all slip through my fingers? I can't even remember the moment you became so...frail, so fragile.A deep breath.That was all it took.. one deep breath and a few steps; before I knew it, I was at your side. I think I'll remember the moment your eyes fluttered open to meet mine for the rest of my life. I can only imagine the fear behind those eyes, wondering if this breath will be your last. I know I shouldn't think that way.. but we both know..Your hand grips mine, as if you know my inner most thoughts, as if you're trying to comfort me as my eyes search for the answers in yours. But.. there are no answers, only unanswered questions. "Jenny.." God, I haven't heard you say that name since I was a child... I gave it up so long ago, I barely remembered. It was clear your mind was slipping as my hand brushed your chilled cheek. I've never heard your voice so was like you were losing your battle right before my eyes. "Shh... it's okay, momma.." I spoke in a low...I guess it was comforting tone, I wanted it to be.. in my mind it was, but I knew my voice was cracking as I said it. Pull yourself together. It was all I could think.. now wasn't the time to drown in my own feelings, this was about you. How did our last minutes together end up being in the same spot our first moments together were?I can't honestly say I remember anything I said to you, I know I did most of the talking..none of it really relevant, but is anything we say relevant at the end of the day? Does any of it really matter? Would anything I said to her brighten her day...or change anything? Doubtful. I'm sure I talked about the day.. but what difference did it make?! NONE! No.. no.. your grip is slipping. I can still feel it.. no.. god please.. no.. please don't leave me, I never needed anyone.. ever.. but... I need YOU.But I can't speak. It's like I'm standing in the hallway, looking in at my frozen frame, screaming at myself "DO SOMETHING!" But.. what? What am I supposed to do?! I remember the light going out in your eyes. The sound of the heart monitor ringing in my ears, the pain of my heart shattering in my chest. I remember the moment my entire world crashed around me. The doctors rushing in to try to save you...but I knew...aimlessly walking the halls.. searching for an answer to a question I didn't even know. But I don't remember how I got here.. eyes fixating on the ceiling.. a needle hanging from my arm.. I .. I don't remember..

lakewood rpg

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werewolves here you will find Lore, Characters, Etc. Disclaimers: We are not affiliated with any shows / literature / etc whose lore inspired ours! Lore one. werewolves are made by bite. the werewolf gene always activates during the next full moon, triggering the next change. all wolves change on the full moon but once they grow old enough or find an "anchor" they are able to change whenever they want.two. a werewolf's pack is made up of an alpha, a beta, and then other members. all werewolves in a pack can speak between minds when they phase up to 300 miles away from each other.three. werewolves can help their mood swings and control bloodlust by bonding with an anchor. Anchors can be anything from a romantic relationship to familial to a simple platonic friend. they are drawn to these people and they are always able to get control of their abilities soon after.four. werewolves turn into full wolves when they change - not half men. they are all very tall and strong and have heightened senses. They heal quickly, can run quickly, and are the only known things other than fire that can kill a vampire. History one. the age old war betweenvampires and werewolves started before anyone alive can remember. supposedly, in the old days there was a treaty between the species - the werewolves worked hard to sustain human lives and before humans stopped believing in the supernatural, the vampires found no reason to hide their ways or try to protect humans who were the weaker link. the treaty was effectively ended when a vampire killed a pack leader's anchor - their wife - in the 1800s and kicked off their feud. they have not been allied since.two. the werewolf / witch treaty is a recent development - dating back only two years. the wolves wanted their lands in Lakewood back and so they came to the coven for help. at first, they were denied but then a witch was found murdered with what looked like bite marks. immediately a treaty was signed in blood between the Hargrove pack and the leader of the Selene Coven.three. there has been notorious bad blood between the Hargrove pack and the Archaya pack since the late fifties. Around this time is when the beta from the original pack - the Archaya's - separated after an argument over leadership & formed his own pack. Now, the two groups argue more than they rise together - making a united front against the vampires hard. It is made even harder by the fact that the Archaya pack leader thinks it would be better to make an a new treaty with the Vampire species as a way to save lives while the Hargrove pack demands war.   Hargrove Pack   Archarya Pack  

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