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02/26/2021 09:17 PM 

Where do broken hearts go?

Most of my friend know the whole truth of why I have a hard time getting close to people. And why my last relationship was toxic. If you don't know Sieko was his character's name used words to hurt me bad like calling me Slut and Whore and making me believe I was one IRL as well when I wasn't then Mark Fryer he sent a friend reqest on Tavern to Becca saying "I know your Dizzy and I know why everyone hates you so I have lots of no ones who don't hate me. He would use his needed for sex against people and then bully them. Now I have those no ones who don't hate me and he wanted me off of rp. Now Village I was bullied by Nemo and his friends and family telling me I was dating my brother and I was to get check out for being Bipolor when I wasn't he went to leneths to hurt me by making a hate page on village saying I was cheating on my husband but I wasn't and Its staking to block someone which isn't not and he said I was praise god wrong and breaking god's rules please tell me what rules god has that I broke? Because I looked it up in the Bible and found nothing. Now I am glad they all are out of my life. I have a reason to be happy and enjoy writing again. Now if you have tavern there people to block Sieko, Paul Stand, Mark Bond and Drake. Why you might ask because Drake would make you girls have a playby that was hot in his eyes not in yours. And Mark bond deletes you for your hard work on a starter and Paul Stand wants you to give up everything and moved to UK he did it to me. And Happy Appy wanted my best friend to be a girl Gil didn't want that. And Sieko he uses his words to hurt you and wants to take your first away from you. Now here Peter, Oliver, Titus, Wake, Oliver, Phil, And more they would have their characters from the ages 50 to 115 and all they wanted was sex if you wanted to say your sorry you had to have sex with them. And they ruined my relationship with Jay my ex boyfriend and best friend and didn't care that I loved my play by I had to change it and it hurt me but they didn't care. Well be careful who you add because people are cruel not my love isn't he is so sweet gave me a chance to write him and became my best friend. And I feel happy being back in rp again. My muse is back not fully but back and I will be getting back into things slowly. I am glad to have my friends who came here Alyssa {Uma} Jan {Johnny} Rusty {Leo} Reagan {Dylan, Vic and Johnny over on Village} So now you know its not all me. Thanks for reading this Dizzy Faust {Dragonfly}

Sᴇᴀ ᴏғ Sɪɴ ʀᴘɢ

02/26/2021 09:21 PM 

On My Block

  Basic Info:No one is really ready for life after high school, especially when everything you ever knew even before you got into high school was complete and utter chaos. Moving the crew of On My Block to Charming, California, they have a few more issues than just each other. As they will no doubt encounter The Sons of Anarchy, and if they're as unfortunate as them.... Some of the walking dead. Intrigued? Great, grab a role before they end up on the dinner menu or check out all of our other open roles to see what works for you, and don't forget to ask questions if you have any.  

President of Devils Amy

02/26/2021 08:53 PM 

Phoebe Vs Melanie
Current mood:  adventurous

The long awaited show down is finally came. Phoebe now knowing Ethen will never return. Has finally came out of hiding. And since she can have faceoff with her son. Who betrayed her when he had fallen for Melaine.She can least finally face the one who made it a point to make her life hell. But is getting even?Really all that caused her to come back after all these years?Or could there be more to the story? Suppose  we best stay tuned to see.                                                                                                       

President of Devils Amy

02/26/2021 08:59 PM 

White Astaroth Role desired.

First off let me explain why its labeled Whiteits due to he was Red toned fromwhen his mother abandoned him with the Goblin KingHe was turned green. So he could if in with the other Goblins. And then when she tried to turn him back.He had turned Red. And White Astaroth will be a version of Astaroth Created bythe Kingdom of Kain to try and Kill Melaine and Phoebe. I thought I would post this here in case any may take interest before asking other Members to fill it.  Play By is Paul Weasly ( If you can not edit ask Archie to for you. or i willcause I bet he could make a actual white version as good as he is at it)

Part, Open. If Interested Add I, Archie, or, Chase

Miss Winter

02/26/2021 08:36 PM 

Alexis10 favourite quotes. Part 2

1. She's an old soul with young eyes. A vintage heart and a beautiful mind.2. She's not easy to love, but she is difficult to live without.3. I wish you could be here with me. But I wonder, would I have ever found someone more special if you lived? It took some time, but I feel okay now. Thank you.4. His voice. Please don't let me forget his voice.5. You can't love me, you just can't.6. She's the type to hold you while you cry, staying up to watch over you. Even if she isn't on your mind like she wants to be... She is there for you, open your f***ing eyes.7. True love has a habit of coming back.8. A silent person is a dangerous enemy, but a silent person can your greatest weapon.9. The smarter you get, the less you speak.10. I'm bad with words, so I hope you are good with reading eyes.


02/26/2021 08:06 PM 

The Forgotten Stag / RTF February

FEB 2021 RTF Drabble ;  Features Blood Diamond. The Lost StagParagon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178 The bubbling pit was finally breaking out into a maddening pace.  Something was straining to emerge from the pit.   One hand, then the next broke the surface finally making contact with the soil.   It was obviously a male’s hand that dug into the surface of the ground to emerge from the pit of gurgling tar.How did it all happen?Laying flat upon the ground, optics of a warm brown opened for the first time in what felt like an eternity.   His chest began to rise and fall.  His clothing was covered in the filth of this sentient pit.   Elijah Mikaelson, The Noble Stag, the elder half brother of Niklaus Mikaelson lay there for just a moment.   He’d been involved in some sort of battle.  The details of said battle was taken away from him.   He had to find out what happened.   He exhaled slowly before pushing himself to a standing position.   Well over one thousand years ago, Elijah along with his siblings had been born here in this area.  The world had been young and they had been even younger.   He would have to go find someone somewhere to help.He couldn’t stand it.  Elijah had been someone who was OCD about being neat before the term had been invented.   Cleaning was something that he had to do without question.   He was repeatedly trying to wipe the sticky tar from his body until he felt like his skin was raw.   The stream that he had recalled from his childhood was still there.   Clean as he was, his garments that cost more than the economy of some small countries were irrevocably damaged.   He would have to take care of that later.  He knew he was an Original Vampire.  He was in such a state of disarray that he had no concept of how far he was traveling. Elijah wandered forward with a normal stepping pattern for the most part.  He was still in a daze with gaps of his own memory filling his mind.   It was something that his mother had done to him as a young innocent man.  He was told to lock all the evil behind the Red Door.  The Red Door was covered in a pool of tar known as Malivore.    “I-I’m sorry.”   The normally composed elder Mikaelson usually had a remarkable composure about him.  That had been shattered to pieces.He had bumped into an attractive woman with fragrant brown hair that brought to mind honeysuckle and rainwater.   There was a memory of his that accompanied that particular smell.   Could it be?  The woman turned to look right through him.   “It’s quite alright.  Are you injured?  You look wretched.”   She expressed a feeling of genuine concern over a man that seemed to be in a bad sort.“Ava…?”   He asked softly.  Elijah couldn’t believe it.  The first female vampire he’d changed himself that became the first RIPPER in all of vampire history was standing there looking as though she was actually worried about him.   “I can’t believe you’re here…”  He whispered wanting to reach out to her.A perfectly manicured brow arched upward.   “I’m sorry.  I don’t know who you are.  You’ve mistaken me for someone else.”  It was indeed his Ava.  He’d spent the past two hundred years looking for her.  Elijah would know her anywhere.   She took him by the arm and led him to a chair in the heart of Mystic Falls just outside the Mystic Grill. The female vampire grabbed a waiter and spoke to him.  “Bring this man a glass of water, immediately.”  She told him.   She sat down beside the befuddled man staring at him intently.   Elijah was unsure about a lot of things after he’d been through his ordeal, but one thing came through in his own mind was how much he truly loved Ava Leinster.  She had enraptured his heart far before anyone else had done so.  She was the one he’d always tried to forget, but couldn’t.  Ava was also his greatest sin.   “I can’t understand it Ava.  I can’t believe you don’t remember me.”Ava was well over a millennia old in her own right.  She started to look deeper into his eyes.  Something was there.  Something hinted at a memory long ago that was just beyond her reach.   “I.. am truly sorry.”   She was fighting it on her own.  The longer she was there the more she studied him.  Elijah could see that she was trying to remember.  It almost looked as though she’d been compelled to forget.   He reached for her hand and took it in his.  His thumb traced the back of her hand feeling the velvet skin that had ripped apart many humans leaving them lying in blood.  When her bloodlust was free, there was no stopping it.  The blood those hands spilled were all because of his desire to save her from a husband who treated her as a possession rather than a queen that she truly had been.  “Ava, think harder.  You know me…”   Being an Original Vampire, he had a powerful compulsion that would ensnare even other vampires.   Ava’s porcelain features were intently focusing upon him.  Her brow furrowed almost like she was trying to remember.  “Who are you?  Why…why do I feel I know you?”   She inquired absolutely captivated by him.  He could feel his compulsion breaking through her defenses.  “You know me.  Remember.”   He spoke again softly as he focused upon her full lips longing to claim them in a deeply passionate kiss.The walls were breaking.  Her walls were falling.  Memories burst upon her like a raging torrent.   She fell into him as he caught her to steady her.   Her gaze fell away for a moment.  Her composure regained, her eyes were filled with rage.   A soft hand made a stinging welt upon his cheek leaving behind a red handprint.   “You left me behind.  You tore out my heart.”  She stood up to tower over him.  “Come near me again and I will kill you.”Elijah rose his hand to the stinging flesh of his cheek.  His Ava remembered everything now.  His compulsion had been strong enough to break the spell that kept her from remembering him.  This was definitely not going to be james kriet


02/26/2021 06:39 PM 

Do's and Don't

Do- Add me and actually talk to me.Don't- totaly ignore more whenI try to talk about wanting to start a role play.{ I know people get busy in rl That is fine. This is  for people that act like they want to rp,and then they just ignore more and never talk to me ever agian}Do- Enjoy roleplaying your characerDon't-  Avoide people that don't act like thier Faceclaim. Rping is about being creative.If you are THAT scrict..then stay away from me.You sound boaring and no fun. 

Miss Winter

02/26/2021 06:40 PM 

Underground Fighting Arena.

When she took this... Job, she vowed to do everything she could to be the best she could be. As a female, strength would not be her strength. While doing what she could to make herself strong, for a woman at least. Speed and flexibility, those she could use to her advantage without giving the chance. James would have been horrified to know what she was doing and where she was now, but... Those people solved the problem, didn’t they? People of the law had to go by the book and sometimes, following all those rules is just an open route to letting every bad guy getaway. Not every single person is going to be some dimwitted female or male trying to make a quick buck or even a quick getaway. Some are smart and will do anything to get out of there. No, those rules helped and held them back as much as anything. That’s why she never saw herself as the hero. She imagined if anyone knew who she was, they wouldn’t either. The room was dark and empty, besides the brown leather couch, the holes and rips giving away the long-term use of it. A dresser sat in the room with the stool. Bronze carved dragons into the frame of the mirror. An odd make. Alexis sat on the couch with the dim light make her face glow. At the moment her eyes are closed, waiting for her turn. She didn’t have her usual make-up on her face, but her cheeks are still rosy, flushed in her excitement. He would kill me. Her lips twitched at her own thought for a second. Soft pink lips stretched into a full smile for a moment. Or maybe he would join in. Alexis opened her eyes, and in the light, they sparkled. Brown depths blinking once or twice to take in the light flashing on her face. The sound of her door being unlocked made her sit upright. A man with messy brown curls and hazel eyes stepped inside, the door left open. His lips set in a grim line, “We are ready for you.” “... Alright, lead the way.” Alexis cleared her face of everything. Making her face read nothing. To say she had more of a blank face than he did was remarkable. She stood and pulled her arms in the air for a long stretch, muscles stiff from lack of use. Right now she had on a white sports bra and decent black leggings. The trainers on her feet squeaked on the floor in the darkroom. Letting him know she was following him along. While she did so, her head dipped down, a white mask covered her face around her eyes to keep herself from being seen. The hallway was just as dark as the room. Even more so, all she could see was the man holding the glow stick that leads them through the hall. Her eyes settled on him, mostly. She could hear the shouts of people further in, it sounded like cheering from what she could hear. Of course, and she was part of it for the time. Suddenly the light flashed in her face, her arm instantly lifted to cover her face. Her hands bandaged to keep them from being damaged in the fight. “Oh! Look at the pretty little girl!” one man scoffed from the stand. “Is this a joke?” “Who cares? It’s her funeral.” Alexis curled her lip at them and removed her arm from her face. Her eyes hardened slightly. The room was a wide and small arena with people sitting in the stands. A man was in the middle where a square arena covered with a cage was waiting. Her eyes scanned the room. Nothing to throw or use. Her lips pressed together, her brow furrowing slightly with worry. Hopefully, she wasn’t f***ed. Then again, Alexis was usually f***ed anyway, so that didn’t matter in reality. Stepping into the arena, the cage door closed firmly behind her and she stood in front of her opponent. The man was perfectly bald and grinning at her like a cat. He wasn’t too much, not fit, and not unfit. Her eyes gave him a once-over. He looked as nervous as she did from the way he moved around. His blue eyes keeping her in his sights. “Don’t go easy on me.” That was all Alexis said before she lunged forward. The first thing she wanted was an idea of where his skill was, flaws and strength. Her feet skid around before she pushes herself in the air, her foot kicking his face quickly. Forcing him to stumble made her jump back a good distance. The man's head only just snapped back on her. Okay, so strength is stronger than. F*** me. John, she had learned - stopped her from going back too far and grabbed her by the arm and twisting it back. Her eyes closed shut when shooting pain went up to her arm. “Don’t go easy on you? Ask you wish princess!” The sound of her hissing could be heard, then suddenly he was letting her go and howling, her hand just getting the finger on the hand that hurt her. Twisting it hard enough to break before kicking him, foot first, into his face again. “Shut up and fight.” Alexis snapped at him, eyes narrowed, switching into her fighting stance with her fists up. “F***, you broke my f***ing nose!” He cried while holding his face, when he let them see a trail of blood was flowing down from his nose, much to her amusement. Alexis merely raised an eyebrow at him. Standing up, John ran for her and rammed with his shoulder before his fist hit her face and throwing her back on the arena. The people howled with excitement at the progress, Alexis rolled on the arena and grunted. The side of her face stung, the throbbing leaving her with a warning of pain. A trail of blood dripped down the side of her chin, rolling to her knees slowly with a glare in his direction.

Miss Winter

02/26/2021 02:26 PM 

About Admin.

I live in Scotland. I am nothing like my muses, but their confidence is inspiring to me.I do a lot of things to either inspire me or keep my muse.I base my character's on quotes, mostly.I don't always post quotes in the mind of others, or any relation she has been through. You are free to interact and try; I feel like I should be clear on that one.I am actually a hardcore romance kind of girl, but I much prefer the slow build and sometimes different situations call for different actions.I am not a fan of limiting my genres; unless the story or relation is there, you won't see me allowing my muse to romance or sleep with your muse.I can be picky. Sometimes you want to get to be with my muse - Which should be told clearly through the story.Relationships between characters are new to me. I haven't even allowed her to be with anyone, just seemed like a waste of time. Everyone is usually taken, so why dwell? but again, try if you like.I adore animals and children. ♥Painting is a pastime for me, well anything to do with art.I have been called a bitch - Being blunt is NOT me being a bitch. I am not here to sugarcoat things, deal with it or leave me be.I might not banter on the status of another until I get used to them. Character or admin.I am a shy person who has been writing for some time. I can't seem to keep my confidence, so if I seem unconfident then that's why.I love quotes and put them on stream and on my photos.Must is my way of gaining inspiration. Often for my muse.I write fast and sometimes I can lose my muse, but never fear. When I write it never takes long to come back.And I'll stop here. Enjoy. ♥


02/26/2021 01:55 PM 


Twenty Questions.Twenty questions answered honestly by Bowie Zeppelin, in order for you to get to know her better.   Have You Ever Dine And Dashed At A Restaurant?Bowie has never dined and dashed at a restaurant, and it is something she would never do.  What Is Your Most Frequently Used Emoji?The middle finger emoji, fire emoji and poop emoji.  Have you ever been suicidal?Bowie has tried to commit suicide in the pass, and often has suicidal tendencies.  Are Platonic Relationships Or Romantic Relationships More Important To You?Both are just as important to Bowie.  Who Do You Miss More: Ziggy Stardust Or Prince?Ziggy Stardust.  If You Had To Be Trapped On A Desert Island With One Friend, Who Would You Choose?Hanna Hamilton.  If You Could Find Out How You Were Going To Die, Would You Want To Know?Absolutely.  If You Could Only Email Or Text People For The Rest Of Your Life, Which One Would You Choose?Texting for the win.  How often do you people watch?All the damn time.  What job would you be terrible at?Mechanic.  What website do you visit most often?Google and Pinterest.  Favourite meal to cook?Lasagne or spaghetti carbonara.  What city would you most like to live in?Sydney, London or Denver.  What fictional place would you most like to go?Emerald City (Wizard Of Oz)  What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?Travel far away from their hometown.  Who’s your go-to band or artist when you can’t decide on something to listen to?Hardy or All Time Low.  What is your Harry Potter house?Ravenclaw.  If you had the ability to bring one loved one back from the dead who would you choose?My mother.  What is one or two of your favourite smells?Lavender and Peach.  What do you hope your last words will be?Over and out mother*ckers.


02/26/2021 11:56 PM 

burning red

Miss Winter

02/26/2021 09:05 PM 

Alexis10 favourite quotes. Part 1

1. Trust means everything.2. Angel, god, how can you just believe those things are real? What have they done to help us? I don't understand your way and I don't want to.3. Sometimes... Miracles are just people with kind hearts.4. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you.5. Sometimes... We don't want to heal because it's the last link to what we lost.6. Kindness begins with understanding the struggle.7. What is meant to be will always find a way.8. In the end, all I learned was how to stand alone.9. You're the reason I'm smiling again, thank you.10. Since you've been around, I smile more than I used to... And that scares me.

𝔴𝔬𝔯𝔩𝔡 𝔦𝔰 𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕖

02/26/2021 06:23 PM 

Audtion piece- drabble

TRIGGER WARNING: MENTION OF TEETH, VIOLENCE, DRUGS. Letting her feet touch the ground, the gentle sound of clicking could be heard echoing. But it didn’t concern her. Golden curls pulled back into a ponytail, red lipstick swiped on so perfectly. It was almost like she had planned everything to a T. Because she had.Sure, Goldie was more of a reckless girl. She lived for the thrill of the rush. Escaping and running high on the rooftops. But there was just another exhilaration that came from just not being caught. Making your way through the halls without a sound. Silence. A ghost lost within the veil. Many longed for it- but Goldie? Heh, she could switch it on and off like a f***ing lightbulb.Looking around, she could see that the office was empty for the night. It was clear that Peter or whatever he called himself these days had left for the night- probably to snort some of that precious pixie dust and whatever else he got up to when he wasn’t ruining the lives of those near or around him. God, she hated how much she was impressed by this man. But, that didn’t matter- not right now. All she cared about was how many pretty little treasures he had stashed up in here. Word around town was that this little boy had managed to get hold of something very important- something which this little girl had been looking for for quite some time now. The only problem, she had to find it.“If I was an arrogant a**hole, where would I hide my important sh*t.” She mused, tapping her gloved finger against the chin, the leather squeaking ever so slightly. Walking closer toward his desk, she allowed her fingertips to brush against the tinted mahogany. As the man had grown, he had grown fond of expensive taste. Something she was sure most fables who had been kissed by the riches of the Mundie world had grown to love. It was a vice. And what could she say, everyone had vices. Even her.She studies his desk, ocean pools observing the monitors that sat to the side, stacked on top of each other. It gave him the perfect view of everything within Neverland- able to see every single dirty trick that happened. But what could she say- even sometimes she would sneak in just to see the dirty tricks. As mentioned before; even she had vices. Besides the monitors were a mess of papers, followed by what looked like pens that had been thrown around. She assumed he must have had one of his infamous hissy fits here before he left for home.Then something caught her eye.There at the bottom of the desk was a draw, she tried to open it but of course, it was locked. Nothing a simple bobby pin could fix. Pulling it from her hair, the click of the lock filled her with a chill of thrill. This was one of the parts she loved. Sliding the drawer open, she noticed a storybook of cinderella. How weird, but she knew it was just a ruse. Lifting it revealed a deeper part of the compartment. And there at the bottom laid what she was looking for. The rabbits perfectly polished watch, always running five minutes late.Picking it up, she turned the golden bronze metal over in her hand, analyzing the back which had been engraved with names. What he could only assume were his lovers, or maybe his victims. This watch would cost a pretty penny on the black market. Why would Peter be stashing this in his dingy little office?She hadn’t even had enough time to answer her own question when the sound of the door being opened made her lookup. There stood the lost boys, how the f*** did they-She looked up, of course, f***ing Peter would have a camera in his own office. Narcissist.“Lovely evening isn't it, Boys.” She paused, noticing the female who seemed to be standing beside the men. “And girls.” She added, this time with a playful wink. However, it seemed that they weren’t in the mood for flattery.“Put it back.” One growled.“Now, that’s not a very nice tone to have with me. Is it?” She walked form around the desk, hips swaying slightly. “What’s the magic word.”Instead of answering, the man just lunged, Goldie worked quickly, when he grabbed at her shoulder with his monstrous grip, she let her head collide with his. The crack of bone sickening but she had grown to love the sound. She could feel a warm liquid on her lips. Was it his blood, or her own? Who was she to know? She would evaluate the damage later. Watching the man stumbled back, she kicked him so he fell to the ground, pulling one of her many knives and stabbing it to the ground, through his hand.However, she didn’t have time to breathe, twisting around, she threw another knife, trapping another man between the wall by his coat. She quickly stood up, walking back behind Peter’s desk, kicking his chair toward a group of the men and watching them all collide into it. For henchmen they weren’t always the smartest of the bunch, huh.The only one who even got close was the woman, she threw a punch, landing it on Goldie’s face. She could feel her lip split against her tooth. The taste of iron against her tongue.“Hm, good punch.” She complimented her rival, this time avoiding her punch, grabbing the woman's arm and pulling her closer toward her, when she was closer Goldie grabbed a fistful of the woman's hair, smashing her head down into the mahogany. She could hear the crack of something, god knows what. The woman struggled for a bit longer, trying to get out- so Goldie just simply pulled a cloth from her pocket. She had prepared for this. She pulled the woman’s head back up, using the cloth to cover the woman’s mouth and nose.“Here, you deserve a rest, angel.” She breathed softly in the woman’s ear. “It’s a shame. We would have made a good couple.” She pouted before a smirk twisted onto her glossed lips as the woman finally went limp, watching her motionless body drop to the floor.Standing up properly, Goldie tightened her ponytail, pushing the strands of sunshine that had escaped from their trap behind her pierced ears. She admired her handiwork. She had taken them all out and only...Two were hurt really. She walked over, her high heels clicking once more as she picked up what she had originally come for. Her eyes twinkled from mischief while she pocketed them; turning around she made her way back out the window swiftly, without a sound. That had gone well.Not too gory,Not too loud.Just f***in’ right.

Iduna 🍎 Lovey

02/26/2021 02:54 PM 

Justify my Existence

 How futile it's my my life, painted in detail among the changing colours in the leaves that now have dried out in the ground, where am I'm? Precisely, this is a game you play yourself in the programming of knowledge. Well, I keep myself in the fog of the dawn in the Shire by the smial of the dead end, as to be precisely its how initially was called. Away from Asgard found the Gods to be out of reach for my apples and within the villages coming together found a land for this fruits to be humbly a part of a gift to the hobbits. If there was an intelligent cyber system could recall infinite time line in the future as how it's to act and move my body into this space, a sweet home to and familiar friends around is all I need as where I'm at. Was contemplating the definition of power as a fast and highest resolution as a new domain of possibilities and it's flooded chaos in each apple, yet it taste as knowable and wisdom to me. Easy appealing and free with vitamins, you pick it and let each do as they wish. Some times no one comes and it's fine too, it radiates by a force of love rather than pressure, unless you need a sharpen dagger to cut in pieces and share a bit, onto your own as well, make a pie, who knows? let if fall as it reaps it self when matured. It's beyond my control or boundaries to watch the weathers change in nature. The agriculture. I don't think anyone considered it self a slave or a pagan but for the good work, readings of nutritions dances with ale all blended with bread anc cheasse atop the tables. I'm indeed eager to come out in human form it's just an hypothetical love to the town and its nature as we come toguether. Get the meals done takes around four hours and having 50 interactions right will build a relation fine, it's just that I also like to be useless and provide a shade in summer, I do not wish my wood to be cut for furniture as practical it could, I'm so crocket and twisted from trunk to branches and deep down in my routes that it's to much work to build something straight as to be or burned into fire because the knots in me bring too much smoke. It reminds me of a Zen story about humility on being useless, and it enriches my soul to not make it any better than for this apples and warmth. Yes, could go beyond this boundaries as a body carries it's mobile.The first rays confronts the unknown of the day, the silence is redundant making me softer and receptive with nearly as much the oxygen and photosynthesis of the night starts now to absolve the sunshine, Im pregnant by a genuine joy because it makes no difference if I know how to do this things or others, assuming I'm before God as the birds are nesting in me, coming and going. It inhabits an unity of beauty that I had to create the runes as to explain, but still it's riddling on the hierarchy of biology in us, innate to discover generating curiosity. Was called regarded to be just a bush as an insult, non is important to know as to achieve anything anymore but for a mystery I'm to guard with the whole of this justify existence.   Could just lay there and suffer miserably from a striking storm, life is very complex and it does have a meaning inside this paralysis, its something worthwhile to step out making it in the world, it all starts at home as a psychological state within the self or mind, shallow, deep. There are so many variants as to know how will it end, 5 years is enough as to say is close to our purpose and transcends so my creation comes upon us, the Green Dragon's Tavern makes me flavoured as to try those cakes. That's worth living to find out, a fine basket with apples will do for a friends visit. Anyways who wan'ts to work for a pay when the job so playful. The dying of the industry and 'the machine' is starting to radiate upon on the return at the beginning of the cosmos where an environment is felt, fundamentally, to fix it at this divine chaos that's to much to bare, just move, the snake it's so demanding lurking down to sale me as if my product is a sin. No, I won't delude into the illusion of realities, a sincere play is good for me away defining the Baggins from the others, or this flowers from the grass, would bushes compare when they all share the cake of this new day? Hum, it has been a while.   


02/26/2021 12:10 PM 

𝕷𝖎𝖒𝖇 𝖋𝖗𝖔𝖒 𝕷𝖎𝖒𝖇

Trigger warnings: Self Loathing. mentions of death. SELF-HARM implications.  "WHY for one fvcking second can't you be normal?"Arlene's father belowed out. At this point in her life she thought she'd be used to the judgement from her father, thought it wouldn't break her heart - but here she was, doing her best to keep herself from reacting in any way but emotionless. She flinched, hating herself for showing any sign that he was getting under her skin. It was almost like a game to them now, her mother used to defend her but now all the woman did was sit in silence - letting the war rage on between the two. Waiting to see who would back down.Neither did. They'd always depend on her to put out the fire while the both left in a huff."Am I ruining your reputation dearest father?" Her voice sickeningly sweet, almost spitting out the last word. "Does it really matter what I do? Didn't I over hear you tell your friends I was dead to you?"Her father had let out a huff, red in the face as if he was about to explode on a whole different level. It almost made Arlene grin. But something ached in her, a part of her remembered when she was daddy's little girl. A star eyed child who'd wait for him at the door when she was younger, always wanting to be by his side. Even cried in family portraits if she wasn't sitting in his lap. "I've got no time for this foolish behavior. Unlike some people I keep this house intact."Before the teen could even say anything her father had left in a huff.  She slumped herself into her seat as she looked now at her mother."I wish you two would just get along Arlene, you're not even trying anymore." Her mother's sweet tone rang in her ears,"There's only one thing we can actually agree on..."She spoke in a low hushed tone now."We both want me dead."Hearing the slamming of whatever utensil her mother was holding was deafening."NOW! Don't you dare start that again."She could hear the hurt in her mother's voice, if she'd turned around she would probably see her eyes watering, body trembling.A tug on her sweater's sleeve, healing scars, stitches that would remind all of them of her accident. When did she start feeling like this? When did she believe it was acceptable to erase herself from this world?"It's fine. I'm fine."Without waiting for a response Arlene peeled herself away from her seat, bag in hand, leaving an untouched plate of food for her mother to toss away before making a bee-line to the  front door making her escape.She didn't want this conversation with her mother for what felt like the millionth time.They both knew she was anything but fine. "Another lovely morning with the parents, eh?"A familiar voice broke her away from her thoughts. Her frown slowly turning into a small smile."They hate me. "She sighed, tugging the strap of her bag over her shoulders."Makes it easier, I suppose."Arched brows thrown her way."Easier for what?""Easier for me to join you." 

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