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Mujika Creations

03/02/2021 03:25 PM 

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03/02/2021 02:21 PM 

ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴜsɪɴᴇss

The Business  [Writers Note]This took forever, longer than I wanted. Kayon will be an NPC going further.Thank you ahead of time for reading. Its lengthy. My bad. Let me know what ya guy's think. Always love feedback. Characters: Click Images to EnlargeARTHEL KAYON XAVIER    The heat stuck to his skin as he descended from the on ramp at Louis Armstrong International Airport. Louisiana and its glory, greenery behind the structure - on its side the Mississippi River cutting through the city. He was home. Orbs hidden behind darken shades looking to hide his shock at the sight of one of his brothers open armed to welcome him. Odd though, Arthel thought, things like this never happened. Keyon was the middle child. Probably the most trusting and charming out of the three. After graduation he went on to study medicine only to get halfway through his program and join the police force. Now, detective. Helping the man keep order in the streets and fight the bad guys — his guys. “Whats goin’ on Hollywood!” His voice cut through the jet engines. Arms reached around Arthel’s neck before his body was dragged towards the car parked at the gate. Arthel pushed past his brother, tapping him on the shoulder sending a middle finger with no words and entered the SUV but not before closing it in his brothers face. The other lowered his head and walked over to the other side entering in the car before it peeled off. Arthel enjoyed hs home, seeing the people, the town. Daydreaming for a moment but brought right back remembering where he was - who he was with. “So did ya bring yours?” An eyebrow raise on Arthel’s face formed. “Or are you on the whole ‘I carry responsible because I have a badge’ tip?” The silence continued. His brothers lips pursed upwards, a sign Arthel himself showcased when he was a bit irritated. He watched closely as his brother reached into his suit jacket and removed his handgun. It wasn’t however the one joked about. There it was, cold — a metallic finish and a reminder to all just how much they were all really connected.  Guns given to them by their father. His brothers light brown on the handle.  “How about yours?” His blood asked as his digits ran across the body of the gun resting on the seat. Arthel huffed a bit and lifted himself up reaching behind him and pulling the same weapon, a twin almost, out of his back landing it next to the other. His handle a solid black leather. “You’d think after all these years we’d choose a different way to say ‘Hey don’t shoot me.’ Maybe something less” Arthel motioned his hands widely at the body sitting next to him. “In your face.…so.…did you do something?” The others face twisted at Arthel as if he had the audacity to speak. The repositioning of his structure set up for a comeback — like fish to bait Arthel thought. “ME?! Ever since you put a bullet through the head of our father. I’ve been doing my part, keeping the cops off distribution and keeping the streets calm. Where have you’ve been?” Now Arthel’s lip was twisted upwards, same facial expression, god it was wild how they resembled one another. “If ya knew man…you’d take the shot yourself.” His brothers index and thumb resting at the bottom of his chin in irritation. “You owe me an explanation.” His tone rising in volume. “Man, shut the hell up you aint about to do sh*t…” Arthel crossing his hands looking away from his sibling. The events of that night had not been discussed in part to Arthel’s purposeful shutout. Only giving a simple shrug at the explanation similar to how he was now. His brothers suggesting it was a grief act as if to make their own sense of the matter. The truth however was kept for the ears of Arthel and body that laid out in the fields the tires of the SUV now rumbled over. Soon the vehicle stopped and the driver simply unlocked the door sitting hands rested on the wheel as if frozen. In an attempt to escape the close quarters he shared with his brother, he quickly grabbed his gun and exited the SUV.  Through the window of the vehicle, he saw 2 figures facing aim at him. On the other side, his brother faced a party of 2 with semi-rifles pointed right at him. Arthel rose his hands over his head with tight grip on his weapon as he met the caller himself. “And he returns…The Hoodoo Boys are all together once again” A slow clap could be heard beyond the rifles pointed at him. Arthel lowered his hands and formed a big smile across his face in response. “This is the welcome I was more expecting.” His brothers hands in air moving slowly to the front of the SUV. “Last time you were here brother you blew the head off pops…” The man extended his arms to the area they stood in. It was his fathers sugar mill. Something he had never thought to see of his father was the venture into the farming era. But what later was defined as a source of wealth also brought along a lot of danger. Cornelius Dams a man of many talents except for staying in one place. First it was selling cars, then an attempt at real estate until he worked his way down to betting and gambling, small looting gigs. By that point however, his wive with two boys and the third on the way had left his side. In his mind however, he was freed. The cutting of restraints in his mind allowed him to flourish in the underworld. He created a business, found himself at the side of the kingpin of New Orleans learning the trade. That was until he took the throne for himself. Weirdly enough he continued to be a father after his conquest. A better one than when Arthel was born at least. Money came every month on time however mother so stubborn she simply placed it away for the boys. Still insisting working long hours and sourcing a means of independence as well with an in-home care service. This leaving time for their father to corrupt the boys and prepare them for what he saw as the family business. First the eldest. Xavier Cornelius Dams. Easily the most adoring child to his father. Worshiped the ground he walked on and rightfully so in aspect he was the first to grow up in in the height of his parents relationship. The middle Kayon Hillard Dams. The wind is what they called him. He flowed where he wanted to. Not a big stickler for rules coming from anyone. Always exhibiting an affinity to protect himself above all else. And then Arthel, the youngest, the baby in all eyes but always the most erratic as a kid. A temper to say the least. “…lets go inside though..” Arthel walked past the barrels that stared him right in his frontal with a smirk on his face. A few familiar faces, a nod from the corner. He had allies there. Once inside a immediate feeling of nostalgia found its way upon his thoughts. And by the look of it, his brother Keyon as well. Each looked at the white beams and its majestical height before stepping inside. Standing in the foyer his brother Xavier slammed the same type gun presented earlier inside the car earlier between the two. Only his was dark brown finish at the handle. Arthel tossed his out as did his brother. “Good now that thats out the way…” the eldest continued “Last time we spoke the decision to spilt the business was agreed upon. I ran ops, Kay ran drug distribution and Art played politics with our money.” Arthel wondered why his brother decided to go over this. His structure shifted as if he was nervous and when thinking about it all, his brother mentioned the swamp — Arthel wondered why they were in the house. “….I need….” And there it was, the catch. Out of the corner of his eye Arthel saw one of his brothers bodyguard grip his gun a bit tighter. “Give me full control. All of it. Walk away.” Kay and Arthel both looked at one another before Kay spoke. “…ya want full control? No more help from the NOPD?” The offerer nodding his head in agreement. “And what about the cuts we deserve. Over the last couple years, what you offering?” Kay nodding in agreement as if the statement made more sense than his question. “2 Million each.” Arms out extended as if his offer was final with no intent to negotiate. The other guy gripping his AR again, trigger slipping into the loop. Kay speaking first. “Look — Im all for getting out but I just want to make sure this is real. Dad said years ago, I’d be out after college. Then it was after the academy. Then it was whenever we expanded.” Arthel rolled his eyes at his brothers rant. If he couldn’t see it then he didn’t understand why he even wore a badge in the first place. Arthel spoke before another word from his brother. “He’s not giving us an option Kay. Meaning he’s already made it for us. I just have one question for you X. Who do you owe money too?” Xaviers eyes shot open acknowledging Arthel hitting the nail on the head. “I only ask because I hear you owe someone. So I ask again, who did you sell out too?” Arthel’s eyebrows moved upwards indicating a rush to answer. Kay spoke next. “A - bruh you always comin out the ass with some sh*tty ass theory. X wouldn’t sell out. He’s been rockin with dad the longest.” Out of nowhere X started to laugh. His laugh continued for seconds on seconds. Kays face twisted at the reaction and Arthel just shook his head. From the break of laughter, X spoke. “Ya an idiot Kay, so much faith in everyone. And you…ugh…you get more credit than I or anyone really gives you. I mean to be frank we all thought you were a princess. But under all of that. There is beast. And all it took was for you to loose your family for you to actually grow a pair” A yell direct at Arthel. For a moment he just stood, shaking his head in disgust. Then — he went for it. Launching himself to pick up his gun. His two body guards guards lifting theirs in the same instance.In that same moment, Arthel grabbed his and Kay as well. Arthel pointing his gun straight at his brother Xavier, Xavier at Arthel and Kay at Xavier. As always, Kay the first to speak. “PUT IT DOWN! NOW! X!” Xavier with a big grin on his face. “This doesn’t need to happen. He just wants a little over half. If he doesn’t get it Kay, he’ll come after Mia.” The look on his brothers face was one he knew very well. Even from afar. The pulling of love and the fear of losing it. Soon the barrel of Kays gun was brought to X’s forehead. Metal against skin. Brother against brother. “Say it again…” Kays hand pressured the guns tip into the forehead. A smile on the face the whole time and a moment of wince via the eye, Xavier shifted his head away. The guards stepping forward holding off as if knowing the game his eldest brother was playing. Surprised they let a gun even touch his forehead, slackers Arthel thought.  “Like I said, he — THEY know about Mia. If you don’t sell he will come after you with everything hes got. Now, what’s it going to…”BAM BAM  Two headshots. Arthel pointed and shot one of the bodyguards and the other on his left. No surprise they were slow on the draw. Focusing on the wrong person. Bringing his gun to the side of his eldest brothers face Arthel spoke. “Who is they — him — whom the f*** ever it is. And why do they want all of this…” “I take my statement back from earlier, you're not that clever. When you decided to go and kill the man who everyone respected you left a vacuum. Naturally it stays within the family that much was clear. But which son, clearly not you. Kay — well, look at him about to sh*t bricks at the mention of his wife.” Kay’s hand gripping the handle of the gun tighter pushing it more into his brothers head as his silence met with a few exhales through the nostrils. Arthel looking over for a moment mouthing 'Congratulations'. “So I went to all of dads partners. No one would sell to me. Shame, embarrassment, our name — my name — all I worked to be gone in a flash. And you didn’t even kill the real person behind it all. So I had to find another way and bam, he showed up. Out of nowhere. Offered product a solution to the problem. And now I pay up or its my life. And ya’ll…” Arthels mouth half open, head cocked to the side amazed and a bit dumbfounded at the words coming from his blood. The only action he could take was to swing his arm slamming the gun and his fist across his face before rising the gun back to point. “You talk to f***in’ much.” Gun moved positions to the leg and then BAM. Arthel took a shot. Glitching to the side aiming at the other, Arthel fired once more. BAM. Kay backed up for a moment looking down contemplating his next move, however slow he was. Arthel already had his gun raised to him. “You want to know why I shot him in the head. Why I killed our dad. His men, the men he ordered to follow my wife and son, got trigger happy frontin’ to some wannabe fool. Ending up exchanging bullets. A bunch of casualties. My family!” Kay lowered his weapon and shook his head. “But you heard him…you didn’t even get the right….” Xavier finished the sentence for him a bit muffled between hisses of pain as he laid on the ground. “You killed…..him….for….nothing….” Arthel lowered himself to lift this brothers chin up to face him. “Tell me who is responsible. Tell me who HE is. Tell me how much.” Xaviers words now broken by cough and pain. “20 Million….” A grin coming across his face. “He’s our…” Cough again. “…brother. Half..” Kay sounded off a sound as if he want to say oh what the f*** but instead sounded like water hitting rocks. Arthel got closer hanging on his brothers words. “The order the night my family died, who made it…” His brother laughed a clear sound this time revealing a smile covered with red. “I did…I had them followed and when sh*t got hot…sh*t happen. But im not sorry…” Arthel rose pushing his index and thumb into his temples. Not only was he coming to terms with a mistake or at least a failure on his end to see the truth. Coming to terms with betrayal even if it was imminent. And the calling of the power. The seat. His brother continued. “I would’t take it back because look at you now. So strong. Willing to do anything. I did what dad couldn’t…made you into a…” BAM.    BAM.    BAM.   BAM.   BAM.    BAM.    BAM.   BAM. A blood splattered Arthel turned to his other brother. Gun pointed, straight. Kay raised his gun in surrender. “Nah - nah. We good. I get it.” Arthel’s hands shaking at the weight of the gun, the weight of what he just did. Again. Closing his eyes for a moment, lowering the weapon and sinking his feet into the ground he gained a clear throat to speak. “Take care of the bodies. I will take care of everyone else, already paid some of the local divisions off. Now just time to round up everyone else.” Arthel moved his gun into his pants and walked up to his brother. “I don’t care who she is. Where she - Mia will be safe. is. We stop this…half brother. Pay him. Kill him. Whatever. We don’t have to see each other again.” He knew his brother didn’t want the weight of it all. The thorned crowned, diminished throne, a crime organization in shambles. Running away from it all did nothing for him either, it took his family when he denied its requests home. Arthel knew only he was going to be able to get himself out of the situation that laid present. “Deal?” His tone stern. Kay nodding and the brothers gripping hand and hand as a formal agreement. Arthel quickly removed himself from the room to not stare long at the mess on the floor. However, stepping up the flight of stairs into a hallway he hadn’t seen in ages made him feel worse.  *Press Play Now* Walking straight into the master bedroom in search of a new shirt. Needing to remove at least the idea of brain splatter from his body. The first idea was the closet, Arthel swung those doors open quickly examining all of the rooms contents. All suits. Grabbing one of them and removing it from its hanger, he slipped on the dress dirt and sat in on the floor. Silent. Thinking. Mourning. Thinking. His eyes followed the wood that the closet was colored around the room. It didn’t lead anywhere. The closet was half packed up with names on boxes. All his fathers — until there was one that wasn’t. A box in the corner by itself, barley could be seen if not for Arthel looking from an angle. It had a big A on it. Now in front of the box Arthel whipped his face with the dress shirt staining the shirt even more with blood before reaching inside the box. Most of the contents were photos, documents things of no use for this moment. At the bottom however, there was a bigger box, hard shell, shaped as if to hold something. Immediately he knew what it was.  

POD Heather Dreamy

03/02/2021 12:28 PM 

3891 Views for a Private account?

May I help you? Got an issue? Write about it. But please stop viewing my page over and over. Cause you want get much more than a default I rarely change if ever. Cause I am here to write with my private group of friends. Which does not include you. May I suggest checking yourself in a psych ward. If my simply being here borthers you that much. Do you get that I am not the problem. But your own mind is. By not allowing you to more on  Okay Bye now. 

💋Colourful Megalomaniac

03/01/2021 10:56 PM 

Writing Sample - Drabble: Lexus and Lazarus

She hadn’t even heard Moriarty coming, above the screams that the gun had now silenced, with a close range scatter shot to the face.“You might want to put some bactine on that. Mind you it’s going to sting a bit.” He drawled sarcastically to the corpse at her feet.She spun quickly at the sound of his voice, pointing the gun at him. Jim didn’t flinch. He didn’t even look at her. Hands in pockets, he rocked to and fro on his heels, as his black, cold, eyes surveyed the now faceless mess before him.Lazarus. She smiled, lowering the gun upon recognition, ears still ringing from the shot. “You certainly do pick your moments Jim.”“Shame you didn’t put a canvas down. You could have sold it as an original Jackson Pollock.” He smarmed.She chuckled. “And to what do I owe this dis-pleasure?” She teased.Jim mockingly put a hand to his heart as if she had pierced it with her words. “Soooo...” He began, walking over to her before stopping in front of her, and taking a strip of her hair between his fingers. His eyes lowered as he twisted and rolled the hair strands back and forth between his thumb and forefinger. “...What’s this I hear about you and Cortez?”She too did not flinch, but she did smile. “Well, that all depends on what it is you’ve heard about me and Cortez, doesn’t it?”He tilted his head. “Oh you know. The usual… That he’s your new Handler.” He said, his dark eyes, snapping to meet her own in a dangerous glare.“Ridiculous.” Scoffed Lex. “There has never been another since you. You know that. We have a deal. I hope you’re not welching on me now.” She spat out accusingly.“Says you.” He said with a dripping venom, tipping her chin up at him as his pitch black orbs burned through her with a controlled and restrained tone of warning, almost growling as he spoke. “You gave my codings to him. Didn’t you?” He all but snarled in her face.Her brow flinched a moment as she wondered how he even knew. “You know them by heart anyway. It was a gesture of trust.” She smiled softly, bringing her own hand up now, to cup his cheek gently.Jim curtly smacked it away again. Turning on the spot, enraged hands sank into his hair and his back to her as he began to lose patience with her. “TRUST?!” He screamed at her as he spun violently to face her once more.She stepped back away from him instinctively; re-aiming the gun at his face once more. Her eyes darting to look about the warehouse as she searched for Tiger in the shadows. He was never too far away. She would have been in his crosshairs before Moriarty had even entered the vicinity.She looked at him indignantly. “They’re not /your/ codings, they’re /mine/.”He very briefly but angrily displayed his position and personal viewpoints on the dangerous fact that somebody even had access to such information and how it may at some point be utilised against him.“I thought /nobody/ ever got to you?” She remarked in challenge with a cocky smirk that empowered all the more as he looked at her like he wanted to kill her. Her words clearly hitting a nerve beneath the skin he was so proud of others never getting under.Jim tried to regain his composure as he fought the urge to grab her by the face and ask her why he shouldn’t skin her alive right, f***ing, now. He even got as far as reaching out to grab for her before he stopped himself, closing his fingers in the air like he was imagining crushing her to death in his very palm, all the while glaring at her through gritted teeth. He huffed out a breath through his nose, moving his hand to pinch at the bridge of it in frustration, and finally opting to drop his demeanor for a new approach.“Lexus. Honey.” He said as he approached her again, giving a ‘really?’ look to the gun as he closed the gap between them. “Get that thing out of my face would you?” He said, pushing it slowly aside with his finger as she conceded. “It’s not /you/ that I don’t trust.” He said, cupping her face with both hands like an apologetic lover.She moved her hands to cup the outside of his own. “/You/ don’t need to trust him. You just need to know that /I/ can trust him.” She smiled warmly in reassurance. “I’d stake my life on it.”“You had better hope so.’’ He said resting his forehead to hers, his eyes flicking to catch her blue hues in their deadly stare. “Because, you just have.” 

Charlie Turtle

03/01/2021 10:38 PM 

“You have had my life planned out for me since the day I was born.”

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. The grandfather clock in the foyer was clicking every second as her green eyes stared at the face. It was fifteen till four. She had to be back at the modeling agency by five thirty if she was going to do this. It was now or never. Charlotte Avery was the youngest of the Avery children. Coming in at first there was the oldest child, Seamus Avery or Seamus Avery, M.D. he was the spitting image of her father, Major Henry Avery, M.D. Her father was the former Chief of Surgery at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, and he stepped down to take over Chief of Trauma, a field close to him from being a surgeon in the Army. If you stood Seamus and their father side by side Seamus was the younger version of him. Next, the middle child. Samuel was the middle child. He went on to study Law at the University of Georgia and went on to Harvard afterwards. He was a combination of their father and their mother, Isabelle, or known as Belle. Their mother was one of the top Lawyers in Atlanta and she was the former District Attorney for Fulton County. Charlotte, was the youngest child of Henry and Isabelle. Nobody could ever figure out who Charlotte took after with her looks. Her personality and everything screamed her father. Especially her choice of drink, whiskey, since her father’s family was from Scotland as well as her father. “Where are they?” She began to question if this was a good idea or not. Charlotte was fixing to leave when she heard a feminine voice. “Darling, what’s the matter?” She stopped in her tracks and turned. The brunette haired woman stood there over towering her as Charlotte gulps. Her mother was tall compared to Charlotte who was five feet nine inches. Her mother was six foot two inches and her father was six foot six inches. “Where’s dad?” She asked looking into the living room. “He will be here shortly. He was fixing to leave but got paged into surgery. One of his patients was coding.” Isabelle said walking over to the wet bar and began to make her a glass of whiskey. “Why are we even here?” The voice said as the door closed and two men stroll into the sitting room. “This better be important. I had to cancel my golf game with a new client.” Samuel said as he walked over to his mother and kissed her cheek and sat down. Seamus hugged Charlotte and sat down on the arm chair by the fire place. “I’d rather tell all of you so I don’t have to repeat anything.” Charlotte said as her anxiety was beginning to kick in. She was getting fidgety as her breathing raised a little. She was getting sweaty and she walked over to the bar getting some water as she opened the bottle and began chugging it. “Alright, I’m here. What seems to be the matter?” The thick Scottish accent was heard as Charlotte turned to see her father was there still in his scrubs as he walked over and set his things down at the table in the room and he walked over to her and kissed her forehead. “Apparently Charlie was going to tell us but I think she forgot what it was.” Samuel said shaking his head. “Sam.” Her mother shot a look at the middle son as Charlotte sighed. “Okay, so, y’all know I have been to college and I have my Bachelor’s in History...right?” She asked as she looked at her family. “Yeah.” Came from Seamus. “Yes, how many times do you need to remind me?” Samuel asked. “Of course, dear.” Her mother said and she saw her father nod his head. “Well, I have given this a lot of thought. I know you keep asking me what I want to do with my life, and I know that working at the museum downtown is not going to get me through life unless I am like a museum curator or something like that. So....” she smiled and took in a deep breath. ”I can do this. I can tell them.” she thought to herself and smiled. “I have decided that instead of working at the museum, I am going to pursue Modeling.” She smiled as everybody stared at her. Suddenly, the room filled with laughter from her brothers as her father stayed quiet and her mother shook her head. “Are you serious? Modeling?! What the hell is going on with you?! Modeling won’t get you anywhere in life.” Her father shouted as her brothers got quiet and Charlotte shook her head. She didn’t know what to say back to them. She never could choose who she wanted to be. It was either law school or medical school. “You know what....I’m sick of this. I’m sick of this family and I’m sick of you making these decisions for me! You have had my life planned out for me since the day I was born. I was to go to Georgia. Study medicine. Go to medical school. Become a doctor. Well guess what? I did go to Georgia but I got a degree in History. You pitched your bitch fit then when I told you about it, and you got over it. Now, I’m done.” Charlotte turned as she was pissed off about her families reaction to her decision to modeling. Walking out of the front door, she headed down the walk way towards her GMC Acadia Denali. Getting into the driver seat, she started the SUV, and began to drive off. She checked the time. It was fifteen after five. She called the agent she was to meet with as she got onto I-285. “Tricia Thompson.” The woman said as Charlotte smiled. “Hey Tricia, it’s Charlie, Charlie Avery. I’m on my way. I’m less than five minutes out. I’m in. I’m ready to sign the contact.”

Selfless one

03/01/2021 08:16 PM 

Close one - Drabble. C.S

  It was cold. So f***ing freezing. Funny, she used to think this was what it felt like before until now. The last thing she thought about was how her life turned to this point. A backstabbing bitch she never needed to see or hear from again. The people who tried to help and failed. Her personal issues with her brother being the smart one, the one who finished school - Having a family of his own wasn’t enough. It implied he craved to include her with every fiber of his being. Didn’t he realize just how hurtful that was? The irony that kindness can be unkind... Why she was stupid three days ago, she didn’t know. The idea was to do the week over on the trip and come back before the weekend. Then... She was gone. Eleanor couldn’t believe it. Abandoned repeatedly, she was so sick of it. How many times can disappointment eat her up? The last time she was up and about she remembered... It was cold, not as cold as now. Just cold enough to make her wrap her arms around herself for warmth. The men - Guns and a wolf? The animal growled behind and then... Blackness. The painful throb in her head made her groan. Eyes fluttering open to reveal the night sky, her lips curled and bitterly the woman smiled. Still, living even now? A soft growl made her jump up, the instant pain in her skull caused her to hiss, her hand coming to her head. “Oh! You shouldn’t move dear.” A voice harshly whispered from the other side, obviously pacing toward her bent form.Eleanor glanced over slowly, making sure not to do too much. “...Hah?” She uttered, then her green eyes noticed the fire and the surrounding tents before she took in the young woman who held a motherly look of concern on her face. “Oh...” She muttered her eyes widened at her before moving to the white beast beside her who sat tall. Head titled at her, the silvery fur seemed to make the beast even more... Otherworldly, the moon the fur gleam in place with gold eyes staring her down.“...You saved me?”


03/01/2021 07:01 PM 

share codes

You can find our codes here   Option #1

Xiao Xingchen

03/01/2021 06:42 PM 

mdzs hand study

Might as well use this blog function for something. Have some hands.

art, doodles


03/01/2021 12:16 PM 


serpent juliet pov They don't exchange words. That is pointed out many times by Jughead. He doesn't even text her; instead, he sends her email messages and text messages with prospects and people to contact. Tabitha Tate is the person to communicate to. Seek clarification about The Mothmen, if she hasn't already. The emails are usually just as silent. It's odd, but not in the way you'd expect. Jughead is supposed to be there, but he isn't. While there is a second party involved in this investigative process, she and that individual only communicate by text, never phone, never agreeing to meet face to face, and undoubtedly never interacting.He avoids her as if she were toxic, which she later realizes is an appropriate description. She is a dangerous person. She had unquestionably destroyed his life. What has he been through in the last seven years? That is entirely her responsibility. Betty is lonely, as she has always been. It maintains to reemerge in her mind months later. With her face suddenly shut, she could hardly see the concerned face of a nursing assistant. "Sweetie, are you sure there is no one else I could call? You've experienced a great deal just this week. You should be supported by someone.." It's the same now as it was before. Betty is the one who performs the interviews. She keeps track of the facts. Betty makes a list of current affairs. She doesn't have a murder board in her building. The Blonde doesn't scour the internet for details. She is unhappy with it. No, it's not real. There is no one.In her defensive strategy, the dumb, pointless words trigger hours of idiotic, hopeless sobbing after she recognizes a box of their old investigating resources and recalls how things used to be. When demons lingered in the background, Jughead would still be there with his loving embrace. When she felt as if she was losing herself, she remembered his voice say, "I recognize who you really are." It was better while they were present. It's horrific, but she's who she is now, and Betty has long given up on the notion that she could be better and stronger. The Black Hood's youngest child. She recalls casually saying it to Donna at a time when it didn't seem like vilification. home comment message gallery stream blog I wanna love me (ooh) The way that you love me (ooh) Ooh, for all of my pretty And all of my ugly too I'd love to see me from your point of view I wanna trust me (trust me) The way that you trust me (trust me) Ooh, 'cause nobody ever loved me like you do I'd love to see me from your point of viewcouldn't believe it or see it for myself Boy, I be impatient, but now I'm out here Fallin', fallin', frozen, slowly Fallin', got me right I won't keep you waitin' (waitin') All my baggage fadin' safely (my baggage fadin') And if my eyes deceive me Won't let them stray too far away, I


03/01/2021 10:57 PM 


  Go startgazing, because the stars seem a little brighter in sprintime than they do winter, and it looks magical. Go to Biltmore Blooms and explore their flowers, because, they always grow beautiful flowers. Get out into the garden, and plant new flowers and clean everything up. Head to North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh for their Art In Bloom festival.  Start having BBQ's because the weather will be a little warmer, and the sun will be shining. Explore the farmers markets, and get some delicious home grown products. Making floral bouquets with spring flowers, because they are always so bright and beautiful. Spring cleaning and re-decorating, because everyone needs a happy home. Spending more time at the beach/in the sunshine, because everyone needs that vitamin d.


03/01/2021 02:12 PM 

Her Savior Roleplay
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Brooklyn Wallace had fallen in love with Tom Brady when she was merely sixteen. He had seemed to be the man of her dreams and soon as they had both graduated high school, the two moved in together. Things were going well at first, but slowly Tom began to show his true colors. First he told Brooklyn she couldn't have a job or go to school. She had to stay home and take care of the home like a good girlfriend should. He then began to get angry at her if she went out with friends or talked to her family and she eventually found herself isolated from them. He became violent, attacking her whenever she did something he didn't think was done perfectly. The house had to always be perfectly clean, she couldn't talk to anyone but him, and dinner had to be cooked perfectly. At first it was just verbal and then it became physical and even more. Brooklyn found herself trapped with this abusive man, too terrified to do anything about it. She had no way out and was afraid of what Tom would do should she go to anyone and tell them what was going on. She was hopeless but, that was before he moved to town and helped her escape the hell hole that was her life.I'm looking for someone to play the new neighbor, or if you would like we can change the plot a bit and you can play the abusive boyfriend. All I ask is please no one liners! Be willing to write in third person and past tense and also, be okay with the m*tu*e themes in this roleplay. Message me if interested!

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Her Savior Roleplay
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Brooklyn Wallace had fallen in love with Tom Brady when she was merely sixteen. He had seemed to be the man of her dreams and soon as they had both graduated high school, the two moved in together. Things were going well at first, but slowly Tom began to show his true colors. First he told Brooklyn she couldn't have a job or go to school. She had to stay home and take care of the home like a good girlfriend should. He then began to get angry at her if she went out with friends or talked to her family and she eventually found herself isolated from them. He became violent, attacking her whenever she did something he didn't think was done perfectly. The house had to always be perfectly clean, she couldn't talk to anyone but him, and dinner had to be cooked perfectly. At first it was just verbal and then it became physical and even more. Brooklyn found herself trapped with this abusive man, too terrified to do anything about it. She had no way out and was afraid of what Tom would do should she go to anyone and tell them what was going on. She was hopeless but, that was before he moved to town and helped her escape the hell hole that was her life.I'm looking for someone to play the new neighbor, or if you would like we can change the plot a bit and you can play the abusive boyfriend. All I ask is please no one liners! Be willing to write in third person and past tense and also, be okay with the m*tu*e themes in this roleplay. Message me if interested!

roleplay, romance,mature


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The pig, snorted and snuffed its way through the underbrush, rooting out anything tasty along the way.  It had no idea it was being watched by a self described but highly doubtful, skilled and starving hunter not far away.  Not being particularly timid, the pig was wary but ploughed on and shoved it’s snout under anything movable and turned it over.  Within minutes, it was munching on something new as it came upon the trap.         At this point, it would be wise for the reader to think of a hippopotamus and a muddy pool                    - think thick mud, very thick.Hot and needing to cool its skin, the pig is assuming it has stumbled upon a natural spa and unceremoniously dives head first into the pool.  The hunter is ready…. From her hiding perch in an alcove above, Fea launches herself and comes plummeting down the hill straight for the pig.  “Dinner!” she calls with her mouth watering and the fire ready to be lit behind her.  Of course, what is very obvious to everyone else, is never obvious to Fea.  She sees food, she thinks dinner, and assumes both come together with little to no effort.  The pig on the other hand, comes to a very different assumption.Raising its head upon hearing the high pitch, the pig looks up from his muddy spa and as the mud clears from his eyes, he sees the cause of the commotion.  He doesn’t move, there’s no need to, it’s very obvious to him the oncoming outcome.  He just lays in blissful contentment and watches.Fea firstly didn’t consider the gradient of the hill and certainly does not have a basic understanding of gravity.  Barely started from her starting point, Fea lost footing and began to tumble, literally head over heels, the whole way down the hill.  Momentum had been building rapidly so she wasn’t entirely sure where she now was in relation to the pig but she knew she was still heading in the right direction.  Downwards.Still lounging in his pool, the pig watched, almost in amusement, as the distance closed between the legs and arms flaying towards him and his tranquil muddy pool.  For the last few feet, as Fea thudded along the ground, she sounded exactly as the pig had done earlier.  She even landed on her face at one point and due to her own momentum, raised the sod and took a mouth full of clay with a worm thrown in for good measure. Obviously, even to the pig, Fea was flung head first through the air and landed smack bang into the middle of the muddy pool, right next to the pig, with the worm still dangling from the corner of her mouth.  As she opened her eyes, her blurred muddy vision revealed the face of a pig. He was eyeing the worm.  Just as she had thought about dinner preparation only moments before, he sees food, he thinks dinner and is delighted when both come together, with little to no effort… 


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The Happiness of Being...

We always left the window open at night, despite the warnings we’ve been given. “There is nothing they can take from us, dear.” My mother has always been an optimistic person.Other people shivered when the rains came and were chilled to the bone, but I longed for cold weather. Nights in our home were pitch dark, the air fragrant and heavy, perfect for my mother to hold me close to keep warmth for both of us. As soon as the light began to fade it was possible to hear the swift footsteps of lizards rattling through the leaves and the hum of the gnats as they came through the windows. We live right on the coast, the water here too salty for mosquitoes, but my parents still kept small fish in rain barrels of drinking water to eat the eggs of any pests.She rarely did what she was told. According to my mother, this had been her response to life ever since her birth. “If I obeyed my parents, you wouldn’t be here today, dear.” Father told me she came from a wealthy, nobility even. They fell in love and she ran away with him. His story was simple, just like the man he is. Over the year, I learned to live with that truth. Whatever jewelry she wore were made with seashells by my father’s hands. The ones she had with her on the day she left her family had long ago been sold off.“When I become older, I will work hard and save money so I can buy you pretty things.” I’d promised her one night while we waited for the rain to stop.She laughed and smoothed out the hair that has fallen over my eyes, “I already have all I will ever need, Vincit. Just you and your father. I do not want anything else.”I was still determined to keep my promise, though life would denied me from fulfilling it.||Art by Christian Quinot - image found on||



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