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07/05/2020 12:30 PM 


Some of us have to make mistakes. Some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes. Some of us are STILL human!No matter what happens, this boy will always be my best friend.  I love you, Stiles!Forever & Always. ♡(Roni & Stiles)

deity, chaos, void, pain, teenwolf, riverdale, supernatural, thevampirediaries,


07/05/2020 12:28 PM 

owes list:

IOU Lizzie Barnett {s}Sadie Montgomery {s}Here hereUOM: Here here Here hereHere here updated on Jul 5th, 2020

S.E.C. Members

07/05/2020 12:24 PM 

July Drabble 2020

“In Another Life…”For the month of July, the theme will revolve around your character being transported into another verse, world or dimension. It’s up to you to describe how your character reacts and if they find their way back home or not. How did they end up in this strange place? What challenges do they face along the way? How do they find their way back home? We would love to see what you come up with!Drabbles are due by 11:59pm on July 31st!

𝑭𝒓𝒆𝒆 𝑯𝒖𝒈𝒔,

07/05/2020 06:58 PM 

A New Life.

In the end Hux's plan had worked out... let's say, semi-well? At least he was still alive, right? That had to count for something. "We're survivors, Millie... And fugitives." A rare, very rare, chuckle broke through his lips as his green eyes briefly moved to appraise his ginger cat that was sitting curled up comfortably on the co-pilot's seat. She opened one of her eyes lazily and if cats could roll their eyes, she would be doing that right now. Instead she stared at him for a short second before deciding to close her eyes again. What a diva... Though Phasma often pointed out that they had that trait in common. Phasma... as much as he pretended to be a heartless prick, he hoped she'd be alright. She was the only person he could call a friend. Maybe someday they would meet again. However, Hux wasn't one to believe in fate or any silly notions like that. He was a pragmatic man. Still... He snorted, leaning back in the chair as he watched the dark sky behind the glass in front of him. They passed stars and planets as the ship took them to the coordinates he had typed in earlier. He didn't care where they went, he was on the run, both from the First Order and the Resistance. So somewhere far away from anyone he knew was the destination. A planet at the edges of the Unknown Regions. From prior research he discovered that the population count appeared to be small. They were neutral when it came to the war, criminals mostly that needed a place to stay low. Once he had been exposed as the Resistance spy and almost killed by Pryde, he turned the tables and shot the a**hole instead. Hux had been prepared for a while now, wearing a special type of lightweight armour underneath his usual uniform. He was aware of having enemies in the First Order, some people itching to pull the trigger on him. Him being a spy would come out sooner or later, he wasn't stupid nor blinded with arrogance. Watching Pryde crumble to the floor and bleed to death had been an immensely satisfying experience. The older man had been a persistent thorn in his side ever since Hux was a child. Just like his father he was out to torment him. But now it was over and Hux had won. He had smirked cruelly down at Pryde, lifting his leg before pressing his booted foot into the bleeding wound, making him writhe with agony. "I win. Burn in hell, a**hole," he bit out harshly, his heart beating painfully fast against his chest with adrenaline. Hux didn't have time to watch the light of life disappear from Pryde's eyes, so with one last hard kick to his side, the former general made his exit. He couldn't stay here, he wouldn't be trusted. No matter who sympathized with him, the First Order and keeping it intact was still the top priority to everyone. Somehow Hux had managed to flee to his ship and he realized how much he had missed being actively engaged in a fight. It hurt having to shoot at his stormtroopers, but he wanted to survive, minor sacrifices needed to be made. This was his story. And now here he was, on his way to a new life. Hux had never imagined for things to turn out this way, his plan had been to lead the First Order to victory and then rule over the galaxy. But Kylo Ren came along and destroyed his plans. He would never listen or take orders from him, it was distasteful, unthinkable. He was a mere child throwing temper tantrums left and right, not caring about anyone but himself. Hux believed in the First Order and the convictions that came with it, he didn't believe in a First Order with Kylo Ren as their Supreme Leader. Hux felt a sudden sense of crushing disappointment. He had messed up. Now that he was on the run he wouldn't be able to defeat Kylo and save the First Order from being destroyed. He couldn't risk it... But Phasma was still there and she had proved to him countless of times that he could rely on her. Even with this revelation in mind, he felt the fire of resentment and self-hatred burning within his chest. He failed. He failed to reach his goal. Sometimes he craved to release his anger and frustration like he had witnessed Kylo do, destruction, raw emotions brought to the surface by the vehicle of violence, no restraints. But he couldn't, he never learned how. He learned to bottle up everything, so that's what he did now. He swallowed thickly, a few times, his hands clenching and unclenching. A startled gasp left his lips. His lap was now filled with an additional, warm weight in form of his ginger cat. She nudged her head against his belly, pressing herself against him and he reached down to pet her. Some of the tension left him and he felt grateful for taking her with him on this journey. His lips twitched into a barely there smile. "Patience is a virtue, Millie," he said, as they sat together and he continued petting her. ****** It took awhile for everything to sink in. He wasn't sure what made it feel more real. Was it when he looked into his reflection in the mirror and saw the freshly dyed brown hair? Was it when he walked into his new, dirty, tiny apartment and realized that he hadn't lived inside an actual apartment since his childhood? Was it when he had to use a fake name in order to rent the apartment? Not that anyone would care about his true identity here. Everything felt so foreign and suddenly what he before thought was a new start, made his chest feel like there was a stone weighing him down. He slumped down onto the small bed, it was hard and uncomfortable. He buried his fingers in his hair, in a gesture of frustration... It was probably many things at once that made him realize how much he had lost and how little he had now. Everything he had worked towards was gone... He didn't know who he was if he wasn't part of the First Order, if he wasn't a general. He was starting to panic and he knew it, he hadn't had a panic attack so long. Hux tried to even out his breathing. He could do this. He would make his life work, he always did, no matter what. Millicent jumped onto the bed next to him and she pressed herself against his side, purring softly. He let out a breath and lost track of how long he just sat there and stared at the grey, cracked wall in front of him. For the next few days he didn't leave the room. He had some food rations in the bag he had taken with him, so he wasn't starving, not that he was hungry anyway. He was in some weird, dark crisis and he was embarrassed by himself over it, but he couldn't help it... He was allowed to feel sorry for himself for a few days, right? Hux was nibbling at a rations bar that was supposed to taste like cheese cake, he had no idea how cheese cake even tasted, as he gazed out off the window. The street was empty and dark, the other days he looked outside this planet appeared to be too sunny for his tastes. But as long as it kept him safe and incognito he could handle a little sunburn once he dared to step out. Sitting in his own home exile he thought a lot about how he could live his life now. It presented many opportunities for him, opportunities of freedom and of trying to be someone he wanted to be but never had the chance to be during the course of the last years. The first thought was finding work as a mechanic. It had always been something he was good at. And he had fun doing it. But he could imagine something more thrilling, too... A mercenary, a gun for hire? It was a childish dream, the way pretending to be a Jedi knight had been. He was good with a weapon though, maybe slightly out off practice, because he hadn't needed to use it for a while. He would figure this out. How difficult could it be? All he really had to do for now was avoid getting captured and executed. Everything else would fall into place. ****** Armitage gasped as someone pat him on the shoulder, though considering the force of it, it was more a hit than a pat. It made him stumble forward slightly, but he managed to steady himself. He frowned darkly and looked up from the rusty droid he was trying to repair. His frown deepened when he saw it was one of his annoying co-workers. Maker, he hated this... "Damn, if looks could kill, right? Chill, Valin. You really need to loosen up, man." Hux wanted to strangle him so bad. Barnab was an a**hole, so similar to the people who used to bully him when he was a kid and later a teenager. They kept making fun of him for being so uptight, for being a prude. In the end he got to have his sweet revenge on them, it was certainly sweet when he could watch their terrified faces as they realized they were going to die by his hand. And he framed it all so it looked like an accident. He took a few deep breaths to stop himself from lashing out at Barnab. Hux wasn't Kylo after all. Particularly not, because he wasn't dead. A secretive smirk formed on his lips as the thought graced his mind. It was most likely his favorite thought to have, especially since it was one of the few positive things in his life currently. Kylo Ren was dead. Sure, he wished it was him, who arranged his death, he would've made it more dramatic, too, and it would've felt so kriffing good, but all that mattered was that he was gone. The downside was that the Resistance had actually won. Hux cheered himself up thinking that it happened because he hadn't been there to keep the First Order together and accomplish the victory they deserved. With him commanding their actions there was no doubt they would be ruling the galaxy right now. But alas, he had been here on Fandri, hiding. He didn't feel ashamed for running away, his life had been at stake. He wouldn't be able to help the First Order if he was dead. Everything was his strategic plan. For now he would stay here and wait and when the time was right he would destroy the Republic once and for all. He was a man, who held onto his grudges and never let go until he achieved payback. What greater payback would there be than one from a dead man? "What do you want, Barnab?" Irritation was dripping from his words like the sweat down his back. The climate on Fandri was tropical, the air wet with heat. And Hux was sweaty and dirty, even though he had been on this planet for a while he hadn't gotten used to it yet. He wiped his forearm over his forehead, pushing back some strands of his brown hair. "First of all, your freaky cat is scaring me." He grimaced saying that, his eyes warily focused on Millicent, who was sitting next to Hux in his shadow. He was proud when he looked at her and saw her having a stare down with his annoying co-worker. Clearly Millie was winning. He reached out to pet her. "Well, I would watch out if I were you..." "Yeah, right. Anyway, I wanted to ask if you'd like to come to a bar later today with some of the guys?" Hux's eyes widened for a second before narrowing. He didn't trust Barnab... But what could happen? He wasn't a kid anymore and it had been a while since he was at a bar. He shrugged his shoulder, focusing back on the droid. "Sure." The sun was hot on his back, he couldn't wait to have a shower. "Okay, cool. Later!" "Yeah, whatever." He rolled his eyes. Millie nudged her head against his leg, nuzzling herself against it. Hux couldn't wait to rule over the galaxy and for all of this to be done with. Though he also couldn't stop the satisfied smile that appeared on his lips as the droid peeped and chirped to life.


07/05/2020 01:43 PM 

getting lost part ii. (drabble)

tw: depression, mentions of suicide   “Don’t do this, Wren.”I turn to see a transparent figure beside me. Her eyes, although faded, are just as warm as I remember. I’ve often wondered why she’s never appeared to me before, but always considered it to be a good thing. If I didn’t see her, it meant that she must have been at peace.And now she’s here.“What’s happening to me?”“You’re sad, darling. And these vengeful entities prey on sadness.” Her hand is hollow and cold as she places it upon my cheek. “They will push you to the edge of the cliff and cheer when you jump.”“I don’t know what to do.”“Don’t miss the chance to bond with your child. If I had been a good mother to you, maybe you wouldn’t feel this way now.”I purse my lips, gaze falling from her translucent frame. “I don’t want my feelings to affect the baby.”“Did you care that I was sick? That I was depressed? That I laid in bed all day?”“No. I just…wanted to be with you.”“Precisely. Your child doesn’t care if you’re sad, if you’re sensitive, or if you’re followed by these horrid spirits. Children just want their parents. They want to feel loved.” Her finger-tips grasp my chin and lift it so that I’m forced to look at her. “Be better than I was. She’s going to be an empath like you, darling. Your presence won’t affect her negatively. She will need you.”“I’m going to have a daughter?” Gender doesn’t matter to me of course, but I can’t deny my heart’s leap of joy when hearing that I’m going to have a little girl. My thoughts immediately shift to my impending doom. She’ll only be three months old when I die. “Sh-she won’t even remember me.”“She is a special child, Wren. Born of magic. She will remember you and she will miss you for her entire life.”“Really?” My voice is cracking when I speak.“Truly. Be kinder to yourself. Do you really think anyone would be able to keep a level head when they see what you see?”I shrug. Can’t say I have any frame of reference, though I’m quite certain that anyone would handle this better than me. “I don’t know. I don’t…know anyone else like me.”She tilts her head, her long, brown hair flowing despite the absence of a breeze. “Have you considered that your daughter may never meet another empath? Amory will be a wonderful father, and he will teach her a great many things, but he doesn’t know what it’s like to be an empath.”I understand what she’s saying, I just don’t see how I’ll be able to have an impact on my daughter’s life during such a brief period of time. “How will I teach her if…if I’m going to die?”“Why don’t you write about your experiences? Or, better yet, you could open up to the father of your child. Tell him what it’s like for you so that when the time comes, he can pass along advice from you.”Opening up? I hate doing that. I can never make sense of my feelings, so I’ve never figured out how to express them. “I don’t like talking about myself.”“Then don’t think of it as talking about yourself.” She smiles softly. “Think of it as helping your little girl.”Blinking back tears, I think of how much my mother has missed. I wish we could have spoken openly about our abilities. I wish she had been there when I needed her. I wish she hadn’t killed herself.These entities are trying to spoil the few months of life that I have left. They don’t want me to have anything good. No matter what they say, no matter how many times they attempt to convince me to hurt myself, I have to remember what’s important. My daughter needs me. It’s just difficult to convince myself that I’m worth something when I don’t believe it and there are so many voices telling me otherwise.“I’ll try to do better.” I swallow hard. “I’ll try to be good.”“You are good, Wren. I should have told you that. I should have made sure that you believed it. You deserved to have better parents and a better life.” Mother takes me into her arms. While I can’t physically feel the full gesture, the effort still brings comfort. “Be everything for your child that I couldn’t be for you.”She steps back and tries to wipe away my tears, but it’s a futile effort. Even if her form had been solid, it wouldn’t matter; they just keep falling onto my cheeks.“Tell the father of your child that these spirits are trying to convince you to kill yourself, and that he might need to keep an eye on you.”I grimace and shake my head. She’s asking me to be more vulnerable than I’ve ever been, and not only that, but to ask someone to take care of me. That isn’t fair. “I don’t want to be a burden.”“Only you think of yourself that way. It’s okay if you need other people to remind you of your worth.” Mother raises her brow. “Remember, you’re doing this for your daughter. Your time together is already limited. You do whatever you have to in order to secure that time with her.”“I’ll try.” If I’m doing this for my child, and not myself, then maybe…I can be brave enough. “Will you come back?”“I hope that I don’t have to.”Mother embraces me and I try to hug her back, but I’m not sure if she can feel it. She disappears and I’m alone again. It’s only a matter of time before those voices return.The entities have lost this round. For now, I can put away the rope and the knife. But how long will it be until they convince me to pick them up again?


07/05/2020 12:44 PM 




07/05/2020 12:40 PM 

journal entry ( 7.4.20 )

journal entry ; july 4, 2020 : Today was beautiful. I was able to spend time with my family. My mother threw down in the kitchen with ease. Of course I went back for seconds...okay I'll admit it, thirds. In the words of Miss Tabitha Brown, that's my business. Even though we had a wonderful time today, I can't help but feel myself becoming overwhelmed with anxiety about tonight. I was already forced to endure fireworks from the night before as people began to set them off in preparation for the fourth. Don't get me wrong, fireworks are beautiful. I just don't appreciate the similarities in sound between them and bombs. But there's no getting around it. It is literally an explosive in itself, except it is not meant to cause harm. Rather, brighten the light that has remained occasionally dim over society; bringing people together. Although it has this affect for a brief moment, it's a very nice sight to see. I guess I'll have to succumb to the same form of comfort as I've done for the last 15 years. I will admit, there has been some progress. It's very minor, but it's better than nothing. My therapist suggested I start writing in a journal several years ago and it's helped me since. Not only with opening up about my fear of fireworks, but even through instances of heartache. That's a follow up entry for another day though. I think I spent more than enough time getting my feelings out on that and there's no need to revisit the situation. It's simply time to move on. And maybe this is the encouragement I need... it's finally time to stop revisiting the past and move on from ALL of my fears. Fear of fireworks. Fear of being vulnerable.  Fear of love. Fear of rejection.Fear of disappointment... 

The Awakening MOP

07/05/2020 12:13 PM 

Point system

Points 3 pts per starter (with group members) 2 pts per reply (with group members) 1 pt per discussion (with group members) 3 pts for doing the monthly drabble 2+ paragraphs  2 pts for doing the monthly drabble 1 paragraph 1 pt(s) for doing your own drabble and not the set one 1 pt(s) for sharing a status(each week. Can get up to 4 pts a month) 1 pt(s) for discord group rpwith 5+ decent length sentences per reply up to 3 pts per month 1 pt(s) per post for group site rpgs Must get 10 pts per month. First that it is not reached is a warning and if a second month without 10 pts happens, member will be removed from group. 

The Awakening

07/05/2020 12:08 PM 

Staff form

Coming soon


07/04/2020 09:51 PM 

Do you know what it's like to fall in love?

Do you know what it's like to fall in love? E is an NPC. DOn't @ ME. Trigger Warnings are a must. : Self-Harm. Weapons.  "Do you know what it's like to fall in love?"A question she thought she'd never hear the boy ask her. Combat boots squeaking against each other. That question burnt a hole in her throat, made her pale cheeks turn a bright red. Luckily for her the lighting in the room was dim. Barely could look at each other without squinting. "What kind of sappy sh!t -- " Trying to play it off, joking around with the other, Arlene wasn't ready to expose herself in such a way. "I'm serious Arlene." She hated how he said her name, how it made her feel like there was something in the pit of her stomach. Wanting to claw its way out of her, revel all of her emotions.Something she thought she had buried deep down inside her. Not for him. Never for him. She couldn't. She wouldn't. Not give herself the chance to let emotions swallow her whole, make her weak."E-, shouldn't I be asking you that? Normally the girl asks, trying to get something out of the boy."If he could hear her heart thumping in her chest, he wasn't showing it. How could he have such a calm demeanor? Was he trying to make fun of her? Did he know this whole time?"Will you just answer the fvcking question?"Her breath hitched, she could just lie. Pretend like always she didn't have any emotions. What would the harm be?"No... Do you?"Her jaw clenched, she didn't want to hear the answer, developing a crush was one thing. Those only lasted at least a week or so, but love -- Love lasted a lifetime. He was silent for a moment, she didn't dare look at him, but she could feel his eyes burning into her skin. "No." Her heart had sank, she knew him, more than she knew herself. Of course he didn't, how could she be so foolish to think he had. Ruffling now he was standing in front of her, hazel eyes burning into hers."I only know what it's like to hurt. To feel anger. I only know  how to hate. "Arlene looked straight into his eyes, something else was there, something she'd never thought she'd see. She couldn't break his gaze it was as if he was calling to her, inviting her in.Fear. Excitement. It sparked in her veins, her fingers twitched wanting nothing more to get a reaction - to reach out. She forced herself not to grasp."Do you want to hurt me."Something that should have been asked, but they both knew the answer. 'Yes'"Hurt me." "Are you fvcking stupid?"It was like they were both toying with each other now. Seeing who would break first."Do it. Hurt me! What do you got to lose huh?!"Arlene wasn't going to back down, not this time. Not when her emotions were on the line. She wanted him to think she didn't fathom the idea of the two."I've got nothing to lose." His voice revoked of emotions, it sent a shiver down her spine."I'd love nothing more than to take my gun and shove it in your face. Or use my knife to carve your skin off. Carve my initials into your skin and dumb your body in a ditch. No one would miss you A. It would be our little secret."Those words hurt, she knew no one would look for the freakish goth kid. they'd all probably be happy she was gone. He probably would too."Then fvcking do it." She seethed.Her heart coming undone, every second they breathed each others stench. She ached. "Get the fvck out of my room." He ordered.  "This little game you want to play. I'm not doing it."She was taken aback, how was it her fault? "E. What the -- "Getting cut off now, "GET OUT!" He yelled at her, making her flinch before she jumped to her feet. She didn't know what was stiring in his mind but she figured it was the best to leave him be.Collecting all her things before scurrying herself out of the room. Not knowing if this was the last time she'd see him or not.

Daughter Darko

07/04/2020 10:59 PM 

Amelia Jade

  bio coming soon!

⚡Angel ©

07/04/2020 10:57 PM 

The Stupid Prince & The Stubborn Princess AU The Storm

She sat at her desk and tried to focus on the file before her but in truth she couldnt she was still replaying the events that had happened the past couple of weeks. First kicker is she woke up in his apartment on his couch next to how did that even happen? She would never let that happen. She freaked out so she got up and snuck out like a theif in the night and went home..she gave some lame excuse like she needed to change but the truth was she had to get away from him before it got any deeper. She felt her guard falling around him and that night wasnt like anything she ever had. It was probably one of the most enjoyable moments in her life thus far. And the feelings she was getting from him were unbearable...but they wernt like that. They were partners and she already had him to far involved. He wasnt part of the rules. But she couldnt help herself around him and that had to stop. So she did what she did best build a wall and avoid. Normally she would have dissapeared but this was different she had to be careful. So she never got to close to him she stayed a good 7ft away from him. When she looked at him she was able to almost flip on a switch that would reflect a fake emotion of emotionless… emptiness. If she still needed his touch but she was able to fix that she would touch the things he did which weak in energy would satisfy her for the mean time. She also turned off her phone after work. She kept it almost extreme professional. She couldnt take a chance on him or this..even though every night she found herself replaying that night god she could fall for him she might have already but shed never admit it not outloud anyways. She ran her finger over the file and pulled it back quickly feeling a papercut she shook her finger and looked at it putting it in her mouth and trying to ease the pain. She cursed herself and closed her eyes. Counting. She thought of him again she could feel him and she made a face she slowly opened her eyes and looked around. Great now she felt him when he wasnt around.


07/04/2020 09:03 PM 

From Madrid to the Sky

  From Madrid to the sky a wild cat can take you many places     There a few old sayings about the capital of Spain, "The night is Young" or "from Madrid to the Sky". By night all the cats are pale brown (street like) (meaning that when you are drunk anyone is beautiful to bring home).    Did you know that the Madrileñians are called "cats"? This last demolition is precedents to the year 1085 when Alfonso VI conquered Megerit the elder meaning of Madrid. It happened to be that when a Christian soldier passed the fortress of the city build by brilliant stones he ren to the tower of the fortress and changed the flag of the Moros, he was so agile and intrepid that he was named by the pseudonymous "cat" gato and from that all those born in Madrid “gatos”.      With some elements to my private life to what has occurred, so far so good, get a break and not be terrified from my own mind, petrified from my own plans. Well, if you please I can walk you a few days by the streets of hights of Madrid from the Terrace of the Circle of Bellas Artes, a delightful Panomamic Azotea del Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, you can see the buildings of Gran Vía, Cibeles and the street of Alcalá with impressive sunsets, no Mediterranean sea or any beaches. A few years ago it was exclusive to the members of the Circle but for a few euros, you can get in.  This is how I started to draft my plan, not as Francisco de Goya but close to my own opinions and statements, at this point, we have are maybe known to be one of the most c o r r u p t e d countries. More than 3.000 court cases have been opened since 2011 against felonies inside the G O V, you as a Spaniard perhaps have another side of the story. We are brave, we stood strong, we played a polite role to deal with the changes, policies, presentations, and accurate points to points to prevent violent Riots. Valuing the risks, not because it would be harmful, but is part of the math, the strategy and it would be a cost for not taking a risk.   To be frankly honest, I'm trying to evade words, there are viruses in the net from the G O V searching for a list of around 50 words who dive on the internet and will get your computer on their radar. There is nothing to hide as there is nothing I can show, being a nobleman, being clean is very important. But as I'm telling you the culture, the arts, the music, expositions, and conferences are the protagonists where you breathe an air of tranquility, away from any negative emotions or anxiety. You might also find events, parties in the terrace, a fashion walk, or a romantic speech of poetry. Is one of the hidden and magical places where you can surprise your own. What is funny, and maybe we stop with this, I'm tempted to go back. This is the city where that has raised me, a city that gave me thinkers from many angles. These thinkers can argue for hours surrounded by the most beautiful ladies, cigarettes and wine in the most pleasant manner raising confrontations, in old taverns, at anyone's home till a moderated Intelectual climax, not of charlatans, each of them followed their actions and interlaced their words by example tracing historical dates and last names to their experiences.  Many of the times the conversation would grasp as the fingers in a guitar a few voicing at the same time, stringing the strongest till the rest listened by a group ear to cease. By pairs or trios talking at the same time jumping spaces till one. An art from old mates as fellow librarians who made their own vocabulary along the years, with a few nicknames in between. Unlike others, to protect the reputation before the new fellows for the social interest as heavy drinkers passing pieces of domino or in a game of cards.     It's easy for me to enter reunions as from the Ministry of Labor to make notes, check how they accentuate their speech on some one's name, there is an undertone. We are very straight and direct, even in politics. So, I mark down the stressful conversations and pay interest in the tremors of my forehead making associations for further   b l a c k   m a i l s   to get what we call, valuable information. I'm not with riots but if you need the people, there is nothing stronger than the power of the people. After 2011 the Ministries of Defences invested around the world more in internet infrastructure than ever before, and all because of me. But as, I say, I only gave a few tips, it was the people who ran the show.This is the first post any questions, please feel welcome. Sergio likes to teach this is why they call him The Profesor ó el Profesor. But if you like to become a professional and come to class, you must know that you are chosen and there is no other choice to return to a society that gives you a salary de mierda.  And from the sky "you fall in love with a group of wild cats" template credit.


07/04/2020 08:56 PM 

Additional Task 001

Devil's Advocate

07/04/2020 08:45 PM 


Before I start with any rules I will start with the usual. I am not Ian Somerhalder (because let’s face it: he’s too damn BUSY to even think of roleplaying) nor am I Damien Thorn (who obviously is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.) I am just a person who enjoys playing as the Anti-Christ of South Park (and other verses)  With Damien having such a little part I can do absolutely anything with him which is why I am roleplaying as him. Alright! With that out of the way: we can finally get into the whole rules thing. Not a rule but……. dun dun dun. I am a female in real life. Oh no! That upsets you. Get over it. Delete me. Block me. Do whatever makes you happy. Again, not a rule but just letting people know (since some people still have an issue with people of different sexes and colors roleplaying as character of the opposite.) I have a life (such blasphemy right? Lol). I have a girlfriend and a boyfriend (no I am not cheating. We have a healthy threesome relationship going: not that it’s anyone’s damn business.) a job that runs me absolutely ragged on a good day (now with the Covid-19 and riots it’s even worse since it’s a 24 hour daycare) and a pain in the ass cat who suffers from seizures (which he always seems to have one by me and it throws me out of alignment all damn day). A sh*t ton of profiles (most are for my friends but that’s besides the point). So yeah patience is very much a virtue when it comes to me. I have designed days for which accounts are being focused: Tuesdays are the day I will be focusing on Jefferson. DO NOT RUSH ME! Please and thank you. I am a multi-ship account. Which means my friends: I will not just have one LI. Now that doesn’t mean that in our roleplay I will be with you and cheating on you with others. Or that we would have an “open relationship” essentially. No! No! No! That means in our roleplay you are the only one. BUT in other roleplays we will not be together. My Lis do not go into other roleplays…..unless I decide to just stick with one and go. Which won’t happen so please don’t try to waste your time…. or cause drama. 3a) Speaking of multiple Lis guess what else that means? I will do almost any and all ships that can be thought of for Damien: both male and female. My character: my interpretation of him.  No god modding. What is god modding? Well boys and girls: that means you try making my character do something, feel something, say something that is NOT in your power to do so. Essentially. Don’t do it because well…. that is one of my biggest pet peeves that I won’t hesitate to delete you for. No warnings from me: technically my rules are your warnings so yeah. Drama. Now this is one of my favorite rules: I have been playing in the roleplaying world since Myspace. Which means I have seen my fair share of drama throughout the years: be it from people who are friends or people who I have no damn clue who the hell they are. Me? Never was brought in on the drama because I am like Hyde from That 70’s Show: I really don’t care for it and would rather stay out of it. Anyways! Before I continue on a tangent which no one cares about: DO NOT START DRAMA WITH ME OR THINK I AM GOING TO ENTERTAIN YOU IF YOU TRY TO WITH ME OR MY FRIENDS/CONNECTIONS. Hmm……I think I might have gotten my point across: who knows. Just don’t and we shall leave it at that. Drama in storyline is absolutely NEEDED AND WANTED!!!!!!!!! 5a) If you are only on my friend’s list because you want to spy on someone that I write with? Well that is not happening and is very not appreciated. If that is all you want to do then I got some advice for you: Get a life and forget the person you are trying to stalk. Because nine times out of ten: they have forgotten you or don’t give a sh*t about you anymore. If you have to validate yourself by following others to stalk someone then maybe…just maybe you should take a step back from the computer or phone and think about it. Is it really necessary? Do I need to stress myself out or someone else out? Just saying. I am a multiple paragraph up to Novella writer. I typically do not like anything below a couple of paragraphs, but I understand the muse block and need to get something out. You don’t have to worry about it or do that, but I know it happens. So, I won’t flip out that you took a couple of weeks to say something. I delete people after two months of inactivity. Well more like of talking to me. So, if I send a message to you today and on September 4th you have not replied? Or said something on one of my statuses? Then you will be deleted. It’s not because I am impatient and don’t understand lives and/or am self-absorbed. Or whatever people like to say these days. I just hate clutter. In my streams, my friends list, comments, and messages. Nothing ever personal with me. 7a) On that note: I delete comments after I reply to them. So! If you have a problem with that then I suggest one of two things: tell me and I will reluctantly keep them despite having a slight problem with clutter or B) Save it on your end after you write it up. I roleplay in messages and comments. I know there are people who are very anal about this stuff, but I am not. So, if you are more comfortable with OOC in comments and roleplays in messages or the opposite then I have no qualms about it at all. Just let me know before hand if I am the one sending the starter, so I know. And I do believe that is all I wanted to get out there. I don’t do rules normally but here you go. This is my do’s and don’ts basically. Now the part where everyone goes: put this or that to prove that you were reading. Yeah I know it is supposed to be hidden in the rules so people can’t just skim I (blah blah blah) but I don’t care. So, give me a gif. Of something that reminds you of your character and/or yourself (the writer). Also, I might have seemed like a bitch in these rules, but I assure you: I am the sweetest person you have known. Until you piss me off. But then again I do believe that’s everyone these days lol.


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