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07/09/2020 12:47 PM 


serpent juliet One day we'll get older And we probably won't look the same But every kiss will feel like the first There's some things that just never change message comment albums stream bulletins blog 84 A nod of her head gesturing him go ahead and tell her what he wants, Betty Cooper to promise him. Elbows resting on the bed, hands cupping her cheeks. A soft giggle falling past her pink-tinted lips, shaking her head thoroughly entertained with his dislike for school musicals. Drawing her bottom lip between pearly whites. Toying with the skin there, watching him, nodding her head as she listens.The blonde's mind wandering at the thought of the two of them graduating together, where will they go from there? Where will the two of them start their future together? Harvard, maybe? Though it's a done deal. As long as the two are still together through the year and getting out of RIVERDALE with their hands linked together. " I promise you, Juggie. There will be no more singing, though… I'll confess. You have quite a voice there. Where have you been hiding it? how the only singing will be only between you and me? "Teasing him just as a bit as her grin got more significant against twin flesh with a nudge against his shoulder. " The happy teenager thing. We are heading into senior year, which means Veronica and Archie will both be dragging us to 'stupid' parties but as silly as they may turn out to be. I get to enjoy it with you, The teen things we'd be doing together. And then graduating from Riverdale High— GOD, can you believe it? I can almost taste the freedom. We'll have to make our year worth something. Enjoy being a teen… but that doesn't mean we shouldn't look for clues. I mean, without us… I doubt any of the crimes in Riverdale would have been solved. You and I, we're a team, Juggie." Extends her hand out to him, waggling her eyebrows at him playfully to cuddle him. " We most definitely do have ourselves a deal. Though I know V and Archie want us to…I mean, we all agree we should keep it simple… but, how long do you think our whole, simple time will last? I'm hoping for our sake a while longer. But I know there is some unfinished business that always comes up. "

Wild At Heart

07/09/2020 12:28 PM 

RP Rules

I am now in the process of getting my Vet Tech degree. Activity will be slow on here some days.First of all, no drama will be tolerated on this account. And please don't come to me venting about things. I am a nice person, but I've been through too much to deal with drama in this place.If I unfriend you, please don't ask me why I did. It makes me VERY uncomfortable. I'm not being mean or anything when I do it either. It's about my comfort. I ship my characters with chemistryNo rushing me to reply. EVER. You will get blocked for it.Now I do NOT RP in messages. I only RP in blogs. If you do this, you're message will be ignored because that means you haven't read my rules.I RP in blogs ONLY!I do have social anxiety, so you may want to approach me first.As far as writing goes, I am mostly para and novella. I don't do well with one liners as I hardly have anything to work with when I get them.I do not do any mature RPs. I will fade to black if it comes close to anything sexual, but I will NOT RP it. I am 33. I am of age, but due to personal reasons I do not do anything mature. And don't friend me just because my muses are pretty. I am not into that and if you're page looks triggering or too sexual I will NOT friend you. It makes me uncomfortable. Try to follow me again and you will get blocked. No means no. No godmodding please. You control your character and I will control mine.I have migraines as well as Depression & Panic Disorder. I also plan on going to school this year or the next. I also have a job and a life outside of RP. Basically RL comes first.Those are all the rules for now, but I will be adding more as I come up with them. I really am a nice person, but I want to make my roleplay experience fun and not a nightmare.


07/04/2020 11:38 PM 

prompt: the druid's promise.

A CONFESSION . the druid's promise      "I had power - not all the power I wanted - but it was enough. It didn't change anything. I was still alone. I'm always alone."    He confided quietly, baring his heart for the other man to see. The other man didn't flinch. He stared at Theo in a way that led him to believe he was conflicted. A sigh left the druid's lips, his hands resting on the operating table. He watched Theo - minutes passed before he found his voice, something to add to their fleeting conversation.    "I can't trust you." The druid's voice was withdrawn, tired. "I don't expect you to." Theo's was raw emotion, a repent. "I know. Believe me- I just need you to help me. Please. I don't know where else to go." Desperation wasn't a good look for the chimera. His eyes were wide and pleading, his voice strained. From the small silver operating table at the veterinarian's office, he watched as Deaton battled himself - wrong versus right, good or evil. Was Theo someone he could help? The youth could only pray. He spent the last hour talking to Deaton - primarily a one-sided plea, long-winded and no end in sight. Theo sunk his life story into Deaton, from the way his parents were killed by the Dread Doctors at age nine, to the night shortly after when he watched his sister die and took her heart, still warm, from her chest. He told Deaton every detail, words he'd been dying to express to someone, anyone, but never got close enough to. No one wanted the conversation. No one wanted the conflict Theo brought. He was troubled and bruised, a could-be hero shrouded by a dark and twisted past. If he couldn't redeem himself to Scott and his pack, he had to search elsewhere - and the operating table was the next place he landed after that very thought.    The youth was dying. His chest was torn open, a gory display of muddied blood, almost black and bullet holes that refused to heal contrasting greatly with the bright yellow wolfsbane fizzling out of the wounds. In the last ten years of his life, he didn't have anyone to talk to or count on. The fake parents he used to try to trick Scott took off the minute the Dread Doctors loosened their hold. The pack he tried to infiltrate all spread out and moved on, bringing in outsiders and youngblood that was much more trustworthy than him. Theo was alone. Alone and bound for death. So when he knocked on the closed veterinarian's door weakly, he didn't anticipate it actually opening - and he surely didn't expect Deaton to make haste in attempting to save his life. Incision after incision was made, yellow dust forced out of Theo's chest in small clouds but the wolfsbane was deep, plentiful, and spreading. He wasn't sure what got into him, but something about being on the brink of death again - something about returning to his own personal hell of having his sister's heart torn out from his chest made him spill everything. His entire life, his loneliness, his dreams, his desires. A pack. All he wanted was to belong, and on his deathbed, it seemed Deaton was willing to negotiate the terms of helping him gain it.   "Okay." The druid nodded. His face was grim. There wasn't any indication that Theo would be surviving long enough for him to keep his word. "If I can stop--" The older man waved his hands around Theo's torn open chest, grimacing. "- this. Then I'll do what I can. I can't promise you anything. You're a manufactured supernatural being - it may be difficult to sort out your abilities, what you can and can't do, but... you are gaining some as time goes on. There could be a possibility of you creating your own pack 'naturally', but we can't know for sure." He spoke fast and precise, running around the gears in his head. Lifting his scalpel back up, he made another incision over a fiery, bubbling wound, wincing at the chimera's groan.    Theo growled, low-pitched and worn out. His eyes flickered - stormy blue to shocking yellow - his body was trying to heal unsuccessfully around the poison bullets. His hands were seized at his sides, balled up into angry fists, claws biting into flesh. Despite the unbearable pain and the cold touch of death, Theo managed to smile a warm, genuine smile. Toothy and would've been gleaming if it hadn't been for the blood staining his teeth. His features were soft, vulnerable. Hope blossomed in his aching, shredded chest.    "Thank you--" Theo winced, forcing his lungs to work with a shaky release. "I won't forget this. I can't die, Deaton." With his heart thundering in his chest, he roared loud and painful, until his eyes remained lit and glowing. Sharp fangs extended and clattered together with a grunt, nose scrunched. "Not yet." 

Head Prat

07/09/2020 10:53 PM 

Ministry of Magic [C.S turn back time]

Prompt chosen by GingersnapYear: 1984 The ministry was a thing of beauty, every level a new marvel to the young, bright eyed ginger. Everything from the sheer amount of people that bustled around, an endless sea of colorful cloaks to the way every ceiling vaulted, a different scene displayed above that was rimmed in gold. Percy stared up at all of it in awe. It was just as he pictured, if not better. All the stories his father told them as they sat around the table eating, wild tales that pulled Percy in didn’t do the Ministry justice. It was more spectacular in real life, a place that for the first time in his short life, Percy felt at home.“Keep up Percy!”Percy trailed after his father and brother, eyes wide behind the thick frames, his mouth slightly agape. Usually he was latched to his father’s side, carefully mimicking everything his hero did from the way his father spoke with his hands when excited to the way he walked. Percy always listened and watched, waited patiently for his turn to speak and be seen by his father. Now he slinked behind, his attention elsewhere as he took it all in. Percy couldn’t figure out why Charlie had put up such a fight in going. It was brilliant. Magical.“Where’s the dragons,” Charlie whinged from up ahead. “You said there would be dragons.”“Dragons are in Gringotts, Charlie,” Percy piped up with a grin as he awkwardly jogged alongside his father to keep up. “There’s a floor that has people who make laws for creatures like dragons, but there aren’t any here. Right, dad?”The glare from Charlie instantly made Percy hide awkwardly around his father as they kept moving. “You don't know everything, you prat.”Percy’s nose wrinkled at the cruel name. It was something they called him when their parents weren’t around, but the lack of reaction from their father only showed he wasn’t paying any attention as he ushered them through the hall. Percy puffed his chest out a little, knowing he was right. “No, they protect Gringotts, you knobhead!”“Percy!”His face flushed in color as his father admonished him, a pout forming in his face. “Charlie called me a prat because I said there aren’t dragons here, that they are at the bank.”Arthur sighed, a look sent to Charlie. “Don’t call him a prat because he’s right about something. Now hurry up, there’s someone I want you to meet Charlie.”The air went out from under him, Percy’s hands lifted to block the blow as he hit the ground hard, his father disappearing in the crowd oblivious. He let out a slight whimper, everything one massive blur as pain radiated through his arms where he blocked his fall. Tears burned his eyes as Percy squinted, carefully reaching out to find where his glasses went. “Help me find my glasses or I’m telling dad.”“Tell him, he won't care. You think you are so smart but you can’t even figure out that dad didn’t even want to bring you. Mum made him to get you to shut up.”“Mum says lying is bad.”In a rough shove, Charlie forced Percy back down with a grin. “It's not a lie if you know it’s true.”The crunch was deafening to Percy’s ears as his heart sunk not just to the noise but what he knew was the truth. Charlie was right, even if Percy refused to admit it. He heard his father that morning trying to get out of taking him, saying he wanted to bond with Charlie before he went off to Hogwarts in a few weeks. Charlie hated the Ministry, something that Arthur wanted to change, to nudge his second born into loving just as much as he did. He didn’t see Percy, never noticed the way he clung to his stories and tried to engage with his father about wanting to be like him and work there. Percy wasn’t proud of the way he whined his way into going, but it worked.Percy glared after his older brother as he fought back his tears. Charlie didn’t say anything else, a satisfied smirk on his face as he walked off after their father. Quietly, Percy felt around for his glasses, a small sniffle as he gingerly lifted them up. He felt the earpiece fall off and his stomach tumbled with fear, making the tears rise faster. He knew the trouble he would be in, knew that they couldn’t afford a new pair of glasses for him. They barely scraped together enough to get him the current pair, Percy promising to take the best care of them. The itch started across his arms, tiny pinpricks that forced ugly welts to appear in his arms as the dread took over that he failed them. The frame twisted under his hold, pieces of the lens falling away and a tear of frustration fell, Percy angrily wiping it away.“Now, this isn’t a place to be sitting.”A soft voice of authority hit Percy like a punch and quickly he scrambled to his feet, glasses hidden behind his back. The woman like the rest of the world was unfocused, hard to look at without his head hurting. “I’m sorry.”The woman bent down in front of him as Percy took a shy step back. “You’re one of Weasley’s boys?”He smiled bashfully. “Percy.”She smiled at him kindly from what Percy could make out. “Well Percy, may I see your glasses?”He hesitated, thought of lying to get himself out of trouble but there was no point. The moment his father saw him he would ask where his glasses were, assuming Percy could find his dad now that he could barely see past his nose. The stern stare from the woman made him squirm until he surrendered them over. At the small tut, Percy’s cheeks went ruddy. “I fell.”She nodded in understanding before she tapped her wand against the frames. Instantly his glasses repaired themselves, the woman giving them a quick once over before she placed them gently onto his face. The world came back into focus, the smiling face the first thing that Percy saw. “I heard you talking with your brother. You seem to know an awful lot about the Ministry here.”“Yes, I want to work here just like my dad.” Percy’s smile fell a little, his hands stuffed into his pockets. “My brothers make fun of me for it. They say I’m a brown-nosing prat.”There was a look of recognition on her face as she stood back up, her hand stretched out for Percy to take. She took a quick glance around before she guided him through people, offering cheery greetings to those they passed. Percy watched it all, admired how everyone attempted to speak with her, gave her unified respect. The lift was massive, a hellish beast that spiked a fear in him. His mind when to Charlie, how he would have mocked him for being afraid of something so stupid and in three timid steps he shuffled his way inside.“Now Percy, I need you to promise me something.” She spoke once as the doors closed, face turned down at him.He knew it was coming, Percy’s small round face scrunched back in anticipation of being told off. “I know, I should take better care of my glasses and not wander off.”“Well yes, those are true but that’s not what I was going to say.” The warmness reached her eyes, made him feel safe. “Don’t let your brothers dissuade you from the Ministry by calling you a prat. My sister used to call me the same thing and you know what . . . some of the best, most intelligent people were called prats. Just look at me, I’m now the Minister of Magic.”Percy’s eyes widened as his heart skipped a beat. “You’re Minister Bagnold?”“Indeed, I am! Should I expect to see your application soon?”“I’m only eight! Well, I'll be eight in a week and five days.”She played along with a feigned gasp of shock. “Well, a few years' time then? We only accept the best here you know and my nose says you’re one of the best.”Percy brimmed with excitement, his cheeks flushed at the very idea that she saw something in him. The doors of the lift opened, revealing a new floor. He wanted to say something, anything to the Minister of Magic that would make him sound intelligent and not like a silly child but nothing formed between his mind and lips but a meager whisper of ‘bloody hell.’“Remember, the Ministry will always be a home for people like us. Now off you pop, your dad is in the first room to the left.”Percy stepped out from the lift, a wide smile on his face. He gave the Minister of Magic a slight wave before he ran off in the direction she told him. He couldn’t believe it, was still reeling from the fact he not only met Minister Bagnold but that she saw something in him.The Minister of Magic saw something in him.“Dad! Dad! You won’t believe who I just met!” He burst through the doors, Charlie’s face turned up to the ceiling in boredom as their father went on about something. “Daddy!”“That’s nice Percy, there’s some quills over in the corner.” Arthur said, gently waving him off. “Now Charlie, what’s fascinating about . . .”Percy backed away quietly from the pair, his excitement sinking alongside his heart. It took a moment for Minister’s Bagnold’s words to come back to him and they solidified within. He would do more than just work at the Ministry now, he wanted to give people like him hope when he was older. He was going to become the Minister of Magic one day.

Gypsy rose Corvin

07/08/2020 10:45 PM 


ᴅɪᴇᴛʀɪᴄʜ ᴠᴏɴ sʜäꜰᴇʀ

07/08/2020 09:20 PM 


This is a post to extend on my recent status regarding my character being used as a kink.I understand some people see a character like mine and deep in their mind comes these desires to see themselves and/or their characters used in demeaning ways. We all have things we enjoy be it in writing or in our own personal lives that can come alive in our fantasy world. What I have issue with is people coming into my inbox, lacking anything beyond a character looking for me to help get their rocks off in a round of cybersex. I refuse to allow myself, or my character, to be used in such a manner. Especially by you underage girls, who see my age requirements and adjust your profile to reflect it.Villains are attractive, even more so the ones we have learned so much about while growing up. The real deal. It is totally okay to have these desires, but it is not okay to take advantage of someone and the time they have spent developing their character, writing their personality, their experiences, their history, and throw it all away for a quick one off. I want story and time and development!I have absolutely no quarrel with writing sexual themes and/or relationships with this character, but they will be played out in a way that fits his personality/timeline. He is not a gentle lover, if you can consider anything he offers as love, and I have expanded up on before, he is a man without limits to what he can and will do, to anyone. This includes abusive relationships, mentally and physically.Please understand if you want a relationship with Dietrich, it will not be an easy path to take. It will be long and hard, with many trials and tribulations that may not even end up as the idea we have in our head. He is evil, a patriotic Nazi through and through, right down to his cold little heart. Do you think his relationship with a Jewish or Ethnic character would be played out with loving brunches and flowers and chocolates? No, absolutely not and I do not want to give you the idea that it would. If you want to roleplay that experience of forbidden love, I am okay with that! Talk and plot with me, that is all I am asking.I love you all so much already! This has been one of the most welcoming communities I have played in. I have always been hesitant to play this character due to a lot of negative attention he has garnered in the past. So far, beyond this one little issue, I have been met with nothing but understanding people who see why I play the things I do and be my friend without judgement.Love, Dietrich! ♥ 


07/08/2020 07:26 PM 

Educational Decrees

ilvermorny academy school of witchcraft and wizardry The Necessary InformationI. Ilvermorny Academy is an AU [Alternate Universe] Roleplaying Group with an all original story-line. It is necessary to read up on this story-line as well as the character backgrounds before auditioning. Please do not claim any content as your own.  At this time, we are not accepting any original characters until our own pre-written character are filled. Crossovers are encouraged and welcomed, but we advise you view our current crossovers before you audition with your own. II. All future members are required to read the Ilvermorny Academy story, browse our content, and sign our guidelines before auditioning. Please keep in mind we may ask that you sign in a specific way, so please read take the time to read through our guidelines as it will be beneficial to you.Ilvermorny Academy GuidelinesIII. Since we are a Roleplaying Group (RPG), Ilvermorny Academy runs best when our members are active. We realize that many RPers have multiple profiles and many others work a full-time job, are full time students, or just RP for fun whenever they have a spare moment. With that in mind, a member activity check will be sent out once a month in the form of a competition or game with which members will have exactly 30 days to reply to.  One of the biggest ways to prove your activity is to have your profile completed with a storyline posted. All members are expected to have a completed profile within one month of their acceptance. If you cannot comply, please let us know in advance so we are aware of whatever situation is preventing you from doing this. IV. In character drama is highly encouraged as there is a lot already written into the Ilvermorny story. However, out of character drama will absolutely not be tolerated. Any member caught taking part in a blacklist will automatically be expelled from the group with no chance of return. Ilvermorny Academy does not tolerate cyber-bullying of any kind.  Everyone makes mistakes, it does not bode will to dwell on these mistakes and hang them over the perpetrators head for all the public to see. Many RPers are already heavily bullied in the real world and use RPing as a getaway; we don’t want to take away their one escape. V. Here at Ilvermorny Academy we love to accept new ideas and characters. If any member has an idea for a character they would like to add to our Academy in relation to their current character, feel free to send us a message. You will need to include details on their involvement to your character and how they fit into the Ilvermorny Academy story.Ilvermorny Academy StudentsVI. Most of our canon students (canon to Ilvermorny) have semi-negotiable faces. These faces were chosen specifically to compliment our story here at Ilvermorny. Ilvermorny prides itself on it's diversity so we promote the use of underused and underappreciated actresses and actors.  Any original character auditions will be subjected to this standard as we do have limited spaces for each House. This is due to our very specific story. We do have a few students with backstories that are “Open for Discussion” meaning if you are interested in the play-by and the few details provided, you can message us with an idea for a backstory and we’ll let you know if it fits our universe or not. VII. If you notice, many of the nationalities of our students are clustered into one house or another. This is due to the specifics behind the Ilvermorny houses and their blood status. Ilvermorny Academy is one of the most liberal magical schools, being co-founded by a no-maj, so the blood status is purely based on the academia behind each bloodline aka, the history of their ancestry and magical practices.  Because of this, any original characters that may audition must stick to the most viable designation of House and bloodline. Affiliates and PartnersVIII. If you wish to become an affiliate of Ilvermorny Academy, please visit our content blog and navigate to the Academy Affiliate Application. This is how we will best keep track of our affiliate messages as our inbox will solely be for auditions and member notifications.  Anyone wishing to apply to become an affiliate as a Resource site must have a neat profile with accessible content as many sites close before ever getting started. Any RPGs wishing to apply to become affiliate must have at least 4 members before doing so. We will hold ourselves to the same standard, so until such a time as we have 4 or more members at the Academy we will not be accepting any RPG affiliates. XI. If you wish to become a partner of Ilvermorny Academy, you must qualify in one of the three areas listed below. Partners receive special privileges that affiliates do not including being shared out consistently on our members train (in their own partner section) as well as being recommended to our new members and current members as a go-to site for premades, layouts, sharing, etc. We will also help RPGs with member searches by reposting status’ and bulletins.  You must be an active member of Ilvermorny Academy with your own working site.You must be affiliates with Ilvermorny Academy for a full six months.You must share Ilvermorny Academy once a week for a full month. SIGNINGX. After you have read through our rules carefully, please sign below with your current character signature (if you are an open profile, sign with the character you wish to audition for). Please include a GIF of the playby you represent or that you wish to represent. We will know if you have read these  Ilvermorny Academy   Sorting Ceremony Thunderbird Wampus Horned Serpent Pukwudgies

∂ιzzу нσσк-мυισ (мαяяιє∂)

07/08/2020 06:48 PM 

Lost in the woods (Drabble)

"Have you ever felt lost in the woods? Or forgotten? Or felt like you don't belong? I have felt all of these. I felt like my uncle is the only one in my family who cares enough about me to make sure I'm safe. I went through more pain that most girls didn't have to go through. I just remember the day my reason for being happy was when my daughter Snow Mary Hook was born. I just felt like she was my reason to not give up" Dizzy said as she is thinking while sitting by her bay window.  


07/08/2020 05:55 PM 

MTV 2 — Best Of Beyoncé.

Premiered on MTV 2, Channel 161.Wednesday, July 8th. 2:00 PM.She’s a 𝐒𝐔𝐑𝐕𝐈𝐕𝐎𝐑. She’s 𝐅𝐎𝐗𝐘. She’s 𝐁𝐎𝐎𝐓𝐘𝐋𝐈𝐂𝐈𝐎𝐔𝐒! It’s Beyoncé and we’ve got the goods on her!     AMANDA DIVA: “The girl is on top of her game right now, and it doesn’t look like she will be falling off anytime soon. So here at MTV 2, we decided to step back and review the story so far. For starters, let’s take a look back before Dangerously In Love, before the movies, before Jay-Z, when a couple of girls from Houston were trying to make their mark on MTV. Pay attention because this is how it all started."  The following clip showed a video of Destiny’s Child first introducing themselves as a girl-group. A young Beyoncé, Kelly, LaTavia and LeToya stood humbly before Carson Daly, the host of Total Request Live. Four teenage girls who met through school, set off on a mission to take the industry by storm with their smooth R&B sound and silky dances.  After the montage, the show cuts to a a roaring crowd of teens and young adults, watching as throwback performance of Destiny’s Child performing their hit, Bug-A-Boo, at MTV’s Fashionably Loud during Spring Break of 2000 in Cancun. Vocals resounded through the microphone as Beyoncé managed to keep the audience entertained with ad-libs and flirtatious twirls around the beach-themed stage.  “Everybody in Cancun, say bug-a-boo!”  𝕭’s Throwback. — Cancun with Destiny’s Child, ’00. BEYONCÉ: All I know is that my belly-piercin’ was poppin’. It matched my style and my fly… You could not tell me a thing! 


07/08/2020 05:54 PM 

reply to fvckinandroids.

  Markus felt insanely guilty for what transpired back at the docks. He understood their inner turmoil. If he had lost the one he loved, then he wasn't sure how he would have reacted. Did some androids truly feel this way? Both North and Josh were giving him the silent treatment, though it wasn't his fault. He was trying to get more parts from Cyberlife and thought they could trust this android. If anything, it was one of his mistakes.He didn't know whether that deviant hunter would be out there or not, but he supposed he could check out the crime scene without anyone knowing. He should have remained there without leaving, but North and Josh panicked before he could even see into those android's minds. They had ambushed the leaders of Jericho with an intent to kill. What did they hope to accomplish?Revenge? It wouldn't have made any of them feel better, but he knew that feeling very well. Markus recalled the hatred and the anger he felt when it came to Carl's son Leo who always treated him like dirt. Sometimes they would have more than one altercation, but there wasn't much him nor Carl do about it. Markus had been stuck behind the walls of his code while Carl was bound to a wheelchair. What could he actually do?Markus waited a moment before he left the safety of Jericho. They would have to go back to Cyberlife warehouse again to get the spare parts they needed at another time, but he needed to check out the crime scene for now. It didn't take him long to get there. The androids who had been killed were still laying where they were shot; the blue blood coating the ground in its entirety. He knelt down next to the leader of these androids and looked at him again, still curious to their motivations other than them believing they were doing fine before Markus. "You weren't free. You were stuck in an endless cycle of being slaves. Why would you want that to stay?"Most of these questions were rhetorical. He would need to ask North and Josh their own opinions as well, but he figured he would do that a later date. Markus released a soft sigh and closed the android's eyes as he rubbed his face. When did things get so messy? He wondered how he would be if he remained at Carl's side without going deviant. Would any of the deviants rise up and take his place? It was a hard question and he assumed no one would take the bait."... you said you lost the girl you loved because of me, but that wasn't my fault. We just wanted to be free. I wish you could have talked things out with me instead of trying to kill us." Markus tensed when he heard a car nearby. Deciding he needed to hide, he chose the safest spot he could find without giving himself away.


07/08/2020 05:39 PM 

concern. reply to the lion.

  As much as Markus didn't want to admit it, there was another version of himself standing right in front of him. Mismatched optics scanned around his face, showing an expression of half-concern and half-confusion as he tried to figure out the right words to use. He asked him who he was, but it was clear that he was... Markus. Everything about him screamed that. Each individual android had different names despite having the same face, yet this was not the same case, was it? Markus was alarmed. He knew if he still had his LED, then it would be flashing red just from this knowledge alone."My name is Markus." The other one spoke clearly, though it seemed he was simply testing himself out. Markus couldn't help but notice that he had the old colored eyes he used to have, while he had mismatched ones. It wasn't a surprise consdiering he was the one thrown in the junkyard after being shot by those cops the night Leo decided to take matters into his own hands. Would this Markus know anything about that? He couldn't help but wonder this, but the question never came to his lips.Instead, he waited for the other android to speak again and that didn't take very long because he seemed as distressed as he was. "Who... what are you?" The android asked him, which made him purse his lips. "You look like me..." The other Markus gently touched his coat, clearly concerned about this himself, but he wasn't sure what he thought would happen. Would he think this was just a mirror? A dream? Androids didn't dream, at least not in that way, but he wasn't entirely sure what was running through his mind. He was worried this was nothing but a trick. Despite Elijah creating Markus as a gift for Carl, he realized Cyberlife could do the same. Still... what would they hope to gain from something like this? To make the deviants look bad? If so, then they did a horrible job. This Markus looked confused and acted like he had no idea about the world around him.Markus wondered if they shared the same memories or if the only thing this android was aware of was his name. Did he know about the deviants? Jericho? Carl? Where did this Markus come from? Markus had so many questions, but knew he couldn't overload him with them otherwise that could end veyr bad for the both of them. He just had to be patient. He had to be calm."I'm Markus and I'm the same as you." He finally said, deciding the silence was probably enough. Markus didn't want to confus the poor android even more, but he wasn't sure how to be callous about this whole thing. It was difficult to stand there and stare at himself when he thought he was the only RK200 that ever existed. He felt a little unsettled, though he knew there wasn't much he could do in this moment. Perhaps they didn't need to stand out in the open where humans could stare at them and figure them out. Markus was the leader of the deviants after all.He looked around and was relieved to see that no one paid much attention to them. "I don't know what's going on, but we need to get out of here. The humans don't take too kindly to our kind." Markus was unsure if he would follow after him, but maybe he would trust... himself. For now, all he could do was get him and the other Markus to safety. But that gave him a questionable dilemma. Should he take this Markus back to Jericho or hide him somewhere else? He didn't need anyone else in Jericho having a panic attack because another one of him existed.Deciding it didn't matter, Markus gripped the android's arm to nudge him along. "Come on, we'll be safe in Jericho."


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Wish Two Response - 3W

RevolutionaryNo one knew the exact cause of the apocalyptic events that had unfolded over the last two years.  A proverbial nuclear meltdown had occurred and the catalyst had yet to be revealed.  Jackson Kenner had dedicated his entire leadership as the alpha of the Crescent Clan to making peace between all the factions: human, witch, vampire and werewolf.  He’d been so close to achieving his goal when the sh*t literally hit the fan, splattering human remains into the streets of New Orleans as Klaus emerged a ripper with his strumpet Caroline.  It wasn’t enough that everyone, regardless of species, had in some way been wronged by a Mikaelson.  For the most part, for all intents and purposes of achieving peace, everyone looked the other way and excused their behavior, but not anymore.  What Klaus and Caroline had managed to do was a declaration of war on everyone and everyone had enough of their sh*t.  It was f***ing time to fight back.  To say the alpha was pissed was an understatement.  The mission was a little more complicated than simply restoring the natural order of things.  For all Klaus knew, most of the Crescent pack had been eradicated, or so it appeared on the outskirts of the bayou with the remnants of the old shacks and bare bones of abandoned and neglected motor homes.  Prior to the civil unrest on a global scale, the Crescents were used to oppression.  They’d always lived a simple lifestyle with basic necessities, but one too many curses by witches and attacks by vampires gave Jackson the motivation to do better by his people.  Having taken them deeper into the bayou and off the beaten path, several upscale cabins stood beneath a canopy of treetops as a testament of survival.  This was not a community easily accessible by an average person… or vampire.  Knowledge of navigable waterways, four-wheel drive vehicles fitted with amphibious air intake and brave souls willing to face the harsh environment of wetlands by foot were the only ways to reach it.  Of those by foot, only ten percent made it out alive, if the gators didn’t get you, a far worse fate was waiting if you didn’t belong.   Living off the grid was something they’d been doing in the bayou since the Crescents settled there decades ago.  Jackson was able to lay infrastructure to modernize their amenities while still keeping them off the grid.  Solar panels provided energy to their cabins even in the night hours, eliminating the need for an anchored power source through cables.  Individual water wells fed by the bayou and cleaned by filtration provided running water, also powered by solar energy.  What they lacked were internet, cellular service and cable TV due to tower locations, but those amenities had been offline on a global scale for some time now and living off the grid literally meant living offline.  Outside communication was obtained by McGyvering an old single frequency ham radio and the use of 3-way long range VHF handheld radios.  The bayou provided food in the form of fish, shellfish and crustaceans and they’d been rotating various crops for years.  Not much had really changed for them in the wake of this Armageddon.  The wolves were content with their lifestyle.            As the leader of his people, Jackson was the one who they looked to for answers, the one they relied on for safety and survival.  Lives hung in the balance if he misjudged or underestimated their enemies.  And then there was Hope.  More than restoring order was the mission of her safety.  As long as Klaus was unaware of Hope’s existence, he had no reason to be poking around the bayou.  No reason at all to go up against the apex predator on a suicide mission.  For all Hope knew, Jackson was her father.  She’d known no different her entire life.  And so the mission was clear… The Crescents were a resistance against Klaus and his army of clowns; all lives regardless of species looking to fight back against the Klowns Army could find refuge through the Crescents; this fight was in effort to restore the natural balance and peace of the world they once knew; and Hope would remain unscathed through it all.             template credit.


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"Holy sh*t." Asariel let out a breathy chuckle as his gaze settled on the redhead before him. "I can't believe you did that." To say he was surprised was certainly an understatement. Asariel did not believe someone who was as vain as Quinn would bother lifting a finger for someone else."I'm a cop. The hell did you think I was gonna do? Let you die?" Quinn stared at the blonde demon, brow raised high. What was he laughing at? Quinn found the demon lying in a pool of his own blood with a f***ing knife driven in his chest. Was he suppose to just let him bleed out? "Yeah but I'm a demon. I can't die." Another chuckle, this time followed by the demon smoothing a hand over the front of his dark suit. The injury was gone, as expected, and so was the blood and the hole in the clothes. "You saved me but you didn't have to." Again, Quinn was confused. He saw the demon injured and instinct told him to help. No matter how f***ed he was mentally, Quinn was not the type to just let someone die if he had the chance to help. Now, that didn't apply to people he was killing himself. If he had a hand in their deaths then they probably deserved it and maybe Asariel did deserve it but Quinn wasn't sure so might as well do what he could to prevent a possibly unnecessary death. "Go ahead. Laugh it up. Next time I ain't helping. In fact, I might actually stab you just to finish the job quickly." Asariel continued laughing, a hand lifting to press against his abdomen. This was too funny.  credit.


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1. Chester was turned into a vampire fledgling by the infamous Jerry Dandrige. He hates his sire with the passion for this curse of immortality. He never asked for this life and now he has to deal with another manipulative person in his life. (Welcome to Freak Night) 2. Institution!Chester: In this verse Chester never left the institution and continues to receive treatment for his mental illness. He still suffers from clinical depression, but as for his other mental illnesses he’s doing a little better. (The Cuckoo’s Nest) 3. Detroitbecomehuman!Chester: Chester is an escaped android that turned deviant after his abuse at the Eden Club. (East of Eden) 4. Kid!Chester: This verse normally takes place two weeks before Chester’s 15 birthday and the school shooting. This is the verse where you can turn back time and have your muse befriend a very traumatize boy or adopt him. (Kid has got the Darkside) 5. Last of Us!Chester: In this verse Chester was part of the Washington Liberation Front, (WLF) but became a deserter once he saw how corrupt they were. He also had a boyfriend who ran off with him, but he had to put him down when he got bit while escaping a hoarde of runners. Now, he’s on his own, trying to survive and wondering if running away from the Washington Liberation Front was worth it after all. (Wolf without a Pack) 6. Chronicle!Chester: Chester Hayes is constantly picked on at school and abused at home. He has no where to hide from these horrors and desperately wants to fit in. One day he crashes a college party that he had over heard that some of the students were going to it. Maybe now would be his time to fit in, however, when he’s called out for checking out someone’s girlfriend which wasn’t true he was called out by the girl’s boyfriend and splashed in the face with liquor.  Knowing that he was going to be the laughing stock the next day he leaves the party and goes to sit and cry. Suddenly, two of his classmates approach him. They had seen what happened and attempted to comfort him. Chester was skeptical of their kind actions at first, but was polite about it. One of the kids talk about how they found a thing in the woods and invite Chester to come with them to check it out. When they get there there’s an strange hole in the ground that keeps emitting this weird sound. One of the classmates stupidly drops themself inside the hole to check it out followed by the othe. Chester didn’t want to seem like a chicken so he follows the two teenagers into the pit. Soon they discover a glowing rock or something inside… they started to mess with it and was honestly entranced by the glowing orb. Suddenly, the orb makes this ground quaking sound that causes the cavern to cave in on them. They were lucky to make it out of there alive. (Apex Punisher) The next day… they woke up with strange powers. The first couple of weeks they would meet with each other just to see what they could do with it. Mostly goofing off, but slowly as Chester endures more abuse at the hands of his mother and is bullied more at school… the power goes to his head and makes him mad with it. 7. Hazbin!Chester: Finally, his days of murder have caught up with him. At his apartment he was gunned down brutally by police and when he woke up. He was in hell, actual hell. His appearance has drastically changed in this verse. He has ram horns and long elf like ears along with tiny fangs. His height instead of 5′6 is 6′6 which is still tiny for most demons. He also has the ability to manipulate fire. He mostly spends his time in this verse at bars or doing drugs, but is currently trying to build his own bounty hunter business.   

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Wouldn’t you like to know? 1. Chester’s bathroom has no mirror, no toilet lid, soup dish or anything for his victims to hurt him with. He learned this during his stay at the mental institution. The bathrooms there were completely designed for safety for the patients and the staff.  2. Chester is addicted to Oxycontin because when he was a kid one of his abusers put his arm in a machine vice and broke it in three places. It was the first and only time he went to the hospital and his mom made sure he never told any of the doctors what really happened. He was put on heavy pain killers which his mom gave him more than he was supposed to take to keep him drugged up for her clients. 3. Chester never really got justice for what his teacher did to him. When English Teacher, Marko Clements was shot he was honored as hero and mistaken for dying protecting his students. They built a statue in his honor and to this day no one knows the truth as to the horrors he subjected some of his students to.  4. Chester keeps his sex life private. He doesn’t want anyone knowing he’s gay because he believes that it’s his own business. He has a lot of one night stands and can be considered hypersexual. He never gives his name, however, and always leaves in the early morning hours. If he runs into the person he’s been with the night before he will publicly deny every being with them.  5. Chester prefers to be bottom because he is insecure about how his performance will be considering he’s not very endowed. He has a twink body and prefers to bottom, but he is very capable of dominating in another way. In other words, he’s been known to power bottom if he feels confident in the situation he’s presented with.  Some of his kinks include calling his partner daddy and being praised. Though he also loves rough sex, knife play, blood play and boy is he down to be choked. He also loves dirty talk, but hates being called slut or whore.  Things that he hates during sex though is that he doesn’t like to be taken from behind. He prefers to see his partner the entire time during sex. If he doesn’t his head plays tricks on his and he’s more likely to dissociate. 

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