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๐•ฝ๐–”๐–™๐–™๐–Š๐–“ to the ๐•ฎ๐–”๐–—๐–Š

07/01/2020 04:08 PM 


Audition FormRules/RegulationsTaken Roles/PlaybysOpen Roles/PlaybysWebmaster/Editor Application


07/01/2020 01:40 PM 


Summer Lovin' of 2020.Shooter Jennings - Fourth of JulySummer of 69 - Bryan AdamsBody like a Back Road - Sam HuntAll Summer Long - Kid RockIt’s five o’clock somewhere - Alan Jacksonfishin’ in the dark -  nitty gritty dirt bandWhen the sun goes down - Kenny ChesneyToes - Zac Brown BandLynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home AlabamaSweet Caroline - Neil Diamond


07/01/2020 01:30 PM 


CONNECTION COUNT [ 06 / 08 ]   Julianna Santorini / Flirty Girlfriend: Though they each credit Benjamin Kopus for introducing them to one another they actually met earlier on in life; after, Finn and some of his friends decided to play chicken with a semi-trailer. At the time Julianna was a night nurse on call when they brought Finn in. His touch and go vital signs forcing him in and out of consiousness making their incounter a bit hazy. From the second Benny reintroduced them however they became inseparable. With Finn finding just about any excuse he could to stop and see her.Loretta Mason / Partner in Crime & Best Friend from Childhood: Finnick and Loretta grew up across the street from eachother. Inseverable from the moment they were first introduced to one another.Charlotte Mason / Discription Coming Soon: Brief discription of out connection.Benjamin Kopus / Older Brother Figure: Finnick met Benny at a charity event held in support of the troops. While there they bonded over shared experiences, with Benny being former military and all. As time progressed they began viewing one another as extended members of their family. Finnick ultimately confiding in Ben about the envelope his adoptive father left to him along with it's content. Assisting Ben every now and then when he slips into an episode, having encountered similar events through SEER training.Sophie Monroe / Former Classmate & Friend: Though Sophie is older then Finn they shared a number of common interest. Aside from having parents who were well aquanted with one another they shared a certain fondness for helping others. Often the first two people in school to sign up for the annual blood drive, to pick up the hammer after ever natural disaster. In fact, you could say their love for charity work was the founding cornor stone of their friendship.Brynleigh Larson / Sister in Law:  


07/01/2020 12:32 PM 

I know I'd go back to you.

serpent juliet And what's the point in hiding? Everybody knows we got unfinished business And I'll regret it if I didn't say. message comment albums stream bulletins blog I know I'd go back to you She's living her life free as can be. Sneaking & causing trouble among the streets of Riverdale. A little too revealing on the skin, but her leather jacket keeps her clothed, blonde locks loose and blowing in the wind. She would shout with excitement through the lonely streets, the stars looking down upon her. Other times, she's with him, curled by his side, a mixture of sweat and heaving breathing. Usually one of them has to leave, sometimes it's not even on a bed. Random places, daring and thrilling. They are becoming careless and almost got caught. Would it be so bad? Sometimes Betty lets that thought wander in her head, and a voice louder than her own tells her IT WOULD BE." Remember…. the time you had me stay over for the weekend. My mom was out of town. Your dad elsewhere, you never said where. Our phones were off, and we stayed up all night talking about our future together. How many kids we want…. how it was always you and me against the world…. do you remember that… Jughead? " 


07/01/2020 09:58 PM 

Push Reset Pt. 2

      That evening in San Francisco was calm, the weather warm and inviting. Within the Blackwater mansion, the three sat and ate a delectable dinner together. It was rare that the family did so anymore, with both them running an empire and their daughter creating one of her own. As Racquelle Blackwater looked across the table through the red tapered candles at her mother, she knew something unpleasant was coming; it could be felt in the pit of her stomach. Her father, Robert Blackwater, seemed oblivious even though the air was thick with unsaid words and an axe ready to drop. It was difficult for the businesswoman to have an appetite in such an environment, even though everything around her was perfect and beautiful. It didn’t matter, for she had an ominous feeling with how the evening would continue. She refused dessert but drank her champagne copiously, hoping a buzz would help her with what was to come.       Right after everyone had finished and the stunning heiress had a slight buzz, Selene Blackwater pulled her daughter aside to a private area by grabbing her firmly by the arm and excusing the two. Aside from one other soul, no one beside's the hybrid's own mother knew what all that the redheaded vixen who oozed sex appeal to anyone who was within her area. "Racquelle, I know that something is off with you and I can tell that it's personal."  The domineering mother  sat the two in the room left open in the hallway, with a sofa, two chairs, marble top coffee table and other such warm touches that were there to show the rooms intent; a place where personal  conversations between small parties could occur.      As the redhead listened to her beautiful mother - a full-blooded Siren and demigoddess, her own posture became rigid in response. With a beautiful black gown on that spilled over the seat she was on and down it, the daughter listened to every word that cut like razorblades. If there was anyone who could get the fierce, independent and strong willed redhead to fall back in line it was Selene. The alcohol barely numbed the harsh words coming from her mother's beautiful lips. Though her mother, a near brunette with dark honey coloured hair looked the epitome of beauty and crace, seemed so gentle, demure and feminine -  she was as strong as any warrior and her words tonight were her weapon of choice.     Racquelle didn't show it; her posture had become mannequin like - she barely even moved. The porcelain skinned heiress sat with her pose seeming to be nonchalant but her eyes had darkened from their lovely warm, maple brown colour to pure black.  Within her, her being had been torn to shreds, stripped and injured severely.  Though the two were related and shared many traits, the flame haired demigoddess held deeply romantic notions in her heart. She was like her father in that way and in her mother’s eyes it made her daughter both weak and vulnerable, which was true. Selene had hoped after the affair with Racquelle’s much older Teacher in high school had ended abruptly that her gifted daughter’s beliefs in romance would be dashed but for the first time since then, she’d noticed a change in her daughter, and not one she believed to be good for her. Even though she had no real proof, Selene could sense that once again, the daughter she’d raised taught and molded well as molded seemed to be returning to the hope that genuine love was out there and she would find it. It would only cause her daughter years of pain, her mother was sure of it; already she could read it in the young woman’s dark eyes.     “I’m begging you, daughter,”  Selene implored her, grasping Racquelle’s pale, manicured hand. “Stop this quest. Have you found someone deserving of your love, someone who fully shares your most important values and ideals? Have you found a woman who’s fully attentive, who doesn’t disappear, that you can rely on, and is utterly devoted and loyal to you? Have you found someone whose lifestyle can fit in well with your own? Have you found the perfect match?” After being shredded apart, criticized cruelly and berated, those words hurt just as much but the heiress refused to let it show, or to let a single tear fall due to her mother’s lashings and her honest questions.  Racquelle’s silence was the answer.      Knowing she’d successfully made her point, Selene looked into her daughter’s eyes that happened to be as dark as midnight. “Racquelle, I know just how much you have to offer this world. Stop being a masochist by searching for this mystery woman. You have so much to give, so give it – in other outlets.” Racquelle had been so dismembered that she didn’t speak, didn’t bother to utter what she was thinking – that despite her species and being born with two goddesses flowing through her veins, with all her wealth and power, the world was a lonely place. What was the point of it all if she was to enjoy it entirely alone, with no companion at her side?  Her desire to find a real match she could be deeply in love with for a lifetime ran steeply against what she was and what she was created for yet the longing remained. The heiress didn’t want to be like her mother, with a puppet of a husband who was simply under her spell.  Her mind drifted while her mother continued to remind her of her purpose, especially after she told Racquelle that as a demigoddess and Siren, she was not capable of the type of love she sought, anyway.               When the exquisite redhead walked out of the mansion to meet her limousine and chauffeur, she looked like a porcelain doll who someone had hit the ‘reset’ button on.  Internally she was bleeding with many gashes and mentally her focus had been adjusted back to her career and life’s work as well as ruling her underwater kingdom.  As she stepped into the vehicle, had anyone looked, her eyes looked completely vacant, not only absent of emotion but void of a soul being present at all. In the following days, the highly intelligent hybrid threw her intense focus into her work and as she was at board meetings and preceded over new marketing campaigns, the flame haired demigoddess looked – perfect. She was wildly successful, well respected, stylish, beautiful, a shark when it came to business, wealthy and extremely clever and cunning. Her composure and etiquette a well as her natural charm landed a new business deal that she should have been proud of but despite all of this, she’d been left a shell of a being. Each day felt as lifeless as the next and the woman did everything she could to avoid feeling anything.  She had pills to adjust her mood in any scenario so there she lived – her heavily armoured heart untouched, her emotions medicated to avoid any further pain. She was – perfect, breathing but dead inside. 

แด˜แด€ส€แด€แด…ษช๊œฑแด‡ ษช๊œฑสŸแด€ษดแด….

07/01/2020 10:46 PM 

Taken Info.

First Names:- Sloane- Luna Last Names:- Monroe- MontgomeryPlaybys:- Unlisted (x2)

แด˜แด€ส€แด€แด…ษช๊œฑแด‡ ษช๊œฑสŸแด€ษดแด….

07/01/2020 10:42 PM 


** this is a discord based rpg, which means no pages will be required for characters.Activity.Activity is what makes or breaks a group. If members aren't active the group will flop and no one wants that. Because we're discord based, we measure activity a little bit differently. To be considered active you need to be writing with at least three members. Each week a chat will open where you can provide screenshots of your writing. You will be expected to post at least 4 in character statues a week via the status stream chat. There will also be locations chats where you'll be expected to write at least 2-3 times a week. 3 replies will be counted as active.Drama.Because of the type of group this is, we do know that there is bound to be some drama. But please keep it 100 percent in character at all times. If we feel that it's crossing the line into ooc then an admin will step in. Bullying. This, aside from activity, is the most important rule. Think of it as the golden rule. There is absolutely, one hundred percent sero tolerance for bullying. Absolutely none! We have a three strike policy here, but if we hear about any bullying, it is grounds to be automatically removed from the group.Relationships.This is something that as owners we've discussed a lot. We know that a lot of people will join a group with a love interest. We don't want to tell you that you can't join with one, but we are going to remind you of a few things. One - You will be assigned a roommate at random. It will c hange from time to time. We don't care if things get physical between the two of you, that's up to you. But please remember, no means no. Two - Feelings happen. You get to know someone, spend time with them and it's bound to happen. Sometimes it's one sided, other times it's not. We as owners would suggest that it's best if you don't join with a love interest. But we don't want to tell you that you can't. So go ahead if you want to but please, please, please remember the few things we mentioned above. Also remember, we don't tolerate drama.There will be a little more detail on a few things on the discord server, if you chose to join us here in Paradise Island. Please sign with a gif of your favorite couple.

๐ŸŒˆ ๐‘๐‘’๐‘™๐‘™๐‘Ž ๐ŸŒˆ

06/30/2020 07:57 PM 

Drabble Tuesday // 6/30

Holiday's were never a good time for Bella. Being passed around foster families like a joint at a party, she hadn't been in a home long enough to enjoy any celebrations. She was a problem-child, struggling to control her emotions and subsequent outbursts due to the extensive trauma she had experienced. Bella was too much for her caretakers and would be placed with different people every few months. However, this year was different. She had been with the Rae family for a few weeks now, and tonight, they were throwing a party for the 4th Of July.Things were going smoothly at first. Bella was laughing and playing, treating herself to hotdogs and hamburgers with guests. This was the happiest she had been in years. She was allowing herself to relax and make positive memories. Unfortunately for Bella, this party would quickly become one of her least favorite memories to recall. This was her first time hearing fireworks, and she did not react well. With each pop and explosion, she could see her mother covered in her brother's blood as she shot herself in the head. It set Bella off into a full panic attack.She could see in her foster parent's eyes that this was the end. It was a look she had seen plenty of times before. Bella was no longer the beautiful, sweet little girl they had come to know. She was dangerous and embarrassing. Their faces were beat red as they ushered Bella into the house to protect their guests from the shaking little girl. Bella was once again a liability that no one was willing to take on. It was not worth the extra stress or damage to their reputation. Sure enough, the following day, she was yet again whisked away and thrown back into the system.


07/01/2020 07:34 PM 

The Real Life Me

I'm not sure how many people actually click on the 'Blog' button on profiles anymore, but if you did: Hooray! You're going to learn a little about real life me! My real name is Laura and I live in Florida, USA. I'm not going to get specific as to where in Florida, but just know that is where I am. And it's hot all. the. time. I am currently engaged in real life, so if I go missing for some days on end, I'm probably getting caught up in planning my wedding. I work for an insurance company and love it. My previous job I was actually a crime analyst with my local sheriff's office. I left because it was a toxic place to work in and I was constantly under pressure and stressed. I've been writing since 2006-2007. I'm 27 now (as of 2020) so I've been writing/role playing for 13-14 years. It's something that I really love doing as it helps me escape my normal every day life. Some of the things I like in real life: writing (duh), F1 Racing, traveling, wild west movies, Neil Breen movies (if you know who that is, you know who I am talking about), Twin Peaks, swimming, horse back riding, animals in general, and sunsets. Oh, and coffee.  


07/01/2020 06:19 PM 

Drabble Tuesday Task

trigger warning: OverdoseJuly 1st, 2010 “Hurry up, Tatiana, or we’ll leave without you,” a small groan left her lips when she heard her stepmother's voice before she grabbed her bag and dragged it out of the house and over to her father and stepmother’s car. She hated that woman with a passion, but if she started anything or got into an argument with the evil step monster, that she wouldn’t be able to go to New York and she’d be stuck in New Mexico for the 4th of July holiday. Independence day was her favorite day of the year. It was better than Christmas, Easter, her birthday. It was better than any other day of the year because it was the one day of the year that she was able to return home to New York. New York was home and it had been since she’d been adopted at 4 years old, so whenever she was given the opportunity to go home, even if it was only for a few days, Tatiana jumped at the chance.   July 4th, 2010 Being stuck in the car for three and a half days with her stepmother and three step-siblings was like hell on earth, but she’d done it in order to spend three days with her friends, friends that she’d been forced to leave behind when her father had decided to pack up and drag the brunette away from everything that she loved, from the people that she loved. She missed her friends, she missed New York, and she was so glad to be home, even if it was only for a few short days. Grabbing her bag from the back of the car, the brunette dragged it along the ground and into the hotel, rolling her eyes when she heard her father’s voice. “As soon as we are checked in, we are going to get dinner at the restaurant,” she stated, though the brunette shook her head and spun around on her heels. “No way. I am not spending the night with you guys. I am only here for three days, I’m going out with my friends.” She wasn’t leaving it up for discussion and as soon as she’d finished speaking, she headed up to the room, threw her bag on her bed, and headed out of the room.  “I’m on my way now,” she quickly typed before sending her friend the message. It had been months since she’d last seen her friends from New York. Sophie had visited her briefly in New Mexico a few weeks earlier, but it wasn’t often that she got to spend time with her girls. Tatiana had never been to a party before, not really. She’d had drunken nights in New Mexico, drinking was what had helped her get through the dull nights with her family and away from her friends, but she’d never been to a proper family before or had a wild night out, not until now anyway. After flagging a cab down and heading to her friend’s 4th of July party, Tatiana had gotten completely trashed. She didn’t think she had ever been so drunk before, but drinking had consequences and they weren’t always good ones, especially when you mixed alcohol and pills. That was never going to be a good mix, but that hadn’t stopped Tatiana from drinking and popping pills like they were candy. “I feel sick,” she mumbled as she looked for Sophie. She’d searched the party for fifteen minutes before she’d collapsed on the floor, foaming at the mouth, and her eyes had fluttered closed.


07/01/2020 02:42 PM 


DEAD BOY. Dude Be an NPC. no condoning + Trigger warnings: Slurs? Self-harm? It hurt. Letting anyone in. It carved itself into your bones. Into your soul. Arlene never knew a pain like this before until he came around.Short. Or .. shorter than his friends to say the least. Arlene never knew she would find herself drawing herself towards him, the broken always seem to attract each other.Whether they break one another more or the save each other, she could never say. Did he save her? Did he break himself in the process? Did she break him? Did she lose him?Arlene would never admit the first time an arm went on her shoulder and a devilish smile flashed her way would make her smitten.Arlene wasn't one to quickly attach herself to someone, she'd always thought people were a waste of space - connections and emotions were just useless to her. WE ALL DIE EVENTUALLYShe didn't want anyone to get close to her, she didn't believe she was going to be on this earth long and she didn't want someone making up some sob story about her being a 'nice girl' someone who lit up the room.She knew who she was and wanted nothing to do with anyone.Until that damned smile. Well, it was more of an insult and a laugh that struck her."HEY EMO FVCK. Get out of the way!"A whiplash and a snarl coming from the girl, about to make a snarky remark."Oh shut the fvck up short sh.t." She snorted, trying her hardest to hide her smile, of course he had to be there. When it felt like everything was falling apart, there he was. As if a reminder that she could possibly enjoy her life. Enjoy something that was obtainable to her. Of course she was deluding herself. "It's kind of late isn't it A." It wasn't a question, it was a statement, she shrugged her shoulders, ignoring him now. She just took a deep breath, the weather colder than she would have liked showing her breath."Maybe I'll get hypothermia." A bitter laugh escaped her lips. The crunch of leaves rattling beside her, she could almost feel the being beside her. "Want me to warm you up?" Her eyes rolled at the question. Fingers running through her hair, as she shivered once more. Her head shook for a moment. She knew he hated being ignored, not even looking his way she could tell the anger was bubbling inside him."Fvcking b.tch."Not flinching, she wanted him to go away, she wanted nothing more than to be left alone, to possibly freeze. He wouldn't let her. She knew he wouldn't, ignoring him was possibly the only option for her. No matter what he did to her. He can't hurt you. He can't hurt you.I wish he could."Can I join you?" She asked, meek, fearful now. Arlene hated everything about that question."Can I join you dead boy?" Her eyes closed, her arms covered in her own blood, not sure if it was dried up or not, she wasn't sure if anyone was going to find her."Don't leave me dead boy."Could you possibly fall in love with a ghost?


07/01/2020 02:27 PM 




07/01/2020 12:52 PM 

RP reply to Blackout aka Natasha

"How can I help out, Natasha?"     Karen had been on the run from Fisk herself, usually, since she and the fellows had charged after him hard to put him in prison. Then, Midland circle happened, and Matt died...or did he? The whispers flew around that Matt went off to be with Elektra, the woman he emotionally cheated on her with while she and Matt had been together. In her suffering and anger, Karen thought a shift of scenery would be for the best and that she settled herself into hiding out in San Fransisco. With her resources though, and the fact that she was even keeping tabs on both Matt and Fisk; Karen had found out that Fisk was heading to this side of the country but she wasn’t clear why? That time, she had been working at home, the narrative she had been working on was about some Roxxon chemicals poisoning a water feed in a rinky dinky town in the northern part of California. Karen had her work board set up, and a multitude of papers strewn around the condo as she was trying to set together with the narrative she had thus far. It was an involved tale, and she was growing an enormous headache from it, so she grabbed a recess and retired to relax out on her terrace with a bottle of booze to decompress for about an hour. When her phone buzzed, it made her jump slightly because she assumed she had turned it off. She didn’t recognize the number, but she was expecting a contact call from two C.I.’s for her article and assumed it could be one of them. “Karen Page speaking,” she said as she touched the green button on her phone. The tone of a familiar woman’s speech caused her to sit up and listen harder. The woman was whispering, but Karen could kind of pluck out the tone of her voice; it sounded familiar. Karen listened keenly as she spoke. *“Karen. It’s Natasha. You might not remember me, but I’m going, to be honest here,” she said as low as she could, more out of breath than she ever thought she’d be. “You’re the only person I can trust right now. Or who I even know in this godforsaken city. Mind helping me out?”* “Natasha? I recall you?” How could she not? The woman was gorgeous, lethal, and significant to Matt. That made her unforgettable. The rest of her remarks made Karen pause for all of a moment before she talked swiftly. “Yes...I can help you. How should we conduct this? Do you require me to come to pick you up?” She wavered and thought about it. If Nat was in trouble, it had to be Considerable trouble. “Tell me what you need?” No matter what Natasha’s rationales were for calling on her, Karen would never leave another person hanging.  


06/30/2020 10:58 PM 

That Fateful Night.

  "Where do you think you're going? Where are my drugs, Adam? I know you have them. I don't want to hurt you but I will if I don't get my drugs." Madison yelled out as she watched Adam start to run away. Madison hated chasing after people but she was too out of it to really care. Madison took off running after Adam and tackled him to the ground. Before she knew it she had a knife to his throat but he still wasn't budging. She could see the tears in his eyes but she wasn't in any mood to care about him being upset."I'm sorry but I can't give you the drugs Madison. I was told you weren't allowed to have anymore. If you have anyone you want to talk about it to it's probably going to be your parents. They really hate you and they told me not to give you any more drugs. I'm sorry but I'm more afraid of them than I am of you. You may have a knife up to my throat but you aren't going to kill me. Now get off me before I do something to you." Adam told her as he tried to push her off of him. Madison was so angry that she wanted to kill her own parents."You probably shouldn't have been an idiot and told me that Adam. Now I'm pissed and I want someone to take it out on. I guess I'm going to have to take it out on you." Madison told him as she slowly started to move her knife to see blood drawn from his neck. It made her even madder that he was actually crying fake tears. She could see now that the tears were becoming real especially with the blood drawing from his neck from the blade. "To think I was actually going to let you go until I realized you were crying fake tears," Madison told him she bit her bottom lip out of anger."Please Madison, please don't do this. I didn't think you would do it because you're so much better than your parents. Please don't prove me wrong by killing me. You are so much better than this Madison. Please don't let drugs be the reason that you turn to be just like them. Be the better person that I know you are." Adam begged her as Madison laughed and shook her head. She knew he didn't mean anything of what he was saying. He just wanted her to get off of him so that he could run away from her and not have to give her the drugs that she wanted."You are nothing but a dirty little liar! You will pay for this!" Madison yelled out as she took the knife and plunged it into Adam's chest. She continued doing this for many more times until she finally looked down to see that he was dead. Madison dropped the knife and got off the top of Adam. Her eyes went wide and all of a sudden she was shaking terrified of what she had just done. Madison had no idea what she was going to do now. She had gotten so angry and out-of-control that she killed a man and she was never going to be able to take that back.


06/30/2020 10:07 PM 

Activity Check 180: Connections

  Alec Armaros:          I met Alec in New York during a short summer that I lived there.   I was strapped for cash and took on a few side jobs centered around the artwork in New York.  Years have passed since our time in New York and I recently learned that Alec double-crossed me all those years ago.  But what he owes me was stolen from him and now we have to go undercover to get it back.  The f***er owes me and we’re going to take back what is mine.   Romy Baker:  Romy was the first nurse I saw after I was raped a few months back in Sloane.  She was the only nurse who took the time to see that my story didn’t match the injuries I was presenting with.  I don’t like seeing most medical professionals but after the way Romy took care of me after my rape, I don’t mind going to see her.  The only bad part is now she checks in on me anytime she knows I’m hurt and not following the doctor's instructions.  It’s a bit of pain most days but I think it’s her showing that she cares.    Vida Banai:  Vida Banai and I have a difficult relationship.  I wouldn’t consider her a friend but I wouldn’t consider her an enemy.  The woman is holding my friend hostage and until recently the blonde didn’t know that I was secretly planning to steal this friend away from her.  I found out months ago, when a friend of mine introduced me to Vida, about the underground portion of The Ring of Fire.  I didn’t have a problem with the business until I saw my friend walkout to be bid upon and I knew that anyone could buy her.  Anyone could rape her, kill her, and I couldn’t let that happen.  A few days ago Vida approached me about always buying the same girl and I finally came clean to see if there was a way to save my friend's life.  I’m hoping this works but if it doesn’t I’m going to do whatever it takes to set her free.   Russell Crawford:  Russell Crawford is the new guy next door and doesn’t seem like a terrible guy.  We have a scheduled interview coming up to discuss everything that has been going on in Sloane.  I’m not sure what kind of questions Mr. Crawford will be asking and I’m not sure how honest I’ll be with him.   Noah Diaz:     I first met Noah Diaz when she bumped into me at a local music supply store while I was checking out a new guitar.  There was a sadness in her eyes that spoke to the sadness hidden deep within me.  Since meeting her she’s become like the younger sister I’ve never had and I can’t wait for that relationship to continue to grow.   Donnie DiMaggio:  There isn’t anyone I hate as much as I hate Donnie DiMaggio.  I don’t have proof yet but I know that Donnie and his sister are the reason my friend, Jayden, disappeared a few years back.  I’m waiting for Donnie to slip up in Sloane so I can finally take that mother f***er down.   Jude Grant:     Jude is one of the people I’m closer to in Sloane and it all started over a mutual love for music and video games.  He’s always there for me when I need an extra ear or another shot of Whiskey.  Sometimes he brings his dog, Harp, over to see us and Dani loves that floofster.  It makes me miss Bailey so much.  I think I’m going to set up a weekly video game session with him where we can chill out with one another.   Jade Michaelson:     Jade and I have a difficult relationship with one another.  When I first came to Sloane we barely knew one another and she helped me out with a few last-minute documentation issues.  Then when she returned to Sloane I went to her with a job that turned out to be too expensive for me to handle and I didn’t want to admit that to her.  Instead of staying out of the job, like I had asked her to do, Jade dug down anyways and found out one of my biggest secrets.  Since then we’ve been friends, enemies, and then friends again.  We keep going back and forth with each other and it depends on the day whether I view Jade as a friend or a foe.   Mia Mitchell:   Mia keeps pushing to dig into my mother’s death.  She keeps trying to re-open the case and I don’t know if I can keep convincing her to put it off.  I don’t want Mia to find out the truth as Jade did and I’m not sure what I might have to do to keep Mia’s nose out of my mother’s closed suicide case.   Aurora Montgomery:    My girlfriend is close with Aurora and some days I wonder if they’re the couple here.  But truthfully, before Aurora and I left we got to know each other because she came into my comic book shop looking for something new to read.  We talked a while about the different styles of comics, books, and art.  Since then she’s been a good friend to my family and Dollie made her the Godmother of our child.  Something I didn’t get a say in and I have a few concerns I’m hoping I can clear up with Aurora soon.   Celeste Navarro:   Celeste and I are trying to make Sloane a better place but the terrible people in this town aren’t making it easy.  She confronted me one day about one of the tattoos I did for a client a few years back and told me that he is doing terrible things to little girls like Dani.  I decided then I needed to help her find this f***er and give him exactly what he deserved.   Katarina Reyes:  I wouldn’t say Kat and I are friends.  She is one of the students who attends my weekly art classes at the comic book shop.  Kat has great promise but tends to get in her head when it comes to expressing herself and I’m hoping that attending my classes can help her out with that.   Juniper Soleil:  โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹Juniper has done more for my family than I could even begin to vocalize.  After the fire at Sorry Mom, she approached me and asked if I wanted to do some side work with her and the Hellhounds.  For a few months I put her off because I didn’t want to do illegal gigs anymore, I wanted to stick with getting Galaxy up and running, but then my debt to James kicked in.  It took a toll on me and when I found out Dollie was pregnant I finally took Juniper up on her offer.โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ Eden Stark:   Eden is the ex that got away even though we both know we were terrible for each other.  For a short time, I thought she was the one but now I know she was the one I wanted to save.  The one I wanted to desperately make sure knew she was loved and to not see fail.  I’m not sure what it was about her but for a long time, I couldn’t stand to see her sad.  That was why I told her to leave her sugar daddy back in New Orleans but in the end, she left me.  When I saw her for the first time years later in Sloane I wasn’t sure how to react, how to feel, but I knew then I was thankful for the option of friendship.   

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