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๐…๐ˆ๐๐„ ๐‹๐ˆ๐๐„.

08/13/2020 06:09 PM 

๐“ต๐“ฎ๐“ฝ๐“ฝ๐“ฎ๐“ป๐“ผ ๐“ท๐“ฎ๐“ฟ๐“ฎ๐“ป ๐“ผ๐“ฎ๐“ท๐“ฝ

                                  filed under : letters never sent.                                                          dearest taylor,  i have been struggling to get out what exactly i have been trying to say to you. this is maybe the fourth or fifth letter i have tried to write to you, tonight. yesterday there may have been a total of ten. i can't stop thinking about you and the time we shared. i know you told me to give you space, and to let you heal. because you think we aren't right for each other anymore. but i just can't. you're all over me. you're everywhere i go, every person i see. you're even in my own reflection in the mirror. the bottom of my bottle. no matter what i do, i can't stop this feeling in my body, and i can't stop myself from wanting you. i know you're trying to be happy with calvin, or andrew, whatever his name is. i know you think he's right for you. but i can tell by the way you looked at me when i was accepting that bullsh*t award, that this isn't over. not for you. not for me. i don't think we will truly ever be over. whether it be tomorrow or ten years from now. you've marked me, permanently, and i don't think i could ever comfortably be with another after the time we have spent. i guess what i am trying to tell you, taylor, is that..... i am sorry. for everything i did to you. for not loving you the way i should have. for not giving you the best. but i was young, sweetheart, i can't be blamed for the rest of my life for the mistakes i made when i was nineteen. if you just give me another chance. another moment. another time. maybe we could be what you have always wanted. you know, i drive past your house each night and i almost always drive into your parkway. i almost always ring your bell. but i don't know if that's what you want anymore, by this point. i don't even know if you'll respond to this. but taylor, i love you. i have loved you from the moment we shared our first kiss, in the back of my car, at three in morning after we drove from new york city to connecticut. the headlights were off, and my heart was racing. i looked into your incredibly blue eyes and i knew. and maybe, that scared me. being so young. that's no excuse but i thought you'd like to know. i was feeling it too. still do. i guess this is just a rambling mess and i just wanted to tell you i miss you. my heart will always miss you. hope to hear from you. someday. i'll always be waiting for you with these feelings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            love, h 

แƒ›R. kแƒžViแ‚ถ แƒแƒขRแƒžแ‚ แ‚ i

08/13/2020 03:36 PM 

Current mood:  aggravated

Dr. Kevin Moretti is a doctor from the tv show ER that aired from 1994-2009.  He was the chief of emergency medicine (the er), although he was a flirt with Abby, this Dr. Moretti has no love interest in Abby Lockhart.  Kevin Noah Moretti is a very happily married man and a dad.  He is not a member of the Moretti Mafia family and is not interested in the mafiaMy rules1.  Kevin is a very happily married man and is not interested in another woman2.  My verses are the following ER (TV SHOW 1994-2009), Law Enforcement, Crime (as in Criminal Minds or In The Heat Of The Night),  Medical (ER & Chicago Hope), Comedy (different ones) and crossovers (from my list) and selected movies3.  Not here nor am I interested in Mafia, Wrestling, The Hunger Games, MCRPS, S&L, SMUT, EROTIC OR ANY SEXUAL THEMES4.  I ALSO DO NOT ADD OOC MINORS, YOU MUST BE OVER 21+ IN RL5.  I AM A PROUD MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY & ALLIES RPG 


08/12/2020 09:54 PM 

Walk of shame.

WHore. A loud groan had escaped her lips, her head felt like it was spinning, the brightness of the sun peering in on her. One eye peaked open as she looked around, a room she was unfamiliar with.She pulled the blanket over her head once, before quickly realizing she should probably get her ass out of there quickly. Making sure she actually had her clothes on this time she slightly tip-toed out of the room. A typical college guys room. The walk of shame what most people called it. She didn't care, hearing the whistles and catcalls from his roommates. She strolled out with her middle fingers out. They were being childish and she had no qualms of being just as bad as them.Dillon was used to this being a typical saturday morning for her. Finding herself in some random kids room whether he offered her alcohol, weed or even something worse.Dillon couldn't help it, something, anything to give her that fix that craving she felt to be numb. Her body to feel funny but in a good way for her.Her life was spirling down, but she didn't care she already had lost the one person who she believed was going to save her life. He didn't make it and all she wanted was to feel numb for the rest of her life or until the drugs did her in which ever was first.The feeling of being numb, as if she was falling from the highest of mountains and sinking into the deepest depths of the ocean. Anything for her to feel nothing.  


08/12/2020 08:20 PM 

[ introduction. ]

NOTES: This takes place just before Devin's fifth year, Daniel's third, which would be Harry's sixth.Thunder rattled the windows of the small log cabin, alerting her awake. She hated storms. This one in particular seemed nasty. There was a chill in the air, it sent a shiver down her spine, and she wanted to get back into bed and try to fall asleep, but she knew she needed to check in on Daniel. It was raining hard; the sound of the rain hitting the roof was like drums in the distance. A loud, booming sound, non-stop. She knew that if he was awake, Daniel was probably frightened. He hated storms, too. It was up to her now. Damian was gone, had been for months. She had to stay and protect Daniel the same way Damian had protected her from their father. They were all scared of him, all but Damian. He had always challenged their father, maybe that's why they didn't get along.Wrapping the blanket from her bed around her shoulders, she crept to her bedroom door, trying her best not to make a sound. When she turned the knob and pulled the door open it creaked, and she paused. Stricken by fear, she waited a moment to make sure she didn't hear anyone coming. She heard no footsteps, but she did hear voices... Faint voices coming from downstairs. They were strange to her, all but her fathers were unrecognizable.What got into her, she never knew, but Devin pulled the door back further and stepped out into the hall. The hardwood was cold on her bare feet as she walked to the edge of the staircase. Three men were down below standing in front of her father. He looked odd to her, cowering, almost in fear. He looked small and timid, and this was farthest from the John Woodward she was used to. The John Woodward she knew was strong, dominant, intimidating. Who were these men to make a man such as her father look so mousy?"Ple-please, give me mo-more time." He fumbled over his words, his voice shaky."Three days. You have three days." One of the men said.Devin squinted as if that would help her hear better. She tried to focus on their voices, trying to recognize them, or at least one of them and then..."You don't want to disappoint him. You know what happens when he's disappointed. Be careful of the choice you make, Woodward, because if you make the wrong one..." He paused and she could hear two footsteps and then the voice continued. "You will lose everything. One. By. One. Everything you hold dear..." He emphasized each word and Devin knew for sure now who the voice belonged to.She'd never met him face to face before. She'd only ever heard his voice once, in Diagon Alley, and even then the voice sent shivers up her spine. The man was the father of one of her classmates. Classmates... As if she was associated with him. She had never met the boy, no. Never had a conversation with him. He was a Slytherin, a year older than her, and they had no classes together. That was alright with her. She'd heard enough about Draco Malfoy. She was just fine with never being properly acquainted with him.Her hands were shaking, her heart pounding against her chest. She didn't know why, but this particular conversation was making her a bit apprehensive, even if she knew nothing of what they spoke about. Paralyzed with fear, she wanted to move away before she was found out, but she couldn't. What would these men do to her if they discovered her? Would her father be able to save her? Would he even try?"It is a nice home, Woodward. I do hope you weren't trying to hide from us." "No, no, Lucius. I would never-"The man that answered sounded nothing like John Woodward. Where once a booming, commanding voice had been, was now replaced by a quiet and shaky one. He was scared, terrified even."We'll be back in three days. I do hope it will be a pleasant visit." Lucius Malfoy's voice was polite but menacing in every way. There was no kindness to his words. He was threatening John, that was plain.Devin backed away slowly from the banister. She didn't have time to think, she had no time to react. One foot tangled in the blanket, she lost her fight with gravity and her legs swung out from under her. She expected to hit the cabin floor with a loud thump, alerting the men downstairs, but she was caught.Two strong arms held her up, helping her to her feet. It was Damian."What are you doing here?!" The words she uttered were a little louder than intended. Her older brother covered her mouth quickly and shushed her. Grabbing her by the shoulders, he led her into Daniel's room and closed the door quietly behind him.Damian was tall. He towered over both her and Daniel. Eight years older than Devin, he'd always been her protector, her savior. He always seemed to show up just when she needed him. But she hadn't expected to see him on this night."Damian, what's going on?" She folded her arms across her chest. She wanted answers, she demanded answers. Something was happening and she didn't know what, but she was frightened."Just give him time, Dev. He'll explain." Daniel's voice startled her, making her jump. She'd forgotten that they'd come into his room. She noticed now that he was sitting on the edge of his bed.His room was small, the smallest in the cabin. The rafters hung low, so low that Damian had to duck his head in certain spots."Things are about to get bad, Devin. I don't know how bad. I just know that you and Daniel are not safe here anymore."She couldn't see his face, but she could imagine the look by the sound of his voice. He was concerned. He was... Was he scared? She'd never known him to show fear, not ever. "What do-What do you mean?""Listen to me," He took one step forward, he placed a firm hand on her shoulder. A thunderclap echoed outside, followed by a flash of lightning, illuminating the sky and shining on Damian's grave face. "Whatever happens at school this year, whatever you hear, I need you to be strong. I need you to protect Daniel. When Christmas break comes," He paused and glanced in Daniel's direction. "You're coming with me. You're never coming back to this place again.""No!" Devin jerked away. "What about Mum? We can't just leave her with him!"It was quiet. The only sounds to be heard were the rain and occasional thunderclap. Then Damian sighed heavily. "Devin, please. If you've ever trusted me at all, trust me now. You have to do what I say. I'm just trying to keep you safe."Silence again. They stood together in the darkness for the longest time. A wave of sadness and dread washed over her. She didn't know why. It was foreboding. She nodded to herself, suppressing a sigh, she finally agreed. "Alright, Damian. Whatever you say."He reached one hand out for Devin, the other for Daniel. The three Woodward siblings stood in the middle of the little room, holding one another. "Whatever happens, no matter what, I'm going to protect both of you. Devin, Daniel, I promise you that."


08/12/2020 07:11 PM 

A - Z Questions

แตแดนแดฎแดฟแดฑแดธแดธแดฌ แดฌแถœแดฌแดฐแดฑแดนสธ

08/12/2020 05:22 PM 

Open Roles

  Taken roles are striked outThe AcademyLuther Hargreeves Number OneDiego Hargreeves Number TwoAllison Hargreeves Number ThreeKlaus Hargreeves Number FourFive Hargreeves Number FiveVanya Hargreeves Number SevenSeason One RolesSir Reginald HargreevesCha-ChaHazelThe HandlerLeonard PeabodySeason Two RolesLila PittsSissy CooperRaymond Chestnut

โœฏ๐•‚๐•š๐•๐• ๐•Š๐•จ๐•š๐•ฅ๐•”๐•™โœฏ

08/12/2020 04:43 PM 

Things Kat Says in Dutch

bospoeper bushf***er (100%)      (0%) desjtereir bungler (0%)      (0%) foef vagina (0%)      (0%) fret mijne kak oep! eat my sh*t! (0%)      (0%) houd uwe muil! shut your mouth! (0%)      (0%) K'geef u koek oep uw bakkes! I'll smash your face! (0%)      (0%) kleine petotter little kid (0%)      (0%) Kust na m'n kloten! Kiss my balls! (0%)      (0%) kutmongool An dumb a**hole who is not liked (0%)      (0%) loemperik dumbass (0%)      (0%) lomperik oaf (0%)      (0%) masjoeffel vagina (0%)      (0%) mizjolle vagina (0%)      (0%) muil toe! shut up! (0%)      (0%) onnozelaar idiot (0%)      (0%) preut vagina (0%)      (0%) Truttemie stupid woman (0%)      (0%) uw moeder! your mom! (0%)      (0%) a**hole klootzak (71%)      (29%) Dikzak Fatass (88%)      (12%) Flikker Homosexual (84%)      (16%) Frikandel Beard*ck (13%)      (87%) Godver Damn (75%)      (25%) Godverdomme Goddamnit (95%)      (5%) Godverdommese kankerlul Goddamn cancer d*ck (0%)      (0%) hoer whore (97%)      (3%) hoerenjong son of a bitch (85%)      (15%) hoerenzoon son of a whore (86%)      (14%) Hou je fokking bek! Shut the f*** up (42%)      (58%) Houd je kanker bek Shut your f***ing mouth (20%)      (80%) I f*** your sisters ass Ik neuk je zusje d'r kontje (50%)      (50%) ik neuk u hond i f*** your dog (20%)      (80%) Je kanker lelijk hoere moeder Your f***ing ugly slutty mom (28%)      (72%) kak, stront sh*t (83%)      (17%) Kanker Aap Cancer monkey (53%)      (47%) kanker nerd f***ing geek (36%)      (64%) Kankerhoer Cancer whore (67%)      (33%) Kankerlul Cancerd*ck (77%)      (23%) Kankerwijf Cancer bitch (78%)      (22%) kloot zak ball sack (44%)      (56%) klootzak a**hole (71%)      (29%) Kloten (singular kloot) Testicles, balls (92%)      (8%) Krijg de pleuris F*** you (not lit.) (58%)      (43%) Krijg de tyfus, val toch dood! Get typhoid and drop dead! (77%)      (23%) Kut Cunt (91%)      (9%) Kutding F***ing thing (83%)      (17%) Kutwijf Bitch (90%)      (10%) Kutzooi Bloody mess (75%)      (25%) lul d*ck (98%)      (2%) Lul (tegen een persoon) bastard (when swearing at a person) (49%)      (51%) Mongool Mongol (43%)      (57%) Oetlul Bloody idiot (73%)      (27%) Opkankeren F*** off (50%)      (50%) paardelul horse d*ck (91%)      (9%) Pot Lesbian (56%)      (44%) Praat geen poep Don't talk sh*t (41%)      (59%) Prammen / Memmen Boobs (58%)      (42%) reet ass (85%)      (15%) Rot op! F*** off! (75%)      (25%) rotzak bastard (94%)      (6%) schele crosseyed (82%)      (18%) slet slut (95%)      (5%) sloerie slut, skank (96%)      (4%) snol, del, hoer, prostituee hoe/whore (93%)      (7%) stoephoer Sidewalk slut (86%)      (14%) Stuk verdriet Piece of sadness (50%)      (50%) sukkel dumbass (69%)      (31%) teef bitch (97%)      (3%) tepels nipples (94%)      (6%) tieten boobs (93%)      (7%) Tyfkanker een eind op Walk to hell (13%)      (88%) Tyfushond Typhis dog (53%)      (47%) tyfusslet lit. "typhislut" (75%)      (25%) Waal a lazy person (31%)      (69%) Zuig mijn lul Suck my cock (68%)      (32%)

โœฏ๐•‚๐•š๐•๐• ๐•Š๐•จ๐•š๐•ฅ๐•”๐•™โœฏ

08/12/2020 04:41 PM 

Things Kat Says in Bulgarian

"Lapai mi huia, Duhai mi" Suck my d*ck (88%)      (12%) "Mlukvay, Zatvaryay si ustata" Shut your mouth (84%)      (16%) ßæ ìè êóð Eat my d*ck! (27%)      (73%) Az moa li ti eba putkata maichina? Can I f*** your mother's p**sy? (100%)      (0%) Ä F*** your mother! (23%)      (77%) Bit pederast beaten gay (73%)      (27%) Cheren pedal Black faggot (0%)      (0%) Chickidjya Wanker (89%)      (11%) Chikidziq Wanker (60%)      (40%) Ciganin da te ebe Get f***ed by a gipsy (0%)      (0%) Coochka Bitch (47%)      (53%) cuni mi gaza kiss my ass (75%)      (25%) Da eba / 'eba / Mamka mu' F*** (79%)      (21%) da eba maikata f*** your mommy (50%)      (50%) da mi qdesh kuro suck my d*ck (66%)      (34%) Da te eba v chervata I love your mum (0%)      (100%) Da te eba v guza F*** you in the ass (90%)      (10%) Da te eba v ush*te! F*** you in your ears! (89%)      (11%) Da ti eba litseto I'll f*** your face (43%)      (57%) da ti eba maikata to f*** your mother (83%)      (17%) Da ti eba maikata I will F*** your mother (97%)      (3%) Da ti eba maikata v gaza I'll f*** your mom in the butt (0%)      (0%) da ti eba maikata v ustata f*** your mother in the mouth (81%)      (19%) da ti eba putkata maichina f*** your mother's p**sy (67%)      (33%) Da ti go nachookam v ustichkata I'll f*** you in your mouth (80%)      (20%) Da ti go nachukam otpred i otzad I'll f*** you on both sides (69%)      (31%) Da ti go nahakam To f*** you (0%)      (0%) Da ti is'hnat madyata (I wish) your balls dryed up (71%)      (29%) Da ti pikam na vejdite im gonna pee on your eyebrows (0%)      (0%) Da ti pikam v ustata! I'm gonna piss in your mouth! (100%)      (0%) da ti sera vuv ustata I sh*t in your mouth (90%)      (10%) Da ti umre semeistvoto Death to your family (0%)      (0%) Dirnik Fat ass (50%)      (50%) Dolna kuchka! F***in' bitch (53%)      (47%) Dulgo probna kurva Long trial whore (0%)      (0%) dupedavec Gay (35%)      (65%) dushi kur go to blow (55%)      (45%) Ebach master of f***ing (43%)      (57%) Ebal sum te i si lyagam I f*** you then i go to sleep (0%)      (0%) Ebe li ti se? Wanna f***? (70%)      (30%) Ebe mi se I feel like f***ing (38%)      (62%) Ebi se F*** you (86%)      (14%) ebi se v duza f*** your self in the ass (34%)      (66%) Gori v ada Die in hell. (39%)      (61%) Govedo dumb, blockhead (25%)      (75%) Govno Sh*t (93%)      (7%) Grozna kurva Ugly bitch/whore (93%)      (7%) Gultay! Swallow my scum! (55%)      (45%) Gus Ass (93%)      (7%) Huy spleskan! Crushed d*ck! (0%)      (0%) Iaz mi huia Eat my d*ck (69%)      (31%) kles sperm / jackass (19%)      (81%) Kon da te ebe Get f***ed by a horse (0%)      (0%) Koochi sin Son of a bitch (73%)      (27%) Kopele Bastard (0%)      (0%) Kuchka Bitch (0%)      (0%) Kur Cock (52%)      (48%) kur d*ck (0%)      (0%) Kurovi glavi d*ckheads (0%)      (100%) Lainar Sh*thead (93%)      (7%) lainar sh*thead (0%)      (0%) Lainyano magare Sh*tty donkey (0%)      (0%) Lapai mi kura Eat my d*ck (0%)      (0%) lizhi ciganska sperma govnarche lick gypsy sperm you sh*thead (91%)      (9%) Luyno Sh*t (45%)      (55%) Maika ti da eba F*** you (0%)      (0%) maika ti da eba / da eba tvoita mama to f*** your mother (78%)      (22%) mainata ti f*** you (0%)      (0%) mamkamu! f***! (0%)      (0%) mangal gypsy (offensive) (0%)      (0%) mastiq Hoe/Dog without a breed (0%)      (0%) Minet blowjob (n.) (71%)      (29%) mrusna koochka dirty bitch (0%)      (0%) Mrusna kurventiq Dirty whore (88%)      (13%) Na kolene kurvo On your knees bitch/whore (0%)      (0%) na kutcheto v gaza in the dog's ass {far away} (85%)      (15%) na maika ti klitora your mother 's clit (0%)      (0%) na maika ti u putkata in your mother's cunt (67%)      (33%) Na sestra ti u ustencata! In your sister's mouth! (0%)      (0%) Nedugava Tupa Putka lame stupid cunt (0%)      (0%) oligofren mentally disabled (91%)      (9%) Pedal Faggot (89%)      (11%) Pederast Gay (76%)      (24%) Pederast neshtasten miserable bugger (40%)      (60%) Pederuga faggot (82%)      (18%) Pichka ti lelina! Your aunt's p**sy! (25%)      (75%) Pitchka ti lelina your aunt's cunt (91%)      (9%) Podqvolite / 'laino / Mamka mu' Sh*t (73%)      (27%) prostitutka prostitute (0%)      (0%) Putka Cunt (89%)      (11%) Putka takvaz You p**sy (59%)      (41%) putka zaspala sleeping cunt (72%)      (28%) Putko mirizliva U smelly p**sy (83%)      (17%) putkolizec cunt sucker (86%)      (14%) Q hodi se ebi, be! Go f*** yourself! (0%)      (0%) Qzsh mi kuro! Eat my d*ck! (0%)      (0%) Rak da te iziade Die from cancer (35%)      (65%) Shibai se F*** yourself (88%)      (12%) Shiban pedal! F***ing gay! (0%)      (0%) shibaniak f***er (81%)      (19%) Shibaniak F***face (82%)      (18%) Sht'a iba kat' magare! I'll f*** you like a donkey! (0%)      (0%) shte ti go nabutam v slivicite I'll shove it in your tonsils (100%)      (0%) shte ti go tura na babati im going to f*** your grandmother (45%)      (55%) Shto li ti ne eba maikata? Why don't I f*** your momma? (100%)      (0%) Svirka whistle/ slang for blow job (90%)      (10%) Ta iba v gaza grozen! I'll f*** you in your ugly ass! (0%)      (0%) tap kato guz dump as ass (50%)      (50%) Tapak Idiot (86%)      (14%) tapak dunce (50%)      (50%) Ti sa tocha na vejdite To cum on your eyebrows (0%)      (0%) Tsitsi Tits (87%)      (13%) Tzepenyak tight p**sy (sexy chick) (20%)      (80%) Umri ot spin Die from AIDS (0%)      (0%) Umri! Die! (95%)      (5%) Utepliak Broken sh*t (0%)      (0%) vlajna putka wet p**sy (88%)      (12%) Vushka Parasite (lit louse) (57%)      (43%) Yaka kaka juicy chick (67%)      (33%) Yaka putka powerful p**sy (gorgeous chick) (71%)      (29%) Yako me se ebe I feel like f***ing a lot (33%)      (67%) Yash maquera Eat my d*ck (0%)      (0%) Yash mee huya Suck my d*ck (76%)      (24%) Zaebi Forget about it (vulgar) (94%)      (6%) [Whoi spless-can] Hui spleskan flattened d*ck (0%)      (0%)

papa smurf,

08/12/2020 03:56 PM 

AC 186.

Blood. Sex. Alcohol.  "Men are more easily governed through their vices than through their virtues."  From an early age it was pretty clear that Mick found a sense of self worth when it came to righting the injustices of those who he felt were done wrong. Which is why he felt no remorse when it came to ending his dad's life. The man who refused to claim him and be a part of his life. The man that he thanked for helping him find his one true love in life, blood. From that moment on, Mick craved the rush that came with taking a life. The warmth of the blood as it pooled in the palm of his hand. It gave him an adrenaline rush and it fueled the monster within. He was a stereotypical addict, but he liked to play God.Mick got off on the last breath of his victims. His sex drive was one of the many results from his "heinous" act. After every hunt, there is a good chance he'll be on the hunt for some kind of sexual release, which gets him caught up in more than one messy situation. He couldn't help the feeling of being aroused, but he didn't fight it either.Much like everyone else, Mick knew the difference between right and wrong. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but it felt right. There was still a small, very small, but still present, voice in his head that shamed his every move. Tried to guilt him into thinking he was doing something wrong--illegal, and although he was, he didn't want to hear it. Some days, he couldn't look at himself in the mirror and face the person he was. It was as if he had one long moment of insanity, with brief periods of clarity. He knew his sins, but in moments like that he couldn't face them. When people try to drown their demons, Mick drinks with them. Most nights, alcohol will be present on his breath and his stumbles are a clear indicator that his demons won.


08/12/2020 03:53 PM 


01. Pamela was born three weeks premature at 10:03 in the evening on February 24th, after her Mother endured 16 hours of labor. 02. Though Pamela has a pleasant relationship with her Mother, she was primarily raised by her Grandparents. 03. Pamela has never had much of a relationship with her Father, though he helped pay for her college tuition...which was a waste, let's be real. 04. She has two younger half sibings from her Father's second marriage. 05. From a young age, Pamela was fascinated by the arts. 06. She had three cats growing up; Fiona, Poe and Hector. 07. Started smoking marijuana at the age of twelve. 08. Had her first acid trip at fourteen. 09. Has a major sweet tooth, but doesn't care for chocolate. 10. Collects vintage postcards, clothing...basically vintage anything. 11. Still believes in the art of writing letters, and often writes to loved ones. 12. Has been waitressing at 'easy street records & cafe' for the last two years. 13. Sings part time for her friends band, 'Julia Dream'.  14. Dropped out of college at the beginning of her second year, though she has yet to divulge this information to her parents. 15. Currently lives in a small apartment with two of her friends at the Coryell Court Apartment complex.  16. Is severely allergic to kiwi. 17. Suffered a nearly fatal cocaine overdose at the age of twenty. 18. Her favorite scents are lavender, lilac and patchouli. 19. Enjoys playing with other peoples hair. 20. Has a raspy speaking voice, which surprises many people. 21. Is often described by friends as "innocent yet provocative" & having a "lightening bolt personality inside of a pixie body".22. Sells arts & crafts out of her apartment to make extra cash.23. She loves meeting new people and hearing about their lives. 24. Has an extensive costume jewelry and tutu collection. 25. Loves to wear socks/tights with crazy patterns.26. Enjoys being naked more often than not .27. Collects colorful gel pens. Her favorite is purple. 28. Loves Victorian/Edwardian styled cherubs, angels and fairies.29. Really enjoys creating homemade cards, especially for Christmas. 30.Always has her finger and toe nails painted.31. Pamela is an avid tea drinker. Her favorite type of tea is peppermi nt.32. Some of her favorite musical acts are (in no particular order) the Cocteau Twins, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, the Doors, Jane's Addiction, the Violent Femmes, the Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Enya.33. Proud member of the itty bitty titty commitee.34. Can be quite the chatter box. She will sit at the end of your bed and tell you all about her day & whatever else pops into her head, whether you like it or not.


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Clicking on External Links

Be careful about clicking on external links to unknown websites. See below to understand how an external link is used to get a member's IP address. It's not possible to track down your street address or name with an IP address. people who claim they know you and where you live.Contact Support if you see this type of activity.


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I Owe You;;Anton - Starter - 08|09Kat - Starter - 08|10Nico - Starter - 08|12โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹You Owe Me;;Updated;; 08|12

The River Styx of HeavensHell

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Another day another party.

Before the party, because the Club has it's on standards, we had a little charity chat.Of course my love, we have important Guest coming all over from heaven.They are in charge of keeping it pure, top of the cream hon.And the dead from Hell too, but they all have a public image, is going to be fine.I don't know what everyone is expecting as long is doesen't go too private for the open minded.Is not as easy my love, wait I got a call from a Nordic Goddess. Your husband is violent and you want to be crying with him? If you wish to be with him... Ofcourse I'll be there but you are taking your dirty secrets too hidden, your humility is equal to your desire, for natures sake, range him almost amongst your saints. He also got that spark, why do you think he is making you cry? No, no I'm not busy at all.Is only a party, no sex at all, I promise you that I will be thinking of your Hell, well,people are arriving hon, let me know.-before hanging the phone- whatever.As we entered the party it seemed some need to debate as to pealing the layers of imagination,paying attention to only looks and the number of their judgements.Im ready.the mercy seat uppon the ark cherublims and magnanimously cheers to theconquering music. I love them all dancing, all your bodies. Juicy, sweaty and fresh.Mean while in the north pole, a wife to his unmoving husband had her hollly duties.As children dancing in the garden of eden prove superior to thousands of its critics.Yes, Charon it has been so apocalyptical lately, for what remains of the energy,give me your little dance, strictly, calmly, sooth my rage. HUhhhh...And of course because everyone is part of a party...Euripide gave good providence while Clio came to mark the demons in the house. If you shake the first chacra the energy rises by itself, no offence.Hum, mmm... yes, like that, I like that. You need no one if youlike to pray dancing with your body.Pleasing the sentiment of human nature knaveries are knaveries,let the man dotheir duty.Not imperious but fair of the fittest moment, a woman listen to her drunk man.Jesus Christ, he has it in his power to dismal catalogue with the most pleasantof his white people's conclusions.I like it hot and in the air, is where it burns best all around. Latino and African style.He is holding his prayers so I write, but I like music and feeling the bodytill all the guest comes.There are certain light characteristics in modern man, you find it in the mix between pussies and d*cks, then whatever on the way of the dance in a liberating expression. Don't tell me the Devil is here?Whatever, this dud will never confess. What are people talking about so much? The Dark Nymphs pushed them interruptingthe closed minded.Celebrating that God has given us this body with different imagesaround the world, never dance with the same people. That's more pathetic than sinful. And for those who copy dance steps, just let it flow are worthy for, is all I ever wished you for, come down to the river and celebrateone another no matter the hatefulness or fear, let it be in the air.Of course my love, I love everyone and everyone hates me but this river is miraculous,it baptises the self. I love my husband and God above, even do I'm a monk and I'm tired of thespiritual world who needs sharing actions, honouring those who are every year trying to bringmeaning with too many words.   


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Moodboard Wish.

1. I would really like to travel somewhere and tasteAll the food that that place has to offer!2. Love at Christmas! Everyone wants to be loved,Right? It would be nice to have a kiss at Christmas.3. Disney World! Who doesn't want to go there!?I'd love to meet everyone, especially Ariel!4. I would love to have a rose garden, OrJust a general flower garden. I love flowers.5. For all of my friends to be happy and healthyAnd get all that they ever dreamed of.Especially Parker, because he saved my lifeOnce. I could never pay him back.6. To be able to go and actually touch and feedA penguin. I love penguins, they make me happy.7. To be a "mermaid" And by that I mean goSomewhere and swim in the bluest of water and"Be free".8. For my dad to be happy. He's done so muchfor me in my life, and I just hope that one dayHe could find someone to love and be able tobe happy.9. To be healthy and happy one day. The world canBe a cruel place, and to just be able to live and not beScared of if I'm going to wake up tomorrow or notWould be nice.


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Rules of the King

As a King, I am no stranger to rules. However, I am a King of Wakanda, not of all writers. That’s why I will these rules short, I just want to make sure our communication is civil and without drama. So let’s follow these when RPing with me so that it is fun for the both of us.#1: You know the basics, no god-modding, autoing and make the fights and RPing fair.#2: I don’t want any drama, I have enough I have to deal with on the throne. Let’s leave the politics to the politics instead of the writing.#3: A King is not a man to talk about my personal affairs, so let’s keep it to business, shall we?#4: I am pretty busy, it is not easy running a country and a superhero team at once, so don’t expect replies right away, I will be patient with you as well.#5: I don’t expect to RP with everyone, I hope to RP with everyone at some point. But I promise you are not just a number even if I don’t message you, I am open to any genre, but that doesn’t mean I will add everyone.#6: I will be opening up a Wakanda group among some others possibly, so if you do join the group I expect you to follow the rules there, pretty simple.That’s it, I will look forward to RPing anyone who reads these rules, and I hope you enjoy RPing with me as much I will with you. 


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