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06/08/2011 09: PM 

My Rules

Here is the way I do things...... *Rp is to be in comments unless otherwise told so.  *oocs are to be in messages.  *Comments and messages get deleted after I read them. *I don't rp according to the WWE. Storylines are on my own ideas.  *Once I am with someone in rp I DO NOT cheat. *I will not cyber. Basic "They had sex" is fine. Details on kissing and and basic touching is fine. After reading these please use the words title.

Guardian Reaper©

06/07/2011 01: PM 

Starter [[reply in messages with the last paragraph copied and pasted]]

The sound of thunder and lightning cracked along the sky. Rain fell from the skies in a mass of pounding and noise. The ground almost shakes with the force of the elements above. The night was black and the moon herself was covered by the feuding winds and clouds. A small town below was dark and what lights that were on flashed barley able to keep on. No one moved in the streets afraid of the things that crawled in the night and in the storm. This town was a haven for everything deadly and townsmen watched from there windows with rifles.Along a road entering the city was a figure dressed in a black coat. a hood covering his face. The flashed from above showed that the only feature that could be seen was his mouth and on it was a small smile. He walked into the town toward the center which made way to a small park. In the center was a canopy and the only dry part of the land. There he walked and when he was under the shelter he looked up to the waring skies and gave another smile. His gloved hands flexing to his sides and waiting for what he knew would come. He spoke, and his voice sounded angelic yet held power This is going to be one hell of a night

the remarkableϟ

06/05/2011 04: PM 


Disclaimer: I am not Daniel Radcliffe or Harry James Potter. I do not associate myself with Warner Bros, or J.k Rowling. Though I WISH I knew her, I do not. I am not some psycho who is disillusioned enough to believe they are a character from a book, or a celebrity they do not know. I am merely a roleplayer. I don't like it when people Godmode. It is ridiculous how many people do this. Why in the world would I want anyone to kill me? If I did I would have allowed Voldemort do it ages ago. But I'm not suicidal so I don't want you too. And if you hate my guts and want me dead, Get help. Or at least give me a chance to defend myself. Also no one is invincible. Nobody. And don't just throw spell after spell at me, and end the battle before I get a chance to respond. You'll find yourself off my list before you refresh your page.I Multi Paragraph Roleplay which is kind of long if you know what Multi (multiple) and Paragraph means. Which you should or else, why are you even on here? I only Para with friends If they allow it. One lining...ehhhh, not so much. Maybe when the Roleplay isn't serious and it's just joking around. Oh. PLEASE do not use computer grammar. If you don't know what that is it is this; 'hello harry how r u?' that's so annoying and overall, it's lazy. If you don't know how to spell, just try your best, but i won't accept less. I hate Auto-Role playing. Now I don't mind if you say where I am in the first roleplay unless I already explained that in which you have no right. Because it ruins the roleplay for me and like parents, it'll suck the fun out of everything. If you add me, I would appreciate it if you actually talked to me. I cannot tell you what i hate more than people who do not even attempt to associate with me after adding me. There is simply no point and I refuse to be just another person on your 'collection list'.Sod off you stupid muggles! I'm tired of you trying to add me! Or your stupid messages. No one cares. you're not funny comedians, and you can't sing you crackpot, amateur artists. >:[ I am a roleplayer and the sooner you learn what that is the better.Twins? I've done them before. Most people don't add characters that are the same as their own because of thieves. But I'm not a thief. I'm perfectly capable of editing on my own thank you very much. If you add me, or I add you, don't steal from me and don't assume I'm adding you to steal. I think having a Harry on my list to rp with would be awesome. But nowadays It's hardly likely to happen. Sex? Why not, it's natural, I'm not afraid of it. But don't expect me to just sleep around with anyone because I won't. I want NO OOC drama. It's completely idiotic. I don't want to hear it in messages either. It ticks me off. And its pointless. this is a roleplay thing, not some real life crisis.If you are the type of person who cannot make up their damn mind about who you're going to roleplay and continuously change your name and face, do not add me got it? its very confusing and I hate being confused. Anti-Randomist? *covers ears and blocks you out* I cannot stand dead-fish seriousness. Being mature and stuff is good yes, but you don't always have to sound so professional or be so stuck up. This is a place for fun people, not a job interview. Also, I am a random kind of person sometimes, so If you don't like that stuff... -shoots- No I'm joking...Maybe. Non Canon Characters-I'll roleplay with you, but if your character isn't fleshed out enough, and you just send me some random starter, It'll be harder for me to respond, and I might not even respond. So if you are non-canon, It would be better if you talk out a storyline with me and tell me a bit more about your character. You add, you start!!!!!! uhm, no. You added me when I requested, therefore you had some reason to, therefore you my friend can send the starter. I'm not refusing to start, but I'd much rather work out a storyline first. Random starters are stupid. There's no getting around it. They always lead to one thing: me not replying. Like the above said, I can get stuck, not just with non-canon though, canon too. I really like discussing first. Ginny is not my true love! Basically, I'm not just going to go for a Ginny simply because it's canon. I play Harry as best as I can, and I've been told I play him rather well so I'll just go off that. But my Harry isn't destined to be with Ginny. He can be with anyone I want him with; period.Oh first person, how I hate thee. Each time I read a first person thing I just think "ugh, Twilight style." First person annoys and confuses me. When you say "I" I think me? Makes me feel like I'm doing everything you say your character apparently is doing. I don't know why, it's just irritating when people use "I" instead of "he" or "she" or whatever. Not too many books (at least that I've read) use "I" and since I roleplay book style, that's just how I prefer to roleplay, a consistent style and for us to go from third person to first is just puzzling. Character Description: When has Blaise Zabini ever been Caucasian, peurto rican or a woman? Blaise Zabini is a black man. That goes for Dean Thomas as well. Seriously people, it's stupid of you to change them when you know what they freaking look like. And if anyone tries to add me and their character is any other race or gender than they are originally supposed to be, I'm not adding you. You know why? Because that's grounds for people f**king up this world with their nonsense. Did you know I saw the twins with a gender alteration? Yeah, don't even get me started on how wrong that is. For f**ks sake. But you know what? If I do happen to add you anyhow, and we do roleplay, I'll just describe them how they really are despite your default. And Don't tell me I'm wrong either because you're wrong. What's the problem with making them how they are? Yeah i get it that's how you perceived them to be, not J.K. But you aren't the author and it's not your character. You know what they look like, so don't you think putting in your biography if you're a Blaise for example, that you're Caucasian with blonde hair is uhm wrong? because it's incorrect? If that's the case, then I might as well make myself Asian or something. But people wouldn't add an Asian Harry would they? But they'll add a physically incorrect Blaise and Dean, that's just f**king stupid. I don't care how minor the character is, if J.k put time in to tell us their description why the hell do people go around changing it? If you read the books, you know what they look like, you know how they are.  Even if you haven't read the books, Dean is in all the movies, and Blaise was in HBP. You've read about them or you should have if you're playing them. It's not a matter of lack of photos because their are plenty of celebs in this world with all different races, don't even go there. So do us all a favor and play your character with their  looks and personality in tact.------------------If you read all of these, congratulations. you're a hell of a soldier for putting up with my long ass rules and reading them straight through. I'd give you a cookie but i probably like miles away from you sooo -gives e-cookie- If you didn't read my rules don't you dare take a cookie! >:[Signed: Kappy I have the right to change, alter, and create more rules. 


06/03/2011 08: PM 

Rules Blog

I've been doing this since 2006, so I pretty much know what I'm doing. Which is why I don't really find rules blogs a necessity unless there is something REALLY important you need to add to it. It seems to me that everyone follows the same rules. So that's why I think it's funny that people say, "Read and sign my rules." Oh, sure. Make them read something that near looks exactly the same as theirs. That makes TONS of sense. So... here's my "rules blog." Don't expect it to be fancy. I'm pretty much just going to take rules that everyone uses--including me--and poke fun at them. OH WAIT. But before I start, because this totally isn't obvious AT ALL. I'm not Candice, Hannah, and I'm not affiliated with J.K.Rowling. Man, it feels good to get that off my chest. Be literate. Though, if you're reading this I'm pretty sure you're off to a good start. Just remember, if you can't write worth a crap and I find a trillion plus typos, I won't reply and I'll probably delete you. Role Play length. NEVER SEND ME A ONE-LINER. They're horrible and rot braincells. Anything else is fine though. God-moding. You probably think you're a god... but you're more than likely not. If you can prove to me that you're an Olympian or something, then I'll let you control my character. If you really want to rape Hannah, talk to me about it first. I'll understand. Same thing goes with killing! :D WARNING: I actually don't like the idea of being raped, so your message will probably be ignored. Stealing = bad. I mean, it's not like I went to a fan site that clearly told me not to take off the tag THEY had and did it anyway! So why would you take those same pictures with my tag on it and use it as your own? I strategically place my tags so that it will be obvious if you take my stuff. Also, if you do, I WILL GET YOU DELETED. I have that many connections. You add, who cares. I don't give a flying rattlesnake about that "You add, you start," crap. I mean... really. If it's in your rules and I added you, but haven't said a single word to you then HA. Sorry I added you. Feel free to delete me. Rules. Don't tell me to read your rules. I'll probably just ignore you. Because HELLO... is this blog not about the fact that I find rules redundant or what? It's like traffic laws. It doesn't matter what country you go to, you shouldn't run a light if it's red, and you shouldn't hit pedestrians whether they have the right of way or not. (I have recently been informed that it is in fact perfectly okay to run over pedestrians in some countries.... Given a few circumstances.) In character. Always stay in character. I do not care what you ate for breakfast. Now... if your character just happened to eat the same exact thing you did, that's cool! I'd be more than happy to listen. Oh... and if you're reading this (see I put it along with another rule so that it would be hard to catch) sign this blog with "Read and understood," because most of you are going to do it anyway. No matter what I tell you to put. Relationships. Hannah doesn't cheat. UNLESS she's only going on a pity-date with you. Oh, and just because my character is all lovey-dovey with yours... does NOT mean that I want to get like that with you out of character. Please do not direct me to any inappropriate pictures of yourself. Maturity. I swear a lot. Like... a lot, a lot. If you cannot handle that delete me now. I don't care the age. Do not tell me how old you are, I'll probably feel really young if you do. Drama. No drama is permitted unless it is in character. I honestly do not care if your pet elephant has to be put on a new dietary plan because he/she is over weight! Also if I say anything to offend you, it's more than likely IN CHARACTER. But Hannah would never say anything mean about anyone. Unless you start it. >__>; Because APPARENTLY Hufflepuffs are nonjudgmental. Just a little side note: I did not mean to be offensive to anyone in this blog. It was meant to give a humorous twist to something that--like I've said--you've probably read a dozen times or more. You don't have to sign with what I told you to sign with. Heck, I wouldn't even care if you signed at all. Just... have a sense of humor and I'm sure we'll get on great!


06/03/2011 06: PM 


1. My role-play is fun so lets keep it going I want you to enjoy our role-play together as much as I do. 2.I will have sexual role-play with women only. Also if I am taken or like someone I will not cheat on them in role-play with anyone. 3.I am a nice guy my role-play sometimes suck so if you know this since you read my rules then be a nice person. 4. I role-play up to five lines and in some role-plays I bring the lines up or down so don't be mad if you see a one-liner here or there. 5. I will be searching for mains and also love in role-play my life on here stays out of my real life. 6.No autoing please unless were having sexual role-play. 7. More rules to come.

Chris Steele

12/03/2015 04:20 PM 

Rules and Disclaimer

Disclaimer: I AM NOT Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker from the first three Star Wars movies) nor do I claim to be. I am only using his photos for my character. At the moment, this is my only account, though some time in the future I might make other accounts. If I do, then this will be my main account, though I will be spending time on those accounts, if and when I make them. Who I Roleplay With: I mainly add and roleplay with Heroes and roleplayers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, I will add and roleplay people from the main Marvel Universe (Marvel Comics), along with the DC universe as well. I will sometimes add and roleplay with characters from other shows/movies (Crossovers). I will roleplay crossovers if we come up with a good storyline, it all depends. I will not change my character in anyway to suit any crossover needs. My Character: Chris is based off the show, Heroes. If you've watched or know of the show, great. If not, that's cool. Basically the show's about ordinary people finding out that they have super powers (super speed, flight, etc), and what they decide to do with those powers. So, Chris has super powers (all of my character's powers are listed in another blog). If you don't have a problem with that, then cool. If not, then we're not roleplaying. I'm also incorporating things from the show Sliders (mainly the travel through multiple universes), as well as some things from the animes/mangas, Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist (namely some of his powers). If you're not familiar with any of those, that's fine, let me know and I can explain them to you. Starters/Replies and Such: I am a Para/Multi-Para roleplayer. I will sometimes go below a paragraph reply, but this is rare. I simply ask that you at least give me a paragraph reply. Not that hard. If I send you a two or three paragraph starter and I get a one-lined reply, I will ask you to send me a paragraph reply. If you can't or won't send me one every time, then we will stop roleplaying. Starters can go either way, but I prefer to send them out. If you wish to send me one, let me know. Also, put some thought into your starter. Just don't send one out where Chris might not be at. I have no particular order when it comes to answering replies, so you'll get them when you do, but you will get your reply. Literacy: Please, for the love of God, be literate with your posts. This means NO text talk. For example, "hey can u plz hlp me?" If you send me stuff like that, I will instantly delete it and will wait for you to send me a literate response. I can understand if you're mobile and are at work, or busy. If you're at a computer, you can be literate, which includes proper spelling and grammar. If you don't know how to spell, there's a cool thing called spell check. You should check it out. If you continue to talk and roleplay like that, then I will delete you. Why? Because apparently you don't know basic English. However, I will understand if English isn't your native language, though I would suggest you use a translator for your posts. Also, if English isn't your native language, please let me know beforehand. As long as I get a basic understanding of your posts, then we'll be fine. Storylines: For the most part, I'm just winging it on replies until a good storyline can come up in my head. However, I would like help from you guys, the people I'm roleplaying with. If not, then the roleplay will become dull and I'll eventually stop replying. So, try to think of something. Hell, we can stop and talk ooc to come up with a storyline. Godmodding: A big no on my list. You can't know everything about my character unless I have it set up for our two characters know each other. Because my character and his family knows the Petrelli's (Arthur, Angela, Nathan, and Peter), those characters do know my character. If your character is a telepath, then you must speak with me in messages before you post saying that you know something about my character. This will only happen if I approve of what you want to do (for the most part, I'll say yes, but still ask anyway). I will allow some general godmodding, like if my character nods in agreement or if he's walking down the street with your character, then that's fine with me. I just won't allow any specific godmodding, like if you take control of my character and have him go commit suicide. If you do god mod, then except to first get a message from me. If you keep god modding my character, then you'll be deleted from my friends list. Friends (Mains, etc): I am not a number on your friends list. I will only have people on my friends list if we either roleplay or talk ooc. I can and will do friend deletions at anytime, though I will now be doing massive friend deletions (100+ friends) at least once a month. Afterwards, friend deletions will be sporadic, whenever I feel like doing them. Only new friends, my top friends, and people that I roleplay/ooc talk with are safe. If you're active, meaning that you regularly post status comments and/or comment other people, and basically ignore me, even after I message/comment you, you will be deleted. If I delete you, don't send a friend request, or message me to send you one, because I will deny/ignore you. I currently have no mains (except for my love interest) and don't plan on having any at the moment. I don't ask to be a main (if I do become a main of yours, cool), nor do I ask anyone if they wish to be a main. Availability: I will not be on this account 24/7. I do have a relatively new job and real life friends. My real life comes before this. I'm on this account everyday, though because of my job, which is psychically demanding and exhausting, I won't be doing replies everyday. I understand if you can't be on everyday to roleplay. I know that you have a real life as well. If you go on hiatus or something, just let me know out of character. Drama: I'll allow in character drama. Hell, that makes roleplaying more interesting. I will NOT tolerate out of character drama. I came on here to get away from drama and to relax. However though, it seems lately that drama has been following me around in the form of a specific storyline that I ask people if they're interested in doing. I won't go into any further details, though if you wish to ask about it, send me a message about it. Anybody that's involved with that drama, will be deleted, and possibly blocked and/or blacklisted, depending on their involvement. If I receive hate messages/comments from you about it (which I have gotten in the past), you'll automatically be deleted and blocked. Respect: This is the only thing I really ask from everybody on here. I give and treat everybody I add respect, and all I ask is that you give me the same. I also do this in real life, I treat everybody that I meet with respect. It's as the famous quote says, "treat others the way you would be treated". If you don't treat myself or my friends on here with respect, then I won't be giving it to you. The whole drama thing that's been following me around, has caused me to lose respect to many people, specifically in one verse (which won't be named). If you lose my respect and you want it back, you better work hard as hell to get it back. Love Interest: Chris is currently SINGLE. However, I will not have him be looking for another romantic relationship for the time being. If you want to be my friend (in character), then we can, just nothing romantic. For right now though, don't be coming up and asking to be my girlfriend, because it's not happening. Those are my rules. Luckily for you I'm not asking you to sign them with anything specific, or signing them in general. If you want to sign them, go right on ahead.


06/01/2011 08: PM 

Rules. Read them. Learn them. Live them.

Disclaimer: Alright, so in case you didn't know, I'm not Taylor Momsen. I never was and I never will be. I am a role player on Myspace,sitemodel, and thedarkrealmz. You don't need to send me messages telling me how I'm not her, because believe me, I am fully aware, but thanks for your concern. Psh. Friend Requests: If you are not a role player then I will not accept your request. Like I stated previously, "I am a role player on Myspace,sitemodel,and thedarkrealmz." Therefore, it would make no sense at all to accept people who weren't role players. If you want me to accept your request that badly, then make an RP account, and we'll see. Stealing: Alright, I'm fully aware by now that I have a bunch of amazing default pictures/quotes/screencaps/icons/backgrounds/animations/a kickass storyline and all that other jazz on my page. I work really hard to get all of those things because I take the time to go out and find those pictures, icons, etc. It's disrespectful to go and take the things that I've worked hard to make and aquire, especially my storyline and screen caps for my character. Countless times people have stolen them from me and it has made me more mad than anything in the world. Don't do it because I will find out. And I will verbally kick your ass. It's a promise. Comment Requirements: I'm fully aware that typing out full words is really hard for some people, and if that's the case for you, then don't even think about leaving me a comment. I expect proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. I will not respond if I can't understand what the hell you're trying to say to my character. Also, I require that the comment be at least one paragraphs long. Usually, if they are any less than that then the comment is stupid or boring. Think of it as me challenging you to write something a little more interesting and to expand your mind, hm?RP Relationships: My character will RP with anyone and everyone that wishes to leave her a comment (a worthy comment, mind you) no matter what background they have or what their main storyline is. However, if they just meet, then my character is not going to be best friends with your character right away. If you have an idea for a storyline between the two, then message me and I'll think about it, or if you want them to eventually just become friends, then give it time. I think of RP as a developing story for my character; I control what she does and how she will end up, as well as who she will end up with. It will all come with time, there are no guarantees. Drama: As far as I'm concerned, you can keep all your problems to yourself. We come on Myspace,sitemodel,thedarkrealmz to role play to avoid and get away from the drama that haunts our souls in real life... so why bring it here? I know I have a lot of friends on here because I love talking to people and making friends, but let me just make it known, that if you become my friend and you throw drama in my face, you will be blocked in a second. It's just that simple. Don't believe me? Try it. Bulletins and Add/Whores: I will whore your url if you are new to RP and you need some friends, and if I know you personally.But don't ask me over and over again cause you just want to collect numbers.   Comment Speed: I'll try my best to reply back as fast as I can it just depends on how long the comment is and how well I know you, if I knew you for awhile things just go easly but if we just met I get nervous and get picky about my writing bad habit I know.   Most importantly. Have Fun. After reading the rules in your comment tell me your favorite song you just love listening to over and over again :)

Dr River Song

06/01/2011 11: PM 

river song quotes

"When you run with the Doctor, it feels like it will never end. But however hard you try, you can't run for ever. Everybody knows that everybody dies, and nobody knows it like the Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark, if he ever, for one moment accepts it. "Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today. "Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all. Now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair, and the Doctor comes to call... everybody lives. "Sweet dreams, everyone." -River SongSilence in the LibraryAnita: How do you know they're not androids.River Song: Because I've dated androids. They're rubbish.The Doctor: Oh, you're not. Are you? Tell me you're not archaeologistsRiver Song: Got a problem with archeologists?The Doctor: I'm a time traveller. I point and laugh at archeologists.Lux: Professor Song, why am I the only one wearing my helmet?River: I don't fancy you.River Song: Pretty Boy, with me I said.The Doctor: Oh, I'm Pretty Boy?Donna: Yes. Oh, that came out a bit quick.The Doctor: Pretty?Donna: Well...River Song: Thanks.The Doctor: For what?River: The usual. For coming when I call.The Doctor: Oh, that was you?River: You're doing a very good job acting like you don't know me. I'm assuming there's a reason.The Doctor: Oh, a fairly good one actually.River: Okay, should we do diaries then? Where are we this time? Going by your face I'd say it's early days for you, yes? So, um... Crash of the Byzantium. Have we done that yet? Obviously ringing no bells. Alright, um. Picnic at Asgard, Have we done Asgard yet? Obviously not. Blimey, very early days then. Oo! Life with a time traveller, never knew it could be such hard work. Um... Look at you. You're young.The Doctor: I'm really not, you know.River: Oh but you are. Your eyes! You're younger than I've ever seen you.The Doctor: You've seen me before then?River: Doctor, please tell me you know who I am.The Doctor: Who are you?River: Sorry, you're not allowed to see inside the book. It's against the rules.The Doctor: What rules?River: Your rules.The Doctor: Funny thing, Mr. Lux. I don't want to see everyone in this room dead because some idiot thinks his pride is more important.River: Then why don't you sign his contract? I didn't either. I'm getting worse than you.River: There was one other thing in the last message.Lux: That's confidential.River: I trust this man with my life. With everything.Lux: You've only just met him.River: Nope, he's only just met me.River: Whatever did this to her, whatever killed her- I'd like a word with that.The Doctor: I'll introduce you.The Doctor: What's in that book?River: Spoilers.The Doctor: Who are you?River: Professor River Song, University of-The Doctor: To me. Who are you to me?River: Again: spoilers.River: Donna? You're Donna, Donna Noble?Donna: Yeah? Why?River: I do know the Doctor. But in the future. His personal future.Donna: So why don't you know me? Where am I in the future?River: So what do we do?The Doctor: Daleks. Aim for the eyestalk. Sontarans. Back of the neck. Vashta Nerada. Run. Just run.The Doctor: What's that?River: It's a screwdriver.The Doctor: It's sonic.River: Yeah, I know. Snap.River: So. What's the plan? Do we have a plan?The Doctor: Your screwdriver. Looks exactly like mine.River: Yeah. You gave it to me.The Doctor: I don't give my screwdriver to anyone.River: I'm not anyone.The Doctor: Who are you?River: What's the plan?The Doctor: I teleported Donna back to the TARDIS. If we don't go back there in under five hours Emergency Program One will activate.River: "Take her home," yeah.Forest of the DeadDave: Who is he? You haven't even told us. You just expect us to trust him.River: He's the Doctor.Lux: And who is "The Doctor"?River: The only story you'll ever tell. If you survive here.Anita: You say he's your friend, but he doesn't even know who you are.River: Listen all you need to know is this, I trust that man to the end of the Universe. And actually, we've been.Anita: He doesn't act like he trusts you.Anita: There's a tiny problem. He hasn't met me yet.River: What's wrong with it?The Doctor: There's a signal coming from somewhere interfering with it.River: Use the red settings.The Doctor: It doesn't have a red setting.River: Well use the dampers.The Doctor: It doesn't have "dampers."River: It will do one day.The Doctor: So some time in the future I just give you my screwdriver.River: Yeah.The Doctor: Why would I do that?River: I didn't pluck it from your cold dead hands if that's what you're worried about.The Doctor: And I know that because?River: Listen to me, you've lost your friend-you're angry, I understand. But you need to be less emotional, Doctor. Right now-The Doctor: Less emotion- I'm not emotional!River: There are five people in this room still alive. Focus on that. Dear god, you're hard work young.The Doctor: Young- Who are you?!Lux: Oh for heaven's sake! Look at the pair of you. We're all going to die right here and you're just squabbling like an old married couple!River: Doctor. One day I'm going to be someone that you trust. Completely. But I can't wait for you to find that out. So I'm going to prove it to you. And I'm sorry. I'm really very sorry. whispers in his ear. Are we good? Doctor. Are we good?The Doctor: Yeah, we're good.River: Good.Anita: Professor. It's important. I have two shadows.River: Helmets on, everyone. Anita I'll get yours.Anita: Didn't do Proper Dave any good.River: Just keep it together, okay?Anita: Keepin' it together. I'm only crying. I'm about to die. It's not an overreaction.River: Oh god they've got inside!The Doctor: No no. I've just tinted her visor. Maybe they'll think they're already in there, leave her alone.River: You think they can be fooled like that?The Doctor: Maybe, I don't know. It's a swarm. It's not like we chat.The Doctor: Professor, could I have a word please?River: What?The Doctor: Down here.River: What is it?The Doctor: Thought you said there were five people still alive in this room.River: Yeah so?The Doctor: So. Why are there six?Proper Dave: Hey! Who turned out the lights!The Doctor: Run!The Doctor: Professor, go ahead. Find a safe spot.River: It's a carnivorous swarm in a suit! You can't reason with it.The Doctor: Five minutes.River: You know when you see a photograph of someone you know, but it's from years before you knew them. It's like they're not quite finished-they're not done yet. Well... yes, The Doctor's here. He came when I called just like he always does. But not "my" Doctor. Now my Doctor, I've seen whole armies turn and run away. And he'd just swagger off, back to his TARDIS. And open the doors with a snap of his fingers. The Doctor. In the TARDIS. Next stop: Everywhere.The Doctor: Spoilers. Nobody can open the TARDIS by snapping their fingers. It doesn't work like that.River: It does for the Doctor.The Doctor: I am the Doctor.River: Yeah. Someday.River: Gravity Platform.The Doctor: Bet I like you.River: Oh, you do.The Doctor: I'll hook myself up to the computer, she can borrow my memory space.River: Difficult. It'll kill you stone dead!The Doctor: Yes, easy to criticize.River: It'll stop both of your hearts and don't think you'll regenerate!The Doctor: I'll try my hardest not to die, honestly. It's my main thing.River: Doctor-The Doctor: I'm right, this works. Shut up.River: I hate you sometimes!The Doctor: I know!The Doctor: Oh no no. What are you doing? That's my job!River: Oh and I'm not allowed to have a career I suppose.The Doctor: Why am I handcuffed? Why do you even have handcuffs?River: Spoilers.River: Funny thing is, this means you've always known how I was going to die. All the time we've been together you knew I was coming here. The last time I saw you-the real you, the future you, I mean-you turned up on my doorstep with a new haircut and a suit. You took me to Derillium. To see the Singing Towers. Oh, what a night that was. The towers sang, and you cried. You wouldn't tell me why but I suppose you knew it was time. My time. Time to come to the Library. You even gave me your screwdriver. That should have been a clue. There's nothing you can do.The Doctor: Let me do this!River: If you die here it'll mean I've never met you.The Doctor: Time can be rewritten!River: Not those times, not one line. Don't you dare! It's okay. It's okay. It's not over for you. You'll see me again. You've got all of that to come. You and me. Time and space. You watch us run!The Doctor: River you know my name. You whispered my name in my ear. There's only one way I would ever tell anyone my name. There's only one time I could.River: Hush now. Spoilers.River in voiceover: When you run with the Doctor, it feels like it will never end. But however hard you try, you can't run forever. Everybody knows that everybody dies. And nobody knows it like the Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark if he ever, for one moment accepts it.The Doctor: Why? Why would I give her my screwdriver? Why would I do that? Thing is Future Me had years to think about it. All those years to think of a way to save her. And what he did was give her a screwdriver. Why would I do that? Oh! Look at that! I'm very good!Donna: What have you done?The Doctor: Saved her!The Doctor: Stay with me. C'mon! You and me, one last run! Sorry River, shortcut.River in voiceover: Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today.River: Oh for heaven's sake. He just can't do it, can he? That man. That impossible man. He just can't give in.River in voiceover: Some days are special. Some days are so so blessed. Some days nobody dies at all. Now and then, every once in a very long while-every day in a million days when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call-everybody lives.The Time of AngelsAlistair: The party's over, Dr. Song. Yet still you're on board.Dr. River Song: Sorry Alistair. I needed to see what was in your vault. Do you all know what's down there? Any of you? Because I'll tell you something, this ship won't reach its destination.Alistair to the guards: Wait 'til she runs. Don't make it look like an execution.Dr. River Song: Triple-7 5 slash 3 4 9 by 10. Zero 12 slash Acorn. Oh, and I could do with an air corridor.Amy: What's that? What did she say?The Doctor: Coordinates!River: Like I said on the dance floor, you might want to find something to hang on to.Amy: Doctor?The Doctor: River.River: Follow that ship.River: They've gone into warp drive. We're losing them. Stay close.The Doctor: I'm trying!River: Use the stabilizers.The Doctor: It doesn't have stabilizers!River: The blue switches.The Doctor: Well the blue switches don't do anything. They're just blue.River: Yes, they're blue. They're the blue stabilizers! The TARDIS stabilizes. See?The Doctor: Yeah. Well, just boring now, isn't it? They're borings. They're blue borings.River: Okay. I've mapped the probability vectors, done a full background temporal isometry, charted the ship to its destination and... parked us right alongside.The Doctor: "Parked us." We haven't landed.River: Of course we've landed. I just landed her.The Doctor: But... it didn't make the noise.River: What noise?The Doctor: You know the {imitates the TARDIS... sort of}River: It's not supposed to make that noise. You leave the brakes on.The Doctor: Yeah. Well it's a brilliant noise. I love that noise.The Doctor: ...oxygen-rich atmosphere, all toxins in the soft band, eleven hour day and... {sniffs the air} chances of rain later.River: He thinks he's so hot when he does that.Amy: How come you can fly the TARDIS?River: Oh, I had lessons from the very best.The Doctor flattered: Well... yeah.River: It's a shame you were busy that day.Amy: Are you going to introduce us?The Doctor: Amy Pond. Professor River Song.River gasps: I'm going to be a professor some day, am I? How exciting! {she laughs} Spoilers.River: Two things always guaranteed to turn up in a museum. The home box of a category four Starliner and, sooner or later, him. It's how he keeps score.The Doctor: I'm nobody's taxi service! I'm not going to be there to catch you every time you feel like jumping out of a spaceship.River: And you are so wrong.River: There's a thing in the belly of that ship that can't ever die. Now he's listening.River: Where are we up to? Have we done the Bone Meadows?Amy: What's the book?The Doctor: Stay away from it.Amy: What is it though?The Doctor: Her diary.River: Our diary.The Doctor: Her past. My... future. Time travel. We keep meeting in the wrong order.Father Octavian: Has Dr. Song explained what we're dealing with here?River: Doctor, what do you know of the Weeping Angels?Amy: But it's just a statue.River: It's a statue when you see it.The Doctor: Where did it come from?River: Pulled from the ruins at Razzmahan into last century. It's been in private hands ever since. Dormant all that time.The Doctor: There's a difference between dormant and patient.River: It's so strange when you go all baby-face. How early is this for you?The Doctor: Fairly early.River: So you don't know who I am yet.The Doctor: How do you know who I am? I don't always look the same.River: I've got pictures of all your faces. You never show up in the right order though. I need the Spotter's Guide.Octavian: He doesn't know yet, does he? Who and what you are.River: It's too early in his time stream.Octavian: Well make sure he doesn't work it out. Or he's not going to help us.River: I won't let you down. Believe you me, I have no intention of going back to prison.River: Yes we are.The Doctor: Sorry, what?River: Talking about you.The Doctor: I wasn't listening. I'm busy.River: Ah. The other way up. {The Doctor looks at the device and then turns it the right way up}The Doctor: Yeah.Amy: You're so his wife.River: Oh Amy Amy Amy. This is The Doctor we're talking about. Do you really think it could be anything that simple?The Doctor: That book, the very end, what did it say?River: Hang on.The Doctor: Read it to me.River: "What if we had ideas that could think for themselves? What if one day our dreams no longer needed us? When these things occur and are held to be true, the time will be upon us. The time of Angels."The Doctor realizing: Oh.Amy: What's wrong?River realizing: Oh.The Doctor: Exactly.River: How could we not notice that?The Doctor: Low level perception filter or maybe we're thick.Octavian: What's wrong, sir?The Doctor: Nobody move! Nobody move. Everyone stay exactly where they are. Bishop, I am truly sorry I've made a mistake and we are all in terrible danger.Octavian: What danger?River: The Aplans.Octavian: The Aplans?River: They've got two heads.Octavian: Yes, I get that. So?The Doctor: So why don't the statues.River: There's no way up, no way back, no way out. No pressure, but this is usually when you have a really good idea.The Doctor: There's always a way out. There's always a way out.Angel Bob: The Doctor. Can I speak to the Doctor please?The Doctor: Hello, Angels. What's your problem?The Doctor: Trust me?Amy: Yeah.The Doctor: Trust me?River: Always.Flesh and StoneOctavian: Dr. Song, I've lost good clerics today. You trust this man?River: I absolutely trust him.Octavian: He's not some kind of mad man then?River: I absolutely trust him.River: Father Octavian, when the Doctor's in the room, your one and only mission is to keep him alive long enough to get everyone else home. And trust me, it's not easy. Now if he's dead back there, I'll never forgive myself. And if he's alive, I'll never forgive him. And Doctor, you're standing right behind me aren't you?The Doctor: Yeah.River: I hate you.The Doctor: You don't.River: That time energy, what's it going to do?The Doctor: Ah, keep eating.River: How do we stop it?The Doctor: Feed it.River: Feed it what?The Doctor: A big complicated space-time event should shut it up for awhile.River: Like what, for instance?The Doctor: Like me! For instance!The Doctor: River Song, I could bloody kiss you!River: Oh well. Maybe when you're older.River: I've traveled in time. I'm a complicated space-time event too. Throw me in.The Doctor: Oh be serious, compared to me these Angels are more complicated than you and it'd take every single one of them to amount to me, so get a grip.River: Doctor, I can't let you do this.The Doctor: No, seriously. Get a grip.River: You're not going to die here!The Doctor: No, I mean it. River, Amy, get a grip.River: Oh you genius.River: You. Me. Handcuffs. Must it always end this way?The Doctor: What now?River: The prison ship's in orbit. They'll beam me up any second. I might have done enough to earn a pardon this time. We'll see.The Doctor: Octavian said you killed a man.River: Yes, I did.The Doctor: A good man.River: A very good man. The best man I've ever known.The Doctor: Who?River: Hm. It's a long story, Doctor. Can't be told. Has to be lived. No sneak previews. Well. Except for this one. You'll see me again quite soon. When the Pandorica opens.The Doctor: The Pandorica. Ha! That's a fairy tale.River laughing. Ah, Doctor. Aren't we all? I'll see you there.The Doctor: I look forward to it.River: I remember it well.The Doctor: Can I trust you, River Song?River: If you like. But where's the fun in that?The Pandorica OpensStormcage Containment Facility 5145Guard: Cell 46. The Doctor? You mean Dr. Song.River Song: Give me that! Seriously, just give it to me. I'm entitled to phonecalls. Doctor?Churchill: No. And neither are you. Where is he?River Song: You're phoning the Time Vortex. It doesn't always work. But the TARDIS is smart. She's rerouted the call. Talk quickly. This connection lasts less than a minute.Guard: Dr. Song! Are you finished with that?River Song: You're new here, aren't you.Guard: First day.River Song: Then I'm very sorry.The Royal Collection 5145Liz Ten: This is the royal collection. And I'm the bloody queen. What are you doing here?River Song: It's about the Doctor, mum. You met him once, didn't you? I know he came here.Liz Ten: The Doctor?River Song: He's in trouble. I need to find him.Liz Ten: Then why are you stealing a painting?River Song: Look at it. I need to find the Doctor. And I need to show him this.The Maldovarium 5145Well now. Word on the Mount is you're looking for time travel.River: Are you selling?A vortex manipulator. Fresh off the wrist of a handsome time agent. I said off the wrist. Not cheap, Dr. Song. Have you brought me a pretty toy?River: This is a Calisto Pulse. It can disarm micro-explosives from up to twenty feet.What kind of micro-explosives?River: The kind I just put in your wine.The very first words in recorded history:Hello Sweetie.The Doctor: You graffitied the oldest cliff face in the Universe!River: You wouldn't answer your phone!Amy: Why is it exploding?River: I'm assuming it's some kind of warning.Amy: So something's going to happen to the TARDIS.River: It might not be that literal. Anyway, this is where he wanted you. Date and map reference on the door side, see.The Doctor: Does is have a title?River: "The Pandorica Opens".Amy: The Pandorica. What is it?River: A box. A cage. A prison. It was built to contain the most feared thing in the whole Universe.The Doctor: And it's a fairy tale-a legend. It can't be real!River: If it is real it's here and it's opening. And it's got something to do with your TARDIS exploding. Hidden obviously. Buried for centuries. You won't find it on a map.The Doctor: No, but if you bury the most dangerous thing in the Universe you'd want to remember where you put it.Amy: Okay, this Pandorica thing. Last time we saw you, you warned us about it after we climbed out of the Byzantium.River: Spoilers.Amy: No, but you told the Doctor you'd see him again when the Pandorica opens.River: Maybe I did. But I haven't yet. But I will have. Doctor, I'm picking up Frye particles everywhere. Energy weapons discharged on this site.The Doctor: If the Pandorica is here, it contains the mightiest warrior in history. Now half the galaxy would want a piece of that. Maybe even fight over it. We need to get down there.The Doctor: It's a Pandorica.River: More than just a fairy tale.The Doctor: There was a goblin, or a trickster. Or a warrior. A nameless, terrible thing. Soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies. The most feared being in all the cosmos. And nothing could stop it, or hold it or... reason with it. One day it would just drop out of the sky and tear down your world.Amy: How did it end up in there?The Doctor: You know fairy tales. A good wizard tricked it.River: I hate good wizards in fairy tales. They always turn out to be him.Amy: So can you open it?The Doctor: Easily. Anyone can break into a prison but I'd rather know what I'm going to find first.River: You won't have long to wait. It's already opening. There are layers and layers of security protocols in there and they're being disabled one-by-one. Like it's being unlocked from inside.The Doctor: How long do we have?River: Hours at most.The Doctor: What kind of security?River: Everything. Dead locks. Time stops. Matter lines. Who could need all that?The Doctor: Who could get past all that?The Doctor: The stones. These stones are great big transmitters broadcasting a warning to everyone. Everywhere. To every time zone. "The Pandorica is opening."River: Doctor, everyone everywhere?The Doctor: Even poor Vincent heard it in his dreams. But what's in there? What could justify all this?River: Doctor, everyone?The Doctor: Anything that powerful I'd know about it. Why don't I know?River: Doctor. You said everyone could hear it. So who else is coming?The Doctor: Oh.Amy: Oh? Oh what?River: Okay, if it is basically a transmitter we should be able to follow back the signal.The Doctor: Doing it!Amy: Doing what?River: Stonehenge is transmitting. It's been transmitting for awhile. So who heard?The Doctor: Okay, should be feeding back to you now. River, what's out there? Getting anything?River: Give me a moment.The Doctor: River, quickly! Anything?River: Around this planet there are at least ten thousand starships.Amy: At least?River: Ten thousand. A hundred thousand. A million. I don't know. There's too many readings.The Doctor: What kind of starships?Dalek voice: Maintaining orbit. I obey.Amy: Daleks. Those are Daleks.River: Daleks, Doctor.The Doctor: Yes, okay. Okay. Okay. Dalek fleet, minimum twelve thousand battleships armed to the teeth. Ah! But we've got surprise on our side. They'll never expect three people to attack twelve thousand Dalek battleships 'cause we'd be killed instantly so it would be a fairly short surprise. Forget surprise.River: Doctor, Cyber ships.The Doctor: No. Dalek ships. Listen to them. Those are Dalek ships.River: Yes, Dalek ships and Cyber ships.River: Doctor, listen to me. Everything that ever hated you is coming here tonight. You can't win this. You can't even fight this. Doctor, this once-just this one time, please, you have to run.The Doctor: Run where?River: Fight how?Roman Commander: So. I return to my command after one week and discover we've been playing host to Cleopatra. Who's in Egypt. And dead.River: Yes. Funny how things work out.River to the TARDIS: Why do you want me here?River seeing the Raggedy Doctor dolls: Oh Doctor. Why do I let you out.The Doctor: TARDIS. Where is it? Hurry up.River: Don't raise your voice. Don't look alarmed. Just listen.River: They're not real. They can't be. They're all right here in the storybook. Those actual Romans. The ones I sent you. The ones you're with right now. They're all in a book in Amy's house. A children's picturebook.The Doctor: What are you even doing there?River: It doesn't matter-the TARDIS went wrong. Doctor, how is this possible?The Doctor: Something's using her memories, Amy's memories.River: But how?The Doctor: You said something had been there.River: Yes. There's burn marks on the grass outside. Landing patterns.The Doctor: If they've been through her house they could have used the psychic residue. Structures can hold memories. That's why houses have ghosts. They could have taken a snapshot of Amy's memories. But why?River: Doctor, who are those Romans?The Doctor: Projections. Or... duplicates.River: But they were helping us. My lipstick even worked.The Doctor: They might think they're real. The perfect disguise. They actually believe their own cover story. Right until they're activated.River: Doctor, that centurion.River: It's a trap, it has to be. They used Amy to construct a scenario you'd believe. To get close to you.The Doctor: Why? Who'd do that, what for? It doesn't make sense! River? River? What's happening?River: I don't know. It's the engines. Doctor, there's something wrong with the TARDIS. Like something else is controlling it.The Doctor: You're flying it wrong.River: I'm flying it perfectly. You taught me.The Doctor: Where are you. What's the date reading?River: It's the 26th of June, 2010.The Doctor: You need to get out of there now. Any other time zone, just go.River: I can't break free.The Doctor: Well then shut down the TARDIS. Shut down everything!River: I can't!Overhead: Silence will fall! Silence will fall!River: Someone else is flying it. An external force. I've lost control.The Doctor: But how? Why? {the Pandorica starts emitting a high-pitched sound} Well now. Ready to come out, are we?River: I'm sorry, my love.The Big BangRory: Doctor, there's something else. There's a voice.Amy: I can't hear it.Rory: Trust the plastic.River: I'm sorry my love.Amy: Doctor, that's River. How can she be up there?Rory: Must be like a recording or something.The Doctor: No, it's not a recording. Of course. The emergency protocols. The TARDIS has sealed off the control room and put her into a time loop to save her. She is right at the heart of the explosion.The Doctor: Hi honey. I'm home.River: And what sort of time do you call this?River: Amy! And the plastic Centurion.The Doctor: It's okay. He's on our side.River: Really?The Doctor: Yep.River: I dated a Nestene duplicate once. Swappable head. Did keep things fresh. Right then! I have questions. But number one is this: What in the name of sanity have you got on your head?The Doctor: It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.The Doctor: It needs to restore its power before it can attack again. Now. That means we've got exactly... four and a half minutes before it's at lethal capacity.Rory: How do you know?The Doctor: Because that's when it's due to kill me.River: Kill you? What do you mean, kill you?River: Doctor, you're being completely ridiculous. The Pandorica partially restored one Dalek. If it can't even reboot a single life form properly how is it going to reboot the whole of reality?The Doctor: What if we give it a moment of infinite power? What if we can transmit the light from the Pandorica to every particle of space and time simultaneously?River: Well that would be lovely, dear, but we can't. Because it's completely impossible.The Doctor: Ah, no. you see. It's not. It's almost completely impossible. One spark is all we need.River: For what?The Doctor: Big Bang II! Now listen- {the Dalek shoots him in the back}River: Where did he go? Dammit, he could be anywhere!Amy: He went downstairs. Twelve minutes ago.River: Show me!Amy: River. He died.Dalek: Systems restoring. You will be exterminated!Rory: We've got to move. That thing's coming back to life.River: You go to the Doctor. I'll be right with you.Dalek: You will be exterminated!River: Not yet. Your systems are still restoring which means your shield density is compromised. One alpha meson burst through your eyestalk would kill you stone dead.Dalek: Records indicate you will show mercy. You are an associate of the Doctor's.River: I'm River Song. Check your records again.Dalek: Mercy.River: Say it again.Dalek: Mercy!River: One more time.Dalek: Mercy!!!Rory: How could he have moved? He was dead. Doctor! Doctor!Amy: But he was dead.River: Who told you that?Amy: He did.River: Rule one: the Doctor lies.Amy: Where's the Dalek?River: It died.Rory: What's happening?River: Reality's collapsing. It's speeding up. Look at this room.Rory: Where'd everything go?River: History's being erased. Time's running out. Doctor, what were you doing? Tell us. Doctor!River: He's wired the vortex manipulator to the rest of the box.Amy: Why?River: So he can take it with him. He's going to fly the Pandorica into the heart of the explosion.Amy: So what happens here? A Big Bang II-what happens to us?River: We all wake up where we ought to be. None of this ever happens and we don't remember it.Amy: River. Tell me he comes back too.River: The Doctor will be at the heart of the explosion.Amy: So?River: So all the cracks in time will close. But he'll be on the wrong side. Trapped in the nether space-the void between the worlds. All memory of him will be purged from the Universe. He will never have been born. Now please. He wants to talk to you before he goes.Amy: Not to you?River: He doesn't really know me yet. Now he never will.River: It's from the Doctor.Amy: What does it say?River: "Geronimo."River: Did you dance? Well you always dance at weddings, don't you.The Doctor: You tell me.River: Spoilers.The Doctor: The writing's all back but I didn't peek.River: Thank you.The Doctor: Are you married, River?River: Are you asking?The Doctor: Yes.River: Yes.The Doctor: No. Hang on. Did you think I was asking you to marry me or asking if you were married?River: Yes.The Doctor: No, but was that yes or yes?River: Yes.The Doctor: River. Who are you?River: You're going to find out very soon now. And I'm sorry. But that's when everything changes.wit & wisdom of river song about the doctorAbout the Doctor: "I trust that man to the end of the universe. And actually, we've been."Also about the Doctor: "You know when you see a photo of someone you know, but it's from years before you know them: it's like they're not quite finished, not done yet. Yes, the Doctor's here. He came when I called, just like he always does, but not my Doctor."Talking to the Doctor about their future together: "You watch us run!""Doctor! Can you sonic me?"To the Doctor: "It's so strange when you go all baby face."To the Doctor again: "You, me, handcuffs: must it always end this way?"Shout out to a future episode: "You'll see me again quite soon: when the Pandorica opens."In a showdown with a Dalek that believes she will not kill it: "I'm River Song. Check your records."Responding to the Doctor's question about her identity: "You're going to find out very soon. And I'm sorry, but that's when everything changes."

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Ashido Kuchiki(Bleach Character)

Ashido Kuchiki InfoBirthdate:March 31stAge:232(Shinigami form)Height:(5'7 close to 5'8)Weight:140.1 lbsAlias:The Noble Kuchiki,Heavens Butterfly,Noble Flash KuchikiGender:Male Species:A outcast of the Shinigami and VizardBlood type:O Partner:Jasime Zaraki,Saito Achiku,Takashi Sousuke(Presumed)Allies:RyokoAffiliation:O.U.T.C.A.S.TPrevious Affiliations:Agressor's,N.E.O,The Order and Gotei 13:Squad 6,Squad 5 Seat 1 Occupation:Shinigami OutcastFamily Ginrei Kuchiki(Grandfather) Byakuya Kuchiki(Brother)Hisana Kuchiki(Sister-In-Law,deceased)Rukia Kuchiki(Sister-in-law/Adoptive Sister) Karma Kuchiki(Ex-Wife/Deceased)Isebella Kuchiki(Daughter)Jasime Zaraki(Best friend)Yoruichi Shihôin(Senpai)Koga Kuchiki(Uncle/Deceased)Zanpakutou Name:Its True name is Heavenly Moon GoddessUnreleased Form: A KatanaRelease Command:QuestionableShikai:QuestionableBankai:Unknown to many and only seen by Saito and Jasime


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Roleplaying Rules And Regulations

The rules for roleplaying with me are simple there are ten simple rules in which I will detail out in ten simple commandments break them and I break contact with you fair enough? Very well then I can assure you they are nothing bad so with that being said lets begin.I.Respect - I dont care if you like me or hate me in character or out of character I expect respect to be given if i give it back plain and simple im not the type of roleplayer who takes physical and mental abuse and asks for more of it nor do i dish it out I live by one simple code you fuck with me and I fuck you up. You respect me and I respect you back plain enough to read? Simple enough to understand yes? Basically what im saying is, I dont judge you so dont judge me I respect you you respect me.II.Roleplay - I roleplay however I want whenever I want with whoever I want. I dont discriminate between any RP'ers nor their types nor their preference. I find that shit to be the most immature form of bullshit to ever exist on this fucking planet. It's my personal belief that people shouldn't be discriminated upon period because of what they wish to do in roleplay so with that being said come at me with any sort of hate I'll drop your ass like a bad habit. P.S: I do all types of RP except one liners that includes 18+ Adult Erotic. Fighting Crossovers I dont give a fuck as long as its all good between both parties. {Selectively Though} III.Relationships - If thats what you want fine by me but know that im not gonna open my heart up to every person that tries your going to have to get to know me both as a person and as my character and i can guarantee you until that foundation is built you wont have a chance in hell of getting to become my ally and or otherwise. OOC I might seem nice but IC I'll look at you like you lost your mind. However theres the age old rule if you want something stick with it as im not a mean person at all I just want to make sure those I open myself up to as a person are simply worth the trouble allright?IV. Continuity - I plan on not being one of those Sephiroths that constantly blast one winged angel every time you see and meet them. I plan on Roleplaying every aspect of Sephiroth both Canon and Alternate Universe and otherwise granted it is a task of the grandest nature but thats what I plan to do. If you cannot handle that sort of comprehension when roleplaying with me say so and say which particular universe you feel more comfortable RP'ing with then I will gladly adjust to your specifications. Easy enough to comprehend right?  Then good cause its my intentions to make a solid impression on those I meet within my own personal style of RP'ing Sephiroth.V.Fighting - I plan on having my fights as Sephiroth based on every different style he has in each and every one of his appearances each version of this would be based on the continuity of the person im roleplaying with. Example. Kingdom Hearts = Sin Harvest  Dissidia = Scintilla Etc. Etc. This means as a fighter im going to study every single frame of attack and animation and use it to my best ability in roleplay. If you have any idea of how I was when I fought as my previous incarnations then you get the idea and as far as fighting goes I choose who i want to fight thats how it always was and is to be.  VI.Crossovers / Other FF Characters - I'll add whoever comes my way i dont see why not as long as they dont cross the line of respect I'll gladly befriend any who come my way as I feel its only natural to do so. Hell I'll even add other Sephiroths as long as they retain their own sense of originality and I retain my own as well. Respect is to be given where respect is due. Im open for whatever idea you want to float my way as long as its consensual between both parties im willing to RP it out. So yeah crossovers welcomed as far as stuff like that is conserned original characters also welcomed.VII.Regarding Real Life Information - Im famous in real life dont believe me? Ask within. ( Ive been on tv flown to California and everything. ) but I prefer not to give out my information like that just know im a single attactive down to earth guy who's actually known for something outside of RP im just using this profile as a fresh start outside of all of the crap that I get over having that sort of exposure so yeah while im not gonna be one of those RP'ers who's like dont ask about my personal information just know thats not the point of RP'ing with me to know more about the real me its to RP with the character so for arguments sake lets keep it that way until were both okay with it.VIII. Regarding Loyalties To Groups / Storylines - As of currently my Sephiroth is a free roaming character which means I'll have him associate with who I want and where I want. However I want though im not against checking out what certain groups have to offer I'd rather RP with the individual people within those groups rather than being immersed within the whole aspect of it all. If you understand where im coming from. Then you understand that I'd rather be me over anything else.IX. Regarding Roleplay Length / Style - I do Roleplay based on three different levels and each level is based on how amused I am when it comes to roleplaying with you. If its amazing i'll go full on novella with pictures. If im somewhat amused I'll do multi para with pictures. If I just want the reply done I'll do standard para with a photo attached. About the only time I will ever ignore anyone is if they come at me with a one liner or say something that I as a person do not agree with this is rare as im a easy to get along with person but every once in a while someone breaks my patience completely and everyone suffers so please dont be that person lets keep it interesting allright?X. Closing Words And Notices - I thank you for those who managed to read through it all you have my thanks and gratitude.  I do hope to meet a lot of interesting people and have worthwhile experiences while RP'ing Sephiroth and getting to know the many others that already have roleplay profiles within this down to earth community that is all P.S: no killing my character without my permission no god modding and finally no means no that dosent mean i say no but my body says yes. It means no.

Sephiroth , Final Fantasy , VII , Roleplay Rules


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1. This is not a hentai page. No Erotic Roleplays or anything of the sort. I will not be your slave nor your mistress so piss off.2. I will work with all types of rps. If you are new and need help building up to para and multi-para I can work with you. I will not discriminate against you because you are not that good yet. Not everyone is gifted with detail, some have to learn and I understand that. I can work with you.3. I am not here to hook up with your character. So if you have S&L on your name then I will probably not add you.4. Do not bore me with your drama. This is rp not real life. No one cares who you are with on here or who said what. Its rp, get over it and move on. 5. No God-moding 6. Use spell check, I know we all make mistakes but at least try, 7. I don't believe in the you add you send rule, though if you do add me, you send the greeter.8. You have a week to make some sort of contact, then a week after that to either send a starter or reply to mine. If not then you will be deleted.  9. If you don't like my rules then delete me. Won't hurt me none. 10. Please don't add me just to steal my pics. All of them are credited so I will know.11. We must discuss a storyline FIRST! If I tell you to send one without discussing it first it is because I am bored and want to be spontaneous.


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Real Role Play aka Old School Role play
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See role play use to have common sense playground rules. No God modingDecent spellingNo personal dramaHelp those new so the rp community can become better.Keep role play and real life separate (this means no dating one another in real life.)Those were simple common sense rules. Not that hard huh? Complete no brainers. Also instead of auditioning to be part of a group you just became part of it over time by rping with someone from the group then with more people and so on. Do not bloody try to control someone else's character or do instant kills. Do not bring yourself back to life without a reason. You have to write it into the story, either through magic, science or something like that. You can just come back to life. This is called God-Moding and will get you deleted and blocked.Spelling and Grammar do not have to be perfect but please, by God, at least try okay? No one wants to see text talk. (Example: R U there). Also don't do little big talk either its not funny or cool. It is just plain annoying. (Example: HeY HoW ArE YoU?) Annoying isn't it?We also did not have GF/BF apps. We did things the normal rp way. You just randomly rped with someone not really looking for a mate for your character and oops your characters are together. But there was one rule to this. This rule is stated above in the matching color. See we never got over emotional if characters ended up breaking a part do to the simple fact that is is role play and it did not really matter. If you choose to put it in the group rp you could simply write each other out and still be in that same group because personal feelings never got in the way of creativity. See easy right? It is so easy to role play when you treat role play like role play and not real life. In other words, if you are with someone in one rp or rp group does not necessarily mean the same for the other individual rps. Do not treat your rp relationship like an rl. We come here to escape. This also goes for giving out your cell number and posting rl pictures. Don't do it. That is not what we are here for. Stick to the basics okay? stop trying to mingle your real life with rp. It will only make things more complicated which is not what people want.It was a lot more friendlier back then to. Now and days everyone hates on the newbies for no good reason. Instead of being asses why don't you help the newbie out? Teach them the ropes and help them improve. See that is what we did 6 years ago. These past 3 years role play has changed. Any old whore can pop up and say they are role players when they are just horrid and here for sex or dating. They make websites for those, go find them. If some one is turly here to learn then they will take instructions and be willing to listen to what you say. If they don't then they are here for attention and those are the ones we should ignore.So in all if you are one of those people that demand your rules be signed then please delete me now. I will not sign rules. I will ignore those with GF/BF APPs. Any kind of APP and you are gone. End of story. This is old school rp the way it is supposed to be. Without the popularity contest. Thank you and good night.

Sofia Krauser

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1. If you send me a comment with only "hello how are you." I might ignore you. So DON'T do it! Unless I know you ooc.2. If you wanna rp with me please don't send me One-liners. I only rp with people who can make a story out of it cuz it makes it more interesting for both of us. And I'm really getting tired of it!So NO ONE-LINERS please!3. If you add me, then rp with me. Don't lemme wait cuz if you aint gonna send or answer me I might delete you.4. If you ADD me first, Send me a STARTER Dont let me wait too long or Ill delete you. If I add you, I will send you one, I give you 3 DAYS to start or reply or else YOU WILL GET DELETED!!!5. Dont kill my character!! If I want her dead, then I will do it myself!6. IM HERE EVERYDAY SO IF YOU WANNA RP WITH ME OR BE MY CHARACTERS LOVER, MAKE SURE YOU WILL BE HERE AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK OR MORE, I KNOW YOU HAVE A LIFE OUT THERE AND SO DO I BUT AT LEAST IM GETTIN ON EVERY DAY TO ANSWER TO YOU ALL! MAKE SURE YOULL DO THE SAME ESPECIALLY WHEN YOURE MY CHARACTER'S LOVER....7. If you wanna be my character's lover, Too bad, Sofia doesnt like to commit, She does someone whenever she feels like doing it! SO If we kiss or do whatever,it doesnt mean we're in a relationship!! UNLESS You manage to steal her heart, then she'll be yours... But you gotta work for it. 8. IF MY CHARACTER'S LOVERHasnt been on for more then 10 days I WILL MOVE ON, Dont expect me to wait for him to finally talk to me. Unless youve got a good excuse... I dont just go around cheating, but if you disappear without even letting me know, like some did before,  Im not gonna wait.9. Dont rp with me in the "I do" way I hate it when people write down, "I walk to you and shoot you Or I walked to Sofia and smiled at her. STOP THAT!!! Just write like they do in books! 10. Messages are for OOC only unless something private is going on between our characters. Like a love scene or such. 11. AGAIN: If You dont answer my starter or if you still owe me one, Get back to me or get DELETED, I will give you 3 DAYS if I dont get an answer YOURE OUT!! 12. I DO NOT APPRECIATE PEOPLE WHO ADD ME JUST TO SPY ON ME FOR SOMEONE ELSE!! IF YOU DONT HAVE THE GUTS TO COME UP AND TALK TO ME YOURSELF JUST BACK THE FCK OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!! 13. Dont spam my bulletinbox. Id also like to read the bulletins who are for me. And Im not planning to finally get to them 5 pages further. Anyway These are the rules! 14. If I added you through a A&W bulletin/MSG Dont expect me to be the one sending you a starter cuz I already did you a favor.15. DONT TRY TO TURN MY CHARACTER GAY! Im a 100% straight woman!!!!! So dont come to me and try to hit on me if your a lesbian SERIOUSLY, believe me or not Ive been through it before!! Im a nice girl but if you do, I might have to SCRATCH you eyes out!! The only ones who are allowed to do so are my wifey and Sarah BWHAHAHA -COUGHS- still, I dont make out with women!!!16. NO DRAMA BITCHES ON MY PRO!Had enough of those in the past already, so if youre causing any trouble, I will NOT doubt a second and DELETE you.17. I can be a bitch when needed.Get over it. 18. DO NOT Pull me into any of your Story Lines Without discussing it with me first! Its too damn annoying and I DO NOT Appreciate it.*NOTE: IF YOU DONT SEND ME A REPLY TO THIS BLOG, SAYING "READ & UNDERSTOOD" I WILL NOT RP WITH YOU! People add me, and are just starting to talk to me mostly OOC, which Im not here for. SO DONT... Which means if I didnt find a "Read & Understood" comment coming from you, we dont RP which means you will get DELETED. Im sorry to do it this way but I have no choice... I want people to know what they can and cannot do on here. Thanks.Guess it wont be that hard to follow them... Just stick to them! Have fun everyone and welcome to my page!

Genevieve Anastasio. |M|

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First and foremost, I am NOT Megan Fox. I highly doubt that she has time to come on here and roleplay a made up character with her own face. If you ask me if I am Megan Fox, I'll delete you for being stupid. As we all know, there are the basic rules that should be followed:No stealingNo godmoddingNo dramaNo OOC bullshitAnd so on and so forth. I've been debating whether or not to write this blog because I didn't know if I would have the words for what I wanted to REALLY say. Basically these are rules and some KEY factors that you should know and expect from my character. I've posted MANY bulletins and status updates about it because people sometimes get offended by how my character is. As stated, I am NOT attacking you personally. Please don't think that I am. Honestly, in my opinion, I shouldn't even have to worry about that because we should all know how to differentiate between real life and roleplay. There are still some who can't. Thus leads me to this. Genevieve is an interesting character. I used to LOVE coming on this account and roleplaying. Lately? Not so much. Why? Because of the fact that people have a hard time with how I portray her. There is a difficult back story to her and if you would like the whole thing other than what you see on my profile, then please message me. I don't mind going into further detail about her. She's a free spirit. She doesn't give a fuck what people think of her because she does what she wants when she wants. I have had this character for some years now and never EVER have I had any OOC issues with her until recently. It's gotten to the point where, like I said, I don't really want to come on here and roleplay as her. I find it sad. I don't expect everyone that I meet to like Genevieve. Genevieve isn't really well liked. Why? BECAUSE PEOPLE MAKE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT HER. Whether it be status comments or bulletins or whatever. Friends of friends and shit like that. I don't like how people assume. When I roleplay as Genevieve, I stay in character as much as possible as do we all. If it is an OOC matter, then I say it is OOC. People have been taking things that Genevieve does to heart and I apologize for that on my part. I apologize because of the assumptions. Like I said, there is a difficult past with Genevieve. Please before you assume, come to me and we will discuss it privately. But do NOT make the mistake in thinking that you are going to sit here and bash on my character when you don't know her. I will NOT tolerate that shit. There are people out there that are TEN TIMES WORSE THAN GENEVIEVE IS. Shitting on my character is not a good thing. Why? I'm VERY popular in the RP world. Maybe not on here... BUT ON OTHER ACCOUNTS. I'm well known. VERY well known. If you start shit with me OOC, you will be sorry. I ALSO co-own a helpsite with 2000+ friends and I have another profile with 500+ friends whom ALSO have numerous help sites and Premade sites and RPG pages. Please believe that I am NOT afraid to take action. Again, that is only for OOC drama. If you come at me with it, then you better have the balls to handle the consequences. I am tired of repeating myself over and over. I have never defended a character of mine as much as I have defended Genevieve. It's fucking pathetic nor should I have to because WE ALL SHOULD ALREADY KNOW THIS. Roleplay is simply that: ROLEPLAY. We come here to escape real life. It should be fun. It hasn't been fun for me lately. I want to change that. But this is first. I hope you have fully read and comprehend this blog and understand everything before you even send me a message to discuss storyline. I know this is long but this had to be said. And it will be said for the last time. Consider this my rules. One more thing before I go. If you are only adding me to be a nosy fucking bitch, then kindly delete yourself. You're not Inspector Gadget. Enough said.One more thing: I know that there are A LOT of Megan Fox roleplayers out there. The one thing I ask is that you do not define me as a roleplayer because of the face I choose to have. Megan is beautiful, sassy, and she fits Genevieve to a T. I'm sure that when I add people, they are like, "UGH! ANOTHER Megan Fox?! What the hell." It's perfectly fine, but again... do not define me because I picked her. If you don't like the fact that I roleplay using her face, then simply don't add me. I have plenty of people on my list who I roleplay with who don't care. I'm not here for numbers. I'm here to write.Ciao-Genevieve's writer.

.Princess βяε ♏organ.

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It's Her Story

Hello All! Ok well lets start out by saying this. Ok now that we got that done with. -laughs- My name is Princess Breanna Monica Lila McCall-Morgan. I was born in Port Charles, New York to two wonderful parents, Samantha "Sam" McCall and Jason Morgan. I was born on August 10, 1993. So well you guessed it that makes me 16. My godfather is Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Jr. [hooker daddy]. My godmother is Jasmine Valachi. Alright well the one thing you should know is that, I am and always will be my daddy's princess. I get what I want, when I want it, -smiles- because  . I have alot of siblings but the ones that matter the most are Jason "JJ" Morgan Jr and Audrianna. I have alot of nieces and nephews, but some of them are Jillian, Hope, Jason Michael, Jason Morgan III (RIP) && Ella from my brother JJ. That was just to name a few. But anyway lets get on with MY STORY: So when I was 8 years old I had a boyfriend his name was Bladen Carrington, he lived in Pine Valley, PA. But we never really got to see each other besides the times when I snuck off and went there. -puts her finger up to her lips- Shhh that was a secret. Daddy/Momma never knew about that! But anyway I broke up with him because there was no point and besides daddy would of killed me if he found out, not to mention what Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Sonny would of done. I actually had my first kiss when I was in Pine Valley, but it was not to Bladen it was actually to his brother DJ. -smiles thinking about it- He told me to shut him up and the only thing that I could think of was to kiss him, so that is what I did. It really meant nothing he had a girlfriend I had a boyfriend we were both only 9 years old. Then one time when DJ was in Port Charles we actually kissed again and this time it was at Uncle Sonny's house, Uncle Sonny was upstairs so I thought I would take the chance and kiss him but my mistake Uncle Sonny was walking down the stairs and saw us. -laughs- Well Uncle Sonny didn't like it the first time we kissed but the second and third time he actually didn't say nothing. -smiles and laughs- But that was a while ago and well nothing is happening now. I actually think that DJ has had a crush on me back then and I actually think he still does. But anyway that doesn't matter anymore. Alright so lets see what else happened...well My Brother Ryan was married to someone named Melanie, she was really cool. I loved her like a sister. She was the greatest sister-in-law ever. -she laughs- And no it was NOT just because she gave me a GUN! She was the greatest. But anyway yes I still do have the gun! -she smiles and puts her finger up to her lips- But shhhh daddy or anyone else doesn't need to know about that.When I was 13:So, I am 13 years old && in the 8th grade. I like to hang out with my friends and check out the cute boys. -smiles- I love going to the mall and spending daddy's money. BUT again its all about the BOYS! Yes I loved to flirt with the cute boys but it was more about this one boy his name was Jayden Scorpio. He had this crush on me, and to tell you the truth i had a crush on him too. We hung out together, all the time. Sometimes with our friends sometimes by ourselves. One day he asked me to be his girlfriend and i said yes. It was good for about 2 weeks and then after that we stopped spending time together. I don't know why. But i couldn't handle it. So i broke up with him. And with him being Mac's son i think it was a good thing. Do i miss him at times? Yes sure. We used to be really good friends who could do anything together. But the minute we started going out i felt like he only did it to get closer to me so he could help his father, get information on my daddy and Uncle Sonny. I regret every saying yes to him when he asked me to be his girlfriend. But i don't regret being friends with him. We haven't seen each other till this day, and i think that might be a good thing. DumbassLucky, said I am a little skank. He said that it's no surprise since I look up to Auntie Lisa && Chelsea. But hey what can I say it's all about the BOYS -she smiles- I love them boys just as much as I love spending daddys money. When I was 14 & 15I am 14 years old. I am in the 9th grade. I had a best friend Jordyn Zacchara. His father was my father and Uncle Sonny's enemy. We were best friends for a year before anything happened between us. The day of my 15th birthday, he asked me to be his girlfriend. And to tell you the truth i couldn't be happier when he did. At the same time i knew it wouldn't work out with who his father was. But i didn't care, if i loved him why would it matter if our families hater each other? But that shouldn't matter if we love each other right? Well i guess it doesn't matter because it went right down hill really quick. It ended right when Claudia shot Michael, you see Jordyn knew about it and didn't do anything to stop it. How could i be with him, if his sister shot my cousin and didn't do anything to try and stop her? Well i don't know if he knew about it but i had this feeling that he did know about it and didn't do anything to stop her. So i broke up with him. I couldn't be with someone who had no problem with hurting my family. Do i miss him? Yes i admit i do. And it's not like when i say i miss Jayden. I truly do miss Jorydn, and i still love him. He was my FIRST true love. I don't think i will ever get over that. Do i think we can work it out? To tell you the truth i don't know. I wish we could but i haven't talked to him since the day i broke up with him. I don't know why, and right now i don't care. He must not of loved me like he said he did, if he didn't try and fight for me right? Oh well it doesn't matter... Right now i'm just trying to live my life and have fun while doing it. I like to have fun and hang out with my friends. I love going to the mall and spending daddy's money. && oh yea i still love to look and flirt with the boys ;) When I was 16I'm 16 years old. And i really don't know what is going on. I just know i'm not going to be stupid enough to fall for another guy like Jordyn. I think i'm finished with having relationships. It's just all about having fun. Yes i still like to flirt with the boys ;) but that is about all. I will admit this i do still love Jordyn and i'm not sure if that will ever change, but it just might. After all i do have a crush on Ethan Lovett. Let me tell you he is HOT. And i will do anything for him to notice me. I don't care about the age difference, after all age doesn't matter. -smirks-   When I was 17 and 18[What happened here... Gotta write it.]AND NOW:In love with Joker Ethan Lovett. :D

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