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10/15/2020 09:56 PM 

Owes to my Darlin’s

Last updated: 10/18/2020I Owe You Dallon Callahan (Starter) - 10/15 Roxy Matthews (Starter) - 10/18 You Owe Me August Snowden (Reply) - 10/18 In Discussion    


10/15/2020 07:21 PM 

Fvcking Rules

Don't ask if I want to write or discuss. Why the hell would I be on the site if I didn't want to? Just send any ideas you have or tell me about your character. Simple. You request. You talk. It's pretty simple. You clearly wanted to write so you initiate conversation. You have 1 week to send me/respond to a greeting. After that, you're gone.  Multi-Para to Novella writers only. No oneliners. No semi-para. No para.  Collaborate. If I'm the only one carrying the story or offering suggestions then I'm going to delete you.  Relationships? No. Don't even try. Connections? Highly unlikely. We need to click for me to consider it. If you’re not looking for a storyline and just want smut, don’t waste my time beating around the bush. Just be honest about it. There will be mention of, but not limited to: Horror, Gore, Sex/BDSM, Drugs, Alcohol, Violence, Torture, Death, etc.  If you are sensitive to those sorts of topics, I suggest you leave. Not sure why I need to mention this but Daniel is straight. I'm cool with him being friends with dudes but don't try and f*** him. That's a surefire way to get a boot to the face and a Delete/Block. If you have beef with someone he's talking to, take that sh*t elsewhere. I don't want any part of it and if you try to bring your drama to me, I will delete you. Drama? Hell no. You start that sh*t, you're gone. I'm not around 24/7. Deal with it. Daniel isn't nice. Expect violence, agression, dismissiveness and the cold shoulder from him. Don't god mode. That's an auto deletion

POD Nate Kain

10/15/2020 06:47 PM 

Nate Kains and Shyann Kains Wedding
Current mood:  amorous


10/15/2020 04:24 PM 

News - October 15th, 2020

I'm pretty sure I've just now finished the "heavy lifting" in regards to page development. From here on out if I wish to change something, it'll have to be pure CSS. Do you know what this means? It means I can finally start building different colored templates that upon page load will change the color of the entire page! The background will still be white but everthing else including the navigation at the top will change to a totally different color! If you couldn't tell I'm a bit excited about being able to do that hahahaha. Anywho, in addition to whipping up a couple new templates, I need to reply to a couple more of you and then I believe I'll be all caught up. Till then!   Return to the News IndexReturn to Cameron's Page 


10/15/2020 02:39 PM 


  RED STRAINInvented in 1917.Inventors: Edwin York, Maria Matthews, Isaac Frenten, Morris Wolfe, and Penelope Fraiser.The Red Strain started out as a tester strain, meant to enhance not only the senses of a human being but their strength and abilities as well. There was a lot of trial and error with the drug, some patients unable to handle the side effects and dying not long after being injected. The ones who did not die had to be put down like rabid dogs due to their levels of aggression skyrocketing and being uncontrollable. It wasn’t until 1954 that death rates started to decrease, the scientist finding their grounding with the strain. A year after this, they discovered they could make sub-strains with different effects by either adding or subtracting certain elements in the chemical, thus the invention of the second strain, otherwise known as the Epinephrine Strain. Epi Strain for short.EPI STRAINInvented in 1955.Inventors: Bok Neach, Howard Wayston, Mindy Matthews, Peter Frenten.Epinephrine belongs to a class of organic compounds known as catechols, which contain 1-2 benzenediol moieties. Epinephrine is also known as adrenaline.Scientists utilized adrenaline in hopes of causing a rush in their test subjects, something that would not only contribute to their strength but also the amount of energy they sustained when injected. The most common problems with this strain was either patient burning out too fast or suffering from heart or anxiety attacks. It was then decided that in order for the strain to work, it had to be given in microdoses.The 3rd strain was invented in 1976 when one of the scientists thought the other strains were not sufficient enough to benefit them. This would be known as the Ghrelin Strain.GHRELIN STRAINInvented in 1976.Inventor: Bok Neach.In 1976, Professor Bok Neach, a veteran of the study, felt as though the strains were weak compared to what they could be. He came to the conclusion that the idea of mixing the chemical that created aggression, and the one that created hunger, would animate the patients ten folds. He was correct, however, the two together ignited not only enhanced strength but a particular hunger that couldn’t be satisfied with normal food. It could only be satisfied with human flesh. Bok was not bothered by this outcome, another scientist, however, was.In 1998, the Plague Strain was invented by Nikita Kyle.Many believed that the Ghrelin Strain was the most terrifying one yet, but they were severely wrong. Nikita Kyle envied Bok’s success, so she sought out ways to one-up him. In 1998, despite him being retired, she did just that by creating the Plague Strain, a truly evil poison. The effects were ungodly and mortifying, and the success of such a horrific strain got to Nikita’s head. Somehow, still partially a mystery to this day, the strain shuts down all major organs except the heart, causing the patient to be officially dead for 48 hours to even a few weeks. (Depends on the size of the patient, how quickly the chemical spreads, and whether they’re dead or alive before injection.) 90% of the time, if the patient is alive prior to injection, the process works quicker. However, if the patient is dead, which has only been tested once due to the fear of the outcome, it takes a bit longer.The drug was often tested on youth, no one older than 18 received it… except Nikita. She’d become so sure of her creation being successful, that she too wanted to feel the power it inflicted. Her results, however, did not work out in her favor.After the injection, it was a month before any results would show. Nikita was locked away in a very secure chamber at a facility in Utah, but when she woke up, she was not the same. She recognized no one and broke from her highly secure chamber like it was nothing, ripping through doctors and security until armed forces had to put her down. To avoid reanimation, Nikia’s body was burned, and the plague strain was discontinued. Not before someone was able to sample it for recreation.MYSTERY STRAINIt’s rumored that the Mystery Strain was created by an anonymous scientist after the fallout of the Plague Strain. The Mystery Strain can diminish the effects of a strain for 48-72 hours depending on which strain it is neutralizing. This helps provide time for professionals to contain a dangerous subject.There are downsides to the Mystery Strain, however. If used on someone injected with the Plague Strain, without the strain animating their heart, they will ultimately die within an hour after injection. This, however, provides a more peaceful and humane death for the subject, one where they’re conscious and able to recognize their friends and family. They appear to be their normal selves before passing away.With the Ghrelin Strain, it made subjects extremely lethargic, almost as if they’d been drugged. Slurred speech, lightheadedness, and confusion were common side effects. For 48-72 hours, subjects were entirely unable to function.In the Epi Strain, although rare, patients came down so fast from the adrenaline rush that their hearts would stop. Five subjects total would die like this, while the remaining came dangerously close.Those only tested with the Red Strain were generally just incredibly tired or sick for days before recovering.Vultures are a result of years and years of testing with more than microdoses of the Ghrelin Strain. Pale skin, black eyes, and lack of humanity are a result of being without sunlight for so long.SIDE EFFECTS.Red Strain: Intense migraines, insomnia, muscle aches, dehydration, lack of appetite.Epi Strain: Moderate to severe anxiety, headaches, lack of sleep, paranoia, mild confusion.Ghrelin Strain: An immense hunger that cannot be satisfied with human food, increasingly aggressive behavior, enhanced senses and strength, migraines, a change in mood or behavior, depression, sense of doom, dry mouth.Plague Strain: Organ malfunction, loss of sight, smell, and sound, brain damage, intense comatose state very similar to death, the reanimation of the subject after death.


10/15/2020 01:03 PM 

Ghostly encounter- Task.

"Do you believe in ghosts Mari?" said the soft voice of her friend who was sitting next to her on her couch. A question that of coruse it seemed strange because for some people if they couldn't see it, it didn't exist. The people who didn't believe in the supernatural or the uknown. The people that were skepticals, the ones that didn't believe it or thought it was all in people's heads. That is what Maribelle used to be until it she had an experience that she would never forget that completely changed her mind. Turning to look over at her friend she smiled and nodded her head, "Yes Charlotte, I do. I do believe and I will tell you why, because I have had a couple of experiences, do you?" she asked her friend. Her brunette friend glanced over at her and shook her head, "No, I don't but do please tell me about your experiences" she said softly. Maribelle glanced over at her friend, "Hmm, sure I don't mind sharing my experienes with you, one of them was when I was six years old. It was stormy night, it was raining and lightning, everyone was asleep in the house" she started. "I was in my bed sleeping, as I woke up hearing the thunder and lightning hit upon my window pane" she said softly. Maribelle brought herself to remember that night, the night, that frighten her to the point that she would go and sleep with her parents every night for almost six months. Usually rain never really bothered the little girl, she loved it actually made it peaceful and sometimes her sister and her would joke saying that the lightning was a light show. They would stay up giggling and laughing and talking about silly things. Tonight though was not like that, the two were very tired and they both fell asleep. The girls didn't share a bedroom, they both had their own bedrooms but sometimes they would sleep together in the same bed if one got scarred, the youngest of the two always got scarred. Maribelle in the other hand was braver than her sister, she tried to be brave for her anyways. She woke to her surprise, she saw a young woman in a victorian white gown, she was floating above at the end of Maribelle's bed, the little girl then clinged onto her bedsheets trying not to make a sound, perhaps she was imagining it or she was still dreaming. Shaking her head peaking out of the bedsheets she saw the woman dancing as it got closer to her. Little Maribelle opened her eyes as she glanced over at the lady dancing who was singing, she couldn't make out the words she was singing. Before she knew the woman came over to carress her face and smiled. "Go to sleep my little one, you need to rest" she said softly as Maribelle laid back down.  She would be lying if she said that she was not shaken or scarred. The six year old, laid back down into her bed she was breathen heavily as she tried to calm herself down. The six-year old pulled down the covers and saw the apparition of the woman disappear before her eyes. Once she left, she stepped out of her bed and ran crying to her parents room. Her parents took her in for the night and let her spend the night in their bed cuddled up. A week or so passed when the six-year old saw the woman again, she was dancing and sigining that song again, this time she was giggling and laughing. Again the six year old just tucked herself in her bed, trying to whisper to herself. "This is not real, its not real" and then she heard. "But it is real my dear" said the soft voice close to her as she removed her bedsheets, she saw the woman smiling at her giggling. "Oh little Lottie, Little need your rest don't make me remove your covers" said the ghostly woman softly. "I...I'm sorry if I offfended you" said the six-year old shaking and trying her best to calm down, not believing that she was talking to a ghost, a figure that was currently flowing  around her room. "Ohhh but you didn't my dear one, all I want you to do is go to sleep, don't mind me, Mari. You remind me like my little girl, Catherine" said the ghostly woman's voice. Maribelle didn't know how she knew her name and she was not about to ask it either, she just laid down and went to sleep. The last thing she remembered was the woman humming a lullaby to her, this went on for every week for six months until her parents decided to move houses. She left a note for the woman, only hoping that it would console her spirit. Bringing herself back to the present, Maribelle smiled over at her friend. "So you see Charlotte, I do believe in ghosts, spirits, and souls of the unknown, because they are like us but just not living" she said softly. Her friend nodded, "That was an amazing story, thank you for sharing" she said softly. "You're welcome" said Maribelle as they continued to enjoy their time on the couch watching tv. 

Ɛxզʊɨsɨtɛ Ċɦɛʄ

10/15/2020 12:26 PM 

Jack T. Trippers Verses, Guidelines & Rules
Current mood:  adventurous

Jack Taylor Tripper is  very HAPPILY married to Chrissy Marie TripperNot here for any Sexual THEMES NOR AM I INTERESTED Jack Tripper is from Three's Company and not John Ritters characters from any other movies or tv showsMy verses and Crossovers are Three's Company, Classic TV, law Enforcement, medical, comedy, horrorThe very first and original Exquisite Chef Sorry I only ADD MEMBERS of OUR FAMILY & ALLIES RPG, & LAYOUTS/RESOURCES SITESProud MEMBER of OUR FAMILY & ALLIES RPG 

𝓶𝓸𝓷 𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓲,

10/15/2020 12:30 PM 


@import url(; @font-face {font-family:'znik';src: url('');} ::-webkit-scrollbar {width:6px; height:6px;}::-webkit-scrollbar-track {background:rgba(0,0,0,0.1);}::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {background:rgba(0,0,0,0.2);}::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:hover {background:rgba(0,0,0,0.4);}::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:active {background:rgba(0,0,0,.9);} .border{ border:2px solid #959592; margin-top:5px;} TERRIBLE THINGS   Once upon a time, there was a girl with no heart.No one knows when she lost her heart, but they do know that she never tried to find it again. She decided that having one was too complicated, and she felt relieved now that she didn’t have to worry about it anymore. She lived her life in this intoxicating void, unmoved by anything, and in order to keep her heart from returning, she had to inject a crimson poison into her veins. It worked, but it made her hungry. A hunger that no amount of human food could sustain.As the little girl got over, she developed a longing. She missed her heart and the ability to feel, but by now she’d digested the red poison so much that it was too late to reverse the results. She was certain that for the rest of her life she’d be this empty can, a stranger to emotion. She felt as if she would be forced to endure this life and nothing could fix it. When she was all grown up, an evil man came into her life and forced his emotions on her. She did not like this man, but she felt as if she had no choice. If she told him no, she would be homeless and hungry.He knew about her hunger, and in return for her hand in marriage, he promised to not only keep it concealed, but also feed her. You see, this evil man went under the ruse of a hero. Everyone thought he was good, pure and meant well, but he’d started to abuse his power a long long time ago. His goal was to become a father, but when she became pregnant with her child, she did not keep it. It would be too cruel to bring someone into this awful world that she did not want, so in secret she terminated her pregnancy. The evil man constantly wondered why he could not make his wife pregnant, but continued to erase her innocence to get what he wanted.One day, the girl met a rabbit out by the great willow tree behind the cemetery. The rabbit was very scary, but she did not feel anything, including fear. The rabbit beckoned her forward and told her he would grant her one wish in return for her loyalty. She wasn’t sure what that meant, but she knew what she wanted. “Mr. Rabbit,” She chimed, “I need you to kill the evil man so that he will stop hurting me. So that I can be free.” The Rabbit grinned, a wicked grin, but the girl did not notice the wicked intentions behind that smile. ”Sweet girl,” Said the rabbit, his hand caressing her cheek, ”I can take care of the evil man so that he will not hurt you anymore. In return, I need you to promise that if I ever need you, you will deliver. If you do not deliver, I will feel crossed. You do not want to cross me.” The girl, eager to be rid of the awful man who had made her life so terrible, agreed. She’d sealed his fate. It took a while, but eventually the rabbit followed through with his promise. He killed the evil man, left his blood on the beach, and the girl was safe. Little did she know that the rabbit had some pretty vile intentions with her that he’d yet to reveal. The rabbit wanted her for himself. He knew that she was different. He knew that she would benefit him. He knew that he wanted her by his side instead, but the girl had fallen in love with a prince. A kind prince. One that treated her well and smiled all the time. Over time, the prince healed her. He filled that void for her and even found her heart for her. When it was back in place, she realized that she could feel again. The prince had helped her heal, but she’d always have the terrible thing she had the rabbit do in the back of her head.All for her freedom.Time passed and she’d forgotten her promise to the rabbit. She even grew to resent the rabbit when she realized he too was evil. Going back on her promise to him meant that she’d crossed him, so now the rabbit was planning his revenge. In the back of his head he knew that the only way to get back at her would be to kill her prince, and while he has not acted on that yet, she knows that he is plotting. In order to keep her prince safe, the girl knows that she needs to kill the rabbit… but how? created by sweetener

Twin Willows (MOP)

10/15/2020 12:04 PM 


<div class="img2"><h2>Most Wanted Roles</h2> <marquee> <a href="/"><img src=";></a> <a href="/"><img src=";></a> <a href="/"><img src=";></a> <a href="/"><img src=";></a> <a href="/"><img src=";></a> <a href="/"><img src=";></a> </marquee> </div>


10/15/2020 11:46 PM 

Moon Mystery

One week to Halloween…one week to the full moon.  A scream filled the air; a scream of utter terror mingled with pain. Adding to the cry was the growl of a wild animal. Or was it?"Mornin'…" was the blurry-eyed, mumbled greeting to her roommate as the she-wolf shuffled her feet towards the coffee maker. Did that grunt even qualify as speech? It was the complete, most minimal effort to be cordial. Nox had another rough night. She could go days without sleep, it wasn't the sleep. It was the dreams. Those had been…vivid… Damn the full moon.The moon was coming. Now everyone knows about werewolves and full moons, right? Things get a little hairy? What is less commonly known is the days leading up to and departing from said lunar event, a wolf is already feeling the call. Feral instincts stirred, getting all hot and bothered, and seeking to dominate the logic part of the mind. There's moodiness, short tempers, not to mention prone to biting, scratching and sometimes excessive shedding depending on the season (Spoiler: it's shedding season!); only upside is no bloating and cramps. (Does that make chocolate good or bad? Oh the conundrum!)Marie, glued to her phone, barely nodded her head. Probably for the better, Nox was not prepared for the one-woman soap opera's daily spiel about whatever the current state of her most recent relationship was in. Setting her mug under the coffee dispenser, Nox was actually startled when Marie finally did pipe up."Did you hear about the animal attacks?"Twisting around, Adelphe raised her eyebrows. As casual as she tried to present herself, the truth was someone just dropped her heart into the pit of her stomach. She was wide awake now. "The what?""Apparently they discovered a couple of bodies this morning. Ripped apart like a wild animal went crazy on them or something. But what could kill three people like that in the middle of the city?" What indeed. Marie wasn't the brightest creature on the planets. Frankly, Nox was surprised she managed to breath and walk at the same time. But, every so often, the brunette surprised her."That's crazy." Nox shrugged before rushing from the kitchen, her coffee left untouched.The scene was gruesome. Police were everywhere, though the murder was discovered hours ago.There were, apparently, a lot of little pieces to pick up.Joining the small crowd of curious (albeit macabre) onlookers, Nox took in the garish scene. The sidewalk and part of a building were painted with dry blood. Whatever fate befell this person, it happened on the street in plain view. There was an alley, why not drag the victim to the shelter of the shadows?  This was rushed.  Panicked, maybe.  Her eyes searched the surrounding buildings. The neighborhood was a pretty run down, but surly there were cameras. Witnesses?  Damn the stink of the city.  It dulled her sense of smell.  She'd actually have to shove her nose into a pool of blood to get anything useful!


10/15/2020 11:23 PM 

Spirit Week 001: Would You Rather Wednesday

Walkthrough a graveyard at midnight -or- spend the night in a spooky houseDunk for apples -or- Carve a Jack-o-lanternMeet a vampire -or- meet a werewolfBe a vampire -or- Be a werewolfRead a scary story -or- Watch a scary movieHave to sleep in a coffin -or- Have to sleep in a giant pumpkinHave to eat 6 fish eyeballs -or- have to eat a small frogBe chased by five zombies -or- be chased by one werewolfDress up as a devil -or- Dress up as an angelSpend the night in an abandoned hospital -or- spend the night in an abandoned prison

𝚏𝚎𝚖𝚖𝚎 𝚏𝚊·𝚝𝚊𝚕𝚎

10/15/2020 10:37 PM 

AC - 10/11

She was born for terrible things. From the moment she was born, Rae had grown used to being told that she was used to being told that she was worthless, that all she did was ruin and destroy. The dark-haired girl never cared much for the words nor did she allow any of them to truly break through her already thick skin. She embraced the monster that she was painted as, reveling within the looks on the faces of anyone and everyone that looked down upon her as she acted in the way that their minds concocted. Since escaping from the asylum, Raven lived her best life. Without anyone to 'control' her, she prowled the world and unleashed the constraints that her life had been riddled with. Her blood thirst was among the things that made her a monster in the eyes of anyone who came across her path. Typically, she could control it. It was on the days that she had gone weeks without a taste that she really becomes her worst demons.Living in a big city filled with people wasn't something she particularly imagined for herself. Rae was sociable enough, but preferred to stick to herself because she knew that all people were sh*t in the right circumstances. The only reason she chose to live some time in New York City was because she knew she would have an ample supply of fresh blood whenever she needed it. Only problem was, being free for the first time in her life made her elate with newfound control and power. Playing things careful wasn't nearly as fun as going all out so, she decided to indulge herself.After a night of heavy drinking, the raven-haired woman found a male suitor interested in what she had to offer. He purchased her drinks all night, no doubt hoping to get into her pants. Rae played along, flirting here and there before promising him that she would go home with him. The man was beside himself, the excitement that had splashed upon his face almost sickening. He paid off the tab and brought her home, his heated lips peppering her throat the moment the door closed behind them. Large hands groped about her body as his mouth trailed up her throat to kiss her lips, a kiss that was short-lived as he yelped and ripped himself back. As he did, Rae's mouth pulled into a small devilish smile,her lips freshly painted with his blood. He dabbed at his lower lip with his forefinger, shock etched heavily upon his features as he looked down and noticed that she had bit him. "What? You don't like to play rough?" She inquired, voice smooth as velvet as she sauntered closer to him.Her hand flattened out on his chest as she pushed him back, allowing him to fall down into the couch directly behind him. The expression on his face still showed shock, perhaps even a little fear as he attempted to try and tell her that he didn't like playing rough. Raven ignored his words, crawling on top of him and settling into his lap, each of her legs now hugging his torso tightly as she flashed a pearly white smile. "It's a good thing you don't get a say." She hummed, and without warning her fingers tangled into his blond hair, ripping his head to the side before she chomped down into his throat. The blood-curdling scream that ripped from his mouth made her heart flutter, free hand slapping over his mouth to shush him only so that the neighbors didn't call for help. Raven was ravenous, chomping down rather than just suckling from the wound until she could feel the crunch of tendons, hot warm blood gushing like a gyser over them both. The man died in seconds... but she left him only after there was nothing left for her to enjoy...


10/15/2020 10:30 PM 


Miles Price- Manhattan     Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe in ghosts? For years Shawn didn’t have an opinion on the matter. He’d never experienced a ghost before, or a haunting as they called it. However, he knew that didn’t automatically mean they didn’t exist. It wasn’t until after his mother was murdered that he began to hope that there was more to death. The idea that his mother just disappeared after dying scared him. He’d never been a big believer in heaven or hell but he needed to believe in it now. He needed to believe that his mom had gone to a better place… It was warm, like a hot Summer day. He was at Lake George, somewhere he went often with his mother when he was younger. He could hear the laughter of kids in the background. They seemed happy, not a care in the world. They had yet to learn how cruel and unforgiving the world was. It was then that he spotted a little boy sitting at the end of the dock who looked eerily familiar. As he walked closer he immediately noticed his spider man swim shorts. Spider man. Realization hit him like a brick wall as he approached the boy. "She’s okay you know.” Shawn blinked, surprised at the tiny male voice, “I know you’re worried about her. But mom’s okay. She watches over you.” Shawn stepped forward, taking a seat next to what he could only assume was a younger version of himself. For a moment he didn’t answer, confused as to what he was experiencing. Before Shawn could speak he was pulled away from the boy. He sat up suddenly, his alarm clock blaring. He looked around the room, somewhat dazed and confused but immediately noticed the smell of perfume. His bedroom wreaked of his mother’s favorite perfume. From that moment on he was a believer.


10/15/2020 10:24 PM 

Activity Check - 10/11

Eden had always believed in the power of seeing the good in others. She loved people and had livedlife being open to other people's opinions and thoughts, accepting those for who they were rather thanwhether or not they shared her same beliefs. For the longest time, this worked well for the brunette. She was able to make wonderful friends and lived a life without weighing her heart down wtih hate. Well... withouthate for others, that is. It wasn't until she was pregnant with her first child with the person she believed to bethe love her life when things had changed. She lost the baby, being kicked hard in the stomach which resultedin a swift miscarriage. Eden may have not meant for this to happen... but she could have avoided it.Why did she go to the beach that day? She knew that Lucy had something planned. She was pregnant andfragile. She should have stayed home, encouraged Jude to stay with her and ensure that she and the babywould have been safe. Instead, she was stupid and believed that not going would be far more dangerous. Now,she was not only without a child... she was without her lover, the same man that had promised her forever.Another day off resulted in heavy day-drinking, the alcohol being the only real source of caloric intake. Light-headednesswas beginning to bring a downer onto her day though, killing her buzz. Eden broke down, grabbing herself a piece ofbread from the cupboard and nibbling on it slowly. She could only get half of it down before a sickening sensationwracked her petite frame. Shame and guilt. The female popped up from the couch and hurried off to thebathroom, immediately falling to her knees, ignoring the pain as her patellas cracked down onto the tiled floor. She had been purging for years now... she no longer needed her finger. With an intricate movement of her tongue, Edenheaved, and with ease she purged, only satisfied when she believed there were no more traces of bread leftin her stomach. "You don't deserve to eat. You don't need it." Her demons chanted, the recent purge causing tears to prick at thecorner of her eyes. "You are the reason you're alone. You have no child, no lover... no one." The demons continued,their words like white-hot irons piercing through her heart. The emotional pain was immense, causing her to collapseover the porcelain bowl as deep, body-trembling sobs wracked her frame. "All alone, and this is what you deserve."


10/15/2020 06:05 PM 


-1. My roleplays are most often mature roleplays, therefore you must be at least 18 to roleplay with me. I will not accept your request if you are younger than 18. 2. I would appreciate you using proper grammar in our roleplays. Everyone makes mistakes here and there, but you should know your grammar. 3. Have some patience. I do have a life, as well as other roleplays to answer, meaning I am not always available to send replies to you right away. I find it irritating when people start bothering me about my replies after such a short period of time. If it’s been a few days and you’ve seen me online throughout those days, it’s possible I accidentally missed a response, so just send me a message and I’ll get on it. 4. Do not send me one-liners. One-liners are practically impossible to work with. There’s no way you’ve put enough details for me to respond back to you. I most likely will not answer you anymore if you don’t put enough of writing for me to work with. 5. I expect you to talk to me about our roleplay if you find there’s something wrong with it or with my replies. Please don’t just stop responding to me because I’m probably enjoying the roleplay and thinking everything is fine. I promise I’m friendly and I would like to make the roleplay the best it can be for both of us. 6. And last and most important, absolute no incest or family er*t*ca. If that's what you want, then please delete me.

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