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10/18/2020 09:14 PM 

NPC List

Mother: Joyce Lynn Penderton  McNeilLast seen in 2011Parvati was in her second trimester before hermother found out she was pregnant.She was angry, sarcasm dripped off her wordsas she spoke to her “irresponsible daughter.”She probably heard that phrase a dozen times during that lunchbefore her mother asked “Didn’t you think to put on a condom!?”The other diner patrons looked in their directionas her daughter silently shook her head. “That’s just stupid, Par.”


10/18/2020 09:01 PM 

Gif Character Studies

80's character study A total Stacy Hamilton....


10/18/2020 05:20 PM 

Baker teams all gone..

The humidity from the foreign jungle had become natural to those who served on foreign soil, fighting and or getting settled in a land that wasn't their own. Rambo, Ortega, Danforth, Westmore, Messner, Krakauer, had all been killed one way or another. Rambo himself had parted from Messner to make it to the Landing zone for the extraction chopper once there, Rambo had gotten word that Messner and Danforth were still in the jungle and pinned down by Guerilla forces."You'll make it.." Rambo turned his head to the largest member of the team, an African American male who was their support gunner - he knew that Barry had a family to get home to and he too had his mom and dad who were waiting for him. But right now? He was thinking more about Danforth and that red Chevy convertible, that f***ing car that he wouldn't stop talking about; The grassy terrain rumbled and cast a shroud of smoke to conceal the Vietcongs from moving in on the chopper, but still the lone soldier descended swiftly by hopping from the side of the Army Huey. Time seemed to slow down, as he rapidly approached the terrain beneath him, and slowly he turned his body to where his shoulder had taken the momentum of the fall. This had caused Rambo to tumble several times when he struck the ground, and there he immediately upturned his dark brown orbs to focus on the chopper. "Move it move it!! GET OUT!!" Rambo attempted to shout over the sounds of the battle around him, he was surrounded with limited ammo and little hope. But he cradled that M4A1 in hand and sprinted through the open field dodging mortar drops and enemy gunfire - the snaps from the 762 rounds sounded near him, as he passed through the unto the branchline. He turned to jog backward with the M4 positioned at his hip. His thick index digit squeezed against the trigger of the rifle, and then a burst of three rounds penetrated the approaching enemies torso with the final bullet straying off to the side to strike him against the side of the skull. Rambo turned to sprint through the jungle the sole of his black boot sole hitting the flat of bolder, as he brought his hand to rest on the carrying handle of his rifle thus making his run all the more easy. Well easier given the humidity that he had to work in order to reach Danforths location. The sound of rustling grass sounded with every step from his military boots. "Huah..heh..heh.." He panted softly, as he lifted his rifle to where his hand gripped at the shroud, and the collapsible stock was positioned against his rock-like bicep. He took the moment of silence to downturn his gaze at the various tracks that were printed into the soil. From what he could tell there were several types of prints, but two distinctive ones had stood out in the muddy terrain - treads matching the soles of his own - Danforth or Messner. No both, but there was something wrong. Rambo knelt to the mud to get a better look at the soil and dabbed his prints to the half print that connected with the soil every so often. What's more, was that the second pair of boots seemed to have gotten heavier - one of them was wounded. They stuck to the river; Rambo had his trail, and he reached his fingers back to pull back on the slide checking the chamber for a single brass coated round that was ready to be fired. He kept his pace at a jog so that he could stay on track with the prints, making sure that the Vietcongs hadn't detected him. A few rounds had snapped and cracked into the terrain next to him, and Rambo return fired to drop a few more of them. They were driven by a hatred of invaders there was no changing their mind with fear, but he needed to press on until he found his comrades. Rambo had finally reached a hill that looked like the boots were sliding down the muck, but after a great few attempts they finally made it up. That also meant that they weren't being fired upon, at least not here. "Huh.." Swiftly he ascended the hill whilst swinging the rifle in hand, he kept going keeping a 360 focus on the trees around him, and the Vietcongs were nowhere to be seen. SNAP SNAP SNAP! thumpthumpthumpthump...The distant fire of a friendly M16 sounded throughout the dense of the jungle, and Rambo immediately rushed right toward the source. Stopping only to rest his hide up against the protective base of a thick jungle tree. He pressed the magazine eject on his rifle and slipped a freshly loaded one from the belt across his torso. The magazine lifted to fit into the bottom of the rifle, and he pulled back on the slide to tug a single brass coated round into the chamber. His digit squeezing on the trigger when he had spotted several enemy vietcongs approaching a broken down hut. The rounds weren't meant to kill but to cause them to scatter from the shots. The rounds embedded into the trees next to them and forced the straw hat soldiers to conceal themselves from his gunfire. "Don't worry Danforth! We'll get ya home." The familiar voice of Messner sounded from the hut once his hearing had returned to him - slightly ringing due to the bombs dropping only a few clicks back to the field. "Ah, god dammit my leg..ah god!" Danforth called out in agony, and Rambo kept the rifle raised with the ironsight fixated upon the ferns that the enemy was using for concealment. He squeezed on the trigger several times to unleash a volley of fifteen or so rounds at the direction that they used, a sickening crack followed one or several of the shots and that was when his Green Beret brethren had noticed their savior. "Johnny! Help me out, man. Ah, sh*t it hurts." Rambo pressed his palm on the railing of the house and approached his wounded comrade, his mudied boots leaving behind some very clear brown footprints on the stray lined matting. "Hold still, and hold onto this. John reached behind his head to remove his Olive drab bandana, folded it up several times so that he could fit the cloth between his lips. Dark brown orbs turned to the injured leg, the source of it had seemed to penetrate the muscle sinew of the thigh. Lucky bastard. Rambo reached up to snatch the cloth from his mouth and fit the bandana over the wound. "Danforth! Eyes on me..keep them on me." 'Jesus Johnny, no!! GOD DAMMIT!! aahh.' Rambo tied the cloth in a firm knot around the leaking leg, and secured the ends of the cloth so that they fed into the dressing around the leg. 'I wanna drive my convertible, Johnny. Please get me out of here..' Rambo shouldered his weight beneath Danforth's arm, and escorted him out of the house.. 

Johnny C

10/18/2020 01:13 PM 

Johnny (nny) info

  Profile He is a deranged serial killer, mass murderer, and spree killer who interacts with various other characters, more often than not torturing and murdering them. He elaborately and sadistically kills anyone who even slightly irritates him, then drains their blood and paints one of the walls in his house with it (to keep the Thing from getting out). If the situation dictates, Johnny is also willing to murder "innocent" people, though in his twisted mind, even they deserve their fate for some reason or another. The number of Johnny’s victims is in the dozens, if not hundreds—or perhaps even thousands. Authorities are unable to capture Johnny and seem unaware of his existence, though his crimes are often witnessed in public and reported by the few who manage to survive. In the JTHM: Director's Cut, it is said that Johnny's parents were murdered by an "evil man" but this is an obvious joke; it goes on to say that he became a masked crime fighter. Nothing is known of Johnny's family or of his past—even Johnny is deprived of all but occasional flashes of memory. He is often devoid of a conscience, though this is arguable since he is also insane. This insanity manifests itself in three entities: Nailbunny, who is the closest thing to a conscience that Nny possesses; and Psychodoughboy and Mr. Eff, two styrofoam Pillsbury doughboys that argue over whether Nny should kill himself. Sometimes, Johnny shows feelings of self-hatred for the horrible things he does. This shows in his many monologues and suicide attempts. He even has what appears to be frightening moments of clarity, but those quickly turn into yet more crazed rants accompanied by bloodshed.

ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜғᴜʟ ɢᴜᴀʀᴅ

10/17/2020 08:49 PM 

Head Canons

☆ Nubia is one of the first and only female guards that was assigned to Ahkmenrah. This was due to the fact that his father, Merenkahre, liked seeing how the two worked together so well and he also trusted Nubia with his son's life. Specially after watching the two of them grow up together.☆ Nubia doesn't trust anyone right off the bat, specially when they're around Akhmenrah. Though after getting to know them, she'll trust them a bit more.☆ She is skilled in hand to hand combat, she has often taken down other guards to prove herself worthy. Specially after they claim that guarding the royal family isn't something a female should be allowed to do.☆ Nubia still has nightmares from the past and she'll wake up scream at night and rush to make sure that Ahkmenrah is okay. There has been a time when Ahkmenrah has actually awaken before Nubia and when she finally awakes to see that Ahkmenrah isn't there, she freaks out and goes off to search for him. Often leaving a trail of destruction in her wake, which Larry has to clean up before the museum opens.☆ She has a love for the stars and galaxies. Though her sight is now limited due to being inside the museum. Yet, once they museum introduced the planetarium, she goes off and spends a majority of her time in there.☆ Upon first meeting Roman Sionis, Nubia had tossed him and Victor Zsasz over her shoulder as they were far too close to Ahkmenrah for comfort.☆ Roman has often come to the museum to try and hire Nubia to come work for him. She denies him every time. Even going as far as tossing him over her shoulder when ever he tries to ask her to work for him.☆ When ever there is a holiday that the museum celebrates, Nubia often finds herself questioning Larry about why they would celebrate such a thing. This often leads Larry to asking Ahkmenrah to help him out with it, but Ahkmenrah also questions Larry about it as well as the both of them are still trying to get used to the whole modern day era.☆ Coming into contact with Kahmunrah, Nubia threatens him in their native tongue, often calling him a snake for what he had done. There has also been a time when she has tried to stab him, but was stopped by Larry and a few of the others that Kahmunrah surrounded himself with. Nubia swears to this day that she'll hurt, and possibly kill Kahmunrah for what he had done to not only Ahkmenrah but also to her.☆ At one point in her early life, Nubia was stung by a scorpion. Lucky for her the venom was extracted in time thanks to Ahkmenrah seeing what had happened. She is now wary of all poisonous animals.☆ Ahkmenrah finds it amusing to watch Nubia dismantle animatronics when ever the museum holds a Halloween attraction inside of it.☆ Larry has often brought movies from his house, or goes and rents movies for the exhibits to watch. Half of these movies are children movies, and some are documentaries. Nubia particularly likes the children movies, more so The Emperor's New Groove, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Lion King (Though this was after getting over Mufasa's death).☆ Nubia does enjoy listening to other's sing, and she does find herself singing a few songs mostly Disney songs. Though she only sings within Ahkmenrah's exhibit.☆ Larry once brought Nubia a stuff animal. Though at the time she didn't know it was a stuff animal and tore it apart leaving nothing but stuffing every where. After realizing it wasn't alive, Nubia demanded Larry to bring her another one, to which he did, as she had felt guilty for tearing up a gift.☆ Roman has once snuck Nubia out of the museum to his place. Upon arriving at his home, Nubia started to build a fire as Roman tried to get her to stay and when he realized what she was doing he started to throw a fit. She claimed that none of his things were worth value, besides the Egyptian sheets. Regardless to say, Roman keeps more of an eye on Nubia when ever he has her at his place.☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ More shall come.. And if you're interested in being in one, then merely banter when ever I put a status up or if you have my discord feel free to banter away on there~!

𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝖕𝖗𝖔𝖜𝖑𝖊𝖗

10/17/2020 08:50 PM 

The Catalyst |Part II|

“If you think I'll let you go, you're mad. You've got another thing comin'.”Only an hour had passed by. The drive must have not been long at all. When Mia opened her eyes, she was laying down on her back. Beneath her, she just felt coldness. Shifting her eyes, she noticed that she was surrounded by steel bars. Slowly climbing up, she leaned against the bars. Wrapping her arms around her stomach, she was cold. She also felt nauseated. Carefully, she looked around at her surroundings. She noticed within the steel bars she was surrounded by, there was a chain with a lock. It also looked as if she was in the middle of an abandoned building. On each side of the building, there were two large windows. She figured, if these guys were smart enough, she would be somewhere no one could hear her if she screamed.Her mind started racing. She was scared. Mia had no clue as to why she was suddenly taken. She was panicking. No matter she tried to tell herself, nothing seemed to calm her down. She kept wondering if she was going to make it out alive. But she knew she had to. She knew she would have to find her way out. She didn’t even know where she was. It didn’t matter. She had to make a plan.Listening carefully outside, she could make out a few voices. She couldn’t make out what they were saying. It seemed as if there were maybe six of them. Moments later, there was a sound of a door opening. Staring at the door, Mia’s eyes opened. A car seemed to have been pulling away. There were three tall figures that entered the abandoned building. Mia could notice the guy in the middle was holding a bag. As they got closer, it was then obvious that it was food. Staring into the faces of the guys, these weren’t the guys who came into her store. The guy in the middle kneeled down.“You better enjoy your last meal. And there’s bucket over there,” the male told her before removing the chains and throwing the food inside. He also pointed towards the corner.Rolling her eyes, Mia just laughed. It could have been her anxiety. Looking him in the eyes, Mia’s expression immediately turned cold. “You’ve got another thing coming,” she said. She knew that she only had a few hours to make a plan. She was leaving out of this building, even if it meant getting blood on her hands.“When God is gone and the devil takes hold, who will have mercy on your soul?”She watched as the three men walked out of the abandoned building. Hearing the doors to the second car slam and it driving off immediately, she glanced at the bag. Grabbing it, she opened it. Inside, there was a burger, along with a bottle of water. Part of her wanted to be spiteful and not eat it. But she needed to. She had to, for her baby. And she needed the energy. She knew she was going to have to put up a fight.Once the female finished eating, she stared up at the ceiling. She kept wondering what she was going to do. Part of her really hoped that Dallas and Adriano would find her. She knew deep down they would be looking for her. She could only imagine their wrath. She also knew that the two of them would not stop until they found her. That was enough for her to want to fight until then. Thinking about those two were her last thoughts before drifting off.A few hours later, Mia slowly opened her eyes. Looking outside one of the windows, the sun was just rising. She didn’t know how much longer she had before they came back. Being stuck between those steel bars made her anxiety rise. There were at least six of them. And one of her. She was only five feet tall. Those guys probably had at least a foot on her. She wondered how she was going to get away.With her mind racing, she barely noticed that there were two cars rolling up. Her heart was racing. She hadn’t thought of a solid plan. She knew that at this moment, she had to wing it.The doors to the building had opened. Looking directly at the doors, Mia noticed that there was only one guy this time. And he was limping. It was obvious that it was the guy she stabbed in the leg the previous day. She chuckled to herself. Since he was already injured, he wasn’t a threat to her. The guy didn’t say a word to her for the next few minutes. All he did was unlock and removed the chains. Mia just continued to stare at him.The injured male opened the door and reached in. His hand grabbed onto her hair and he pulled her out, forcefully. “Do you want me to make it quick?” he asked her with grin.Laughing was her first response. She then mustered the courage to spit in his face. It didn’t take long for the man to react. He shoved the female to the ground. She didn’t get up immediately though. All that fear she felt was soon building into anger. Who did he think he was? Sure, he may have been bigger than she was, but she was ready to take him on.“If you can breathe, you can stand. If you can stand, you can fight,” she whispered to herself. She kept saying that quote over and over. Finding the strength within her, she finally stood up. Her eyes met with his. She watched his body language. Looking at his face, from the corner of her eyes, she noticed that his hand was going towards the inside of his jacket.She didn’t know what he was going to pull out. By instinct, she kicked his injured leg repeatedly. Once the male was on his knees, he began to scream. Walking closer to him, she pulled out his jacket. Staring at the pocket, she grabbed the knife. Without thinking twice, Mia slit his throat. Before the man fell down, Mia grabbed the gun from the other side of his jacket. Only a few seconds had passed by when she heard another person enter. With no hesitation, she turned around. She recognized that face. This was the man who initially poisoned her. Without saying a word, she pointed the weapon at him, and pulled the trigger. All she saw was his body drop. 


10/17/2020 07:25 PM 

Halloween Playlist

1) Thriller2) Timewarp3) I put a spell on you4) Monster Mash5) This is Halloween6) Transylvanian Twist7) Ghostbusters8) Highway to hell9) Something Wicked this way comes10) Devil went down to Georgia

C&CPiper Rose M&l Enigma Jones

10/17/2020 06:49 PM 


Range of her power advances to the point where even rain drops can be frozen. She now has greater control over the ability to speed up molecules. Her power manifests allowing her to melt a street after Melinda and Melanie show up then after marrying Kai her power can also be used to burn/ignite objects and help move Orb Shields by speeding up air molecules. After having the twins she became capable of heating liquids. Together as a family , a whole full potential of her powers came to be. She is powerful enough to blow up many beings at once. Can revert the evil soldiers creatures and supernatrals back to their natural state with her mind. Not yet but soon She will be able to vanquish a demons with the power of one.


10/17/2020 05:57 PM 


“You go in, get you out, toss the little sh*t in the back and we get paid. It’s easy.” Sang’s head rested against the glass of the van window, eyes focused on the darkened house he was sitting across from. Beside him, a man with curly brown hair, a big nose and dark eyes sat next to him, drinking from a flask, reeking of booze. His name was Colt, and somehow Sang got stuck with him on these business trips. The man was in his late 30’s and screamed scumbag. Not the typical type of person he’d be caught dead with. The Korean man narrowed his eyes at the other, expression unmoving, before looking back to the house. Just in time. As the door on the side of the house opened up, a child no older than 13 walked out with a bag of trash. That was the child he was coming to get, the one that the facility had been observing for a long time. The reason? The child had never had any health complications and was perfect for their studies. He was so used to just picking them up off the streets, or going to take transfers from the orphanage to the asylum… but on the rare occasion, there was a child who had a family. A child who would go missing. A child who would never see their family again. “Are you gonna go or wait for him to go back inside and f*** this all up for us?” Colt’s voice brought him back down, Sang blinking, and staring at the man. He let out a sigh, reaching over to grab the sedative from the glove box and get out of the car. One day, he thought, one day he’d be able to burn this place to the ground. One day he’d be able to free all of the children he’d taken. For now, however, he had to live with his. He had to live with being a monster.


10/17/2020 02:31 PM 

News - October 17th, 2020

Today I'm officially done with design work as far as the profile goes. I now have 3 colors (templates) that will rotate on page load and they are: Blue, Red and Black. From there, the main image at the top right of the page will rotate on page load as does the quote and image on the lower-left of the page. Everything else is static information but still governed by the templates loaded be they blue, red or black. I do plan to add more to the page as time goes on but for now those ideas will remain so. I'm really pleased with the soundtrack and somehow I've managed to still not get sick of it LOL. That can be a drag to creating websites and the like; getting sick of the embeded video or song but so far, this one still rocks in all the right places hahaha. Moving on... Since I'm now done with the page I can start to put more time toward my respnoses and the like. I do have a couple of open ended roleplays that are ongoing and I'm looking at sending out 3 maybe 4 starters soon. I say soon because I'd rather say today, however, soon implies real life might get involved and well... when that happens you kinda need to give it the attention it requires. So for those of you currently engaged with me or seriously considering it, real life interjects quite a bit and if you can roll with that then coolio and thanks! Okay, this is already a longer update that I had anticipated so I'll go ahead and say thank you and till next time!   Return to the News IndexReturn to Cameron's Page 


10/17/2020 12:05 PM 


SEWING ROOM / CREATIVE ROOM.(A mix match of pictures, that would create her ideal work room). 

Hogwarts United 🎃👻

10/17/2020 12:05 PM 

About Hogwarts United

Never heard of us? Here is the concept:The idea is that you don't create a character but join Hogwarts with your existing character's traits and personality. Imagine you are switching verses of your character. Pick your house, pick your year and TA-DA, you are a wizard Harry.Sounds good enough? Send us a message and learn more about it!DISCORD RPGPS. RPG consists of Novella writers, however since it is Discord and life is quite busy, we will limit the length to multipara and para. Even though we won't be doing novella, we will need to see your writing skills with a novella sample to make sure you are capable of novella - and can write one if the situation requires.


10/17/2020 11:20 PM 

Spirit Week 001: Sounds of Terror Saturday

HALLOWEEN PLAYLIST Thriller - Michael Jackson Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett Come Little Children I Put A Spell On You This Is Halloween - Marilyn Manson I Was A Teenage Werewolf - The Cramps Pet Semetary - Ramones Don't Fear the Reaper - Pierce the Veil Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show


10/17/2020 12:46 AM 

Lion Among Lambs

Lion Among Lambs   Duality /1639562 Living life as a non person was pitiful. Tom Avery shoved his hands into his pockets as he approached a homeless shelter. He had no where else he could go. The people back at the Armory told him that everyone thought he was dead. They even brought him back from the dead because he was something they called a doppleganger. None of it made any sense to him. The more he thought about it, the more his head hurt.The young lady behind the desk at the shelter smiled warmly at him. “How can I help you Sir?” She asked. Mercy on a strange man in a strange place made him cling to one glimmer of hope. Maybe he could rebuild his life, but at what cost?“I have no place to go.” He managed to say. “I have no money, but I’m a trained paramedic. I can help out in the clinic or infirmary if you have one?” He had a week’s worth of stubble on his chin and he didn’t remember the last time he’d showered.The girl behind the desk smiled. “We never turn anyone away from here. I promise. Just wait right here. I’ll be right back.” The girl seemed eager to help and genuine in her emotion and concern.Tom nodded. He saw coffee and donuts off to the side. The Armory called him a doppleganger, but dopplegangers had to eat too. When the girl stepped into one of the offices, he moved over to where the coffee and donuts were. He took a stryofoam cup and poured some of the coffee into it. Some creamer sat nearby as did sugar. He could remember many late night runs in Atlanta that took him into the wee hours of the morning. That pot of coffee at the nurses station in the ER was a lifesaver. As for a donut, he went simple with a glazed one. When you were hungry, the last thing you cared about was cream filling.The former paramedic started to take in his surroundings. It was a modest dwelling with a closed in lobby and a simple glass door in the front. There were several books and magazines there with highly Christian themes, especially the several copies of the New Testament sitting on a table that was labeled FREE TAKE ONE. Tom decided to pick up a copy and slide it into his pocket. Nothing like a little reading material right?. His parents did raise him in a good Southern Baptist Home. What would they say if they knew he had been plucked from the afterlife with no real meaning and by magical means. He shrugged his shoulders and walked around a bit more.Down another corridor came a varying degree of smells that made his stomach rumble more. This particular homeless shelter had a soup kitchen in it. Oh sure, they served more than just soup, but that was just a generalized term. Tom was sure he could pick out a few distinct smells like something with chicken, buy right now he definitely wasn’t the least bit picky.There was a man across the room who was trying not to blatantly stare at him. Tom could tell that the man was looking at him like he’d seen a ghost. It was a bit unnerving to say the least. He leaned against the wall trying to avoid the man’s gaze. Unfortunately the innate curiosity of the man got the better of him. “Stefan? Is that you?” The man asked as he got into closer range.Tom ground his teeth and practically bit the coffee cup that was raised by his hands to his lips. He put on a pained smile and turned around. “I’m sorry. My name is Tom.”The confused man could see that he’d annoyed the other. “Sorry. My mistake.” He backed away slowly feeling more than a little confused.Maybe trying to stay in Mystic Falls was a truly bad idea. If one person thought he was Stefan Salvatore, another was likely to pop up. He had just finished his coffee when a friendly woman with snow white hair, almond shaped eyes and high cheekbones came toward him. She was almost the perfect image of what a grandma should look like. “My granddaughter tells me you’re a paramedic by trade. It’s like God Himself sent you here. We definitely need your help.” She extended her hand to him.Tom took her hand and shook it. He smiled warmly at her grateful he had not run away. “I told your granddaughter that I have no place to go and I’d be glad to help out in your infirmary if you have one.”The grandmother was absolutely delighted that he was here. She believed firmly in divine providence. Having him here was an answer to prayer. “Come with me. What was your name?”“Tom Avery. I was employed by Metro General in Atlanta about ten years ago.” He knew he was likely going to have to be checked out of course. He wasn’t a doctor but he could treat less serious cases and if something happened, then he could stabilize someone until medical help arrived. “I’m sure you have a doctor that comes in from time to time.” He added as he followed her down the hall.She turned toward the left and the simple room inside. “This is our infirmary, Tom. And you’re right, we do have a doctor that comes in when she can donating her time for the good of the community.” The grandma was happy to have him here. She just had a good feeling about him.Tom felt at ease in the room. It looked almost like a throwback to the rooms of the 1980s and the neighborhood doctors office. He was looking around when the granddaughter came back with a few clothing items. She laid them on the bed for the patients in the room. “Thought you might want a fresh change of clothes and a shower.” The girl responded.Tom was so relieved that he almost cried. “Thank you. Thank you for everything.” He spoke with a soft voice.  "Not all those who wander are lost." - Tolkien credit: james kriet


10/16/2020 11:41 PM 

Bi-Weekly Task: Do you believe in ghosts?

  Tatiana Garcia had never liked to play with an ouija board. They were somewhat taboo for the brunette, not because she believed in the supernatural and was scared, but because she simply didn’t know. She didn’t know whether they were real or not and she didn’t want to know. She had seen movies, so had decided a long time ago not to tempt fate. As long as the supernatural stayed away from her, she was completely happy to live her life completely ghost-free. Did that mean she thought that they existed? There was a part of her that hoped so; the part of her that was still grieving for her mother and with less than a month to go until the anniversary of her death, there was one question that had been playing on her mind a lot. Do you believe in ghosts?  That was a question Tatiana had been asking herself since her mother had died when she was only 10 years old. If she was honest, she wanted to. She wanted to believe in Ghosts because then maybe, just maybe her mother hadn’t left. She remembered her grandmother telling her that her mother wasn’t really gone. She was with her, in her heart. In her memories. In her DNA. In her eyes. “You have your mother’s eyes.” That was the most common compliment that the brunette received following her mother’s death but that wasn’t enough. She didn’t want to only have her mother in her heart or in her mind, she wanted her with her. She wanted to be able to talk to her about her day, to hug her after her first heartbreak, and to be able to tell her that she was going to be a grandmother. She wanted her there for all of the important days in her life, but she was dead. She was gone and she wasn’t coming back.  Accepting her death had been one of the hardest things Tatiana had ever had to do, so believing in ghosts had been what helped get her through her childhood, but as she had grown and had started to understand the world around her, she’d been unsure of the supernatural and whether or not it truly existed, but with just under a month until it was that time of the year again, it made her think about her mother and the afterlife. It had been 16 years since she had lost her mother and there wasn’t a day that went by that she didn’t think about her; that she didn’t miss her with all of her heart. She felt like there was a part of her missing, even now, and she wasn’t sure that she would ever fully get over that. It broke her heart, and although she hadn’t gotten over it and never would, she had come to live with it. She had to, for her own sanity. Throughout her teenage years, she had turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the loss, but after almost killing both herself and her daughter, she knew that she had to change.  Shaking the thoughts from her head, the brunette finally decided to reach out. Was she playing with fire? Probably, but she was desperate. She wanted to, no, she needed to talk to her mother. She needed to know if she was there, one way or another and she was convinced the thing she had been terrified of using was possibly the one thing that could answer her question. After walking over to her closet, she fished out the ouija board that her younger sister had given her for her 18th birthday as a practical joke, knowing how much Tatiana hated things like it and walked out of the bedroom and into the living room. After placing it down on the table, the brunette took a seat and breathed in deeply before exhaling. “Okay,” she mumbled as she placed two fingers on the planchette and closed her eyes. “Let’s do this.” She wasn’t sure if the shiver that ran up the back of her spine was due to a ghostly presence in the room or whether it was just a coincidence, but she had answers to get, so pushed it to the back of her mind. “Is there someone here? Someone who would like to communicate with us?” she asked, preparing herself for the answer to her number one question. Did she believe in ghosts?  

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