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POD Phyllis

10/28/2020 03:16 PM 

Sister Devil Wives Reunited
Current mood:  confused

Phyliss had not seen Sharon in over a decade. It truly had been so long. She really had no idea what to do anymore. She realized perhaps now was just the time. To look in unexpected places for the answers she was seeking. She really been out of the loop since POD Noah had left. And she just truly felt so clueless and lost. But she did know at least why Asmodues would not have anything to do with any of them. Now maybe he once greatest foe. Could now be the one and only friend she had left. 

One Confused Princess.

៚Dark Halo Resources,

10/28/2020 12:22 PM 

Ginger's One Column Layouts.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMMENTING ON OUR MAIN RULES, AND THE EDITOR'S RULE BLOG, AS WELL BEFORE USING OUR CONTENT. ALSO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMMENTING ON WHAT LAYOUT YOU ARE GOING TO BE TAKING AND USING ON THIS BLOG, THANK YOU. ♥ Two Columns | rpg or site layouts | Themed Layouts | Blog Layouts Layout Name Download Live Preview Layout Name Download Live Preview Layout Name Download Live Preview Layout Name Download Live Preview Layout Name Download Live Preview Layout Name Download Live Preview Layout Name Download Live Preview Layout Name Download Live Preview Layout Name Download Live Preview


10/28/2020 12:12 PM 

Layout Test

Layout Name Download | Larger Preview Layout Name Download | Larger Preview Layout Name Download | Larger Preview Layout Name Download | Larger Preview Two Columns

POD Nate Kain

10/27/2020 09:26 PM 

Blackfire Manor 2020
Current mood:  adored


10/27/2020 08:46 PM 

partytime! (halloween drabble @king ft. @versifier and the scoobs!)

    we gotta party, it's partytime! - halloween night, spike's crypt."You should just stay with me," Spike said, turning on his side, propping his head up onto his hand, his elbow digging into his mattress. He watched Buffy as she sat on the edge of what he now considered her side of the bed, looking into a hand mirror and attempting to make her make-up presentable again. Red glitter had gotten everywhere, some sparkling against his chest and his face, he'll never get rid of it now... what possessed her to even put on glittery make-up when she knew she would be coming to him? Surely, she didn't show up at his crypt on Halloween night dressed in that sexy little red lingerie so that she could have tea with him. No, of course she didn't. Buffy knew just how to get him going.His right hand reached out to caress her bare arm as she painted her lips with red and shiny lip gloss. "My little devil... I can treat you all night you know..." He uttered, grinning and biting down on his bottom lip.Buffy continued to touch-up her make-up the best way she could, giving herself one more look over in her mirror, before shutting it and tossing it back into her purse; concluding that she looked decent enough. "You know I can't, Spike," She responded, running her hands through blonde locks and tousling them a bit. "I promised my friends I'd be at the party. Xander's already sent me like, a good twenty texts asking me where I'm at. I mean... he might be kinda drunk, but... point still stands." Her brows raised. She was standing now, digging into her bag again and pulling out a neatly folded tiny little silk red dress with furry straps and fur at the bottom of the skirt. She slipped it on over the red lingerie, followed by the headband with little red horns and her red pumps to complete her costume.Spike was eyeing her again, licking his lips.Buffy knew that look all too well... but she had to resist!"I'd invite you to come, Willow and Auggie might know, but Xan--""--No need to explain, pet." Spike interrupted. "I get that I'm still your dirty little secret to some."Buffy sighed and rolled her eyes. "Whatever." Did she appreciate Spike's little commentary? No. She didn't, but could she blame him? Maybe. Again, whatever. "Look, I'll come back after the party, okay? Slayer's promise." She said crossing over heart. "Until then..." Buffy said, making her way towards his side of the bed and leaning down to press her lips against his own; she kissed him slow, teeth capturing his bottom pout as she pulled away. "...Think of me?" She grinned, standing back up and walking away from him before he could grab her."Bloody tease!" Spike called after her as she tossed her jacket on and made her way out of his crypt."But you love it!" Buffy called back, finally exiting.Spike scoffed, before reaching over to grab his pants off the side of the bed, fetching his box of cigarettes and plucking one into his mouth; he flipped his zippo and lit it, shaking his head and smirking to himself as he took a drag.  ♱♱♱ do you want to party? it's partytime! - later that night cordelia's halloween party."Woah! You look amazing, Buffy!" Willow said, "I went for scary this year, as you can see!" She said, showing off her costume - Buffy knew Willow was going for creepy clown, but despite the blood on her outfit and the very good creepy clown make-up on Willow's face (so she knew how to do Halloween make-up, but not regular make-up? That was pretty funny), Buffy couldn't help thinking that she looked adorable."Super creepy!" Buffy smiled, of course, she wasn't gonna tell her what she was actually thinking. Besides, Buffy was sure that at this point she'd think Willow would look adorable in literally anything. Not really Willow's fault."Thanks! I really tried." Willow smiled back, proud."Got us some punch!" And there was King, bowler hat on his head, dressed in a suit - a dandy vampire. He had told Buffy that he planned on being a bloodsucker for Halloween, and Buffy had rolled her eyes at the thought. As if she didn't deal with enough of those on a daily basis? However, she couldn't deny that he looked really cute in his little get-up, fake blood dripping from the corner of his mouth and all. Here's hoping she'd never have to deal with him ever becoming the real deal... the last thing she wanted to do was get stake happy with one of her close friends."You sure it's punch and not blood?" Buffy said, taking the cup and looking down at it with suspicion, her brow raised. "Not trying to trick us into joining the undead, right, Lost Boy?" She joked; look at her... making movie references like a dork. Her eyes shifted and she cleared her throat."I mean, it's not so bad being one of us." Oh, King was joining in on the references. Wow, so they were all just a circle of dorkness.Buffy's life had truly really changed since being a Slayer.King grinned and Buffy gave her eyes a playful roll, she smirked and chuckled; Willow giggled. Then the three of them took a drink out of their cups."So, where's Xander?" Buffy asked."I don't know, I haven't seen him for an hour now..." Willow shrugged."Hm... he blows up my phone and then disappears when I get here? Talk about unfair." Buffy retorted in annoyance, "... and the Wicked Bitch of the West?""Cordelia? Haven't seen her either..." Willow said, her brows furrowed and her lips thinning."That's weird. You'd think being that this is her place and her party, she'd be parading around like she's god's gift to us all." Buffy responded, rolling her eyes."Yeah... honestly, I don't even know why she invited us. I almost didn't come, I thought it was a trick, but Xander insisted... and I heard Dingoes Ate My Baby were gonna be here..." Willow was blushing now."The more people show up to her party, the more popular she looks, I guess. We're just fillers." Buffy shrugged her shoulders. Wow, she never thought herself as ever being just a filler at a party. She was usually the belle of the ball - the one throwing the parties and getting all the attention. But that was before her destiny came calling."Look at her, blushing." King grinned, nudging Willow with his elbow. He knew all about her little crush on the guitarist Oz. Willow had confessed her little secret to him while they were waiting for Buffy to show up at the party.Buffy grinned too. "Yeah, your mister too-cool-for-a-Halloween-costume over there?" Buffy pointed at Oz in the distance with her chin; dressed in his normal black skinny jeans and band-tee attire. "Did you go speak to him yet?""No. I- well... he... they were playing, and he seemed really busy... I don't even think... he knows... I'm here... or that I'm even... me... with..." She was fumbling over her words now, burning so red that Buffy could see it, even under all that white clown make-up covering her face.Both Buffy and King were watching her, amused and then Buffy's eyes glinted with mischief. "Wait right here, Augs. I'll be back." She said, grabbing Willow by the hand and dragging her along with her towards Oz."Huh? Wait, Buffy! What are you doing?!" Willow asked nervously, eyes wide."We're saying hi to Oz. That's all." Buffy smiled.King watched the two girls walk off and disappear into the small crowd of people; he chuckled at Buffy's shenanigans and smiled, shaking his head. He figured he'd go make himself busy and grab himself some more punch and maybe one of those delicious looking Halloween cupcakes on the table not too far from where he stood; with a little bounce in his step he went off on his merry way, stopping at the punch bowl first. He grabbed a cup and began to fill it, when a man approached him. Very pale, dark circles around his eyes, pointed ears... he was standing too close... but there was nothing to freak out about, right? It was just a Halloween costume. Just another party goer."Hey." The man said, flashing him a fanged grin.King's heart sunk for a moment, and he gulped. It's just Halloween. It's just a costume. You're a vampire too. "Hey..." He responded with the best grin that he could muster - be normal. Oh, but those yellow glowing eyes didn't look like contacts... and those fangs didn't look very plastic..."Some party, huh? I hope you're feeling hungry. Jeff's about to give us the sign. We're gonna feast tonight!" The man said excitingly.King just listened, trying his best not to seem nervous or confused about the situation. By now, he figured out what this man was. A vampire. A real life bloodsucking undead creature of the night. And he knew that this vampire man had been tricked by the fact that King was masquerading as one of these bloodsucking creatures tonight."Yup! Starving, ha.ha..." King responded, laughing nervously, before clearing his throat. Hungry. A feast. That meant there was more than just this one vampire at the party. How many were there? And how come Buffy's vampire radar didn't go off yet? Right... she told him that thing was a bit iffy. He forgot.The vampire was looking at him oddly now, a brow raised. "Hey..."Oh no, could he hear King's heart beating loudly within his chest? Could he smell the rushing blood through his veins? King had to get Buffy, NOW!Swiftly, King rushed himself away from the vampire before anything else could be said. He pushed through people, eyes wildly looking for the honey blonde devil. "Buffy!?" He called out Where was she?! There was Willow! She was talking to Oz, smiling, giggling shyly. Should he go over there? Should he ruin her moment? I mean... if vampires were about to attack the party... her moment would be ruined either way wouldn't it?"Willow!""August!" She greeted him with a smile that soon faded when she noticed the worry upon his face. "... Are you okay?""Buffy! Where's Buffy?!" He asked with urgency, hands at her shoulders."She's inside, grabbing a beer..." She responded, pointing towards the house.King didn't waste any time before he was storming off to find Buffy."Wait, what's wrong?! Is everything okay?!" Willow called out."No! Vampires! Go somewhere safe!" King yelled back, finally disappearing into the house.Immediately, music surrounded him; people dancing around, getting drunk, yet no sign of who he needed to find.Buffy, Buffy, Buffy. Where was Buffy?!King was starting to become more frustrated by the second. He was freaking out, when was this attack going to happen? And how could it be stopped if he couldn't even find the Slayer!? He was panicking, ready to pull out his phone and call her instead, but then he spotted her. Leaning against a wall in the corner of the living room, talking to some guy dressed like a zombie football player; was she flirting with him? But wasn't she with...? Oh! That was the least of his worries at the moment! He needed to tell her about the vampires!"Buffy!""Hey, Auggie! What's up?" She beamed, "Why do you look like you've seen a gh--?""Ahhhhh!!"Buffy didn't even get to finish her sentence before a loud and piercing scream broke through the bumping music. Everyone's heads turned to look at what the commotion was about, and Buffy furrowed her brows."It's partytime!!" Snarled a hideous looking head from a silver platter atop of the snack table, cackling with glee. Buffy recognized immediately what that thing was as it pulled its head out of the hole in the table and leapt right out from under it, hissing at a party goer and snatching them up."Vampires!" Exclaimed Buffy."That's what I've been trying to tell you!" King responded.It took a second for everyone to realize that this was not just some Halloween prank or something planned out by Cordelia - was it the fact that the girl that the vampire had grabbed was now laying limp on the floor, throat covered in the same blood that covered the creature's mouth? Or the fact that her neck seemed to be twisted in an unnatural way? The volume of the music increased and the chaos began. People were screaming and running around like scared little mice, scurrying about, and vampires came out of the woodwork - eyes glowing yellow and bright, teeth gnashing; snarling, growling, hissing and jumping around grabbing themselves victims to eat. Some of them mindlessly destroyed things in the house, laughing maniacally at the pandemonium. Buffy knew she wouldn't be able to save everyone, but her Slayer instinct quickly kicked in, and she ordered King to grab as many people as he could and lead them to safety while she dealt with the gang of monsters."Be careful!" She warned, as she ran off to face the vampires."Hey! Dracu-loser, how about you pick on someone your own size?" Buffy called out to one of the vampires who was cornering a brunette in the kitchen, ready to make her his next meal.The vampire turned around to face her as she walked towards him, and he chuckled, his eyes scanning her from top to bottom and back up again. "And that's supposed to be you, sweetheart?" He scoffed, approaching her with a sinister grin plastered upon his face.Buffy took a few steps back the closer he got; she was eyeing the chair that was toppled over, it wasn't too far away from them - it's legs sticking up into the air. "Well... no. But, you know what they say about little packages..." Buffy spoke; now she was backed-up against a wall, looking as helpless as ever - or at least pretending to be."No, what do they say...?" The vampire asked, his tongue licking at his fangs; nearly salivating, so sure that he'd have his fill of her now."They pack a big PUNCH!" Buffy said, swinging her fists with all her might towards the side of his face. The vampire seemed confused, bewildered for a moment as it toppled backwards. It growled at her, and lunged forward again for the attack, but Buffy was quicker. She kicked her left leg upwards, hitting him, then spinning to hit him with her right. And then came the final blow, a kick to the middle of his chest that sent him flying backwards into the toppled chair. One of the legs impaled him right through the heart, and he groaned in pain.Buffy flipped her hair and watched him. "I guess I should've told you that I was The Vampire Slayer?" She shrugged. "Oops, slipped my mind."The creature shrieked then, but instead of burning and turning to ash like she was so used to vampires doing... it... exploded. Slimy, disgusting, red liquid that covered Buffy from head to toe. "Barf me out! It went into my mouth!" She screamed in horror, spitting and trying to wipe away the disgusting slimyness away but to no avail. It was pointless.Exploding vampires? Since when?! Of course Halloween had to make things super special... why couldn't she ever have a regular Halloween? Just one! Was that too much to ask? Of course it was. She was the Slayer and this was Hellmouth, USA. But wasn't evil supposed to take a backseat on Halloween? Or was that just an optional rule? I mean, it had to be... she should've learned her lesson by now. None of her Halloween's have been evil free. Buffy groaned, frowning at the thought of her outfit being completely ruined and her hair being covered in this disgusting vampire goo... but then there was still screaming going on all around her, and that meant that she had to put her vanity and first world problems aside and go get rid of the rest of these undead freaks! Now she was extra pissed, so she'd use that anger to beat some ass!The loud music seemed to accompany her battle.She hoped that none of them exploded like this one did, but, naturally, she wasn't met with much luck when it came to hoping.Every single one fell victim to her hand, and every single one exploded in an array of slimy colored substance; green, orange, black... by the time Buffy was finished with them all, she looked like a canvas painting by an abstract artist.Or at least... just when she thought she had finished."Buffy!" Cried King behind her catching her attention.There was a vampire grabbing onto him, he was struggling in its grip as the female demon forced his neck to crane and barred her teeth, ready to bite."Auggie!" Buffy screamed, running towards him, "No!" She was slipping and sliding from the slime that was dripping off of her and onto the floor beneath. On her way towards him she grabbed a pencil off the kitchen counter, and she jumped, tackling both the vampire and King to the floor with her. King was sandwiched between Buffy and the creature wriggling beneath him, hissing and growling like a wild animal."I'll eat you both!" It threatened."You didn't say trick or treat!" Buffy exclaimed, cocking her hand and back plunging the number two pencil deep into the vampire's chest right over King's shoulder, there was silence and stillness for a moment, before it began to freak out, screeching and writhing in agony and then... Buffy waited for it with closed eyes -- BAM!Explosion.Just when Buffy thought she couldn't be covered in anymore vampire gunk for the night. There it was... the last color of the night - yellow. Buffy pushed herself up from the floor and off of King, who was now covered in yellow slime and a mixture of whatever Buffy had rubbed off on him. There was silence between them, and King just looked like he was in shock for a bit as he took the hand that Buffy offered him.He stood up and looked at her. Turning to look at the crazy mess that had been created by Buffy versus the exploding slime vampires. Buffy turned along with him, thinning her lips and wiping away some green slime that dripped from her forehead and over her right eye. The music had faded now and the silence only seemed to grow."So... did you bring that Tide pen?" Buffy's brows rose, finally breaking the quiet.King dug into his pocket, holding up the Tide pen that was also covered in disgusting slime. "I brought the Tide pen.""Buffy! August!" Willow came rushing down the stairs, she was free of any vampire slime. The same couldn't be said about Oz, however. Black and green."Oz locked me up in a closet and kept me safe!" She smiled dreamily at him as if he were her Knight in Shining Armor and Oz smirked proudly, shrugging his shoulders."Yeah... well... I didn't want you to get hurt." He answered. He glanced over Buffy and King, then the rest of the house that looked like it was hit by a hurricane. "One helluva party, huh?"He didn't seem phased by the whole vampire thing... Buffy wondered why...?"Intense..." King responded."What the hell?! My house!" Cordelia screamed from behind them. There she was... and there was Xander. Why was his mouth covered in lipstick? Why was it the same shade that Cordelia was wearing? Buffy's brows furrowed. Cordelia's cat ears were crooked.Looks like those vampires weren't the only weird and out-of-place thing about tonight..."I should've known. Remind me to never invite you to my Halloween parties ever again, Buffy Summers." Cordelia said through gritted teeth."Whatever, it sucked anyways..." Buffy responded. Was she punning? Get it? Sucked? Vampires? Okay."Well... Happy Halloween?!" Xander spoke with a smile on his face, throwing his hands up, trying to lighten up the mood.But no one felt very light."Shut up, Xander!" Everyone said in unison.


10/27/2020 07:47 PM 

Random starter
Current mood:  distressed

G o l d. . . A mortal's steam to grasp, G o l d, richness and meaningless titles weren't /Enough/ for a hungry wrongdoer. Colourless eyes were to drape across the s l e e p i n g kingdom of Agrabah, a kingdom which was in many tales of novels and words of lips. How the silver moonlight kissed the night as it invaded the shadows which shivered and hissed at it, however, the warm breeze was brushing through the hairs which grew tall upon the Vizier's coppered skin, L e a v i n g the world of duties behind the chambers door. Heavy r o b e s which swept across the cold floors of the art of many slaves back in the day, following each step the villain m a d e, the sharpness of the alive feathered figure's feet were resting upon the bladed shoulder of its owner, — Jafar. Jafar h a l t e d his tracks upon the balcony that joined his chambers, allowing the c o o l wind to battle with his c a p e as the vizier /Observed/ the night, it seemed the sunless atmosphere was his favourite. . . Sucking on a d e e p breath, stealing the fresh air above Jafar, later to use it to its advantage by throwing it away from the gaps of his nostrils, however the night betrayed him while his e a r s deceived the madman, causing the man who was birthed with the name of Jafar, ordering Iago to l e a v e his side with a touch of his cold breath. . . He /Needed/ to find the diamond in the rough, at this, the parrot flapped away, resulting Jafar to turn with the spin of his h e e l after hearing the knock which trembled through the doors of his chambers.


10/27/2020 06:02 PM 

The Quest for the Golden Arrow

The Quest for the Golden ArrowFeat:  Soft Pedal and Undying Mentions: Devoue and Earth Angel. Progenitor /1577606Sitting alone in the Lore Library, Alaric Saltzman was going through all books he could find about The Golden Arrow.  He had no idea how long he’d been at it today.   Several months ago, the Necromancer had gained control of Rafael Waithe and used him like a puppet.  Rafael had stabbed Landon Kirby with the Golden Arrow.   Landon was unconscious.   Alaric had seen the boy like this before.  He always ended up bursting into flames and rising up from the ashes.   He’d discovered his ability to fly with wings of flame just before that.   There had to be some way of saving him and triggering his rebirth cycle.  But how?It was very late at night. All the kids in the school were celebrating Halloween at a party in the gym while faculty took the younger students into town to go Trick or Treating.   He left the supervision and chaperoning to Bonnie Bennett of the dance while Laurel Collins was taking the young children Trick or Treating.   Everyone was engaging in celebration of the holiday on one way or another.  Alaric had a lot of work to do and this was the best chance he had to do it.He reached for the bottle of bourbon he had sitting beside the stack of books.  Nothing made sense.  It was all one mystery after another.   He wrapped his fingers around the bottle and pulled it to his mouth.  Downing that last swig, he sat the empty bottle on the table next to him.  His eyes actually physically hurt.   He started to rub them just a moment.   He’d been at it for so long that the words were starting to run together.   He thought he could just lay his head down for just a moment.  Just a little rest…~*~“Dr. Saltzman! Dr. Saltzman!”   He jerked upward to see a young teenaged girl with brown hair in a pulled up style held together with bobby pins.  She wore a black skirt and a dark blue sweater.   “Have you found any clues where to go next?”   She was an eager young lady who was showing deep concern in her expression.He stood up slowly.  He was wearing a brown shirt and blue jeans with a brown leather jacket.  He picked up his fedora and sat it atop his head.  “The Golden Arrow is somewhere within the temple of Artemis at the main altar of the goddess!  We’ve no time to waste Josie!  Malivore’s minions are close.  We need to get away as fast as we can!”A small boy with wet black curls and skin the color of warm cocoa was wearing a baseball cap and a baseball jersey.  He had on knee shorts.   “They’re coming!  They’re coming!”  He shouted running up to the older man and jumping into his arms.   A horde of footsteps were gaining traction the longer that they stood there waiting.  The growling sounds of monsters filled the hall off to the left.Alaric held onto the boy tightly.  “Let’s get out of here! Hold on tight Pietro!”   He reached out with his free hand to grab Josie’s hand.  “RUN!”    She didn’t disagree with him, she clung to his hand and ran with him as fast as they could.The temple of Artemis was filled with elaborate designs telling of all the myths associated with the goddess of the hunt.  The story of Actaeon, the killing of the children of Niobe were just some of the stories that were painted on the walls.   Pedro clung tightly to Alaric as they raced through the temple away from the hideous monsters that were under the control of Malivore.  Josie was keeping up well despite running in heels.  The monsters were gaining on them.  He had to do something to stop them.   There were crumbling parts of the walls where traps had been sprung before in the past.   Alaric stopped handing Pedro to Josie.  “Get him out of here.  I’ll catch up!”   With a pleading look in her eye, Josie took Pedro and ran ahead.Alaric was sure that his two companions were free before he pulled out his bullwhip.   He gave it a few cracks before directing the next crack toward a stone that overhung from a crack in the ceiling just ahead.   The whip wrapped perfectly around the overhanging rock.  He gave a solid yank pulling the stone down causing an avalanche.    The stones that fell blocked the path cutting off Malivore’s monsters from following them.   Content that he had blocked off the monsters, he headed off in the direction that Josie and Pedro had gone.The altar of Artemis looked pristine.  Josie and Pedro were standing in front of it.   It was on a higher pedestal that neither could reach.    Alaric was glad to see his companions were safe.   Josie went up and hugged him.  “I’m so glad you’re alright! Now we have to go get the arrow.”Alaric hugged her back and let her go for the moment.  “I’ll get it.  You two stay here.”   He took a few cautious steps forward.  He grabbed a rock on the ground that looked as though it would be about the same weight as the arrow itself.   He approached the top carefully.   Both hands were next to the Golden Arrow.   He knocked the Golden Arrow into his right hand while his left hand replaced it with the stone.   The ground started to shake but stopped when the stone sat in it’s place.Pedro clapped his hands and shouted.  “Hooray!”  Josie stood beside him with a smile on her face.   They both watched as Alaric started to head down from the altar.  One step that he took started to sink.  Alaric felt his stomach hit his feet.  All around them the ceiling started to drop falling rocks all around them.   Alaric had triggered a trap being a bit too careless on his way back down.   He slid the Golden Arrow in the pouch he carried across his shoulders.  He ran toward Josie and Pedro trying to protect them from the falling rocks.   “Hang on.  We’ll get out of here somehow.”   Alaric assured them.“Look!”  Josie pointed past Alaric toward a gap in the ceiling that began to show the light of day.   The sudden flash of light made Alaric look upward.   He saw the Phoenix Landon Kirby swooping down with his fire wings closer to where they were.   He had snatched up Pedro and extended his hand to Josie and Alaric.   She reached for Landon but not before turning to look at Alaric.  “What about you?”Alaric shook his head.  “You go!  I’ll get out.  I promise!”   He looked toward Landon.  “Get them out of here, please!”   The rocks were continuing to fall closing up the window of time he had to escape.Landon’s wings were steadily flapping and blazing with the fire within him.  “I’m going to come back for you!  I promise!”  He lifted up carrying Josie and Pedro out of Alaric’s sight.Alaric was happy that the three kids had gotten away.   Now he had to get out of there.   A loud cracking sound made him look upward.   A huge chunk of granite was falling down right on his head.   Suddenly his world went black.~*~Alaric sat bolt upright in the Lore Library making the book and the bottle he’d been drinking from fall down to the ground.  The crashing bottle splintered  leaving pieces everywhere.   Okay, so maybe he did have a drinking problem.  Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for james kriet

ʙᴀʀ ꜰɪɢʜᴛ

10/27/2020 05:28 PM 


//AU Hayley Marshall; drabble featuring Davina Claire mentions Jackson Kenner// One can never quite appreciate the meaning of ‘Blitzkrieg’ until you are abruptly shaken awake at 2:25AM by the shockwave of an explosion. The red flickering ghosts of flames on the walls make for bad company, but they sure wake Hayley up quick.For Hayley, it took less than three seconds to rise out of a regrettably fantastic dream featuring Jackson and an obscene amount of whipped cream in order to jump out of bed with a vicious curse. Although she was wearing nothing but a pair of panties and a bralette, she switched into battle mode immediately and gathered her wits, figuring what to do with the scene around her, assessing the damage and danger. Raging fire, cracked walls most likely rendering her home unstable. Outside she could hear voices.  Hayley padded over to where the woods and the cool darkness beckoned beyond glass panes. Sneaking a peek through the curtain that hadn’t yet caught ablaze had revealed a number of women who stood in a loose circle, all of them featuring prominent jewelry somewhere on their bodies. Occult symbols hanging from them.Hayley grumbled sarcastically and ruffled her hair in frustration and, honestly, in confusion. She wasn't aware that she or anyone else in the pack had pissed off any witches recently. Which of course begged the question who the fvck was burning down her house with her inside?The wooden floorboards were becoming warmer beneath her bare feet. Time to go! And, preferably without being seen by the herd of Harry Potters outside. Hayley had no illusions regarding her prowess despite being a hybrid: if it came down to an open fight between her and a full-fledged coven, she'd be roasted.Making haste she opened the bedroom door, which allowed thick grey smoke to creep in like snatching fingers. Her sense of smell was assaulted with the aroma of burning lacquer and plastic. Her sight was low, barely able to see five feet in front of her even with her amplified sense of sight. She was blinded.She krept through the burning rooms, avoiding witnesses like a burglar in her own home. Nonetheless, a distinctly female shape awaited her behind the curtain that obscured the window to the back porch. Suddenly the glass cracked open and shattered all over the floor, smoke billowing through the curtain as Davina Claire yanked the fabric away and took her friend by the arm, dragging her out the back with a quick makeshift cloaking spell for the two of them.


10/27/2020 01:02 PM 

My fake funeral

Memories of the past: My fake funeral  "The past always gives you something on the way that you will never forget. Moments you cherish, situations you love, people you adore. But it is only natural to remember the worst too. Every good moment has a dark side, every dark moment creates light. How have I worked out my past? Thats a question I have asked myself for too long.  Why have I never found an answer?" Softly he reads over the lines he once wrote, digs deeper and deeper in the past he tried so hard to forget. What happened back then? What... truly happened? Aidan has seen so many things, experienced what he would not even wish for his enemies. "Am I too soft hearted? Or... is that one thing truly so disturbing, not only for me, but for anyone in a similar situation?" Pictures began to flash through his mind, threw him back to one of the days he still suffers from.  ---FLASHBACK--- Beautiful flowers of all colors, hundreds of them, maybe thousands, bloom and grow on every patch of green around the city. A sweet heavy scent mixes with the fresh breeze of spring, carried through the air, into every corner, high and low, from the pavement, up to the roof of the buildings and farther. The sun begins to warm up the early morning. A cat runs over the street into the green bush on the other side, a mouse in its snout, to feed her three kittens. No cars stand in the parking lots of the nearby houses. Everyone is out for work or other kind of business. And just like that the day starts like any other as well. Nothing is different at first glance, though at the same time everything, every event of the upcoming hour is about to change a young life forever. "Why the cemetery? What do you want?" There were a million possibilities, a million things that could happen and not happen. But the hope never left him, along with the feeling he called hate. The truth? Hate has always been something he never experienced, but used that word easily to explain the heavy feeling on his damaged heart. Chocolate brown eyes gaze over the flowery area, towards a row of trees in the far distance. "Just this one last meeting. You wont see me again." But alone words like these tugged away on his aching heart, made it cripple, piece by piece. His gut feeling tells him to turn around, but the steps speed up, his feet walk on their own until he enters the cemetary.In a closer distance the 16 year old makes out a small group of people. Women and men, all by far older than him. Some are friends to Aidan, some family, some are new.... and one is his ex since hardly a few days. One, two, then three times he swallows a thick lump. Something lays in the air, this all doesnt feel right. But until this day he has not learned that its always best paying attention to your gut feeling, your instincts. The young asian approaches the group with smaller steps, slows down, .... and crashes into an invisible wall. Puzzled and taken back, he feels the air. There is nothing he can see, but wherever he tries to go now, he cant move away, caged in a wall created by magic. The magic of the witch under the women standing infront of him.Now, after the first shock, the teenager gazes at the tall grown, black haired italian man. A wicked smirk tugs on the arch angels lips, pure arousal lays within his dark eyes. Arousal about the situation. And what he has planned... Aidan wishes he had never come here. His nervous eyes follow the amused gaze of the elder, towards the open grave they all stand around. A coffin of pure white comes into his sight. Who lays in there? Why doesnt anyone see Aidan other than the witch and the arch angel? Why do they pretend he is not here? And why... why is he caged up, unable to look away? Like invisible ties that hold him there, his gaze glued to the scene, a voice in his head, deep and pleasant, but full of venom as well, spits out the answer he doesnt want to hear. "This is you Aidan. Your coffin, your funeral. The people who stand here dont miss you. They dont drop a single tear over your death. But they all believe you are gone."The arch angel begins his speech, acts sad, touched, drops fake tears to stand in the center of attention. But the one in true pain is unable to interfer. "Im here!" he wants to scream out, no tone, no word leaves his mouth. "Im alive! Im here!" Again he screams, silently. Fists hammer against the invisible wall, tears well up in his eyes. "Appa! (Daddy!)" Aidan doesnt give up, chokes on his own words, not even his father figure turns around. No one sees him, no one reacts. And the fake speech of this fake funeral goes on, touching for sure. Pure hell for Aidan. Every word feels like a burning knife gets pushed into his bleeding heart and rips him apart. Every time his name is mentioned with words of a twisted truth, another part of him breaks away. Everyone believes this man and gives the young wolfboy up. They all follow the dark path.Crying out, screaming, fussing. Why is Aidan the only one who hears it all? Tear filled eyes watch the coffin, how they lower it down into the grave. By now his cheeks are wet, eyes red, swollen, nose stuffy and his voice still 'muted', completely gone. He knew what his ex intended to do: Showing off his power. "I always told you, Aidan..." the deep voice spoke into his mind again. "... I always told you I can take everything away from you again. Like before. I took everything away from you, offered my hand to give you a new life, with me. And you messed it up. Its your fault. I should have never let a whore like you in. You are nothing without me. And you will never forget me and suffer that you didnt crawl on your knees to beg for forgiveness. Now you are alone, you have nothing anymore. Im throwing you away like the trash you are. You are dead to me, to us all."The words end just as fast as they entered his mind before, knees get weak and give in, his body hits the muddy ground. As everyone leaves, they walk past him, no one sees him until the very last person left from the ceremony and cemetery. Finally, like a popping bubble, fresh air hits the teenagers face, the spell is gone. But along with hit his old life. And all the people he loved. Everything left is the pain within his heart, body, mind, tainted his soul and tugs on his sanity. Every try to get closer to grave fails, the magical barrier around it keeps him away and wont ever let him get close enough to work out this traumatic moment. Trembling lips parted, then closed again, repeating the move. His voice is back, but words get stuck in his throat. The shock sits deep, not only on this day.....  ---FLASHBACK END--- Ripped out of the memories of the past, a long, trembling sigh breaks the silence of the room. Fingertips slowly draw along the written lines in the diary of his 16 year old self. Since that day many years have passed by. But there is not one single night of peace. Nightmares chase him up to this day, fears, paranoia add in with other experiences he has made since he met the arch angel so long ago. But these are stories, memories for another day. Gently he brings both hands up, dries his face. And the same questions return: "When will I be able to overcome this? To let go and move on? Is this experience disturbing or am I too sensitive?" The biggest mistake of this past memory? That he loved a cruel man too much.

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Due to the fact that I randomly find things I use in my pictures, manipulations, and such things I am going to list the places that I remember below for the credit that is owed to those who created the content. I use things such as textures, font packs, textures, backgrounds, and PSD’s from various editors on and what I find randomly on DeviantArt. (If they are not mentioned below, then I simply don’t remember exactly who or where things were found, Please refrain from asking where I have found things. Also, I do not credit under my pictures because my albums stay private and if they are visible there is text placed there.Sweetener - Both from Skye and Leyla. I have used/purchased backgrounds, font packs, textures.Luxe Customs - purchased PSD’s from their deviantart.


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Halloween Spirit Week Moodboard.

“I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that any weirdo wearing a mask is never friendly.”


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drabble #1
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“David, quit dragging ass.” Ethan brushed through the city with his gun drawn close to his side.  It was like dog days in Syria as they pushed through the scorching sweat that streamed down their foreheads.  “Ethan, man, I can’t! It is too f***ing hot.” David, a youngster barely grazing manhood collapsed on the ground behind him. Ethan turned to face him as gunshots rang through his ears; sending him to the ground before crawling through the searing dirt. Ethan, along with his fellow marines with the exception of David who was still passed out several feet ahead of him, they were all leaned up against an abandoned building. Ethan stayed as close to the building as possible while several more shots were fired at them. The shooter was held up in the building that they were taking refuge against. “Davyboy. Get the f*** up!” Ethan screamed from against the building as David slowly stirred for a moment as he slowly lifted his body from the ground, only to be put back down by a sniper with two in the head. “Nooo!” Ethan screamed leaping from off the wall and turning, aiming up and firing 12 rounds hoping to hit one of them. “We got to get him up.” Ethan turned and lifted David’s lifeless body from the ground only to take two in his back as his military brothers yanked at him making him drop David’s body back down on the ground while they pulled him back against the building before radioing for a pick up. “Get the f*** off me. Let me f***ing go! David!!!” He screamed while fighting against all of them while they struggled to hold him back. “Ethan? Ethan?” Ethan stirred up from his memory to find himself in a squad car with his partner, Chase who stared at him with concern. “I am fine.” Ethan assured before pushing open the door and stepping out of the car. “Let me do all the talking. The last time that you and Edwin McCentire had words; you were almost throw into desk duty for being overzealous.” Chase Watson, an officer who had been on the job for most of his adulthood was pushing forty-five and exuded a certain wisdom and was someone that Ethan actually looked up to for his honesty and upfront exterior while still being a genuinely good person. “Chase, don’t f***ing patronize me.” Ethan shot at him as he rushed up the porch before banging roughly on the door. “I am just telling you to cool your jets. It is just a disturbance call! We don’t know anything yet.” Chase warned him as Ethan took note of the uncomfortable silence that covered the rather large property that was nestled on a small farm. Edwin McCentire was a retired police officer; who had been given more than his fair share of warnings after beating his wife, Sarah and their children. The last time that he and Ethan had words; Ethan had actually arrested him for domestic violence and while in custody had threatened to pull his balls out from his throat and would tie them around his neck; it was safe to say that his lieutenant was less than thrilled. “Something isn’t right with any of this.” Ethan slowly backed down from the porch and went around to the back door with Chase following closely behind him. “Chase, you stay in the front!” Ethan insisted as he turned to see a naked and bloody Edwin McCentire with his shotgun pointed standing a few feet behind Chase. “Chase, get down!!” Ethan screamed but it was to no avail with a single bullet being fired into Chase’s back as he fell to the ground. “You mother f***er!” Ethan screamed firing multiple shots at McCentire, hitting several points of his body including head, groin and chest, killing him instantly. Ethan scrambled to Chase’s side who was barely grasping onto life as spits of blood came pouring from his mouth. “Shots fired! Shots Fired! I have an officer down! 38217 Dave Creek Parkway! I repeat, I have an officer down and multiple casualties! I need an ambulance sent to Dave Creek Parkway!” Chase, man; you are going to be fine!” Ethan repeated several times unaware that he had already taken his final breath and was now cold. Ethan slowly stood to his feet, still staring down at another fallen brother before stepping away with his gun still drawn as he checked McCentire who had been killed instantly during the shots that Ethan had fired into his body. Ethan stood back up from kneeling beside McCentire and slowly walked back up the porch and pushed the front door open. “Mrs. McCentire? It is Officer Hayes! Are you injured? Are you okay?” He yelled through the house while walking in with his gun still drawn sensing a sickly feeling all over his body. He knew that she was dead; he had hoped that she and the children were safe but part of him knew that Edwin McCentire was a disturbed man who had more than likely murdered his entire family.” He side stepped up the long staircase before getting to the first bedroom that he pushed open with the gauge of his gun. It was the master bedroom; he could see Mrs. McCentire lying in the bed; partially nude with a pillow over her head. “Mrs. McCentire?” He repeated again as he cautiously stepped into the room and bridged the space between him and the bed where he slowly pinched a portion of the pillow and lifted it up to see that her throat had been slit and she had nearly been decapitated. Ethan dropped the pillow and backed out of the room, leaving the bedroom door open as he brazed against the second room, the children’s room fighting every urge to walk down stairs and wait for reinforcements outside but he had to soldier on as he took a deep breath and pressed the door open. It took him but a second to look at the sight in the children’s bedroom before he lunged himself away from the room, against the wall to shield himself from the sight that would forever be burned into his memory. Ethan swallowed hard as he stumbled down the steps; unable to move or even come to terms with what he had just seen in that bedroom. He stayed at the bottom of the staircase till the other officers and ambulances arrived several moments later. They approached him expecting for a report but he was a mute; he couldn’t communicate, forcing them to go upstairs themselves while he was being lead out by paramedics. “They will need bags!” was all that Ethan could breathe out before bits of vomit came pouring from his lips onto the grass. “Juggernaut? You good?” Ethan turned to Levi, another dweller that usually made trips into the city with him.  It was a few of them in a hotwired abandoned truck that had a little bit of gas to spare. “My momma never would have let me drive a truck like this.” Another dweller, Ian chimed in as he sat proudly in the driver seat. “Your momma is sucking cocks in hell.” Another, Jarek joked which sent the entire cab into a roar of laughter even Ian who had been around long enough to know that it was all in good humor. “I think your momma would be proud of you.” Ethan groaned as Levi patted him on the back. “Why don’t you drop to your knees and deep throat him while you’re at it?” Ethan poked as Levi flipped him off. “Fellas, I think someone needs help!” Ian said as Ethan quickly turned to the road to see a young woman waving them down. “Don’t f***ing stop, Ian.” Ethan screamed before another vehicle ran into them; sending the truck rolling down an embankment. Ethan shook off the initial shock before kicking through his window and climbing out of the truck prepared for a fight. “It’s f***ing raiders!” Ethan growled as Levi and Jarek joined him having climbed out of the truck themselves; all three grasping military rifles in their hands. They traveled back up the embankment before a distance of gunfire and yelling ignited between both factions; but in the end, the three of them were slowly walking back down the embankment to see Ian struggling to free himself from the wrecked truck. “We need to help him!” Jarek yelled before Ethan stopped him. “Ethan! Help me!” Ian begged as Ethan stared at him very matter of factly. “You help yourself! If you can’t figure out what a deceptive ambush is than you are of no use to us!” Ethan coldly replied before turning and walking away from Ian and the truck. “We are really just going to leave him?” Levi yelled from behind him. “I mean, give the f***ing kid a fighting chance!” Ethan stopped before turning back at them. “I am; he has until night fall to get himself loose before the moss eaters and the wildebeests put him out of his misery! I would hurry; you only have a few hours of daylight left.” Ethan turned back and continued walking away from the truck with Levi and Jarek following shamefully from behind him before the truck explodes, killing Ian. “Are you f***ing kidding me?” Jarek yelled tackling Ethan from behind. “We could have f***ing saved him!” He yelled as Ethan smashed Jareks face into the dirt and turning on top of him before pounding into his face, being yanked off by Levi.“He would have slowed us down! He couldn’t even climb out of the f***ing truck! He wasn’t a survivor; he wouldn’t have made it one second by himself so I am sorry for not putting my neck out for a little sh*t who is too f***ing stupid to not know what a deceptive ambush is!” Ethan yelled at the both of them before standing back up. “Ethan, we aren’t all cold hearted soldiers like you! Some of us still have some humanity left!” Levi voiced as Ethan shook his head and continued through the dirt ground towards the city. “Well, let me know how much good that does you for!” He yelled out continuing to the city, leaving them in his dust.  


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Drabble Template

🗒 *10/27/2020 - Theodore Atkins - ☐ X File Edit Format View Help As soon as Theodore entered the hospital he knew the security system was sh*t, he was lucky this was the first stop on his field visits. One of the nurses showed him where the security room was and he was honestly inpressed with how everything was set up. TJ immediately went to work, removing his laptops from the bag around his shoulder and setting them up in front of the multiple monitors before him. The young man started with running diagnostics on the computers, finding lots of viruses and noticing that the security wall had been breeched. TJ grabbed his phone as he waited for the monitors to finish scanning, he placed his earbuds in his ear and turned on some music. Pacing around the room, his icy blue hues scanned over the screens where he caught sight of something horrible going down. "Sh*t.."Theodore quickly shut the music off on his phone and dialed his main office as per protocol to report what he was witnessing. Barley believing what he was watching he had a hard time explaining that the hospital he was at was being held hostage by mutliple men in black masks. TJ was informed that the police were on their way as soon someone busted through the door and locked it behind them. It didn't take him long to realize what was going on, just by the look on her face he knew they were close by."Hey.. whoa, whoa.. calm down." He rushed over to her moving her away from the door, leaning over he peeked through the glass window to check the hall. "I just got off the phone with my company, I reported it and they called the police." TJ looked out of the window again and moved her further away. "The only way I can help is if you calm down and tell me everything you know about the system you have. Stay here away from the door.. take some deep breaths and talk to me." He flicked the lights off in the room and quickly moved over to one of his laptops and began typing. "My name is TJ.. as you can see I'm your new security guy." he glanced over his shoulder before looking back at the screen, a green code rolled over a black background as he continued to type. "What's your name? What do you do here?" Blue hues darted between his laptop and the screen that showed the west wing. "Tell me about this wing of the hospital.. do you know how many access points it has?" The tech guy didn't look like he would be computer savvy at all. A six foot one blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and a body built like he was literally etched from marble. The sky blue shirt he wore clung to his torso, stopping just before the black jeans and was tucked behind leather gun holester. TJ looked towards the door before removing his gun and placing it beside his laptop. "Just stay calm, okay? I think I have an idea." 


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