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Cainah Desur

10/21/2020 05:10 PM 

HOD House of Desur Part wanted. Paula Desur
Current mood:  voluminous

After debating about it. I liked the idea that I branch off my Desurs similar to how the Saviours branch off. Then It made me remember who was my most favorite Savior? Who also was in one of my favorite episodes in that entire story arch? None other than the Amazing Paula. I always had wished they just done the deal. So she might still be around now. But none the less. I would love a Paula Desur. She will be responsible for keeping up with intel on other opposing houses and those of our allies. She also will be my General and first and command of training newly turned werewolves. I am also open to any other Saviors if you have a fave of your own. But still would like to become a member of HOD.     

Growing Pains

10/21/2020 01:53 PM 

The Hellfire Club [Drabble]

Fall 1985Derry, MaineDerry High School"Why do you dress like a boy?" "Why do your clothes look dirty?" "Are you too poor to buy some trendy clothes?" "Don't you ever style your hair than that stupid low ponytail?" A group of mean girls was bullying the new girl, El Hopper-Byers into the lockers behind her. A stack of binders, textbooks, and a dark green backpack lays on the ground. The petite brunette teen girl slide onto the ground feeling defeated, helpless, and unprotected. El would give anything to send these mouthbreathers girls shaking to their core and making sure that they would never mess with her ever again. But in this case, she was just an ordinary girl with no powers.A blonde girl with a high ponytail steps in front of the pathetic girl and bends down to her eye level. The queen bee is better known as Greta Keene, the wealthiest girl in Derry High and in the small town. She smacks her gum in her mouth loudly and uses her hand to forcibly have the new girl look at her, "You smell too. God. Have you ever heard of body spray? Pitty," Greta sighted and spitting the gum into the girl's hair. "Your parents really must not give a s hit about you if you're let out of the house looking like that," The blonde queen bee and her clique started to laugh at the new girl.Tears started to slip from El's eyes and she was trying to be strong, but they just kept verbally abusing her along with feeling the gum being stick into her hair. El quickly tries to get the gum out of her beautiful chocolate locks but it got tangled in a web. Her ears perked up when the blonde mouthbreather mentioned her parents, rage-filled her stomach as she looks up and shoving the leader to the ground, "Don't you ever talk about my parents!" El threatens them as she stands up to her feet. "You little b itch, that's it!" Greta stood up to her feet and shoves back the new girl. El shoves her back. The shoving between the girls causing a fight that started a commotion.The student body circles around them to see both Greta and El fighting. Some of the guys chanted, "Fight! Fight! Fight!" wanting to see the end results of this roundup. The blonde teenage girl hits the brunette right in the stomach and her side as she ends the fight. Greta glances down to see the new girl in tears, "Don't you ever push me, you got that little b itch?" She replied being serious and spits on the girl. El broke down into tears as she curled up in a ball on the floor not wanting to face anyone. The student body started to break up the circle as they see teachers telling them to move along and seeing a girl shaking being curled up into a ball, "Young lady, are you okay? What happened?" A female teacher asked being concerned. The brunette teenage girl couldn't answer only crying more into tears.Meanwhile Back in Hawkins, Indiana. Hawkins High School"Dustin, you can't be serious about this? There's no way the principal is going to approve a club dedicated to comics!" Max pointed out a fact."I'm serious as my teeth are growing in, Maxine. I'm telling you Principal Knoll is going to approve of it." Dustin assured his best friend. "It wouldn't cost anything at all. All we do is talk about comics either DC or Marvel, what issue number it is, and having a debate on why or why it doesn't work." He brought up a detailing point.Lucas nodded his head to the idea, "It sounds pretty rad, but I think the arcade is going to be ten times better. Minus the fact that saving up money for machines can literally be near twenty bucks. Hell with it, I'm in." He put his two cents in. "What do you think Mike? Mike? Mike? Michael?" He asked as he turned to his best friend.The ebony-haired tall teenage boy just walked aimless worrying about Will and El. Mainly El. Mike wishes she and The Byers were here in Hawkins to help each other out. But he had a bad feeling about something. He walked the halls with the Party and heard a snapping noise. Mike stops in his tracks, "What?" He asked being caught off guard. The Party looks up to see their friend, leader, and Paladin being silent."Yo Mike, what's up?" Dustin asked his best friend with a growing concern for him."I'm just worried El and Will too of course. I just got a bad feeling that something might happen to El," The ebony-haired teenage boy answered his friend question. They all paused. They all missed El and Will."We miss them too dude. Will and El are going to help each other in that high school they're going to now," Lucas said being sincere. "Plus I'm-We're sure that they have friends to help them out through anything," Max replied a possible fact."Everyone's right Mike. We'll contact them with Cerebro like we always do," Dustin commented with a smile. "Promise." He stated."I'll try to remember that, thanks guys," Mike nodded his head with a small smile. "So, what's the name your thinking about for the club?" He asked wanting to know but still worrying about El and Will.Back in DerryEl Hopper leaves the nurse's office with half of her hair being chopped off because of the gum. She still in tears as she held her backpack closely to her chest. The brunette teen walked quickly to leave the school and hiding out from her brother, Will. El reaches the exit of the school as she starts walking faster so she doesn't have to face Greta. "Jane, is that you?" A female voice asked.The brunette teen stopped in her tracks recognizing that voice. She looks up to see her sister, "Kali?" El dropped her backpack and runs towards her sister.The two sisters have reunited again as they both started crying with El breaking down more into tears. The dark-skinned woman pulled away to see the pain in her little sister's eyes, this sight broke her heart. "Jane, what happened? Are you all alright? Who hurt you?" Kali asked becoming alarmed and angry wanting to know who hurt her sister.El looked up to face Kali, "I was bully, picked on, and had gum in my hair. A mouthbreather put gum in my hair and she hit me; I hit her back, but she won the fight." She answered.The dark-skinned woman stepped where Jane was standing out, "Which one of these punks messed with you?" She asked being serious. El's brown eyes scanning the courtyard to see Greta Keene and her friends laughing mocking her punches. She points her right index finger to the direction, "Her. The blonde with the blue jean jacket and a pink shirt. Her friends too" The brunette teen answers.Kali places her fingers to the side of her head looking in the direction of the girls and concentrating on the illusion. Greta Keene and her clique were laughing until they saw snakes and spiders crawling all over them. They screamed as if they were being murdered. The whole student looks at them seeing them just screaming and nothing hurts them. The group of girls kept screaming until they fell into the grass to which the grass was covered in heavy mud. The whole student body points and laughs at them."Serves those b itches right," Kali hissed under her breath and turns to face her little sister. "Come on Jane, there's a group of people I want you to meet." She stated with a smile."Thank you for teaching those mouthbreathers a lesson," El replied being grateful and grabs her backpack as she stands beside her sister. "Okay. I-I lost my powers this summer," She said looking down.Kali leads the way with her arm entangled with Jane and her eyes widen with concern, "How? How did you lose your powers?" The dark-skinned woman asked wanting to know."My friends and I were fighting the Shadow Monster this past summer and part of it infected me," The brunette teenage girl answered her sister's question. "I tried everything, but it's not coming back," El commented on being ashamed."We'll get your powers back. There's someone in the group that can help you out with that." Kali assured her little sister, "So what happened this past summer?" She asked."It's too painful to repeat it," El stated being honest.A few minutes later...An abandoned junkyardKali and El reached the location seeing a group of people. "Jane, this is half of our brothers and sister who escaped Hawkins Lab along with my gang of who you met last time. This is The Hellfire Club," The dark-skinned woman stated proudly. "We searched high and low for every one of our siblings to be together. With our combined abilities, we will find Brenner and take down anyone that was involved with all of us endured." Kali gives a brief introduction to most of their siblings including the mission at large then turned to face her little sister, "What do you say, Jane, take down Brenner for good?" She asked putting her hand out.In Hawkins High School"That's what you want to know our club, The Hellfire Club? After the Marvel series?" Mike asked with an are-you-serious-tone."Yeah, why not? It's about everybody coming together having a main interest in comics. So, I dub this club as The Hellfire Club!" Dustin said with a smile on his face.  FIN

s ᴀ ᴛ ᴀ ɴ ᴀᴇʟ

10/21/2020 01:31 PM 

Manhattan Massacre Response.

    "Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour." -Peter 5:8"Hello, my name is Melinda Carlysle and thanks for tuning into channel 5 news. Many locals are reporting eerie ongings throughout New York City. The Governor has advised that all residents stay indoors. Whatever you do, please, do not go outside for any reason at all." Smoke rises from a lit cigarette which balanced at the bottom lip of detective Twitch. For years he and his partner have been investigating the bizarre incidents taking place in Rat Alley. Form murdered Dons, hitmen, to your typical lowly thief, all had somehow been tied to the thing in the red cape. All their bodies torn to shreds by the use of chains. However... he couldn't stress the fact that despite the recent video involving the murder of a news reporter via chains, it was too out of place to have been an act by the red caped hellion. What was the reasoning behind this? The motive? Twitch had once encountered this creature... It was terrifying. However, he had come to know that The Spawn wasn't a murderer of the innocent. Rising from his chair and tossing his coat on, the detective set out. Daring to seek out that which should not be seeked. Seeking a confrontation with the Devil. "And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell." Matthew 10:28'The streets crawl with vermin like every other night. Drunks, druggies. Hitmen, mobsters. All human waste stacked into human flesh and given a soul that is only soon to be collected by the Malebolgia. Demons in training. For years I've been keeping these alleyways clean. And for years sh*t always finds a way to piss me off. In the alleyways below me... blood. Chunks of human flesh decorate the alley, blood paints the walls. And not all of it is human. Whatever it was that I just killed... was from Hell. Maybe tonight, vermin from earth weren't the only things crawling around this sh*t stain of a world. Why?" The Hellspawn finds himself stuck. A repeated cycle like a hamster and it's wheel. He tries so desperately to protect the innocent souls around him, but finds that he cannot always do that. Time and time again the children of Hell, humans and demons, have entered his domain and slain those he calls companions. No matter how many The Hellspawn slays, more come. He begins to wonder if this planet is able to be saved from the supernatural. But like that hamster, thinking he will reach the end of the road on that wheel, the Hellspawn tries."Mommy?"  The small child climbs down from her bed.... Eyes locked upon the dark gap her open door created.  Staring into the darkness, expecting the devil to peer back in at her. Heart beating against her small chest. The only sounds to accompany her were those made by the skies cries of thunder. A wet.. slippery sound.. coming from her mommy's bedroom. Her body tenses up, gut tightening as she goes towards said gap against her better judgement. The floorboards betray her location.. creeking with each step her little foot made. Her mother's door is wide open.... Within that room is the source of those ever so disgusting sounds were coming from.."M-Mom-my..?" The only sound of response is crashing thunder. The girls body shook, that subconscious alarm going off that was telling her to turn and run. Don't open the door.... The little girl did not obey this command. Her mother... what had become of her? She opened it, heart skipping a beat as she uncovered the most ghoulish site. A creature stood, yet the details had been scared from her mind, sending it into a fuzzy hurl. The demon snatched her up! The demon held her close and unhinged it's jaws with a sickening crack! Slowly the demon brought the young girl before her. Chains sprung from the shadows!! They wrapped around the demon like an andaconda that had found it's next meal. The chains moved on their own like living vipers that seperated the creature from the child who fell to the floor in fear. An emotion that had filled the soul muncher as it was it's turn..... As it had with the child, the Hellspawn lifted the demon up before him. All that could be seen from the darkness was slight crimson glimpses which the moonlight unveiled. And the glowing eyes of Spawn."Mommy. Take your child and go." This command the frozen mother did listen. The strong mind and determination to save her child overoming any fear that would have otherwise prevented mobility. The child stare up at the manifesting Hellspawn in awe before being carred away, leaving the Spawn and the child of hell. Spawn turned his attention towards the creature who was being strangled by the venomous chains that held it captive... "You listen here you sack of sh*t. I don't know what's going on but I'm going to find out. I'm getting real sick of my peace being disturbed. Tell your buddies I'm coming for them. Tell them I'm going to make them wish they'd stayed in Hell. You can tell them there." Necroplasm coated those chains of his before then ripping the demon to shreds! The demon no doubtedly to be respawned in hell with a message. ..."BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH!!!!" A monsterous roar echoed throughout the ten hells in a comedic fit. Many voice speaking at once to form one. The crackling of fire which made the surrounding gravity that greater than anything in Space. Hot.. Thick. Words forged off a serpent like tongue. "OH SPAWN HOW YOU AMUSE ME.. THE BELLS HAVE BEEN RUNG. CHILDREN OF MANY DIFFERENT HELLS SPILL ONTO YOUR PRECIOUS STREETS. THE TIME FOR EVIL TO FLOURISH AND TURN THE TIDES OF THE WAR HAS BEGUN. FIGHT FOR ME SPAWNY. FOR NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, THIS BATTLE SHALL GO IN MY FAVOR." Edit Bulletin     Delete Bulletin   Add a Comment      FontSize               Source ◢  Don't post nude, partially nude, p0rnographic or sexually suggestive images. [?]We reserve the right to delete profiles which violate our Terms.                     Mobile | Terms Of Use | Privacy | Cookies | Copyright | Profile Layouts | FAQ | Support | Vote For Us © 2020 All Rights Reserved.     

Cʀᴏᴡɴ Rᴏʏᴀʟ 👑 .

10/20/2020 11:43 PM 

Plot Template ( because I don't do discussions anymore)

 Location:(Fortuna City, Outskirts of Fortuna, Vigrid, Redgrave, Krimson City, Raccoon City, Spain, China, Russia etc.), The year (1998-2000's.) and the setting: ( Devil May Cry, KCPD, RPD, Werehouse Etc.) season: (winter, spirng fall etc.) Weather: (Sunny, Rainy etc.) Goal: (can be something that would appeal to my character or yours) Conflict: (again focused on the characters).  I will not respond to anything other than straight to the point discussions, so get directly to the point and don't bore me. 

your black light.

10/20/2020 07:06 PM 


River Baron, 27, currently a bartender at an elite lounge in Bel Air ( a wealthy neighborhood in Los Angeles ) called  The Raven.gender: female, presents as androgynous orientation: attracted to women and trans women.  under co


10/20/2020 07:11 PM 

Destiny's Child

Destiny’s Child   Duality /1639562 The peaks and spires of the familiar skyline could be recognized by just about anyone. Well over 150 years prior had General Sherman burned this town to the ground. The rebuilding over the years had led to something absolutely remarkable. Atlanta, Georgia was now considered by some to be the New York of the South. The CNN Tower, the Coca Cola Museum and MARTA were all must sees when making your way through all the high points of the city on your vacation time. Zoo Atlanta was definitely a must see when bringing your children to this historical place when you made your way here.The blaring siren and the lights flashed as an ambulance made its way through the city with a patient in dire need of a miracle strapped to a gurney in the back. The paramedic tending to the child was a man with full shaggy hair and sea green hues. He had a look of determination etched in his handsome features. “Come on sweetheart. Stay with me.” He muttered doing everything he could to keep the little girl alive. He lifted his head to the driver, how much longer?”“Two minutes.” The driver called back knowing the urgency of the moment. The paramedic tending to the girl focusing on her completely. The child with golden blonde hair with curled eyelashes over closed eyes, looked almost like one of those porcelain dolls hid sister used to put in the cabinet in her room. Tom Avery never worked so hard in all his life to save anyone like he did that little girl.The ambulance finally arrived at the hospital. The driver got out of the squad first. The doors were thrown open while the driver and some firemen who had come along with them on the ride were helping to get the stretcher out of the back of the squad. Immediately they ran inside while pushing the stretcher. Tom continued staying with the girl keeping her alive as the emergency room personnel met them. Together they ran into a trauma bay.Tom turned over the care of the child once they were surrounded by the nurses and doctors in the trauma room. He backed up heading toward the nurses station. There was a hand on his shoulder. It was the ambulance driver. “You did all you could, Tom. You saved her life.”Tom watched as the doctors and nurses all poured into the trauma bay. It wasn’t easy to do his job, but it was something he had to do. He had always wanted to help people. He could have been a doctor but to him, he needed more. That’s when he started to take his paramedic classes. He’d even gotten his sister to help him study so he could excel at what he did. Ellie was younger than he was, but she’d been his best friend growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta. He told her things that no one else knew.After a few more lingering moments, he reluctantly left with his friend because his shift was over. They walked out passing by several people. He paid no attention to one woman who was staring just a little too long. After he passed her on the way out, she pulled out her phone and sent a text.Doppleganger found. No sign of Travelers anywhere. Waiting on what to do next.~*~After a long day, Tom always found the familiar sight of his small house a welcome change from the constant influx of people around him. A cleansing shower to soothe aching muscles led to him to wearing an old concert tee shirt and old worn out jeans. A towel around his shoulders and bare feet completed the comfort aspect of a night to himself and welcoming quiet. He reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a beer.He unscrewed the lid and tossed it into the garbage can. Taking a nice long swig of his beer, he lowered the bottle when his cellphone sounded. He picked it up raising it to his ear. “Hello?”On the other end was a nurse back at the hospital. “Hey Tom. Wanted you to know… That girl that you brought in, she didn’t make it.”His stomach dropped to his feet. “Damn.” He mumbled. Every time one of his patients didn’t make it, it took out a little piece of his heart. Losing this little girl didn’t take out a piece of his heart, it took out his heart as a whole. He ended up sitting on his sofa setting his beer on a table. The nurse on the other end of the line heard the sound of items crashing. He turned off his cell and dropped it to the ground.He looked over to where there was now a pile of rubble in the floor. It was some little ornamental piece that an ex-girlfriend had given him. Now it lay in shards in the floor. Folded hands were pressed against his lips. A child was dead. He tried so hard to save her when all his efforts were in vain. The sweet little doll was now an angel.It just wasn’t fair. Tom buried his head in his hands letting sorrow consume him. He didn’t know the girl even existed yesterday, but today she had her life snuffed out like a candle. Silent sobs wracked his body. Tom Avery, a mere human man was helpless to keep one small child from losing her life. No, it wasn’t fair. None of it was fair. Miracles happened every day.Today was not that day.  "Not all those who wander are lost." - Tolkien credit: james kriet

Sweet Magnolia MOP

10/19/2020 11:39 PM 

Point System

Point SystemThis point system was created to be super simple to get the required points.  ONE POINT Post an IC status on the stream. This can be done two times a day. 2 points a day Share the daily post from the main page. 1point a day TWO POINTS Commenting on the daily post from the main page. Something like "Join us" to encourage new members. 2 points a day Commenting on each other's status posts. 2 points per status, not per comment Commenting on other member's photos. 5 comments a month for 10 points a month Commenting on other member's drabbles. Minimum of two sentences. FIVE POINTS Every reply that is sent. Replies need to be sent as a screenshot to the MOP for points to be tallied. Sending proof of a cleared owes list. This needs to be a screenshot sent to the MOP. The "May send twice a month for 10 points a month TEN POINTS Every starter sent. Starters need to be sent as a screenshot to the MOP for points to be tallied. Having a completed profile. All parts of your layout are filled in. Every drabble written. 1 per week may be submitted. Rules are subject to change

𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘉𝘖𝘠™

10/20/2020 03:47 PM 

Superboy: Gone, But Not Forgotten

R E B I R T H  Despite finding his world had been rebooted, a process he was excluded from, business as usual was still just that. Over the course of a day and some hours, SUPERBOY had found himself caught up in an unlikely team-up with none other than Gotham City's very own BATMAN , working together in order to foil an evil that threatened Metropolis City . The culprit's plans, as well as the climax of the case, was coming to an end as the two closes in on the point of interest. Sprinting through the Lex Corp building's hallways.Batman: "Readings are picking up on a tremendous source of radiation that matches the strand of unusual fear gas we found. The abundance of kryptonite is spiking it... I'm not quite certain what Scarecrow has planned, but this unique variation could be lethal, even to you and Superman. We have to stop here." Batman informs as his high-end cowl studies the perimeter, pinpointing almost every bit of detail he could possibly want to know about area. Room temperature, body heat signatures, and of course the radiation readings. Meanwhile, Connor was scanning around, peering through layers to get an idea of just how many set explosives had been setup throughout the building. From what he was just told? Over three dozen too many for even a slither of comfort.Superboy: "He has this place littered with dirty bombs... They're not active, but there's a lot of them. Should I--"Batman: "No. We find Scarecrow, we stop them from ever activating. We'd only be wasting time. Or worse... they may detonate from contact." Bruce chimes in firmly, just before the two made a sharp turn into the widest hallway they've seen yet. A short distance away from a set of mechanical double doors. Prepared for just about any occasion, Bruce swiftly plucks out a decoding device and with a push of a button, the two are given clearance -- entree into the impressive laboratory inside. It's within stumble upon busy bodies moving objects about, and some armed and patrolling, but all them donning matching rags with an obvious theme behind it. With such linear passage, as well as the far from subtle noise from the doors, attention quickly falls upon the duo. Thug No.1: "We got company, boss!" Scarecrow: "Well, don't just stand around gawking, you dolts.. SHOOT them!!" The head-man himself bellows, and iron sights taking aim follows.  In the midst of such, Bruce & Connor were preparing to deliver a traditional beatdown. The bat drawing batarangs, the kryptonian posture by clasping a fist into an open palm several times. Both glaring without a trace of worry.Superboy: "Alright, all aboard the Ass Kicking Express. Get ready to get your tickets punched!" And with that, bullets went flying and the room began filling with the ratatatat's of gunfire. Connor used his telekinesis as a net-shield to catch the flying barrage of lead and moved in to take the majority focus, in addition to protecting and providing a window of opportunity to Batman. Seconds passed and bodies had gone flying every which way. A result of the unusual team punching, or even kicking, out every footsoldier that stood between them and Scarecrow himself. Knowing his numbers were quickly dwindling, he prepped a last ditch effort. The heinous sociopath just barely managed to finish before Batman got hold of him.   WHAM!The side of Scarecrow's face was harshly introduced into the nearest surface.[Countdown initiated. T-Minus 10 seconds...]Batman: "Shut it off, now! Or so God help me, I'll--"Scarecrow: "Ha! You'll what ? Waste valuable time? Ten seconds, Bats!"7..6..5..Superboy: "I got it!" The powerhouse clad in black assures and rushes up to cut the device free with his heat vision, take hold of it, and smash through the closest wall. All done within a 1.1 second. The young man ascends into the night sky with determination on his face.   Batman: "SUPERBOY!" After properly cuffing and securing Scarecrow, Batman hurries to peer out the Superboy-made hole in the wall. By the time he does, a distant, yet thunderous explosion erupts overhead. Illuminating the dingy sky with a vibrant and momentary green. Unknown of what had became of the kryptonian, nor having any means to contact him, Bruce instinctively calls out in concern. Leaping out into the city as he glides to ease his way to the city streets.Minutes later...Connor's consciousnesses began returning, albeit gradually. The trace of kryptonite had taken its toll on his body.  "Connor? Connor, can you hear me? You have to open your eyes.."Though somewhat muffled by his struggle to gather himself, that all-too-familiar voice came through clear enough. Through blurry vision, he studies where the source of the voice hails from -- a masculine figure clad in a suit that resembles his own in pattern, though it's a much more colorful variation.  Superboy: "Kal.. haah.. Kal-EL?" The youth breathes out, fatigued and nauseous. A side effect from the considerable amount of kryptonite he was exposed to. He makes an effort to sit up, but a sudden sharpness of pain cuts through his body and puts the notion on hold. All he could really do was lie there, grimacing and groaning pitifully in unusual pain.   "It hurts so much. . .""I know. You're hurt.. pretty badly. Just focus on breathing for now, Connor. Keep your eyes open for me." With his vision clearing up, he was finally able to make out the face of a beloved lost companion. A brother, and a father in a sense. A stream of blood trickle down from his lips, though the sight before his very eyes was all it took to bring a smile to his boyish face. Without any thought, any realization to question what he was seeing, the youth lifts a hand to reach for the other. Desperation, joy, and sadness drive his need. Suddenly, the man kneeling over him is outlined with a vibrant shade of crimson red. The formerly deceased Kal-EL reaches to take hand in his. Firm, yet compassionately. Kal stares with concern, but all he's consistently met with is that weak smile.  "It's really you. It's really you. . . ""Yeah, it's really me."  A response that warmed the boy's heart to an emotional crumpling point. Sniffling, his brilliant blue eyes began tearing up. A sharp inhale joining the fray of subtle weeping. Evidently, by the apologetic look on Kal-EL's face, it pained him to see the adolescent spilling tears so freely. It was clear as day Connor had been bottling up his struggles deep inside. So compelled, Kal-EL careful delves a hand underneath Connor's head, lifting and supporting him at a short angle. Then, leaning down, the symbol of hope places a kiss at the center of the other's forehead, following up by pressing Connor's head underneath the crook of his neck.  "Sorry--""It's fine. You did nothing wrong.""I'm just happy to see you again.""I couldn't even begin to express how much seeing you again means to me...""I missed you so much.""I missed you more, kiddo'." Yet another response that drew an even brighter smile across Connor's face. In the next moment, the two embraced one another. Staying as such for quite some time.. remaining so until the young man lost consciousness again.

Head Prat

10/20/2020 01:52 PM 


August 1984: Ministry of Magic July 1987: ScabbersSeptember 1 1987: Sorting Ceremony May 29, 1993: Message in bloodLate 1993: ManipulationAugust 25, 1994: Dark Mark May 25 / May 27 1995: Death of Crouch SnJune 1995: Trial and EndAugust 20, 1995: Fudge's OfferAugust 20, 1995: Leaving the BurrowAugust 21, 1995: LostAugust 21, 1995: Friendly AdviceAugust 22, 1995: 19th BirthdayDecember 1995: The Greater GoodDecember 25, 1996 Collateral damage May 2, 1998: Battle of Hogwarts [pt 1]May 2, 1998: Battle of Hogwarts [pt 2:]May 23, 1999: SlippingMay 23, 1999: BoggartMay 23, 1999: Shell CottageMay 24, 1999: The Daily ProphetOctober 1999: Rock bottomFebruary 07 2006: Molly Weasley II

Head Prat

10/20/2020 01:48 PM 

Percy's Facts/HC

Character Study: Percy Q&AAsk and TellRelationship StudyHead Canons:Hatstall MusingsRandom/FunWhat If

Head Prat

10/20/2020 01:46 PM 

Character Prompts

*These are in the order in which they were writtenWhy Can't you Listen... [Percy/Ginny]Just because you care...[Percy/Zoshia]I let you down [Percy/Ginny]Please, just let me go [Percy/Giles]Home [Percy/Molly]Fire [Percy/Zosh]Talk to me [Percy/Rose]Stop pretending [Percy/George]You said you'd be there [Percy/Rose]We're not the same [Percy/Ginny]Atonement [Percy/Lavender]In the Sky [Percy/Ginny]Whose side are you on [Percy/George]I can't do this anymore [Percy/Zoshia]Our little Secret [Percy/Crouch Jr]You're not okay [Percy/Molly]Collateral damage [Percy/Scrim]I love you [Percy/Penelope/Zoshia]Guilt and Grief [Percy/Molly]

Head Prat

10/20/2020 01:40 PM 

Connection Head Canons

Small Character HC's


10/20/2020 10:02 PM 

Activity Check - 10/18

Life in Valkery had always been difficult. Eden firmly believed that she was strong enuogh tosurvive, to be there for her friends and forget the chaos that ensued around her... but there wasonly so much a person could take. Lucy had fully taken over, his reign of tyranny spilled into the streetsand had found it's way in the homes of almost every Valkerian that dared stay this long. She had far agolost track of the loved ones she had lost. The sharp ache in her chest no longer soothed by the inebriatingeffects of day-drinking and optimism. This was no longer about how much she loved those that remained orhow stubbornly she wanted to protect them. The fact of the matter was that she was now choosing betweenlife and death...It took weeks to finally muster up the sanity to choose and run from Valkery to save her life. Her heart brokeat the thought of leaving anyone behind, especially the patients she had taken care of from the start. For as longas she could remember, Eden had always put others before herself. In the end, she would much rather give the shirtoff her back to a complete stranger than have to watch said person suffer for even a moment's time. Her mentalitymade it difficult to care about her life over others but she couldnt' deny that staying here was helping much, either.She couldn't fight. She couldn't protect herself or anyone else around her no matter how badly she wanted to. Really,all she was to the survivors now was a hindrance, and Eden refused to be that.The petite female cared less about the items of her home, making sure only to pack up her beloved feline taking a peakoutside to see if the coast was clear. To say that things have gotten worse would be an understatement.The air was hazy, polluted with the black smoke of burning bodies and debris from the destruction of Lucy's minions. Desperate survivors were running wild, some looting and some simply looking for a place to lay low so that theycould live to see another day. The brunette hugged her cat's crate close to her chest as tears pricked at the cornerof her mocha hues. Fear had settled like a heavy stone at the pit of her stomach, causing waves of nausea andcold sweats. Eden clamped her eyes shut tightly, whispering words of encouragement to herself in hopes that thiswould help her push forth. After several moments her eyes opened to peer back out her bay window. The streetswere still burning, there was still chaos but it was clear. This was her chance."Stay quiet, Orion. Whatever happens, we're going to get out of here." She whispered softly into one of the side holesof her cat's crate. An audible purr erupted from inside as he rubbed against the inside of the hard plastic container,encouragement that she desperately needed. Eden brought herself over to the front door, right hand trembling up before resting on the knob. "One.... two... three." She exhaled before sharply pulling open the door and making a made dashtowards her 2010 Kia. The brunette hurdeled over fallen bodies, all of which she patheticallyattempted to imagine were anything but her neighbors. Her lungs burned despite the short sprint, heart racing wildly withinits bone cage as she finally reached her vehicle. Eden fumbled with her keys before unlocking the car, apologizingbreathlessly as she shoved Orion's crate inside and shut the door quickly before making her way around the frontof the vehicle. She just made it to the driver's side when she felt her body being pushed roughly into the side of thevehicle, fingers tangling within her long silky brunette tresses.Eden gasped out, a small squeak escaping her as she was roughly spun around and pinned to the driver's side door.A man in a bunny mask loomed over her, blood splattered about his mask. The stench of the man was enough tomake her stomach churn; a musk of body odor, carnage and soot sabotaged her nasal pathways. "Where do you thinkyou're going, doll?" He inquired, his gravely voice sending chills down her spine. Eden writhed beneath him but he wastoo strong, causing a soft and helpless grunt slip past her lips."Pl-Please, just let me go!" She pleaded, but the man laughed and slowly shook his head. It was clear that he wasn'tinterested in allowing any survivors escape him, no doubt given strict orders to mow down anyone and everything inhis path. His body pressed into her, a greedy explorative right hand gliding up her inner thigh. This was not how she wasgoing to go. She refused to be taken advantage of like this again. Despite the fear that bubbled up her throat she snappedher knee upwards, succesfully connecting her patella against the man's groin area. The air escaped sharply from his lungspast his lips as he keeled over, giving Eden breathing room. She fought back the urge to apologize for hurting him, a sickengrained habit of hers to apologize for anything and everything, as she turned back to her car, opened up the driver'sside door, and slid in. The brunette locked the doors to her vehicle immediatley and ignited the engine before slammingher foot heavily down on the accelerator. The car lurched forward sharply, causing Orion to whine in protest as his cage pressed heavily into the seat."I'm sorry buddy but... we're safe." Eden spoke, voice trembling and breaking as tears began to fall from her chocolate optics. "We're free."

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Gryffindor Friends
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1. 𝒫𝑜𝓉𝓉𝑒𝓇2. Ginny3.

Viper Mata Jr

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Dear Dad
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  I have no idea if you will get this. I just know you are out there. So I can only hopefate is on my side and you do. Please know I hate the fact I even haveto come to you. After so many years of living in the shadows as you have.I finally realize it only lets thosewho try to destroy you win if you do. With that being said please stop hiding. No one should ever have the power.To make you do so. I bloody don't care.Who chooses to believe what. No matterwhat these buggers say or do about you.Don't let it get you. As of late a lot of people have turned on me. Now wanting to throw me under the bus. And the only person who canstop them is you.  If I could then I would but am only half of you and half my mother.I am not powerful enough to do so. But you are destined to do it. I know you remember all the things they said. They were notabout me. But about the person, I need your help to stop.Please overcome this fear that keeps holding you back.Don't let some bloody bitter ex-girlfriend. Stop you from being who you are destined to be. There was a time we were a hundred and fifty strong. And those days could come back again. But not if you keep hiding in the shadows please Dad.Come out of hiding. Please I need you now more than ever. I need you to completeyour destiny. And slay the beast of all beast.Whose collects his jar of heartsas though its for a feast.Recall the name the one your old friends blamed.Back when you aided a friend. To help her gain respect and control.Recall that name becausehe's the one to blame.Dad if you get this. I hope it changes your mind.and if doesn't then do not forget I loveyou pops. And I hope you are doing well.And one day overcome whatever it isthat is giving you hell. 


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