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08/04/2011 10: PM 

I've a got a red bull and vodka up in my hand;

heeeey, you're lookin' kinda cute in that polka dot bikiniii guuuuurl ;)WHAT IS THIS.Yes! That's right. ANOTHER VACATION.This time to visit my uncle who I haven't seen in ten years.I'M PUMPED.I'll be gone from this Saturday (August 6th)until next Saturday. (August 13th)and where am I going?I'M IN MIAMI, BITCHHHHHHHH ;)yeahso.I'll have my phone. I don't know about computer access,but I'll be able to get on my phone.S E L E C T I V E REPLIES.formspring's always good --( AIM will work.(fiestyGMW811says)COMMENTS (on this) ARE LOVEEELY!<3xx


08/04/2011 05: PM 

MINERVA Music festival Hosting an all day and all night concert from various bandsWhen: SundayWhere: Mississippi


08/01/2011 07: PM 


R U L E S:1. Disclaimer: I am not Emma Watson. I'm just a fan of hers; Honestly if I were to be her I really don't think I would be on here roleplaying myself; I think Emma has more important things to do than be on myspace roleplaying herself. Common sense, people- This isn't real. I am also not affiliated with her in any shape or form. I am just using her face for roleplaying purposes only. So don't even think about asking me.2. I'm a multi-para roleplayer, I cannot do novella that is too long for me to write..sorry not sorry.3. Storylines: If you want to discuss a storyline please send me a message, or a comment either one is fine.4. Relationships: It will date anyone if you are interests in my character, if not oh well sh*t happens right? I do ship Dramione, but that doesn't mean I can date other characters.5. Real Life: I am 27 years, I work part-time and I am also a mother of a 3 year old son; I'll reply once I have a free time or when I am off from work.6. Sex+:  We're all mature adults here so sex is fine with me.7. Grammar and Spellings: Nobody in this effin' world is perfect so i make a lots of mistakes when it comes to writing starters and replies. If my starter or reply doesn't make sense just tell me and don't be afraid to come forward please. English isn't my second language. 8. Starters & Replies: If you are interested on a starter we first have to discuss a story-line than once the whole situation is set on the story-line i can send the starter to you or vice versa you can send it to me.When it comes to replies, Some role players burly role play with me so i will be happy if people would role play with me more because every time i get on i don't have jack sh*t in here it's f***ing depressing! So if i end up role playing with a lot of people and i have to reply back please be patient.9. I think that's about it if i miss anything please let me know.If you read so far up to rule #9 Tell me who do you ship of any character in Harry Potter Series; After that Sign your first name,middle name and last name and LEAVE ME KUDOS. Gosh does used to be fun back in myspace 2005. OH that reminds me i come from MYSPACE 2005 so if you do too WELCOME BACK! I'm glad you are back to the ROLE PLAYING WORLD.10. Drama free here, No childish crap allow here.Sincerely,- Hermione Jean  Granger a.k.a.-MIONE.PS: Must follow the rules like i will follow yours.

нerмy jean™

07/27/2011 09: PM 

The Rules
Current mood:  adored

Disclaimer: Before I begin, let it be known that I am not Emma Watson. Nor do I take any credit for the creation of Hermione Granger or her world. All credit goes to the great JK Rowling. I am just a role player, and I do not accept friend requests from non- role players. And away we go... 01.   Let's talk grammar for a quick second. I am an English major, so you should obviously take from this statement that I do not appreciate foul grammar or improper spelling. In fact, it angers me. I don't want to see a comment from anyone that goes like this: 'hey how r u? want to tlk?' If you send me something like this I will delete you. I understand we all make mistakes, but if it seems to me like it was intentional you're gone. 02.   I am first and foremost a fan of the Harry Potter world. I am completely obsessed and not ashamed to admit it. Because of this, I keep my role playing totally canon. You won't ever see my Hermy dating a Draco, or especially a Harry, nor will I ever have her run off to marry Snape. All of those things are ridiculous, and not how JKR intended things to go. I will of course still role play with original characters, in fact I enjoy this quite a bit, but I will rarely date them. I did once, and it didn't work out.  You will really have to impress me to even get me thinking about doing so anymore. 03.   04. Speaking of dating, Hermy is currently single. BUT just because she is, that does not mean that I am going to agree to date any of characters just because she is alone. Hermy is not like that, at all. When I find someone that I find suitable to be with her, that person will be told by me. I am not here to live vicariously through Hermione Granger, I am here to continue my love of the world of Harry Potter.       05.Now let's talk length. I would love to say that I am strictly Novella, but unfortunately I don't have the time for that. I have an outside life, so obviously my time on here is limited. So, most of the time I stick with multi paragraph role play. I will, of course, accept Novellas but your reply might take longer than others. I always meet the length of the comments I receive, so you shouldn't ever feel like I am cheating you. 05.   I will be the first to admit that I can be quite scatterbrained at times. So, if you send me a comment and you don't get a response from me in over a week remind me of it. Send me a message and tell me you sent me something, and I will get right back to you. If it hasn't been a week yet, please don't bother me with a reminder. I am not slow with replies, but I do have a life. I have a boyfriend and friends outside of Roleplaying, so I am not on all of the time. I'm on a lot, but not all the time.  06.   (If you have read thus far, please give me your favorite Harry Potter book and actor.) One thing that I won't put up with is stealing. I have found all of my pictures myself, and tagged most of them. I understand that Emma Watson is all over the internet, so I know we all have the same pictures, but I have tweaked almost all of them so I will know if you take them. 07.   No drama. I don't like to fight, so if you have a problem with me send me a message and we will get it figured out. Do not run around telling people awful things about me, because I promise I am not a terrible person. I just don't like drama. That is all that I have for now, but I will be sure to add more rules as they come to me. Best all, Hermy Jean

Irresistible Psycho

07/26/2011 01: PM 

Rules (UMC)

These are my  rules..Please follow them or be removed. 1. No drama. I cant make enough of it on my own. So I don't need yours too. 2. Dont rush me on replies. I will get to them as soon as I can. Rush me and I will put you at the bottom. Got it good. If not you can bite me. 3. Fair warning:  I can be a cocky and sometime just curl person, Its who I am. So if you dont like it them don't add me. 4. Don't Steal any of my things I have worked hard on this profile. 5. If  needed and I am not here. I have AIM. Its Sexybadasvamp. Feel free to message me. Please read and sign. And to those who have please also put  your favorite Damon quote as well. Thank you Irresistible Psycho 

Magnetic Heart.

07/24/2011 10: PM 

The Law

First and foremost, I am NOT Kristen Stewart nor am I Isabella Swan. She is a made up character from the brilliant mind of Stephenie Meyer. Also, I highly doubt Miss. Stewart has time to roleplay. If you ask me if I am either one, I will delete you.1. I am a literate roleplayer. Please keep that in mind. I'm not going to be grr about it, but ALSO keep in mind that what you send me, you will get in return. If you send me a paragraph, which I pray to GOD that you don't, that is what you shall receive. 2. I'm a veteran roleplayer. What that means is that I have been around since 2007. BEFORE Novella was cool, BEFORE everyone cared about their layouts and who was snooping around. BEFORE people cared about how their pictures were. What it boils down to is this: I know what I'm doing when it comes to roleplay.3. The whole you add you start rule is bullshit. 4. DO NOT STEAL MY SHIT! You'll be blacklisted with the quickness. Everything is tagged with my name and my user ID. Please. For the love of God do NOT steal. If you see something of mine and you like it, ASK and I will make you something if I have time.5. Twilight Verse is full of drama. We ALL know that. Don't bring that to me. I'm 23 in real life and will NOT get into an argument over the computer with a little 14 year old.6. Speaking of.. NO TEENY BOPPERS! At least 18 please.7. I don't mind accepting/adding other Bella's. NO, that doesn't mean that I'm going to steal your stuff. I add and talk to everyone. I ask that you please go over rule number four if you are a Bella or anybody else.8. I take my time with replies and starters. I also believe in quality over quantity. Please be patient when it comes to replies and starters as I do have a real life. Also messages are for sl discussion. Comments are for roleplaying. The only way I'll roleplay in messages is if it's with my Edward ;D9. Have fun. We're all here for the same thing. Please just keep that in mind. Regardless of what you think, we are all here to write. I'm not here to sit at a computer and make my layout better than other people's or my pictures better than others. We come to roleplay to escape real life. Roleplay shouldn't be filled with drama UNLESS IT IS STORYLINE MATERIAL. Again, keep that in mind with me. *Update*As I have stated, I do not like drama so please don't bring that to me. I'm literally Switzerland. Regardless if you're a friend or not, I like to hear both sides of the story. If I'm not there to actually see what has happened, I will NOT take sides. That would be wrong of me to do so. I will do my best to try and help in any way that I can for both sides. It's not because I'm being nosy or butting my head where it doesn't belong. I'm an old fashioned roleplayer. I like peace between everyone. Of course, that isn't going to happen but I like to do my part to assist in a calm and stress free environment for all. Now if you're my friend and you approach me saying block so and so or don't talk to so and so, don't expect me to do that. I talk to EVERYONE. I don't care if I talk to you and you don't like who else I talk to. Who I speak to has nothing to do with you. Unless someone is coming at me personally, I won't pass judgment. Please keep that in mind. I'm an adult in RL and I handle situations as an adult should. I just ask that you do the same ♥

Deeper Than Blood; RPG

07/23/2011 06: PM 

Don't do this!


▪ Destroyer - Retired

07/23/2011 03: PM 


ROLEPLAY:Writing Style: I am, a Multiple Paragraph role player, and selective Novella. If you are not either of these then please don't bother adding me because I don't like to role play anything less. I find comfort and pleasure in the common ground of Multi-Para. It keeps things simple, with just enough detail while progressing the plot and keeping me able to produce efficiently.Starters: You add me, you send the starter. If I'm the one adding you, I'll make sure you have a starter in a maximum period of 8 days, soon after we discuss a story line. But there are some Storylines a certain person has to begin first to understand where they come from etc, so if that happens then we'll discuss what we can come up with. Ok Something unexpected might make me not be able to send it, then you'll hear from me explaining the reasons. Therefore, I expect you to do the same thing. Don't just drop a SL without letting me know first. I'll only reply to comments of at least two paragraphs (2-3 parts) of length. Why? 'Cause I'm a Multi-Para RPer. About starters, you gotta keep in mind everything I stated above if you want me to take you seriously Before sending it, message me with an idea, gimme a chance to discuss a SL, don't just bust on my page and shoot a starter at me 'cause it will be ignored. I enjoy advantage and elaborated starters, but please mention my character somehow. For a future reference, don't write a starter where your character walks into mine. Imagination and creativity are your tools, the rest only depends on your abilities. C'mon, gimme something to work with!Replies: No rushing, crying or complaining about this point, you'll get your reply when I'm finished with it. We all have lives and can't all be online as much as we would like, I understand that myself. So responding can be slow or fast just depends on Real life. Also Do well to give me time in returning replies once the storyline is well undergo, or the starter. Code word: ruthless. I will also give you a time limit in which I hope to give you a starter. If I feel as though I cannot follow through with the time for starters and replies, I will let you know personally through a message if you are the only one I owe. If you are not, then keep a look out for bulletins that will explain the situation and pose another time frame if I find I can give one that is more reasonable.DESTROYER OF NATIONS:I roleplay Xena as the vicious ruthless warrior (evil Xena) in the "past" world (destroyer) and as well in the "future", (conqueror) before she would have met Hercules and seen the light. Her life is in the alternate universe since she never went on the path of redemption. So be careful for those who think I'm the good Xena who has been making amends for her past.  The Destroyer of Nations is merciless using her feminine wiles in her unscrupulous treachery... and Xena succeeded in her masterly scheme to turn the two comrades against each other. Xena is very deadly, narcissistic  psychotic, cruel, deceitful, cunning, reckless, harsh, brutal, manipulative. beautiful. Hint: To the Gabrielle's because in this world I haven't meet you yet. Beware of the Destroyer's wrath she will seduce you into her way of thinking. So Don't have her charm fool you ... she will poison your soul. However I do roleplay Xena good for a few who's desires it or someone who just has an epic SL that  I want too. Sometimes with another character it's a must to be good for example I honestly don't see Evil Xena playing nice with Joxer, hell she would slit his annoying throat in seconds. So if you desire good Xena please state that before anything.  VIOLENCE & SKILLS:  There will definitely be some, such as violence, cursing and sex. If you aren't comfortable with any of the things stated above, then leave. 18 + On this note, sex can be sent through messages just depends on your preference.  Since Xena takes place in the Ancient Times & Mythology Verses it can get very gruesome ... Romans are known for their brutality. Skills and Abilities: Xena has many skills that she acquired during her extensive travels to many parts of the ancient world over a period of many years. These include: Master Combatant: She is a master swordsman. She has shown remarkable skill and prowess in hand-to-hand combat including numerous acrobatic tricks. She has been able to disable and/or otherwise kill multiple opponents at one time. Xena's signature weapon is the chakram, a razor-edged throwing weapon which she often uses for ranged combat. Xena can skillfully deflect the chakram off hit surfaces, allowing her to hit multiple targets in one throw. She is usually able to deflect the chakram back towards her, allowing her to catch it. Besides being a formidable weapon, the chakram has other uses such as distracting enemies or quickly cutting distant targets such as ropes. First Aid and Pressure Points: She is skilled in the use of pressure points - being able to cripple or even kill someone if she triggers the appropriate pressure point. Xena has a knowledge of first aid and herbal remedies that she has used on several adventures.Military Commander: She is a formidable tactician and strategic thinker. She has the ability to analyze her enemies' tactics and effectively formulate a response. In responding to her enemies' attacks, she shows a great deal of creativity and ingenuity; at times, she has worked with little or no resources and limited time. Xena is well versed in military tactics such as forming a defensive perimeter, building defensive fortifications, organizing and leading troops, and cutting an enemy's supply lines. Other Skills: Xena also has a talent for disguises, infiltration and codes. She is strong in the use of smaller weapons such as batons and daggers. Xena knows history, magic, and - on a basic level - philosophy. And in one rare instance, she used telekinetic and energy projection after she realized the truth in Lao Ma's teachings. Xena also once possessed the power to kill gods through her daughter, Eve. Xena also has a incredible singing voice ... a voice of a god some say.  LOVE INTERESTS:My Xena is currently Single. However my heart will always belong to Gabrielle: Potidaea Rebel she has my greatest respect as a writer and was my very first connection back in 2008 unfortunately she retired. On that note, Xena is Bisexual. I can see Xena involved with is Ares, Spartacus  Crixus, Saxa and Gabrielle. But it all depends on the storyline and the connection. Xena is very wicked - she's known for using people for her own personal gain. But, since Xena is drawn to danger, nothing is impossible and there is always a chance, but it must accompany a storyline. I can understand the request for a romantic plot, but I've always found it quite disappointing when someone asks you to be a love interest. I believe that love is incredible as it is spontaneous. There should be an amazing back-story to it, not an arrangement. A connection is something that needs to be earned, as is sex when acted on properly. It tests us as writers and adds spice to an already excellent storyline. We're all adults here, so in some instances it can and will happen. Once again, backstory is in order before my character will processed in a sexual act. As for occ sex outside of the actually storyline and onto a AIM or etc that will never happen! I will not mix roleplay with real life. Even if some still think they are in character! Sorry but that's not me. Also I will not marry a character or have kids. I'm not here to play house. I'm here to roleplay. Enough Said. DRAMA: No Drama period. I am here to roleplay and that is all. I do not want any drama on this page whatsoever. Nor do I want anything stolen from me! That's all I will say of this matter as I hope you are all smart and respectful enough to not indulge in such a thing. The rules may come off strong, But I am a nice person in general and easy to talk to. However, I will not be engaging myself in social conversations with anybody on this account, I only do for a few special people. It's not that I don't like talking to people, I do but I find that leads to too much drama. I don't mind helping you with your problems, but that is not ALL I am capable of doing. If you have a problem with me, then I wish you would message me and talk to me about it. If it doesn't concern me, then leave me out of it. Therefore, messages are reserved for story line discussions, comments only for roleplay. Unless you are one of the two special people I know, I do not want to see random 'thanks for adding, would you like to para'. NO. That goes in a message. Keep this in mind folks. I am here to roleplay and that is all.  A little warning do not message me  if your an canon character and say Hi I'm Ares ... no sh*t. codeword: chakram. Message me with an epic story line and empress me. Kudos for those who can bring some inspiration to my world of roleplay. Do Not Steal: I will not tolerate thievery, I copyright all my html/css codes (layouts) so I say this nicely if you wish to have something of mine or want something similar as for style on my page ask, most of the time I'll give you permission to as long as you give me full credit. But if caught taking without permission I will not be happy! Sadly people still steal so I do have to note this in my little set of rules. Enough Said. ADDITIONAL NOTES:--- Disclaimer: I am not Lucy Lawless I'm simply a fan and role player. --- If you don't know the show Xena the Warrior Princess and the character read my profile that's what it's for. Most people still ask about a  character when all the additional information is on their page! So don't ask who's Xena. But if you have questions about a certain thing about her yes I will give you all the follow you desire. As a roleplayer I do homework if I don't know there character. I'll read all their chronicles and watch episodes if I can. I truly believe that makes a great roleplayer and will always have a decent storyl ine of you know all the info.--- Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation are necessary. But nobody is perfect and I'm far from perfect so I'm not big-on if you make errors just make sure I can understand the hell your saying and were good.  --- No God Modeling, No killing or raping my character, no exceptions! We can discuss ideas but I will not have my character killed off. --- I so love picture comments or any kind of love. It really makes my day when I see a lot of notifications. If you do I will return the favor. --- When it comes to bulletins I really don't care how many you post, I also post a decent number of bulletins, mostly to keep people in the loop about stuff. If You don't like that then sorry about you, it's how I run my game.--- Love Crossovers; Spartacus, Games of Thorns, Rome, Immortals, 300, (anything ancient times movies/tv)--- I spoil my mains, I love making little gifts.--- No need to tell me to hurry up on the comments. Just have patience. RL>RP--- Time Zone: Pacific - So-Cal--- Roleplayed Xena since 2009 on Myspace days. Congrats you're almost done reading theses long ass rules now after the code word place your favorite quote of either Xena or Hercules if you're not in the then just any ancient times. Do not sign these rules with read and understood, there is a code word within these rules so if you read correctly shouldn't be a problem, as well as answering the following questions below. I.   State your favorite ancient times movie or television show. II.  State an interesting fact about your character. III. Why do you think we would have an epic story line, tell me in detail. These rules can change at any time if I desire it so.


07/21/2011 05: PM 

R u l e s.

NOTE: I am not, nor do I know, Georgie Henley. I use her to show to other writers what I believe Lucy to look like. Of course, her being in the films just made it easier. But regardless. I am not Georgie! And if you think I am... Why? oo1. I am a multi-para/novella roleplayer. What this means is that I do not write one liners. I won't respond to one liners, plain and simple. I like to write a story. While I do state I can do novella, sometimes I struggle. But never fear, I will always be able to handle doing multi-para.oo2. The Edits you find on my page and in my albums are edited all by me. Which means, do not steal my work. The layout I use was created by a rec site. You can find the credit on my page if you look hard enough.oo3. No godmodding, no automodding, frankly, no modding at all. Don't control me. Don't control Lucy. I can handle it pretty well myself, thanks.oo4. Delaying in replies/starters MAY happen.I have a very busy life in RL. I work Mon-Fri in the afternoon. I volunteer at a church on Wednesdays and I have a social life. Do not think I'm ignoring you, because I'm not. Real Life has a tight hold on me, but I'm trying to loosen the load so I can get back into writing once again.oo5. Stealing is a huge no-no for me. I will learn of it, and when I do, I will report and block you. End of story.Stated already in a previous rule. Just don't do it.oo6. Lucy will not be showing you the way into Narnia. Lucy isn't your guide. I'm opened to many connections, but Hogwarts is not one of them.Here's the thing. Sure, Lucy found Narnia in a wardrobe, but here's the thing. Lucy isn't your compass to Narnia. She can't just willingly take you there. I'm opened to other worlds entering Narnia (i.e Lord of The Rings for example) but don't assume she can show you to Narnia. I'm very opened, however, to some connections with Once Upon a Time roleplayers.oo7. Romantic relationships.Yes, they will happen. Lucy was seventeen in the last battle. She's grown up, she's opened to relationships. With that being said, I do enjoy myself some Caspian/Lucy. I am opened to Lucy/OC, but it has to be good. I won't write sex scenes. Thanks, but no thanks.oo8. No harming my girl.Lucy will not be the victim of your kidnapping, rape, or murder storyline. I simply won't do it. The only time I will accept kidnapping is if it's a good way for the storyline. Say Lucy got captured and has to break free, or something. But I will not victim my girl to Rape or Murder. That's just insane.oo9. Spelling and grammar.This is important to me! while I understand some people still might struggle (I, myself still do) please take the time to proof-read your starter/reply. I like to make sense of what I'm replying to.oo10. I'm a Narnia/Fantasy writer.Which means, obviously, that I will write with the general of Fantasy writers. Once Upon a Time, The Lord of the Rings, etc. I'm welcomed to Game of Thrones arc, if we can manage it and make it happen.oo11. Mains.I understand that, yes, mains are important. However, I don't easily make someone my mains. I like someone who understands their character. Who understands them and gets them and has fun writing them. Being fun out of character is always nice, too. At the moment (1.15.2016) I have one main and I am more than ready to welcome more.oo12. I roleplay both eras. Book and Film.I've read the books, I loved them. I've seen the movies, loved them just as much. If you want to write from anywhere, please don't be afraid to ask. I love writing both!oo13. Mature themes can and will happen.Now, I don't mean Lucy will swear like a sailor and strip, heavens no. But what I mean is, there could easily be blood and gore moments. Depressing moments. I do enjoy battles and writing them are so much fun. I don't mind swearing, but Lucy will not do it.oo14. Drama.In-Character drama? Yes! Let's go for it! Bring on the dramatic scenes and woes! Out-Of-Character drama? No, thank you. You can leave that at the door and don't bring it in with you. I've already dealt with drama before and I will not stay with it. Cause drama and I will disappear faster than you can type Aslan.oo15. I've been roleplaying Lucy since 2007. Yes. That's almost ten years of writing as Lucy. Now, I do not count myself as the original Lucy. I started back on MySpace and at one point, had my name set to "The Original Lucy Pevensie" due to the fact that old Lucys had disappeared and for awhile, I was the only active one. I later moved to SiteModel, becoming the first Lucy there. I then relocated to here, I was the first one created here, as well. As such, I do like to claim the title as the first Lu on SiteModel/RPM. But trust me on this, I think I'm sure I know how to write Lucy. She's a little part of me that's blossomed into something beautiful. Narnia/Lucy is a big part of me, I will not lose it. Keep to these terms and we'll get along nicely!


07/21/2011 05: PM 

Important: Hogwarts Students

Okay let's get a few things straight. The likely hood of managing to learn all you need to know to be able to attend Hogwarts from whatever age you please is zero to none. Albus Dumbledore is hardly likely to over look a young witch or wizard hence them receiving their acceptance letter at the age of eleven. Common sense alone tells you this. Young witches and wizards would be monitored from an early age to see if they would indeed turn out to be a squib, and if that were the case they would not receive their acceptance letter into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Occasionally a Muggle born displays the necessary talents to ensure their entrance into such a prestigious school for magical capabilities, which I might as is the only school within the UK. The Sorting Ceremony which takes place at the beginning of the new school year, ie. September 1st is important as the house the Sorting Hat sorts you into will be the house you will remain in for the remainder of you academic studies, you cannot change houses willy nilly and as you please, the sorting Hat's decision is final or every student would be claiming another House as their own because they preferred it over the one they were originally sorted into which in effect would cause more complications than necessary. The four House founders were the original ones to choose students based on their characteristics, of course as we know, when they were no longer capable of doing this it would have ended with them but they chose to find some means of sorting students into their house in the guise of the Sorting Hat. Given brains and the capability to think independently, the Sorting Hat was the thing to carry on the four founders' task of sorting the students on their FIRST day in their FIRST year.Now I've seen several people who have no given any thought to their character nor have they done the research to know that you would not be joining at some bizarre time in your life not to mention where exactly did you learn the skills you need to be able to attend Hogwarts for you exams pray tell? Most would certainly not have the skills required to be able to attend such important exams such as O.W.L's or N.E.W.T's. If you do not receive you're acceptance letter at the age of eleven you do not attend Hogwarts period. Hogwarts is not like a normal school in the Muggle world, where you can change schools halfway through you school term or at any point in your school life. In the Muggle world all students are learning the same thing at the same time, the same goes for home tutoring, you wouldn't be so lost if say, you were home tutored and suddenly you were forced to enter an academic place of study ie. a school, as you would already be at the same level as your peers. There is only ONE school for Witchcraft and Wizardry in the United Kingdom, which would mean you would not be at the same level as you peers were you to start at some obscure age. Children either have the magical talent required to enter Hogwarts or they don't there is no two ways about this, yes we see early displays of magic at the Quidditch Word Cup (in the book you gorms) where there was a small child who had managed to get hold of one of his fathers wand and enlarged a slug to the size of a salami and I quote: ''A tiny boy no older than two was crouched outside a large pyramid-shaped tent holding a wand and poking happily at a slug in the grass which was swelling slowly to the size of a salami''. Had he no magical capability nothing would have happened regardless of the fact he was in fact holding his fathers wand. This is an early display of magical talent which would ensure their entrance into Hogwarts were they living in this country (I say this country because I, personally, am in the United Kingdom), by the time he was eleven.Now the matter of underage wizardry would not allow a child to be in possession of a wand and performing, hexes, curses, or charms of any kind, as we already know in the Wizarding word not the Muggle, a child does not come of age until they are 17 years of age, meaning it would be illegal for them to perform any sort of magic outside of an academic environment, ie. Hogwarts. Instantly a letter from the Ministry of Magic would be sent to the offender and if it happened again which most certainly did in the case of Harry Potter, he was told he would shortly be having his wand snapped. It is ILLEGAL PERIOD there are no two ways about this. Now think logically for a moment. The only reason Harry managed to get out of this happening (if you remember more than just one person believed his was lying about Dementors roaming Little Whinging) was Albus Dumbledore stepped in and despite being booted form the International confed. of Wizards and various other councils as well as having his Order of Merlin First Class revoked, many still held his word as absolute hence them ruling that Harry would not have his wand snapped. Had Albus not stepped in when he did Harry would surely have had his wand snapped.Yes I have put much thought into this and weighed up the pros and cons before I carry on with my next subject in the matter, I have not only been consulting with a friend on this but several other people who also think the very same and agree there are too many complications with what I am next about to say.First off, should someone actually be academically at the level of say another of their peers (which again I will get to my point a little later on) the likely hood of Albus Dumbledore randomly whipping out the sorting hat and allowing a sorting to take place is zero. Yes you may receive you acceptance letter at the age of eleven but if you did not attend Hogwarts at that age you would not get in any later, the fact that when Harry first received his letter, the letter stated ''We await your owl by no later than July 31st''. I think it's a given stating if we do not hear from you there will be no attending of this school. Now the subject of home tutoring, I'm not saying it isn't possible what I'm saying is it isn't plausible. The Wizarding word is meant to be hidden, concealed from the likes of Muggles, now for the Ministry of Magic to grant one person the permission to teach their child at home would result in them having to hand out the same right to many people. You cannot give to one what you would not give to another, this would result in a lot of underage wizardry to take place. Hogwarts is the only school in the United Kingdom, on a logical level for this very reason. The Wizarding word would be revealed far more often to a Muggle if a child were allowed to be taught at home hence this never - or at the very least rarely - happening. What you give to one you must give to another and to do so would result in disaster. It doesn't matter how stern you are with a child they will still go against you wishes and perform illegal magics, aka underage magic, which would not only result in many children having their wands snapped. Remember you receive one warning and the next incident that occurs would result in wand snapping but far more of the Wizarding world would be revealed to the Muggle word and the Accidental Magical Reversal Department would never have a moment's peace. Not to mention it would not be called the accidental (note ACCIDENTAL, it implies that it isn't frequent which would happen if home tutoring came into effect) it wouldn't just be the odd incident but more than one and frequently, as I said is unfair to grant one child such a privilege and not allow the same for everyone else, it is biased and goes against not only everything the Ministry of Magic should stand for but also what Hogwarts stands for and would also put Hogwarts of business, what exactly would the point be in keeping a school open where no one attends? Like I have no stated several bloody times, Hogwarts is the only magical school in Britain for this very reason, it is meant to be concealed from the Muggle word and certain precautions are taken to prevent this from bloody well happening. Before you come up with a custom character sit down and actually thing it through, don't just go with it because it sounds 'cool' or it's 'hip'. The magical world is meant to be concealed from the Muggle hence there being a school SPECIFICALLY designed for this very purpose.You grant one child that privilege you MUST grant them all or there would be uproar and to grant all this right would result in the Wizarding Community world no longer being concealed from the Muggle world, and to grant all this privilege would put and end to the Wizarding world in terms of concealment which is what they struggle for. You cannot grant to one what you will not grant to another.

Major General Hank Landry

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A few things to know about General Landry......
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Hank Landry is a career military officer in the United States Air Force and the current commanding officer of Stargate Command. Divorced after twelve years of marriage, he has one daughter, Carolyn Lam.Comprehensive Character BiographyLittle is known about Landry's early life, though he mentions having a grandmother with strong religious convictions (9.03 "Origin Part 3"). He was a "big boy" in his youth, and is still extremely sensitive when anyone makes "fat jokes" within his hearing (10.05 "Uninvited"). A career military man, Landry toured in Vietnam. He was flying air support out of Bien Hoa. On one occasion, his aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft artillery in the left engine and he had to eject. He ended up landing somewhere near the Laotian border, well north of the DMZ and injured his knee severely. "I was lost, bleeding badly, no food, no radio. Half a battalion of North Vietnamese regulars were combing the jungle looking for me." They tracked him day and night for eight days before he finally reached safety. Ever since that experience of being the hunted, he has had no desire to engage in hunting as a sporting activity. Around this period (based on the age of his daughter), he married a woman, Kim Lam. They had one child, Carolyn. After twelve years of marriage, Hank and Kim divorced (10.18 "Family Ties"). The divorce was apparently acrimonious, and Carolyn held a great deal of resentment towards her father for putting work above family all her life. Her animosity was palpable when when she became Chief Medical Officer at the SGC under him (9.01 "Avalon Part 1"). After the divorce, Landry remained in the Air Force, rising through the ranks until reaching Major General. During some point in his career, he established a relationship with Jack O'Neill. Landry visited Jack's cabin with him at least once, when a black bear invaded the kitchen (10.05 "Uninvited"). Jack felt comfortable to allow Hank to use his cabin in his absence along with the new incarnation of SG-1, including probationary SGC member Vala Mal Doran. Jack O'Neill hand-picked Hank Landry to be his successor as head of Stargate Command, and later visited him at his home where the two played chess (9.01 "Avalon Part 1"). Hank Landry was astonished when Gen. Jack O'Neill came to Hank's home and revealed the existence of the Stargate program to him, and further asked him to become Jack's replacement as commander of the SGC while Gen. O'Neill was promoted and sent to Washington, D.C. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1"). Hank accepted. Although still getting used to dealing with aliens and alien technology and the well oiled machine of the SGC personnel, Hank rose to the challenge. As leader of the SGC, Hank has had first-hand experience in the perils of leading a front-line intergalactic facility. He has encountered alternate dimensions and alternate realities (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle", 10.05 "Uninvited", and 9.13 "Ripple Effect"). He appeared amused when Samantha Carter returned from an alternate universe to report he was President of the United States there (10.16 "Bad Guys"). He has experienced foothold situation when Ba'al clones escaped custody (10.04 "Insiders"). Off-world, he was driven to first-hand contact with a Prior and exposed to the plague ravaging Earth (9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2"). Only through the intercession of Gerak were he and others saved. He has dealt with intergalactic crises in the Pegasus Galaxy (Stargate Atlantis), and the loss of Earth's interstellar vessels Korolev and Prometheus (10.01 "Flesh and Blood", 9.14 "Ethon"). A Different Kind of Commander Landry has a very dry sense of humor and a no-nonsense commanding style. Landry tends to become extremely gruff and demanding of his subordinates, to throw them off their game and test them; his technique of "yelling at people" was difficult at the SGC because as he pointed out to Lt. Col. Mitchell, everyone was so good at their jobs (9.01 "Avalon Part 1"). He has appeared impatient during long winded technical explanations of Dr. Daniel Jackson (9.01 "Avalon Part 1", 9.02 "Avalon Part 2"), Lt. Col. Samantha Carter (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1", 9.13 "Ripple Effect") and Bill Lee (9.17 "The Scourge", SGA 3.11 "The Return Part 2"). However, he has also appeared to absorb the knowledge they give and to respect their advice, such as when he had already accepted Daniel Jackson's arguments to explore the Ancient technology from Avalon more, or demanded Jack send Lt. Col. Carter back to the SGC to help them (9.02 "Avalon Part 2", 9.06 "Beachhead"). Despite his at times seemingly callous approach, Landry appears to genuinely care for the people under his command. His concern takes the form of barking impatient anger, such as when Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran were under the control of the Ancient Communication Device (9.03 "Origin") or when Cameron Mitchell was accused of murdering a native on another planet (9.12 "Collateral Damage"). Later, he was no-nonsense and interrogated the imprisoned Goa'uld Nerus directly when SG-1 went missing and Stargates started disappearing throughout the galaxy (9.16 "Off the Grid"). He was extremely frustrated and worried at the loss of the Odyssey and her crew when they were hijacked by the Lucian Alliance (10.09 "Company of Thieves"). Carolyn was visibly concerned for her father when he was working himself to exhaustion while worried about so many of the SGC personnel taken by the plague (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1"). When Teal'c was kidnapped, he ordered several teams on a difficult rescue mission because Teal'c was "family", and they don't forsake family (9.14 "Stronghold"). However, he gave Cameron Mitchell leave to be with a dying friend and not be part of the mission, and even pulled strings to allow Col. Mitchell access to the Galaran Memory Device (9.14 "Stronghold"). Although he will do whatever he can for his people, Landry is a military man, and as such will follow orders, even those he finds distasteful. He went to Washington, D.C. under Jack O'Neill's orders to appeal directly to the head of the Senate Appropriations Committee (9.04 "The Ties That Bind"). He disagreed with the IOA's meddling in the Khalek situation, but for a long time, followed their counsel (9.09 "Prototype"). He was quick to enact the protocol to stop the R-75 Prior Bug from escaping the Gamma Site after the last reports showed they had overtaken the base, though he appeared very concerned for the fate of all those there (9.17 "The Scourge"). He allowed Martin Lloyd into the SGC and access to SG-1 under the Pentagon's (and Jack O'Neill's) orders it would provide plausible deniability to the program (10.06 "200"). This does not mean Landry neglects his principles. Eventually he took the safety of the base as paramount and refused the IOA advice and if necessary their funds in order to remove Khalek (9.09 "Prototype"). Although moved by Dr. Janet Fraiser's speech, Landry still held the concerns of this universe paramount to others, including Dr. Fraiser's alternate, as well as concern to prevent teams from more universes from seeping through (9.13 "Ripple Effect"). Even in minor things, he tried to get SG-1 out of producer Martin Lloyd's clutches a few minutes after the meeting began, but their escape was foiled by a non-working Stargate (10.06 "200"). He vehemently voiced his opposition to Mr. Woolsey's recommendation to execute Daniel Jackson when he was retaken from the Ori and appeared a Prior, and later worked with Jack O'Neill to convince Woolsey to take other measures (10.14 "The Shroud"). When ordered from above to play ball with Ark'ad, and to prevent Teal'c from taking action against the suspected terrorist, Landry followed the letter of the orders and ordered SG-1 and another team to stop Teal'c by whatever means necessary (10.17 "Talion"). Later, Hank turned a blind eye to the suspicious mission report SG-1 turned in when they returned with Ark'ad dead and Teal'c critically injured, though he noted the report might be tough for the IOA to swallow. In negotiations, General Landry tends to like to deal directly with the leaders of other groups, both of his allies and his enemies. When Teal'c described the newly elected leader of the Free Jaffa Nation, Hank asked him to set up a meeting (9.03 "Origin"). He met with Gerak and tried to bond with the Jaffa by exchanging stories and quotes. He dealt directly with the Goa'uld Nerus when Nerus arrived with intelligence regarding the Ori, although he did not trust the gluttonous Goa'uld (9.06 "Beachhead"). When Earth was threatened by a pandemic plague, Landry went offworld to directly confront the captured Prior who had started it (9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2"). Planning ahead, he discussed options with the descended Ancient Orlin, who accompanied him to P9G-844. When Russia tried to blackmail the US and SGC regarding the lease of the Stargate program, Gen. Landry directly dealt with Col. Chekov with a no-nonsense approach (9.19 "Crusade"). After Gerak's death and relationships were once again tenuous between the Free Jaffa Nation and Earth, General Landry requested Bra'tac set up a meeting with the new leader to try and reestablish diplomatic relations (10.07 "Counterstrike"). When Odyssey was hijacked by members of the Lucian Alliance, Landry ordered word be sent out that he wanted to speak directly to the leader of the Lucian Alliance about this criminal act (10.09 "Company of Thieves"). He also met face to face with the charismatic and duplicitous Jaffa leader Ark'ad (10.17 "Talion"). Finally, when the Asgard requested an urgent and important summit on Orilla, General Landry commanded the Odyssey on its voyage to the Asgard homeworld (10.20 "Unending"). Carolyn Lam A career officer, Landry spent most of his time away from home, which put a strain on his personal life. He eventually divorced after twelve years of marriage and was estranged from his daughter Carolyn (10.18 "Family Ties", 9.01 "Avalon Part 1" et seq.). Based upon how he often spoke about his "daughter", it appears Carolyn is Landry's only child. Carolyn considered her father an absentee figure in her life, and was very resentful when she belatedly discovered her superior in her new position of Chief Medical Officer of the SGC was her father (9.01 "Avalon Part 1"). Hank however tried to take advantage of this new contact with Carolyn to reestablish relations, and they began to grow closer. He surprised her by showing his obvious pride and confidence in her abilities when she went with a hazmat team to help the population of P8X-412 with an unknown disease (9.05 "The Powers That Be"). Later during that mission, he teased her in his dry way as a way of raising her morale by saying "hey, you wanted to be a doctor." (9.05 "The Powers That Be"). Later, when Landry's spirits were low from dealing with command of the base during the pandemic on Earth, Lam echoed her father's teasing by noting "he wanted to be a general;" he smiled in response (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1"). When Carolyn almost lost her father to the pandemic plague, she tearily confessed she now understood the difficulties he had faced in juggling work and family now that she could not confide to her mother the true nature of the plague or even her father's condition (9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2"). After Landry's brush with death, all acrimony between he and Carolyn had apparently ceased. Eventually, Hank approached Carolyn to seek her advice as the best way to reestablish contact with his ex-wife, Kim (10.18 "Family Ties"). At this time, they had not spoken in over five years. Though surprised, Carolyn was willing to provide counsel and even set up a meeting between the pair. Hank was noticeably nervous at meeting Kim Lam again, and obviously still had affection for her by his expressions during their reunion. Hobbies and Expressions Landry enjoys playing chess and has spent time playing with General Jack O'Neill (9.01 "Avalon Part 1"). Because of his experience being hunted by the enemy in the Vietnam conflict, Landry had never enjoyed hunting wildlife as a hobby, at least not with a weapon (10.05 "Uninvited"). Instead, Landry is an avid bird watcher and enjoyed spending his time doing that while at Jack O'Neill's cabin. He also joined SG-1 in playing poker while the team was with him at O'Neill's cabin (10.05 "Uninvited"). He also enjoys gardening and has quite the green thumb when he has the time to devote to it (10.20 "Unending"). Landry has a large black dog, possibly a Labrador, and his home in Colorado Springs is very rustic (9.01 "Avalon Part 1"). Landry is a student of military history and enjoys quoting great military minds (9.01 "Avalon Part 1", 9.03 "Origin Part 3", etc.). He also apparently enjoys watching Dr. Phil, and will quote him on occasion as well (10.07 "Counterstrike"). Landry enjoys drinking coffee, and while off-duty, beer

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Whore Codes

Whore CodesInstructions for using our whore codes:1. click the  button above the text area2. paste the code into the text area and click the  button that is above the text area3. Post the bulletin! (: Poof You're done!*NOTE: Top codes are for ITT<center><a href="" target="_blank"> <img src=""></a><br><font size="3" face="Georgia">Into the Twilight isn't an RPG it is a Directory.<br>Here you can find:<br></font><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">☽</span> <font size="3" face="Georgia">Twilight characters<br></font><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">☽</span> <font size="3" face="Georgia">Twilight-verse Rpgs (both canon and au)<br></font><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">☽</span> <font size="3" face="Georgia">links to Premades sites that offer Twilight Premades.<br>and getting listed is simple!</font><br><font style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);" size="3" face="Georgia" color="664432">Enter the Twilight</font><br><a href="" target="_blank">click to view</a></center>*reduced in size to fit this blog.<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a><br><font size="3" face="georgia">Easy to Maneuver Page<br>& Getting Listed Is Simple!<br>Click Here to <a href="" target="_blank">Add</a><br>or Click the picture to view site.</font></center>

Raven DeLionCourt

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rp rules so plz read,acknowledge,and abide

i shall roleplay my character raven anne de lioncourt{nee bathory} as i see fit to do so,as i have been roleplaying as raven anne de lioncourt {nee bathory} sense 2005 on myspace, iam not the person  that you see in any of my pictures nor do i claim to be her in any way shape or form either,iam only using pictures of this person for roleplaying purposes only and nothing more. my roleplay character raven is deeply in love and married to her beloved husband {lestat de lioncourt,from myspace,who i have been with sense 2005} iam a independent roleplayer. iam a semi para,para roleplayer only. i only roleplay in comments and blogs as messages are for ooc{out of character only} i will not be adding no other lestat de lioncourt's. i rp from the victorian  era to the present day.{ supernatural,crime} iam not going to be adding any one that is under the age of 21+ on my page{very selective adder} {Literate} i will not in any way shape or form tolearate any rl or rp drama,cause any drama for me or drag me into any drama what's so ever and i shall delete you and block you from my page with out any questions asked. i will not have my character killed,raped,tortured etc in any storylines. no telling me what to say or do as iam more then capable to speak and also think for myself. no sexual content in any storylines. {iam totaly faithful to my beloved husband lestat} no dam one liners unless there really totaly called for. if you dont like who or what iam then dont bothering adding me simple as if you have got any problems with me at all then come straight to me,dont go bitching and back stabbing me to others. please make sure that you read and sign my role play and page rules before you even think about roleplaying with me. raven anne bathory de lioncourt


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Falcon's Powers/Treasures

Here are Falcon's powers, and other relevant things.Normal powersElements: Falcon's powers first and foremost are his power over four elements; fire, lighting, earth, and plant life. He can manipulate anything related to these things. These are his go to powers for offense and strategy.True form: When Falcon changes to his true form he becomes a dragon twice his original size. Aside from that at any moment he can change his hands or feet into dragon claws, as well as sprouting wings or any other part of his true form at will without activating his true form .Divine wind (only in True Form): The Divine wind is a power not found in any other of Falcon's world. His roar is built up into a massive wave of sound, cracking most solid structures, and able to break the ear drums of anywhere near him and disable everyone else.Powers given to/stolen by FalconMagic: Falcon has been lightly trained in magic over his many years of life, however his knowledge of the subject is mostly academic. He has focused mostly on healing magic and can perform healing spells to others, and heal most injuries to himself if done quick enough, but it is rare to see him use these powers.Atomic energy: When Falcon signed up for a four man team to fight a monster threat, he was given control over atomic energy. This can manifest in two different ways; he can either power vast objects, or release a large amount of energy in the form of an atomic explosion. This power has turned out to be a curse rather then a blessing, as using too much energy at once can kill him and has in the past.ItemsElders List: The elder list is a book containing knowledge of every item of power on Earth. He discovered it on a lost planet and has now made it his hobby to coming to Earth every so often to find one of these items.F.S.S Krystal: Falcon's flag ship, capable of warp speeds and armed to the teeth with guns on all sides to give a constant wave of fire. Outside of that it it usually the first ship to get outfitted with crazy weapons as Falcon likes this ship the most as a tester. It is Falcon's main mode of space travel as well as a go to for shock and awe combat. When he is desperate for a win in a fight or an escape, expect the Krystal to make an appearance in combat with Falcon.

*The Original* George Weasley

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Georgie's Guidelines

I am not Oliver Phelps, do not claim to be. Nor am I George Weasley, he's a fictional character. I am just a roleplayer, and do this solely for entertainment purposes. 1.) I am a para/multi-para  rper. Please don't send me one liners, they tend to get boring. I have no problem with them if we are just chatting and goofing off. During role play I would appreciate the same in return, if I take the time to write out one or two paragraphs at least try and send back the same. Nothing is more insulting than spending ten to fifteen minutes or more doing a rather good reply/starter and getting a dismal one in return.2.) Please use English.. and try to use quotation marks when speaking. If I can't make out what your saying I will not answer you. Please use third or second person, first person annoys me. And NO text talk..3.)I am not a MSRP. I will not have more than one girlfriend. I will rp with you but I will not form a romantic relationship with you. I may shag you if I'm single, but that's about it. I will not rush into a relationship, I want to rp with the person and see if we click. If and when I choose a girl, she will be my only and I will not cheat and expect the same in return. Would prefer a Katie Bell or Verity (as long as playbys are a curvy pretty blond)4.) I am an adult rp, so there will be adult themes in my rps. Including Sex, alcohol, swearing. If any of this offends you, please message me and I will try and keep it out of our rp. With that said do not hack my comments, you may see the above and I don't want to hear you bitch. This is your warning.5.)I only rp in comments, messages are for ooc stuff. Please don't comment me or message me asking if I want to rp. Please just send a starter, for I'm not the best at them, but will try if I have too. A side note, I will not go too ooc with you. Theres only a select few I will. I do have aim, I will give it to those that wish. But DO NOT im me with petty shit and to entertain you, I WILL NOT drop everything to be your personal 'court jester'.6.) Drama.. please keep ooc drama away from me. I don't want to hear it, I'm here to have fun not get depressed (again only my close mates I'll deal with this.). Drama in rp is fine as long as it isn't too over the top. 7.)Picture comments, whore for whore, ect.. I will do just let me know. I do get behind so if I forget message me and remind me nicely and I will get to it.8.) I do not like rp that Fred dies, that is depressing. And please before sending me a Deathly Hallows starters message me to discuss it first. I will Rp that I lost an ear.If you've read these, sign with "George is more wicked than Fred." and your favorite WWW product. That's all I can think of, I'll add more as I think of them.

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