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𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐤𝐥𝐞𝐢𝐧.

01/09/2022 10:14 PM 

Grief & Anger.

"Sonny..." He starts. He knows he's crossed a line. Doesn't she know he loved April too? They all grew up together! He was hurting too. Sometimes she let her grief seem unsurmountable; Like no one could hurt like she was hurting. Then again, he couldn't blame her for feeling that way. April Harper's death had simply been the trigger point in a domino effect of downfalls in Sonny Klein's life. The death of her best friend had led to her father accusing the wrong influential figure in town, which led to him losing his job as a detective. When he lost his job and turned to being a private detective to make ends meet; Sonny's mother left the family and no one had heard much from her since. No, he really couldn't blame her for being angry.A frustrated sigh falls from his lips. "I just want to see you smile again. You always seem a million miles away. Like you're..." He stops. Maybe he should quit while he's ahead."Like I'm what? Say it."Another frustrated sigh follows. "Like you're thinking of what it would be like if she was still here. Like you're stuck back there... In that night."It's an emotional punch to Sonny's gut. He knows her too well, and she can't help but feel bewildered by this in the moment. He's right. She does do that, sometimes. She can't help herself. She doesn't want to forget her beloved friend. She can't help but feel a sense of guilt in April's tragic loss. She turns away, folding her arms to get ahold of herself before she turns back to her friend. "You know what? I gotta go. I forgot about that..." She furrows her brow, eyes meeting his briefly. Is it even worth trying to come up with a lie? She feels too burnt out to even be bothered. Is this what the rest of their lives would look like? "...F*** it," She added under her breath as she walked away."Sonny! Sonny, come on... I'm just trying to be honest with you..." He started, knowing it was no use. Sonny Klein was one stubborn young woman. He knew she'd had it in her head that she would be the one to solve April's case ever since the morning after senior prom when they'd all been informed of her murder.Nothing much had changed in the three years since.

solo, character study, crime, sonny came home

deαd Mαɴ Wαlĸιɴɢ

01/09/2022 07:43 PM 

Owes o1.o9.22

STARTERSo/oREPLIESⲚⲓⳋⲏⲧⲓⲛⳋⲇⳑⲉINTROSo/oDRABBLES"Ouch that must have hurt"/"I've been through worse" -- Oρtimistiᥴ Pᥱssimist"I thought you didn't want me?" -- 𝐃𝐄𝐅𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐑𝐞𝐝"I can't stay away from you."  -- ♛Ƈσяρѕє;"Waller can kiss my ass." -- 🇺🇸 W A Y L O N 🐊PROMPTSAll Drunk ConfessionsDISCUSSIONSo/o


01/09/2022 04:05 PM 


  TYLER RICHARD BELINSKI - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - date of birth | age: april 23rd, 2000. | twenty-one (21) years old.age appearance: he matches his age appearance, although, at times, he's been told he looks slightly | gender: male | male, adhering to traditional 'masculine' roles found in society.sexuality: undecided, however, he identifies as heterosexual.relationship status: single.birth place: itacha, new york.current residence: los angeles, california.race: caucasianethnicity | nationality: british, german. | american. 

ᴅᴏᴄᴛᴏʀ ᴏʀɪᴏɴ

01/09/2022 01:01 PM 

Shy's World

Shy over narration:  I'm baaack, this is Shy's World and you're just living in it"Meet Rasheda DeBose; I've known her since college and kept in touch mostly because I've admired her work ethic. she's in New York visiting, or on the run..I truly I believe. She wants to open up a plastic surgeon office with my money, so its only right I make the bitch work for it."Why do you have a bat walking into my office?" Shy asked obviously confused. "Well your security, I mean fiancee, I mean finacee aint here, so I figured you'd need protection. When can I also get paid?" Shy rolled her eyes. "Can you get me a coffee?" Shy asked flipping through paperwork. "You dont even drink coffee, I'm out I been kicked out of better places."  So its no secret that me and Tuck are at odds right now. After footage of us arguing went viral, he decided to get some milk and never came back. I would love to get a break as well, not work for a few days, ignore the kids..but how does that TikTok sound go? Oh... Bitch, I'm a mother!" Producer: What was the argument about?Shy sighed and rolled her eyes, thinking where to start. "The bar does have success because me of me!" Shy wished she never said it, it caused a whole argument she wasn't prepared for. Tuck should have known, she said it out of frustration but there was no taking it back." Really? We're goin' there? Ralph Preston Sr built that damn bar with his blood sweat and tears and his son has carried on that legacy and hell I've put in an eternity of hours there long before any show came along but sure it's all you! All about you, Shy!" Everything is! That bar survived before the show and it will survive long after!""I'm the problem. We argued because I want my way, when I want it. Tuck knew what he was getting himself into when we met. He had plenty of oppurtunities to leave, if the kitchen was getting too hot. But Tuck likes a challege, and he likes strong women. The f*** I look like changing now?" "You got this elitist sh*t thinking you're just better than me... well maybe you're smarter! Maybe you're more educated, maybe you're talented at a lot of sh*t but that don't mean you're above me. I've busted my ass my whole life, I've dealt with a lot of sh*t and paid my dues, and sh*t yeah I've had a big leg up thanks to you but I was survivin' before too!" "Well what we were fightin' about I think should stay between us. But it got really heated. It was probably... well no, it was definitely the worst fight we'd ever had. We both said some things we regret. And things were so heated I wasn't sure what to do so I thought, maybe we both need a couple of days to cool down. In hindsight, it was wrong of me to straight up leave the house with backpack. I've still got responsibilities and a family at home at the end of the day. Nobody gets a handbook on how to be a good father or husband but... I definitely f***ed that one up pretty badly.""But the show must go on right? And yall nosey muthaf***as wanna see me get married. So I invited my girls, Chima and Xander to go dress shopping with me. I found a black owned botique with numerous wine choices; and who knows maybe the bridesmaids could find a dress they liked to."  “You’ve got two potential wedding singers in your presence and not one of us got a booking invitation yet.” Mailbox empty, emails cleared; a good while had passed since the news of the engagement dropped. Slightly concerning as Shy was the type to get business over and done with before it became a chore. Or at least that was what Beyoncé wanted to believe. Shy sighed and looked at girls as she tried on a dress that hugged her curves perfectly. It wasnt a traditonal dress, but she liked it. "Ladies..there isnt going to be a wedding. Tuck and I are in this weird place right now, and I refuse to even plan it. I just wanted another day with you guys... and to drink and be pretty." she said being vulnerable.Producer: "You expected this, right?"Her face said everything on her mind before her words did. Chima laughing, rolling her eyes. "If I'm being real, I'm shocked it lasted as long as it did." Crossing her arms, she had this look that was a mixture of amusement and tired. "Like Shy and I have had our little spats, but I know her. She's my girl, and I love her to death, but... sometimes she gets wrapped up in her career and statistics. She gets scared. On some like Being Mary Jane type sh*t. And she just dates these... bums."The producer pausing to clarify Chima's comments. "Like not calling Tuck a bum, but he kind of was. He was dating above his pay grade. Yall remember that show Married to Millions? It was giving that energy. Plus look at him and look at her." She scoffed, trying not to be too rude. But this was the confessional, right? "I just think my girl can do better. I'm of the firm belief that some men don't know what to do when they get a baddie. They get inconsistent. Boring. Well, I mean... He was always boring, but still."  "What?!  I thought things were going well.  What happened?  You know got you, I can send some malware to his phones and computer if he broke your heart." Producer: what were your thoughts on the news? "I've had the privilege of knowing my soul sista, Shy for over a year now.   She was one of the first friends I made when I moved to New York.   She has been an inspiration to a friend and business woman.Yes, I was taken back when she said there was going to be no wedding.  I thought she and Tuck were doing great.  They were one of those couples that I considered Couple Goals but I guess you never know what's going on behind closed doors."So obviosuly some time has passed since I saw my girls. Tuck did end up returning back home with a black eye... and it kind of put some things in perspective for me. We still have alot to figure out. We still want to be together that will never change but... I get where he's coming from. Sometimes us women like to vent, gossip or just talk our sh*t and dont think of the consequences. I confided in my friends when we were at odds and ofcourse they had my back. We were on the "f*** tuck" train-Gross...well you get it. They didnt like him after some things that I said. So even though me and him are on good terms, there's still some bad blood there.  So, I'd like to publically apologize to Tuck... he didnt deserve me bad mouthing him, even if he got his ass kicked in a bar."


01/09/2022 02:47 PM 


byron's POV. He’s been doing this so long, it’s almost monotonous after awhile; many aspiring contestants even bring the same songs to the table, but occasionally, a few really special ones will stand out. Whether they stand out in a good way or a bad way is always up in the air, but it’s a part of the job; Byron doesn’t think anyone is incapable, just inexperienced. If the drive is there, that’s what’s important as far as he’s concerned. When Casey Caverly walks through the door, he can see that drive, the fire that comes with many years of being knocked down and pulling yourself back up. The fire that comes when the odds are stacked against you. Troubled kid, living in his car, rolling in with ripped up clothes and a split in his lower lip. According to the first round of notes, he’d admitted to a drunken fight — an interesting admission for an eighteen year-old kid, but he’d apparently impressed the panel so much with his performance that they’d looked past it. For that reason, he chooses to look past it too. “Good morning.” He breaks the ice as Casey comes to stand in the middle of the platform. Second round auditions are a little bigger than the conference rooms, a little more dressed up, but still not the real deal. By the look on the kid’s face, it’s still a jarring change, his eyes darting back and forth to take everything in. “Casey, right?” He prods. Casey had been distracted with his guitar strap, but suddenly becomes aware of himself, shaking his head as he comes up to the mic stand. “Uh, yeah — yes. Awesome meeting you.” He doesn’t look like he’s ever been on a stage before, the way he shuffles around, tries to busy his hands. That’ll be his biggest hurdle; stage fright. “Thanks for coming. The first panel was very impressed with you — you played your own song, is that right?” He’s seen the videos already, but Byron likes to give everyone a chance to talk about themselves. Casey laughs a little, then rolls his eyes, as if he regrets the decision, running his fingers through his hair. “Ch'yeah. I’m actually surprised you’re seeing me right now, now that you say that,” he jokes. “Oh?” The other judges look around at each other, but Byron remains focused on Casey. “You know, they really held you in high regard, Casey Caverly, and so do we because of that. We believe in you. You have to believe in you too or you won’t make it very far here.” Casey’s eyes shoot open, but not in an affronted way nor a fearful way. He seems surprised, confused even; head tipped to the side, eyebrows knit together. Almost like no one’s ever told him that before. That’ll be his second biggest hurdle. Byron finally offers a smile. “Keep that chin up, okay? Let’s hear what you can do. As if he’s finally been kicked into high gear, he clears his throat and gets himself more settled on the stage. When it comes to taking advice, he looks more like he’s been scolded than reassured, but when he makes it back to the mic stand, he’s finally smiling too. “Thank you. Truly.”


01/09/2022 02:47 PM 

expectation vs. reality tv. 3

CW :: underage drinking, drug addictiona collaboration with myself, jacob and cece! JORDAN: I gotta say, it’s a little weird seeing you guys together finally. JACOB: [ laughs ] It was weird for us, being apart! JORDAN: Do you guys usually do interviews together? CECILIA: We try to as much as possible [ laughs ] And lucky for us a lot of people do ask for us to do them together. Honestly we are pretty much together all the time. Like Jacob said it's weird for us to be apart.  You know he is my best friend and I want to be near him. [ smiles and hugs Jacob's arm ] JORDAN: How did you two meet? JACOB: Her mom was a guest judge on Talent! for one week, and she brought Cece and her little sister to the taping so they could see the set and stuff. After we met we just started hanging out all the time. Sometimes it’d be just the two of us, but sometimes I’d invite her out with me and the cast for after parties and stuff, ‘cuz we used to do that. JORDAN: Adam was usually there, wasn’t he? JACOB: Oh, yeah. Adam Ballinger was born on July 10th, 1983, to television producer Anthony Ballinger and his wife Julia, who had her own career as an actress. By all accounts, Anthony and Julia were great parents, though they did have the tendency to spoil Adam and the rest of their children. This caused problems with Adam in his teenage years, because he was able to get away with just about anything. By the time he was in high school, he had developed a drinking problem. With Anthony and Julia constantly there to bail him out, it didn’t seem like he ever learned much when his drinking would get him into trouble. The only time his father stepped in was in 2008 when Adam had ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. At that time, Anthony was working on a deal with All Star Network to become the new executive producer of several competition reality shows on the network — Talent! of course being one of them. In an attempt to get his son to clean up, he struck a deal with him that he could take over creative direction for Talent! so long as he kept himself in check. Needless to say… Adam didn’t hold up his end of the bargain. JACOB: The very first time I went to one of those cast parties, I invited Cece to come out with us. JACOB: Next thing I know, he starts pouring shots for all of us. CECILIA: Let me tell you, those parties were crazy! It was almost like a scene out of a movie or something with people pouring shots, the music was loud and people talking in corners about God knows what. [ laughs ] JORDAN: How old were all of you? JACOB: Truth be told, most of the cast was anywhere between like…seventeen and twenty. There were only a handful of people over twenty-one, but that didn’t matter to him. If you could see over the table, you were drinking, as far as he was concerned. JORDAN: Did you guys get involved? CECILIA: I had one drink, usually. I never wanted to get drunk because then I couldn't keep an eye on Jacob, Casey and Isaiah. They joke I am the band mom because I am always like on high alert with that kind of thing. JACOB: When Cece was there, I would usually only have one, too. I was trying to make a good impression. [ laughs ] But when I was by myself, it was a lot more. It got to a point where he’d start offering me drinks in the dressing room before we’d start filming ‘cuz I always ‘seemed nervous.’ JACOB: That’s actually when it all started going downhill for me. Once I started to rely on that, I couldn’t stop. CASEY: That’s what he would do, dude, I hated that about him. ISAIAH: Well, he didn’t really like you all that much either. [ laughs ] CASEY: Yeah, no… CASEY: What they don’t tell you about Talent! is there’s like three auditions you do have to go through before you’re ever on TV. And that’s where you do get to meet some of the producers that work on the show, before you actually meet like… the celebrity panel. ISAIAH: Yeah, and they make comments about you the entire time you’re performing. It’s really distracting. I remember after watching Jacob’s — CASEY: Right, because you have to do yours in front of everyone else! ISAIAH: Yeah, exactly. And after watching them kind’a talk all the way through Jacob’s, I remember being almost like — pissed. I was like, ‘did they really do that to a fifteen year old kid?’ CASEY: I didn’t want them to do that to me. CASEY: When I went up there to perform, I noticed they didn’t say anything really during mine. Or like… someone sitting there wouldn’t really LET Adam chime in and say anything. And I’m like ‘well, this is pretty weird,’ you know? The first person to say anything after I was done was that same girl — the one that wouldn’t let Adam interrupt me? It turns out, that was Adam’s wife. JORDAN: Was her crush subtle? ISAIAH: Not at ALL. [ laughs ] CASEY: To me, it was. But after we left the show, and were kinda doing our own thing, she came up again and Isaiah was like ‘you know she had the biggest crush on you, right?’ I really had no idea. ISAIAH: It set off the entire mood for the way Adam and Casey’s relationship ended up going. CASEY: Adam was there that night, when they kicked me off. He was a part of the big ‘what to do with Casey’ meeting. He didn’t do anything besides that. I really thought I was about to die, and no one did anything. JORDAN: What happened that night? I know fans were really thrown off by the whole thing. CASEY: Yeah, the way they played it off on TV was super weird. Obviously they cut a lot of what actually happened out, but I can remember people being like ‘hey, shut the camera off, he’s gonna pass out.’ Basically, what happened was like… here I am, living in my car, kinda fending for myself. I haven’t eaten in days, right? And on top of that, I’ve not only been doing drugs and drinking with my friends, but every time I come to staff parties or whatever, I do it even more. I think my body just kinda had enough, it really just gave out. I remember waking up that day being like ‘I don’t know how I’m even gonna get to the studio’ and by the time I did get there, I just collapsed in the hallway in front of everyone. They let me off for that night and the next night was when they sent me home. JORDAN: Do you regret it? CASEY: Oh yeah, of course. You never wanna be ‘that guy’ but I think I more regret how I handled it in the moment. They weren’t rude about it at all, it was an obvious reason, but I totally went off on them. I wish I hadn’t done that, even though Byron and I are obviously okay now. JORDAN: Went off on them? [ laughs ] CASEY: Yeah, like, full on yelling. They asked me to perform one final time and I totally lost it and kinda stormed out. JORDAN: So, how did they rationalize that when they were giving your younger brother alcohol? [ laughs ] JACOB: Oh, they didn’t care as long as you weren’t interrupting the show. Casey interrupted the show, so... CASEY: I was no longer profitable. Since the early seasons of Talent!, the judging panel has been a revolving door of big-name celebrities. One thing remained constant though, was the presence of Byron James. The legendary producer who instantly became the voice of reason against all the chaos in Talent!. JACOB: It’s so surreal, meeting someone you’ve admired ever since you first got into music, you know? CASEY: He helped me so much. It’s really cliche, but I really feel like Byron is kinda the father figure I never really had, you know? He was the only person besides these two that I really trusted on the show. CASEY: It’s really cliche, but I really feel like Byron is kinda the father figure I never really had, you know? He was the only person besides these two that I really trusted on the show. BYRON: Hi, I’m Byron James, I’m the owner of Absolute Records. I’ve worked with every act from Gadget — BYRON: To of course Katie and Andrew Fletcher — BYRON: I’ve worked with Allison Ryder, Alexa Cole, Dash Compton… JORDAN: So you’ve worked with a little bit of everybody. [ laughs ] BYRON: A little bit of everybody, yeah. [ laughs ] When you work in the industry for a long time, you see pretty much no shortage of talent, but I will say… when I met Casey, Isaiah, and Jacob, I really was blown away. JORDAN: What was your first impressions — I mean obviously, you met them all kind of separately, so what was that like? BYRON: You know, the first thing I noticed about Casey is… even though it was kind of evident he was a bit more unseasoned, there was this passion for the art and dedication to — not necessarily delivering the most technically sound performance, but a performance we would never forget because there was just so much heart behind it. You know, you can’t really ‘teach’ someone to LOVE what they’re doing that much. You can’t teach them to eat, live, and breathe music. That’s something special to find, and I saw it right away in Casey. BYRON: With Jacob, it was a totally different story. You could tell he had a very strong technical base. I knew pretty quickly that was someone who practiced every day, with a teacher or a vocal coach, but there was still uh…. you know, an evident lack of experience in terms of performing in front of large audiences. What captivated me about his very first performance was just that there was this vulnerability, and sort of this truthfulness when he sang. It wasn’t, you know like watching ‘an act,’ it was like watching someone really open themselves up to the world and at such a young age, that’s so hard to do. BYRON: Isaiah was… well, he was very, VERY collected when he first stepped foot on that stage. Right away, he started out by saying ‘my little brothers were just up here,’ and that sort of broke the ice between him and the judges. He had his guitar, and there was just no such thing as nerves, for him. You could tell he had just done it all before. And his voice was just — it’s not a tone you really hear a lot anymore, especially in young artists like that. JORDAN: Would you say the unfair treatment of Casey, Jacob, and then eventually, Isaiah, were kind of the catalysts for you eventually leaving the show? BYRON: That was part of it, yeah. You know, I signed on to do the show when it was under totally different management. Before Ballinger struck up a deal with the network, it was being run by Beverly Costa, and her husband Isaac. And they really DID want to deliver something totally different than what was out there — they didn’t want to be ANOTHER American Idol, or ANOTHER Voice… they wanted to be something new that actually set up artists for success. And the Ballingers didn’t care the same way that Beverly did. The show was going pretty well but obviously, without a huge reliance on ratings, it made sense to replace them I guess, from a… marketing standpoint. And from my perspective, at this point, I was doing something I really loved. I LOVED being a mentor to all of these up and coming artists, and giving them advice they could actually take with them. So I agreed to stay on when the Ballingers took over. I didn’t know what I was getting into… and I think about it every day. JORDAN: So what WOULD you say was the final straw, when it came to you and Talent!? BYRON: Pretty much since the start of their first season. [ laughs ] But I had signed a contract, and I was going to try and make the most of it by doing what I did best, and that was helping people. I would say it was probably when Casey got kicked off that I realized, ‘Okay… this isn’t the show I signed up for.’ I’ll always be thankful for the experience Talent! started out as, but now, I’m much happier getting to work with some of the greatest musicians I’ve ever met. NEXT WEEK ON EXPECTATIONS VS. REALITY TV: JORDAN: So, how would you say it all affected your love life, and your relationship together? CECILIA: He would have never started drinking if it wasn’t for that production team. And it was hard for us… it really was. We get a little bit more personal as we uncover just how badly certain members of the band began to spiral after the show. JORDAN: So, you were in a pretty vulnerable place? CASEY: I really didn’t even think I’d make it to this point to be honest you. We’ll see you guys next time on The Story of 24 Times Rock: Expectation vs. Reality TV!


01/09/2022 02:46 PM 


grace's pov. Robert hasn’t said a word since they left the house; just a little sigh here and there, an occasional shaking of the head as the gears in his mind turn. He’s quiet the whole time, but the gear-turning almost feels tangible; louder, and much more disturbing than even the constant rattling sound of their pick-up truck. Robert grips the steering wheel a little tighter, presses his lips into a firm line, then shakes his head once again. “God damn kid…” He finally mutters, though Grace knows him well enough to see past the annoyance, right to the worry. Austin Hartley, their beloved nephew, freshly seventeen — Brightwood Daily News sensation — arrested under suspicion of arson. He’s too skittish to kill a spider on the wall, Grace can’t even imagine him committing something as serious as arson. “I just hope he’s alright…” She whispers back. The last she’d talked to him, he was incoherent, speaking as if he had only witnessed it — as if he didn’t understand he, himself, committed it; stumbling on his words, infuriatingly long pauses between sentences — sentences haphazardly strung together in a fashion she’d always endearingly labeled ‘Austin speak’ but it was a little less endearing when he was speaking to her from a detention center phone that could cut out at any moment. They’d apparently found him balled up and hyperventilating near a flaming barn at the edge of town, the one that belonged to her in-laws. To his parents. Truth be told, she doesn’t care much about the barn. She thinks it should have been destroyed ages ago. That’s not where her own worry lies. The damage wasn’t substantial, the fire caught early, but not early enough to salvage Austin’s right hand, nor his sanity from the sounds of it. They’d told her he was lucky no one else was hurt, but she isn’t so sure it matters after hearing his voice. Now, as they pull through the parking lot, she wonders how he might look when they come face-to-face; she wonders if he’ll look as scared as he’d sounded on the phone, or if he’ll be able to talk to them. If he’ll want to. The receptionist is cold and practiced. She’s seen people like them before, people worse than them clearly. Grace doesn’t waste time with pleasantries, but Robert asks a few questions — when he’ll be out, why they bothered bringing him here when he’s not well. She just keeps the rhythm as if he isn’t talking, sliding form after form their way. They have to sign at least five forms before they can see him, then they’re asked to wait in a small lobby with other visitors. “Once we get him checked out, he’s free to leave pending trial, but y’all can see ‘im while we’re gettin’ all the paperwork together,” a guard explains as he leads them through the hall. The other visitors look about the same level of distressed, some of them in tears while others look furious, complaining or huffing, arguing with staff over this and that. Some of them look eerily used to it and Grace can only find herself thankful she doesn’t fall into that category. She plops down in a chair in the corner, glancing at Robert who’s in the furious category. She places a hand on his arm and they sit there in silence until their name is finally called. They have Austin waiting alone in another seating area, stationed on a stiff-looking bench ( detention halls are neither stylish nor comforting in any way ) with his hands clasped together in his lap, head leaned back against the wall. At first, he doesn’t seem to notice the door open. Then, when he does, he doesn’t seem to recognize them; no flicker of relief or even familiarity. There’s nothing. She can see the swelling in his knuckles even beneath the bandages, where he’d apparently slammed his fists against the barn several times prior to the fire. Grace suspects he might be on some kind of medication, maybe for the pain, and that’s why he isn’t reacting. They’ve still got him in a shapeless gray jumpsuit, the same one they give every inmate. It makes him look like a different person. “Hey, Aussie,” she says, almost like she’s speaking to a frightened animal. “What’re you, crazy?! The hell're you thinking?” Robert barges in, but she grabs his arm so he doesn’t step any closer. She replaces the question with a more subdued, “Are you okay?” but Austin doesn’t respond. In fact, he still won’t look at them. He’s looking straight at the wall, unblinking — looks like a mannequin other than the occasional twitch of his hand. This isn’t a case of kids being kids or the usual delinquency you see in misguided teenagers. This blankness in him, his complete lack of familiarity with them, terrifies her. She’s probably searched his face a hundred times over, but she can’t find anything there. No remorse, no fear, not even amusement or smugness ( which she supposes she’s thankful for that ), just a blank stare as if he’s hoping they’ll give up and go away. “Austin,” she prods, reaching out to run her fingers through his hair, hoping it might draw his attention, but it doesn’t seem to. “Are you okay?” It’s not until she’s given up that he opens his mouth — not until she retracts her hand and slinks back Robert’s way that he actually looks at her, eyes glassy and bloodshot. Like he’s completely tapped out, too tired to speak beyond a whisper, but he finally looks a little like himself. He looks human again. “I’m not crazy.”


01/09/2022 02:46 PM 

small talk.

cw :: abuse mention “You honestly think I wanted that for you — for us?” “Then why’d you keep lettin’im do it?” He could sift through memories all day long and he wouldn’t find a single one of Christine standing up for them. She’s always hovering in the background, hiding; he remembers, so vividly, the toneless pleas for it to stop, nearly whispers, but he’d heard them between Joe’s yelling — between blows to the face and the cracking sounds of his back against the wall. He remembers the empty stare in her eyes when she’d checked out entirely, left them to defend themselves — when worried pleas turned to anger. ( — What’d you go’n piss ‘im off for? became a common question, one her boys never had a solid answer for. One that could never be answered correctly even if they did. ) She doesn’t have the strength to look him in the eye now. She stalls on his question with a long sip of her coffee. “Why’d you let ‘im do that to us…?” Austin presses. “I don’t wanna talk about that, Aussie —” “Well, I didn’t wanna live it, mama, none of us did. But here we are and we need to talk about it, there’s no gettin’ around that. You think it’s just not gonna ever come up ‘cause you’re ashamed about it? I wanna be able to wrap my head around th’idea that you could just stand there’n watch while he did whatever ‘e wanted, but I can’t. I can’t see where you care so much about us if that’s the case. I can’t see where you ‘didn’t want it’ for us.” “You know, raisin' you guys wasn't no walk in the park.” Christine snaps, still not looking at him. “Your daddy always did what he thought was best,” she mutters on. “May not’ve always been right, but ‘e always did ‘is best. You guys weren’t always easy, you were always up to somethin’, of course he had to discipline you. He took it too far that night —” “That whole two weeks.” “He loved you. All'a you. He was hard on you because ‘e wanted you to make somethin’ of yourselves. Now look at you, you’re in school, y’all got jobs and lives. Turned out just fine, didn’t you? ” The conclusion’s a hard punch to the gut — knocks the wind right out of him, and suddenly, he can’t look at her either. She continues on, but he’s not hearing her past the ringing in his ears; he’s just sitting there, dumbfounded, stunned, teeth grinding together as his jaw locks in place. She’s about halfway through her second spiel when he abruptly scoots his chair back. “Where’re you goin’? I’m talkin’a you.” Christine motions over the table. “You ain’t even done eating yet.” “Had more’n enough, thank you.” Austin snags the receipt left on the table and starts off to the front counter. “I’ll take care’a this. Next time you see me, I hope you’re really ready to talk about it.” “Aussie…” Austin’s already halfway to the counter, but turns to look over his shoulder one last time, eyebrows arched. He’s convinced it’s the last time they’ll ever see each other, and while he always hated the lack of the closure between them, the finality hurts just as bad. “Take care'a yourself, mama.” * Chrisine is listed here for reference. She is just recently released from prison and the two haven't seen each other in about 15 years.


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task 20

TASK 20 - SCENTS  1. old books  The smell of old books always comforted Zoey growing up. Their family house had a huge library filled with old prints and first editions, that was how she would spend most of her days, going through the library. Now, as an adult, its a mixture of both old and new books, as it comes with her job of editor in chief of fiction. 2. VANILLAVanilla is one of the most comforting scents to Zoey, her home diffuser is of vanilla essence. It reminded her of home, freshly baked cookies and comfort. 3. BUBBLEGUMZoey's favourite body gel smells like bubblegum. She is quite the sweet tooth and absolutely adores the scent that lingers on her skin after a lovely scrub. 4. LAVENDERLavender is important in Zoey's essential oils collection. Not only does she use it when she has a bubble bath but also when she is being mindful or needs help to sleep as Lavender is quite soothing.5.  COCONUTNothing feels better on the skin than the body shop's coconut scented body butter. It's one of Zoey's favourite skin care items and always leaves her skin hydrated and feeling good. Besides, the a little coconut always made her feel healthy and sexy.6. JASMINEAlthough it is not exactly jasmine but a mix of things, this is Zoey's signature scent. It makes her feel sophisticated yet sexy and definitely fresh. It was the perfume that  her grandmother had gotten her as her final present before she passed away and so Zoey's got a sentimental attachment to it.

Defiant Demon

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Supernatural Vs Paranormal. What's what?

What is the difference? Supernatural Vs Paranormal Is there a difference? "Hey Payne?" I hear you ask."Why is it that you call yourself a Paranormal Investigator, while you're calling yourself a supernatural being? You hunt monsters, right? Shouldn't you be a Supernatural Investigator, then? They're different, aren't they? I don't get it, to be honest."Good question, dear Watson. A very good question indeed. While most people tend to think of the Paranormal in the relation of ghosts only. There's a lot more to that word than just that. Think of folklore, myths, stories, and most creatures that you can find within those stories: Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, Kikimora, Forest Elves, Nymphs, Kelpies, Gorgons. Or even powers like Telekinesis, or Pyrokinesis. They're all part of the Paranormal term."Wait what? Some of these are Mythical though? Now you're really breaking my brain."Don't you worry, I'll get to that shortly, but good observation, dear Watson. You definitely do not dissapoint. But let me continue for a moment longer, if you don't mind?The Supernatural are mostly related to people like me. Demons, Angels, Gods. And things that cannot be explained by science, they don't appear to apply to the rules of the real world."But neither do Vampires, or Werewolves?"You are correct, but there's still a major difference. The Paranormal usually do have ties to the real world. Wolves, bats, insects, a disease, a death, or an object tied to the real world, stuff like that.This is where it becomes a little bit muddled, because most of these things are very interchangeable in terms of description.But essentially, they do mean one and the same, and they're very interchangeable. The same does also count for Mythical and Preternatural creatures, if we're going to get technical in it all. A Mythical creature comes from what? Folklore, and Folklore is considered Paranormal in origin. Confusing, isn't it? I know. But that's what I am trying to explain to you right now, and I also am very well aware that I've answered your question ever so slightly already, but I feel it doesn't hurt to go a little bit further into details here.Do we think of the afterlife nowadays?Then we assume of Paranormal activities, mostly because of the movie franchise and also the oh so famous Ghost Hunters and what have you. (Sorry to disappoint, most of these shows are in fact incredibly scripted. 97% of the show is not real, nor are their reactions or most of their readings.)Do we think of a Werewolf or a Demon?We assume the Supernatural. Again, mostly because of the TV series and everything around them. While both terms, can essentially be used for both these things.Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural, Paranormal, Mythical, Mystical, they're all one and the same thing if we're really going to look at technicalities, they're simply subgenres of the same thing. It's like comparing Tennis with Football. Sorry, I mean Soccer. Well American Football can also be counted, I suppose. They're all sports. But different sort of sports, but sports nonetheless. Correct?"I suppose.. What about Aliens? You didn't mention them? Are they also part of it all?"Hmm.. Yes and no. They're more Science Fiction, which can both be true or not true. It really does depend on what you believe in. I can tell you they're just as real as I am before you, as a Demon. But hey, who are you to believe that I am actually a Demon. Right? People are sceptical of these things, and they have every right to be.Not all supernatural beings tend to be straight forward, not every paranormally gifted goes out into the world and tells everyone that they're a psychic or something. Just like not every gay person is out in the open about their sexuality, or every couple announcing their pregnancy right away. Not everything is in black and white. The world itself exists in shades of gray.And that is what we as Supernaturals call The Balance. While not all of us respond to the calling, we all do know of it all in one way, shape or form. We, alongside you, and everyone else that lives and breathes on this Earth, or any of its planes, make the Balance. But that in and on itself, is a lesson for another time, if you ask me.To make a long story, rather short. I call myself a Paranormal Investigator, because essentially, it's what I am. I could call myself a Supernatural Hunter, or even a Monster Hunter, like Finn does. It's still the same occupation, we don't particularly have a set title to our job, like a Welder or a Manager would. I certainly do hope that I've answered your question, and if you still have any more. Do feel free to ask. template credit.


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through her eyes (a.c 18)

Through Her Eyes"OUCH! MOM!" her entire voice had changed since they returned from Kakslauttanen, the sweet (not quite angelic) but childish tone she once had completely disappeared. Nothing that she noticed, but it was just another thing of recent that had sent her mom into a further spiral. Anything that kept her a child seemed to vanish, the carefree pint-sized dictator she once now took a possessive role over her mother, questioning every move. "It's been like forever mom, we need to put these away.." she added nearly wanting to scream at her mother's lack of reaction. Gaze dropping to the cardboard box stuffed with their belongings that she had just stubbed her toe on, she let out a dramatic huff. One of the few pieces of her that the past six months of her life hadn't altered. LIVING ROOM in her mother's sloppy penmanship across the front of the box letting her at least find peace in the fact it was in the right room. Forever was an exaggeration, the box had sat there for roughly six months. Six months of watching her mother doubt each move she made, six months of watching as her mother jumped at every ring of her phone and knock on their door. Six months of her worried there would be a day her mother didn't come home to her. Little eyes now back at her mother, pleading with her to pull her head from the illuminated screen of her iPhone, pulling her foot back she slammed it against the box its contents making enough noise to finally gain Charlotte's attention. "I hit my foot" tears threatened to pour down her cheek at any second, her tantrum instantly paying off as she found herself in her mother's warm embrace. She reeked of the bottle that sat on the kitchen counter, but in that moment she didn't care. Her mother's affection was one of the few things that made sense to the young girl anymore. Each day clinging to the fact that normalcy would return, Empty promises fell from her mother's lips about how she would unpack soon, that she had just been busy. That she was sorry. That thing would go back to normal. That everything was okay. That she just needed to be a kid. Ending the moment with a series of kisses pecked across her cheeks, she watched as her mother finally pulled away, moving the box to the corner of the room, where she was certain it would remain for another six months. Six months since their return from Kakslauttanen, and the only thing that she knew was nothing made sense anymore.


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Sang didn’t have a lot of resolutions for the year that was coming aside from the fact that he wanted to figure out to heal from his trauma. He was tired---so sick and tired of constantly suffering. The male had stayed up many a night, drinking, and doing various drugs to cope with the pain that he felt so deeply. It wasn’t healthy. It certainly wasn’t helping anything that he was dealing with, either.    He supposed that his first resolution could be to quit smoking so many cigarettes. It would certainly help with his health. Sang wouldn’t have so many headaches and be so irritable when he didn’t have a smoke during the day. Maybe for a start---he could go down to half a pack in one day? That was too high a start, he could go down to one pack for sure, but not half.    His next resolution could be to exercise a bit more. He had jogged a lot when he first moved to the states, but stress had stopped him from doing much at all, aside from art. Sang resolved to get up earlier in the mornings again, and do a little jog around his neighborhood---maybe four times a week, starting out? He wasn’t in terrible shape, and it wouldn’t take long to get back to jogging every day. This what was he hoped, anyway. It would suck to be in sh*t shape.    His final resolution was going to be---letting Ahra rest. It was time. It was time for him to let her go and let her spend her afterlife in peace. Her ashes had rested in a special place in his home for awhile now, and it was time for him to choose somewhere else for her to be. It was better for the both of them and that---that was his final resolution.


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task 277

The year had not ended as Mackenzie had predicted. Her sister had left town and the redhead had gotten engaged to the love of her life. On one hand, she was ecstatic. She couldn’t wait to marry Avery and although she had never planned on settling down with someone before, Avery was different. She was the person that Mackenzie wanted to spend the rest of her life with, but on the other hand, her sister was gone and Mackenzie really wasn’t coping with it. She was the only family that Kenzie had left if you didn’t count her mother and grandparents, and most of the time, Mackenzie didn’t. The redhead had told her sister that she supported her completely and she did, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t miss her older sister or that her heart wasn’t slightly broken over the departure. She just hoped that her sister would come home soon and that McKayla would walk her down the aisle; she couldn’t get married without her sister by her side, that just wasn’t an option.  Pulling out her phone, she unlocked it and scrolled down to her sister’s name. She’d already tried to call her sister half a dozen times, wanting to share the news with her older sister that she had proposed to Avery, but she still hadn’t heard back. She knew her sister must have been busy, but it was very unlike McKayla not to call back and Mackenzie was started to get worried. She told herself not to, but she really couldn’t help it. It was her sister and she hadn’t heard anything from her. Biting down on the corner of her mouth, the redhead decided to give her sister one last call and if she didn’t answer, she’d send her a message and maybe even go out to New York to visit. Maybe there was something wrong with McKayla’s phone and she hadn’t been getting any of Mackenzie’s messages, or maybe there was something more sinister at play. It was as if her sister had just decided to vanish into thin air, but after all, they had been through, she couldn’t believe that her sister would ever do that.  “Kay..” She bit ran her tongue along the inside of her mouth as she thought about what she wanted to say to her sister, or how she was going to say it. At least with a text, it meant that Mackenzie had time to think about how she wanted to phrase what she had to say. “Please call me back. I’m really worried about you. I know that we have had our problems in the past but I thought we were over all of that. Please call me! If I don't hear from you by tomorrow morning then I am calling the police.” She read over the message and shook her head as tears formed in her eyes. She knew that their family was a dysfunctional one, but McKayla was her sister regardless and she would always put that above anything else. She’d already lost one sister and she really wasn’t prepared to lose another. “I love you. I hope you’re okay.” She sent the text and wiped the tear that had fallen down her cheek as she waited and hoped that her sister would call her back.


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if you play with fire...

i learned at a young agethat if you play with fire,eventually you’ll getb  u  r  n  e  d.                                it creeps up on you,                                slowly and then all                                at once. skin scarred                                in its wake while you                                question if it’s really                                all that could handle alittle bit of heat, &eventually you’dlearn to live withthe comfortable acheit left behind.                                i didn’t know if i                               wanted to dance with the                               heat that you ignited, but                               i think it’s too late.i’m already engulfedin your flames.                           — & I like the way it burns


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the introduction.

It started with a photograph.Blue eyes pierced through the image as a burning fire of betrayal ripped through her core. She shouldn’t have expected much from Walter - the man was a liar, a cheat, and a goddamn piece of sh*t. But having a whole other kid and not even telling Lennon was low, even for him. It was the only logical response she could think of; no sane woman would allow their child near Walter unless he were their father, and the baby in the photo sat with him happily - as if she had no idea of what kind of monster that man really was.Jealousy and anger rushed through her veins for reasons unknown to her. Jealous that this girl had a chance, that she got to live a life without Walter Grey. Anger that she had no idea who this girl was, or if she was even alive anymore. The thought alone made her stomach turn. As hurt as she was, Lennon’s one hope was that Ophelia lived a better life than she did.It had been weeks since she found the photo.She kept it a secret for the most part, unsure how to really approach the situation. On one hand, she was grateful to know there was some sliver of a chance that she had a family out there - one that wasn’t made up of her, her husband and her kids. On the other hand, a heavy feeling of nervousness sat in her stomach every time she had thought of Ophelia. There was a possibility that this girl wanted nothing to do with Lennon, and she knew that. She wouldn’t have blamed her, really, but the idea of her sister knowing she existed this entire time really sat uneasily with her.A sigh escapes her lips as her fingers press into the keyboard, searching for any sort of information on Ophelia Grey the internet had to offer. Nothing of importance caught her eye, until the name pieced together with images she’d seen online. Art - mostly paintings. An upcoming gallery in Savannah, Georgia.It was her only chance.Before she had known what she was doing, a flight to the foreign state had been purchased, and a hotel had been booked.—------------------------------------------------------------------------The gallery was everything Lennon expected it to be.A dimly lit room with people piled in the building, their eyes examining each painting as they stopped and stared. She joined them after her nerves calmed, taking note of how talented Ophelia had been. Something she must have gotten from her mother rather than the father they shared. It made her smile.She had caught sight of who she could only assume was her sister, and suddenly a hole sat in her chest, heavy and aching. She was stupid to have come here, but she just needed to know if she were real… and based on the laughter that carried through the building and the smile on the woman’s face, she very much was.Maybe this wasn’t the brightest idea, to come unannounced to her gallery, and spill the truth of their relationship. But it was the only opportunity Lennon had, and before she could stop herself, her feet carried her to where the woman stood, heart beating out of her chest.She felt herself staring, and when Ophelia’s head turned, Lennon’s fell, attempting to hide herself for a moment. “Sorry… I didn’t mean to stare, it’s just - your work is very beautiful.” She was improvising. “I really like what you did with this one,” she says, pointing to the painting in front of her, though she didn’t even examine it like she had the others. “Anyway, I didn’t mean to stare. I think you’re a great artist, and uhm…” Her weight fidgets from one leg to the other, a sigh as she extends her hand. “I’m Lennon, it’s nice to meet you.”

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