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ᴀᴘᴏʟʟᴏ ᴜᴍʙʀᴀ

01/12/2022 06:26 PM 

the meeting

        You never know what lurks,in the darkness.     Most never understood Ledgend and Apollo’s relationship. How could you? One minute he is trying to kill him and the next he is teaming up with him to take down something much bigger. He hated the fact that he needed him at times, and he wished the creature would just either disappear, or maybe die, but that wasn’t going to happen any time soon. The night air greeted him as he sped down the highway. The city of Dubai greeted him. He was coming home temporarily. He had a job the next week with a Stephen Strange and he actually was working with Ledgend. That rarely happened, he often hunted the creature, but once in a while, if he had to, he would work with him. He thought often of his childhood. When his parents were alive. He would stand upon the balcony in Dubai to watch the fireworks during New Years Eve. His mother holding his hand, he remembered looking up at her, that smile, he would never see that smile again. His parents were murdered, and every since their deaths during his college years, he had been hunting down who had killed them. As he turned the corner, and headed into the city, he sighed. He would get on a plane tomorrow and head to New York City. He never cared to work and be in NYC, he had no clue why, just wasn’t his style. The next day he boarded his private jet already set up to land at JFK airport. As he sat back and watched Dubai disappear, he wondered exactly what Strange wanted with someone like him. Apollo was neither good nor bad. Most hated vigilantes, thought they got in the way, but Apollo thought if only the cops did their jobs finding his parents killers, he wouldn’t have become this. He set up in his usual hotel room as he then went through all of his belongings, the next day he would head to the Sanctum. When it came to magic. Apollo tried to stay out of it. He was in the spy world. Running several corporations that focused on security and surveillance throughout the world. Magic was not on his table. He didn’t care for it, and wanted to stay out of it, but hearing someone like the Sorcerer Supreme wanted to talk to both him and Ledgend. This couldn’t be good. He decided to take his bike to the Sanctum, would be simpler travelling through NYC on a bike. He parked it rather close as he took off his helmet and walked towards the Sanctum. He was then reminded about how much he didn’t like Manhattan. As he walked towards the front of the Sanctum, he saw Ledgend standing there. “Waiting for the door to open. Just walk in man” He said calmly as he continued “Any weapon you have will turn into something that isn’t harmful, just saying” He walked through the door as he looked around. Just as weird as he would imagine. “What do you need from us Strange” The fact he was here with the man he wished dead only made things worse.    

★ʷ'ⁿᵗᵉʳ ʷᵃⁿᵈᵃˡᵃⁿᵈ❄️

01/12/2022 06:07 PM 


    #TTBFRESHSTARTCHALLENGE Reconnecting with people who you care about and being welcomed back into their life, with open arms is the greatest feeling.  I sometimes don’t feel like I deserve the welcoming, but who am I to complain? I’m just going to enjoy myself and live my life. Day by day. No matter what happens in the future, I’m thankful to have been accepted. I’m honestly happy that people even /want/ to be in my life.  I love all of my friends, you all mean so much to me.

𝘾𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩 𝘿𝙚 𝙑𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙚

01/12/2022 04:25 PM 

who you gonna call?

      who you gonna call?   1500: Castle Dracula The sound of the trumpets and drums awoke him. He knew what this meant. They were coming. The army fighting against the Order of the Dragon would die tonight. How dare they attack the love of his life: his castle. This told everyone around the land that he was the wealthiest here, he ruled it, and he was the Prince. The war was long and bloody, like they all were, but the townspeople never stopped talking about what the Prince did. He impaled the army around his castle, on stakes, telling everyone this is what happens when you go against the Prince and the Order of the Dragon. Rumors around the town also said that the dead there never rested. Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, Romania: Present Day: The night called to him. As it always did. The creatures of the night were his children and he cared for each and every one of them. He stood upon the balcony of his castle looking upon the night sky, hearing the howling of the wolves in the background. It was a full moon and you could see the large blue full moon peaking out over the vast amounts of trees and mountains that surrounded his castle. He knew what was about to happen. He was going to have two new guests in his castle. This made him think of Jonathan Harker. What a doll that one was. He honestly thought he was there to take care of the Counts finances; little did he know he was dinner. He did keep Jonathan in the castle for many many years. Rumors have it that he left behind a fiancé named Mina. What a tragedy. He looked at his phone and laughed. Technology was quite amazing now days. He wished he had this back in the 17th century, but was very happy he had this now. It was easier to get a hold of his two new guests. He left them a message about dinner when they arrived. It would be ready for them because he knew they would both have a long journey. He knew Strange was here to take care of some issue. The Vampire Nation was having a problem with the Avengers and Dracula volunteered to try and resolve it. The other one was a ghostbuster, she would be here to take care of a ghost problem, neither were here for that reason. Dracula had his reason for them both coming here and it was not good. He thought of Harker. He had been here for what seems to be a hundred years, acting as his food, completely compelled to feed the Count, even acting as if he was in love with him. He allowed his brides to finally finish him off, but he did often think of Mina, what would have happened if she arrived for him? Would she have saved her fiancé? Or joined him in death? Now he had these two coming here. His children of the night were howling, telling him that cars were arriving. They would be here any minute now. Surrounded by darkness, the castle lit up, the snow- capped mountains telling them this would be a very unique visit. The dark forest surrounding the castle as the wolves howled in the night. He stood on the balcony, his cape on, showing them a dark figure watching them arrive as he then headed to the staircase to walk down it and greet his guests. A fire was roaring in the living room, and the dining room was set for what appeared to be a delicious dinner, what they didn’t realize is they were the Count’s dinner.  


01/12/2022 01:25 PM 

character study: deep breaths.

character study, yachtiebynature, mystery yacht crew


01/12/2022 12:57 PM 

Task 77


01/12/2022 12:16 PM 

Task 20- Maribelle's Scents

Maribelle's Scents - Task 20The top row is the following:Old magazines and stuffy office- As a reporter, most of the time she is out and about conducting interviews but when she is in the office, there is stacks of old volumes of the New Yorker Magazine. Some of their famous and well-remembered editions, and sometimes the smell of old magazines stick to her clothes. Dahlia Body Spray and Lotion- This is one of Maribelle's current addictions, in the best way. She loves the soft scent of this body spray and lotion. Bath and Body works is one of her favorite places to shop, she loves some of their retired scents like japanese cherry blossoms but this is her new addiction. She loves the smell of jasmine flower mixed with vanilla scent as well. Its settle and not overpowering. Strawberry Champagne purfum from Victoria Secret- This has been my favorite scent since I was in school, I love the sweet smell of champagne and strawberries. It has a fruity yet delicate smell, I love it and its still one of my favorites. Its something that I carry with me in my purse. Its a must in my purse for every day and special occasions. The bottom row is the following:Caress Body Wash Daily Silk- I used to use Olay for a long time, and before it was Dove, but recently found this body wash. It has become my new favorite body wash. It leaves my skin soft and its soothing, plus the smell of peach and flowers its amazing. I love it, the scent stays with me for most of the day. Aromatherapy, Sleep, Lavender and Vanilla Lotion from Bath and Body Works- I have two of these bottles, one at home and one at the office. Reason being is because the smell of lavender and vanilla help me relax. It helps me relax and de-stress when I am at work. When I am at home, the lavender scent soothes and relaxes me. For those that know me, know that I love lavender. Its my go to for de-stressing so it helps. Chance, Chanel eau de perfum- Growing up my mother used to and still does use Chanel no. 5 for special occasions, and it has become her perfume. When I was 18, my mother got me my own bottle of Chanel No. 5. It wasn't until recently that I found this new perfume. I love it. I fell in love with it, its soft in the floral aspect and elegant as well. This is my go-to for date nights, galas and any social events. I love it. Just a spritz is all that I need. 

//Fallen angel;

01/12/2022 11:41 PM 


RulesComing soon.


01/12/2022 11:54 PM 

Additional task 77


01/12/2022 11:13 PM 


Jobs Bowie Would Love To Do If She Was Not A Florist


01/12/2022 08:07 PM 

Depravity [TW: Suicide attempt]

TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE ATTEMPTWhere had all the years gone? Every light in his house was off and Ike was sitting alone in the darkness. He was staring out into the void. His cerulean hues were glistening as the emptiness of his soul broke through to the outside. Cassandra Marie Bradford had been the most beautiful baby in the world. He could recall the first time he saw those ten toes and those golden ringlets. He wasn't even aware of the burning rivers that raced down his cheeks. He inhaled sharply smelling the salty tears that had landed in his beard.The most primal scream erupted from deep within his soul as his mind continued to be assaulted with images from his memory. He still lived in the same house in which they brought their baby girl home. Everywhere he looked, he was assaulted with the images of a child that was on loan to him from heaven. He started to stumble through the house wearing nothing but his underwear. He reeked of alcohol as he carried the half empty bottle of whiskey in his right hand. Somehow he wound up in the bathroom staring at his reflection.He had no idea how many days he'd been on this latest bender. Ike ran a hand over the mirror across the glass to look at himself. He couldn't even bear to look at himself. Ike's bearded chin was unkempt. His hair was matted to his head. He was not anywhere close to being Cassie's daddy like he used to be. He was some miserable drunk.Ike's hand pulled open the medicine cabinet. There sitting back on the shelf was a bottle of 0.5 mg of Xanax that the doctor had prescribed for his wife soon after Cassie died and the trial started. They'd been sitting there for a while. He reached for the bottle and ripped off the lid. Looking down into that bottle of pills, he saw his way out. He did the unthinkable raising that bottle to his lips and tipping it back into his throat. He followed it through by dumping the last of the whiskey down his throat.Ike slumped down into the floor between the commode and the bathtub. His head bobbled around on his neck as he waited for death to claim him. His body was numb and his vision was starting to cloud over. He could see someone coming closer to him. "Cassie?" He muttered. He wanted her to be the first one he saw when he entered the afterlife.What looked like five year old Cassie Bradford was surrounded by an otherworldly glow. He watched her come closer to him and place a sweet hand on his chin. "Daddy no. It's not time for you yet okay? Not like this. Please Daddy."Tears formed in his eyes. He had no idea how it happened, but there his cellphone was in his hand. The screen showed the numbers 911. The call was on speaker. "Hartsville 911. Please state the nature of your emergency." The voice reached out to him through the haze. Cassie's image kept stroking his chin and smiling bringing him comfort and the will to fight.••••At the Hartsville Medical Center, the paramedics were running as fast as they could through the doors. Strapped to the gurney was Ike Bradford with a tube down his throat and oxygen being pumped into his body. The lead paramedic spoke to the triage nurse on duty. "Thirty-five year old male suicide attempt with unknown quantity of Xanax and Jack Daniels whiskey."The nurse was already springing to action. "Take him to Trauma 3 and get Asher Hastings down here. She's on call right now." Ike was barely able to process what was going on around him at the moment. As his eyelids fluttered shut, he knew that Cassie was right. This wasn't the right time for him yet. As he fell asleep, he hoped that he wasn't too late.  created by creativian


01/12/2022 01:58 PM 


Name: Penelope   EmersonAge: 21Gender: FemaleOccupation: College Cheerleader & Waitress 

oρen ρalm.`

01/12/2022 12:52 PM 

bonding. [drabble]

[ Some season 4 spoilers ahead. ] “Come on, Anthony. It will be good for us,” Daniel said, throwing his sport coat over his arm, as he grabbed his keys from the dresser. His free hand gestured gently toward the front door.  “Dad, come on. We don’t need to have a car ride,” replied the youngest LaRusso child, who begrudgingly grabbed his own coat and walked through the door.  The February weather was warm, despite it being late winter. Gone were the days of seeing your breath in the air, and present were the buds of the burgeoning spring. The All-Valley Tournament was behind them, and hopefully with the new growth present on the earth there would come new life in the LaRusso house and Miyagi-Do dojo. Daniel’s eyes didn’t leave his son as he made his way to the driver’s side seat of his sedan. He studied the teen, trying to gauge what was going through his head. The days following the tournament were quiet, even for a kid who spent the majority of his time locked in his room with his electronics. He came to dinner, but played with his food. Swam in the heated pool, but just floated along there.  He couldn’t help but notice the adolescent nursing his side as he got in the car, worry colored Daniel’s features but he hesitated to comment on it. He wanted this to be a period free of judgment and accusations, just the old proverbial father son time. He turned the radio, with much chagrin, to the local pop station. Everything he knew a middle schooler today would love, or at least he hoped. He couldn’t help but grimace as the most recent Lil Nas X song played over the speakers, as a result he turned it down a smidge. He was trying to reach him on common ground, but at least he could make it as bearable as possible.  The minutes ticked by, indicated by the lights on the touch panel, and still neither of them spoke. The only sound was the faint whisper of the tires on the pavement, and for the first time Daniel wished he had a louder vehicle. Anthony sat there, his arms folded in defiance. Neither of them were willing to budge, a result of Italian stubbornness, and the occasional bullheadedness of the family, but Daniel knew, like many times in the last few months, that if something were to be done he would likely have to swallow his pride and do it himself.  “So… How’s everything going?” It wasn’t much but it was something. Daniel adjusted his face to look as eager as possible to listen, while still being casual, and just hoped it didn’t come off disingenuous.  “I knew you were going to try and have a stupid talk with me. Look, I learned my lesson, alright. I’m taking the trash out now,” he said while adjusting his body so far to the right it looked as though he was trying to will himself into the back seat. “No, no, there’s no talk. Unless you want a talk, I’m just trying to spend some time with you,” his voice likely sounded too eager, but he didn’t care, he had to reach his son, “I know things have been bad between us. For someone who preaches balance so much… I’m not always the best at applying it. But I’m really trying here, Anthony. I just want things to be better between us.”  The car ride returned to its deafening quietude. The two fidgeted at the discomfort of the force proximity as more vapid music blared from the speakers. After what seemed like hours, Anthony’s breath slowed, and became somewhat labored. His fists were clenched in his lap.  “He beat me up, dad.”  “What, who?”  “The kid who I bullied. I went to the locker room after his fight at the tournament to try to apologize, and he beat me up,” Daniel could tell that this was hard for him to say from his body language and the strain on his words, so he did everything in his power to not pull the car over and demand more details. He tried to keep his breathing in check, knowing that Anthony was waiting for the inevitable freak out, and it would have been a natural response to. A parent’s biggest responsibility is the security of their child. But as he labored through these thoughts, Anthony spoke up again, “I - I know I said a lot of stuff about Mr. Miyagi before. And about how I didn’t want to hear another one of his lessons. But do you think he has one for me now?” It took everything in Daniel to not raise a fist in victory, and even more to not let a smile dominate his features, but a little one still creeped across his features. “You remember Tom Cole?” “The guy who bought all those sausages and had them sent to the dealership when you had the… thing drawn on your face?” He could tell Daniel was not impressed by the reference.”Sorry.”  “There are three things you never have to wait very long for in California. Taxes, wildfires, and Tom Cole. But before we had competing dealerships we were actually really good friends. You see, Tom and I started together at Melroy Nissan. And we were the best salesmen on the floor. We used to dominate the valley. Tom was there a lot longer than me. When I was still pining over girls and trying to sell Bonsai trees, Tom was working his way up the ranks. And he always told me that his biggest goal was to get the partnership Gerald Melroy had been waving in front of the staff for years. He said he never found someone worthy of it, and Tom was determined to be the guy to change that. He started getting really cocky when he felt the position was his, and we stopped hanging out. It really got to me, so I started working harder to take it from him. And you want to know what happened? I got it.”  Daniel paused for a moment, the image of an utterly disheveled Tom Cole resonating in his mind. He took a deep breath before continuing, “We had a Christmas party that year, and the big news of the night was my promotion. There was Tom in his best suit, and he was destroyed. He got belligerently drunk and made a complete idiot of himself. To make matters worse, he started harassing some of the girls. So I escorted him out. He resisted and tried to fight me, so I took him down in front of everyone. I never laid a punch, he really defeated himself, but it humiliated him. I taught him a lesson, and made a spectacle of him. Joking about how pathetic he looked. I took the one thing he was living for from him, and I was fully aware the whole time. It was his fault, but that didn’t really matter in the end. I could have handled it in a better way, but I wanted to make an example of him, and I did, and he’s hated my guts ever since,” Daniel paused for a moment to let his words take hold in the young man’s mind. Anthony blinked a bit, and he could practically see the gears spinning in his head. “Now, I know what you’re thinking. What does any of this have to with Mr. Miyagi?” Well right after that I felt something terrible. Sometimes it hits us right when we’re in the act, and we know we should stop, or help, but we don’t. I watched him stumble down the road until I couldn’t see him anymore, and then I went to Mr. Miyagi’s,” he turned down a road at last, in front of him the darkness was illuminated by street lights and restaurant signs. He parked the car in front of a little gelato store. Before long the two emerged with matching helpings of stracciatella. They found their way back to their warmed seats before Daniel continued, “There he was, in his humble little house, with his humble Christmas tree. Just a Bonsai with some strings of lights and a few Disney ornaments thrown on it. I always offered to get him a fresh one, but he just said he could come to my house if he wanted that. Now, Mr. Miyagi was almost never visibly upset. You could just tell that he was disappointed. Or maybe it was just me. Either way, you always felt like you needed to do your best around him, that he deserved that. So I told him everything, and this is what he said in return.”  And in a flash Daniel was a younger version of himself, standing near his best friend. His top button undone and his tie askew, his hair slightly unkempt from running his hands through it, something he did when he was stressed. And there was Mr. Miyagi, who almost never looked different, always the same stern but jovial man, just with a little more white in his hair now. He stopped pacing around his home in his late night slippers, and  directed Daniel to a couch where he took the adjacent seat.  “One day, when Miyagi boy, he and Sato were each given silver coin by father. American sailor come to town with many thing. Sato and Miyagi spend many hours talking about what we buy. When day come we make way to docks. Pass by big rice paddy. Middle-age man work field, do so for long as Miyagi remember. Big, big family. Very poor. Every day man remove boots, leave them by dock, and go out to work. Miyagi come up with idea to play prank on man. Say to Sato, ‘steal boots’. But Sato much better man than Miyagi. Instead, Sato ask Miyagi for coin. Miyagi reluctant to give it up. Eyeing candy. But he give up. Sato take his coin and Miyagi coin and put one in each boot. Then he say to Miyagi, ‘let us hide and wait to see what happen.’ Miyagi and Sato wait few hours, long, long time. But man finally return for boot. First put one foot in, feel coin. Shock. Then put second foot in second boot. When foot feel coin, and man remove it, emotion overcome. Man start sobbing. Fall to knees and thank heaven.” Mr. Miyagi smiled and placed his hand on Daniel’s shoulder before standing, as his back was turned he made his way to his makeshift Christmas tree and began trimming it as he finished his tale. “Miyagi’s life change that day. Very clear money mean great deal to man. He very glad Sato better boy than him. Never spend dollar better. Never underestimate the impact a kind action have, Daniel-san.” And then he was back in his car, and the air was thick with emotion. Anthony still stared blankly out the window, his expression mirror in the glass, but indistinguishable. Finally he broke the silence and spoke, “what do we do when we’re trying to be different, but people still want to think of us as the bad guy?” A tear escaped his eye, though it was clear he was fighting it. Holding on to the last vestige of pride, but all of this had brought a wave of memories to the boy, though Daniel did not know what they were.  “Then we try… we try to live in such a way that people know who we are. That there’s no question. We try to be the type of men Mr. Miyagi was. We learn from our mistakes… and let them make us better men.”  “Dad?”  “Yeah, Anthony?”  “I love you.

𝘾𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩 𝘿𝙚 𝙑𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙚

01/11/2022 11:38 PM 

The Beginning

    history is written in blood   History is written in blood: Vlad Tepes the Impaler: 15th Century: Wallachia: Romania Prince Vlad stood upon the darkened fields. They believed they could take him. The war was long and bloody, but he had to send them a message. The Prince would not allow these savage beasts to rule his land, so he did what any good ruler would do. He sent a message to the others. Placing the dead bodies awkwardly on stakes, impaled, blood running down the large piece of wood, this gave him the infamous name the Impaler, and this also gave him the reputation of being a savage and bloodthirsty ruler. However, impaling was not his only method of torture and murder. Vlad was as creative as he possibly could be. People also knew him to boil his victims or cut off their limbs and other body parts. Additionally, Vlad mutilated organs, skinned and scalped people, or simply had animals eat them. It is not clear where he initially got the idea for this kind of torture. But the reports say that he even used these methods on innocent women and children. Saxon records indicate that Vlad Tepes killed between 40,000-100,000 people. The Order of the Dragon: Formed in 1408 and modeled after the Order of Saint George, which was founded a century earlier. It was the brainchild of the king of Hungary. The order stood God and grace, but like all things created with good intentions, things changed. Vlad and his entire family were proud members of the Order of the Dragon. Because of the Vlad family, the reputation of the Order of the Dragon was mostly violence, and bloodshed. Becoming Dracula the Vampire: Not much is known about how Dracula became a vampire. Some say he made a deal with the devil for immortality, some say he stumbled upon a cave with an ancient creature there who attacked him and turned him, but the stories will all remain the same. He became a monster, living for many many years, and killing and drinking blood to live. Immortality comes with a price, but the Count does not care. He will kill whomever he pleases. The story of Jonathan Harker and his fiancée Mina are famous, and Dracula is very aware of the book. He lives all over the world, making his home mostly in London England. He has worked with many villains throughout the ages, but most always end the same way, the villain dying and Dracula disappearing into the night. Present Day: “You will obey me in all things. You have no choice -- For I am the lord of vampires. Forget your former life. You belong to my nation now.” There are monsters among us: Monster Metropolis was known by the sorcerers. Dracula made a deal to started a war in NYC using all of the monsters from Monster Metropolis. He wanted to take over the world and all of the monsters that existed on it. This would fail, even after acquiring the serum from the mutants, but he knew after a failed war he would have to rebuild his Vampire Nation. Chernobyl: The Vampire Nation: Having decided to start his vampire kingdom anew, Dracula orchestrated a plan to seize a portion of Russia's territory. This was not easy, especially after the Monster Wars, but he knew he had to protect his people. After seizing the location by committing mass genocide, he then became ruler of the new and improved Vampire Nation. Where ever he may roam: He is very fond of New Orleans and the vampires there, so he purchased a plantation home there. Dracula has several places he resides. Often times he would go back to his castle in Transylvania, but he also has a flat in London. He has houses all over the world. He does love to travel, pose as a businessman, or lawyer, but everything ends the same with him. Once he has you in his grasp, you will never leave alive.  

- ᴅʀᴇᴡ

01/11/2022 11:36 PM 

never felt so safe.

you know the moment i knew i loved her, that i was finally safe in the presence of another being once again?when she soccer mom'd me. she was driving, nothing wreckless or crazy. but a car had pulled in front of us from an exit on the highway. she had hit the breaks really hard to avoid slamming into it. her hand pressed firmly to my pectoral muscle as she secured me down into the seat. i've never felt so safe in a soccer mom embrace.

Gionna Liv Morgan

01/11/2022 10:03 PM 

Boyfriend Application Apply If Interested

1. First and foremost i am not into erotica so if thata problem please do not continue to fill out the application.2. i love romance. please in your own words tell me what we would do on a date? how would you sweep me off of my feet?3. if you were to become my man how often would you come online or keep in touch with me? ive been ditched and abandoned and i cannot handle that.4. would you be able to one day commit and us get married?5. would you accept any and all of my family?6. would you remain faithful?7. would you surprise me with random gifts and dates?8. will you text me or get discord to message me?more to come if i think of anymore

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