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01/23/2022 12:41 PM 

Audition Form

*When applying, please send a message with the following headline.*First - Last | Playby. Out of Character: Why are you looking to join Knox Valley? How often are you active? Which days/times work best for you? What is your time zone? A discord is required to join, is that a problem? What is Dalton's favorite restaurant? In Character: First - Last Name: Character Age and DOB (21+): 3 positive, and 3 negative traits: Character Occupation: Are you auditioning with someone else? If so who? Character Bio (At least 3 paragraphs of at least 6 sentences apiece): Only fill this part out if you are bringing a business: Business Name: Brief Description: Are you hiring? What positions: Would you like your business in blast rotation? Please include a picture of your business for reference: *Please include a sample of your writing. This may be IC or OOC, however, it must be at least 3 paragraphs containing at least 6 sentences and must be your own writing*  


01/23/2022 12:23 PM 


Everyone asked me if I was sure. Asked me, over and over again, if I was really ready, like I could suddenly take it all back. Like they assumed I had it in me to say “you know what, you’re right, I am too young” and walk away. And maybe some people do have that in them, but never me. I was never more sure of anything in my life. Even through all the ups and downs of Sarah’s pregnancy, even through constant arguments and conflict between our families, our baby was the constant. The one thing that got us through it all. The light at the end of a very long, very obnoxious tunnel of questions, speculation and advice we’d never asked for even a single time. I got it; I got that it wasn’t a favorable position to an outsider — a one-night stand, and then a sudden engagement after only a month. A nineteen year-old saying he’s a father-to-be when he’s “just a kid himself.” Of course people were gonna question it, but never me. I never questioned any part of it. I’m not someone who’s ever believed in fate necessarily, but there’s a sensation you get when you know you’re on the right track, I guess — when you know everything’s playing out like it’s supposed to, and all you really need to do is sit back and let it happen. Wait it out and let the good come to you. Sarah and I were clean for the first time since we met, since even before we met. We bought a house near the beach. The band was taking off in every way I’d imagined while daydreaming in my car in the middle of the night. Savannah was the final piece. She was coming even if I wasn’t sure — even if I wasn’t really ready, but I knew I was. When they first let us hold her, I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard, especially not the good tears. It was the most united we ever were, Sarah and I leaned into each other, joining arms to cradle her together, comparing features; my nose, Sarah’s eyes, but I think more noteworthy were the ways she wasn’t like us — innocent, perfect, clean. Whole. Untouched by the roughness we’d both already clawed our way through, and I’d have done anything to keep it that way. I’d have done anything to shield her from it. “She’s really something…” Sarah whispered with her head on my shoulder. I still couldn’t bring myself to speak; I still hadn’t taken my eyes off her. It was probably the exhaustion, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of paranoia about looking away for a single second. Savannah Elise Caverly was the final piece, here whether I was sure or not, but right then, I’d never been more sure of anything.


01/23/2022 12:22 PM 

scars, 1.

cw :: abuse mention part one | part two | part three “Surprised no one’s bought the place out yet,” Christine remarks as they pass by the fence, barely standing after some teenagers turned it into their personal dirt bike obstacle according to Rich. Austin doesn’t have it in him to tell her that’s all it’ll ever amount to — a teenager’s hideout, and that’s only because it’s edgy ( not his word ); because it’s creepy, the kinda place you try and stay the night on a bet, but you’d never live there. Though the house has no haunted implications in a traditional sense, it might as well; it’s treated the same. Brightwood’s only landmark and it’s a horrific one. To Austin, it should’a been demolished a long time ago, but he can’t tell his mother that either. He can’t tell her anything, so he just keeps walking, wading through overgrown weeds and dried up soil, no evidence at all that anything had ever grown there — that anyone even lived there. Christine makes her way to the porch, touching a foot lightly on the first step to make sure it’s sturdy enough. It isn’t, but she tries her luck and makes it up to get a look through the busted windows. “Did’ja guys at least get what ya’ wanted out of it?” “You know, we should’a taken more actually.” Austin passes by to the back fence that’s completely torn down, just a tattered hunk of wood on the ground. “Didn’t think you’d agree to meet up again, ‘specially here, so thank you.” Christine mutters, trailing behind him for awhile, but then she starts to stray off toward the stables. “I think I need’a see it too’s all.” He’s got his hands in the pockets of his jacket still as he makes his way toward the barn. He hasn’t seen it in years, not since he was arrested there. There’s a part of him wanting to run away, but another part thinks he needs to see it — to face it in a different mindset so maybe it won’t haunt him anymore. It still makes him sick. Still makes his heart race in his chest. Still brings back every memory, every lingering pain; he remembers falling from the window, plopping into the dirt on his side, and no one heard it, even though he yelled out for help — that, or they didn’t care. He looks over busted hinges, damaged but not quite broken enough to have provided him an easier way out. At the bottom, the wood is scorched from his failed attempt at retaliation years later, little chips flaking away at the touch of his fingertips. The barn carries just as many scars as he does. “Looks like someone tried to burn it down…” Christine points out, a hand over her mouth. He hadn’t even realized she was behind him, and instantly freezes over at the sound of her voice, but doesn’t look at her. “Who would do that…?” Austin shakes his head, kneeling down to get a closer look, his lips pursed together. “You know, your daddy’n I… we put our hearts into this place. I can’t believe someone would go’n destroy it no matter how they felt about everything —” “It was me, mama,” Austin finally blurts out, though he can't manage much more than a whisper. He realizes only then that he’s crying, that tears have already breached the barrier of his eyes, broken out across his cheeks. He turns his head away from her entirely. It’s then that he realizes he’s still not ready to be there, especially not with her. “It was me who did it.”


01/23/2022 12:22 PM 

where are they now?

It was a very bleak day in Brightwood when news broke out about the Hartley family eighteen years ago; residents were left confused, heartbroken and shocked when an investigation of the family’s farm just outside town revealed the extremely abusive conditions Joseph and Christine Hartley’s children ( 17, 14 and 11 respectively ) had been living in. The family was once held in high regard by neighbors and other residents. Many would not have known or believed Joseph and Christine Hartley were capable of such horrific punishments, but their story became a news sensation when their fourteen year-old son, Austin, broke free after being locked in Joseph Hartley’s barn for two weeks. Joseph and Christine Hartley are currently both serving hefty prison sentences, but many still wonder what happened to their three sons. We had the chance to sit down with Austin Hartley, now 32, and ask a few questions about the events that took place in that household, as well as discuss recovery and healing after what many regard as one of Brightwood’s most shocking tragedies. We appreciate you sitting down with us. I know, historically, you and your brothers have been really private about this and refused interviews. Is there a reason why that changed? What made you wanna be more open about it? “Thanks for havin’ me. I think, for me — I can’t really speak for them — but this is kinda the next step. For years, we rejected interviews n’ talk shows n’ whatever else because we really didn’t wanna be known for this. I didn’t want my whole identity to be that story. So I thought I just wouldn’t talk about it, let it fade away. But really, I just haven’t been ready to talk about it like this. I haven’t been ready to put it into words n’ let people listen to it. I still don’t know if I am, but this kinda feels like just the next step in recoverin’ from it all.” All three of you still live in Brightwood, is that right? “Yup, we all three do. It’s funny, you’d think we’d wanna be anywhere else but where this took place, and I’ll say it is hard sometimes, but this really is home. I’ve lived a bunch’a different places — New York, Arizona, Vegas for awhile, California, and I always find myself back here again.” What do you do for work now? Would you say your life is pretty normal? “I dunno if I’d say normal, but as normal as it can be. We have family and friends just like everyone else. We date like everyone else. We have issues like everyone else, but there’s always gonna be that heaviness in us, I think. It’s not easy to just forget about even though it’s been this long. We all work at a bar owned by my uncle, s’ right up the street from the house. We’ve been doin’ that for… kinda since we were all old enough, but what we really like to do is play music.” Music? “Yeah! You know, we’ve been singin’ together since we were kids, and it’s kinda always been our little thing. It’s always been our way of getting through everything that was goin’ on in our house, and we kinda dipped our toes in once we got older — we play at the bar we work at, but we’ve been tryin’a take it a little more seriously the last little bit.” Any album plans? “Heh. Maybe one day, we hope so.” Do people still recognize you from your news story? “Well, when you never leave, I don’t think it’s that people don’t recognize you — they just already know you. I think what happened with us is that nothin’ ever happens here. Brightwood’s a quiet town, everyone knows each other, so when something like this — what happened to us — happens, it’s shocking ‘cause you think ‘that could never be here, in our town?’ What we dealt with more’n bein’ recognized was people whispering about us. Everyone talked about it. Everyone would check on us, see how we were doin’n whatnot, and that hurts but you can see where it’s comin’ from. What was really hard was the people who talked behind your back or pointed you out if you went anywhere. That was a lot harder, even than being randomly recognized because these people knew us.” Do you remember a lot about that night? “It’s kinda always playin’ in the back of my head, you know? I don’t think I’ll ever really forget it.” Can you tell us a bit more about it from your perspective? “It’s hard to put the whole picture out there… I think I’ve only really put it into words a few times, because it’s all weird to say…? That kinda punishment, it wasn’t unusual in our house. Our dad locked us up in closets, in the basement, n’ in the barn too, but usually it was just for a few hours or the night or somethin’. I thought that’s all it was gonna be, but then another day would pass and I’m still in there. The night I broke out, I really thought they were gonna leave me out there’n starve me to death or something.” Did they come check on your or anything at all? “Oh yeah, but not to see if I was okay. By the time I broke outta there, it was bad… it was a situation like, well, if I don’t at least try, I’m gonna die here n’ if I don’t starve to death, I’m gonna die of blood loss or something, that’s how bad it was.” How were you able to get out of there? “Through the window. It’s high up, but I could put a few things together to stand on n’ climb out; I crawled through n’ hoped for the best when I jumped out. Busted my arm and a couple ribs in the landing, but kinda at that point, the adrenaline was goin’, so I just ran. Took off to our neighbor’s house n’ knocked on her door for help n’ she called the cops.” Did you tell her what happened? “No, not exactly, I just said I needed help. I didn’t really tell anyone except the cops when they showed up, but I really don’t remember that part so well. By then I was pretty delirious and they actually had to take me to the hospital before anything was finished, so I didn’t really have any concept of what was even going on ‘til after.” How did you react to what was going on? That was a lot of change at one time. “Not too well. You go through — well I went through — this numbness at first where I was just goin’ along with whatever anyone told me to do and not really thinkin’ too much about it, just focusing on healin’ up physically, but it’ll catch up with you, you know? I had a really, really hard time with the trial. I couldn’t talk to them at first, they had to really work with me to get me to that point where I could at least say what happened and move the trial along. That all said, I still don’t think I always handle it the best.” [ laughs ] “There’s still times where it all really weighs on me. I’ve had a couple really bad situations in the past that I don’t really care to talk about here. I can just say it's been a weird road, there's a lot of ups and downs.” How did your brothers handle everything? Do you think it’s made you three stronger? “Better’n me, I think, but I feel like we all kinda say that about each other. I wouldn’t have made it through any’a this without those two. We’re a unit and we were always strong, but I think we’re definitely stronger now.” You mentioned the barn punishment wasn’t unusual. Were there times you thought of getting help before? How did that go with school? “Well, we were homeschooled, so obviously there wasn’t any teachers or anything to run to. We all talked about reaching out to our aunt n’ uncle before it all went down, but there’s fear in that too. If it doesn’t work, you’re stuck with these people who already proved they can hurt you this bad. If you don’t end up outta there, they can hurt you even worse.” If you were given the chance, do you think you’d see your parents again? “Can’t really say unless I was in that position honestly. My mom’s due for release not too long from now, but I dunno if I can see her. I don’t think either of ‘em will ever understand what me n’ Shan n’ Rich have to carry around every day, you know? It’s harder than you could ever think. I’ve lost a part of myself forever. I’ll spend the rest of my life like this and there’s only so much you can do about it. I can’t forgive either of them for that even if I did see ‘em. I think mostly I'd just really like to ask them why. Why did they do that to us, you know? What was goin' on that I didn't know about that made them like that? I don't think I'll ever really understand even if they explained it to me, but I always think about... that maybe it would help if I at least had some sense of what was goin' through their heads back then. I kinda wonder sometimes if they regret it or feel bad.” What are some things that help you when it’s getting difficult to deal with? “Music. That’s the first one. Music can kinda take me out of anything, it’s kinda like… a pause when everything’s goin’ too fast all at once. My family gets me through a lot. They’ve stuck by me through way more’n they should, I think.” [ laughs ] “My friends n’ my therapist. I have a lot of good support and that’s helped me when things get really hard.” Do you have any advice for other people healing from similar situations? “Take everything one day at a time. It’s not gonna be a perfect ‘well, I went to therapy for a few sessions, I’m good now’ n’ if you think like that, it’s gonna be really hard for you. Surround yourself by good people who wanna see you get through everything you’re goin’ through.” What’s one hope you have for your future self? “Finish school. I’ve taken a little bit too many breaks on that one.” [ laughs ] “Get further with music. Maybe start a family some day, who knows.” We wish the best for you, Austin! Thank you so much for taking some time out to talk with us. What do you think is next for you? “Thank you so much! As for what's next? Well... we'll see.”


01/23/2022 12:21 PM 

take care.

cw :: suicide attemptft. cameron who can be foundon the NPC page. Austin didn’t tell anyone where he was going, just left the house without a word one night and the next everyone knew, he was being pried out of his car after driving off into a ditch. The police said it couldn’t have been an accident; no road conditions to explain the sudden swerve, no other cars on the road. Cameron didn’t wanna believe that, but they all knew it was true. Austin wasn’t trying to survive a crash like that, and they all said he was lucky he did. Made it out with just a broken nose and a nasty concussion he still appears to be reeling from. He’d been down for a few weeks. In the years they’ve spent side-by-side, he’s always been that way — up on top of the world one week, down well below the ground the next. Cameron can’t help but wish he’d intervened, that he’d done more than the usual, more than just comforting him. He wishes he’d never left him alone. “I dunno what I’d have done if something happened to you… you know that, right?” Cameron’s not sure he’s prepared for whatever answer Austin might come up with, though Austin doesn’t seem very intent on answering anyway. They’ve been sitting on his uncle’s porch for a half an hour or so in silence, hands intertwined, Austin staring out at the street with his lips pursed together. He’s got a mask of bruises all around his eyes, over the bridge of his nose; every now and then, Cameron catches a little twinge of discomfort, the only sign he’s even got any awareness in him about his surroundings. “I wasn’t tryin’a worry anyone,” he finally mutters, barely above a whisper, but the weight of speaking is still enough to cause a crack in his voice. He still doesn’t look at Cameron directly, but holds his hand a little tighter, as if to quietly reassure him — I’m listening, I understand. The response makes Cameron sick to his stomach. “You weren’t tryin’a worry anyone so you drove your car straight into a ditch?” “I know it makes no sense.” Austin lowers his head like he’s thinking about something, but it takes him a few seconds to speak again. “I can’t stay here…” “In Brightwood?” “Yeah.” “So we’ll leave,” Cameron says. No hesitation, no question, matter-of-factly even. It’s a given. “We’ll go anywhere you wanna go. Not a ditch.” At that, Austin finally cracks a smile, but it’s short-lived, fades before Cameron could even commit it to memory. Fades in a way that makes his heart sink all over again. He brings Cameron’s hand up to his chest, holds it there like a prized possession, but what’s coming out of his mouth doesn’t quite match. “I can’t take you away from your home, Cam. You’ve got a life for yourself out here, a great one.” “But you’re part of that.” “What’s your kid gonna think if you just run off across the country ‘cause of me?” Finally, their eyes meet, mirrored in the way they glaze over. “Penny needs you. N’ I’m not sayin’ I don’t, but she really needs you.” “We done then? ‘Cause that’s what you’re makin’ it sound like.” Cameron furrows his eyebrows; the question leaves a sour taste in his mouth, makes his chest tight. Everyone in Brightwood knew about their engagement. Hell, some predicted it before it became official. Eight years completely down the drain if Austin answers his question the way he thinks he’s going to. Eight years of doing absolutely everything together, attached at the hip from the get-go, to the point where people had come to think of them as one entity and both were okay with it — proud of it, in fact. Eight years of long conversations in the dead of night, of fighting through every reservation for the right to be together, laughing together even when things took weird turns in directions they hadn’t planned for. Eight years of Austin telling him everything, and now he hadn’t even known that dying in a horrible car accident would have been easier for him than living. “You really wanna walk away from all this, huh?” “I love you. More’n I could ever love anyone, but I need to do this.” “There’s nothin’ saying Penny couldn’t come with us.” Austin shakes his head. “Why’re you doin’ this, Aus?” “Because you deserve someone who’s not gonna make you worry all the time, n’ that’s not me.” Ausin loosens his grip on Cameron’s hand, but only so he can step off the porch and kneel down in front of him instead, meeting him at eye level, a hand placed on his knee. “I can’t keep puttin’ you through this anymore. So I need to do this and I need to do it by myself. And I need you’ta move on from me because I’m never gonna be what you need.” “Do you even hear yourself right now?” Cameron’s speaking just above a whisper too, like if he says it too loudly it might solidify quicker. He still has a faint sense of hope he’ll be able to talk him out of it. “How hard’d you smack your head ‘cause this is completely crazy.” Austin scoffs a little through his nose, then starts to back away, only so he can reach to unclasp the necklace he’s been wearing, a small silver chain with a matching band hanging from it. When he inches back toward Cameron, he presses their foreheads together, taking Cameron’s hand again so he can hand the necklace over. There’s tears streaming down his face and he’s not trying to hide it. “It is n’ that’s exactly why you need to move on. Okay?” “You’re really just gonna give it all up? Everything you got here? You n’ me?” “I have to.” Cameron shakes his head, running his fingers through his hair. “But you don’t have to.” Austin finally comes to his feet, makes his way up the steps to the front door. “I’ll seeya’, Cam. I love you, okay?” “Apparently not.” Cameron’s already halfway down the path leading back to the road, shaking his head. His chest feels like it’s on fire. Part of him wants to run back the other way while the other part can’t even stomach looking at Austin again. “Watch yourself out there, Aus.”


01/23/2022 12:19 PM 


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01/23/2022 12:02 PM 


Activity: Probably our number 1 motto here, be active. If a member is inactive for more than a total of 5 days, and they have not expressed about taking a small hiatus, you will be removed due to inactivity.  Expectations: Once upon approval, you will have 48 hours to have your profile up and running. After that, all group members are also required to have at least 5 active connections with group members. You may have as many as you wish, however, if you do cap yourself out at 5 you will be required to come up with basic connections with other group members.   Points: Although we don't have a points system here, you are required to be active. If we see that people aren't being active in the blast, or with other members, we have the go-ahead to activate a point system. As of right now, we will do a member of the month where members are polled to vote for the member that has helped, or you talked to you the most through the month and they will receive a coupon for one free face or character change of their choice. Dalton's favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.  Discord: This is probably one of the biggest. Discord is mandatory in order to audition for Knox Valley. Why? Well, that’s simple, it’s because we are a discord-based and site-based group. If you would like to write with your connections on the site, that is perfectly fine. However, you will be required to have a discord so you can actively participate in group blast events. :)  Drama: Although we support and highly recommend character drama if lines start to be blurred between IC and OOC you will get a strike. What this means is if you will have a sit down with the admins to get your side of the story. If you get a total of 3 strikes in the matter of a 90 days period, you will be released from the group.  Face Changes: No face change requests will be accepted up until 2 weeks after your acceptance date into the group. Each member has one coupon a month redeemable to change their face. However, after you change your face, you are locked into that current one for 30 days.  Storyline: When auditioning, it is perfectly fine to write in a child and or pregnancy into your character’s storyline. Storylines will be set like faces and will be unchangeable up until 30 days after joining. If you wish to audition as a couple with someone else, you both have to have your auditions within 24 hours of each other and have each other tagged in your audition.  Rejoining: If you had to leave due to RL issues, or you just weren’t feeling a character we completely understand! However, if you leave, we do ask that you wait a minimum of 1 week before auditioning again. As long as you left on good terms, you shouldn’t have a problem getting back in.  Member Count: As a group, we will be capping at along the lines of 24 members. This is subject to change and may grow bigger as time proceeds. Considering there is currently only one admin, that means as our numbers expand I will be looking for people within the group who would like a chance to shine. When the moment comes, there will be an application for a second or third admin on the MOP.*Please sign below with a gif from your favorite TV show.**


01/23/2022 11:02 PM 

About You.

serpent juliet About You She really wants to tell him that she still can't sleep. That Betty still has nightmares about the Black Hood creeping into her room and strangling her, and that Alice has come into her room three times when she wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. Betty cannot handle being in the same room with her mother for any longer than is absolutely necessary. So she travels from school to Vixens practice to the Riverdale Public Library and remains there until closing, despite Alice's anxiety for her daughter's nightly terrors.But Jughead is grabbing at straws to keep the new family he's created—already, he's done so much harm to the old one, and the prospect of returning to his lonely existence gives him a bad taste in his mouth. So he's pacing aimlessly through the history department when he comes upon Betty curled up in an armchair, books, and papers strewn across the table in front of her.Betty glances at him through veiled eyes as his close movement jolts her awake. She grins at him, not quite awake and aware of the circumstance, unguarded and with what he hopes is a hint of the love she used to gaze at him with. "Hello, Juggie," she says softly.Betty sits up hastily, flushing and no longer looking him in the eyes. She curses herself softly and begins to grab her possessions. When she wakes up these days, she forgets everything for a little while. Betty has no recollection of Polly's disappearance, of a killer stalking her, or of Jughead breaking her heart in the liminal space between dream and reality. Usually, she can shake herself out of it, but the library setting threw her off, plus he was there, so her emotions took over her mind. Betty is overwhelmed with embarrassment and shame and is frantically trying to flee.Betty trembles when she opens her lips to speak, and she grabs his hand to keep herself steady. When he squeezes back, she tries to ignore the warmth that spreads throughout her entire existence, but it blossoms so swiftly that she feels utterly tranquil for the first time in weeks. "I'm glad you'll be back at Riverdale High," she says, not even bothering to hide her smile this time. More phrases float around in the air—because I've missed you, so we can spend time together, please don't push me away again—but the soft edges of the moment obscure the unsaid concerns. home comment message gallery stream blog It's about breakin' up and wakin' up And stayin' tough, and Makers Mark Toppin' off a coffee cup And pray it does the trick to forget At least for a little while It's about words that hurt, the verses burnThe worst mistakes and lessons learned And gettin' what you deserve Instead of gettin' back what you had to lose Yeah boy, this one's about you Yeah, this one's about you


01/23/2022 10:55 PM 

Optional Task 281


01/23/2022 10:54 AM 

Task 281


01/23/2022 07:25 AM 

The Train Ride TW: GORE

The Train Ride, TW: GOREA Ripper Stefan Drabble Believer /1759370 How long had it been? The constant running from his shadow kept the younger brother looking over his shoulder. Who could know more about you than your own brother? The answer was simple. Nobody knew more than your own flesh and blood. What hurt more was this battle between the two had lasted for so long that the younger brother had lost count of the years. His brother promised an eternity of misery and suffering. They were well on their way there.Stefano Salvatore was not the naive youth he used to be. Looking back through the annals of time had marred his perspective on things. His brother was the one that was the Dark Shadow in the light of day. He didn't try to hide who he was. Damiano was a monster and unabashedly one at that. Stefano was a bit more subtle. Then again most predators usually were.Most vampires mentioned his name in fear. Stefano Salvatore was that one type of vampire that brought a spotlight into their world that didn't need to be there. He was what they called a ripper. It had been 2 years prior that he eliminated an entire camp in Monterey leaving behind no survivors. It was hard to feel ashamed in a situation like this when one didn't have an ounce of humanity to spare. Occasional moments of lucidity did strike the younger Salvatore but those were quickly beaten back. The spirit of the Ripper was stronger than ever.He was a sharp dressed man as he disembarked the train arriving in Chicago. His emerald hues glittered as he looked upon the expanse of humanity in front of him. Little did any of them realize that a wolf was running free in the midst of all these sheep. Death never looked so good.One particular young lady had been traveling alone on the train with him. He had watched her with great intensity. She did not have a traveling companion. She sat alone. She dined alone. She was the perfect target for the Ripper of Monterey. He was watching as she disembarked the train. Nobody met her. Nobody knew she was here. Perfect.She was a pretty thing. She had long black hair, big beautiful brown eyes and a simply ravishing smile. There was a hint of sadness behind her eyes that had come from something he had no idea about. It had been something that had driven her to the other side of the country. Pain like that usually separated people from those who loved them the most. Given the circumstances of the time, it was safe to assume that she had had a lover or fiance, perhaps both, that had died during the war. With nothing to hold her back, she left all she knew to start another life. It was too bad that she met the devil on her trip.He tended to travel light, especially when he was on the prowl. He carried one simple bag. He stepped toward the young lady as she was claiming her bags. "Do you need some help with that?" He asked innocently. "I don't mind. Really." He was sizing her up to see if she realized exactly who and what he was.Those brown eyes sparkled. "How kind of you sir! Thank you!" She stepped aside allowing him to take the handle of the trolley cart that her trunk was secured to rolling it mwith them as they walked. "I was beginning to think I'd have to go the last bit of the way alone."His handsome features were so unassuming. There was no way she could have had any idea just how deeply in trouble she really was at this point. He had chosen his prey well. "Absolutely not! You're in the big city now. A lovely young thing such as you will never have to lift a finger again. Shall we?" He started to walk in the general direction of the heart of the city.She was enjoying his company until something odd finally struck her. "If that's true then, why are we going in another direction?" This was definitely not the heart of Chicago. Her heart started pounding in her ears.The space around his eyes darkened intensely with prominent veins. His pupils glazed over black. He pulled her closer to look into his monstrous gaze. "You are unable to scream. Do you understand me?" She simply nodded as he walked with her to a place where nobody was watching. With his captive in tow, he picked up the pace.Perhaps he was a bit sorry for what he was about to do. He could hear the sounds of her heart beating rapidly as her unbridled terror did not have the release it wanted. She could have had a long and brilliant life had she just gotten on a different train than the one he'd boarded. A whole life with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren was going to elude her now all because the Ripper was hungry and she was his next meal. Soon he found the perfect out of the way place that was the end of the line.With one hand, he completely buried her neck. His fingertips felt the rush of blood through her veins. Her heartrate increased as she started to struggle like a rabbit caught in a trap. She was compelled not to scream but he dared not compel her fear away. That would ruin everything. The more she struggled, the more he grew excited. The mask of the predator covered his features with horrific accuracy. His eyes were solid onyx, the dark veins were prominent around those onyx circles and his ivory fangs protruded from his lips ready to strike.The penetration of her flesh was the beginning of the end. Her main carotid artery was ripped violently by the monster. Each beat of her heart meant that the fluid that gave her life now coated the throat of the monster who'd proclaimed to take it away from her. Harder and harder was his drive to rob her of this precious fluid that the more he demanded the more stress it put on her body. She wiggled and struggled against the monster who took her life essence until finally the unthinkable happened. Her head was in his hands as her body slumped to the ground.He had ceased his drinking when the flow stopped and sprayed everywhere at the mutilation of her corpse. It had made a sickening sound that brought him a brief moment of sorrow at what he'd done. The ripper madness had taken over and now there was an aftermath to address. There was only one thing he could do before he disappeared into the wilds of Chicago…~*~On the far end of the railroad platform later that night was a steamer trunk sitting by itself. The conductor wheeled the trunk into his office to open it. When he did, he jumped back toward the wall behind him. Inside the trunk was the body and severed head of the young lady as it was attempted to be reconstructed. Brown eyes once full of life were dull and staring out into the expanse of eternity that they weren't supposed to see in someone so young. The Ripper had come to town to make his mark. Just how long he'd be here was anybody's guess. For now, no human in Chicago in 1919 was safe. No not one.    “You know what never gets old? Revenge." credit: james kriet

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Wanted Roles

This is a potential love interest with a Non Negotiable playby. Comes with plent of creative freedom, but some details are set. Feel free to contact Zander on Discord IJustWorkHere#5997 or /1751305. We promise he bites.

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Face Value: Our artists are even better than Chris Angel, able to ink even the most difficult of tattoo's. Dont bring in that premade sh*t though. Let one of us design you something that will make you want to remember your trip to Vegas, f*** with our ink in your skin you will be forced to. At least it can be one thing you are proud to bring home from Sin City.Darker side: If you know the magic words this is the spot to hook you up with whatever drug tickles your fancy. If we dont have it in stock we certainly can get it for you.Owner: Zander ThophEmployees: Zander ThophCurrently Hiring: 3 Tattoo ArtistsFace Value: Weather you are looking for landing point in your batcholors party, guys night out, or just to blow off some steam; our ladies will get you hot and unbothered. Featuring some of the most beautiful ladies in Vegas all here for your viewing pleasure. Watch them dance on one of our multiple stages, or from a private room. Sharing is caring, but please remember everyone needs to tip.Darker Side: Looking to take one of our ladies home? Got a special kink you are looking to get scratched? Our ladies know their place and its in whatever position you want.Owner: ---Employees: Brandy Wright, Mackenzie StollyCurrently Hiring: Dancers (4), Bouncers (2)Face Value: By far the best casino on the strip! Come in and take home more than a suvineer t-shirt home from Vegas. As one of the highest visted casinos in the area we gaurentee you will hear the clinking, clanking, and alarm bells of victory. Slots, cards, and a fully open complimentry bar for all guests.Darker Side: What happens in the basement of the casino is no matter for the public. Ran by the local mafia Casino Royale is used as their primary source of money laundering. Afterall whos going to catch on with this much cash flowing through.Owner: ---Employees: ---Currently Hiring: Bounchers (3), Dealers (3), Bartenders (2)

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Taken Info

Taken First Names b. Brandim. Mackenziez. Zander  Taken Last Names s. Stollyt. Thophw. Wright  Taken Face Claims a.  Algazi, Karinab. Biersack, Andyn. Nett, Alysha

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