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07/14/2020 06:02 PM 

C O N N E C T I O N S & M U S E S

  ✿   [x]--Best friends/sister figure |Knew each other in high school. They both moved to Manhattan when they were 15. After being set up in a group, they--[x] *Taken by Gemma.*     ♡   [x]--Exes that still have feelings for one another. They have a deep history of having a relationship. They went to school together at the age of fifteen when she moved to Manhattan, and became best friends. Later, at age seventeen, [taker] let his feelings out for her. She felt the same and BAM; power couple. They ended up recently breaking up due to [up to taker; Caelum is not toxic nor abusive].   [x]--Blind Date that goes well--[x]^^||Muse A signed up for a blind date meet and greet. Muse B was forced to tag along even though they didn't want to go. Muse A & Muse B end up being partnered up after a compatablility test and matched well. ||Credit to Dustin Hyde for Muses||^^     ♡   [x]High school crushes that run into each other in a shop or at their job.[x] ||[Taker] asks Caelum out on a date. Play it off. Caelum is 23, so the person would need to be of 23-25 max age.||     ♡   [x]Caelum takes on a challenge to say yes to everything for 24 hours. They run into [taker] whom is quite adventurous, and Caelum agree's to do everything and anything [Taker] has in mind. Caelum begins to suspect that [taker] has feelings for her, and ends up questioning if [taker] is really into them {Which they are}. ||Credit to Claire Atwood for Muse.||--[x]     ♡   [x]--Muses have an apartment together and are falling for each other.--[x]


07/14/2020 04:57 PM 

if we are writing check this out.
Current mood:  accomplished

iris ann west-allenLightning Rodace reporter/sometimes boss of team flashSweet yet stubborn as hell and determined to keep others safe and to seek out the truth.multi-para & novella writerAlways looking forward on writing with the members of the RPG and others!this page was established July 9th 2020 roleplay owes patience is a virtue updates - When things hopefully get very active and my owes fill up then I'll be updating this and posting it on a bulletin here and there!.startersi owe youDisplay Name - Character NameDisplay Name - Character NameDisplay Name - Character Namerepliesi owe youDisplay Name - Character NameDisplay Name - Character NameDisplay Name - Character Namestartersyou owe meDisplay Name - Character NameDisplay Name - Character NameDisplay Name - Character Namerepliesyou owe meDisplay Name - Character NameDisplay Name - Character NameDisplay Name - Character Name


07/14/2020 04:29 PM 

Writing sample;
Current mood:  accomplished

❰ ❰ Title Here Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas semper interdum nibh at scelerisque. Duis non massa sem. Mauris semper, neque ac molestie eleifend, nisl erat facilisis urna, vitae pretium metus erat ut metus. Nunc vehicula est eget libero semper aliquet. Sed convallis enim nec facilisis condimentum. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Ut euismod elementum volutpat. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut neque eros, efficitur nec sem in, varius ultrices massa. Etiam sem velit, commodo id ipsum quis, porttitor dictum arcu. Aenean lacinia tortor vitae condimentum feugiat. Sed vitae nibh nibh. Integer fringilla egestas maximus. Integer ultrices porttitor mi, ultricies consectetur ex bibendum id. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Proin fringilla ligula nibh, vitae porttitor elit rutrum gravida. Ut ac mollis metus, facilisis fringilla leo. Duis orci mauris, iaculis eget elit vel, posuere molestie dolor. Nullam sed turpis sem. Nulla a consequat massa. Vivamus fermentum placerat mauris, ac scelerisque purus molestie at. Praesent sodales ullamcorper fringilla. In porta, nulla a tempus lobortis, velit nunc ultrices risus, et consequat quam nisl ac libero. Aenean varius velit at sem pretium dapibus. Duis vestibulum eu lorem eu euismod. Cras ultricies metus aliquam imperdiet sodales. Donec blandit turpis sit amet gravida varius. Duis auctor elit mauris, nec placerat sem ultrices bibendum. Mauris tristique laoreet luctus. Pellentesque ligula urna, fringilla ac risus ut, cursus ullamcorper est. Ut nisl turpis, tincidunt sed justo at, viverra varius eros. Mauris blandit quam ac convallis lobortis. Donec eu felis lacus. Maecenas hendrerit tortor mi, sit amet finibus ipsum vestibulum non. Aenean sed lobortis turpis, non gravida lacus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas semper interdum nibh at scelerisque. Duis non massa sem. Mauris semper, neque ac molestie eleifend, nisl erat facilisis urna, vitae pretium metus erat ut metus. Nunc vehicula est eget libero semper aliquet. Sed convallis enim nec facilisis condimentum. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Ut euismod elementum volutpat. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut neque eros, efficitur nec sem in, varius ultrices massa. Etiam sem velit, commodo id ipsum quis, porttitor dictum arcu. Aenean lacinia tortor vitae condimentum feugiat. Sed vitae nibh nibh. Integer fringilla egestas maximus. Integer ultrices porttitor mi, ultricies consectetur ex bibendum id.


07/14/2020 02:38 PM 

Owes List.

I OWE YOUScarlett-S-7-13-20YOU OWE METrevor-S-7-12-20UPDATED AS OF 7-14-20


07/14/2020 02:03 PM 

The Lost Secret Of Osrs Gold

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of seraphims.

07/13/2020 11:46 PM 

( in waking / drabble )

What’s the real purpose of her life? Yes, these are the easy questions she asks herself on the daily. She’s been laying on her bed, stoned for the passed five hours, smoking the blunt made of rose petals and hash. It sits delicately between her fingers. Where is she going now? What is she doing? It’s been a question all her life. Staring at herself in the mirror distantly as she sighs and makes a face at herself.She shouldn’t be so ungrateful – but she pulls away from looking in the mirror to stare up at the ceiling. She takes another hit of her blunt. Her whole body starts to slump and shift towards the edge of the bed, and she allows it, letting her head hang off the edge as she lifts an arm to cast behind her head. Her body elongates as she moves, closing her eyes, and she smiles as she sighs.  The lights on the ceiling taunt her. She sits up in a rush, blood rapidly draining from her brain and making her lightheaded, just as she slumps her avian shoulders. She’s bored. A sigh sounds once more, blowing errant strands of auburn from her features, always in vain. The silence is always deafening in this place. She turns to look towards the door.Changing takes time. Her clothes, that is. From a basically nothing into a big baggy shirt with some spanks on underneath. She stares at herself in the mirror again as she tucks part of the shirt in and then drops her booty down onto the ground. She puts on her Nike ankle socks and then her Vans lace ups, furrowing her brows together as she does. The rest of the blunt is secured behind her ear, and the lighter is put in her pocket. When she’s done with tying, she gets up and jogs her way down the stairs of the empty home. She stretches as she yawns, just as she flops all of her hair into a messy bun.She’s not wearing a bra as she walks into the kitchen and it makes her nipples harden under her shirt. A tan hand scratches at her stomach and she whines out a pout as the sleepy stoned actress reaches the fridge. When she does, she opens it and stares at the contents until her eyes land on the gallon of the chocolate protein milk. It’s quickly nabbed. Opening it and taking a long swig, she hums and twirls, placing the gallon down onto the counter. She puts the cap back on, too. Then stretches herself out on the counter, cheek against granite, lying flat as she groans deep but stretches her lower back out in the process.Another yawn escapes. And a hum. “Note to self: Not eating for the next week. Don’t tell my therapist about it. Drink only liquids.”  She does that sometimes, to reset herself. She also just gorged on pizza and Chinese food the night prior. Is she teetering close to a full lapse in her eating disorder? Absolutely. Should she be worried about it? Yes. She rubs at her eyes and features. It comes in waves, and she takes each wave as they come. She’s in recovery – and this is part of is. She knows that. She tries not to guilt herself for it. Besides, she’s been stressed. It’ll be good to take a break from forcing herself to eat and not judge herself for eating. Her hands drag down her face as she groans again. Sometimes it’s not that bad – but lately it has been. Nothing she can’t handle and cope with it in her own way.Katerina reaches into her hair and yanks the hair-tie out, all of her silken locks falling around her features as she blinks slowly, in a hummed haze thanks to the marijuana. She’s living her life, fluffing out her hair with one hand, hips swaying back in forth in her morning stretch. She stops moving and lifts her head, resting her features on her chin and thinking to herself quietly. She’s come so far. She does recognize that about herself. If she hadn’t made progress, she’d be out galivanting right now. But her soul aches too much for all that. She knows what’s truly best for herself.Taking the milk carton with her, she makes her way outside. She takes a few more swigs before she spots her skateboard, capping the gallon once more.There’s a tickle in her shoulder blades as she rearranges herself under her big baggy shirt slightly, a hand running over her face. She’s been exceptionally tired and morose lately and she’s not sure why. Just as she stares at the skateboard, her attention drifts towards the water and she makes a run for the pool. Discarding herself of anything that isn’t water safe onto the pool deck, she jumps in - clothes on - she doesn’t care. And no one is around to tell her otherwise.  She swims up to the edge of the pool where she dropped her gallon of chocolate milk and her blunt and her lighter. Immediately, she lights up, and she thinks of how languid this type of life she’s leading is. How little every action she’s done truly amounts to, in the grand scheme of things. And maybe that’s the weight she carries, everywhere she goes. Maybe that’s why she’s so heavy.Heavy with the mantle and crust of Earth and where it’s at – staring blankly at the horizon as if it will give her some grand answer. She’s no visionary. She’s not a warrior.And yet…She splashes in the water as she turns to lean her back on the edge of the pool. Taking a longass drag of her blunt, Katerina breathes in the white plumes and then exhales them out. She feels so hollow in the wake of her humanity having taken a beating, post-transformation. Maybe that’s what happens when –No. Putting words to it makes it real. And it can’t be. It wouldn’t make sense to. But the burning and flutter within her tells her different: Maybe this is her purpose in life. To believe.

ιηѕι∂ισυѕ вαѕтαя∂

07/13/2020 11:25 PM 


Life in New Orleans seemed to be a calm storm lately. Klaus was out in early broad daylight with his paint set and canvas looking upon the clear lake water that surrounded the precious city. The one he use to help build was thriving with all diveristies of life. Eversince the darkness had been eradicted permenatly, the 3 species made a promise of no wars to conflict the historic city. Witches all over continued to pay their tributes to the past spirits beyond the veil. Life was given gifts of prosperity only to those who earned them. Witches continued to bare themselves in the Harvest. Wolves turned near the bayou, unable to be in city limits during full moons. Vampires could feast, but not kill innocent human beings unless they would want to be beheaded by Marcellus.Everyone seemed to only get along if there wasn't any hostilities of disappearances going on. You couldn't tell when danger lurked in the shadows anymore.. Life became rewinded after the fact of the real events that happened in this place of New Orleans. The family found loop holes unimaginable to the balances of nature. His daughter Hope remained close with her mother at home practicing how to control her unlimited boundries of magic thanks to Freya. Soon the family was going to send her to the Salvatore school to learn to control herself once she was old enough. Klaus made a huge donation to the cause of the school for gifted children of all species. There were plenty that he never heard of.. Especially in Mystic Falls.. Stroking the paint brush along the half finished canvas, life was painted into..portrait with the environment of life around him. He only found peace lost in his creations for the time being. Bringing a simple smile upon the creases of his lips. Gentle movements gave the painting a style that no one could beat in his 500 years of artistry. Looking up, Klaus gave a silent sigh looking up from his finished art after 4 hours of the past two days he had been trying to finish his modern environment project. Finally he was finished. Happy of how it turned out. There was plenty of things to do today. He knew everywhere he turned things were going to happen, in the mean time he was finding sanctuary in what he loved the most.. No one could tare that away.. For now.---- Each piece of his art told a story. Some tranquil, and some even more terrifying. Anyone who saw the Original Hybrid's work would tell you a tale that possibly happened. Niklaus and his family were proof of the past that brought these historic events into reality.Believe it or not, some of his paintings were even made from the enemies blood he spilled centuries ago; you could never tell.


07/13/2020 10:37 PM 

Rules - please read <3
Current mood:  accomplished

First of all - Come at me! I don't bite! If you want to plot, or chat, or send me a starter, you are more than welcome to.The first thing I ask is that you’re at least 18 years old before writing with me. Tiffany is completely in love with Chucky no matter what body he possesses. There’s literally no one else for her, she’ll take him as man, woman or doll. Please bear this in mind if you're thinking about trying to ship with her. She's extremely loyal to her man. I will write Tiffany in both human or doll form, so if you have a preference for a specific rp, just let me know.Tiffany is a serial killer. I enjoy writing hardcore horror and gore. I do NOT condone it in real life. RP is fiction. I allow the creative writing process to take me anywhere, so if you want to write something dark and terrible, hit me up!There’s also a really high chance that Tiffany may try to kill your character in one of our rp's, if this is not okay just let me know. We can of course plot it beforehand if you're into writing dark stuff. I love OC’s and crossovers, but I'm mostly here for Chucky & Tiffany. I am slow with replies a lot of the time, please be patient with me. Nothing will kill our rp faster than constantly hinting at me for a reply.I don’t appreciate god modding (writing my character for me) but hey, who does?I would prefer it if non roleplaying blogs did NOT message me, thanks.About the writer: British chic who's been watching Chucky movies since the year Child's play was released. I've been writing Tiffany for a couple of years now (ikr why didn't I do it sooner?) Chiffany is my OTP, I especially love exploring their human life together in the eighties. 

Defiant Demon

07/13/2020 10:34 PM 

Welcome To Hell

Attn: Master of Mystics. // Mention: Lucifer, Lady Death, Stephen Strange, diverse Marvel heroes. Welcome To Hell “To Define Is To Limit.” New York City. Payne’s home away from home.. While the very universe he resided in wasn’t his own either.One day, he was stalking the streets of Gotham as The Nightstalker. The next. He woke up in one of the many hidden alleyways in New York.Confused as he was, it had been a good 3 years now since the Demon woke up on that particular night.Now a member of the X-Men, tagging along the small club of heroes under the guise of The Exiles. Payne continued to do good, and disappoint his heritage in every way possible.Away from the Isle of Krakoa, Payne had woken up in his apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Fitting place for a Demon, if not a tad too much on the nose. But one that Payne happily accepted. The rent was low, the area was nice and there was plenty to do in the City That Never Sleeps.Many other Heroes called this city their home. And each district seemed to be represented by their own. Harlem had Power Man, Manhattan was under the protection of Strange and many others. And Hell’s Kitchen also had their number of heroes. Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Daredevil. And now the Demon was also part of that small roster of heroes protecting the neighborhood. If Payne wasn’t out with Iron Fist on a mission with the rest of the Exiles or working a Paranormal case within the city streets.Stretching while he laid in his bed, the Demon groaned while waking up ever so slowly. The night before was a rough one, and Payne couldn’t help but doze off once or twice before actually getting out of bed. Finally sweeping his legs to the right, removing the black satin covers from his body and folding over the rest of the blanket covering his Queen sized bed, Payne got up and stretched his shoulders. The inked tribal wings covering his back moving along with the skin, making it look as if they spread for a second.Looking at the clock, seeing it was 11:00am, the Demon let himself drop to the floor. Catching his entire body with his hands and starting his work-out routine with 50 push-ups. Pumping the blood around his body while waking up more and more properly. 30 push-ups in the Demon rose pre-maturely, left eyebrow raised as if he sensed something was off about everything on this particular day. Something didn’t feel right. Something in the ley lines of magic seemed interrupted. And as a Demon, Payne was quite sensitive to all of it. Stepping forwards from his spot, Payne grabbed a Black Sabbath shirt and pulled it over his upper body. Walking around his apartment while trying to sense out what exactly was happening. A pair of dark blue jeans were grabbed by the Demon as he walked past them and put them on as well before shaking his head and moving to the door to grab his black combat boots and eventually leaving his apartment.Walking around the city, he noticed that everything seemed to be off balance in a particular way. He didn’t know what it was, but there was someone around that would know all about it, hopefully. Doctor Stephen Strange was one who knew like no other how the Arcane World worked in this universe. And while Payne was quite knowledgeable about Magic and everything that came into contact with it, this all seemed different than what he was used to. As he quickly made his way to the Sanctum Sanctorum, hurrying up the stronger the feeling started to become. He knocked on the door but didn’t wait for Stephen to open up. Teleporting and re-appearing inside the house thanks to the windows that showed the manors interior. Payne walked around and called for Strange. The Sanctum Sanctorum didn’t seem to react to the Demon entering without permission, which was even stranger than the name Doctor Strange itself. Walking up the stairs and looking around, noticing a portal that didn’t seem like it needed to be there. The Magic that came from it felt the same as what he had been feeling the entire time while he was walking towards his destination. And without a doubt, the Demon walked through it.Entering a different version of Hell than Payne had grown up in, it felt much like home yet there was something off about it all. A different sort of power that felt unnatural to the Demon from a different universe. As the Portal closed behind the Demon. Payne looked around the area and noticed Stephen Strange in the distance, along with 2 lovely looking ladies and another person who had an odd feeling of familiarity. Payne shook his head in slight confusion while he finally started to talk.“What’s going on here?? Strange? What is this and why does it seem to affect about everything in New York? Who did what?” Payne’s voice was loud enough for everyone to be heard as the Demon stepped closer towards the Sorcerer Supreme and the man that felt very familiar but looked quite different. “Father?” Payne looked at the man once more and then tilted his head to the right in confusion. If this was, in fact, Payne’s actual father. Then he had looked quite different from all the times that Payne had seen him prior.“Ladies?” Payne’s attention moved to the females that stood there, taking in the wolves and the horse as well. “This…. All seems rather.. Odd.. Or am I the only one that feels that way?” He asked his question towards the four that surrounded the Demon as Payne looked around. Overlooking the branches of a forest that looked familiar but felt different. This most definitely wasn’t his own Hell. That much was something that Payne could feel in his bones. credit: james kriet

Defiant Demon

07/13/2020 10:25 PM 

Class is in Session.

The AcademyWWW.ROLEPLAYER.ME/PAYNEQUEEN"Defiant Demon""Class, is in session”""Never thought that I'd end up teaching what I've learned.." He muttered to himself. There he stood, leaning against his desk as he stared at the small group of students in front of him. All dressed in work out clothing, which he himself was wearing as well. Black tank top, and black sweatpants. No shoes, and no other forms of protection. Shame he wasn't allowed to wear his old armor, but alas. While this was self defense class. Wearing armor wasn't allowed by the headmistress of the Academy. A place of shelter for those who were other than humans. Witches, for the most part. Though the occasional Vampire, Meta and other creatures seemed to be around as well. But as far as Payne knew, he was the only Demon out there, along with his mother. Lilith. The one the people here worshipped. Praise Lilith. It was a weird thing to hear, since it was Payne's mother, who he only started to reconnect with not too long ago. With a sigh, the Demon pushed himself away from his desk. Looking over his students, where some of them seemed to be rather fond of Payne's physique. Muscular in the right places. Tattoos on his arms, and neck. Along with the tribal winged backpiece only ever so slightly peeking out of his shirt. Payne was most definitely not someone who would look like your regular gym teacher. Then again, this wasn't just gym class. "As you've all heard. The majority of us seems to be having a bit of a fan club." Payne's words sounded a little playful. But for the real listener out there, they could notice the serious undertone as he had spoken. Turning back to face his students, he pointed towards 2 women who seemed to be thinking of other ways of achieving physical exercises. "Ladies. Attention please, sinning in the bedroom only." He winked at them and payed attention to the rest of the class, letting everyone get their giggle or chuckle out before he started to talk once again. "They call themselves Witch hunters. The name itself should pretty much give away the fact that they don't hunt for deer. No, in fact. About 95% of this class alone, is going to be victim of these so called hunters. If they do not know how to defend themselves." "But we have magic that they have not!" A loudmouth brunette spurted out. Cocky tone and the cocky look to boot. Payne smirked slightly, as he then shook his head. He threw a foam knife toward the brunette, hitting her straight in the head as she yelled in shock. "HEY! NOT FAIR!" "Indeed. And where was that magic that you have, and they don't? Hard to put out a spell if you're dead, love. And let that be a lesson for everyone in here. These Hunters have succeeded for a long period of time in hunting that what they hate. Witches. And alongside that, every other supernatural being that dares to roam on that what they call their own. So for the people here who were asking why they were here while they're not a witch. This is the very reason why. We are all in danger. Not just the lovely spellcasters among us." A soft smile appeared on the Demon's face as he saw that everyone started paying more and more attention as he spoke. He then paid attention to the brunette that he had 'killed' earlier. "You okay?"He asked, which only got met with a blush of frustration of the young lady. Payne grinned and nodded as he once again turned his attention back to the rest of the class. "I am here to train you all. To learn how to defend yourself without using any magic. And of course also how to become an excellent fighter while combining your physical skills, with your magical ones. Who here has ever heard of 'Hell's Weapon'?" Payne asked, and a few hands slowly raised into the sky. "Means that some of you need to pay more attention to the history teacher next time. After all, I'm the one who she had been talking about." A few eyes widened, both in shock and in confusion. “What? But you are like what.. 25?” Payne mocked with a pre-pubescent voice. “Yes, and how long do you think I have been looking like I’m 25? More than 400 years.” Payne then answered, mostly to himself but while looking at his students with a bit of a wicked smile. “I’m a Demon. And from what I’ve seen around here. The only one as well, apart from my mother, of course.” He quickly added afterwards, to simply keep the facts as they are. Raising his right arm, the Demon pulled his black and red leather bracelet off of his wrist. Removing the glamor charm that kept his right arm hidden, looking like the rest of his body. Revealing the dark red and blue forearm to the entire class. Some gasped in shock, and Payne was sure that he heard someone gag as well. Funny that, seeing what some of the ingredients were in most potions that have been crafted by many a magician in this place. As the talons of his right hand dug slightly into the desk, Payne looked around and then pointed to a basket. One where he had previously drawn the fake knife out of, that he had thrown. “Without any further distractions. How about we start our first lesson here. Shall we? Everyone, grab one of those. Don’t worry, they are all fake. And if I see someone using magic to turn them into a real blade, they’ll be getting that thing right into their eye. Is that understood?” Payne heard some giggles once again, as the class hopped over to the basket and grabbed one of the knives. Seeing some messing around with them, poking them at friends and having some fun with it all. The Demon let them have their fun for a moment before he started to draw the attention back to himself again. Grabbing two knives from the same basket and holding one in each hand. “Alright attention class. Unless you feel like you’re more than capable to handle that knife already. In that case, feel free to attack.” And before the final word was said, a large guy rushed forward, trying to stab Payne with a transformed knife. Payne only grinned, stepped sideways and stuck his foot out, tackling the large grunt with ease. Only to let him stand back up and try it again. Which got quickly re-directed once more. Out of frustration, the grunt slammed into the desk, and grabbed one of the planks that had broken off. As he tried to hit Payne with it, Payne simply caught the plank in his left hand, gave a push and hit the grunt with the piece of wood right in his mouth, knocking out a tooth that hit the floor. The rest of the class cheered as they saw someone try to beat the new teacher. But yet every attempt was simply evaded and countered by the Demon, who was clearly playing a game. As Payne got tired of his little game, he yawned and teleported. Re-appearing behind the grunt, kicking him in the back of his knees and quickly disarming the enchanted knife, and pressing it against the man’s eye. “What did I say about not using magic to turn it into a real knife? Class? Would you mind reminding your classmate what was said?” As if in shock, the class had gotten quiet. As if all of them were holding their breath. With a simple nod, Payne then decided to take this opportunity as a warning, and pushed the knife into the grunts eye. Who in return started to scream in agony. “Now be a good boy, and go to the headmistress and tell her about what had happened. As for the rest of the class, take this warning seriously. Within these walls, you will be safe. But outside of them, don’t expect a fair fight of those Hunters who are out to get you. Within these walls, I will train you. And you will listen. And learn. Within these walls, I will be the one responsible for each and every single one of your lives. The least you all can do to repay me, is by giving me the best that you got. And to make me proud to have taught you all that I know, if you bring me the head of a Hunter, if they were foolish enough to cross your path. Class dismissed. Take these knives with you. Get familiar with them. In two days time, I will test every one of you of your knowledge. I want to know about every dent, every splinter, every inch of wood, and every little ingredient used in your particular knife. And don’t try to repeat that of another, every single one of these little toys is different.” As Payne pulled the grunt up and pushed him out of his class room, he turned his back towards the remainder of his class as they started to leave the perimeter. A soft sigh escaped the Demon’s lips once he was all by himself. “Good first start. Now let’s see how many of them will actually pay attention to what I’ve said.” To Define, is to limittemplate credit.


06/05/2020 07:52 PM 

Santa Monica Beach - Spirit Week

Current Mood: Santa Monica Beach  Friday, June 5th thru Friday, June 12th  Summertime is almost officially here but we couldn't wait to hit the beach! With the lockdown lifted and the beachgoers hitting the sand we thought what better way to have some fun than at a beach in the sun! So we are asking you to pack your bags and meet us in Santa Monica, California! We hope you all are ready for a fun-filled 8 days!      "A week with no alarms and no schedule."   Faraway Friday 6/5 - Come one! Come all! You and your families are invited to join Zachary on an all-expense-paid beach vacation! (what better way to give back to my community than spoiling you all!) Today we are flying away from Hartsville and we are heading to Santa Monica Beach! I hope that each and every one of you joins me on this new adventure! We've been on so many together already - what's one more! Let's take advantage of the next 8 days to get away and just enjoy life, party, bake in the sun, see the beach, and spend time with our family and friends! So lets all pack our bags, board the flight, and get out of town today! [You do not need to have a default for today - if you use today's designated hashtag you will receive 3 points.]Sand Saturday 6/6 - We've made it to Santa Monica and we can't be more excited! What is on your list of things to do on your first day at the beach? Are you building a sandcastle or are you hanging out by the beach bonfire?Splish Splash Sunday 6/7 - Is it hot around here or is it just me? Let's hit the water and make a splash! Do you prefer the beach or do you enjoy a pool?Magical Monday 6/8 - This place really is paradise and so relaxing, aren't you glad you came? Let's enjoy today and just take in the scenery if you will! Can you spot somewhere amazing that you'd like the rest of us to see?Treat Tuesday 6/9 - Who doesn't love to treat themself? Show us your favorite summertime treat!Wet Wednesday 6/10 - Are you brave enough to jump in? Let's see you having fun not only in the sun but in the water too! Whether it be a swimming pool or the ocean we don't care, just share! Let's have a water gun war or throw people into the pool but watch your back you could be next!Tourist Thursday 6/11 - Let's get out and explore this amazing location today! Where are you today and what are you finding while you are out? Don't forget to drag your friends and family along! Funday Friday 6/12 - It's our last day here in Santa Monica! Let's make the most of it! What are you doing today? Visiting the boardwalk or surfing waves?Each day we have designated a hashtag for you all to fill the stream in association with that particular day! Each post with the designated hashtag for that day will be rewarded with 3 points each! If you change your default picture to match each day's hashtag also (each default must be a different photo no duplicate photos) - sending the defaults into the MOP will earn you 3 points per picture or 25 points for all 7! You may send them each day or you may send them all together by sending in the link to your photo album or a screenshot of your default! Don't forget that picture commenting in the spirit week album will also be rewarded - just follow the rules in the how to Earn Points Blog #21!  There will also be a new optional task worth points each day of the week if you want to participate in those it's highly encouraged! They will be opened each morning at approximately 10:00 am est!


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2nd Annual Hartsville County Fair - Spirit Week

Current Mood: 2nd Annual Hartsville County Fair  Saturday, July 11th thru Friday, July 17th  Every Summer has a story! Let's make one together! Gather everyone into the clown car and let's go to the 2nd Annual Hartsville County Fair! The Hartsville County Fair has arrived in town once again and I couldn't be more excited to have a week full of food and fun shared with our family and friends! So please help to make this a wonderful and eventful week here in Hartsville, South Carolina!   "Life is a carnival. You wait in long lines to enjoy a short ride but it's that moment that makes you feel alive!"   Selfie Saturday 7/11 - To start this weekend off let's see who you will be attending our county fair with! We hope you like taking pictures because we want to see them! Jump into the photo booth if you will! Drag your friends and family out because we want everyone to enjoy today and this coming week!Showdown Sunday 7/12 - It isn't a spirit week without us wagering a war at some point. If you are happily taken you wear red for being off limits! If you are single and ready to mingle you wear green! If your life is complicated you wear yellow and we don't dare to ask why either!Merry-Go-Round Monday 7/13 - When you think of a county fair you think of the carnival rides that come along with it. Are you a carousel type of person or do you go way up on the ferris wheel? Let's see how you like to have fun!Treat Tuesday 7/14 - Some people go to county fairs just to divulge themselves into all the cotton candy and fried foods they can get. Show us what your favorite tasty fair treat is!Win Wednesday 7/15 - Carnival games are a fan favorite. Everyone likes winning, don't they? It could be something small or something large let's see how good your arm is. Win us a prize if you can! Twinning Thursday 7/16 - Find yourself someone to twin with today. If you have a love for multiple people make it a triple day then we won't mind!Furry Friday 7/17 - Have you ever been to a fair that didn't have animals? Whether it be a petting zoo or ponies to ride, show us what your favorite animal is to see while you are there!Each day I have designated a hashtag for you all to fill the stream in association with that particular day! Each post with the designated hashtag for that day will be rewarded with 3 points each! If you change your default picture to match each day's hashtag also (each default must be a different photo in your album for each day - no duplicate photos) - sending the defaults into the MOP will earn you 3 points per picture or 25 points for all 7! You may send them each day or you may send them all together by sending in the link to your photo album or a screenshot of your default! Don't forget that picture commenting in the spirit week album will also be rewarded - just follow the rules in the how-to Earn Points Blog #21!  There will also be a new optional task worth points each day of the week if you want to participate in those it's highly encouraged! They will be opened each morning at approximately 11:00 am est! 


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Optional Task 82

1.) Bryan Adams - Summer of '692.) Kid Rock - All Summer Long3.) Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling4.) Flo Rida My House5.) Santana ft. Pit Bull - Oye Como Va6.) Toby Keith - Red Solo Cup7.) Zac Brown Band Chicken Fried8.) Little Big Town - Day Drinking9.) Pink - Funhouse10.) Saliva - Ladies and Gentlemen11.) Jason Aldean - Dirt Road Anthem12.) The Greatest Show - The Greatest Show

ʙᴀʀ ꜰɪɢʜᴛ

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Non-verbal prompt ft. TNT


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Owes List.

Varga (Nightshade): Completed, awaiting reply. Dean (Hot Temper): Completed, awating reply. Dean (Dean.): Starter sent. Jayson (Royal Assassin): Reply recevied, WIP. Angelus: Starter sent. Alastor: Reply received, WIP.


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