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08/10/2020 11:24 PM 


Desire   Desire – August Les Mis Drabble The steady gallop of the wolf's four paws upon the ground blended in with the harmonic dissonance of nature. He was larger than your average wolf. He was different. The wolf slowed his gallop and began a casual stride. Black nose twitching in the air, he caught a familiar scent.It was here. Ears stood erect on the back of the animal's head. The large wolf with the richest brown fur was not just an average wolf on the hunt. He was so much more. Catching the scent firmly, he immediately started off again in a full gallop. In an instant, he was gone again.This was Mystic Falls, Virginia. These magical woods had seen far more than nature intended. The home of creatures that were in the direct lineage of the gods as well as the birth of the abomination to nature that became a blight upon the earth all took place hidden among the flowers and trees. Side by side the ancient werewolf and the vampire began their blood feud all because of one man’s zealous desire to defy the natural order of life and death.Desire is one of the most powerful driving emotions of a werewolf. Your senses are heightened. Your emotions are always at the peak. You are driven to the point of near madness all because you are tied to nature in a bond no ordinary mind could comprehend. This is the world of Tyler Lockwood.In werewolf form, Tyler was larger than a regular wolf. After two decades of being a werewolf, he still was learning more about who and what he could do. Jackson Kenner was a great teacher and Alpha, still Tyler had to discover things on his own. Jackson said experience was the best teacher and Tyler knew he was right. Tonight, desire drove him. Desire made him focus. He rose his muzzle to the sky and began to howl.Creatures in the forest of Mystic Falls knew the sound. The werewolves of the Apisi bloodline had made their homes here for several hundred years. They had been a part of the North Atlantic Pack at one time, but no longer. Tyler had no real inkling the history of his bloodline or their place within the North Atlantic Pack. He’d done some digging on his own and found an Apisi Wolf as part of the pack who’s Alpha had been Ansel, the bio father of Klaus Mikaelson. But the line nearly vanished from all he could discover. Knowing how he was as well as his father and uncle, it was likely because of a woman. The werewolf known as Tyler Lockwood ceased his howl and began galloping in the direction that the scent took him.There was nothing like the feeling of running free and uninhibited. All those years of angst and lonely moments trying to fill a nameless void made sense now. The drive, the desire to become more than what he was kept Tyler running as a teenager into the night in the Lockwood Estate where Sarah was accidentally killed because she’s been compelled by Katherine Pierce to provoke him to wrath. The curse was activated and the last Apisi wolf was born. He continued his gallop as the memories flooded back. The look of Caroline Forbes at him when he felt the curse activate was something he would never forget. It was ingrained in his memory. One could even say the newborn wolf imprinted on the blonde vampire that night. Tyler did love Caroline and he always would.Second chances rarely came and second chances did come for Tyler. After the Travelers had eliminated witch magic from a small area of Mystic Falls and he along with several others had survived a massive slaughter, Tyler returned to life as an untriggered werewolf and certainly not one of Klaus’ hybrids. The accident at the Corn Maze had nearly retriggered his wolf curse. Another woman in his life, Olivia Parker took it upon herself to put the poor suffering young man out of his misery. Unfortunately nature takes back what belongs to her and laying with a huge piece of glass in his stomach, Olivia insisted that Tyler activate his curse to save his life. He didn’t want to do it, but Olivia loved him that much. It was the hardest thing he had ever done. The light faded from her eyes and his heart was crushed. Tyler Lockwood was a wolf again.Tyler would eventually taste death himself when Damon Salvatore under the sway of a siren would snuff out his life. Again, fate had other plans for him. As he assumed he was going to find peace, the gods had other plans. The very Original Hellhound Cerberus intervened in his afterlife and revived Tyler once more to the land of the living. This time he was more than a wolf, he was a fully activated hellhound. Descendant of Cerberus and his direct line, Tyler was more powerful than when he’d been a hybrid. His changes were without control at first, but he worked hard and fought for the slowly increasing control over who and what he was. The Hellhound was racing through the forest making his way toward a particular subdivision in Mystic Falls. It was where he could find her.Tyler had been given a third chance at love. Her name was Laurel Collins. The Hellhound stepped from the forest. Desire drove him here. Desire to see her protected and safe unlike what had happened with Caroline and Olivia brought him here. Only a week before had he stood in her living room with his arms wrapped around her kissing her deeply for the first time. He lost Caroline due to his own unchecked aggressive need for revenge. He lost Olivia because of reckless abandon and second chances wasted. His love for Laurel made him a better man. His desire was more than just to love her, he wanted to treat her with the full knowledge of how he’d failed before and how he’d never do it again. The Hellhound stood there for a moment until all the lights in her apartment were off. Slowly he turned and raced back into the woods. It was all going to be different this time. He would make sure of it.  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet

Thirteen Skadoo

08/10/2020 10:14 PM 

The Long Way Round

Prompt- “I can’t be the only one, I know it.” [Lady Susan]The control room to the Tardis was empty glowing in its amber hues from the crystalline structures that surrounded it. Down the hall past the rainforest and water slides and to the right of the karaoke bus was the ever-vast wardrobe that could cloth Hollywood's movie lots for centuries with any genera that tickled their fancy.A ding noise pinged in one of the aisles, a young woman with long dark hair and a red leather jacket was holding a gadget that was boxy in shape and had an antenna. “Doctor,” she called, “I think I found it.”A blonde woman came bursting between the cloths making the other woman jump back. “Well done, Yaz.” she said taking the radar from her.“Did you have to burst through the rack. You startled me.” Yaz complained as she followed the Doctor down the aisle a little further.“Hmmm?” she answered not quit listening to the complaint. Yaz rolled her eyes, she knew the Doctor was focused on finding whatever she was searching for. “What are we looking for Doctor?”“Not sure.” She said as she looked up from the box.“You don’t know what your radar tuned into?” Yaz asked raising an eyebrow.“Nope. Could be anything a bomb, a Jammie Dodger, a dust bunny. The box just started dinging, figured it might be important.” She said kneeling down to a dusty pink box tucked under one of the racks with gold lettering that read Macy’s. The little radar dinged faster as she pulled it out. “Here hold this.” The Doctor said passing the dinging box to Yaz. She tucked her short blonde locks behind her ear and tentatively opened the top. A soft smile came to her face as she relaxed and sat down bringing the box closer.“What is it?” Yaz asked as she drew closer. The Doctor pulled out a single pink shoe with a hole in the heel. “An old shoe?”“Yeah.” She said running her fingertips over the old sole. “I promise to fix it a long time ago.” She popped up on her feet and quickly started back down the aisle. “I can’t believe I forgot about this. You put something off for a day and the centuries fly by.” She said to herself as Yaz jogged to keep up with the Doctor’s quick pace. She set the shoe into an alcove against the wall and watched as the little machine knit back the worn away material. “Handy little thing I picked up. Considering how often I destroy my clothes, especially when I regenerate.”Yaz chuckled, “Yeah, I remember the state we found you in after you fell out of the sky on to that train.”“I do really like the outfit you bought me.” The Doctor smiled at her. She wore the garments she got from the charity shop nearly every day. Brown work boots with blue socks, short blue trousers with yellow braces, a blue shirt with a rainbow graphic, and light blue raincoat with rainbow trim. She pulled the freshly repaired shoe out of the alcove and tucked it into her pocket. “Let’s get a shift on. She has been waiting far too long.” She said as she rushed out of the wardrobe, her coattails fluttering behind her.“She? She who?” Yaz called after her as she started to follow her.“Yaz, what’s up?” Ryan asked as he came out of the galley that was across the hall.“What all the yelling about?” Graham asked from the library door.“Come on we are about to take off,” Yaz said. Both the boy’s eyes widen as the raced to catch up with the Doctor. By the time, they reached the control room the Doctor was already dancing around the console setting in coordinates.“Hey, what’s up Doc?” Graham asked a touch out of breath.“Just got to run a quick errand.” She said as she put her hand on the lever. The fam ran over to the console they knew she was about to take off, they quickly found their handholds. She pulled down and the Tardis began to wheeze and tremble before landing softly. “You lot stay here. Give me a minute.”  She said as she headed to the door, the companions gave each other looks of concern to the Doctor’s suddenly subdue demeanor.She opened the door on the battle-torn London street in 1964. Down by the river stood a beat-up police box in front of a sign that said, ‘Don’t dump bodies in the river.’ In front of the police box was a young man and petite young girl with a pixie haircut. She suddenly raced over to the door and started pounding on it.“Grandfather!” she shouted. The Doctor pursed her lip and her hearts wrenched; this was so long ago. But the heartache was still there. She pulled out the shoe twisting the freshly repaired sole.A voice of an old man sounded from the little blue box down below “Listen, Susan, please. I've double-locked the doors. You can't get in. Now move back, child, where I can see you.” He said the young girl known as Susan took a couple of steps back looking up to where she knew the outside camera was positioned on the Tardis. “During all the years, I've been taking care of you, you in return have been taking care of me.”“Oh, Grandfather, I belong with you!” Susan cried out.“Not any longer, Susan. You're still my grandchild and always will be, but now, you're a woman too. I want you to belong somewhere, to have roots of your own. With David, you'll be able to find those roots and live normally like any woman should do.” Said the old man. “Believe me, my dear, your future lies with David, and not with a silly old buffer like me. One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. Goodbye, Susan, goodbye, my dear.” He said moments before the blue box demineralized from the riverfront.David wrapped an arm around Susan’s shoulders and pulled her away from the now-empty space. The Doctor stared where her younger self had been a moment ago. “Excuse me ma’am are you alright?” came David’s voice.Dragging the Doctor back to reality she cleared her throat.“Um, yeah fine.” She looked at little Susan she was still so young. “I forgot to give you back your shoe.” She said holding up the repaired shoe.“Grandfather?” Susan breathed, “Is that really you?”“Yup, had a bit of an upgrade.” She smirked giving Susan a wink. Susan ran over and threw her arms around the Doctor’s neck. She stiffens for a moment and the wrapped her arms around her closing her eyes, “Oh, Susan. I missed you.”Susan pulled back and happily, took the repaired shoe. “Please tell me you not traveling alone, Grandfather. I can’t be the only one.” Her brow furrowed with concern.“Susan stop fussing. Of course, I’m not on my own. I didn’t even kidnap these ones,” She paused, “Well at least not on purpose and they chose to stay. You want to come in and meet the fam?”“Fam?” Susan questioned as she put the shoe on. She smirked, “I would love to meet them, Grandfather.”“You too David. Give me a chance to get to know the son in law properly.” The Doctor smirked.“Grandfather!” Susan gasped, “We aren’t married yet.”“Right, spoilers.” The Doctor chuckled as she guided them inside.

Thirteen Skadoo

08/10/2020 10:13 PM 

Through the Looking Glass

Prompts: “The leaves say something bad is on its way.” [Schrodinger’s Cat] and “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” [High Voltage]Thunder rolled through the dark clouds above the tree canopy, an icy wind rattled the leaves.  A woman in light blue raincoat pulled the thin fabric closer to protect herself from the oncoming storm. The thunder rumbled again echoing into giggles from above. The blonde woman looked up to find the source, her hazel eyes searching the boughs.“Hello?” she called, “Is someone there?”A crescent moon appeared in the tree above, “Possibly or possibly not.” The crescent moon said as it moved to form a mouth. It seemed to get a little wider as though it was smile growing as a pink and purpled striped feline surrounded it. “You just might be dead dear Doctor.” He said as he pounced down out of the tree.“What do you mean I might be dead? I think I would know if I were dead?” she said reaching for her sonic screwdriver which was not in her pocket, nothing was in her pockets. “Empty pockets.” She growled, “I hate empty pockets.” She looked up at the cat, purple smoke engulfed him as he transformed into a man. He looked remarkably similar to a past incarnation of herself, that really liked to wear sandshoes with his formal wear. “Are you me? I don’t ever remember being able to transform into a cat?” she questioned completely forgetting about her empty pockets.“No, Doctor. My name is Bishop, welcome to Wonderland.” He said as a table full of cakes and tea appeared beside him. “Come, let see what we can see and have some tea.” He said as he sat in a high back purple tufted chair with gold trim.The Doctor furrowed her brow as she looked up at the grey skies before taking the seat beside him. “Wonderland? How did I get here?” She asked not seeing her Tardis anywhere.He smirked as he poured her tea, “Through the looking glass of course. How else would you expect to get here? Drink up, it will do you a world of good or bad only time will tell.” He said cryptically.She raised the delicate porcelain cup to her lips and sipped it tentatively, “This is Gallifreyan tea.” The memories flood back to her as a child drinking the strongly spiced tea. The smell of silver leaf trees at sunset, the orange skies on fire as the double suns set over the horizon. “How did you get this? Gallifrey is gone.” She breathed.He took the cup from her looking into the dregs, “It might be gone, but it will never leave your hearts.” He said stoically. “The leaves say something bad is on its way.” He said as lightning flashed above them followed by a loud rumble of thunder. “Or perhaps it is already here.” He said with a smile as Wonderland faded around her.She was laying on the ground raindrops softly landing on her face. She realized she was being held, the white skin and blue hair were tucked into her chest. She could hear him mutters, “Doctor, I’m sorry. Please don’t be dead.”“Les?” she crocked her whole body ached, “What happened?”He lifted his face to see her moving a look of relief came over him, “You stupid old man, don’t scare me like that.” He said hugging her a little tighter.“I’ve had an upgrade since you last saw me.” She said hugging him back.“I do like it.” He said waggling his eyebrows at her.“You charmer.” She said pulling herself up, he helped her to her feet. “What happened?”“I saw the Tardis,” he paused, “It was never my intention to hurt you. I was just excited; you were gone for so long.”She looked up in those big eyes of his, “I missed you, too.” A boyish smile came to his face, “Why don’t we catch up over some tea and biscuits?” She said offering her arm to him, he took her elbow causing her hair to stand on end.He smirked, “Is that electricity in your hair, or are you just happy to see me?”She shook her head as she pulled him into the Tardis and out of the rain.

Thirteen Skadoo

08/10/2020 10:12 PM 

Tea at Kathryn's

Prompt- “Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be normal.” [Delta Captain]The console room of the Tardis was warmly lit by the orange crystals that were as round as tree trunks and lazily bobbed their finger extensions to the timing of the gyrating center crystal, when in flight. The walls were etched with overlapping metal and glass hexagons. The control console glowed in orange and was decorated with dials, switches, levers, and time turners. It overflowed with mist, that acted as monitors when the light was projected on it. Beneath the console, one of the panels had been pulled off, and in front of it sat a woman with short blonde locks. She wore brown work boots with peeking blue socks, short blue trousers with yellow braces, a black shirt with a rainbow graphic, and white sleeves. She had dawned on a brown apron and steampunk goggles as she hunched over the wiring in the console.“That should just about do it.” The woman, known as the Doctor, smiled as she pushed the goggles up on her forehead. “Let’s give it a test run, shall we?” she asked the ship which hummed at her in return. “Don’t worry. I’m sure I fixed it.” She started to dance around the console hopping over the overturn panel, “Let’s try someplace easy. How about London Summer, um how about 2020. Nice round number, yeah? You like round numbers.” She smirked as she pulled down on the lever. The Tardis began to wheeze and tremble.The Doctor held onto the control console, smiling watching the progress. Suddenly the cloister bells started to ring. “What?” she questioned running over to the other side of the station. “Fixed point? Since when did 2020 become fixed?” The Tardis gave a violent shudder and sparks began to fly out of the panel as it bounced off the time period. The blue police box landing with a hard thud.She pulled her goggles off, “What was that about?” she asked as she checked the status of the wiring. “Looks like the repair is holding.” She reported with relief as she checked the console, “Ok, maybe a little recharge.” She pulled off her apron. “I’m going to check out where we landed. When I get back we are going to investigate what happened to 2020.” She said to the Tardis as she pulled her light blue raincoat with the rainbow trim off the hook and slung it across her shoulders.She opened the Tardis doors and stepping out into what appeared to be an office. The room was draped in beige and greens, a desk in the center with a chair and computer, and on the far wall was a platform with a curved green couch and bank of windows that showed stars streaking by. “Definitely not London.” She said looking back at the Tardis. She crossed the room past the two doors to the window, she squinted into the void. “Looks like maybe the Delta Quadrant,” she said as she inhaled deeply, “Maybe 24th century?” she questioned as black alcove next to the couch caught her attention. “Looks human or at least humanoid by the display.” She pushed a button, “Ah, English definitely human than.” She started to scroll through the information on the screen. “Your food replicator aren’t you. Clever humans all the way out here and with access to Custard Creams.” She said clicking a button causing a plate of her favorite biscuits to appear. “What about some tea to go along with that, aye computer.”“Please specify type and temperature.” The computer chimed in a feminine voice.“Ah, brilliant you have a vocal input. I don’t suppose you have access to Gallifreyan Spice Tea, do you? The no human thing on Gallifrey probably limited your options there. Better make it Earl Grey, hot. Close enough, bit weak in the spices but it will due.” She babbled on to the computer as the tea appeared in the alcove. “Thank you, computer.” She chirped as she picked up her dishes and walked over to the desk.Setting down the dishes she sat down in the chair and turned on the computer that required a password. Pulling out her sonic screwdriver she waved the pulsing orange crystals a couple of time and the screen went to the home screen. “Let’s see where we landed.” She said taking a bit of the custard cream, “Voyager, look at us. We’ve managed to bounce on one fixed point in time and land in another.” She said to the Tardis which hummed grumbly at her. “Don’t worry, we’ll figure this out.” She said taking a swig of tea, “Oh look the crewman files for whoever office this is. Shall we investigate?” she asked as the ship hummed at her, “I’m not snooping, I am figuring out where we are.” She clicked the button and sat back to watch.The video began to play a red-headed woman came on, “Captain’s Log,” she began.“Oh, we are in the writing room.” The Doctor swallowed hard standing up, “Not good,” she said over the video to the Tardis the next words catching her attention as she looked back down.“I often wonder what it would be like to be normal. If our mission hadn’t gone pear shape and stranded us out in the Delta quadrant.” The Captain said holding her silver coffee mug close to her chest staring in contemplation out to the stars.The recording being interrupted by a male voice, “Captain, you are needed on the bridge.”She tapped the triangular badge on her chest, “On my way. Computer pause recording.”The Doctor sat down again and looked at the blue box in the corner and then back at the computer. She pursed her lips as an idea came to her. “Computer begin recording.” She said as she adjusted her coat. “Captain Kathryn Janeway. First thanks for the tea and biscuits. Your hospitality knows no bounds…although your custard cream recipe could use a revamping.” She paused, “Sorry, distracting myself. I know the burden you feel the loneliness and isolation. But I can tell you that normal would be boring and you Captain are far from boring.” The Tardis hummed at her, “Looks like I may have overstayed my welcome. You’ll be brilliant. Trust me.” She said giving a wink, “Computer end recording.” The Doctor said as she hops out of the chair and races back to her ship, her coattails fluttering behind her.As the doors to the writing room opened from the bridge the blue police box disappears leaving the wheezing tones in it's wake. 

Thirteen Skadoo

08/10/2020 10:12 PM 

The hush before the Oncoming Storm

Alex, please forgive me I didn't actually put your phrase in but used the theme of it instead. Please enjoy.Prompt: "Ok, come on. Don't make me cry." [For Alex Smith]The rains rarely fell on the desert planet of Gallifrey. Life was sustained and destroyed by the vortex, the time schism on the planet's surface. The humanoids harnessing its power to gain life and time travel. The ruling class eventually calling themselves Time Lords. Their mastery of their natural resources causing awe and hatred of the species from habited worlds across the universe. None hated the Time Lords more than the Daleks.A great war broke out between the civilized space-bound worlds. Time Lords, Daleks, Zygons, and even Solitarians. Many worlds were lost to the devastation of this war. The once peaceful Time Lords forced to be soldiers, including a man that went by the moniker The Doctor.The Doctor stared out on the orchard with its silver leaves glistening against the orange double sun sky. He pursed his thin lips; he had been given leave from his post, for his child would be born soon. The Dalek cruisers hung in the atmosphere. The farm was a little distance away from the citadel and where the fighting was taking place, he could still hear the blaster fire. He could feel the psychic discord from his people falling in battle. He shook his head his curls bouncing with the movement. He looked back as he heard a scream of labor pains. It would not be long before his child would be born into this world.He sighed as he strides the living room to a writing desk. He would not have long to get to know his new baby. This was not the first time he had been a father, but this time was different. They were bringing a child into the world amid a war. He looked up at the large window, and perhaps the end of the universe.He inhaled deeply as he grasped a pen hovering above the parchment. His blue eyes were portals of sadness as he began to write the things he will never get to say to his child.Dearest,I hope this letter finds you well. I pray that you are happy and healthy. If you are reading this, then I did not survive the Time War.  Your mother and I are Time Lords, nobility on Gallifrey which is in the Kasterborous system.Soon, I shall send you and your Mother to Earth.  It can be a hard place, but son/daughter they are worth fighting for. You will meet people that are cruel, harsh, bigots, sexist, racist, and unruly. But they are also the most amazing, creative, and compassionate people who are capable of the most amazing change. Look for these people they will be your guiding star, a source of hope and love.Know that I love you and your mother with all my hearts. Sending you away is not done anger or fear but of love. Today won’t be the first time that I am a father. But it will be the first time I shall miss everything that is you. I shall miss your first words, your first steps, your first day at the academy, the first time you lose a tooth. You shall miss a lifetime of a father who loves and supports you. I think that your sacrifice to save the universe will be the harshest of all.Don’t lose hope. Remember love is always wise. Never give up and never give in. Know that my heart, my energy, my soul shall always be with you. I love you, child of mine.Love,The DoctorIn the weeks to follow the Doctor sent his love and his son through a portal to Earth. As they escaped the war-torn planet the Daleks were on their heels. As they crossed the threshold of the worlds the words “Exterminate,” followed them as the portal exploded on both sides. Killing the child’s mother and the Doctor, the child left unprotected to the world of humans.The letter lay trampled beneath the Daleks as they were satisfied none had survived. Little did they know the golden regeneration of the Doctor had started. Today was the day the rains fell on Gallifrey. Today the Doctor of War was born.“No More,” he said as he rose from the ashes.


08/10/2020 08:23 PM 

[prodigium aesthetic.]


08/10/2020 08:22 PM 

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08/10/2020 08:21 PM 


Head Prat

08/10/2020 05:42 PM 

Molly Weasley II

07 February 2006 The air was brittle, a silence that had Percy holding his breath in anticipation for it to break. Terrified brown eyes stared up at him in a need for answers, the pressure over his hand crushing his name repeatedly leaving Zoshia as the panic began to set in. He couldn’t look down at her, his own fear growing. It was a small sprout of dread that began to settle in his mind and make a home there, expanding over his features slowly. Zoshia needed him to be strong, assure her that everything was okay when he wasn’t certain himself. He couldn’t let her see it, give her any hint that something was amiss. The silence ached on, far longer than it was supposed too and Percy held into Zoshia’s grip.The cry was small and sudden, something that steadily grew in volume. Zoshia’s grip on Percy’s hand laxed enough for the blood to rush back to the tips of his fingers. A broad grin slowly spread over his face as Percy brought his wife’s hand to his lips, an affectionate act as she collapsed back into the bed from exhaustion. Both of their worries had been soothed with that one singular noise, a weight lifted from their shoulders instantly.Wrapped in a small pink blanket, a bundle was eased onto Zoshia’s chest, Percy’s heart expanding in inexplicable joy. Nine months of prepping, devouring every book he could get his hands on about parenting did nothing to prepare him for the moment before him. In his mind, Percy imagined he would be a decent parent, that after the baby was born he would know exactly what to do - everything the books had instructed him with. Little did he know the books wouldn’t do him any good, that the one thing he relied so heavily on in his life would offer him nothing but reading material during the sleepless nights to come, a means to read both his children and himself to a steady sleep.“We’ll just pass you over to your dad while we run the checks over mum.”Dad.The word rushed him, a flush of color to his face in disbelief that this was now a reality. The nurse beamed as she offered the small bundle to him, Percy’s smile fading slowly as fear resurfaced. Everything he learned from his siblings, the countless of times he held his nieces and nephew while babies went out the window. His eyes were wide, the blasted beaming nurse advancing on him as Percy took a timid step back. It took three years into their marriage for Percy to even entertain the idea of having kids, a simple discussion when he proposed to Zoshia all those years ago to make sure they were on the same page, both agreeing that neither wanted to follow the path others around them had.Percy wanted to recognize himself before he even thought of bringing another life into the world. He had to face his demons and not only beat them but demolish them, make sure he never slipped back into a place of such desolation that he possibly wouldn’t be able to climb back out from. Much to his family’s chagrin, Percy wanted his status back at the Ministry back, climbed through a fiery hell before his wedding to secure a better position than the one he was graciously given by Kingsley. Percy needed security in his life, a job that would never leave him feeling as if he failed Zoshia as a partner. Percy wanted to give Zoshia and their children everything, never wanted them to go without. He never looked down on the way he was raised, even if at times Percy despised it, but it taught him, made him strive for more. For better things.It wasn’t just him, Zoshia’s feelings mirroring his own. Her career was everything to her, something she fought tooth and nail for and wasn’t easily pried from her fingers. In their brief discussion she let him know she wasn’t meant to stay at home, refused to bid him farewell every day for work while she remained trapped at him. It wasn’t a life for her and it wasn’t one Percy wanted for her. Zoshia was a star in his life, a light that always kept him above floundering when his resolve fizzled out. Even through all the comments from his family, the immediate assumption that they would have kids right away after getting married, she never faltered in her decision, in what they had agreed upon.“Oh, don’t be so nervous.”Arms bent, the small bundle was thrusted at him, the baby curling into the crook of his arm in search of warmth and comfort. Tiny fingers wrapped around his pinky, warmth spreading through Percy, his breath snatched away in the awe and beauty of her. His daughter.Soft fingers skimmed his arm, Percy’s once fixed attention lifting to the Zoshia’s smile that had a way of melting him. It was the same smile she wore when she told him she loved him and every time since. A lump formed at the base of his throat, Percy not feeling an ounce of shame as the emotions he usually kept well hidden emerged.“We picked the perfect name, you know.” Zoshia mused.Percy grinned like an idiot, the picture of perfection in his arms. A soft kiss pressed against their daughter’s head Percy couldn’t agree more.“Hello Molly.”  


08/10/2020 04:21 PM 

Dracula's Castle Open RP

                             Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code The mistresses of The Dracula lineage lined up by the entrance way to greet the old faces and newcomers. The Dracula Castle was known for its balls. What dark entity had not been there before? Wither guest, family, or meal. The front of the castle filled quickly with masked faces of exotic nature. There were very few that were masked and if they were their aroma gave off much more about the person than what hide the covering. The blood drinkers were fashionable late, as always. To Adrian it seemed to mock human Christians at their Sunday best. More about attire competition than the "good" name of their Lord. One after the other giving compliments on their counterpart's gown or suite; obviously fishing for grand gestures and to brag about who they hired to make such an admired look. One would often hear "Oh this old thing or catching the name of someone’s unknown designer figure head. To celebrate the soon to be darkest season of the year they came together. Inside was worse than the outer quarters. Packed with dark lace and high hair. Entertainment to catch the eye from even the farthest of distances. It made sure the young ones were distracted while items were being set out, dark colors for the elders to bask in the age of a dark atmosphere. Adrian did not wear a mask at all. Why should she? To stand out in a sea filled out jewel faces, and feathers was much amusing to her that covering it. 


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HELA SAMPLE - Prologue - lost in Translation.

HELA:  BIG THINGS HAVE SMALL BEGINNINGS    Part One - Prologue - Lost in Translation    Have you ever written something and then had it translated into another language? It changes does it not? Not completely, I mean the essence remains, I suppose; It is still understandable right, but it is different. Let us say you then took that translation and had it re-translated back into your own language. Changes again doesn’t it? Now let’s say you repeat that process via a multitude of languages and translations over a millennia or two. You can see where I’m going with this right? - Complete and total bastardisation!     This is understood to many degrees, and as humans it is in your nature to sift through the semiotics and allegories of myth, legend and spiritual practices alike. To search for the true or hidden meanings and moral teachings; for an inspirational perennial philosophy or sometimes even just for an interesting or entertaining story.    But alas, the human mind and its perceptual abilities cannot think much further than what it has already learned from previous experience or indeed, secondary information however it may have been gleaned. You look back on tales of Gods riding chariots of fire through the skies, and today you may say Aliens and UFOs. Creatures and Beings too fantastical to even contemplate, and you may say Mutants or Apparitions. Or likewise many would even say impossible! - Their minds are not even willing to take the smallest leap of faith on anything, and that is each individual’s choice. It is a Universal Law that Earth is a free will zone, despite the efforts of some to change such.    But what if in fact the opposite were true and these beings were, or are, actually Gods? Your creators even. And when you think along the lines of such omnipotent deities, doesn’t it ever make you wonder /why/ there are so many similar yet varying pantheons and why some seem to repeat the same kind of pattern and story, yet others are completely different. Did you ever stop to think this isn’t the first or only version of Earth that you’re standing upon now?    You think it is by chance that you are the only physical beings in your entire galactic arena? It is by chance alone that you stand upon what is commonly referred to on your scientific circuit as ‘The Goldilocks Planet’ - not too hot, not too cold, but just right? You really think it was not by design that the Moon is so perfectly placed and terraformed and has such an effect on the world and its people below? You think The Universe is mathematically perfect in every way, as it infinitely repeats its cycles; the Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Ratio in its divine proportions, its fractal curves and paradoxical realities, merely by coincidence? You think I ask too many questions? Well, I think maybe /you/ should ask more.   Multiple dimensions, alternate realities, worlds within worlds, tales of divine creations and interventions, apocalyptic destructions and rebirths are repeated time and again throughout all of your human histories and mythological legends. So much has been lost in translation, that you think of all of these tales as old and from the past; not many have really considered the possibility of them actually being present or forthcoming prophecies yet to unfold within your own lifetimes, or perhaps that everything may be working its way backwards or could be an inverse version of what you believe to be reality. You pay little mind and even less attention to most save for the apocalyptic parts; and do not worry, you shall not be disappointed on that front, for one day just as it always has, everything will indeed end.    But not just yet.   As they say, Rome was not built in a day, nor does an apocalypse happen overnight (Well, not usually - although it is by no means impossible). These things usually tend to build and escalate to a climatic apex or zenith over time, as The Universe likes to give everything a chance to change its mind or current path, and indeed it also needs to try and accommodate what is asked of it in a way that attempts to work for the greater good of all, and regardless of dimension and realm, signs will be present and become apparent. Whether you have learned to read and understand them or not, well, unfortunately, that responsibility falls to you as the individual. The Great Ascension is coming whether you like it or not.    There is not that much I am allowed to tell nor indeed able advise you on it all. You have been given the dots, it is up to you to make the connections. ‘God helps those who help themselves’ as the expression goes. ‘Ask and thou shall receive’ but ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ Or rather in its original translation - Be mindful and aware upon that which you focus, for the Law of Attraction is a Universal Law (there are a few) that states that like attracts like on a vibrational level. That is not to say that opposites don’t attract either of course, but that is usually due to some sense or need of balance or something the other seems to pick up on, or sometimes just through manipulative intention of one or both parties.    Healers seek to heal, no matter whether the one they are seeking to heal be good or evil. Lovers ignore the red flags that may one day appear as if to a bull in a china shop once they accept them as reality. Darkness and negativity breeds more of the same, tainting and infecting all in its path, likewise light and positivity to do the same. The power crazed seek to rule and consume, and those that seek to be ruled and are content to be submissive will fall at its feet in fear, awe and worship, others will rise up against them and fight until there’s nothing left to fight for and nobody left to fight. Some content, or indeed intent, on just watching their world burn, and so the variations continue.   You stretch duality to its limits, taking everything to the extremes of one thing or another, but it is the complex and complementary opposite that you really seek, for balance, for wholeness, regardless of your chaotic polarity or neutrality, yet so many of you confuse this. Maybe we do not make sense to you when we speak, be it through actual physical presence and interaction (well as much as the human mind can perceive of it) or via ‘Divine Inspiration’ as it were, for it is hard to explain such things clearly in human terms and your basic and limited languages, knowledge and understanding; despite the awesome extents your imaginations can reach. At times it is comparable to attempting to explain quantum physics to a baby.    And time does not work in a linear sense outside of certain perceptions, in much the same way as there is no real direction in outer space, so trying to place events in chronology of order also proves quite difficult. Your modern era of today has so many frequencies and signals running through its atmosphere and so many distractions, barely any of you hear us if we attempt to connect with you. Yet in the days of old you lack the knowledge and experience of your histories and sciences to draw upon as they are wild and unimaginable futures to the bygone civilizations; even the more advanced found much difficult to comprehend and interpret due to lack of comparison and inadequate conveyable articulation.    The Universe however, in basic terms, does not know the difference between right or wrong, it is all-encompassing, and all-inclusive, and therefore neither does it recognise dark or light or positive or negative as anything other than differences in vibration, it simply mirrors and sends back to you whatever you pour the most energy and focus into. It does not recognise the difference between so-called ‘good’ and ‘evil’ for they too differ with individual subjectivity and experience. Moralities and ethics can turn to different shades of grey when you switch your perspectives. Imagine experiencing them all simultaneously!     One thing you should know however, is that whoever may show up in your life is there for a reason; usually for you to learn something from, or for you to teach something to. It is no different regardless of hierarchy and status. ‘As above, so below’ and vice versa. The microcosm reflects the macrocosm and again, vice versa. It is as simple as that.  I know that it can be very hard to accept the fact that /you/ are in fact the one responsible for most things that happen to you or come your way, and you are not alone in this denial. Just try and remember the things out of your control are happening /for/ you, not /to/ you. Try to stay balanced and neutral and aligned, to be grateful for what you have already received and place your focus and intentions in accordance with what you wish to further accomplish and manifest in your reality - and do not falter! You may be surprised by the results that ensue.   All it takes is one small change and alteration in that universal pattern, just one out of tune notation in the orchestra of everything to affect the entire omniverse in a cosmic butterfly effect of altered vibration. For as cymatics teaches you all, everything is made from sound and vibration and therefore is affected by such. You are part of this orchestra and you can feel those off-chords, can’t you? Like something very important and much bigger than you is very wrong out there, or something is missing, lacking or hidden. It matters not whether that excites or haunts you as an individual, the fact is you feel it, no matter on the inner or outer level. And if you don’t then at some point surely you have or are likely to. Blessed be the ignorant, for they know not what lies in wait. To know or learn something is one thing, but to fully understand it is another entirely.  


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The painting Van Gogh's Sunflowers.A tattoo to represent her spooky side.Go to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.A poloroid printer.A baby or babies.A wedding with someone she loves.A trip to Bondi Beach, Australia,Own a holiday home in Bali.To make amazing memories with friends.


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Mens Stretch Jeans Are Good Or Scam?

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Escorts Queens is Wonderful From Many Perspectives

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Can I go to heaven, if I kill myself? | Drabble |

Heaven OR HEll? "Do you think we'll go to heaven if we kill ourselves?"Dillon's friend asked he blew the smoke out of his lungs. A chuckle escaped the blonde's lips before she took the cigarette from his fingers."Who the fck wants to go to heaven?" Dillon asked, her lips pressed against the tar stick now, taking in a deep breath, knowing she left a red lipstick mark on his cigarette, everytime she did that it pissed him off. "All of us cool kids are going to be in fcking hell. Gang banging and pisisng all over each other. I think it'll be a delight."Dillon laughed at herself, before turning to her friend, a grin wide against her lips as she looked at the annoyance and disgust on his features. "You sound like a child, Cecelia."The petite blond cringed at the sound of her real name, she hated hearing it, it was to proper of a name for her. Her, a girl who looked like she just walked out of a dumpster, didn't brush her hair in a day or so and literally swore worse than her dead beat dad. "Compared to you? Yeah I'm a fcking child. Richard."He could practially feel the glare at the back of her head, a roll of his eyes before he smacked her upside the head."Dude! You make me sound like an old man who pries on little girls." An annoying feminine giggle had escaped her lips,"Awe, am I not enough of a little girl for you anymore?"Winking before she jumped off the railing from the bridge."Found me when I was 17, almost been a year now. I'm probably old p**sy for ya now."He flicked his cigarette at her now, scrunching his nose her way, "I'm only four years older than you, ya little bitch."She turned towards him, swaying herself side to side, waiting for him to follow her now. The wind in the air making her cling her skirt down, she wasn't ready to flash people her bare ass just yet.Her smile slowly dropped as she looked at him, his gaze over looking the water. His body leaning over."Come on, D, you're not funny."There was a slight whine in her tone, her hand lightly tugging now on the hem of his shirt."Would you take the jump with me Dil? Let it all go away?"She tugged harder now, wanting him to get off the edge now, "Shut up! You know I would do anything for you, but this isn't fcking funny!"She yelled now, not caring if there was any bystanders around to see if they were alright.Quickly she felt arms wrapped around her as he pressed his chin ontop of her forehead."Relax, you fcking big baby. "She huffed shoving him away for a moment before heading away from him."You owe me a burger now."He just smiled at her, laughing at the childlike nature in her tone. Turning to look back once more."Yeah, yeah, I'll even get you a milkshake if you behave yourself." Dillon now walking beside him, tugging at blonde locks."I don't think we go anywhere, if we kill ourselves." pray for your forgiveness.

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