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Queen of Heaven

07/26/2021 02:20 PM 

Yahweh's Conquest

Thunder rumbled in the distance. Something so uninteresting should not have stirred ʾElat from her sleep.But it did.Eyes greener than the deepest emeralds peered into the darkness from under the veil of thick lashes. Nothing seemed amiss. The patter of rain on the roof of the tent and her husband's steady breathing beside her was assurance that there was, indeed, nothing to be upset about. The beast about them slept, not so much as an ear twitch. Still, something was wrong, something was not right. Brief flickers of lightning illuminated the colorful fabrics of their dwelling. Rich patterns of golden stars and stylized bulls against azure fields almost appeared to move against the flashing lights. Heavy peels of thunder followed closer behind each bolt, the storm drew near.Discontent, she moved closer to her sleeping beloved. The light outlined his sleeping form. Nude, the rolling field of muscle, iron-hard from a lifetime of battle, draped in skin forever kissed by the sun; he was ʾil mlk. The image of vitality despite the gray that had long overtaken his ebon locks. In her mind, he had not changed a bit since the dawning of the first sunrise when he approached her on the beach. Fresh from the slaughter of Yamm, oh he was truly a sight behold. If he, the great warrior, was unbothered by a little rain, why was she? Closing her eyes, she tried taking solace in the sounds of his steady breath. He was her rock, the only constant.Thunder boomed overhead, the storm had arrived. An uneasy sleep had finally taken Asherah, just deep enough that she did not sense an unwelcomed arrival. Drawing back the heavy fabric of the door, the dark figure stepped past the lioness and bull, the sacred totems to the lord of the cosmos and his queen. He did not come with an army, nor adorn himself in armor. Rather, under the cover of the thunder, Yahweh crept towards the sleeping couple. Gripping the hilt of his divine blade, he knelt down. The queen, he cared not for. No, it was the king he sought. At long last, El would fall. To claim his life would cement the pretentious war god's standing as king of kings; no others would challenge his claim. A flash of lightning, the roar of thunder, he struck. His blade kissed the throat of the old king."No!"Waking up, Asherah came face to face with her husband's killer, his knife dripping with El's essence. She knew his face right away: Yahweh! A short, trimmed beard and close-cropped brown hair; he was a young pup compared to El, the creator of the world. Rolling away, she spat a curse. Damn the pretender! Damn this usurper! With the ferocity of a lioness, the Queen of Heaven grabbed the dagger at the bedside. No warrior worth his salt would be without a weapon at arm's length, even at night. And She Who Treads On Water was no stranger to its use, El saw to that. Lashing out at the murderer, his blade easily blocked her blow. Yahweh pushed back, forcing her off balance. Before she could right herself, he drew back his hand and struck her. Dazzled from the blow, she could only be glad to not completely remember what happened next. For what came next cemented Yahweh's power over the region.With his blade, the pretentious invader from the east, began to slice off bits of the body. Yahweh began consuming her husband, absorbing him into his being. Yahweh was a national god, protectorate of Samaria. A war and storm god who controlled a heavenly army. His precious angels. It was only a matter of time before Yahweh turned his focus on the Canaanite pantheon. But what was he against so many?! El was unconcerned. Asherah never would have expected the usurper to attack them as he did. Instead of marching his army of believers across their border, the godling attacked the royal couple directly! Now she watched helplessly as Yahweh assumed the full power of El.With golden ichor dribbling down his face, Yahweh shuddered with this newfound power welling up inside of him. Possibly not since the dawn of time had so much cosmic power been consolidated into one single being. Asherah took a hesitant step back as the godling radiated divine energy. Golden light filled the tent, growing in a brightness to the point of unbearableness. With tears in her eyes, Asherah had to advert her gaze. Would he survive housing so much power? Would he explode? And, should he do such, would she survive the blast? Emerald eyes flickered towards the tent's opening. Dare she run? Or would such a maneuver only draw Yahweh's attention? Did he mean to kill her as well? This and more ran through the goddess's mind as she grappled with this new reality.She took another step back. Yahweh was far too busy trying to digest El's power, her movement went unnoticed. Holding her breath, the Creatrix took another step. Yahweh made no move to stop her. Silently, she took another step. Then another. And another. Until she brushed against the heavy fabric of the tent. The usurper never seemed to notice the widow of El making her escape. It was still raining. Heavy drops quickly soaked ebone locks, plastering to her nude form. Asherah needed to reach her children. Their might combined might possibly stand against Yahweh. Might. That wasn't a lot to worth with, but she would avenge her husband. Looking back at her home, Asherah saw no sign of Yahweh. Turning to leave, the Queen of Heaven came face to the would be God-King."Going somewhere, good lady?" Yahweh raised an eyebrow, a pretentious smirk on his face. 


07/26/2021 01:40 PM 

Owes list

I owe you Haisley Starter (7/25/21)Ivy reply (7:29/21)You owe me Bowie reply (7/31/21) Grace reply (7/31/21)Updated 7/31/21


07/26/2021 12:10 AM 

Seeing Red Roleplay
Current mood:  adventurous

Trigger Warning for murder and self harm:Ambrose is new to the college/town/city, most people see him as mysterious or they can't quite figure him out. What they don't know is he has a secret that is eating away at him, close to consuming him.When he was a older teen (17), he murdered someone. He was drunk and alcohol tends to make him more easy to get angry. He was walking when two guys tried to mug him. They almost did. But then he saw red and began to strangle one of them. He didn't stop until the mugger was dead. When Ambrose realized what he did, he was horrified. The other guy who was gonna mug him ran away.Ambrose started to have nightmares about that night and started self-harming his legs as a way to punish himself. He is constantly tired due to the nightmares he has. He drinks a lot of coffee to stay awake. There have been a few times that he has passed out, due to being so tired. At times he will hallucinate due to lack of sleep.

roleplay, rp,


07/26/2021 12:44 PM 

Clueless #2

Clueless, attn: Anna, Kol, Rebekah and Elenamention: Caroline and Tyler Lionheart /1606290 Did he forget just how much he hated to be in closed in spaces? Jeremy was standing outside the grounds of the Salvatore School with his lungs drinking in as much air as he could to try and lower his anxiety levels. He operated mostly on the downlow or with the minimal amount of people around. The Brotherhood of the Five was supposed to be efficient killers of supernatural creatures in a one on one setting. Jeremy was exactly that. He’d operated best with just himself or at the most Anna with him.Jeremy was still walking around just outside the door of the kitchen pacing around trying to catch his breath again. He was starting to wonder if Anna would come looking for him soon. They were joined at the hip. If he knew one thing, then Anna knew the other. They were the perfect team. Granted he was a member of the Five and she was a vampire, it still worked well for them both. He was thankful he had her. He would definitely be lost without her. He didn’t need to be some grumpy old lonely man. He saw what that was doing to Alaric. He took a deep breath and headed back into the kitchen and back into the main floor of the ball.Jeremy crossed the threshold back into the ball just in enough time to see the chaos. Tyler was holding someone and a crowd was starting to gather. Jeremy couldn’t tell who it was or what had happened. Something about it was all wrong though. His hunter senses were roused. He started toward where Tyler was, but thought better of it. He saw something else that caught his attention, or rather someone else.Kol Mikaelson was like a bad penny. He just kept turning up at the most inopportune places. If someone was hurt, Jeremy was absolutely convinced that if Kol was within 3 meters of the problem, he was the source of it. Jeremy cast him a frosty glance that was understood between the two men. If Kol was behind this, Jeremy would find out and Jeremy would be quick to find the nearest piece of White Oak. If he had to take out Rebekah in the process, he would. why put down one Original when you can take out two? This was not the time or the place however. He’d have his chance with the Mikaelsons, hopefully sooner rather than later.Jeremy took a sharp turn to the left to try and find his sister. If someone knew what was happening, it would be Elena. Elena was close to Caroline. Those two were like sisters. When Bonnie was around, Jeremy remembered locking himself in his room as a kid. He’d had one too many nights of the three girls having a sleepover and him being used as the makeup model. He still had cringed at the sight of lavender nail polish and bright orange lipstick. He shivered just thinking about it.One of the students ran by Jeremy with a glass of water. He reached out to stop the girl that was actually a witch. “Hey, what’s going on here? Is someone hurt?” Jeremy asked with great concern in his tone. His super enhanced hunter senses were going off the wall. It was like they were sounding at Def-Con 5. He was pacing back and forth like a caged animal. He wasn’t going to be able to stand still for much longer.Murmuring in the party was starting to increase. The talks of conspiracy and an attempted murder were starting to fill the room. Tensions were running high and everyone was scared. Jeremy couldn’t blame them. He was getting the urge to hurt something. She stopped to speak to Jeremy. The girl’s mascara was running from where she’d been crying. “It’s Ms Forbes. They said she was poisoned!” The girl took back off and ran in the direction that Tyler was hovering over someone. This was starting to get serious.Caroline was poisoned? That hit Jeremy’s soul like a ton of bricks. He found himself right in the face of Kol Mikaelson grasping The Wily Fox by the lapel. “What did you do to Caroline?” Jeremy growled through clenched teeth. He didn’t realize that Kol was innocent this time. In his own mind, he knew that when Kol was around people tended to die. He was like a dog with a bone however. He was holding onto Kol even if it was going to get him a black eye or a broken nose. He figured he’d heal.The sounds of the hullabaloo with Jeremy and Kol was spreading through the ball. There was a fire in the eyes of the younger brother of Elena Gilbert. He didn’t like Kol Mikaelson and he knew Kol didn’t like him too much either. His fingers were so tightly clenched on the lapel of the jacket that the fabric was starting to tear. This was getting to be on the serious side when it came to the younger Gilbert. He was about to get hurt or even worse right about now and he didn’t even care.Kaleb Hawkins was standing close by to this entire scene. He thought better of trying to get between Jeremy Gilbert and Hope’s uncle. The vampire who had once played Damon Salvatore in the school musical decided to do the next best thing than getting involved himself. He immediately zipped at his top vampire speed to where Elena Gilbert was. “Ms. G, you’re gonna have to come and get your brother. Kol MIkaelson is about to turn him into a crash test dummy, if someone doesn’t stop him.” There was loud shouting that was echoing nearly everywhere, so Elena would be able to pick out Jeremy’s voice if she was listening. Kaleb was really concerned however and didn’t want anyone else to get hurt.Jeremy’s lips were curled with rage. He was ready to rip Kol’s head clean off his body if he could do it. At the rate his heightened senses were rushing adrenaline through his body, this was something that could actually happen.    None of us are gonna make it out of this town alive. credit: james kriet


07/26/2021 12:03 PM 

You changed me - AC

Marriage wasn’t something that Tatiana had ever really considered herself doing. She wanted to have children and was a romantic at heart, but she wasn’t sure that marriage was for her. She’d seen what marriage could do to a person and she didn’t want to end up like her mother or treat another person like her father had treated her mother, so she’d decided long ago that she would never ever get married. At least, that was until she met the girl who would change everything! Delilah Madison James was like a dream come true. She was her best friend, her favorite person and the two had clicked instantly. It had scared Tatiana just how close the two had come in a very short time, but things had turned sour and the two had been separated, until they’d reunited in New York City. It was like destiny, it was fate, but the path to true love never did run smooth. That had always been a silly saying and one that Tatiana didn’t quite understand, but now she did. Now she knew what it meant because now she’d found her true love and she was not going to let the fact that they’d had children to other people phase her.  It was now or never. Tatiana had planned it all out. She was going to propose to Delilah and they would get their happily ever after. She’d already put the wheels in motion; she’d told Cordelia and her own sisters of the happy news and had planned a romantic night in for just the two of them, Cordelia having offered to babysit both Sofia and Bentley for the evening. She had no idea what she’d have done without her future sister-in-law but she knew one thing for certain; none of this would have happened without them! ”T?” The brunette was pulled from her thoughts when she heard her girlfriend’s voice. She couldn’t wait to propose to this woman and for the four of them to be a family. She was beautiful. “Babe, are you okay?” The brunette shook her head and wiped the tear that she hadn’t noticed had fallen until she’d heard Delilah’s voice. “Never been better.” Moving towards the other woman, Tatiana outstretched her hand and slowly took the other female’s, pulling her slightly closer so that she could place a soft kiss against her lips. “D, can we..” she was cut off when she felt the other woman’s lips against her own once more. “Sshh and just come with me, T.” The invasion of butterflies in the pit of her stomach were overwhelming. She’d never felt anything like it but she knew that in a matter of minutes her life could change forever if Delilah said yes. That was the big question though. She knew that Delilah loved her, but would she say yes? Were they rushing into this? It felt like her entire life had been building up to this very moment, but Tatiana was terrified that it was all going to come crashing down around them. “D, this is really import-” she fell silent, knowing that she was not going to win this. They could be as stubborn as one another, but that was just one of the many things that Tatiana loved about the other woman. Shaking her head, her lips curved into a small smirk when she saw the look that Delilah was giving her; one that told her that she was not going to win this argument. Biting down on the corner of her mouth, she walked into the living room of the home that they had been sharing for the previous two months and before Tatiana knew what was happening, Delilah was down on one knee in front of her. “Oh my god,” she whispered, bringing her mouth to her hand and before Delilah could get a single word out or even ask the question, Tatiana was sobbing. “Yes, oh my god, yes!”  


07/25/2021 09:44 PM 

Info & Rules
Current mood:  adventurous

I am a 23-year-old female.I love roleplaying and tend to roleplay sometimes dark or triggering subjects. So if that's not for you, feel free to click off my page.I am looking for people 18+ to roleplay with. Since I am an adult.My rp rules:1. Don't control my character.2. No sex scenes. I am not comfortable with those.3. My rp partner must be 18+ years old, due to my age.I mainly roleplay male characters. So if you aren't comfortable with me playing a male, feel free to leave because I won't switch to female unless it fits the story better.Even though I do not do sex scenes. I'm still open to romance.Male x male, female x female, male x female.Looking for someone who will be open to anything.My roleplay ideas tend to be supernatural, drama, slice of life, human, etc.

C͠e͠l͠l͠o͠g͠e͠n͠e͠t͠i͠c͠s͠☣️ RPG

07/25/2021 09:56 PM 

Lab Workers

Lab Personal These people were hired by Azvameth to do work in the laboratory. Cleaning staff, scientists, therapists and many more. These people are normal humans who are at Azvameth's service.           ☣️𝒮𝑒𝓇𝒶𝓅𝒽𝒾𝓃𝒶 𝒟𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓊𝓍➔


07/25/2021 09:41 PM 

emilia things. pt. ii

Eternal Rome

07/25/2021 09:36 PM 




07/25/2021 07:52 PM 

Read Me

Pandora here, I just wanna write a few things first before i get everything set up!First thing is first, if you don't have a headliner, or anything about your chacter when you send me a request and all i can see is your picture and display name i will not be adding you, I need to know your name, your verse, all that good stuff! i will not be adding people with huge blurry gifs, it hurts my eyes, I'm not a judgemental person but when it comes to storylines and such then yeah kinda picky and selective, so if that makes me a judgemental person then #sorrynotsorry i wanna write and discuss with mature adults who actually wanna write and discuss storylines! Second thing, if you read and write a comment I WILL BE SENDING YOU A GREETING!!but please don't send "read and will follow"send something unique, funny, cute, make me laugh, SOMETHING!I NEED TO KNOW YOU"RE ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN WRITING!

ᴠᴀʟᴋʏʀɪᴇ ʀᴇʙᴏʀɴ

07/25/2021 06:09 PM 

The Future and Expo's ~ Drabble

The Moon was high in the sky as the festivities of the Stark Expo were now in full swing and Stephanie was in charge of making sure everything went smoothly. Right now she was on her way to Make sure Howard's presentation was prepared and ready to show the world. It was then however she noticed Bucky in the crowd along with her brother and two of the girls who were supposed to be on a double date. "Nope nope nope! Not that way!" She whispered, manuvering her way through the crowd, making a round trip in order to avoid them at all costs. However Bucky had seen her and had tried to catch her attention, but Stephanie simply tuned him out. She had to remind herself that she was simply here for work. Unlike most women who were attending the expo, Stephanie wasn't wearing heels or a dress. She was in a simple white suit and a pair of sneakers.Finally having made it to the front, Stephanie made her way up on stage where she approached Howard.  "No offense Mr.Stark but I believe it could use a bit of tweeking before we present it to everyone." She said. "Flying car, a bit far fetched but the numbers just don't add up..." She said. Howard however smiled. "Dont be ridiculous it's fine." He said. Stephanie just shrugged. "Alright. You're the genius." She said as she stood up on stage with Howard and the performers he had gathered in order to showcase 'the future'. However while up on stage Stephanie noticed that the two girls who were supposed to be on a double date with her brother and Bucky were both up front while her brother was left behind and had soon made his way off in order to enlist, Bucky soon following suit when he noticed Steve had disappeared. While Howard was in the process of fixing up his presentation, Stephanie made her way down the stairs to the two women. "Hello!" Stephanie said and one of the girls immediately recognized her. "Hey you're the girl Bucky was calling out to a while ago!" She said looking her over and Stephanie could see the concern in her eyes. "Is that how Mr.Stark asks you to dress?" She asked. Stephanie however just smiled. "No. This is how I choose to dress. It's more work appropriate if you ask me. As for Bucky he was probably flagging me down simply because the other man that was with you is my brother." She said. "And if he somehow manages to miraculously return with Bucky please girls...treat him with a little more respect and quit leaving him behind." She said.It was at that moment Bucky appeared, smiling. "Hey doll." He said as Stephanie smiled. "Good evening, James." She said looking around. "Where is he?" She asked softly. Bucky just put his hands in his pockets and looked down at her before glancing over at the two women. "You girls go on ahead. I'll catch up in a bit." He said as the girls ran off ahead in order to check out what else the expo had to offer. Once they were out of earshot Bucky looked back at her. "You and Stark looked pretty close up there." He teased. Stephanie just started to laugh. "You're joking right? Me and Howard?" She asked. "Please, Howard is the only one willing to hire a woman who tinkers with machinery. Heck as far as you know I could be an undercover secret agent." She said as Bucky laughed. "Undercover secret agent? Now I know you're messing with me." Bucky said. After a moment he spoke again. "Steves persistent about enlisting." Bucky said. "As he should be. Steve would make a great addition to the team. He would make for a fine soldier." She said as she looked down at some papers in the files she had in her arms. "If I were you I'd check out some more of Howard's futuristic suits he's got on display. The flying car may have backfired but that doesn't mean all of his displays are completely useless." She smiled. Bucky stood there watching her for a moment before speaking again. "I suppose I wouldn't be able to convince you to join me then?" He asked. Stephanie stopped what she was doing and looked up at him, smiling. "Ive got work. I'm literally in charge of making sure everything goes as planned." She said. "Besides you now have two dates Mr.Barnes and that wouldn't look good for a Sergeant and ditching two young ladies in a place like this would not go over well." She said as she turned but before she left turned to face him. "By the way you look dashing in your uniform. As for Howard....he's not my type. I prefer military men. Preferably brunette. Have a good rest of your night, James." She said before making her way back up on stage. She could feel Bucky's eyes on her as she left, biting her bottom lip. "You should've went with him. I could've managed." Howard said and Stephanie looked at him. "Hes already got...dates. That would be very rude of me to intrude.Im sure there will be plenty of other chances..." She said. Howard just shook his head as he looked over the cars function. "Assuming you ever tell him." He said.Stephanie looked over at him in surprise. "P-Pardon?" She asked and Howard laughed. "Yeah your emotions are written all over your face. It's not that hard to tell." He said glancing over at her. "'re scared of nothing but yet you are afraid to love?" He asked. Stephanie just let out a small huff. "He deserves someone...a wife who can give him everything...who can do what a wife is supposed to do." She said. Howard looked over at her. "Question....maybe a series of questions." He said and Stephanie looked at him confused. "What?" She asked before Howard started firing off questions. "Can you cook? Clean? Are you a hard worker? Do you support your family unconditionally? Do you love him?" Howard asked quickly while adjusting some of the settings on the car. Stephanie was surprised but nodded her head. "Y-Yes but..." It was then she caught on to his last question, the smirk on Howard's face causing her to bite her lip as she looked at him. "Howard Stark! You are impossible!" She said as Howard laughed. "You may be stubborn and hardheaded but you'd make a wonderful wife and an amazing mother. Give or take they might be a little mouthy and tomboyish..." He trailed off and Stephanie scoffed a bit. "Rude Howard." She said smiling. "I heard of Sarah's passing... encountered her a couple times. You remind me of her." Howard said. Stephanie was rather embarrassed by the fact she had been so easily caught off guard that she quickly decided to go check on the other exhibits. "If you'll excuse me...." She said but Howard stopped her. "You've been working non stop these past few weeks. Leave those files here. I'll take care of the rest. Just go relax and have fun. Enjoy the Expo." Howard said.Stephanie just sighed. "Honestly Stark...." She said as she handed him the files. "Hes a Sergeant I cannot...." She said. "Ah but, Mad Hatter, you've also known him longer then most people here." He said. "Now don't worry about work. Go home and relax or go out and have fun." He said."Goodnight Howard." Stephanie said. "Goodnight Mad Hatter." Howard called after her causing, Stephanie to roll her eyes. Looking around for a moment she decided to stop by the apartment Bucky and Steve had rented out together and decided to cook them both dinner. 


07/25/2021 06:16 PM 

May 2nd, 1999

May 2nd, 1999   In the last year, George mainly kept to himself, finding it hard to be out, with family. Going shopping was hell, every time he found something that amused him, he wanted to show Fred. But sadly Fred wasn’t there to show. He had grown angry, and distant and sometimes found himself lashing out at the smallest of things. He couldn’t be at the shop, that hurt to much. What the worked for, their future, had been resting on their shop and the work they put into it. It didn’t seem right to be there without Fred, but knew he would have to return there.   It had been a year since the battle of Hogwarts. A year since George had lost his brother, his twin, his best friend. Everyone seemed to have moved on while remembering Fred. But George? George was having a harder time than everyone else. He is missing his other half, half of what made him who he was. He felt lost.   George had barely seen his family, hiding away in his home, where he would rather wallow in pity, afraid to see them, feel their pity. After the first few months, when George couldn’t seem to get out of his depression, he started to see the look of pity coming from his family, who he had been staying with cause he didn’t want to be alone. But he felt better in solitude then he did with company. He could just be alone and not worry about what people would say about him whilst in the other room, or hidden away.   Today was one of the hardest days George had come across (Besides the day Fred died). Today the Weasley’s and friends and family would be gathering together. There had been many get togethers through out the year, but today was the day that the final battle ended, today was the day that Fred died on, a year ago.   As George stood outside the gate of the Burrow looking in, he couldn’t get his feet to move. He didn’t want to be here, not today of all days. But he knew it was better to spend the day with his family, the people he cared about. “I feel like everyone’s miles away from me” George said as he just stood there, watching as his mother, father, brothers, sister and Harry bustled about in the front of the house.   “Well it wouldn’t feel that way if you didn’t push every one away” Hermione said as she approached him, making him jump about a foot in the air.   “Bloody hell, Hermione. Don’t scare me like that” George said as he crossed his arms. But he knew she was right, he just didn’t want to admit it. Admitting it would make all the more true. He couldn’t have that, not today.   “George” Hermione said softly. “Every one misses you, they all care about you” She said as she extended a hand and placed it on his shoulder, or at least attempted to but George pulled away, not wanting to be touched. “Please come in, they all want to see you” She had missed him to. Being busy with her own life, she didn’t get the chance to visit, but every available chance she got, she was over at the Burrow. “I miss you too” She added.   George couldn’t look at her “Why does it matter anyways? They all will look at me with the same look like every other time, I can’t stand it. I can’t stand the fact that they all seem to tiptoe around me and my feelings” I feel like everyone’s miles away from me echoed around his head. Now that he said it out loud, that’s all he could think off.   “You have to let people back in” Hermione said as she tried to approach him. “This isn’t good or healthy for you. You need your family”   George finally looked at her. “Why?! They’ve all moved on. They don’t care that he’s gone!” He cried out, making Hermione flinch back. “They all go on like normal, that nothing is wrong!!” Once again he was angry, he couldn’t help the out burst, he just bursted. Shaking, he left, heading in no where particular, leaving Hermione by the gate."Fred wouldn't have wanted thise" Hermione called after him, knowing it was better to leave him alone after an outburst, even a small one like what just happened. She just wished that he would let people back in.Out George didn't want, or like, was being told what Fred would or wouldn't want. He knew that Fred wouldn't want this, but was having a hard time still. And today of all days was going to particularly hard. He just wished that the day was over. He hoped one day he could think of Fred without being depressed.  

papa smurf,

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AC 07.

"Tell me what you learned in the woods."I learned that your husband is a bloodthirsty, raging lunatic who uses the people of the Organization as pawns. This is a chess game and everyone else seems to be playing checkers. Mick's lips twitched at the words that threatened to spew out, but with a deep sigh he swallowed back his urge to word vomit and just met her gaze instead. His hands had a mind of their own as they felt along the denim pockets of his pants in search of his flask, but when he came up empty handed, he couldn't help the slight pout that tugged at his lips."What's wrong Mick? You didn't seem to need liquid courage during our last..session." Her voice was calm and soft, but he could hear a slight hesitation on her end as she tried to find the right word to pinpoint what happened during their last..session. The unspoken words hung between them, walking the tightrope of tension as the pair sat there without a break in eye contact. Their last session didn't weigh too heavily on his mind, because he knew that both of them had walked out of there with a mission of their own accomplished. Much like his own unspoken words, this was a chess match. Thatcher made his move when he went after Milo, now Mick could either forfeit and retreat in defeat, or take advantage of the situation at hand. He had the advantage, because Thatcher left his queen vulnerable and open for the taking.Phoebe's eyes mirrored the same desire that Mick's held, and when he lunged forward, she didn't stop him. When he slapped the notebook from her hand with the pen following suit, she didn't stop him, and when his lips immediately found hers, she didn't push him away, but responded with a heated kiss of her own, molding her mouth around his own. Their desire and hunger in that moment wasn't rooted in lust but motivated by their personal agendas to get ahead. Phoebe needed the loyalty Mick provided and Mick needed to soothe his pride by one upping Thatcher. It was a dangerous game to play with serious repercussions, but they put consequences on the back burner and tossed away any worry with one article of clothing at a time.King takes Queen. Your move, Thatcher."Remember..if this gets out.." Mick waved Phoebe off before she could finish her sentence and he pulled his shirt back over his frame. As much as she didn't want it getting out, neither did he. There were certain people in his life that he would like to exclude from their inner circle. No one outside of the two of them needed to know what was going on, but he knew he was just prolonging the inevitable. Zipping up his jeans and smoothing the outlined evidence of her fingers in his hair, Mick glanced over at Phoebe who was already dressed and crawling around on the ground to gather the loose papers scattered around her otherwise tidy office. Headed towards the door to leave, he stopped with his hand on the knob and he turned his head to look back at her, "To answer your question..about what I learned in the woods?" There was a brief pause before a small smile flickered across his features, "I learned how to play chess."


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Bloody Valentine. (Drabble)

  Sunday, April 22nd 2013 — Flashback.    Everyday it was the same. Same trash. Same nightmares. Same magazines or even news channels trying to make a quick buck. And what better way to do that than to stick a 70mm lens in someone’s face and call it a day. Who gives a rats ass about privacy? Because once you throw out a song or two, that means you lose that right. You’re not allowed to go out with friends, or family. You’re not allowed to take a sh*t in the bathroom at a fancy restaurant alone. You lost that right to be a parent to your child who is sitting at home wondering when they get to interact with you next. Fame and money have you by the throat, and eventually that’s what you fall to.The blonde couldn’t help but let out a small grumble as his right hand clutched the plate that had small pancakes scattered across it, topped with various fruit. Just the way she liked it. Redden eyes barely held themselves open as his free hand shifted up and under his white tank top, allowing his well kept fingernails to scratch at his colorful skin. Allowing it to slip out from under the material, it flowed back down his body as his hand met with his unkept hair. Dragging his feet across the floor, his house shoes never left the tile beneath him; in his lazy effort to make it over to the table. Placing the plate down in front of the small human, the lanky male shifted over to the free chair to her left. Leaning forward, he watched as Gianna began to pick up her pancakes with her tiny fingers and shoveled them into her mouth. Blue hues piercing through the precious child that sat before him. His whole ass heart sat right there in front of him and he couldn’t help but melt before her.Cason wondered if she knew that she was his motivation to wake every morning. Or the fact that she was the reason his dreams remained alive in his toughest times. He often wondered what his life would be like if he never became a father at a young age. Who would of pulled him from the darkness that lurked throughout his mind? Would he even be here? Would he be breathing? Everyday he woke up grateful to have another day with her. But the young male never imagined that the one thing he wanted most in his life would start to take priority over everything else. One good day with Gi meant there were plenty of miserable weeks to come, and sometimes those weeks turned into months. But the biggest question of all was; did she notice? His absence? His red hues? his slurred words? The tiny track marks that danced along his rough skin? The bags beneath his eyes from every sleepless night?Leaning forward, he couldn’t help but shift his arms onto the table top, arching his back as his hues never left the light of his life. ”Are you mad that I’m always gone?” His words muttered out, loud enough for only the two to hear. The silence that fell just so happened to gnaw at his stomach, making him feel complete emptiness as his daughter didn’t even acknowledge the question. She sat silently, chewing the soft pancake that once was laid out on the plate. ”I wanna go out and take you to a movie or even Chuck E. Cheese.. but I can’t..” Words fell from his lips like word vomit as his thoughts began to slowly overwhelm him. Bottom lip shifting between his teeth as his head fell slightly; small sniffles filling the small kitchen before he spoke out again, ”because of who I am..” Cason knew that Gianna was too young to understand why her father couldn’t take her out often, and it was very noticeable of how overwhelmed the young girl would get as they got bombarded by anyone who recognized the upcoming rapper. The small one bedroom apartment became the closest thing to peace and quiet the family of three could get. Even if they did hear the drunk next door argue with his wife over TV dinners or the kids above them trample practically through their ceiling. That ran down apartment was their safe space, and it was the only place that held them together for even the smallest of moments. ”But you don't understand that yet.."As Cason picked his head up to look at Gi once again, the vibration on the table top caused him to sit up right. Hand instantly covering the now brightly lit screen as he slid it in front of him. Blue hues examined the small screen as his head shook in disbelief. It was his day off, or it should of been, but his manager’s name was plastered across the android as she tried to interfere with Gianna’s time. Adverting his ocean eyes from the unbothered four year old, to the murmurs behind him. He couldn’t help but maneuver his hand over the small device once again, debating on answering. Yet, his fingers shifted into the side of the phone silencing the vibrations, which soon caused his left arm to fall onto his lap as his right elbow was brought down above his knee cap. Fingertips adverted to gnaw at the edges of his eyes before his hand slipped up and into his hair, ruffling it in pure aggravation. Bringing his hand back down to cup his face, he let a soft sigh escape his lips.Nothing was more aggravating than the complications of trying to raise a child while also trying to make a living in the music industry. Back when he was making little to nothing, living pay check to pay check, he never had any issues with seeing his daughter or simply just being present. But once he was out of her presence, he was the cookie cutter image of Hollywood. Always missing calls because he was too busy getting high in the bathroom. Too afraid to man up and face the little life he created. The room filled with the same familiar noise as before, causing the male to pick up his phone. Sliding his thumb across the screen, he brought it to his ear, standing up as he spoke, ”Ay, yo, I’m with my child..” As Cason went to slip through the kitchen, he heard a small voice call out to him, ”Daddy, stay...”


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