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07/28/2021 12:04 AM 

Walking Death

Walking Death, 1x1 with Harbinger of Death taibhse /1709377 1699 FebruarySalem, MA“Please Master Alden! I beg of you! MERCY!” The trembling voice of the older man scrambled into the corner of the dark room filled with the smells of feces, urine and death. The figure in the shadows was staring upon his latest victim with nothing but malice and the purest forms of hatred imaginable. The man was scrambling in the corner with the utter desperation of self preservation with terror seeping into his bones.“Mercy?” The young man’s voice was at least an octave lower than what one would expect coming from him. “Did you provide MERCY to my father when you accused him of witchcraft? Did you grant MERCY when you made his life HELL on earth? DID YOU?” The clenched fists at his sides were glowing with an otherworldly energy darkened by the presence of the blood in his hands that was not his. Blood magic that had been instilled by what he’d learned from the Original Witch’s Grimoire some six years prior.The cry of the man echoed through the dungeon in which he’d been enslaved. This grandson of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins was a witch just as his parents and grandparents before him. The coven had fled England for sanctuary in the new world. The Puritans nearly exterminated their coven. Now Nate was the instrument of vengeance of this coven and all the wrongs inflicted upon it. No one choose him for this operation. He took it all upon himself gladly. He extended his hands in front of him, still glowing with magic and dripping in blood. The magical energy that shot forth struck the iman inciting his screams to higher levels that were desperately inhuman.The flesh of the man began to peel from his body. Muscles, internal organs and blood gushed forth as the only thing laying in the corner of the room was a skeleton of the man remained. The eyes of the man rolled forward toward the feet of Nate Alden to stop at his feet. Glaring down at his last victim with utter malevolence, Nate had one final instrument of his vengeance to unleash. His right foot raised and slammed back down with indignant hatred as the organs were ground into the earthen floor beneath him.The sweet sensation of victory filled his bones. Despite having left behind his own wife and children, he knew he had to fulfill this drive and destiny. They wanted to malign witches and call them instruments of Satan, so be it. The power of the Dark Magic coursing in his veins made Nate feel far more powerful than he could have ever dreamed. Relishing the feeling of satisfaction from the death of this Puritan, the youngest male Alden began to feel something happening to him. His body twisted and contorted with exquisite agony as that Black Magic started to institute his final transformation. He watched as his own hands began to grow skeletal. The clothing he wore began to fall into rags covering over his face. His mortality shuffled off in chunks of flesh that landed on the cellar floor. He lifted from the ground and began to float. His conversion was complete.This was the last day of the life of Nate Alden as a human witch. The depth of anger and human suffering he’d caused had corrupted this once promising young witch turning him into a monster. His anguish came in the form of a bone chilling cry knowing that he was completely lost to what he once knew. There was no coming back now. Nate Alden was a creature of the most pure form of evil imaginable. He was a wraith.1699, AugustRural VirginiaTime did not pass as one would expect to measure it with a human or even a witch’s lifespan. The news of the disappearance of Nate Alden had reached his family and his young bride. The vivacious redhead who had borne him three children; two sons and a daughter was devastated. She knew what had happened to her husband. She knew the dark magic he had engaged in had turned him into something far more sinister than could have ever been imagined. The Coven took care of her and the children, but Nate was dead to them for now and evermore. The memory of his wife and children haunted him in his tormented state. It fueled his anger and it drove him further SouthHe knew that this was Virginia. He could tell because he’d been here before. The cave of the Original Witch was nearby. The dark magic that emanated from this place still fed him. It was like a beacon that he couldn’t help but gravitate toward. There was something else pulling him here. The Bennett Witches had left Salem before they were persecuted as witches. They’d escaped the vengeance of the Puritans. They weren’t going to escape from him. There was power still here and Bennett Witches to end. The spectral form of the Wraith that had once been Nate Alden moved with the moonlight through these woods heading toward where the power of the Original Witch was still strongest. He wanted to know how to switch into some type of a human form again even if it wasn’t permanent. The dark magic here wouid give him the answer he sought. He just had to go where humans could not. If he killed another witch or even a BENNETT Witch in the process, so be it.    "Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself." - JK Rowling credit: james kriet

แด แด€สŸแด‹สส€ษชแด‡ ส€แด‡ส™แดส€ษด

07/27/2021 09:51 PM 

Rockaway Beach ~ Drabble

Stephanie had left early that morning, everyone else having still been asleep. She had managed to catch a bus to a place called Rockaway Beach, a beach that Bucky, Steve, and her had often visited when they were younger. Even with all the years that had passed, the beach still hadn't lost its charm nor had it changed all that much. Currently she was wearing a simple black swimsuit, her straw hat in her hands as she watched the waves. She could hear the sound of the whales calling out to each other in the distance and it made her smile. The fog was thick and the air was chilled, typical for a morning such as this one. "It's a beautiful spot." A voice called out behind her. A feminine one. Turning her attention from the waves, she turned to face Nat. "It is..." She said. And Nat sat down beside her, smiling. "They're all looking for you....I seen the map on your bed. So I figured I'd check here first." She said and Stephanie looked over at her. "So none of them know my whereabouts?" She asked and Natasha shook her head. "No. I figured you left for a reason. I also figured you'd be back but you'd be more willing to talk elsewhere." She said and Stephanie smiled. "You're very perceptive." She said looking over at Nat then back out at the waves.It was silent for a moment between the two, a comfortable silence, but silence none the less until Stephanie finally spoke. "It's to much..." She started. "Everywhere I's all just these little reminders but at the same time I'm....I know this is not my time." She said quietly. "When I look at Tony, I see Howard...their smiles are the same. No give and take Howard wasn't my favorite person in the world....but he was the only man who was willing to give me a chance to live out my dreams back then. I look around...I see people who remind me of others from my past. Then the brings back memories of Hydra...." She said quietly. "Suddenly I have Steve and Bucky back in my life, I find out from Steve that Peggy's still's all hitting at once and my emotions are a wreck. I never did allow my emotions to effect my work....but now it's like I'm unable to control it." She whispered. Natasha listened while she spoke and after a moment decided to speak. "I get it...I do. I never let my emotions get the better of me but after joining the Avengers...I've found my emotions getting the best of me a few times. When you have people you love.... and you're scared to lose them. Your emotions tend to get the better of you weather you want them to or not." She said.Stephanie just smiled. "Yeah...." She whispered. It had been months now and still Stephanie found herself opening up to Nat. Of course she knew she could talk to Steve or Bucky but she still found it hard to trust everyone else around her. All except Nat. Stephanie found herself trusting the redhead fairly easily compared to the other members. Standing up, Stephanie walked to the edge of the water, the cold water splashing over her feet as she stared out across the water. "Thank you..." Stephanie said as she glanced back at Natasha with a small smile. Natasha looked at her slightly confused. "For what?" She asked. After a moment Stephanie turned walking back to her. "For plenty of things...for being there for Steve. For trusting Bucky...for not telling them where I was when you could've easily done so." She said chuckling. Natasha, although a bit surprised, looked at Stephanie with a smile. "You're welcome...and trust me I get it. It's mostly men back there. It can get to be a bit much so I don't blame you for wanting a break." She said. Moments later her phone started to go off and she looked down. "It's Tony... probably wondering where I disappeared to now." She said before looking at her. "I better go...I'll see you back at the compound." Natasha said before she began making her way back to her car.Stephanie just smiled as she called after Natasha. "Let Tony know I'll be back shortly...I just...." She trailed of and Nat looked at her smiling. "No worries. I'll handle it." She said before getting in her car and driving back towards the Avengers Compound as Stephanie waved to her. For a moment she cast a longing look back out at the beach, memories continuing to rush back to her. A single tear managed to escape her eye as she reached up wiping it away, a smile crossing her face. Decades may have passed and time may have changed...but the talk she had with Natasha made her realize that even though time had run its course, and that most people she had known were now gone or aged, she realized those memories were going to stick with her, no matter how many times Hydra had tried to break her, tried to erase her memories of those she loved, those she held dear. She realized those memories would always find their way back to her one way or another and Stephanie was going to make sure she held every memory made, and even the ones yet to be made, close.


07/27/2021 10:06 PM 

Love Language || CS

Words of Affirmation does your muse like giving compliments? not particularly, but she’s not completely opposed to it, she’s just not overly affectionate with her easy is it for your muse to say ‘ i love you’? not even a little.what is one compliment your muse is dying to hear? there isn’t something particular that she would be willing to admit, but at the end of the day, she’d love to be complimented for her mind, or her humour, or something genuine that doesn’t pertain to her appearance.what is something your muse loves being praised for? her podcast and how hard she works on it.  Acts of Service does your muse like it when people do work for them? i suppose it depends – if she hires someone to do something, then yes, obviously. but she’s the type who would ultimately prefer to do things herself so she can ensure they’re done the way she wants.does your muse enjoy giving people a hand with work? again, it depends on the situation, but she isn’t completely opposed to having help, but also not completely for it.what acts of service would your muse appreciate the most? someone bringing her food and drinks. does that count?what is one chore your muse would prefer someone else do for them? washing dishes and anything pertaining to lawn work, not that she has a lawn to care for, but if she did…  Receiving Gifts does your muse enjoy giving gifts? yes, absolutely! and she thinks she’s pretty good at it.what is a gift your muse is hoping to receive? anything such as a handwritten card or note, and then of course the obvious gifts of drugs and alchol.does your muse prefer receiving more practical or fun gifts? neither. she doesn’t ever expect to receive gifts, and hasn't received a ton of gifts in general, so when she does, she tends to really enjoy it.does your muse like it when someone spends a lot of money on them? not particularly.   Quality Time what is your muse’s ideal date night? it depends on the person and the vibe of the night, but she loves anything outdoors after dark. she’s a sucker for bodies of water and rooftops, as well as fun stay-at-home things like blanket forts with movies, snacks, conversation, and comfortable is your muse with prolonged eye contact? she’s fine with it. in fact, she’s excellent at it.does your muse prefer conversation or just sitting quietly with their s/o? this is also something that depends on the person and the vibe, but overall, she prefers conversation. when she’s quietly sitting, she’s more likely to lose herself in her own dark it easy for your muse to devote their full attention to one person at a time? depends, but overall and so long as everyone is on the same page, yes.  Physical Touch does your muse like being hugged? yes and no. she doesn’t mind it at all when she’s expecting it, but it does throw her off or cause her to tense up a lot of the time, specifically when she isn’t.where could someone touch your muse to calm them down? palms of her hands and the bend of her there anywhere on your muse’s body they want to be touched most? aside from the obviously dirty answers, she loves a subtle squeeze of her thigh or touching the nape of her neck.does your muse find themselves subconsciously seeking out physical contact? yes, she does. //stolen from warner. (: 


07/27/2021 09:13 PM 


No smut/erotica.I will do romance, but there has to be a storyline.Love Interests - there will be only one. I can't do that multi thing.No one liners. No novella.IF I like you, you'll get my Discord. I prefer discussions, but if you can make a rando starter work - alrighty thennnn.


07/27/2021 06:33 PM 

Pictures and Such

1. Please don't steal my gifs, i work really hard putting them together, putting a PSD on them to make them look amazingmy pictures and gifs both have PSD, usually the same one unless it's to dark then i put a different one on2. IF you like my stuff, i do have a premade site called Be Your Own Anchor (teen wolf thing)but we do other edits besides teen wolfif you know Betty from Power of Riverdale she is a Co-Owner for BYOA her name is KiraBYOA

Silent Hill-RPG

07/27/2021 06:09 PM 

Travis Grady-Short Story
Current mood:  cranky

Travis Grady who lives in Silent Hill who is fifty's and is a truck driver. He is more on the road than he is at home but at least he is single so he doesn't have anyone to nag at him why he is more on the road than being home. Yet he does once and in awhile wishes he did have someone to be with but work keeps him on the road. Since he lives alone he lives in a apartment at Blue Creeks Apartments which he keeps it clean when he is at home. He does visit Heaven's Night which is a local bar to have a few drinks there mainly he drinks beer. His life goes on like anyone else who lives here in Silent Hill as normal as it will get. 


07/27/2021 04:01 PM 

spirit week tuesday task - playlist

Tunes Tuesday Playlist1. Southern City Lights - Jessie James Decker2. Electric Love - Borns3. Blank Space - Taylor Swift4. Levitating - Dua Lipa5. Peaches - Justin Bieber6. Stay - Kid Laroi and Justin Beiber7. Dancing in the Moonlight - Toploader8. Come on Eileen - Dexy Midnight Runners9. Mr Brightside - Killers10. Leave the Door Open - Bruno Mars

แด„แดแดœษดแด›ส€ส๊œฑ ส€แด๊œฑแด‡.

07/27/2021 02:41 PM 

Cowgirls Donโ€™t Cry? - Part one.

Cowgirls Don’t Cry? - Part one.Based on the song; Cowgirls Don't Cry, by Brooks & Dunn. The sound of her horses moving around her stables always soothed Allura Bri Cullen. Just like the scent of nature continued to remind her of home and the good days of her childhood. Those days she could ride on without a care in the world. Her dad was very hard working with their training, Horses or not. Allura stepped out from under her chicken hut with a basket around her arm. The farm was just outside of Pomona. Like many, there was a wide range of a path from the small white farmhouse. The fences along the road held in her horses. Behind that was the chicken coop she was currently stepping out of before jumping onto the dirt path. Her eyes taking in her home with a smile. Cowgirls don’t cry. An echo of his voice made everything settle in each day. Allura was pretty old by now, past her twenties, you could say. Her sun kissed skin blended with the colors of her hair and eyes. Both brown, her father took on the more white side of her family while she took her darker skin from her mother. The rest was much more than her father’s with the time she spent with him. Horses. There was nothing more important than his babies - besides herself and her brother, that is. Dark brown ankle boots walked down the path while searching the farm for a certain horse. Wearing her usual white tank top, skinny tight jeans. The only other thing she bothered to put on besides her watch and gold hoop earrings. Her brother said she would never get a boyfriend like that. Well, she knew that but in this job.. Why bother? Allura was certainly not safer because of her part time keep in the hunter business. She was still in danger, but her brother meant well enough. Allura could admit that she wanted... Something, a kid maybe? Everyone dreams of one day getting something out of life. Kids, husband, wife - something that will fill that void. More than her horses could ever do. ~~~~ The phone rang early that morning. The sound of stumbling feet and muttered words escaped the bathroom down the hall. Allura, with her brown hair tied into a messy bun, came running into the living room. Brow furrowed, yellow gloves on her hands from cleaning earlier that day, “Coming... Coming.” She said breathlessly, tearing her gloves off her hands and sitting them on the couch. Just as Allura pulled the phone to her ear, the sound of her mother’s shaky voice reached her ears. “Mama? Mama, what’s wrong?” “It’s your daddy, you need to come home.” She said another shaky breath forced her to pause, before releasing another cry into the phone. “This is it... I think he’s dying.” Mary continued, voice trembling. Allura’s breathing hitched, and she swallowed thickly, waiting quietly. Her mother laid the phone by her father’s head. “Cowgirl doesn’t cry. Ride, baby, ride....” His scratchy voice sang softly into the phone. Her eyes closed slowly, lowering her head to the floor. “Lessons in life show us all in time. Too soon, God lets you know why. If you fall get right back on Good Lord calls everybody home... Cowgirl don’t cry...” Allura shook her head, “Daddy, I’m sorry... I’m so sorry, I should be there...” she said into the phone, the steady breathing on the other side reassuring her he was there. Tears filled her brown eyes, rolling down her cheeks. Her mother, in the background, started crying again. The conversation hitting her hard. Allura continued, her mouth parted once more before she slowly kneeled on the floor. Yet nothing came out out of her mouth. Her tears falling down harder, her lips trembling, the words she wanted to say only came out as jumbled words. “Cowgirl don’t cry. Ride, baby, ride....” Her father continued to sing softly, soft but right there. “Lessons in life show us all in time. Too soon God lets you know why,” Allura sang softly with him while closing her eyes again, resting her head down on her arm. “If you fall, get right back on... Good Lord calls everybody home. Cowgirl doesn’t cry...” By the end of the song, James Dan Cullen stopped singing but smiled when he heard her voice softly, if not messy, sing to him. His chest slowly rose unevenly, slowly down to a beat until his eyes closed. The heart monitor by his beside beat near the end of the song, but Mary stood by his side and gave a watery smile. Mary Rose Cullen stood up from the bed and reached for the phone, her hand wiping her face before she spoke. “...Rose, come home. Come and be with your family.” He said into the phone. Like her daughter, she had slightly dark skin. Her brown eyes looking at her husband with adoration. Her grey hair was previously brown but now as white and grey as her husband. Allura buried her head in her arm and sniffled. Tears drying up on her face, she pushed her legs up to her chest and laid her head on them. “...Okay, I’ll be there soon, Mama...” The sound of the phone hanging up reached the ears of the upset girl. Her hand placing it back up on the desk while she buried her face into her knees.

Shy Ones(MCRP)

07/27/2021 02:20 PM 


-Jennie Malfoy-Pansy Parkinson-Jessie Lovegood 

Hobbit Of Bagends

07/27/2021 11:13 PM 

The Race Of Ignorance Never ends
Current mood:  annoyed

It Never seems to amaze me, after two years of absence, and the stupidity of these so call LOTR'S are still at it. I will start from the beginning, so i can make this as clear as day. I have been out for two years, and I left in defeat i will admit. But I bounced back and return, in hopes that there is still some good in roleplaying. This is a community for EVERYONE! So I return as it is my RIGHTS! Now things were pretty bad when I left, but as I stated, I returned in hopes that there is a bit of good in people and ALAS and behold. I did. As I opended my account, The VERY same one's who caused me Drama, bullying, and spreading hate, were the very first one's who request me. I nip it in the butt and declinded them!( Because I knew what they were up too)I had allowed one of the rp character in hopes that HE had mature and be a friend, as Frodo would say in the books and movies( I have to believe that he can come back) That there is STILL good in him......... Not so............ (I will get back to that in a bit).Then I get The mother of all mothers, she requests me Views my profile, then deletes which of course she has plained admitted that she is very nosey, so I blocked, Then I met her.... She was stunning, beautiful, very Gracious, she was also a bit cast to the side, but when we spoke, sparks flew and we imediately connected. She is my soul-mate. To be honest I was about to delete but she was my sourse of strenght she was the VERY reason why I remained.Now back to this certain person. He knew Evie and I are madly in-love and so he would try to sabotage my relationship with her.(He's done that before with my ex partner writer), that it turned out that she was with him. And so? He was making a move on  M'Lady. She was strong and did not fell for him. She has told me about another group that these HATERS opened The Mummy and wanted her to join, just so she be less with me, and isolate me, he secretely messaged her but funny how he hasn't invite me to join. Now he was insisting on her to be with him.Now QUESTION to all Haters.Why can't you all Grow up, and let me be? Why can't you all let it go? I want nothing to do with you I have no Interest in joing your cliques, I know I do not fit in because that's how you all chose it to be So be it I'am a Mistfit And damn proud of it. Just leave me be and Y'all can go about in your little sad Drama Group, While I'll be with the ONLY Girl who truly has a noble heart and kind and loving. That is a rare gift, Because being good takes courage and strenght, Which none of you posessed Rant over.The Writer BehindFrodo Baggins

โ™” ๐’Ÿ๐“Š๐’ธ๐’ฝ โ™ก

07/27/2021 09:58 PM 

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

      The day had seemed so promising for Diana and her boys as she drove along, heading towards their new future, their new life. A life of love, happiness, and family. A life of togetherness no more angst or heartbreak. She had been preparing for her seventh anniversary for weeks now. She had finally felt she had come to her senses. She had cut off any and all affairs. She was ready to give her marriage an honest try. To show the Prince of Wales, her husband how much she truly and deeply loved him. Her happiness on the drive to Highgrove was contagious. The entire way she and her boys giggled and sang songs, one of the most fun being Crazy Little Thing Called Love. It had been the first time in a very long time all three had felt the happiness they'd been missing. As she pulled her car up and parked she smiled and watched as the boys rushed out to greet their father happily. She loved to see the love they had for him. Smiling she too got out of the car and approached him. "Hello." She said warmly, again her happiness simply seeping through her words. Charles welcomed her inside, she followed behind him and the boys. Little did Diana know that just before she and the boys had arrived all the servants in the home had spent the last few hours preparing. Making the house look beautiful, filling the home with beautiful fresh flowers. They also made sure to take special care with the bedroom. Making sure to remove any pictures of her. Removing any trace she had recently been there. The day had gone wonderful, a happy poolside day with the boys. All four being the proper family they had always been meant to be. Once the boys had gone off to sleep, Diana and Charles had their anniversary dinner and exchanged gifts. Charles had been thoughtful but Diana's, hers had been more passionate, expressive, and filled with love for Charles, something he had not prepared for or appreciated. From his reaction alone Diana had know, no kind yet fake smiles could hide it. Charles was not feeling what she was right now, he hadn't for some time if ever at all. That night she woke the boys, packed them back into the car, and left, returning to Kensington Palace.         It had been somewhat late when Diana and the boys returned to Kensington Palace. She had tried to calm them, assure them everything was alright, and put them to bed. Afterward, she laid alone on the sofa in the sitting room, the sound of the radio playing softly. Once again she was alone, she felt so utterly and completely alone. And now, she had no one to turn to. She knew now no matter what she did or didn't do Charles would never want her, not in the way she needed him to. Whether she had a dozen more affairs or never made love again, Charles would always be with her. No matter how Diana begged and pleaded and made nice with the royal family, she'd always be unloved and alone. She laid crying silently, letting the tears flow. Her eyes then caught the sight of her boys standing in the doorway. This wasn't the first time they had caught her crying like this. "Mummy please don't cry." Young Willian said looking at her, trying to understand why she was crying. Little Harry watched before looking toward the radio. Often Diana's mood sometimes could be lifted by music. The song I Wanna Dance With Somebody was playing. Harry looked to Daian with a hopeful smile, his brother now standing beside him. Diana looked at her boys for a few moments while listening to the words of the song. At that moment she wasn't sure if she'd ever find a love like she truly wanted. But she also realized she had a love she desperately needed, her boys. No one, no man, would ever love her like her children did. All the self-harm she had done over the years to hide her hurt from everyone still caused hurt, to her boys. They needed her love and devotion just as she needed theirs. Smiling Diana stood and took her boy's hands.Playfully she began to sway with them. "Oh I wanna dance with somebody!" Both boys began to giggle and dance with her, singing along to the song. "I've been in love and lost my senses... spinning through the town... sooner or later the fever ends and I wind up feeling down..." laughing she happily scooped up Harry. "I need a man who'll take the chance on a love that burns hot enough to last... and when the night falls my lonely heart calls..."Diana and her boys continued to dance, her taking turns with either of them before the trio plopped onto the couch once the song ended, all of them laughing and trying to catch their breath. Diana was still very uncertain now of her future but she knew as long as she had her boy's things would turn out just as they should. She would never be truly alone.       I Wanna Dance With Somebody...   "With somebody who loves me..."       template credit.


07/27/2021 02:20 AM 

A Witch's Curse Roleplay
Current mood:  creative

Rose used to be ordinary. But then a witch put a curse on her. A witch with nothing better to do than to cause misery and suffering. This witch was jealous of Rose and her happiness and friends. So she put a curse on her. A curse that would take away all that. Rose lost all her friends and even her happiness once the curse came.The curse causes Rose to hear and see demons, the demons can even make Rose do things she doesn't want to do and make her crazy/out of it. But it also gave her a magic power, the power to shoot blood spikes out of her hands. The blood spikes only come out through cuts on her hands, but the cuts heal quickly. So she constantly has to have a small knife with her to make cuts on her hands if she wants to be able to defend herself. Rose has trouble controlling this magic power.Fear, paranoia, and anxiety make the power stronger and harder to control. She has a lot of fear, paranoia, and anxiety because of the demons constantly bothering her.

roleplay, rp,

๐“’๐“ต๐“ธ๐”€๐“ท ๐“Ÿ๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ท๐“ฌ๐“ฎ

07/27/2021 02:05 PM 


-guidelines- ——— Please read & understand what you are signing up for... thank you Thank you for taking the time to read this. Recently, it has come to my attention that my page needs some ground rules. My Joker is absolutely free-form of the Timmverse Batman or, more commonly known, Batman the Animated Series (BTAS). However, I will pull from various comics or animated media to fit my agenda. face claim My face claim is Marilyn Manson, and I will not defer from this FC as it is my choice. We should learn to separate art from real life. Hint: this is fantasy. m for mature Anyway, I will be maturely portraying my Joker. This means he is a killer, he is a rapist, he is a drug dealer, and will simply hold no punches. I will write in an adult fashion, simply. If you can not deal with these triggers, let me know, and we will work around it. Since these things are not done unless it was discussed prior in an SL. not a mind reader However, I will not be walking on eggshells with your character or you, the writer. Also, no Godmodding my character...thanks. ——— TL;DR Mature 21 and Up | blood, gore, drugs, rape...etc. | Mun is understanding - Not a mind reader Mun is a sprodiac mess - Does not write much Multi-Love Interest - Has various SL's with numerous LI's (maybe) LGBTQ+ Multi-Para - Novella ( on a good day ) | Quality over Quantity

welcome, rules


07/26/2021 11:23 PM 

Little Slut. ( Drabble; TW )

Location: That Bitch's House, Cleveland Ohio, Sunday, August 7th, 2011Trotting up the porch steps, his heavy boots thudded against the porch as he made his way to the front door. Slender hand grabbed the screen door handle, yanking it open, he maneuvered before it allowing it to smack against his back. Grabbing a hold of the door knob, he pushed it open, guiding his shoulder against the heavy door, he invited himself in. Head falling back slightly, his eyes instantly adverted to the staircase that led upstairs. Allowing the screen door to flow shut, he guided the main door closed almost immediately. With each step he took, the more his surroundings came into play. Ears began to pick up small sounds from the ceiling above him. Extending his arm out, his fingers began to dance along the railing as he made his way up the stairs one by one, and eventually two by two. Closing the gap between him and the bedroom door that was cracked open, the sound of moans flowed right through, mingling with the sound of something squeaking. Brows furrowed as the blonde continued his journey into the unknown.Blue hues peered into the bedroom, shifting slightly to catch a better view before fully approaching. He stalled his footsteps as his blue crystals fell upon the back of a nude body, bouncing up and down on the california king mattress. The squeaking sounds now made sense as the box spring cried beneath the pair. Slowly but surely his brain began to process what was going on before him. She was cheating on him, this whole thing was a tactic for him to catch her. The female before him allowed her head to fall back, neck rolling as she continued to shift up and down. Grunting and panting filled the room before him. Allowing his boot to shift between the door and the frame, he barely pushed the door open, allowing it to slowly creak open and reveal him. The sound from the door caused the female to look over her shoulder, a sly smile upon her face as she locked eyes with the puzzled blonde. Turning her attention back to the body beneath him, Cason shifted his bottom lip out in a small pout. Eyes flickered over to catch the masculine hands grab a hold of her sides.I WAS BROKEN HEARTED, SHOULD'VE BROKE THAT BITCH'S JAW, JUST FOR PLAYIN' ME LIKE A CHUMP.As his arms dropped to his sides, both his thin hands formed into fists, twitching to be released. The left organ in his chest, felt like it was being squeezed snuggly and than released, the final hold on it, left it to shatter. Piece by piece, Cason fell victim to his heart shattering in his hollow chest. He didn't care which one of the two would catch his wrath, as long as they felt exactly what he felt in the pit of his stomach. Betrayal. Nausea. An overwhelming feeling of sickness flushed over him as the pit of his stomach began to clench, each muscle beginning to stiffen up as the color red confronted his vision. Cason knew better, he was actually raised better, but the voice in his head told him to beat both their asses, even if she was a girl. Break a jaw or two, maybe just one. And he knew which one he wanted to break in particular. They deserved it, right? Turning on his heels, he took off out the door and down the hall to the stairs. It only took him a few seconds to clear them as he made little to no effort to make his way back out the front door. Guiding his hand to his chin, he allowed his soft skin to itch at the stubble upon it. Hips swayed, shoulders dipped as he walked down the sidewalk over towards the garage.A lanky male who was clearly stoned appeared from the shadows of the garage trying to catch Cason's attention, but due to him being on a mission, her brother became an after thought. Walking over to the table that stretched along the inside of the garage, Cason picked up the rifle and automatically checked to see if it needed to be loaded. He pulled the bolt handle up and then back, inserting a mag, he pushed the bolt forward and down to lock it into the firing position. The blonde turned on the heel of his boots once again, making his way back from the garage and out into the open. Swiftly, the inked up male walked down the drive, eyes locked on a souped up F150 that was parked infront of the home. Keeping a good distance between him and the truck, he shifted the rifle upwards. Without hesitation, he pulled the trigger, the bullet crashed into the back window, causing it to shatter quickly. Adjusting the rifle time and time again, he pulled the trigger again. Bullet after bullet, hole after hole, reload after reload, Cason fed the truck as if it were hungry, causing it to look fairly similiar to swiss cheese. As the last bullet entered the truck, he dropped the useless rifle onto the pavement beneath him. Glancing back at the home that he once knew oh so well, he spat on the ground and began to walk down the street.

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Will and Wall

   Physics "phasing" power.macroscopic quantum wave function to near a100 percent at will.    will or wall

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