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10/23/2020 01:48 PM 

® Group
Current mood:  angsty

Just because that fat no neck bastard has lost interest in us. Does not mean we have to let ourselves die out. Come to me let us show him. Just how fun our lives can be without him around. Always causing confusion and drama. 

Let,us, rise,again,without,him,


10/22/2020 10:03 PM 

White Houses.

How many white houses will there be? I’ve lost count, but it’s a dream, so it doesn’t really matter. I’ve had my eye on the one that’s lonesome, standing on the corner of the street, the dim streetlight the only thing reflecting it as it sits still and somber. I want to reach out to it, but it seems too far for my arms to stretch, so despite how emotionally exhausted I am, and how heavy my shoulders are, I drag my legs, which feel like they’re filled with lead, toward my dream home. Oh, it’s there, among many white houses. It’s painted red, like a rose, and stands out against the canvas of the dreary sky. It’s calling to me, and I come to it. Does it really exist? I reach the door, the golden knob cold to the touch. It feels real, but then again so does a lot of things that aren’t. I’ve learned that society and fantasy can often be misleading. Sometimes you have dreams that feel so real, you’ll remember them later and not be able to recall if it’s a memory, or a dream. Or a memory that felt like a dream, felt like it didn’t actually happen, because you were repressing it. The brain is simply confusing. I would open the door. It takes me a moment to adjust my eyes because the light is so bright that it’s blinding. I’ve never been in a room so bright, but when I can finally see, I’m in awe. It’s my mother. She’s sitting in the middle of the room, in a rocking chair, humming a lullaby she used to sing me. She says to me, “I’m so happy to see you here now, Sang, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” I can feel my body start to tremble. My dark eyes are watering over, I can feel a lump in my throat and an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I don’t like having these emotions, but here I am. Something about this reality keeps me on my toes. She’s there in this reality, smiling and happy. Alive and healthy. We’re not living in a world where she has to constantly protect me. I’m protecting her. We live here, in this little red house, living among the little white houses. Together. Forever. In our new world.

chrononactive (Jack Joyce)

10/22/2020 09:46 PM 


BASIC INFORMATION.Name: Jack JoyceDate of Birth: June 2, 1988Age: 28 years oldGender: Male (Trans male.)Sexuality: HomosexualNationality: American RELATIONSHIPS.Anthony Joyce – Father (Deceased)Kathryn Joyce – Mother (Deceased)William Joyce – Brother PERSONALITY TRAITS.Rash, cocky, reckless, snarky, sassy, sarcastic, caring, loyal, hot-headed, trustworthy, emotional. PHYSICAL TRAITS.Faceclaim: Shawn AshmoreHeight: 6'0’’Hair: Brown & short.Eye Colour: BlueFacial Hair: Light stubble POWERS.Time Vision — Time vision is one of the first abilities that Jack acquired upon being exposed to Chronon energy. He can feel premonitions, sensing things before they can happen or glimpses into the past. Time Stop — As obvious by it’s name this power allows Jack to cause people and objects in a small area freeze for a moment in time. Time Dodge — Jack can phase through time stutters. To the normal eye this appears to be a blink out of existence. Time Shield — Jack conjures up a shield that protects him from small projectiles such as bullets for a short period of time. Time Blast — Jack stores up chronon energy in his body and sends out a blast of energy that disrupts an area, freezing time in it. This ability highly drains Jack of his power, causing him unable to use his powers for a period of time. Time Rush — Time Rush can be used as an offensive and defensive ability. It is similar to Time Dodge as it allows Jack to blink in and out of time. CRIMINAL RECORD.Grand theft auto, simple assault, attempted theft. MAIN TIMELINE. TW: suicide, death. PRE-GAME. Jack Joyce was born to Kathryn Joyce and Anthony Joyce on June 2, 1988. In December of 1999, his parents were killed in a car crash, leaving him in the care of his brother William Joyce, who believed that he was ill-fitting to be Jack’s guardian. Over time the brother’s relationship had become more strained, Will even blaming Jack for his parents death at one point. With his brother being emotionally absent from his life, Jack decided to raise himself, independent of his brother. In his childhood and teenage years, Jack frequently found himself getting into trouble with his best friend, Paul Serene. It started out with getting into fights with children on the playground and soon evolved into things like grand theft auto, attempted theft and simple assault. When Jack and Paul were teenagers, they stumbled across a man who committed suicide. This incident was kept to themselves. In 2010, Jack decided to leave his hometown to live a nomadic lifestyle. During this time he kept in contact with Paul via e-mail when he could. He fell out of touch with his brother during this time. While abroad in Laos, he underwent weapon training. In 2015 he was arrested for weapon related charges which were dropped for undisclosed reasons. ACT 1: THE NUMBER ONE KILLER IS TIME. After receiving an important email from Paul who needs his help from someone he can trust, Jack headed to Riverport. Jack was drove to the university in a taxi driven by Nick Marsters, someone who Jack would run into again later. On his way to meet up with Paul, Jack runs into Amy Ferrero who is protesting against Monarch Solutions, who plan on destroying the campus library replacing it with a research faculty. Reuniting with his old friend, Jack finds out that the project Paul was working on was a time machine. After an incident involving Paul getting stuck in the machine due to Jack’s brother appearing again and shooting at the machine, Jack and Will have to escape from Monarch Solutions security who are ordered to capture them. During this time Jack’s powers begin to manifest due to being exposed to a heavy amount of chronon energy when trying to save Paul from being trapped in the machine. Jack gets separated from Will and meets Beth Wilder, a Monarch agent who tells him where Will is being taken. Once finding Will and fighting through more Monarch guards, they run to the library and a seemingly older Paul appears. Paul uses his powers, stronger versions of what Jack is experiencing, to knock Jack out.  When Jack regains consciousness, Paul is holding Will at gunpoint, confronting each other about the fracture in time. Paul tries to convince him that the time fracture cannot be fixed. Paul says that he has been living in the past for the past seventeen years.Paul had been sent to 2021, ‘The End of Time’ then managed to go back to 1999. Will realizes that Paul was essentially the first experiment when it comes to humans and chronon energy. Paul orders his troops to trigger an explosion that causes the library to come down and killing Will. Jack is then hit in the back of the head with a gun by Liam Burke, another member of Monarch security and carried to a van for transportation.


POD Makai Devan Aire Kain

10/22/2020 09:14 PM 

The Devils Training Shrine.

☽Blood Moon☾

10/22/2020 08:59 PM 

A Heidi Volturi drabble

Heidi felt her unbeating heart drop from her chest to her stomach as Demetri uttered in her ear that Aro was summoning her to his personal chambers. The dread that filled her, and fear were soothed almost instantly. Meaning one thing, that Chlesea was near by working her gift, projecting it on her. However, it didn't completely affect her mind, she could still think about how much she detested him. He obviously either needed her gift for two things; to Seduce Suplicia being they had a loveless non mutual relationship or he wanted play-toys and a meal. The other thing that occurred to her was fear, fear he no longer needed her services and she was about to die.That thought had always crossed her mind once she was out of reach from Chelsea and away from volterra. Always hosting new ploys and plans. Gathering unsuspecting humans of both genders, leading them on a wild goose chase. When in the end they would meet their demise. Part of her cringed thinking of what she did, on the other hand, her blood-lust kicked in. Wanting to feed from them, to feel the pleasure of their hot blood soothing the harsh burning with in her throat. She knocked hastily upon his door and pushed it open. Not caring what was happening from behind the door. Renata was soon beside her as well, she was the main bodyguard to Aro. Her and Chelsea flanking her as she approached him.Her voice lashed out in mere amusement, “You rang oh great one? How can I be of service?” She knelt down before him as if he were her king. When in reality he was just a leader forcing her to be there because of her cursed ability. Though her human life was horrible and she was changed by Hilda out of pity, it was the best thing ever. Yes the pain was indescribable, worse than the beatings, the raping, the starvation she suffered as a human. But, her gift granted her happiness, luring in food. It would never be in short supply and if she actually wanted attention it warranted her with it.“Oh hello pretty!” Aro spoke in his sadistic, “Well I was just thinking of having a bit of fun..How about you hunt in Romania this time around.” Heidi had begun to smile, her sadism showing through, but it faltered. Knowing full well, it was like he had sentenced her to death. Vladimir and Stefan would kill her if they found her hunting in their lands. Anything to benefit the Volturi, they despised and would put an end to it quickly. And quite possibly her life, yet, she couldn't say no to Aro or Cauis. For if she did, they would punish her and very well kill her as well. She nodded and forced a smile, which fooled Aro being he was not touching her. He was already well aware of her hatred for him. “Yes my lord.” She bowed.“Shall I start immediately?” She inquired. Though she was not in a hurry to perhaps meet her death. Anything was better than being here by force and a break from the scene of Volterra or even Italy would be welcomed. Eager to get a start on her new plot she took her leave when he gave her a nod and a look of what do you think on his face. This time her smile was real as she left the room. Chelsea no longer needed to use her gift on her, she was at ease and quite content for the time being._ _ _Several weeks later and she was finally able to leave the Dungeons, the Palace that practically worshiped them. Without their suspecting citizens knowing that Vampires were their rulers. Fleeing the country, only to return with dread sooner or later. Her phobia egging her on to be quick about dancing on others' land, fishing from their pickings. The Slavic nation was beautiful with a rawness to it. Tasting blood from Romanians..was unlike any other and very delicate despite their tough exteriors. It had been centuries since she had drank from any. And, she would have to wait a bit longer to feed. Needing to lure them all the way to Italy.Her ruse this time was a prepaid packet for a vacation in Rome. Though that is no where near where she would bring them. Once the men and women saw her, as she spoke to them they would be enticed by the sound of it. Her beauty winning them over and a lust and desire would build. However, she hadn't planned on running into Vladimir and Stefan so early on. She could feel their presence, without seeing them. How they had known she crossed the border before she even got to start her game boggled her mind.She bit her lip and spoke to the wind. “I can smell you..and your soil from sitting so long boys.” her voice in a seductive coo, egging them on to show themselves. Although, her insides squirmed, adrenaline kicking in making her a nervous mess. She remained calm and collective on the outside. A smirk played along her lips as Heidi found a new game of sorts to play and hopefully it would work to her benefit so that she would not be killed. Though she was nearly six millennium old, she still felt childish and unwilling to die so soon. 

☽Blood Moon☾

10/22/2020 08:59 PM 

Important Question for Jasper

Renesmee played with the bath water for a moment longer before stringing out her hair. She wasn't just trying to get clean, she was trying to relax away her worries. Something, she was trying to keep from her father who could read her mind easily, hearing her thoughts. And, from her uncle Jasper, who most likely could feel her anxiety building as it got closer to the moment she would ask him to help her on her paper.High was something closer to her intelligence level, however, she was still beyond that. Her mind was like a sponge learning from before she left the womb. Over active since birth. Absorbing everything and anything she saw and was exposed to. Understanding more than the normal child. Although, it was still hard to understand what it was like to be a full on vampire. She was only a hybrid and could live on food, still slept and had a heart beat all her own.Pulling herself from the bath, she let it drain and got dressed in pajamas. Finally building up the courage to address this topic with Jasper. She bounded from her room and excused herself from her parents’ house. Only a ways behind the main Cullen's residence. Hurriedly she ran in without knocking. Greeting her grandparents who were having a conversation, looking lovingly as ever. The both of them sincerely compassionate and passionate with one another. True love. Nessie sighed and hugged them. “Where is uncle Jasper?”The pointed her in the direction of the living room. “Watching a game with Emmy huh?” She giggled as she wrapped her arms around Jasper's neck hugging him close. Before, wedging herself between her favorite uncles on the comfortable couch, she kissed his cheek. “Jazzy..I a question..” She felt nervous as ever. She placed a hand on his cheek, for her word seemed to always come short of how she felt. She was apprehensive. Knowing full well it would be a touchy subject.She showed her memory of her History teach assigning the class certain topics. She was the lucky one, sarcasm clearly linked to that thought. “Renesmee Cullen, you will write about the civil war and the history that comes with the battles fought.” She swallowed hard and looked up to him pleading. “Please..will you?” She whispered.

Serenity Lilith Nightmare🖤

10/22/2020 06:41 PM 

Serenity Lilith Nightmare

Name: Serenity Lilith Nightmarealias: Serena Tskino or Serena OliverAge: changes at willPrincess Serenity of the Moon KingdomSailor MoonSuper Sailor MoonEternal Sailor MoonPink RangersPrincess Sailor Moon*Has a demonic side living inside her* 


10/22/2020 06:30 PM 


A wiccan shapeshifter who was born a shifter. She was raised by a witch in the dark forst surrounding a lost village and since has used her shifting powers to protect the area she calls home. She is more wild and hunts using her beast forms. Her social skills are little to none but she does try at times.Age: 22Gender: femaleHair: short blackEyes: Gray blueSkin: paleBody type: on the skinny side with long legs.Height: 5'2Weight: 98 lbPersonality: careful, quiet, on the lazy side, sweet once she trusts you, will protect those close to her no matter the cost to her.

Serenity Lilith Nightmare🖤

10/22/2020 06:14 PM 

Serenity Lilith Nightmare

Serenity Lilith NightmareVerses Purely Custom*Wwe*Sailor Moon*Power Rangers*Horror*Buffy the Vampire Slayer*Angel*Charmed 


10/22/2020 03:28 PM 

Broken Promises- RTF monthly response for October

Flash back "What makes you think the human will be accepting of you, of us, Art? The question came from a tall, beefy man with mangled curly hair. He was around Artemis’ age, and happened to be the packs Beta. Only those at the top of the packs chain of command would dare challenge an Alpha . Artemis glared at Jackson. He knew there would be pushback. He wasn't expecting this much. 12 of them sat around the table in the pack's private meeting space. A few of the other members nodded in agreement with Jack's question. The history between humans and werewolves has never been positive. What made Artemis think that Kylie would be any different? Standing slowly, Artemis glared down each packmate. Inclining his head slightly the Alpha male folded his arms. "You dare question your Alpha? She will come. You will meet her. You will protect Kylie as your own! Dismissed!!” Without another word, Artemis stormed out. Later that day, Artemis met kylie for dinner just before the full moon rose. It wasn't the best time for a pure blood werewolf to be around humans. As Artemis saw it however, it was now or never. Kylie would learn the truth eventually. He invited her to his place so that they could talk. “Artemis Black, what is wrong with you?” Kylie flipped her brunette hair over her shoulder. Her green eyes gazed upon the man sitting in front of her. “Are you breaking up with me? You've been acting strange since I arrived.” Artemis appeared closed off to her, and Kylie was having difficulty figuring out why. Artemis signed. "No, I am not breaking up with you, Kylie. I promise you that. But, after what you are about to see and hear you may leave me." Kylie saw the hurt and pain in his eyes. She gently placed a hand on top of his and offered him a genuine smile. "Artemis Black, nothing you could say or do would make me want to leave you." Kylie leaned over the table and pecked his lips. "Hold onto that thought. Now, tell me what you know about werewolves?” Kylie raised an eyebrow. “That's random. Art, what does this have to do... " Artemis kept watching the clock nervously. He was running out of time before the full moon rose "Please, Kylie I need to know your thoughts on them.” Artemis stood and paced anxiously. "I know they are half man and half wolf, they eat people and are inherently evil. Artemis frowned as he felt the wolf slowly making its way out. The sun was nearly set and Artemis stopped pacing. He looked straight at Kylie with a look of intensity he didn't even know he had. "You're right about one of those three things ... He let out an involuntary howl that was enough to pierce anyone's ears. “Whatever is about to happen tonight Kyle ... " Artemis trailed off. He dry heaved and nearly keeled over from the pain of the transformation. "Artemis are you …” But she trailed off as he stopped her " I will be fine, Ky. Listen to me. I will protect you. I promise. I am the Alpha in these parts,” he quickly explained. "I swear no harm will come to you. Not on my watch.” Before Artemis could speak any further, his wolf took over. Kylie screamed with absolute terror. She now stood face to face with a giant, russet colored wolf. Artemis put one paw forward to show kylie he meant no harm. "S- Stay away Back - beast ! " Kylie demanded as she began to pick objects up and tossed them at Artemis. Artemis backed off, forcing himself not to growl . He couldn't blame her for her reaction. If anything, Artemis blamed himself for not preparing her for this better. The wolf sat patiently on his hind legs, waiting for the human to stop throwing things at him. Kylie grabbed her purse and keys while backing up towards the front door. “Good wolf ... nice wolf.” Those were the last words that Artemis heard from Kylie. Artemis tried contacting her the next day, but there was no answer. He and the pack searched all over town for her. He promised to protect her and failed. How could he live with himself now? Artemis scoured the woods when he tripped over something. Art fell down with a loud thad and swore. It wasn’t like him to be careless. When he turned to see what tripped him, Artemis screamed. It was Kylie - what was left of her. Seldom things scared Artemis from that day forward. He vowed to find her killer and avenge her. It was that same day that Art decided to join the FBI.   Present Day   When their eyes met, it was as if time stood still. Her brunette hair flowing with the wind as she ran. It was as if everything had become clear. All the anger and guilt Artemis held onto for the last five years vanished. Her ... the woman across the street, that is who Artemis Black was meant to be with. But, who was he to find love again? Love meant to be able to protect, to cherish. If he couldn't keep his promise to Kylie, what made him think that this new woman would even like him? Let alone trust him? Artemis was about to make his way over to Jasmine, when the sounds of his pack mates caught his attention. Clenching his teeth, he turned towards them. "One sec !" He yelled. Art then turned his attention back to the brunette, but she was already out of sight. Disappointed, he made his way back towards his pack. Jackson raised an eyebrow. "Dude, Art, you look like a love sick puppy,” Jackson teased. " Do I? I hadn't noticed. " "Who is she? I haven't seen that look on you .. well, ever, " "I have no idea, but I need to find out ! And I promise, I will …” credit

Johnny Jaqobis

10/22/2020 03:07 PM 

Biography and Stats

BASIC INFORMATION.Name: John Andras JaqobisNicknames: JohnnyAge: In his thirtiesGender: Non-binaryPronouns: He/his/him & they/themSexual Orientation: PansexualHome Planet: TelenOccupation: Killjoy PERSONALITY.Johnny is caring, loyal and self-sacrificial to the ones he loves and cares about. He tries to avoid a fight when he can, prefering pacifism. LEARNING DISABILITIES.Dyslexia, Dyscalculia. MENTAL HEALTH.Low self-esteem PHYSICAL TRAITS.Faceclaim: Aaron AshmoreHeight: 5'11’Eyes: Blue RELATIONSHIPS.Dutch - Best friend & non-sexual life partnerD'avin Jaqobis - BrotherJaqobis Rin Kit - Nephew  ABOUT THE QUAD.[Taken from the Killjoys wiki] Located in the J Star Cluster, the Quad Planetary System (“the Quad”) takes its name from the four inhabited bodies that comprise it: the dwarf planet Qresh and its three moons, Arkyn, Westerley, and Leith. These four worlds represent a politically, economically, and legally entwined planetary unit. Within the Quad, the Company has laws regarding cybernetic implants. Performing biotech modifications beyond certain limits is illegal, and anyone who’s more than 25% modified is banned from the Quad and isn’t considered a person under Company law. ABOUT JOHN JAQOBIS.John Jaqobis grew up on the planet Telen. He wanted to go to college, but couldn’t afford it due to his brother D'avin joining the Nova Cadets. His mother died to an illness called Quinsy. Johnny became a thief and one day was caught trying to steal Dutch’s ship, Lucy. Dutch got Johnny into being a Killjoy.



10/22/2020 02:42 PM 




10/22/2020 01:32 PM 

About the Professor bc the bio section is trash
Current mood:  bored

Full name: Kim Taehyung, Taehyung Kim Nickname: TaeGender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Species: Human/WizardDOB: December 30th Nationality: Korean-English Blood status: Pure-bloodHair colour: Naturally black, dyes it sometimes Hair style: LongEye Colour: Brown Skin tone: TannedHeight: 1.78m Weight: 62kgClothing style: Fashionable, modernAccessories: earrings Traits: Quiet, stubborn, loyal, caring, heartfelt, patient, honest, true Likes: Teaching, reading, learning, writing booksDislikes: bad people, disloyal people, smokingHobbies: writing, reading, bike-riding, quiddich Fears: Voldemort, spidersAmbition: To be a good teacher and give his students the knowledge to defend themselvesFather: Kim Man-young Mother: Kim Ae-chaSiblings: Kim Eon-Jin (sister) Kim Jeong-Gyu (brother)Pet: Yeontan (pet dog) Family Home: Mansion in London Social standing: Wealthy 


10/22/2020 12:55 PM 

Audition Form.

Audition Form Please fill out this form and send it to us via message. In the subject line please place the Faculty you are applying for. (ex: Audition for the Faculty of __________  )1.) Name of the character you are auditioning for.2.) How often are you actively (able to reply to lengthy comments) online? Are there any limitations that the owner should know about, or any scheduling conflicts?3.) Have you ever been a member/ are currently a member of an RPG? If so which RPG’s and how long were you a member of them? This won't be held against you. We’re just curious.4.) Currently, how many active accounts do you have? This won't be held against you. We’re just curious.5.) How long have you been role playing? What is your preferred length of roleplay? (ex. Para, Multi-Para, Novella, etc.)6.) Which department are you applying for?7.) Will you be okay creating a Discord account? (We are a discord RPG so this is kind of a requirement)Please include a sample of writing, from the perspective of the character in which you are auditioning for, not from a character which you already play. The audition should be written in third person. This sample should be no less than four detailed and thought out paragraphs. Please include as much detail as possible and remember that this is your first impression. Make it count! 


10/22/2020 12:10 PM 

Halloween This or That

1.) Halloween party or Scary movie - Halloween Party2.) Reese's or Hershey's - Reeses3.) Fog machine or Spooky music/sounds - Spooky Music and Sounds4.) Trick-or-treating or Handing out candy - Trick-or-treating5.) Homemade costume or Store-bought costume - Store bought costume6.) Haunted hayride or Haunted house - Haunted hayride7.) Chocolate or Gummies - Chocolate8.) Friday the 13th or 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - Friday the 13th9.) Warm Halloween night or Chilly (not cold) Halloween night - Chilly Halloween night10.) Candy or Popcorn ball - Candy11.) Believe in ghosts or Don't believe in ghosts - Believe in ghosts12.) Give out candy or turn off your lights - Give out candy13.) Werewolf or Vampire - Werewolf14.) Dracula or Frankenstein - Frankenstein15.) Freddy or Jason - Freddy16.) Scary costume or Funny costume - Scary costume17.) Big pumpkin or Small pumpkin - Big pumpkin18.) Orange or Black - Black19.) Scary stories or Ouiji board - Scary Movies20.) Skeletons or Zombies - Zombies21.) Pumpkin seeds or Pumpkin pie - Pumpkin pie22.) Bottle feed a baby zombie or Walk alone through a dark forest - Bottle feed a baby zombie23.) Ghost or Mummy - Mummy24.) Gory films or thrillers - Gory Films25.) Take two or Take the whole bowl - Take the whole bowl26.) Sleep in a cemetery or Sleep in an abandoned house - Sleep in a cemetery27.) Go all out on your costume or Go basic - Basic for me28.) Simple & cute Halloween decorations or Crazy & scary decorations - Scary and crazy decorations29.) Trick or Treat - Trick30.) Creepy dolls or Creepy clown - creepy clowns31.) Last one alive or First one to die - Last one alive32.) Witches or Demons - Demons33.) Heros or Villains - Villains34.) Abducted by aliens or Turned into a zombie - turned into a zombie35.) Have dinner with Hannibal Lector or Have dinner with Norman Bates - Have dinner with Norman Bates


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