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ℳia Chiva

09/07/2012 06:10 PM 

Family Meeting

Queen Ephiny™

09/05/2012 02:19 PM 

Amazon Law

I AM NOT DANIELLE CORMACK, AND I AM NOT EPHINY REINCARNATED. IF YOU THINK I AM, I'M SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU.RULES(Follow them or get out of my territory.)Comments - This account is a Multi-para account, which means at least one part (4-8 paragraphs). I won't accept anything less, so don't try it. You'll have two weeks to respond to my starter or send a starter, or you will be deleted. NEW: *Right now i will only be doing 3-4 paragraphs until further notice*Adding me - You requested me so you should send out the starter, right? Unless your having a problem figuring out the storyline. If that's the case than let me know and we can go over SL ideas together, or I can just send out my starter. Don't just sit there on my friends list and collect dust, speak up. And if I add you I will send my starter to you, got? Good. Spelling and Grammar - I am not expecting a miracle, I am not a grammar and spelling crazy. Grammar is not my strong suit, I however make an effort. I want to be able to read what you send me, so please do the same, all I ask is for you to use spell check. I might be queen of the amazon's, but I don't want to travel to an oracle to figure it out. PLEASE USE CORRECT PUNCUATION! I want to know where the dialog and actions begin and end. Please use quotations, here are some samples below. Good Example - "I will spare you life." The look of fear in the intruder's eyes were enough. Bad example: *I will spare you life* ~The look of fear in the intruder's eyes were enough. Pictures - Don't steal anything I have in my pictures, don't take the gifs that were made for me or by me, I hate to send bounty hunters after you. Heck who needs bounty hunters when I have my fellow Amazon sisters? Ask, and if your real nice I might make you something.MY STORY- My entire background before you meet Ephiny, i came up with this myself. Everything about her is basically made up, besides the things mentioned in the show. I appreciate it, if you didn't copy me and come up with your own storyline. If i find out you are stealing from me, i will go crazy and have you blacklisted so fast, your grandchildren will feel it. Comprende? Good.... DRAMA: This is a big one for me, because I've lost a lot of friends. DO NOT cause drama because I will delete you. If you have a problem with me or with any of my friends I have on my list, DO NOT add me. My loyalty is with them and always will be, unless I know they did something inexcusable. I will not only delete you but black list you if you do any of the following, steal from me or my friends, haven't commented me in over a year, or start IC and OOC drama. So for any one of those you will be delete and possibly black listed, I don't want nor need friend who are assholes. Storyline drama is fine by me, message me and we'll set something up. But you stomp your feet and act like a little baby, than you know where to find my delete button. It's not hard to find. I do love all my remaining friends but I have no problem deleting, I've recently did this and I got a message recently asking why. She hadn't messaged me for several months BEFORE I lost my internet and sent me nothing to ask for an extension, and this wasn't the first time. So all I ask is for a little cooperation and no drama unless is part of a SL. I'm asking you nicely to follow my rules and if you can't please delete me. Now, If you still want to add me leave a comment belowYour Amazon QueenEphiny

Splatter Phoenix

09/04/2012 12:33 PM 

Meeting spot: Splatter Phoenix and Nyghtshade

The meeting spot that Nyghtshade was requested to be at was desolate, quiet, and had an ominous feeling in the air. 

The Horror.

09/01/2012 05:07 PM 

Saints of Chaos (Interview #4)

SAINTS OF CHAOS MAGAZINE INTERVIEW.S.O.C staffer Andy Rotten recently sat down with Michael and Felix from The Cursed on their backstage break at Luigi's Fungarden, to discuss the current "High Voltage Punx" Festival which only features the best of the underground hardcore, post-hardcore, and punk bands, as well as details about their past experiences with their band, their first EP, crazy tour stories, and more. Let's start with that's going on right now, how is the "High Voltage Punx" festival going? I figured it's pretty epic as from I can tell right now. Felix: You could say that our mind's are equally blown. [Laughs]Haha! Nice, I can only imagine how you guys feel. This is your first time being in one of these right? I mean, you guys must be f***ing stoked! Micheal: Yeah man, the mini-tour has been pretty f***ing awesome. I think it actually exceeded our expectations. We didn't think people would've even given it much attention, but it's been insane. The underground scene is a much bigger movement than what we thought. I can't even believe the turn-outs on some of the days. After we did the signing at our booth last night, we just had the realization that sh*t was gonna be f***ing crazy. Felix: Yeah! We could've had a f***in' show with just the kids from the signing at our booth. There were that many kids. We never even pictured ourselves being that popular. I thought we were gonna have like... no one. Maybe ten kids tops? [Laughs]Michael: I'd just like to thank Ronnie for making this possible. This festival would never exist without him, and none of us would've really been here. It's nice to know that someone cares enough for the underground scene.Yeah, I see that surrounding all this hype with fellow tour-mates, two of you have disappeared. Felix: [Laughs] Oh yeah, Jeremy and Jason decided to roam around and meet some of the bands. We've met a lot of new people at High Voltage; they've all been pretty cool. It's nice to make friends with other people who have things in common with you. Just starting out, you know? Trying their best to get their name's out there a little more. Totally stoked about being here. It's even cooler when you meet others that are fans of your own band, haha. Michael: Yeah, there's bands here that have literally just started a few months ago, but they've been so good, that they were thrown in this festival. Like, LowONgas, they're pretty much starting out. And kids love them, but their fan base isn't as big as some of the other bands, and some of the new fans just don't get into them much at first. I mean, they all watch and clap, which is awesome. It's just, I think it's gonna take a little time for them to grown on the fans. Felix: It's so shocking, they put on such a crazy show, and it's such a different kind of sound. You just wanna watch and be mesmerized. They've got a lot of soul, and they truly won a spot in this scene, we're stoked for them. They're pretty cool kids, and we just know they're gonna blow-up big. I can completely agree with that. I've heard of them before, and I actually interviewed them a few days back at Casa De Chaos. But, right, about you guys - I heard you guys have an EP and it's been doing really well since you guys decided to release it.  Do you think there's any misunderstood songs in your album? Maybe people take the context presented the wrong way? Felix: Yeah, there's actually a lot of misunderstanding with our music, but I'd have to say that most of the lyrics I write are pretty straight up. I don't know. Writing lyrics for The Cursed is very emotional, you know? My lyrics are a lot of emotions that I'm not proud of. I put everything into my songs, just all my pure and raw aggression. Like "Fifth Period Massacre," the song's about a kid who sees no way out but to take revenge. So he takes a gun to school and kills everybody. Point blank. But, the song isn't really condoning violence, I think. It's not saying that that's the only way, or the right way out. It's just about someone who just can't deal with it anymore. Someone whose parents' don't listen, whose school is a piece of sh*t; no one cares, the kids' are f***in' a**holes, and they make him wanna die every day that he goes there. No one talks about this sort of sh*t from the kid's point of view. No one asks what made them feel the way that they did? What drove them to destroy? And like, there's just so much sh*t going on, and people just like to pretend that it's not happening. It sucks, and I'm f***in' tired of it. Have you ever even fired a gun? Felix: Uhm, yeah. I've fired a gun, and I loved it. [Laughs]Any other song you want to speak about?Felix: There's "Murder was the Case They Gave me." I won't even beat around the bush with this one. It was written for an ex-girlfriend, which I'll keep the name to myself for the sake of privacy. But, this one's pretty straight to the point, if you just listen to the lyrics. I'm standing outside of her house, thinking about what my next move is going to be, clenching my fist as "my blood runs cold." I'm waiting for the day to die, and the night to fall, "I'll seize the day by the throat and watch it die." And then what happens next is pretty much f***in' brutal, and I know a lot of people wouldn't like it, but I rape her while I push her face into the dirt.  "This one's for old times," "I'll take my time," "maybe you'll learn when the dirt fills your lungs." But then, I realize that leaving her alive after this would only get me caught, "oh the stories you'd tell." So then, I kill her, but before I do, I tell her a few last words, "I am your nightmare, I am the shape in the dark, I am your ending," and then I set her house on fire to get rid of any evidence. "I'm burning down your house now," "ashes to ashes." -- Then you know, "God knows, I've had better," is your happy f***in' ending. I guess. [Laughs]I could tell you can hold a grudge. Haha!Felix: [Laughs] I really f***in' can, but this isn't condoning rape and murder either. If I tell you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? I mean, the point is, I wanted to write songs from my gut. Something that means something, not just useless bullsh*t, you know? I actually would've wanted to play this one at our church back in Jersey, but uh... we don't go there anymore. [Laughs]Are there any topics that you guys haven't covered yet in a song but want to cover in the future? Felix: I guess something a little more positive, like sh*t would get better type of thing. Michael: Yeah, a lot of kids hit is up about really serious situations they're going through. You know, thoughts of suicide, depression, a lot of f***ed up sh*t they're going through, and they tell us that they confide in our music. It helps them get rid of that anger and that lonely feeling. Like they aren't the only ones who feel this way about the world, we wanna keep them in mind when we're creating music.Felix: Definitely, so I just wanna be able to write something that tells them not to give up. Like, life has been sh*t but if I could pull through, so could you type of thing. The world could f***in' destroy us, but we need to survive. We're no different from you guys, and I like to stand as the reminder that the world isn't better off without you. We live in f***ed-up and dangerous times, we have to break through and carry on. Remember, when life gives you lemons, start a f***in' band. [Laughs]Wow, those are some deep words. Haha, well, are their any songs you guys are most proud of? Like one of those kind of songs that ten years ago you never could've imagined creating? Felix: For me, there's one song that's not really on the EP, but it's called "One hundred Sleepless Nights." It was a change in the sound and the lyrics. We kept it a little more mellow and didn't do a lot of things to it. Usually our songs have a million elements, and tons of crazy sh*t. But this song we were like, "Okay! We're just gonna tone it down a bit." We just made it real simple. Do you believe that you're challenging yourself and growing as a lyricist?Felix: Well, yeah. I mean, you have to, right? I can't just be the guy standing up on stage, getting hurt, thrashing around, and jumping onto speakers and on Jason's drums. I can't just speak into the mic about anything in particular. I'm ready to do everything, and be everything that I have inside. I have a lot more to give. So much sh*t that inspires me. And honestly, and I'm hoping I'm using the correct wording here. It's not meant to offend the fans or anything, but I write for myself. I mean, my lyrics are being put out there to be interpreted however the f*** you want to. You know? And I make music for the kids, and I hope I can leave that imprint and have my lyrics mean something to them, but I'd be bored as sh*t if I wasn't writing for me. It's a really f***ed up way to put it, but yeah. I'd be bored as sh*t if I were writing for anyone else. Like, I write about me. About sh*t that's happened to me, and sh*t that I've gone through and experienced. About how I feel about the world and society, and hell - even sh*t that's happened to my friends and sh*t. I don't write about some people I don't know and sh*t I don't know about - like cancer or whatever. I don't know anything about that, you know? I basically just write about the things I know. You can't be poetic in that case, you can't apply words to what you haven't experienced. You could be the best speaker of all time, but when you have no f***in' idea what you're talking about, people see right through that.  No, of course. It makes sense, it's your feelings, your emotions, not anyone else'. You can't write out the emotions of anyone else, but yourself. Felix: My point exactly! At least you got it. Would you guys ever want to sell out and be more than just an underground band?Mike: We always get asked this question, and the answer's still the same. We feel happy with where we are. We can manage our own things, and just be ourselves. We don't have to censor anything and limit ourselves to anything. We can just chill out and do things in our own time, and we can even interact with our fan base so much better than any of those big, famous bands, you know? Felix: Yeah, I mean - I rather shoot myself in the f***in' head, honestly. We've had so many offers, and it's crazy. But, I'm like, I rather die than be famous. I mean, those people think they're so cool because they're famous. If you're not famous, they don't even want to talk to you. There's so many people like that, and I rather not become part of that group. Like, I enjoy letting the fans be part of our world. F*** pretending like we're perfect, because we're not. We make mistakes, and it's nice to know that we're still loved despite our imperfections. We're loved for us.Speaking of love, some of your songs are based on that, but they're really hard to figure out, like are they about love or hate? Felix: [Laughs] They're whatever you want them to be. It's a "f*** you," or an "I love you so f***in' much." It could be, "I'm f***in' outta here," as much as it could be, "I'm never leaving you, you're my everything." My songs about those sort of emotions seem to border in between most of the time. Like, one moment they'll be all like, "get the f*** out," and then the next, it's like, "I can't live without you." I found out that love is one of the most important parts of hate, and vice versa. Like, you can't really love someone completely without fully hating them, at least at some point in your life. Hating everything about them, and understanding why you hate those things. That's what makes you love them so much. Love without hate isn't real. If that makes any sense. Agreed. So, what has been the craziest thing to happen to you guys on tour so far? Michael: I decided to down a bottle of NyQuil 'cause I was really sick about a week ago, and I couldn't stop throwing up. We got on stage and all I did was open my mouth and puke like f***ing crazy. A friend of ours, Tommy, from Lab Rats, had to fill in for me, because I was just all kinds of f***ed-up.Felix: Haha! Oh my god yeah, I remember that. Oh, and we can't forget Jeremy. He's usually really quiet, but he got so sh*t-faced about two days ago, and he decided to skateboard around the park shirtless, and screaming "I'm a goofy mango!" At the top of his f***in' lungs, it was f***in' hilarious. [Laughs]Michael: Hahaha! Now everyone calls him goofy mango boy. [Laughs]Felix: Ahahaha! Yeah, oh! And what happened to me. F***, I'm always getting in some sort of f***in' trouble. So, I get really drunk, and I pass the f*** out, I don't even know where. But, I know I wake up to some kids woo-ing and some girl telling me to grab her titties. So, I'm like what the f***? Where am I? My eyes open up and I'm passed out in some van, with some blonde chick on top of me, nearly about to rape me, so I push her off and get myself out of the van, and she's all like, "what the f***?" blah-blah-blah. And I'm like, "dude, you're drunk," and she's all like -Michael: I don't drink, I'm a virgin! [Laughs]Felix: [Laughs] Yes! And then she like, stumbles out of the van after me and just starts throwing up SO much. Then she looks at me and is all like, "whatever! You were ugly anyways!" And walked off. Haha! WHAT. THE. F***. Oh my god, really? Haha! That's crazy. Alright, at what point did the band begin to click? You know, like, when did everything begin to fall together for you guys? Felix: It's been quite a journey for us. Like, we always wanted to start a band. It was a thing for me and Mikey. Our parents were a huge influence to us, and it was just the environment we grew up in. We always wanted to do something that people could dance to, but we couldn't help it - the moment we'd start playing, we'd just tap into being rockstars. Mikey and I played our first mini-show in the back of my parents' van at some church festival. Haha, it was Mikey on guitar and I was on vocals; our first band Shut up! And then like, when we finally grew up, and we ended up over in California; The Cursed happened. And like, we didn't just decide to make up some name and put together a band. It meant something to us, I had sh*t to say that I wanted to share with the world, and we gradually made our way up to where we are right now. We're like a family. Michael: Yeah, and I think that's what's different about us. Even when we went in search for a bassist. We reached out to our fans, and I love that our fans are so dedicated. Jeremy was just our fan, and now he's part of our little dysfunctional family. Like, I remember he was all like, "dude, I saw you guys a year ago with my girlfriend at Pleasure Palace. You guys were just starting off." Felix: Yeah, that was the first venue we played at, no one knew us, and people see us now and they're all like, "I remember when you guys were just opening acts, and no one knew who you were. You guys kept going and going and finally you guys are up here with the top bands in the underground scene and all these kids are here to see you guys." A lot of people don't notice it, but it's definitely crazy to think that we started from the bottom and just built up to having this f***in' awesome fan base that know our songs, our names, it's just a great f***in' feeling when you can hold the mic out and the crowd could sing your song without any help. It didn't happen overnight, and we know so many kids in our fan base as friends. A lot of them have been here since day one.Michael: They basically grew up with us.Felix: Yeah, pretty much. It's just crazy to see from playing to the 10 kids that knew who we were, until now. What's is the next step for The Cursed? Felix: Well, we're definitely gonna keep the ball rolling this time. We're not dropping this, not when we've gotten so far, you know? Hell, we might even come out with another mini-album. We've been thinking about it a lot, and we've also been coming up with new songs, I've been writing lyrics like crazy, lately. We have a little studio going on in our basement back home, so on our free time, we practice and do a lot of recording. And I always wanted to publish a lyrics, poetry, or comic book. Or maybe it could just be a little bit of all three, you know? I'm sure fans would like that.  Haha, I have one that I'm slowly writing, my notebook is full of ideas, but it's still not ready enough for exposure. I mean, we're always looking towards the future, and putting our best foot forward, we try to make everything better than the last. But, you know - we always keep sh*t fun. We don't really plan much of what we do, it just kind of happens. Wow! Awesome, well, I should probably get going, being that I have to interview a few other bands too, haha. So, any closing words for the fans? Felix: Don't do drugs.Michael: Brush your teeth and eat your vegetables and always give twenty percent for tips. Don't do ten. Don't be that guy. Go twenty. Felix: [Laughs] Oh! And wear condoms, but only on weekends though, 'cause Monday's through Friday's are definitely safe enough for unprotected sex. Everyone knows girl's can't get pregnant during the week. Haha. Michael: [Laughs and shakes head] Worst advice ever... -Interview by Andy Rotten. Saints Of Chaos �

Daydream {MCRP}

08/26/2012 05:26 PM 

Shino Kurokaze

Name: Shino KurokazeAlias(s): The Blind Samurai of the ForestSex: MaleRace/Species: HumanAge: 26Birthday: December 18thSign: SagittariusFamily: All deceased. Taken in by foster parents.Birthplace: JapanOccupation: HunterHeight: 5'8"Weight: 155 lbs.Eye Color: NoneHair: BlackWeapons/Equipment: KatanaAttributes: Master swordsman, expert tracker and hunter, kendo master, iaijutsu master, master of kenjutsu, heightened sense of smell, touch, hearing and taste due to loss of sight.Bio:Born in a fairly sizable village, Shino was one of the few shining stars as a member of the village's prestigious school of swordsmanship. A child prodigy, he was gifted in the art of the sword and had a bright future before as a samurai in service to the daimyo.Unfortunately, fate had struck a cruel hand.One night, the village had come under attack by a group of rogue samurai, that had taken up banditry. The village was burned to the ground and many innocents were slaughtered. Shino and his fellow students had attempted to defend their homestead, but were quickly overwhelmed and defeated. One by one, Shino watched as his classmates were executed, along with his master, until only he remained. He faced his would-be executioners with a steely gaze. This proved to be his undoing. The bandit leader claimed to dislike the look in Shino's eyes...and ordered them cut out. Shino was spared and left for dead in the remains of his village.For days he wandered the road, blind and in excruciating pain. He was found on the side of the road by a farmer that was returning from a trip from the neighboring village. The man took pity on Shino and brought him along too his farm. He and his wife tended his wounds and nursed him back to health, but Shino was broken. His home was gone, his family was gone, and his eyes were gone. Any hope he had of becoming a samurai was lost to him. Even being offered a home amongst the farmer's family did little to ease the shame he felt. He may not have been samurai, but more than once Shino had considered the idea of seppuku, ritual suicide. One day the thoughts became more and Shino had blindly wandered into the nearby forest to die alone. Unbeknownst to him, he was followed by the farmer, who stopped Shino before he managed to commit the act. He revealed to Shino that wasn't always a farmer, he was in fact once a samurai. He convinced Shino that all was not lost and vowed to teach him to overcome his affliction and become a truly splendid swordsman.For five years, Shino learned to fight with a blade once more without the use of sight. He learned to listen to world around him for the slightest sounds, to follow the most benign of scents, to feel the shifts in weight of his blade and the vibrations of his attacks. He trained himself into peak condition, way beyond what he had before he lost his eyes. By the time Shino finished his training, his loss of sight had transformed from his greatest liability, to his greatest asset.His tutelage complete, Shino bid his new family farewell to start a life of his own, free of fear. For how can one fear what they cannot see?

Astrɨd B. [hiatus]

08/25/2012 08:03 PM 

Survival Guide.

Disclaimer: I'm sure I don't have to even say anything about this. I'm sure you're not stupid. At least I hope not. -Guidelines. 01. Strictly 18+ novella, as the headline says. Mature themes ahead. 02. Respect. That being said - don't steal any of my sh*t. Thanks. 03. Roleplay mechanics; comments must be in third person. Godmoding and metagaming isn't allowed - I'm capable of controlling my own character - however, feel free to use my NPC's as you wish (but, death of said NPC's should be discussed with me first.) And please, have your f***ing characters have flaws and weaknesses - they aren't perfect, and I just get annoyed with god-like characters that are above everyone and everything in the universe. If you're one of those? Go away now. 04. And speaking of NPC's - I've listed just a few, and they're only the people who Astrid has met in her life. As well as the places I've listed and mentioned. It's all from Astrid's point of view - so this is pretty much free game for you. There's SO much more than what she knows, and what she has seen. There's more people in certain gangs that I have already mentioned, (being that gangs usually range from 4-10 people) and there's so many gangs out there that you can literally feel free to make some up. Use your creativity, you can make up a new company/gang/person/magazine/jobs/brands/products, etc. Anything that's needed to suit the SL's needs; as long as it makes sense. 05. What year is this? The year 3000. Yup - all the way in the distant future. The world is nowhere near normal, and A LOT is capable of happening. Put your head in gear, I'm sure SL discussions would be easy peasy. 06. I goof around in bulletins a lot. All I ask, is for you to mind your business if you're not being addressed in said post. Feel free to read it, laugh at it, if you must - but don't jump into the conversation, especially when it's in the form of a mini-RP that can't possibly have a third person involved. If it's an open discussion, and I'm just joking around, then go ahead and make a comment, join right in. Otherwise? Keep your trap shut, even if you open your mouth, I'll just ignore you. Save yourself from the embarrassment. Have a problem with my posts? There's a nifty little button called "delete," learn to use it. Please and thank you. 07. OOC drama is not accepted. However, IC drama is welcomed. Keeps things moving along. 08. Multi-SL - which means, different characters, different scenarios, different relationships, etc. etc. But, of course - I play favorites. -Vocabulary. Dust/Dusted: Dead, but usually used as a term for a non-violent death.Ghost/Ghosted: Dead, usually used as a term for someone who was killed, versus dying of a natural cause.Dust Angels/Desert Rats: Another name used for the residents of the Outlands, mainly used by City people.Firefight: Fight involving ray guns.Eleven: A name mostly used by Outlander's to refer to Xaviax Industries - shortened to X.I. which together, makes the roman numeral eleven (XI), hence the nickname.Pig: Term used to describe gang members that have betrayed their own gang for another, or have joined the Government, selling out their gang, in order to live. Zaps/Zappers: A slang for ray guns.Urbanites: A term used by Outlanders for the residents of the City.Runners: People in the gangs that are assigned to make the dangerous travels to the City in order to bring back anything of use for the gang. The ones brave enough to risk their lives for their gang members. In closing; That's it from your friendly neighborhood Spiderman! Message with any questions you might have, blah-blah-blah, enjoy your time, and stay alive. -Astrid R. Blue. Cherry Bomb.


08/24/2012 01:30 PM 

Current mood:  depressed

The archer walks unto a long abandoned cliff side walkway, his eyes darting around, his hands shaking. It had been a very long time since he had come here and he had good reason for it. Mainly, too many bad memories and the beginnings of hangovers that never seemed to end. Still, he felt a connection to the ghosts that haunted this place. The ocean roared beneath him and the wind blew harshly against his face, reminding him of how this place was to him emotionally. How he shouldn't be here now. How he couldn't take the memories of her voice screaming out to him. Then there was the reunion. Then there was the recollections that flooded his mind. The hot tub. The night they made love as if there would be no tomorrow. Those memories stung his heart almost as bad as the wind stung his face. One singular door was closed, the other one, he knew was protected almost as strongly as a bomb bunker. There's always those moments in  a person's life when their torn between what's real and what is a lie. On the outside, they smile and act like everything in the world is perfect. Yet, on the inside, they hurt. They look for some sort of understanding to help them towards that next step in life. Sometimes that step leads to a crossroads, you know, the one that people spoke on back in the day that could lead to happiness or despair. In a lot of ways I'm standing there now but for some reason, one I don't know for sure yet, well....I know I'll choose the right one. It's been years, more years than even I want to admit too but I still feel that connection with her. I don't think I ever lost it to begin with. I've had those fantasies that most men have about that perfect woman but mine have always been more simpler. It doesn't take much to make me happy. Something as small as a hug, a sweet caress, a cuddle, hell..even a smile can lead me in a direction that can bring out the best in me. I'm not the type that is hard to make happy. I just need the right person to provide that spark in my soul to make me happy. This was the same location, one he had traveled to many times without anyone knowing about. That one place where it seemed all of his thoughts seemed to trickle from fantasy to reality and then back to heartache. So many years, so many memories...some standing out screaming to him but others seemingly fading away. The location was the pacific coastline overlooking the beaches of Palos Verdes. His thoughts? Where they had been for years before now..on a woman that he could never forget no matter how hard he had tried. Clint's finger's traced along the wooden railing overlooking the beach line at least fifty foot below him, his eyes locked on the stars in the sky. This is where he went to think of her and the significant impact she had on his life. It had been a long time since he had seen her but his thoughts had never wavered. He still loved her and there was no doubt in his mind that he would until his dying day. The truth, one that had hit him earlier like an anvil to his head was simple, she had moved on to greener pastures while he was away. He couldn't blame her though. How could he? He was the one that left her when life became tough. As always, Clint took the high road out and tried to protect those that he cared about. His motto had always been out of sight out of mind. Still, it never occurred to him just how far out of mind he would be. His struggles and redemptions, fails and successes..none of that mattered now. All that seemed to make any sense was the future and the path he would take.  Which led his thoughts back to the crossroads. If he took the left, it would only lead him back into the past...a past that he loved and one he would never forget. On the right however was something more shinier. A new beginning. A chance to forget everything that had broken his heart in his life.  When would life ever be simple? Choices easy...the only way to find out was to make that choice.....


08/24/2012 12:27 PM 

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Below is a starter I sent to Charlie Weasley.  Since he abandoned my ass, thought I might as well put it to good use and post it here as an okay example of my writing.Enjoy: "How soon before he gets here?"  Her voice was hushed; her tone held a hint of reverence in it, or maybe it was respect?  Either way, her partner, Bill Weasley cast a quick sideways glance at her, brow lifted quizzically before returning to follow her gaze upward.     Bill and Hermione Granger stood at the apex of a narrow river that began at the soaring base of a waterfall that fell from high, high above them.  So high in fact, that the rich coffee and cocoa hues of the rock face turned gradually darker and shifted in color and intensity until they became a mix of vibrant blues, grays and purples, continuing onward and upward far beyond their line of sight.  ([email protected]N00/5968225905/ - since it won't let me post the image) It was without a doubt one of the most spectacular places that Hermione had ever been on this earth.  The fluttering mixture of excitement and terror that had had her nearly breathless since arriving a week ago, only grew when Harry had casually mentioned two evenings before, when the entire group was seated around a firepit for dinner, that Charlie Weasley was assembling a team and en route to The Site.    Bill had grown uncharacteristically quiet after that and had only commented to Harry that that was probably a good idea, and since then had not said much more on the matter.   This was the first time Hermione dared broach the subject with Bill.  She knew her friend well enough, too well in fact, that when he got quiet like this, it was best to let him work through whatever was going on and deal with it when he was ready to speak.  She needed to get to work however, and the anxiousness was showing in her demeanor, which was why she brought up Charlie.  Hermione had no idea why they were strained around each other.  She could never quite figure it out.  Like there were pieces to a puzzle that she couldn't fit into their appropriate spots.  When Bill didn't answer she let out a long breath, turned and began the trek back to Base Camp, a few meters down river from the falls.  The ground beneath their feet was slick from the overflow of the river, the loose gravel and mossy rocks made the going slow.  If you weren't paying attention or were trying to get away too fast, you were going to end up on your bum, wet and soggy and scraped up.  She'd just moved one step too long and hit a mossy spot when she squealed and toppled over.  Strong arms were there in an instant to right her and Hermione turned, flush faced and grateful to smile at Bill.  "Thanks."    Bill waited till they'd passed the slick stones and crossed over the smallest point of the river and were out of the slippery zone before he released the firm grip on her arm.  He'd been silent and Hermione knew he was working up whatever it was he wanted to tell her before he spoke.  Finally, his grip eased and he let her go, pausing for a moment to turn and give a quick glance over his shoulder back and upward to the dark gap in the wall of rocks that Hermione and he had just been observing.  It was the Cave where it, the Beast was currently residing.   Satisfied that there was no threatening activity or movement he plunged his hands into his pockets and rolled his shoulders, "Harry said he should arrive today."  Hermione nodded, eyes forward, wincing from a scrap on her ankle that had dashed against a jagged stone when she nearly fell.  "I am," Bill paused, trying to find the right way to say this without it sounding like a big brother lording it over his kid brother.  He sighed and lifted a shoulder, "I am concerned, HJ.  This is big.  This situation we're in.  This is dangerous and if it weren't for the fact that you're the best, there's no way in hell I'd have let you come along either. Let alone have my brother here to step into a seriously life-threatening situation like the one we're in right now."  Hermione stopped dead in her tracks, turning to stare at Bill with mouth agape.  "Don't look at me like that, kiddo.  You know I respect the hell out of you and your abilities, but this is different."   "How so?"  Her cheeks had flushed in anger and surprise.  She didn't even comment on his nickname for her.  He was the only person to call her "HJ" and she disliked it immensely, but hadn't been able to stop him from using it throughout the years no matter the threatening tone or looks she'd shot him. "Bill Weasley, we have been working together for years.  I have been in life and death situations with you," she paused, shaking her head at the rush of memories that flooded her, "far too many times to count.  Which you are well aware.  How on earth can you possibly say this is any different? Having Charlie here will only aid us. For heaven's sakes, he knows how to handle creatures like this one.  It is what he does, Bill.  He is the expert in a scenario like this, not us."    Bill shook his head, his grown out hair was loose and wild about his shoulders, it haloed his face in an auburn glow, he yanked a hand from one pocket and jabbed a thumb out over his shoulder, glowering at her. "No.  He doesn't.  Not one like this.  There is a several thousand pound dragon that has been cursed sitting right there over our shoulders, probably watching us right now and debating on who it wants for a midmorning snack and who it wants for lunch."  Bill's tone was low and sharp.  "I can't break a curse with an animate, wild creature that refuses to stand still long enough for us to get close to it or better yet, try to dodge its cursed fire that's already killed four team members and countless others in the village at the base of this mountain. He can't tame a dragon that you cannot get near without the threat of being killed."  Bill's voice never rose in volume, but his eyes were flashing blue daggers at her.  "You're the genius in our little group, I'd have thought that was a no brainer!"    Hermione gaped at him, astounded. He cannot be serious? "You cannot be serious?"   "Deadly."   She shook her head in exasperation.  "That is the point, is it not?  What is the necessity in taming a dragon that you can walk right up to and pet?  Merlin!" Hermione actually flung her hands in the air.  Bill had always been the picture of professionalism and was known for never losing his cool in the face of danger.   She had not to her knowledge seen him like this, ever.  It hit her like a blow to her gut then.  Instantly, the nervous flutters that had been blowing about her belly became a full-blown roiling, churning storm of anxiety.    Bill Weasley was frightened.    Oh. This was bad.   She was smarting from the callous tone, but now recognized with sudden clarity what was going on. Bill and probably Harry as well, if Bill was so gravely concerned, must think that a good number of people wouldn't be making it out of here alive before they got this beast either killed or under control. And Bill was worried Charlie would be one of those people.    Hermione reached out a hand and rested it on Bill's arm reassuringly. He gave her a long look, eyes still flashing.  "He won't get killed, Bill.  You, Harry and I will not let that happen."  Emotion churned behind deep blue eyes when he stared at her and she knew she'd hit the bulls-eye.   He forcibly returned his hand to his pocket, spun around and began moving down the gravel path that was gradually becoming soft earth beneath their feet as they entered a thicket of woods nearing Base Camp.    The unspoken thought was obvious; there had already been too much death in his family to lose another member.   Hermione followed along behind him, her words ringing thick in the air between them.   "No one has ever seen a dragon like this one before."  Bill reminded her of something that had become obvious the moment everyone had gotten a good look at the beast as it circled over their heads that first day when they'd entered the clearing by the waterfall.   It has killed one man and two more before they'd gotten down the clearing, out of its line of sight.  The fire it shot from its mouth had blazed incandescent blue and curled like a corkscrew downward, literally chasing its victim, like a muggle heat-seeking missal. They had since discovered if you were wet and/or cold, the cursed flame had less accuracy, but not till they had lost one more team member to discover, leaving a death toll of four so far from the Ministry.   Harry Potter had arrived that same day of the deaths and had brought a team of Aurors with him to work with Bill in containing and bringing the Beast down.  It wasn't until it had nearly leveled their first base camp, too close to its roost for the beast's likings, did they spot the huge rune carved or burned into its scaled skin.  Bill and Harry had marveled at how that could have happened in the first place.  You cannot penetrate a dragon's scales - period.  Yet this one had been.  You couldn't even get close to this thing without the strongest of protective wards around your person and even then you were left feeling like you'd been zapped by lightening if its fire hit your ward.    Then there was the beast itself.  It was easily the largest dragon that either Bill or Harry had seen and they both decided that they needed Hermione there to get to work on that symbol.  Both men knew it was part of the case they were already working on once they'd seen it.    Hermione, upon arriving at Base Camp a week earlier with her small team, had only seen the dragon twice so far and both times had been awed by its size, ferocity and sheer beauty.  It was the most beautiful dragon she had ever seen.  Bill and Harry took turns with her, guarding her like she was some child.  Harry had scolded her when she'd gone to the edge of the river to take some samples of the soil and water and to document where they had been attacked.  She'd gotten a good look at the symbol carved upon its back at that encounter and confirmed to Harry and Bill what they already knew - that this was in fact, a symbol that matched in similarity to the others they'd found carved upon the victims in the mysterious deaths they'd been investigating for the past few months.   Somehow, some way this poor creature was a part of the case they were working on.  It was also the first living thing they'd come across with a symbol on it, which made her desire to examine it up close that much more important and necessary.  She and Bill had gone first thing in the morning to check out the lair and document any activity from the beast.  It was too dangerous to keep any one or two persons on a constant surveillance so there were teams that staggered throughout the day to observe.  Never at the same time, in case the Dragon became aware of any patterns and decided to strike.   This morning had been Bill and Hermione's turn.  She'd been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get a look at the narrow cave opening and they had spent a good few minutes longer at the base of the falls than they probably should have, but they both agreed it was necessary to figure out how and if they could even get near the cave to go in.  They'd not had any idea how to get close to it without bringing the Dragon out.  Maybe Charlie would have ideas.  She was sure he would.    If anyone was needed here at this moment, it was Charlie Weasley.   And she'd be immensely glad to see him when he arrived.   Bill's comment jarred her out of her thoughts and she rolled her eyes behind his back.  "All the more reason for Charlie to be on hand.  Bill, we need his expertise."    Bill spun around on her so fast that she ran smack into his chest; he looked down at her, hands automatically gripping her arms to steady her.  "Hermione, I have never said this before.  I've never thought it before, if I'm being honest."  Bill's tone was gruff and his eyes locked on hers, steady and intense as he spoke, "But nothing we are doing here today is worth losing another life.  Do you understand?"    No she didn't understand and conversely, yes she completely understood.  Bill was afraid Charlie was going to get hurt.    But it didn't change the fact that they needed Charlie.    Hermione had opened her mouth to say just that but Bill's head had snapped up, eyes growing wide and locked on a point over her head, his fingers dug into her arms painfully as he literally jerked her forward, propelling her in front of him in one swift move.  His free hand brandishing his wand, the other at the small of her back shoving her forward, "Time to go!" was all he said and Hermione pulled her own wand out, glancing once over her shoulder and gasping at the sight.  "Go! Go!"  Bill was running full speed into the woods, Hermione and he dodging and circling behind the giant tree trunks of the towering pine trees, hopping and barely keeping upright over tree roots and thickets of slick pine needles.  The Dragon was overhead, circling lazily lower and lower.  They could hear the breaking of branches high above their heads as its claws ripped tops off the trees to get a better look at them.  They were near the Base Camp, but that would mean having to run through a clearing in the trees and they both skidded to a stop just short of  said opening.    Bill yanked her back behind a tree, they both hunkered down, out of breath and trying to be as invisible as possible from the huge beast that alighted in the space between them and Base Camp.  Hermione was terrified.   She could feel the sweat upon her body cold as the cool breeze of early morning and the woods brushed against her skin.  Her hearing was strained, neither one moved, Bill's eyes were locked on hers, he waved his wand and created a soundproof ward around them, whispering low, "Ideas?"   Hermione shook her head.  "Not a one. We can't get around that thing.  We have our wards up, but.."  Something struck her then.  Something that she'd not even considered before this second.  "can that thing touch us?  Our wards are to prevent being killed by its fire.  What about it snatching one of us bodily?"   Bill had already considered this idea; she could see it in the set of his jaw.  "Don't think that they work like that.  Might give it a little sting, but I'd wager if it wants to snatch one of us, it's going to do just that."   Hermione groaned.  "Swell."   They both peeked around the tree, Base Camp was a flurry of activity.  Obviously, they knew what was going on.  Hermione and Bill were still out there... the beast was effectively trapping them from safety.   "We can pick our way around the other side of the camp? Come in from the other end?"  Bill nodded he was thinking the same thing.  "I think that's our only option."   They both moved and froze when a bolt of blue fire wizzed by their heads.  Hermione's eyes shut and Bill had pressed himself over her to shield her as best he could.  They were in trouble.   It was then, that out of the sky they heard the unmistakable sound of a dragon's cry from high above.   Hermione's eyes popped open, she and Bill both risked a peek around the tree and she let out a whoosh of breath she'd not been aware she was holding.  A tremulous smile curled at the corner of her lips.  She glanced at Bill and uttered one word.   His name.  "Charlie.."   He was here.  

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Alright, I'm gonna try to keep these as short as possible, so as to avoid rambling. Let me start first by saying I'm not Axl Rose, and I don't own any of his pictures. I, as well as my character, have nothing to do with the man.Now, moving on...:)1. Limited sexual content. That shit ain't what I'm here for.2. I'm a Multi-para/Novella roleplayer. I don't really dig oneliners all too much, if I'm being totally honest.3. Please don't take my pictures or storyline; I'll love you forever if you refrain from such a thing.4. If we're gonna discuss a story, don't leave the whole thing up to me. Joint efforts are much more appreciated.5. I don't expect perfect spelling and grammar, I just need to be able to understand the points you're trying to make.Painless, right?I hope. So, you should sign these...And put your favorite band in your signature. I'd love you forever, once again.:)-Mitch Breland.


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Episode 2

Raw, NXT & SmackDown - looks like shows will be held back due to inactivity from half the roster but I will keep everyone updated Michael Cole - the new director of GTA 3 is calling a hiatus as the show will be on hiatus for some time and Saint Rows will soon be making beig debut OVW - big news over on myspace a new OVW has begun and also set to appear on the show for august 18 are Brett DiBiase, Justin Gabriel and Dolph Ziggler


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MY Powers

Like all Kryptonians under a yellow sun, the current version of Kara Zor-El possesses vast superhuman strength, speed, and stamina; invulnerability; flight; super breath; x-ray vision; telescopic and microscopic vision; freeze breath; heat vision; and super hearing. The modern day Kara Zor-El is also a capable martial artist, having trained with both the Amazons and the New Gods of Apokolips..... .... Continued exposure to a yellow sun will cause the level of her abilities to slowly increase. Many characters in the DC Universe have noted that Supergirl appears at times to be even more powerful than Superman. However, as Superman explains, this may be because he has spent a lifetime subconsciously suppressing his powers so that he doesn't hurt the people around him, while Kara, without such experience, simply uses her powers to the fullest without being as fearful of risks to others .. .. Complete list.... .. .. Superhuman Strength - Enhanced strength much greater than that of a normal human and even most superhumans, making her "more powerful than a locomotive," is one of Supergirl's signature powers and has often been described as chief among her other abilities. While not infinite, depictions of the upper limit of how much weight she can lift have ranged from being able to do the work of several laborers in half the time, lift objects hundreds of times her own weight including any sized vehicle over her head, bend and/or break steel with her bare hands, snapping chain links, lifting small mountains. Her strength was tested as exceeding the force of 200 quintillion tons (or 2x1020 tons, in scientific notation, i.e., two hundred billion billion tons). Explanations include being adapted to the heavier gravity of Krypton, and her muscles using the power of the solar energy which fuels all his abilities. Supergirl's stamina has also been shown as limitless (whilst she remains in yellow sunlight)..... .. .. Invulnerability - Immunity to almost all forms of harm and ailments, including extreme force and extremely high temperatures. Effectiveness has ranged from her skin being piercable by nothing less than a "bursting shell" to being completely unharmed by a star going supernova. This ability includes the immunity to most known physical and mental diseases, viruses and toxins. Explanations for this ability have ranged from Kryptonians having an extremely dense molecular structure to each of her cells making her epidermis stronger than titanium and emitting an unbreakable aura of solar energy. .... Flight - The ability to naturally defy and operate independently of gravity and propel herself through the air at will. she became able to traverse interstellar distances without stopping. Where her species had developed natural anti-gravity organs to be able to function; on Earth, this would allow her to control her own gravimetric field in order to fly..... Superhuman Speed - Another one of Supergirl's signature abilities is her superhuman speed, allowing her to move, react, run, and fly extraordinarily fast. Originally classified as being "faster than a speeding bullet", allowing her to catch bullets in mid air before they hit her, or anyone else. Her thoughts and perception are also greatly accelerated to be able to control her actions while moving at high speeds. Supergirl's running speed has often times been shown to be on par with that of The Flash's..... .. .. X-Ray Vision - The ability to see through solid objects, usually with the exception of lead. Early stories assumed that hiding objects in lead would prevent her from finding them, however, more modern stories have Supergirl being able to take advantage of lead's opaqueness to do a wide scan of an area with her X-Ray vision in which the lead objects become immediately visible and then narrow her search to those specific locations. Explanations for how this power works vary, but rarely include the emission and perception of actual X-Rays, as such high-energy radiation would actually be dangerous to living things she uses it on. A more common theory involves being able to see and concentrate on the patterns of natural cosmic radiation as it reverberates off objects. .. .. Heat Vision - Ability to emit solar energy from his eyes. Usually resembles bright red or orange laser-like beams, which may be invisible at low temperatures but extremely bright at high ones. The effective range of her beams are hundreds of feet. In addition varying the beam width, height, and intensity, Supergirl has demonstrated a high degree of skill and accuracy in manipulating her beam able use this power with surgical precision and at microscopic levels. Since the power can be used invisibly, Supergirl often takes advantage of that to perform tasks subtly without needing to get into costume. In some version, these beams can also be used to produce great concussive force rather than heat. The beams are tremendously powerful and can be used to rupture steel plates and pulverize rock. Also in some stories, it can be reflected like a true laser, able to use great skill and accuracy in manipulating the blasts off multiple targets in rapid succession...... .. .. Superhuman Breath - Ability to inhale and exhale huge volumes of air with great force, capable of extinguishing large fires and moving heavy objects such as cars .Even ice breath. Also allows Supergirl to hold her breath for extended periods in airless environments. The release (exhalation) of highly compressed air through a valve (such as pursed lips) causes it to drop radically in temperature. This is known as the Joule-Thomson effect, and when Supergirl does this, it is usually referred to as Freeze Breath, and can cool objects to sub-zero temperatures and freeze air moisture solid..... .. .. Superhuman Hearing - Can hear far more sounds with far more detail at far greater distances than normally humanly possible, including sounds on frequencies undetectable by humans such as dog whistles. Supergirl is able to mentally screen out most of these sounds to be able to function normally, even in a noisy environment, and can focus in on specific things, like a person's voice or heartbeat, even if they are in another part of the city. she can even hear sounds on other planets, which makes it likely that her hearing is fundamentally different then that of a human, as sound cannot travel through the vacuum of space. Like humans and most animals, she is skilled at automatically noticing his own name out of the jumble of several overheard conversations, making her adept at quickly responding to calls of distress all over the city..... .. .. Superhuman Vision - Her senses grant him the ability to see farther and with greater accuracy and detail than humanly possible. Sometimes includes the ability to see EM frequencies invisible to humans, such as radio transmissions, infrared light, the bioelectric aura which surrounds all living things, even in pitch-black darkness. Offshoots of this power include Telescopic Vision, which allows her to "zoom in" on far away objects, sometimes hundreds of miles away, and Microscopic Vision, which allows her to zoom in on objects that would normally be too small to see, like those on a cellular or molecular level. .. .. Superhuman Olfaction - A heightened and highly accurate sense of smell comparable to some animals such as dogs. Can be used to detect things like the chemicals in a bomb hidden somewhere in a crowded room..... .. .. Eidetic Memory - Supergirl is occasionally shown to have flawless, total recall of everything he has ever seen, read or heard. In turn, she is often depicted as being fluent in many of Earth's languages and cultures..... .. .. Intelligence- Supergirl is consistently shown as being more intelligent than the average human. The extent of this varies, however, with some stories portraying all Kryptonians as geniuses by human standards and other stories showing Supergirl with intelligence just above average..... .. .. Master Combatant - Supergirl as a very capable fighter with or without her abilities, as he has been trained by both Wonder Woman and Granny Goodness in martial arts techniques ....


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The RP Rules and what will happen when you disobey. READING THE RULES! Rule1: NO GODMODING! That means I will not Role-play with people who does, I will remove you if you do. Because everything can die/be hurt Rule2: NO SPAMMING- I'll just block you, that means NO BAND/FAN/RL/SEX/money making pages allowed and will be marked as spam Rule3: Here's the deal with adds, if you add me, I hope you send me a starter If I add you, I will try and do my best to send a starter, Please don't add me unless you intend to talk and If you don't I will remove you but I understand that everyone's on different time so I will give you some time, I don't want to be just a NUMBERto improve you friends list number, You must signed the rules so I know you want to role-play. In you don't I will delete after 7 days Rule4: I'm new, I will try to learn how to Para RP, but right now I only know how to do one liners/ simple multi para. I'm sorry, as I said I'm very new this is my very first RP. Please forgive me if I mess up as I create a starter. I have a busy life outside of the internet so I will try to get on daily and over the day Rule5: DO NOT CONTROL MY CHARACTOR! In comments unless it is action movement caused by an attack like *you hit me and I fly/push/slide back. Rule6: As far as Out of Character (OOC) talk, it is all right. I mostly prefer to RP. Messages and comments can be used for either, though I prefer OOC mostly through messages. I will talk OOC with someone, but please accept that I will never give you my real name or personal info but I am over 18. Also, if you think I didn't do something fair enough in an RP, tell me ooc. I'm open to learning and improving my skills, so I will accept criticism. Rule7: If you RP with me and do not know anything about my character, please read my bio information or ask me. Rule8: Please don't ask me for a relationship. That's a NO, because I don't want one, however when and if I change my mind I will, and will do doing anything her comic counterpart would do. But you can flirted if you like but it will go no where because she's very picky, NO dirty talk unless I know you or we have been RPing for awhile (that means no asking if I ride/suck/f*** your c*ck in the first messages to me) I will remove you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... Rule9: This a character not me, so if anything is said or done don't take it personally. This is an RP profile. I will RP anyone. The same goes for Original characters (OCs). If you have an OC, please try to have some logical background for them. I love story lines, love to read them and continue them, Example: the son of a God. I like simple things.If I delete you from my friend's list, it is because you where god mode or breaking my rules.

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The Rules of life

The RP Rules and what will happen when you disobey. READING THE RULES! Rule1: NO GODMODING! That means I will not Role-play with people who does, I will remove you if you do. Because everything can die/be hurt Rule2: NO SPAMMING- I'll just block you, that means NO BAND/FAN/RL/SEX/money making pages allowed and will be marked as spam Rule3: Here's the deal with adds, if you add me, I hope you send me a starter If I add you, I will try and do my best to send a starter, Please don't add me unless you intend to talk and If you don't I will remove you but I understand that everyone's on different time so I will give you some time, I don't want to be just a NUMBERto improve you friends list number, You must signed the rules so I know you want to role-play. In you don't I will delete after 7 days Rule4: Please forgive me if I mess up as I create a starter. I have a busy life outside of the internet so I will try to get on daily and over the day (edited) Rule5: DO NOT CONTROL MY CHARACTOR! In comments unless it is action movement caused by an attack like *you hit me and I fly/push/slide back. Rule6: As far as Out of Character (OOC) talk, it is all right. I mostly prefer to RP. Messages and comments can be used for either, though I prefer OOC mostly through messages. I will talk OOC with someone, but please accept that I will never give you my real name or personal info but I am over 18. Also, if you think I didn't do something fair enough in an RP, tell me ooc. I'm open to learning and improving my skills, so I will accept criticism. Rule7: If you RP with me and do not know anything about my character, please read my bio information or ask me. Rule8: Please don't ask me for a relationship. That's a NO, because I don't want one, however when and if I change my mind I will, and will do doing anything her comic counterpart would do. But you can flirted if you like but it will go no where because she's very picky, NO dirty talk unless I know you or we have been RPing for awhile (that means no asking if I ride/suck/fuck your cock in the first messages to me) I will remove you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... Rule9: This a character not me, so if anything is said or done don't take it personally. This is an RP profile. I will RP anyone. The same goes for Original characters (OCs). If you have an OC, please try to have some logical background for them. I love story lines, love to read them and continue them, Example: the son of a God. I like simple things.If I delete you from my friend's list, it is because you where god mode or breaking my rules.

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The Rules SIGNED THEM!!!!!!!!

The RP Rules READING THE RULES!.... .. .. Rule1: NO GODMODING! That means I will not Role-play with people who does, I will remove you if youdo. Because everything can die/be hurt .... .. .. .. .. Rule2: NO SPAMMING-I'll just block you, that means NO BAND/FAN/RL/SEX pages allowed and will be marked as spam.... .. .. .. .. Rule3: Here's the deal with adds, if you add me, I hope yousend me a starter If I add you, I will try and do my best to send a starter, Please don't add me unless you intend to talk and If you don't I will remove you but I understand that everyone's on different time so I will give you some time, I don't want to be just a NUMBER to improve you friends list number.... .. .. .. .. Rule4: I'm try to para rp and reply back as soon as I but my real life is very busy. I'm sorry, I plan on getting on every Saturday, Wednesday and Sunday between ..10 pm.. and ..2 am.. ..Northern Indiana.. time. That is because I have a busy life outside of the internet so I will try to get on..... .. .. .. .. Rule5: DO NOT CONTROL MY CHARACTOR! in comments unless it is action movement caused by an attack like *You hit me and I fly/push/slide back..... .. .. .. .. Rule6: As far as Out of Character (OOC) talk, it is all right. I mostly prefer to RP. Messages and comments can be used for either, though I prefer OOC mostly through messages. I will talk OOC with someone, but please accept that I will never give you my real name or personal info but I am over 18. Also, if you think I didn't do something fair enough in an RP, tell me ooc. I'm open to learning and improving my skills, so I will accept critisicm. .... .. .. .. .. Rule7: If you RP with me and do not know anything about my character, please read my bio information or ask me..... .. .. .. .. Rule8: Please don't ask me for a relationship. thats a NO, because I'm new, and will do doing anything her comic counterpart would do. But who knows as I learn I might change that, NO dirty talk unless I know you or we have been RPing for awhile (that means no asking if i ride/suck/fuck your cock in the first messages to me) I will remove you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... .. .. .. .. Rule9: This a character not me, so if anything is said or done don't take it personally. .... This is an RP profile. I will RP anyone. The same goes for Original characters (OCs). If you have an OC, please try to have some logical background for them. I love story lines, love to read them and continue them, Example: the son of a God. I like simple things..... If I delete you from My friend's list, it is because you where god mode or breaking my rules. As proof that you read all my rules what are the times that I said I be on and did I say I over or under 18?

May Parker

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Powers and abilities

May Parker inherited many of the same abilities as her father, Peter Parker. May possesses superhuman strength but has less than her father, can leap several stories high, and can cover the width of a city block. Spider-Girl's reflexes are also heightened to levels well beyond that of an ordinary human. She heals somewhat faster than a normal human, and is more agile than Spider-Man..... .... Spider-Girl can adhere to almost any surface through a bio-magnetic field her body generates, allowing her to scale the sides of a building, just like a spider. Wall-crawling doesn't come as naturally to May as Peter; she has to concentrate to keep herself from slipping off surfaces. In addition to adhering to surfaces, May can also repel herself like an opposing magnet, or she can repulse and adhere another object or person through a shared medium. For example, she can cause a person to stick to a wall they're touching just by touching that same wall and willing them to, or she can just as easily violently push them away..... .... May Parker has inherited a "spider-sense", a clairvoyance that warns her of danger that is somewhat more powerful and reliable than her father's. It tells her the direction a threat is coming from with a high level of accuracy. Through intensive training, she learned to fight blindfolded using only her spider-sense. She can use it to spot weaknesses in an opponent and use them to her advantage. She can also sense mundane threats or observations like her father, but unlike him, she can use it to sense deception. Her Spider-sense is also capable of differentiating between various threats, allowing May to "recognize" a familiar danger. By touching her father's clone, Kaine, she experienced a shared precognitive vision, but she does not normally have that ability..... .... May also has mechanical web-shooters based on Ben Reilly's web-shooter design, but longer and narrower. They can fire impact webbing and metal needles called "Stingers". May rarely uses the stingers, thinking them to be "too brutal". Her mobile phone is modified to attach to one of her web-shooters, and looks like one of its cartridges. She occasionally uses spider-tracers, but as they are tuned to her father's spider-sense and not hers, she needs a receiver to detect them. She wears a skin tight spandex unitard which she was uncomfortable with at first because of its revealing characteristics but has grown accustomed to it and even enjoys wearing it as she has been quoted as saying "it feels like a second skin.".... .... Spider-Girl once lost her powers due to an electric shock. However, she borrowed the Green Goblin equipment from Normie Osborn until she regained them..... .... May has also received martial arts training from the Ladyhawks and Elektra Natchios, as well as being drilled in the use of her powers by her father.

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