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11/01/2012 04:13 PM 

Mad World Part 2

This blog is the continuation from Mad World Part 1.  It reads from top to bottom.  Enjoy!


11/01/2012 02:58 PM 

Kansas City Here I Come, Part 2

Kansas City History (Past Posts)New Posts go here

Queen Jazzmin (bi)

11/01/2012 12:10 PM 


*Jazzmin was getting ready for an evening out.  She slipped into a pair of skin tight black jeans.  She had help from one of her maids lacing up a black corset.  She slipped on a cute tank over the corset.  She put on her black leather over the knee boots on right before going out.  She made her way to town then through town.  She made her way to a local pub and sat down.  She ordered a pint of beer.  She could feel the eyes of people on her.  She knew how good she looked.*


10/31/2012 12:45 PM 

December PWI Awards

Wrestler of the Year * Briley Pierce 1st Eddie Edwards, 2nd Roderick Strong, 3rd Antonio Cesaro Tag Team of the Year * Alex Riley and Chris Masters 1st Epico and Primo, 2nd Roderick and Eddie Edwards, 3rd The Miz and Brett Jr. Match of the Year * Davey Richards vs Antonio Cesaro Feud of the Year * CM Punk vs David Otunga 1st Johnny Curtis vs Briley Pierce, 2nd AJ Lee vs Alison, 3rd Brett DiBiase vs Daniel Bryan Most Popular Wrestler of the Year * Davey Richards 1st Roderick Strong, 2nd Eddie Edwards, 3rd Mike Bennett Most Hated Wrestler of the Year * Dolph Ziggler 1st Wade Barrett, 2nd Heath Slater, 3rd Jillian Hall Most Improved Wrestler of the Year * Leah 1st Davey Richards, 2nd Roderick Strong, 3rd Adam Riley Most Insperational Wrestler of the Year * Daniel Bryan 1st Justin Gabriel, 2nd AJ Styles, 3rd Christian Rookie of the Year * Jason Payne 1st Richie Steamboat, 2nd Adam Riley, 3rd Roderick Strong Comeback of the Year * Ted DiBiase 1st Cody Rhodes, 2nd Davey Richards, 3rd Alex Riley Woman of the Year * Layla 1st Alison, 2nd Leah, 3rd Natalia

Boomerang Beauty ™

12/28/2012 12:46 PM 

Rules; Read and Sign Please

Basically, I am not picky just;1.) Write properly, we are all adults her or at least should be, so please use your elementary school grammar education when you write.2.) I do all lengths except, One-liner, I feel like roleplaying needs context and descriptions, without it, it's pointless.3.) I do all my own edits, (Except for a few from Miroku) I can do edits for you or give you the originals, please do not steal.4.) I love making friends, and I'm really nice, so don't be afraid to shoot me a comment ^^Any questions? Ask below ^^


10/31/2012 11:01 PM 

December PWI Female Top 20 List
Current mood:  adventurous

#1 Alison #2 Natalia #3 Eve Torres #4 Layla #5 Maria #6 Raquel Diaz #7 Beth Phoenix #8 Kelly Kelly #9 Candice Michelle #10 Kaitlyn #11 Leah #12 Maxine  #13 Audrey Marie #14 Aksana #15 Melina  #16 Torrie Wilson #17 Caylee Turner #18 Brie Bella #19 Alicia Fox #20 Jillian Hall


10/31/2012 10:44 PM 

December PWI Male Top 35 Season List

Male Top 35 List #1 Briley Pierce #2 Justin Gabriel #3 Cody Rhodes #4 Johnny Curtis #5 Dolph Ziggler #6 Brett DiBiase #7 Roderick Strong #8 Davey Richards #9 Michael McGillicutty #10 David Otunga #11 Sheamus #12 Christian #13 Wade Barrett #14 Evan Bourne #15 Mike Bennett #16 Jason Payne #17 Tyson Kidd #18 Santino Marella #19 Brad Maddox #20 Richie Steamboat #21 Adam Riley #22 Primo #23 Epico #24 AJ Styles #25 Mike DiBiase #26 Curt Hawkins #27 Jordan DiBiase #28 Chris Masters #29 Harry Smith #30 Mason Ryan #31 Zack Ryder #32 Daniel Bryan #33 Alex Riley #34 Brett DiBiase Jr. #35 Ted DiBiase

Cross Over

10/29/2012 12:25 PM 


Hey Crazy Cats!  Lorne here!  Welcome to my all new Club Caritas Verde, where the elite meet and the offbeat tweet.  This is like Old Caritas on anabolic steroids, boys and girls.  And its got protection spells up the wazoo.  So come take the load off, if just for a drink or two.  This is the place you can really leave the mundane grind of helping the hopeless behind.  Take a break from the vampire slayage and demon destructo derby. Sure, there are plenty of monsters here, but they're friendly monsters.  At least while they're inside Caritas.  Just one big happy family here, amigos.  Family, good music, and alcohol.  What more could you want?  


10/29/2012 10:02 PM 

Current mood:  excited

01. first question is what happend on Raw after the match between Nattie and Maria for the women's championship why did you attack Nattie is their something going on? "Well theere is something going on and its something that will make Nattie wish I were just like maria a weak feeble girl who doesn't belong in the ring. Nattie forgot about being a true competitor and now I am going to show her what it means to get wicked." 02. what you plan to do next in season? as you debuted and what comes in next for you? "Its simple really I plan to break Nattie until she can no longer deal with it mentally and then I am going to beat her physically in the ring." 03. do you plan on to challenge Nattie for the women's championship? "I don't plan on challenging her I am going to challenge her for her championship she is nothing but a fake wannabe champion she can't handle the responsibility of that title so she should just give it to me now to save herself from a beating she will never forget." 04. what you think about the other divas on the Raw roster do you see anyone as a competition? "The other divas I think they are all weak and well not championship material so its time for them to just go home and make food for their family because when I am champion no one will want to face me." 05. what would you do if you wrestled up against the likes of Kharma and Beth Phoenix? "I would do what I always do best love...Win and Nattie I hope your watching this because I am coming for that precious championship and it will come back to true royalty the Scalet witch."

Cross Over

10/28/2012 03:41 PM 

Hyperion: Our Worlds Become One

Cross Over

10/28/2012 03:23 PM 

Bon Temps: Our Worlds Become One

   Note:  Kenzi's profile was deleted, which deleted all of her posts.  We were not able to reinsert them into the blog because posts and replies are placed in chronological order.  However, we include Kenzi's posts here, with information about where they appear in the blog: The First Post in the Blog: Kenzi Kenzi sat at the The Dal Riata sipping a beer that Trick had allowed her to have saying she could only have one. She was wearing her dark sunglasses, which meant that she had obviously drank way to much the night before, something that was completely normal for the dark haired human. Pulling her phone out of her back pocket, She looked to see if she had gotten a text from Bo, whom had gone out early this morning after some strange under-fae. But after checking, she realized that she didn't have any sort of message from her best friend and room mate. "Kenz," The sudden loud voice made her head pound, whining she turned around to see that it was none other then wolf boy himself. Dyson walked over to her and took a seat right by her. In his hand, he held a folder in his hand which meant that it was a Fae kind of case, which also means that he needed Bo. Before the blonde wolfie could ask where she was, Kenzi spoke up. "First off, can't you see the sunglasses, Dude, this is the worst hang over ever, so shhhh" She places a finger over her mouth." then, after that and taking a gulp of beer and then turning back around to look into his eyes. "Second of all, Bo isn't here, she is out battling a goopy monster... um, yeah, I can't remember what it's called" She looked and watched his movements, it was obvious that he was upset that her room-mate hadn't called in for help. Kenzi frowned and took off her glasses, "You have to remember for the longest time, you didn't want her around, so of course she isn't going to call you first." She placed her hand on the males shoulder. Dyson nodded and then handed her the file that had once been in his hands and then spoke, with puppy eyes. "I know Kenzi, Just, give this to her whenever she gets back." Kenzi was about to ask him a question but he had already gotten up and left the bar. Turning a little so that she could grab her phone that was at the bar, she successfully grabbed it and then dialed in Bo's number and called her. It was obvious that she was going to have to be the one to call. But, when the human did call, her phone was off. A little worried, Kenzi left a message. "Hey Bo, I am heading home, Dyson has a case he wants you to check out. Call me whenever you can." With that and a quick movement, Kenzi grabbed the file with her free hand, spun the chair around and left the bar, just as her friend Dyson had done only a minute ago. She needed to go home and wait for her best friend. Once at home, Kenzi sat at the island waiting for the coffee that she was making to be done. The dark haired female watched the clock on her phone and sat worried about her friend. She knew that the succubus could easily take care of herself, but as her friend, it was her job to worry if she didn't call back. Sighing heavily she was just about to call the female once again but she decided that she should wait a little longer. Just then, the coffee maker beeped, telling Kenzi that she could now drink some coffee, which was something that she was thankful for. She had a killer hangover and she hoped that the coffee would make everything better. Standing up, she walked over to the dishes and got a clean mug and then poured coffee into it and then walked over to the fridge and got the milk to pour in it as well. Leaving the milk out, just in case if she were to want more, she sat back down and looked over at the file that was right beside her phone. Somehow Kenzi had managed to keep out of the file knowing that it was classified and that it was between Dyson and Bo, but she was all alone, no one would know. leaning over slightly she gripped the file in her hands and pulled it over in front of her so that she could look. Taking a deep breath, the dark haired woman opened the file and was grossed out by the picture that first came into her view. It was someone who was skinned. Making a grossed out face, Kenzi debated with herself trying to decide if she should continue to keep reading or not. But, then all the sudden, she heard someone at the door. Out of reflex, Kenzi jumped off of the stool she had been sitting on and pulled a knife that she hid in her boots out. Maybe she was over reacting, but lately, there had been a lot of strange things that had been magically popping into their house. The Third Blog Post, After Bo's first post: Kenzi The good thing was the creature that Kenzi swore was going to breaking into her and Bo's house, it was actually Bo. Relieved she placed the knife back into her back leather boots before the brunette noticed. Pretty much as soon as the succubus got into the house she started stripping, which was not anything new so the dark haired human was not surprised at all. The one thing that she was pretty surprised about was the hole in her stomach, the one that had left a huge blood mark. "Bo, Are you okay?" It was a stupid question but she had been so worried about her friend that she had to ask if she was okay. Kenzi followed her as she continued to get undressed. She was going to have to talk to her. Tell her about the case and tell her about Dyson. The new case was first though. Watching Bo take off her shirt she gasped, something that was only heard by her. The sound of Bo's shoes covered it up so that she didn't heat it. She wasn't surprised as much as worried. Where her friend had been stabbed, it was completely healed, which meant that she had been fed on a human, and innocent one at that. But she was completely sure that her friend wouldn't hurt anyone, she knew how to control it now. She followed her friend right up into her bedroom into the bathroom where she was cleaning off the blood, making it so that there was no evidence that she had been stabbed in the first place. Kenzi just placed herself on Bo's bed, knowing that the female would be walking back and forth doing whatever she had to do to rid of the clothes and cleaning herself up. As soon as she took a seat, Bo started talking and of course, the dark haired female was completely interested in what had happened. "So, that Fae was a lot harder then I thought. He had buddies! Go figure, right?" Kenzi smirked and watched as she walked from the bathroom right back into the bedroom to put on a different shirt. "Not uh!" The dark haired girl said. She was completely interested in the Fae and even the Under Fae, it was something that was said to be just fairytales, but it was so far from that. These thing, this beings were real and actually most of them were nice. At least the succubus, the wolf, the siren, and the blood king were. Of course, Bo just kept moving so she followed. Kenzi followed the female downstairs where Bo asked her a question."So, what did you do tonight?" Kenzi rolled her eyes with a big smile on her face. "Oh you know, I just sat here and worried about you. A LOT" She glared at the woman and then sat down back at the island where she had been sitting before. She took another sip of her coffee and then looked over to Bo. "While I was waiting at The Dal Riata for you to check in, WHICH YOU DIDN'T" Kenzi spoke the last few words louder then the others. "Dyson came in looking for you." Kenzi slid the file over to where the woman was standing and then took another sip of her coffee. It was getting cold which almost made the female want to spit it out, somehow she managed to keep it in and swallowed it. She pushed it off to the side. Knowing the two girls the coffee and the mug would be sitting there for weeks. Looking back over while she was looking at the file. "Dyson also said he would like it if you were to call him. He want's to make sure you were okay, We were both pretty worried." She put her arm on the island and the held her head up with her hand while tilting it enough that she could still see all the images and paper work that Bo was looking at. "Apparently there is this Under Fae that likes human skin." Kenzi made a face "Yummy." She shook her head. That was about as far as she had gotten into the paper work before she thought that someone was breaking in. "So, what else is in there Bo Bo?" She asked, really wanting to know what was going on. Blog Post #6, after Eric's first post: "I don't think this has to do with the skin. I think it's got something to do with the blood. There wasn't any blood to be found at the scene. Something tells me this has to do with vampires." Kenzi makes a face and jumps up to to the ruby red couch and looked over Bo's shoulder. That was the truth, the blood... It was all gone. But what the drak haired human didn't understand was, Why did they take the skin to? Or was it something else completely. Kenzi bit her lower lip as she continued to look at the file that she had been looking at before the brunette had gotten home. She was confused... she didn't understand the minds of these under fae... nor did she believe that vampires were real. "Wait? So what you are saying to me is that vampires are real as well." Kenzi gasped and jumped over the couch and placed herself perfectly on the empty side. She looked at Bo still confused. "Did you know that vampires were real?" Kenzi should of known that almost anything was possible when it came to the under fae in this town, especially after all that they had taken care of. Of the things that they not only killed but took to the old ash. Pressing her lips together she tapped the female next to her. "Did you know?" She asked, not having heard anything to her reply, but it was obvious that Bo was completely stuck in the file and wasn't planning to come out of it until she had read every single bit of information that was in that file to began with. Getting up, she could hear her boots hitting hard against the ground. She walked over to the counter and grabbed a bag of chips... she still couldn't help but mumble "vampires." Then she realized something and couldn't help but just make a joke about it. "Well, there is a werewolf in town, so of course there would be a vampire too." She laughed while shoving a potato chip into her mouth and crunching down on it hard. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Normally, in other conditions she would think it was just Dyson or Lauren.. But in this case, the three hard knocks on there door sounded completely un-known. Out of a sudden reacting, Kenzi kicked the air and said "AYYYYEEEE YAHHHH". She was just being her crazy self but she was kind of scared after the whole vampire thing. Putting the chips back onto the counter, Kenzi ran over to Bo while trying to pull her knife out. She nudged the woman once again and then smiled. "I think it's for you Bo Bo." She then stepped back and waited for her best friend and her room mate to answer the door. To be honest, she was not only scared but curious at whom could be at the door at this time, knocking like that.  Post #10, between Eric Posts: "Kenz relax. I'm sure who ever it is they're not here to kill us. Killers don't use door knockers." Bo said, judging her because of her sudden freak out moment. She watched over her friends back as she mumbled. "I know at least three movies were they do." She then hide her knife behind her back just in case if Bo had been right and there was no one dangerous at the door. The human just couldn't think of any other situation of why someone would actually knock on their door. Lauren, Hale, and Dyson all walked in by themselves. That was what worried her. When Bo opened the door, there was a male that was super pale, instantly making her think "Vampire." But, she kept to herself, for the first time in a long time. Keeping to herself was not something she was normally very good at. All after a second of having the door open, Kenzi finally hear Bo say something. "Hello. Can I help you?" The way the male talked... the way he looked there was no way that he wasn't a vampire. Maybe it was just the case that the two of them had been looking at before, or maybe it was the truth. Either way, she was going to make sure not to stay around them. The dark haired woman kept her eyes on the duo that was at her and Bo's door. They were talking but honestly, Kenzi wasn't really listening. She was to busy staring. The human was sure that they had noticed and they thought she was weird, but she didn't really care at this point and time. The only thing that she did here the blonde say was this. "Vampire Sheriff of Area 5". She couldn't help but let out a chuckle. "Fuck yeah, I knew you were vampires." But instantly, she wished she hadn't said anything. Once again, Keeping thoughts to herself was not at all her strong suit. Shaking her head, she walked away from the hallway and out of the view of the duo and her best friend and went to the cabinet and decided to drink away the fear, hell, it would help with the slight hang-over that she was still feeling. Pouring herself a glass, Just as she took a sip, she heard the male say "We are in need of your services." Instantly the burning sensation that she was feeling in her throat seemed to expand. She began coughing, but she set down the dlear glass and walked over to Bo. This time, standing right behind her. She was protective, but she had to do what she had to do. She whispered in Bo's ear "maybe that's not a good idea." Of course, Kenzi forgot all of her mythology and the slight fact that the vampires could pretty much hear and see anything. So she corrected herself and nodded her head. "No offense."She said, actually speaking up and saying out loud. Post 15, Just before Nan Flanagan's first post: The moment her room-mate, best friend and sister figure let in the vampires... instantly, she wanted to stay her opinion. "Bo Bo." the black haired human started but with the looks of the people coming into there once almost safe haven, she decided that it would be best just to shut up. The both of them, Eric and Jill had walked in slowly seemingly looking around. Kenzi didn't like it one single bit and she knew that the only reason Bo had let them in was because they had threatened her and because of the case that Dyson had given to the girls just an hour or so ago. Pressing her lips together she quickly walked over to the living room and grabbed the yellow case file folder that she and Bo had been looking at and then she quickly walked out of view, hiding it in her dresser, not the best hiding place but it was the first thing she could think of and she didn't really have a lot of time. Though Bo could handle her own, she didn't want to leave her best friend a lone with them for very long. Kenzi didn't trust them one single bit and she doubted that there was anything that they could do to change that. Biting on her lower lip, Kenzi walked back into the living room where everyone was gathered. She walked in just as Eric and Jill were sitting down. She arched a brow and leaned against the wall staying stood up just like she thought she should. Of course, she needed to make sure to seem like she wasn't scared but since the whole Baba Yaga myth thing. She was not about to under estimate these people... fae... vampires, what ever they were, she was going to make complete sure that she watched them with a careful eye. A few seconds later, Kenzi half listened as Eric was talking about his vampires and others. Actually, she wasn't listening at all. She was more focused on Bo's face. Kenzi wasn't sure what was going on but she was freaked. The dark haired girl crossed her arms and tried her hardest to listen. Of course the moment she actually listened the male was done. "Add to that the demon Boris Krekci and a gypsy named Rosalie with necromancer powers, and the future is beginning to look more and more like a super-sized steaming turd." Arching a brow she felt completely lost, and Kenzi couldn't help but hope that Bo had actually been listening, she was actually sure that she was. Sighing softly, Jill, the red head caught her attention. She finally realized that the woman looked a bit out of place, kind of like she didn't want to be anywhere around here. Was she human too or was she just nervous? She turned and walked into the kitchen and took another swig of alcohol. It burned going down, but she was going to need it since all this "vampire" stuff was coming to bite her in the ass. Once done, she set the bottle down and walked over to Bo and stood behind her awhile also looking at the two new people to the room.   Post 19, between Eric posts: Kenzi could tell that Bo was slowly becoming a bit uncomfortable with her hanging all around her, but she couldn't help it. She was scared of the two people that were sitting right in front of her. The only human of the house had no idea what to expect of the people that were around her. All of this was still new to her. So, she did what she felt she needed to do, she stayed around the one person whom she knew would keep herself. Bo always had and she trusted Bo with her life. Pressing her lips together, she watched Bo's movements. But when everything seemed already tense enough, there were sounds of breaking glass. Kenzi could swear that whatever broke the glass speed right past her. Out of reflex, she bent down and ducked covering her head."SHIT" was the only thing that Kenzi could really say. But then she knew what she needed to do was to find out what Bo was doing, knowing that if she followed her, everything would be okay. Kenzi stood up, her brilliant blue hues followed Bo as she picked up the sword, prepared to attack whom ever had shot at them. But, as a few more shots came, it was clear that even Bo wasn't going to be able to take it. The brunette quickly walked back towards her while talking whatever she was thinking. "You've really pissed off the wrong people." Then Bo grabbed Kenzi's arm. "OOOOWWW" She made a face, but knew that her friend grabbed her arm to get her into protection, to make sure that she didn't get hurt in the crossfires. "There's a tunnel leading into the sewers from the basement. I think we should be leaving now." Bo kept talking, Kenzi looked back at the male and female and then the now flames. They looked beautiful, in a way, but then Kenzi realized something else. That was there only way out. There home was getting destroyed. She kept looking at the flames until they actually started making their way down into the dark moldy basement. "BoBo, where are we going to go now? Are we going to fgo to Tricks?" Kenzi asked... She tended to ask a million questions when she was nervous... and right now. She was way more then just nervous. Kenzi's boots made a clunking nose down the stairs and against the hard concrete. She followed to where Bo was and helped her open the tunnels. It was something that she had never used before. "We better hurry, this house could crash down on us at any second." Kenzi said... stating the complete obvious. Post 26, after Eric's post and before Bill's post: Kenzi went down the stairs and into the sewers, following Bo every step of the way. Pressing her lips together as soon as she smelt the horrible smell that was coming from around her. She instant placed two fingers over the holes in her nose, trying to keep the smell from entering. Normally she was very vocal, but she didn't want to get anything in her mouth not even the smell. She followed Bo, felling her feet get wet along the way. This enraged her a bit, her favorite but brand new shoes were getting ruined, completely forgetting the fact that there were people whom had tried to trap her, Bo, Jill and Eric in a burning house... they would all probably be dead if it were for the secret way out of the house. Finally, Kenzi started getting used to the smell so she removed her fingers and began to talk to Bo.. but was interrupted when a male came out of nowhere, a male that she was sure that neither Bo or herself had met. The dark haired male knew everyone's name, which Kenzi found to be completely strange. The moment that the male, Bill, had told them of a safe haven, Kenzi felt a bit better even though she knew nothing of this male. It was clear that Eric did though, so why not trust them, there was no choice really. The moment that Bill started leading the way, Kenzi and Bo were in the middle. Jill and Eric started having their own conversations, so Kenzi felt a bit better about having her own conversation with Bo, the one person she fully trusted in the tunnels. "Are we really going to trust them? How do we know they aren't the ones who started it, especially Bill? Or whom ever that is." Kenzi knew that they could probably hear them, the three of them being vampires and all, but she honestly didn't care. The dark haired human tried to keep as close to the succubus female whom was like family. The moment that they all ended up having to make a few turns and then there was a door. Kenzi couldn't help but think that was sort of weird. Biting down on her lower lip, she watched as the flashlight showed the rustic key and the door opening. At first it was dark, but then suddenly it was lit. It was clear someone had turned on the light, which Kenzi was grateful for, as weird as that sounds. Yes, the human was used to darker places hell, she liked those darker places, but being surrounded with a bunch of people she didn't know, Kenzi would prefer light any day. Once the females brilliant blue eyes adjusted, she noticed that it was a good sized office. There were no windows no other doors other then the one that they had just come through. Finally, voicing her opinion, Kenzi just asked the obvious. Holding her hand out as she spoke "Umm, Where are we?" She asked, a bit of attitude came from her voice, even though she really didn't mean to come off as that way, she just wanted to know where she was... whom these people were. The dark haired woman stayed as close to Bo as she could with out being on top of her. She did seem to relax, her arms were now crossed on her chest as her blue eyes scanned the unfamiliar room.

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10/28/2012 03:02 PM 

Thicker than Water: Our Worlds Become One

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10/28/2012 02:47 PM 

Wallis' Place - Our Worlds Become One

THIS BLOG AND THE PAGE IT WAS ON WAS HACKED AND DELETED.  BUT DIANNA HAD EVERYTHING BACKED UP, SO HERE ARE THE FIRST 6,450 WORDS OF THE STORY Sam Winchester Sam had suggested to Dianna that Wallis' Place should serve food.  Burgers and fries, at a minimum. Sam didn't know anything about restaurant management, but he did know there was a small grill in the back that could churn out some hot meals, if Dianna wanted to do that.  Instead of taking his advice, and firing up that grill, she had bought more snacks - bags of chips, candy bars, cookies, and all manner of pickled stuff in big gallon or five-gallon jars.  Lined up on a shelf to the side of the liquor bottles were jars of pickled sausages, pigs feet, eggs, okra, and...even several varieties of pickles.  Next to Sam's longneck Budweiser on the bar counter was a small paper plate that contained two of those shriveled sausages, a pickled egg, and a two big dill pickles.  He'd also bought a bag of baked potato chips.  All of her chips were low calorie or reduced fat.  Most without salt.  In fact, Sam could see that the cookies were mostly sugar-free, multi-grain or things like granola bars. None of it looked very appetizing.  Except for the beer, which he tilted back and glugged several ounces down his throat.  Now that tasted good.  Activity on the monster front had been slow of late.  Nonexistent, really, since the affair with the goblins here in Kansas City, which was just fine and dandy with Sam.  He kind of needed a break, some downtime.  He frowned as his phone started vibrating in his pocket.  He withdrew it and looked at the call information.  It was Bobby.  His frown deepened, because he suspected his little vacation was about to come to an end. "Bobby.  Dude.  Good to hear from you.  What's up?"  Sam listened as Bobby outlined what would become the Winchester's next case.  There was trouble down in Cajun country.  The magical Geiger counter was off the charts in a little, backwoods place in northwestern Louisiana called Bon Temps.  The name was familiar to Sammy, but he couldn't quite place it.  A rumor was spinning around down there that someone had concocted an antidote for vampirism.  An antidote or the opposite - something that could easily be administered to a human to make a vampire.  Put it in the water system and either the whole population becomes bloodsucking night owls, or the community suddenly is bloodsucker free.  Either way, its going to be like an earthquake, tectonic plates grinding against each other, in the battle against good and evil.  The monsters are going to be shivering in their boots if its really an antidote.  On the other hand, if it's an easy way to make vampires, the balance between the good guys and the black hats just slipped into the dark, gaping abyss. "Ok, Bobby.  I'll round up the gang and we'll be in Bon Temps in two days."             OOC: Written by Dianna and Dean Dianna hadn't seen Dean in nearly a week. His brother, Sam, had stayed in KC. Dianna suspected he missed Sami, and since Dianna was his only connection to her, Sam stayed for a while. He was trying desperately to let go, and Dianna was the one person who understood how he felt. She didn't ask Sammy about Dean. The way she saw it she and Dean had something comforting but not necessarily forever. Deep in her soul she wanted nothing more than to have Dean around permanently, but she was completely empathetic with his reasoning. She feared that anyone she learned to care about was destined to die. She knew Dean felt the same way. And still she missed him to the point that she felt a literal ache when she thought about him. Sammy had been pestering her to open up the grill since she had done the burgers for them while they strategized on the goblin hoard they had been faced with. She had bought more snack stuff instead. She knew Sammy was right. It would be good for business, and she would implement it eventually. But she was exhausted right now. She had lost her husband for the second time when Jack had possessed Dean for a short time. Then Lilith had murdered her sister, Sami. Everyone was licking their own personal wounds. Dianna had felt restless for the last couple of days. Things in her city had never been this quiet. Lilith had been forced to withdraw with her demon entourage after they had defeated the goblins. There had been few other monsters active as well. It was as if the collective bravado had been at least temporarily drained from all the unsavory creatures. Dianna had offered Sam the use of her childhood home while he was in the city. She felt better having someone there, and it was an economic boon for Sam. The home was still awash in her sister's essence though, and as a consequence Sam had taken to spending the daylight hours here in the club. They had developed a warm companionship, though it was completely tacit. Sammy had been good naturedly teasing her about her choices in snack foods versus her choices in coffee when his cell phone went off. She handed him a fresh beer and opened one for herself. It was Bobby Singer. He had apparently caught wind of a new case in the cajun south. Sam promised to round everyone up and hung up. "If you want a burger and fries, Sammy, I will fire up the grill. And when I find a good fry cook I'll open it up to the public. Ok?" A voice rang out behind her and she froze. "That sounds fair to me, Sammy. I don't suppose you would make that two burgers, Dianna?" The rich baritone of the person who had been occupying her mind the most washed over her. She whirled and for just a moment stood grinning foolishly. Dean grinned back and held out his arms. She flew into them plastering her lips against his. She thought she heard Sammy chuckle but she ignored it. "I'm sorry for disappearing on you." Dean murmured in her ear. "I needed to think." "I know. So what did you come up with?" "We might as well paint targets on our backs." His grin faded. "Everyone I love dies. I'm not very safe to hang around." Dianna stroked his cheek with one finger. "It's too late. The targets are there whether you and I care abut each other or not. I think we both know that. If we're together at least we can watch each other's backs." She kissed him again this time lightly and sweetly."Did you just tell me that you love me?" "Are you one of those women that needs to hear it twice?" "Oh, I'm one of those women who needs to hear it every day. But only if you mean it. And I love you too." Dianna glanced over at Sam who was openly watching their exchange and grinning broadly his arms folded across his chest. "Hey, Bro." Dean finally greeted his brother. "Bobby just called me. Said something about vamps in Louisiana." He tossed Sam the keys to the Impala. "We can leave first thing in the morning. I'll drive Dianna's car. Have you called everyone else?" "I heard that!" Dianna called from the small kitchen where she had gone to fire up the grill. "You had better be prepared to convince me." She laughed and slapped three patties on the hot grill. Dean poked his head into the kitchen. "I can be very persuasive when I need to be." Dianna shook her head and handed him two plates with bacon avocado cheeseburgers and fresh hot fries. She grabbed the third and followed him out to the club where she grabbed three bottles of beer. When their meal was done Dianna took Dean's hand and pulled him from his seat. "Sorry Sammy. We have a bit of catching up to do." She took Dean upstairs where they played and rested throughout the night until morming caught them exhausted and still sleeping. Sara Sara watched Sam get off the phone. He looked like he had the entire world on his shoulder these days. She poured a couple of beers and headed over his way. She nudged him, "you ought to take a lesson from your brother take a night off once in a while." She handed him a beer and sat down across from him. "So what's up," she twirled her glass around playing with it before taking a sip. Nate was still working behind the bar, but the last customer had already gotten a fresh drink. She motioned for him to grab a beer and come over to join them. He was more experienced in these matters he might be able to cheer the guy up. She reached back pulling an ink pen out of her hair allowing it to tumble down on her shoulders. "You can't keep going like this," he looked at her as if he didn't understand what she was talking about. "You know beating yourself up," she leaned back taking a few more sips of her drink. "How about just for tonight you humor me. Hang with me and Nate for a bit relax," she sat the glass down on the table. Sam Winchester Sammy did his best to beam a smile Sara's way.  The girl had proved herself as a brave and skillful hunter in the just-finished Goblin case.  She had earned Sam's respect, as had her boyfriend, Nate.  The bacon-avocado cheeseburgers that Dianna had cooked up certainly beat those shriveled and dead sausages Sam had fished out of the big pickle jar.  One of those sausages sat on a paper plate, forlorn and discarded, pushed off to the side.  As a way to customize the burger, Sam had added several dollops of mustard and mayonnaise.  The burger combined with a big pile of fries looked like about 1200 calories and four times the recommended daily allowance of saturated fats.  It's a good thing hunters stay active, otherwise, they'd all weigh 400 pounds and have arteries in need of a major Roto-Rooter clean out.  Sam unscrewed the lid to that pickle jar and plopped the remaining sausage from his plate back into the turbid, vinegar soup.  May it Rest in Peace. Through a mouthful of delicious cheeseburger, Sam responded to Sara, "I'm ok.  I'll be alright."  Although he said that, in reality he was still seriously brooding over the loss of Sami Remington.  Everyone else seemed to have gotten past it, but it was going to take a while for Sam.  He nodded towards where Dean had disappeared with Dianna, "Dean pretty much gave you the clip notes.  Bobby has a beam on our next case.  We're headed to Cajun country tomorrow.  A little town called Bon Temps near Shreveport.  The vampires down there are all as nervous as long-tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs.  Someone has cooked up some sort of potion.  Bobby wasn't sure, but its either an antidote for vampirism, or if a person drinks it, it turns them into a vampire.  Either way, its big news, and its going to shake things up.  If it's an antidote, lots of non-vamps are going to be trying to devamp the night shift.  If it's the opposite, some paleface with fangs might put it in the water system, turning whole towns into the Night of the Not-so-Living Undead."  He chased the last of his cheeseburger with a good slug of Budweiser.  "Louisiana vampires are a different breed than what we're used to.  When you stake them, they turn into a steaming pile of blood/entrails stew.  A warning here, don't stake one in your living room.  You'll never get vampire out of the carpet.  And they're organized down there, too.  They have kingdoms.  There's a king of Louisiana and he's got like deputies that rule areas.  Bon Temps is in Area 5, which is ruled by a 1000-year old vamp named Eric Northman.  There are other things that live out there in bayou and the back woods, too.  Shape shifters, werewolves, witches, and other things that wouldn't hesitate to disembowel you just for the fun of it, or eat you whole with gusto, just like I relish Dianna's bacon-avocado cheeseburgers." "Has anyone seen Rachel?  We need to point her south and get her on the road tomorrow with the rest of us." Rachel Winchester The events of the last seven days had taken it's toll on Rachel Winchester, which was slowly becoming very visible within her facial features. She was feeling constantly tired and drained of energy, and her stress levels were almost through the roof. Not even a fortnight ago, the twenty-two year old blonde had discovered her pregnancy during the goblin case. The white-eyed demon known as Lilith had managed to get her grubby hands on her unborn child from her womb and fast-forwarded the growing process. At the end of the case, Lilith had no choice but to give Rachel and Castiel their daughter back. The unborn foetus was handed back in the form of a month-old baby. The new parents quickly found themselves unprepared for their daughter, who they named Mari Winchester. Dianna Remington had been kind enough to give Rachel a couple of bottles and a few blankets, but Rachel had no choice but to take up hussling hunters at pool for a few extra dollars to buy diapers and baby-grows. However, since the youngest Winchester sibling had not actually given birth to Mari, she felt a little detached from the child. She did not feel the connection that she had hoped to feel towards her daughter. Castiel, on the other hand, had taken to fatherhood like a duck took to water. He doted on Mari, and she seemed to take comfort in his presence. The fallen Angel seemed to be the only person who could soothe the baby girl when she cried at night. Rachel had often walked into their room at the clinic to find her partner lying on the bed with the baby sound asleep on his chest. Rachel did feel a little jealous of their connection, considering that Castiel had once thought of getting rid of the baby to save her life. It didn't exactly seem fair. Rachel could not say a bad word against Castiel, not since the ending of their previous case. He had proven himself to be a hands-on father, especially when it came to the night feeds. Their relationship had grown stronger since Mari had come back to them. They had stopped their arguing and fighting, and were starting to take time out of their days to spend together as a family. The tension in the air that had surrounded them during the goblin case had completely disappeared over night. Now, instead of sending each other glares from across the room, they shared smiles. Rachel just could not help but feel sorry for her older brother, Sam. Since Sammi Remington's death, Sam had been a little withdrawn. It couldn't be easy for him to watch his siblings getting on with their lives and their relationships only a week after he had lost the blonde haired hunter. Even Nate and Sarah seemed to have gotten together. Rachel had seen the look of longing in her older brother's eyes, and her heart went out to him. With her brother's obvious heartache in mind, the blonde Winchester gave her sleeping daughter one last look before she pulled the clinic room door to. Wearing a pair of jogging bottoms and a vest, Rachel made her way through the clinic and into Wallis' Place main bar area. She had heard both Dianna and Dean running up the stairs to Dianna's private apartment in a fit of giggles of excitement. "So, big brothers back." Rachel muttered under her breath as she folded her arms. She made her way across the bar area to where Sam and Sarah were sat. "Did I hear that we're heading south?" The blonde perked a thin eyebrow as she sat down next to her brother, pinching his burger from his plate before she took a bite. Nate Nate came out from behind the bar. He had suffered a flash of de ja vu as he watched Dianna and Dean ascend the stairs to her private living space. This time he smiled broadly though. He thought they made a good couple. They were so alike in temperament. He sat down next to the beautiful brunette that he had decided mirrored himself. He still didn't know how he would have been able to cope with Sami's death if it hadn't been for Sarah's warmth and concern. He hadn't said so out loud, but if someone were to ask him out right how he felt about Sarah, he would be forced to admit that he had fallen crazy in love with her. So despite the profound sorrow they had endured, still endured, some happiness had also been the result of their last case. He understood Sarah's compassion for Sam. He had watched Dianna wage this same struggle when her husband, Jack, had died. While Sam and Sami hadn't reached a permanency in their relationship, Nate knew it had been evolving in that very direction. He looked at Sam. "I think Dianna might be willing to close the bar for a few days for this one. I intend to go along anyway, and she'd never fire me." He chuckled lightly. "You are welcome to join Sarah and I at my place later though if you like." He glanced at his girlfriend affectionately. "She's right in thinking you shouldn't be alone. I'm a decent cook. We can throw in a movie, drink some beer and just chill." He rose when one of the three waitresses approached the bar. A bot followed on her heels, so Nate knew she was about to go take another order while the bot waited patiently to serve the one she had dropped on the bar counter. "Back to work. Just give it some thought, Sam." He kissed Sarah and winked at her then resumed mixing drinks. Sarah lit up as Nate sat down beside her draping an arm around him. He had become the center of her world.  Most of the girl's focus was on the man as he spoke.  He was simply amazing. It didn't surprise her too much that he offered not only to help on the case but a place to for Sam to stay for the night. She smiled warmly reluctantly letting him go as he had to tend to matters back at the bar. "I guess that is settled then your bunking at our place tonight," she took a swig of her beer as Rachel sat down and joined them. "Hey Rach how are you?" the girl appeared notable tired, but she didn't want to call attention to it. It was to be expected after all.  "Yeah apparently there is this crazy little town in Louisiana teaming with weird things. They are brewing up some sorta nasty brew down there," she addressed Rachel's question. She wasn't sure though that the young woman would be up for a hunt. How could she with the baby? "We're heading that way in the morning," she took another drink of her beer.  "You guys wanna crash at our place too tonight? I could watch after the baby for a bit let you catch up on your rest?" she was pretty sure that Nate wouldn't mind. Rachel Winchester The blonde Winchester smiled brightly at the brunette hunter as she thought about Sarah's offer.  To catch up on her rest would be amazing, but to let someone babysit Mari was something else. Rachel trusted Sarah and Nate with her life, but she didn't know how she felt about letting them watch her daughter for a night. After all, it had only been a week since the white-eyed demon, Lilith, had taken Mari from her. What if there was something else after her baby? Correction; there would always be something or someone after her daughter. Mari was one of a kind, a Human-Angel hybrid. There was no force on Earth, good or evil, that couldn't deny that they desired the child's powers. No, Rachel and Cas would take care of her, watch over her. Besides, the young blonde woman hadn't even stepped into the parking lot since the goblin case, still a little too afraid that those foul creatures were lying in wait. "Thanks, but no thanks. We've got it covered." Rachel took another bite out of Sam's burger, before she shot her brother another cheeky grin. Her once signature grin was slowly but surely becoming the mask that she wore daily to hide her true feelings and thoughts. Only Castiel knew why she had not left the sanctuary of Wallis' Place. The others would probably think that something was wrong with her if she confessed to them. A hunter who was afraid of what was out there in the shadows was entirely unheard of. There was no doubt her brothers would force her to hang up her weapons and become a stay at home mom to Mari. But, she couldn't deal with the constant crying and feeding, not to mention the hourly diaper changes. To have someone so small and helpless completely depend on her was terrifying. Rachel did want to hunt, she wanted it badly. She needed to prove to herself and the group of hunters that she was still capable of doing her job, that she was still Rachel Winchester, the hunter that demons loved to hate. "So, what have we got? Vamps? Demons? Werewolves? All of the above?" The blonde perked a thin eyebrow at Sam and Sarah, as she set the partially eaten burger onto a napkin so she could wipe the bun-seeds from her joggers. "Please tell me its not goblins. I've had enough of those buggers to last me the rest of my life." Sam Winchester Sam snatched the burger back from Rachel and shot her a possessive, but victorious look. He ruminated a little over her turning down Sara's offer.  He was pretty sure Rachel hadn't left Wallis' Place in over a week.  But everything had changed radically for his little sister.  Welcome to the strange new world of getting up five times a night to feed or change little Mari.  But it was a lot more than just caring for the little girl. Mari was riveting, and not just for Rachel and Cas, but for everyone.  It was fun just to look at her, and watch each and every little expression, giggle, and burp.  Those impossibly small, chubby little fingers were always on the move, and it was wondrous to let all five of Mari's fingers on a hand wrap themselves around one of Sammy's index fingers.  And then there was the love and wonderment reflected in the blue of the little girl's eyes - like she was constantly grateful and amazed to be alive here in this world.  The little girl was a joy and had become the center of attention around here, but it also meant Rachel's entire life and all her priorities had spun around the dial a few times.  Maybe she and Cas were just waiting here in Wallis' Place for that compass dial to find a direction.  And then there had been the betrayal that Sam had wrought on Rachel.  That was going to be awkward for a long, long time to come.  In fact, Sam considered it a sea change between himself and Rachel.  Never would anything be quite the same between them.  That unquestioning trust that Rachel had for Sam was gone, dashed on the rocks.  He was going to have to do what he could to rebuild that trust, but she would always harbor some doubt where Sam was concerned.  How could she not?  It was the life of her baby that Sam had jeopardized.    Sam managed a grin for Sarah.  "If Rachel's going to stay here, maybe I will too.  Maybe I can help with Mari if help is needed."  He smiled genuinely for his sister before turning his thoughts to their new case.  "Well, like Sarah was saying, we need to get on the road south.  I was thinking we could start the road trip tomorrow."  He tried to read the reaction in Rachel's eyes, but her poker face was unreadable.  Would she be able to leave the security blanket of Wallis' Place?  Sam finished off the cheeseburger, but pushed his plate, which was still half full of fries towards Rachel.  "We'll take Highway 71 south through Fayetteville.  If we leave mid-day, we might get to Fort Smith or Mena by nightfall.  We can hold up in our usual Bed Bug Motel and then get into Shreveport by early afternoon the next day."  It was about a nine or ten hour drive from Kansas City to Shreveport, which normally they would just pound out with an occasional stop for gasoline, cheese puffs, and soda pop, but having a baby along changed everything.  They'd need to take it a little slower. "There's a vampire bar just outside Shreveport called Fangtasia."  The responding aghast look from Rachel warranted an explanation.  "They do things differently down there, Rach.  Louisianans sort of accept vampires.  Like alligators, mosquitos, and hurricanes.  Its just something you learn to live with, I guess." He shrugged.  "We'll get to Fangtasia in time, but Bobbie wants to first meet up with us in a small town about 20 miles away, a place called Bon Temps.  We're supposed to meet him at 5:30 pm, two days from now at a bar and grill on the outskirts of town.  Something big is going down -  either an antidote to vampirism or some potion that makes people into vampires.  Bobbie wasn't exactly sure, but he'll have more information for us when we get to Bon Temps."  Now that he'd relinquished the fries to her, they suddenly looked tastier.  So he stole three of them from her and jammed all of them into his mouth.  Talking through the fries, he inquired, "Are you up for this, sis?  And what about Cas?" {{Written by Rachel Winchester and Castiel}} Vampires. The blonde Winchester could remember her first Vampire hunt well; considering that it had been her first. Dean and their father had taught her well, well enough to make sure that she survived the hunt and lived to hunt another day. Rachel had proven to her small family that night that she was not the vulnerable girl they had often thought her to be. She was just as strong and just as capable as her older brothers. After that hunt, there had been no more staying behind in the car or back at the motel to wait for them. Rachel stood proudly beside her family and watched their backs as they watched hers. After their father's death, the young blonde trusted in both of her older brothers even more to make sure that she was kept alive. She trusted in Dean to lead the way. She trusted in Sam that he would always do right by her. However, the strong and almost unbreakable trust that she and Sam shared, the trust that had taken twenty-two years to build and develop was long gone. It was dead, thanks to a portion of big brotherly betrayal. There had been every chance that they would have lost Mari forever, thanks to Sam and his decision to give into the goblin's demands and simply hand over Rachel's unborn baby to Lilith. It was Sam's fault that Rachel did not feel a motherly connection to her daughter. If only the middle Winchester sibling had just allowed nature to take its course, allowed Rachel to give birth naturally, then maybe she would feel like a proper mom instead of just a stand-in. Maybe, she wouldn't feel as compelled to take on the case. "I'm in." Rachel announced, before she popped a chip into her mouth. She couldn't bring herself to really smile at her older brother. Instead, she simply offered him a small and forced one. Sam's betrayal had completely destroyed her trust in him, but he was still her brother and one of the third that made up the deadly force that was the Winchester siblings. Rachel still wanted to smash her fist into his face for putting her daughter in that kind of danger, but that would possibly destroy the very thin connection that kept the two of them together. "But, Mari is staying with me." She couldn't trust Sam to watch over her daughter, not yet. Not even for two minutes whilst she jumped in the shower. That responsibility lay with either Cas or Dianna. The main wooden door that was the entrance to Wallis' Place swung open as the Angel known as Castiel struggled to make his way into the main bar area, a look of stress was etched into the fine details of his face. He did not care for the rather odds looks that he had received from drivers as he had made his way down the dirt track. He desired nothing more than to return to the bar, return to Rachel and their daughter.  Mari's entrance into the world may not have been the most traditional, but that did not prevent the fallen Angel from falling in love with his baby daughter the very instant he watched her open those big, beautiful eyes - her mother's eyes. The moment he first cradled Mari in his arms, Castiel could have happily returned to Heaven an ecstatic Angel. His brothers and sisters had kindly lifted the bounty that they had placed upon his head, and he was no longer a condemned Angel for impregnating a human female; however, he was no longer welcome in Heaven. Not that he cared much for the place he once called home. To Castiel, as long as he was with Rachel and Mari, he was home. It did not bother the Angel that his angelic abilities were quickly diminishing, that he was slowly becoming human. Rocking his daughter to sleep at night, falling asleep and waking up next to Rachel put everything into perspective. But, to know that Rachel struggled with her feelings towards Mari upset him. Castiel had believed that the bond between a mother and her daughter was so strong it was practically unbreakable, but Rachel's bond with their daughter seemed to be hanging on a piece of very thin string in great danger of snapping. True, the Angel knew that his beloved would never let any harm befall Mari, and that Rachel would protect the baby girl with her very life, but he still could not help but worry. The young Winchester woman was not as tuned to Mari as Castiel found himself to be. She would not awaken when their daughter cried during the dark hours of the night, nor did she understand that Mari needed almost all of their attention. Other than his worries, Castiel felt as if his new human life could not be any better. The fallen Angel was starting to feel normal and accepted within the hunting society. Even sitting down at the bar and eating with Sam, Dianna, Nate and Sarah was such a joy. There was still much for Castiel to learn, such as driving a car. What if Mari or Rachel needed medical attention? With his angelic abilities diminishing, he could no longer heal humans, or his daughter. They could not solely rely on Dianna for her medical expertise, or Dean and Sam to drive them to the nearest hospital. With his new fatherhood, Castiel understood that he now held new responsibilities to his family, and that his friends held high expectations for him. The Angel wanted to make sure that he did not disappoint. Until he learnt to drive a car, Castiel had no choice but to take the public bus. The twenty-minute ride in the metal vehicle, occupied by around thirty people was not the highlight of his day. However, Mari needed a constant supply of diapers and milk formula, and with Rachel still too scared to take their daughter from the safety of Wallis' Place after the episode with Lilith and her goblin entourage, the fallen Angel felt obligated to take the daily journey into the city centre. The bus driver kindly allowed Castiel to alight from the vehicle just a few moments walk from the parking lot of his destination. With a bargain bag of newborn diapers in one hand, and a paper-bag with two tins of milk formula in the other, he walked down the dusty road with a smile upon his face and a light skip in his step. He was only moments away from being reunited with his small family again. Making sure that he did not disturb the salt line that ran along the bottom of the main door, Castiel stepped into the familiar bar area of Wallis' Place. The smell of Dianna's famous avocado burgers filled the air, as did the sound obvious giggling of two lovers having been reunited after a week apart. Dean was back. Everyone would start to feel rather safe with the eldest Winchester sibling's strong presence around them once more. The sight of the small group of hunters at the bar brought a wider smile to Castiel's lips. Nate and Sarah both held utter happiness and contentment in their eyes. Rachel's face held the spark of cheekiness as she consumed what was obviously her brother's burger, and Sam's features held a slight disappointment. The fallen Angel immediately understood that the group's small and well needed break had come to an abrupt end. His thoughts immediately went to his daughter, who was obviously asleep in their borrowed clinic room. What would happen to her? Mari was far too young to start travelling and living the life of a hunter. "Vampire case down south." Rachel couldn't help the smile that crossed her face the moment she laid eyes upon Castiel. Their relationship was finally back to how it should have been, and for that, she was glad. But, she knew the look that now rested on his features, his worry for their daughter. She knew how her Angel felt regarding their lifestyle now that they had a small sprog in tow. However, that did not stop the blonde-haired Winchester from feeling as if it were her duty to accompany her brothers and the rest of the gang. "You in?" Castiel placed his shopping down on top of the bar as he turned to gaze upon his beloved. He made his way over to the group, and wrapped an arm across Rachel's shoulder before he pressed a gentle kiss to the top of her head. He was happy to be back, to see that everything was how it should be. The memories of Rachel lying bloodied and beaten, propped up against the bar as a goblin cowered over her remained etched within his memories. That was a day the Angel wished he could erase and start over again. He never should have let Rachel travel back to the bar alone. He should have gone with her. His blue orbs settled upon Sam Winchester, and almost immediately, the fallen Angel felt the urge to smite the man for his actions towards his younger sister and his niece. However, if Rachel felt just the tiniest spark of forgiveness within her, Castiel knew that he would do nothing to harm the middle sibling. "Wherever you go, I shall follow." He smiled down at Rachel, momentarily forgetting about Sam's betrayal. Sam Winchester Cas' entrance on the scene in Wallis' Place completed the old gang.  Everybody was here now, everyone who was still alive, that is.  Rachel and Cas were smiling and saying nothing derogatory or accusatory towards Sam, but hidden behind a veil of lighthearted hunter banter, he was detecting an icyness towards him, hints of which could be seen in their eyes.  Of course he deserved it.  And more.  Sam couldn't really comprehend what it would be like to be a parent, but he suspected that if he did ever have a kid, anyone or anything that threatened his child would quickly be enshrined on his permanent shit list, and at or near the top of said list.  He stopped jacking fries from what was now Rachel's plate and turned his thoughts toward the vampire case in which they'd all be neck deep in a few days. "We'll need supplies.  Vampire stuff, like Holy water, crucifixes, wooden stakes, and crossbows.  I've got a box of shotgun shells loaded with wooden pellets, but it would be good to load another box or three.  Don't wanna run out."  Shotgun shells with wooden pellets were not the sort of thing you could just go down to your nearest Sportsmen's Warehouse of Walmart and purchase.  They'd have to make their own.  "As a matter of fact, I'll work on that before hitting the hay tonight."  He looked to his brother, "Dean, I think we have at least one crossbow and a few stakes in the trunk of the Impala.  Maybe on our way out of town we can make a stop at that Hunting and Fishing Outlet store that's just down the road.  We can pick up some wooden arrows.  We can probably buy crucifixes at a truck stop."  They were in the Bible Belt, and the closer they got to Louisiana, the more likely they were to find religious icons of all kinds just about anywhere.  But then there was the matter of Holy water.  Like shotgun shells with wooden pellets, Holy water was a specialty item not readily available.  "Then we'll have to find a church."  They would enter and pretend to make penance or to pray at the altar.  But in reality, they'd be there for the express purpose of filling their vials from the Holy Aspersory, hopefully beyond the watchful eye of any priests.  Sam glanced towards Cas.  He didn't really know how Castiel, the Angel, would react to stealing Holy water from a church.  But he suspected he'd find out soon enough. "So do we have a plan?"  No one seemed to object, so Sam shrugged a mutual agreement for his friends and family.  "Then I'll start loading some shotgun shells."  Sam reached over the bar counter and used the tap to fill up a 16 ounce glass with Miller Genuine Draft, then he was off to the back room to gather the Cabela's shotgun shell reloader, wooden pellets, and wads.  


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Kansas City Here I Come

THIS BLOG AND THE PAGE IT WAS ON WAS HACKED AND DELETED.  BUT DIANNA HAD EVERYTHING BACKED UP, SO HERE AND IN THE FOLLOWING POSTS ARE THE FIRST 100,000+ WORDS OF THE STORY OOC: Starter written by Dianna Remington and Dean Winchester. It was Saturday night, so it was incredibly busy at Wallis' Place. All six serving bots were whirring and rolling from table to table taking drink orders and then waiting by the bar for Nate to mix the drinks and place them on the trays latched to the top of the bots. Dianna smoozed among the crowd flirting with the men and commiserating with the women and always keeping the booze flowing. Her sister, Sami, was wending her way through the tables doing much the same thing as Dianna did. Three other cocktail waitresses were also frantically busy. Nate's hands flew behind the bar as he expertly tossed, dashed and poured every drink to palate perfection. Two serving bots kept pace with each waitress returning to the bar on command. Sami glanced at them occasionally, her pride in them evident in each glance. The bots were her babies, and she knew they were fabulous. The bots had been a house warming gift when the club opened from Sami to her sister and brother-in-law, Jack Wallis. The bots worked well and had been an immediate hit drawing customers from all over the city and towns around. There were frequently hunters from Lawrence, Ks and even some from Topeka who came here regularly to recuperate and have some fun before the next hunt. Dianna had heard that Topeka was infested even worse than KC. She had been on a few hunts in the smaller city and was forced to agree. A quarrel broke out at a nearby table. Hunters were passionate people, and they played as hard as they worked. Their violent occupation guaranteed that many of the quarrels between hunters became physical. Because of this Dianna had a strict no fists policy. They did not have to give up their weapons until and unless they drew them. At that point they were given two choices: Give up the weapon or leave. Dianna, Sami and Nate were all fully capable of enforcing that rule, and none of them hesitated to do so when necessary. Dianna was the closest one to this quarrel so it would be up to her to intervene. This was a spat betwen husband and wife. The husband, Nick, had a nasty temper and Dianna didn't much like the man. He slapped his wife's face hard and Dianna moved.  She closed the distance between herself and the hot headed hunter in under a second. A quick flick of her wrist and his ear was firmly ensconced between her fingers. "Ow! Dammit, Dianna let go!" Nick whined. "What's the matter, Nick? Can't take a little of your own crap?" Dianna twisted and Nick went to his knees on the floor. Every eye in the place was now glued to him. Nate was grinning and slowly shaking his head. Sami leaned against the bar. She too was grinning. The expression on Dianna's face was deadly serious. Dianna glanced up at Nick's wife. "Rita, why do you put up with this motard? No man's dick is that special!" She twisted harder and Nick groaned. Dianna returned her attention to the immobile man at her feet. "You know better than to start shit here, Nick." Dianna lowered her face to within inches of his. "So here are your choices, Asshole. I can let go of you, and you can leave quietly OR I can beat you unconscious, and don't think the little black dress and heels will inhibit me." A hunter at a neighboring table snorted and laughed. He had turned in his chair to watch the unfolding mini-drama and was very amused by Nick's self- inflicted dilemma. "I'm betting on the red head." He told his companion who was sporting a lop sided grin as he too watched Nick's discomfort. The two weren't regulars at Wallis' Place but Dianna recognized them both. They had shown up at her clinic a week earlier and she had stitched them both up. She didn't ask what had clawed them. She never asked. She recognized the wounds she treated anyway and usually didn't need to ask. Both men smiled at her, and it was all she could do not to grin back. She wondered if they were back to get their stitches removed. Some hunters routinely pulled their own stitches rather than take the time to come back for that. She was inordinately glad to see them though. The taller of the two had caught her sister, Sami's, attention while the other (who was his older brother it turned out) had the kind of handsome face that made Dianna breathless in a way that she hadn't been since Jack's death. Nick was furious but helpless. "Fine, I'm outta here. Just let me go and I'll leave." Dianna twisted just a bit more to make her point before letting go. He rose to his feet rubbing his sore ear. He started to raise a fist and several hunters came to their feet including the two new ones. Nate dropped his rag on the bar, and Sami came erect her arms unfolding. Nick thought better of it and dropped his hands to his side. "You coming or not, Rita?" He demanded. Rita sighed and threw her hands up in resignation. She stood, grabbed one of her husband's arms and hauled him to the exit. Several of the hunters applauded as the couple left. Two or three hooted at the humiliated hunter. Dianna looked at the hunters who were still on their feet. "Next round is on the house for every hunter on his or her feet!" She shouted. The standing hunters cheered. Everyone else applauded good naturedly, and Nate took note of all of the ones on their feet and started setting up their drinks. Dianna's occasional spontaneous generosity made her customers very loyal, and it quickly and easily changed the atmosphere from charged and angry to celebratory again. The noise returned to it's normal loud thrumming as the serving bots delivered the free booze to the happy recipients. Dianna winked and smiled at the handsome hunter who would have wagered on her. "You would have won your bet." "I always win my bets." He smiled and returned her wink. Sami approached the table with a tray. She wasn't letting the bots wait on this table. She deposited a pitcher of beer, two frosted mugs and two shots of aged scotch whiskey before the men. Sami smiled her brightest smile at the tall gorgeous one. Dianna walked back to the bar and signaled Nate. He poured a shot of Crown Royal whiskey and slid the glass to her, then he turned and snagged a folder setting beside the silent police scanner. Dianna drank the shot and opened the folder to stare once again at the newspaper clippings inside. Several hunters had volunteered to take this case, but Dianna wasn't giving this job away. This monster's victims were all children. She wasn't going to count on anyone else to kill it. She had never encountered a monster like this before. Neither had any other hunter that had read this case. She had a theory, but it seemed too crazy put a voice to so she kept it to herself for now. It even seemed crazy to her, but it was the only thing that fit the pattern, the lore. "A case?" The rich baritone washed over her unexpectedly and Dianna jumped and closed the folder. His bright green eyes stared steadily into her own as he awaited her response. "Yes, it's a case." He reached around her for the folder. "Do you mind if I look?" She wondered what conclusions he would draw from the articles. "Suit yourself." she raised her hands from the folder and he picked it up and flipped it open. He frowned as he read the first article. He had walked over with his beer mug in his hand. Now he set the mug on the bar and perched on one of the stools to read the second article. Dianna told Nate to bring her the CR bottle and another shot glass. She filled both shot glasses and pushed one to the handsome hunter. There was one more article. He read it but looked puzzled as he closed the folder and handed it back to her. "So what do you think?" she asked. He drank the whiskey, and Dianna refilled their glasses. "Children disappear and their bleached skeletons are showing up only a few days after each kid disappears." Dean tossed off the next shot and shuddered. "First of all there is only one way to bleach bones that cleanly. You have to boil them." "I know that. I'm a doctor. The question is: What is doing this and why?" "No. The question is: What is doing this, and how can we kill it?" Dianna gazed into his eyes silently. He returned her stare unflinchingly, and she finally spoke. "I have a theory, and I will need a team, but this is my hunt. We do it my way. If you have a problem with that, then you're not invited." Dean held his hands up in mock surrender. "Fine. It's your hunt, but there is no way I'm not hunting a monster that targets children. So what's your theory?" "What did you say your name was? I'm Dianna." Dianna stuck out her right hand. "Dean." He lingered a bit when he shook her hand. "So what's your theory?" "It's going to sound bat guano crazy." "Yeah, well every theory in this line of work sounds bat guano crazy. So you might as well just spit it out." Dianna poured them each another shot and downed hers. "Goblins." "Excuse me. Did you say Goblins?" Dean's hand froze with the amber liquid half way to his mouth. He furrowed his brow and looked at her. "Goblins?" "I told you it would sound crazy." The shot glass finished it's journey to Dean's lips and he gulped it down. "Mind telling me why you think it's Goblins?" "Because the bones are found so clean. The authorities are looking for a human serial killer, but they don't know what they are actually looking at, let alone what they're looking for." Dianna poured them each another shot and continued her explanation. "Goblins live in underground nests, and every couple of centuries they come out of their hibernation to feed and to procreate. They stay above ground for a few weeks to a few months depending on the size of the nest. If we don't find them and kill them before they go back into hibernation then the nest just grows bigger so that the next time around......" Dianna's voice trailed away. "So why do they target children, and what are they doing with them exactly?" "Goblins are small. So are children. They are easier to hunt. Goblins must eat human flesh to survive, and the lore says they like it boiled." Dean groaned out loud. It figured that there would be a nest of monsters who liked to eat children. He almost regurgitated the scotch. He closed his eyes for a brief moment and rubbed his forehead. "So just how big do you think this nest is?" "I don't know." "Ok then. How do we track them?" "I don't know." "But you do know how we kill them right?" "I don't know that either." Dean snorted and shook his head."Well you seem to have gotten off to a great start with 'your' hunt. What DO you know?" "I know that they CAN be killed, and I know that we have to kill all of them. If even one survives it can build a new colony." "How can just one survivor rebuild a colony?" "Apparently they're asexual." "I don't even want to know how you know that when you don't even know how to kill the things." Dean shuddered again. "I might know someone who can tell us how to track them and kill them." Dean dug his cell phone from his pocket and flipped it open. "Bobby! What do you know about goblins?" Sarah Four years ago Sarah Walker was a typical college student. She knew nothing about the supernatural world blissfully in the dark. All this was altered by the death of her twin sister Sidney. It changed her. Loss has a way of doing that she supposed. It was this event that introduced her to paranormal and led her into the lonely life of a hunter. Sidney was not only her best friend but her roommate at the University of Tennessee. They did everything together until that fateful day. She came home to find her sister's body lying on the floor of their dorm room. The police ruled it a suicide. They didn't even investigate the matter. There apparently was no evidence of foul play. Sarah couldn't let go. She needed answers. She needed to know the truth.  The truth was far worse than anything she ever could have imaged. This was her first case, but it was the only one she never solved. She couldn't return to a normal life after the things she learned. She needed to help people keep this from happening to them. There was a need burning deep within her to catch the thing that had taken her sister.  Every hunter has a story. This was hers. It was one she didn't talk about. It was a painful wound that never healed.  It was in the past where it should stay. For now she needed a break from life on the road. This is what brought her to Wallis's Place. It was a bar for hunters. It would allow her to stay in the loop. It would allow her to feel needed and maybe for once have a bit of real human interaction with people that understood the life. She stood in the door way looking around the club with her back pack slung over her shoulder dressed in a pair of old jeans and black halter top. There was no need for fancy attire. These were all hunters here. Everyone prepared to throw down at a moment's notice. The place was exactly what she expected except for the serving bots. This was a new one on her.  A smile crept across her face as she saw a red head breaking up a fight. The woman had brought the man to his knees pinning his arm behind his back. She took in a deep breath and made her way over to the bar. A handsome man behind the counter was wiping out a couple of glasses. "I'm looking for Dianna Remington," she sat her bag down against the bar. It didn't occur she had already seen the woman. Sam Winchester The blond waitress had caught Sam Winchester's eye.  He'd grinned somewhat shyly at her when she seemed to return his glance.  But it was Dean - not Sammy - who attracted the women like blow flies to a pile of shit.  Dean was at the bar right now with a redhead that Sam was pretty sure owned or managed Wallis' Place.  She was a doctor, too - ran the clinic for hunters.  She'd stitched both of the Winchester brothers up just the other day after they'd had a close encounter of the demony kind back in Lawrence.  The stitches in Sam's back itched in a place he couldn't reach.  But that was the story of his life - itches he couldn't scratch. Sam downed the shot of Scotch and relished the burn down his throat.  The redhead had said the next round was on the house.  Sammy kind of hoped the blonde would be the one to take his order, but as fate would have it, it was one of those creepy robot servers that came rolling up to him, blinking its R2D2 eyes at him.  They were kinda cute, but Sam didn't like them.  Not at all. Machines were supposed to be things like cars, cash registers, and guns.  They whir to life when you turn a key, punch a few buttons, or pull a trigger.  They do their jobs mindlessly when called upon, and then go back to being just things until they're needed again.  But these robots were like little beasties.  They seemed to think all on their own.  Sammy had seen way too many movies and read way too many science fiction novels where the machines become sentient - smarter than the people and then decide they no longer want to be slaves.  Those stories always end badly for the humans. Sam patted the little robot on the head and, without ordering, got up with his Miller Genuine Draft in hand and walked to the juke box, which was a nice, silent machine, obliviously waiting for some human to slip a quarter or three into its maw and punch some buttons, which Sammy intended to do.  The juke box didn't roll along on the floor or blink its mechanical eyes at you, which was as it should be. With one hand on the edge of the glass top of the machine, Sam read the available song titles.  A grin appeared on his face as he went down the list - this was pure, unadulterated hunter music -nothing newer than about 1995.  Rollings Stones, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Springsteen, Lynard Skynard, Boston, and the Doobie Brothers, among others.  Sam Winchester slipped three quarters into the coin slot and punched the letter/numeral codes for Bob Seger's Mainstreet, Lynard Synard's Sweet Home Alabama, a song by Neil Young entitled The Needle and the Damage Done, and a couple of songs by Foreigner.  Sam pressed the start button and the the first song was cued up.  It was electronic though, none of this big collection of 45s inside the machine, with the mechanical hand that reached out, grabbed the vinyl record and placed it on a turntable.  Sam was old-fashioned in a lot of ways, but he didn't yearn for the dark ages of technology.  And he did like his computer and his cell phone.    Sam turned around and leaned into the jukebox as Seger started in on his lyrical lament: "I remember standing on the corner at midnight Trying to get my courage up There was this long lovely dancer in a little club downtown I loved to watch her do her stuff Through the long lonely nights she filled my sleep Her body softly swaying to that smoky beat Down on mainstreet." Sammy sipped on his beer as he gazed around the bar.  He liked this place. Rachel Winchester '... We're halfway there. Oh, living on a prayer! Take my hand, we'll make it, I swear. Oh, living on a prayer!' Rachel Mary Winchester's all-time favourite Bon Jovi classic blared through the speakers of the little banged-up car, that she had borrowed with no intention of returning, as she tore down the dark, empty road. Her hands, that bore many ugly pink scars, tapped the drum beat against the steering wheel as the blonde sang the lyrics at the top of her voice. She could never sing in tune, nor could she hold a note; not that she cared. There was nobody else in her car to tell her to shut up, or make any sarcastic comments that mentioned the words 'broken violin' or 'strangled cat'. There had once been a time, not too long ago, where the blonde Winchester sibling had been sat in the backseat of the infamous Impala, playing the air-drums as both she and her eldest brother, Dean Winchester, had sung along to that very song. It had become 'their' song, which was too bad for Sam and his chill-out Country and Classics. Thoughts of her two brothers brought a small tear to Rachel's bright blue eyes. They had become seperated a couple of days previously; which was a very rare thing to happen to the small Winchester family. Rachel had racked her brain every night trying to figure out exactly how that had happened. There had been a small, but victorious, hunt, quite a few shots of Whiskey and Tequila at a bar .. And the rest of the night was long forgotten. A blur, if you will. The memories of the following morning, however, would remain lodged within Rachel's brain for the rest of her life, or until she perfected an effective way to scrub her brain with a metal scouring pad without killing herself. He was unshaven, dirty and stank of sweat, bio and vomit. His snore seemed to rattle the single-paned window of his tiny, dark and miserable room. The sheets on his bed felt, and smelt, like they hadn't been washed in months. Regret and embarassment kicked in before her hangover. A quick glance under the sheet revealed the one thing that Rachel had been dreading; two very naked bodies. What on Earth had possessed her to go home with such a slob? What the Hell had been in those shots? She had hoped to God that both of her older brother's had been way to drunk, or occupied, to notice the state of her one-night-stand. She would never hear the end of it. If that morning hadn't been bad enough, as she had tried to quietly leave the apartment, Rachel had bumped into her one-night-stand's mother! The Walk Of Shame back to the motel had been mortifying. How much had she drunk the night before? 'Never leave the group.' It had been an unwritten, and unspoken, rule between her, Sam and Dean for whenever they celebrated a victorious hunt with a few shots. Had she actually told them where she was going? For the entire twenty-minute walk, the blonde Winchester's pale face had been uncharacteristically red. Had either of her brother's tried to contact her, at all? The second Rachel had pulled her cell out of her jacket pocket, she had regretted her actions. Almost twenty missed phone calls, and four voice-mail messages from Dean! "Nice catch, sis! I've seen better looking demons!" "Rach, Rach, Rach! This has gotta be a joke, right? I mean, look at him!" "Did you seriously go back to his place with him?! Bet you twenty bucks that the dude still lives with his mom!" Hearing her eldest brother's drunken slurring had brought a chuckle out of her. Dean always made a prat of himself whenever he drank Tequila. He could never have just the one, either. "I owe you twenty bucks." Rachel had muttered to herself, as she began to listen to the last of the voice-mails.. "Rachel, its Dean. I got you a cell for a reason. Me and Sammy are out of town for a while. The motel has been booked for another night. Make your way to a Hunter's bar called Wallis' Place in Missouri, Kansas. Call me when you get this." Family meant almost the entire world to Rachel Winchester; most probably around 97% of her world - chocolate made up the last 3%. There had once been a time where she would have done anything for her disfunctional family. She would have killed for her absent father, died for her two brothers, even dealt with a Cross-Road demon to bring her mother from her grave. How could they just leave and abandon her? Dean had not mentioned that they would be returning anytime soon to pick her up either. How did he honestly expect her to travel to Kansas without transport? As much as she loved, adored and worshipped her brothers, they could be a total pain in the ass. Okay, so the beaten-up banger she was driving was technically stolen. Rachel's criminal record was almost as long as her arm. Another conviction wasn't going to do much more damage. It was most probably abandoned anyway, judging by the state of it. Nobody had bothered to tend to her 'new' car for a long while. The interior fabric was ripped and growing mould, the brakes were a little loose and the handbrake was on its last legs. The little annoying, nagging voice at the back of her mind, known as Comman Sense, kept telling the blonde Winchester that it was probably a bad idea to drive so fast. However, Rachel had learnt from a young age that Comman Sense could be drowned out by blasting Bon Jovi through the car speakers at full volume.. 'We gotta hold on to what we've got It doesn't make a difference if we make it or not We got each other and that's a lot For love we'll give it a shot!' 888888888 Rachel really should have listened to that little annoying voice known as Common Sense. A thick cloud of grey smoke rose from the bonnet of the beaten-up car and the engine was chugging loudly as she pulled into the Wallis' Place parking lot. She had even blown the speakers a good five-miles back. At least she gave it's final legs a last good run. Her bright blue eyes were immediately drawn to Dean's black Impala, parked so awkwardly that it took over two parking spots. The temptation to drag a blade across the paintwork on the driver's side door was there; payback for leaving her behind. However, Rachel thought better of it. Dean would destroy her. A slight commotion grabbed a hold of the blonde Winchester's attention. Her eyes scanned the dark parking lot, until her gaze landed on a middle-aged couple, the woman looking highly embarrassed and the man looking slightly intoxicated. He stumbled over his feet as he obviously attempted to walk in a straight line. "Everytime we come here, Nick!" The woman almost screeched at her partner. Her walking was a little more steadier than his. "You have to humiliate me in front of everyone! We can never have a quiet drink when you're around!" Rachel couldn't help but put two and two together, and come up with the conclusion that this 'Nick' guy's actions had gotten the pair removed from the bar. Getting oneself kicked out of a Hunter's bar was humiliating. The snort of laughter that fell from her lips as she walked past the couple did not go unnoticed by Nick. "What the Hell do you think you're laughing at, missy?" He slurred, almost stumbling as he quickly turned around to glare at her. A small smirk graced the blonde Winchester's features as her blue eyes regarded the man swaying dangerously before her. Whatever did his partner see in him? He obviously had a drinking problem and a bad temper. Her parents had probably warned her about men like him; bet she regretted not listening to their warnings and taking their advice now. "Obivously, nothing much." Rachel gently flicked her long blonde hair across her shoulder casually. "Aren't you a little young to even think about going to bars?" Nick scowled, hesitantly taking a very wobbly step towards the blonde. She could smell the alcohol on his breath. A mixture, a cocktail maybe? Rachel screwed up her facial features a little, turning her head ever so slightly in a vain attempt to get away from the fowl, overbearing stench. "Why don't you turn that fine ass of yours around, and go home to play with your dolls, little girl." The urge to beat Nick to a bloody pulp fell over Rachel. She could feel her fingers itching to grasp the handle of the recently sharpened blade she kept hidden inside her jacket. Had he seriously been checking her out, in front of his partner? "The guys in there are too butch for you, sweetcheeks. They'll tear you apart." Was he mocking her? Sure, she was short - only five-foot two - and she did have somewhat of a babyface, but that meant nothing. Rachel knew within herself that she was a good Hunter. Her brothers and those whom she allowed close to her knew that as well. She played by the rules, only breaking them when the situation allowed for it. The drunken man standing in front of her obviously thought he was the Bees-Knees, the hunter among hunters. The blonde Winchester had a pretty good feeling that she had seen and killed the monsters that he begged his wife to check under the bed for every night. It was men like him who gave hunters a bad reputation. Instead of beating the guy into a coma, the blonde Winchester smiled a playful, yet polite smile at Nick, baring her white teeth as she did. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind, Nick." She spoke smartly, with a little acid in her voice, as she turned to head into the building, turning her back on the couple and leaving them behind in the darkness of the parking lot. The atmosphere as she entered the building was different to the other hunter bars Rachel had graced with her presence. The customers seemed to be a lot happier, a lot more relaxed and a lot more talkative. Nobody seemed huddled in a dark corner, nursing a double Whiskey or Scotch or giving anyone that entered the bar a look that made that person feel as welcome as a bull in a China shop. Every customer seemed to be merry, slightly intoxicated but harmless. No wonder Dean had told her to come here; the bar was amazing! Rachel didn't feel out of place either. Unlike many of the other hunter bars, there were a few female punters sitting at tables with their male spouses, friends and hunting buddies. The presence of the bots did confuse the blonde Winchester sibling a little. What were their purpose here? They looked too perfect to have been a quick knock-up invention of an elderly hunter. Were they, waiting on the customers? Rachel's blue eyes scanned every face she could see. Being shorter than the average person her age, she did have to stand on her toes to get a better view. She seemed to be the youngest person in the building, not that it phased her. Her dress code was possibly a little different than everyone else's; wearing a pair or leather trousers under knee-high boots and a plain dark navy T-Shirt with a V-neck whilst everyone else seemed to be wearing their hunting jeans and checkered shirts did make her feel a little odd. It shocked her a little that nobody paid attention to her attire. She recieved plenty of friendly smiles instead. A relaxed smile graced Rachel's lips as she started to feel a little more at ease within the building and its occupants. Casually, the blonde wove her way through the heaving crowd towards the bar, deciding that it was probably rude to search for her older brothers without buying a drink or two first. After all, she could use a stiff drink after the last couple of days. Sarah Nate smiled at the pretty brunette and pointed to the other end of the bar where Dianna sat with Dean talking about the case. Nate was a thorough man though. Since the newcomer had asked for his boss by name, Nate decided to point her out to Dianna as well. He slid a fresh bottle of Crown Royal to her and she looked up at him as she caught it. He pointed to the young woman in front of him. Dianna nodded and gestured at the girl to join her. She grabbed her backpack and walked down the length of the bar. Dianna held out her right hand. "I'm Dianna Remington. What can I do for you?" On close inspection the pretty young woman seemed careworn. She had a familiar haunted look in her eyes. Dianna recognized it because she had felt the burn out herself. This woman was seeking a refuge of sorts. Dianna had allowed hunters to spend a night on a clinic bed when they needed to, but in this case she suspected that wouldn't do. He was a man after her own heart. She could use a drink right about now. The last several hours on the road had been long ones. They had given her time to think.  There was something about Nate's dark brown eyes that caused her to hesitate. It simply just caught her attention. "Thanks," she flipped her hair back out of her face and slung her back pack over her shoulder. Despite her fatigue she still managed to flash him a flirtatious smile before heading down the bar to meet the red head. "Sarah Walker," she reached out shaking the woman's hand. The back pack fell to the floor next the bar stool. "I was looking for a job heard you might be hiring. I waited a few tables and mixed a few drinks in my day," she took a seat across from Dianna. Then began to pour both of them a drink. She grabbed hers and downed it in one shot, "look the thing is I just need off the road a little while but I don't want to be out of the loop. You know what I mean." She motioned towards all the people throughout the room. They both knew what she meant. A bar full of hunters was a den full of information. They all discussed the cases they were on when they were passing through. There was nothing to hide here, no false pretenses. Everyone here knew about the supernatural and hunting. They all knew what it was like to work a case or lose a loved one.  She ran her fingers through her hair. "I can even sweep, mop, and even bounce a few surlies. There is nothing you can throw at me I can't handle," she ran her finger tip along her. The things she had seen and done in her line of work had been rough. There was nothing that could occur at the bar that would surprise her. She glanced down the bar at Nate curious what his story was. Perhaps she could learn more about him if she got to hang around, but for now she turned her focus back to Dianna awaiting her decision. 


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Mad World Part 1

THIS BLOG AND THE PAGE IT WAS ON WAS HACKED AND DELETED.  BUT DIANNA HAD EVERYTHING BACKED UP, SO HERE (AND IN THE FOLLOWING POSTS) ARE THE FIRST 38,750 WORDS OF THE STORY.  IT THEN CONTINUES IN THE BLOG COMMENTS, READING TOP TO BOTTOM.  THE STORY CONTINUES IN THE MAD WORLD PART 2 BLOG. Faith The case in Coldwater had drawn to a close. The next one would be waiting just around the corner. The work of a hunter was never ending.  There was always something waiting in the wings. Evil threatening the lives of the innocent. In the morning they would begin to look searching for signs of the unordinary, tonight though was time for a bit of down time to think about something other than monsters. It was a time for personal time. The group was divided. Rachel had gone out for the night. They assumed to blow off a little steam. This line of work could be hard. Sam had settled into his room alone claiming to be tired.  There was more to it than that. He was still hurting from a recent case. He had met a phenomenal woman who had changed his world. There was a unique bond between the two of them, but she was gone now having to return home. It felt he was in mourning afraid he never see her again.  A part of him was missing now but it wasn't something he could explain to the others.  He had kept these emotions to himself. Dean and Faith were in their hotel room trying to unwind.  The couple had settled in watching a Jack Nicholson movie. Although it was one of his favorites, it was really just an excuse to cuddle up together. Faith lay there with her head on his shoulder staring at the screen his arms wrapped around her, her body draped over his.  There was such comfort there in his arms she was afraid that she was about to doze off.  "Beer. Babe you want one," she popped up slipping off the bed to make her way over to the mini fridge. The door swung open only to reveal that it was devoid of contents.  She looked back at him with a frown on her face. "There is a station across the street. I'll go grab us a six pack be back before he gets his axe on," a smiling gracing her lips once more as she nodded towards the tv. "Or we could just ditch the flick. I could give you a real show, " she tugged her boots on. She glanced up at him with a raised eyebrow and a playful smile on her lips. Grabbing her jacket she was out the door. The trip to the store would give her a chance to wake up. She was tired but it was rare anymore they got any time alone together. The sky over head was beginning to dim, night was about to fall. She wandered down the walk way of the hotel towards the parking lot. The lights of the gas station began to flicker on lighting up in the distance. She reached in her pocket pulling out her cigarettes deciding to get a quick smoke in. Dean didn't care for it in the hotel room. A strange red headed woman walked past her. The chick's arm slammed in to hers, causing her to scowl. "Watch it," she shot a glance behind her at the woman walking towards the hotel.    Dianna Remington "Sorry..." Dianna mumbled distractedly. She still wasn't sure why she had agreed to come this far north. It wasn't like there weren't plenty of monsters in need of killing in her hometown, Kansas City. But it was a family thing. Her young cousin had called her out of the blue and asked her to come to Maine. There were some odd goings on she had told Dianna. By the time Dianna finally finished the case she was on and made it up to Coldwater the case had apparently been resolved by other hunters. Dianna was irritated at the thought of having come so far for nothing, but she was also glad to see a case resolved, as all hunters always were. Dianna had begged off from staying with her cousin. It wasn't due to any estrangement between the two women, but rather it was because Dianna was afraid she might bring monsters or demons to her family, and she refused to take the chance. So she had rented a room in a small cheap motel just outside of town. She was distracted by her thoughts as she made her way back to the tiny motel room. Her sister, Sami, was holding down the fort back home at Wallis' Place. It was unusual for Dianna to track a case alone. She had always insisted on the safety of pairs when hunting. She was a master in 12 martial art disclipines though and was confident in her abilities to take care of herself. There didn't seem to be anything left to investigate though, so she planned on heading out early to begin the drive back home. Dianna shifted the small bag that she held to her left hand as she walked past her Mustang. Three spaces down sat a classic Impala. She had admired the vehicle on her way to the convenience store across the way. The young woman with whom she had bumped arms was making her way to that store it seemed. She unlocked the door to room 103 and let herself in. She pulled a sixpack from the bag and dropped to the center of the bed with a weary sigh. She popped the tab on the first beer and pointed the remote control at the old tv across the room. Dianna flipped open her cell phone and dialed Sami's number Her sister answered almost immediately. "Hey, Sami. How's everything there?" Dianna smiled when Sami reassured that all was well at home then inquired about the case. "Nothing happened with the case. It was all over when I got here. Apparently some other hunters got an earlier alert. I'm heading home tomorrow morning. All right. See you when I get there." Sami disconnected and Dianna dropped her cell on the nightstand. Dianna finished her first beer in three long pulls and opened a second one then settled back to watch the7 o'clock news. The news item that got her attention and made her hand freeze on it's journey to her mouth. It was an oddity for sure. It seemed that people's pets were disappearing en masse in a particular neighborhood in the town next door. The anchorman stated that authorities believed the pets had been victims of animal attacks. Dianna would have nodded and ignored it but for one detail. The neighborhood also housed a small psychiatric hospital. She had seen too many cases spawn from such institutions, so she was unwilling to dismiss it without first investigating. Dianna dialed Sami's number once again. "I take it all back. I don't think I'm coming home tomorrow after all. In fact why don't you have Nate hold down the fort and come join me here." Dianna gave Sami the motel's address and her room number. Then she finished two more beers and went to sleep with a nice little buzz. Briana "The worms crawl in the worms crawl out" the little girl sang and laughed "they crawl up your stomach and out your mouth."  She toyed with the tail on her imaginary cat giggled again and went running off down the hallway, ducking behind open doors.  "Ready or not here I come!"   It was a game she played every night at exactly 8:03 pm in the lower level of the hospital, where it was believed to have been the exact time and place the young girl died.  Briana hiked her drab pale yellow night dress above her knees and scurried about looking for her best friend Pierre.  They had been slaying ugly fire breathing dragons earlier that day.  Princess Sunshine aka Briana as she was known at that time of the mornings dubbed her knight in shining armor, Sir Pierre as the bravest boy in all the land.  "Who are you?" the girl stopped suddenly.  "Come out!  Come out where ever you are, we have newcomer Pierre!" Bri jumped up and down squealing with excitement "we have a new friend!" Briana seemed to rule the roost of the idle wanderers in the hospital.  The ones that were stuck in this dimension, that couldn't get out and go on to the next level.  "You missed your train!" the young messy haired brunette gave her a Shirley Temple-esque pouty smile. "My puppy, have you seen my puppy?"  A sad freckled filled face with big blue eyes looked up at her "I've lost my puppy and can't go anywhere without him."  Briana's head tilted oddly to the side "A little cocker spaniel with hair the color of yours?  NO!"  She giggled just as oddly and her head turned sharply.  "Have not seen him."  She rather smugly pushed her nose into the air and walked past the girl eyeing her pink frilly dress and matching ballet style shoes.   Bri slipped her thumbnail between her teeth when she saw Pierre peeking from behind a heavy oaken door.  "Don't be shy Pierre!  This is our new friend, her name will be Annie."     Sir Pierre wandered sheepishly to the center of the room, his fingers pushed deep inside the pockets of his nickers.  "Oh it's a good name you've picked, nice to meet you Annie."   Although he was very tall and lanky, towering over the girls, his voice was boyish.  He would never disagree with Briana, or her personalities, he was as passive as they come.  "She likes your dress" his smile curved upward, only on the left side.  Pierre pulled his hand from his pocket and touched over the white lace on Annie's sleeve. "It's time to go they're coming" she announced abruptly, with a look of fear in her eyes, the playfulness always disappeared at this time.  Pierre took Annie away and Briana faded into an interior wall and watched.  It was 9pm, a patient was being wheeled on a gurney into the scary room.  Bri stepped quietly, not that her footsteps could be heard; she was a ghost but didn't quite understand what had happened to her.  Her fingertips rest against the small sill of the window to the door of the room, using them as leverage to hold herself in position.  It was the familiar girl, the one she could hear. Claudia Claudia had been fixated on the exterior of a tall, somewhat dilapidated building across the street from where she watching next to an oak tree. She pulled down the pair of binoculars she was using to spy on the hospital. This wasn't the first place that she wanted to be and when Mrs. Frederick insisted that Claudia be sent on this solo mission she was hoping that Artie would have put his foot down and said 'no. not going to happen'. Unfortunately it didn't happen despite Artie's deep look of sympathy. It became quite clear why the Regents wanted Claudia to come here. Her history often spoke for itself. Growing up, Claudia didn't have the easiest life. She lost her parents at an early age so for quite a few years it was just her and her older brother who took her under his care. However it took a turn for the worst when Joshua Donovan, Claudia's 19 year old brother began experimenting with teleportation. The experiment went wrong and for a good 8 years Joshua got stuck inbetween dimensions. Due to Claudia losing her guardian she went into foster homes for the rest of her childhood and then after seeing images of Joshua coming to her for the first time since the incident, Claudia had checked herself into a psychiatric hospital because she thought she was going crazy. During that time she swore to herself to track down Artie Nielson, the man responsible for the teleportation experiment going wrong to help her save her brother. This resulted in her hacking into the mainframe of the Warehouse where she now works. After breaking in she got Artie to help her, they saved Joshua via artifact and in order to stay alive Claudia agreed to work at the top-secret organization because she knew too much to remain a civilian. As a much beloved member of the Warehouse team, she became the tech geek for the group. She could hack into anything and even invent different items that became really useful. Handcuffs that sent out a 20,000 volt shock to whomever wore them, a Tesla Grenade and mini-Tesla. These items became useful towards anyone that became a problem. It would electrocute them and they would be passed out for a few minutes. These were just a couple of items that Claudia packed with her when she agreed to this mission. The problem is she had no idea who she was supposed to go talk to regarding her being there. Pulling her laptop out of her bag, (thank god for wireless internet) she turned it on and began pushing several buttons leading her into the main webpage of the psychiatric hospital she was watching from afar. She clicked a few more buttons to see if there was a way to shut down the security cameras so that breaking in would be easier. There were alot of things she wouldn't be able to do until she got inside the hospital. An encrypted screen popped up and then Claudia smirked, trying a few different passwords until she broke the code. "Silly little hospital people. You are all the same. And once again, I win." She clicked on the spot of the webpage that said 'disengage security system'. She heard a winding down sound come from the hospital itself. "And we're in. Now it's time for stealth mode." She closed her laptop, putting it back inside the bag before zipping it up and stayed low to the ground as she approached the hospital. Still uncertain of how to deal with this place, usually if it didn't involve locating an artifact, Claudia didn't know what to do, she figured that she would wing it and get as much information out of the hospital, their files, etc. without getting caught. Sam Winchester "Meep! Meep!"  The indefatigable, perky, and always oblivious roadrunner zips down a dusty Southwestern dirt road on its way to some destination known only to its pea-sized bird brain.  Meanwhile, Wily Coyote lies in wait up the road, just beyond a sharp bend where, with a murderous gleam in his eye and a smirk overlaying his toothy grin, he has ingeniously strung piano wire across the road at Roadrunner neck level.  This will finally be the day, the day that will bring Coyote's long spell of impossibly horrendous luck to a final and absolute end.  He waits behind a scraggly creosote bush, its few nearly leafless branches providing just barely enough cover to conceal him from the keen vision of his feathered prey.  A rapidly-approaching trail of dust announces the imminent beheading of Mr. Roadrunner.  Wily Coyote rubs his paws together and licks his canines in predatory anticipation. Then in the blink of an eye, Roadrunner appears around the bend in the road, zips straight for the piano wire and...dips his head at the last moment and accelerates into the desert afternoon with a defiant and victorious "Meep! Meep!" Coyote looks at the camera, his face a study in incontrovertible defeat and despair.  Then a black Hummer rounds that blind corner, that bend in the road.  The Hummer plows right through the piano wire, which snaps where its attached to a mesquite on the opposite side of the road from the coyote.  After the vehicle passes, the piano wire whips back across the road, wraps around Coyote's neck, and then flings him into the center of the road where he is squashed flat by a Beer truck.  Sam reached for another Genuine Draft from the cooler next to the motel bed upon which he was sprawled, wearing nothing but a pair of dancing Snoopy boxer shorts (don't ask) and watching cartoons on the old-style 19-inch television perched atop a dresser opposite the bed.  He put another quarter in the Magic Fingers coin box still hoping those sorcerous mechanical fingers would massage the blues away.  Sam Winchester was in a funk.  He commiserated with Wily Coyote.  So close, ladies and gentlemen, but no cigar.  It took him back to when he, Dean, and Rachel were kids.  The carnival had come to Lawrence.  This wasn't Barnum and Bailey, boys and girls.  This was one of those carnivals that sets up in about 6 hours with five trucks and a dozen shifty carnies on some vacant lot on the outskirts of town.  The bearded lady, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, a rusted Merry-Go-Round, stale popcorn, and cotton candy.  But there was this booth where you toss these little rubber rings at coke bottles.  For 50 cents you get 5 rings, and if you can toss three of them so they slip over the neck of the bottle, you win these big stuffed animals.  There was a Tyrannosaurus rex that was so rad!  Sammy didn't know whether he'd keep it or maybe give it to Rachel, but he knew he wanted it, and it looked so easy.  He'd spent 10 dollars of his allowance - every cent he had on him - and the only thing he won was a goldfish in a bag.  He never got more than two of the rings over the neck of the bottles.  And what the freakin hell was he supposed to do with a goldfish? Drinking beer while being Magic Fingered and watching Roadrunner cartoons was a big let down from flying on the back of a dragon.  They'd resolved things in Hobart and gotten Dracora back home, where she needed to be.  Everybody needs a home, right?  Sam glanced around his surroundings, which was about as much home as he'd seen in 10 years.  He finished his beer and reached for another.  The bond he and Dracora had forged was everlasting and acutely potent, and even now he could sense her in that other world.  She was happy and fulfilled there, which was as it should be.  Sam was gladdened for her; truly he was.  But at the same time, he missed her terribly.  So he watched as the hapless Coyote got blown up, buried in his own pitfall trap, squashed by a boulder, blasted by a misfiring shotgun, and launched to the moon on an Acme rocket that he was supposed to ride to keep pace with the Roadrunner.  Why did Sam watch these mindless, ridiculous cartoons?  Because he couldn't muster the motivation to do anything else.   Dracora Dracora came awake with a definitive snort. For one moment she thought she was once again in her secure little cavern above the forest. Then reality and the present day came flooding back to her. She was many leagues from that cavern. She heard no naiads here, just the gentle rumbling of her mate, Graco, as he slept. They were in the main sleeping cavern of the royal cavern network. Unlike humans, dragons didn't live in structures built from materials pulled from Father Earth's crust. They utilized what was already provided. The draconic royal grounds covered 120 sqaure leagues of mountainous caverns, forests and glades. Their Majesties, Queen Dracora and King Graco inhabited the roomiest corner of the larger network. Others of the royal household inhabited the rest. It was Dracora's childhood home in fact. Her husband now occupied the seat her father had been murdered for. She was the primary monarch though. Graco was of the alternate royal line, and though he was King and had the powers of his station, Dracora ruled. It was her royal line that held the throne. When the pair clutched, the two royal lines would become forever one, changing a tradition as old as their race. Everything seemed peaceful, and Dracora was at first unsure of what it was that woke her. Then she felt it. Her bond companion, Sam Winchester, calling to her from his own world. She listened and realized that she was hearing his thoughts, experiencing his lonliness from across the boundaries of their two worlds. He was not consciously calling to her. There was a portal in the small forest glade next to her old cavern keeping both worlds connected. It was what allowed her to hear him from such a distance. She had felt Sam's melancholy before. It was part of his nature. But this was different, more intense. It felt more like grief, as if Sam somehow believed that their bond was in danger. Dracora knew that she must respond. Dracora was in her red aspect. She had adjusted to sleeping in this form because Graco liked to wind tails. For such a fierce creature he was very affectionate. Dracora teased him about it, but she liked his propensity to cuddle in the dragon manner. She tapped the tips of their wound tails on the floor. Graco snorted and slipped back into his slumber. Dracora rumbled in light laughter. She pounded their tails a bit harder, and Graco came fully awake with a start. "Wha...????" He shook his head sending hot embers scattering across the stone floor. Dracora's rumbling deepened into out right merry laughter. Graco tilted his head at her. "You think that's funny, do you?" Dracora could only nod. A few embers flew from her own snout, and Graco laughed back at her. "What is it that you need, My Queen?" "It is not my need that requires attendance, My Love. It is my bond companion's need. I must go to him." Graco sighed. "You have an appointment with the human King today, Dracora. This new alliance is still very delicate. It must be nurtured." "Sammy helped create this new alliance. The human king must be made to understand that the strength of that bond goes beyond the power of even the greatest rulers." Dracora shimmered into her moon aspect and gazed into her mate's fiery eyes. "And besides that, Graco My Love, You are the King, are you not? If the human becomes offended because he deals with the King rather than the Queen then he is not ready for a draconic alliance." She smiled knowingly. "Just point out to him that what I do is demonstrate the lengths we dragons are willing to go to protect our human friends." Graco shrugged causing his scales to ripple down his body. "Do I tell him why you are absent?" "Of course. We must start this new relationship with the humans on solid ground, and that requires honesty. I suspect the human monarch can and will understand why I must do what I do. He is very wise for someone less than half a century old." The human King was in fact 48 years old. Dracora herself was just 100 years old and was considered among her people to be a very young adult. She had not even had her first clutch yet. Graco shimmered into his human aspect. It was the only way he could speak and understand the human language. Graco had adopted the visage of her bond companion for his human aspect, and seeing Sam renewed Dracora's urgency. Dracora smiled and assumed her own human form. She reached up to gently stroke her husband's cheek. "You are a kind and just King, Graco. There is no one better suited to represent dragon kin. My faith in you is profound. I must go to Sam. I will return when I can." Dracora sat in the small glade beneath her old cavern. The naiads sang happily. Their numbers were increasing now that the legions of minor demons who had insisted on feasting on them had been tricked by Dracora into following a high level demon named Crowley into subserviance to the demon from Sam's world. The portal was only a few feet in front of her. It was nightime on Sam's world. She could see from the gray horizon that the sun had just set. She assumed her black smoker aspect and watched until the gray line disappeared and a velvet black settled over the sky broken by the bright twinkling of the stars around his world. Then she launched herself through. She blended into the night becoming virtually invisible if you didn't notice the lack of stars where her body had blacked them out. This time was much different than the last time she had come through such a portal. She had been in her frost form then, and she had been severely injured and unable to transform. Sam had found her stricken form where she lay in what turned out to be a corn field in a place called Hobart. Their bond had happened accidentally, but had become stronger than any previous dragon/human bond. This time she came through the portal with her health and faculties intact. She came to answer the call of her bond companion. His mind touched hers and their connection amplified and clarified. Sam could not help but know that she was back in his world. She nudged his location from his surprised mind and turned to fly off in his direction. Barely one hour later she found him in one of the small human domociles that he had called a motel. She transformed to human as she landed before the door that was now the only thing separating her from her bond companion. "I hear your call even when you do not mean to call, Bond Companion. I am here." she projected into his mind. Then she knocked lightly on the door as was the human custom and waited for Sam to open his door. Rachel Winchester Every hunter had a secret. Something that they kept very close to their chests, guarded and locked away at all times. Sometimes, that secret was a love of baking. Or a love of reading old poetry. Or a love of watching trashy TV shows. Those loves, their secrets, were the thin piece of string that prevented a hunter from going mad. Hunters could not be bad-asses all the time. Despite their knowledge of demonology, spells and all things weird, they were still human. They needed an outlet, a chance to be normal every once in a while. Rachel Mary Winchester's secret, was her passion for dancing. Latin, to be exact. The way that the dancers moved together, so passionately in time with the guitars and the percussion instruments thrilled her to the very core. It was, quite possibly, the only dance that existed where a male and female could get hot and heavy without, well, getting hot and heavy. Each dance held that spark of danger that the twenty-two year old blonde craved on a daily basis. Each dance sizzled with romance and lust and sexual energy. This secret was a part of the softer side of Rachel that nobody knew about, not even her beloved brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. This secret was her only chance of escaping the world she lived in, even if it were just for a couple of hours. Another secret that she kept, wasn't much of a secret - nor had it been for a few months. Her rather large and rounded stomach was as plain to see as was the light of day. At seven-months pregnant, Rachel was confined to the research department of the job. That had been the only compromise that both of her older brothers had been willing to make, if she were planning on continuing to tag along with them. There was no chance they were willing to risk the life of their unborn niece or nephew, not to mention that the very sight of their younger sister waddling with a very full belly never failed to send both brothers into fits of hysterics. But, they had to hand it to her, Rachel settled into her new role quicker than what they would have ever given her credit for. The blonde acted as Mission Control. She coordinated her brother's movements, found new information with regards to whatever they were hunting, did those all-important phone verifications and provided a point-of-call with all other hunters in the area, not to mention the first-aid she gave whenever either Sam or Dean returned to her injured. Basically, whatever her brothers needed, she made sure they got by whatever means necessary. Rachel felt just as part of each and every hunt as she would have done if she had been pounding the pavements with her brothers. Tonight, though, was her first night off in a good month or so. It felt like such a relief to be able to finally leave the motel where she, her brothers and Faith were staying. The blonde wore a thin materialed cream skirt which snuggly fit against her swollen stomach and a black V-neck vest. On her feet, she wore a pair of plain brown leather roman-style sandals, as her ankles had swollen a little too much to even dare try and pull on her usual boots. Her blonde hair bounced in soft curls around her shoulders with every step she took down the pavement. Her white gold crucifix that Castiel had given to her the Christmas just passed hung around her neck. It felt wonderful just to feel fresh air whispering against her bare arms. The night was cold, but thanks to her increased body temperature, Rachel did not feel the need to wear a jacket. The club was meant to be the hottest new venue for Latin dance in the city. It had recieved many brilliant reviews in it's opening month, the blonde Winchester simply had to check it out and see what the hype was about for herself. Maybe, she should have checked to see if Sam wanted to accompany her, just to get him out of his motel room for a couple of hours. It would have been nice to see a smile on his face, rather than the constant broody-scowl that seemed to be permemanty glued to his features these days. There was no point in asking either Dean or Faith if they wanted to go with her to check out the venue. The two were most probably making with the happy, and would snap the neck of anyone who dared to disturb them. A shuddering thought entered Rachel's mind, as she flipped out her I.D for the club bouncer to inspect, who had given her a rather dirty look when she had stepped up to him - obviously disgusted with the fact that a young and heavily pregnant woman wanted to go out clubbing, when she should be at home getting ready for the new arrival. Granted, she would not be able to get up and dance, but to sit at the back of the club drinking bottle after bottle of sparkling mineral water and muching on Jalopeno Pretzels as she watched the dancers would suit her just fine. Her eldest brother was never one from learning from his sibling's mistakes. One pair of tiny feet would be hard enough to deal with, let alone another pair. She had given both of her brothers 'that talk' after the shock of discovering her pregnancy had taken it's course. Okay, sure, perhaps buying Dean a year's supply worth of condoms for his birthday hadn't gone down so well, but he would thank her when that terrifying test came back negative. Whipping out her cell phone, her nimble fingers went to work pressing at the keys. Rachel had never liked texting, it was so inpersonal and boring, but sometimes it was necessary. 'Dean, whatever you do tonight, remember, it is better to be safe than sorry! R xx' Faith Faith tugged the door to the gas station open walking straight past the front counter. She was a woman with a mission taking a straight path to the back of the back of the store. The store wasn't very big but it had quiet a collection of beer in its coolers. It was probably the most popular good in the place. She stood there evaluating her options as if the decision really mattered. Most of the time beer was beer with her. She grabbed a six pack out of the fridge and headed up front plopping them down in front of a freckled face young man at the register. She cocked her head looking past him at the cigarettes. Might as well get another pack of those while she was out. "Pack of marlboro lights," she nodded to the carton. The greasy haired man flashed her a cocky grin and began to attempt to strike up a conversation with her. "You these things are bad for you," he place them down in front of her. "Yeah I heard they kill you. You only live once," she stuck them in her front pocket then went digging through the back ones for the cash. He started to go into a round of what was a pretty girl doing out by herself? Why was she buying all that beer? Blah blah blah. She looked him over. He wasn't really a bad looking guy. He could spend a bit more time tending to his appearance straightening his clothes and putting less of that gel in his hair. Normally she would have taken the opportunity to flirt or taken the next level scratch an itch. Relationships were for suckers. All men did were use you. It was best not to be on the receiving end of heartbreak. Get in get out. It wasn't like anyone had ever gotten her before. This was before Dean came into her life.  Someone understood her for once. He was like her in many ways. This understanding meant something to her. There was a bond there. She had faith in him opening up for the first time in over a decade with the believe he would never break her heart. "Save it man nice try though," she shook her head tossing the case under her arm as she headed out of the store. It was time for one last smoke before going back to the hotel room. The afternoon breeze was nice. She sat the beverages down on a bench while right outside the establishment's doors while she took the time to light up. As she exhaled blowing out a puff of smoke she stared up towards their hotel room. She knitted her brow together couldn't really see it from here.  She wondered if he had fallen asleep up there. She had already been gone longer than she intended. Sam Winchester His fourth Genuine Draft and it wasn't even noon yet.  Sam had come to the realization that the Roadrunner-Wiley Coyote cartoons were like lead weights as his mood darkened and circled the toilet bowl.  He needed some flippers.  Either that or some scuba gear.  Or maybe it was time to change the station.  He opted for the latter.  With the remote pointed at the TV, he began surfing through the gazillion and one stations.  Game shows, reality TV, paid advertisements, and long dead TV series.  Hadn't Springsteen done a song - '57 Channels and There's Nothin' On'?  That was the case here, except it was more like 250 channels with nothin' on.  His surfing came to a stop - at least for the moment - on a movie where bikini-clad girls with abnormally large bosoms were being eaten alive by swarms of particularly toothy piranhas.  This was all happening in some sun-drenched bay crowded with legions of party boats.  The shipside girls and their boyfriends were trying to pull the victims and would-be victims from the water, but the mischievous fish were too fast for them.  Usually they just pulled screaming, legless torsos from the increasingly red and turbid waters.  Cool. Then someone knocked on the door of Sammy's mind.  Someone was reaching into that toilet bowl to pull him out before he spun like a dead goldfish down, down, down into the inky and smelly blackness of the sewers.  Where there were probably legions of hungry piranha awaiting his hapless arrival. It was Dracora!  She knew he was missing her!  She was coming!  Flying across New England right now!  Sam bolted from the bed.  He couldn't let her see him like this.  The room looked like a whirling dervish had been hired as a maid.  Sam looked in the mirror and saw bloodshot eyes, mussed hair, and those Snoopy boxer shorts.  He smelled, too.  Gathering his resolve, Sam headed for the shower.  Half an hour later, his mind still acutely aware of Dracora's imminent arrival, he was dressed, hair combed, eye drops in to mitigate the effects of four beers, and he started in on making the room presentable, even if it meant shoving empty beer bottles, an empty pizza box, and dirty underwear under the bed. When the knock finally came on the motel room door, Sam was more or less ready for his bond companion.  That dragon scale under the skin of his hand was humming with warmth - something he hadn't experienced since Dracora disappeared through the portal back in Hobart.  He swung open the door and there she was.  Although it had only been three weeks, he was positively thrilled to see her.  She was even more beautiful than he had remembered her, if that was at all possible.  "Dracora, you are radiant!  Dazzling.  Returning to your home world has been good for you.  That is plain to see."  Sammy's return to his comparatively mundane life of motel rooms and greasy diners, punctuated by the occasional monster, had not had the same effect on him.  And that was plain to see, as well.  Dean Winchester Dean stretched out on the bed and entwined his fingers behind his head. Faith had taken off to get more beer. "Hurry back." He called to her as she left. "You don't wanna miss the best part." They rarely took down time from hunting. Dean was fond of telling everyone to remember  that monsters don't take down time. But this time they all needed it, and Dean had no problem saying so. Sammy was alone in the room next door despondent over Dracora's absence. Dracora was busy putting her kingdom back in order. The battle for her throne had been fierce, and experiencing a world filled with dragons had been absolutely amazing for all of them. But it had been hard for Sammy to come home in spite of the portal connecting the two worlds. Dean had made an empathic bond to Dracora, and he was willing to admit that he missed the dragon woman. But Sammy's bond went so much deeper. With the exception of Sam's grief for the loss of his beloved Jessica, Dean had never seen his brother so lonely for someone. It was so profound that it scared Dean a bit. He had been concerned from the instant the bond had been forged between Sammy and Dracora. He had been afraid that something like this might happen when Dracora returned to her own home. But he didn't know what to do to fix it for Sammy. On the screen Nicholson menaced Talia Shire on the broad winding hotel stairway. "You killed me you Bitch!" Nicholson snarled as he ascended the stairs toward her. Dean sighed. There dammit. She had missed the best part after all. If she missed Redrum he was shutting the thing  off and making her give him the better show she had offered earlier. But he might do that anyway. He grinned at the thought. What the hell was keeping her anyway? Dean rose from the bed and went to open the door and gaze out into the quiet parking lot. He didn't see Faith. In fact all he saw was the only other car in the parking lot. Several spaces over from his Impala sat a dark blue '66 Mustang. The Mustang looked as well cared for as his own Impala. If he got the chance he intended to tell the owner just that. The guy probably liked classic rock too. The door of the convenience store across the street opened, and Dean thought he saw Faith emerge. He had just returned to the bed when he felt a sudden sensation of Dracora near him. She wasn't of course. He went to splash some water on his face. Once again when he sat down he felt her essence nearby. He finally gave up trying to shake the feeling and closed his eyes. She was still there. In fact the feeling was getting stronger. She had to be back in this world. He wondered if she felt as concerned over Sammy as he did, and the decided that she must because he was now sure that she waited just outside Sam's door. Dean wasted no time exiting his own room and turning to Sam's. And there she was, patiently waiting for Sammy's door to open. Dean grinned broadly and swooped her off of her feet in a giant bear hug. It was an uncharacteristically emotional outburst for Dean, and he was immediately embarrassed over his lapse. He set her down gently. Dracora smiled warmly at him. "It is good to see you too, Dean." The door in front of them cracked open and Sam's smiling face poked itself outside.

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