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09/16/2021 01:41 PM 

Sookie(Daughter of Masky)

Name: SookieAge:18Parents:MaskySiblings:Jungkook,Gukie,MaxBlood status:pure bloodSchool House:GryffindorCrush/bf: NOONE


09/16/2021 12:42 PM 

Possible Roleplays;

1. Working her way to become a Pharamcy Technician, she finds herself in the clutches of the main mafia/gang being forced to steal drugs. Does she turn into a rat or show her royalty to the gang?2. Matched on tinder! She got stood up?! Does she get stalked? Does she make it home alive? Is her date just an idiot that ended up at the wrong coffee shop?3. Getting hit on at a gas station can suck. Especially by the meth heads and the pervy old men. Getting hit on by a hottie though? That's another thing. She gave the man her number. Does he hit her up for love or lust? 4. Halloween has always been her favorite holiday. She finds herself in a graveyard and the smell of rotten meat enters her nose. As she turns around she screams, for she has seen a …!


09/16/2021 12:39 PM 


Genre(s): Romance, open, adventure, action, thriller, supernatural, slice-of-life, mafia/crime, and I do not mind mature as long as there is a story line.Prefered Writing Length: 3+ paragraphsVerses: The Walking Dead, Z Nation, Resident Evil, Open, 


09/16/2021 12:04 PM 


i feel no rhythm of radiance and the way it brings life towards its purpose. i am lost in the deep end of my own waking nighmares — fraudulent ehos that circle around my false character. i am no saviori am no truthand i am no light at the end of the tunnel.i am the equal storm that works among malefic creatures who feed on the vulnerable. and i welcome their creations as a repeated passage. i am no more and no less. i am as equal to these truthful deaths.  

Bowing Blonde

09/15/2021 11:24 PM 

Now What? (Stargirl) Head Cannon

Now what?(Stargirl verse)Artemis eyes widen with fear seeing the school’s cafeteria being surrounded by smoke after Cindy pulls out a black-ish/purple-ish gem from her pocket. Seeing a monster, an ugly monster you would read about in one of those stupid Dungeon & Dragons types of monster one of the kids in her Foster Home would describe it. Eclipso. Underneath her mask, she sees Eclipso sucking the soul of Isaac Bowin to death and Cindy the Team’s leader disappearing. The brunette teenager turned her around then quickly running away from the fight scene. Artemis ran as fast as her feet will lead her. She couldn’t believe that both Cindy and Isaac are gone. The former quarterback ran in the dark streets of Blue Valley and taking off her hockey mask. Artemis was trying to process what just happened and couldn’t believe what has taken place. She stopped in her tracks trying to catch her breath and putting her mask into her backpack. The Vietnamese teenager breathes out with both of her hands in her hair while trying to collect herself.“I can’t believe it; I still can’t believe it!” She expressed her thoughts out loud not caring would anyone think of her.  Artemis started to pace back and forth to keep her nerves getting the best of her. “I’m the last member of the new ISA; holy hell,” The former quarterback said under her breath with her hands on her hips.A sudden loud BOOM cracks the peaceful night of Nebraska skyline and looking up see the moon. Chills run down her spine and seeing that the bright moon planet is now covered by an eclipse. Fear started to seep into her veins and hearing her cellphone going off, taking a bet it’s probably her Foster Mother. Artemis ignores the call then starts running to another place that was truly her, her old home.Twenty minutes later….The Vietnamese teenager stands at the door of her former home and walking over to the unoccupied residence knowing no one in Blue Valley would buy it because her parents went from well-liked and respectful to criminals. Artemis goes over to one of the windows knowing it’s open and crawls into it. Her dark brown hues view around the living room and having the last time she saw her parents before they went away on their ‘date night’. The former quarterback puts her hand on the surface of the walls where everything brought back memories; the memories she wishes she could get back. Time was lost forgetting about what Artemis just went through and went to a place in her memory where she truly felt like her old self. The brunette Vietnamese walked up the stairs towards her old room and opening the door. Viewing dust marks and things that were once there were now gone. Artemis sighed, “Now what?” She asked herself out loud with her arms folded in front of her chest.End Scene 


09/15/2021 10:27 PM 

task 232

1.) Who are you rooming with while on the 7-day cruise ship? Well my room is next to Tex’s and I am over there often sooo I guess myself and most nights tex and the kiddos2.) What is the first thing you plan on doing today? Watching the sunrise3.) What is your favorite beach food? Hmm Turkey sammich please!  4.) Have you found anything on the beach? If so, what was it? Umm I found a jelly fish. I almost stepped on it :/5.) The craziest moment you have ever experienced at the beach? Pretty sure I’ve had sex on the beach :s6.) The most embarrassing bathing suit situation you've ever had? I mean my tops come off but didn’t bother me too much7.) If you went snorkeling what would you like to find? A shark!!8.) What three snacks did you bring to the beach? Hmm Crackers, Strawberries and well does alcohol count?9.) What are your top 5 beach essentials? Blanket, tanning lotion, wine, Sunglasses and towel10.) What are two things on your beach vacation bucket list? Uhhh to find myself again and know what I want to go on a date in a different country because I don’t think I’ll get to do that again.11.) What is your favorite thing about the beach? The relaxing feeling12.) Would you rather have sand in your mouth or your butt crack? Oof neither13.) What drink do you plan on having in your hand at all times? A drink… a guy… who then hell knows tbh14.) If you owned a beach what would you name it? Hellabaloza15.) Are you enjoying yourself and living life to the fullest? As always16.) Favorite beach-themed song? Don’t have one17.) What 1 celebrity would you like to run into while at the beach? Bob Morley18.) What are you planning on doing extra since Zachary is paying for your trip? I honestly don’t know but anything extra I do I can pay for it19.) If you could take another trip anywhere in the world, where would you want to go? Bali20.) Would you be embarrassed on a nude beach or flaunt what your mama gave you? Hell, no I wouldn’t be embarrassed I would flaunt it like no tomorrow 

Braxton Hughes

09/15/2021 09:05 PM 

optional task 233

optional task 233​​​​​​​1.) Bare feet2.) Cocktails 3.) Sunset 4.) Ocean 5.) Atv6.) Pineapple 7.) Vacation8.) Relax9.) Ice cream 10.)  Surf 11.) Cool air 12.) Cruise ship13.) Bonfire 14.) Sunnies 15.) Watermelon16.)  Sweet tea17.) Beach 18.) Sleep in late 19.) Airbnb 20.) Local street food 21.) Resort22.) Oceanfront villa 23.) Hot air balloon 24.) Have a plan25.)  Beach party26.) Stargazing 27.) Warm Summer night 28.) Dolphins 29.) Back massage30.) Clothed beach 

👸 quєєn σf ѕpσσkч 👸

09/15/2021 08:46 PM 

Queen Of Spooky's Rules
Current mood:  blissful



09/15/2021 08:38 PM 

001. "Nothing Personal."

“Does anybody love you?”The question rang through the jester’s ears. For a split second, what seemed to be a permanent smile began to slip into a frown. As quick as it appeared it disappeared. Someone did, once.A moment of weakness, she wouldn’t let the female before her see it. “No.” She simply stated, inching closer to the fem who flinched, not having any real way to escape the clown. “But I am really good at making them fear me.” The words falling from her lips in a sing-song tone. Her lips spread wide, batting her lashes at the girl. It would seem to others the way Lilith acted towards people as if she was flirting with them, pulling them along, as if she was hanging onto every word they spoke to her. A twirl in her hair, a soft giggle - Lilith was nothing but a performer. “Don’t you know it’s dangerous to roam the streets at night?” A tilt of the head, while brown hues bore into the blonde before her. “A pretty little thing like yourself, why it was almost as if you were begging for me to come collect you.”Don’t play with your food, clown!!The voice ringing in her head, her brows furrowed, almost irritated with herself. What fun was it if she couldn’t get the true fear from her victims. Always bossing her around, even herself it seemed. “It’s not true fear if I don’t taunt her!” She tilted her head and shouted out loud, the confusion clear as day on the other female’s face. “W-what are you saying?” Lilith now turns her features to look at the female once more. “You know it’s pretty rude to interrupt a conversation?” Irritation in her tone, dainty fingers going to reach to pluck at her blonde hair. “I know I’m making you wait, but I’ll play with you in a second.” A quick tug on her locks before jumping away from her for a second.The two were just having a stare off, Lilith looking at her blonde companion of the night, just watching her squirm, pulling her limbs at the rope that was chafing her flesh. It was delicious to the split dyed girl - she was oozing with fear, even if she was trying her best to stay calm, Lilith could smell it in the air. Fear, it was her own personal drug. Addicted to the way humans just gave it away for free. Haunted houses, scary movies, the thought of serial killers living near them, or even their own fears creeping in on them. It was only a simple fix, nothing to keep her sustained for long but how she chased after the fears. Chased after the screams and cries.Lost in her thoughts before noticing the girl was fidgeting less, could she possibly have gotten out of her ropes or was she giving up and accepting her faith, a hum passed through her lips, it wasn’t that. Lilith knew this girl had a fire in her eyes that she wanted to flush out, and wanted to hear the screams of this girl in the warehouse she made her domain. Once Lilith had her claws in someone they hardly ever got away. If they ran out, well they’d face an axe to the skull by her beloved friend the behemoth. His swift kills bored her, there was no cat and mouse, no excitement to see the look in their eyes - their sparkle slowly faded into nothing. Practically jumping in front of the girl now, she saw her flinch once more, without a second a freed hand formed into a fist met with the side of Lilith’s face. Wincing from the sudden rush a dull ache on her features before she let out a loud cackle. “I knew you were going to be delicious!!” “Wh-What!? Why didn’t that do anything!” The girl’s voice ringing through her ears now, bouncing off the walls, while Lilith inhaled softly, a trickle of blood spilling from her nose as she wiped it off and onto the girl's cheek. Gripping tightly onto her face with her right hand while the left gripped onto the blonde’s wrist. “You’d almost break my heart, if I had one princess.” Lilith whispered softly, licking her own blood off the girl’s face, feeling her jerk away, only to have her grip tighten on her. While her left hand grip tightened more and more before hearing a snap of the blonde’s wrist making her scream out loudly in pain.“Ah~ It’s like music to my ears, unfortunately for you, you’ve wasted your last ditch efforts on one hit. A pity, I thought you were stronger than that.” Lilith spoke with a giggle, before reaching to her side, tape to cover her mouth swiftly placed while the clown pressed her lips to the now taped mouth. Lilith loved seeing the look in their eyes when she did this, the blue in her eyes searching brown. Inhaling the fear, inhaling everything about the girl - dreams, hopes, fears, wishes - all of it being consumed by the clown, almost until there was nothing left but a body who was still struggling to make its way back to its once fulfilling life. While Lilith usually let the behemoth take care of the rest, something about the blonde girl writhing before her was like icing on the cake. The knife she was given by her friend before she straddled the girl’s lap. “It’s nothing personal,” She whispered to her, the playful smile now wiped away from her lips. “I was just hungry.” With that, Lilith let out a blood curdling scream while her knife dug itself repeatedly into the girl, her arm getting sore after a couple jabs while her blood started soaking into her outfit. Panting, the knife dropped out of her hand while crawling off of her. She was now laying on the floor, licking the blood off her lips and she let out a loud laughter. “I haven’t had that much fun in ages!!”Jester./1730278 template credit.


09/15/2021 08:14 PM 

Loki The True Frost Giant

Name: Loki Laufeyson Hero/villain: Anti HeroAlias: God of lies, Loki Odinson, God of Stories, IlokAge: 1,054 human years, about 17 in Asgardian yearsBirthday: February 9thZodiac: Aquarius Gender: FluidSexuality: PansexualMerital Status: SingleSpecies: Jotun Nationality: Jotun/ Asgardian Current Location: Hidden Status: AliveLanguage: All SpeakHeight: 8 feet in Jotun form since he was a runt, 6'5 in Asgardian/HumanWeight: 500 lbsSkin Color: Jotun blue, Asgardian pale white, you can still see his veins fairly clearly Eye Color: Red or green in Asgard. Hair Color: BlackSkin Markings: Many in his Jotun form but is basically clear as an Asgardian Tattoo(s): NoneScars: Many but they are hidden though magicBody type: Slim and muscularDisabilities: NonePhysical Age: How ever they want to appear Piercing(s): Many ear piercings and a nose piercing. Personality: You'll notice how charming, spontanious, gifted and extremly intelligent he is. Loki is a very cunning person with a selfishness he uses to guard his true personality benieth. As Mobious exposed he is a scared little child inside, but is also a sarcastic chatterbox who surprisingly wants the best for others. Mental Age: somewhere in the mid twenties Mental Illnese(s): Borderline Personality Disorder Interaction capacity: It can be very hard to have long term interactions with Loki, you will quickly notice him flip flopping between personalities with reckless abandon and there's very few who can handle that, namely being variants of himself and his family. Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert Family: => Laufey (Biological father)=> Odin Borson ("Adoptive" father)=>Farbauti (Biological mother) => Frigg Fjörgynnsdotter (Adoptive Mother) => Byleistr and Helblindi (Biological brothers)=>Thor Odinson (Adoptive brother) =>Tyr Odinson (Adoptive brother)=> Hela (Adoptive sister)


09/15/2021 07:27 PM 


Anton Pleskov:Armani Makkonen:Atarah Sofer:Aurora Clarke:Ben Abbott:Blair Farley:Cameron Rosenburg:Devin Thomas:Lennox Murphy:Mandi Torrance:Mick Baker:Morgan Durant:Raven Costello:Ryan Alder:Vincent Stark:


09/15/2021 06:06 PM 


this is a multiship and multiverse account. each ship will exist in it's own universe. single ship is very unlikely. be patient with me regarding replies. I do them at my own time and pace. the length of my writing depends on the day but one liners are a no no. semi, para, multi para and maybe even novella will occur. dark and mature themes are present. including violence and language.  ships with joker accounts will not be occuring. this account is an adult space. no minors, please. character is bisexual but no smut will be happening. this portrayal is not margot robbie's portrayal and I will not be using her as faceclaim.  this portrayal is my own. will occasionally pull from comics and the batman animated series show. blocking will occur if you decide to send me anything remotely sexual in my messages. this includes anything half naked or provactive.  crossovers are welcome and encouraged. I would prefer to keep my space drama free and will try everything in my power to keep it that way.


09/15/2021 04:50 PM 

Past, Present, Future.

I'm hardly someone that likes to be petty. Yes, I do admit I have my moments. I'm not perfect - far from it. I make mistakes. That being said, I don't ever want to use people's past against them, because that's not fair. I am someone who will always take accountability for the role I've played in past drama, or past arguments.  I'll always be an open book about my past, and be willing to work things out with ppl from the past, in order to smooth things over. There are a lot of times, where, thankfully, I have amazing friends always willing to call me out and tell me where I went wrong, or where I could do some improving to be a better person. I'm always someone who welcomes criticism, so that I can be the best version of myself for people.I find myself uncomfortable with people who aren't willing to take accountability, or talk things out and realize, that sometimes, it takes two for things to go downhill. I'm not really a fan of the whole "I'm the sole victim" mentality. I'm willing to admit that in some cases, yes, that does  happen - it is the reality of things. I will never deny that. But in other cases, more parties are involved, and yes, I do believe that sometimes it's better for everyone to realize the role they played in certain situations, rather than having a group of people point fingers.Even if that is the case, I'm not comfortable with never talking about it and acting like none of it ever happened. That's not me. I don't like having past negative drama looming over my head like a dark cloud. I'm someone that will always go in circles about the past, and the roles I've played in situations, and keep thinking about where I could have improved, where I said something wrong, etc etc.I'm really hoping it's not too much to want everyone to be civil with each other. I want to be able to be civil with the people on my friends list, and without feeling dread, because the past hasn't been smoothed over with all parties. If I can't do that, then I do have a hard time having people from the past on my list.If we have ever had issues in the past and you would like to contact me to smooth things over, you are more than welcome to contact The Queen or Dark Horse who will relay this to me so we can hopefully add each other again and chat -  talk over our past issues because all I want to do is write and enjoy myself and I can't do that with people who are unwilling to hold accountability for their actions or try to slip onto my friend list hoping they won't be found out. I've put all my cards on the table and make no excuses for things, I just want to move on and be able to enjoy myself again.I can't enjoy myself with the past looming over my head. I'm someone who lives off of positive vibes, positive energy, happy people, blunt people, and if I get too much negativity - from the past regardless of the reason why (whether it's drama, or just negativity on the site), it throws me back into a depression. I don't want that. I don't want negativity. I want to be in a positive mindspace, and to have people that are good for my soul, and my mental health and growth as a person and roleplayer - people always willing to talk things out when needed,Before I end this bulletin, I will say this - this is the last time I'm ever going to be mentioning past events. After this, I may repost this bulletin in the future, who knows, but I won't be going on trying to prove that I want to make amends with people from the past. I'll just repost this or not repost this. Either way, I hope for the best.Positivity is everything to me. Being the best version of myself is everything to me. Talking things out is everything to me.  XOXO,Powerlustformerly blackout/aduro sphaera


09/15/2021 03:47 PM 

Dear Diary

coming soon

Miracle Prodigy

09/15/2021 03:32 PM 

Drab - Ghostly Adventures

* This drab was inspired by a prompt, but it is a continuation of another drab I did a while back. *Drab - I Died Today:  She had trained every day of her life. In the mornings before school, she would be in the training room. During lunch breaks at school, she would be in the weights room. Coming home from school, she would always dump her backpack at the door and head straight to the training room. If she couldn’t sleep at night, she would go to the training room. Every waking moment of her life was spent training, either physically or mentally. During classes she would complete her assigned work before reading books about combat styles and stealth practices. If she was forced outside for any reason, she would go through endurance and stealth training with other members of the team. Training always felt more natural to her than playing with dolls or watching tv… It was just who she was. So how was it, then, that a simple mission could go so wrong? How could a normal mission, one she had done countless times before, end in such a horrible way?    These were the thoughts that ran through her mind as she stood, staring down at her own body. She watched the blood soaking the concrete around her body, pouring from the deep slice in her neck. She saw the coldness within her own eyes and felt a sickening feeling forming within her. How was it that she was now looking at her own body? She remembered the words “I’m sorry” leaving her lips as a blurred face had appeared above her, her vision already so far gone that she couldn’t tell who it was. Now, as she finally surveyed the scene, she realized the face belonged to her father. “Dad,” she started but felt the words catch in her throat. She saw the tears falling down his cheeks and tried to touch him, but watched as her hand went right through him. Her breathing began to quicken as her head whipped around, quickly spotting her mother beside her father. “Mom!” She called out but watched in horror as her mom simply knelt down beside her father and held him in an attempt to console him, tears falling from her eyes as well. “Bucky? Clint? Bruce!” She turned to each of the others as they ran in and watched with fear as they each passed right by her and went straight to Steve, their own eyes staring in shock at the lifeless body on the concrete. Panicked cries left the young girl’s lips as she gripped her head and began running around the building, screaming, tears falling down her cheeks. Her eyes kept glancing from her parents to her body, to the team, and back to her body. Slowly the realization began to dawn upon her that she was truly dead. They couldn’t hear her, they couldn’t see her, they couldn’t feel her… She couldn’t tell them how sorry she was, she couldn’t tell them that she was still there and that she loved them, she couldn’t hug them or console them herself… All she could do was watch their pain and hope they could move on.    When her father began to openly sob over her body, hiding his face in his wife’s chest as he clung tightly to her, she had to turn away. Stella could not watch the strongest man in her life fall apart because of her… It hurt her more than she would ever be able to express. With no other options, the youngest Avenger left the building and began to roam the streets, her hand shoved deep into her spectral pockets. She didn’t fear anyone bumping into her as she walked the crowded New York city streets. Everyone she passed just passed right through her. Some gave a shudder but easily attributed it to the weather, as it was late fall. She kept her eyes down as she walked, not sure about where she could go. No one could see, hear, or feel her and she wasn’t tied to the location of her death or her family… She was a free soul, free to wander around the world and go wherever she wanted. She had no idea how to move on to the world of the dead, be it heaven or hell, so she just walked. She explored shops she had been too young to enter, roamed through random apartments around the city to see what was happening; She explored bars and subway stations. At one point she had even decided to watch and see what Fury did when there were no missions to assign or peace to keep, but when she realized all he did during quiet times was read she had quickly gotten bored and left. She had always thought being a ghost would be fun… You could go through walls and scare the hell out of people. However now that she was one and realized no one could see her, scaring people didn’t seem to be a possibility anymore.    At some point, Stella had found herself walking the street beside her old elementary school. Deciding there was no rush to go anywhere else, the young teen had stopped beside the building and simply stood within the shadows, watching the children play. Never knowing the true evils of this world, she never had a problem with kids...besides animals, they were the most pure beings on this planet. She didn’t know how long she had been standing there for but as she continued to watch the children she became aware that one little girl was looking in her direction. The teen glanced behind her to see if there was a teacher or parent standing there, but when she saw no one she turned back around and felt one slender brow rise in curiosity. As the young blonde stepped to the side she watched the kid’s eyes follow her. After a few minutes of this the little girl began to giggle before she ran over to where Stella had been standing. “Hi there! Do you want to play with me?” Confused, the teenaged spirit knelt down to the girl’s level. “Are you talking to me?” Her tone seemed more hopeful than she had thought it would and this seemed to be picked up on by the child. The little girl giggled and nodded again before pointing to the sandbox she had been playing in. “I don’t have any friends… The other kids think I’m a freak. Would you like to play with me?” The teen gave a hesitant nod before following the child over to where she had been happily playing in the sand just minutes before.    As she watched the little girl attempt to make a sandcastle, she couldn’t help but feel a smile form on her face. She offered pointers that her father had once given to her sister at the beach and smiled at the look of success on the little girl's face when it turned out right. The two continued to talk and laugh as the day went on and when it was time for the little girl to go home, she held a hand to the ghostly teen with a smile. “Come on! You can come home with me if you want to!” When the parents asked the child who she was talking to, the little girl simply replied with “My new friend. She looked lonely so I asked her to play.” Stella looked from the child to her parents before she entered the car. She was surprised when she didn’t sink through the seat but soon settled herself beside the child. As the afternoon turned to night, she watched the family eat and laugh together before the child was given a bath and tucked into bed. Once the lights were out and the door was shut, the ghost knelt down beside the child’s bed and noticed the sadness in her eyes. “You miss your mommy and daddy, don’t you?” The teen thought for a moment before giving a soft nod, placing her hand on the blankets and tucking the child in as much as she could. “I do. I made a simple mistake and now I can never take it back…”  The teen moved to sit with her back against the kid’s bed and soon felt the small hand playing with her hair, much the way her dad had done when he knew something was bothering her. “Go to sleep, Emily. I’ll be here when you wake up, don’t worry.” As the child finally began to drift off to sleep, Stella couldn’t help but think about her own family… She wondered what they were doing at that exact moment. She knew she couldn’t stay with the child forever… She would leave once her own family had crossed over so that she could be with them once more. But for now, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad… At least she didn’t have to be lonely anymore.#DailyPromptDrabble Inspiration: 

© 2021 All Rights Reserved.