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Bowing Blonde

09/17/2021 01:19 PM 

Girl Fight Starter (Stargirl verse)

Girl Fight Starter (Stargirl verse) It’s been a couple of weeks since Artemis was introduced to Wally West. There was something about him she couldn’t put her finger on; it was déjà vu for her as if she met him before. The former quarterback tried to push the redheaded teenage boy off her mind, but for some reason, she couldn’t. When it came to hanging out with her friends and she would ask either Jerome, Travis, Cody, and Brian if they remember a Wally West. To their response would be fifty-fifty of yes and no.“Got him a crush on him or something there, ‘Mis?” Cody asked laughing.The brunette teenager shakes her head and dismissing it, “Not lug head, I’m just asking that’s all.” Artemis replied to her best friend as she gripped the strap of her backpack with them walking down the halls of Blue Valley High. “See you guys at lunch? Gotta grab a few things for English, History, and Biology.” She stated standing still in the hallway.“Yeah, see you later Arti!” Cody said to his best friend with the group of friends leaving the hallway.The Vietnamese girl walked over to her locker using her locker combination to unlock her door. It was bugging the hell out of her mentally and opening the door then putting arms folded with her head onto it. She breathed out in frustration with her mind and closing her eyes. Artemis had to think about her past, her memories. Thought about that took a moment then her eyes open wide with her jaw dropped. “Holy crap, Science quiet geek kid?” Artemis said to herself realizing that Wally West was hot as hell when he interrupted Courtney and her conversation. “Is the hot redhead? Wow…” her mind was completely blown away and he did look good. The former quarterback opened her backpack grabbing her textbook and whatever she needed for the next few classes. Artemis leans her head back to see Wally was a few lockers down and seeing him reading his biology book than leaning to her locker. She heard a giggle and a hello, The Vietnamese teen girl peaks over to see Courtney Whitmore flirting with Wally. She rolled her eyes being annoyed and couldn’t believe she was jealous of Whitmore and her bubble gum barbie personality. “Can’t believe I envy a blonde,” Artemis said under her breath and grabbing the end of her ponytail then looking into a small mirror. ‘Do blondes get all the guys?’ She commented mentally in her mind then closing her locker walking forward to Mrs. Ewing’s English class.“Oh, hey Artemis!” Courtney said to her.The brunette ignored them as she feared for two things: Courtney liking Wally and liking the ginger teenage boy. This was screwing with her mind.Throughout the school day…Gym ClassEveryone was dressed in their gym uniform being outside by the track field. Normally this would be Artemis's favorite class besides English, but not so much with Whitmore being in the same class as her. The brunette placed both of her hands to the back of her head trying to keep her nerves in place. Anger was fueling up her system and hearing the rumors of Courtney is the reason why her parents are in prison through the grapevine. It got to her. Artemis walked over to the curly blonde barbie, “What’s your deal with West, Whitmore? He’s barely new to the school and you’ll over him like a puppy. Guys don’t like girls who cling on them.” She replied with her arms folded in front of her. 


09/16/2021 11:17 PM 

Summer Playlist

Shot Girl Summer  01. Temperature - Sean Paul X02. Havana - Camila Cabello X03. Fireball - Pitbull X04. Youngblood - 5 Seconds Of Summer X05. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen X06. What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction X07. Pompeoo - Bastille X08. Cheap Thrills - Sia X09. All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor X10. Boom Clap - Charli XCX X 

la mémoire

09/16/2021 09:08 PM 


 The Basics Of me I'm female I'm 28 years old irl I live in the united states I am a Novella writer I am Literate I reply when I personally feel like it RP Basics No God Mods Do Not attempt to control my character  No, I don't write Lewd/smvt You send the add you talk, I send the add then I talk  Boundaries Don't invade my characters personal space Don't expect instant romance with my character VersesLiterature: The  Vampire Chronicles Comics/TV shows: The Crow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Constantine,League of Extraordinary GentlemenFilm: Interview With The Vampire, Buffy, Constantine, Underworld, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen  Anime: Hellsing Video Game: BloodRayne, Devil May Cry 


09/16/2021 08:32 PM 

Roleplay Rules & Guidelines
Current mood:  accomplished

➤ 18+ ONLY! I don't not feel comfortable interacting or writing with minors.➤ IC drama is fine by me, but I'm not comfortable with OOC drama being brought over to my safe space.➤ Please respect me and my OOC life since I work full time. ➤ Do NOT add me if you are racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. I want to surround myself with positive, nontoxic folk.➤ If your page is full of drama, I will remove you without hesitation. There's no need for people like that in my environment.

roleplay, rules, guidelines, 18+

The Girl Next Door

09/16/2021 08:08 PM 

A Whole New World- Earth: NW

A Whole New WorldSummery: MJ Watson for the first time ever was shoved into a portal and now she was stuck there with a few familiar but unfamiliar players.  (inspired by Shadowhunter)Earth-NWMJ wasn’t that graceful when she went through the portal and she ended up tumbling on the rooftop in middle of the battle. She accidently tripped someone with a bow and arrow who growled at her to stay out of the way.She scrambled to her feet and went to a hiding place, watching three people work seamlessly together. It was like watching the Avengers work together but they weren’t in suits. They used magical weapons. The blonde ones was hit hard and his sword went flying and end up at her feet.She picked up the weapon, more accustom to fighting than standing on the sidelines. The monster was about to hit him when the sword glowed in her hand and she stepped forward and swung it, not perfect form, but good enough to hit his hand around from Blonde. The monster though turned to her and she hadn’t thought this far. She backed up slowly, aware she was on the rooftop and careful of her steps. Arrows ran into the monsters back, but it seemed hungry for her.She held the sword up as she heard the Blonde yelling out, “What are you doing!”MJ didn’t want to scream back she didn’t know so she just did the last thing she could do and started to charge, yelling some as she charged the monster. It did what she wanted, it was caught off guard and she was able to swipe at the chest. It swung at her sending her flying, “FT heads up,” a female voice called and soon she felt a whip around her body and she was swung hard against someone.The blonde held on to her and he took the sword before he told her to stay. Drawing out something in the air a blinding light happened and the monster was turned to ash. MJ took a breath before they stared at her. The arrow boy held his arrow on her, “What’s your name and who are you. Only one of us can wield the weapons.”MJ held her hands up as she looked at them. “I’m Mary Jane Watson, I’m not from here. I went ..this will sound crazy but when down a portal.”The arrow released and it hit between her feet. She took the arrow out and she pointed it towards the archer, “What the hell, I just helped you.”“Don’t say that name. Mary Jane Watson was a beloved team member. Died three years ago, don’t try your tricks demon.”“Enough, calm yourself, Frances.” Said the blonde one who made his way between them. “That’s her name. We’ve had guest from other Earth’s before we have to be kinder to all of this” he said as he raised his hands to the sky.MJ backed up for a moment just to moment and the blonde one turned around and pointed a finger at her, “Don’t move, don’t leave please, also one more step back you are falling off the roof.”His voice started snippy but it went soft. “I’ll stay once I get one of your names.” MJ bargained.“I’m Flash . Flash Thompson.’MJ blinked and felt her heart beat faster. Flash..the Flash in her world was blonde as well and he was a POW after his father forced him to join the army. No one knew them and he was her first boyfriend in high school.“Well there was one of you in my world too, looked different tho,” she said with a little smile as the others introduced themselves as Frances Barton and Natale Romanoff. “Sometimes we have another but he likes to work along, Parker is a lone wolf in a sense.”MJ had to laugh, “Well I have a Parker I don’t know about the rest of you, but this is so weird. I’ve never been the one to go through the portal they usually all come to me.”Flash looked at her and thought for a moment. “How about we go to base and we get healed up…you settled for a while and we can work on sending you back.”MJ took a breath and sighed, “Okay…I get that,” she said as she brushed her hands on her jeans as Flash opened a rift and held out a hand to her, come on Red.”They couldn’t figure out how to open back up the portal to send her home. She had been there for six months already. MJ wondered how many people were missing her, thought she was dead, but also she fell into this life so well. She gained training from Flash, bonded with the Peter here like a best friend, and started to develop roots and feelings. Feelings that she had told herself she wouldn’t do, wasn’t it weird that both her and Flash had relations with the other versions.She eventually allowed herself to enjoy things and then they found her portal home. It was up for her to take it. Here she felt a deep purpose. She was fighting with people and it felt like people trusts her with everything. She had time to make the decision, but she wasn’t sure what she should do. 

Slytherin Captain

09/16/2021 05:11 PM 


June 1994 Mister Flint, Enclosed are the terms and agreements to your signing with the Tutshill Tornadoes, set to being on 1 July 1994 as well as your accommodations, set to be provided upon your arrival in Tutshill.  Until the owl that morning, Marcus had been living in a dreamlike state for the past two months, the contract drawn and signed that placed him as a chaser for the Tutshill Tornados the moment he left Hogwarts. Every day he waited for the ball to drop, that there was no need for his internal struggle if he was doing the right thing because they changed their mind and didn’t want him. Five months of back and forth in his mind, Tutshill thinking his resistance was because of another offer and upped their incentive for him to sign. He hesitated because of Olivia, the moment he shared the news with her they had approached him, things had become strained. There was only so long he could get away with ‘I’m not sure’, ‘I’m still thinking about it’ and the constant ‘maybe’ that he used every time it was brought up.He half wished he never told Olivia about the offer, but it was lonely celebrating lifelong goals alone. She had always been there for him, cheered him on for every match and, stupidly, he believed this would have been the same. When he signed the contract, Marcus buried the news deep within himself where not even she could access if she tried. He couldn’t stop his excitement at the letter that morning, felt his little sister’s eyes fall on him as he ran from the table, grinning like an idiot.  He deserved to be happy. He earned the right to have a life of his own, control over his future. Yet guilt filtered into his joy, tainted his victory.  “You actually did it?” Olivia’s voice filled his mind before he noticed her crossing the standing in the quidditch shed, angry strides that shouldn’t have matched the distress in her face but somehow did.  Shame billowed out within him, lingered with a foul taste as he tried to hide his thoughts, tucked the letter safely behind him like a dirty secret. Gray eyes sat on her, assessed the pain and hurt he had caused by keeping her in the dark. If he had been honest, they could have prepared some sort of plan, a way to ensure safety from their parents. “I was going to tell you,” he signed.  “When?!” Olivia replied coldly. She went straight for the mind, didn’t bother signing it out because she wanted answers and signing gave him a chance to think, to spin a bigger web of lies. “Just as we’d pull up to King’s Cross? Your last goodbye, a wish for the best of luck before you buggered off?” Marcus winced. He hadn’t thought that far ahead. Of course, he planned to tell her, explain his reasons and assure her that everything was going to be okay, but there was never a right moment. He always found an excuse. It was her reaction he feared, the rejection from the only person he had left, his only support system that gave him strength to continue most days. “You’re leaving me with them. Again.” “I’m not.” Except he was.  They both knew it.  He didn’t know how to explain it to her, couldn’t find the words to sign or speak from his own mind that would make her see his side of things.She still had four years left at Hogwarts, four years where he would be trapped at the Flint Manor with no chance of escape. She had Hogwarts to protect her most of those years while he would have nothing. He had given everything he could to protect her since they were children, put himself between her and his parents. Hated himself every year he left for Hogwarts and she was stuck.He couldn’t give anymore. He had almost lost that battle once and knew he wouldn't survive it this time.  “Ollie . . . ” A condescending snort left her, a look that almost mirrored how their mother looked at him. “You’re no different from them.” Marcus faltered at the words, felt the sting as if she had physically slapped him. He wasn’t like their parents. Everything he did, he strived to undo the things they had ingrained within him, the hatred and unkindness that melded with the deeply rooted fear that he’d one day turn into them.It was all brought to life by those simple words and his face crumpled in visible distress. He knew she didn't mean it. Not really but it left its mark, burned into him differently than every other cruel thing that he heard over the years."I'll write them back, I still have time to terminate the contract.""Oh yeah, that way you can hate me. Resent me because I took away your only chance of escaping, of crushing everything you've ever dream- . . ." The words trailed off, an echo in his mind as Olivia looked down, fingers twisting nervously. The idea pinned to what she was asking of him and sullenly Olivia sat beside him. "I don't want you to give this up. I'm just scared."She didn't need to say of what or who. They both knew.Marcus nudged her. "Just think, on holiday you can come stay with me. I'll drag you to all of my quidditch matches. You'll meet my roommate Connor, he seems really nice. I think you'd like him. He's the one who recruited me." "I'll be sure to thank him with a kick in the arse." A real smile appeared, the nerves still there but some of the unease was gone. He already had it planned out, created a means in which he could still keep her safe from their parents. A safety net."I am r e a l l y happy for you. Proud of you," she signed, making it a point to say proud. Affirmation neither of them received from family, a boost in confidence they both could use."And I am of you. Everyone underestimates you. You’re stronger than they know - than you know."  𝐅𝐑𝐀𝐆𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐃.; You’re stronger than they know


09/16/2021 04:25 PM 

Viridis; Drabble

.outsidebox { width:250px!important; height:; padding:30px; background-color:#5c8921; border: 1px solid #e3e3e3;} .title { background:#5c8921; padding:5px; border:1px solid #ccd6cd; text-align:justify; font-size:9px; font-family:arial narrow; text-transform:uppercase; font-weight:900; color:#fff; letter-spacing:1px; width:50px; float:left; display:inline-block;} .title2 { display:inline-block; padding:5px; background-color:#f1f1f1; border:1px solid #ccd6cd; border-left:none; font-family:arial narrow; font-size:9px; text-transform:uppercase; font-weight:900; text-align:right; width:177px; color:#a34248; letter-spacing:1px;} .text { padding:15px; background-color:#fff; font-weight:lighter; font-family: arial narrow; font-size:10px; text-align:justify; color:#5c8921; line-height:10.5px; letter-spacing:1px;} title: Viridis Twenty-four hour a day dull fluorescent lights to destroy circadian rhythm. Concrete walls and walkways surrounding the plexiglass cell. Ventilation systems humming relentlessly lest she attempt something with pollens. Natural light and air were all but a myth now. Can't give the plant lady any real food now, can we? Her usually vibrant green skin receded to her human flesh tone, her chlorophyll levels too low for comfort. However, none of that stopped her from being able to hear them. Her babies. Screaming in agony as the pesticides block their ability to photosynthesise in the gardens of this very asylum. Her containment in Arkham was cruel and unusual punishment, disguised as treatment. She would get them all back for this. Every last one of them. Especially the Bat. The only way to track the passage of time reliably was the delivery of some dehydrated pulp that was meant to resemble a meal pushed into the cell via a tray, which she assumed to be twice a day. It was hard to keep track, with time running together. The lights, the droning of the ventilation, the screaming of the other inmates, her babies suffering all made sleep scarce, which didn't help her situation either. Hearing the by now painfully familiar grating of the tray slot being shunted open, followed by rapping on her case Ivy opened her eyes. Had she dosed? Did it matter? "Slops up, Isley. Rise and shine." Unfurling herself from her fetal position on the 'bed' bolted into the plexiglass wall, her bare feet dropped to the eternally cold concrete floor. She didn't have the energy to correct him. To tell him that it was 'Doctor Isley'. The weeks? months? of… this had worn her down. She said nothing as she retrieved the tray of colored pastes and assorted bland foodstuffs from the floor. As usual, she wasn't afforded the luxury of cutlery. Not after the scene she caused when given the plastic kind, and to their credit, they weren't foolish enough to give her the plant fibre eco friendly ones. Scooping the... was it pureed carrot? pumpkin? – it was so hard to tell what anything was anymore after those animals had destroyed them like this – up with her fingers and dropping it regretfully into her mouth, Ivy cast a scornful gaze over the compartmentalised meal, before being filled with a swift and burning anger. There, half buried beneath what was probably once an apple, sat two sad, wilted lettuce leaves. Were they mocking her? Was this how they saw her now? So weak and non threatening that they dare slap her in the face like this? She would make them regret that. Snatching up the shards of the usually hearty romaine lettuce, clutching them to her chest, she willed them to live. To thrive. She called upon The Green to grant these leaves a boost, to allow her her freedom. To strike vengeance upon all those that hurt the planet, starting with the damned groundskeeper over spraying the gardens. To return to enacting justice as The Green's chosen warrior. Ivy was weak, from Gaia only knows how long without sunlight. But The Green was not. The Green answered. . credit: desi of creativian

𝒔𝒐𝒍 𝒌𝒐𝒓𝒐𝒍𝒆𝒗𝒂

09/16/2021 12:37 PM 

MMM: Jon Snow

The battle for Winterfell had cost them a life before it even started. The life of Rickon Stark, the youngest child of Eddard Stark and he was shot with several arrows, impaling him savagely. He was a boy still, barely old enough at the time to even remember what his mother looked like, who his father was and who was staring at him from across the battlefield. Jon Snow, the bastard son of Ned Stark and the previous 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, could only stare as Rickon dropped to the ground with no more than a choked gasp before his heart stopped. Ramsay Snow smirked, lowering his bow and tilting an eyebrow in challenge. Silence until Jon Snow shouted his orders and the battle began. It was bloody, the Free Folk did not abide by the rules of war. They hacked and they swung their great weapons, cleaving the heads off Ramsay’s men and taking pleasure in their screams. And at their front, was Jon Snow, Longclaw in hand and with elegance and skill unseen since the Sword of the Morning, cutting through enemy men like they were nothing more than children trying to fight with swords for the first time. Dead bodies piled atop each other and Wun Wun, covered in thick leather plated with armour, was hammering down on the enemy with his fallen tree trunk and killing them by the dozens. The battle was in Jon’s favour and Ramsey, with his pride and inability to care, ordered his bowmen to shoot at his own men for the sake of killing Jon’s.But Jon was smart. He yelled for the Free Folk to use anything they could to cover themselves. Including the dead bodies that littered the field. Jon lifted a fallen shield and held it steady, watching as several arrows struck it with enough force for the arrow heads to punch through the thick wood and steel a few inches. Knowing that the bowmen had to nook, Jon called out for the Free Folk to disperse, making as much space between themselves as they can while keeping themselves safe from the arrows and some of Ramsay’s men that had not been killed by their own. Jon ran forward, Wun Wun at his side and Ghost at his heels, weighted by armour but still as swift and lethal. One swing from Wun Wun caused the line of bowmen to break and caused enough distraction for the Free Folk to gather their wits and start fighting forward towards the front lines. Ramsay was nowhere in sight but when Jon blinked through the haze of blood and dirt he saw him, riding towards Winterfell. Jon growled, slashing through the last of the bowmen before running after him. As he looked back to check on his people, he smirked when he saw Tormund absolutely decimating Ramsay’s men and he was glad to notice that there weren't many left. The most important piece was Ramsay, who ran away with his tail between his legs once he knew that he was not going to win the battle. A coward. The gates of Winterfell were strong and through thousands of years held back men who dared try and enter unwelcome but Jon had lived in Winterfell for fifteen years, he knew the gates and its functions. Ramsay nor his father knew that the gate had to be properly manned every week to keep its strong holding and condition but they had killed all who could do so, and Jon knew that the loyal Northmen would not willingly divulge that information to them. Thus, Wun Wun smashed through it like he was running through a bush of thin leaves. There was no men in the courtyard but there was Ramsay Snow. Jon stared at him, his light eyes turned dark with rage and Ramsay talked, trying to anger him, making him so furious he couldn't think. But Jon’s rage didn't make him lose his consciousness, it made him think so sharply that he could win a battle with anyone at that moment. And he did win, beating Ramsay into the ground with his bare fists alone, smashing his head multiple times against the cold, hard floor that the people watching wondered how Ramsay was still alive. But then there she was, Sansa Stark, staring as her bastard brother beat the monster who had made her life a living hell for months with so much rage that his eyes went black. And then he stopped, fist raised mid strike, staring down at the unconscious Ramsay whose face was unrecognisable. He fist dropped and he rose, staring at Sansa for a moment before walking to where Wun Wun and Ghost had sat down, resting but vigilant. Ramsay’s men had lost, the Free Folk had won and the Knights of the Vale who charged into the fight last minute were not needed and only killed two men, who already injured and who would have died minutes later from the blood loss. Ramsay was dragged to a cell and Jon ordered the Knights of the Vale - with bloodied fists and a bloody face - to search Winterfell for any remaining Bolton men and to secure the castle. Any wounded Free Folk were attended to by the elders of their people and there was enough room in Winterfell to house them all. The great Northern castle was not bustling with people like it had been, the Boltons killed anyone and everyone left, and before that had been the Greyjoys. The night had been cold and unfamiliar. Jon had taken up residence in the Lord’s bedchambers and there was next to nothing left that belonged to his father. Jon couldn't bear the thought of Winterfell belonging to anyone but House Stark, so he made sure that everything that belonged to the Boltons was burned and destroyed. With time, Winterfell will once again be as glorious as it once was during its prime. Ghost, clean and without his armour, laid before the large hearth and warmed his damp white fur. Jon could not sleep, had never been able to since he breathed life after his death. Which meant that it wasn't a surprise when there was a soft knock at his door and he opened it to see Sansa swaddled in fur and smiling weakly. Jon knew that Ramsay had done horrendous things to her and it wasn't surprising that she couldn't sleep, even in her own home with the Bolton’s snuffed out. And so they sat before the fire and nursed their own cups of ale. “We’re home.” Sansa said quietly, as if she couldn't quite believe it and thought herself dreaming.  “Aye.” Jon nodded.  “What are you going to do now?” Sansa asked. Jon didn't fail to notice the undertone to her question. “I’m a bastard. I helped you take back Winterfell because it's your home. Robb is dead, Rickon is dead, and we don't know where Bran is. There are no sons left to take up the mantle of Lord of Winterfell.” “Not Lord. King.” Sansa corrected and the grip on her ale tightened.  Jon sighed. “The meeting with the Northern Houses will decide that. But for now, I will do all I can to make sure Winterfell and the North stabilises.” “Northern Houses.” Sansa scoffed. “Two betrayed us and the rest did not help.” “I don't blame them.” Jon said. “They fought with Robb in his war and all the Houses in the North lost brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers because of it. House Stark was not the only family to lose a father, a brother nor a sister. We can't punish them for protecting their family and people.” Then he added. “Don't forget House Mormont.” “House Mormont gave us men but you didn't order them to the battlefield.” Sansa frowned.  “They gave us less than a hundred men. They were more useful outside the battle field than in it. I wasn't going to let a hundred men die needlessly.” “I understand, Jon. I do.” Sansa's eyes turned cold. “But House Umber needs to be punished,” “And what do you suggest?” “Take their land and keep, make someone who is truly loyal to you the Lord of Last Hearth.” Sansa spoke confidently but Jon frowned at her words. “What you’re suggesting will only cause outrage within the North.” Sansa went to speak but Jon stopped her. “No, Sansa. House Umber made a mistake and they paid for it with the lives of their men and Lord. They choose who they believed to be the winning side, to protect themselves from Ramsay’s wrath. They have lost enough, the North has lost enough. I will not take a family out of their home and cast them to the woods during the beginning of Winter.” “Jon, people will see your mercy as weakness.” Sansa pleaded, painfully so.  “My mercy is strength. I have given people mercy and they spat on it. I do not offer second chances, Sansa. If House Umber were to decide to betray us a second time, I will not show mercy.” Sansa didn't look happy and Jon didn't particularly care. Sansa left quickly after that, muttering a stiff goodnight before returning to her chamber. Jon sighed, slouching in his chair and watched as Ghost breathed in his sleep. Sansa had never been nice to him as a child and he knew that one of the only reasons she was being civil towards him was because he was the last sibling she had left. But he was also Ned Stark’s only son known to be left alive, even if he was a bastard. Sansa, despite seeing how truly corrupt people of power were in Kings Landing and in Winterfell, still desired to become Queen. Jon could see it in her eyes, the way she looked at him when he commanded his men and spoke to the Free Folk and ordered the Knights of the Vale. Jon did not love Sansa but he didn't hate her either, and he knew that he didn't trust her. Sansa had not told him about the Knights of the Vale riding towards Winterfell to assist in the battle and Jon had been furious when she revealed to him that she had spoken to Petyr Baelish, the Lord of the Vale, who offered to send his Knights weeks ago. As it turned out the Free Folk did not need any assistance with the battle but if Jon had known about the Knights he would have changed his plans to accommodate them. Many lives of the Free Folk would have been saved if he had.  And Rickon was killed as he ran towards Jon with a hopeful expression, believing that Jon could save him. But he didn't. Jon blamed Sansa for his death and his rage burned hot enough to light a fire within him when she didn't seem to care about his death. Many outcomes could have gone different if only she told him about the bloody Knights of the Vale. But then he was glad that they arrived when they did, Jon did not want to be indebted to Lord Baelish, Littlefinger.  Rickon was going to be put to rest beside his father and brother in the crypts of Winterfell. House Stark had lost its Lord and Lady, its King and now its youngest son. Jon didn't know where Bran was and Arya had been missing since their father’s execution in Kings Landing, he could only pray to the Old Gods that they were alive.  Jon did not get any sleep that night.

𝕊c𝔞rℓᗴT ฬᎥ𝕥𝐜𝐡

09/16/2021 12:21 PM 

R e l i e f ( 616 | Drabble 1 )

“ ” Immortality is just a life sentence with a more pleasant veneer. Everlasting life is terrestrial purgatory.-- Wanda Maximoff (Trial of Magneto Issue 1) She sighs in relief when she hears the accomplishment, the miracle she and Hope Summers created. To undo her tragic lapse of sanity, her big mistake. A mistake that haunts her forever, though she hopes that now that the mutant population is recovering, that they can see it in their hearts to forgive her. However, nothing is ever that easy. Everyone is walking on eggshells around her. Even her closest friends seem to look at her with a discerning look, wondering when will she snap again. Though at the very least, they are civil to her treat her with kindness. Then rumors started flying around that the mutants have finally found a place. Safer than Genosha, a place of everlasting life and protection. Krakoa. It warmed her heart, for she experienced first hand the treatment and fear mutants have gone through. She feels a warmth a comfort that life does move on. She moves on but it doesn't take long to find that something isn't quite right. The Great Pretender, Wanda Maximoff is not welcomed. Perhaps it's for the best. Though they say her face is plastered every in Krakoa, her name is upon their top offenders. They tell horror stories to the younger mutants regarding her. She clears her throat and wonders if this is true? Though that sinking feeling, that mystical instinct seems to confirm it. She shakes her head, pushing back the pain, the hurt, the betrayal. "No matter what I do...nothing will remove this tarnish," she whispers to herself one day as she tries to read a book. Though, the thoughts aren't blocked easily. She reckons they have good cause to use her as their boogeyman. "Fine, let them," she says as she wants to believe that she's okay with it. That it does not bother her but it does. She receives emails from Erik. She has to stop herself from the habit of calling him, father. Though, deep down, she wonders if he is. Her brother's face is a constant reminder of that man. So she sees it in her heart to forgive him. To reach back out to the man who is constantly trying to reach her. She's finally allowed to visit Krakoa, she's finally allowed to see what the mutant utopia looks like. Though, first thing's first, she's going to see the man she calls father.

comic, 616, drabble

Spit Fire

09/16/2021 12:15 PM 


Claire here!Dinosaurs are my passion and now that their roaming free in our modern world its my duty to protect the people. Mains are welcomed...I do accept crossovers as well. Multipara writer/Drama free. 


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Let's get into trouble, i'll be there on the double.


the strokes, julian casablancas, fabrizio moretti, nick valensi, nikolai fraiture, albert hammo


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Winds of Change

Winds of Change   Jotun Prince /1714844 It seemed like he was falling forever. He watched Thor's expression as he willingly let go of the god who'd been raised as his brother. He could see the hurt in Thor's eyes as he fell. Odin's shadow was behind Thor pulling him back from the shattered Bifrost even as Thor's voice echoed into the cosmos calling him.Once Loki's vision was cleared of any evidence of Asgard, he could feel the changes all around him. His Frost Giant physiology protected him against the bitter cold of the cosmos even as he continued to tumble to some place, he wasn't sure where. As a child, he was told that the only way to get to other worlds was via the Bifrost. Heimdall saw everything from that point. Perhaps he was destined to die out here. He closed his eyes and waited for the end.~*~Svalbard IslandsIt was the top of the world, as some called it. The Northern Lights were on full display to anyone watching from the ground below. In the middle of this storm of lights, was a stronger light that glowed a brilliant blue. In the center of that blue light was the form of man. He was falling to Earth like a comet. Surely this wasn't a man. The impact left by Loki of Asgard ripped up snow and ice in a trail approximately 100 meters long leading up to the crater where he lay. His body was battered but he was alive. His skin was a bright blue showing his heritage as a Frost Giant. Slowly he rose insanely curious. "Well…." He managed to purr. He took several moments to make sure he wasn't missing any body parts.Loki pulled himself out of the crater with a few grunts and a subtle stretch. He was wounded from the fall from Asgard, but he wasn't hurt enough to keep him down for any extended length of time. Slowly he began to assess the situation around him.None of this scenery seemed familiar to him, but yet he knew he'd been here before. It was an odd contrast in emotions that left him insanely curious. He decided to use a technique his mother taught him and began to cup his hands. In order to find out in which of the Nine Realms one currently stood, this simple locator spell would do just that. The problem was that the spell involved using the power of Yggdrasil in relation to the Nine Realms. Unfortunately it was supposed to work in Hel also. Loki sucked in a breath and watched the magic ball that was the Nine Realms manifest itself in between his hands.The spell provided him with a jolt of fiendish glee. He had made it to Midgard once more. It wasn't some hideous terrain like where he'd found Thor not too long ago. This place was a lot more, homey. "So the Bifrost is the only way to Midgard?" Loki's face twisted slightly at the warning from Odin when he was a child. He closed his hands and the globe was gone."By Odin's Beard!" The voice of a man interrupted Loki's thoughts. He was as tall as Thor with locks just as golden. Loki quirked a brow upward studying this Midgardian in front of him. "You are the Odinson! You are Loki!" The man fell to the ground humbling himself to the god.Loki was surprised and yet it catered to his greater ego to see the man in such a way before him. He had not thought that anyone would observe the old ways after what had happened in that desert that Thor had called New Mexico. It was good to feel the power that came with worship and adoration once more. "Rise." He told the man. "I am Loki, son of Frigga and Odin." He cringed at the old connotation however it felt right to put Frigga above Odin. She meant everything to Loki. "What is this place?"The man stood in obedience to the god's command. "This is Svalbard, my Lord. There has been a great falling away to the false gods, but not all have forsaken the old ways. Allow me to take you to those who have remained faithful."Loki was intrigued by this human who was trembling in awe of him. He motioned for the man to lead the way to the others like him. "What is your name?" He asked of the mortal.The bear of a man answered, "I am Alvore my Lord. Your people are called the Skaal." Alvore was proudly trudging with the youngest of the royal house of Asgard toward their village. He was full of hope and optimism that the god would be pleased.~*~What Loki soon saw had indeed astonished him. There was a series of modest dwellings all in perfect alignment. Loki could recognize totems that were scattered throughout these dwellings. These devotees of the old ways were refreshing to him. His eyes were drawn to a large stone platform in the middle of what was essentially a lost Viking village. There was something there that had actually caught his attention.He couldn't believe what he'd seen. The stone platform was home to an ancient box made of acacia wood and covered with an enchanted azure gem that sealed the contents inside. Loki knew the Cask of 1000 Winters when he saw it. "What is all this?""The Ristaag, my Lord. I am the Shaman who will conduct the ceremony to cleanse the land and return the purity to the Skaal village. The festival will culminate in seven days." Alvore seemed pleased to speak of this to Loki. To meet the Trickster and pass his tests was everything to him.Loki could feel his mind swirling. The plans didn't take long to form. He would take the Cask of 1000 Winters from these fools and use the full power to not only cleanse the Svalbard Islands, but to cleanse the whole of Midgard. He was a Frost Giant prince? He would turn Midgard into his own Joutenheim and rule them all.Heimdall couldn't spy him. Odin's Ravens had no way to come to Midgard. Thor was still in Asgard with no way here. Loki was practically assured instant victory. He'd just have to outlast a measly ceremony.For ultimate domination, who was he to rush things?  "So I am no more than another stolen relic locked up here, until you might have some use of me?" credit: james kriet

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Baby Pumpkin's Rules
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Gukie(Son of Masky)

Name: GukieAge:23Parents:MaskySiblings:Jungkook,Sookie,MaxBlood status:pure bloodSchool House:RavenclawCrush/bf: NOONE


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