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Girl of Steel

09/15/2020 02:45 AM 


Rules for RP-ing please read. 1. I absolutely do not tolerate OOC DRAMA. If you start anything you will be blocked.2. If you want to rp lets start discussing some ideas and go from there.3. Messages are for rp-ing while Comments will be for Intro's and OOC Banter.4. Semi to Multi-Para Writer. I do not write Novella.5. Only Ships with Chemistry and is a Multi-LI.6. NO GODMODDING.7. NO INCEST OR RAPE type role-plays.8. NO RELIGIOUS OR POLITICAL type of role-plays. 

Twisted Peppermint Latte

09/15/2020 02:45 AM 


Rules for RP-ing please read. 1. I absolutely do not tolerate OOC DRAMA. If you start anything you will be blocked.2. If you want to rp lets start discussing some ideas and go from there.3. Messages are for rp-ing while Comments will be for Intro's and OOC Banter.4. Semi to Multi-Para Writer. I do not write Novella.5. Only Ships with Chemistry and is a Multi-LI.6. NO GODMODDING.7. NO INCEST OR RAPE type role-plays.8. NO RELIGIOUS OR POLITICAL type of role-plays. 


09/14/2020 11:57 PM 


What do you consider your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement?? Oh god…..probably co owning a business with my best friend and cousin. Never in my life did I think I would be an owner of a business but it’s something I can be proud of it. It beats working three jobs just to help cover my dads medical bills.What is your idea of perfect happiness? Does perfect happiness actually exist?  Life isn’t perfect. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. But if it does exist then I would love to be married and maybe have a kid or two.What is your current state of mind?Uhmmmm does fire bad, tree pretty count as a state of mind? I’m happy I guess you could say. I’m content for the most part. My mother when she wasn’t in her right mind would say that this town would eat me alive. Lucky for me she’s bat sh*t crazy.What is your occupation and how do you feel about it?Well I co own Purple Haze Apothecary with my best friend and cousin. It’s not all natural ingredients and we carry something for everybody.What is your most treasured possession?Well the most prized possession I owe is probably a bracelet that my father gave me when I graduated high school. He always wanted me to have a better life than he did. The bracelet belonged to his mother and he wanted me to have it as a reminder to always be myself.What or who is the greatest love of your life? I don’t think I’ve had one yet. I’ve had relationships but none that really planned out to be anything. What is your favorite journey?I guess you could say the one I’m in now. Life is a series of moments and it’s what you do in those moments that matter.What is your most marked characteristic?My big heart??? I don’t know really. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what other people think about you it’s what you think about yourself…but even then I never really did give a sh*t. What you see is what you get.When and where were you the happiest?That’s a hard question. It’s hard to remember a time but honestly when I’ve got a guitar in my hand. Sometimes it easier to write down your feelings into a song or a poem and then it’s like everything makes sense in the world. What is it that you most dislike?Oooh we could be here all right. I hate lying. I’ve never seen the whole deal of it really. Be honest for f***s sake….and I really dislike….no I f***ing hate clowns. Clowns are just….creepy.What is your greatest fear?Greatest fear? Being alone or drowning. I want that wedding in that little white church…maybe kids someday. It’s hard to love someone else when you don’t love yourself completely.What is your greatest extravagance?I’m not sure. Probably my leather jacket. I bought it with my own money.Which living person do you most despise?Who do I despise??? That is a loaded question but if I have to answer my mother if you can even call her that. I have my reasons and I am sure that it was the talk of the town for a while but it is what it is.What is your greatest regret?My greatest regret would probably be not coming back sooner. Maybe if I would have known sooner just how much help my father needed I would have been home sooner rather than later.Which talent would you most like to have?I don’t know…I already play guitar. My father taught me when I was young and it’s something that makes us close.Where would you like to live?I’m pretty content where I am.  It’s where my family is. What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?Lowest depth of misery? For me I guess it’s somewhere in between almost losing my life to feeling like you are not lovable. What is the quality you most like in a man?Honesty. Humor. Someone who can accept the good and the bad.What is the quality you most like in a woman?Interesting question…I’m not entirely sure that I have an answer for it. I’ve never really thought about it.What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?Well I can be impulsive and do things without thinking which can get me into trouble and I’m stubborn so there’s that.What is the trait you most deplore in others? Dishonesty. I mean the worst thing you can do is lie to me because you think I can’t handle the truth. I’m not a child so there’s no need to lie in order to protect. I can decide what I can or can not handle.What do you most value in your friends?Loyalty. I know it may sound stupid but even when I’m at my worst if my friends are there for me then they have accepted me at my best and worst.Who is your favorite hero of fiction? Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For some reason I always related to her in some way.Whose are your heroes in real life? Well my father for one has always been my hero. He was proud to be the sheriff and he was good at what he done.Which living person do you most admire?My cousin Raven. She means more to me than she knows.What do you consider the most overrated virtue?Patience I guess. I’m not really sure I’m actually patient myself but that’s from dealing with the sh*t that I’ve dealt with.On what occasions do you lie?Another loaded question….let’s see if I can answer without putting my foot in my mouth. I try not to lie because one lie leads to another and so on and so forth. But sometimes a lie can be necessary.Which words or phrases do you most overuse? F***. Jesus Christ. Mostly f*** though…on occasion son of a bitch.If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?I can be pretty impulsive sometimes. I do things without thinking and sometimes wind up with more trouble than I intended to get into.What are your favorite names? Well….. Charli, Jade, Salem,Ben, Wyatt, Bo.How would you like to die? Uhmmmm peacefully. If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?Maybe an animal like a cat or maybe a guitar. What is your motto? Carpe diem. Seize the day cause tomorrow you might be dead. 

๐Ÿ’‹ั”mรญlั‡ mฮฑั” (m&l lฯƒnnรญั” ฮฑuั•tรญn)๐Ÿ

09/14/2020 11:09 PM 

Mrs Emily Mae Jamison's Rules
Current mood:  annoyed

1: I Will Not tolerate Rudeness2: I Will Not Accept Any Brad Pitt's At All3: I Will Not Add Wrestlers, S&L, Twd, Soa, Orphans, Drama Queens, Soap Operas, twilight , Smut, Incest, Bbc, Mirrors Unless I Know You In Ooc, Any Sexual Themes4: If You Are A Megan Fox Or Amber Heard Face Youll Be Blocked5: Will Not tolerate Any Racism 6: I Do Not Do Any Drug Verses7: I Am Not A Smut Or A Erotic Roleplayer


09/14/2020 11:15 PM 

fall mood monday,


09/14/2020 08:48 PM 

Dancing in September


09/14/2020 08:48 PM 

Dancing in September

The โ„œogue

09/14/2020 08:26 PM 

Rogue Inc. : Demons and Devils

  There is always so much that we have to consider. The consequences of our actions and inactions. Steps taken...and not taken. Regrets of not reaching out his hand at certain times. Fury at the people that had betrayed him and forced him into exile back into the plane of Earth. Where he had stayed for all these years. Watching them progress through the years. Though he was not idle. No. He had been here before and as such already had assets in place to begin again.    After he had been cared for by his good friend, Shani, he had thought of staying. The thought had weighed very heavily on his mind. However, the price on his head and the threat of what might come had proved too much for his honor. So he left in the middle of the night with a letter of thanks and deep appreciation as well as his necklace which bore the tooth of the first Lycan he had killed. It was over 20,000 years old and bore writing of a forgotten language. He hoped it would help her remember him by.    After that, he had traveled the world requiring his wealth and slowly growing his presence in the underworld of the assassination world. Working from Egypt, Japan, England, and eventually the United States after it formed. He would join in wars and fight from the shadows taking out the worst enemies. Even attempting a shot at Hitler but missing by a door frame. Hell who wouldn’t have tried that one?    Now in the modern-day, he had formed a paramilitary black ops group that worked with governments, corporations, and individuals around the world on missions that were either too hot for their forces or were out of their jurisdiction. Hence Rogue Inc was born.    Havana, Cuba   The hum of the aircraft engines was comforting as Fradimeir checked his gear one more time. Standing up he looked at the two others that were coming with him. Jacks and Tank, both seasoned and had been working with him for a long time. They should do well on this mission. The plane hit turbulence and his balance kept him from even being phased by it. Tank looked at him and shook his head. “Boss I don’t know how you do that. Gets me every time. You ride them like waves.”    Fradmeir smiles. “It’s an old trick. Maybe I’ll show it to you some time.”    With that, he activated the large screen in front of them which showed a layout of Havana city. Pointing to the jungle area just outside the city. “This is our insertion point.”    Then dragging his fingers until he reached the massive church complex near the center of the city. “This is our target location. It is a cult, church, bullsh*t. But they are serious and they have the support of the Cuban government military forces.”    “What is the target?” Jacks asked.   “There are two hostages, both kids, female. Daughters of a Senator of the US Congress.”   “So we are doing a babysitting mission?” Tank asked.    “This won’t be easy,” Fradimeir said, raising an eyebrow.    ‘Two minutes’, Came the pilot’s voice over the intercom.    “Saddle up. It's time to do this.” Fradimeir said. Both men cheered and raised their hands and went to finish getting their gear and their parachutes.     A few minutes later they jumped off the plane and flew through the air towards the ground. The city showed bright below them as also was very clear their dropzone, the very dark jungle to the east of the city.    Soon they landed and hid their chutes under the foliage to not give away their position. Signaling for them to move they made their way towards the city. As they reached the edge of the city he held up his fist calling them to a stop. Looking at his watch on his arm he noted the time and silently counted down the time. Suddenly a flash over the city went off and every light in the city went dark as a small EMP detonated.    Signally his men forward they began making their way through the streets as the sound of panic and confusion began to fill the city.    Church of Ra   Standing behind the desk Dominic looked over a map of Cuba and sighed. Their influence was growing but not as fast as his benefactors would prefer it to be. They had funded this push substantially which had allowed him to capture the eye of the government and make an inroad into the US.    Glancing over to the woman who sat across from him he smiled. Once they gained that foothold there would be so much more he would be able to do. Here in Havana, they were limited no matter what kind of support they got.    “Sire we have reports of aircraft over the city.” One of the Clerics spoke softly behind him.    Arching an eyebrow he turned and walked over to the small command center they had set up at the base of the bell tower. Looking over the radar screens he could see that there was a stealth aircraft trying to avoid contact.    “Let the airforce know.” Dominic said, “And prepare for guests...He is coming.”   “Are you sure?”   “Oh yes. I can feel him.”   Turning to the woman. “I am afraid we will have to move you downstairs to a more secure location.”    She simply smiled as she stood up letting the black leather jacket she wore flow about her body and moved to the door. The Clerics at the door moved out of her way and bowed.    “See to it she is not disturbed,” Dominic said as the power shut down.    Glancing up he laughed. “So you wish to do this like the old days.”    The Woman walked down the dark hall towards a very heavy wooden and iron door which opened and creaked as it moved to the side. As she passed through it the door closed behind her with a slam and clicked as heavy locks from the top to bottom slid shut.    She walked down stone steps, the click of her heels echoing against the wet stone walls. The air was musty as the smell of blood soon became apparent. This was her domain.    Moving to the right she waved her hand as a mass in the center of the room began to spin and glow a bright green.    Dark City Fradimeir and his unit had taken care of several unit patrols as they had encountered them heading to the church. All had been military but had been led by an individual dressed as a cleric. His two comrades did not understand the relevance of this, but he did. It meant that this group had infiltrated much deeper than he had thought.    His radio beeped and he signaled for them to stop as he tapped the button on his neck. “Go ahead, overwatch.”   ‘Overwatch to the ground team, we have been compromised. Enemy aircraft have detected us and are engaging. Unable to lose them. Heading out of the area.’ The radio crackled.    “Overwatch! Come in!” Fradimeir said.    Suddenly there was an explosion over the city to the east as a plane exploded due to a missile strike. With his enhanced vision he could see it was their plane. Bowing his head he sighed.    “Looks like we are on our own from here on out.”   “We should scrap it, sir.” Said Jacks. Tank nodded as he held his weapon at the ready scanning for enemies on the empty alley they were currently holding the position in.    Fradimeir shook his head, “We will not end this mission. We have to clear that church and try to rescue that target!”   His voice was stern and his gaze could have killed. They both visibly stiffened their backs and nodded silently.    Moving on they finally got to the church and took up a heightened position so they could see what they were walking into.     “Jacks take a sniper position there,” Fradimeir said pointing to the west side of the square.   “Tank you are with me as we move in from the east and take out the perimeter guard and then move in. After we get in Jacks will be our outer guard.”   “Copy” came from both men.    They moved out and made their way to the position. Once there they got confirmation and began moving in. Sniper rounds began ringing out, taking Clerics out as they flew left and right with bullets flying through their skulls, blood spraying out as the high caliber rounds broke through bone and brain matter.    Fradimeir moved through with knives taking out Clerics by cutting their thoughts and disemboweling their bodies. Spilling blood and guts as they went. Leaving no one alive as they went. Finally making it to the entrance. Wiping the blood on his leg he looked back and smiled it was a good kill he thought. Clicking his radio on.    “Jacks keep an eye on our back while we are inside. We should have the target in 15. We will radio if there is trouble.”   “Copy. Happy hunting.”   With that, they entered the house.    Dark Church   As soon as they entered they were under fire. He pushed Tank to the right and down as bullets hit the door behind them where their heads had just been. Hitting the floor in a roll and slamming into a door they slapped the door handle and it opened. Pushing the door they quickly checked the room as they entered it and slammed the door closed behind them as they fired blindly behind them.    Looking around they were in a conference room with another door on the other side of the room. Reaching up and flipping the lock on the door Fradimeir motioned for them to move forward as he moved to the door and quietly opened it. Leaning out of it he looked both ways and found a dark hallway with no one in it. Motioning for Tank to follow they heard the other door being slammed and wiggled as someone tried to open it. Hurrying out they closed the other door and made their way down the hall deeper into the church.    Coming across a couple of Clerics they were able to make silent work of them. But then the ones following caught up and bullets came spraying down the hall again. Turning back towards them Fradimeir fired three rounds hitting the wall just next to the one guy firing. Another had come up to the right and was now also firing.    Tank fired and got that guy. Fradimeir focused and hit the other one in the arm disabling his weapon ability. Moving to him he kicked the weapon away. Pulling him up and grabbing him by the throat he pushed him up against the wall.    “Where is the Senator’s Daughter?”   The man just laughed.    Tightening his grip. Fradimeir with his other hand dug his fingers into the bullet wounds on the man’s arms causing him to scream in pain. Tank looked around nervously wondering if others were going to hear them.    Fradimeir stopped and asked again. “Where is the Senator’s Daughter?”    “Y...You will have to do to be...Gah..better than that you piece of sh*t hybrid.” the Cleric said.    Sighing, he nodded. Looking at Tank he thought for a second.    “Tank can you scout ahead and see if there are any point guards?”   “Uh..sure Boss.” Tank said unsure of the strange request. Heading off he went around the corner.    As soon as he was gone Fradimeir turned back to the Cleric. “Are you sure you want to play these games with me you Ra deviant f***?”   The man just laughed again.    Grabbing the man’s injured arm he let his grip tighten harder and harder the man began to scream as the pain increased to the breaking point. Bone crushed beneath his grip. Then he twisted and pulled and ripped the arm off. It tore at the elbow because when he twisted it broke the elbow off from his humerus and everything with it. The man screamed in horror as he held it up. He wasn't feeling pain anymore as he was in shock and his nerve endings were all firing at once right now.    “Tell me what I want to know! Or I will rip off something else that you care about!” Fradimeir said. A crazed look on his face and eyes.    “She is here….she is here. But. She is different from what we thought.” He began to stutter as he slid down the wall as Fradimeir let him go from his grip. Blood loss and shock were beginning to take their toll on him. “She is evil….”    He died. The smell of blood on the floor filled the air and Fradimeir closed his eyes as it filled his nostrils. His fangs had extended and he made a conscious effort for them to retract. Dropping the arm next to the dead Cleric he turned and walked away and met up with Tank.    “So did the Dude give us anything?” Tank asked.    “Yeah. She is here but she may not be friendly. So be on your toes.”    “Copy that.”    They made their way to the center of the church taking out Clerics as they went. Meeting pretty low resistance. Which seemed odd. Reaching the center of the church they found the command center that had been set up. It was pretty large for what he had thought was a small organization.    “Look around and see what you can find. It looks like they have abandoned ship.” Fradimeir said.    Heading to what looked like the commander’s hooch he rummaged through some shelves and found a book with the eye of RA on in. As he opened he found writing that was part hieroglyphs and part English. Being he could read both he could make out what it was saying. It was a journal of sorts. Deciding it was worth taking he tucked it into his vest. Continuing to rummage he found a bunch of old Egyptian artifacts and even some modern versions of ancient Egyptian artifacts as if someone was trying to recreate the culture.    Turning he found a map of the world. He soon found that there were several points of interest and possible bases or compounds of this group. Taking out his phone he flipped to the camera and took several pictures of the map and the command center and artifacts.    “Boss. I found a basement.” Tank called out.    Fradimeir came over and looked at the stone staircase that led down to the heavy door. They must be hiding something big under there. Gripping his weapon in both hands he nodded down towards the door and they both quietly made their way down the stairs towards the door. When they reached it he looked at the tall door and wondered how to open it. There was no handle or keypad. Running his hands along the sides and center of the door he shook his head and shrugged.    “Maybe I should knock.” He said.    Suddenly they heard several clicks and the door opened.    Acolytes of Ra   The door had opened and Fradimeir and Tank entered. After they entered the heavy door snapped shut with a slam and very heavy locks clicked shut. There was no way for them to open the door again without blowing the door. For now, that option was not needed. Turning they decided to investigate this basement. It was made of black stone. It reminded Fradimeir of black marble.    There was a long hallway that led to a far doorway and in that doorway was coming a shimmering green light. A humming sound could also be heard.    Tank started to move forward and Fradimeir stopped him.    “Look, you may see some weird things...and I mean WEIRD things. I want you to try and hold your sh*t together. Got it?” Fradimeir said as his bright neon blue eyes stared deep into Tank’s.    “Uh um. Yeah sure, Boss. You got it.” Tank said, shrugging. Not sure what that was about. He checked his weapon and sidearm and repositioned himself next to Fradimeir.    They both move forward down the dark hall and reach the doorway where the glowing light is coming from the sight that greets them is one out of a weird fantasy book. In the middle of the circular room is a blue fire pit with a man that had been crucified. His blood was trickling down his chest from wounds all over his body as well as from where nails had been driven into his hands and feet. All around him were five naked men in various stances of crouching and chants. Walking among them with black and blue paint all over her body was their target, Sherry Travis. Except none of their intel had stated that she was a witch. She was chanting in ancient Egyptian as her eyes glowed a similar neon blue to Fradimeir’s.    On the other side was a man draped in shadow. But as he stepped forward into the shifting light Fradimier let his rifle lower as his jaw did as well. His eyes fell on a man he had not seen for nearly 10,000 years. A man he had destroyed...not killed. Not murdered. Destroyed.    “Dominic.” Fradimeir said.    Dominic smiled softly as he raised his hands to his side. “Not bad for a man you vaporized is it not?”   “How?”   “By the grace of Ra, the gods that you have turned your back on.” Dominic retorted.   Fradimeir raised his rifle again but was struck from behind by a strong hand as two guards came in and rushed Fradimeir and Tank. Tank turned and fought the man and found it was a Jackal. “What the f***!” He said.    Fradimeir wrapped his legs around the Jackal that had him and twisted getting out of its grip and reversing it to where he now held its neck. Twisting it he heard a snap but the beast continued to attack as if unphased. Pulling the ancient dagger from the sheath on his shin he stabbed it into the temple of the black beast and its brain. Killing it.    Resheathing his knife he took his rifle and shot the other jackal in the head as it slumped dead on top of Tank.    “I told you...strange.”    Turning to Dominic and the others in the room they both were suddenly lifted off the floor and flew against the wall.    Fradimeir gasped as it felt like a car was pressing against his chest and lungs. His eyes met those of Sherry. The one he had supposedly come to rescue. Had it been all a sham?    “Sherry...we are here to res….rescue you.” Fradimeir struggled to speak. “Your father is wor...worried about you.”   The woman laughed. Twisting her hand the pressure lessoned on Fradimeir but not Tank. “Rescue? My Father?.” She paused and tilted her head. Her glowing eyes stared straight into his soul.    “I belong to Ra and my Father will meet his judgment when he arrives.” She said. “You will be worthy of sacrifices.”   Fradimeir knew at that point the mission had changed. There was no rescue mission. It was a hit and run on this cult. Realizing he was able to move his hand slightly he reached a pouch on his wrist and grabbed a small metallic ball and got it in his hand.    “Ra is dead. I destroyed him and his light.” Fradimeir said.    Sherry waved her hand and from the chest of the man that was crucified in the center came out shards of obsidian that then spun around him killing the other men as they flew through their skulls. The blue fire then engulfed all six of the now-dead men. The obsidian, still flying now flew at Fradimeir and Tank. The shards were the size of your standard knife as six penetrated his chest and nailed him to the wall he turned his head against the force still holding him against the wall and watched with anger as the shards tore through the body armor of Tank’s chest and killed him.    “You bastards!” Fradimeir yelled as he fought against the hold on him and nearly pushed himself off the wall despite Sherry’s hold on him and the obsidian pinning him to the wall.    She paused and tilted her head. “How?...hybrids should have a toxic almost deadly reaction to obsidian.”   She turned to Dominic. “You told me he was half Vampire and half Lycan. This should have worked!”    Dominic held up his hands to calm her. “It's no matter. We will find out later why it's not working.”    Holding up his radio. “Have you

Connor O'Rourke

09/14/2020 07:25 PM 

Autumn Mood Board

Autumn Mood BoardThis board shows the various things that I'm looking forward to as the Autumn continues to creep upon us. The students coming back to school, although that's looking a bit different this year, but that's ok because we'll stay flexible! Back to school also means that I get to see the amazing teachers of Natchez High, including the lovely angel pictured here. They are truly incredible people and I count myself lucky to know them.Outside of work it's a great time to go walking around nature, enjoy pumpkin carving, and even volunteer at a "haunted asylum" attraction for Halloween, all while drinking a creamy hot cocoa from Dunkins! Halloween is by far the best holiday and if you don't drop by the haunted asylum we put on every year just outside of town, you should!!! Not safe for children!Then on those cold drizzly days it's a great time to kick back and binge a show or two! Autumn is one of the best seasons, so much changes. I know it seems like everything's dying, but in truth, it's just transitioning into the next phase!


09/14/2020 06:57 PM 

Fall Bucket List - 9/14 Task

My Fall Bucket List: โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ Decorate my house, top to bottom. -- Totes upon totes are in my attic and are ready to be unpacked. This will be the perfect time to get in the spooky spirit. Make homemade apple cider. -- Who doesn't love apple cider?! Especially warm and homemade. I need to also get to an orchard to get fresh apples, I will drag Drew with me. Have a halloween movie day. -- From Hocus Pocus to all the Halloween Town movies, this will be the most perfect day ever. I plan to cuddle up with Drew with loads of candy and enjoy the day. Travel upstate to see the leaves. -- There is nothing I love more than the leaves changing. It is the most perfect time of year. The air is fresh and crisp. Take a train ride across NY. -- A train ride with my love across NY is a must this fall. I have never been on a train and the idea of seeing all the leaves different colors and drinking cider sounds phenomonal. Make the Pilsbury Halloween cookies. -- Sure they are bad for you, but they taste so dang good. I want to surprise Drew with some "homemade" cookies with ghosts and pumpkins on. Weekend stay in Salem, Massachusetts. -- One place I have never been is Salem Massachusetts. I want to see where they filmed Hocus Pocus and stay all weekend learning about "witches".  Visit a pumpkin patch. -- A crisp Sunday morning, I want to get up early and get to the pumpking patch with Drew. Ride the hay ride and pick out pumpkins we can carve later that evening. Go to a haunted house. -- I love to get scared and I love to scar people. I plan to get a group of friends together, hit up a bar and then go to a haunted house. Nothing will be more fun than watching my friends get scared and to join in on the scaring. Re-watch all the episodes of Stranger Things. -- 100% the best show on Netflix! I want to relive the episodes with Beth and spend the whole day with junk food and hot cider.


09/14/2020 06:49 PM 

9-14 Mood Board -- This Is Halloween

"say it once, say it twice, take a chance and roll the dice. ride with the moon in the dead of night."

Journey Blackbriar.

09/14/2020 06:40 PM 

Fall Moodboard


09/14/2020 04:39 PM 

Fall Bucket List

FALL BUCKET LIST   01. Scary movie marathon - Sage loves watching horror movies, especially Halloween. She is determined to watch at least one scary movie a day and on her days off, spend the day wrapped in. a cozy blanket, candles lit, and order food as she watches movies all day long. 02. Photoshoot in Central Park - Everyone loves a good photo for the gram. Fall is the greatest time for fashion and nature backgrounds. Sage wants to go to Central Park this year and find a good field that she can take a bunch of photos to post all over her social media. #fallvibes.03. Decorate her room - Living in a sorority house instead of a dorm is such an upgrade. Plenty of space, privacy, great view of the city. This is the perfect time of the year to make her room perfect for fall. Sage wants to spend a whole day hanging up decor like fake leaves, some halloween decorations, swapping out her bedding. It's all about the aesthetic for her.04. Attend a costume party - Everyone REALLY loves fall because that means halloween is approaching. Sage is usually busy with school and social things, so she wants to make sure she attends a costume party this year. Being in theater, she has so many costumes and outfits she can wear, she will look the best dressed. 05. Hay ride - Even though hay rides can be annoying with all the straw being up your butt, Sage has never done one. Weather its with friends, her sorority sisters, or a boy, she is determined to go on a hayride this year. Although the only thing stopping her is the poor house that has to pull it, but she may just set the horse free when its all over and risk going to jail. 06. Go to a fall themed bar crawl - It seems lately bars have been doing a lot of pop ups and themes to them, more than they did in the past. Sage is excited for all the bar crawls that usually go on through the year, especially a fall one. Whether it's in town or on campus, Sage is ready to let loose and get wild in some uggs and a cozy sweater.07. Bake pumpkin goods - Sage has never been much of a baker to be honest. Usually she can get brownies down but that's about it. This season she really wants to try and up her skill level and baked all the fall favorites: pumpkin pie, apple pie, pumpkin this, pumpkin that. With a large kitchen and an internet of recipes, there's something that Sage should be able to make, right? 08. Go apple picking - Besides pumpkin, apples is the next best thing in fall. If Sage is going to try and make an apple pie, she needs some apples. Apple picking always looked fun, and makes for some great photos. Her family never did any of this when she grew up, so this is something Sage definitely wants to do. 09. Watch a football game - Sage has never been one for sports, especially football. At least with baseball and basketball, you can see the cute guy's faces. Whenever someone turns on football, Sage usually leaves the room. This season, she is determined to sit down and watch an entire game. Even if she doesn't have any damn idea what's going on, it's the attempt that counts. 10. Fall DIYS - LAURDIY is one of Sage's favorite youtubers. And if she's going to decorate her room, she is going to need some decor. Making a leaf wreath or some spooky candle sticks should is in the cards this season for Sage. Nothing is funner than using a hot glue gun and a lot of glitter. 


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She's the steady that'll keep you sane.

serpent juliet She's never been one to hold back If there's something on her mind you're gonna know that And you're gonna wanna listen to everything she'll say message comment albums stream bulletins blog She's the steady that'll keep you sane " I HAD TO !" the words spilled from her lips so quickly, with no hesitation, that betty wondered why she had antagonized so over it. Archie had never admitted the whole truth about what he said. He had informed the blonde it was terrible. Rash words are caused by the sudden appearance of the serpents. Of course, betty had been frustrated, maybe a little angered, by the news. She had explicitly told him not to be cruel. Archie couldn't even do that one thing for her. And now, well, she could only imagine what Jughead thought about her. None of it right, she was sure. But she wanted to change that. He needed to know none of it came from her mind or mouth. It was finally time to tell him the truth.She could hear his emotions in his voice, no matter how he might have tried to hide them. She knew him too well for that, as he knew her. She didn't need to see such things in his face. In his eyes. She didn't want to see those emotions change as she admitted the truth. After all, it wasn't pretty, and she certainly wouldn't blame him for thinking ill of her. It was pathetic, really, letting an anonymous voice on the other end of the phone control her life. But she had no choice. If she hadn't taken him seriously if she had denied his request and something had happened to Polly and the babies.. betty would never forgive herself.Hands linked her lap, thumbs rubbing over one another as she searched for the perfect words to say. The silence became suffocating. It stretched on for too long and threatened to ruin everything. He might think she was backing out. She couldn't have that. " the black hood.. he's been calling me. " suddenly she felt lighter. Like the weight she had been carrying around on her back was finally lifted. More so than when she had spoken to Archie or veronica. The person she wanted most to know in the entire town was finally being told the complete and total truth. " he knew where Polly was, jug. He threatened her… the babies. if I didn't do what he said, he was going to hurt them. "Desperation seeped into her once soft tones. She needed him to understand. Betty loved her sister more than anything in this life. There was nothing the younger cooper wouldn't do to ensure her sibling's safety. " the exposé on my mom, what I said to veronica, the breakup. It was all because of him. I didn't want to do any of it, but -" her voice broke, betraying the raw emotion running through her veins. Her vision blurred, tears pooling in their corners. A dainty hand lifted to hastily wipe them away before they dared to fall. " I couldn't risk it. if anything happened to them.. to Polly and the babies, it would be my fault. "Finally, she looked at him. Really looked. Trying to convey everything she felt. The hurt, the loneliness, the desperation of the situation she had found herself in. She had been playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with a serial killer, and she had, for the most part, lost. It didn't make any of it right. it didn't excuse what she had done, but she hoped he could forgive her one day. " I'm so sorry, Jughead."" Jughead." his name felt strange on her lips, almost foreign. Her mouth had dried up. Possibly in fear of what was about to leave her lips. They were back together, finally. She had fought so hard to get them back to this place... she couldn't keep looking at him and wonder if there was more he didn't tell her. " if we're going to make this work - and I want to make this work more then anything.. there can't be any more secrets." her body gravitated towards his once again, one hand reaching up to brush a rogue strand of blonde hair out of her eyes. Blue irises. It wasn't even the tattoo itself, nor his new connection to the serpents, but the fact she hadn't known about it. After everything. Their chat in the car, the days they had spent together since. She had found out by chance. " I support you, juggie. I know the serpents are important to you… and you're important to me. I love you. But I can't carry on only knowing half of the story. I can't be here for you if you don't let me in. I can handle it."


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Fall Mood Board

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