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ʟᴛ. ᴄᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ ʀᴏʟʟɪɴs

09/16/2020 02:29 PM 

Writing partner needed @ tumblr Have been writing on tumblr for a while now. And now I am looking for a new writing partner since mine vanished/stopped replying. Any and all help is welcomed. Feel free to message me for info. Thanks in advance. Mick St John (Open role) Mick St. John is a Private Investigator and a reluctant member of the vampire society. He was turned on his wedding night by his ex-wife, Coraline, an ancient vampire from the French Revolution, later revealed to be a gigantic Vampire Hunt . He refers to himself and other vamps as “monsters”, even though he is “vegetarian” vamp and only drinks the blood of people dead in the morgue. His food is supplied by Guillermo, a vamp that works as an assistant at the city morgue. Guillermo also helps Mick in his cases, getting him inside the morgue to see and smell the victims of the crimes he investigates. Mick’s investigating partner and love interest is Beth Turner a reporter for the news show Buzzwire, and his best friend and confidant is Joseph Kostan, a beyond rich and ancient vampire who thoroughly believes in the widely held “being a vamp rocks” belief. He does not understand Mick’s hatred of what he is, even though he tries. Mick is 54 years older than Beth, but, strangely, their biggest obstacle as a couple is Mick’s fear of “being hurt again”. Beth is also angry at being excluded from Mick’s vampire life,consisting mainly of breaking vamps out of jail, and setting fire to rogues that threaten exposure for the vampire world. Beth is also feeling the pressure of this other world in that she starts to realize that it will be a lot harder for them to be together while she is human. She begins to think differently about her relationship with Mick, and starts wondering if it would be better if she was a vampire. She has her qualms about this, and if she ever asked Mick to turn her, he would surely rip her head off (not literally). Mick is a private investigator. He does this to make up for what he is, in a way. He is an excellent P.I. , thanks to his vampire super-senses. His sense of smell is the most heightened. He can smell far better than any human can, because of a vamp’s need to drink blood. Vamps are able to identify people not only by face and body type, but by the smell of their blood, which is as distinctive to each person as a fingerprint. Vamps only need to smell a person’s blood once to remember it, as well as identifying any foreign chemicals poisons, drugs, or the like in a person’s blood. A person’s blood even leave traces of the smell on another person without their blood actually making contact with another person’s skin. A vampire’s hearing is also strengthened. Mick is able to listen to an argument occurring inside a house from outside the house and across the street. His sight is enhanced, but it isn’t as noticeable as the hearing or smelling. His eyes change when he goes into “vamp-mode” from their usual hazel to icy blue. This could show an even further heightening, but who knows? Mick’s strength and speed are also highly increased. His “sexy vampire jump”, as quoted by Beth, and his high speed running, are only small showings. Over time Mick’s dearest wish is realized: he becomes human. This is through a cure stolen by Coraline, as a sort of reconciliation for turning him. However, Beth is kidnapped by a dangerous vamp (AGAIN) and he forces Joseph to turn him again, against Joseph’s wishes. Things look positive they take it slow until they have to investigate the murder of a mortal in a human/vampire relationship gone bad . When the case is resolved she has to tell the truth,no matter how much it hurt that he has been right all along; Humans and Vampires don’t belong together. He can’t join her world and she is not ready to join his, and so they should part ways. Mick leaves and then comes back. He tells her that it’s him that’s been wrong all along and that it isn’t about being a human or a vampire it’s about how they feel about one another right now. Finally Mick confesses that he loves her and they kiss while the door shuts.  

Mιηα ❤️ Sт.Jσнη

09/16/2020 12:13 PM 

My tumblr been writing on tumblr for a while now. And now I am looking for a new writing partner since mine vanished/stopped replying. Any and all help is welcomed. Feel free to message me for info. Thanks in advance.He 


09/16/2020 04:17 AM 

Owes List

Updated 9/22I owe youJasper (S) 9/14Matt (S) 9/22You owe meJunior (S) 9/14

Cµ૨รε σƒ Hαℓℓσωεεɳ™

09/16/2020 12:15 PM 

Curse Of Halloween Michael G Myers Guidelines
Current mood:  accomplished

Proud Member of Our Family & ALLIES RPG Happily in love with my wife Kat Marie Myers1st & original Curse Of Halloween since 09/15/2020Only ADDING other MEMBERS of OUR FAMILY & ALLIES RPG 

ιnтrepιd.™ [semi ʜiatus.]

09/15/2020 11:16 PM 


PUG RPG POINTS FOR SEPTEMBER 2020:Starter sent Klaus. (King of Hell.) on 9/15/20. +3 POINTS.Starter sent to Hope. (the lone tribrid.) on 9/17/20. +3 POINTS.Starter sent to Jenna. (Parental Control.) on 9/18/20. +3 POINTS.GROUP SHARES FOR SEPTEMBER 2020:Group Shared on 9/15/20. +1 POINT.Group Shared on 9/16/20. +1 POINT.DRABBLES FOR SEPTEMBER 2020: September Drabble posted on 9/17/20. +1 POINT.Total Points for September 2020: 12 POINTS.


09/15/2020 09:20 PM 

Mains, Connections

Lieutenant Commander Worf: Kira Nerys: Security Officer Odo: Egineer Jadzia Dax: Julian Bashir: Officer Hoshi Sato: 

Connections Star Trek


09/15/2020 06:10 PM 

My Dearest Riley,

MY DEAREST RILEZ,     I can't believe that Fall is here and we can have so much fun. I remember when we used to do so many crazy things during this time of year. Spending time with you brings me all the joy in the world. You are my best friend and there's nothing I wouldn't do for you. The kids are going to be so excited to spend Fall with you too. You have made everything in my life so bright and joyful. Even if we aren't roomies anymore, you will always be my best friend. I want you to know how thankful I am to have you in my life, Riley Quinn.   I have so much planned for us to do. It all starts with the pumpkin patch, but there's so much more. Fall is going to be the best time for us like always. There will definitely be some pumpkin carving going on like every year. The kids are even getting old enough slowly to start helping us when we do it haha. You just have no idea how lucky I am to have you in my life every day. You make everything so much better and this fall is going to be better because you are with me during the best season of the year.    I can't wait to see what Fall has in store for us this year. I have so many fun things planned for us. You are so amazing and the most amazing best friend ever. Thank you for coming into my life. My life would never be the same without you in it. You have made me so proud and my kids. We are going to have the best time ever doing so many amazing things. I can't wait to share all of these memories with you. You will always be my number one best friend Buttercup. Thank you for being a part of so many amazing years of my life. Here's to many more years and many more falls together.♥                                                                                                                                                                             Love Always,                                                                                                                                                                             Emma

Certified Freaks 18+

09/15/2020 07:11 PM 



sᴏᴜᴛʜᴇʀɴ ᴍᴇᴅɪᴄ

09/15/2020 07:11 PM 

Activity 002


09/15/2020 04:49 PM 

A Crossover Drabble

09/15/2020 03:59 PM 

Task 003: Moodboard- Autumn

There were a few things Starlee loves more than the moment the trees turned color and the air became crisp. Autumn was, without a doubt, her favorite time of the year. The crispy leaves on the ground, covering the path, as she takes her evening stroll along the river. When she's not outside, breathing in the fresh air, she can be found sitting on her bed with a warm cup of hot chocolate. A dollop of whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon makes it perfect. Her favorite movie to watch over and over is Hocus Pocus. It's a classic, there's nothing else to love. This time of year means all kinds of delicious, and pumpkiny treats. Whether it's some warm, sugary pumpkin donuts or a heavy scoop of creamy pumpkin ice cream. Starlee loves food and indulging in all of the sweetness that is offered to her. She takes pride in making her home a warm and cozy place to relax. Whether she's reading a book or writing in her journal there is always a fuzzy blanket in an arms reach. A trip to the farmers market yields a variety of floral options, along with a variety of sizes of pumpkins to choose from.


09/15/2020 03:54 PM 

Owes List Template

  Below is an example of how you can set up your OWES LIST for activity requirement. Your OWES LIST should be placed ON THE SITE and updated in real time (meaning, you update the moment you send out a reply/starter).  Owes lists will be double-checked EVERY SUNDAY before the EVENT that day. Failure to have your Owes List updated on that Sunday by 8 PM EST will result in a warning!If the OWES LIST is not sent in by that following MONDAY you will receive a strike! We of course don’t want that so reminders to update your owes list will be posted in announcements throughout the week as we move forward. Note that you can do your owes list from the site or discord. MULTIPARA WRITINGI owe: Name      date      discord/site Name      date      discord/site You owe: Name      date      discord/site Name      date      discord/site PARA WRITINGI owe: Name      4/4      date Name      4/4      date You owe: Name      4/4      dateName      4/4      dateOWES LIST UPDATED ON: ##/##/#### NOTES:Multi-Para System: Multi-para writing for this group is at least 3+ full paragraph replies/starters (5-10 sentences). Since these are longer replies, you have TWO WEEKS to complete these replies/starters.  Each reply/starter should be responded to before TWO WEEKS, but responding to your partner earlier is highly encouraged to keep the storyline between you and your writing partner moving.Para/banter System: This is weekly and the process starts over every week! You have ONE week to get your FOUR back and forth PARAs (5-8 full sentences) in with your partner.** You will need to indicate which method you will be using so MODS can track correctly based on your preference (you can use the template above).  ** Names of each of your writing partners should be separated, and not "clumped"(i.e.  name  discord  date, name  discord  date, etc.)


09/15/2020 02:31 PM 

What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World   1x1 with Earth Angel Tyler was staring just a little too long when he was snapped out of it by the touch of her soft flesh on his hand. Her smaller hand in his tightened around his fingers. He felt his skin prickle and a spreading smile across his features. Tyler Lockwood was totally smitten. This gorgeous Demigoddess made him smile like a big dumb goofball. “Let’s go!” Together they walked inside the Mystic Grill.Tyler felt like he was floating. Some would call it his hyperactive wolf hormones that had him on the search for a new mate. Tyler just called it what it was. It was just him taking advantage of another chance at life. Ever since he’d come back from the dead, Tyler had been doing one thing or another almost constantly. It was to keep him busy and to teach him control over his hellhound form in the long run. He knew Jeremy was supposed to keep an eye on him as per Alaric’s orders.Honestly he couldn’t blame Alaric for being concerned about him. He was gaining more control over his hellhound form. Still it was a struggle for him. Being around Laurel brought peace to his heart despite the ongoing torment that was his daily battle. Laurel gave Tyler hope that one day he could have peace for once in all his life.He led her to a booth near the back in the shadow of the pool table. There were a couple of guys shooting pool as the couple moved to a nearby booth. The clacking sounds of the balls hitting one another and walls of the table added to the ambiance of the room. When they had been down in the Bayou, Tyler had made the mistake of giving her wine when she was more of a beer girl. He grinned sitting down in the booth after she did. He already knew what he’d get. Beer was definitely his drink of choice today.He decided though to turn the topic of conversation toward work as an icebreaker. “So how goes the Mythology classes? So many monsters and epic adventures to talk about. You’ll be able to keep them entranced for a long time. I’ll bet they pay more attention to you than I ever did my old Classics professor in college.” His lips parted in a handsome smile with a slightest hint of his white teeth brushing against his bottom lip.She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Laurel was brilliant, clever and very spirited. Her beauty was more than her physical appearance. If anything, Tyler thought she played herself down for some reason. He had no idea what it was like growing up as the daughter of the goddess of love. He had his own issues with a skirt-chaser as a dad and an alcoholic mother. He was falling in love with Laurel. He knew that now.~*~On the edge of town where the ground had cracked, the split was growing. The force of the beast encased within the confines of its prison was soon too much for the earth to contain. Clods of dirt were scattered as the eruption was complete. Aftershocks from the force created by the monster from the blackest pit of hell.Tiny animals raced in various directions in fear for their lives. Nature’s balance was being interrupted on a colossal scale. Billows of sulfur and brimstone belched into the atmosphere. One clawed hand reached for the edge of the crater created by it’s escape, then the other. The hissing sounds of the seven serpentine heads filled the air.Finally from the depths of the darkest prison in Tartarus the beast fully ascended to the Earth. Tartarus was part of the inner bowels of Earth that had kept the monsters imprisoned for thousands of years. Beasts of myth that had been captured by the gods and the heroes were kept here to make the world safe for the human race to exist. That prison was now shattered by some unknown reasonThe Hydra was free.~*~Sitting in the booth with Laurel, Tyler realized that something was wrong. All around him, it looked as though the world was on pause. Nothing was moving. Some of the people in the Grill were frozen mid-bite of a french fry while some held a bottle of beer to their lips. Their waitress was on her way to their table with tray of food in hand. A few more glances across the room confirmed his observatiom. Nothing was moving except for him. He turned back toward Laurel.Tyler felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. This obviously wasn’t normal. His eyes glittered gold and his fangs were starting to protrude from his mouth. “Laurel, something is happening.” His spoken words came out like a growl.That was when he noticed she was moving like he was. Apparently the humans in town were frozen. Tyler and Laurel not being human were unaffected. He had no idea what was happening and he didn’t like it.He grabbed the edges of the table between them trying to focus so he wouldn’t turn into his Hellhound form as a primal reaction to what was happening around them. The edges of the table were curving to mold around his hands. The tips of his fingers were taking on the wolf appearance he had seen countless times in the past.This was about to get ugly.  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet


09/15/2020 07:46 PM 

Arc i - arc vi

STORY ARCS i - vi This breaks down her backstory and current stories and allows for relationships within and beyond the current canon - as well the exploration for AUs within the arcs. As an example, within arc iii Bobbi and Clint are happily married, meaning that for the most part, Clint will be an exclusive ship within this arc, whereas in subsequent arcs (iv to vi) her marriage fails and ends in divorce. This allows for exploration of this ship across the arcs without damaging the ship or allowing it to flourish as the intention is to make this account multiship with a main relationship or two.This is only part one and more will come in time. Post arc vi is currently everything after 1989 and her split from the West Coast Avengers. More arcs will be added at a later point. An MCU arc is also set to be added, becoming a different timeline, where Adrianne Palicki will be Bobbi's main playby. Within her comic arcs, I will be using comic panels and Beth Riesgraf.The outlines of arc i to arc vi are laid out below. Full biographies will be made available at another time. For now, please see Bobbi/Mockingbird appearances within the comics series listed for an idea of each arc, or otherwise message for details.   arc i - welcome to the (savage) jungleThis incorporates Bobbi's first mission as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent and her introduction to Ka-Zar. This arc ends with her opting to stay in New York with Ka-Zar returning home. Appearances. - Astonishing Tales (1970)- Ka-Zar (1974) arc ii - the hunting gameThis incorporates Bobbi's initial S.H.I.E.L.D. rebellion under her alias ' Huntress '. Appearances. - Marvel Super Action (1976) arc iii - when hawks meet mockingbirdsBobbi's first appearances as Mockingbird and her whirlwind marriage to Clint Barton (Hawkeye). Appearances. -Marvel Team Up (1980)-Hawkeye (1983)- Avengers (1963) until #243 arc iv - slide to the westThe formation of the West Coast Avengers and their initial adventures together. Appearances. - Avengers (1963) from #244 until #279- West Coast Avengers (1984)- Iron Man (1968) until #206- The West Coast Avengers (1985) until #16 arc v - the past isn't a blastThe West Coast Avengers traveled back in time for a mission at the start of this arc. Bobbi breaks the Avengers code and the spiraling after effects, straining her's and Clint's marriage. Appearances. - The West Coast Avengers (1985) from #17 until #39- Solo Avengers (1987) until #14- Iron Man (1968) from #207 until #231 arc vi - ex-s and exesBobbi's split from the West Coast Avengers and retreating to her vigilante-style without the Avenger's approval. This arc currently finishes in Dec 1989 but may continue in the next update. Appearances. - The West Coast Avengers (1985) from #40 until #46- Solo Avengers (1987) from #15 until #16- The Avengers (1963) from #305 until #309- Avengers West Coast (1989) from #48 until #49



09/15/2020 06:25 PM 

Spirit Week: Moodboard Monday

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