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09/17/2020 02:04 PM 

Optional Task 104

1.) Who are you rooming with while in Vegas? A: This time around I'll be rooming with me myself and I.2.) What do you plan on doing during the Vegas nightlife?A: I plan on hitting up as many casino's as I can.3.) What's 1 thing on your Vegas to-do list? A: One of the big things to hit up on my Las Vegas to-do list is the Adventuredome.4.) What drink do you plan on having in your hand at all times? A: Scotch on the Rocks.5.) What's your favorite Vegas activity? A: As I history buff I have to see the Fall of Atlantis Show displayed inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.6.) Do you prefer to play the slots or sit at a poker table? Do you count cards?A: I prefer to play poker when I'm in Vegas, mostly because I got relatively good at counting cards in college.7.) What 1 celebrity would you like to run into while at the casino?A: Shania Twain.8.) What are your top 5 Vegas essentials? A: The top 5 essentials I always make sure to bring with me to Vegas are my Cell Phone, Digital Camera, Credit Card, Aspirin and Caffeine Pills.9.) What's the craziest moment you ever experienced in Vegas?A: The craziest moment I ever had the pleasure of experiencing while in Vegas was two men dressed in giant Chewbacca suits.10.) Would you ever elope in Vegas? If so with who?A: I would if Julianna were with me.11.) If you hit a jackpot would you give Zach any money? If so how much?A: As much as I'd love to let Zach in on my winnings I have two little peanuts to  think of now and college gets a bit expensive.12.) If you owned a casino in Vegas what would you name it?A: If I had a casino in Vegas I'd call it the Mile High Club.13.) What is your Vegas lucky charm? A: My lucky Vegas charm is this pair of tiny gold boxing gloves suspended from a thin chain around my neck that my adoptive father gave to me.14.) How many hours straight will you stay up in Vegas?A: At least 48; but, I've been known to go for longer stints when necessary15.) What sin do you plan on committing in Sin City? A: Is gambling all my money away considered a sin?


09/17/2020 01:45 PM 

Activity Check - 9/20

Anytime that she felt as if she was getting her life under control, some form of gloom and doom seemedto rear its ugly head. Lately, Eden had been succumbing to the tantalizing temptations of alcohol and exercising far more than any one person should. When she wasn't working, she felt like drinking and exercising were the only ways that she could truly unwind after a long day. As horrible as it sounded, shewas beginning to realize just how much she depended on Jude; she was beginning to see that having thewarmth of someone next to you after a horrible day could make all the difference in the world. Eden struggledwith this realization because, she wanted to be strong. To be strong would be to find true happiness withoutneeding to get it from others, right? She tried to be strong on her own, to be certain that she could managewhatever life through at her without the support of a lover but lately, things were falling flat. Time alone withher most sinister thoughts brweed only further complications that propelled her into the depths of her insecurities.It was a late night and instead of taking a cab back home after working at the clinic, Eden decided to walk. Shetold herself that the fresh air would do her some good and for a while, it did. The petite female focused onher breathing, similar to what she would encourage her anxious clients to do. Slow and deep inhales through the nosebrought fresh, crisp evening air into her pink lungs. Eden held her breath for a moment, being mindful of the fullnessthat the air brought her lungs before slowly exhaling past slightly parted pink petals. She practiced this exercise for a good five minutes, allowing the day escape her in pieces with each expired breath. She could feel the sense of calmbegin to settle within her bones and for a good while, Eden believed that this may be the first night in some timethat she wouldn't reach for wine in hopes of catching a peaceful night's sleep. That was, until her eyes fell uponwhat looked to be a small rectangular image just across the street.Curious, Eden looked both ways before hurring to the opposite side. She bent at the hips, plucking what appeared to bea photograph from the chilly concrete sidewalk. Through exhausted eyes, she brought the image closer until the image wasin clear view: it was of her, sleeping away in her bed. Hovering over her was a bunny-masked man, his broad hand frozenin what appeared to be an ascent beneath the hem of her nightshirt.The sight caused Eden's heart to plummet into the bile pits of her stomach, eyes widening in disbelief at the image. SinceJude had left, she had made certain to change the locks of her home, especially after the arrival of the Children of Chaos.How could someone had gotten into her home... in the middle of the night... and had touched her without her knowledge?Eden hadn't realized just how much she was shaking until the image slipped from her fingers. Her hands sporadically shot outin hopes of catching it; as she caught it before it fell back to the ground, the image had now settled on the back of the picturewhere words had been etched in what appeared to be black ink. "YOU'RE NEVER REALLY ALONE." The fear that bubbled up her throat caused her to break out into a clean sprint, her long legscarrying her through the street. Her fingers curled tightly around the image, crumpling it intothe flesh of her palms. She didn't know why she was running or if she should even worry aboutreturning home. It seemed that home was no longer a safe place for her to go... but where elsecould she turn to?


09/17/2020 11:28 PM 


1.) Who are you rooming with while in Vegas? Bowie will be in a room on her own, however, she is sure to spend a lot of time in friend's rooms hanging out. 2.) What do you plan on doing during the Vegas nightlife? Bowie plans to hit Drai's beachclub & nightclub, and check out the other night life. She may even hit Chippendales.3.) What's 1 thing on your Vegas to-do list? Hit The Venetian.4.) What drink do you plan on having in your hand at all times? Gin & Tonic.5.) What's your favorite Vegas activity? Checking out the Bellagio Conservatory & Bontanical Garden.6.) Do you prefer to play the slots or sit at a poker table? Do you count cards? Playing the slots.7.) What 1 celebrity would you like to run into while at the casino? Imagine Dragons.8.) What are your top 5 Vegas essentials? Phone, Camera, Credit Card, Sunglasses & An Adventerous Spirit.9.) What's the craziest moment you ever experienced in Vegas? Seeing guys dressed up as the powerpuff girls, walking around drunk.10.) Would you ever elope in Vegas? If so with who? Who knows what the future holds. Right now, no.11.) If you hit a jackpot would you give Zach any money? If so how much? Nope, all mine. I may buy him a drink though.12.) If you owned a casino in Vegas what would you name it? Boowzie.13.) What is your Vegas lucky charm? Mini horseshoe necklace.14.) How many hours straight will you stay up in Vegas? Who knows. Let's pack in as much as possible.15.) What sin do you plan on committing in Sin City? Gambling. 

Hotch M&L Harper

09/17/2020 03:22 AM 

Aaron Hotchner Family Tree
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1st Daughter: IɳɳҽɾCιƚყPɾιɳƈҽʂʂ2nd Daughter: Skyler E&L Gryffindor’s Golden Boy 1st Wife: Haley Brooks Hotchner [Deceased]2nd Wife: ғʟᴇᴜяᴅᴀиɢᴇяᴇᴜѕᴇ 1st Brother: Sean Hotchner [Deceased]2nd Brother: Richter M&L JJ 


09/17/2020 01:56 PM 

Welcome to Bludhaven, Intro, Karen

//Probably grammatical errors galore. To fvcked to care, atm.)Karen by force was on the desperate run; that's what happens when you decide to go after Fisk on your own. Telling him that it was you that assassinated his sole friend because he caught her going after his mother to get Intel that could put Fisk away. Fisk was very secretive about his mother and made it look like she was dead after the disappearance of his father. The man Fisk murdered when he was only twelve to help save his mother from being beaten. Matt and Foggy had been very angry with her at the time for the stunt and with good reason. Out of that debacle, Fisk found out that her father figure and mentor; Ben Ulrich had also been with her that evening. Due to that and Ulrich wanting to protect Karen; Fisk brutally murdered Ben and prevented Karen from the same fate.   Well, Fisk's number one guy and best friend had figured out that Karen was the one that tracked her down and kidnapped her. Transporting her to a dingy meatpacking place to threaten her and her friends or he would tell Fisk what she had done. Due to what he had said to her about her family; Karen went looking for an out. And then, suddenly, the man took his focus off of his gun for a moment to try to intimidate her while he left the loaded gun on the table between them without a care. At that moment, Karen was able to retrieve the said gun and put seven bullets in the man. She would have discharged more bullets into him further, but, sadly, the clip ran out.   Cut to the present.Karen had lost her job at the Bulletin after the havoc that Bullseye caused just to kill the only man that could put Fisk away. Even with Fisk having the FBI under his belt, there was no way they could look the other way at this travesty. So, Bullseye killed the man and almost everyone in her office. Karen had to go into action, and her plan had been to tell Fisk that she assassinated Wesley. Explaining to him that he had kidnapped her, as well as, threatened her life and that of her family. So, she shot him with his own gun, and she would have shot him further if the clip had not run out of bullets. Her hopes were to get Fisk to attack her on a live feed; something they could not ignore. Then, Foggy stepped in at the last second and had her arrested; quashing her plan and setting a target on her back. It was only a matter of time before Fisk sent Bullseye her way and she recognized it. Therefore, Karen made a plan, with Foggy's help, to go on the run. Beforehand, she needed to find Matt and the sole way was to go and encounter his mother; Sister Maggie. Though, Karen found it impossible to find her in time and so she needed to let Matt find out on his own what was happening while she took the money she had and took a bus out of Hell's Kitchen.Sadly, she only had enough cash on hand to get her to Bludhaven; of all places. It was in New Jersey, but she felt it was far enough away from New York to buy her some time to find work and get more cash to keep running.Once she got off the bus, it was late. Close to 1 am and the area she got let off at was pretty much deserted at that time of night. Without any knowledge of the area; Karen kept one hand on her Llama II-A and her mace on the other hand as she aimlessly walked the streets in the hopes of finding her salvation for the evening. Gradually she walked cautiously down the street to her left in the hopes that she could find an all-night diner that could point her to a cheap motel that she could shack up in.Even as she walked cautiously down the barren street; Karen perceived the threat before the threat actually unfurled itself before her. Noticeably, the hairs on the back of her neck and on her arms began to rise. A pit of instinctive fear filled her belly to capacity as she continued on her way. Soon, she found herself close to an exceptionally large alley which seemed invariably to be sandwiched between two, enormous and vacant buildings. As Karen carefully made her proper way to cross the unfamiliar street; a driven man sprang nimbly to direct action.As she continued eagerly to cross the principal street, from behind her, a thug yelled out to her; catcalling her as she continued to eagerly walk across that street with her hoodie covering her mane of strawberry blonde locks. Genuinely trying to wisely ignore him, all too soon, another thug jumped out of nowhere and pounced on top of her. He grabbed her and, basically, bodyslammed her onto the Cold, unforgiving pavement which made all the air whoosh out of her lungs which intentionally caused her to make a raspy gasp in an attempt to refill said lungs with much-needed air. While she was down on the unforgiving ground and incapacitated; that efficiently was when the other man promptly went to grab for her precious bag. In one swift motion; Karen carefully pulled her loaded gun out of her private pocket and instantly shot the thug on top of her right in the stomach. He promptly fell to her left side with a grunt and a series of moans and groans as he grabbed at his, now, bleeding stomach. That was when the other man pulled out a switchblade and lunged down toward her. Thankfully, Matt had been properly instructing her with some defensive moves here and there. Due to that, she was able to roll up onto one bruised knee as the attacker came down toward her. Karen grunted as the dedicated man tried to thrust the gleaming knife into her lovely face as he naturally forced her back down onto her sore back onto the very cold, slightly damp, pavement. Promptly on her back, she was fit to stave him off with the precise usage of both of her capable hands. With all of her might and specific focus; she kicked up against his ballsack a few considerable times. It must have undoubtedly worked because she seemed instantly to have reasonably managed to nail him in the crotch with her sore knee. Because, suddenly, he grumbled loudly and fell down on top of her while Karen wrapped her shapely leg around his exposed side and carefully moved in such a way so that she was now on top of him.   That's when she overheard more distinctive noise as a lively bunch of local thugs pulled up in a deafeningly loud car and came out of it toward her; which instantly made her stand and back up against the most adjacent wall. It properly registered with her now that she was practically certain that she was A. Dead and B. Outnumbered by a terrible lot with no Daredevil in welcome sight to help her take some of them down or to save her from them all once again.   At that moment the night sky suddenly cracked open as thunder began to rumble and the sky was lit up by a deep shot of electricity from some lightening. It brilliantly lit up the grim scene before her and ignited the outlying area with dazzling light so well that she felt she might want to pray to God to be saved. Then, her hoodie, flowing hair, radiant face...Everything was right away steadily getting soaking wet as the luminous sky above her instantly began to weep for her current plight. Then, right up above her, she heard a metal thunk on one of the apartments fire escapes and then a low, drawn-out whistling sound that was absolutely made by a human being. Looking up, she glimpses him. A man with a shock of jet-black hair, his eyes covered with a black mask that was dressed in glossy black and blue. In her mind, he was, in addition, an unknown combatant. Realistically was this unknown man on her moral side or was she undoubtedly going to have to pay her pound of flesh without it being done by Fisk?


09/16/2020 09:20 PM 


I Owe: Libby (S) 9/15 You Owe:Masen (S) 9/16 Dylan (S) 9/16 Josie (S) 9/16 Updated: 9/16

Michael Revenge🎃M&L Jaci Jada🎃

09/16/2020 08:08 PM 

Revenge Michael Guidelines
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09/16/2020 06:40 PM 

Manifest Destiny

I Manifest Destiny 1x1 with Harbinger of Death Progenitor /1577606 9 April 1946The Eagle’s NestBavaria, GermanyThey were called the Monuments Men. The men and women associated with this unit were all scholars, museum directors and college professors. Among them was Kenneth J. Saltzman professor of World History from Boston College. Sgt. Saltzman was a part of the detail sent to The Eagle’s Nest to determine what art treasures belonged where and what historical artifacts needed to be returned to what country. He had an ulterior motive for his actions as well, one that was a bit more enigmatic.“Saltzman!” The world history professor was assigned to this detail because of his intimate knowledge of Teutonic myth. It was known about all the obsession that Hitler had with Nordic races and how the perfect Aryan had to fit a specific mold. The Nationalism and deep roots in Teutonic myth that Hitler felt had become an obsession. That meant here nearly a year after the fall of the regime Professor Saltzman was a valuable asset to the Allies recovery effort. Hearing his name made the professor turn his head. “Come here a sec.”Saltzman moved toward the other man. He had his hat in his hand allowing his perfectly coiffed dark black hair to be revealed. His blue eyes were the color of the sky overhead. “What do ya got?” He took several casual strides toward the other man. Great curiosity was drawn across his handsome movie star features. There was no telling what treasure the Nazis had tucked away.It was a narrow rectangular box. Inside was an item that was very old. It looked like a tip of a spear from the days of the Roman Empire. As Dr. Saltzman examined the box, he knew exactly what it was. He studied it closer allowing Aquarian star pin on his lapel to reflect in the glass. “Roman Empire. The signs of wear show that it was used often. I’ll need to take a better look at it.” Inside the Professor was practically giddy. He knew what this was. It was the Spear of Destiny, long believed to be the very spear used by the god Odin himself. He just needed to get it back to the States. The Men of Letters were going to be excited to procure this particular piece and to keep it out of the wrong hands.~*~16 September 2030Salvatore Boarding SchoolMystic Falls, VA.School was back in session. The arrivals were all returning with open hearts to be welcomed back by those who had stayed at school because they couldn’t go back home. Alaric Saltzman, Headmaster of the Salvatore Boarding School, was greeting as many as he could including the new students. He was forming bonds with other schools for supernatural beings. He’d worked out a few exchange student programs with places like Camp Half Blood, Ilvermony, and another school for witches called Hogwarts. That exchange program this year was something he was very excited to see manifest. Working closely with the Headmasters and Directors was a dream come true.Passing by the front door, Alaric opened it. He assumed it was just another student. The old man standing there had hair the color of cotton. He wore a thick pair of glasses on his nose that magnified his eyes. On his lapel was an Aquarian Star. “Can I help you?” Alaric asked.“Pardon me, but by chance was your Grandfather Ken Saltzman?” The man spoke with a distinctly New England accent.Alaric nodded. “Yeah. Ken was my grandad. He passed away about 15 years ago.” He stood there in the doorway a minute longer.The man pulled out a package and handed it to Alaric. It was a narrow rectangle wrapped in brown paper. “Your Grandad wanted you to have this Alaric.” He had a gentle smile towards the Headmaster.Alaric took the box. He was mesmerized for a moment as he looked at the odd box. He started to speak again. “Thank you. Would you like to come --?” He looked up to the doorway to see that the old man was gone.Alaric shouldn’t have been surprised at the disappearance of the old man, but he was. He took the rectangle box in his arms. Passing by several kids on the way, the Headmaster grinned and waved as he could. He moved into the office and closed the door behind him.The door closed and the room was sound proofed. Alaric Saltzman had more than one job. Headmaster of the Salvatore Boarding School was the one everyone knew. What very few knew was that he ran the hub for the Hunters who used the Eastern half of the US as a base. He also provided them back up and weapons when needed. He rested the box on his desk. Taking a seat at his desk, he started to unwrap the package.The spear tip that had been procured by his grandfather back in 1946 was now in his possession. Alaric hadn’t touched the spear itself. He found a note that was sealed in an envelope with that same Aquarian star.Ric,I’m sure you know what this is. Please keep this in a safe spot. Dire consequences could happen if the wrong people get ahold of this. Alaric looked more carefully at the spear. That’s when the stories his grandfather came rushing back to him. This was the Spear of Destiny. It was used by a Roman soldier to pierce the side of Jesus Christ while He was on the Cross. Legends also deciphered this small bit encased in glass in front of him that this was Odin’s Spear Gungir. This particular little trinket before him was also the instrument that could start Ragnarok.Alaric moved the letter from his field of vision to see that the Spear was glowing. The Headmaster felt his anxiety levels shoot through the roof. “Just what I needed, the End of Everything...again.”    Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for me. credit: james kriet

𝚏𝚎𝚖𝚖𝚎 𝚏𝚊·𝚝𝚊𝚕𝚎

09/16/2020 05:12 PM 

Activity Check - 9/20

Another late night at the bar, nothing new. Well after she drank her fill she stumbled out of the bar and began her long trudge back to her apartment. The streets were barren, mainly because she was the only one crazy enough to be out and about in Valkery so late at night. Rae’s alabaster fingers tightened around the neck of the bottle she stiffed from the bar, knuckles turning ghostly white as she brought the mouth of the bottle to her full lips. The raven-haired woman took a full drink, cherishing the inferno that ensued as the brown liquor raced down her esophagus. Drinking had quickly become a favorite past time for her, a good way to escape from the demons that haunted her every waking moment. Most days, life came and gone without much hassle. She was a strong-willed woman who had gone through Hell and back more times than she cared to count and because of this, let very few things get under her skin. Of course, no one person is strong without any sort of vice; hers just so happened to be alcohol.In the midst of her walk home, something out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. She let the bottle drop back down to her side as her hazel hues fixed on what appeared to be a polaroid. Lips pursed curiously as she drew closer to it. As she reached the small square image she knelt down and plucked it from the chilly asphalt before bringing it up in front of her face. Thanks to her drunken stupor, it took a few minutes for her vision to clear enough for her to see what it was… or who. There, in the middle of the photo was Raven herself, mouth stained with fresh blood and flesh hanging from the mouth as her fingers gripped tightly into what appeared to be a lifeless man in some sort of alleyway. Her stomach lurched… but it wasn’t the gruesome sight that made her uneasy, it was what she saw at the far right corner of the picture – a syringe locked between an unknown thumb and forefinger, it’s contents filled with a liquid she recognized all too well as being a tranquilizer.Raven quickly flipped the image around, wondering if there was anything on the back and just as she thought, it did. Scrawled haphazardly in what appeared to be a marker read: “KEEP PLAYING LIKE A GOOD GIRL AND I WON’T HAVE TO USE THIS ON YOUR AGAIN.” The sentence made her throat tighten, sending her heart plummeting into the bile pit of her stomach. Those words may mean little to nothing to an outsider but to her, it meant that something horrible was about to come. You see, before she escaped from the underground facility at the Asylum, she lived the better part of ten years being injected with Chaos. She was unruly and decided on many occasions that she could tip the scales in her favor thanks to her trusty ability of lie detection. It worked well for a while… but as the doctor caught on, he started to grow impatient and began injecting her whenever she didn’t do as he wished. Most cases, it was simple test runs or allowing him to take blood samples and on other occasions… it was to do unspeakable things.The dark-haired woman stashed the photograph quickly into her leather jacket, head snapping in both directions and behind herself in hopes of catching whomever had left the photo. This wasn’t a f***ing coincidence, she thought to herself, unable to stave off the paranoia that crept up her throat. Raven brought the bottle of Jack back to her lips, this time tipping the bottom up towards the starry sky as she guzzled down the rest. When it was cashed, she tossed it aside, not giving a damn as the glass shattered against the curb. “Everyone’s a f***ing comic.” She hissed to herself before stumbling back down the road, her once peaceful night now filled with paranoia. There was no telling who had left that picture behind or worse yet, who took it, but she was going to damn-well figure it out if it’s the last thing she does. 

gιиι ναиα❤м&ℓ тяєит ʝαмєѕ❤

09/16/2020 04:36 PM 

๓гร. ﻮเภเ שคภค ๒гคςкє ﻮยเ๔єɭเภєร
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09/16/2020 03:38 PM 

α hєllhσund'ѕ lífє ѕtσrч

A HELLHOUND'S BASIC STATISTICS:Full Name: Bane Venom WolfeNickname(s): Hellhound, Prez, Mr. WolfeDate Of Birth: Was created NOT bornParents: Ramsey (mother/deceased) -- Father (unknown)Siblings: Too many (but all dead to me)Species: HellhoundHeight (human form): 6'7Height (Hellhound form): 10'0Hair Color (human form): Mixture between Blonde and BrownHair Color: (Hellhound form): Black FurEye Color (human form): Irridescent BlueEye Color (Hellhound form): RedSkin Tone (human form): TanSkin Tone (Hellhound form): Black FurBuild (human form): Muscular/AthleticBuild (Hellhound form): Immense Size, MuscularTattoos/ Scars: Too many to countWeapon Of Choice: Claws, CaninesMode Of Transportation: Harley Davidson, Black H2, Paws, Teleportation===========================================HELLHOUND'S LIFE WIKI VERSION:"Hellhounds. Demonic pit bulls to demons." Hellhounds are ballistic and maniacal canine-like beasts of the supernatural world, specifically Hell (hence the name), which are known to serve demons. Described as demonic pitbulls, hellhounds are ferocious, terrifying entities that inspire fear in humans, demons and even angels. With time they became tasked with collecting the souls of humans whose deals are come due. In such circumstances, hellhounds can only be seen by those whom they have come for, making them a sort of reaper of the damned. In later seasons, hellhounds are seen working for various other demons (not just Crossroad Demons), usually acting as foot soldiers, guard dogs and/or assassins. According to Crowley, no demon knows the hounds better than him. As the "Demonic pit bulls" of Hell, Hellhounds are also one of the most recurring supernatural creatures in the series. History: According to Crowley, after God started creating the Universe, he made an abundance of creatures, including the Hellhounds, which he intended to be used as "the Creator's best friends". However, the Hellhounds proved to be too vicious, so God decided to destroy them all. But Lucifer, once he fell from Heaven, managed to rescue one of the Hellhounds, Ramsey, who was pregnant, and from Ramsey the hellhound population regrew. And from that moment on over the millennia, Hellhounds served as "demonic pit bulls" to demons, going after humans who had sold their souls. CharacteristicsHellhounds are voracious, tenacious, and intelligent. Once a hound has the scent of its target, it has it for life and will never give up the hunt until one or the other is dead, or unless its master calls it off. They can be clever, almost impossible to trick or distract, and are not disinclined to improvisation in order to get to their prey. Hellhounds will often physically rip their victims to shreds in order to collect their souls. In some cases, however, their mere presence is enough to literally scare people to death. Other times, the victims will be driven to commit suicide. They appear as ferocious black dogs with red eyes. They vary in size, ranging from standard large-sized dogs to that of a small horse. They generate some kind of black aura around themselves, making them appear made of shadows. As dogs, they are loyal, and answer only to the demons they serve; they cannot be swayed or bargained with, either. Not even Crowley could devise a way to throw them off, short of using a bigger hound of his own to kill them. Exactly how they are controlled is unclear. They have been shown to understand verbal commands, but sometimes they have stopped simply because the demon they serve changed their mind. Hellhounds are vulnerable to iron, salt, the Colt, Angel Blades, and Ruby's knife. They are generally invisible unless the human they are after made a crossroads deal or is looking at them with an object scorched with Holy Fire, such as Hellhound Glasses. Masters: Any demon can command a hellhound, but very few of them can overpower one, or at least many at the same time. It is unknown if any demon or even angels could overpower one without the use of certain weapons. However, an archangel could easily destroy one. In the episode The Devil You Know, it is revealed that Crowley keeps a hellhound as a pet. This hellhound is bigger than most other hellhounds and Crowley uses it to fight off another, smaller hellhound. A Hellhound is a supernatural dog in folklore that originates from the Underworld. A wide variety of ominous or hellish supernatural dogs occur in mythologies around the world. The Hellhound has been seen several times throughout history, and it is not specific to any one place, but they are commonly associated with graveyards and the underworld. The most recent sightings occurred in Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, and Vilseck, Germany, in or near cemeteries. Myths & Legends: While considered a bad omen, the hellhound has often helped many as well. The supernatural dog was said to warn people of danger and protect them when they needed it. The dog is often very loyal to those who call upon one and is said to be very watchful. While the creatures are often known as evil, they are not as evil as one would suggest. For example, the Welsh "Cwn Annwn" (Hounds of the Welsh Underworld) were actually believed to be benign. However, encountering them was still considered a sign of imminent death. Omen of Death: Seeing a hellhound or hearing one howl may be an omen or even a cause of death. Hellhounds are called The Bearers of Death because they were supposedly created by ancient demons to serve as heralds of death. According to legend, seeing one leads to a person's death. Sometimes it is said to be once; other times it requires three sightings for the curse to take effect and kill the victim. These factors make the Hellhound a feared symbol of bad things that are about to happen.  Guardians and Gatekeepers: They often get assigned to guard the entrances to the world of the dead, such as graveyards and burial grounds or undertake other duties related to the afterlife or the supernatural. Hellhounds not only are guards for cemeteries but they are often seen as helper dogs for those who are about to pass. But they also can show up to said loved ones and sort of inform them or a loved ones passing.  Appearance & Abilities: Hellhounds have been said to be as black as coal and smell of burning brimstone. They tend to leave behind a burned area wherever they go. Their eyes are a deep, bright, and almost glowing red. Other features that have been attributed to hellhounds include glowing red - or sometimes yellow - eyes, razor sharp teeth, super strength or speed, ghostly or phantom characteristics, foul odor, and sometimes even the ability to talk. In cultures that associate the afterlife with fire, hellhounds may have fire-based abilities and appearance. While most pictures show the Hellhound as being evil and vicious, this is simply not the case. Hellhounds do not have to be evil looking or scary looking. They can look like any large dog only with pure black fur.====================================================== A HELLHOUND'S LIFE -- AU VERSION:Bane was born as an Hellhound, being a descendant of Ramsey. He was once owned by a demon called Crowely, until that Demon decided to have Bane kill a witch named Mystica. However when Bane tracked down Mystica and was close to killing her; he could sense that she was MORE POWERFUL than Crowely; which made Bane's loyalty switch from Crowely to Mystica, and he then killed Crowely, and now Mystica is his 'Mistress'. The first two years Bane only appeared to Mystica when she needed him to kill, so he appeared as a Hellhound. However by fate or destiny; possibly both Mystica came into the autoshop that Bane owned and operated called Wolf Inc. He was also the President of The Biker Club called Wolves Of Anarchy; when Bane laid eyes on Mystica in his human form, he instantly fell in love with her. When he found out that the feeling was mutual he marked her, so that no one else could ever take or touch her.Right now Mystica is his 'Old Lady'; meaning that she was co-leader; If Bane wasn't there the club spoke to Mystica. Of course everyone respected and feared not just Bane, but Mystica as well. The Wolves Of Anarchy have had many challenges come to them, but they all failed. Mystica is still Bane's Mistress; but she can only control Bane during his Hellhound form, while in human form he is the dominate one. But Bane loves and respects Mystica so much that he doesn't actually dominate or boss Mystica, he is just extremely over protective of her.(Some of this information can be found at the following sites: )   


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I am going to tell you all right now, I am NOT familiar with comic characters or their comic stories. Movies/TV Shows are my go-to though I will look up information for accurate portrayal/reference. My content is triggering. There will be mention of, but not limited to: Gore, Torture, Adult Language, Abuse, Trauma, Alcohol/Drug Use/Abuse, etc. If you are easily offended, please delete me now.  My portrayal of Zsasz might not be 100% accurate and I will apologize for it now. This is my interpretation of him.  I prefer 1x1 storylines to group settings and status banter Drama? Keep me out of it. I mind my own business just like you should mind your own. I am a Multi-Para to Semi-Novella writer. I don't expect you to match me word for word but at least try to make your replies interesting.  Collaboration is key. If you do not contribute to the discussion or storyline progression then I will stop writing with you. 


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𝓐 𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓼 𝓟𝓸𝔀𝓮𝓻𝓼 & 𝓐𝓫𝓲𝓵𝓲𝓽𝓲𝓮𝓼

POWERS:Enhanced SpeedEnhanced StrengthEnhanced SensesEnhanced StaminaEnhanced AgilityEnhanced Endurance Telekinesis: Telekinesis is considered both levitation and the power of moving physical objects with your mind.  Concilium: Concilium is basically mind control Transmutation: Transmutation is the ability to transport around a space. Divination: Divination is similar to clairvoyance, a power that we have seen pretty often.  Vitalium Vitalis: Vitalium vitalis is explained as "the balancing of scales between one life force and another." Essentially, life is transmitted between two people; basically the ability to bring the dead back to life. Descensum: Descensum is "descent into the netherworlds of afterlife" and the ability to go back and forth between the afterlife and the present day.  Pyrokinesis: Pyrokinesis is the practice of lighting things on fire with your mind. ABILITIES:Spell CastingPotionsCurses/HexesPoisonsHand To Hand Combat MasterWeaponry ExpertTeleportationHellhound Mistress & ControlImmunityImmortalityMental Shield(some powers can be found here: )  


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𝓐 𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓼 𝓑𝓪𝓼𝓲𝓬𝓼

BASIC STATISTICS:Full Name (formerly): Mystica Raven DivinityFull Name (Currently): Mystica Raven WolfeNickname(s): Myst, Old Lady (only by my man)Date Of Birth: UnknownParents: DeceasedSiblings: Dead in my eyesSpecies: Natural Born Black Witch (as well as known as en Evil or Dark Witch)Job: Old Lady, Mistress Of A HellhoundHeight: 5'8Hair Color: Varies Eye Color: Irridescent Blue (normal), Black (when angered)Skin Tone: VariesBuild: Lithe/AthleticTattoos/Scars: SeveralMode Of Transportation: Harley Davidson, Red and Black Sports Car, Teleportation, HellhoundWeapon Of Choice: Magic, Hellhound~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BIOGRAPHY/BACKGROUND:Mystica is a natural born witch, just not any witch, she was born evil. That is because while her mother was pregnant with her a doctor told her mother that her daughter was still born. Her mother tried white magic, she tried spell books, potions, herbs and so many other things. But when she saw the doctor and she was told her baby was still stillborn, the doctor wanted to do an emergency c-section, but Mystica's mother demanded to carry her until term. Soon her mother became depressed and desperate. So she did the one thing she was sure would work. She asked the devil for help, she gave up her own soul; and the devil accepted. What Mystica's mother didn't know was when she drank from a bowl given to her; not only would it bring her baby back to life, it also placed evil inside of Mystica. When Mystica was born her mother died during child birth, and since the father wasn't in the picture; Mystica went to an Orphange.Mystica was a good girl in the Orphanage, however when she reached her teenage years, is when she started to hear a voice, a males voice. It would talk to her, telling her she was powerful and needed to tap into her power. Because no one else could hear this voice, she became a loner because she would talk back to this voice, so other kids didn't want to be around her. When this happened Mystica became rebellious, as well as what others called her 'Gothic'. Mystica would drink liqour, smoke cigarettes, and make her own tattoos on her body.She would constantly get in trouble, but there wasn't anything that the Orphanage could do. That was until she turned eighteen, and when she did was when she came into not just her body, but as well as her powers. She was thrown onto the street, and she had to live on the streets. The only positive thing about being homeless was that she could talk to that voice, and no one would bat an eyelash, as she learned about her powers and herself. However one day she was seen by a talent scout, and he found her to be beautiful; so he offered her a job as a model.So Mystica took the job, and after about ten years with saving her money; she decided to retire, but she didn't retire because of how long she had been a model; but because she met the love of her life. And she wanted to spend her entire life with him. He was a President in a Biker Club, and his name was Bane. Mystica only met him because a demon sent a Hellhound to kill her, but because she was much stronger than the demon, and was able to make this specific Hellhound could smell her power, and Mystica became his Mistress. This Hellhound was Bane; she didn't know what Bane looked like for the first two years of knowing each other. Because she would mostly call him to kill people or creatures. However when she went to a local car shop that was owned by Wolf Inc; was when she met Bane in his human form, and in that moment it was love at first sight. Bane then marked Mystica as his so any other creature wouldn't be able to touch her without him knowing. She was still his Mistress, as she could control ONLY his Hellhound side.As soon as Mystica was mated with Bane, and held his mark, was when she became the STRONGEST Black Witch to ever live, which changed her appearance, whenever she would use Magic.Mystica was surprised and happy to know that Bane loved and accepted her no matter how she looked. She is now the OLD LADY, of Bane who is the President Of The Biker Club; Wolves Of Anarchy. She and Bane are well known, feared and respected; even though they still have people challenge them they always come on top. 

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Looking for partner @ tumblr  Have been writing on tumblr for a while now. And now I am looking for a new writing partner since mine vanished/stopped replying. Any and all help is welcomed. Feel free to message me for info. Thanks in advance. (Have been for close to nine years. Partners have either vanished, gone inactive or just stopped logging in all together. Have tried everything. Even making the page myself and rping with myself. But some girl began to bug me to ship with her and only her. Jumping into rps that had nothing to do with her. I am at my wits end and ready to give up...)Mick St John (Open role) Mick St. John is a Private Investigator and a reluctant member of the vampire society. He was turned on his wedding night by his ex-wife, Coraline, an ancient vampire from the French Revolution, later revealed to be a gigantic Vampire Hunt . He refers to himself and other vamps as “monsters”, even though he is “vegetarian” vamp and only drinks the blood of people dead in the morgue. His food is supplied by Guillermo, a vamp that works as an assistant at the city morgue. Guillermo also helps Mick in his cases, getting him inside the morgue to see and smell the victims of the crimes he investigates. Mick’s investigating partner and love interest is Beth Turner a reporter for the news show Buzzwire, and his best friend and confidant is Joseph Kostan, a beyond rich and ancient vampire who thoroughly believes in the widely held “being a vamp rocks” belief. He does not understand Mick’s hatred of what he is, even though he tries. Mick is 54 years older than Beth, but, strangely, their biggest obstacle as a couple is Mick’s fear of “being hurt again”. Beth is also angry at being excluded from Mick’s vampire life,consisting mainly of breaking vamps out of jail, and setting fire to rogues that threaten exposure for the vampire world. Beth is also feeling the pressure of this other world in that she starts to realize that it will be a lot harder for them to be together while she is human. She begins to think differently about her relationship with Mick, and starts wondering if it would be better if she was a vampire. She has her qualms about this, and if she ever asked Mick to turn her, he would surely rip her head off (not literally). Mick is a private investigator. He does this to make up for what he is, in a way. He is an excellent P.I. , thanks to his vampire super-senses. His sense of smell is the most heightened. He can smell far better than any human can, because of a vamp’s need to drink blood. Vamps are able to identify people not only by face and body type, but by the smell of their blood, which is as distinctive to each person as a fingerprint. Vamps only need to smell a person’s blood once to remember it, as well as identifying any foreign chemicals poisons, drugs, or the like in a person’s blood. A person’s blood even leave traces of the smell on another person without their blood actually making contact with another person’s skin. A vampire’s hearing is also strengthened. Mick is able to listen to an argument occurring inside a house from outside the house and across the street. His sight is enhanced, but it isn’t as noticeable as the hearing or smelling. His eyes change when he goes into “vamp-mode” from their usual hazel to icy blue. This could show an even further heightening, but who knows? Mick’s strength and speed are also highly increased. His “sexy vampire jump”, as quoted by Beth, and his high speed running, are only small showings. Over time Mick’s dearest wish is realized: he becomes human. This is through a cure stolen by Coraline, as a sort of reconciliation for turning him. However, Beth is kidnapped by a dangerous vamp (AGAIN) and he forces Joseph to turn him again, against Joseph’s wishes. Things look positive they take it slow until they have to investigate the murder of a mortal in a human/vampire relationship gone bad . When the case is resolved she has to tell the truth,no matter how much it hurt that he has been right all along; Humans and Vampires don’t belong together. He can’t join her world and she is not ready to join his, and so they should part ways. Mick leaves and then comes back. He tells her that it’s him that’s been wrong all along and that it isn’t about being a human or a vampire it’s about how they feel about one another right now. Finally Mick confesses that he loves her and they kiss while the door shuts. 

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