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tears in heaven.

09/27/2020 04:07 PM 

On My Own (a re-introduction to Derek)

Scattered boxes and dirty clothes covered what was considered a living room. There was little furniture, it was all given to him by his co-workers and friends who felt sorry for him. The small beige loveseat had a stain from his friend’s son spilling fruit punch on it.The dining table only had two matching chairs, all of which were covered in scratches from years of abuse from it’s previous owner. The carpet had an odd color to it, was it a light cream color or was it once white with age now? The walls were no better, cracked wallpaper covered what he was scared was severe water damage. None of these things bothered him, this was his apartment and the start of something new. With the divorce with Heidi finally processed and dealt with, Derek could finally move on with his life. The two bedroom, one bathroom apartment is about an hour away from where he used to live in Albuquerque. Derek felt the distance was necessary. For one, he was only fifteen minutes away from the diner. No more getting up at five-thirty in the morning just to sit in traffic for an hour to get to work by eight. The distance also meant he would never run into her unexpectedly throughout his day to day life. His kids could easily come every other weekend without any trouble, that’s all that mattered in the end. The first morning alone is when it hit him, this was the first time he ever lived by himself. When he graduated from high school he stayed with his parents until he was twenty years old, after a year with his brother he decided to join the Air Force. When he was home, he lived with Heidi in their first one-bedroom apartment when she was pregnant with Lorraine. As he unpacked a box that held his most prized vinyl records, he looked at the empty wall in front of him that could use a little color. ”Pack those up and put them in the basement, Derek. You’re not fifteen years old anymore.” Her voice was still in his head even though she was miles away. “F*** you.” He scoffed, pulling out a few more as he decided on which ones he wanted to put on that empty wall. Once he was satisfied with his choices he went on to open more boxes that hadn’t seen the light of day in years. Old posters passed down from his brother, band t-shirts that were too small for him, the collection of guitar picks he collected from concerts. The posters were the first to go up, finally, a pop of color in this dull place. He added small bits of the remaining command strips he had and placed a few records over the couch. Lorraine would appreciate the old t-shirts and picks, besides… it would piss her mother off to see them once again. Derek smiled at his handy work, it felt like him. The last box he had was opened, but not emptied. The box was rather large and long which let him know instantly what was in it. It was the memories of his band years in high school. After a couple of beers, he felt a bit of courage to really go through with them. The first thing he lifted up was his guitar case, it had been twenty years since it saw the light of day. He wasn’t surprised when he saw that nearly all the strings were snapped. “I’m sorry I let you get like this.” He spoke as if the guitar could understand the hurt he felt from seeing how bad she was. There were replacement strings in the case, he thought about replacing them after he was done emptying the box. The next thing he found was his old notebook, tarnished some, but still legible for him to read. He smiled a little bit as he read through some of the songs he wrote with his late friend, Jack. They were cheesy, filled with outdated 90s references that he was almost certain his kids wouldn’t get. A few pages had scribbles of what the band’s logo would look like. They never did come up with a design. His heart felt heavy as he thought about those days, how much he missed Jackson, life was so different back then. When Derek picked up the strings from the box his heart nearly stopped, below them was an old polaroid picture of his high school girlfriend Lindsay. She died that same night with Jack, he felt as if his whole soul died with them then. The photo brought back the memories of their short life together, she was his number one supporter in any endeavor he had. The plaid shirt she wore was his, that day in particular he remembered like it was yesterday. She had spilt paint all over herself while working on her submission for an art school in Chicago. Despite the age, her smile was still as radiant as ever. After Lorraine was born, Derek stopped thinking about the what-ifs. He felt that she was truly the love of his life. After he fixed the strings on the guitar, he started to lightly strum as he tuned. The last time he played was for the memorial service for his friends. The guitar’s last song was Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton, which became an anthem that Albuquerque played every year for the anniversary of that untimely event. After he was done tuning, he started playing For You Blue by The Beatles. When he started getting the groove of it he sang out loud: Because you're sweet and lovely, girl, I love you Because you're sweet and lovely, girl, it's true I love you more than ever, girl, I do I really love you... The strumming slowed down, the last note causing the E string to snap. Derek sighed as he gently placed the guitar back down. Just when he felt his life was beginning again, he was brought back down to the reality that he can never fully leave his past. He threw the journal in the back of his closet, the guitar went back inside it’s case and went in the tiny attic above his bedroom, the photo of Lindsay...well… he initially thought to throw it away. Instead it went in the drawer of his nightstand his brother gave him. The little key that was given could still lock, allowing no one to have access without it. Derek opened his window and threw it out without a second thought. “I need another drink.”

💘Samcro Nightmare💘

09/27/2020 02:36 PM 

Story time

Welcome to my story time blog. I am probably the only woman who is hated in RP. See it all started on Tavern when some guys would add me and ask for me my skype there was Paul Stand, Big brother, Sebastian, James Jackson. they would lie to me and make of excuses to get away from me like you should move to UK and be with me I was like HELL NO. I'm glad I never did it because i felt like if i did it he would use me. Now James was on Tavern and FB he faked his voice to make me believe he was another guy. and he never tell me the truth even if I begged him. He hurt me in so many ways. Now there was a guy named Mark Fryer he added Becca my friend and said "I know your Dizzy I know why everyone hates you, you used guys and hurt them like you hurt me your nothing but a jerk and I don't add me." When I saw this I felt lower then low. If you rped with Nemo, Corvo or Dain you should knew they are the same person and he hates me even got his family to make a page on village to bully me so I'm like why get close. Now back to Tavern a guy who rped Sam Wincheaster he made me cry made me marry 7 woman and be into woman knowing that wasn't me. He made me feel like i am the reason he failed school when i never met him or did anything to hurt him so when left the site and never came back I happy danced and smiled feeling very happy he is gone. Now Jason LUV used me on chatzy and made feel so low. I never was able to get back into things since all of this now I am back and active and happy I have found my true love before get to him lets get into rpme what happened to me on here. Now Peter, Wake, Phil, Thor,  Oliver, Virgil, Trever, Jay, King Ben, Harry, Satan myself, Ghost boy and more would add me talk me into having sex with them and it would be bad sex and lets not for what Rein did to me not just lied to me but ruined things for me making me feel very hurt and didn't even care I got my page hacked by Dakota who I didn't even know had me rping sex with him and he was doing it not me. Now Discord Happy Appy, Mark Fryer and More all used me on discord Happy Appy wanted to turn my best friend Gil into a girl. And Mark Fryer bullied me on discord as well. Lets get into the happy part of all this Sieko Muio my true love and I got close again He is more just my husband in RP but someone i really hope to meet and love and be with in RL. He is a wonderful man who has put up with me and my craziness. Now there is my story please don't give me pity I don't need it. Thanks for reading Dizzy.


09/27/2020 02:11 PM 


HAVE YOU EVER LOOKED UP THE DEFINITION OF PERFECT IN THE DICTIONARY?  it says:  having all the required or desired elements or absolute; complete.  what nobody ever tells you is that perfect can vary from person to person, to environment,  to worlds,  perfect is only a mere concept that can be shifted to whatever the user most desires PERFECT for THEMSELVES.  mental health has always been such an issue tiptoed around, like it's glass and it'll shatter but it's not glass, it'll never be glass,  it's only collecting dust that way until it becomes completely NOTHING.mary-sue, herself, is out there holding out her hands for anyone that needs them.  she'll talk about recovery,  she'll pull people out of gutters,  dust them off and tell them they'll be okay.   she'll use her powers to bring hope,  to not only change a moment,  but change someone's future but she can't, for the life of her,  just in this moment continue to look kara directly into those mesmerizing blue eyes and act like she isn't having a hard time with the idea of perfect.SHE FORGOT THE DICTIONARY DEFINITION and is only leaning on the shaky socialized version:  that perfect isn't meant to be shaped for each user.   instead her brain is only chanting 'i'm not perfect, i'm not perfect,'   relying on the fact she's a pure mess,  that sometimes she doesn't care to wake up in the morning,  that even a hero like her just can't live.  instead,  she looks down at her phone,  pushes the home button.   she's not actually planning on doing anything,  she's just looking away from kara.  using a distraction to quell the rising lump in her throat,  the chill along her spine like this was too good to be true.But,  you know what's the picture of both her lockscreen and home screen on her phone?  It's Kara.  The lockscreen a selfie of them,  the home screen a picture someone took of Supergirl.  SHE JUST LOOKS LIKE A FAN,  nobody can seem to put two and two together that the woman laughing with mary-sue on the lockscreen is also the woman on her homescreen.        PERFECT  IS  ONLY  A  CONCEPT."So,  you'll take everything then?  Even the moments where I just can't do it?  My whole entire messy ass?"   She knows the answer before Mary-Sue even looks up.All the desired pieces of the puzzles have come together and it's perfect.


09/27/2020 01:30 PM 


Hexley- enemy turned friendSalem- Drugged her and caused her to commit murder, love triangle.Freya- Bio sister he never knew about until his twentiesGael- Helped him with an 'errand'Jason- discussingMallory- discussing Daiza- Took him in when his brother was murderedFlynn- he and Cas are in the same support group, both suffer from ptsd


09/27/2020 12:14 PM 

Gallagher family camping trip.

  SPUNKY REDHEADXGODS MISTAKEYou don't fxck with a Gallagher. A Gallagher family camping trip was a rare occassion and anything but normal and peaceful. A whole weekend with her family and her brother Carl. What could possibly go wrong? There would be arguing and bickering between the oldest and the youngest - something that always occurred whenever the two were around each other. And the fact that they would be sharing the same tent only made that possibility a reality. They were always at each other's throats. Of course they loved each other and she knew all siblings bickered but no-one else in their family fought like the two of them did. Truth be told - the two would go to hell and back for each other but she was getting older and sometimes she needed a break. It was clear that wouldn't be possible on this camping trip. A break away from the Southside - joined by the joys of nature and she couldn't even enjoy it due to being forced to share a tent with her brother. CARLLLLLLL! When the eldest of their siblings, Fiona announced that Debbie and Carl would be sharing a tent for the weekend - audible groans from both of the kids could be heard escaping each of their lips. Sighing heavily, she rolled her eyes and hopped out of the family caravan as soon as they pulled up at their camping site. Carl had his stupid signature smirk on his face - no doubt he was scheming ways to annoy his older sister over the weekend. Giving another roll of her eyes, she smacked him upside the head and shoved him out of her way, "Don't get  ANY ideas, dipshxt." The action from the elder of the two caused the youngest to narrow his eyes at his sister before he cussed her out, "OW! WHAT THE FXCK, BITCH?!" Debbie simply smirked at his reaction and grabbed their tent from the back of the caravan as well as the bag she had packed for herself. franny was at her granny's from her dad's side so she didn't have to worry about her getting bit or anything by mosquitoes or other insects/wildlife that might be lurking in the area. Fxck you, you fxckin' fxck. Debbie could feel carl's glare on her back as she made her way over to a vacant spot on their campsite. dropping the bag their tent was in, she placed her bag on the ground next to it and kneeled down on the ground, beginning to unzip the bag so she could get the tent out and start setting it up. she was sure certain her idiot of a brother would rather just stand there and watch her struggle rather than than offer her his assistance. he was in military school so of course he knew how to do this. If he wasn't going to offer his help - she damn sure wasn't going to ask for it. If the Gallagher's didn't have much else - they had their pride and that was one thing she refused to let anyone take away from her - especially not her brother. Pulling the tent from the bag, she began to spread it out on the ground and fetched the instructions so she could set it up. There was a storm brewing and she didn't feel like having to pitch a tent while the sky decided to pour down on her head. We're gonna white trash this shxt. Fifteen minutes passed and debbie still hadn't even had the tent even remotely pitched. A laugh sounding from her brother's lips broke her concentration and she pulled herself from the ground, turning her head in his direction, narrowing her dark hues at him. "I'm sorry - do you find something funny?" sEEING CARL'S FACIAL FEATURES TWITCH INTO A SMIRK ENRAGED HER. SHE HAD TO DO EVERYTHING IN HER POWER JUST TO KEEP FROM PUNCHING HIM IN HIS NOSE. SHE HAD BROKEN IT MANY TIMES BEFORE BUT FIONA WARNED HER TO BE ON HER BEST BEHAVIOR ON THIS CAMPING TRIP OR SHE WOULD BE GROUNDED ONCE THEY GOT BACK HOME. TAKING A DEEP BREATH, SHE TRIED TO CALM HERSELF AND FOLDED HER ARMS OVER HER CHEST. Carl obviously found something hilarious about this whole situaiton and it irritated her that she didn't know. She had managed to calm her nerves and she was relaxed. Carl finally made his way over to the tent and nudged his sister out of the way, "Better let an expert handle this one." Those words caused her eye to twitch and she pursed her lips. he was acting like she was an idiot. like she didn't know how to pitch a tent. sure she was struggling - but she would eventually figure it out. Narrowing her eyes, she raised her left foot and kicked him in the ribs, knocking him to the ground, "Fxck you, you fxckin' fxck!"  The last thing she seen was him clutching his ribs as he fell to his side and groaned out in pain as she walked away from him. the camping trip hadn't even started and she was already annoyed with him. it was evident he was going to do everything in his power to pxss her off this weekend. Have we had the pleasure of writing?I've been writing for 13 years. Multi-para to Novella, no drama, active, and no judgement on pages or writing. discord friendly, banter friendly.discord | uǝǝnΌ ɐılıɥdoʇɔʎN#9702 message me comment me other snippetstemplate credit

broken bones.

09/27/2020 09:59 PM 


1. muse and mun are over the legal age and i would appreciate if anyone i interact with is as well. if you are not of legal age, please delete me. no harm, no foul.2. i do work full time so my activity can vary from time to time based on how busy my work week is. any major delays in writing will be discussed but i would appreciate a level of understanding that life does come first.3. that being said, with my schedule, i'll most likely stick to multi-para writing. when the muse strikes, we might dabble into some novella however, that'll be a one-off. 4. at this time, i am multi-ship. i don't want to limit my character in any way and if the vibe is right, i'm willing to limit myself to one single love interest writing partner. 5. i do interact in character unless specifically stated otherwise. ic banter = better connections than planning things out in advance for me.


09/27/2020 07:14 PM 

Option Task: NPC Connection Drabble

Long dark locks hung loosely over her shoulders and the muscles in her stomach tightened as she walked through the gates. The fence that stood around the building, keeping pure evil locked behind bars for what she could only hope was the rest of his life, towered over her, but she wasn’t focused on the fence or the guards that stood at the gates and doors, watching as visitors made their way inside. Why was she even there? She hated him with the passion of a thousand burning suns. He had ruined her life and left scars that would never heal, but maybe that was the reason that she had to go and see him one last time. She needed to find a way to put it all behind her and move on with her life; she needed to find a way to get past everything that he had done to her. It wouldn’t be easy and Luna knew that but the hatred that she had buried deep down inside of her was always there and it kept her from getting on with her life. It kept her running from a past that she couldn’t forget.  “Hello, Luna.” His voice sent a shiver up her spine and she slowly looked up; her eyes locking on him for the first time in three years. She had wanted to be there when Dr. Ryan had been sentenced, but she’d been unable to step foot back in Hartsville. Even now she found it difficult to be in the town where her life had been turned upside down, to face him, but she needed to. She needed to look him in the eyes and not be afraid, though that was a lot easier said than done. As she came face to face with the man who had helped destroy her life, she didn’t even remember how she had gotten there. It was as if her feet had had a mind of their own and had carried her the short distance to the visitor's room without her consciously realizing it. “I didn’t think you’d come.” His voice was like a knife, piercing her flesh over and over again as she was once again pulled from her own thoughts and slowly took a seat across from him.  Taking a deep breath, the brunette slowly placed her hands on the table, her fingers fidgeting nervously with the charm bracelet on her wrist. “I wasn’t sure I was going to. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to, but I needed to,” she finally replied as her dark brown eyes slowly met his. “I needed to know why. Why me?” The question was almost laughable. What did it matter? She still had the scar from the tattoo that he had etched onto her skin, a reminder that even those you should have been able to trust were capable of some of the most horrendous acts. Despite knowing that her question was a pointless one, she needed to find some answers. Whether he would give them to her though was a completely different story. He didn’t answer though. It was as if she hadn’t spoken at all, so she sat there, staring across at him in complete silence. They were in a standoff, silently daring the other to speak first and break the silence that lingered between them, but he didn’t speak. He said nothing at all. Shaking her head, the brunette rolled her chocolate-colored hues and slowly got up. “This was a mistake, I shouldn’t have bothered.” Luna wanted to go home and forget that she had made the stupid decision to go and see him, but she had and it had been for nothing. “Is that what you really wanted to know? After all this time, you came to visit me to ask why I picked you?” His words soared through her like a shockwave and she stopped in her tracks, slowly turning back to face him. “Or was there something else you wanted to ask?” She stared at him for several long seconds before slowly moving to sit back down across from him. “Five minutes.” She glanced over at the prison guard before looking at the clock. She only had five minutes to ask the one question that she really wanted to know, but she was terrified to ask. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes for a second or two, taking a deep breath as she gathered her thoughts before her mouth fell open and she finally spoke. “Why did you do any of it?” She knew why he had chosen her. She had been sleeping around; the word etched on her skin had told her exactly why he had picked her, but that wasn’t what she wanted to know. She’d trusted him and she needed to know why he had started any of this and why he had led all of those people to their deaths. It could have easily been her, so she needed to know why it had all started in the first place. “And don’t give me some bullsh*t excuse about God. Just tell me, why?”  


09/27/2020 03:51 PM 

title track.

Damian pushed his hand up and over his eyes, doing his best to block out the small strains of moonlight that poured into the backseat of the rundown Impala. He could hear the sounds of people leaving the bar down the street, their voices carrying in the vast emptiness that the night seemed to offer, and for a moment he blamed them for why the dreams would escape him. But even in the state he was in, he knew that it wasn’t necessarily the truth, in fact it was far from it. Instead he was just trying not to think about just what would await him when he finally found the sleep that he needed. So he did what he always did, reached into the pocket behind the driver’s seat and pulled out a worn out flask he had taken with him when he left that final foster home, without a second thought he pushed it to his lips and felt the burn as it rushed his throat. Again his head fell back against the bundle of shirts that seemed to be thinning, Rydel...always pulling from his makeshift pillow when she had to head back to that house, something about the smell of his cologne. Thinking about it, it never made sense, his cologne was always whatever clouds they walked through at the mall or an abundance of scratch-n-sniff pages from magazines, but he shook his head and just tried to relax. Tonight was the night, the night when dreams would finally come to him, happy dreams.  His eyes closed and he just tried to listen to the sound of the world around him, the hum of cars flying past him, the complaints of the drunkards still screaming about something down the street, and that feeling of his heart bumping in his chest. Before he knew it, the small pad of light in his eyelid had consumed his mind and he drifted off into his own dreamland.  He was greeted with the most perfect smile he’d ever seen, the innocence behind it, the joy in her voice as she introduced herself to him. Damian would remember that day even after he left the world; the day he met them. Rydel and Isabel, the two sister’s who finally gave him a sense of belonging, and a reason to fight. It was then and there, that smile, that convinced him he’d do what it took to keep her safe, when he knew how he felt about her, and when he realized maybe fairy tales were only mostly lies. But as soon as that image appeared in his mind, he was woken up by the sound of someone hitting the window above his head. Quickly he pulled himself up and looked to see a flashlight pointed back towards him, his heart dropping as he opened the door and heard the voice on the other side.  “ you can’t be sleeping here kid, it’s a no parking zone after three am, get outta here”An apology was pulled from Damian’s lips before he walked around and into the front seat of the car, looking up to see his vision already doubled. Damn, that tequila was doing a number on him already. Chewing on his lip he looked into the mirror, seeing the uniformed man staring back to his car and the key turned in the ignition so he could pull out of the spot and drive...somewhere.  It only took another few moments, and some particular dangerous turns, before he pulled into the parking lot of the local high school. He tried finding somewhere to park near the bus garage, just hoping to get a few more moments of rest as he climbed into the back seat once more. Again he struggled to find those dreams and without the distractions of the world he knew it would be even more of a struggle than before. Leaning up he grabbed that silver temptation and put it to his lips, the taste covering his lips from yet another long drag before he laid back. His eyes closed and before long he was pulled back under into a dream, praying it was the same one that he had been so rudely ripped from. His back hit a wall and the pain of a fist slamming into his cheek felt more real than anything he’d ever experienced, but he knew it was worth it. A smirk spread across his lips as he pushed off of the wall and wiped away the crimson liquid covering his lip, his eyes darted and found hers, seeing that pleading behind those hazel orbs. His gaze was quickly pulled away as he looked to the man staring him down, those words he’d said to her, the way his hands had latched at her leg when she pulled away, they only made Damian’s rage grow. So as the man charged towards him, Damian balled his fist and began to lift it, swinging his hand forward before pain spread through his arm.  “F***” His eyes opened and he looked around the back of the car, his hand sore as he pulled it away from the door that he could only assume was a stand in for the man in his dream. Looking around the car Damian noticed the small bits of sunrise beginning to invade his ‘home’. Shaking his head the boy climbed back up and into the front seat, trying to think of the only place that he could actually sleep, the only scenario in which he’d be peaceful and rested. So he turned the key and for hopefully the last time that night, the Impala roared to life and the boy began to drive.  It took another twenty minutes before he pulled up in front of that run down home, his eyes looking up to the second floor and locking onto one window as the engine cut out. Sure, he wouldn’t go inside, hell, he wouldn’t get out of the car, but she was there. Damian pulled himself out of the front seat and into the back yet again, laying his head down as he thought about how ridiculous he was being, how much trouble he could get into if someone recognized the car he was in. But he didn’t care, he’d get some rest and that’s what mattered. His eyelids fell shut and covered his orbs as he began to drift off to sleep, this time feeling the peaceful grasp of the dreams hold him, no ‘medicine’ needed.  His body was covered in warmth as the cool night wind spread over his body, that skatepark empty except for the two of them in one another’s arms. Her voice on repeat in his mind, those three words playing endlessly as the happiest thought he could muster filled his dreams.


09/27/2020 02:37 PM 

Spirit Week Task - Fall recipe

Apple Cider Mimosas.Ingredients. 1 bottle champagne1 cup apple cider2 tbsp sugar1 tbsp ground cinnamon InstructionsOn a small plate, combine sugar and cinnamon. Dip champagne flutes in water to wet the rims, then dip in cinnamon-sugar mixture. Fill champagne flutes 1/4 full with apple cider, then top off with champagne.


09/27/2020 02:31 PM 

Fall Spirit Week Task: Scavenger Hunt Moodboard


09/27/2020 02:10 PM 



09/27/2020 02:03 PM 

Fall Spirit Week Task: Moodboard

Fall Bucket List 1. Decorate the house for the spooky season.2. Go and visit a haunted house with the sister. 3. Watch  Hocus Pocus with Lex. 4. Visit a Pumpkin Patch5. Find a costume for Halloween.6. Girl's road trip.7. Carve a pumpkin or two. 8. Horror movie marathon9. Go and visit a corn maze. 

A L E X A🌹🌹

09/27/2020 12:07 PM 


Hello there!I'm Alexandria Elizabeth Victoria de Orleans. I'm the daughter of a famous surgeon and a member of the British Royal Family. Also, I am the granddaughter of the late Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon.Here's a few facts about myself to help us make a story line Dog mom to two Golden Retriever's, Coco and Rex Born in London, England Descendant of the House of de Orleans who was founded by Philippe, Duke Orleans Victoria's Secrets Angel Model and Socialite Raised between Paris, France & New York City, New York History Nerd and has her doctoral degree in History Has been on the New York Times Best Seller list 4 times for the 4 books she has wrote Speaks at confrences and synposiums about the Tudor/Stuart dynasty Loves Sugar Cookies That's all for now!Hope to hear from you soon!

Cᵃᵐᵖ Kⁱⁿᵍ™

09/26/2020 09:53 PM 

Jason D. Voorhees Rules & Guidelines
Current mood:  accomplished


𝒜𝓃𝑔𝑒𝓁 ❁𝒻 𝒮𝒾𝓃

09/26/2020 07:57 PM 

Nicolette - Earthquake
Current mood:  anxious

After hours of begging Gypsy to sleep, Nicolette won the battle of exhaustion. The hospital room contained not only a bed for Grace but one for the mother as well. The perks of being wealthy are that the world around you stops and listens when you cry. If Gypsy had been poor, she would still be in the waiting room with a sick child in her arms. Only those with status receive the care that every human deserves. Nicolette knew her cousin used the money card to get in, but she couldn't condemn her. Any parent given the same situation would have done the same thing. Slipping from the room, Nicolette left her number with the nurse's station if there was a change in Grace. At this time, she knew she was the only one who could keep the wolves at bay, but in reality, she didn't have a clue who the wolves were. If there was one thing she hoped to gain here, it was to find out who and what she was dealing with to know how to proceed. "Where is the chapel?" Nicolette asked. Pointing in the south wing direction, the hospital receptionist kept the phone to her ear, working on what seemed to be auto-pilot. Maybe it was a common question, or perhaps she didn't care. Either way, Nicolette thanked her and found the small chapel on her own. It was typical of a hospital chapel, but she noticed that there was no one but her praying. Maybe people forgot how to pray, or perhaps they were like Nicolette and used the God card only when Nicolette needed help. Face it, she didn't believe in heaven, but she was sure there was a hell. She had lived her nightmare since the day she was born. "Thanatos, we need to speak. I need to talk to you about him," she whispered. Whoever said the evil never entered church lied. Today would be the second time she called out to Thanatos in a place of worship, and though she would usually find it comical, not tonight. "We need to stop meeting like this," he said. Sitting to Nicolette's right, Thanatos sat stiff, not amused at the places she chose for them to meet. It was as though Nicolette did this on purpose, knowing that a church was not the ideal place to meet a man such as himself. He looked down at his nails, the remnants of his last collection still under his nails. His patience running thin with the young girl, she was making no effort to find out on her own who the male was. If she wanted him, she should call the male, not him. "I need to know who he is? What he is, and how to stop this creature from taking Grace away from her mother," she asked. It was rather a demand this time, and not a plea for help. If he wanted her to find the man, he would need to tell her the direction in which she should look. Exhaling, he leaned over, his hot breath against the shell of her ear, "If I tell you all the details than you don't deserve to save the child. You will find all you need with research, but I don't know that you will like what you find out. Pick and choose your battles, child. Saving Grace will be the fight of your life. Be ready for challenges ahead.""I don't know where to look," she said, her head turned to the side to find she was once again alone. The doors to the chapel opening, a man of the cloth entering, "Child, do you seek help?"No, I'm fine," she said, using all of her powers not to slaughter the man. He had done nothing wrong, but then again, most of them never did. "Can you point me in the direction of the hospital library?" she asked. "Down the hall and to the left, but you won't find what you seek there. The answers that you seek are inside of the child and her father," he said. "How do you know what I'm looking for?" she asked, her heart racing with fear. Who was this man? Those eyes so familiar, but the face wasn't. "The truth is coming," he said as he walked away just as the earth below shook. "EARTHQUAKE!" she cried, rushing to blow all the candles out before they hit the floor and burned the hospital in a raging hell of fire. 

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