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❤Mʳˢ ˢⁱᵈⁿᵉʸ ᵃ. ˡᵒᵒᵐⁱˢ

10/25/2020 12:39 PM 

❤Mrs Sidney Anne Loomis' Rules
Current mood:  adored

I Rp Sidney with a twist if you dont like dont addi will not add soa or twd i also dont do riverdaleno mirrors unless i know you no smut period

🚔Sɢt. ƉɛɛƉɛɛ🌹

10/24/2020 11:20 PM 

🚔🌹Sɢt. ƉɛɛƉɛɛ 🌹🚔 ɢʊɨɖɛʟɨռɛs & ʀʊʟɛs



10/24/2020 09:50 PM 

{Personality Test}

Personality Test Another character studyft. helena wayne [01.] Myers-Briggs personality type:ENTJ-T[02.] Alignment test results:Chaotic Good[03.] Archetype:Hero[04.] Favorite (or overused) phrases:’F*** off.’[05.] Optimist or pessimist:Pessimist[06.] Describe their sense of humor:Sarcastic[07.] How do they display affection?In non-verbal ways. Usually in small simple gestures that can’t be bought.[08.] How do they see themselves?Generally as the one no one actually wants around.[09.] How are they seen by others? How do they want to be seen by others?Others tend to see her as the abrasive loud mouth with a bad attitude, but she wished people would trust and appreciate her worth more.[10.] What would they change about themselves and why?She would change most things about herself. She feels that each of her siblings are all around better heroes than her and she wishes she could be more like each of them.[11.] Strongest character trait:Extremely determined and refuses to give up under any circumstances.[12.] Weakest character trait:Very stubborn.[13.] Are they competitive?More than could ever be expressed.[14.] Do they rush to conclusions?She’s actually a lot more understanding than most people give her credit for.[15.] Do they make quick decisions and act on them? Do they take time out to think about actions and consequences?She’s always been taught to think properly through her decisions, but she’s learned to be able to do this very quickly.[16.] How do they react to praise? To criticism?She finds being praised very uncomfortable despite striving for it every chance she gets. She’s much more adjusted to accepting criticism, but she does tend to get a little defensive about it.[17.] What is their greatest fear?To never amount to anything. To die still being the disappointment she feels she is.[18.] What are their biggest secrets?That she does, in fact, love Bruce.[19.] What is their philosophy of life?’If I die, I died making sure someone else lived.’[20.] When was the last time they cried?At least a month ago. At least.[21.] Do they cry openly/in front of others?Absolutely not. That’s a sign of weakness and we don’t do that in this family.[22.] What haunts them?The lives she’s taken.[23.] What will they stand up for?Literally anything and everything. Every little person, every innocent…[24.] Are they indoorsy or outdoorsy? Night owl or morning lark?Outdoorsy. Very much a night owl, but somehow also a morning lark. She just doesn’t sleep very much.[25.] What sense do they most rely on?Her hearing.[26.] How do they treat others?Generally not very nice.[27.] What quality do they most value in a friend?Honesty and trust.[28.] Under what circumstances would they be able to kill someone?If an innocent life would be lost and there was no other way.[29.] Do they prefer routine or spontaneity?Routine.[30.] When did they last make a promise? Do they keep their promises?She doesn’t make promises very often, but when she does, she takes them very seriously.


10/24/2020 09:24 PM 

Rp anyone?
Current mood:  bored

Hi does anyone want to maybe Rp with me? 


Nicoló di Genova

10/24/2020 08:11 PM 

About creating new Storylines: Discussions

Alright folks, I am pretty much aware that this rant will surely make me look like a stiff, stickler, arrogant prick among some of you. -  In that case, so be it….So, what´s this about? This about how I approach creating a new storyline, how I approach creating an original or crossover (which surely could be considered original verse, too) verse TOGETHER with you.I am well aware that some or maybe even a lot of you will not agree, prefer to handle things differently – well, that is ok with me.I am just writing this here to let you know MY idea of things in order to make sure the both of us, both writers engaging, are on the same page. As only then, again in my humble opinion, both can and will be (hopefully) equally happy and satisfied with what we are writing and creating and thus be inspired enough to keep things going.Perhaps just a little advance information about me and my “writing career” to maybe help you understand me better.I started RPing over 15 years ago on Myspace – one-liners, spontaneous improvising of things, maybe what I would call “status banter” today.Things advanced and, however, without even noticing my writing style changed from one-liners to para, to multi para to novella (lattter whenever there is the fitting situation within the story and enough time and muse).As a result of this also the “need” from my side to discuss possible verse-details, plot-ideas and starters in advance grew.In my experience (and yeah, that is simply MY very own experience and the consequences) it is really helpful to discuss certain key-points and ideas beforehand to make sure both writing parties are on the same page, equally inspired and motivated especially if we are creating some original verse or merging verses.ALSO for starters – YES, I like to discuss some ideas regarding a possible initial meeting. Especially for the reason as I am totally NOT going with “randomly bumping into each other in the streets and immediately sticking together forever for no apparent reason than randomly bumping into each other”-starters any more.THIS MAKES NO SENSE TO ME! No-one in RL would do that, so why would my or your character do that!?What I want to say is: let´s brainstorm, let´s find a plausible reason how they could meet – and even more important why they might be inclined/forced/intrigued to stick together, work together, fight together!FURTHER, I am talking about “discussions” here, not “monologue” from my side.Discussion means two people, two minds, two muses are involved in tossing around ideas, in creating stuff.I am not willing to pull the full weight of such “discussion” any more. -  And not only because by now I am honestly, really, utterly tired of doing so, but also and even more because I believe only if two people create something together both can be equally motivated and thrilled to really engage in this story.So, what´s the moral of this whole rant? – - I am not one who will jump randomly into any SL without at least a vague outline about verse and possible plot.- I am not one who will force my muse to pretend to be interested in writing with you when all answers I get back during our "discusssion" are: “Yeah, sounds good / That´s fine with me / Sure let´s do this…”- of some sort but nothing with content and your own ideas.If I stop answering to such “substantial” discussion contributions note that my interest in pursuing things with you is gone for explained reasons.- I am not one who will respond to random “Whoops I stepped on your toes”-ready-made, generic starters. Bluntly, I´ll ignore them. – I write all my starters individually after having talked to you about what I explained further up, so I guess it is not too far fetched to expect the same of you.You are totally not on board with this? You are bored by storyline-discussions and stickler like me?Alright, I can deal with that and totally understand that not everyone has the same ideas of this topic and has different favorite approaches how to handle things.No hard feelings from my side – but if nothing of the above appeals to you I suppose it´s best to spare both of us the time and effort. I am sure there are plenty of other people around who handle things more to your liking.Thank you very much for understandingNicoló´s puppetmaster

Wᵒʳᵏˢ Fᵒʳ Mᵉ Sᵍᵗ.™

10/24/2020 07:55 PM 

Sgt. Rick Austin Hunter's Guidelines & Rules
Current mood:  accomplished

The 1st and very original Works For Me Sgt.Sorry I only add MEMBERS OF OUR FAMILY & ALLIES RPG, & RESOURCES/LAYOUTS SITES 


10/24/2020 07:39 PM 

scavenger hunt moodboard


10/24/2020 07:10 PM 

Halloween Questionnaire.

1.) What is one thing you hope not to hear go bump in the night? The creep that is roaming town right now. 2.) Favorite scary movie? Halloween. 3.) One thing you hope you see on Halloween night? LOTS OF CANDY4.) One thing that a witch might carry? a spellbook5.) One thing you wear on Halloween? some sort of face paint/make up6.) Something you give to trick or treaters? candy. always candy.7.) What costume are you wearing this year? Pennywise8.) Favorite Halloween candy? any candy that contains apple flavor. 9.) Possible tricks you can hand out? Idk. I suck at giving out tricks. I'm all for the treats. 10.) What do you not want to see in a haunted house? creepy dolls. fxcking hate them!11.) What two things kill a vampire? I'd never kill a vamp. I've seen too much twilight :|12.) What is the name of the motel in the movie Psycho? The bates hotel? Never seen the movie, but I watched the Norman Bates T.V Show, so that's my guess. 13.) Who played Edward Scissorhands? Johnny Depp and he was AMAZING. 14.) What movie does the line "I see dead people" come from? The sixth sense. 15.) If you were trapped in a scary movie which one would you want to be in? Halloween because Jaime Lee Curtis. 16.) If you had to fight Mike, Jason, or Freddy which one would you pick? Mike! Hands Down. 17.) If you were being chased by a scary-looking doll what would you do? scream and run in the opposite direction. 18.) Would you be friends with Pennywise in order to save your life? well duh. I am going to be dressing up as Pennywise for Halloween this year. 19.) On Halloween, Charlie Brown helps Linus wait for what character to appear? Um? I don't even know what you're talking about. 20.) If Zach came trick or treating at your door what would you give him? alcohol. definitely alcohol. 


10/24/2020 06:56 PM 


<a href="">this or that</a>


10/24/2020 06:48 PM 

Halloween This Or That.

1.) Halloween party or Scary movie2.) Reese's or Hershey's3.) Fog machine or Spooky music/sounds4.) Trick-or-treating or Handing out candy5.) Homemade costume or Store-bought costume6.) Haunted hayride or Haunted house7.) Chocolate or Gummies8.) Friday the 13th or 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown9.) Warm Halloween night or Chilly (not cold) Halloween night10.) Candy or Popcorn ball11.) Believe in ghosts or Don't believe in ghosts12.) Give out candy or turn off your lights13.) Werewolf or Vampire14.) Dracula or Frankenstein15.) Freddy or Jason16.) Scary costume or Funny costume17.) Big pumpkin or Small pumpkin18.) Orange or Black19.) Scary stories or Ouiji board20.) Skeletons or Zombies21.) Pumpkin seeds or Pumpkin pie22.) Bottle feed a baby zombie or Walk alone through a dark forest23.) Ghost or Mummy24.) Gory films or thrillers25.) Take two or Take the whole bowl26.) Sleep in a cemetery or Sleep in an abandoned house27.) Go all out on your costume or Go basic28.) Simple & cute Halloween decorations or Crazy & scary decorations29.) Trick or Treat30.) Creepy dolls or Creepy clown31.) Last one alive or First one to die32.) Witches or Demons33.) Heros or Villains34.) Abducted by aliens or Turned into a zombie35.) Have dinner with Hannibal Lector or Have dinner with Norman Bates 


10/24/2020 06:53 PM 

— the holy trinity.

—olivia:   olivia ann-allenson is the embodiment of the one above all, who is known as the ‘god’ of the marvel multiverse (or better known yet, the omniverse). olivia looks just like demma — blonde hair, light eyes, mature look but unlike demma, she does have an evil streak. she is menacing, sarcastic, judgemental, quiet, positive at the wrong times, and ‘sucks’ at divine timing. since she is the one above all, she doesn’t have to use her powers, but when she does activate it, her iris glows red.   her main go-to powers include: teleportation, psychokinesis, telepathy, and just pure omnipotence.    —lindsey:   lindsey tomlinson is the embodiment of the living tribunal, who is known not only as the ‘wingman’ for the one above all, but safeguards the marvel multiverse. lindsey has brown-black hair and brown eyes and relates more to demma. she is a worrywart, positive, and paternal. as the living tribunal, her role is to safeguard the multiverse and give out duties, but specifically aurelia. she is also a trainer. she doesn’t really have to use her powers, but when she does, her iris glows purple.   her main go-to powers: same as olivia, but omnipotence is nigh.    —demma:   we already know demma’s story, so let’s jump straight to the point. before her death, demma didn't really need her iris to glow to activate powers, as she just used her mind or whatever. however, her biggest one is the butterfly touch, where she glows a pair of butterfly wings behind her back or in front of her, and a pink blast of energy comes out, destroying a big level. however when she does use her iris, it glows a nice tint of blue.   her main go-to powers: please check blog for her powers.  ~.~   the relationship between the trio—   before demma was even born, the two girls felt like they needed a third person to be with them. to feel complete. so, they concepted demma but even with demma, something just didn’t feel right. so, they made demma a “normal” human being until she turned 17-18, and she was the “chosen one” of aurelia. lindsey and olivia are technically demma’s ‘mothers’ as they both created her from nothing, but they act more ‘sisterly’ towards her rather than motherly.   often compared to the the holy trinity, with olivia being the father, lindsey being the son, and demma being the holy spirit (dove = butterfly).   ~.~   — “are olivia and lindsey aware of demma’s death?”   yes. in fact, she’s not called ‘the holy spirit’ for nothing. after her death, it is up to you (or the storyline) if you think she has reunited with them.


10/24/2020 06:12 PM 

Cursed Fate

Cursed Fate   Features: Earth Angel, Imperfect and Rembrandt. Loosely based off The Wolfman (1941) staring Lon Chaney Jr. It had been a rather long train ride from New York City. Young Tyler Lockwood had made his way to the big city from his humble beginnings in a town in the rural South called Mystic Falls. He stepped off the train adjusting his tie and looking out into the group of people here to greet their loved ones who rode in on the train. He found no one to make such greeting for him. He was not surprised really. His father was a remorseless bastard who thought very little of Tyler in all honesty.He began his walk to hire a carriage to take him to the Lockwood Estate. The word reached him in New York that his Uncle Mason had perished due to some animal attack. It was quite heart wrenching since his uncle had been more of a father to him than his own had been. He was about to step into a carriage when he saw a young woman exit a shop on Main Street. He passed this particular carriage to go speak to the girl. “Excuse me. Could I have a moment of your time?”When she turned around to make eye contact with him, he felt his heart skip a beat. She was absolutely beautiful. She had eyes the color of the sky and hair that was a rich brown. She was absolutely captivating to him. It was like she was a goddess. “Could I help you Sir?” She asked.Tyler was captivated by her beauty. “I noticed you came from Mr. Saltzman's store. Are you his newest flower girl?” He couldn’t take his eyes off her.“That I am. My name is Laurel Collins. Could I help you with something?” She asked. It was quite obvious she was quite taken with him as well.“Yes Miss Collins. I am in town for the funeral of my uncle Mason Lockwood. I’d very much like some flowers for the funeral.” He couldn’t stop smiling even though this was a somber occasion that brought him home.She realized who he was and her skin turned pale for a moment. “O-Of course Mr. Lockwood. I’ll have it ready for you promptly. I really am very sorry for your loss.” There was something she was holding back from him and he could tell. “Would you like to step inside to make the arrangements?”“Of course.” He answered with great respect and care. He had noticed a few others on Main Street with a peculiar look in their eyes. Was it something he said?.Once inside the store, Laurel moved behind the counter to officially write up his order. While she was writing, he started to ask questions. “Do you know what happened to my uncle?” The question was pointed and not really accusatory. He allowed his eyes to wander over the store while occasionally stealing glances at the beautiful woman who seemed deathly afraid of something.She kept penciling in something on a paper as she spoke. “Nothing more than what is already known. Mr. Lockwood was riding home when he was accosted by vicious animal. Poor man.” She stole fleeting glances at the handsome son of the Mayor of Mystic Falls.Tyler approached this display finding a gentlemen’s cane that had a very unique carving of a wolf as the head of it. The length of the cane itself was actually white. It was something that stood out for him. He couldn’t leave it there, he needed it. He picked it out of the display of canes and brought it toward her. “I would like to pay for this at same time please. It’s really striking don’t you think?”She looked as though she’d seen a ghost when she spotted the cane. “Please Mr. Lockwood. Don’t. It’s really not a very good idea.”“Nonsense. Now how much do I owe you?” He reached into his inside vest pocket and pulled out several golden coins. “This should cover everything including delivery to my father’s home.” He held this cane in his hand and began to walk with it toward the door.Stepping back outside, Tyler noticed that it was getting dark outside. He decided to forgo the carriage and walk through the woods. It was lovely enough weather for it after all. He passed down Main Street waving to old friends and family before making that turn.On the edge of the forest was a covered wagon with an intricate design on it. Tyler took a better look at the design. It looked rather ornate. “Stare too long and you might not enjoy the consequences.” The voice that spoke to him was female. She exited the wagon slowly with her auburn locks slipping out of a hood on her head. “I am called Madeleana Morningstar. Beware of what lay a ahead in the woods young Lockwood. Your uncle didn’t head my warning either.”“What do know about my uncle?” He demanded. The young man was insensed! “Did you kill him?”“Oh no. It wasn’t me. The beast that inhabits these very same woods ripped your uncle to pieces. It will do the same to you if you let him.” Her grin made his blood run cold. She couldn’t help but look the young man over. “Poor little human boy. Run away while you can!”Tyler didn’t take too well to idle threats. “If I find out you killed him, I'll be back to kill you myself!” He stormed off into the woods with the witch Madeleana's laughter cackling behind him.~*~The woods were far more dark and intimidating that Tyler remembered. As he walked, there was a thumping sound that assaulted his senses. His well kept shoes were pounding into the ground getting covered in mud and muck because of the rains the day before.His footsteps were being mocked. Another faster and stronger set of footsteps were gaining ground on him. Tyler started to pick up the pace. As each foot hit the ground, his heart beat faster. The sweat raced down his forehead and into his eyes blurring his vision. That was when something came out of nowhere and knocked him to the ground.The monster stood over the prone form of the young Lockwood. Four furry legs with claws had pinned him to the ground. He managed to catch a glimpse of the monster to gain a better look at it even as it was breathing heavily on the back of his neck. It had the form of a giant wolf with fangs that were dripping with blood and saliva. For a brief moment he was wrapped up with fear. This had to have been the monster that killed his uncle! Tyler still had his fingers wrapped around the cane in his hand. He immediately began swinging at the beast with the cane.The snarling beast snapped at him as he swung the cane. Tyler and the beast were wrestling in a life or death struggle. The beast sunk it’s jaws into Tyler’s shoulder drawing blood. He cried out in utter agony because of the attack. He managed to take the cane made of a white wood and pushed it into the beast's chest. The beast yelped in terror and took off running.The pain was overwhelming. Tyler could feel his body throbbing in agony. The edges of his mind were in a fog that was rolling in and stealing his conscience from him. The more that he fought to stay awake, the more he lost his battle. Finally the world went black.~*~Finally his eyes opened slowly. He was back home at the Lockwood Estate in his bedroom. Laurel Collins was in the room with him. She was standing next to a basin of water. “You’re awake! Everyone has been so worried about you!”He tried to sit up but couldn’t. His body ached and his world was spinning. “What happened?” He moaned.The witch Madeleana’s voice came from behind Laurel. She was standing in the doorway. “The beast you met in the woods was my brother Niklaus. Now the curse has been passed to you Tyler Lockwood! When the moon is full you were crave blood! You are now and forever will be a Wolf Man! This is your cursed fate!”  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet


10/24/2020 06:09 PM 


1. I'm here for me, I'm not here for you.2. I don't owe you anything.3. I don't hide what my page is about, but please at least greet me like a normal human being.4. I prioritize good stories above all else. Straight smut bores me.5. I'm prone to bouts of softness and romanticism.6. I'm not sharing my likes/kinks/fetishes/taboos on this bulletin but ask privately and I will be happy to tell you. Not gonna do the "I'm open to anything!" thing.7. I prefer men. I love writing with women (more than with men, probably), but honestly women-women relationships are not my favorite. It's very easy to NPC a male for storylines and there's a multitude of things we can do with that, so ladies, I greatly prefer those.8. Everyone says this, but I have a life off of here. Please do not rush me.

Whï†ê Råßßï†

10/24/2020 03:13 PM 

Guidelines || Rules

Disclaimer: No I'm not the real Andy Biersack, I'm a roleplayer who adores Andy, His Music, His Acting Skills, Just everything this man stands for. If you are mistaking me for the real Andy get some help.Storyline Discussions: This is fine by me though I ask that you don't leave all the thinking to me to keep the storylines active and long term. If I notice that if you're being lazy with the discussion part and say that you will do everything and anything I will that person the boot off my friends list. There is abit of cannon bio about Andy on page below About Me section. It shouldn't be that hard to brew up some ideas on you're own before exchanging idea's.Verses: Verses that I will include Andy into, Casual, Celebrity, Crossovers Accepted. Verses that are a huge no. Wrestling and No Smut Only Pages.Replies: There will be times I will be slow or fast with replies, Andy isn't my only page aka I have more then one page. Please Understand and Respect That.Soulmate: My Andy is taken by my irl girlfriend's Juliet Simms Biersack page aka DragonFly. I'm not one who cheats and I'm very Faithful to her. Means other's don't message me asking to date them in real life. My girlfriend isn't the jealous type and she knows I have some pages that don't have her as the Love Interest, She knows where my heart and love for only her ooc / irl.Length of Replies: One Line and one word replies asked to be in status play only. Semi Para, Para and Multi Para Responses ask to be in comments or messages. Thank You. It helps me be abit more organized with replies that come in through status, Comments or Messages.

Serenity Lilith Nightmare🖤

10/24/2020 12:13 PM 

Serenity's Section

Love lifeFamily& FriendsDemonic LovesPowersPetsMusicCharmed/SupernaturalBuffy the Vampire Slayer/AngelSailor Moon/Power Rangers Section


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