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11/27/2022 08:15 PM 

disappointments on little screens,

  When the time turned to zero, she was sure that this was it. She was going to walk back into the bathroom and the little screen would read “pregnant”. She’d pull the super secret bag of “you’re going to be a daddy” gifts from the top of the closet in her office and rush down the steps to hand the perfectly wrapped and well thought out gift, and of course, the test, the proof that they’d done it, they’d finally made a baby. They would be parents. She was sure that this was it, she’d been four days late, four whole days of forcing herself to wait to test. She wanted to make sure, she couldn’t take another negative sign on that stupid piece of plastic. It’s funny, if the test would give her the result she wanted, it wouldn’t be a stupid piece of plastic any more, it’d be everything.    She skipped back to the bathroom with her phone in hand, she’d already turned off the sound from the timer. She made her way to the counter, she caught her reflection in the mirror, her eyes were bright and wide with a look of hopeful joy that would only last a few moments longer…because when she flipped the test back over, and the result stared her in the face. Her stomach dropped faster than her smile, the test read “not pregnant.”   She was still for a while, she stared down at it, willing it to change but it wouldn’t. It wasn’t magic and she couldn’t force it to turn anymore than she could force her body to do what it was supposed to do and give them a baby. The more she stared at it, the more that her vision started to blur, was it the tears? Or was it the anger? The anger at herself for not being able to get pregnant, was it something she did? How was it so easy for so many of the people around her to conceive? It was like all Caroline could conceive was negative signs of disappointment on tiny screens.    She threw it across the room, missing the trash can completely resulting in another frustrated groan from the small woman tucked away in the guest bathroom. She stomped over to the trash can, accidentally kicking it over causing a loud bang  from the metal hitting the bathroom tile. “Goddamn it.” she said, quickly falling to her knees trying to fix the mess that was created. It was metaphorical almost as she threw the things back into the bin, it was like how Caroline was shoving her feelings back in the box in her mind. The anger at herself, the worry that if she couldn’t get pregnant that Abel would love her less, that he’d resent her for it, because the man deserved and wanted a child, a beautiful child who looked like him and probably filled the house with just as much singing as Abel did. Caroline loved when he sang. The disappointment. The jealousy that her friends and people she followed on social media seemed to have babies so easily. She was starting to lose hope, maybe the universe didn’t think she was good enough to be a mother, perhaps there’s a quota of bad mothers allowed to exist at one time and it had been met, so Caroline couldn’t be chosen.    It was just that in her heart of hearts, in this far too quiet moment of crying on the bathroom floor wondering what was wrong with her, she knew that she had so much love to give. She had learned how not to parent from her birth father, and she felt like she could fill in the rest with trying and the aid of her husband. Her heart felt ready to love a baby, it was like her body couldn’t keep up, her mind was racing and her thoughts were bleak. She needed to stand up, she needed to brush herself off, and close the box of feelings, keep them all neat and tidy, folded and organized…she was a neat freak afterall.  


11/27/2022 07:43 PM 

writing prompt

i never once stopped loving you. βœβ› let’s forget about all the pain and heartbreak and start fresh again. βœβ› i’m so glad to have you back. βœβ› you’re still my only one. βœβ› i’m scared of losing you again. βœβ› will we ever be able to go back to what we were before? βœβ› i’m just not sure if i can fully forgive you yet. but for you i’m willing to try. βœβ› i’ve been so lonely without you by my side. βœβ› why did we ever break up? βœβ› and i realize now, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. βœβ› you won’t be able to get rid of me so easily again. βœβ› it’s nice getting to know this new you. βœβ› you haven’t changed a bit. βœβ› please don’t ever leave me again. βœβ› losing you once was enough. i don’t ever want to go through that again. βœβ› promise me we won’t do the same mistakes as last time. βœβ› letting you go was the biggest mistake i’ve ever made. βœβ› good thing we already know about each others quirks. βœβ› are you sure you want to try this again? βœβ› we both still had some growing up to do before we could make this work. βœβ› i want nothing more than having you back in my arms. to hold you, kiss you, and call you mine again. βœβ› what do i have to do for you to take me back? βœβ› you still remember? it’s been years! βœβ› you were always on my mind and in my heart. βœβ› i know now that we needed to spend some time apart so we can grow stronger together. βœβ› are you saying that you want to try this again? βœβ› you look as good as i remember. βœβ› you’re everything i’ve ever wanted. βœβ› please don’t break my heart again. βœβ› with you, i finally feel whole again. βœβ› remember all the good times we used to have? βœβ› i still remember both the good and the bad times. βœβ› have you ever stopped loving me? βœβ› we can only hope to learn from this experience. βœβ› you think you can just waltz back into my life like that?! βœβ› why did you never tell me you still had feelings for me? βœβ› you’re still the love of my life. βœβ› no matter what, somehow we always find our way back to each other. βœβ› do you really think we can make it work this time? βœβ› i’m never letting you go again. ❜❝ don’t be ridiculous, there’s enough room on this bed for both of us. ❞❝ please stay. i don’t think i can be alone tonight. ❞❝ i’m staying, okay? you don’t have to be alone tonight. ❞❝ you shouldn’t be alone right now. i’ll take the couch, it’ll be fine. ❞❝ will you sleep with me? i know how that sounds i just mean— i feel safe when you’re there. ❞❝ i’ll be here the whole night okay? nothing will get to you while i’m here. ❞❝ wait— have you been here all night? ❞❝ i thought you went home after i went to bed. you didn’t have to do that— you could’ve at least joined me in bed that couch is sh*t for sleeping on. ❞❝ can i stay with you tonight? i don’t wanna go home yet. ❞❝ it’s late, you might as well just stay here. ❞❝ can you just...stay here? and hold me. ❞❝ i know this might sound weird but, do you wanna stay over? i guess ‘sleepover’ sounds kind of childish but. i think it’d be nice. ❞❝ i’m not expecting anything, i just, thought it’d be nice to keep you company tonight. ❞❝ i don’t have nightmares when you’re there. ❞❝ i get you’re doing the whole protective thing— and i appreciate it. i do, but there’s no reason for you to stay awake all night. might as well come to bed. ❞❝ thank you for staying. it just gets so lonely at night sometimes. ❞❝ i don’t want you to be alone tonight and honestly, i don’t really wanna be alone either. ❞❝ do you wanna stay with me tonight? ❞❝ stay, please. ❞❝ i’ll stay. ❞❝ i’m staying. ❞❝ i’m staying. end of discussion. you gotta learn to let people take care of you. ❞❝ i’m not ready to say goodbye yet. ❞❝ i don’t wanna have to say goodnight. ❞❝ honestly i can’t sleep, so if you wanna stay up with me? ❞❝ i don’t sleep a lot either these days. we can be insomniacs together. ❞❝ well, i can think of some ways to wear you out. ❞❝ if you can’t sleep, there are other things we could do. ❞❝ i’d rather f*** than stare at the ceiling counting sheep to be honest. ❞❝ it doesn’t have to mean anything, i just don’t wanna feel lonely tonight. and i want to feel good for once. ❞❝ please don’t go— i need. i need someone— i need you. ❞❝ the night doesn’t have to end here, you know. ❞❝ i like it when you’re here. so stay. please? ❞❝ you’re just as lonely as i am. might as well be lonely together. ❞❝ you can stay but i’m not letting you sleep on that couch. ❞❝ chivalry is overrated, get in my bed. ❞❝ you’re clearly exhausted. you can go in the morning. ❞❝ you don’t have to pretend to be fine, if you need me to stay i will. ❞❝ when i said i wanted everyone to leave me alone i didn’t mean you. i can’t handle everyone else right now but’re different. ❞❝ you need someone right now. and i’m the one that’s here. let me be what you need. ❞"i should have seen it coming.""given your history, i should have known better.""please tell me that at least a part of it was real.""[friend's name] tried to warn me about you, but i didn't listen, you know.""i was ready to give you my heart.""you should have killed me earlier, so i wouldn't live to see this.""get away from me.""kill me right now then, i dare you.""i should have left you bleeding to your death.""do you have any regrets doing this to me?""i hope you will remember this until your death.""i loved you in this lifetime. i won't make that mistake in the next.""no one could have saved you.""somehow, i expected that this would happen eventually.""do we really have to end it all?"“Hurry up! We're going to be late!”“How can you be so smart but also so very stupid?”“I've been looking forward to seeing you.”“You're funny when you're angry.”“You're far too nosy for your own good.”“Are you sure that you can do this?”“Let's just order a pizza.”“Honestly, I just want to go to bed.”“You can talk to me, you know.”“Are you seriously going to wear that?”“You're a liar.”“Don't worry, I've done this before.”“I haven't touched it!”“Looks like we're in for another long night.”“Okay, you've definitely had enough to drink for one night.”“Do you ever think about us?”“What should we do now?”“Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”“Oh, have some faith for once!”“You know we're going the wrong way, right?”“Let's not start the day like this.”“You know, the Earth revolves around the sun, not around you.”“You call that music?”“Sorry, I missed that. Could you repeat what you just said?”“This development is anything but ideal.”“You look absolutely stunning.”“I got this.”“I swear, one day I'm going to snap.”“Why are you like this?”“Is everything ok?”“What's your problem?”“You can’t be here.”“Thank you for everything.”“Are you serious?”It would be better if you stayed away from me.""Do you really want me? Or is this your way of getting back at my father?""You have given me enough memories to last a lifetime.""If I ask you to kiss me in front of all these people, will you do it?""I am here to tell you that I cannot meet you anymore."“you always push people away. i just thought you’d never do it to me”“i know i have a heart because i can feel it breaking”“i hate the way that i don’t hate you.”“i didn’t realise i was such an inconvenience.”“how many times am i supposed to forgive you?”“all my friends told me you’d break my heart.”“how could you let them say that about me?”“i’d take our relationship back in a heartbeat.”“i don’t see the same person i loved when i look at you anymore.”“promise me you’ll still be here when i wake up.”“you look happier”“you still live in the silences between my thoughts.”“i am in love with a moment we never had.”“you didn’t just break promises, you broke me.”"Don't go on that date." "Why?" "You know why." "Say it."“if you cry, i’ll cry ─ and that won’t be fun for anyone.”“my lipgloss is all over your lips.”“that’s the first time i’ve ever seen you smile.”“you cancelled plans for me?”“quick, kiss me!”“that’s the sixth time you’ve complimented me today.”“how mad would you be if i kissed you?”“it’s hard to sit here and be close to you and not kiss you.”“ i never planned to have you on my mind this often”“ i never want to stop making memories with you”“a sky full of stars, and i’d still watch you.”“my heart is so full of you i can hardly call it my own.”“ i think i might be in some kind of love with you.”“your lips look cold, want me to warm them up for you? “"don't lie, your dimple usually shows when you're actually smiling. what's wrong?""i heard what you one's ever talked about me that way before.."“here’s a spare key so you don’t have to keep coming in through the window.”“Oh my god you never told me you could cook”“I know it’s 2 in the morning but do you want to...”"Can I wear your sweater? It smells like you, I can't promise to give it back though."“shh. there’s people in the other room.”"I need you to be quiet for me, okay?"“say you want me, and i’m yours.”“my boyfriend/girlfriend would kill us.”“there’s so many things i wanna do to you.”“i didn’t like the way they were looking at you.”“ i shouldn’t allow myself to get this close to you.”“i’m going to ruin you.”“want me to model these for you?”“no ones here. we can be as loud as we want.”“do you think of me when you touch yourself?”“if you called just to get off on my voice, i’m hanging up.”"what's the matter, love? you get nervous when i look at you like this?"Car sex in the rain“against the window? are you insane?”“leave the heels on.”"I swear I'm gonna f*** the next person that walks through that door.""Oh princess, I thought we learn from the last time you decided to make me jealous."

Haddonfields Daughter

11/27/2022 05:51 PM 

The Stolen Documents {For JFK}

Anna Peterson, Age 22, The daughter of Kenya Peterson. A Teacher in Haddonfield and a troublesome woman when it came to authority at times. The cops many times had to come and speak with her about starting fights or issues with other teachers or parents due to how they treat their children. Anna seemed to be very strong and resilient when it came to not backing down from a challenge. Anna's Mother Kenya Peterson moved to Haddonfield shortly after her stay at smiths grove, the details of her stay there for two years were unknown the only person who really knew what happened was Loomis and Kenya herself.Kenya raised Anna till she was around 14 years old, she never spoke about Anna's father and the times she described the man, many would never believe who she was talking about. Anna did not know anything about her father, her mother spoke little of him or spoke very fondly of him and said that he had moved away. Anna was unaware that her father came home several times but Kenya had taken his memory away and used her abilities to keep Anna and herself hidden from Michael's eyes.Anna was blissfully unaware of her parentage something her mother wanted to keep. Kenya did not believe her daughter had to be anything like her or Michael though she had wished it many times. But anna did show some behavioral issues during her younger years in school. She would often seek out a fight or an issue and she would glue herself to it till she came out on top. She had been rude a few times to parents or school teachers and seemed to not have much regard for authority figures in general.But all that changed the night her mother locked her in the basement and the house was attacked by something anna did not know about. Her mother was absolutely slaughtered and died to keep Anna safe. Anna was devastated, she was absolutely torn into by sadness and grief that she went silent for about three years before she finally started to speak again and would slowly come back out of her shell. She was adopted by the Strode family and lived with them till she turned 19 when she moved back into her mother's home and has lived there ever since.Anna became a school teacher only about a year or two ago, she excelled and was amazing. The children loved Anna dearly and would often come over for sleepovers or come to her house if there was an issue with another student or their parents. Anna adored her students just as much, she had been known to start fights or give verbal slaps to those that dared to harm a child.  Anna had been told the story of the Boogeyman countless times and had written a  few books on him and her mother and Haddonfield. Anna grew up loving history and often visited historical places like the gravesites of presidents and traveled all over the world. Anna became a very loved icon on television many interviews about her books and life in Haddonfield and her encounters with the Boogeyman. Anna never spoke of the history that she now directly had with him because it would be a bad history to unfold now a father and daughter in an ultimate struggle between killing and saving lives.OCTOBER 30 1962Anna had gotten word that some evil killers had wanted to steal documents from Washington DC, she was no stranger to the place as she was known to visit often and had spoken to many people throughout the government. Anna was known to visit the buildings before and or come for interviews before on national television about her books or when she once was part of the military and saved her regiment's life. Anna was an active member of the military but she often spent her active time in Haddonfield and visiting on and off the base and come when she was asked or she would politely tell her commanding officers to place her on hold for missions during the school year or during October.Anna had gotten dressed in a Halloween costume which was that of a Dark Angel, she knew where the documents were kept and she knew the codes and the gadgets, she knew how to get in and out but ti was not about to go to plan because why would it? To steal documents to keep them from evil hands never made anyone look good no matter how good the intentions were. Anna kept her face well hidden and came into the main party which was held in a hall in the white house.Anna had to wait till the stroke of ten at night before she could formulate her plan into action, with her stealth and sneak ability she managed to get to where documents were taken during the night so people did not steal them. She managed to knock out the cameras and power and slowly started to shuffle two important documents into her back holster, the Declaration of Independence and a personal one for her, The Emancipation Proclamation,a family heirloom to her actually.Anna stealthy started to get back out but the alarms sounded as guards rushed her as she hissed under her breath, "Sh*t" before she had to use her knife and taser to knock out guards and stop them but never did she kill anyone. Anna pressure pointed and hurried through guards shielding the important documentation from gunfire and winced slightly at the sounds of guards yelling and the alarms blaring.Anna managed to get through the party swiftly running through the party and when stopped and asked what was wrong she said she had to really go to the bathroom. Anna was nearly out of the White House and the party and home were free only for herself to run into the wrong room. She was facing the door unaware she walked right into the President's main Oval office, she had not paid attention as she knew guards still looking for her. Turning around and leaning against the door and was about to sigh in relief to only notice The PRESIDENT!Her eyes widen "no" she whispered gently looking at the man with confusion and horror as she could hear the radio page in that a woman in her costume had stolen two documents and was trying to be found. Before Kennedy could react she had a knife at his throat."President I am really sorry but I can't have you talk to them right now, You were not meant to be a part of this, but i guess I have no other choices," she said slowly her knife held right at his throat but it was actually dull and could do no harm other than the tip which was incredibly sharp."I'm gonna need you to come with me, quietly, quickly, and do not ask a question, I can answer some a little;e later" she assured. She was not dumb, to kidnap the president, take documents and pretty much take a person like Kennedy hostage was no laughing matter and the amount of trouble she could get into for doing this was big. But for the country's sake and the sake of life itself, she couldn't let the others get a hand on these two documents."Make this easy and you don't need a broken bone or two"


11/27/2022 05:30 PM 

Word search


11/27/2022 03:20 PM 


Part 1: 1,3, 5, and 7 Part 2: Riddles:1.) What do you use to mend a jack-o-lantern?I.) A pumpkin patch.2.) Who won the skeleton beauty contest?A.) No body.3.) Who helps the little pumpkins cross the road to school? Q.) The Crossing Gourd.4.) What do you get when you divide the circumference of your jack-o-lantern by its diameter?F.) Pumpkin Pi.5.) I’m tall when I’m young, I’m short when I’m old, and every Halloween I stand up inside Jack-o-lanterns. What am I?T.) A candle.6.) What would be everyone’s favorite season if money did grow on trees?M.) Fall.7.) What do you get when you drop a pumpkin?E.) Squash.8.) What happened when the turkey got in a fight?B.) He got the stuffing knocked out of him.9.) Who lives in the scary Hundred-Acre Wood?R.) Winnie the Boo.10.) What did one leaf say to another?H.) I’m falling for you.11.) Why are all Superman costumes tight?C.) They’re all size S.12.) Why do birds fly south in the fall?O.) Because it’s too far to walk.13.) Why is Dracula so easy to fool?D.) Because he’s a sucker.14.) What falls but never breaks?G.) Nightfall.15.) What asks but never answers?J.) An owl.16.) What is a tree’s least favorite month?L.) Sep-timber17.) What is a scarecrow’s favorite fruit?P.) Straw-berries18.) Why did the scarecrow win the Nobel Prize?S.) Because he was out-standing in his field.19.) Why shouldn’t you tell a secret in a cornfield?K.) Because the corn has ears.20.) Why does Humpty Dumpty love autumn so much?  N.) Because he had a great fall.  


11/27/2022 12:48 PM 


α΄›Κœα΄‡ α΄α΄œα΄›κœ±Ιͺᴅᴇʀ

11/27/2022 11:33 PM 

𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕆π•₯𝕙𝕖𝕣 π•Šπ•šπ••π•–

Jasper was already sweating as people already dropped dead downstairs overdosing on the beans. The Death Wave will be here in minutes, the wave that'll end the world a second time. "See you on the other side".​"Jasper!" Monty raced into the room in the Hazmat Suit watching his best friend, running over to him and took the poison away dropping it to the ground,"what the hell are you doing? Trying to kill yourself & plan on leaving me alone?"​"You don't get to take away my choice" he looked right to Monty after he knocked the cup out of his hands, the radiation already taking it's effect to Jasper. Looking out the window at the sun,"I'm not going, sorry to disappoint". β€‹"We have to go" walking up to Jasper putting down the other suit for Jasper looking out at the sun,"see that? That's the death wave!"​"Is the sun really red? I thought I was tripping out. For all it's faults, Earth is really beautiful. We came back to Earth after 97 years, trying to see if it's survive-able. Everywhere we went too, people died. That's just who our species is. Peace doesn't exist in the same sentence as us. Nothing you do or say can convince me otherwise. I'm staying".​Monty turned his friend around,"I'm not going to let that happen. You & Harper are coming with me because you two are my family. Don't you want to live or get the opportunity to find some sort of peace?"​"I already have and you can't take that choice away from me this time" he went to grab more beans from the tray beside him,"see you on the other".​Something hit the back of his head then he saw nothing but darkness. 


11/27/2022 11:32 PM 

See You Like I Do.

@import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url('[email protected]&display=swap'); /* scrollbar properties */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 5px; width:2px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 7px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color: #d3cab8; border: 2px solid #4a3f41; height:5px; width:5px; } h1 { font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif; font-size:35px; line-height:30px; padding:0px 2px 5px 2px; color:#d6a57e; margin:0px 0px 1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bolder; text-align: center; letter-spacing:-2px; word-wrap:2px; } h1 span{color:#d5b4a1; text-transform: lowercase; font-weight: lighter; font-style:italic; font-size:45px;} h1 span2{color:#4d4a4d;} serpent juliet β™” betty cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins xtra xtra xtra See You Like I Do. If you saw you from my point of view You'd know how beautiful you are Sometimes I swear you must be blind Don't know how you ain't got a clue Wish you could see it through my eyes 'Cause then you could see you like I doI could see you on a billboard, Beverly or Sunset Looking fine as hell I could see you on the runway, walking with your wings With Gigi and Giselle But you ain't gotta be in Paris, rockin' some designer brand Baby, anything you're wearing is gonna leave me saying, "Damn" "If you saw you from my point of view" Betty was unaware of the length of time he had been sitting in that position, leisurely resting against the door frame of the restroom with his feet crossed comfortably and his hands idly dangling in pockets on each side. She had just finished washing her face and brushing her teeth before retiring for the night. She let her hair fall over her shoulders as she ran the gentle bristled brush through it several times before gathering the length of it around her neck and pulling it to the side. At that moment, she became aware that she wasn't the only one in the room. When she finally saw that he was there, she saw that his eyes met hers in the image of the mirror; nevertheless, the slack expression that he wore was not one that she could instantly discern until he said.She swung around to face him with a gasp of surprise, and she felt an immediate rush of blood to her cheeks as a result of the manner in which his eyes were so utterly focused on her. He was no longer staring in the mirror but relatively straight at her. She wore a simple lace camisole slip, which was out of character for her typical sleeping attire, which consisted of one of his old t-shirts or nothing at all. It was an extravagant bridal shower gift from Veronica, and something about the trim of the lace around the bodice enticed her to pull it out of the drawer she'd stashed it in years ago. Betty had no intention of ever putting it on, but she was kind enough to take the present and express her gratitude to her closest friend. However, she put the item away and never gave it another consideration since she was aware of how exposed the thin material would make her feel.It was a choice she made on the spur of the moment, spontaneous in a way that Betty Cooper was seldom spontaneous, and once she put it on, it made her feel beautiful in a way that she rarely, if ever, felt about herself. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision for her. It was simple enough, or at least as simple as Veronica Lodge's taste in expensive lingerie could be while keeping her best friend in mind. At first, Betty was keenly aware that the price tag attached was more than what they would pay for their mortgage in a month's time, but the longer she wore it, the less she cared about the price tag.The abrupt onset of self-consciousness brought on by Jughead's presence and the way he was staring at her just at this moment made her want to search for anything to cover herself up. She was about to speak but wasn't sure what to say. Her shoulders curled inward in a half-shrug as she looked down her front and down her bare legs to her pink-painted toes. Her lips opened for her to speak, but she didn't know what to say. He was dressed in one of his shirts with the letter "S" emblazoned on it and jeans. His beanie was still on top of his head, and he appeared to be exactly as she had pictured him all those years ago, even though their appearances had evolved and changed throughout their adult lives. She eventually had the courage to peek out from behind her eyelashes and give him another glance. "Do you like it?" Her hands were clasped in front of her, and her fingers were writhing and twisting against one another as she did so. You'd know how beautiful you are,


11/27/2022 07:08 PM 

Owe List

Owe List UPDATED: November 27, 2022I OWE YOU [Taste The Blood RPG Members] Damian Wayne/Robin [Fun Size Satan]  (Starter) Dawn Granger/Dove [When Doves Cry] (Reply) Desi Rashad (Reply)  Koriand'r/Starfire [Sass Of Fire] (Starter) Yelena Belova-Wayne [Latrotroxin] (Starter) YOU OWE ME [Taste The Blood RPG Members] Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Reply) D ick Grayson/Nightwing [Night Vigilante] (Reply)   Harley Quinn [She's QuinnSane] (Reply) I OWE YOU [ Non Members] Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (Reply) Stella [Just A Memory] (Reply) The Doctor [Lucky 13] (Starter)  Barbara Gordon/Batgirl [Night Sky] (Starter) YOU OWE ME [Non - Members] Tony Stark / Iron Man [Shoot To Thrill] (Reply)


11/27/2022 06:24 PM 

Journal entries

Sunday November 27th  I walked through the city today. It helps me to remember about my purpose. The filth. The pain. I'm not sure how much longer I can stand this. I need to remember. REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER. I need to help them. I need to save them. I can still hear the screaming. The screaming lives within me. All those poor souls. All those children. They are me and I am them. I will make Gotham a better place. I will take what is ours. F*** those privilaged a**holes. The scum of the earth. F*** them all. I will fry them. I will make them suffer. No more lies. NO MORE LIES.  Renewal. LIES  I will get them. I will get them all.  

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Drabble 002: The First Dinner

Walking into the dining hall, Alicent made her way towards the head of the table. The other three of her children followed her to the table and took their seats. β€œI need you all to behave tonight. Your sister needs to see that we are a normal family.” Alicent said. The three of them look at each other. β€œWe are far from normal.” Aemond said said under his breath raising his chalice up to his lips. β€œAemond.” Alicent snapped at him as Aegon groaned as Helaena sat beside him playing with the fork on the table. β€œI expect the three of you to stand when she comes in.” Alicent said as the kitchen staff was getting the food prepared as they was getting the plates and putting the food on them. β€œWhy do we have to be here, mother?” Aegon asked as Alicent sat down. She looked to her eldest son as she glared at him. β€œWe need to show your sister that we are here for her. She has already had some words with me this morning, and I want to make it up to her. I want her to know that her family loves her.” Alicent said as Aegon looked at Aemond as he was glaring at his mother. β€œThe beast is beneath the boards.” Helaena said looking at the spoon now as Aegon looked at her as he shook his head. He rose his wine chalice up to his lips as he downed his wine, and rose his chalice for the kitchen staff to refill his cup. Aemond looked at his older brother as he tapped his fingers against the table. The doors to the dining hall opened as Daenerya made her way into the room. Alicent stood up as she motioned for the others to stand as Daenerya made her way over to the table. Walking around the table Daenerya took her seat between Aemond and Alicent as she was across from Aegon and Helaena. The server walked over as he pulled the seat out, and she took her seat. β€œThank you for joining us, Daenerya.” Alicent said as she reached out and touched her hand in a caring manner. Raising her brow, Daenerya could tell Alicent was trying to impress her. The servers began to serve the food as Daenerya watched the staff. Once the food was served, the kitchen staff made themselves scarce other than a few servers staying behind d incase they were needed. β€œI want to say thank you for having me here tonight. I know we did not get off on the right foot mother, but thank you.” She smiled brightly looking at Alicent. Helaena stood up as she was about to fall over from the wine she had drank. β€œI want to give toast to my new sister. I hope when you get married that you have a wonderful and happy marriage. I hope he loves you and does not ignore you. Especially when he is drunk.” She said as she raised her arms satisfied with her toast. She sat down smiling as Aegon rolled his eyes as he shook his head, Alicent eyed Helaena wondering what was the matter with her, and Aemond was looking at them with a confused look. Helaena was certainly the most eccentric sibling out of the four of them. β€œDaenerya, I know you did not get to have a chance to grow up with us due to what mother did…” Aemond began as he looked at his mother. β€œPlease, tell us, where did you go? Where did you grow up at? How did you get here?” Aemond asked. He was wanting to make his mother mad. He loved pushing her buttons and causing chaos. Daenerya noticed the expression on his face. It was the same one she had as well when she was about to do something wreckless. β€œFrom what Rhaenerya told me..” She began as Alicent’s eyes widened. She had always through the years what happened to her daughter, however at times she regretted having Daenerya sent off after she saw how her children grew up and what came to be of them, she had hoped her daughter had a somewhat normal life away from here. However, she was wrong. β€œShe told me that the wet nurse informed mother that after you were born dear brother, that she had a second child to be born. Your twin. Me. They believed I was dead. I did not cry. The grand maester was fetched and upon being accessed I was in fact alive. Mother here had her perfect child per say. She instructed the wet nurse to dispose of me. After she had named me. She also told her to tell everyone that a twin sister to Prince Aemond was born however she was stillborn.” Daenerya looked to her mother as she told the story hoping it pulled at her heartstrings causing her to regret every moment of it. β€œWell, the wet nurse went to Rhaenery. She could not do what mother instructed so she asked Rhaenerya if she would take me to raise. Rhaenerya could not refuse due to her and Laenor having issues at the time with her trying to be with child.” She said as she began to cut into the chicken. Her siblings watched how intensely she cut into the meat. β€œOver the years as I grew up on Dragonstone, Daemon, who I was told was my father, he raised me with Rhaenerya. Told me that Daemon was my biological father. I had a very close relationship to him. He taught me High Valyrian as well as getting the last dragon egg of Vhagar that was on Dragonstone. He made sure that I had a dragon. I was a Targaryen he would tell me. I needed to have a dragon. A dragon that grew to be slightly smaller than his mother, Vhagar.” Daenerya said as she rose the fork to her mouth, and she began to eat the chicken. β€œI named the dragon, Aegarax after the Valyrian god of the same name. He was the Creator of the First Dragon.”She said with a smile. β€œI wanted him to have a name that he would be remembered by years later. If he was a hatchling from Vhagar, then he needed to have a name of a God. That is where I got the name Aegarax from.” Daenerya said with a sarcastic smile. Daenerya was driving that knife deep into Alicent’s heart. She wanted her to feel every pain. Every emotion. Everything from how she grew up and how she discovered who she was. β€œOver the years when my mother and father told me they needed to go to King’s Landing I always asked if I could go. They told me and I quote, β€œThat there should always be a Dragon on Dragonstone.” So I believed that I was that dragon. But over time I began to really reflect on it.” She began. β€œI began questioning them as they tiptoed around it. Until one night, the night before my nineteenth name day, the day before I flew here on Aegarax’s back that I was in fact your’s and King Viserys’ daughter. The twin sister of Aemond. The youngest daughter. The daughter that you did not want. The daughter you told the wet nurse to dispose of BECAUSE YOU HAD YOUR PERFECT CHILD!” She screamed as she had stood up and had slammed her hands onto the table glaring at Alicent. Taken back by the words of what Daenerya said she sat there silent. Everything she said was true. However, she did not want the others to hear of this. Aegon’s eyes widened. He had never seen anyone stand up to his mother like that. Let alone one of his siblings. He had seen Aemond fly off the handle at others, but that was just Aemond. Now, there were two of them. Just as scary and never knowing what Aemond would do now he had Daenerya to worry about. Aemond had refrained from eating. He wanted to watch the show between his twin and his mother. He wanted to see who this girl really was. To see if she was a true Targaryen. Especially if she was his twin, he wanted to see if she was like him or if she was like the other two at the table. However, he noticed she was exactly like him, but in a female form. That sadistic smirk formed on his lips. Daenerya stood there staring at Alicent as if she was staring daggers through her. β€œWell, if this was not exciting.” Aemond stood up as he looked at his sister and mother. Alicent eyed Aemond to sit down. She already had one child upset and she did not need him adding to the fire. β€œAemond..” she began as he smirked. β€œNow mother, all I asked was for her to tell us about her upbringing. She did, and in fact she made sure that every detail was laid out. However, you told me as a young boy that I was a twin. A sister I would have had if she hadn’t been stillborn, and yet here she stands. Tall. Brave. Courageous. Stubborn. Ah and most importantly she is exactly like me.” He smirked that sadistic smirk he had. His signature look. He laughed loudly as he raised his wine chalice to his sister. β€œI raise my wine chalice in a toast to my twin sister. I hope you can grow here with us, and put this behind you now. You are a smart and beautiful woman. You look just like our mother. However, you are hot headed like myself, and I cannot wait to see what sorts of chaos we can stir up.” He said as he lifted it into the air and took a sip of his wine. Sitting down, Daenerya looked at the end of the table to her brother. She was happy to have at least two if not the three of them in her court. Standing up from the table, Alicent made her way out of the dining hall, and into the long corridor that led to the throne room. Aegon looked at the three of them. β€œExcuse me.” He stood up to go check on his mother. Alicent stood with her back to the wall hunched over in the corridor crying. β€œMother?” He asked as Alicent stood up straight as she wiped her eyes on the back of her hand. β€œI am alright, Aegon. Go on back into the hall. I will be in there in a few moments.” She said trying to not show any emotion infront of him. β€œI know what Daenerya said hurt, but mother is any of that true?” He asked as she nodded her head. β€œEvery bit of it. I wanted to tell you and your siblings for years after it happened because I began to regret it, but I did not want you to look at me differently like you are now.” Alicent sighed as she placed her hand on the side of Aegon’s face and rubbed his cheek with her thumb. β€œYou are pretty, sweet sister. Whomever you will marry will be lucky to have you.” Helaena smiled. She enjoyed having another sibling, especially a sister. Someone she could confide in. She knew her brother and husband thought she was crazy, but she hoped Daenerya would not. Alicent made her way back into the hall with Aegon on her heels. Making their way to the table, Aegon sat down as Alicent stood there. β€œI want to say something.” She began as they all looked at her. β€œFirst, I want to apologize. Years ago, I was still a young girl. I did not make rational decisions. I made impulsive ones that at times made others upset with me. Like the one I made that has caused you to feel the way you feel towards me. I want to apologize to you, Daenerya. I do not expect you to accept it, but I do hope we can put this behind us and begin building a relationship between us. A mother daughter relationship.” She said with a faint smile. Daenerya nods her head. β€œSecondly, I should have told you three about her. More so than I had. I may have by telling you that i would have regretted it, and asked the wet nurse what happened to her. We would have possibly been able to get her and bring her home. But, now she is home. Not under the best circumstances, but she is home.” Alicent said as she rose her chalice to Daenerya. β€œI want you say welcome home, my love. You are finally home after all these years.” Alicent said with a faint smile towards her daughter. β€œThank you.” Daenerya said with a smile to her.


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Optional Task 396

Part 2:  Riddles:1.) What do you use to mend a jack-o-lantern? [I.) A Pumpkin Patch]2.) Who won the skeleton beauty contest? [A.) Nobody.]3.) Who helps the little pumpkins cross the road to school? [Q.) The Crossing Gourd.]4.) What do you get when you divide the circumference of your jack-o-lantern by its diameter?  [F.) Pumpkin Pi.]5.) I’m tall when I’m young, I’m short when I’m old, and every Halloween I stand up inside Jack-o-lanterns. What am I?  [T.) A candle.]6.) What would be everyone’s favorite season if money did grow on trees? [M.) Fall.]7.) What do you get when you drop a pumpkin? [E.) Squash.]8.) What happened when the turkey got in a fight? [B.) He got the stuffing knocked out of him.] 9.) Who lives in the scary Hundred-Acre Wood? [R.) Winnie the Boo.]10.) What did one leaf say to another? [H.) I’m falling for you.]11.) Why are all Superman costumes tight? [C.) They’re all size S.]12.) Why do birds fly south in the fall? [O.) Because it’s too far to walk.]13.) Why is Dracula so easy to fool? [D.) Because he’s a sucker.]14.) What falls but never breaks? [G.) Nightfall.]15.) What asks but never answers? [J.) An owl.]16.) What is a tree’s least favorite month? [L.) Sep-timber]17.) What is a scarecrow’s favorite fruit? [P.) Straw-berries]18.) Why did the scarecrow win the Nobel Prize? [S.) Because he was outstanding in his field.]19.) Why shouldn’t you tell a secret in a cornfield? [K.) Because the corn has ears.]20.) Why does Humpty Dumpty love autumn so much? [N.) Because he had a great fall.]

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Rules of Engagement.
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1. Atreus is a minor, and while his writer is very much 21+, there will be Z E R O smut writing with this character. PeriodFckingDot.2. This character is canon to the GOD OF WAR series. If you are unfamiliar with the game, check out the links provided.3. Writing content on this profile is mature, MEANING, that there will be extreme violence, gore, cursing, and alcohol. It's God of War, not Disney.4. Respect is earned, not given. 5. Drama belongs in RP. 6. I'm chill, I promise. I just don't have a lot of patience/tolerance for dumb sh!t.


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Love You More.

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Riddles: 1.) What do you use to mend a jack-o-lantern? I.) A pumpkin patch. 2.) Who won the skeleton beauty contest? A.) No body. 3.) Who helps the little pumpkins cross the road to school? Q.) The Crossing Gourd. 4.) What do you get when you divide the circumference of your jack-o-lantern by its diameter? F.) Pumpkin Pi. 5.) I’m tall when I’m young, I’m short when I’m old, and every Halloween I stand up inside Jack-o-lanterns. What am I? T.) A candle. 6.) What would be everyone’s favorite season if money did grow on trees? M.) Fall. 7.) What do you get when you drop a pumpkin? E.) Squash. 8.) What happened when the turkey got in a fight? B.) He got the stuffing knocked out of him. 9.) Who lives in the scary Hundred-Acre Wood? R.) Winnie the Boo. 10.) What did one leaf say to another? H.) I’m falling for you. 11.) Why are all Superman costumes tight? C.) They’re all size S. 12.) Why do birds fly south in the fall? O.) Because it’s too far to walk. 13.) Why is Dracula so easy to fool? D.) Because he’s a sucker. 14.) What falls but never breaks? G.) Nightfall. 15.) What asks but never answers? J.) An owl. 16.) What is a tree’s least favorite month? L.) Sep-timber 17.) What is a scarecrow’s favorite fruit? P.) Straw-berries 18.) Why did the scarecrow win the Nobel Prize? S.) Because he was out-standing in his field. 19.) Why shouldn’t you tell a secret in a cornfield? K.) Because the corn has ears. 20.) Why does Humpty Dumpty love autumn so much? N.) Because he had a great fall.  

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