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Daydream {MCRP}

10/06/2011 11: PM 

Rules & Guidelines{Please read if you intend to rp with me}

I welcome any and all that would like to rp. I ask only that you follow my rules and guidelines while doing so.~Make sure your spelling is correct. I won't rp with you if you type like a grade schooler. I don't care so much about grammar since I sometimes struggle with it as well, but if your spelling and sentence structure is bad then don't expect me to rp with you.~I like rps that have a sense of fantasy to them. This means elves, ghosts, angels, vampires, lycans, etc.. I'll do a real world rp, but I tend to do a little better with fantasy ones because it increases the amount of story devices I can use.~No god-modding. This one should be pretty obvious. Don't go making your character invincible if we fight in our rps. It isn't fun and I will not bother with someone who can't play fairly. I've had an experience with an rper who did this. I axed him from my friends list and blocked his ass.~I will do a sexual roleplay as long as it's tasteful, no overly vulgar language is used, and as long as it's not the only thing we do. If there's no plot than I won't bother. I'm not here to sex chat with anyone.~Do not try to control my characters. For example, one rp I was in: our characters were fighting and he has the nerve to say that he completely cut off my character's arm and that I ran away in fear. Don't do this. No one likes it.~Do not try to completely dominate the rp. The rp is meant to be shared by two people. Each one should have an equal amount of control over what happens. If you try to take complete control over the rp and leave nothing for me to do but simply respond to only your rules, I will end the roleplay, delete you, and block you.~I do not do homosexual romance rps. I am not homophobic, I'm actually an avid supporter of gay rights. I say this specifically because I'm not gay and in the past some of my gay rp friends have gotten the wrong idea.~No one-liners. They are a sign of the rp going stale. I want at least 3-4 sentences in every reply I receive while role playing.~I will do a roleplay that takes place in any universe. I may have a character I tailored to a specific universe, but I am more than willing to use them outside that universe.~I will reply to you when I can. Do not hound me for replies. If you see that I am online and I am not replying to you, I am probably away from the computer and forgot to sign out.~If you get bored with the rp and want to drop it, please tell me so. Do not just stop replying and ignore it; I find that to be very rude.~ If you add me, then my expectation is that you did it to rp with me. If not, then whatever. If you want to be just another number, then that's what you will be, I have no problem with that. Just expect me to do some subtraction at some point.Follow these rules and we'll get along just fine and I promise to make rping with me an enjoyable experience.


10/02/2011 10: PM 

.The Rules.

I. I do not claim to be Cobie Smulders or Jan Ors. So do not ask me if I am. I am NOT her, so get it through your thick skull.II. In the beginning, I responded to one liner roleplays but I will not anymore. You must have at least one paragraph and make it interesting. Oh and make is sound good, as it the right grammar and flow. I hate choppy sentences, so please spare me if you cannot write in at least decent english. The only exception to this will be if I feel lazy and just want to mess around and say funny stuff.III. Steal anything from my page and you WILL FEEL MY WRATH! I find all of my own stuff so please be respectful and not steal them claiming them to be your own. That is pure laziness and I will not tolerate that. Your RP days will be over if you do such a thing. I must admit that I got my about me from Wookipedia, but that was the only thing not created by me. So please, DO NOT STEAL!V. RP Sex, I have done this in the past but it is not something I am willing to do anymore. It does not thrill me or anything. There may be an exception to this but it will not be very likely. So do not get your hopes up, guys.VI. Thank you for the add comments. I do not really mind them but if that is how you touch base with me to expect a RP you are sadly mistaken. But there may come a time when I will respond, it is just a matter of what mood I am in. But I will never thank you for the add.VII. Do not kill my character. Storylines are different and they should remain separate unless I want to combine some. We can get into this storyline only if it needs to, but this must be discussed before hand and agreed upon. If you come in a say something stupid and then says "Kills you" then I will simply delete your comment.VIII. NO DRAMA. I will not tolerate it. This place is for fun not for getting attention. I will not give into it so if your name has your emotions in it, do not expect me to be entirely sympathetic. Call me a bitch but I do not really care.IX. I will talk OOC with people but I do not entirely want to know about your personal problems. Like I said before, this is for fun not for dumping your problems on others. I might be sympathetic if we have been talking for a while and have become friends but if we just met, do not expect me to care. But if you want to talk to me OOC you may do it in comments or messages.


10/02/2011 10: PM 


 The SSK-7 Heavy Blaster Pistol, manufactured by the SoroSuub Corporation, was designed in the early days of Palpatine's New Order. The Rebel Alliance managed to acquire large quantities of these weapons just before Imperial edicts came about, making the purchase of such weapons illegal. The A280 was a blaster rifle produced by BlasTech Industries, and was considered to be one of the best armor-piercing blasters produced during the Galactic Civil War.Though much heavier than Imperial-issue rifles such as the E-11, the A280 was a sturdy weapon and was reputed to be able to cut a fully-armored stormtrooper in half at medium range. This weapon, along with its predecessor, the DLT-20A, were marketed as Longblasters. The A280 was different from the DLT-20A in that its galven circuits were clustered near the focusing crystal, giving the weapon a slight bulge at the midsection. This also provided the A280 with more power over a longer range.Several of these rifles were stolen by Janse for the Alliance to Restore the Republic when he left BlasTech shortly before the Battle of Endor. The Alliance had already been using these weapons prior to this battle; Rebel soldiers wielded them during the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY.      "The hum of the vibroblade gives it away. That's the only reason I still have my face."     -Captain Nym, after a bounty hunter attack on Lok.A Merr-Sonn Treppus-2 vibroblade.Vibroblades were a type of bladed melee weapon that used ultrasonic vibrations to increase cutting effectiveness. Swords, pikes, knives, and axes all consisted of the same basic design: the weapon's hilt or handle usually contained a compact ultrasonic generator, causing the blade to vibrate at an incredible speed, making even the slightest glancing blow become a gaping wound. It could be fitted with cortosis weave, allowing it to parry the blows of lightsabers and energy swords.The cortosis weave became less common when the probability of fighting a lightsaber-wielding opponent decreased. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, knowledge of cortosis weave, as well as the mineral itself, was extremely rare.Vibro-bladed weaponry was more common on isolated, less civilized worlds such as Tatooine. Jabba Desilijic Tiure's personal Gamorrean guards were known to use vibro-axes, and his skiff crew also used pikes with vibro-bladed cutting edges. During his infiltration into Jabba's palace, Lando Calrissian used a SoroSuub BD-1 Cutter vibro-ax as his primary weapon. Vibroblades were popular among criminals, resulting in them being banned on many worlds.Clone Commandos had retractable Knuckle plate vibro blades. Vibroweapons were common during the Jedi Civil War and the surrounding times.Jagged vibroblade The Jagged vibroblade was a variation on the standard vibroblade, but it worked on the same principles. The only difference was that it had a jagged/serrated edge to it, therefore resulting in a less clean cut. The jagged lines may also be found on the flat side of the blade; again, to cause more damage when it rips through flesh. Jan Dodonna once handed one of these weapons to a new Rebel Alliance recruit.  Lightfoils were small and elegant energy swords based upon lightsaber design. They were popular among certain nobles of the Tapani Sector, especially those that called themselves "saber rakes". Lightfoils were weaker than authentic lightsabers due to the poor quality focusing crystals used in their manufacture and the relatively low level of craftsmanship compared to Jedi artisans. On the plus side, though, they apparently did not require any connection to the Force to create, and were fully usable by non-Force sensitives. The Merr-Sonn Munitions Class-A thermal detonator was highly illegal for anyone other than military personnel to possess. A Class-A thermal detonator had blast radius of twenty meters, making it the most powerful commercially manufactured detonator in the galaxy- however, some custom-made thermal detonators were even more powerful. A single Class-A thermal detonator was sufficient to cause the collapse of Xizor's Palace, a huge 102-story building on Coruscant, when Lando Calrissian dropped it down the palace's garbage chute into its basement level. Another Class-A detonator was used by Leia Organa, in her guise as the bounty hunter Boushh, to threaten Jabba the Hutt in her attempt to rescue Han Solo.

©Kaye Singer

09/27/2011 10: PM 


My headline explains my character in different verses and I want to post this to explain mainly how I will roleplay my character.Listed below are the types of verses there are around here and how I will roleplay my character. I am open to any verse so if I don't add it below, I either  forgot to mention it or it didn't come to mind. The only types of roleplayers I will NOT add are Anime or cartoons. That is just too awkward to me.The only  things that will be the same in ANY roleplay is the fact that Kaye was raised by only her father since her mother passed away when she was 7 years old. If she is a normal verse though her father will still be Bobby Singer, but he will only be a mechanic and not a hunter.I thought I would throw that out there.Any verse will also have the option of Kaye having a son. She has a son named Hunter McCall, but he’ll be portrayed as an infant or toddler to not make this profile a multi-character account. Hunter does have his own page as a teenager. Kaye does not have to have a son in the storyline if that’s what you want or how you feel. SupernaturalKaye was raised a hunter since she was seven years old like her bio states.I would like to point out that I have seen every episode from season one to what's on now so I am up to date on everything. She is still a mechanic's daughter and grew up learning about cars, being raised by only Bobby. She is not a girly girl, but more of a tomboy so there is barley an ounce of girl in her. I will roleplay any season and fight any creature (I will let you know my least favorite seasons are season 4 and season seven). If you have any questions feel free to ask.Side note: I am not looking for a Bobby Singer to portray her father. If one comes around; awesome, but if not I am not going to be broken over it. I will play it out as her father died by a Leviathan like what happened in season seven. Harry PotterThis is my favorite verse along with Supernatural so I am very open to this verse. Kaye will be a Gryffindor and I will roleplay any year and era you would like her to be in or that your character plays. She will fit in there one way or another.It can start at any location from Kings Crossing to Hogsmeade or even on the train. Feel free to let our imaginations run wild with this verse, or really any verse.I did have an original bio that was SPN mixed HP, where Kaye was a hunter and found out she was a witch, but I won't use that unless you want to for the creativity and originality. Teen WolfI have seen every episode of Teen Wolf  so I know everything from Scott's bite up to the very end of the show. Kaye will be portrayed as a normal person in this verse. I have the idea that she is a new kid at Beacon Hills and will go to school at Beacon Hills High School. Please, do not just change my character just because you feel like it. We can discuss the idea of it, but I don't want an Alpha or werewolf biting her out of nowhere. I am open to any ideas for this verse that anyone might have.Also, if you want to put in a Supernatural verse where Kaye is a hunter, feel free to ask about that. I am open to discussing anything. She will not go after a werewolf just for kicks. She does have a soft spot of giving creatures the benefit of the doubt unless there’s a means to kill. Twilight/True Blood/ The Vampire Diaries/ The OriginalsI have to admit that I have NEVER read any of the book series and I have only seen the first three Twilight movies. I have never seen an episode of True Blood or TVD, but I will do my research about the characters. I will NOT watch any episodes just to keep up to a roleplay though. If I have questions about your character I hope you will be kind enough to answer them. Kaye will be a normal person or a hunter, whatever you want her to be in the roleplay. Also to let you know if she roleplays a hunter she is not going to charge after you and slice your head off (or for wolves use a silver bullet). Kaye will still be an open minded hunter. I am more partial towards The Originals. I have seen every episodes and enjoy the Mikaelson storyline. Hollywood/Normal/Musician/WrestlingKaye will be a normal person and will stick with her love for music and playing drum. To make things clear, Kaye will not be a raging fan girl towards anyone in Hollywood, Musician, or Wrestling verses. She will not jump all over someone and ask them to marry her like a raging idiot. She will treat everyone like a human being since that is how she would like to be treated if she was ever famous. As for normal verse; anything goes pretty much. I am open to anything and everything.Same for Musician, Hollywood and Wrestling verses. If you want her to be a hunter in a roleplay let me know and we can work out a storyline for it.   Wrestling Verse is fairly new to me. I am always willing to place myself into the verse. I am more familiar with AEW wrestlers since it’s been so long since I’ve seen WWE and RAW. I’ll still play my character as a normal verse person, but open to any ideas any wrestlers have. This is all I have for now and if anything comes up I will post it on here. If you have any questions feel free to post a blog comment or send a message my way. I will comment or message you in return to answer any questions.-KASP.S. If you want to discuss a possible love interest, we can talk about it. The relationship would have to develop through roleplay though. I don't want to discuss it then they are together two minutes later. I like things to build up so it seems more real between the characters.Keep in mind that once Kaye is taken, she will be faithful. Don't mistake this account as a multi-verse where every verse has a different love interest. Kaye is a one person girl and that is how she would like a relationship; faithful and just her and that person.Personal Love Interests: I am not picky about who people use for their Muses. All that matters is if there is a connection between the characters that is all that matters. Yes, there are certain people I find attractive, but I’m open to being friends with anyone. Also; If anything heated or sexual comes up between our characters, you HAVE TO be 18+ in RL as I am 21+ in RL.


09/27/2011 02: PM 


1. If you add me, talk to me. If I add you, I'll talk to you, maybe send a starter.2. This is rp only. I'll talk to you irl when I get to know you better, or if you're an old friend from myspace and/or sitemodel. If you talk to me, I'll speak to you as Luffy.3.Like Luffy, I'm a friendly soul, and do different rps with different characters. Meaning I may have more than one Nami, Ace, Sanji, etc that I'm doing storylines with. Unless our characters are intertwined, i.e. we share and rp with the same Ace, don't worry about anyone else's storylines other than yours and mine. It's roleplay, not cheating.4. No rl drama! Rp is meant to destress from that.5. No godmodding. You won't like the results. 6. I do rp fighting (I even have a playlist marked "battle"), but please refer to rule #5. 7.  I answer every message and comment. If you don't hear from me in more than 7 days, let me know. My message may not have gone through (site crashes >_<).8. I do para and semi para, and expect the same of you. One liners are okay IF we're in conversation. NO one or two word replies ("yup", "oh really?", etc). Doing that is a waste of my time, because it makes me feel like I'm rping alone, which is boring as hell!"9. Luffy is in this for adventure, not sex. So no erotic rps!! Anyone even trying to get into his pants will be deleted, blocked, and if you really piss me off, reported!

♰:Ascarion Cyrus Hawkmoon:♰

09/26/2011 08: PM 

Rules/Regeln, Language/Sprache, Facts/Fakten, Death/Tod, Sex,Sex, Sex

Deeper Than Blood; RPG

09/25/2011 01: PM 

Warrior Roles

Warrior's of Light Roles. This group alike the The Alchemist are human, they have a strong hatred to all vampires like Alchemist but unlike them they do not care if they are innocent or not. They have no believe at all in the power of spirit that can bring back people from being strigoi. They focus more on hand to hand attacks they carry a symbol of the sun on them but this are not charmed like the lily tattoos. [OPEN-PENDING-CLOSED]AGE:18LOVE INTEREST: Angeline DawesPLAYBY: Drew RoyTHE BOOKS:Trey Juarez is an 18 year old vampire hunter who lives in Palm Springs, CA. He is a supporting character in the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead, and one of Sydney Sage's only friends. He is described as being intelligent, muscular, sarcastic, witty, and easy to talk to. He is first introduced in Bloodlines, where he attends Amberwood Prep with Jill, Eddie and Sydney. He helps Sydney find out about the mysterious tattoo shop, Nevermore, and first suspects Sydney for her intelligence, but grows to become fond of her. In The Golden Lily, it is he who sets her up with her first boyfriend, Brayden Cartwright. Trey is described as tan with unruly black hair and intense brown eyes. He works at Spencer's, the coffee shop where Sydney likes to get her coffee. Sydney noted that this is good luck as it often means free drinks and discounts, as well as a friendly face.OUR STORY: Under construction.

Lord of Lightning.

09/22/2011 09: PM 

Bitch Dependency.

  Niffelheim.  The land where the Frost Giants live and rule.  Many Aesir fear going into those wooded areas in fear of being attacked and eaten by the Frost Giants.  But there was an Asgardian that wasn't afraid to enter the frozen tundra.  That man was the hope of Asgard, Thor Odinson.  But the Hope of Asgard had a heavy heart as of late.  After the divorce of Jennifer Walters and the leaving of Elektra, the God of Thunder's heart was heavy.  But instead of sitting in a man cave and watch endless romance movies or listen to a playlist that consisted mainly of the Cure, Thor was out dealing with his broken heart in another way.  Hunting Frost Giants.  Thor continued to drag the heads of the Frost Giants as he continued to walk through Niffelheim.  Rage beat in the heart of the Thunderer.  The skies above dark and cloudy, for it would match how Thor's soul felt at this time.  The blood stained the snow as the ropes tugged hard on the nose rings which Thor used to pull the severed heads.  The God of Thunder himself was unshaven, his beard unkept as he continued to walk through the snow.  His rage pushing him on more and more.  Alongside him was the boar that Jen and Thor once had together, Snorri, as it sniffed out tracks to help his master.  Thor paused for a second, using the magics within Mjolnir to track the company of Frost Giants he was picking off one by one.    But then, a large, green light appeared before Thor, which caused him to place a hand above his brow to keep the light from blinding him fully.  Thor paused as he would see two figures standing before him.  One of them glowing red, and the other, which glowed more brightly, was green.  It didn't take Thor long to piece together it was Wally and Kyle. "See, Wally?  I TOLD you this ring can do anything!"  "Except get you laid.  That is an issue that the Guardians will never be able to solve.  You're a curse.  Every woman that dates you dies."  "And what about you?  Every woman you date ends up getting trapped in the Speed Force."  "At least my loved ones come back ALIVE!"  Thor could hear the bickering as he walked towards the two.  His shadow soon cast over the two as Wally and Kyle turned to Thor.  "Thine voices.  Even in the sanctity of Niffelheim, thine words still pierce Thor's brain and give him a headache!"  "THOR! Buddy!  We're all worried that you've gone off the deep end with this love stuff.  We were expecting you to suddenly try to attack the entire world or some crazy stuff."  "Unlike the Midgardians, Thor doth not sit and watch romantic teen movies all day, eat ice cream, and masturbate."  "FUCK YOU, THOR!  And your idea of going on a Frost Giant killing spree is going to help you feel better?  You know PETA's going to have a field day when they hear about this?"  "How many vegans does it take to change a lightbulb?  None, vegans can't change anything"  "But killing Frost Giants?  I can understand maybe playing a violent video game, but this is too much."  "Jesus promised to eliminate all wicked people.  Thor promised to eliminate all Frost Giants.  Thor doesn't know about thee, but there aren't many Frost Giants around."  Wally turned to Kyle, raising an eyebrow.  "When did you promise this?"  Kyle rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and pointer finger.  "The point is is that you're scaring everyone, Thor.  You've cleaned up crime in New York and the rest of the world.  You've decimated the Frost Giant population. Solved most of the world's problems like hunger, energy, and inflation crises, and not only that, but you've been on a drinking binge."  Thor crossed his arms.  "Alcohol was invented so ugly people would have a chance to have sex.  Without it, thine father wouldn't have thought twice of being with thine mother.  Besides, Thor hasn't been that bad..."  "You've consumed all the alcohol in every state since then!  Forget abolition!  Whenever you're around, people hide the liquor because they don't want you to drink it!  I can't even go to the bar anymore without the bartender going 'fresh out'!" "What about the time that thou smoked the funny cigarettes and ate all the food in the Tri-State area to satisfy thy need for sustenance, or what thou said, 'munchies'?"  "Hey!  You said you'd keep that a secret!"  "Thor remembers the condom comment...Reversing them inside out to get some girls that were all for Going Green?"  "When you go in the backdoor, it's brown, though."  "ENOUGH!  Look, Thor, we know you're hurting and you're taking your rage out on everything that comes your way, but it's getting to the point where we're concerned.  You're too angry.  Hurricane season has been a bitch without you making them larger and disastrous.  You owe an apology to the east coast!"  "Yeah, Thor.  We miss the old Thor.  The one that used to smile all the time, whether or not the joke was on him.  The Thor that wasn't bloodthirsty. And the Thor that wasn't a raging alcohol trying to drown out all of his sorrows.  And the Thor that doesn't threaten to kill us in a drunken or angry stupor when we make fun of him.  I can only make fun of Kyle for so long before it even bores the Hell out of me!  The Mighty Thor can't let a woman beat him like that?  He's dated thousands of women and not let one girl give him Bitch Dependency!" Thor looked down at the rope and looked behind him to see the heads of the Frost Gaints.  Thor nodded before looking down at Snorri as he sat at his master's feet.  Thor thought long and hard before giving a smile, patting Snorri's head. "What's the difference between herpes and a relationship with Jennifer Walters?"  Kyle and Wally were confused before Thor lifted his head to look up at them.  "Herpes lasts forever..."  Kyle and Wally smiled before hugging Thor, laughing as they knew they got through to their Asgardian friend.  They had brought Thor back from the edges of bitch dependency.  "Thank Odin you're back, Thor.  The other Thor scared me.  Who else are we going to make fun of and not get killed for it?"  Thor narrowed his eyes at the two of them before looking at Wally. "Remember, Wallace, the difference between a bachelor and a married man is that a bachelor comes home, sees what's in the refrigerator, and goes to bed while a married man comes home, sees what's in the bed, and goes to the refrigerator."  Thor then turned to Kyle.  "And Kyle, the difference between sin and shame is that it is a sin to put it in, but it's a shame to pull it out. Almost like fat girls and mopeds.  Fun to ride but thou doth not want thine friends to find out.  Right, Mr. Rayner?"  Thor laughed before setting them both down. He picked up the ropes again before turning to the direction of the sun.  The clouds started to disperse, signalling that Thor was now calmer and happier. "Come!  Thor heard that 25 cent wing night is back at Hooters!" "Awesome!  I love their wings!"  Thor and Wally looked back at Kyle with a "are you serious" look on their faces.  "What?"  "Thou goes for the wings?  Thor goes for the breasts...And he'll let that one sink in."  "Hey...Wait..."  Before Kyle could finish his sentence, Thor smiled and raised Mjolnir, teleporting the four of them out of Niffelheim and to the closest Hooters.


09/19/2011 04: PM 

;Code of Conduct.

DISCLAIMER: Though it's stated on my profile, I'll repeat it here: No, I am NOT Draco Malfoy, nor am I Tom Felton. I have no affiliation with Warner Brothers, J.K. Rowling, or any of her associates. I don't make money with this profile. I'm just here to write.NOTE: I don't care if you read these or not. Here's the catch, though: If they're not signed, I won't reply to your starter. If you don't follow a rule, I won't reply to your starter. Any sort of questions that you send me regarding why I'm not responding to you will result in a response consisting of the link to this blog. So, in light of that, if you don't want to roleplay or feel like you know everything, be my guest and just sign this without reading them. But if you plan to roleplay with me in a serious manner, it might not be a bad idea to read these through.[oo1.] I'm in the prestigious group Vengeance RPG. I'm not exclusive with the group, meaning I will roleplay with people that aren't a part of it, but I will never date someone who isn't part of the RPG. This is to prevent any of Draco's company from getting pissy that he chooses his group over them, which would happen each and every time. Furthermore, I'm going to be posting a lot of journals that will be promoting my group. Don't like it? Don't view them. I support my RPG fully.[oo2.] Unless requested, I do not roleplay New Gen. If you want to roleplay in that era, you have to have a great storyline, because I'm not partial to it. I roleplay in-school and a few years out of school. Because it is never stated, Draco's occupation is completely made up by me, so you need to read it to see e x a c t l y how I portray his Post-Hogwarts years.[oo3.] I am a novella roleplayer. The very minimum that I will do is para. That being said, all roleplays to me should be in comments and be at least three paragraphs long. I don't guarantee a reply to any starter, especially for the following reasons: you broke a rule; your starter doesn't include me; you "bumped" me; you're an illiterate imbecile; you were in God-Mode. What's God-Mode? Funny you should ask.[oo4.] God-Mode is a type of domineering, dominating roleplay that bugs the shit out of me and should never be used without a damn good reason. In detail, God-Mode is the type of roleplay that consists of a writer taking complete control of both characters involved in the plot and making them do whatever [s]he wants. Note: NPCs (non-playable characters) DO NOT COUNT. NPCs are any character that isn't being directly played. For instance, if I'm roleplaying with Daphne, Daphne can write about what her sister, Astoria, is doing, because she plays Daphne and I play Draco. Astoria would be played mostly by Daphne's writer.[oo5.] If you're an illiterate moron, I won't reply to you. "Literacy" means, and I quote Merriam-Webster, "educated, cultured; able to read and write; versed in literature or creative writing; having knowledge or competance". To put it bluntly, if I can't tell that you passed the fifth grade, I'm not replying to anything you send me. We're all human and we all make mistakes, but all computers have spell check that does wonders. If English isn't your first language, let me know ahead of time. Also, don't use dyslexia as an excuse with me. I have it and I still write better than a preschooler.[oo6.] YOU'RE = YOU ARE. YOUR = YOUR. Yes, I did just dedicate an entire rule to this one pet peeve.[oo7.] I do not believe in "you add, you start". This is for two reasons. First, if I add someone, surely that means I want to roleplay with them. Likewise, if they accept me, that must mean that they want to roleplay with me. With this line of thought, the whole "well you added me so send the starter" nonsense really holds no ground. The second reason I don't believe in "you add, you start" is because I very rarely send starters. My fellow RPG members are more likely to see a starter from me, but even that will be deemed rare. I guarantee that half of the people who sign these rules will ask me for a starter at some point.[oo8.] Shipping. It's common and everyone does it. I will not tell you who I ship, nor will I date from my shipping-list often. Why? Because I like to confuse people and I like to be tested. If I date someone whom I don't ship with Draco, it challenges me to make the relationship work. Call me crazy, but I'm like that. Tough shit.[oo9.] If you start drama with me, you'll be deleted. I don't come here to bicker about pointless shit, I come here to roleplay. Of course, all ooc drama is forbidden. Also, I don't want certain in-character drama, either, such as Draco "got you pregnant" or "broke your heart". He's Draco Malfoy. The character is canon; he's not nice, he's not warm, and he's not going to fall head-over-heels for you. This is your one and only warning, so don't go crazy.[o10.] You should read my profile, or at least skim it, so you know exactly how canon I play Draco. He's not canon to the books, he's canon to character. This means that he's vile, loathsome, viscous and cruel, even through HBP and DH. Why? Because I like him that way, it's as simple as that.If you've read, or even if you haven't, sign in the comments. Remember, I check to make sure you're there before replying to starters. x



09/18/2013 11: PM 

Rules of an Archer
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About Me: I love to Role Play. Simple and plain. I role play on several sites but prefer the interaction on social sites. Overall, I guess I've been using Hawkeye for around nine years. I know the character in and out, his up and downs, loves and losts. I know what he can do in a fight and what he can't. Comic history? I have that too in abundance.The World of Role-play According to Clint Barton:COMMUNICATION: My biggest request is communication. Before we play a major idea out, we plot. I don't mind the random chats or role-plays but if it is something that will directly affect the role-play history of Hawkeye continuity here? We must discuss it. Just send me a message and we'll talk.GODMODING: DO NOT put me into no choice situations. Shoot them, punch them, beat the hell out of them, insult them, but always give them a choice. If you break this rule, I will not play with you anymore. Ever. Clint Barton is Marvel Comics copyrighted character but when I write him here, I have the right to decide if he dies or lives. Not some dumbass "fight and kill" role-player with a woody on for violence. Comic writers do not kill off their characters without plotting together, I expect the same from the people I role-play with. With that said, I'm not above taking blows and love to spar.GATECRASHING: I seriously dislike gatecrashers. What I mean by this is, don't just butt in on my RP, or if I'm RPing with someone without... COMMUNICATING first to make sure all parties involved are OK with it. If you GATECRASH... well see GODMODING... Ask before you assume anything.IC/OOC: I'm fine with OOC chat to explain something, personally I use ()'s to talk OOC. Also, just because I may know you OOC, or speak to you OOC, it does not mean I know you IC. Chances are unless we have role played an encounter where we know each other, or meet for the first time, I will think you are just some strange weirdo.SCHEDULES: I work a real life job and go to school. I love my RP as much as the next dude but I will not blow off other things IRL. If I am at work I will always be OOC and using the ()'s to talk to people when I can log from there unless it is bulletins. I may still put the () in there at times if I feel I am misunderstood by the people I am talking to. I will usually make some strange IC excuse of why or what I am doing.DETAILS/STORY/FACTS: Get the story, who, what, when, why, how, background, and research done if you are going to make a large Earth-shattering plot. Don't go in half cocked and not have the facts to back it up. Create a setting for the RP. Take notes if you must to remember people, places, and names. It will just enhance and enrich the RP. Don't sweat the normal day to day RP. COMMENTS: I do not role-play with any character that deletes their comments. My replies to a storyline are my creation and not something that I want deleted. I want the stories I have helped write to be read and enjoyed by others. No exceptions. Also, please do not send me random starters without messaging me first. FUN: This is FUN, damn it! If I get annoyed frustrated or bothered, it's probably because I am not having fun anymore. That usually happens on one of the aforementioned guidelines for my character if he is not respected. I'm one of the the most easy going, nice, funny, joker, sarcastic, stupid, intense, detailed-oriented players in the world, I am told. I like to think that's true. If its not fun for all parties involved, it's not fun for anyone, and that's the whole point of this.Cyber: Yes..I do but only with those I am comfortable with. I'm not that 3am booty call when your horny and your boyfriend isn't around. Besides, I don't see why role-players have 20 kids when all they had to do was use a condom IC. No baby daddy stuff for me at random.Misc.: I have a deep respect for everyone around me and expect the same in return towards me. I will tolerate NO drama OOC, IC is fine. I act stupid sometimes. I try to be a comedian as Hawkeye would be. If I offend anyone, please let me know in messages and I'll go from there if I agree with you. Now..I'm just curious how many people will sign this without me asking.


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Bio (Comic 616)
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Clint Barton was orphaned at an early age when his parents died in a car accident and was sent to a children's home with his brother Bernard. He and his brother ran away to join the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders, and the pair worked as roustabouts. While a member of the circus, Hawkeye was trained by the original Swordsman (Jacques Duquesne) and Trickshot. Clint's life, however, would forever be changed after he stumbled onto the Swordsman counting the money he had just robbed from the carnival. The Swordsman offered Clint to become his partner in crime, but Clint rejected his mentor, sparking a fight that ended when the Swordsman left him for dead after he fell from the high wire. Barney, too, abandoned him, in disbelief that Clint passed up such an opportunity. Trickshot stepped up his role as Clint's mentor, later asking him to join him in raiding a criminal named Marko. However, Clint severely injured one of Marko's guards and discovered him to be his brother, Barney. Repelled by the consequences of his actions (and his mentor's role in prompting them), he abandoned Trickshot and parted on bad terms. His natural archery abilities honed to an expert level, Clint wandered the country, working in various carnivals or otherwise making money out of the costume and persona of "Hawkeye". One day, when witnessing Iron Man save the lives of some people at the carnival, he decided to become a costumed crime-fighter himself. But as luck would have it, on Hawkeye's first night on patrol, he was mistaken for a criminal by the police and hunted down. He soon met the Black Widow, who was working at the time as a costumed villain for her country, and she easily seduced the hot-headed adventurer, making him think it was in his interest to defeat Iron Man. He attempted to do so according to her prompting on several occasions, but soon wised up, regretting his decision. Instead, he hoped to join Iron Man's team of Avengers. As a way of proving himself, he broke into the Avengers Mansion and convinced their butler, Jarvis, to play the role of a victim so he could display his powers. Iron Man vouched for Hawkeye, and he joined the new line-up that included Captain America, the Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. Hawkeye stayed with the Avengers for a long time, leaving only briefly when his temper and ego led him to believe he wasn't wanted. He returned after a short period, having joined the "non-team" Defenders in the meantime. At one point, Hawkeye was passed over accompanying the Avengers in theKree-Skrull War due to his lack of superhuman abilities. Not one to be deterred so easily, Hawkeye took on the identity of Goliath with the use of Hank Pym's size-altering particles. He hitched a ride so as to join the team in their intergalactic adventure and maintained the Goliath identity for several months upon their return to Earth. During his time as Goliath, Clint was approached by his brother, who had become a big-time racketeer. Barney had learned of Egghead's plans to construct an orbiting laser death-ray to extort money from the United States and came to the Avengers for help. The Avengers confronted Egghead and his allies, the Mad Thinker and the Puppet Master, but tragically, Barney died in the ensuing battle. Later, Egghead would use the Swordsman to capture Clint as Goliath, thinking him to be Hank Pym, but Hawkeye-as-Goliath soon defeated both criminals, avenging his brother at last. Soon afterward, Clint abandoned the Goliath identity but continued to serve the Avengers as Hawkeye the Marksman. Another leave of absence was forced upon him, when, due to a type of "affirmative action", he was replaced by the Falcon to comply with the Avengers' government sanction. During this time, he eventually found employment as a night security guard for Cross Technological Enterprises (CTE). Never gone from his team for long, he soon rejoined the fold, although one particular solo adventure would have a lasting impact. His boss, head of CTE, was the villain known as Crossfire and hoped to test his ultrasonic equipment with which he hoped to turn heroes against one another, With the help of the ex-secret agent, Mockingbird, Hawkeye defeated Crossfire. The two heroes, head over heels in love, promptly got married. At the time, the Vision was expanding the Avengers' operations, and he named Hawkeye chairman of a west coast branch of Avengers, and Mockingbird joined him as a charter member. Hawkeye led the team through several adventures, growing into a competent leader. He even had time to embark on a series of solo adventures. During one of these latter adventures, Hawkeye had to defend himself against many costumed mercenaries and villains hoping to collect a bounty placed on his right arm. The mastermind behind it all proved to be Trickshot, now dying of cancer, and he was hoping to goad Hawkeye into killing him. Instead, Hawkeye reconciled with his former mentor and friend. During an adventure where the team became lost in the past, his wife was involved with the death of the Old West hero, the Phantom Rider, and the situation caused the couple to split up. Shortly after, the government forced the membership of the U.S.Agent on the team, and Hawkeye quit. Both he and Mockingbird wound up investigating and leading the heroes known as the Great Lakes Avengers. Eventually, however, Hawkeye left the Midwest to rejoin the Avengers West Coast, although he never really led the team again. Hawkeye continued to adventure with the team, even alongside his separated wife, and was present with them when Mockingbird was killed in a demonic dimension, saving her husband's life from an attack by Mephisto.> Eventually drawn back to the Avengers' fold when the team was attacked in a plan orchestrated by Immortus, Hawkeye was present with the team when they apparently died, sacrificing themselves to absorb the energies of Onslaught. Eventually, Hawkeye and the other heroes were restored, and Hawkeye quickly rejoined the reforming Avengers.However, Hawkeye was dissatisfied. His previous experience as a team leader left him feeling too anxious as a regular member. Hawkeye turned his attention instead to the team of reforming villains, the Thunderbolts. Sympathetic because of his own outlaw past and eager for new challenges, Hawkeye offered to serve as the Thunderbolts' new leader if they would continue fighting crime and remain reformed. During his stint as their leader, he became a friend and mentor to the group, honing their skills and greatly enhancing their reputations. He and his teammate Moonstone had even began developing romantic inclinations. The Thunderbolts soon became trusted allies of the Avengers, though Hawkeye formally resigned his membership in the latter group since he didn't want any perceived criminal association with the Thunderbolts to negatively impact the Avengers. Hawkeye returned to the Avengers full-time. At one point, he and the Wasp had a dallying romance, upsetting Yellowjacket, and the two heroes avoided talking about the uncomfortable situation. Soon afterwards, however, the Avengers suffered a series of sudden and devastating attacks from friends and enemies alike, culminating in a surprise attack by the alien Kree. During the Kree invasion, Hawkeye suffered a mortal shot to the back. In his dying moments, Hawkeye overpowered a Kree soldier, using the soldier's jetpack to fly both of them into the Kree's command ship. Hawkeye sacrificed his life to single-handedly thwart the invasion. (These attacks were in part motivated by the Scarlet Witch, whose mind became unhinged with the magical powers she constantly felt forced to control, and it is believed the Kree invasion was all a magical construct of the Scarlet Witch.)Hawkeye showed up alive once more in the Scarlet Witch's mutant-dominated alternate reality, with no memory of the reality before. When a young mutant gave several of the heroes the ability to remember the way the world once was, Clint and the others were horrified at what the Scarlet Witch had done.With his memory restored, Hawkeye remembered the events his own death. When the heroes confronted the Witch and her children, Hawkeye angrily shot her in the back, demanding to know why she had killed him, as he was her friend and had only love for her. One of the Witch's children made Hawkeye vanish into nothingness with just a thought. After reality was restored several heroes arrived at the ruined Avenger's Mansion after a report that someone had been there, only to find Clint's costume and a newspaper cutting about his death, pinned to the ruins by Hawkeye's trademark purple arrows. It was later revealed that Clint indeed survived and that he was the one who nailed the costume on the wall. He realized that the whole world thought that he was dead and he himself also had doubts of who he really was. In his disordered state of mind he found himself standing in front of Doctor Strange's house. He met Strange who ensured him that he was who he thinks he is and that he is indeed alive. Strange informed him of what had happened and that Wanda couldn't be found and that he thought she might be dead. Clint didn't believe this and started to search for her. He found her in Wundagore Mountain where she lived with her aunt Agatha. She didn't remember anything and didn't recognize him at all. She also told him that she had lived her whole life in that village.Clint decided to stay in the village for some time with her until he for some reason came back to the states and contacted Iron Man revealing to him that he was alive. After Iron Man had ensured that he was who he said he was he made Clint an offer to be the next Captain America. Clint even tried the flag on and got to use the original shield but he realized that it was a mistake when he met Patriot and new Hawkeye who convinced that he wasn't Captain America. Clint let them escape and gave the shield back to Iron Man and told him that he will mail the "flag" later.Not long after this Clint again found himself in front of Doctor Strange's house now seeming as though it had been abandoned and sold to a franchise company. In reality, however, it was illusion cast by Strange to hide himself and his team members from Iron Man. They decided to show themselves to Clint and after some talk and magic they decided to give Clint Ronin's costume. They then left to Japan to save their team member Maya Lopez from the Hand.After an alien Skrull ship crashes in the Savage Land, Clint battles and kills a Skrull impersonating Mockingbird and himself. He is later reunited with the real Mockingbird during a final battle with the Skrulls. And though the two fought about their past at first, they eventually started their relationship once more.While Clint and his wife join up with the New Avengers to search for Luke Cage's daughter, Norman Osborn forms the Dark Avengers with villains assuming the identities of fugitive heroes; Bullseye assumes the identity of Hawkeye. Clint is very much infuriated that those who would exploit their good names take advantage of the invasion. He doesn't even want to wait for the Dark Avengers to show their true colors and wants to fight them immediately. After a failed attempt to lure the Dark Avengers into a battle turns instead into a fight with the Hood's crime syndicate, Clint goes on television, unmasked, and publicly denounces the Dark Avengers, stating that Osborn has formed an alliance with the Hood, and urging people to fight against his new regime. When Norman Osborn declares war on the X-Men that reside in Utopia; Clint remarks to the other New Avengers that he is going to kill Norman. With no one backing him Clint assaults Avenger Tower on his own; only to fail and get arrested by Osborn. Eventually Clint is freed by his fellow team-mates, but not before being tortured by Osbourne. After the Siege of Asgard, Clint is part of the new heroic age of heroes and he remains as part of Steve Roger's main team of Avengers.


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Rules of the game

You have chosen to take the other option. The red pill. The journey into a game of fun, frolics, explicitness, gluttony of lust and excess of the stimulants that your young pretty brain has never experienced before. I should only give you fair warning my darling, should you chose to play with me it isn't just a's an experience. You are placed under the submissions of not only my fantasies of storytelling, sensual awakening  and violence...but yours. Feelings and fantasies and desires you thought you would never dare have . I offer this one time offer to experience true adventure....dare to join me hand in hand to the rabbit hole?. Rules1. I am obviously not the real Alexander Skarsgard. Sorry to dissapoint. But realize that this will be last of your disappointment2. I roleplay the following styles: Para, Multi-Para,  Novella and Literate. Please accordingly, comply by these writing styles3. As my partner in narration, you have the freewill to choose which style you wish to partake in.4. Even though my character is custom made, I assure you I have made him playable to any verse you choose. Whether it's mafia lords or vampire masters or demon seekers or costume heroes or the indulgence of Hollywood or the simplicity of real life, he can adapt. Accordingly, please do not be afraid to welcome me to your world and discuss a storyline. Role-playing has become a scarce art and I very much would like to preserve it on reasonable conditions rather than judging a book by it's cover.5. I tend to participate in separate story lines with separate role players . Therefore, please do not feel that any narrative that we are tied to is canon for my character.6. My character is heavily involved in stories of a sexual and violent nature. There is also heavy partaking in drinks and drug use. Threfore  18 years and up please, no youngsters.7. Although I am involved in violent stories, I do not hurt women nor do I kill people I am role-playing with. Therefore I expect you to do the same and not engage in god-modding8. Please don't keep replies too short. Fun and creativity is the word9. OOC Drama will not be tolerated. Name calling, abandonment, arguing over clashing storylines...its childish and cliche. 10. Honesty is the key. If you have deleted me from your list or cant reply to a starter or piece of writing, I would rather you be honest and explain why so we can fix the issue rather than abandonment.11. Spelling and grammar does help. I probably have dropped a few errors in these roles but let's at least try to competently write and keep our stuff legible. As always if there are problems on my side with the writing style, do let me know and I will amend them.Thanks for reading


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1. I am not psychic nor do I like surprises! Please let me know about any intentions to RP with me so we can discuss storylines before any starters are exchanged or chances are I will ignore it, unless it really sparks my imagination or you are one of my inner circle of RP friends.2. I tend to only play in third person, past tense. You should write in proper sentences with quotation marks for dialogue and line breaks where necessary. There's nothing worse than trawling through one large block of words or struggling to understand a comment due to sloppy grammar and spelling. I might experiment in other forms of writing from time to time but that will be discussed before a storyline starts. 3. Posts must contain more than one line of dialogue/action, i.e. multiple paragraphs only. Overly long comments are equally unacceptable. Writing lots does not equal quality. Strike a balance that is reasonable and we'll get on. Novella doesn't mean lots and lots of waffle. Those that think it does aren't doing it right.4. When the storyline needs it I will write adult content, but only if the storyline requires it. I will not do so when it is uncalled for. I can be as graphic or not as other players desire, contact me if you want me to turn things up or down! 5. I'd rather stick to continuity as much as possible but might be interested in off book stuff. Know your character and have an idea of how they interact and when they have interacted with mine. You will know only what your character knows about my character and you will play to the restraints of the universe our characters inhabit.6. I run multiple storylines. Our storyline together will not affect my storylines with other players and vice versa. 7. In character in comments, messages for out of character talk.8. I work full time and on top of that I am usually working towards other qualifications (that and I can be McLazy). You will have to wait for comments at times, the delays can be lengthy. If you have an issue with that then we shouldn't write together. I'm worth the wait though, so I suggest you be patient! 9. Make sure you've read these rules, seriously I can be strict....especially with those I don't know and well it'll be brutal.  I like to cut ;)

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Daniel and Betty Fanfics

This is where I will put all my Fanfics, both of these take place after the Series ended.   SPEAK NOW                                                    By Melissa  ....  .... Authors Note: this fanfic is sort of AU in the sense that Daniel is about to Marry Wilhelmina I  will do a "Previously on Ugly Betty" bit just so you'd get the sense of where all of this comes from however I don't think I'll ever write the whole fic.  ....  ....  ....  .... Previously on Ugly Betty(Scene Wilhelmina and Claire)"the only Way we will save this magazine is if Daniel marries me" Claire Laughs but then upon realizing something says "oh GOD You're serious.. Wilhelmina I thought we were past this, He lives in London, He's happy, He's dating Betty"Wilhelmina smirks a little at the irony and thought of it all, she had devised this plan long ago "well then I'm sure He'll be pleased to know You ran his magazine to the ground"  .... (Scene) Wilhelmina to Marc "Make sure Betty is not invited to this wedding"**************** "I am not the kind of girl who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion But you are not the kind of boy who should be marrying the wrong girl I sneak in and see your friends and her snotty little family all dressed in Pastel And she is yelling at a brides maid somewhere back inside a room wearing a gown shaped like a pastry, this is surely not what you thought it would be, I lose myself in a daydream where I stand and say" (Not a part of the fic: "Don't say Yes run away now I'll meet you when you're out of the church at the Back door, don't wait, or say a single vow, You need to hear me out when they said speak now")  .... Betty had heard of the wedding through her best friend Amanda, she knew Daniel was going back to New York due to business related issues but she had no idea that Wilhelmina had stooped this low, she had assumed she was over this sort of behavior sadly for her she was not, she obviously was not invited but she snuck in anyway, she could see their friends all were not amused with sudden changes of event's she figured they all assumed when Play boy Daniel Meade got married it was because he was marrying Betty for Love not Marrying Wilhelmina Slater to save the company, this was very unlike him, something his now deceased father would do.  She Looked around as she noticed the few people who were a part of this wedding, her daughter Nico and Marc standing there Not looking pleased but looking elegant and eating up the moment nonetheless, and as she walked the halls of the church she could hear Wilhelmina screaming at some bridesmaid she paid for the duty that day "I don't care that you don't look good in Green I said I wanted you wearing the Green dress not the Blue one, I don't want you clashing with me" Wilhelmina had said causing Betty to roll her eyes "typical" she mused to herself.  .... "Fun gestures are exchanged while the organ starts to play a song that sounds like a death march, and I am hiding in the curtains it seems that I was uninvited by your lovely bride to be, She floats down the aisle like a pageant queen, and I Know that you wish it was me, you wish it was me don't you" (again not in the fan fic: "Don't say Yes run away Now I'll meet you when You're out of the church at the back door, don't wait, or say a single vow You need to hear me out when  they  said speak now, Don't say yes, run away now I'll meet you when You're out of the  church at the back door, don't wait or say a single vow You're time Is running out when they said speak now")Betty sighed as she heard the music begin from her hiding place behind the curtain , other then the lovely bride no one really looked happy in fact it almost seemed as though this was more of a funeral then a wedding, in a way it had been, she knew that if Daniel went through with this it would be the death of not only Mode Magazine but Meade Publications as well, she was deep in thought wondering  how in the world she could stop him.  .... Daniel himself stood there sighing how he got himself in this situation was beyond him, He certainly didn't want to marry Wilhelmina Slater, No he wanted to marry Betty she had been all he wanted from the moment he realized how he felt a few years ago, as he saw Wilhelmina walking down the aisle he tried to close his eyes imagining that was Betty making his way towards her not Wilhelmina but deep down inside it wasn't working He knew he couldn't go through with this.  .... "I hear the preacher say speak now or forever hold Your Peace, there's a silence, there's My last chance I stand up with shaky hands all eyes on me, Horrified looks from everyone in the room But I'm only Looking at You, I am not the kind of girl who should be rudely barging in on a white Veil occasion, But You are not the kind of boy who should be marrying the wrong girl"As Betty watched the scene unfold she realized she couldn't let him do this, he didn't love her and she know deep down inside he knew he didn't have to do this, there were other ways to save the Magazine and marrying Wilhelmina was not one of them ,then the Perfect opportunity presented itself, The Preacher spoke up his words echoing her ears "If there is any one that attest to this union speak now or forever hold your peace" Betty bit her lip, her hands shaking as she stood from her perch "Stop," all eyes were on her horrified at the situation or maybe it was a look of shock she was the last one they would imagine that would stop a wedding, either way she ignored the looks and continued speaking 'Daniel, I know you, You don't want to do this, there are other ways, You don't love her, and we both know she doesn't love you, she's using you Daniel.." that was all she could say, she simply ran out hoping to GOD he'd follow her.  .... "Don't say Yes run away now I'll meet you when You're out of the church at the back door, don't wait or say a single vow, You need to hear me out when they said Speak now, And You'll say "Let's run away now, I'll meet you when I'm out of my tux at the back door, Baby I didn't say my vows, so glad You were around when they said speak now"  .... Once Daniel got his bearings he looked at Wilhelmina, the Preacher and then back to Wilhelmina "she's right, I don't have to do this, the Magazine was yours You were the one that Lost the money You are the one that needs to save it"Wilhelmina was shocked as she watched him rush off it was all she could do to yell "where are you going"Daniel briefly turned as he said "to go after the woman I Love"  He found her by the door of the church tears in her perfect brown eyes, he wiped them away with his fingers "I couldn't do it Betty, You were right, I love you, I love you more then anything I'm sorry I put you through this" he kissed her with all the passion he felt inside, she smiled as she gazed into his baby blue eyes, he continued to speak "let me get out of this tux then You and I will leave maybe  go somewhere private and all ours" he replied raising his eyebrow.  She blinked away the last tear as she simply said "Our Bridge" He kissed her again as if answering her without having to say the words; it was in that moment they both realized it was all going to be okay  ....  .... THE END  ....   Disclaimer: I in no way shape or form own the rights to Ugly Betty,it's characters or it's affiliates nor do I own the rights to Taylor Swifts song "Sparks Fly" if I did that would make me Taylor Swift and I can assure you that I am NOT.   Authors Note: Betty and Daniel have been together for 3 Years ,they now have a 1 year old Daughter Named Rosa ,this is where the story starts Parts of the song are loosely based on the song "Sparks fly" (it is a Christmas story though clearly it is not a Christmas Song) here is the lyrics   "The way you move is like a full on rain storm and I'm a house of cards you're the kind of reckless that should send me running and I kind of know that I won't get far and you stood there in front of me Just close enough to touch, close enough to Hope  You couldn't see what I was thinking of" (chorus)  Chorus: "drop everything Now,Meet me in the pouring rain,Kiss me on the sidewalk take away the Pain cause I see Sparks fly whenever you smile, Get me with those Green eyes baby as the lights go down give me something that will haunt me when you're not around I see Sparks fly whenever You smile" "My Mind forgets to remind me that you're a bad idea,You touch me once and It's really something You find I'm even better then You imagined I would be,I'm on my guard for the rest of the world but with You I know It's no good and I should wait patiently But I really wish you would" (chorus)"I run my Fingers through your hair and watch the lights go wild,Just keep on keeping your eyes on me it's just wrong enough to make it feel right, and lead me up the staircase won't you whisper soft and slow, I'm captivated by you baby Like a fireworks show" Chorus to end                                                                                                                           A Christmas to Remember                                                                        By Melissa       If You would have told Him 5 Years ago that Daniel Meade would be where he was with who he was He probably would have laughed at You But Life had a funny way of working out,Fate was a odd thing,Yes he still thought about Molly but in a good way, He had to thank her in his own little way, if she Hadn't of died He wouldn't have gone to Hilda and Bobby's wedding as Betty's Date, He wouldn't have realized He loved her so much more then a Friend,Her leaving to take a Job in London wouldn't have broken his heart so much so that He needed to keep her in his life by following her there,they wouldn't have gone on that fateful First Date ,they wouldn't have gotten Married and they wouldn't have the beautiful One Year old daughter that now Lay asleep on her Mother's lap, Little Rosa Claire Meade had been the most beautiful baby He had ever laid his eyes on even more so then Christina and Stewarts son,Every one around them had said she looked Just like Daniel right down to the vibrant blue eyes that now were closed in a slumber that was needed from the Long flight from Heathrow airport to JFK ,But in Daniel's mind his eyes were the only thing about him that she had the rest of her was as beautiful as her Mother. Once the  Pilot announced they landed Daniel gently nudged his lovely bride "hey" he whispered softly in an effort to not wake up the sleeping child in her arms "we're here" all he got was a groggy "mmm" he giggled a little as he touched her ,he Held her up lightly watching as Rosa too murmured in her sleep but then had fallen asleep again, He grabbed their carry ons as he raised an eyebrow he said "is it bad that I'm  more excited to see Your Family then I am to seeing Mine?" Betty giggled as she held his free hand the thought of being His Wife surprised her more so then it did Him ,never in a million years did she realize He could love someone as Plain and homely as her (mind you she no longer had braces and oddly enough lost some weight after having Rosa but still in her mind she would always be "ugly betty") ,she shrugged as she continued to speak "they aren't that bad any more Baby"He smirked as he Looked at her "easy for you to say You just became a part of the family" she shrugged as she gave him a look "You forget I was a part of your life way before we got together ,You've all grown up a lot since I've known all of you" He kissed her lightly as he said "we owe it all to you baby" as he Kissed her Young Rosa squirmed and gave off a slight cry causing Betty to Pout just a little "I love you too baby but if you wake Her up I swear to God I'll Kill you" she said jokingly   It had been a few days Later they were slowly dancing in the small living room of what used to be her home,How they all managed to end up staying there was beyond her, Not only was Hilda and Bobby now married they too had a child ,5 year old Brianna, Her Father had been re married to Elena and Daniel and Betty of course had Rosa but still this had always been home and Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without them all together in the same house. They continued to dance as their daughter sat on the floor preoccupied with the toys that had been given to her, for a brief moment Betty forgot they weren't alone that there was a family full of people two of which were small children as Daniel spun her around his hand on her waist causing her heart to rush and her face to turn crimson she turned around to Kiss him ,gazing into his mesmerizing blue eyes,her tongue grazing his own aching for the passion he so often gave her,she tilted her head waiting for him to reciprocate the action and he had until he heard Rosa begun to scream "DADDA" the young infant pouted the toy she had been intrigued with had been snatched away by her cousin Brianna,Hilda swooped into action scolding her own young child and handing the Build A Bear Toy she had given her niece back to it's rightful owner,she then gave Daniel and Betty a look as she said with a smirk upon her face "You two need to get a room" the thought made the two lovers shudder it wasn't often they lost control like that especially when everyone was in the room staring at them, they finally regained their composure and sat next to each other as the Suarez Family continued with their Christmas Eve tradition. As the Last of the Suarez' had gone to Bed Ignacio Yawned It took a lot but Justin finally yawned and trudged his way up to his old bedroom now shared with his baby sister. Ignacio now turned to Daniel and Betty lifting up young Rosa as she had fallen asleep on the blanket on the floor, he grinned at his youngest grand child "I'll Put her down Mija You two get the lights when you go to bed?" it was more of a statement then a question and Betty knew what he meant "Okay Papi " she simply said watching as he traipsed upstairs cradling her baby girl in his arms causing Betty to sigh happily, Daniel grinned kissing her lightly on the lips,the flickering of the Christmas tree Lights flashing in his blue orbs,she winked as she kissed him back and then looked at him "well we're alone" she said softly seeing as not to wake anyone up Daniel raised an eyebrow as He looked at her  "Here? In your dad's Living room?" She smirked as she playfully punched him "baby It's all I've been thinking of since we got off the plane 5 days ago" she raised her own eyebrow as she said "besides You were okay with the Love making at your Mom's house" she mocked a pout knowing it got to his heart strings He bit his lip staring up at her "Not fair Betty You know I can't handle that pout and Making love in mom's house is different,this is YOUR family you have morals the Meade's clearly we do not"she smirked as she gave him a look "Daniel,baby I'm not liking your Pillow talk right now"He kissed her back as he said "sorry" her pouty lips were making it very difficult for him to say no ,he lifted her up Kissing her with more passion then before "I love you and I wanna make made passionate love to you" He softly whispered as he gave her a look "is that better?" he questioned Betty snickered as she said "A little Cheesey But it's getting there" He kissed her with passion and then said " Betty,I do Love you More then you could ever know and every time I look at you I see the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on,the woman I fell in love with,My Very Best friend" he whispered more softly then he had before Betty grinned blushing at his words but she knew he spoke from the heart "I love you to" she whispered back They had finally reached her old childhood bedroom as he laid her in the bed she had called her own for so many years, he stripped her of her clothing as he said "Merry Christmas to me" she giggled as she unbuttoned his shirt "Merry Christmas" she said with seriousness the night would be filled with passion and Love and it would indeed be a Very Merry Christmas       THE END   Happy little accident:3 in the morning and Betty had been laying there staring up at the ceiling, By now she knew she was certain what had been ailing her, She had been late according to her calendar, but she also had a test just waiting for her to take. She had every intention to go take it in the morning, before work, with Daniel but now as she laid there feeling ill, She decided now was as good as any, this had been why she had tiptoed out of bed, being super quiet, Given what Daniel had gone through with his previous wife, She did not want to scare him with what he would more then likely think ailed her.She had found herself in the bathroom, feeling ill for the upteenth time that day, Why was it called "morning sickness" When it just didn't happen in the morning, She pondered. When she had gathered her bearings she peed on the stick, watching as two red lines had appeared, She held on to the sink ,she had been in shock though she really shouldn't have been, She knew.. deep down she knew and at that moment as scared as she was, she couldn't be happier.Despite the fact that he knew she was trying to hide it, Daniel knew, He heard her, he frowned as he got up, He wasn't about to lose another wife, Especially her, Losing Betty was not an option to him, He slowly got up out of bed and knocked on the door "Betty are you okay?" He asked, she was shaking and she was certain she had gone a little pale but she lied "I'm Fine Daniel" Even from the other side of the door he knew she wasn't telling the truth "Betty come on, Let me in, I know when you're lying to me" He offered, She sighed as she opened the door, His worst nightmare had faced him."Oh God this can't be happening not now.." he said frowning as he saw how pale she had been, She shook her head and touched his shoulder lightly "Daniel, I'm fine…" He cut her off as he looked back at her "no you're not, Betty… We need to take you to the doctors….. You've been sick for awhile now and.. God I can't lose another wife, .. I can't lose you, Believe it or not I Love you more then I Loved Molly… Losing you.. It's not an option" Betty could see the fear in his big blue eyes she took his hand and squeezed it as she spoke again trying to reassure him as best as she knew how to "Daniel… I promise I'm fine…" He shook his head as he looked at her "You don't know that, Your Mom… She died of Cancer.. That's hereditary you know.." She cut him off again as she reached for the Pregnancy test he had failed to see "It's not Cancer Baby…" she was smiling now, which in a way had confused him .."God Daniel.." She began looking at him "Are you completely dense… Just look" She said handing him the pregnancy test. It took him a minute to process what he saw but when he had the frown had slowly turned to a Grin "We…re… going to??!! You're???" She nodded as she looked at him "I'm Pregnant" She finished, He engulfed her in  a hug not letting her go for quite some time. They weren't exactly trying but sometimes life handed you Happy little Accidents.*******************Disclaimer: I in no way shape or form own the rights to Ugly Betty or it's character's, This drabble is when Betty's Dad dies Trigger warning: Involves Death, Plug pulling, The Corona Virus:Taken away way too soon:Life had been rather happy for Betty for quite some time. She and Daniel had begun to date, They had gotten married, Had Emily and due to the fact that Wilhelmina Slater had once again drove Mode in to the ground, The tiny Meade family had moved back to New York, Life had been rather busy for awhile but she was happy. That Had been however when The Corona Virus Hit.For the first few months Her and Daniel had worked from home The Mask Mandate was not truly an issue for them, Nor was The Publication building closed, No the problem had been that Emily's school was closed, and rather then sticking her with just one parent they both decided to stay home with her, That had not been the only change, A Year after the Virus had hit and due to the new Variant her only living parent had fallen ill, She had always been optimistic , Thinking that perhaps he would get better and they would be celebrating holidays together, Enjoying Summer, and in September celebrating Emily's birthday as a family, that had not come to be however.It had been around noon on February 12th two days before Valentines day, She had just put the latest Issue of Mode to bed and had been working on a few other things when she heard her cell phone Buzz, She saw it was Hilda but she had assumed it wasn't all that important, She had made a mental note to call her back at Lunch, a few short minutes later and she something told her she needed to check the message now.. all she had heard was "Betty, you need to come to the hospital right now, Papi's taking a turn for the worse, They don't think he's going to make it" The news had made Betty sob, she wasn't even paying attention when Daniel walked in to the room "I Just asked Alexis if she'd watch…." He looked over at his wife seeing the tears roll from her eyes,  He rushed over to her side hugging her "Hey… are you okay?" they never hid their relationship, even when they were just friends, and she knew he always gave the best hugs, She held him tight as she sobbed in to his chest "it's Papi…. They don't think he's going to make it" Daniel fixed her hair and gazed in to her eyes "Well then, We should leave, I'm sure things will be fine here, You need to say good bye to your dad" He offered he knew how she felt.It had not been long when they reached the hospital, She rushed over to Hilda's side hugging her tightly, then going over to Bobby, "His temperature hasn't gone down and he's slowly detoriating but due to mandates THEY won't let us in!!" She said glaring over at the doctor, Betty shook her head as she looked at them "What do you mean we can't go in, He's our dad…" The doctor shook his head and spoke "I'm sorry… due to the Virus We are not allowed to let you in, But you are sure, You want us to pull the plug?" He had asked, It wasn't an easy decision but they all knew it was time "We..'re sure" She offered, The small family had looked through the glass partition as they watched his vital signs go down and his heart beat stop, It was enough to make Betty Sob all over again, her only comfort , Daniel's hand squeezing her own and the soft kiss on her forehead.**************Disclaimer: I in no way shape or form own the rights to Ugly Betty or it's character's, This one is loosely based on "Mine" By Taylor swift and is extremely AU: Full lyric's after Drabble:"You're are the Best thing….. That's ever been mine""You were in college working part time waiting tables, Left a small town never looked back, I was a flight risk with a fear of falling, wondering why we bothered with love if it never lasts, I say can you believe it, as we're lying on the couch, that moment I can see it… yeah yeah.. I can see it now""The Past"Betty had been studying for her finals, fearing that she wouldn't truly be passing letting alone graduating, Life at home had not been good, Her mom's illness had grown worse and it had caused a great deal of tension, Maybe that was why she found herself in the restaurant that day, That had been when she saw  him, the most handsome adorable Man with dark brown hair and big blue eyes , Her heart racing as he came her way "Hi, I'm Daniel, I'll be your waiter, What can I get for you.." He asked as he looked down at his notepad, When he had looked up he saw her, She wasn't all that pretty not to most people's standards, but there was something about her that made his heart race."I remember how it felt sitting by the water, You put your arms around me for the first time, You made a rebel of the careless man's careful daughter, You are the best thing thats ever been mine""The Past" (actual show, give or take a few lines)It wasn't really a date by any means, It was more or less Betty trying to get Daniel's mind off of his ex girlfriend and He getting her mind off of the crush she had on Henry, Of course the Press didn't see things that way, she giggled as she ran "are they gone? Did we dodge them?" She asked, Daniel turned around laughing as he nodded his head "I think so" He offered , She nodded as she spoke "good, I'm starving, wanna a grab a Pizza?" She asked, He nodded "Sounds good to me""Flash forward and we're taking on the world together, and there's a drawer of my things at your place, You learned my secrets and you figured out why I'm guarded, you say we'll never make my Parents mistakes, but we've got bills to pay, we've got nothing figured out, when it got hard to take… yeah yeah, this is what I thought about""The Present" Work had been exuriating that day, The models had been testy but that was normal for Mode Models, Somehow though Betty and Daniel made things work, They were married now, with their own daughter, She however was no longer his assistant, She had become  Co Editor in Chief , That had been why she strolled in to his office , a smile on her face "Don't mind me Daniel.. Just coming in to grab some of my candy" she teased reaching in to his desk drawer, causing him to smile back at her, He reached over to kiss her, One of The models had walked by raising an eyebrow "Oh seriously get a room!" she said walking away, It had caused the two Meade's to chuckle, Life could not get any better then it had in that moment.Full song Lyrics: Oh, oh, ohOh, oh, ohYou were in college, working part-time, waiting tablesLeft a small town, never looked backI was a flight risk, with a fear of fallin'Wondering why we bother with love, if it never lastsI say, "Can you believe it?"As we're lyin' on the couchThe moment, I can see itYes, yes, I can see it nowDo you remember, we were sittin', there by the water?You put your arm around me for the first timeYou made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughterYou are the best thing, that's ever been mineFlash forward, and we're takin' on the world togetherAnd there's a drawer of my things at your placeYou learn my secrets and you figure out why I'm guardedYou say we'll never make my parents' mistakesAnd we got bills to payWe got nothin' figured outWhen it was hard to takeYes, yesThis is what I thought aboutDo you remember, we were sittin' there, by the water?You put your arm around me, for the first timeYou made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughterYou are the best thing, that's ever been mineDo you remember all the city lights on the water?You saw me start to believe, for the first timeYou made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughterYou are the best thing, that's ever been mineOh, oh, oh, ohAnd I remember that fight, two-thirty am'Cause everything was slipping right out of our handsI ran out, crying, and you followed me out into the streetBraced myself for the goodbye,'Cause that's all I've ever knownThen, you took me by surpriseYou said, "I'll never leave you alone"You said, "I remember how we felt, sitting by the waterAnd every time I look at you, it's like the first timeI fell in love with a careless man's careful daughterShe is the best thing that's ever been mine"You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughterYou are the best thing, that's ever been mineDo you believe it?We're gonna make it nowAnd I can see it   ******************  After the Ugly Betty Finale Part One "Daniel is this a Date"   After work that Evening Betty had changed out of her clothes and began to settle in, Daniel had called her right after she had seen him on her lunch break to confirm their dinner date, It hadn't truly dawned on her that this was to be an actual date, He had been her friend for so long she had no idea There had been any feelings at all.    At this precise moment in time She had been searching for something to wear, He didn't really tell her where they were going but she assumed seeing as he just came to town and probably hadn't had much money on him it wouldn't be anything to overly expensive, She opted for a nice pair of jeans and a sweater. Just as she had chosen the outfit her IPhone face time app had rung. "Oh Hey A, Miss me much" She said rather teasingly,  She was one of her best friends, which was odd in and of itself but it worked. Amanda raised an eyebrow as she teased back "Nope, not really, this place has been a lot quieter since you left…." Betty laughed and then sat down as she had gotten serious "You'll never guess who is here…." She began only for Amanda to interrupt her, the events that lead to Daniel Meade ending up in London had been the talk of the town "Daniel, I know.. We ALLL know" She offered. Betty had been clueless as she looked at the screen "How did you know…?" She asked , for some odd reason it hadn't dawned on her that he gave up everything to be with her. Amanda shook her head "B are you completely dense?" she said in shock. Betty raised an eyebrow as she spoke "What do you mean?" She asked. Amanda gave her a look that had said it all "When a guy gives up his families legacy to their nemesis and follows a girl to London that usually means he's in love with her.. Geez I thought I was the dense one in the friendship" She said teasing again. This had been the second time Betty had heard this , but she truly did not believe it.. After all it was Daniel, they were friends,.. best friends even but not lovers. "What?.. No.. No.." Amanda laughed as she nodded her head "Yes.. Yes.. and is that what you're wearing on your date?" It took Betty all she had in her to not freak out a little, Something inside her had said that Amanda had been right.. this had been why she said "A.. I need to go"    After hours of finding something else to wear she had finally chosen a nice fancy out fit, A part of her had felt as though she was stupid for choosing it, What if Amanda had been wrong, What if this wasn't a date, what if she was over dressed, She pondered, She could feel her heart racing rapidly at the thought of Him, She had not felt this way since… Well She dated Henry ions ago, But this wasn't love was it? She hadn't fallen in love with her best friend, Was she going insane? She had pondered some more, all she knew was she was eager for this Date.   A few more hours had passed and when her apartment bell buzzed Betty rushed over to the door eager to let him in, God he looked so handsome standing there, that dimpled grin smiling at her. He felt his own heart race as he spoke "Betty.. You look great" He offered , He wanted to take her right then and there. "Are you ready to go?" He asked trying desperately to control the beating of his heart. Betty nodded as she looked at him "Yeah.. Uh So Amanda faced timed me today" She began, half trying to make some small talk in order to control her own emotions she was  having , He smiled again, which hadn't really helped her situation much "She can't seem to live without you can she" he teased, though inwardly he had been thinking that no one could truly live without her, There was something about her that had won over every one's heart. She looked up at him, this was it, she needed to know "..She… She said you're here because of me, because You're in love with me.. that this is a date date.. Daniel.." She began looking up at his big blue eyes "Is this a date.. because if it is…" she was going to say more but those eyes. had been staring at her "Betty" he began as he continued to smile at her "Shut up" He offered as he walked closer to her and began to kiss her with passion, When the kiss broke off, she looked up at him " So this is a date?" She asked him again, He was grinning now as he said "It… It's a date" This time it was her that had inched closer going in for the kill, she kissed him back, More then likely they wouldn't even make it to the restaurant that night.

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