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The Real Hawkeye

11/30/2022 07:03 PM 

TTB - November Drabble

“Hey Hawkguy,” the large man said as Clint opened the door to leave the building’s rooftop, “Thank you.” Clint nodded, a little stunned to hear emotion on the man’s voice. Clint had been neighbors with the man he knew only as Grills for several months now, and though the two of them spoke almost daily, it was never anything emotionally vulnerable. They usually talked about the weather, or New York. Sometimes Grills tried to talk about sports, and Clint was humor him even though he really didn’t care. Sometimes Clint tried to talk about his time with the Avengers, and Grills humored him even though he didn’t really seem to care.But somehow, slowly, through dozens of beers shared over Grills’ burning grill (why was he always grilling? Did he not have an oven or a stove?) the two men became friends. Friends in the way two adult men become friends, with hardly any personal information shared between the two of them.It was over beers last week, though, that Grills had told Clint his father was in trouble. Some big company was trying to buy up the block, and they were trying to muscle Grills’ dad out of his home. Grills seemed pretty upset about it, even though he played it off as not a big deal. Clint was sure most people would hate to see their childhood home torn down. Clint’s childhood had been so rotten that he’d always wanted to see that little wooden shack burn, but he felt for Grills.It hadn’t taken much, just a nighttime visit to the headquarters for this big company. Clint didn’t think of it as blackmail, or threatening, just a heart-to-heart with a fat cat CEO about how much his corporate moves were hurting a poor old man just trying to live his life. It turned out the CEO was a big fan of anyway, or at least knew enough about Clint to know not to mess with him.And so, the calls had stopped coming to Grills’ dad, though Clint had never told Grills he had interfered with the matter. That’s why the sudden sign of gratitude from the large man really took Clint by surprise. “Thanks for what?” Clint said back, his hand still gripping the heavy door to the stairs.“I didn’t tell anybody else about that problem with my dad,” Grills said, a slight grin on his face. “You’re the only one that knew. And just like that, it went away. So whatever you did, thanks.”Clint waved it off: “Don’t mention it.” And just like that, the two men were best friends. Clint didn’t have many friends who weren’t superheroes. It felt good. 

๐€๐ฏ๐ž๐ซ๐ฒ ๐‹๐ฒ๐ง๐ง

11/30/2022 07:01 PM 

What are you doing now..?
Current mood:  wanted

Avery was so sick and tired of feeling like this. For the past couple of weeks she's felt like sh*t. Like Failure. She feels like it's all her fault that he left her. Right now she's in bed looking through her notebook full of songs trying to find one that she could edit, and try to publish. But they were all songs about Aystin, and not like sad sappy songs, they were songs from when they were together. The songs she wrote when she felt happy. She wished she still felt that way, but she was broken and upset. She felt like she was going a bit insane, because one night, she was called to perform at a bar that was not that far from her house. She agreed to do it, and as she was performing she swore she saw her ex lover. She saw a tall male with the same ocean blue eyes he had, covered in tattoos. But she knew it wasnt him, because when he came to see her perform, he would be right up front watching her. She wished he was there to watch her, to see how she was doing, to cheer her on. He told her that she could call him anytime she wanted to, but she didnt have the guts too. She wanted to catch up with him, she what he was doing, and how hes feeling. But she couldnt. She continued to read the lyrics she wrote from old songs and she hated them. She picked up a pen and flipped to a clear page. She was going to write a song about Aystin, but this time its going to be about how she feels now. First she had to come up with the actual music for the song. She grabbed the guitar that was sitting next to her and began to play a few chords to try and find something she liked. It took her a while, but she found some she liked. Once she got it down she started humming to the sound that came from the guitar. After a while, she found the melody she liked, then she picked up her pen and notebook and began pouring her heart out into the lyrics. She started with the first verse writing down sentences about how she could never find anyone else like him, and how he meant everything to her. After she wrote the first verse, she began to strum her guitar and sing the lyrics she wrote down, “I saw you at the back of my show last night, standing underneath the glowing exit sign, but I know it wasnt you though, because you were usually in the front row.” After she sang it to see how it sounded she realized she could change it a little. She took her pen and scribbled out the verse, she rewrote it in a different way. It took her a minute but then she liked it. She began to sing it once again quietly to herself, ‘’I saw you at the back of my show last night, standing underneath the exit sign, I know it wasnt really you though, cause you were always in the front row. And I’ve been looking for love online, and maybe some of them are real good guys, they’re never gonna be like you though, you set the bar above the moon so.’’ She figured she liked that better, and she continued to write, and write, she poured her heart out into those lyrics. Once she got it all figured out she sang the song to herself. Once she got to the bridge she felt tears form in her eyes as she sang, “Are you with somebody? Should I even care? Know your not as happy as when I was there in your faded T-shirt that ive kept this long, I still hear you laughing when i put it on.. I know..’’ She took a deep breath before she continued, “I dont wanna be 20-something, and still in my head about.. 17 in my bedroom talking, you said that by now wed paint the walls of our shared apartment, your still everything I want and I think we could work it out. So what are you doing now?” She liked the way it sounded, she sang the whole thing to herself over and over again. Once she knew it was finished, she messaged her manager, “Hey, let me know when your free, because I got a song I want to put out.’’  

Horrorcore Redneck

11/30/2022 05:38 PM 

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Dogmen (Epitaph)
Current mood:  crushed

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Vannacutt Institute Survivor

11/30/2022 05:04 PM 

House On Haunted Hill Mains Needed

Dr. Richard Benjamin Vannacutt-Eddie Baker- Taye DiggsSteven Price- Geoffrey RushEvelyn Price- Famke JannssenDr. Donald W. Blackburn- Peter GallagherMelissa Marr- Bridgette WilsonStill working on this. But there are two connections for the verse.Sara Wolfe- Abigail Vannacutt-

Symphony of Destruction

11/30/2022 05:01 PM 

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!
Current mood:  savage

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11/30/2022 03:31 PM 

Taking of River Run feat:Wolven Steel

The commotion as events unfolded not lost on the Targaryen prince. The quick scuffle for retaining power a sound he had heard many times before. There would be no room for error, no room for resistance, this matter would be finished. Aemond kept his blade held tightly in the grasp of his slender fingers, nearly flushed of color as his hand tightened. Things were in their favor once more, now the only thing to see it through would be to finalize the demotion of the head of house Tully. His thoughts interrupted as Arryk moved through the throne room along with a handful of Northern knights. "My Prince, the north has joined us. Together we've taken care of Riverruns troops that still took up sword against us."Aemond made a simple nod of his head as he kept his focus on where Lord Tully had been mere moments prior. The thoughts of piercing his throat still fresh in his mind. His shoulders rose with a deep inhale as he turned to face them. “Assemble everyone in the courtyard. There is a message that needs to be sent.” He spoke quickly, his words dripping with authority as his feet began moving towards the same door he had entered moments prior. “Lord Arryk bring my Princess to the courtyard as well, stay by her side at all costs,” he ordered before taking a look back at the emptying throne room towards Oscar. “Have someone bring the young Tully Lord as well. He will need to witness this.”The fire of his fury had been capped in that moment but had yet to be extinguished, no he was not one to calm himself as easily, a trait he was sure he shared with the dragons his family continued to ride. Feet nearly stomped along the stone beneath them as they lead him towards the courtyard, his face met with the same rain which had graced him with its presence not long before. The knights of houses Targaryen and Stark lined the way as the remaining Tully forces stayed on their knees.Aemond’s eye locked with Lord Elmo Tully who was on his knees in front of Ser Eryyk. A wave of pure anger taking over him as he looked for Vhagar. The dragon roared to show its strength as he moved toward her. He stopped to pause a moment as he stood mere inches from the disgraced head of house Tully, taking in the sight of his face plastered with fear before turning to the men which lined the courtyard.“Men and women of the North. I Prince Aemond of house Targaryen stand before you today as the conquer of the frey. Riverrun has now been taken from the traitor to the crown by the name of Lord Elmo Tully,” he spoke, his words venomous as they echoed through the crowd of silence as he turned towards the young heir, “the lands will remain in the Tully house with the rise of a new ruler Lord Oscar Tully. House Targaryen will not punish the entirety of Riverrun for the actions of its misdirected leader.”The prince showing a facade of a forgiving nature, one which would ultimately gain the support of the remaining Tullys. “All members of house Tully wishing to swear fealty to their rightful ruler, King Aegon, second of his name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the first men, Lord of the seven kingdoms and protector of the realm. Will be shown the same mercy. All those who do not wish to do so, step forward and join your Lord in death.” The words dripping from his lips as a harsh fact. Aemond knew that none would willingly step into the next life with the Gods but he supposed it would be improper of him not to suggest such an offer.Aemond watched the crowd as, like he suspected, no one stepped forward. Taking a step forward he turned his attention fully to Elmo Tully, only allowing his eye to shift a single moment as he looked to his wife who stood at his side. “Lord Elmo Tully, In the name of Aegon of the House Targaryen, Second of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm, I, Aemond of the House Targaryen, Prince of the Realm, sentence you to die."Taking a step back Aemond looked up at Vhagar who stood at attention a brief moment before his eye met Lord Tully’s one final time, “Dracarys.” 


11/30/2022 03:30 PM 

Fight Me//feat Morning Star

Aemond was simply there. He understood the confinements of ones emotions, having experienced them all to well himself, he understood the pain, the hurt, the anguish she was facing and he knew based on knowing her that there was truly no way she was going to allow others in to help her through them. A fret he albeit knew just as well. When his own father had passed Aemond focused all his attention on his idiot brother. Finding him within the city walls, making sure he understood the pressures that he was now about to face by being crowned King. Focusing on anything and everything he could to distract himself from the loss he knew he needed to face.He had thrown himself into strategy. Doing everything he could to be able to gain the numbers needed for his brother to defend his throne from their sister and her bastard children. In truth Aemond was sure even in that moment that he never fully came to terms with his father’s death, much like the idea that he never truly gained his fathers approval during his lifetime. Visery’s had a well known love for his children in the eyes of his subjects but in truth he had a singular favorite and that was Rhaenyra, which became quite more prominent as he aged.He supposed deep down that was a rooted reason as to just why he hated his sister as much as he did. She was able to do whatever she pleased, even against tradition and rules and still able to get away with it, to always have the approval of their father at her back. In Visey’s mind Rhaenyra could do no wrong even when she had in deed done so. While Aegon drank away his feelings and his sisters proceeded to mourn the loss of their father Aemond just slipped into the same pattern he had always done which was to study, to train, to better himself, to make the realm proud of their prince.Shaking himself back to reality as they reached her chamber doors he felt the soft pull of her as he moved from his side, attempting her best to do things independently. Even in that moment when he knew she needed someone to be with her he did not pry, he did not push the issue. He understood her. As she moved from his arm he turned on his heels, giving her the space he knew she needed only to be stopped in his tracks by the soft sound of his name crossing her lips, “Prince Aemond…” He turned back to face her, his face searching to uncover what exactly she needed in that moment as she spoke, ”Goodnight.” The single word slipping past her lips as she closed the door behind her. Aemond simply nodded his head in her direction before heading back to the events of the evening.As he entered the ball room he quickly noted the unhinged mumbling of those around him, quickly speculating why the woman was no longer with him. The rogue prince tossing the girl aside after such a short period of time, oh the poor girl. Aemond rolled his eye as he made his way towards the head table, quickly stealing the chalice of wine from its perch, taking a quick swig of it before he felt the soft hand of his mother on his shoulder. He swallowed roughly as he turned to face her, knowing she wasn’t going to like what he had just done. Her eyes focused on him, speaking the question silently. His fingers idlely fidgeted against the gold pattern he held in his hand as he cleared his throat, trying and failing to find the words to explain.A low chuckle interupted both of their thoughts as Aegon stood from his position beside them, “oh dear brother I envy you,” he spoke groggily causing Aemond’s brows to furrow as he followed the direction of his eyes towards the four Baratheon daughters who moved along behind their father in his direction. In most cases Aemond had no desire to deal with the hurtles of courtship and its many annoyances. But in this case he welcomed the distraction from his mother, even though he knew it would be temporary he would gladly move with the challenge, giving him time to think of his next words. Aemond placed the chalice down on the table as he opened his arms in a welcoming fashion to the head of house Baratheon, “Lord Barros, it is truly a pleasure to see you here this evening,” he started much to the displeasure of his mother. Barros wasted no time in introducing his daughters, each of them different from the last in an attempt to make each of them more desirably from the last. Aemond bowed his acknowledgments towards the ladies as they curtsied in response.Alicent moved to brush them off only to be cut short as Aemond spoke, “Might I have this next dance Lady Ellyn?” he questioned only to be met with a wide smile from the girl who stood before him. He could nearly feel the daggers shooting from his mothers eyes as he made his way towards the dance floor with the young girl on his arm. The mumbling of everyone in the room quickly shifted from Astrea to the young Baratheon girl, which is what he had strived to do, a shame really it didn’t take too much to distract these people. The night continued on with Aemond avoiding his mother for as long as he could, hoping that he could at least get through the evening.-----A few days had gone by since that night. Aemond was able to avoid his mother for nearly a day and half before he was cornered and forced to give her the details of what happened. Understandably she was upset, he could read that much from just her face, but she needed to trust him. He had his own way of getting things done which clearly did not align with her own methods. Aemond had grown up studying the ways of his elders, his father, mother and grandsire, each of them moving in completely different directions while ultimately having the same outcome in mind. In that moment Aemond had to figure out just which direction to turn to.Making his way through the courtyard he planned to go through his morning training sessions with Ser Criston, a schedule he had kept over the years, unfortunately he was met with such commotion he doubted this schedule would be upheld. Moving to stand beside his mentor he watched as Astrea fought against the young knights. In his understanding of the moment she was completely unhinged, attempting to do anything and everything in her power to push her emotions down, or even release them in a way that wouldn’t be considered weak. It was strange to him just how similar they were and how much of those similarities he was just now understanding.“Again! I’m not done with you. Get up, draw your sword and fight me!.” Aemond took a quick look between her and the knight on the ground. Taking in a sharp breath he moved to grab his own sword, focusing the attention on himself rather than the disheveled knight as he attempted to flee. Turning his full attention towards Astrea he stepped in front of her, “if you’re looking to fight someone...fight me.”        


11/30/2022 01:48 PM 

[ C H A P T E R ] Re. Noir Verse

  The black cat is the place to be in 1930′s new york . no where else can you rub elbows with the high class while sipping on liquor that somehow tastes like it was made by the gods . and certainly is there nowhere else you can guarantee the cops won’t bother taking down because felicia hardy has them in her pocket . how ? maybe it’s something to do with the fact that that she’s on again and off again with journalist benjamin ulrich who has dirt on every politician who has dared to breath wrong in the city . one wrong step to try to take down her speakeasy ? the entire city would know about every affair , every bribe , and every crooked higher up that had ever held office . safer to just let a little speakeasy fly under the radar , right ?   everything was working exactly as needed ... until she witnessed benjamin ulrich’s murder . from that moment , everything changed . his files and blackmail fell into her hands , leaving her a target . captured by the goblin , she was interrogated about the location of ulrich’s files . the last thing he wanted was for the files to make it to the public and he would do anything to make sure they stayed hidden . with felicia in tow , the goblin fled to the sewers at spider-man’s intervention ... but he would not get far before being killed by kraven the hunter in a fight that revealed spider-man’s identity as peter parker . a secret that felicia swore to take to her grave . soon after the goblin’s death , felicia leaked ulrich’s files to the press , finally getting revenge for ulrich’s death and making sure that new york’s corrupt elite could be taken down . an action that resulted in spider-man approaching her . she questioned his reasoning for tracking her down , worried that he’d learned of her past with the goblin and was questioning her reliability . instead , he presented her with a picture he’d found of felicia and ulrich when they were together ... a trinket to remember him by . the gesture was enough to help felicia find closure ... but was also enough to leave a mark on her heart , a soft spot for peter parker . but their lives were worlds apart . she ran a speakeasy with soft ties to the criminal underground and he was spider-man . far too good for her . but that didn’t keep her from pining . pining that was quickly noticed by a would - be suitor , crime master . a man felicia had rebuffed advances from time after time who still chose to frequent her bar . an intimidation tactic , she assumed . all bark and no bite . oh how wrong she was . after a fight with sandman turned deadly , peter stumbled into her home from an open balcony and felicia , forever weak for peter parker , allowed him in and nursed him back to health . but crime master had eyes everywhere and had decided that if he couldn’t have felicia hardy , he would make sure no one else would ever want her . he waited for peter to leave her home , waited until she was alone , and attacked . he brutally beat her , leaving her nearly lifeless on her own carpet , before breaking a mirror and taking a shard to her face . he left her lying in her own blood , face disfigured ... and with only enough energy to call for help . when she awoke in a private clinic , felicia was faced with the reality that her face was scarred for life . the only saving grace had been that the shard of glass used to cut her had been sharp and straight . the wounds had been easy to close but would leave her with scars even the best makeup couldn’t hide . afraid of the way her clientele would react to her injuries , she donned a white mask that she would wear in public , building her person around it . by 1940 , she had become comfortable enough with her features and herself to join forces with spider-man as the white widow , helping defeat the shocker and preventing weaponized suits from being sold to nazi germany , ensuring there would be no advantage in the coming war .   (c) made by creativian  

Noir Verse,Verse Information,Felicia Hardy

The Savage Kings

11/30/2022 03:32 PM 

Carolina Beach, NC Charter
Current mood:  rebellious

Members Beckett 'Beck' Hollister: President of the Carolina Beach Charter. Beck is in his early forties, over six-foot, and is of Chinook descent, and has Scots ancestry. He is rugged, with broad shoulders, brown hair, dark chocolate eyes, and a deep voice. He wears old jeans, white t-shirts, and plaid flannel shirts. Beck has great leadership, is confident, tough but fair, and intensly private. He has several career-related injuries, and has been divorced. He was a former Captain in the US Army's Green Berets, with twenty years of service under his belt, having served in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and South East Asia. He was born and raised in Crimson Point, Oregon, and his mother died of cancer when he was eleven years old, and his father a few years back, also of cancer. A few years back he left the Army (He was refused permision to rescue hostages, including veterans, and had to wait for Delta. The hostages died), saw a combat veteran psychologist, and soon joined the Savage Kings Nomad charter. When he wanted to settle down after a year of nomading, he was invited by the National President to establish a charter in Carolina Beach - Due to his special forces leadership qualities. He runs a construction and renovation business on the side, employing ex-military, and has recently adopted an old Basset Hound mix, named Walter. He befriended the local sheriff, Noah Buchanan, and eventually started dating his sister, Sierra, eventually marrying her. He is close and protective of his neighbours, TIana Fitzgerald, and her eight year old daughter, Ella. He adopted Walter to make Ella happy. Ella confided in her, that her mother's boyfriend, Brian, came into the bathroom when she was in the bath, and exposed himself. Beck immediately beat Brian up and had him arrested. He later killed Brian when he was released on bail. Another example of Beck's vigilante justice is when he killed Paul Langford, a serial killer, who was targeting local girls. He went looking for Brian Palmer after he kidnapped Ella, he watched as Mac killed him in self defence. He was shot in the shoulder by former prospect, Riley Gillespie, who was then killed by Jase. Jase Weaver: Vice President of the Carolina Beach Charter. Jase in his early forties, and is originally from Nebraska. He is six-foot-one, and built of solid muscle, he has golden-brown hair, bronze stubble, and pale turqoise eyes. He is good looking, funny, confident, and smooth, and can dance. He works on his late grandfather's old '32 Ford, and has a degree in accounting. He wears light fading jeans, tight black t-shirts, a WWII era leather bomber jacket, and a charcoal gray tweed newsboy flat cap. His parents died in a boating accident when he was fifteen, and he was looked after by his grandparents whom he was close with. They have since passed, but he still feels their lost. They influenced the man he would become, he has kept his grandfather's WWII medals, and his grandmother's love of '40s music, including Bing Crosby. His grandfather was a B17 Navigator, and this inspired Jase to join the Army.  He spent twenty years in the Army, serving as a Sergeant in the Green Berets under Beckett 'Beck' Hollister for the last ten. He specialised in Intelligence, and was a skilled combat medic, having learned on the job. He particularly remembers the Spin Ghar Mountians, and they also served in South East Asia. He left the Army at the same time, and for the same reasons as Beck, and joined the Savage Kings alongside him. He was chosen to be the Vice President, of a new charter in Carolina Beach, and started working as the CFO for Beckett's renovation business. He also reached out to a former member of their unit, Carter Boyd, his best friend, who several years ago suffered a TBI from an IED, and was medically discharged, and sponsored him as a Prospect. A few years later, Carter suffered a complete mental breakdown from his TBI, and started drinking, gambling, and causing fights. Carter and his wife, Molly, got divorced, and Carter eventually committed suicide. Jase stepped up for Molly who was pregnant, because he was secretly in love with her, and felt guilty about Carter, as he got into a fight with him minutes before his death, and he hadn't defended himself. He killed Rafe Baxter, an associate of the Russian Mafia, after he came after Molly for Carter's gambling debts, and shot him in the gut. Jase and Molly eventually got together, got married, and she gave birth to a daughter, Savannah Carter Boyd. He went looking for Brian Palmer after he kidnapped Ella, he watched as Mac killed him in self defence. He later killed former prospect, Riley Gillespie, after he shot Beckett in the shoulder. Ryder later confided in him about his last deployment, before they came across a survivor of the hiking massacre. Aidan 'Mac' MacIntyre: Sergeant-at-Arms of the Carolina Beach Charter. Mac is in his mid to late thirties, and is from Edinburgh, Scotland. He is six-foot-two, with reddish-brown hair and beard, mischevious brown eyes, and a deep Scottish burr. He is a typical charming bastard, sarcastic, with a dry sense of humour, and is handy in a dicey situation. He has a big heart, is curious, masculine, strong, and confident. He is charismatic, good with kids, and a player and flirt. He smells of evergreen and spice. He drinks dark stout, plays rugby, speaks Gaelic, and tried his hand at online dating. He wears a kilt, and the MacIntyre tartan. He says things like Slàinte mhath, awright, wee, mate, ach, braw, sh*te, and ken. He is close to his sister Maggie, and her teenage daughters, Heather, seventeen, and Sophie, fifteen. He joined the 45 (four-five) Commando Royal Marines out of Arbroath, after secondary school, and became a Captain, spending fourteen years in the Royal Marines. He served in Bagram, and the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan, and often worked alongside Beckett Hollister's Green Beret unit. His best friends died in Afghanistan. During his last deployment, his girlfriend, Ginny, cheated on him and left before he came home. He spent a couple of years in Florida as a private military contractor, before being invited by Jase to join the Savage Kings. Due to having known Beckett and Jase for years, he wasn't required to go through a Prrospective period, and was made the Sergeant-at-Arms, to take over from Carter after his suicide. When he first arrived in Carolina Beach, he met Tiana Fitzgerald, and befriended her daughter, Ella. Things with Tiana started off slowly and frosty, but eventually they got together. He killed Brian Palmer in self defence, when he kidnapped Ella. Nine months later, he proposed to her in Edinburgh on Hogsmany, and they married the following June, also in Edinburgh. By Thanksgiving, Tiana was pregnant. Boyd Masterton: Patched Member of the Carolina Beach Charter. Boyd is in his late forties (48), and has short dark brown hair, graying at the temples, silver-studded beard, and vivid sharp green eyes. He has heavily tattooed forearms, and is as fit as any man half his age. He is good-looking, but a darkness clings to him. Boyd is vigilant, a loner, not very socialable, but is a good man with a quiet and reserved bearing. He wears flannel shirts, jeans, and tight t-shirts. He lives two miles outside of town, near the woods, which has led to rumours that he is a paranoid recluse. He is just comfortable being on his own. He has a son, Travis, who was a pararescueman with the Air National Guard, and is now a Prospect with the club. Boyd split with Travis' mom, very early on, and she moved around a lot to make things for Boyd difficult, and told Travis that he didn't care. This caused a strain on the relationship between father and son, until Travis was a teenage, and realised the truth. He has a rescued Corgi mixed, named Mozzie. Boyd spent more then two decades in the US Army, with twenty years service in Delta Force, serving in The Gulf War, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. His son served in the US Air Force's AFSOC as a Pararescueman. Ryder 'Ry' Locke: Prospect of the Carolina Beach Charter. Ryder is in his mid thirties (36), biracial, and Molly Weaver's cousin. He is from North Carolina, is six-foot-three, and an alcholic, his favorite poison of choice is Jack Daniels. He has dusky brown skin, dark brown eyes, closely cropped black hair, and a short, neatly trimmed goatee, that framed his mouth and chin. He has a deep, contagious booming laugh, and is charismatic, intense, and protective. He likes being out on the water, hiking, and hitting the gun range. He is also quite adept at gaming. At school he played baseball, basketball, and football. His parents divorced when he was very young, and he was raised by his single mother, and her sister, growing up he and Molly were as close as siblings. He joined the US Marines out of high school, and spent eighteen years, rising to Captain, and having served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. He was discharged after he was the only member of his unit not to be seriously wounded or killed in a single attack. He suffered from survivor's guilt, and the kindess of the bereaved families only made it worse, he started to drink heavily to drown out his demons. He kept it quiet, and settled down in Carolina Beach, before being invited to prospect by his cousin's husband, Jase Weaver. Ryder became close with his neighbour, Danae, and got her son, Finn, to open up a bit more. He opened up to Danae about his drinking, and why he did so, after he relapsed on Christmas Eve. He had Christmas dinner with her and Finn, and they kissed that night. He later confided in Jase about his last deployment, before they came across a survivor of the hiking massacre. Ryder spent the night at Danae's after she was forced to treat Josh Vanderhoff at gunpoint. Finn opened up to him about Grant, and Ryder convinced him to speak to Noah. He spent the night in the same bed as Danae, and they had sex the next day. Finn ran to him when Kyle Vanderhoff broke in and kidnapped her, they tracked her phone, and Ryder killed Kyle. He later started to attend therapy sessions regarding his PTSD. A couple of months after killing Kyle, he asked Finn for permission to marry his mom, and he said yes. When he proposed to her, Danae also said yes. Travis 'Trav' Masterton: Prospect of the Carolina Beach Charter. Travis is a Physician's Assistant, and a former Pararescueman with the US Air Force's AFSOC, and went through an advanced SERE course. He is the best friend of fellow Pararescuemen, Brandon Whittaker, and Asher Grozinski Former Members Carter Boyd - DECEASED: Sergeant-at-Arms of the Carolina Beach Charter. Carter was in his early forties, and originally from Kansas. He is huge, burly, long-haired and bearded. Before his mental health went into a downward spiral, he was fun loving, hard-working, solid, and protective, he had a wicked sense of humour, and an unflagging sense of loyalty. Everyone had loved him. He married Molly, and they had a good marriage. He served in the US Army's Green Berets under Beckett Hollister for ten years, and was tight with Jase Weaver, having gone through selection with him. Several years ago his humvee was hit by an IED, and he was caught in the blast. He was diagnosed with a TBI and was medically discharged. A few years later he and Molly settled in Carolina Beach, and he was invited by Beckett and Jase to join the Savage Kings, and started working as a project manager with the renovation company. Everything was okay for a couple of years, then Carter started to become depressed, forget things, loose his temper, and have erratic mood swings, as well as not being able to sleep. He stopped seeking professional help after he was misdiagnosed three times, and refused to attend counselling sessions. He started to blame Beckett for not keeping him in the military, and quit working for him. He also stopped coming by the clubhouse, and started to lose wieght, and drink and gamble heavily, becoming more and more angry, and having suicidal thoughts. He told Molly to get a divorce, so he wouldn't hurt her, and then he moved out. He told Molly to kill him should he come after her. Beckett and Jase tracked him down to a bar, and he told them to get lost. He also made fun of Jase's feelings about Molly. Several days later he punched a hole in the wall at his house, and Molly got a restraining order. A couple of days later, he was feeling ashamed and remorseful, and went to Molly to apologise - She asked him where he was staying, and he accused her or not caring, and ditching him. He begged her to give them a second chance, and said that he couldn't live without her. He left. She later served him divorce papers. He went to her, and they got in an argument - He grabbed her, and hit her in anger. She got away and ran off, hitting him with a branch. Carter ended up sitting in a bar, where Jase and Beckett found him - Jase attacked him, and Carter didn't defend himself - He later drove off, and sped of a cliff deliberately. His autospy revealed that he wasn't drunk or high, and that he died of a CTE.  Riley Gillespie - EXECOMUNITCATED/DECEASED: Prospect of the Carolina Beach Charter. Riley is in his early-twenties, and moved to Carolina Beach to be closer to his brother, Rob, a serving US Marine, who later died in a training accident in Afghanistan. Riley began to struggle afterwards, and was brought into the club as a prospect by Beckett - Beckett and Mac tried to help him get through the pain, but he didn't see it like that and snapped, causing Beckett to fire him from the construction business, and kick him out of the club. Riley and Troy started drinking together, and Riley talked about getting even, as he had lost his truck and home. Riley had been taught how to live of the land by his father, and Rob, and was a good shot. He took a shot at Beckett, hitting him in the shoulder, before being killed by Jase.  Old Ladies & Families Sierra 'Si' Hollister (Formerly Buchanan): Sierra is a veterinarian doctoro in her early to mid thirties. She is the younger sister of the local sheriff, Noah, and is married to Beckett Hollister. She has long chestnut brown hair, deep blue eyes, and smells of citrus. Growing up she was an awkward tomboy, and now she is confident, and driven, with a thing for waifes and strays. When she was eight, her best friend, Heather slept over at hers, and was molested by their babysitter, an 'uncle' named Tom - Noah assault Tom, and her parents cut ties with him. She has a Shepherd cross named Taffy, that she rescued. Before she met Beckett, she was a divorcee, She was attracted to Beckett immediately, and soon got into a relationship with him. She stopped him beating up Brian, a pedophile, and called her brother to arrest him.  Molly 'Moll' Weaver (Formely Boyd, and Locke): Moll is an ER nurse in her mid thirties, and is biracial. She is also the widow of Carter Boyd, the wife of Jase Weaver, mother of Savannah Carter Boyd, and the cousin of Ryder Locke. Molly has dusky brown skin, golden-green eyes, and dark spiral curls. She has a bold and vivid personality, is loyal, and has a big heart. With a husky, sultry laugh, she is a social animal, and is into yoga. She is a North Carolina native, and was raised by her single mother, and her aunt. Molly and her cousin Ryder, grew up like siblings. Her mother and grandmother never approved of her marriage with a special forces soldier. She previously worked in a busy Chicago ER. She was married to Carter for more then seven years, and they honeymooned in the Dominican Republic, before she has recently started to struggle with his deteriorating mental health, and eventually got a restraining order out on him, and filed for divorce. She learned that she was pregnant, but before she could tell Carter, he grabbed her and hit her, before chasing her out in the woods. She ran away from him, and Carter, ashamed, went to a bar, but Jase and Beckett found him. Jase started a fight with Carter, but he refused to defend himself. Carter drove off, and committed suicide by driving off a cliff. Molly was extremely upset, and fought her growing attraction to Jase. Several weeks after Carter's death, she was approached by Rafe Baxter at Carter's funeral. Rafe was owed $120,000 by Carter. Molly alerted the guys, who started protection details on her. She turned Jase down, and spent a few weeks in Charlotte, with her mother and grandmother, before returning to Carolina Beach. One night, Rafe attempted to grab her outside of the hospital, but Jase arrived. Jase followed after Rafe, and killed him, but was shot in the process. Afterwards Molly and Jase got together, and she later ended up marrying him. She gave birth to Savannah Carter Boyd a few weeks later. Savannah 'Savannah-Banana' Carter Boyd: Savannah is the biracial toddler of Moll and Jase Weaver, and the biological daughter of the deceased Carter Boyd. Tiana 'Tia-Bear' MacIntyre (Formerly Fitzgerald): Tiana is an occupational therapist in her mid thirties. She is the wife of Aidan 'Mac' MacIntyre, and is originally from Idaho. She is a fiery redhead, and a protective mama bear, who is a firecracker, and sarcastic. She has mismatched hazel and green eyes. She has a dark past, and until she got with Mac, none of her boyfriends turned out to be decent, one, Evan, was a womanising deadbeat, another was a not-so-high functioning alcoholic, and the last one, Brian, turned out to be a serial pedophile. Tiana came from a strict conserative family, who joined a polygamous religious cult, from which she escaped at seventeen, when her parents wanted her to become someone's third wife. She moved in with her aunt, Lizzie, who was twenty-nine, and had also escaped previously. She soon met Evan, an aspiring musician, who left a few weeks after Ella was born. A couple of years ago, Tiana and Ella moved to Carolina Beach, and she started to date Brian. She had no idea that he was a pedophile, and this caused her to become frosty to strangers, which included Mac. Mac befriended Ella, and was attracted to Tiana. Eventually she got with Mac, as he supported her through her legal situation with Evan, who had surprised her by wanting visitation rights, and although she hated it, Ella was happy about it. Brian kidnapped Ella, however Mac rescued her and in doing, so killed Brian in self defence. Nine months later, Mac took her and Ella to meet his family in Edinburgh on Hogsmany, there he propsed to her. They returned in June, and got married. By Thanksgiving, she learned that she was pregnant. Ella MacIntyre (Formerly Fitzgerald): Ella is the young (8-10) daughter of Tiana, and her ex boyfriend, Evan, as well as the stepdaughter of Aidan 'Mac' MacIntyre. She is very close to Beckett Hollister, and his wife, Sierra - Beckett adopted a rescue dog to make her happy, and she later confided in him when her mom's boyfriend, Brian, masturbated in front of her, while she was in the bath. She is fiesty like her mom, and absolutely loves animals, having a black and white cat named Bruce. She started to get to know her biological father, Evan, a musician in Los Angeles, when she was kidnapped by Brian, despite Evan's best attempts to fight him off. However she was rescued by her mother, Mac, Jase, and Beckett. She was overjoyed when Mac got engaged with her mother, and was beyond estatic that he was going to be her forever dad, despite having just gotten to know her biological father. She went with her mother and Mac to spend Hogsmany in Edinburgh, and that was when he proposed to her mother, and gave her a ring as well. They went back there for the wedding in June, and by Thanksgiving, Ella was excited to learn she was going to be a big sister.  Danae Sutherland: Danae is veterinian technician in her mid thirties, and the fiancee of Ryder. She is tall, and trim, five-foot-eleven, and in her mid-thirties. She has incredible blue eyes, and dark brown hair. Danae can give orders like an experienced drill sergeant. Three years ago, her husband Terry, a former US Marine, and firefighter died in a fire, things had been tough on her and her teenage son, Finn, and they have recently moved from Seattle to Carolina Beach. She met and befriended Ryder Locke, ands sympathised with his pain. She was later held hostage at the clinic, by Kyle Vanderhoff, and forced to treat his younger brother, Josh. That night, Ryder spent the night to protect her and Finn from any repeat visits from Kyle. She and Ryder spent the night in the same bed, and they had sex the next day. Danae was later kidnapped by Kyle, in order to treat Josh again, however despite her best attempts, Josh died. She was rescued when Finn and Ryder tracked her down via her phone, and Ryder killed Kyle. A couple of months later, Ryder proposed to her and she said yes. Finn Sutherland: Finn is the son of Danae, and is fifteen. Three years ago, his father Terry, died in the line of duty as a firefighter in Seattle. He is an avid gamer, and a big fan of the Seahawks. Prior to Ryder coming into their lives, he and his mom argued constantly. He befriended Phil, who took him along to hang around with Grant, a high school senior. Grant took them on drug deals, so Finn started to ignore Phil and Grant, causing Grant to shoot up his house. The night that his mother was forced to treat Josh Vanderhoff, he told Ryder about Grant. Ryder convinced him to tell Noah. He was at home when Kyle Vanderhoff broke in and kidnapped his mother - He ran and got Ryder, and they tracked his mother's phone. Ryder killed Kyle, and rescued Danae. A couple of months later he gave Ryder permission to marry his mom. Townsfolk Sheriff Noah Buchanan: Noah is a local law enforcement officer, who has befriended Beckett Hollister, whom later married his sister, Sierra. He is in his early forties, good-looking, broad-shouldered, with deep brown hair, and is solid, dependable, and fair, and took pride in his job. He's the kind of guy who couldn't be corrupted. When he was a teen he dragged 'uncle' Tom off of his sister's naked best friend, Heather, and assaulted him. Noah is a straight as they come cop, but respects the work that the Savage Kings do for the community, and works with them to protect their town. He helped smooth things over involving the incidents with Brian Palmer, Rafe Baxter, Riley Gillespie, and Kyle Vanderhoff, as well as worked with the FBI to apprehend Victor Montague. During the investigations into Victor and Kyle, he took Finn Sutherland's statement about Victor's stepson, Grant. Gus: Gus is the owner of the Sea Hag, a bar frequented by the Savage Kings. He is a former US Marine in his sixties. Isabelle: Isabelle is an older waitress at the local diner. Macy: Macy is Sierra's assistant at her veterinarian practice. Trisha: Trisha is an ER nurse. Mrs Elsie Wong: Elsie is the eighty-three year old former neighbour of Jase Weaver. She has no family, so Jase checks in on her from time to time. Troy: Troy is a local construction worker, who used to work for Beckett Hollister, before being fired because of his actions at work. He is also a veteran, and was described as being a hothead, and a heavy drinker. Beckett privately suspected he, like Carter, had a TBI. Phil: Phil was a friend of Finn Sutherland, who hanged around Grant. Finn later cut ties with Phil, after discovering that Grant was a drug dealer. Carly: Carly is Finn's girlfriend, and is in his English class. She has blue eyes, a blonde ponytail, and a gorgeous smile. Carly is nice, kind, and sweet. Before Finn and Danae moved to town, her father died sometime ago. Others Brian Palmer - DECEASED: Brian was a successful investment banker, and a serial pedophile, who was dating Tiana Fitgerald. The relationship ended when he exposed himself to Ella while she was in bath, and masturbated. He threatened to kill Tiana, if she ever told anyone. Ella later confided in Beckett and Sierra, and Beckett attacked Brian, breaking his nose, and holding him until Noah came to arrest him. Brian was released on bail, and became bitter when he lost his job. He started to drink heavily, and decided to make Tiana and Ella pay. He kidnapped Ella after she had met her biological father for the first time, but was found by Tiana, Beckett, Jase, and Mac. He was killed by Mac in a fight.  Rafe 'John' Baxter - DECEASED: Rafe was an enforcer, and loan shark for the local Russia Mafia in his late thirties. He was fair skinned, with dark hair styled perfectly, and wears jeans, dress shirt, and sunglasses. He grew up dirt poor, having to eat food from bins, and after leaving the military, he started working for the local Russian Mafia, working directly under Mick. Rafe was one of the best there was, and earned a lot of money for the organisation, however a shipment of drugs and guns worth almost $4,000,000 were siezed by the feds at a port. He has killed and tortured many people, but never children. That meant he had to pay the money back himself, and he almost did, after selling everything he owned.. He called in every debt, marker, and favour, and came after Molly Boyd, whose's deceased husband owed him $120,000. He tried several times to persuade her to give him the money, but eventually grabbed her outside of the hospital, but was forced to flee when Jase arrived. Jase chased after him, and Rafe shot him in the gut, before being shot dead in return. Glen: Glen is a former soldier, who served in the US Army's Green Berets with Beckett Hollister, Jase Weaver, and Carter Boyd. He attended Carter's funeral. Evan: Evan is the biological father of Ella MacIntyre, and has two babies from his marriage. He is a musician from Los Angeles. He left Tiana, soon after Ella was born. At his wife's pushing, he contacted Tiana, and asked for visitation rights. He was sincere, about going at it at Ella's pace, and later attempted to intervene, when she was kidnapped by Brian Palmer. Victor Montague - DECEASED: Victor is the head of the local branch of a multi-state drug and human trafficking organisation. He was later arrested, by Sheriff Noah Buchanan, and the FBI for the murders of five hikers, however he was freed by his associates during a transport. Grant Montague - Fled the State : Grant is a highschool senior, and the stepson of Victor Montague, who brought him into the organisation he worked for, running drugs, and becoming involved in human trafficking. Grant attempted to recruit Finn Sutherland, and when he started to ignore his calls, he shot at his house. He was there when Victor killed five hikers, and was later arrested by the FBI and sent to a juvenile detention. He was later released, and fled the state with his mother. Kate Montague - Fled the State: Kate is the wife of Victor, and the mother of Grant. After Victor's arrest, she cut ties with him, and was forced to sell the house. She planned to flee the state when Grant was released from juvenile detention. Kyle Vanderhoff - DECEASED: Kyle is a member of Victor's crew, and the older brother of Josh. He and Josh had hopes that Kyle would be able to attend college soon, and get out of the criminal life. Kyle was involved with the deaths of five hikers, where Josh was shot. He took him to a veterinary practice, and held the technician, Danae Sutherland hostage, until she treated Josh. They left afterwards. When Josh later worsened, he kidnapped Danae from her home and took her to treat him, however despite her attempts, Josh died. Kyle was killed by Ryder during a rescue. Josh Vanderhoff - DECEASED: Josh is a member of Victor's crew, and the younger brother of Kyle. He and Kyle had hopes that he would be able to attend college soon, and get out of the criminal life. He was shot when VIctor killed five hikers. Kyle took Josh to a veterinary practice, and forced a technician to treat his wounds. He later died of his wounds, despite Kyle having kidnapped Danae to treat him. Special Agent Dunham: Special Agent Dunham is a Federal Agent with the FBI, who was investigating the trafficking ring involving Victor Montague. Special Agent Smithers: Special Agent Smithers is a Federal Agent with the FBI, who was investigating the aftermath of Victor Montague's trafficking ring, and the murders of the hikers.  

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The missing Final part.

Rambo wasn't sure if this was even where Shanna had been taken, but there was no hunter man or beast alike that could have tracked and captured her so easily. So he had to wonder if it was some kind of drug or dart that they used to subdue her, but there would be a time for thinking of the odds and ends later; Nightfall had taken to the bog side village, and even though John was still fresh to the Savage Land he knew the kind of terrain he was on - the jungle. He's stayed in its kind of humidity and found ways to even use it against natives, so much to that they even started to give him names in their own tongue; Black military lace-ups sprinted across an opening when a ghost-painted tribesman had his back turned. Like a ghost John moved from the covering foliage to the nearest hut where a stream of light poured to the side of his face, his right arm reaching up to where he could curl his fingers around the bamboo shaft, and lifted his dark eyes up to where he could examine what was happening on the inside. Crude lighting via torch had provided those inside with minimal visibility whilst they feasted on what looked to be a human calf. John lowered his head in disgust for a moment, his stomach paining slightly at the thought of it possibly being - no he wouldn't think that. He ducked lower to where his he was down to his hands and knees, moistened muscles twitched, as he crawled through a mossy hill, and down into bog water. Waist deep in it, he parted the waterway the same way an amphibious predator moved through the water. Zabu was already moving through the upper huts to survey what was going on within, and one of the tribesmen had caught wind of another's presence lurking in the water. John muttered something in Vietnamese, as he lowered his hand to a concealed dual-sided blade inserted within the strap of his belt, and he launched forth at the investigating tribesman. The blade struck through bone and meat, and he felt his air cease from his lungs before he fell down into the water. The disturbance would stir up the natives, so John laced a thick thew around the body, and dragged him out of sight from the others, beneath one of the huts so all they saw would be the lingered churning water. Now beneath the structural beams of the hut, he ascended. Powerful hands gripped the wooden beams, as he lifted his head up and into the hole. His eyes widened when he had seen Shanna tied to the post like some helpless animal instead of the tigress he met that day on the river, utilizing his upper body strength he lifted himself out of the hole and kept himself crouched. He walked over toward her and lifted his knife up to the restraints around her wrists. Her blue eyes suddenly shot open, and Rambo turned his own to face her. "You came for me?" To which John didn't say anything, only smiled, as he drew the honed edge of his knife through the bounds of her wrists. Her arms immediately hung onto his broad shoulders, as he lowered the blade down to her ankles to sever the ties there. A cackly growl sounded from Shanna's apex predator, as the tribesman slowly began to return to the hut. Rambo watched with a fierce intensity burning through the arch of the hut. Zabu lunged upon him, a growl, a snap, and then there was silence. "I'll always come for you.." Rambo confessed, as he curled an arm around her waist, and carried her over toward the back exit of the hut. Zabu cackled happily with his consumed meal, knowing that it wouldn't be long before they found their dead brethren. Rambo felt the weight of Shanna slowly lift off of him, and she was back on her feet again. As strong as ever, she only needed a bit of help. He would always help her, and be there to defend her, and that was when Rambo arched an arrow along his bow and pulled the feathers back to his cheek. He felt the knife from his sheath removed and Shanna gripped it firmly with the blade pointed at the bottom of her fist. John coordinated well with her, knowing that the blade was in better hands, arguably his very own. When the native shouted through the camp, John knew it was either time to fight or flight - with Shanna at his side he wasn't going to retreat. The tribesman cleared the doorway and immediately an arrow released from the string of his bow, and pierced the tribesman's center mass. A spurtle of blood erupted from his lips, as he reached back to retrieve another. 


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  full name felicia sara hardy known as black catdate of birth october 31hometown new york citygender / pronouns female & she/hersexuality bisexual, biromanticoccupation thief, investigatoreducation ba in art history & history height 5'2"body type fiteye color bluehair color white / silverface claim margot robbielanguages english, spanish, french, aslpets cats; frida (black), warhol (black), van gogh (white) physical health various bullet wounds that litter her torso especially. she’s been able to reduce their appearance through plastic surgery. future problems with pregnancy in regards to high risk issues from numerous injuries to center mass.mental health paranoid personality disorder, ocd, complex ptsd, clinical depression.abilities tychokinesis (bad luck powers), claws, expert thief, olympic level athlete, olympic level acrobat, skilled martial artistequipment black cat suit, equilibrium earrings, electromagnetic contact lenses, grappling hook, whip.   chapter 0 :   prologue born to renowned cat burglar, walter hardy, one could have easily assumed that felicia’s destiny was already set in stone and that there was only one path her life could take. but when you’re raised in old money with a mother determined to have a daughter worth the family money, then maybe you’ve got a shot at life. little girl hardy was determined to make something of her life, her father her biggest cheerleader, her mother’s money supporting every whim she could ever have, and her own mind set on being a hardy that didn’t know the inside of a prison cell. it wasn’t until her world was rocked her freshman year of university that everything changed. her trust placed in the wrong boy and she found a part of her stolen, taken from her, and she had no say in it. it was in that moment that she understood her father, understood how someone could turn to a life of crime. after ryan’s attack, felicia dove into martial arts, acrobatics, and studying her father’s crimes. dead set on getting revenge, of being the one to kill ryan, felicia let herself grow cold, distant, separated from the friends she’d once held so close, her mind only focusing on one thing: killing ryan. by some sick twist of fate, her chance to get revenge was taken from her by a drunk driver but by that point, the course of her life had changed. while she completed her studies, she continued to practice, get stronger, study her father’s ways. and by the time she graduated she was ready to carry on the hardy name.  chapter 1 :   relationship w. spider-man felicia had been the bad girl for years. there had never been anything in her that wanted to be good. with her mother’s money, her father’s talents, and her own determination there was nothing in the world she couldn’t do if she wanted to. rob the louvre? check. infiltrate the met gala? check. fall in love? with the wrong man more times than she could count. but spider-man was good. after what she’d been through with ryan, it had taken her a long time to trust. but there was something about the webslinger that made her want to prove herself to him, made her want to be good enough for him. in an effort to show him that she could be good, felicia learned that kingpin possessed a detonator that the owl planned to use to hold new york hostage. doctor octopus, on the other hand, planned to use it to destroy the entire city instead. felicia was able to do what she did best and steal the detonator, passing it onto spider-man for safe keeping, putting her directly in doc ock’s crosshairs. despite the fact that spider-man was able to detach ock’s arms, ock was still able to control them with his mind, holding felicia hardy tight while his men opened fire. it would be the first time of many that she’d take a bullet or a dozen for the spider. the incident scarred her, forcing her to realize that she was not a superhero, that she wasn’t graced with powers that spider-man had. all she had was her own strength and her stunts. felicia worried that she would be a liability, that in the end the spider’s need to protect her would ultimately result in his death. she began to seek out a way to strengthen herself, reaching out and being rejected by both the avengers and fantastic four. eventually she was offered a chance to undergo a process similar to the scorpion. only after she’d undergone the procedure was she informed that her new powers were courtesy of the kingpin. mortified, felicia kept her secret from her lover, believing that she would be able to keep her abilities from him. however, unbeknownst to her, the kingpin had planned for her powers to bleed onto spider-man, causing numerous accidents and permanently jinxing him. when informed by doctor strange of the permanent bad luck aura that surrounded him, he rightly assumed that it was connected to felicia, incorrectly believing that she had done this on purpose. strange removed the jinx but the damage was done to his trust in felicia. their relationship was not to last and in an effort to protect her heart and his reputation, she fled to europe for a time, effectively putting her time with spider-man behind her.  chapter 2 :   bad luck powers when felicia was offered a deal that seemed too good to be true, she was desperate to protect spider-man. she quickly agreed to a process that was guaranteed to give her powers on top of her acrobatic abilities. it was supposed to be a dream come true. and at first it was. she began to notice that the world around her had trouble hurting her, that she was practically untouchable. she should have known that it wouldn’t last when she realized that her powers came from the kingpin, one of her lover’s enemies. her bad luck began to wear off on spider-man, marking him with an aura that brought on accident after accident and it was evident that it would eventually kill him. this was quickly confirmed by doctor strange who was able to completely remove the powers from her… resulting in the aura fading from spider-man. a small price to pay to be sure that he survived. but she was spoiled. she needed her powers, had to have them back. and so she sought out doctor tramma, determined to get back what she’d lost. tramma was able to graft a quantum probability pulsator under her skin, a scar that she’s able to wave away as one of her many bullet wounds. this pulsator allows her to affect probability fields of those in her line of sight. improbable, but not impossible, things would happen if you found yourself on the wrong side of her powers as she was, finally, fully in control of her own luck. that wasn’t all she was given. she asked for something more physical, something that would work if someone got a little too close for comfort. she was implanted with claws similar to those of wolverine, claws that extended from her nail beds to resemble the claws of a cat. unbreakable.  chapter 3 :   queenpin felicia had watched her father fall. she remembered clearly the day he was put behind bars and even clearer was the night she broke him out of prison and brought him home to die in his own bed with his family surrounding him. she didn’t want to become him, didn’t want to turn into that version of her father. she wanted to retire, wanted to gather her things together, get her life in order and retire to some place with a beach, a spa, and no extradition treaty with the united states because who knew what they would find on her after she disappeared. in what was to be one of her final heists, she crossed paths with spider-man, not knowing that he was doc oc in the spider’s body. in an act of what he considered heroics, doc oc attacked her and left her for the police to find. her fortune, her home, her winnings were repossessed and the entire criminal underworld turned its back on her. she was left with nothing. vengeful, brokenhearted, hurt, and angry, felicia allied herself with electro inside of prison. this alliance allowed her to escape when electro destroyed the penitentiary. deadset on revenge, felicia gave up being a simple cat burglar, instead taking on the role of a crime boss. after attacking spider-man (now peter parker once again) during a press conference, felicia finally had the underworld’s attention. she broke ties with electro after his abilities were stripped from him and began putting together her own gang of criminals who would help her climb to crime world royalty. she bought out the bar with no name, setting up a base of operations that could be constantly surveyed by her own security team and became a safe space for her to conduct business that included an alliance with hammerhead with the goal of taking down spider-man. her plans, however, were disrupted with the appearance of diamondback who was determined to make a name for himself. initially, he attempted a business proposal with felicia only to be shot down. this resulted in her being near fatally injured due to her refusal as diamondback produced a gun and shot her well over a dozen times. luck would once again be on her side as she was rescued by the defenders and quickly taken to a local hospital. upon waking, felicia fled to recover in the safety of her own gang and to avoid arrest. while recovering, she attended an event hosted by mayor wilson fisk, an event that ended up being a ruse to gather all crime bosses in the same place at once resulting in her arrest once again. placed in a holding cell on rikers island, she was released by deputy mayor matt murdock on the condition that she helped with the battle against the hand. she also assisted in the defender’s fight against diamondback, knocking him out with several shots of a high powered rifle. felicia was once again arrested as the hood stepped up to fill the void that diamondback had left behind. crafty and cunning as always, felicia hardy negotiated her release in exchange for the hood’s whereabouts and plans.  chapter 4 :   venom inc & turning over a new leaf after negotiating her release, felicia went straight back to her bar and gathered her troops, determined to take over the underworld as the queenpin of all queenpins. however, she was completely unaware of a plan to take over her and her men. lee price had lost the venom symbiote to eddie brock, but he was dead set on getting a symbiote back. he was able to steal the mania symbiote from andi benton. he forced pieces of the symbiote onto the faces of small time criminals to control them, creating his own gang, inklings. once he was sure he had enough members to take her own, he went after black cat and her crew. he used his control over felicia to enter into a meeting for the top crime families in new york, hoping to use his symbiote to rise to the top of the list. his plan was foiled when spider-man and anti-venom caught wind of lee’s operations. in the ensuing fight, felicia used what was left of her free will to come into contact with anti-venom, freeing herself from mania’s control. she quickly joined forces with venom to get their hands on samples of weapons from alchemax with anti-venom properties that they needed to save spider-man who had fallen under maniac’s control. when the two made their way to lee, felicia soon learned that those who had already escaped mania’s control were now immune to its possession. using this knowledge, after freeing spider-man, they were able to quickly dispatch lee, halting his plan in its tracks. after lee price’s defeat, felicia considered her feud with spider-man over, realizing that they were able to still work together. however, she wasn’t quite ready to give up her position as a crime boss. upon returning to her bar, she realized that because she had been so easily taken over by mania, she had lost her clout and the majority of her followers. eddie brock, seeing this, suggested that she try to look at it as a fresh start, a chance to give up being a crime boss and becoming a vigilante once again. angry, she dismissed this, refusing to acknowledge eddie as anything other than a monster. it took time, but felicia eventually gave up on being a queenpin. she let go of the lease of the bar with no name and joined the thieves guild, becoming one of their top operatives and quickly setting herself up with a casino as her base of operations and a penthouse in a skyscraper. it became a life she could get used to until odessa drake made it known that she and the guild would be stealing the equipment of the avengers. recognizing that this equipment was necessary to protect innocent lives, she reached out to spider-man, suggesting they team up to get it back. despite being caught by odessa blake, felicia’s actions cemented her once again as a morally grey vigilante who would typically choose what was best for the greater good and herself. after helping to return the equipment to their rightful owners, she joined spider-man on a rooftop. there, she confessed that part of her spiral had been because she couldn’t remember his face or his name. she could remember loving him and could remember that she had once known who he was. but everything else was a hole in her memory. in response to her emotional confession, spider-man revealed himself to her as being peter parker, rekindling a friendship that she would grow to greatly appreciate.  chapter 5 :   insomniac finding herself back in her old life, felicia was happier than she had been in years. being on her own, planning heists on her own terms, having a small team that she could count own, planning heists on her own terms, having a small team that she could count own, and being able to rely on spider-man had her feeling more confident than she had in a long time. however, because of her abandonment of the bar with no name and because she had dropped all of her followers, she found herself on hammerhead’s sh*t list. desperate to get him off of her back, she enlisted the help of spider-man, conning him into helping her get into hammerhead’s safe to get all of the information she could ever need to keep him off of her trail. she had planned on being caught, had planned on hammerhead’s crew coming after her and not spider. using her bad luck powers, she was able to fake her death in the explosion of one of her hideouts, throwing hammerhead and his crew off of her scent. after laying low for a few weeks, she made herself known to peter, apologizing for having to lie to him and fake her death. she provided him with the information he needed to take hammerhead down and went back into hiding, resurfacing only after spider-man successfully took down hammerhead with the help of silver sable. after hammerhead’s fall, felicia gathered her team together again and continued her vigilante ways.  chapter 6 :   epilogue : key notes walter hardy is dead. the side mission in which peter parker learns of walter’s deception is not canon to this blog. felicia did not lie to peter about having a son. they have not had a sexual relationship in years at this point. felicia is not a bad guy in the general sense. she leans towards good but typically does what’s best for her.

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@import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url('[email protected]&display=swap'); /* scrollbar properties */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 5px; width:2px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 7px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color: #d3cab8; border: 2px solid #4a3f41; height:5px; width:5px; } h1 { font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif; font-size:35px; line-height:30px; padding:0px 2px 5px 2px; color:#d6a57e; margin:0px 0px 1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bolder; text-align: center; letter-spacing:-2px; word-wrap:2px; } h1 span{color:#d5b4a1; text-transform: lowercase; font-weight: lighter; font-style:italic; font-size:45px;} h1 span2{color:#4d4a4d;} serpent juliet โ™” betty cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins xtra xtra xtra Question...? Did you ever have someone kiss you in a crowded room And every single one of your friends was making fun of you But fifteen seconds later they were clapping too? Then what did you do?Did you leave her house in the middle of the night? Oh Did you wish you'd put up more of a fight, oh When she said it was too much? Do you wish you could still touch her? It's just a question "Did you ever have someone kiss you in a crowded room." The kind words she used to make her request were superfluous under any other set of circumstances, yet she used them to get his assent and consent that he would still be ready to stay by her side for as long as she needed his assistance. It was so alien to her, and it was also strange for them since their typical rhythm consisted of one moving in time with the other, but now it was replaced with timid touches and hesitancy. It was a matter of learning limits, lines of comfort that no longer followed past norms, and neither party was privy to any form of guide that could tell them when the other was being pushed too far.As he put the blanket over Betty, she reached out and took hold of it, curling her hand into the fabric as she pulled it close to her body. Even as exhaustion threatened to pull her under the wave of dreamless sleep, his thumb repeated comforting circles on the back of her hand. This served as a small reminder of his presence, even as exhaustion threatened to pull her under the wave. This finally forced her body into the regeneration it so desperately needed. Betty positioned his arm over her head for protection and pulled him close to her so that they were pressed up against each other with just a blanket between them. His comments were kind, taking into account not just the frailty of her body but also the exhaustion that had set in, and she took solace in the affection that was audible in his tone of voice.She merely nodded, unsure of whether she would be able to rest, at least now that they'd managed to find their way back to one another. Her mind raced through the countless nights she'd lay awake in the guest bed, forcing herself awake to punish herself for living her waking nightmare. Now that they'd found their way back to one another, she couldn't help but think about all those nights. Sleep had been a relief from her suffering, a respite from the truth that she wouldn't allow herself to acknowledge. However, now Betty was less in control of her mission of self-loathing as he gradually brought her back away from the brink of ruin."Just don't leave..." Her remarks were a groggy echo of the urgent appeal that she'd pleaded with him to hear in the kitchen. She took a deep and unsteady breath to calm her anxiety, and then she finally allowed herself to shut her eyes. She could feel the stinging behind her eyelids from the remains of her tears and the lack of rest she had been getting for so many weeks.She started counting the circles each time his thumb made a pass over the smooth skin on the back of her hand. Each of these breaths was in time with the linked exchange of air in both of their lungs as their breaths slowed in harmony with one another. Betty didn't realize how rapidly she was losing count, and she doesn't recall falling asleep; she was overcome by a profound and dead slumber while he held her.Betty jolted awake in their bed, taking frantic gasps of anxiety as her eyes scanned the dark room. Strands of her hair were adhering with perspiration to her forehead due to the combination of Jughead's body heat and the cocooning effect of the blanket that was wrapped around her. She did not even become aware that she had been sleeping until several hours later, when she suddenly awakened with a surprising shock and realized that she had been sleeping. And every single one of your friends was making fun of you,

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