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12/06/2022 03:46 PM 

Kim Jewl

Name: Kim JewlNicknames: JewlSex: FemaleLover:NooneAge: 27Sibling:Kim Namjoon (BTS)Sexual Orientation/Preference: Bi-sexualPersonality:BubblyDrugs/Alcohol: No/Yes


12/06/2022 01:21 PM 

Like It's Christmas.

@import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url('[email protected]&display=swap'); /* scrollbar properties */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 5px; width:2px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 7px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color: #d3cab8; border: 2px solid #4a3f41; height:5px; width:5px; } h1 { font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif; font-size:35px; line-height:30px; padding:0px 2px 5px 2px; color:#d6a57e; margin:0px 0px 1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bolder; text-align: center; letter-spacing:-2px; word-wrap:2px; } h1 span{color:#d5b4a1; text-transform: lowercase; font-weight: lighter; font-style:italic; font-size:45px;} h1 span2{color:#4d4a4d;} serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins xtra xtra xtra Like It's Christmas The snow on the ground, love in the air The sleigh bells are ringing This is what it's all about The fire is warm, the angels are singingAnd I don't wanna miss a single thing Don't wanna put end to all this cheer But as long as you're with me, it's always the time of the year "You make every day feel like it's Christmas" When she saw Jughead standing there, the grin that was already on her face got even brighter, and she found herself unable to resist going forward and planting a brief kiss on his lips."I never claimed to be Santa...although I Perform have an outfit from when Veronica had us do the mean girls dance a few years ago," Betty said. "I will give you other kinda presents later, though."She entered the room while carrying one of the bags over her shoulder and waved to the other family members as she did so. She could make out some Christmas music coming from the kitchen in the background. She was still determining whether or not she should place her presents under the tree. She walked directly to the candles, and after lighting them, Betty let them rest on the sofa.She then let out a sigh of relief as she could untie the scarf around her neck and kick off her boots since both of her arms were now free. When the blonde saw Jughead starting a fire in the distance, she couldn't help but break into a grin. He is constantly aware that she is chilly. As she took a good look at the pile, she couldn't help but wonder if she had gone a bit overboard with the number of presents she had purchased for the Jones family this holiday season. She had been looking forward to giving presents to everyone in the Jones family. A handful of the boxes that contained FP's belongings included band shirts, CDs that Jughead had assisted her in selecting, and a few button-down outfits that her mother said would make him look nice ( not that Betty chose to give that too much thought ). Larger boxes had clothing for her mother, some of which hadn't even been released to the public in shops yet (thanks to Veronica).But what about Jughead? She had decided on a few well-bound notebooks for his writing, and a watch that she was certain would suit him precisely until she was wrapping presents with Veronica. During that time, she changed her mind about both of these gifts. Betty had never been too emotional, but she envied her best friend's present for Archie despite the fact that she had never been overly sentimental. Because of this, she had done something like for her own partner by purchasing a cashmere blue sweater and sewing an intricately inscribed charm into one of the sleeves. She felt that a heart would have been too much for even her to handle at the time. The message that was included with the gift said that it was given "so that you'll always have a piece of me with you," and it was, without a doubt, the present that she was most excited to watch him open." Merry Christmas, Juggie, "After a night of having to deal with her own family, she murmured it gently as she tiptoed across the wooden floor to wrap her arms around him securely. She savored the calm that even the simplest gesture offered her and reveled in the fact that it had delivered it to her."Something here smells impressive, Jones. "Her first plan was to have some coffee; she had already finished the first cup of coffee on the way there. However, she could not resist the wine's lure when she saw it, so she ended up drinking some of that instead. She entered the kitchen and filled up a cup with whatever beverage was available. Feelin' like the first thing on your wishlist,


12/06/2022 12:37 PM 

An Ending

A flurry of action followed by inaction was the best way to describe what was meant to last a few months but had subsequently bled into years. Not that it was anything the sullen artist was unaccustomed to. He preferred it that way, his bursts of creativity could be exhausting and were always followed by a period of rest. That wasn’t the case of late however. He wasn’t able to create anything beyond the conceptual sketches in the pad he always carried with him. The lack of creation had to do with all the travel he’d had to do. It was all to do with a person for whom he’d been searching. At long last word had come because even in the age of technology when it seemed it should be easy to find someone it could still be difficult. At long last however it seemed the search was over or at least very near to it having followed the trail all the way back to Tokyo. He sat now at the kitchen table, a half empty cup of coffee and his phone sitting before him. Again he was waiting for word. Prior to coming he’d already set a plan in motion. Wren and Bella had come with him on this trip. He had a showing at his own gallery here. He was able to use that as a reason to ask his other closest friend to join him. In public not much was known about his family problems. The problem being his sister and her whereabouts. He would explain it all when he knew more but he had reason to believe an intervention would be required and the biggest concern besides her welfare was that of her child. Right now he had to wait for that call that would hopefully tell him where his baby sister was.  It didn’t take long considering the time he’d put into looking. Within minutes of sitting there the phone rang. He reached down and lifted it pressing the screen to answer.  “Hello?” He spoke quietly. His friend and her child still slept in the next room. Still adjusting after their trip from Boston. He listened for a moment to the voice on the other end before nodding his head. “I understand. Thank you for your hard work.” He simply replied before putting the phone back down. It struck him again how life can change in the blink of an eye. A pathway can be set only to abruptly come to a dead end and now all he could do was laugh.  All this time chasing Emiri across the globe physically and virtually and it all ended with one phone call. There would be no intervention as she was beyond that now. She’d been found unconscious on the bathroom floor of a childhood friend of hers. Her young child was sound asleep in the bed they were borrowing for the night. No… there would be no intervention but another type of gathering.  He now regretted his last show when he’d met with his old friend and an ex as well as mutual friend of Emiri. He hadn’t explained a thing. Hadn’t told him how erratic she’d been these past few years. How he’d argued with her, struggled to get her help. At least to get her back at his own side so he could take care of his baby sister and her child. Of course to no avail or perhaps he wouldn’t be here now in this mess. It was really too late to regret and pointless besides. That path was over and yet he still had so much left to do, so much to plan.  


12/06/2022 11:42 PM 


since the pandemic, travis had felt almost invincible. he'd beaten the virus, as well as kept up with the sharp increase in clientele. what hadn't survived was his inventory. most of the coffins sold at king's funerals were hand-crafted, but he'd buried so many during that time that it exhausted his entire stock. he'd even had to outsource and buy a few, and he was still struggling to keep up.with a little free time on his hands, he'd decided to work on his orders and fire up the ol' sander. a little time turned into a few hours, and before he knew it the clock read 2 AM.he could hear the building's back door open and close, at first thinking nothing of it. it was bo coming in to clock out, or maybe lee had forgotten something. . . but steps started to slowly descend the staircase, and a thick, eerie presence weighed down the air around the mortician.there was only one man travis knew that carried an energy this potently dreadful.the footsteps neared, that draining feeling only intensifying until it peaked as the door to the cluttered workshop popped open. a tall, unsettling looking man with sharp features and unforgiving golden eyes stepped inside, not bothering with pleasantries. he was dressed in an expensive looking, exquisitely tailored suit, his hands tucked into the pockets. "mister king.""mister morrison! you know, i've been so g'damn busy, i forgot to--""save it. i have no time for your excuses. it has been three months, mister king. you're lucky i have not shut your little sh*t show down," morrison practically hissed, taking a step closer. his eyes almost appeared to be glowing, gaze resting upon the other male's, waiting for him to meet it.travis absolutely would not look him in the eye under any circumstances. he wasn't normally one to shy away from eye contact, but he had learned the hard way that this guy was. . . different. there was something about his stare. it was fire and ice. piercing. hypnotizing. it unlocked some ancient, primal fear within him, and he often found himself in a state of shock. trapped within his own body, unable to look away. he kept partially fixated on his work; any excuse to keep his head down, "yer right. m'sorry. i don't have all of it, but i got mo--""i am the r e a s o n you are here. i have made your dreams a reality. without me, you wouldn't be running this business. you would be buried here." another step closer, now only a couple feet away, dress shoe tapping on the concrete floor. his accent was strange. travis had never been able to place it."just wait here, elias. i'll go get--""you will go get a l l o f i t. do you think i'm an idiot? you somehow have all of this money for drugs. money to gallivant around to every bar in town. money to gamble away. . . where is my money, travis? look at me." burning golden gaze hadn't wavered. he hadn't blinked, voice dripping with rage."i'm only a coulpe thousand short," still absently sanding away at the side of a coffin, "if you give me 'til noon tomorrow, i'll drop it off to your assistant.""I said look at me," tone had changed, now almost inhuman. it was as if a thousand screaming voices were trying to escape from behind it. a vice grip took hold of the mortician's arm and yanked him around so the two of them were face to face, his free hand balling into a fist that was driven hard into concave abdomen, just below his ribcage.travis doubled over, wheezing, but he was brought back up by long, spidery fingers that gripped his face and drew him closer. morrison leaned in so closely that his lips nearly grazed his underling's ear as he spoke. "this is not the first time you and i have had this conversation. . . but it will be the last. tomorrow, at noon, if you haven't paid me. . . i am taking another toe -- in fact, from this day forward, in lieu of this same boring, repeated conversation, each time, you will lose another."he still hadn't recovered from that first blow, having a hard time finding his breath, but he still refused to meet those eyes."keep that in mind, mister king." digits slipped back into the pocket of his slacks, wrapping around something concealed. he could feel the level of panic in his victim rise once he'd realized, but it was too late.before travis could utter a word of protest, a stout knife had plunged into his gut and all of the air was sucked out of him once again.elias released him, allowing his limp form to hit the floor, blade slipping out in the process. a puddle of blood was quickly expanding over the hard surface. the strangled sound his prey had made was almost a cause for arousal.  "clean yourself up, doctor," he spat, "i'll see you tomorrow."with that, he made his exit, wiping blood away with a handkerchief, leaving travis to pick up the pieces.


12/06/2022 09:37 PM 

Welp, I tried.

All night long Emilia couldn’t sleep. Sweat covered clothes cling to her body making it hard for her to get comfortable. Her hair stuck to her face itching and irritating her. Frustrated, she kicked her feet in bed and groaned loudly causing the snoring dog beside her to growl in his sleep. Her hand moved to gently pet him and soothe him. Every part of her wanted to deny it, but the truth of the matter was that she knew exactly what was wrong with her. She had tried hard to keep the urge that plagued her mind under wraps, keeping the devil tucked deep below, but there was no more hiding. A monster was inside of her and it demanded a victim. Staring out the window, she watched as dew mist formed into dew drops causing little streaks in it. Through it, she could see the sun just barely peeking up above the horizon. She took a deep breath in. She hadn’t even slept a wink the night before. Not even the weed she smoked could help calm the monster. The only thing that would soothe it enough for her to be able to rest properly was blood. Getting out of bed, she left her fluffy son sleeping. She walked into the kitchen, hands twitching. Reaching for her kettle, she figured she was going to try to fix herself some herbal tea to soothe the need and hunger that was beginning to build within her. She filled the pot and placed it on the lit stove. Pacing in her kitchen,she waited for the howl from the spout to let her know it was done. She walked up and down, back and forth, inside and out. She walked so much in such a short time she could probably give you every little detail of the floor with her eyes closed. Gulping, she stood for a moment tapping her foot trying anything to keep her from the dark recesses of her mind. In her mind played a movie, one more twisted and darker than you’d ever seen on the silver screen. If she closed her eyes, it was as if she was there in the moment. Her heart beating out of her chest, the screams, the blood, the groans, and finally the body. She needed the thrill of the kill, but she was trying to change. She so desperately wanted to ignore the feeling bubbling deeply within the pit of her belly. The kettle screamed and in her mind she imagined it being a helpless victim. She could see it so clearly. Some unknown person tied to the table before her. Her hands reached out expecting to fall into a blood covered wound, but the only thing she was met with was air. A disappointed frown met her face as she was sent back to reality. She hurriedly walked to the stove, her mind desperately trying to avoid the dark images that plagued it. Pouring her a cup, she then reached for a tea bag, but there on the counter was her butcher’s block. Her hands reached for one of the blades as if she had no control over it. Pulling on out, she turned it over in her hand the light from the rising sun catching it. Looking towards the ceiling, she could see a rainbow shimmer on it. It was a beacon… calling her to fill her deep desires. She stood there for a moment relishing the feel of the knife in her hand, her body aching to walk through that door. Just before her legs could move, she slammed the knife on the counter desperate to ignore the feeling. “NO!” She screamed and quickly grabbed a tea bag and cup trying her best to get far away from the knife set’s call. After pouring herself some boiling water, she walked back to her room to keep far away from the knives that she wanted to play with once more. Sitting against her head board, she rubbed the still sleeping fur ball beside her. She sipped her tea trying to calm her racing mind. Her hands wrapped around the mug tightly clinging to it wanting to replace the coldness she felt within herself with some kind of warmth. The heat from the mug relaxed her hands a bit, but it also made her mind wander. Without warning, her eyes closed and the heat from the mug became warm blood from a dying body. In her mind, she played in it. Loving the feeling, she kept shoving her hand back into the wound desperate for more. Frustrated, she sent the cup flying across the room. Screaming, she closed her eyes, but all she saw was red. “F***!” The sound of the shattering glass pulled her from her darkest desires. Sighing heavily, she walked to her bathroom to grab a towel. There on the counter in her bathroom lay her garter. In it, her knife remained. Her hand instantly went for the small dagger. She held it, her heart racing, her mind being consumed with her darkest desires. She slowly ran a finger over the sharpened blade watching as it pressed a dent into her skin. She knew there was no point in fighting it. There was no point in trying to deny it. She needed a kill. Her body wouldn’t let her rest until she did. She quickly slipped the garter on her thigh before walking, throwing her hair up in a messy bun and brushing her teeth. Slipping on her tennis shoes, she headed for the door. She couldn’t control it anymore. If she did try, she would go completely mad. She needed to hear the screams, she needed to feel something. The only way to feel something was to give in. Closing her door behind her, she went on her merry way looking for a victim to play with. She fought it for as long as she could, but there was no fighting it anymore. “Welp…” She said heading into the foggy morning light. “I tried..”


12/06/2022 06:06 PM 

The Obituary

Name : Wednesday Addams   Age: 16-20 (plot dependant)   Occupation: student/writer   Family:    Morticia Addams (mother) Gomez Addams (Father) Pugsley Addams (brother) Fester Addams (Uncle) Thing (distant relative/friend) Lurch (butler)     Personality :    Wednesday is a deadpan and gloomy young woman with an obsessive fascination with death and macabre. A lot of it can be connected to her psychic abilities and connection to the dead. She is highly intelligent and has a tendency to push people away, much more preferring to indulge in her writing and odd interests.   Powers and abilities :   Psychic - Wednesday experiences powerful visions from past and present, usually when she touches an object or person. Fencing  Martial Arts Acrobatics Multilingualism          || Due to the nature of this character, if you get offended by anything she says or does, that’s on you. ||

🔪 ʙᴀᴅᴀss ᴄʜᴇғ 🔪

12/06/2022 02:33 PM 

🔪👨‍🍳 Badass Chef's Rules 🔪👨‍🍳
Current mood:  blissful


💋🌹 єя'ѕ вαявιє 🌹💋

12/05/2022 11:07 PM 

💋🌹 Er's Barbie's Rules 🌹💋
Current mood:  accomplished


Demonic Pursuit

12/05/2022 11:28 PM 

ghost of you.

As he said it, she recalled her last words to him through bleeding lips: that she loved him. In her memory, the events preceding up to her death were still relatively hazy, but as he said it, she remembered them. She had always had a love for Scott. "Scott, you were not required to repeat what you just said. I knew you love me." As she settles into her seat on the sofa and focuses her attention on the werewolf in front of her, who seems to be more concerned by the situation than she is, she murmurs the words. "Water... water would be excellent. Really impressive. I don't know, maybe more than a glass? I really feel like I could down many gallons of this."Probably nothing out of the ordinary, considering that she had been deceased for a few years. When they were so close to touching, it made her want to reach out, grasp his hand, and pull him back down alongside her. Her heart sprang into her chest. Even when unsure of what is happening in her body, she can always rely on him to keep her grounded since he is her anchor. She grabs the water jug and guzzles down an absurdly large quantity of liquid, which would be funny if it weren't for the fact that she had just recently returned from the afterlife. After a few seconds have passed, she pulls the jug away from her mouth and raises a brow in question as she looks back up at him."To tell you the truth... I really have no idea. It's as if something inside my skull is battling with my existing ideas and telling me that I have to harm someone, specifically that I have to hurt you. It's almost as if there's a war going on. It actually causes my hands to itch because I want to do it, but I know I can't. Right now, I am able to fight it, but I don't know how long I will be able to. Perhaps similar to how you felt when you saw the full moon for the first time. Perhaps not even that terrible, I don't know, I just... I don't want to do harm to anybody, but I get the feeling that I could." Allison is not a crier, so she does her best to avoid the tears of frustration that are welling up in her eyes. Even though she knows she is more resilient than that, she still can't prevent the tears from streaming down her cheeks. " Scott... " her voice is low and trembling as her chocolate-colored eyes wander over his form. He seems to be far older than she recalled and more powerful, if that is even conceivable.The intrusive and hostile thoughts stop for a little while, and the only emotion left is love, along with the strong desire to keep him near and never let go of my grasp. She cautiously comes inside, moving closer to him than is strictly required as she takes in the comfortable tranquility of his presence. "I need your help, Scott; I think there's something wrong with me. Something within my skull is telling me to do harm to other people, and I have no idea what to do about it... what if I cause harm to you?" It is the first time she has confided to anybody that she is not the same and that the thought frightens her. Allison isn't meant to be timid or weak; she shouldn't be afraid of the things that are going through her head. However, Scott is the one who pulls it out in her and makes her feel more human than she has since the day she woke up in the graveyard, shivering and bewildered.  created by creativian


12/05/2022 11:23 PM 


Bowie had never felt more alone than she did right now. She had lost so much in her life and just continued to lose people. Despite being surrounded by people she still felt alone. Right now she wasn’t sure why she was even in town anymore... probably because it was home and had always been home. Travelling is good for a while, but it wasn’t something she could do forever. She wished she could escape for a while but she always seemed to run away. Staying was painful though. Right now she was just existing but she wasn’t living. Everyday was a struggle. She felt numb. It was hard just putting one foot in front of the other. But she was carrying on. She had to try... after returning home from work she made herself a coffee and sat down on the couch. A knock was then heard at the door. It was a surprise since she wasn’t expecting anyone. Getting up she opened the door and was greeted by a familiar face. “What are you doing here Ryan?” She asked her ex. “I'm here because you can't accept what I've done. It broke you. "  he said. “What do you even care? I’ve lost you multiple times, another time doesn’t make a damn difference” she stated, her anger clearly audible. “But I didn’t tell you I was leaving this time. I just left without a word because I’m a coward. I thought leaving would be the best thing for you, but after hearing about how you’ve been acting lately I realise I was wrong” he said to her. “Who’s been talking about me huh?” She questioned. “That doesn’t matter. I came back because I need you to know I’m sorry. I’m sorry how everything ended. I’m sorry for what I did...” he paused for a moment. “I know you still love me but you need to let me go. I’m not the man for you. You need to move on. Allow yourself to be happy. Allow yourself to love. Don’t hide away or close yourself off. Be happy Bowie. You deserve happiness. I won’t be around anymore. Give you the space to be able to move on. I love you and I set you free” he said before walking away from her life again.

𝔹𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜 𝔽𝕒𝕚𝕣𝕪

12/05/2022 10:47 PM 

MMM: The Ice Summoner

"The Ice Summoner"“Anna, you can't keep coming here..” Elsa whispered gently as she let her sister in through the small wooden door of the cabin she had hidden inside. Her ice-blue eyes washed over the redhead, drinking in her features as though she had not seen her in months. After a few short moments, the blonde stepped away from her sister, moving towards the firepit to throw another log onto the dying flame, poking the embers until they drew back from death, bursting to life like a Phoenix reborn. The cold didn’t bother her, but she knew that like most ‘normal’ people, Anna would feel it and she hardly wished to be responsible for her sister freezing to death.“I can’t let you starve..” Anna’s cheerful tone seemed out of place in the darkness and gloom of the secret cabin, but Elsa wouldn’t have expected any less from her sister who was always full of sunshine. “I wish you’d come home. Mother and Father would never give you up to the drüskelle, you know that. You’d be safe at home.”Elsa frowned and shook her head, anxiety filling her almost as soon as the word ‘drüskelle’ fell from her sister’s lips. Ice coated her fingers, turning them crystalline white. Elsa brushed them down on her dress.The problem with always being full of sunshine and optimism was that sometimes foolish statements would spill from Anna’s lips without thought. Of course, Anna believed that things would be that simple, that Elsa could simply hide away at home, protected by her mother and father, that she wouldn't be hunted like a dog by those she had grown up around, that she wouldn’t be killed for being how she had been born. With a sigh, Elsa moved back toward her sister and took the small basket Anna handed over to her. It was filled with items that she had gathered from the household kitchen, breads and meats and sweet cakes. Anna never brought too much food with her, always wanting reasons to visit as much as possible, so it was usually filled with enough food to get Elsa through the next four or five days.“The drüskelle can be very persuasive, Anna. I’ve seen the evidence of their.. methods” Elsa swallowed, grimacing slightly as memories of charred bodies hanging from the trees filled her mind. She had witnessed them so many times on her way into the mountains, poor families who were simply trying to hide the children they loved who had been born with Grisha blood from those who couldn’t bear people who were different. She wouldn't wish that on her worst enemy, let alone her family. “I would never subject any of you to that.”Elsa was unfortunate enough to be one of those children, the ones ‘gifted’ with summoning powers, but she was certain that others like her were rare. She was an ice summoner, possibly the only one of her kind. Living in Fjerda, she had spent her life in fear of being discovered by the drüskelle, of being dragged to the ice court for a trial she would never win. Gloves had protected her for the formative years of her life, but as she grew older, her powers grew stronger and soon the gloves were not enough to keep her hidden. When she was of an age when she was expected to join Jerjanik to find a husband, she knew she could not remain in her home, and no man would keep her power a secret, not the way her family did. She began to feign illness, and while her parents faked her death, Elsa escaped to a cabin miles from the nearest town, lost to the whiteness of snow and ice, as far north as she could get before the snow became too thick to take another step. Using her power, Elsa had protected her sanctuary, surrounding it with swirling winds of ice that would prevent anyone who didn’t want to die from coming near. The only time those winds ceased was when she expected a visit from Anna.“I’m just trying to protect you.”“You don’t have to protect me” Anna protested “I’m not afraid!”“But you should be, Anna. We both should—“ the blonde-haired witch paused, sensing the presence of someone unwelcome and unexpected. A stranger. A threat. Turning her ear towards the small window, she listened to the sounds from outside. The wind howled gently against the glass, the wood of the cabin walls creaking from the strain of standing against such gusts and then... the crunch of snow. Anna had been followed."Hide.." Elsa hissed to Anna, grabbing her arm as she moved her towards the bedroom "Stay quiet. Don't come out". As Anna began to protest, Elsa placed her hand over her sister's mouth, shaking her head. "Stay here. Please." Her eyes pleaded, and it seemed to be enough to get Anna to agree. Without another word, Elsa left and moved towards the front door, pulling it open. Her eyes scanned the vast whiteness, searching for the footprints of their visitor. Snow was falling heavily, and any evidence of an intruder was quickly being hidden away. Elsa barely had time to seek any out when she heard a low voice against the wildness of the wind."Drüsje.." it hissed at her, causing a spike of fear within the blonde as she took a step backwards, back into the safety and relative warmth of her makeshift home. Her fear was always an uncontrollable defence mechanism, causing the power that she had to act uncontrollably. Without a thought even passing through her head, the snow began to swirl around the cabin, making it difficult for Elsa to see anything beyond the front step. "Drüsje.." the voice came again, closer this time, accompanied by the crunch of snow beneath heavy set boots. Unable to see, Elsa lashed out like a cornered animal, feeling the ice fly from her hands like blades through the air, whistling against the wind. She heard a twisted cry in the mist, and the sound of footsteps stopped."Elsa… slow down.." the redhead panted slightly as she followed behind her sister, the bottom of her skirts growing damp against the snow. Her sister, however, was lost in thought as she moved almost effortlessly through the white power, replaying the last few hours in her head. The sight of one of the Drüskelle impaled on her ice, his blood dripping scarlet against the purity of the snow, was something she didn't think she would ever forget. She hadn't meant to kill, it had simply been a warning, but she had no control of her magic when she was in a state of fear."Elsa, where are we going?" Anna huffed. She had barely been able to make sense of anything when Elsa had pulled her from the bedroom, yanking her out into the snow by the back door. She had no idea what her sister had done, or where she was taking her, but the look on Elsa's face had prevented her from asking too many questions until now."Ravka." the blonde said in response, clutching a tighter grasp of the basket of food she had grabbed before they had left."Ravka? Elsa, why are we going to Ravka? Why aren’t we going home?" Anna increased her speed, drawing level with her sister. “Elsa! Answer me!” Anna demanded, stopping still. “I’m not taking one more step until you tell me what is going on!”Elsa stopped walking and turned to her sister, a soft sigh leaving her."Ravka is the only safe place for people like me.." she said softly, a tone of desperation in her voice "And you can't go home. They'll torture you for information". She turned away from her sister, hiding from the fear and confusion in Anna's eyes, and began walking again "Please just... trust me."They walked for days, mostly in silence, hiding in abandoned cabins as they tried to keep warm in the coldness of Fjerda. The weather seemed to grow milder with each passing day as they grew closer and closer to Ravka. Eventually, they passed over to the other side, into the safety of Ravka and found shelter in an abandoned house in the wood.The house soon became home. Anna spent her days picking flowers, repairing curtains and furniture, and turning the house into something remotely liveable. The frostiness between the two sisters was slowly defrosting, Anna’s resentment about being stolen away from her life seemed to slowly fade away. In the weeks that followed, Elsa slowly began to manipulate the landscape, bringing ice and snow down from the northern border until she had drawn enough to surround their little makeshift home. It was foolish, perhaps. Anyone local to the area would notice the unnatural flow of the snow. Perhaps they'd notice the small wall of ice that was beginning to form around the house. Maybe they would suspect that the abandoned shelter was abandoned no more. It was risky, but Elsa couldn't stop herself from trying to create a defence. Despite being on the safe side of the border, Elsa still couldn't settle, couldn't relax. During the day, she was constantly on edge, set off by any sound. At night, she dreamed of the man that she had killed, of the image of his blood running along the ice she had pierced his heart with. She rarely managed a full night's sleep.Weeks later, as she woke from yet another nightmare, Elsa pulled herself out of bed, wrapping a blanket around her shoulders. With one look at her sleeping sister, who would sleep through anything, Elsa slipped on her shoes and made her way to the door. She needed fresh air and moonlight. The tranquillity of the snow she had manipulated. It all helped ease her mind as she stepped out into the night air, taking a deep breath. There was something about the snow that she found especially calming, and the way it looked in the moonlight made her forget for a moment that she had accidentally killed a man with her powers. As she leaned back against the wooden door she had just closed, she heard the rustling of leaves and the sound of footsteps nearby."Who's there?" she called into the darkness, feeling the tingling of ice at her fingertips, a warning. The forest around her seemed to grow darker as though every shadow had grown in size and shape and darkness. Silence seemed to fall around her just as a flurry of snow began to fall upon her blonde hair. She was unsure whether it was the silence or the snow that sent that chill up her spine. She could hear the sound of her heart pounding as it pumped blood through her body, while blue eyes scanned that darkness for someone. She had heard the sound of life, of movement, and though they were firmly within Ravka, she couldn’t help but fear that the drüskelle had caught up with her.From the darkness, Elsa saw a pale face and a dark kefta. Not drüskelle, but not exactly someone she would consider a friend. She had heard stories of the man who ruled over Ravka’s second army, of his ability to summon shadows, and of the Shadow Fold that it was believed one of his ancestors created.The Darkling.But why was he here? What did he want from her? The snow around her, drawn to her by her Grisha abilities, began to fall faster as the affected area grew. Soon, white flakes were falling upon the Darkling’s obsidian kefta, yet the cold seemed to bother him as little as it bothered her. As he drew closer, she could soon see the darkness in his eyes, and the stern look upon his face, and yet he did not speak to her, he simply drew towards her.“Please.. don’t come closer” Elsa pleaded into the darkness of his shadows as the air seemed to cling heavily to her skin. Her breathing was shaky as she found herself intimidated by the man before her.“I can’t control it. I don’t wish to hurt you.”Those words seemed to cause the slightest hint of a smile to wash over the Darkling’s face. Did her words amuse him? Did he think he was unable to be harmed by her ice? Perhaps he was, but he drew to a stop regardless, giving a slight flick of his wrists as he did so. The darkness around them seemed to ease slowly, the light from the moon soon breaking through his tendrils of shadow, reflecting beautifully on the snow once more. Elsa’s eyes remained on the Darkling, however.“Stories of witches in the wood tend to be mere tales of Grisha in hiding..” he spoke, finally, and Elsa felt as though her entire body had crumpled from within, yet she remained frozen and unmoving upon the porch of the strange little house.“I’ve never before witnessed a Tidemaker whose power lay with ice. You may be one of a kind..” his words did little to ease the tension. Elsa was very well-read. She had spent years pouring over books on ‘Drüsje’ to find mention of one like her, but she had never found a single line about the manipulation of ice.“What is your name?” The Darkling asked, his dark eyes studying her as Elsa’s blue did the same to him.“Elsa”“I’d like you to come with me.” He said lightly before her name had even fully left her lips, and she had a feeling that it was not so much a request, but a command. Grisha were safe in Ravka, but that safety was not without its conditions.“Your power is special, and with a bit of training, you would be much better at controlling and using it. You may grow stronger still.” Those words chilled her. She had killed men with her power already, any stronger and what hope did she have for a normal life?“I have been looking for power as strong as yours for a long time” her eyes drew back to his, her eyebrow raising slightly “Elsa... You and I are going to change the world.” Template credit.

Symphony of Destruction

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The Prison and Woodbury: Allies Part Two
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Symphony of Destruction

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The Prison and Woodbury: Allies Part One
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INTRODUCTION:NARRATION HERE. The camera cuts to Caroline and Birdie sitting next to each other with a pink background and someone helping them with microphones. As the person moves out of the frame and the camera focuses on the two girls.“Wait…it’s time? Birdie! It’s time.” could be heard from Caroline’s excited voice. “Hi, I’m Caroline Tesfaye.” She says waving at the camera as the view is switched to a montage of photos and a voiceover done by Mrs. Tesfaye herself.“I’m a twenty six year old designer with my clothing and beauty brand, “XOLINE”, that launched in 2018 after my dad competed in a little show called “Ru Paul’s Drag Race.” Did I mention my dad’s a drag queen? But you probably know me from being a tik tok princess with millions of followers. Or maybe, because I just married the love of my life, The Weeknd.”"Is it my turn?" The camera focuses in on a confused Birdie, looking to Caroline for confirmation before turning her attention towards the producer off camera. "Oh! Okay!!! I'm Birdie Shepard!" An excited smile spreads wide across her face as she turns to the camera just before her own little montage of photos flashes across the screen."I'm a twenty-four year old actress. Most people probably associate the name 'Shepard' with my family's business, but I think I've done a pretty good job making a name for myself; I've started my own production company 'Fifty-Fifty Films' and I've taken on several projects in film and TV, though most people probably know me as Cassie in 'Euphoria' and most recently made headlines when my engagement to Harry Styles' was announced."maybe like a montage of pictures of the two of them here as you speak or the headlines??“Birdie has been my best friend for almost ten years, and we’re basically attached at the hip, she’s my platonic soulmate and my soul sister, so it’s only fitting that the party girls do this together.”ALSO YOU??? if you wantAND NOW THEY’RE HERE TO PROVE YOU WRONG… “But to do that….first? I need to learn to drive.” Caroline says as she laughs a little, making a little face that’s a bit apprehensive."There's no one else I'd rather do this with than Caroline. We've been through so much together, so why not this? I think there has always been this, like, stigma surrounding us that we're just these spoiled brats who have everything handed to them on a silver platter..."Producer: Why have you never learned to drive, Caroline?Caroline wrinkled her nose and a little sigh escaped her lips as she titled her head to the side as if she was trying to explain perfectly. "So, I was adapted by my dad at barely sixteen and we moved and lived in New York, which is where I met Birdiebeeeee, but we just didn't drive places. Then things sort of blew up quickly, and I had a driver. Then it just got easier to not, it was safer and I just sort of put it aside, but now I'm ready to get my prdnl on."With a laugh, Birdie pulls Caroline into a little side hug. "You've got me as your teacher, what could go wrong?"narration here. you know the boys wanna make fun of us here.There's a transition on the screen from the women in confessionals to outside of (someone's house tesfaye/almoststyles) and Birdie's (car information here. bronco. bulit by birdie.fantastic. we love her and her tools.) Caroline skips over to the drivers side door, "Did y'all know that Birdie built this bad boy from scratch?" she said, tapping the door very gently because she was determined not to break anything. She opened the door, and slid into the very unfamiliar drivers seat. She puts her seat belt on, Caroline to the camera, "someone send me being a safe queen to my husband." she said as she laughs, and gets settled. "Ah..I mean not completely from scratch." Birdie quickly clarifies, knowing someone would have something to say if she didn't. a slow grin grows across her lips as she slides into the passenger side, eyeing her best friend in the driver's seat- it's obviously an unusual sight. "Still shocked he agreed to to letting me be the one to teach you." She chuckles, clicking her seatbelt into place.Producer "So tell us a little about what made you want to completely rebuild the bronco?" (maybe a couple of pictures of birdie fixing up the bronco here? while birdie gives a little background on the truck?) "I've always been super interested in cars, especially vintage models, but rebuilding one was really to prove to myself and others that I was capable of I guess doing it. I just ended up liking it more than I think anyone- me included, thought I would."Producer "Do you trust Caroline behind the wheel?"The camera returns to the two girls sitting in the confessional, Birdie hesitates as she turns to look at her best friend before exhaling a laugh. "Of course! Plus I can fix it if something..yanno..happens." The camera transitions back to the two girls seated in the Bronco. Birdie holds out the keys to the truck, giving them a little jiggle to encourage Caroline to take them. "Today is the last day you'll get to say you don't know how to drive...are you ready?"MAYBE SOME NARRATIONCaroline couldn't help but let out a squeal as she took the keys, it wasn't everyday someone handed her the keys to their prized possession of cars. "It's the last day of the not knowing how to drive era, and into the whole i'm on my dmv diva era." she said putting the keys in the ignition and feeling more than nervous to start the car, but some how did it. "Let's do this." She said her hands on the wheel in some stereotypical 10 and 2 that she'd read about when she passed her permit test last month in prep for this moment. "I feel like such a bad ass behind the wheel, I can't lie to you, Birdie. Like, you can just go anywhere, anytime. " she said, as if she didn't have a driver to take her places.Producer: do you think you'll be building cars with Birdie after learning to drive?The camera zooms in on a half amused, half giggling Caroline. "uh, I don't think so. I'm much more of the let me hand you things or I'll just literally lay on the wheelie under car things and wheel around offering emotional support. I make a joke that Birdie and I make one hell of a woman if you put us together and all our different talents that some how compliment each other, but no, I will not be getting in oil and machine type things. The view is back on the two girls in the car, the car is running and Caroline is working on adjusting her mirrors so that her short self can see."Okay, what's next? Mirrors are mirroring, I think. And I'm ready to touch the prndl." she said as even a camera man could be heard holding back a little laugh. "I heard that.""So, like, put your foot on the-" Birdie stops mid-sentence, you can see from the way her face scrunches that she is just now processing what Caroline has said. "Did you just call it a prndl? Who are you? London Tipton?" It's just good-natured teasing, Birdie even exhales a giggle as the words leave her mouth. "Anyway, put your foot on the brake and then put the gear shift into drive." Birdie's eyes are on her best friend, ensuring she's doing exactly as instructed before continuing on with instruction. "Great! Check your surroundings and ease onto the gas pedal..." A view of the bronco comes onto the screen, truck tires squealing as the vehicle lurches forward. "Whoa!!" The camera focuses back on the girls, Birde's hand is outstretched to the dash to brace herself, the other grabbing handle above the passenger door. "I said ease onto the gas "(maybe a little narrator input here like wonder if Birdie is rethinking using her truck for this now or something before your response)Caroline stops midtracks to look over at Birdie, an amused little smirk turning up the corners of her lips as she tries to say her next statement without laughing, “What do you expect me to call it? The gear shift? That’s no fun.” she said before returning her hands to the wheel. She was only the slightest bit nervous, mostly because she actually had no idea how to drive. She’d never even really sat behind the wheel. “Okay, okay, surroundings checked…” she said as she looked all around, and then… The camera focuses on Caroline and Birdie, Caroline’s face is very focused and she’s got her hands on the wheel. “Okay, hitting the gas.” she said as she repeated the instructions, she glanced up at her mirror and then she hit the gas entirely too hard and the Bronco launched forward. When the view switches from the Broncos sudden departure to Caroline’s face, she squeals, a nervous panicking sound as she pauses only for half a second before doing the same to the brakes, the Bronco coming to an abrupt but complete stop that causes both women to launch forward slightly. “I’m sorry! What the hell? This thing is so fast, Birdie, ahhh! I didn’t connect that, like, the harder you press the faster you go???” she said talking fast, that southern accent that happened when she was nervous. “I’m sorry! It’s fine, everyone it’s fine, I got this under control. easeeee on the gas, and we won’t die, right?” she said.narration hereThe camera zoomed in on Caroline, “I’m going to try again. Keep your seatbelt on, bestie.” she said, and slowly, very slowly, she took her foot off the brake and started to ease on the gas and the Bronco started inching along. “See? This is good, right? Nice and slow.” The camera zooms in on the speedometer and it’s barely inching 20 miles an hour. “Wow, we’re really picking it up, huh? Speed demons.” Caroline joked. It took her a while but eventually, she made it to the end of the driveway.Panic is evident on her face as Birdie looks over at Caroline from the passenger seat. "What do you mean? The harder you press the faster it goes that's like driving 101, Caroline!" Realization that this was quite literally Caroline's first time behind the wheel of a vehicle dawns on her the very moment the words leave her mouth. Birdie exhales a slow breath, shaking it off before easing back into the picture of patience. " have to take it easy...otherwise we'll be in your living room and I'm not going to be the one calling your husband to explain that." The vehicle begins to move once again, slowly inching forward, Birdie's face lights up with excitement, it's clear she is proud of this progress regardless how minor it may be. "Yes! Look at you, you're driving bestie!!" Her eyes dart towards the speedometer as Caroline maintains her slow and steady speed. "Slowly, but're driving!!" The scene switches to show the Bronco cruising at a low speed down the street of a neighborhood, obviously, the two girls aren't going to chance a new driver in busy Los Angeles traffic. A stop sign comes into view, however the truck doesn't slow, in fact it speeds right through it. "Uhm..hey bestie...did you not see that stop sign?"Birdie looks over at Caroline, brows furrowing as she realizes sje isn't wearing her glasses. She grimaces, her vision is about as bad as her own- which is horribly bad. "Are you wearing, like, your contacts or something?"After the little mishap, Caroline took it very seriously. The camera switches back and forth between up close shots of Caroline’s very focused face, Birdie's half amused, all proud face and exterior shots of the bronco inching along. narration here maybe about like the spongebob ten years l a t e r Just as Birdie is congratulating Caroline for her new found skill of driving 20 miles per hour on a neighborhood street, a car pulled up behind her. Caroline didn’t speed up, instead she flipped her blinkers at least seven times, “Move around me, sir, I’m a student driver and I cannot be trusted.” she said, as the view switched to outside of the window and a car passing with a man blurred in the driver's seat.Caroline was getting more confident, and starting to drive a tiny bit faster, almost even getting close to the actual 35 mph speed limit. Just as she was about to say how good she thinks she’s gonna be, Birdie asked if she saw the stop sign. “Stop sign?” she asked, looking towards her window and behind them, “Sh*t.” she said using her blinker and pulling over on the side of the street. The camera is now pointed at Caroline from outside of the car with her window down.Producer: What's happening?Caroline laughs burying her face in her hands, before dropping them and answering the question. “We’re waiting for my body guard to bring me my contacts so I can see stop signs.” A transition to confessionals is now on the screen, Caroline is covering her face in embarrassment, “Listen, I forgot to put them in, and I didn’t think about bringing my glasses. And I’m kinda used to just walking around in the world blind, so we had to take a teeny tiny driving lesson break for Jordan to bring me my contacts.”The Bronco is back to being the star of the show, a black suv has pulled up behind it and Jordan (the hot bodyguard is written at the bottom of the screen) has walked up to the drivers side window. “Thank youuuu!” says Caroline as she takes the contact case from him. “Abel says to be careful for the love of god, Caroline Marie.” Jordan tells her and it causes her to groan, rolling up the window to signal she was done talking. After putting in her contacts, “Okay this time, for real, we’re all good. I can see. Hallelu.” she said, “I’m just gonna use the prndl to get in un-park.”As the camera points to Caroline, Birdie can be seen in the background, knees pulled to her chest giggling to herself. One would think Caroline just told the best joke ever heard, not potentially put their lives in danger by running a stop sign. This was to be expected though, when Birdoline is involved there is bound to be some kind of mishap. With a friendly smile to Jordan, Birdie leans with her elbows crossed on the center console, watching the exchange between the two. Did he just middle name her? Just before the window rolls shut, Birdie is sure to shout her assurances. "She's with me! She's fine!"If there was one thing that wouldn't be lacking, it was as little bit of Birdoline sass. "I know that man didn't just middle name me." she said as a response to Birdie's reminder that in fact, they had never died....well, at least not today by Bronco.The Bronco is back on the road, it seems to have amped up from 20 miles - camera cuts to zoom in to the speedometer - to a whopping 25 mph. Clearly having contacts has given a whole new sense of confidence. The camera view switches to a montage of clips of the two and their experience in learning...or teaching, in Birdie's case to drive.l; a three point turn that looks to be about five points, the truck jerking to a stop as Caroline slams on the breaks to allow a little chipmunk to scamper across, an attempt to parallel park which results in lightly dinking another car (the camera view switches to Birdie slipping her insurance information under the windshield wiper of the other car.)Producer: "Birdie, how do you think Caroline did today?" The camera pans in on the girls seated in the confessional, Birdie looks over to her best friend with a chuckle. "I mean it started off rocky, but I think she did pretty well for someone whose never been behind the wheel before."Narrtation here? Maybe something about Birdie being biased and seeing what the driving instructor thinksCaroline looks over at Birdie as she answers the question, she wraps her arms around her and hugs her back. She's smiling, a little bit proud of herself, and it's almost evident on the brunettes face.Producer:caroline, are you ready for the test?The camera starts to zoom in on Caroline who's tight lipped and shrugging her shoulders, but not answering as to not spoil the next segment of the show. The camera shifts from production to Caroline and Birdie in her living room walking towards the door. The producer asks from behind the camera, "Catch us up, what's going on today?" Caroline pauses as she's putting things in her purse, "it's been a few days, I've had more lessons and we're on our way to the DMV for my driving test! It's a very exciting day." A quick clip of the girls, with Caroline driving, singing to a little Jesse McCartney all the way to the DMV.narration about caroline and birdie having special permission for Birdie to be able to ride along for the test.We're next met with the driving instructor who's ready for Caroline's test. He's a shorter, middle aged man, who's half grumpy/half amused with the antics of the girls and the show. "I'm Stan. Let's go." he says as the camera zooms in on Caroline and her pouty face that he's a little grumpy. "Stan doesn't like us." she whispers to Birdie before getting into the drivers side. She checks all her mirrors, and starts the vehicle. The tests begin with Caroline pulling out of the driveway of the DMV. "So, Stan, tell us about You." Caroline says as she's starting to drive with the directions given by the man in the passenger seat who totally smells like vicks vapor rub. "I know this is the first test I've given that required an emotional support person...." he deadpansIt's obvious that Stan was likely voluntold that he would be the one conducting this test today. It's written all over his grumpy face that he just wants to get this whole thing over with, but there is one thing for certain about the two girls and that is that they aren't going walk out of this situation without trying to get Stan to lighten up..just a bit. The camera focuses in on Stan's face; stonecold emotion, his bushy eyebrows are drawn together causing a deepset wrinkle to etch itself between, his thick, handle bar mustache somehow makes the frown on his face that much...frownier. Birdie leans forward between the two seats, as of on cue, as Stan mentions Caroline needing an emotional support person. "Trust me, you're going to be glad they agreed to let me come along, Caroline's anxiety when taking tests is wild, I'm probably one of the only people besides her husband that chills her out." Cheeks tinged slightly red, Stan turns to look at Birdie. "From my understanding you bribed your way into being a part of this test, now sit back and buckle up or I'll fail your friend before we even leave the DMV." The camera zooms in on Birdie, jaw slacked..did he just talk to her like that? "That was rude." She mutters, but she does as she is told, sitting back into the seat and clicking her belt into place.Caroline glances up at Birdie from the rearview mirror, the "yikes" of the situation is read all over her face as she starts the test. "She's right, you know. I have terrible anxiety. And honestly, you're kinda lucky it's Birdie and not my husband, he doesn't tolerate as much disrespect." she says as she hears the seatbelt click from the backseat. "And friend, you said friend, Birdie is my best friend." she corrects, though it's clear it doesn't matter to the grumpy seal of a man. The test starts out silent, it's only when a Fleetwood Mac song comes on the radio that was playing quietly, that results in a little sing a long with Birdie and Caroline. "Normally, I wouldn't allow this, but I love Fleetwood Mac. I didn't think your generation paid that much attention good music." he says, sliding the clipboard down and humming along. The rest of the test is basically a montage of Caroline actually doing a decent job, and Birdie not helping her by claiming that Harry has a new song called "use your blinker, baby." And Stan actually having a good time. Upon arriving back to the DMV, the camera shows Caroline and Birdie standing outside of the vehicle. Stan's title under his name has changed from "driving instructor" to "Birdoline's new bff." He says, "The verdict is in, and you, Caroline, pass!!!!!!" Caroline squeals, she jumps in the air and of course over to hug her best friend who made it all worth while.Producer: How do you feel? Caroline smiles at the camera, "Excited! It's been so long putting it off, and it's the best that Birdie got to teach me. Now we're ready to tackle all these other jobs in the rest of the show, and continue proving everyone wrong.


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Red Dawn

1x1 w Anti-Hero Red Dawn балерина/1825463 There was a such thing as cold and there was arctic. This weather in the northernmost region of Canada was a little slice of Hel. This wasn't the Judeo-Christian damnation. This was the punishment of the Norse gods. This was where a woman who was supposed to be dead, hid away from the world.From the outside, the cabin looked like it blended in perfectly with the scenery. The scenery was nothing but woods and snow as far as the eye could see. A solitary plume of smoke curled against the sky but was dispersed by the blowing snow. Natasha Romanoff was believed to be dead, but this was where she hid from the world; well most of it. The grizzled veteran of the spy wars sat at her primitive table with a cup of coffee in his hand. Nick Fury was the only one who could find Natasha when she didn't want to be found. "You're looking good for a deadwoman, Natasha." He chided in a fatherly wayThe Russian wore her red hair long and in a solitary braid. She had an old cream colored sweater as well as some comfortable blue jeans. "My head's still spinning about all of this. Staying here is the best thing possible. " She brought the coffee she was holding to her lips and sipped gently."You know people like us can't stay down long, Natasha." Fury had that expression he always did. He knew something and was about to drop it right in her lap. "We try but this world is so screwed we get pulled in every time." Nick finished off his coffee following that motion with another motion. He pulled a manilla envelope from his inside coat pocket. "You're gonna want to see this.""Nick…." She rolled her eyes at one of her mentors before reluctantly reaching for the envelope. Slowly she began to pour through the correspondence. Fury watched her as she began to read everything and examine the pictures. " can't be serious?" She told him. The look on her face spoke volumes. "I'm retired Nick. I'm supposed to be dead remember?" She slid everything back into the envelope and shoved it toward him gently. "Get someone else."Nick left it laying on the table. "SWORD sent in Melina Vostokoff. She's missing too." The male sat up straight for a brief moment. "We…no… I know what Alexei Shostakov and Melina Vostokoff mean to you. That's why I came to you. I know you also deserve this R&R. You took down Dreykov to save your parents once. I thought you might just bend the rules once more for them in Madripoor."Natasha just sat there for a moment. Fury was right. He was always right. Damn him "My gear?" She glanced up at him."Done. And a transport. You can be in Madripoor in 24 hours." Fury stood slowly to his feet. "You're on the payroll for SWORD now Agent Romanoff. I knew you couldn't stay away too long."Natasha's lips pursed together in a fine line. She hated it when he was right. Alexei and Melina needed her. She was going no matter what the cost. The only missing element to all this was Yelena. Where in the world was her sister?~*~The room was dark save only only a computer screen. Melina Vostokoff was physically bound to a chair unable to move. There was a distorted voice coming from the computer. "Greetings Agent Vostokoff. For each moment longer that you deny us, the Red Guardian suffers more. If you don't believe us.. see for yourself."The screen turned on to show a darkened room not unlike this one. Alexei was shackled to some sort of electrical grid. He was swearing in Russian still with his attitude in full view. A scream tore through the room like a sonic boom. The amount of electricity used to torture Alexei was inhuman. Most men would have died by then and she knew it. "STOP IT!" She shouted. "STOP IT!" She struggled against her own bonds. "Just stop hurting him. I'll do whatever you want." She hated the weakness she had for the man, but she couldn't deny it any longer."Excellent. You will be taken to the lab and given all you need to replicate the Super Soldier formula. Our supply was damaged by The Winter Soldier and the new Captain America. It's time for us to get back in business. " The voice was still distorted but that didn't matter. Melina had no choice.Things were pretty bleak right now, with no hope of improvement. Melina couldn't let them kill Alexei. Maybe, just maybe they would get out of this alive. She had to fight somehow. When the time was right, she would.  credit: james kriet

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