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โ„•๐•š๐•˜๐•™๐•ฅ๐•“๐• ๐•ฃ๐•Ÿ๐•–

09/18/2021 05:47 PM 

โ— AฬถWฬถAฬถKฬถEฬถNฬถ โ—

" "It spoke to me, it speaks my name." " Breath… it found her senses. The breath slowly plunged into her lungs and gave her life. Coupled with her deep inhale was an intoxicating smell that clogged her nostrils. It eerily made more sense than the muffled screams that pierced the silence. But, her eyes were fixated on the origins of the smell. Bright hues gazed upon the red that painted her ivory skin, that dripped between her fingertips, and that cloaked her vision. Upon its reflection was a child grinning. The emotion that distorted her features into a cynical expression was birthed from pure darkness. Lying before her was a man reaching for her face. His entire body twisted inhumanly, impossible ways, blood were pools over his once beautiful blue eyes, and his lips were cold, parched from his final breaths of life. An awakening transpired that precedented the times when the Enchanted Forest could rid themselves of these devils. Today, Morgiana had committed her first murder. She had killed her father...happily. “Odile…” Hours prior, Morgiana was spending time with her father, learning about the reason for her troubling existence. The ever lingering pain that is tainting her heart could only be quenched with more violence. Any dark deed could work, but the harshest of evils satiated her the most. Sometimes it was hard to hear him, hard to understand what he was teaching her. Also, the animals her father kept in cages were becoming restless. It created an irritable itch to silence them. And that was the idea. Rasquin removed one of the canary’s and placed it in the girl’s hand. Instinctively, Morgiana began to squeeze the poor defenseless creature’s tiny body. Her father smacked her across the face, her body not budging. She looked up, wondering why she was struck. He replied without hesitation, “Listen to your father first!” That caused her to squeeze more brutally as the yelps were turning into groans. He ripped the canary from her hands and examined it. “I wanted you to learn, Morgiana. Even if you were born from the Black Fairy’s power, that doesn’t mean you cannot think for yourself.” There was a hint of regret in his words. Morgiana didn’t understand it at the time, but he was trying to promote independence. He didn’t want the darkness to control her; he wanted her to control the darkness. But, as the years passed, it was clear she would never learn. Her grin would only spread, and her insatiable need for power ever-growing.


09/18/2021 05:01 PM 

Goodby Summer!

  goodbye summer survey, ๐ŸŒž   What is your favorite activity to do on a warm sunny day?My favorite Activity to do during a sunny day is actually going out to the beach, getting a good tan on and if not definitely working out especially on the beach that is always fun!  Do you have a dream summer destination?I do, yes. I'd love to travel to the Maldives, it looks so beautiful in pictures, but I wanna see that in realy life for my own eyes and not through pictures.  What is your go-to type of outfit in the summertime?My go-to out fit would always be shorts (sometimes short... shorts) and a short sleeve buttoned up shirt which I like keeping the buttons up buttoned and of course gotta top it off with some jewelry such as my necklace, bracelett, some stud ears and a rings.  What is your favorite summer vacation you’ve ever been on?It has to be going to Florida for two weeks in the summer with a few close friends. We'd gotten an Air B&B and definitely non stop partying from day one. We also visited most if not all the theme parks, I had to say it was defintiely my favorite.  Do you prefer the ocean or the pool? Why?I definitely prefer the ocean, I just love being at the beach, but I wouldn't say no to the pool either.  Did you ever go to summer camp as a child? What was it like?Honestly, I don't think I did usually it was always football camp, but that's no where near summer camp.  Are you a summer person, or do you prefer another season?I mean don't get me wrong, summer is awesome and you get the beaches and such, but I'm a big Fall person. Come on Halloween?! Pumpkin spice?! How can you not like fall?  What is your favorite ice cream flavor? How about your favorite summer fruit?My favorite ice cream is definitely cookies and cream or coffee ice cream cause I'm sucker for just about anything coffee. Favorite summer fruit is strawberries, definitely top favorite.


09/18/2021 04:05 PM 

Clueless (3w group post)

Clueless, attn: Anna, Elenamention: Kol and Rebekah Lionheart /1606290 His senses were still reeling. Jeremy was not used to being in a room with so many people looking right at him. Jeremy's attention had not been diverted from his arch enemy. Kol's smug face needed to have Jeremy's fist right in it.Anna and Elena were doing their best to try and stop him from making a stupid mistake. Jeremy could feel them both trying to pull him back. His teeth were grinding and anger threatened to consume him. Only because of his sister and his girlfriend did he momentarily divert his attention away from the object of his hate. Nobody could pull his chain the way that Kol Mikaelson could. It didn't help that Rebekah's smug face was right there fanning the flames. All Kol had to do was look at him and Jeremy was ready to stake him with the nearest pointed object.There was a commotion going on around them. Jeremy felt like a caged animal. The whole magic of the Traveler's that had created the Brotherhood of the Five was deeply embedded in who and what he was. Jeremy kept stealing glances at Kol as Elena and Anna kept trying to calm him down. It didn't even register with him what was being said to him. This entire charity event designed for the benefit of The Salvatore School was now a chaotic mess.There was another trigger to his Hunter's senses. Being inside a place with Wolves, witches and Vampires never left him at ease. He had learned to deal with it the longer he spent time at the school. The kids had to know about hunters and the fact that they would face them outside the school walls. This feeling however was at a Peak tier level. "Something is happening. What's going on?" He started to pace like a caged animal.Anna had zipped away and came back. Caroline was dead. Jeremy felt his heart sink. Caroline had been one of those icky girls that spent the night with Elena all those years ago. Being a typical little brother he used to try and head for the hills when the girls were all together. He still had an aversion to fluorescent orange nail polish all because of those sleepovers when he was a kid. He was their makeover subject more than once. It was no wonder he wasn't more messed up than he already was.None of this was right. It was all so wrong. Here someone like Caroline who wanted to help people was gone while maggots like Kol and Rebekah Mikaelson get to pollute the world with their evil. What the hell was right about any of this? Jeremy broke away from where Anna stood and the Original Siblings were lurking like a disease. "I need some air." He muttered as he headed toward the nearest exit.He didn't hear anyone calling after him even if they did. Jeremy was so focused on his righteous indignation that he couldn't think straight. None of this was right. None of this made any sense. Someone was in there and had murdered Caroline. Jeremy stood outside with his chin turned upward towards the sky. "What am I supposed to do now?! You gave me all these powers to fight evil and yet evil continues to win. Why do I even bother?!"There was a small voice in the back of his mind. It was that same voice that spoke to him right before Anna came back from the dead. "You're a hunter. You hunt. The Hunt is not over. The hunt has just begun. Are you giving up now?"He wanted to give up now. He wanted to take his crossbow and pointed at his own chest. It's not like he hadn't been dead before. This time it would be his own hand that took his own life. The image of Kol Mikaelson gloating over his dead body made Jeremy rage. No. He couldn't give the bastard that satisfaction. Even if he was the only one left, he'd go down with a fight. Immediately the thoughts of ending it all left him. Now all that was left was the fact that there needed to be a cleanup. He was going to clean up. Caroline's murderer was still in there. He couldn't let this all be in vain.Jeremy turned back around to face the building. The life of one of the Five was never easy. That much hadn't changed from Little Jeremy Gilbert Elena's baby brother. He had a charmed Life when he was a little kid. He was a doctor's kid. He had everything he ever wanted, until his parents took a trip on Whickery Bridge. Frankly life sucked from that point on to where he stood today. He knew what he had to do now. Slowly Jeremy made his way back inside. There needed to be some calm in the midst of the storm.    None of us are gonna make it out of this town alive. credit: james kriet


09/18/2021 04:01 PM 

Fear Everything (3W group post)

Fear Everything, attn: Annamention: Kol and Rebekah Lionheart /1606290 It all seemed like a bad dream. Jeremy had actually lost. Granted it took TWO Originals to stop him, but losing never did sit well with him even before he became a member of the Five. The only thing good about it was that Anna was still alive. He hadn't lost everything, but he came close. He obtained a set of wheels through their contacts in the underground. No compulsion was involved. A few days later, they were on the way South.It didn't take a genius to know that The Original Family had a compound in New Orleans. Jeremy himself had been there in the past. He had to follow the trail of the two youngest Originals so he could get back the two witches who only wanted to be free. He took his responsibilities very seriously. He was very hard on himself during the entire drive from Ohio to Louisiana because Kol had gotten the better of him. He told himself that Kol was going to pay dearly for this.It was a long drive to New Orleans. If Jeremy had his way, he'd drive straight there. He had peak endurance and didn't get tired easily. The car did need gas and they could just ignore that. Anna insisted that he pull over several times so that she could drive. With reticence he agreed. It wasn't going to be easy, but nothing ever worth having was easy.Jeremy was a man set on revenge. The target of that revenge was Kol Mikaelson. Jeremy wished to God that he had the White Oak stake in his hands again. He already killed the younger brother of Klaus and Elijah once. He wasn't about to hesitate to do it again. Every fiber of his being was calling out for the blood of the Witchy Original.Several days had passed. The Hunter and his vampire girlfriend had crossed the state line into Louisiana. They were heading right into the belly of the beast in a manner of speaking. Kol was the brother of the monster that had turned life into a living hell these days and Jeremy with public enemy number One. Using his knowledge of Louisiana and his friendship with Tyler Lockwood, Jeremy, who was now behind the wheel of the car, turned toward the Bayou. "Tyler told me about a Bayou Witch that helped him once. She was a friend to anyone who was against the Mikaelsons. She's apparently been around for a long time. They call her Mama Ruth." Jeremy turned his attention to his girlfriend and cracked a tiny smile for the first time in days. "You're over 500 years old. You've met her, I'm sure." Anna's long life and many connections had come in handy more than once as they worked the Underground Railroad.Jeremy came to a section of the Bayou and pulled the car to a stop. He got out of the vehicle and started to look for an underbrush to hide the car. He stopped after they sufficiently had the car. He shaded his eyes with his right hand and tried to look around. The Bayou was full of danger. His Hunter senses were on overload. His muscles were tense. After what had happened on the shores of lake Erie, Jeremy was overly cautious. Tyler had told him that Mama Ruth was the daughter of Marie Laveau. That meant she had very powerful Magic. Considering the state of the world at the moment, Mama Ruth surely wasn't going to be easy to find.Jeremy stopped for a moment and looked into the Bayou itself with a less than critical eye. There was a profound beauty here. The sites and the smells were also different all because of the primal nature of the Bayou. He could hear an alligator swimming through the water. The slithering of the snakes filled the grass in front of him. There were bullfrogs sitting on lily pads just beyond his line of sight. He could listen to the bullfrogs, the alligators and the snakes as they all blended together in one of the greatest symphonies he'd ever heard in his life. He could see why the werewolves of the Bayou loved it here. He hoped that Tyler and all the Wolves were safe.He was depending on his vampire girlfriend to be able to get them to this Bayou Witch. He didn't want to go in unprepared this time. Kol and Rebekah had bested him. It was his and Anna's time to turn the tables. The power of Klaus Mikaelson extended into all areas of the US. He was counting on the sheer numbers of The Original Hybrid's enemies to work in their favor. Kol had also been around long enough to earn his own amount of enemies.No sir. This was not over by a longshot.    None of us are gonna make it out of this town alive. credit: james kriet


09/18/2021 12:23 PM 


๐–’๐–†๐–Œ๐–Ž๐–ˆ ๐–Œ๐–Ž๐–—๐–‘,

09/18/2021 12:14 PM 


There was an awareness of death. Like a faint memory, a thought that only had a shape but had lost its meaning. She could remember images of her life and of the moment she had died. Bits and pieces that made little sense, fragments that once made her who she was. There wasn't much left now but awareness. She had always been tightly connected to her emotionality. But it was different now. She felt like a bundle of rage and hunger and despair. Primal instincts made it impossible to think, there was no cognition anymore, there was only feeling. Wanda had been dead. After being bitten by one of those infected humans the virus had spread through her body, taking over and killing her before tearing her back from absolution. But now her flesh was rotten and her identity lost to these cravings coursing through her. She screamed, but it came out as a growl. It hurt to be craving so much, to be so hungry. She was a wild beast, her eyes a stinging yellow and her skin a pale-green, in this state she had no control of her powers, they were chaos, just like her. Lost and confused and driven by an insatiable appetite. There was a part of her that kept fighting against those macabre instincts. Especially when she looked into his eyes there was a glimmer of her old self, her eyes flickering briefly to a familiar shade of green. Maybe it was because of her mutant genes? Maybe they were trying to shield her against the full impact of the virus? She almost wished that wasn't the case. She had become another kind of monster, starving for flesh. She was alive but at what cost? Her vision was red as she devoured her newest victim. He had been brought here by her companion, she didn't remember his name, but she could feel his importance to her, or to the person that she used to be. He had locked her in this basement, sometimes she would bang against the walls in a fit of rage or a strange existential loneliness. She wanted to destroy everything and to accept this fire boiling inside of her. It was impossible to resist that calling. When she was released, like a monster breaking out off its chains, her eyes were furious. The smell of blood and pulsing of beating hearts, she knew what she craved, she craved being alive. Strings of red fire emerged from her fingers, intent to take lives for herself. Everything was a blur of frenzy, like a dream or a nightmare, red-edged and unsteady. Her unrestrained powers plunged through hearts and drew blood without the usual finesse. Wanda craved to kill, to protect their territory... Vision and her, she might be a monster, but it was the Avengers who had disturbed the very thin lines of this equilibrium. Always the Avengers, it would seem... And then they took the only thing that kept her... 'alive'. Grey and lifeless did he collapse to the ground outside the compound they had been staying in. Vision... He had given them the Mind Stone. A wail escaped her as she fell to her knees beside him. He was important, he had been important. Something told her that this was their destiny, but the craving inside of her was now craving for revenge. There were no thoughts of consequences, no compassion, only a selfish need to spill blood of those who had taken everything from her. It was a dangerous mix... The immensity of her powers and the brutal impulsivity of the viral transformation. Wanda stood up on stiff legs and with a cry crimson energy burst through her in a cloud that blanketed the mass of undead creatures pounding fruitlessly against the barriers surrounding the research facility. She had her army of zombies now, she wouldn't allow what remained of the Avengers to escape with the Mind Stone. This monster that she embodied had no conscience or remorse. There was only viciousness.


09/18/2021 12:13 PM 

Darkness within.

Have I made the right decision? Running away In hopes of turning my past into ghosts A new start A new life The old one filled with sorrow I left you behind and I'm gripped by guilt A tight icy hand around my neck Breathing is suffering Behind every corner there is you I thought I could escape But this pain was always in me It follows me no matter where I go Pain and despair Shadows within the dark Nothing can erase them Because light creates shadows, too My heart stuck in a wild staccato My body frozen in dread Paralyzed by a looming shadow drawing closer Swallowed Until the darkness will be me


09/18/2021 12:12 PM 

The Accident.

Inane conversations, they feel almost like an instinct, a well-oiled machine that they readily jump on. It's not perfect, but it's not easy to talk about what's hidden beneath the inanity. Best to smile, especially for Louise, who is sitting in the backseat. An eager part of their togetherness. Her laugh is infectious and he can't help but to lift his eyes to catch a glimpse of her in the rearview mirror. It's dark though, so there isn't much that he can make out. A faint silhouette and twinkling eyes. But he can easily fill the gaps, her smile taking shape in his imagination. He tries to remember where they're driving from, but he realizes that he can't... There is a blank in his memory, like a black hole and it makes him feel uneasy, on edge. Why can't he remember? He shifts slightly, nervously, his hands squeezing the steering wheel. "Hey, are you okay?" Maya's soft voice drifts over to him, somehow it manages to pierce through Louise's excited retelling of a cartoon she had been watching with her friends, her story accompanied by imitations of different voices and sounds, he thinks that she could easily become an actress. He nods his head at his wife's inquiry and catches her gaze, his hand coming to rest on her thigh as additional reassurance. At least he assumes that he is okay. There is a weird sense of foreboding that makes him feel restless. But he thinks that he might have felt this restlessness for a while now. Maybe he isnโ€™t okay after all. There are things they should talk about, things that they have tried to ignore with airy pleasantries for too long. He keeps telling himself that the time isnโ€™t right though and they continue talking past each other. Itโ€™s frustrating, but somehow necessary. Presently, he says: "Yeah," it's short, too short, he knows, but this isn't the time. Outside the night is complete, an engulfing darkness. They're driving across a rural street, on both sides the now inky greenary of the woods. Soft, barely audible music is playing through the radio, something contemporary, but at this level itโ€™s only distant static. Suddenly thereโ€™s suffocating quiet, as if someone pressed the pause button. "Sh*t," he exclaims as he hits on the brakes almost aggressively in order to prevent hitting the shadowy figure that has suddenly appeared in front of them. For a moment he can see them clearly, as the person is hit with the sharp brightness of the headlights. Itโ€™s a girl, looking unkempt and sickly, long dark hair and wearing something that looks like a white nightshirt. The realization strikes him that he knows this child. A ghostly apparition from his books. The car swerves out off control, screams and screeches are audible, his shock has numbed him for a moment, making him immobile, so that he can't stop them from hitting a tree. With a gasp he woke up, shortness of breath and a wildly beating heart, he was soaked in sweat. His eyes were wide open as he stared at the ceiling of his bedroom. A nightmare, but also a reality. The dreams were recurrent, the memory of the accident plaguing him during the nights when he couldnโ€™t actively push it away. The accident that has changed his life, killed his wife and burdened him with unbearable guilt and sorrow. And a mystery, because that figure had been there, he was sure of it. Not a figment of his imagination, but maybe reality has been clouded by imagination? He sighed, knowing that sleep would elude him now. Instead he turned on his side and saw Louise's peacefully sleeping face illuminated by the moonlight coming in through the window. He reached out to carefully stroke her cheek, he needed to know that she was real, because the feeling of dread wouldnโ€™t stop pulsing inside of him and making him nauseous. He didn't want to think about what had happened, but his unconscious mind wouldn't let it go. He felt haunted... By the past, by his guilt and by ghosts that he had created.

๐”๐”ฏ. ๐””๐”ฒ๐”ข๐”ข๐”ซ

09/18/2021 09:26 PM 

My Favorite Roleplay Partner <3

Almost a year ago I was looking for people for my discord server and when I was recruiting for people you appeared to me. At first, we didn't talk much just about things about the server and we even lost touch with each other for a while until I tried to recruit people again and I was looking for someone cool to roleplay. I was tired of not having a good roleplay partner with good stories and then I met you in my Blake account as Bonnie. When I started this life of roleplay started as Damon Salvatore and since then I didn't find anyone good enough to play Bonnie with me, well I found some decent ones, but you are special. I created a Damon account just to roleplay with you and you weren't sure because you have been hurt in the past by Damons "they are full of themselves" your words and my mission was to prove you wrong and we have until this day the best Bamon roleplay ever and we are still working on it.And now here we are on a BelaOliver relationship as my favorite ship ever, you make me smile, you make my heart beats faster. In times of pandemic crisis and guarantee, you have been my rock, my friend, my company. I know that if I need a friendly word you will be there.On this site, there is a lot of good people but there's a lot of mean people and is not easy to find someone who we can trust to write a good story, that honors your character and his desires, passions, dreams, and goals. This site is to escape from reality and let the imagination run wild and it's good to have someone that can be a good partner as pushes you to the limit to be better, to write better, and to create good and engaging stories. And ours have everything: drama, adventure, sex, fighting, we are the full package. I am in love with your writing and with the passion you put into your writing and characters.We have our worlds:Blake and Davina- BlinaBonnie and Damon- BamonOliver and Bela- OlibelaI love every story, I love every word, I love every twist!I am addicted to your writing and I am addicted to Bela and all of your characters. You are my top priority, you are my top girl! I'll be here to always roleplay with you!-----------------------[email protected]chaseme- She is my world and I will always choose her no matter what...I LOVE YOU BEST PARTNER EVER IN ROLEPLAYING โค---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And now there is a little something that summons our story on roleplay! 

๐”๐”ฏ. ๐””๐”ฒ๐”ข๐”ข๐”ซ

09/18/2021 09:20 PM 

Oliver Queen

"My name is Oliver Queen after five years in hell I return home with only one goal to save my city. I have to honor my father's dying wish and right his wrongs and making those who poisoned my city pay. In these five years, I forged myself into a weapon that makes me more than capable to avenge my father, and with his list, I can rid of the corruption that is poisoning my city.To do that and to protect the people that I love, I need to become someone else, I need to become something else..."Oliver Jonas Queen, 35 years old.Billionaire playboySon of Moira and Robert QueenBrother of Mia Queen.Best Friend is Tommy Merlyn.Bela's Boyfriend Team Arrow:Felicity Smoak "Overwatch"Roy Harper "Arsenal"Jonh Diggle "Spartan"Laurel Lance "Black Canary"Thea Queen "Speedy"Greatest Enemies:Slade Wilson- DeathstrokeAdrian Chase- PrometheusRaa's al Ghul||Oliver never thought that he was worth it of love and joy because of his job as the vigilante of Star City, as Green Arrow but she proved to him that he was wrong and she brought him back from the darkness, making a better man and a better hero. Bela Talbot is extraordinary and a badass and an amazing girlfriend and Oliver is in love and guess what? It might be news for you but...he is happy! โค ||

arrow, oliver queen, star city, green arrow

โ„•๐•š๐•˜๐•™๐•ฅ๐•“๐• ๐•ฃ๐•Ÿ๐•–

09/18/2021 07:49 PM 

Rules of the trade

Summary of Odile/Morgiana:Morgiana was a girl born from her father's experiments. He idolized dark magic, and the Black Fairy, and sought to create the ultimate creature of darkness. By using dark pixie dust, he realized children could harness its power without dying. He made his wife consume the dust during her pregnancy and that resulted in Morgiana's affinity to the dark even at birth. Morgiana, with no speck of light in her heart, grew into an insatiable beast. She'd beg for more darkness. She believed she couldn't live unless she kept her heart black even going as far as killing her father. Before his passing, her father gave her the name Odile1. Age restrictions: This is a 21+ account. There will be dark themes and events not suitable for children. But, do not automatically think erotica. This is not that type of account.2. Triggers: On the topic of dark: I have no triggers, but if you have any let me know and we won't explore those topics. 3. Roleplay Length: I am primarily a multi-para roleplayer. I love banter play on statuses, but I prefer long-winded storylines. 4. Romance: Don't expect some lovesick queen. Odile's only love is the darkness she consumes and the pains she inflicts. 5. Availability: I work Monday - Friday and can get extremely tired after I am done. Do not rush me for replies. Even if I liking things on my timeline or even posting banter, doesn't mean I am ready to roleplay other things. However, I am very active on Discord and prefer it. Timezone: EST (Eastern standard time)Discord: Ask for it


09/18/2021 06:12 PM 

little rules for playing with Riley

1. No Minors:  First and foremost, everyone aged 21+ is welcome. I won't respond with minor roles or anything, because while Riley is cute and innocent most of the time, she can be very sadistic and Riley has a lot of mental problems every now and then that could be disturbing and I write as a writer like detailed, sex and gore scene and so on and Riley can also be brutal, blood and so on must always be reckoned that it is possible. Riley can also be very abusive in her vocabulary.2.To write: The spelling is novel style, I also prefer to play in messenger because of rule 1. I have to say there will be errors with me I am not a perfect writer, I come from another country, otherwise I adapt a little to the scene and towards the other.3. OCC drama:  I'll make it short you have a problem with me or my role that you can't get out of the way friendly block me I'm only here for role play, even if my OOC is friendly, I'm here Riley and don't want any drama.4 Ships: I do multiship, which is not a cheat, Riley is bisexual, but a ship has to develop that means after the first hello we are not a love relationship. I would like to plan a little in advance. Even if we like to write sex, it can't just go after it, like in a porno or something. I want a whole storyline with everyone up and down. I also ask not to rush to answer, it can sometimes take a few days just because riley is cute and something like that doesn't always mean that she is directly interested in one.5. Taking over and determining my role is undesirable. I write my role the same around your handpick, just as I don't want to have an invincible character. Roles live on strengths and weaknesses, whether human roles or supernatural, I don't care whether OC or Canon roles, no matter which one, or independent.6. other things do not force us on and consider that it is not the real life, what Rolle does or says cannot be seen personally in the real, just like real life is always first, who reads and understands it, please accept in the comment. . and  have Fun.


09/18/2021 03:24 PM 

task 231

Whatchamacallit - Ella Mai, Chris BrownBetter luck next time - Kelsea BelleriniHabits of my heart - Jaymes Young


09/18/2021 02:58 PM 

Time heals: a drabble

                Time heals;     Keep putting one foot in front of another.             A divorce from Stevie Nicks after their marriage was shortly lived of course he had hoped again in their seventies, they'd get the dance right apparently not if anyone had asked Lindsey he would have told you he was so passionately in love with Nicks. of course this was a cycle between the two fight and make up, but this one hurt most the only form of communication between the two was between lawyers divorce number two wasn't the same. He didn't ask much from stevie whom had surprised him not even when papers were officially finalised she and Tom petty were together she had slept with him while the pair was on a break. Least to say he hadn't been all thrilled about it when he found out the pair were and item and his three kids wanted nothing to do with him.     "What's that?" Kristen's voice snapped him out of his thoughts he had released three singles from his self titled up coming album. The papers couldn't have been finalised at a better time before a tour, Kristen and himself had been seeing each-other mostly civill at this stage. "The divorce is finalised as of  today" He said softly glancing up at the blonde whom sat on the counter  whom knew the feeling all too well when lindsey sprung the same papers on her less then two and a half years ago, "Oh LB.." Kristen's tone was soft and gentle as she watched the man scan the papers before he put them back into the envelope  glancing up at the blonde. "Kris.. it's fine she's happy Stevie deserves that and it's always been Tom"   Tom Petty really? the closeness didn't surprise him that it happened it had been a numbness to him when he had thought he had been important to Stevie the only man that loved her more than anybody what was her word to that now. "Keep putting one foot in front of the other, LB I know this wasn't something you wanted just got to put one foot in front of the other" the blonde jumped off the counter walking over to the man running her fingers through his grey curly hair. "You'll find someone else that loves you just as much as she once loved you." as reassuring that was to hear it was a reminder.        

Bowing Blonde

09/18/2021 01:24 PM 

Tigress joining Task Force X Intro (The Suicide Squad verse)

“Tigress? Who in the f uck is Tigress?” An overweight man asked as he pushed his glasses up to the brim of his nose.“Tigress a.k.a. Artemis Crock. Born into a family of Assassins. Her parents are Sportsmaster and Huntress better known as Lawrence ‘Crusher” Crock and Paula Brooks. Older sister is Jade Nguyen, deadliest Assassin Cheshire.” Amanda Waller’s dry cutthroat blunt tone of voice answered as she drops a folder to the desk then continues, “She was trained to be the perfect soldier by her father when her mother took the fall of a heist gone wrong. Jade left the family leaving Artemis to be trained by her father. Became a hero at age fifteen. Faked her death at age twenty-three to join Black Manta crew on an undercover mission by Aqualad. Back as a hero than three years late, she went rogue joining the Family business. Dated Wally West, the first Kid Flash, graduated from Stanford with a four-point three-grade point average. Her marksmanship is amazing and never misses a target. Master Archer. She’ll be perfect to be second in command with Bloodsport’s Team.” The commander of Belle Reeve stated with her arms folded and walks away with two other people following her.Women Side of Belle ReeveThe blonde Vietnamese woman had a reputation to which other criminals knew well enough about to know not to mess with her. Her heart still pined for Wally West. Artemis blamed herself for Wally's death. The last person stupid enough to mention his name as a joke ended up in the infirmary ward. Yes, she had a few anger issues. Go the f uck figure. Artemis shifted in her bed while she was reading. The Assassin knew her door was opening tunning everyone out. Footsteps clicked onto the marble floor with the women cheering to see their “favorite” person coming through their section of the jail.Amanda Waller walked into the women's cell block barely showing any emotion with Bloodsport, Peacemaker, and two other people that work with Waller followed her to the cell. She stops at the doorway knocking as she purposely disrupts her, “Tigress, glad that you keep your mind active and hope I didn’t disrupt your time reading.” The commander replied being fake.Artemis jumped a little losing her place in her book where she heard the voice she grew up listening to as a pre-teen and rolled her eyes, “F uck.” She said under her breath and tossed her book to her feet. She pulls her left knee up to her chest with her left elbow on top with her head leaning to her left hand, “Oh no, of course not, you didn’t.” The blonde bluntly stated seeing two people she knew behind her.“Good. I have a mission for you, and you’ll be on Bloodsport’s team. Second in command in case something happens to him,” Waller instructed stepping away.The blonde Vietnamese woman gets up from her bed and stretching out a bit before leaving her cell.“You’ve killed? I highly doubt that” Christopher “Peacemaker” Smith commented with a hug.Artemis heard that comment and walks up to him, “I’ve been killing people since I was eight years old. I’ll make your body count look like Child’s Play; don’t f uck with me or you’ll be added to the list.” She threatens him purposely shoving her shoulders to the brunette bodybuilder type man half her size.Robert DuBois was impressed to see the former hero sizing up to Peacemaker and judging that she can handle anything.The former hero walked behind Bloodsport only to be stopped by a fellow female inmate.“Oh, have the mighty have fallen, what in the hell happened to you? You went from villain to hero, to villain, to hero, and now being a full villain,” A dark brunette woman stated taunting Artemis. “Talk about a screw-up in the family tree.” She stated with her arms folded in front of her. Waller, Smith, DuBois, Waller’s two minions, and three guards of Belle Reeve stopped in their tracks. The guards are ready to attack with The Commander in charge holding her arm out to halt the order. Gesturing them to see what the former fallen hero can do. Anger started to boil through Artemis’s veins as she balled her hands in a fist ready to aim. Her gray hues stare at her with no emotions, a dagger stare. “Not to mention you just snapped by killing three ninjas’ cold-blooded. I can’t imagine how your boyfriend felt. Wow, you dated Kid Flash. What was he like in bed? Better than a vibrator?” The brunette inmate commented a fact by mentioning the original protégé of The Flash.The blonde Vietnamese woman gave the female inmate a sharp right hook to her face then kicking her a roundhouse kick landing the woman to the ground. Artemis walked over grabbing the woman’s right hand pulling it hard and her right foot onto the woman’s throat, “Mention his name one more time and I swear to god I break your goddamn arm and I’ll kill you when you least expected, bitch.” Vemon came out of her mouth being serious than bringing the woman’s arm to her knee breaking it in half.The brunette inmate screamed in pain as she pleaded to be forgiven. Amanda had a smirk on her lips knowing she picked the right candidate for the mission. Peacemaker’s eyes widen with fear and a bit of shock. Bloodsport's jaw dropped slightly and mouthed, ‘Woah to himself.“Oh, quit crying like a little bitch, be a strong woman, and take the pain,” Artemis commented with her foot pressing on the woman’s throat. “I studied Biology and the Human Anatomy, so I know what blood vessels and veins to go for if I ever wanted to kill anyone. Besides, I’ll probably be killed here or until either one of you bitches kills me.” She stated the harsh truth than breathing out, “Yeah, I wanted to be a hero, but when you have Assassins, genes coursing your veins, and no matter how many times you try to fight it off. You’ll snap. I know I’ll never see the light of day again or join The Justice League. I accepted my fate, you do yours.” The former hero expressed her experience dropping the broken arm and walking back to the group folded in front of her.“Wanna repeat what you said there?” DuBois sarcastically asked turning to face Smith.“Shut up,” Peacemaker dismissing his question and what he said earlier.Waller turns to the guards, “Put that inmate in the infirmary and sent her back to her cell. As for Ms. Crock, she put her in her place.” She replied letting the former hero off the hook. “Come on, let’s go meet your other teammates.” The commander stated leading the way.Meanwhile somewhere else, Justice League TowerThe ebony-haired Magician had a bad feeling about something and had to make sure no one would be around to see what she was about to do. Zatanna held her hands out, “Nepo eht latrop dna tele m weiv Simetra!” The Magician cast a spell with a visible portal opening to see Artemis, her former best friend is locked up in Belle Reeve and hurting another inmate. This broke her heart because the two women were best friends and tried to bring Artemis to her sense after killing those three ninjas from a mission, but there was nothing she could have done to convince her on getting help but with no luck. Six hours later,A country in South AmericaArtemis was dressed in her infamous alter-ego as Tigress as she checks to see to have all the arrows and tricks arrows that will be needed for the mission. The blonde woman checks to see her crossbow being strong with making sure they don’t break or snap. She sharpens both of her swords for a couple of minutes then putting them back to shoulder blades where the weapons were stored in a holder.“Okay, here we go,” Tigress said to herself under her breath and couldn’t believe that her team consist of Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Ratcatcher II, Poka Dot Man, King Shark, and now her. ‘I bet they’re probably getting a kick out of this right now. ’The blonde Assassin thought to herself with her right leg bouncing trying to calm her nerves.FIN or To be Continued…. 

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