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09/19/2021 12:36 PM 


"What the..." The words left his lips in a mutter of disbelief, they faded into the air as he stared at the screen of his laptop with wide eyes obscured by glasses. What was going on here? He rubbed a hand over his face, hoping that maybe it was the lack of sleep that was making him see things that weren't actually there. He told himself that he never could sleep well the first few days of being at a new, unfamiliar place, but he also knew that his sleep had been terrible even before the move. He felt like he was feeding himself a lot of lies recently... Or maybe they weren't outright lies, but things that he needed to make himself believe in so that he wouldn't go insane, so that he could keep giving Louise the love and care she deserved... This wasn't easy on her, too... He knew. But this... The deep black words stood in stark contrast to the white brightness of the screen, it gave the impression of the words almost pulsing, moving as he kept studying them. However no matter how long he stared, they wouldn't change, of course they wouldn't... They were there and unless he would erase them, they would stay rooted in place, they had already planted roots within his brain, too, burning themselves in there, like a branding. Cruel and frightening words, his throat had constricted at the sight of them and his body had erupted in chills. He couldn’t deny though that this was his writing style. But why? Why would he write something like that? He felt numb and scared at the same time. Was he truly losing his mind? The words read the following: Night had blanketed the house. Everything was quiet apart from the steady murmur of the sea waves coming from the nearby beach. It was a calming sound, the repeating mantra of it helpful for a meditative state of mind or to aid the summoning of a restful sleep. The inhabitants of the house had found their sleep, though it wasn't restful, instead it was plagued by imageries that bordered on nightmares. A father and a daughter, haunted by tragic events. The loss of a loved one had changed their lives completely. But it had also welded them together even more. Facing each other they were sleeping in the father's bed, he knew that he was being overprotective, but in this situation he hoped that he could be excused. Soft puffs of breath escaped the girl's lips as she slept, she was a moonlit shape on the bed, hair tousled, a leg thrown haphazardly on top of the blanket... She tended to sleep fitfully. Suddenly the silver, sensorily indetectable moonlight, which had protectively bathed the tiny figure, disappeared like swallowed by a black hole. Instead a complete darkness took over, heavy, like a cold breath on the back of your neck. The croak of floorboards, the faint sound of the wind, it was all cancelled out inside of this room that had been taken over by an ethereal darkness. Even darker was a shadow, shaped faintly like a human, a creature that glided across the walls, climbing the ceiling, so that it was now level with the girl sleeping underneath. It watched and waited for the right time… It waited with great, eternal hunger, a craving for light. You will be mine! YOU WILL BE MINE! NOTHING WILL SAVE YOU! YOUR SOULS BELONG TO ME! The last lines were written in a bolder and bigger font, jumping at him through the screen like a warning that left him without a breath in his chest and a terrorizing trepidation. He hasn't written this… He hasn't… Ellis looked down at his trembling hands, feeling lost inside of his own body.

رأس الشيطان

09/19/2021 11:44 AM 

New Era - The Plan Unveiled

A New Era Unveiling the plan att: all The ancient demon and mystic was pleased with the amount of the arrivals he’d already had to this gathering. There were more invitations sent so he did have room to expect more. As they were all permitted into his compound, they were shown into his study where he was ready to greet them all. His servants were prepared to deliver whatever refreshments were requested by his honoured guests. He was not very pleased at the fact his daughter Talia appeared and then disappeared so quickly. She had her own agenda of course and Ras was not a fool. He knew what she was doing even when she tried to hide it from him. Allowing her to take some initiative did please him, but if she overstepped her boundaries, he would not hesitate to bring her back into the fold in a way unique to him and his abilities. He nodded in respect to Poison Ivy then turned to the other men (and the enchanted pumpkin) in the room. He decided to get this meeting officially started. “I have invited more, but they will come in at their leisure. It is not good to keep you all waiting.”He adjusted the sweater he wore so that he could present himself properly. “I have led the League of Shadows for years as you well know. I have had a hand in forming the very course of history itself. Now, we’re faced with the onset of a new century. This twenty-first century has brought in new challenges that I have confidence in being able to overcome.” Ra’s took a step backward toward where Ubu was waiting with a contract in his hand. “I have secured the ownership of a formerly profitable business called The House from the estate of the Late Wife of Waylon Jones. If you were not familiar with it, it was a gambling den and an underground fighting club. I intend to use it as a hiding in plain sight base for the New League of Shadows. We must fit into the new day and age. This is not unlike what I’ve done in the past to protect the league from such intruders as the Knights Templar. The times change and I will change with them.” Ra’s stopped for a moment to allow those present to digest what he was saying.Al Ghul continued with unveiling his plan to those in attendance. “The grounds were enchanted by witches centuries prior which led to the establishment of The Pumpkin King’s precious pumpkin patch. These grounds with the enchanted flora and fauna are where you come in, Dr. Isley. There as well as here on my private compound need to have certain insurances that the wrong crowd need not be allowed inside. You’ll be asked to consult with my trusted ally in regard to this restoration of the green and healing of Mother Earth in this regard.” Ra’s Al Ghul was a notorious ecoterrorist and he was not about to neglect the earth in the process of any of this. He considered his position as keeper of the Lazarus Pits a sacred one. “The two of you working together will help heal the earth as it was always meant to be.”  رأس الشيطان / Ra's Al Ghul /1727085 He turned toward The Calculator and Doctor Octopus. “It is indeed fortunate that you have brought Dr. Octavius with you today Mr. Kuttler. I intend to trust the books of The House to you and the security cameras and alarms of the facility to Dr. Octavius. The system is out of date and everything needs to be brought up to speed currently. Money is no object, of course. Whatever you need to make it functional and operative to keep OUT those who would interfere in our plans, do it. The Gambling machines will fall under your dominion Dr. Octavius. As for personnel, the dealers for the card games will all be hired by me and any others needed on the site itself.. All personnel will be brought into the facility as I see fit. I will approve whether or not said candidates are suitable for the League.” His attention and his smile turned toward Joe Fixit. “‘Your reputation precedes you Mr. Fixit. No one is more capable of overseeing security on the floors itself than you are. I believe the term is a bouncer?”Ra’s took a seat in his favorite chair and touched his fingertips together. “Once the word goes out among the very carefully plotted channels that I have established over the years, the League of Assassins will be back in business once more. I do want there to be a secret area for the League to discuss business and whatever contracts we may have to carry out as well within the walls of the House. You will have access to said areas as long as you agree to my terms laid out here today. You will all be paid handsomely for your positions both within the League and as employees of the House. The House’s return will undoubtedly be met with some opposition by certain elements of the Heroic Elite, but I am counting on our ability to keep them in check as well as the future members of the League that come under our umbrella.” Ra’s face marked some emotion as he had to consider the status of his daughter Talia and what she was plotting. He knew that he had an ace up his sleeve that she had control over. That Ace was Damian. His grandson and Heir would join him soon enough. Ra’s also knew that he had the Red Robin upstairs under guard and under the eye of The Catwoman. He fully expected the other little Batlings to show up sooner rather than later.Ubu moved to stand beside his master as the faithful right hand he was. “So, what say you? Will you join me as fully honored and respected members of The League of Shadows?” He asked them all. He awaited their replies one by one. He knew he was an imposing figure. The years of his carefully crafted image saw fit to that. He was as vicious and violent as the stories told. He took great pride in that. He also would not hesitate to kill any of them in this room if they betrayed him. He was Ra’s Al Ghul. It was what he did.    credit: james kriet


09/19/2021 10:16 PM 



09/19/2021 10:21 PM 

Activity Check 11 - Side Effects

Carter didn't get along with his father. His father had groomed him to take over the family business upon his death, since he was the only son. However, Carter had no interest in running a media company, as his medicine was his true passion. Revoking his father's offer cut Carter off from the family. That's where Thatcher came in -- he had acted like a replacement father-figure for Carter. Carter trusted Thatcher more than anyone. So after learning that Thatcher was behind the stunt in the Hoh forrest, Carter had to question his entire existence. Clearly, Carter's relationship to Thatcher had been a lie. He never cared about Carter, and he was just using him to do his dirty work for him. Thatcher very rarely got his own hands dirty. After defending Thatcher to everyone who dared question Thatcher's true motivations, Carter felt like a fraud for not believing the others. He hadn't even believed his own girlfriend who kept going on that Thatcher was up to no good. Had he listened to her, then maybe he wouldn't have been having such a hard time readjusting to being back. Carter had been lucky not to suffer from any physical injuries during the time in the forest. His mental health, on the other hand, had been shattered into what seemed like a million pieces. He couldn't sleep at time because whenever he closed his eyes he saw Thatcher's face -- his arrogant smirk sent a shiver down Carter's spine. He had a hard time at work, being around his business partner. Carter had known him since med school, but he wondered if he could trust him. He had trusted Thatcher and look how that turned out. Worst of all, he had abandoned the two people he cared most about in their time of need, his girlfriend and his son. He didn't see his son for a week when he returned, despite his son asking for him. He hadn't visited Aurora in the hospital either, she had been another reminder of his failure in trusting Thatcher. 


09/23/2021 06:11 PM 

Diary Entry 23 - 09/23

September 23rd 2021.Dear Diary,I went an entire day without drinking any alcoholic beverage. I don’t know how I managed it, but somehow I did. I feel sick, but that’s probably because I am so dependent on it. I tried to be super healthy today. I started my morning with a smoothie bowl and freshly squeezed orange juice. I ran to the gym, worked out at the gym then ran home. I then had some apple slices with cashew butter as a snack, and a protein shake before showering and heading to work. I drank water only at the shop, instead of constantly drinking coffee.For lunch I had a chicken salad wrap, with carrot sticks and humus, and a pot of mixed fruit along with some sparkling water with a slice of lemon. I also had a herbal tea just for a little something extra. I went back to work and continued out the day. Once I got home I walked Baxter and then fed him. I then prepared a vegan chili with brown rice, and some mixed veggies. I also had a sparkling grape juice, maybe that was to try and convince my brain I was having wine. I also limited my smoking intake and did not smoke any weed.I am super proud of myself. But I am not getting my hopes up. I know this will not last. It will be impossible to just go cold turkey a suddenly stop what I have been doing for years. No, I could not possibly do that. If I am to quit alcohol it needs to be slowly reduced, and more importantly I need help to do it. But I am not ready to get that help just yet, maybe I am not ready to sit with someone and delve deep into my problems and reasons for why I drink. 

papa smurf,

09/19/2021 05:51 PM 

AC 11.

He's gone. The moment Sophia insinuated that Thatcher's presence was erased from their lives forever, Mick knew better than to let relief overcome him. They were weeks out of the forest already, but he still found himself looking over his shoulder and walking with caution. He felt unsafe at every turn of the corner, a new feeling that he hadn't learned to cope with. Since moving to Seattle, Thatcher had been the man behind every negative experience Mick has had, but nothing beat the time in the forest. The helplessness. Being stranded and spending days away from Milo was something that he didn't take kindly to.Aside from the constant worry of his son's whereabouts while they were out there, Mick also realized that there were a lot of things that he took for granted. For instance, a warm shower, or even just the ability to shower all together. In the privacy of his home, the warm shower was something he took full advantage of, considering he didn't have the luxury of showering for a week prior to that. Food, clean clothes, the television, his gaming setup, and being able to drink clean water were only a few things that Mick learned to spend a couple seconds more appreciating. Above all else, he found himself enjoying the time he had with Milo a little more than normal. Call it fear or call it catching up on missed time, but Mick learned to hate letting Milo out of his sight. Every time he does, something ends up going wrong in some sort of way.Thatcher leaving Seattle was long overdue, but kept Mick on edge more so than when he was right there in his backyard. At least he had an idea of where he was. Now, no one knew much of anything about where he was and he doubted he could get it out of Phoebe if she knew, so he was stuck knowing next to nothing about the man who had put a target on his back multiple times. Even in his absence, Thatcher's presence still seemed to linger.

Stephanie Rogers

09/19/2021 02:06 PM 

Nightmares ~Halloween Drabble~

There was often a fine line between Nightmares and reality, and as Stephanie rode shotgun in her Brothers truck, Bucky riding in back as he talked with Steve, Stephanie found herself drifting off into a deep, and rather not so peaceful sleep. Soon the darkness that had surrounded her began to morph into something, as she drifted into a dream like state. However little did she know, this dream would be anything but pleasant.Stephanie sat in a rocking chair in what appeared to be a Nursery. It was simple enough, or rather it was more old fashioned then a modern day nursery. It was filled with books, old fashioned toys, and a simple wooden crib. She sat, a tiny bundle in her arms and as she looked closer she realized it was a baby. She was currently singing to him, feeding him as she sang him to sleep. However the more she sang, the more Stephanie felt as if something was wrong. She was singing 'Hush Little Baby' or so she had thought. As time passed the words seemed to get...darker. More sinister. Suddenly her vision was shifted and she was standing near the doorway. She was now looking at....herself? How was she looking at herself when she was supposed to be the one holding him? As a feeling of dread fell into the pit of her stomach, she quietly listened as the woman, who appeared to be her, continued to sing."And if that looking glass gets broke, Mamas gonna buy you a winter coat..." Winter Coat? That wasnt how the song went....was it? Stephanie decided to continue listening. Maybe she'd find some answers that way. "And if that winter coats to cold, Mamas gonna buy you a pile of gold. And if that gold is stolen to.... Mama's gonna go to jail for you..." The version of her continued. Stephanie gulped a bit as the version of her slowly raised her head. "So hush little baby, don't say a word..." She continued, eyes finally meeting her own as a sinister smile crossed her lips. "Mama's gonna kill for you the whole damn world..." She finished, the bundle asleep in her arms by this time.Stephanie's face paled as suddenly bodies upon bodies surrounded the floor of the nursery, and not just any random it was the bodies of those who were her family, both past and present, their blood painting the walls of the nursery.As their bodies seemingly began to fade into ash, a wicked laugh ringing through her ears as the woman who now stood before her, no baby in sight, her black eyes staring directly back into her blue ones, black veins appearing around her eyes as she spoke."You want normality...but you can never have it. Everyone you love will die eventually by your hand. We'll tear their hearts from their chests and watch as they turn to nothing but ash. You will always belong to Hydra, you can never escape. You'll just end up right back where you always do. Normalcy is not an option for you Stephanie. For us. It's not possible. You want to be a Mother? The only thing you'll ever be is a Monster." She whispered. As those words left the others lips, Stephanie jerked awake, only to find herself covered in sweat and Bucky and Steve both trying to wake her up. It was then she realized Steve had pulled off onto the side of the road, Stephanie having a hand over her mouth almost as if she was trying to prevent a scream. "Doll?! What's wrong why are you crying?" Bucky asked, smoothing a strand of hair from her face. It was only then that she realized warm tears stained her cheeks, her eyes stinging and a choked sob finally escaped her, passing between her lips. "Steph...?" Steve spoke softly as Stephanie took in a deep breath. She seemed to curl into herself. She didn't answer either of them, instead staring out the window. Was she really destined to live such a life? Was that nightmare just a figment of her imagination or was it trying to tell her something? Trying to get her to understand that whatever she had gone through would never end? That her dreams she once had before becoming a Hydra Assassin were long gone? Whatever it was she knew one thing...It terrified her and she wasn't one to scare so easily. She knew there was a fine line between the nightmares that plagued her and reality. It was just the fact of figuring out which was the nightmares and what parts were her reality.


09/18/2021 11:06 PM 

𝐀𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐀𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫. [Writing Entry.]
Current mood:  devious

          Grace the heathen earth below with the coming of swift white horses. They gallop madly and proudly from the twisting dark skies above. Heavenly hooves conduct a symphony that will sure to rattle the ears and bring a trembling burden upon weak hearts. Their proud paths are beaming brightly, leaving big wide swatches in momentary darkness on the massive meadow of murk.      Dim emeralds seem lost towards the horizon tens of yards away, withholding ill judgment. A smoldering caldera is brewing within an aged soul so slighted. Power meant to punish may be inevitable as the seconds mosey on. Testament of sin by bloodshed and defilement of innocence, done with not a speck of shame to show, is alit and quite bitter for musing. Dark dirty deeds were done two sundowns ago. Such blasphemy to comfort and goodwill requires... retribution. Justice.     Blood will be spilt, for reason has been forsaken by the sinners. The sickening pleasure to enact wicked things is unending opium. They excite themselves with the putrid portraits and melodies of a massacre, even egregious ecstasy of making others, young and old, into fleshly toys for breeding or satisfy stomach-turning urges. Despicable. Many enough of those kind souls had charity so divine to give even to an unsightly bloke such as he; his wrinkle-riddled visage could sorely belong in a crypt. Some even nursed him back to fair health. Damn these cretins who robbed the friendly strangers with so much more than a drop of blood.       “F i e n d s .”     His slighted spill was a brooding baritone with a fair blend of an intimidating croaking growl by the king of the jungle.     Awaken from the slim house behind the person, sharp prophet of war. The steady steel is made from compounds considered as silly myths in this latest iteration of the Grandest Cosmos. It does mimic that adamance of modern metal, but there is more to it. Far more. It gleams handsomely with each thunderous passing of the stratospheric stallions. Produce a stance that will erupt into a graceful pounce, bringing a vigorous swing or stab that can slice or skewer a boar snout to tail with ease.     He is furthest from pleased, this knightly traveler. In him, there is an agitated ache to unleash unbridled rage from offense greatly taken. This band of demons before him are the great offenders. Curse them with their sickly wax-like skin, tree-tall hunched stature, two unkempt rows of fangs, and long curved talons, all still damp from sanguine stain as they had such fun and a feast with their latest prey, different from who is avenging. But these poor souls are ever so worthy of being avenged themselves.       “For your vileness, I will exact a toll placed well on your roads long paved. One so deserving of you to pass through.”      Justice will be served, indeed. Each will not listen to reason to cease the madness they are drowning in. By blade bringing beautiful barbarism with storm-strong strength, they will cuddle close with a cosmic comeuppance.       “Payment is absolute.”     Sing and stomp savagely, stallions from the storm. A storm too is what this valiant corpse in tattered grey will wield away towards these wretches. One of his own marvelous making. Dare to harm and to pervert others as they are just meat for devious delight, taste thoroughly the hells of the brave who will show remorseless wrath.     Roar and make haste onward, ashen avenger! Stomp a stride, flow of a river his grace. United grip on his sharp ally is a python’s hug. Leap and aim for a neck or where a heart is! Do not miss! Through lusty limbs and celestial steel, and through virtue and vengeance, the man in grey, with extreme prejudice will bring forth the wrath of the gods!      [ My warmest thanks to Lady Kimiko for providing much constructive feedback further adding to what was included in this entry and some really neat wording suggestions. You are divine, my dearest. 💜 ]    

𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐧 𝐦𝐞

09/19/2021 02:04 PM 

❝006. Devotion.❞ ft. Francis

  Devotion.If there was one good thing Eloise good at, it was her undying devotion - loyalty she was born into. From the moment Francis had smiled at her and offered her a helping hand, she was hooked. It could have been any random stranger off the streets but in her mind fate had brought her to him and she was determined to find out why the strings of fate were pulling them closer together. Most people would think she was crazy, the stories she told when she began opening up to him. Making things up or trying to rink him into some sex trafficking situation - not Francis though, at first she thought he was her second chance at life, her new god given favor to not mess things up and she was going to clutch onto him this time for dear life and not let him go.At first, Eloise wanted to pull away, not get too close to him, in the back of her mind it was a form of betrayal to her family, to Lucian - but getting a clearer head, knowing what she knew (or what the other had told her) that no one was looking for her, no one seemed to care that she was in the middle of the desert almost on her last limb of life if it wasn’t for him. Eternally grateful for him - there was nothing more than admiration for him.“Franny, I would do anything for you.”A small nickname she began giving him, a personality starting to shine through all the brainwashing, it took him a couple weeks to get her to actually say anything or laugh. A part of her thinking it was all just a dream - she’d wake up and she’d be right beside Lucian again, at first it broke her heart when she realized she wasn’t in some freakish nightmare. But as the hours turned to days and days turned to weeks whenever she’d wake up in the empty bed (since Francis opted to sleep on the couch) being surrounded by the comfort of Francis’ things warmed her heart.I would do anything for you.It was an oath she was dying to keep, and she would. She had felt like she had owed him her life. The first person in her life who wasn’t part of the family who helped her without wanting something out of her or because it was their duty to the cult to help the prophet. Words that still stung her, made her physically flinch at times.Not long after Eloise realized she had developed some emotions that swarmed in the pit of her stomach whenever he’d pat her head, smile at her - even a small hint of perversion when he’d come home at the late hours of the night thinking she was asleep and she’d catch a glimpse of skin, making her cheeks flush a bright red and hiding her face in the pillow. Her thoughts were unholy, wrong, depraved - what would god think of her for sinking so low as to ogle her new savior. “What are you drinking Franny?” She leaned against the countertop, draped in one of his old t-shirts, the young girl refused to let him spend any ‘money’ (or whatever that was) on her when she found out it was why he was always gone all night. Muttering out that she didn’t deserve more of his kindness. Yet knowing the depravity that was boiling inside that mind of his, “What coffee? You never had coffee before?” The bewilderment clear as day on his face before sliding the cup to her. Taking a peek inside the cup a dark liquid swirling around before she put the mug to her lips and took a gulp, making a face while quickly sliding it back his way. Sticking her tongue out trying to get the bitter taste off her mouth, gaining a laugh from her counterpart, another couple of backflips in her stomach - that really needed to stop. “You should try it with this.” Holding up a bottle with the label ‘Pumpkin Spice’ on it, he poured it in and she once more tried it. “I like that!” She exclaimed, “Can’t I just drink that?” A shake of the head was thrown her way, with another amused laughter coming out of his mouth. “No more pumpkin spice for you, or you might turn into pumpkin spice.” Their days would be like this, until he would go to work, he’d teach her something new, she’d look at it as if it was the greatest thing in the whole world. Of course deep down he knew about her ‘secret’ little crush on him, could use it to his advantage she wouldn’t be able to tell a soul if she was truly devoted to him - or that was the plan at first.One night, he came home disheveled, something off about his demeanor struck the girl. Usually he’d come in quiet, not trying to wake her this time it was different, silent but in a cruel way. “Eloise, I’ve got a surprise for you.” His tone was different, harsh, rough - reminding her of the times back when Lucian was going to serve punishments. Making the blonde quickly jump out of his bed and run towards the living room. “Wh-what’s wrong Franny?” A stutter in her voice,you'd think she would be afraid of how he was acting, but it was more concern to see if anything was wrong with him instead, as she gazed at him now. The wild look in his eyes, while he rambled to himself pacing back and forth, “She was moving too much! Sloppy! Too much of a mess, blood everywhere!” He then stopped, looking at the blonde. “Remember when you said you’d do anything for me?”Furrowed brows, as the blonde nodded her head slightly, “Why do you say that?” Any normal person after his rantings would try and push away from him, get out, but Eloise inched herself as close as possible to him. She could see the blood on his digits, as he cupped her cheek in a loving manner, getting whoever’s blood on her pale skin. “I need you to help me clean up a little mess I’ve made. Some bitch got a little too messy in my car and I’m afraid I can’t do it on my own.” Testing her devotion to him, her loyalty as baby blues just gazed at him, her mouth opening and closing for a moment before nodding her head. There was no hesitation, “Whatever you need, I will do it. I can’t lose you too.” There was a small quiver in her tone, she had seen the horrors in her cult, watched people be beaten to the brink of death all for the sake of their god, what could Francis do that would be worse than what her own family did to each other?A smirk was flashed her way before a pat on the head, “Perfect. We’ve got a long night ahead of us.”As long as she could stay by his side nothing he did could or taught her would make her leave him. He had her wrapped around his fingers, waiting for each digit to tighten its grip and let her very last breath slip away.   template credit.


09/19/2021 12:23 PM 

Summer Survey

What is your favorite activity to do on a warm sunny day? Anything on or near the water. Whether it's wake-boarding, tubing, being on a boat with friends, a bbq with a pool spot- and all of the above with drinks on deck. Do you have a dream summer destination? The only place I'd travel to in the summers is the Hamptons or Europe. Who doesn't want to be near the water in the Hamptons or exploring Europe when it's not negative degree weather? What is your go-to type of outfit in the summertime? Nothing but a pair of shorts. You'll find me shirtless at all times, if I can. What is your favorite summer vacation you’ve ever been on? My favorite summer vacation was definitely Rome. I'd go back to Italy in a heart beat to see more of the country side this time. Do you prefer the ocean or the pool? Why? I prefer the ocean. There's something about swimming in an endless body of water, being part of nature, that's unparalleled.  Did you ever go to summer camp as a child? What was it like? I did go to summer camp as a child and it was the best experience I can recall. I loved being on my own. Not only was it a chance to get away from my family, but you'd come across so many different characters that you'd instantly connect with. Plus all the activities you get to do outdoors that were all out of the ordinary. Are you a summer person, or do you prefer another season? I love the summer but I personally prefer the Fall. It's the perfect weather. Fall and Winter need to switch places in terms of how long they last. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? How about your favorite summer fruit? My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip or oreo. My favorite fruit would be between watermelon or pineapple, nothing more refreshing than those two.

𝒔𝒐𝒍 𝒌𝒐𝒓𝒐𝒍𝒆𝒗𝒂

09/18/2021 10:50 PM 

light up the dark

#backgroundTemplate { width:560px; height:700px; background-image:url(''); border-style:solid; border-width:6px; border-color:#e9cf79; margin:auto; margin-top:50px; margin-bottom:50px; -webkit-touch-callout:none; -webkit-user-select:none; -khtml-user-select:none; -moz-user-select:none; -ms-user-select:none; user-select:none; } #mainContent { border-style:solid; border-width:6px; border-color:#151715; width:380px; height:460px; margin:0 auto; margin-top:160px; background-color:#151715; } #titleDrabble { text-align:center; height:80px; overflow:hidden; } #titleDrabble font{ display:block; padding:0px; margin:0px; padding-top:10px; font-family:'Times New Roman', Times, serif; font-size:32px; line-height:30px; color:#e9cf79; text-align:center; font-weight:lighter; font-style:italic; text-transform:lowercase; letter-spacing:0px; word-spacing:0px; } #subtitleDrabble{ font-family:'Times New Roman', Times, serif; font-size:10px; line-height:12px; color:#e9cf79; font-style:italic; text-transform:lowercase; letter-spacing:1px; word-spacing:1px; text-align:center; } #contentDrabble { height:400px; font-family:Cambria; font-size:12px; line-height:15px; color:#f3e1c7; letter-spacing:1px; word-spacing:1px; text-align:justify; overflow:auto; } b, strong { color:#e9cf79; text-transform:uppercase; letter-spacing:0px; word-spacing:0px; } i, em { color:#fff; font-style:italic; letter-spacing:0px; word-spacing:0px; } a, a:active, a:visited, a:link { font-weight:normal; text-decoration:none; font-family:'Times New Roman', Times, serif; font-size:10px; line-height:12px; color:#f0ebd1; letter-spacing:1px; word-spacing:1px; transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -moz-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -ms-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -o-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -webkit-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; } a:hover { text-decoration:none; color:#b34225; transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -moz-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -ms-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -o-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -webkit-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background-color:#e9cf79; height:auto; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color:transparent; height:3px; width:3px; -webkit-border-radius: 10px; border-radius: 10px; } LIGHT up the darka crosssover drabble inspired by the book and television series 'YOU'.  It’s almost midnight and she’s at a fancy costume party for the rich and affluent that have nothing better to do with their time than pretend to be other people.As if they’d like the idea of somehow not being as rich and careless and thoughtless as they are.But bitterness isn’t what she needs right now. She needs to get out of here. Her long, utterly gorgeous, and completely impractical dress makes it hard to breathe now. She thanks her lucky star she doesn’t have to wear corsets or anything completely restrictive under her gown. Her chest feels tight enough already and her heart keeps pounding against her ribcage, trying to break free of containment.One phantom glimpse at an all too familiar entity earlier in the night trapping her in a maddening fight or flight state of mind.It’s not him. It can’t be him. He doesn’t even know where you are.It’s not him. It can’t be him. He doesn’t even know where you are.It’s not him. It can’t be him. He doesn’t even know where you are.She shakes her head and tries to get a grip on herself. The thought crosses her mind that she needs a drink but she rarely does so and even less when she is amongst strangers.Alek would have, her mind unhelpfully supplies. Yes, but Alek isn’t here. He’s really, really not and she has to go now.She notices her hands are now shaking. She needs a hiding place. Somewhere quiet.She finds a dark alcove in the gardens outside. It’s a late November night and it’s bloody cold but she relishes how the freezing weather shocks her body and helps clear her mind. Well, at least a little.She opens her clutch and fishes out her phone. She’s got ten messages and five voicemails. All from him. Apologies. Apologies. Apologies. Insult. Threat. Apologies again. She thinks of blocking him for good but her friend told her to keep evidence of stalking and bring them to the authorities so she can get a restraining order. She’s not exactly sure if this is enough yet. Can the cops do anything with just insulting messages and angry voicemails? Will they? Alina sighs. A few days ago, Alina had elected to never pick up any of Aleksander’s calls again after he had called her names, threatened her, and made her cry in the dingy bathroom of a dive bar just outside of New York. Now that she recalls it, calling it a bathroom might actually be a stretch, more like a repurposed closet. She can still remember the vile smell of urine cakes and stale beer. There had been a woman on the other side of the door, drunk out of her mind and banging on it while spewing obscenities.Between Alek’s public and unfounded accusations of her cheating and her fear to confront the angry woman, Alina had chosen to stay inside the stall until the woman had gone and her crying had stopped. She’d come out to find that Alek and his mates had deserted her in a town she barely knew, with almost no money to get back to the city. It had been pouring outside that day and she had had to wait almost an hour for a bus that would not even get her halfway back home.That had been her lowest point yet and the electroshock she’d needed to wake up. She’d finally seen the devastation that had swept through her life.She had felt so utterly stupid and ashamed that day. She’d endured months of his abuse and almost lost all of her friends in the process. They all had tried to help her but she’d kept pushing them away, too ashamed to admit what was happening with her lover. None of her friends had known any of the specifics. They just knew something was wrong and had tried to make her talk. And she had spat in their face. Well. Not literally. But close.She had hurt Jesper with her words. Ignored Kaz for weeks on end. And when Inej had actually shown up at her workplace, looking furious and demanding explanations, Alina had screamed at her. In the meantime, Alek had been whispering in her ear, poisoning her mind against the only people that had ever truly cared about her. And she had let him, blinded by her confused feelings for him and her lack of trust in herself.She feels her stomach churning at the simple recollection of those moments. A year ago she would have called herself strong, independent, resilient, level-minded. Today… today she couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror without feeling rage. Rage and a deep-seated shame that she knew was not going to leave her anytime soon.She’s a mess.And she needs to find Genya before she can leave. Genya, who invited her here. It feels rude to slip out without saying goodbye. Although Alina knows that the only reason her relationship with Genya hasn’t suffered the same damage as her other friendships is that the woman rarely cares for anyone else but herself. A small, nasty little voice resonates at the back of her head.She shakes her head. Not helpful, Alina. And not true. Genya is… not your usual kind of friend, yes. But she always brings her to nice places and even gives her some of her clothes. She knows Genya doesn’t do that for anyone else. That’s worth something, right?Her phone buzzes in her hand. It’s Genya.This party’s a bust. Already left with some guy. You can use my car service to get you home. I’ve already texted the driver.Well, so much for leaving without telling her. But Alina feels relieved she doesn’t have to try and find some excuse to duck out.She texts a quick Thanks, I will. Be safe. She makes her way inside again and gets her coat before heading for the exit. Once she’s in the street, she texts the car service to come and get her.She looks around, not completely convinced that what she saw earlier wasn’t just a figment of her overacting imagination. A small part still isn’t convinced that Aleksander isn’t somewhere, in the crowd of excruciatingly well-dressed partiers or lurking just beyond the edge of the shadows. Or, that she won’t spot him soon if she doesn’t leave.Right there, in the corner of her eye, like a fleeting shadow with a cruel smile.But with everyone wearing masks around her, her head seems to turn on itself, spinning faster than the earth on its axis as she is desperately trying to find the one thing she doesn’t want to see. But there is nothing there. Only forced laughter and drunken desperation carefully hidden behind painted smiles.She shakes her head again and snaps out of it. “He isn’t here. He doesn’t know where you are,” she tells herself out loud this time.He will never touch you again, not if you have something to say about it, you are strong, you are -A man nearly gets himself run over by a cab in front of her.The driver starts insulting him through his open window. She can’t hear what the man tells the taxi driver but whatever it is, it doesn’t convince him to take him as a customer. The man - tall, tanned, short dark hair, built like a brick house - screams obscenities as he watches the car drive away.He looks in her direction and Alina looks away, desperately trying to look invisible in a ballgown and a mask.  But if he finds her odd, he dismisses her almost immediately as he tries to stop another taxi but no one is even slowing down for him anymore.Is he drunk? Or high? That would just be her luck, stuck waiting for a driver that doesn’t want to arrive, ten meters away from a guy that’s apparently unhinged.But she looks at him nonetheless. Even though she knows she should walk back inside and wait there, she can’t help herself. He seems a little worse for wear, she decides after a minute. But his movements are not uncoordinated. They’re deliberate. Unconsciously, she takes a step forward, trying to get a better look at him.He’s wearing dark jeans and an olive toned pleather jacket. He has a bag that has seen better days hanging off one of his shoulders and he’s clutching a phone in his right hand. He looks at it but his battery seems to have died and he starts to swear before going back to the sidewalk and sitting down, head in his hands.Alina isn’t someone who’d consider herself foolhardy. She’d even say that she’s cautious to a fault. At least, that’s what she used to tell herself before everything went down with Aleksander. Tonight, feeling a bit lost and almost at the end of her own tether, she can’t help but feel some kinship with the man in front of her. His back is to her and she’s not quite sure what to expect when she finds herself putting her hand on his shoulder. His head turns toward her and oh- he’s handsome.But whatever thought might have come next, she never finds out.“I don’t have any money.” He says, slightly throwing her off.Well, that’s odd. Did he think she was about to ask him for some change?“Well, good thing I’m not asking for any.” She replies.The man looks up and seems surprised at her appearance. Maybe he didn’t see her after all. He gets up and goddess above, he is tall. Alina's short herself, even with Genya's borrowed Louboutin pumps. Her throat suddenly feels a little dry and she’s not quite sure why she’s speaking to him in the first place but she can’t seem to regret her choice at the moment.“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were, um..” He gestures something incomprehensible but Alina gets his meaning nonetheless.“Some beggar asking for change. Yes, I always seem to get that reaction from people. Do you think it’s the dress? Too last season maybe…” she teases.He chuckles and maybe even blushes a little but it’s hard to tell under a streetlamp.“I’m really sorry” he repeats “I’m just having a hell of a night and I’ve lost my wallet and my phone is dead and I can’t seem to get a cab who’ll drive me where I want without getting paid directly. But your dress is lovely.” He finishes, a little lamely.Alina can only sympathize. There’s so much about tonight and the months before that she wants to forget. Or just get over with, really. But here she stands, not five minutes after almost having a panic attack, teasing a perfect stranger who’s not having much more luck than her. Well, maybe she can help someone tonight, even if it’s not herself.“Where do you need to go?” she asks.“The hospital, my… my girlfriend is in labor.”Alina feels a little pang of regret hearing that he’s very much taken, but she doesn’t linger on it. She can hardly get herself out of her relationship with Aleksander, or even hang onto her friendship with her best friends. Getting into something - anything - with a stranger, however good looking he may be… well, she hopes she knows better now.“Would you like a ride?” Alina asks, just as the town car parks next to them as she signals to the driver. The stranger looks at her oddly. “I promise I’m not kidnapping you. I’m not really dressed for it anyway.” She laughs.The driver gets out of the car and opens the door. Alina gets in first and when she sees that he’s not getting in directly, she pokes her head out of the car: “Well?”“Sorry, thanks!” He finally moves and gets in after her. He’s very tall so the movement is far from gracious and she can’t help but smile at the scene.“Which hospital is your girlfriend at?”“She’s at Mount Sinai.”“Not too far, then.” She repeats their destination to the driver and the car starts to move.The first five minutes of the drive are spent in utter silence, with both Alina and the man looking out of their own window. Alina feels a bit silly, sitting next to complete stranger and not talking. She doesn’t even know his name. Maybe she should ask him…“What’s your na-”?“I’m Malyen by the-”They look at each other, a bit embarrassed. Alina suddenly starts to laugh, unable to stop herself.This is so ridiculous.Malyen, now that she knows his name, looks at her as if she’s finally lost it. Frankly, she probably has. She regains some of her composure a moment later and introduces herself. She extends her hand which he takes.“I’m Alina. I’m sorry I laughed, I wasn’t mocking you I swear. This is all just-”“F***ing weird?” he finishes.“Not sure I would have put it like that but I’ll take it. Also, I’ve had a completely terrible evening. I think this is just my nerves finally giving in.” She explains and she finally drops his hand.He smiles. “Sounds like you’ve been through a lot. I sympathize. Today’s not been kind to me either. Well, until I met you. I’m really thankful for the ride, by the way. Not a lot of people would have done that for someone they don’t even know.”“That’s quite alright. I thought I’d end today on a positive note after such an awful day.”Alina is sure she’s blushing and she’s thankful the inside of the car is dark and that’s she’s still wearing her mask. Oh sh*t, her mask! She reaches behind her head to undo the knot but the bugger is really tight. She struggles for a bit before she feels his warm hands over hers.“May I? This looks a bit stuck.”She drops her hands and turns away from him.“Oh, um, do you mind? My friend Genya tied it for me and I guess I should have known better when she told me she’s an expert in knots.”He chuckles as he works on the knot. “Sounds like she’s quite the character.”Alina stops herself from nodding as she feels the strings of her mask loosening under his ministrations.“You could say that. She’s probably the least self-conscious person I know. Or maybe the most… It’s really difficult to tell with her.”He hums behind her and the mask finally falls down her lap. “All done.” she hears behind her and god, she didn’t realize how much that thing was squeezing her brain.Or how close his voice is to her…She turns towards him abruptly and almost bumps the top of her head against his chin.“Oh, sorry! I mean thanks! For the knot. That thing was killing me.”He doesn’t say anything and stares at her for a few seconds and she feels his eyes on her lips, which she bites unconsciously.  His hand almost lifts up to cradle her face but he stops himself just in time and sits back near the door next to him. Alina immediately feels the loss of his body next to hers and she shivers in her light coat. He must notice it right away because he shrugs off his jacket a second later before putting it on her shoulders.“Don’t catch your death.” He says as his hands leave her shoulders and damn, he smells good. The scent coming off his faux leather jacket now surrounds her and she can still feel the heat that radiated off him around her shoulders. She wonders how his arms around her would feel like…But the girlfriend. And the baby about to arrive. And Aleksander still ruining her life.Alina knows she cannot. And he definitely cannot. So she elects to be strong for both of them.“You must be really anxious to meet your child.” She says and she knows this is as much a way out for her as it is for him when he looks at her with a slight surprise in his eyes. Oh, the ways this could have gone incredibly wrong. Or incredibly right.“Um yeah. My - my girlfriend, Zoya, she wasn’t due for two weeks. She called me an hour ago from the taxi taking her to the hospital. I was working and my phone’s battery was at 5%. And I forgot my wallet at the gym this morning and I couldn’t get it back. I was just about to lose it when you offered me a ride.”Again, she can see the anxiety radiating off him, the same way she felt it when she came up behind him as he was sitting on the sidewalk.“Well, we’re gonna get there soon now and you’ll be able to see her and meet your little boy or your little girl not long after.”“Yeah” She hears him exhale. “Yeah, that’s... God, I’m gonna meet my little girl. He doesn’t say anything for a while and she wonders if she’s made a mistake somehow. Not long after, she feels him shaking next to her and she puts her hand on his. She really didn’t mean to do that but she really can’t seem to stop herself with him. There’s a strange connection between them, something electric and yet incredibly soft. She can’t quite put her finger on it and all the words she can think of fall short of describing the way he affects her. And the way she affects him, she thinks as well.Tonight has gone so differently than she thought it would and Alina's head is spinning with the whiplash of going through so many conflicting emotions in the space of one evening.There’s the party she didn’t really want to go to. There’s seeing the ghost of Aleksander in crowds of strangers. There’s needing the friends she pushed away so carelessly.And then, there’s Malyen.Malyen who’s a total stranger. Malyen, who’s not what she expected when she first saw him recklessly trying to stop taxis. He’s quiet and wears his emotions on his face. He’s a bit of a mess too but so is she. So much more than him, she suspects. And if she can offer reassurance… or just some kindness. Well, then, maybe it’s worth going through the heartache she knows is comingShe doesn’t dare to ask questions about his girlfriend. The less she learns about her, the better it will be for her in the long run. Alina has already got her heart trampled on this year by someone elseHe finally says something but it’s mumbled and she doesn’t hear him very clearly.“I’m sorry?” she asks.“I’m not ready… I’m not ready to be a father.”His hand squeezes hers and there’s a tightening in her throat.“Malyen… no one is ready to be a parent. Not truly. Not ever. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because it means whatever challenges you’ll encounter, you’ll do your best to overcome them and learn to be a better parent. People who think they’re right, or that they know what they’re doing… they’re always less careful. And that leads to mistakes more often than not.”Alina doesn’t know where that particular nugget of wisdom is coming from as she’s a product of the foster system, but maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s why she knows what she’s saying is true. She’s seen the worst of the worst while she was going through families after families. She knows what makes a terrible parent. So, maybe, instinctively, she knows what makes a great parent. And that man sitting next to her, worried to his core that he’s not ready, that he’ll f*** up in some way… Well, Alina is really glad that child has got him.“Malyen... look at me.”He hesitates a little, before looking up to meet her gaze. His eyes are a little red and it tells her everything she needs to know.“Worrying is normal. And so is making mistakes. But as long as you own them and always strive to make up for them and be better, then you’re gonna be just fine. And so will your baby. She’s gonna be a really lucky little girl, I can tell. And she’s gonna have her dad wrapped around her little finger.”He laughs a little, as if taken by surprise, and a tear falls down. Alina catches it with her thumb. He’s about to say something when the car stops and the driver informs them they’ve arrived at Mount Sinai.Alina smiles. “Well, looks like you’re about to find out what a wonderful father you’re gonna be.”He looks outside the window and she takes his jacket off. The driver steps out of the vehicle before opening the door on Malyen’s side of the car. Alina hands him his jacket and he takes it after putting his bag on his shoulder. He steps out as well and bends down to look across the seat at her.“I- Thanks. Thanks so much for everything.”Alina moves from her seat, takes the one he just vacated, and does the last thing she should do. She takes his face between her hands and kisses his cheek. His face feels warm against her lips and she wants to linger as long as he’ll allow it but she doesn’t dare to push her luck any further.“You’re very welcome. Now go meet your daughter.”He looks at her lips once again but ultimately steps back. He turns his back to her and starts walking towards the entrance. The driver closes the door carefully as she looks at Malyen making his way inside the building. He gets in and Alina feels a little sad that he didn’t look back even once.It’s probably better that way, she thinks.The car starts again and they drive away.---------------------------------------------------------------------------Two years later, he’s the last person she thinks she’ll see again.And yet, there he is. Impossibly tall and handsome and trying to pry his daughter off of Alina's legs, standing in the middle of a meadow.

Styx, Sedna Mortificare of Hell

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STORIES HAVE MOVED TO THIS GROUPCLICK MY OWN HEAVEN/HELL/HADES FLOW ANDIN OLYMPUSBUT YOU NEED A FEW PROTOCOLS IN SL TO ENTER THERE. NOT MUCH REALLY, HERA HAS NOT MUCH PATIENCE AND LOVES TO DELETE GIVEN THE SITUATION ALSO WITH OTHER CHARACTERS, LETS NOT TALK ABOUT ZEYS.I AS STYX, might send you into a Quest lol non according to the myth would be able unless we upgrade it a bit the narrative, only Hades and the nymphs can visit Olympus and Persy of course from all those who belong to the Underworld.Well, unless you're dead and are going to the Elysian fields, that's an option, a probability if you know the verse. Honourable warriors, noble in spirit to an Isle around called the isle of Fortune as for a visit in Olympu?History states it's own. 

𝒔𝒐𝒍 𝒌𝒐𝒓𝒐𝒍𝒆𝒗𝒂

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#backgroundTemplate { width:560px; height:700px; background-image:url(''); border-style:solid; border-width:6px; border-color:#e9cf79; margin:auto; margin-top:50px; margin-bottom:50px; -webkit-touch-callout:none; -webkit-user-select:none; -khtml-user-select:none; -moz-user-select:none; -ms-user-select:none; user-select:none; } #mainContent { border-style:solid; border-width:6px; border-color:#151715; width:380px; height:460px; margin:0 auto; margin-top:160px; background-color:#151715; } #titleDrabble { text-align:center; height:60px; overflow:hidden; } #titleDrabble font{ display:block; padding:0px; margin:0px; padding-top:10px; font-family:'Times New Roman', Times, serif; font-size:32px; line-height:30px; color:#e9cf79; text-align:center; font-weight:lighter; font-style:italic; text-transform:lowercase; letter-spacing:0px; word-spacing:0px; } #subtitleDrabble{ font-family:'Times New Roman', Times, serif; font-size:10px; line-height:12px; color:#e9cf79; font-style:italic; text-transform:lowercase; letter-spacing:1px; word-spacing:1px; text-align:center; } #contentDrabble { height:400px; font-family:Cambria; font-size:12px; line-height:15px; color:#f3e1c7; letter-spacing:1px; word-spacing:1px; text-align:justify; overflow:auto; } b, strong { color:#e9cf79; text-transform:uppercase; letter-spacing:0px; word-spacing:0px; } i, em { color:#fff; font-style:italic; letter-spacing:0px; word-spacing:0px; } a, a:active, a:visited, a:link { font-weight:normal; text-decoration:none; font-family:'Times New Roman', Times, serif; font-size:10px; line-height:12px; color:#f0ebd1; letter-spacing:1px; word-spacing:1px; transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -moz-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -ms-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -o-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -webkit-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; } a:hover { text-decoration:none; color:#b34225; transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -moz-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -ms-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -o-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; -webkit-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background-color:#e9cf79; height:auto; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color:transparent; height:3px; width:3px; -webkit-border-radius: 10px; border-radius: 10px; } title here subtitle if needed here Bold, italicLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. 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task 13.

goodbye summer survey, 🌞   What is your favorite activity to do on a warm sunny day? Going to the beach! I love getting ice cream, going for a swim and spending time outdoors near some water to cool off.    Do you have a dream summer destination? My dream summer destination would be Hawaii. Hawaii is one of my favorite places because it's always warm and summery and I would love to spend an entire summer exploring and hiking there.    What is your go-to type of outfit in the summertime? My go to is usually a crop top and a pair of shorts with my favorite sunglasses.    What is your favorite summer vacation you’ve ever been on? My favorite summer vacation was going to Italy one summer in high school. I got to learn about the culture and experience the food and it was so beautiful there.   Do you prefer the ocean or the pool? Why? The ocean! I love the saltiness and the freshness of the water, I hate the chlorine from the pool.    Did you ever go to summer camp as a child? What was it like? I didn't, but I always wanted to go because my friends always talked about the activities they did and the new friends they made and it always seemed like so much fun.    Are you a summer person, or do you prefer another season? I love summer, but honestly, fall is my favorite season because I love the changing colors.    What is your favorite ice cream flavor? How about your favorite summer fruit? My favorite ice cream is definitely cookies and cream! And my favorite summer fruit is watermelon.

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AC 11 side effects?

It had been a while since he had experienced such lack of sleep, how he had found himself unable to close his eyes without the crippling fear that something might happen while he slept, something he wouldn’t be able to change or turn back from.From being lost in whatever that was, woods, forest, isolated military centre? He didn’t bother to listen to people’s lies or stories, knowing that he would never find the truth to it all, he simply decided it would be best to settle for obliviousness.One, two… Five shifts for guards and guard dogs to take protecting his home, make sure no unannounced guest showed up. German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermanns… Golden retrievers to help him with his anxiety and even Huskies to scream if they saw anyone.Even with all that protection, Gigi found no safety, no haven. He didn’t feel protected anymore.A new security system was installed, electric wire fence, cameras… All money could buy to keep him safe and he still couldn’t sleep.The damage his skin had gone under from the sun exposure was bad, how he had gone through many treatments prior, his skin was left weak towards the sun, freckles tainted his face and shoulders and he had spent endless time trying to fix it, spending 2/3’s of his days in some facial centre to fix the issue and become what he believed to be perfect once more, a doll even.Lack of sleep wasn’t helping either, how dull his skin had turned and even flaking off.Sleep only came while in the presence of a certain male which had helped him go through the traumatic experience, even saved his life by forcefully making him drink contaminated water.He was taken out on the true fall experience but didn’t truly experience it as he would fall asleep clinging to Morgan’s arm only to be woken up seconds later by the concerned male. Drugs to remain awake were running out and he could only close his eyes for seconds at a time to ensure his safety. Healing process sure was going to be slow, but for now, he had someone he could trust to have his back while his eyes closed for one… two… three seconds.     

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