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09/21/2021 09:27 PM 

🍻 - Prompt

PROMPT||🍻 For Mace Triggers: Heavy drinking, violence It must have been nearly three in the morning here, but he had been traveling so much recently that time was starting to fade together. Sleep came when it was too much to bear. Sometimes he would sleep for an hour or two, other times he would be out for 14 hours, give or take. It just depended on his energy levels. This particular day, he had just woken up from ten-hour rest and didn’t feel like being in bed any longer than he already had been.He dressed casually since it appeared to be in the middle of the night, wearing a pair of dark denim jeans, and a red tee. Not the typical clothing style he was usually seen in while walking the streets at night, but no one knew his face here. His tebori ink was more visible this way, at least the ones that ran down his arms. Though, tattoos were more common on this side of the world, no one even batted an eye as he passed by them.Most buildings were closed. Which brought on a slight annoyance considering how long he had gone without a proper meal. Finally, as he made it onto another street, he could see a building in the distance, all lit-up. Red string lights hung from the roof, and as he drew closer he could make out the beer logos as well as an ‘open’ sign, all illuminated in the windows of the front of the building. It was clearly a bar, and while Ryusei had no intention of drinking right now, his options were very limited, and he didn’t feel like exploring the entire town. Perhaps they offered a good variety of food, and he could have a beer or two while he ate.Upon entering, he was surprised at how many were inside, all chattering and laughing amongst one another, most already drunk. Ryusei squeezed passed them and made his way over to an empty bar stool. “A menu please, and whatever seasonal beer you have.” After a moment, a menu was placed before him, followed by a tall icy glass of dark beer, a thick foam over the top. Taking a sip, it was rich in flavor, instantly adding an extra warmth to his body as it coated his empty stomach.As he looked down at the menu, however, he could feel another pair of eyes on him, all of the sudden. After a few seconds, when they had yet to withdraw, he looked up as well and turned his head towards the wandering gaze. When his eyes met with the one sitting next to him, he raised his brows on instinct. She held such a powerful presence, one that pierced right through to his soul. Then she smiled, and her whole faced changed. She had gone from the most intimidating woman he had ever seen, to the sweetest, in only a matter of a couple seconds.“I’m not sure whether to take that as a compliment, or an insult.” She proceeded to laugh lightly, bringing her bottle of beer to her lips for another sip as she eyed him with a curious side-glance. Ryusei had just realized how rude he had been by reacting that way. Bringing his knuckle to his lips, he cleared his throat. “Uh, sorry. It was a compliment.” He took a nervous swig from his beer. “Definitely a compliment.” A warm smile was added, one corner of his lips tugging upwards.She placed her elbow up on the counter, leaning her head into her hands. “Well, I was the one staring, but I couldn’t help but notice your eyes. It’s not every day you see a man with golden eyes. Let alone someone of your.. nationality.” Another smile followed as she finished off her wine. Ryusei chuckled, unsure of how to respond to that so he took a long sip of his beer while he thought about it. “It’s a.. genetic mutation.” He finally said. That much was mostly true, even though he didn’t let her in on the full extent of it. “Ah..I see.” She looked at him a moment longer, particularly into his eyes, seemingly not convinced, but she didn’t press on it any further. “Well. I’m Macy, but you can call me Mace.” Her hand extended towards him, in which Ryusei met eagerly with his own warm hand. “Ryusei, but you can call me Ryu if you like.” When their hands joined, she glanced down briefly at them, holding on for a moment longer than one usually would. “I was going to order some shots. Would you care to share?” She released her grasp, her hues rising back up to meet with his.“As long as you let me pay.” A smirk crossed his lips as he held up a finger to signal the bartender. Ryu ordered a large plate of wings and let Macy order whichever shots she preferred. Which happened to be tequila. He didn’t have much experience with tequila, that particular liquor seemed to affect differently than the other kinds. He almost didn’t trust himself whenever he drank it. He prided himself being able to maintain a certain level of sobriety no matter how much he drank, or what type of substances he dabbled in, but something about tequila was different. Someone had once called it the diablo of alcohol, and he would have to agree.Still, he began a tab under his fake identification and a row of shots were brought to them. She picked up the first one, and he followed her lead by picking up the one closest to him. As they clinked their small glasses together, Ryu held his breath and downed the shot, letting it go down completely before he exhaled. It was a trick he learned to do when he didn’t like the particular taste of the alcohol, but still wanted the effects of it.They shared the large plate of wings while they also shared small details about their lives. He revealed that he was based in Japan, but his work often had him traveling around the globe, which struck Mace as interesting, and she began asking him about his favorite places and future goals. He was genuinely having a wondering time with this stranger, turned friend. It had been a long time since he was able to chat and smile like he was now, that it almost felt unnatural, but in a good way.They were on their third round now and his bearings were starting to slip away from him. He kept almost talking about things that would have revealed way too much about him than she needed to know, but she had been drinking too so she didn’t seem to notice, at least he hoped not. “Let’s go, it’s getting too noisy in here.” She began to stumble out of her chair, but froze halfway when the song changed. “Wait, I love this song.” Her smile lit up the room as it grew so wide, it was contagious. “Oh yeah? Are you going to dance?” He chuckled jokingly, but she had already removed herself from the stool and began moving along to the rhythm of the beat.Ryusei sat back, entertained, watching as she enjoyed herself while he finished off his beer. However, someone else seemed to take notice too. “Shake that ass. Come on! A little harder than that!” The sleazy guy even reached out to smack her on the behind. Ryusei hadn’t brought any weapons with him, at all, but it wouldn’t have mattered, because his first thought was that someone like him deserved to burn. It didn’t matter who saw, a lesson needed to be learned. Though, just as he pushed himself from his chair, Mace had lifted her hand towards Ryusei. Halting, a look of utter confusion crossed his features. How could she not want him to do anything about that completely unauthorized behavior?Then, he looked to his left and saw a knife levitate from the counter, floating adjacent to his head, trembling slightly. Before he even had time to think, the knife soared passed him the moment she snapped her hand back towards herself. She was standing with her back still facing the stranger, but the man was too busy looking down that he didn’t see the knife as it sailed directly into his jugular. He choked right away, grasping for the intruding blade, but as it slipped from his neck, blood followed, spurting out onto Mace and other people around him. Ryusei’s eyes grew wide, as he was the only one who was frozen in place as others began to scream and scatter when his body hit the floor.Taking her hand, he wasted no time following the crowd, blending in, even though his surroundings were still unstable, and he hadn’t quite processed what had just happened. He knew what he saw, though. It was lucky that he was the only one who saw it all, as no one else had even caught sight of the floating knife or how it followed her command. This night turned out to be far more eventful than he ever had in mind, he just hoped he would remember it by the time he sobered up.

🐺𝓛𝓲𝓵 𝓒𝓱𝓲𝓲𝓮𝓯🐺

09/21/2021 04:50 PM 

🐺𝓛𝓲𝓵' 𝓒𝓱𝓲𝓮𝓯'𝓼 𝓭𝓮𝓽𝓪𝓲𝓵𝓼 & 𝓻𝓾𝓵𝓮𝓼
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❤️ вяσωи-єує∂ вαявιє ❤️

09/21/2021 02:43 PM 

💞 Brown-Eyed Barbie's Rules 💞
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09/21/2021 12:01 PM 


  post new ham headcanon. Late at night, Cori doesn't often sleep. She thinks of the offer that was made; The children being spared with the opportunity to start a new world... Or to return back to the mess that their parents had made. They could have so easily spared themselves the grief... West (s)Ham was barely any better than it had been when the children had been abducted, let alone the rest of the world. The weight of the world really lie upon their shoulders. Coraline Reed would inevitably find herself outside, gazing out into the darkness. She knew how to walk these grounds in her sleep, didn't she? Though they hadn't really been these grounds, now, had they? Lately she's convinced she can hear the voices of those they lost in the other world, and it scares her and thrills her at the same time. To speak to your best friend again after thinking they were forever gone was a blessing. To speak to one's dead best friend again, was something else entirely. After awhile, inevitably, Cori retreats to the backyard firepit, pouring herself a glass of wine to go along with one of the joints she'd made that evening. Maybe she just had a wild imagination. Or maybe God was playing tricks on her.

The Society, post canon au, headcanon

𝒈𝒐𝒍𝒅𝒆𝒏 𝒍𝒆𝒈𝒂𝒄𝒚.

09/20/2021 10:36 PM 

GOSSIP GIRL: Introducing Cece Archibald.

It was strange to be back in the city like this. Cece Archibald was standing in the living room of her father's penthouse apartment. It had been awhile since she'd been back in Manhattan, and she couldn't help but wonder if any of her old friends remembered her from the couple of years before. This time she'd arrived alone, her mother remaining in Los Angeles. When she'd arrived at the airport there had been a limo with one of her father's interns ready to escort her back to the very apartment she now stood in. It felt so... Empty. She turned, examining the expanse of her family's New York home. Nate Archibald, her father, was now a state governor, often busy. Her mother, Serena van der Woodsen, had chosen to stay behind in Los Angeles after the recent release of one of her films. She'd told her daughter she needed rest, but the girl couldn't help but wonder if this was more about the argument she'd overheard weeks before between her parents. "Cece?" Her father called, prompting the girl to turn. She hadn't seen him in awhile, and he looked exhausted. "Glad to see you got in alright, how was the plane?" "Oh, you know. Private and quiet. The usual," Cece replied with a slight laugh, kissing her father's cheek in greeting. "Busy day?" "Busy every day," Nate answered in response to his daughter, walking over to the couch and nudging her in the direction of one of the chairs. "Why don't we sit? I feel like we both could use it." Actually, the flight had felt excruciatingly long. Once Cece had arrived to the penthouse, she'd helped herself to a glass of chilled champagne from the fridge along with a nice long bath. She'd only gotten out after she'd realized she'd fallen asleep. She felt more than well rested enough, but she took a seat on the couch anyway. "So how's your mother?" Ah. Well that certainly shifted the energy within the room. Cece was suddenly finding herself wishing she'd helped herself to a couple of more glasses of champagne. She could tell he'd been thinking of this for awhile; Thinking of her mother, wondering how she was. She wondered if her mother had been ignoring his messages and texts unless it was about their daughter. "Mom? She's great. She's, you know... At the spa. Why wouldn't she be?" Nate could feel his stomach doing a flip-- Not out of nerves, but disgust. How had his family gotten this far out of place? Now his daughter was here telling him it was okay when it was most certainly not. The memories flooded his mind, recalling having to be the go between with his own parents. "The spa, huh...? That doesn't sound very great." Silence. She didn't know how to respond to that. "So... I start back tomorrow?" Change of subject. She doesn't want to talk about this. She doesn't want to end up asking one of the many questions that's been swirling in her mind since she'd overheard the phone call. "Uniforms are up in your room, inside of your closet. Books and bag are on the bed. And the car will be there with an intern tomorrow. I've got to be up and out even earlier than you for some meetings," Her father replied apologetically. "But I've asked them to give me this weekend so that the two of us can catch up. Is that okay?" Was anything okay? Cece couldn't shake the feeling that certainly not; Nothing felt okay... But, she didn't know how to say any of that to her father, so she just nodded. "Constance will be good for you. It'll be good for you to be back with your old friends." They'd have to see about that, though, too. Cece couldn't help the sinking feeling that her parents wouldn't be able to keep the fact that they were living apart under wraps for very long. Besides, she was certain she'd spied a fan of her mother's sneaking a photo of her at the airport. "Can we hit Serendipity3? I'm starving." Another change of subject, but hey; This one was in the name of french fries and frozen hot chocolate. "Let's go. Can't have you here on your first night back and not get you Serendipity3." "A Manhattan sin." "A New York slight." The two laughed, and headed out of the penthouse. There would be plenty of time to discuss everything. For now, let them enjoy all that was good. What was left of it, anyway.

Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl next gen, Cece Archibald

heaven in hiding.

09/20/2021 09:47 PM 

share banner.


09/20/2021 08:28 PM 

ooc info.

muse and mun are both over the age of twenty-one and i would appreciate anyone i communicate with to also be of age. i'm on the east coast for timezone purposes. i do work a full time job, activity may be scarce from time to time but should always lead with the expectation that real life comes first before this place. i would not pressure anyone into a reply and would want the same sentiment in return. muse is multi-ship at the moment. i don't want to limit myself to any potential connections. if the vibes are right, can be discussed to go down to single-ship but i'm not worried about that at the moment. as for smut? i'm okay with writing it as long as it makes sense and doesn't go on forever, otherwise, i'm always cool with a fade to black to progress the storyline. i've chosen a career for everett that can have him be placed anywhere. i don't want to limit any potential storylines by having him based around a certain area. 

‹ ᴅᴀᴍᴀɢᴇᴅ ᴍᴀʀɪɴᴇʀ ›

09/20/2021 04:37 PM 

Rules & Things Of Importance

1. First of all understand that like everyone else I have a life away from this website. I cannot be here all the time. Real life will always come first. Writing is a hobby for me so I would like to feel comfortable with it and not rushed. Adding to this, I'm a perfectionist if it comes to writing. Meaning, I take longer to reply because I tend to check things multiple times, overthink things a lot, or rewrite parts until I feel satisfied. I only want to send good writing your way.2. I am a serious and literate writer with years of experience. However, English is not the language I was born with. Even though I think my English is quite good, there can be mistakes here and there. Which I apologize for in advance.3. I'm very picky with storylines. The thing I'm mostly looking for to write is romance. But let that not stop you from telling me any ideas you might have. It could catch my interest.4. Of course no godmodding, and no drama OOC, etc. I am here to have fun only. I think there's not much more I have to add to this.5. I do not write in modern times, ancient times, middle ages, etc. My character will stay in his own time period, which is the early 1800's.6. I do Multi-LI. Meaning if my character has a romance in another storyline it does not conflict with ours. There's no need for jealousy, it would only annoy me and cause me to stop writing and talking to you.7. William is heterosexual, and this will not change. Yes, he spends a lot of time in the company of men. But even if homosexuality was allowed back in his days, he would be straight. 8. I am okay with our characters having sexual intercourse. But there are a few things I want you to know. First, please be aware you must be over the age of 21. Secondly, my character is not a sexual predator. He's the proper gentleman and doesn't jump into bed with just anyone. Lastly, I want it to have a benefit to our character's growing relationship, or at least a benefit to our story. So stay realistic, please.9. If you are not comfortable or agreeing with how our story is going please do tell me so we can think of something else. I want you to be always honest and comfortable with me.10. I have the right to choose with whom I write. If for some reason I haven't replied back to you after, say 3 months, without a reason, consider our roleplay or conversation finished. (Although, if I feel in the mood to tell you myself, I will contact you about it. But that's not guaranteed.) I'm sorry if I might have hurt you in any way. Don't take it personal. The same goes for if I do not accept your friend request (because I am quite picky).11. I don't mind being a number on your friends list. You don't have to write with me if you add me. I love to support your work, or be a listening ear when you are in need of one.12. I like to seperate roleplaying from real life. I'm not in search for any romantic relationships outside roleplaying. I may write a male character, but I am a female in real life. Hope that turns you off.13. I'm fine with any gore or violence in writing, or any other shocking explicit stuff. Don't restrain yourselves!14. And lastly, but most importantly: HAVE FUN!

𝓣нιѕ 𝓘ѕ 𝓕orтιтυde

09/20/2021 03:26 PM 


Please send a message with the Title AUDITION SAMPLE FOR [ANY WRITING SAMPLE AS LONG AS ITS 350+] In the message please include:[1].Have you read and understood the rules?[2].What is your online availability? and How often do you get on?[3].What is your Discord[4].Who is the character you are auditioning for?[5]. What is the character's age?[6]. Do you have any learning disabilities or triggers you want the administrators to know about? and if so what? [7].Can you write in multi-para?[8]. How did you find out about our group?[9].Do you have any time constraints that can affect your activity? (i.e. work, school, another RPG, etc.):[10].What is your timezone?:[11].For OC's How will your character fit into our world?


09/20/2021 03:15 PM 

A Nightmare on Cherry Lane /intro

A Nightmare on Cherry Lane   Wicket /1706817 It was all a nightmare come true. After all that they’d been through, to lose any member of the team just felt wrong. Sure, it was good that Suzie was in town now and staying with Dustin and his mom, but he couldn’t help but be convinced he’d just led his girlfriend right into a death trap. Dustin had laid in the bed a little bit longer than he should have. The group wanted to meet at Cherry Lane. Losing Lucas did something to Dustin that he’d never anticipated. Sure, he was normally one for jumping into the fray to fight all the bad guys, but losing Lucas meant that they were not as invincible as they thought they were. Kids weren’t supposed to get killed.Dustin turned over in his bed. He heard his mother outside his door taking Suzie to the garage. She had that extra bicycle in there that had actually been hers back in the old dark ages, the fifties or something like that. Suzie was so sweet and so good, she’d taken the piece of junk with no complaints. After Suzie had taken off on that old piece of junk, Dustin covered his head back up and delved deeper until the covers. He didn’t want to come out and face the world.“Dustin!” He heard his mother knocking at his door a few minutes later. “Can I come in for a minute sweetheart?” She asked with a softer voice. She knew how close her son was to Lucas. This was affecting him and she felt so helpless right now.He stayed under the blankets. “No. Go away.” His mop of curls were all disheveled and awry. It hurt too much for him to think right now. He pulled the blankets over his head closer. All the lights were off in his room and even his electronic action figures and models were dark. This was completely out of character for him. This was what happened when one lost one’s best friend at an early age.The door opened and Dustin’s mom came in anyway. “Dustin, I really want you to get out of this room, okay. You and your friends need one another. It’s not good to isolate yourself like this sweetheart.” She started to turn on his lights and straighten up the toys that were laying all strewn about. Her sweet boy was always so full of life and with a spark that inspired others. Now, he wasn’t smiling. He was sitting in the dark all broken. She sat at the foot of his bed. “Lucas was a good kid, Dustin. I know he was your best friend. I am so sorry that this happened.” His mom was whispering because she didn’t honestly know what to say.Dustin knew what his mom was trying to do. She was all that Dustin had in terms of parents. He knew that this wasn’t an easy job for her. He tried not to be too much of a bother, but right now, he didn’t know what to do. “There are dangerous things out there Mom. Lucas wasn’t supposed to die. Kids don’t die.” He stared at the underside of the galaxy pattern on the blankets. “I don’t want to die.”His mother’s heart was breaking. He was so deep in this depression and she had no idea how to bring him out of it. She did know how to do one thing and that was to be his Mom. She tugged at his blankets and met his lost gaze. “I don’t want you to die either Dustin. I want you to live. If you stay in here under these blankets, how are you going to do that? Lucas wouldn’t want you to stop living would he?”Dustin didn’t cover his head back up when his mom spoke to him. He listened to her intently. She could tell that his mind was processing her words and making sense of them. He had fought against the Demogorgon with the others. He stopped the MIndflayer with the others. Dustin and his friends could have died either time with any of those monsters but they didn’t. Lucas had lived. Something else had stopped him. Dustin slowly sat up in his bed and clung to his mother.Mrs. Henderson held her son for just a few moments while stroking those sweet curls. He was trembling like a child in her arms. A silent tear in her eye raced down her cheek. “Now can you get up and head out after your friends? Suzie already left.”Dustin clung just a little bit longer to his mother before he leaned back. He used the back of his hand to push away a tear that he didn’t want anyone to see. “Yeah…” His voice choked even on such a simple word. His lips pursed together and he nodded. Mrs. Henderson took that as her cue to get up off the bed to give Dustin a chance to get up on his own feet. His mom was right. He did need to get out of this house.~*~On Cherry LaneDustin pulled up on his bicycle right next to Suzie. He wasn’t smiling like he normally did. It was obvious that when he stood there straddling his bike, the sparkle had gone out of his eyes. How were they supposed to go on without Lucas? That was something they’d all have to figure out on their own. Mike was already there talking about a plan of action. Dustin just couldn’t seem to get himself into a position to be angry. Right now, he was still consumed by grief. Being here was something that he needed to do, but after that…? He just listened not saying a word.  "I Am On A Curiosity Voyage, And I Need My Paddles To Travel." credit: james kriet


09/20/2021 02:03 PM 



09/20/2021 02:01 PM 

never ending race.

*a reply to Fergie's bulletin. Please check out his work - he's one of the most talented writers I know, and I feel really lucky to be creating with him. His words seem to cut through me like a knife. There was some truth behind them, of course, but that didn’t make it better. “I’m not Stone, the comparisons need to stop.” He was right - he wasn’t Stone. But I expected him to at the very least, understand. Understand my anger and my fears. Understand WHY I was yelling at him in the first place. Was I being a little hypocritical? Sure. I did like to dip my nose into the white lady every now and then - but I knew when enough was enough, and I knew not to bring it around the kids. Our kids.“F*** you,” the words flew out of my mouth quicker than I thought they would, but I don’t regret them. He had no right bringing drugs into our home, keeping them around our babies. He had no right throwing my relationship with Stone in my face. He had no right to be angry with me, for being angry with him. My anger builds with each word he speaks, but I try to be understanding. I get what it’s like to want to silence the voices in your head - to put on a mask that hides you from the harsh realities of the world. I know he meant well, and that he wasn’t actively looking to hurt me or our kids, but… his actions said otherwise.“Do you think it’s fair to Lilah for you to be doing this? Genuine question, Fergie. Because she already lost a dad, and it took a long time for her to get over that. She’s too young to be losing another one. And Apollo?? Do you think it’s fair to him? He’s two months old, don’t you… don’t you think about him?” I take a seat on the edge of the bed, tears staining red cheeks. I didn’t care if he saw me cry, I needed him to feel what I felt. Feel the fear that rushed through my body the second I found the baggie. “You can call me a hypocrite all you want, Ferg. But these kids… OUR kids, they’re my life. I won’t allow them in a situation where their safety is in jeopardy..”It wasn’t a threat, or an ultimatum. It was the truth.My head hangs low as he speaks, fingernails picking at the skin around my cuticles. “My feelings don’t matter.” I wanted to stop him - to tell him that they do matter. That he matters. It’s the only reason I brought any of this up, because he matters. But I allow him to continue, watching as he walks to the window on the opposite side of our bedroom.“I’ll flush it.”I wasn’t sure I trusted him enough to do it. But I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, to show him that I had faith that he would do the right thing. Exhaling a sigh, my free hand reaches up to wipe at the remaining tears that stained my skin, and I stand, slowly making my way over to my husband. I hesitate with my movements, hands reaching for his face, holding him for a moment so our eyes can meet. “I’m sorry… I know that you’re struggling. I didn’t realize how bad, and I feel awful for that.” My thumb moves across his cheek, caressing his bearded skin. “I love you, and I’m scared - I didn’t.. I didn’t know you were using again. And it brought back bad feelings.”My hands drop then, and my feet begin to pace in front of him, walking back and forth in an attempt to ease the anxiety that had crept up on me. “I didn’t know Stone was using again when he died. I could have saved him if I did. Not that… Not that I think that would change anything between him and I - we really weren’t good for each other, and I’m sure we would have ended up divorced or something anyway. But.. I could have saved him.”Word vomit. It was hard to stop once I started.“And I freaked out because I.. I can’t handle finding you face down on the bathroom floor. It would ruin me. I’m trying to save you, because I couldn’t save him. Don’t you get it? You.. you’re everything to me and I need you to stay alive, okay? Because if you don’t.. If you don’t, then I don’t know what I’ll do with myself or with the kids, or with the dog, or with anything. I need you to stay alive. Please..” My eyes sting from crying as they find his once again, a shaky hand reaching out to hand him the baggy.“Please…” I plead.I know my husband is a good man - he has his flaws just like everyone else, and I don’t fault him for that. I don’t fault him for fighting his demons or for giving into the temptation that I’ve narrowly avoided myself. I don’t fault him for falling back into a cycle that’s so difficult to get out of. I don’t fault him for anything, really. I’m scared that one day, he won’t be able to get himself out of this never ending race - that he’ll find euphoria in the presence of only the devil himself.I don’t need much to live a happy life, but I need him. I've already lived life without Ferg once, I know I couldn't do it again. And I don't know where we'll go from here, or how we'll make our way out of this cycle - but I'll do anything to keep him safe. 

𝓑𝓵𝓪𝓬𝓴 𝓦𝓲𝓭𝓸𝔀

09/20/2021 01:46 PM 

Memories Forgotten

Luna sat before the mirror that was above her bathroom sink. Black and silver marble countertop was cool beneath her as she sat Indian-style top of it. She stared at her reflection, hoping with focus that somehow it would change within a blink of the eye. Slender digits gave a soft tap to the surface as if to coax it in one way or another, yet her image remained the same. Young, early twenties Luna glared back at her in disappointment. She was beginning to think that the Armani suit was pulling her leg in telling her that she had shifted back to a younger age. It was something of a novel, a story that would be bound within leather covers and tattered pages kept by a mad man. Sheer insanity. Frustration raked over her, fingers tugging rather violently through ravenous locks before pulling back her right fist and slamming it into her own reflection. “Pinche pendeja. Estas loca.” a grumble came from her hissing pouts.  Crimson pooled within the cracks of the mirror, a reflection more suiting for the woman that was before it. Knuckles bled as jaw ticked, orbs watching the droplets fall into the porcelain basin with facintation. Rummaging the cabinet beneath the sink, hands found purchase on a medical bag. Her medical bag. Well, she only assumed it was by seeing her name etched on the leather. Luna gave pause for a moment, pads of left hand fingers dancing over the name, faintest of smiles threatening the corner of her tiers. With a shake of her head, she dug through the contents, finding the cleaning supplies she needed to attend the wound on her right hand. Gauze adorned hand ached with a constant throb but nothing near has what she would have imagined it could have been.    Just as she was about to zip the bag up, eyes caught a glimpse of a photo at the bottom of the back. “Madre.” the single word carried so much emotion. “Of course. Why haven’t I gone home yet? Ma would know what's going on. Duh!!” with a scoff, the Latina took the photo and shoved it in the back pocket of the denim jeans that she wore.   Leaving the apartment, her focus was drift to the Mustang that sat oddly parked. “You’ve got to be sh*tting me. I have wanted one of those since I was a teenager." Making a quick turn, she attempted to look for the keys. But it was apparent that drunk Luna three nights before had decided to misplace them. “Nothing but a thang.” she shrugged making her way back out to the car. Popping the trunk, she withdrew a few tools. Following moments consisted of a slew of curse words and grunts as she worked beneath the dashboard. With a few lucky strikes, a wicked grin danced at her features as the engine purred to life like a dream. “BINGO BABY!!” victory fist pump commenced along with a little gig right in the middle of the drive.   Traveling the all too familiar path, Luna made her way to her old home, having the slightest inkling as to what lay ahead. Something in her heart warmed as the house came into view. Old Victorian two story home with the wrap around porch. The place where she grew up. The reminder of Sunday morning breakfast at the island bar in the kitchen. Dinner dances with Madre before flour fights while making cookies for The Orphanage. The smell of home-made tamales on Friday nights.   But then the not so good memories tugged at the darkest corners of her mind. Screams of horror in the dead of night. Angelo, the gardener, washing away blood stains from the patio. Her Padre’s face mere inches away from a man tied in a chair by barbed wire. Hands around her throat with a swift backhand to the cheek the one time she dared to enter the basement and found Angelo hanging by shackles from the ceiling. That was a time after that she had spent in the hospital for a dislocated jaw and fractured cheek. As the story was told, she was a young one with accidental tendencies.    Tears rolled down her cheek before she was able to wipe them away with a sniff. At the very least, she didn’t see his car parked in the drive. “Ma will be alone. That is always a bonus. Easier times.” she bound up the stairs of the porch two at a time with a grin, the anticipation within her couldn’t quite be contained.    With a turn of the knob, Luna attempted to enter the home only to be met with resistance, face planting directly with the window. “What the hell Ma! I know I have been gone a few days, but to lock your only daughter out of the house is a bit extreme, don’t ya think?” the pounded with the heel of her hand against the window. “HEY MA!! Listen, I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you, prometo!!” knocks once more only to be met with silence. “I’ll make you your favorite. Cheesecake with cajeta.” she bargained, desperation in her tone. Again, she was only met with the crickets that chirp in the distance.   With a resonating huff, she kicked the door pinching the bridge of her nose. Stomping like a two year old, she took the path to the backyard. If her Madre wouldn’t let her in, she would just have to sneak in, just as she had done so many times before. The window that led to Luna’s bedroom never locked. And considering that her Padre was never the handy man when it came to household chores, it was easy access for the young one to come and go as she pleased without going out the front door. Less the ‘rentals knew, the better.   Climbing the lattice that was just below her window, thorns of freshly bloomed roses staked claim within her palms. “That’s new.” dark brows knitted together, trying to remember what flowers were there before. “What happened to the ivy?” confusion washed over her. With a futile push to the window she was at now, it didn’t budge. “The one time I wanna sneak in the house, the cabron decides it a good idea to fix things.” her patience was running thin. Taking the screwdriver from her back pocket she was using earlier, Luna smashed it against the glass. “If I’m going to get in trouble, mind as well go all out, si?”    With a grunt, she heaved herself over the ledge of the window. In what she expected to be a beanbag there was a plethora of plants. Ceramic shattered beneath her fall. “What. The. Actual? F***?? I’m replaced by nature?!?! Seriously? Gone for less than a week and you….” dusting off potting soil and Irises, Luna got her first true  glimpse at the room she was in. “It’s like I was never here..” it was a blow to her heart. How quickly could one be replaced? Apparently less than 72 hours.    Before she was able to gain composure, a click sounded in the room. Time seemed to stand still as her breathing halted completely. “What the hell are you doing in my house?” a male’s voice came from in front of her. The clicking sound was a gun, and now it was pointed directly at her.    “Are you straight out of the looney tunes bin, pinche gringo? I live here.” heart hammered so loudly she was certain that the stranger heard it too. “I’ve owned this property for nine years now. Ever since the owner met an untimely death. Shame really on how she went. It was flooded all across the new paper. How could a man that claimed to love his wife do such a horrid thing? And that daughter and her new born son?” the man’s stance slacked a fraction. “Mrs. Saltero was a wonderful woman. Did a lot for the community.”   All the while, Luna’s mind was running wild. Everything making sense and not at the same time. “Wait...what are you talking about? Mrs. Saltero is perfectly fine. I saw her just a few days ago. We were going to driving me up to Yale next week.”   “Are you off your meds, sweetheart? Mrs. Saltero was slaughtered nine years ago by her husband.”   “STOP IT! You don’t know what you’re talking about!! That’s ludacris. My Padre would never….” Luna shook her head rapidly back and forth, anger building within her.    “You f***ing nuts woman! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!” gun again pointed directly at her head.   “You’re lying. Why would you say such wretched things!? You don’t know a damned thing. Stop talking….stop talking!!” with a forceful push with palms at the males chest, he went flying across the room, the gum clattering to the ground as sheetrock dusted the air where the man landed.   The Latina glanced down at her hands in awe. She didn’t use that much force. And even then, she was much smaller than her counterpart. “This isn’t happening.” fresh tears flooded her eyes as she picked up the gun and angled at the man trying to get up.   Inching her way towards the door, she held the gun in place. “You’re gonna let me leave here. Stay there. Right. There.”   Scrambling, she took the staircase down to the front door with the gun clutched in her hand. Upon opening the front door, three armed police men had guns of their own trained on her.   “Drop the gun and put your hands behind your head.”

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Taken Back (Character Dev.)

Russet hues peered through the windshield with a slow release of breath. There was a tinge of red that circled the moon. Not in the sense of a blood moon but still something that had a shiver of anticipation travel the length of the Latina’s spine. A plume of smoke emitted parted tiers as she cracked her neck. Her Madre’s superstitions were getting to her. “Nothing ever happens with the hint of red around the moon, mija.” her mother’s words echoed within her ears.    Get a grip pendejo, what could possibly happen? You are half demon and Cluebra. Whatever it may be, you can handle it. Drop your cajones and move. Gaze cast to the Rosary hanging on the rearview mirror that belonged to her Abuela. The faintest of smiles gracing her features as memories flooded back to the days that the three of them would sit around the living room. Laughter would echo off the walls when the trio of Saltero women gathered. A much simpler time. Where there was no bloodshed. No violence on a daily basis. A moment in time she was carefree, even if she be a bit rebellious. How much she missed such her blissful ignorance then. Slightly shielded from the world of demons, Cluebras, or any other supernatural being. Before the life of the Cartel that turned her into a person that at times truthfully frightened even her. On how ruthless she had become.    But it was time that had changed her.Or by the likes of her Madre. Luna had yet to discover what her Mother’s words meant when Luna had died months ago. “Now is not your time, this wasn’t the deal made.” It still puzzled the eldest Saltero. Sure, she had come back to life. As a demon but there was something else that was in her veins that even puzzled the son of Lucifer himself. She still attempted to find the missing piece, but it was always put on the back burner. Figuring as given this opportunity, she wouldn’t dare waste it. But when sleep came, it was the giggles of her son Lorenzo that haunted her. The way that her Madre looked so determined that Luna was to follow a certain path. That death was not to take hold. Even through Hell.   Shaking her head rapidly back and forth, she lodged the memories back to her corners of mind. Snuffing of the cigarette in hand, she painted pouts the signature red before exiting the 67’ Mustang. Her club Euphoria was in effect once more. But with luck, she wasn’t going to be a dancer on the stage. It was the night off, so claiming a seat at the bar is what she would do.   Even in the club itself, the atmosphere that was in the area washed over her with a wave of electricity. Yes, she was the owner, rightfully so. Many pairs of eyes followed the Latina as she sank into the private booth, ravenous locks tossed over a bare shoulder. Esmerelda approached with Luna’s regular. “Hefa. Didn’t expect to see you here tonight. What brings you in tonight? You know the place is in capable hands.” A chuckle crept out of Luna as a slender digit skimmed along the rim of her glass that was placed before her. “Such a warm, warm welcoming Esmerelda . If that is the attitude you give all patrons perhaps I should find another waitress. Fate has it in your favor tonight though so I shall let the snide remark pass. Just keep the drinks coming and the people happy, por favor.” With a flash of golden orbs then switching back to a brilliant shade of green, Esmerelda scoffed, followed by a low growl.    “You don’t even know what you have, do you, Luna?” a quizzical brow rose on the petite woman that stood before her. “You are dense not to see the power you carry. Not fully tapped into what it is we can do. Shame to have spent so long at the top to mere fall for the likes of you.” With a squint, Luna’s eyes transformed to that of the golden hue that Esmeralda shown moments before. “Are you done? Seems to me that with the lack of leadership that you reigned over, there was another that saw a more fitting to be in your place. But I am quite confused. I’ve done nothing more than bring the likes of you from gutter rat to this.” Luna’s hands gestured all around. “When I took over this place it smelled of piss and cum stains that lingered on the sh*tty booth. You and I both know all too well that if I hadn’t stepped in when I did, you would be hustling at the nearest truck stop as a lot lizard begging for your neck meal. What I have created here is a place for you to stay concealed and still live.” her words were hissed through clenched teeth.    Esmeralda’s frame stood ramrod straight as she took Luna’s words. Each being a dagger and hitting the target head on. “You still don’t see it. But you will.” with those parting words, Esmeralda turned on her heel. Luna quickly drained the contents of the crystal glass that sat before her. “Mind your tongue next time when approaching me, susia.”    With a refresh following a few moments later, Esmeralda slid in the booth beside Luna. “Listen, I’m sorry. I’m grateful for all you’ve done for us. You know...our people. So as an apology, here’s a double. And it’s on the house.” The comment had a laugh escape Luna. “Es, the building is mine. Everything I get is on the house.” she shook her head, amber liquid of the glass swirling as she moved the glass around, gulping down the elixir. Low hum built within her throat, something different within the contents of this glass. “We get a new shipment in?” she clicked her tongue on the roof of her mouth, dark brows knitting together to pinpoint what was different about the drink.   “Just came in today. Figured you would want to be the first to test it. See if it is something we could add to the ever growing menu of specialties. Mixed it myself.” Es spoke up. But what Luna didn’t see were the devils that danced behind the gaze that looked back at her. The unfamiliar taste coated her throat and was fueling through her system. Lips popped in a smack before smiling. “You may be of use after all Esmeralda.Give me another before I hit the road. I have an early morning.”    As ordered, a second glass of the ‘special’ was promptly delivered to the Latina. “Have a nice trip, Hefa.” were Esmeralda’s finally words. As Luna traveled home, she cranked the volume up on the radio. Probably shouldn’t be driving but who would she be if she didn’t break the rules from time to time? Things began to become fuzzy on the edges of her vision as she turned the vehicle on her street. “What was in that drink?” hiccups as she tumbles from the car.    Digits tapped at her forehead, her body seeming to sway with every step she took. “At the very least I parked in the lines!” another hiccup came forth. Fumbling with her keys, Luna managed not so gracefully to make her way into the apartment. “Yo….Demon Dude….” how could she have possibly forgotten Payne’s name? Whatever Esmeralda had given her was striking hard and fast. “You home….?” Luna made a face as she was met with complete silence. She then proceeded to go about the hallway to the kitchen blowing raspberries. “Food… does a body good. Wait… that’s milk. OH!! Milk and cereal. Excellent choice.” once more, her slight frame swayed when she walked, hip bumping the countertop as she moved.  “But you know what else sounds good? Sleep.” twirling in place, she redirected herself to the living room as the room itself started to tilt sideways. “Yoooo my dude…. This tilt-a-whirl sh*t has gotta go. No mas.” The Latina faceplanted on the cushions on the couch before zonking out completely.   Next Morning The incessant sound of her alarm blared in her ears. With a drool trail coming from her mouth and attached to the throw pillow, Luna swatted at nothing in particular. “For all that is holy, will you kindly f*** off.” With one swing of her arm, Luna flailed off the couch and ass planted to the wooden floor. “That is rather rude to do first thing in the morning. Just want to point that out. And if this is the start of the day, I want a do-over. Immediately.” Grumbles as eyes begin to slowly open.   Panic sets in as Luna looks at her surroundings. Nothing familiar to the place as she stands. “What the actual Criminal Minds is this?” heartbeat picks up rapidly. One step forward had her twist her ankle. “Why am I in heels? Who the hell wears heels to bed??” This brought attention to the attire in which she wore. A form fitting, black leather top with skin tight jeans. “If this is some twisted sick game of capture the serial killer, I’m not entertained. I will call the cops, a**hole.” she  called out into the void that was around her.    In the distance, she heard keys jingle. “Oh, I am not about to be a based on a true crime show.” looking around the room, there was a display case of knives. With a victory fist pump, Luna moved to retrieve them. A dagger in each hand as she peeked around the corner. Entering the door was a rather large male. No one she had recognized. Brown orbs watched his movements for a moment before sinking to the ground. Taking aim, she threw the kife in his direction, missing by mere inches as it landed in the wall behind him.   “Who are you? Are you some creep that just kidnaps young women for the hell of it? Is it money you want? Because trust me buck-o, my folks will be looking for me. I go back to college today so they are sure to look for me sometime.”   Through all of this, the man that stood before her was Payne. But the version of Luna that stood before him was that of a much younger Luna. No longer was she in the body of the woman that he had come to know and love. She was now just a scared animal it seemed. “Step any closer and I will cut you, mister Armani suit. What’s up with the monkey suit anyways? Business that good in the stock market?”   She had no memory of knowing who he was. Or that she had been poisoned in a sense by the likes of Esmeralda the night before.    A young Luna was now running rampart on the world. What would be of this trip to her past self in present day?


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This was never part of the plan, how did you let this happen?!  As the spooky month of October was approaching rapidly, Bowie was really getting into the fall and Halloween spirit early. Bowie loved silly spooky pranks, as did her sister Avery. They both knew Everly was easy to scare so they used Avery’s spare key to let themselves into Everly’s home. They headed out into the garden and Bowie dressed up in a creepy clown mask and hid behind the couch she had out on the porch. Avery then set up a charcuterie board on the table along with some prosecco to make it seem like she had come over to set up a nice surprise as opposed to the surprise they really had in store. Avery then handed a fake knife covered in fake blood to Bowie, before she went to the front door to keep an eye out for Everly.After what seemed like an eternity Bowie heard the front door open followed by her sisters voice “you’re home, I have a surprise for you”. She had exclaimed it rather loudly to ensure Bowie knew it was go time. There was a pause and Bowie could hear mumbled chatting, and then things seemed to go quiet. Bowie was crouched down wondering what was taking so damn long. But then heard footsteps approaching and Everly gasp at the food Avery had placed out. Unable to wait any longer Bowie jumped up from behind the couch and screamed. Putting their prank into motion.Everly immediately freaked out and as she tried to turn and run away she fell down the porch steps. Bowie ripped off her mask and dropped the fake knife and ran over to her, as Avery ran to her too. “Oh my gosh, she is out cold” Bowie said. “This was never part of the plan, how did you let this happen?!” Avery asked Bowie. “This isn’t just my fault okay, I didn’t realise she was still on the steps” Bowie replied. Bowie rushed inside and got a cold compress and ran back out and placed it over her head. She checked for a pulse and it seemed fine. “Come on Ev wake up” Avery said. “Everly can you hear me?” Bowie called out. She lifted her legs to get the blood flowing, hoping it would help wake her up. Just then she sat bolt upright quickly “gotcha” she chuckled. Bowie and Avery both sighed with relief before they both laughed. “Damn it I was really worried about you” Avery said as she hit her in the arm. Everly laughed “I kinda figured something was up. I saw Bowie’s car down the street” she said. “Okay you really got us. Good job” she smiled. “Thanks” Everly smiled before standing up. “Now let’s eat” she added as she headed over to the table of food. 

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