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𝑴𝑹𝑺. π‘­π‘³π‘¨π‘Ίπ‘―β™‘οΈŽ

10/28/2020 10:32 PM 

80s drabble
Current mood:  accomplished

template credit stranger things vibes“Stranger things have happened here believe me.” Iris had replied to Allegra as she had taken off her coat and hung it in the coak rack. “Missing children over the past few nights is the least of it but of course we will look up into it because that’s what we do here, right?” she said while motioning to her the sign behind her desk on the wall that read ‘the central city citizen” the news paper company that has been Iris creation since the moment she realised what she wanted to do for a career. Her father and boyfriend disapprove. Only sometimes as they worried for her safety. The 80s wasn’t only known for their straight up racism but for the utmost crimes and corruption. How many reporters before had disappeared before wanting to go after Harrison Wells. The owner of STAR LABS. There were too many speculations about the man being up to no good and that his intentions couldn’t be about bettering humanity. Iris had her own suspicions. But she never had gone after the man personally. She did of course keep tabs on him but not too high key as she didn’t want to put herself under his radar if she ever had to go after him. She was smart until tonight. One of her best employees had come forward to her. Telling her that she had noticed a pattern where kids had gone missing and it was weird that a STAR LABS van always seemed in the area when it happened. Apparently enough witnesses had seen it to help them out with the case and just not one that she’d had to ignore for the lack of evidence. She had to let Barry know so he could help her out and give her all the records she needed about Harrison and STAR LABS at first he hesitated but eventually gave in knowing that Iris can take care of herself.“We will check it out. Tonight. I’ll give a call to Kamilla so she can come along.” her other best employee who was her camera woman was definitely going to be needed in this. Allegra nodded, sighing in relief that this investigation was a go. Once at night; Iris left in the middle of it leaving a letter to her husband. Saying she had forgotten her wallet back at the office and that she’d be back soon. Perhaps it was bad to lie but she didn’t want to depend on him and his safety not unless she had to. She drove to the labs with Kamilla and Allegra and the girls wouldn’t lie that they were a little bit nervous. Who knows what they will find there. Who knows if tonight they could get caught and kill. Iris shook her head trying to not be so much of a pessimist. They’ll be okay. Her good friend Cisco had been cautious about his own boss and left her any kind of access key doors to go wherever she’d like in the lab. Carefully and silently the three girls had sneak into the labs. It was empty. Which it was good besides if they got caught wandering around the halls they could always tell them they were sent by Cisco Ramon. First few upper floors seemed normal. Nothing out of the ordinary until Iris pressed the basement button as if he had something to hide. It must be under the lab. A man with a secret would choose that. She took a breath in as the doors opened and she looked at her friends who looked nervous. They’ve never done something as reckless as this before so it was obvious why Iris’ hand palms were sweaty. “Ready?” she whispered and stepped out once they nodded. They were met with fluorescent lights in the long and empty hallway. Iris couldn’t help but immediately get chills once she took more steps in. “I got a bad feeling about this.” she whispered and looked over at the girls who looked as worried. They walked around and Kamilla took pictures of things she found eerily. Like scratches or blood spats on the walls. Eventually they found a secret door. Hesitantly Iris opened the door finding a secret empty hallway but except for it being sort of illuminated with fluorescent lights they were found with dimmed red ones. Didn’t take enough good visuals from them though. They could still clearly see everything. Especially about 7 doors across another with small rectangular windows you could look at which Iris of course took a careful look and her eyes widened at what she saw. Kids hook into some weird machinery and whatever kind of substance was being injected into their system. “What the hell???” she looked over at Kamilla to motion her to take pictures but she was already on it. Iris smirked to herself. “We finally got you, doctor Wells.” Once all pictures were taken Iris nodded. “Okay, let’s go. I most certainly don’t wanna get caught here.” she said with a low tone and they all sprinted to the elevators but slid into a stop as once they went open. Quickly them scurrying into some empty office and watch as Harrison Wells walked with a colleague Iris assumed talking about this and Iris would’ve gone to her escape but they had blocked the doors to chit chat. “So… these kids…. They’re gonna become meta-humans and are only gonna be created to help you to stop who exactly and why kids?” “Because kids can be persuaded into doing things more easily than growns up can and they will be my potential little trops for an army to stop the future greatest hero. The Flash. Mister Barry Allen.” Iris frowned big time. The Flash? Barry? What the hell was that supposed to mean? Did she just step into something that was more greater than it was meant to? She was sure and she certainly wished she could tell Barry what this man just said but it’d just confuse him just like it has her. All she knew it was never going to leave her mind most definitely but right now she had to focus on getting out of this level. Once the two gentlemen had walked away, they quickly got out of their hiding and ran to the elevator. There they caught their breaths and looked at one and another confused as to what was said. Iris just shrugged. “We’ll figure out what that means for now. We shall start getting to work to expose him before there’s any harm he can do to others.” With that they stepped off from the elevator and headed into the night to begin their mission to stop Harrison Wells.


10/28/2020 05:35 PM 

Stay out of the woods

Tesla had been training her abilities all week, since Ryoko had awoken what was dormant it had been her main goal. Get control of herself before something happened and she wished she had. The days were long, often ending with her exhausted by the time she reached her bed but GRay and Dakota were encouraging her the whole way. New ideas and techniques to try, one in particular, Dakotas favorite... the railgun. A last resort, it would use all the energy she had built up and releasing it all on something small, like a ball baring or a quarter. It would propel the object at a unbelievable fast rate and devastated whatever it hit. Tesla tried the technique but it took everything she had, the ball baring bored its way through two and a half trees before getting lodged in the third. Tesla passed out shortly after.   The brunette woke up hours later and it was dark. She hadn’t been in the woods at night since the bonfire, especially alone, she wouldn’t taunt whatever was out there. Tesla rolled over and buried her face into the palm of her hand. “Freakin dang, you guys just let me sleep this whole time.” Tesla said as she stood to her feet. “Well it’s not like we can carry you out of the woods you know.” GRay was the first to speak up. “Yeah! Besides you got knocked out cold.” Dakota laughed. “It’s ok, you’ll get the hang of it and will stop over exerting.” The child continued and started off toward home.    They walked for what seemed like forever. Tesla lost in thought trying to comprehend the science behind her abilities. Molecular manipulation is what Dakota called it. Ionization, oxidation, magnetize, protons and electrons, the science was there but the limits of her abilities were unknown until she knew how it worked. They were words that had her puzzled but she needed to know.. That’s when GRay stopped her dead in her tracks. “What’s up?” Tesla asked. “We are being followed, but it’s not human. At least not anymore.” GRay whispered. A low and stomach turning growl came from... everywhere. All at once it was like the dark woods lite up, eyes reflecting the light from the moon but not enough to see what they were. “Oh crap, wolves?” Tesla said lowering herself to the ground. “They aren’t wolves but are definitely animalistic.”    Tesla knelt there, eyeing the creatures as they eyed her back. She moved slowly though the woods but the creatures were always surrounding her. Suddenly one pounced from the darkness. Pinning her to the ground, it’s jaw was split on the bottom and opened horizontal as the mouth open. She starred into a razor sharp like mouth and let out a scream. She was exhausted but had now choice, training wasn’t over yet for today. She grabbed the beast by the throat and gave it a devastating shock. One that sent it flying off of her and she scurried to her feet. “Well help me ya a**holes!” Tesla demanded from the alters and they both nodded. “You sure you can do this?” GRay asked. “She doesn’t have a choice!” Dakota answered and the serpent like creatures formed around Dakota.    Another pounced but gray called it out. It only took a second for her to focus and a streak for plasma connected her and the creature. It growled as it ran back into the darkness. “We can’t stay here run!” GRay suggested and she took off towards home. She was running as fast as her legs could propel her, each step left tiny microburst. It was the fastest she’s ever ran and still those things were right behind her. She could hear then nashing their teeth at her, they were close. Finally she could see the lites from the town. Those things didn’t care, they kept chasing. Tesla bit the inside her her cheek and ducked into an ally way, dragging a finger along a dumpster before hiding behind it. “GRay how many?” Tesla whispered as she tried to normalize her breathing. “Three, the are like mutated dogs, did they test on animals or is Lucy just getting bored.” She replied. “Tes, it’s time! Railgun!” Dakota said excitedly. Tesla shook her head. “What if I miss? I’ll be done for.” Tesla said nervously, peaking around the dumpster to see the creatures. “You won’t!” GRay smirked. Tesla nodded and pulled the last ball baring from her pocket. The horrific creatures let out a low howl, it was something from a horror movie and she dropped the ball baring. It rolled out into the alley and under an adjacent dumpster. “Can I not just catch a break.” She whispered and the animals growled as the drew closer.    “Tes, what about that!” GRay pointed out a nickel and she started planning her route to it. She took a deep breath and dove for it, picking it up between her thumb and index finger she aligned the shot. She slide across the ground until they were lined up. “There! Do it!” GRay called out. The small area behind the nickel started to spark as she focused. She flicked her thumb, releasing the energy. “Railgun!” Tesla said at the same time as Dakota. The nickel found it mark and burned straight through the tree creature, they collapsed to the pavement and started to wither away... just like Manuel. Only the sound of the nickel bouncing off the building across the street broke the silence. “Freaking hell, what was that all about?” Tesla whined, clearly that had hurt in a way she wasn’t ready for.  GRay picked up the now unconscious Dakota on her back and motioned towards home. “Nice short but let’s get the f*** out of here before more show up.”

Freya Clarkson

10/28/2020 04:30 PM 

My worries/problems with working with the verse.

I can't stress this enough. I happen to be very bad at recalling things, I can't recall after a day sometimes and would wish to not be reminded of it. I'm saying this before you even go near me -- The account isn't on private after all. I cannot go through the supernatural verse for you for one I stopped at season four. Things were getting too much in the verse, personally, if you add me I might ask if we could do a whole new take on the supernatural verse and maybe start from the very beginning. Sam and Dean are generally an interest. I wouldn't change them for the world, but others might want to think about what they would do upon coming to me.Sorry if you delete me after this. I'm trying, I do love the verse and genre. I can't do more than I'm capable of after all.


10/28/2020 03:28 PM 

But it's all love.

.snippetContainer{ padding:40px; background-image:url(''); border: 25px double #e4c4d0; } .writingContainer{ width:500px; height:500px; overflow:auto; background-color:#767066; font-family:Georgia; font-size:12px; text-align:justify; padding:20px; color:#fff; } .divider { position: relative; left: 0; top: 5px; width: 80px; height: 2px; border-bottom: 2px solid #fff; opacity: .4; display: inline-block; } h1{ color: #fff; display: inline-block; margin-left: 15px; margin-right: 15px; font-family: Georiga; font-size: 20px; } h2{ color: #e4c4d0; /* display: inline-block; */ font-family: Georiga; font-size: 39px; margin-top: -156px; width: 540px; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; text-shadow: 2px 2px #00000073; margin-bottom: 104px; } h3{ color: #ffffff; /* display: block; */ margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 15px; font-family: Georiga; font-size: 18px; width: 540px; text-transform: uppercase; text-shadow: 2px 2px #00000073; margin: 0; text-align: center; position: absolute; margin-top: -100px; letter-spacing: 16px; } i{ color:#e4c4d0; } a:link, a:active, a:visited { color: #e4c4d0; font-family: Georgia; font-size: 12px; font-style: italic; margin-left: 3px; text-decoration: none; } a:hover{ text-decoration:none; color:#2a201b; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical {height:12px; background:#2a221e; border-top:10px solid #767066; border-bottom:10px solid #767066;} ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal {background-color:#2a221e;} ::-webkit-scrollbar {width:5px; height:7px;} serpentjuliet   home message comment stream bulletins blog Ultimate Wild card But it's all love Despite their back and forth witty banter, the two girls seemed to fall into a perfect rhythm even as the food arrived to distract them; they were both very focused on the task at hand, and to Betty's consolation. Cheryl continued to take her words as seriously as she needed to. She fleetingly wondered if this wasn't such a lost cause after all. There was a genuine concern growing within the colder heart of the blonde Serpent for the sake of the other girl, in wanting her to know the information so well that whatever she was forced to endure during the initiation process that she wouldn't come up empty with answers. It was likely the other Serpents were going to be much harder on the Blossom than others who sought to enter their ranks, a level of her need to prove herself to them given her wealth and overall Northside background and previous affiliation. .Betty believed in the strength she seemed to possess, so long as she could learn when to keep her mouth shut and not spout off so many sassy remarks in an attempt to always gain the upper hand over someone. It was a survival tactic, carefully cultivated throughout years of the necessity of needing to assert herself as the dominant queen bee in the environment she'd grown up in. Still, there wasn't going to be a place for it amid her Southside family-to-be. It was one thing for them to be joking in a booth at Pop's because Betty seemed to gauge when it was bordering on severe and when it was just wordplay. Still, all it would take was the wrong Serpent taking Cheryl's words the wrong way as a means of disrespect, and there would surely be hell for her to pay.Betty snaked a fry from the basket sitting on the table between the two of them, popping it into her mouth and chewing thoughtfully for a moment as Cheryl finished rounding off her notes with her ridiculous pen before turning the page and readying herself for the next law. "Alright, so law number two is pretty self-explanatory. If a Serpent is killed or imprisoned, their family will be taken care of." Betty shrugged, letting Cheryl's tease roll off her shoulders easily though she couldn't help the smirk she tried to fend off as she reached for her milkshake to take a sip."Of course, that is if any of your family you deem worthy enough to be taken care of." It wasn't a comment intended to injure the other girl, bright eyes flashing across the table in earnest to offer her some semblance of an olive branch. A lot of the Serpents came from less than idyllic families. From what she knew of Cheryl's past with her father and brother's loss, it might not be such a far-fetched concept for them to share, though not entirely sure where Cheryl's relationship with her remaining family members stood. And especially after choosing to join the Serpents. 

Child's Play

10/28/2020 02:17 PM 


UNDISCLOSED LOCATION 10/28/20   The dimly lit hall had a sour smell to it. A pungent cocktail of mildew and sweat and socks. Andy scrunched her nose as she walked through it, the smell lingering like a cloud she couldn’t escape. It slung to the egg-shell white bricks in the walls and the linoleum tile floor. It hid above the hum of the flickering fluorescent lights and on the bench down the corridor and the gum stuck under that bench.  Jesus. Was this really the best they could do on such short notice? Was this place even safe? It didn’t smell safe. Andy trusted her people though, she trusted her family. Maybe the stench would keep all the bad people away.  At the end of the hall, the bench sat unused beside the locked door. She turned to the left. The pale vampire with the bleached white hair who was meant to be standing guard—sitting on that bench, specifically—stood in front of a vending machine, shaking it when her Clark Bar caught on a jammed coil of metal. “Stupid, dang… Candy!” Linda Dalton shook the machine some more. Candy rained down into the basin but the stubborn Clark Bar she so desperately desired only got more stuck. “I see babysitting duty has you captivated,” Andy said with a wave. “Oh, hi Andy.” Linda shook the machine more. No luck. Claire’s great-aunt didn’t share many of the temperamental traits that made Andy’s wife so colorful, but keep her from her sugar-fix and the animal came out. “This darn machine thinks it's better than me.” Andy pointed to all the other candy bars that fell down into the catch. “Looks like you have your pick, Linda. Trick r’ treat came early.” “Help yourself.” She shook the machine more. “I want my Clark Bar.” “Clark Bar. Gross.” “Spoken like a kid who grew up eating sugar out of a bowl for breakfast.” One last kick and the Clark Bar fell, and Linda pumped a fist. “Yes!” She wasted no time reaching in, grabbing the candy bar, opening it, and taking a bite. “Sometimes I forget that you were turned into a vampire back in the 50s.” Andy went over, grabbed a Snickers, and pocketed it in her jacket for later. “You really need to get your candy game into the 21st century, old lady.” Linda smacked her lips as she obnoxiously chewed her old person candy. “You here to see him?” “He wake up yet?”  “Nope,” Linda shook her head, fished a key out of her pocket, and tossed it to Andy. Andy caught it with two hands. “I think he’s faking though. You know if you think I’m old, wait until you get him up and talking. Fallon hasn’t been clear with the specifics but I’m pretty sure he’s older than her. Claire was saying he’s older than--” “The war,” Andy said, her mind flashing with conjured fairytale images of the schism between vampires and werewolves that split the supernatural world apart over 800 years ago, one that finally reached an armistice a short while ago thanks to her daughter Mia’s quick thinking and tough decisions. “I know what I’m walking into. I’m Andy Stoddard-Motherf***ing-Barclay. I don’t walk into situations without doing my research.” “That’s what you’re doing here, yeah? Research? You both had the same darkness in you. You want to know if he knows something you don’t? I don’t know if he’ll be talkative. That bitch that beat the ghost out of him… she did a number. You might be better off going back to your books.” “C’mon, Linda,” Andy went to the door and unlocked it. “You know better than most: people are just books that haven’t been written yet.” The smile stayed on Andy’s face even as she slipped into the room and closed the door behind her. The stench from the hall didn’t come as strong in Darrow Dalton’s recovery room, but the spirit of it haunted that place. The room itself—square with plain gray walls. No windows—left much to be desired. An exposed toilet sat in one corner. In the other, behind a crudely installed privacy curtain, a handsome werewolf with shaggy blond hair, slept in a hospital bed. Slept might have been too kind a word for it. Coma was closer, though the science of it was complicated by the man’s lycanthropy. Cuts and bruises that were slow to heal lingered across his skin and he was plugged into IVs and all sorts of machines that beeped and booped. Despite all that, he did kind of look peaceful.  When was the last time I slept that peacefully? Andy wondered.  Pushing the curtain aside, Andy found a chair against one of the walls and she dragged it closer to the bed. She sat down facing him, kicked her feet up on the bed, and began unwrapping the snickers in her pocket. “I know you’re awake. You can stop pretending.” No response. Only the beeping of the machines answered her. “You might not have been in control of your body when you got your ass kicked, but I know your pride’s got more dents and bruises than the rest of you right now. You’re a werewolf, Darrow, the important bits healed a long time ago. The ego takes a bit longer. Another thing I know about werewolves… they get hungry faster than the rest of us. How satiating is that IV?” Andy held up the naked snickers bar, wiggled it, and tossed it at him. It landed on his chest, and a single green eye opened and looked at her. She greeted it with a wave and a smile. The second eye opened a second later and a bruised hand reached up for the chocolate bar on his chest. The werewolf sat up and took a bite of the Snickers. “How did you know?” He asked in an accent that was close to English but sounded stranger and older all at the same time. He chewed while he spoke. Obnoxious horse-chud smacks of his lips. “They called you the Sun Wolf back in the day.” Andy crossed her legs and leaned back in her chair. “Only badass warriors get nicknames like that. And badass warriors don’t like to get beat up. And badass warriors from olden times especially don’t like to get beat up by a girl. You’d rather pretend to be in a coma than have to address that with anyone.” He chomped down on another bite of Snickers. “Who told you they called me the Sun Wolf?” “I’ve done my research.” “So it seems. So it seems.” He finished the snickers with one last bite and wiped his chocolatey fingers on his shirt. “Do you know why they called me that?” “I know who called you that,” Andy said. “Your mother--” “Eh,” he held up a finger and wagged it, a ‘we don’t talk about her’ sort of wag. “That is not what I asked, Andrew. Do you know why they called me that?” Andy’s jaw tightened. “Please don’t call me that.” “Andrew?” “Andy is just fine.” He smiled some, chocolate on his teeth. “So you get it. They called me the Sun Wolf to mock me. That name wasn’t a warrior’s title, not until I forged it into one. I was a small kid, a runt. My sisters mocked me, said they were wolves of the moon while I was a wolf of the sun, sleepy and weak. Joke was on them, you see, what is moonlight anyway? The druids who made us wolves, they bound us to the moon as a symbol but the real power isn’t in the moonlight. Moonlight is but sunlight refracted off the surface of this planet’s satellite. They called me Sun Wolf to make me feel small, and I built a large legend around it.” “And how do you feel about where that legend has led to now?” Andy stood up and gestured around the room. Darrow looked down. Darrow, Claire’s ancient ancestor, had been living apart from everything for so long, no one even knew he existed until recently. When he first arrived not everyone trusted him, but he helped out with things and seemed okay. He was family after all. Family trusts family. Always and always. Then a darkness found its way to them, a dark and twisted soul from another universe, and it cut a path through the family, one that carved past Andy and now left its mark on Darrow. He hid it well, but Andy could the dent left behind on him. “I had her in me too, you know,” Andy said. “Klaire, that dark, broken version of my wife from a universe so horrible I can’t even imagine it. It was only for a short time but… I can still feel it. She made me watch everything, made me see and feel everything as she controlled me and left me helpless.” “Shame.” Darrow swung his legs off the bed and pulled different tubes and needles off his body. “Sounds horrible. I don’t remember a thing.” “Bullsh*t.” “Bullsh*t to your bullsh*t.” He stood up. “I’m telling the truth.” “She wants the people she hurts to feel it, to hurt with her, to feel as awful as she feels. That’s what she’s about.” Andy’s voice got a little louder. “She wants her daughter back.” “So apparently you remember some things.” Darrow slow-blinked. Caught. He shook his head. “It’s not just like riding in the back seat of a car,” Andy said. “You feel what she feels. Urges. Desires. Goals. She had you longer than she had me. You know what she’s planning, what scheme she’s up to. I know you know it. And you know that she’s coming back. One way or another she is coming back and she won’t stop until we stop her.” “You don’t need me, just find that wacko French woman you sent to kick her ass when she was in my body and you’re fine--” “It’s not that easy,” Andy said. “My family is at risk. Your family. How can I even be sure she’s not still hiding in you somewhere? How do I know that we can trust you and you’re not still working with her?” “I was never working with--” “When she escaped she was in your body. She wasn’t just lying low the whole time. She plotted. Planned. It’s what she does. She wants Maggie. She’ll be back for Maggie. I can’t stop her if I don’t know what’s coming.” “Okay, okay. Enough, alright? My head is throbbing.” Darrow held up a hand, signalling that he needed Andy to call off the hounds. Andy waved her hands and refused. “No! Look, I know what you’ve been through. I understand how crazy this is all for you, and I respect that you just spent a couple of weeks with someone else in control of your body and you got beaten half to death by someone half your size, but my family is at stake here. I liked your story about your name—Sun Wolf—like it better than the version of the story I read. You weren’t some runt kid, Darrow, you were the pride of your mother’s eye, a favorite of the pack. You won battles and wooed lovers, you were loved and famous and favored, but when sh*t got real, when the nights got dark and everyone had to huddle together to deal with a problem coming in the morning, you’d be gone with the dawn. The Sun Wolf: couldn’t be counted on when needed.” Andy stepped closer to him. He wouldn’t look at her but her approach forced him to at least turn in her general direction.  “You care about your story, Darrow,” she continued. “You want to shape it, shape it into something better than what they have written down. You want to take the name they gave you and make it your own. I sympathize.” She shoots him a look, and guilt for using her dead name flashes across his face. “Now’s the time to turn the ship around. The sun’s rising here and your family needs help. You can run and prove the stories right or you can turn the page and rewrite the legend of the Sun Wolf.” A pause lingered in the room like the stench from the hall. Darrow faced the wall again, staring at it for what felt like the longest time. Eventually, though, he turned back to Andy and his green eyes met her blue. “I know everything,” he said, tears in his eyes. “She wanted me to know. She wanted me to see…” “See what, Darrow?” “That you can’t stop her.”  


10/28/2020 01:18 PM 


Confidante CharmA potion charm to be used on oneself. INGREDIENTS:  Eye of newt. Dragons tail. 4 bat wings. 3 strands of a Prince's hair. 6 snakes fangs. 2 cats whiskers. Two drops of blood of the person that will drink the potion. 1 gram of ground gold. 5 four leaf clovers. 1 toad stool. What will it do: This condifence charm will give the drinker of said potion a large amount of confidence that will last for 48 hours only.Directions: Grind up 1 gram of gold into a fine powder. Place water into a pot and boil. Drop in the eye of newt and dragons tail and allow to boil for 5 minutes. Add two bat wings and allow to boil for a further 3 minutes. Turn the heat down to a simmer. Add the remaining two bat wings. Add in the 6 snakes fangs and 2 cats whiskers. Add in two drops of blood. Turn up the heat and allow to boil for 8 minutes. Stir in the 5 four leaf clovers and the single toad stool. Turn off the heat and allow to cool. Fill up the viles with your potion. Drink the potion as and when required.  


10/28/2020 01:18 PM 


πšƒπšŽπšŽπš— π™Έπšπš•πšŽ.

10/28/2020 11:56 PM 

Overwhelmed/Halloween party.

overwhelmedHALLOWEEN PARTY // drabble It had all been going so well. TOO WELL, now that she thought about it. Stacy was throwing her ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY again, and Nancy had dragged Jonathan along. For a re-do of sorts, to reclaim the mess that had been last year and make a much happier memory around that party. And for a long time it had been GREAT. While refusing to dance himself, Jonathan had stayed dutifully at her side all night as she spun around on the dance floor. They’d talked to a few people, traded slow kisses in the corners, been teenagers in love for a night. In fact, the only time they’d split up was when Jonathan went to the bathroom and Nancy went to the punchbowl to fill up her drink. One of the Hawkins football players was already there, SEVERAL more drinks in than she was, and immediately began chatting her up with half-lidded eyes.It had all been going so well. Until, of course, Jonathan PUNCHED the aforementioned football player. In the face. Utter pandemonium had instantly erupted. As he fell, the football player knocked over a few of the people standing behind him. The gaggle of costumed high schoolers CRASHED to the floor, sending the freshly refilled punch bowl flying in the air. It DOUSED everyone standing within a ten foot radius with the neon red liquid, causing shrieks from stunned partygoers to echo through the house. Since no one had been paying that much attention, everyone lost in the haze of alcohol and music, not a soul seemed to know who had thrown the punch or why. And the football player was too distracted by the blood gushing from his nose to answer any questions. Which had been exactly the distraction Nancy needed to get them out of there. With a firm TUG on Jonathan’s jacket sleeve, the two of them had dipped out the side kitchen door and escaped in his car.She could still hear the confused teenage SCREAMING half a block away. Her anger having subsided only slightly in the long (AND SILENT) drive back to her house, Nancy had been planning on marching hotly into her house without so much as a ‘goodbye’ to her boyfriend of almost a year. But when he’d shot out of the driver’s seat to follow her up the driveway, meekly offering his explanation for what he’d done as her hand fell on the doorknob ... she couldn’t. Nancy HEAVED a sigh, turning around to face him. Her costume, for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW, was ruined. She was ANGRY, just like last year. But unlike last year, she was sober enough to hold this kind of conversation. And she LOVED him enough that the anger couldn’t possibly last long. Not when jealousy had been the thing to drive him to act so stupidly.She took a seat on the edge of their walkway, resting her elbows on her thighs and nodding towards the piece of concrete next to her like he should join her. She’d been careful enough to select a spot that didn’t receive much light from the front door, hiding them in the shadows from any member of the Wheeler house who might’ve been curious. Nancy was quiet for a minute, chewing on her bottom lip as she decided what to say.“... Jonathan, you’ve been my WORLD for the last year. Longer than that, even...” she admitted with a frown, shaking her head. “I love you. I’ve ...shared every part of me with you. Even the ugly parts. We sleep together more nights than we don’t. We talk about the future together. What ... could there possibly be for you to be jealous of between me and some random drunk guy at a party?”  

Tara Rosario

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The PODS have lost their minds
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Girls, are you all seeing the same thing I am? Now its time we do some Rosario The View about this. Cause I don't know who is who? What is what? Is it a lot of insane people? Or just a few? Or just one? Cause we gotta keep up with the latest headlines. Tara always needs to be in the know. This heart of mine just can't take any more games. My Babygirl needs a name brand clothes. So if you ever loved me enough to keep my address when I mailed your ass those wedding bands. Please do send me some name brand gift cards at places in Detroit. Can you at least do that for me? Or are all those promises to my baby girl you made meaningless lies too? Cause momma needs some help here okay. 

The,View,Todays,, Episode,Lets,Talk,About,The,Crazy,PODS

World of Characters

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World of characters.
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This account became 8 character account all details of the characters are on a website must view for full details of the people I play. Must pick someone and put their name in subject line only using one photo so pick whop you want me to be much thanks and no drama queens for friends. Website link below and webpage made at angelfire.

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Sister Devil Wives Reunited
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Phyliss had not seen Sharon in over a decade. It truly had been so long. She really had no idea what to do anymore. She realized perhaps now was just the time. To look in unexpected places for the answers she was seeking. She really been out of the loop since POD Noah had left. And she just truly felt so clueless and lost. But she did know at least why Asmodues would not have anything to do with any of them. Now maybe he once greatest foe. Could now be the one and only friend she had left. 

One Confused Princess.

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Ginger's One Column Layouts.

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Layout Test

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Blackfire Manor 2020
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partytime! (halloween drabble @king ft. @versifier and the scoobs!)

    we gotta party, it's partytime! - halloween night, spike's crypt."You should just stay with me," Spike said, turning on his side, propping his head up onto his hand, his elbow digging into his mattress. He watched Buffy as she sat on the edge of what he now considered her side of the bed, looking into a hand mirror and attempting to make her make-up presentable again. Red glitter had gotten everywhere, some sparkling against his chest and his face, he'll never get rid of it now... what possessed her to even put on glittery make-up when she knew she would be coming to him? Surely, she didn't show up at his crypt on Halloween night dressed in that sexy little red lingerie so that she could have tea with him. No, of course she didn't. Buffy knew just how to get him going.His right hand reached out to caress her bare arm as she painted her lips with red and shiny lip gloss. "My little devil... I can treat you all night you know..." He uttered, grinning and biting down on his bottom lip.Buffy continued to touch-up her make-up the best way she could, giving herself one more look over in her mirror, before shutting it and tossing it back into her purse; concluding that she looked decent enough. "You know I can't, Spike," She responded, running her hands through blonde locks and tousling them a bit. "I promised my friends I'd be at the party. Xander's already sent me like, a good twenty texts asking me where I'm at. I mean... he might be kinda drunk, but... point still stands." Her brows raised. She was standing now, digging into her bag again and pulling out a neatly folded tiny little silk red dress with furry straps and fur at the bottom of the skirt. She slipped it on over the red lingerie, followed by the headband with little red horns and her red pumps to complete her costume.Spike was eyeing her again, licking his lips.Buffy knew that look all too well... but she had to resist!"I'd invite you to come, Willow and Auggie might know, but Xan--""--No need to explain, pet." Spike interrupted. "I get that I'm still your dirty little secret to some."Buffy sighed and rolled her eyes. "Whatever." Did she appreciate Spike's little commentary? No. She didn't, but could she blame him? Maybe. Again, whatever. "Look, I'll come back after the party, okay? Slayer's promise." She said crossing over heart. "Until then..." Buffy said, making her way towards his side of the bed and leaning down to press her lips against his own; she kissed him slow, teeth capturing his bottom pout as she pulled away. "...Think of me?" She grinned, standing back up and walking away from him before he could grab her."Bloody tease!" Spike called after her as she tossed her jacket on and made her way out of his crypt."But you love it!" Buffy called back, finally exiting.Spike scoffed, before reaching over to grab his pants off the side of the bed, fetching his box of cigarettes and plucking one into his mouth; he flipped his zippo and lit it, shaking his head and smirking to himself as he took a drag.  β™±β™±β™± do you want to party? it's partytime! - later that night cordelia's halloween party."Woah! You look amazing, Buffy!" Willow said, "I went for scary this year, as you can see!" She said, showing off her costume - Buffy knew Willow was going for creepy clown, but despite the blood on her outfit and the very good creepy clown make-up on Willow's face (so she knew how to do Halloween make-up, but not regular make-up? That was pretty funny), Buffy couldn't help thinking that she looked adorable."Super creepy!" Buffy smiled, of course, she wasn't gonna tell her what she was actually thinking. Besides, Buffy was sure that at this point she'd think Willow would look adorable in literally anything. Not really Willow's fault."Thanks! I really tried." Willow smiled back, proud."Got us some punch!" And there was King, bowler hat on his head, dressed in a suit - a dandy vampire. He had told Buffy that he planned on being a bloodsucker for Halloween, and Buffy had rolled her eyes at the thought. As if she didn't deal with enough of those on a daily basis? However, she couldn't deny that he looked really cute in his little get-up, fake blood dripping from the corner of his mouth and all. Here's hoping she'd never have to deal with him ever becoming the real deal... the last thing she wanted to do was get stake happy with one of her close friends."You sure it's punch and not blood?" Buffy said, taking the cup and looking down at it with suspicion, her brow raised. "Not trying to trick us into joining the undead, right, Lost Boy?" She joked; look at her... making movie references like a dork. Her eyes shifted and she cleared her throat."I mean, it's not so bad being one of us." Oh, King was joining in on the references. Wow, so they were all just a circle of dorkness.Buffy's life had truly really changed since being a Slayer.King grinned and Buffy gave her eyes a playful roll, she smirked and chuckled; Willow giggled. Then the three of them took a drink out of their cups."So, where's Xander?" Buffy asked."I don't know, I haven't seen him for an hour now..." Willow shrugged."Hm... he blows up my phone and then disappears when I get here? Talk about unfair." Buffy retorted in annoyance, "... and the Wicked Bitch of the West?""Cordelia? Haven't seen her either..." Willow said, her brows furrowed and her lips thinning."That's weird. You'd think being that this is her place and her party, she'd be parading around like she's god's gift to us all." Buffy responded, rolling her eyes."Yeah... honestly, I don't even know why she invited us. I almost didn't come, I thought it was a trick, but Xander insisted... and I heard Dingoes Ate My Baby were gonna be here..." Willow was blushing now."The more people show up to her party, the more popular she looks, I guess. We're just fillers." Buffy shrugged her shoulders. Wow, she never thought herself as ever being just a filler at a party. She was usually the belle of the ball - the one throwing the parties and getting all the attention. But that was before her destiny came calling."Look at her, blushing." King grinned, nudging Willow with his elbow. He knew all about her little crush on the guitarist Oz. Willow had confessed her little secret to him while they were waiting for Buffy to show up at the party.Buffy grinned too. "Yeah, your mister too-cool-for-a-Halloween-costume over there?" Buffy pointed at Oz in the distance with her chin; dressed in his normal black skinny jeans and band-tee attire. "Did you go speak to him yet?""No. I- well... he... they were playing, and he seemed really busy... I don't even think... he knows... I'm here... or that I'm even... me... with..." She was fumbling over her words now, burning so red that Buffy could see it, even under all that white clown make-up covering her face.Both Buffy and King were watching her, amused and then Buffy's eyes glinted with mischief. "Wait right here, Augs. I'll be back." She said, grabbing Willow by the hand and dragging her along with her towards Oz."Huh? Wait, Buffy! What are you doing?!" Willow asked nervously, eyes wide."We're saying hi to Oz. That's all." Buffy smiled.King watched the two girls walk off and disappear into the small crowd of people; he chuckled at Buffy's shenanigans and smiled, shaking his head. He figured he'd go make himself busy and grab himself some more punch and maybe one of those delicious looking Halloween cupcakes on the table not too far from where he stood; with a little bounce in his step he went off on his merry way, stopping at the punch bowl first. He grabbed a cup and began to fill it, when a man approached him. Very pale, dark circles around his eyes, pointed ears... he was standing too close... but there was nothing to freak out about, right? It was just a Halloween costume. Just another party goer."Hey." The man said, flashing him a fanged grin.King's heart sunk for a moment, and he gulped. It's just Halloween. It's just a costume. You're a vampire too. "Hey..." He responded with the best grin that he could muster - be normal. Oh, but those yellow glowing eyes didn't look like contacts... and those fangs didn't look very plastic..."Some party, huh? I hope you're feeling hungry. Jeff's about to give us the sign. We're gonna feast tonight!" The man said excitingly.King just listened, trying his best not to seem nervous or confused about the situation. By now, he figured out what this man was. A vampire. A real life bloodsucking undead creature of the night. And he knew that this vampire man had been tricked by the fact that King was masquerading as one of these bloodsucking creatures tonight."Yup! Starving, ha.ha..." King responded, laughing nervously, before clearing his throat. Hungry. A feast. That meant there was more than just this one vampire at the party. How many were there? And how come Buffy's vampire radar didn't go off yet? Right... she told him that thing was a bit iffy. He forgot.The vampire was looking at him oddly now, a brow raised. "Hey..."Oh no, could he hear King's heart beating loudly within his chest? Could he smell the rushing blood through his veins? King had to get Buffy, NOW!Swiftly, King rushed himself away from the vampire before anything else could be said. He pushed through people, eyes wildly looking for the honey blonde devil. "Buffy!?" He called out Where was she?! There was Willow! She was talking to Oz, smiling, giggling shyly. Should he go over there? Should he ruin her moment? I mean... if vampires were about to attack the party... her moment would be ruined either way wouldn't it?"Willow!""August!" She greeted him with a smile that soon faded when she noticed the worry upon his face. "... Are you okay?""Buffy! Where's Buffy?!" He asked with urgency, hands at her shoulders."She's inside, grabbing a beer..." She responded, pointing towards the house.King didn't waste any time before he was storming off to find Buffy."Wait, what's wrong?! Is everything okay?!" Willow called out."No! Vampires! Go somewhere safe!" King yelled back, finally disappearing into the house.Immediately, music surrounded him; people dancing around, getting drunk, yet no sign of who he needed to find.Buffy, Buffy, Buffy. Where was Buffy?!King was starting to become more frustrated by the second. He was freaking out, when was this attack going to happen? And how could it be stopped if he couldn't even find the Slayer!? He was panicking, ready to pull out his phone and call her instead, but then he spotted her. Leaning against a wall in the corner of the living room, talking to some guy dressed like a zombie football player; was she flirting with him? But wasn't she with...? Oh! That was the least of his worries at the moment! He needed to tell her about the vampires!"Buffy!""Hey, Auggie! What's up?" She beamed, "Why do you look like you've seen a gh--?""Ahhhhh!!"Buffy didn't even get to finish her sentence before a loud and piercing scream broke through the bumping music. Everyone's heads turned to look at what the commotion was about, and Buffy furrowed her brows."It's partytime!!" Snarled a hideous looking head from a silver platter atop of the snack table, cackling with glee. Buffy recognized immediately what that thing was as it pulled its head out of the hole in the table and leapt right out from under it, hissing at a party goer and snatching them up."Vampires!" Exclaimed Buffy."That's what I've been trying to tell you!" King responded.It took a second for everyone to realize that this was not just some Halloween prank or something planned out by Cordelia - was it the fact that the girl that the vampire had grabbed was now laying limp on the floor, throat covered in the same blood that covered the creature's mouth? Or the fact that her neck seemed to be twisted in an unnatural way? The volume of the music increased and the chaos began. People were screaming and running around like scared little mice, scurrying about, and vampires came out of the woodwork - eyes glowing yellow and bright, teeth gnashing; snarling, growling, hissing and jumping around grabbing themselves victims to eat. Some of them mindlessly destroyed things in the house, laughing maniacally at the pandemonium. Buffy knew she wouldn't be able to save everyone, but her Slayer instinct quickly kicked in, and she ordered King to grab as many people as he could and lead them to safety while she dealt with the gang of monsters."Be careful!" She warned, as she ran off to face the vampires."Hey! Dracu-loser, how about you pick on someone your own size?" Buffy called out to one of the vampires who was cornering a brunette in the kitchen, ready to make her his next meal.The vampire turned around to face her as she walked towards him, and he chuckled, his eyes scanning her from top to bottom and back up again. "And that's supposed to be you, sweetheart?" He scoffed, approaching her with a sinister grin plastered upon his face.Buffy took a few steps back the closer he got; she was eyeing the chair that was toppled over, it wasn't too far away from them - it's legs sticking up into the air. "Well... no. But, you know what they say about little packages..." Buffy spoke; now she was backed-up against a wall, looking as helpless as ever - or at least pretending to be."No, what do they say...?" The vampire asked, his tongue licking at his fangs; nearly salivating, so sure that he'd have his fill of her now."They pack a big PUNCH!" Buffy said, swinging her fists with all her might towards the side of his face. The vampire seemed confused, bewildered for a moment as it toppled backwards. It growled at her, and lunged forward again for the attack, but Buffy was quicker. She kicked her left leg upwards, hitting him, then spinning to hit him with her right. And then came the final blow, a kick to the middle of his chest that sent him flying backwards into the toppled chair. One of the legs impaled him right through the heart, and he groaned in pain.Buffy flipped her hair and watched him. "I guess I should've told you that I was The Vampire Slayer?" She shrugged. "Oops, slipped my mind."The creature shrieked then, but instead of burning and turning to ash like she was so used to vampires doing... it... exploded. Slimy, disgusting, red liquid that covered Buffy from head to toe. "Barf me out! It went into my mouth!" She screamed in horror, spitting and trying to wipe away the disgusting slimyness away but to no avail. It was pointless.Exploding vampires? Since when?! Of course Halloween had to make things super special... why couldn't she ever have a regular Halloween? Just one! Was that too much to ask? Of course it was. She was the Slayer and this was Hellmouth, USA. But wasn't evil supposed to take a backseat on Halloween? Or was that just an optional rule? I mean, it had to be... she should've learned her lesson by now. None of her Halloween's have been evil free. Buffy groaned, frowning at the thought of her outfit being completely ruined and her hair being covered in this disgusting vampire goo... but then there was still screaming going on all around her, and that meant that she had to put her vanity and first world problems aside and go get rid of the rest of these undead freaks! Now she was extra pissed, so she'd use that anger to beat some ass!The loud music seemed to accompany her battle.She hoped that none of them exploded like this one did, but, naturally, she wasn't met with much luck when it came to hoping.Every single one fell victim to her hand, and every single one exploded in an array of slimy colored substance; green, orange, black... by the time Buffy was finished with them all, she looked like a canvas painting by an abstract artist.Or at least... just when she thought she had finished."Buffy!" Cried King behind her catching her attention.There was a vampire grabbing onto him, he was struggling in its grip as the female demon forced his neck to crane and barred her teeth, ready to bite."Auggie!" Buffy screamed, running towards him, "No!" She was slipping and sliding from the slime that was dripping off of her and onto the floor beneath. On her way towards him she grabbed a pencil off the kitchen counter, and she jumped, tackling both the vampire and King to the floor with her. King was sandwiched between Buffy and the creature wriggling beneath him, hissing and growling like a wild animal."I'll eat you both!" It threatened."You didn't say trick or treat!" Buffy exclaimed, cocking her hand and back plunging the number two pencil deep into the vampire's chest right over King's shoulder, there was silence and stillness for a moment, before it began to freak out, screeching and writhing in agony and then... Buffy waited for it with closed eyes -- BAM!Explosion.Just when Buffy thought she couldn't be covered in anymore vampire gunk for the night. There it was... the last color of the night - yellow. Buffy pushed herself up from the floor and off of King, who was now covered in yellow slime and a mixture of whatever Buffy had rubbed off on him. There was silence between them, and King just looked like he was in shock for a bit as he took the hand that Buffy offered him.He stood up and looked at her. Turning to look at the crazy mess that had been created by Buffy versus the exploding slime vampires. Buffy turned along with him, thinning her lips and wiping away some green slime that dripped from her forehead and over her right eye. The music had faded now and the silence only seemed to grow."So... did you bring that Tide pen?" Buffy's brows rose, finally breaking the quiet.King dug into his pocket, holding up the Tide pen that was also covered in disgusting slime. "I brought the Tide pen.""Buffy! August!" Willow came rushing down the stairs, she was free of any vampire slime. The same couldn't be said about Oz, however. Black and green."Oz locked me up in a closet and kept me safe!" She smiled dreamily at him as if he were her Knight in Shining Armor and Oz smirked proudly, shrugging his shoulders."Yeah... well... I didn't want you to get hurt." He answered. He glanced over Buffy and King, then the rest of the house that looked like it was hit by a hurricane. "One helluva party, huh?"He didn't seem phased by the whole vampire thing... Buffy wondered why...?"Intense..." King responded."What the hell?! My house!" Cordelia screamed from behind them. There she was... and there was Xander. Why was his mouth covered in lipstick? Why was it the same shade that Cordelia was wearing? Buffy's brows furrowed. Cordelia's cat ears were crooked.Looks like those vampires weren't the only weird and out-of-place thing about tonight..."I should've known. Remind me to never invite you to my Halloween parties ever again, Buffy Summers." Cordelia said through gritted teeth."Whatever, it sucked anyways..." Buffy responded. Was she punning? Get it? Sucked? Vampires? Okay."Well... Happy Halloween?!" Xander spoke with a smile on his face, throwing his hands up, trying to lighten up the mood.But no one felt very light."Shut up, Xander!" Everyone said in unison.


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